Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 9, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 9, 1848 Page 3
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HURSDAY EVKNING, JUNU 2, laid f ho Itnllliculioii o he 'l'nrtly. Tlio intclligcnco in reference to the ex citing and important matter of Pence, or continued Wnr with Mexico, is a good deal contradictory, though the strong prcpomlcr. enco of probabilities appears to bo that the Treaty has been ratified. Wo have very lialo doubt that such will turn out to bo the fact, and wo shall hnil it with profound grat ification, on account of the benefits that must result tot ho business, the commercial prosperity, of tho country, which has been rapidly tending to disorder ami serious trouble, on account both of tho uncertainty that has hung over the result of tho nego tintions for peace, ond the disastrous drain of money made necessary to maintain our hostile attitude in Mexico. Nothing in tho shape of good 1ms come from this odious and unnecessary war nothing but evil and inisory.from the cil'ects of which the country will not speedily re cover. M'c have sowed " Dragons' Teeth," and the harvest will correspond, is now corresponding, with the result predicted, a long time ago, from such a seed-time. We of course except the National renown for prowess in Arms that tho splendid tri umphs of our forces under Generals Scott and Taylor have givon us. So far as such results tend to mnkc our power appreciated and respected, and thus to increase our security, and ability to work out the " mis sion" of tho Republic, in Peace and the arts of Peace, this war may have credit ; but alt else is evil and pregnant with evil consequences to the welfare and stability of the Union. The vast territorial acqui sition that results from tho ratification of the Treaty, will, in our judgment, prove any thing but n blessing to the country. We did not, and do not need it, for any purpose legitimately connected with our growth and prosperity ; and in regard to its government, questions will inevitably arise, the difficulty of settling which, harmo niously and satisfactorily, appears to aug ment every day, and threatens seriously to endanger the Union which constitutes our' strength. However,', we have no desire, nor inten tion, to anticipate angry discussions that are likely soon enough to come. Such, certainly, is far from our purpose The ratification of tho Treaty of Peace, though it has doubtless taken place, has not yet been definitely announced. When it shall have been, will bo a proper time to estimate the advantages it may confer upon us, and to prepare to meet the dangers to which it may exposo us. We give, from the Boston Daily Adver tiser of yesterday, the reports relative to the Treaty in the order they were received. The first quoted below, it will bo noticed, while it is the mot positive in its terms, is not confirmed by later dates, and, therefore, from tho nature of the case, mny bo set down as io true. Our own Telegraphic Despatch of to-day may givo us lutcr in formation than is found below : Wamiikutim, June 3, 1818. Mr. Collins, tlio fiovernncnt courier, arrived in Washington this morning. He left the city of Mexico on the 17th of May, with despatches for our Government, thus performing his jour ney in fourteen days ! He travelled day and night. 1 have jut conversed with him, and learn that he brings fficial news ot the Kejuctiox or tiif. Tbeatv! He says that there was great excitement at Querctaro, and that the Mexican people were arming on all sides for a renewal of hostilities. Parades has taken the field in person, but with what force he could not ascertain. l'cna y Pena bad been elected President. The N. Y. Express, commenting on the fore going, says: Now as dates from the city of Mexico to the 18lh of May (that is, one day lathi: than tlio Bulletin's) have been nroviouslv receded by tho Kteamslnp New Orleans, and as no mention is made of a new revolution, nor, indeed, of any of the startling statements narrated above, we may be excused if wo pronounce it a hoax of tho wort kind. It is very probalilo, however, that tlte treaty will meet with powerful opposition in Mexico, and certain " agitatnr'',tlieru may seek to make its repudiation their passport to power, and a. consequent new revolution may ensue. Whether thev will succeed though, Mexican af fairs and I'ofk diplomacy aro both of a charac ter too uncertain to furnish any reliablo data for speculation on tho matter. From the Union. Fjudav Nioiit, half past 9 o'cl'k. A telegraphic despatch to a private source is . .' ... I-.- r . received, Siailllg a iio unuai irmit iuwor leans with news that tho treaty of peace is rati, fied, and that tho news is unquestionable. Piui-AiiKLruiA, June 1. Oen. Worth's division, it is stated on good an ilmritv. is to bo ordered to California. The Union publishes a cnnlirination of tho ratification ot peace wmi ..h-aiuu. Washington, June 4th. A despatch which lias just been received from Petersburg brings nvirnrtB from the N. O. Delta, containing addi tional peace news. Orders had been issued, calling in the outposts of tho army, which ex pected to inarch for the coast between tho lot and 15th of June. Gen. Persifer V. Smith has been appointed superintendent of tho embarkation of the forces at Vera Crtu. WAsnixoTox, June 4, 1848 There is as yet no positive news of the ratification of tlio treaty, although, from the advices received, there is every reason to believo confidently that it has taken place. Definite intelligence is expected today. Mr. Sevier may by expected to arrive in this city before the expiration ot a week, as ho Intel at the date of tlio latest communication rcceivet atcst communication received from him, declared bin determination to travel With all possiuie uespnicn io mm cny, itnmcaia tcly on the ratification of tho treaty. The despatch received last evening contains no news. Tel. rep. X Y. Herald. Bj Devvev lias received a lot of very fino so gars which be is positive have nut been smoked and therefore they will bear "puffing." We have seen "the ashes" of a few of them, at any rate, and they are " pearls." In the lit of forest Irpcs lor lliirliniilnn published Vrstrnlny, the 1'inin hnlwin or Hnlntu I'ir, wn in- rtllileil n helm? Unlive, ll I itrntinlilv mil nnlivi. In IliirliiiEtnn, but is culilvatril in this village, unit it found fi eqiienlly in this ricinittj, on the mnnntnin. liauy sentinel. Our friend of the Sentinel Is getting mad wilh too much botanical learning The idea that tho tree which is the emblem of the State. and which forms the prominent feature or her Coat of Arms, is " round frcipicntly in tlio vi cinity, on the mountains," is awfully didactic I it approximates to the instruction in Natural History given by the Mcnagerv man : " l.mlios ami Gentlemen : this is tlio nntcral Kanimron which approaches the human specie second lo the monkey. Ho hops about with much velocity upon his hind legs from rock to rock of which he has two. The Kangaroo is a native of Jtor- neo WHICH 1 Have a brother who was born there myself. 1 ho Kangaroo is found frcmcntlu on his native shore which ho is very fond of cation- oysters as well as myself &c. &c." The following is awful ! Gen. Pillow's Wound Wn lenm fVnm officer who was within a few feet of Pillow. when he tumbled to tho ground in one of the battles before the citv nfiMe.virn. liellmvii,,. tit,.. a calf with a pretcntcd wound, that the ditch digger received no real injurv, and that a man of ordinary firmness and determination would nave continued ut tho head of his troops. Three days after the battle, Pillow's leg exhibited no imccs 01 a wound ot any kitiil there was no coniusion, or abrasion of the skin, no scar of any hinu. n (-coins to liavo been tncrelv a mciy apprenension of a wound which disnnali neu the rcdoutable Tennessee pettifogger from 4i mo iiuau oi ms niviMon. II .Mr. 1 oik ever sends tho name of his pet to the Sen- ato lor the confirmation, wc t-lmjl have Eome queer revelations. Huff. Express. xxxth co.von i:ss. Wasiiiwtov, May 31 Jennie. .Mr. Atclnon' resolution, proxMing for me iiiuoumiiiriii oi uungrr' on uie i't .Moihl.iy in July, lo inert nj;.nn ill extra ws-ion on llie first Mon day ol October, wn tw ice read, nnd made the special order for .Monday week. On motion ot Mr, Brinht, the bill to establish a ter ritorial pnerninent in Oregon was taken up. .Mr. llenton nllereil au amendment, which was agreed to, providing lor n rrgiment ol mourned vol unteers, to go to Oregon to repel the Indians, Mr. Hale of X. II. ni-nrm-cl ni.,,il,,.r , . !,. eMendiug the slaveiy-prohibitiug ordinance ol '87 over ".i. lu'eeui i-ionua caueu me leas and Jsays on tin. .Mr. hewisofAla. said the amendment nresentp.1 nn important question, and he would like to lmcit prmicu. Mr. Hale said it was important, the great question ot the day j he would therelore move to postpone the question, and make it the special order lor .Mund.iv ne.t. Mr. Ilripht nf Ind, opposed the postponement, and argued immediate action He should insist on a ote tu-clav. Mr. Ca'.houn desired to know whether it was the intention ol the Committee on Territoiies lo permit the incorporation ol tin amendment in the lull. Mr. bright replied lor liimell he should xote against the amendment. .Mr. Calhoun said tint if such was the general un derstanding, he h ill no objection lo the taking of the vole to-day j but il'it wanot, lie should vote lor pot. poncineiil, and teel it due lo the country he represent ed, to meet the question boldly. .Mr. Nile ol Conn, suggested the propriety of post polling the lull itself, and passing licnton's' amend ment separately. .Mr. of ln.l. urged immediate action on the bill j he should vote ag-n'nt Hale's amendment under any cireuiutanees, a he considered it a wild and idle qne-lion, lor every loot of Oregon wasnuitli ot the line of the Missouri Compromise. Mr. Ilenton hoped the hill would pas to-day, a week's delay would he a jear's delay. II" thcslaverv question was presented, li would meet it. No gen tleman on thilloor, lie said, should claim lo speak lor the whole lilteen slave-holding Slates ; lie claimed to speak for one. Portlier consideration of the subject was postponed till another day. In the Ilutisr, Mr. Sirolim from the committee cn expenditures made n teport showing error" in tho fis cal statement ol the .Secretary. A debate followed. 1 lie House then sjhmi! some lime in Committee of the Whole on private hill", unit reported lhe hill reg ulating the salaries ot the Clerks in the llxecuiiie De partment. Mr. Johnson of Arkansas fivored a reduction of these salaries, nnd in the course of his remarks spoke severely of lawyers. Mr. Itiiuiiuons of .Me. rejoined and defended lawyers, and in speaking of -Mr Johnson alluded to him usu tiiiUir. Mr. Holmes ot ri, C. said there was no need of any quarrel between the gentlemen ; one was a lnwjer null the other a tailor, both were enguged in making suit. The bill was then passed, and lhe House next took up the Oregon territorial bill, and debated it. No ac tion was hud upon it. fyi ins field Jirp. June 1 In lhe Semite, Mr. Dallas licing absent, Mr. Atchi son was appointed President pro tern. Mr Uriglit moved to take up the bill relating to Oregon, the question lieudiug was upon Mr. Hale's amendment. .Mr Hale said he had been accused of throwing n firebrand into the Senate by his amendment. He did not wish to embarrass the hill, nnd therefore would withdraw the amendment in order lo let the question be taken on Mr. Westcolt's omenduient. A debate sprang up, in which , Messrs. Duller, llright, vveseoit, liagny, Laiiioun, .Miner uickiiisoii, ruote ami lime participate!!. Without taking any question, the Senate adjourn ed. In the House, Mr. Strohm's report, whii h was un disposed ol yesterday, proposing to print UI.IKKI eotnes was uiseusseu. Mr. v inlon desired to take no the raval Aooro. priation bill, which he proceeded lo explain. Mr Khell slated his desire to sinak on another subject. A point oforder was raised. The Chair de cided mat it was in oruer. Mrllenlv annealed, but the decision of the Chair wns sustained. .Mr, Khett resumed, nnd innde a slavery sjieech. Mr. Venable followed on lhe same sid The (jonunittee rose and the House adjourned, June 2. In Senate. Mr. Davis of MissUsinni. nresent...! ollering Irom lhe army, of the ll.ig wlmh was display ed from lhe Halls of Monte7uinn, on the capture of that city, accompanied wilh oppropriate rciiiaik. .xtr. nnglil inoveii lo iai.eup me lull relating to Oregon. He withdrew Institution to strike out the l'Jih section. .Mr. IWrien renewed it, and commenced speaking upon it, when n debate sprang up, in which .Messrs. Weseott, Turney, and Ikidger participated, it was continued by Messrs. Itusk, Duller, lljdger mid Nil' s. Mr. Houston olfeied nn amendment to the bill, which was designed us n compromise. Alter several inellectual attempts to get a vote, the Senate went in to executive session, and alter sonic time spent there, in adjourned. Juno .'I. Ill tlio Senate, on Saturday, the Oregon bill was discured, Mr. Pooto olfercd an amondment, which he thought wuuld obviate objections inado on tho part of tho South to the l'Jlh section. Mr. Uriglit accepted tho amendment. Mr. Westcott spoke of the opposition as of au niciieciuai ami deceptive character. Mr. Pooto replied. Mr. Underwood addressed the Senate in favor of leaving the people of Oregon free to act for themselves, on the question of slavery, and of fercd an amendment to that effect. Mr. Dayton inquired if tho Senator from Ken- tucky admitted that Congress had a right lo exciuuo slavery irom mo territory ot Oregon. Mr. Underwood admitted that Congress had such power, while Oregon remained a terri tory, IIo hoped tho wliole subject would be lelt to the people of the territory, Mr. Il ilihvin, of Connecticut, followed. After he had concluded, Mr. Jladger suggest ed an amendment, by inserting in the l'Jlh sec- tion tlio words "but shall not bo subject to uie tiin niticlo nl the compact contained in the oruiuance ot i7B. Mr. pooto accented tho amendment ; hut without taking any question, tho subject was passed over .Mr. Halo has tho lloor lor Mon day. 'p.... ... . vuiii. fob a win:. When n laughter remarks, " Mother, I would not Inro help, fur I can assist you to do tho wnrk- " ti, tt .1 .i.. . i o., .niuniiiimiijiiu win iiuiKe some body a good w ifCl BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY. MORNING, JUNE 0, 1848. Ilrigliton Cntlle .Ilnrkrt-Tlnirsilny, June, nEroiiTEn ron the bosto.i daily ADrtrmsm. 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Duller nnd I'mii I K'"ves, children's Silver Porks and Cups, and nil S, ver (ioods nt till time on hand in large Humilities ' "" article in (iod or Silver luade In our shop uinnv brill j FX cI,'nncd nni1 rcj.aircd l.y vutwU vs and experienced Wci'injiloy no apprentices in tiny iKpnrttnent uf our triiejness. Our ii i m nnd desire U to wll Mich (tooth nnd to do ur wuiK nuil chnrp' micii pnre ns will be perma nviiiiy paiifinciory in eu-unii'T'', DAoi'cuitnoTYPr. ooods. v iiites,and 1 rcueii in nates in targe quail' llltlNS.MAlD HltOTIlintS. i IVcIk Tor HorM'.s. ALAlKtH nnd line ns-.?orliiieiil of Nets fir enr, neck or body of Horses, sold separate or together. lIltLNSMAll) & HliUTHLItS. STics:. TO THE MEHICA 1. VUOFKSSIOX. AH adjourned Meeting of the Stale Medical Mo cieiy will he held at Casilctou, on the last d.iy of the Spring Session of Lectures Wednesday the 1 lib of June. Addresses may be expected, and Path ological Inhibitions of interest to Phvsici.ius. M. C.Ol.DSMITII. wItySt C')ricjoutling See'i. AT llO.III). IFHK11E WU SHALL UK HAPPY TO If receive Cnlls for all kinds ol Punning, Graining Paper Hanging, &c. Vc. Shelbuni Street, opposite Ainericnn Hotel. , , ItCSSnLLSPAULDIXG. Hurliiiglon, March 10. IS IS. 37tf " WALK VI' TO TJlT: CA1'TAIVS on-ivi:." AS the " Mayor" savs, " IVopIe don't care iniicli Wlll'.Ki: or HOW n mnn gel his Goods, Ihey w-nnt th, m ehenpaiid good, and n good assortuKUt lo select from." Wc will try nnd supply such wants at the Variety Store, please call and nr. liltlNSMAID si llUOTHI'.ltS. Admiiiixfi'nior's Sale. HI virtue of a license from the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, granted to me n nihiiitiisirntor of the I .tale ot a.nv iiarrimi. TON-. I willsell nt tmlilinnnetion nn Siilnr.tnv llie 17lti oi .nine ne.xi, nl leu oclneK ill llie loreliooll, nl llie Iwclling-house of .Miss lteW'v llnrriuiMou. in Hur- lingtou, one uudivided hall ol quarter neie lot No. 211, on St. Paul's Street, in the village of Hurhngton. GLO. II. SHAW, Ailminis. Mny 27th, 1SI8. wl'.KU it jVcw York IlalM. 5CAS1''S of fasliionablo fine Mnlesliii IlalsotXew York inn uiil.ieture just received and for sale by , C. A. SllYMOI'lt. Strongs' lluilding. North I'asl corner ot the Square, llurluigton, 2."uh .May, 3w Dried .pplf. TOO TOXS first nualitv DltlFI) APPLII for -1- sale by . (.1.0. Pl.Tl.ltSO.S. Hurliiiglon, Mny 19, 18 ISw3 Hiitlanil & liiuihiRlou Rail Koad. 1WVO ussessinunts of five dollars caeb . have been ordered by tlm Director on each share ol the capital stock uf the Kullaud & Hurliugton Had Koad Company ; one payable on the 20th day ot June, nnd the other on the 10th day ot July next. ' Payment may lie made to the Hanks of Hurliugton, Vergetiues, MidJIebiiry, HUck Itiver, Hellows Fulls, Cheshire Hank, Keene.N. II., II. O. Perkins, nl tlio Hail Hoad Ollice, Rutland, Kdwnrd Pickering, No. fio Slate Street, Huston, or to the Treasurer at hi ollice in Middlebury. SAM'L SWIFT, Treasurer. Middlebury, May 17, 1M sfi IVcw liiOOtls. MItS. LANCWOIITIIY lini just rrceiv. ed n full nnd fa.-hionable nsnrtmeiit ot Millinery nnd Faurv Goods, eon-isting of Flowers, Laces and Kihboiis.F.mbroiilcrics .tc. She is also prepared lo ex ecute order in bleaching nud preising second hand Slniwiinil Tu-ran Hollllets. Dress j'ntterns for sale also, dressi's made in the newest stvle College, St. a lew doors fioni the Free, Press oiiit-e. I llurlingtou.Junel, 1918. w I9w3 Slraycil r Slolcn, F1KOM tlio enelosltro ot the Mlhscnlicr, X in Stieltnirne, on llie UIU nisi. a uarK grey iinee old Mvr.E. Any person giving inlorniatiou to tin subscriber where lhe .Mare mny Ik- lounu, on return ing her to his possession, will be satisfactorily reward ed. MY HON Ui:!:!), Halbume. w4S 3t. 4'liosliii'c ICailroail. ,sss7J . .-sjs-a. oj'j:a to keexe. v V nnd nfier Tnesdnv. Mav ll'itll.tbe Pa-setl'.er J Trains will run in connection wilh lhe 1 ilchburg Trains between Huston and lullowa: ln nve Hoston nt 7, A. M., and 1JU, 1 . 51. Arrive at Keenc nt 11.30, A. .M.,and fi. P. M. Leave Keene nt 7.30, A M.,nnd 2 P. M. Arrive ul Doeion nt 12, M., and I5.3U, P. M, At Keene, Stages will connect with nil the trains lo nnd Irom Wiilpiilc. Hellows Falls, Chester, Caven dish, Ludlow, to Kullaud and Hurliiiglon : Drews. ville.AI-lend.Cliarlesiown, Spruigtiehb Weatherslield, Clareinout, Newport, Windsor, Woodstock, and Monlpclier to Hurliugton. This line, in connection with the I-ilchburg Rail road, nnd the Slages to nud Irom Keene, tonus a di rect line ol coiumunicntions between Huston and Northern Vermont nnd Northern New llampshhe; uud the slim te tt and must doeet line betv. ecu South ern, .Middle, nud Western Vermont nd Western New- Hampshire and Hoston ; nnd al-o, in connection with llie Slages Irom Wincliendon and Filihburg to Worcester, and the Worcester and Providence Rail road, the most direct line bclwicll those sections ol Vermont and New Hamii-hire nnd Worcester Coun ty nnd the Slate of Rhode Island s nnd in connection with Smges lrom Littleton, Ma-s. to Lowell, n duct t eouiiiiuiiication between the same iioi lions of New Iliiiupshile nud 'eluiont nud Lowcji. Fieight trains will run daily, lo and from Hoston, in connection with the regular Fitchhurg Trains. T. M.LDWARDS, Presidint. L. T1LT0N, Hiigmecr. Keene, May 15, 1818. vvlStf (.lazitrs Slioji ! ! I WOULD re.-peotfully inloiui my friends, nnd lhe public generally thai I h ive open,-,! a Shop, near my residence on Pearl Sireet, lor the purpose o J'urnisliiiig, Cuttiiik- unit Gluzing all sizes of plain and lancy Window Glass, also Glass lor Snsh or Piclure Fninics kepi constantly on hand at Manufacturers prices. ..,.,., HKRV1.Y DURNF.'I'P. Hurliiiglon, April 80, 18IS. wl3if TowiihcikPs Siirsapnrilla, 1 SUPPLY OP THIS Pomu wkihcine it constantly un hand, and lor sal .May 11,1818. d3 ktw-lf A -Ml IS C. S PI I A It . HllllOHll. DENTISTRY. THE SIJHSCKIHKI. IIAV ing removed his Surgery Irom Peek's to Thomas' Huildiug College Street, over lhe Aurieuliiirnl Wnre house, fesH-cilully aunouiues lo his p.urous and till others who may favor him with patronage, that he will lie lound constantly there uud picparcil to per lonu (satituctoril) he hoies,) nil oK-ruiioii8 iieiiaui iul lo his fir. lession. He willexeeme all litistne$s re quired in lhe line of inserting artificial 'Perth ,,n stuiiiis, nnd in adjusting ilieiii on Gold Plate, in tlie most approved and elt-gaut manner. iJ.hhndi:i: Hurliugton, May 10, 1818. das.w;17 poxes it .;ss vrxvmi rnvsnt ., ccivcd by '1 J1L0. A. l'LCK. PEIltCH & KliLLOGG, itihl Itivei-.Ml., Trov, ,ikk mxi:ivio nv htk Aintiv.u,s kkom It I'lurope, and direct from the tunmilaclitrers, o large uiei ueioiiiiiii iis-oiiiiieiii ui .iiioiis III lUCIr III1C, VV'ilK ll r one, on lie- u,u-v i.iiuiuuii- leioi. I nPA'cil kn r.Mir.tslt Ciiima ltfe.'iLln-t supper nnd toilet sets: fruit nndenke baskets, preserve' shells, Compotier, plain w liite, hnrhean ami gold, tec. ti,xAii..xii.o i'iiij , uses, cantiiestieK, tiollquet Muiu, iBi v"i,i,. I'-'i"", ""nines iii iiiKsianu. ii i.i tola and (lower ioi, vc. , IVjwi.xu Hu e, figured blue and Washington hlue, (ii.vss Ware, cut, piessed nud pl.iiu-rentre bowl, celeries, water bottles, decanlci. lumblei, wines, V I', ,Mi,v.iuies,jvilieS, OISIICS, laiUp. Ac. Ve. Lamps Patent solar nnd lard Limp, suitable for ho. tcl, churche and l.iuiilie, of new and beautiful sivlcs friiio llie eel, lirtiteil liifitiiil:ietni-i. til I'mnnlli.. C. , '.. ' (iinAMHU.i s, c.indelalira, luatket. cnudlcstirkv Onnula, silver and broned,ol new nud nipioved pat rem. Ham. I, interns liich stained, painted mul cut some very choice nnd beaiitilnl patterns. Hnir.v.x.vK Ware Colll.e not-. tea n.ii.siT..nran,,,i . leiiins, iiii'i i,,-.iois,ii evciy nesciipiiou- Hvktiii n WaeeoI' snpeiior slyles and qualities, in every variety of color now in ii-e. Canal lloat Glass Ware, wicks nnd lanterns. Tev 'I'll ns, in sets or separate some very choice nud heantiliil patterns. Gas I', Irom Cornelius &Co.,atXcv York nun riiii.i.ieipiun prices. Tioy, Mny 1, IsH. VHW 1.1ft Itoiiiietis ! Jiomii'ls ! WAV or Tin: Spm.vo Srvi.i: ittst re- ll ceived nt the Limes' H.VCIHMIf WILCOX .t NASH. d.w l!urliiigton,May2, 13H, DOMESTICS. 2000 yds. iniAvv Siii:irri.GS. :i(i Ix. wmi:. :i(MM do. Very Smut do 37 do Sl00 do Pine .Merrimack. Ill .In lO.M) doVeryl'ine, l.lnnd3.1 ALSO llrnvvn Drillings, Shining Stripes, Denim. eVc.. in any iiinniity, lursale at aslonhliiug hie jn iert nt the Con ie r St ore , LYM ANS'. Mav, HIM. liicrry ltoarl. TOO ,,;i':t I'ir-t (luulity Cherry Hoards for sale by Gi:0. PLTLUSON. Hurliiiglon, .March 21, 13IS. 89 JO IVvw Fashions. MHS. .11. I'ltASni has jut returned from New York, with her usual suiqilyof Milinary goods, nnd all the new fashions (or llounets, Ciqis, 'Dress,-, .Ne. n plenty of nil which she has on hand and will sell ihciu nt the lowest prices. Hurlingtun,May25, IrtlJ. 1S3 New Tin Shop. Shcrl Iron, Brass and Copper Ware House. r'llllli Stiliscribeis liavo njicncd a Simp in J. Church Sireet. opposite Chittenden Co. Ilnn'e, lor tin- purpose ol .Maiiiilacliiringaiid ollering lor Sale every article that may he wanted in the nhnve line, winch will be innde to order. IVddlnrs and Mer clianis will be supplied onus reasonable terms nsnt any other shop in the country. , JA MLS A. SIILDI) ,t CO. Huthngton, May 5, In IS. K'uvly Stalioierrv. 4MHUICAN, KNtiLLSlf oc l'UKNC'H, It Siaiionery, and a large stm k, boiisht within the ln-1 lodajs, ntlow ptiec.s,aiid will be sold atn reason able proht. Note Paper and Lnvclopc, a great variety and fur all occa-ion. I.Mra Siiperlinc Letter Paper and L'nvc!oies. Moiirmug, do do do Wax A: Vafer. Drawing Paper, four cents to ftl,20 per slieel. Hnstol Hoard, Crajon Paper. Fahers, Khoades.nud other celebrated Pencils, ('rayon ntnl Ctaon Hnl.l.-rs. Paint, Hox, nnd single cake. Poonah llnishes. Sable do, Camels Hair, do. Chess men and Ito-ml Hooks ol Instruction. Hack-Gaiuinou Hoards Haek-Gaiiunou -Men. Dice Dice Hoves, without Hoard. Writing Desks. liO-e wood woik lloxes. Dailv Calemlers, Port folios, (Quills. Gold Pens iiii.l Ca-ent l0 icmuinfcd. Steel Pens, GolJ, Silver, Sled and Tin, Pen IIul ders. Ivorv. Pearl and Hone P.iner Fulders. Letter Clip. Paper Weights, Ink and Ink Stands .'I'OlllirCUl MHOS. Poll -Mouilles, Cegar Cnses. Card Cii.;s, Shell, Ivory Penrl, Velvet &. Leather I rliilllig. s,tig, .Motto nud Friend-bin Curds Ivory 1 nljlets Perforated l'jpcr, Perforateil Cards, .... ,n.'i.,i, Lining rtt. ive. nfCDWAKDri" 1'wuk Stwc. June I, IS. ,131 jVtW" '(Ml(s, DOOLlT'I'Llv bus just received a general a-ortlnetlt ol Drv Goods. Gmeeries P. .C which have het-U seleeled will. ,r,.n, ,,.! uuiigiii ruiireir Willi casu. Ills gooils mml lie sold and thev trill he old us low as any man d.ire sell. Muy2lihLIHIS. Bdl3,wH i .1.. i.. .. .i . : . 'lOO.OOO Ills . , , ' . ... " ' . . Lead ripe k Mice! Load. mlK sUHSCItlllKItS ARK NOW MAM'KACTUIt- M. nig Li-ad I'ljie, under a new paienl, recently granted ! the Hinted Sum s,of a quality never bclore oiitaincd in this or any other tnuutry ; uud their supe- nor I'ncilitiesand means of manufacturing enable tlieni lo dely coniii.-iitiou. Where 'Pinned Pine i nrelerred we can supply a must U-nntifiil nrticle. All weights ol slu-et lend and ot uu-urpa-seii qualiiy. Those vv ish ing to purchase will do well to call upon or write to thus, opis i,i:i:uy .t c.. Sill & 2fi3 Water St . New Yoik. Apnl IS, I8IS. isjj,, lN. Ulu Daiierrcol vpes, Mr.ssits. riiii.Ds a- sVi:i:i.i: have mtci up Loom, over S. Wniket's stoic, Church un ci, Hurliiiglon, t., expressly k,r the purpu-e of taking iMui,Bi.i.iiiPi..,iimiu.i , e nave every con- vciuence lor taking gunnies ol I t t to ten on the same plaic, or single m.iures, of su-rior stvle nnd Illllsh, Set 111 halnes, cases ur lockets ut on',, I, Tine prices. Hu-iness hours from U A. M. to 5 1. M. Ladies and Gentlemen ure rcspeclhilly inviled lot-nil nt our Looms and cx-iiiiincsin-ciiueii. Huttnnce up stalls, between N. Lovely's and S Walker' stores. lluilinglon, Ainl 11, 1318. daw if Bty U press. TL';?!l.,lit'r''iu''1 ,l"' ' oilier Store, "Wiikware Huilding, newsl)les Linen Ginghams, Fremh Lnsttcs j)e Laui. s,.Nc ,vt-. winch will be sold at iwtouisliinely lute ;,, ,'rc l,y ; ,y m x Alay 88, IMS. tll.-i.Vxv Isif Ttiv l.atlicsJ lTrIii7iijfc'" i u-t iiecotning one ot the tnr.-t popular re-orn of un- iMiiiing coiiunuiiiiy lor till description-of wvisfi, and Ainiriean Dry (lomli in Hurliiiglon ; nnd if small profits, iierscverin.. in. du-tiy, coii-iant intention to the wants ol the Public, iincoiiiproiiii-in.. integrity, and honorable dealings with all men, h-ivu any ihing to do with siicccs in liiisiness.ihen tlusnlready Ihiuiisluiigesialih.-hiucnl is destined to take the first stand m lhe mercantile lists, nud oecuman enviable position in the inletestsand nl ectioiw of the people. The Proprietors ol'ilus cHnii lislunent are happy to oiler nl the pu-scnt time some rniisiuil Itiiriins in hidv' Dr'ts !wd Con-isiing uf Herages, Muslins, Ginghams, Lnv'ns, Linen Lusiies, Plain, Plaid and Strqs d Linen Gun', hams, Phuil DCbivre, uud in tact every article called lor in llie dress- goods department. wiifi't: att ops, Iri-h Linen, Jncoueii, SKsnnd mull Muslins. 1 uniiind nvieie Linen HadkN, Plain nnd Linbroid id .Ciirluni .Muslins, Coided Skins, Lice Ldgings, l.i-le Ldgings, Corualion Cord, c. c, wilh a great variety ot ' " sn.wvi.s, Hioclm Casbinere, Stradilla Del-line, lllackSilk, Herage, Crn.,e. e. not .si:ki:i:i'i.(i noons, our assortment issccond lo none ond oilers ILetratirttinnri) Indnvenwuts lo ihosi. who intend in make mote extensiv e pimhasea llian ii.-ua in this deparlineut, lhe prcs, ut Season. A liall dollar niviiI in the purchase of u Counter, jMiie, nnoiher in Dnipcry .Mnslins.n few shillings in liikiugs, sheetings, table Spreads, diapers, Ac c is ol soiue iinporiaiKc ui iho K-tiuig out ol hie, and nit thiscnu lie done by vi'itm., nn: iiAnm.s' jlxciiA.xar.. MORE AXON, WILCOX NASH. JNcvv- Slore, next to llrinsmaid ec llruthfis.Cliurth Street. Huibngtou, May 18, !8S, dllhv 17 Slrayi'd, PROM tho iitstiiio of tho snliscrilior, on , , ff ,n!1,1!'.'1 ,!' "' J'ly. " ''"lA tiny thee year old M. ,i,sin.ill sue, heavy tail and mine. Who. ever will inlonn lhe sub-enber whetc said .Male may be lound shall be suitably tewaidtd. (."olthi-sttr, June C, 1818, dlt wio'3i' '"V ' ' Constable Snlc, rTAICKN ON l'OUR liXEUUTIOXS Jt to me ilirecled. Horses. Double Lnmls-r Waggon, Double Harness, Single do One horte Waggons, Lllltlber, do Ox Cnit, Yoke ol Oxen, do 3 i-iua old Steers. Cows, " 'Pwo ear olds, Yeaihngs, l'llll blooded n.ill.flin 1 1 1 o i" l i l r, 12 8 1 About KKHI Feit nl Plunk , i o .idiiii feiisoni-d Pine nnd Ilamlock Hoards, do 1(111(1 Seder Posts, do 511 Cords Wood, Whiih I shall sell Ul tillhlle nilelinn C' ,1... 10th dav olMiini. nexl.nt t oVloi-K. I At , ,1... A lion Room, West Side the highest bidder, as the law duccts. 1. .SIILRWOOD, Constable. Iny Sfi.lS. tllstIB CLAJ.K, PISK & fin. 'J2N ruiroN sTiti:i:T.i:w vokk. HAVF, on Innd, nnd oiler lor sale n choice seec lion of Flesh Teas liom the late arrivals, com- pn-ing diets and halt chests llvnu Skm. Young llv-son, Old llvsoii, 'Pwnnkay, Gunpowder, Imperial, Flowery Peceo, I'oudiong Niiigyong, Oiiiuge Pccco, SolK boll". 31 caddies ol various nuiiities. Also. 90 Olio paikages '1'iiliacco, coiiipri-mg various brands and qunlilies Pipes and Segars; Mncenbov and Scotch Snutl; New Orleans, Poito Kico, St. Croix nmllH vana Collee, erusbed ; Loaf nnd Powdeied SiiL'nrs; New Orleans, Porio Rico, Niu iveta, St. Cruiv, Trin idad nud Cuba Molases; Hall lloxes, Hox nnd Keg Hai-inst St. )oiiiuiLro. Lnlin. Rio. Lamibii. S aim ami Java Collee ; Pimento, Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, .Mustard, Cn in, Finn v and Soap,Sieim nud .Mould Cniidle, Winter uiidSummer Oils, .Mack erel, Salmon, Shad, llernng, Pii kled ami Dry Cod, and n lull and general ns-ortiiieut ol Groceries, which we oiler lor sale nt the very lowest market prices, nud to which We invite llie allelltioll of lhe eolllilrv iner. chant. CLARK. FISK Jt CO. N. H. Libern ndvance inade upon consiguiueiit. Hydraulic Ram. XV. X, IS. Eou$;las' E'a.inl. A peifeclly simple and elleetive Machine tor forc V lug a portion of n brook or spring tonuy reiiurcd dista tice or elevation, w here n nropoit innate tall can he applied. The various uses ot the Rant are nt once obvion, v i. : For the purpose of irrigating Laud, and supplviti" Dwellings,!, aniens I'm tones. Villages, r.ngines, stations, x.e. II 11 11 Ac- A A I At. H'ATEU. hv i'i:iR(''i:, n.wr.v &. co. llnrliiifiton Ag. ll'riioiie. Cl'.RTI I'll 'ATM. Thisi lo Certilv. 'l'hat 1 have tuirelnsed nnd nut in use one ol Mi rOv. .Nr I). Doiut.vs' Improved IIY- KiX.ns, on my larm, and am petleeij sltl-li.-d and well iilea-ed wilh the oneralion of lhe ariiele, nud vvould recommend its u-e, to all who ate desirous of raising water Irom nnj spring or other rutin. tig stienui on or nbout llieir prennees. The spring lo which 1 have applied the R-un, is lifty rod Irom my hou-e, nud seventy-live feet ln-low a level ol the point where 1 discharge the water in mv dwelling The si.e of the diive pipe applied lo my Ram, is one and a ijuarler inch calibie, iiudlorly feel long, nud has ii.iii, in iiiii-iiog iroin sirio io I. uiu, ol en ) ci. The discharge pipe, (lending Irom Rani to hou-e) i half an inili cnbbie and lilty rods in length, nnd runs up nn elevation of 85 teet, nnd the water dischargc Irotn the same in mv lious-, a perfectly steady and baiiil-ouie si ream, w nbout any interruption whatever And 1 would invite all who wish to become ncipnlu led with this pew and truly u-i tul invention, to call ut toy house, ui Durham, and witne-s us operations. Duiham, Ct: Sept. 85ih. SA.Ml'LL (i. TIHHALS. T(V.Si:lS SAltS.Vf Altll.l.A ! fi gio. ju-t icccived by TllLO. A. PLCIv's Aluy 1U. C1R1ARS! Inlpoiteil nnd doinc-tio, of ' suneror llraiids, lor sale by the IJjx, and in retail w Is j EJA. l'hi h-. svii i win, AT WINOOSKI FALLS. THE Sl'llst'ltlllHIt Ills' AT 11IS STORK A large as-ortinetit of almost i very kind of Good, piirclia-cd entirely for Cn-b, but imt being ns wi II oil assume ot hi ueighhi it s, h id to horiow pan and inu-t nnd will sell to piy that nnd to purchase mote, please call and see, lhe liest and cheapest ever otli-red ui this County. SIDNLY HARLOW. Wmoo-ki Falls, Mav 11, lsts. ;n Itirkhriile's 'I'allci'salPs UEAVE VOWEUDS. It is uarrenied lo be ncrl'ecllv safe in nil r unl not inconvenience the animal or injure him even tl he had no disease itistiouiltnH tunes clienH.r than most of the imitations which are being circulated Itirouglioiit the country, being put up in larner tmckn ges, siilheietit lo cure an ordinary case of Heaves, mid lo administer in u iioyeu case ot cold, catarrh, Ac, At tins season, while the llor-e is shedding hiscoat nn vital energy is niucii reduced, ami ,e is exlreiue v liable to colds, Ac., many cases ol incipient Heaves me coiiii.icieu now oill, lire suppress,-,t ,y iiSture or uiiiif Mcinner, un nicy nrcaK out 111 lull lorce III llie bill. Tliou-ands nt horses can Ik- saved liom luiure iiti-otindiicss, if, when lhe first symptom- o cold oi wheezing is observed, a few ,ocs ot lhe Tntter-nil's Heave Povvdel should be ml li-tered 'I'hei- nr. wariciiled to wholly eradicate ncent heaves at this season. (.Itn.VT NI'HI.VG lM'ltll'lI'lt I he heave powders, given ut smnll duces, will be finud most ii'etul at tin- sea-on. They sliinulaie the i-Mii io cii-i on un- sii'ieruuous inir nn I produce new . ihey loo-en the hide, give n glo-v ni near-iuce to tlx coat, pionct iigaiu-t di-ease : they nl-o irom llieir line allcin.itive nnd re-torative powers, purily the blond iiiri rcnovnie uie wnoie -) stein, wli-.cll lioises leijunc at this sensou ns iniich us any ol the human race, w ho hnd a picp-iialioii of s-irsaparilla useful Io conccl a vilialed suite ol the lluid, incident tothe diang- ot weather, which m lhe spring ullects of a'l aniinal as wen as all vejfetauie hie 'Phis teiu-dy has nciuircd a Handing never before attained by any hoise iiicihcme, nnd inlait we know no patent inedieuie that has reecived us much com metiihtioii toiisidcriug lhe time it has U-en e-tab-bsbeil jn tins coiimry. More llian 5i"l veibal and written testimonial have voluutiirially been tcudeiid us. Me rs. A. H. tlnngli .V Co. Ic-riify that 1 bougln on., naikage ot Kukbrnle's Tatti i-.-xli.'s Heave Powdels, nud u-ed on u hor-e nt nunc that wn troub led seveiely with heaves nud lhe single p-icknge Hired iiuii. 'Pin- HiHiers were given nbout two mouths ngo,nnd 1 have never s.-tn any indications ol live disease since. II .1 t'nii.tis, I5fi Piroomiue-st. Mr. Isncs, President oi the Saiigernes H.iiik.uitoniis ns ihat he had n horse cuied ol heaves and bud tough by one package. Mr J. S Smith, 11 Fulton--!, cull ed lo tell ii- tint he cured his hoiseot a most annoy ing and troublesome cough nccoiupanicd by ev idence ol -voiius and general ol condition by the Tut-IitmII,- Heave I'ou di is. Fniiiici Irom n letter Irom a merchant nt Clyde N Y who has sold uu immense I'uaiiiit)- ot the Heave Powders: " I have only 11 package' left nnd would like to nave vou send i cruce mure niiiiiiniiiiciy. lint like tu U uul m ewrv IhkIv who wi-hes to L-'t a U-metly tor their lioiwc, wiitit " latUTMillS and will lake " notlmii; W vw At'. m. t, 1.I.Y, L'lyik New Yt'ik. . ...... , liool' Ahraily I'nMiird, llet.uUsihetiLoe we ran n-ler io the .uMihIic.1 ceiiiluntesnl .Mei. II. A- linik, Mmlh AtnUn', N J.; S. KoIkth. I- I i K.Jo",,V 'y-V : Mr. I'lamifKaiL MaMklmry, I : l irnz.C l.o)., J. (Lilcatui others ol lliwcity, wludi nrovt-s cutidu-mu-ly that it i tin Ul n-niely w Inch cult he ewvn l.i hnWs tioiiMi llMiih!icnn..Vi-. wornia li-liiU or l!ntU-,iHL-ii.ieiilL'Uiiaer, ulainlen, ami yniera wain ol ruii-liHoii. Ami'lf ittui-uoni iur il u-e m all iIk-; iliM-aM's nc'oiniutiy vnch paiKiise. 1 mmrfif utnl miM wholi-KiU-niiil ri'lailhy A II doiuii i Lo. M'J r!tiiihH. New-Yoik. A l' fvwar uiul lu-o. IUr llHStUliaHt'MUlor HutliH2lon. 1.1011 Till) SAKU offiicilitatina Hit. the Si-li'i liiK'ii "f ll"' 'I'i'wii nf t'lililii-s ilisuiess. lfr uill U'.l do do 100 do do I7:i do t0 75 do do 37 do do 2S do do 275 do do bC, do do 57 do do 3"i2 do do inu-t nl I". IliiclwrV Inn. WnuwKl lull, m ' " t-liK-k A. M ,nii llie litht MiiiKlny ulinry muiiililor tlH-)i-.irtibuinj;. ' II. II. UlNf. ) 11 .1. llllMllVRH, tsl-ClllHll. W. I' Viiirt.N,) , JVU-lii-strr, Mnrili 13, 1 Is. 3mii3 VOW IS 'I'MK TI.MH, AT I. I. Hum's il .t Co. to buy Wool Tiiw anJ t-lttf 'I'"!';1."'. .May LW.'IS. dj0 i tf tuMH.l.T niiinftm Ii any rrittri'tfi i tlic wnrlh nf nrt rtnl". Ijivif tlio liirniluldiii. to took tit the I'-iIIo-miii lt t-r ii wufi of t rni uhu It. up m cm urcd Ijy .McAIf Hl-Kli'rf AI.MIiai.l.Nft U1.NT.MLM1. tl h not I'm i tin It t-isiv. Out tlm Omtif-rnt U tUr$ ercat crwul ltcip nml rlcUirft?. Tlir i.rlnin ill cites th tt t-n ciintl, winch were ftiipii ti orr come only hy iiiunn! rmn'iluM, j icl.l nionm ti tlt net nf thil Oiiilnn nt. Th' riiiri)le on whirli it c v-r iirt. l rt ratlicat n dtrnti i t'fie luenxibt t'er ttn ttott, If Iho frt'.it Mtn-' tl iU ucrrs. A most die-ii-cs ori.'ni il9 In n roiiniinii rohl, Inilni-cil y fIo(n the ff rci iimn Ilia urfii p, It fullous thut if hy tny humus the 'n-rei c hi Lo r-.m'tl, nml lhe lii'i'tiilil iin-n rctoruc.. the UU'nnl iin-rhiil httinors of the liutly will cifipc, und Cllltrol ttknr M'linln, McALI-nill'.- A H:T.INR CUM'MC.Nr Ins r.nw U't n prn rd ki K the ( .N li Y irc;tratioti know n to i-lfccl thl rf'ult. V uiinl rViiprk lint nmn nf (he f illmrirj! cam' 1'hint Ii :i Ix-cn "flop tjii'hnp vwn twenty ji-hm nn nf frft yrir in uiy nf thnn livr nml ten jwrv fmli riMiti tf.e'Ick hpiidarh'', for InHitids n r(niii.tit)t iiipoctl lo )uh! only to ititrfjnl rfiiit'tl 1 1, h.Wts In en riind ihrrrtly t wln Hhriim.tlmii. Cniil Kt-et, Lifr t'nia (iliint, (uniutn:tloii. Alloii'i, nil li"c:t"s nf, orci nml tiif like, lnt Uen f nritt hi' othT uhonra t iklni mirsiipiriU'i-s li mm, a littlt -utittr r untj fUIi nml Jni(4, re ycl nllVrinj. 1th little hni-t-ior reroi ry. tt x-:ik the'' thiiiL's in 're In norrow tlun In tnger, hcciua ue l.i'l nnlknov thut health nnl llf-nr dfirtorrry onc INtnoim "honlil n.te IppIhk Mlnrlr-d ly ltn thiiL"so toni in them win iv tahleiic ff pomL Whit will not a mm cc f'r hit hf J In re five Uie n mir4 nnly nl tho (rmnt rurnl nril thf lr il.i'('i-. Thlili hot u nrl ot Intt.c h tt. l-f-hlcs full (Vrlifir-itPi now In our o9r"lon. .Viy, Ifwe hvl tho n unci of nil holm- Iwpm lnrljtti-tl or fiin-. hy the ALL IM;M,!M; ni.N'I .MI'.NT u thin the lit ix uionth.u roiihl rover lhe huh hro tiLl.h! of n ni'-ctlti h'nii wttlt llit-lr iiinolr. Lit wc Lno'.x our fncnJi will idl It in their Ifirndi, nnl thry, In Ir.rn will whlf It til their ami thin tin jno.l Ihinff williro ro'inil, whlU thtit nmro th in twii e ten lhnti;.nii hcirii will h-np lor j-iy In tho C'.. rt rrivnl Iroin thiiOintine'it. I'm ml ! i l.ier ut nn ii tint point work, by sKMkiii.! the whole truth t ijo'" neighl-or atut nntiialntititv, ninl Irt this frreat end gmt mfttnn titi'l Its vay Into rrr' liuUe, uutl frl;il.Jcn the hcitt of e ry oul in the land. We hue romii tnly 1 1 pio n miW nmiiher of nifliei In .NVw Vf.rk und ItiUhoori', now In our Hi-icinn. 'I lmfO from l'hilnd'lphli, lloatou and other 'lntei, w e ro uUUg (d ti leatcotil cnlirt'ly. John l'rlrr 1 fe-trst.. I.l.etiuntitm Could Sellcck, '-iT Scvciithst. I'm up. tlli un Terry, W Itimrrv , Tain in the hreait. . '1'hnnipun. tor. :h At.&Coih do. r. n.n,iin.,"j r.M-kuitn t., imm. O. II. V'nldiT, I'll U'uireni r-t., IM'nlpry. J-din I'rothiT. II lo.rrt, Still neck. Jotn'i llarkley. 47? lirmil t., Lorni. J dm Ho .m r. -T llndon at., Lruisi 1. l hoitns IrfMvi, 4't K.'r th .t.. Liver iontp!n1nt. S.iiuiltt lioherl. Ji'J rli1k t, lihcuni tlin. il. Lin rion, 1 rkm m - Willi itn. S ill Uheiun. Ml. Ante, IM Unwery Ih'.ny t'otisll. Voimit Hdl. 1.11 Mien it.. .VthiiM-'.oru thrmt. M. W, Lertl. I'l'M'herry t Ll clim itlMlf 1 n it ui 1 jlivtird. 'Jit Ikl tery u k h'-td irhe, 41 jeiri. I'lnl intler Wthh. - iimiirl fL He ivy told. John IL T.ul'ir. :t.l Pike t . llcud n he ami cniftlo is Ch irle" r. r-uniii. f t lir.dire Bt.,lironkljn, S.rr htind-j. V.. L. Ilrown, .Id Ail.imt t., do. i:r)iK-l.i9. l.,.ii U, II Iwanh. Or.fiit. L. L, Sire IninL. Sir'ih A. Smith '.'IT IMtnry sl..l'.nn In (tie sido C. V. II. fMr.tiid r. 11 I'iiUoii tt do. Jim NIrri-. I'.liu ft , 'hipped lurid. !"MMh IMtvariU. -JIT ltuhncy st , It7int-i In the hen!. A. Merrhint. H Oliie Iliieiim ithin. Willi mi lluriell 'J-'- Oik st., H. W Ileum t tf" Wnttrst., II. I'ro'l. SW IV.irl St., A. Smith, 'M7 Ik-Unrv tt., l-.ll. rtiiil!i, Zn he.iinito 1 t., L. Il.TiH.ker. 141 ClH-rryK., U M. Andrew i. X I'me timle 1 Chit ken ni, lie ii V ro.d. S rc throut, Khcuiiilti4ni I'.iin in ilde llcmt tche, 'JO jenrs. Ii trn. t. l!rmkrn rhthir, cr-Mip IM. T. Ilethus I'l) month t Itro .kl)n Lh er CnnipUint. u in iionn y ,ii m m., uroohij n, i.rupuon, Miiti rnn'iitit t. Hiiinoii ttt., dit, 1(. Wirkv SiT4iml (., Alhini, H, W. Vuti.oii. .In. W.iter t WoniM, Anue In hreut Jniii.'s It, Wilklits, 4J'Ihirt(Nth, IMi't AndreM Wilkin. do. Itht iiiiihIUiii J. .N'i?hliii'iU. tfl.l ll vision nt , p tin In l-.i k Win. S. Wood, MX. ft.. Mill Chi mo . It. .'ntier. Mn-t r ot tt htioi,i.rr.'rii.i. I'ht-unntiin J. J. Itnant. 'f Wiilt t 1'iiiiH, cutaneous i ruptiua J imtM I'r it I III Willi i in 4t , S. re L-l' 'I horn ii C-ii'hflii 5" Church t., Irfm nt hair J. I. Ch iin'jtr I'lfliiM., I'lhoi J. II. 'I inner, tin" Witter t.. I'ain In chest fL W.T-iney. il Chrl-toj her H form Ahiit'il Men hint,!l i.iirt., 'I uiinr nf the ej e, Cn mt reIlovvn. I IT St ennd t , ;.iiptl"ns nn fare 1'iirtiM iiiitii5. .pp .oilmen Jme., linolirli" 111 Jim r .Noih Wtvth. !l Al'en nt.. II tl. Jtnkini, rtio'itit lUnk. I. K. Hide. Iii Mtiiherry il., A. Mllekev.t-.l-1 Lint, K. Klpi.. Jt.V.M t., I. C ipltn. -Ji Itionmr t. L. I'. T)lur, :ii lonvth it, U-mIh I'.ik. Lo(. I!. L. ft its. -.' I idiMm hi . line in a uittu ug Sore v jes S ut rheum ltimy, toothncha (liiuity tW f)V . Liver romp! tint r'ei r lore Ilniptiuni L. (.r'th'iiii .MJ Mtnt.'ii ft.. ri. ( s H. A.Ut-t ItiTM Miki ri'iciHnrnv fronted fit! r. It Lit, l'n. JI5 llonery.. mi in lire ii I Oiu n. I.'l U.S. Jn.I.I, KIT Water. II. Ciliuh un, lnuht H. L I'., Il)de, Cict lii ll.iti'c liev, J. t.ii.ln, linit r ft. I'. I eiinrl HiliLon tt., Mer. I'.t rcj K. I! ul 'J Spnn Wtil IU km, en. HI Lddtoiv, Tho. MiMitr, ITO'tth C., t ,;. Hon I, S. II, 4.1 l!rn !., Haiiiel Unl.'-'U W ilium C, C. I'niio i. :t'J Itovt tr, C. Uevlm. 3IJ W iur t.. l!ht lini'itiMii In ht.lJ Consumption i'.t in In Ho- Ijre.ut Suit rheum feres he id tr he Ii I'tviiiitMtion in chest , Salt r hut ui c nt I'.tin in dd liupti.ret Si re ejis S ne t j vs Ik-.lliK'ai Conn Wn, S nl U'wh. ii Lldndje ntCmjii, piin in Lrea( Mr. Li-wlstC Ludlow bu, r.uri In ide '. K trr, til Ch trlion, drivel J. M'tlte. l.M II ah m, llrnokljn, Mr-'fuli, Imp. IU00.1 M '.. U-wn. KhitiiiiMioon Ciroltiie M. Miller, L'- Ihl'.in, I'imili he:i. I. Lnipp I HI .Ni.rl.i'k. Iiirhr adi .N.C.II Thoiom, T.H Itiitun Arcli lihetnn iti-m ,N . Hjinn h. !J Hn it e t.. S r mtii mklo Mr. Il fnt k. .MiM.rniil t., po.t C ll'tiiin m. .M lt. r. -l,. I.liiil inti in (..Muiiiuer. l.'l Ii.vioion nt.. .h rheum L. I o.iwiij , I i.itid MiU Court Iltiri.s I S Tim. N,re t-vett M.r.oo (i.Thoinp'oti, IT 1 Win. st. r ill tin nm .Tdin 1'iif-e, J-c He ur t . Llnoiin i to. in I'.nl ll. Mucy, W, Ilol.lii'ii.ti, Ttl ISr t. J t 'I ai'iiinn. -il'J Hiv imoii -t , W t nnki tl, IViUo-e tt , I. Tiniie, M.oirtK' t l. , . ( HI I odd .1., A, Urtov, Ml IU'lu t . Wm. I't rrt-'t. 4 i.l Itro olwny. 1 rj mi riu ui iiort fna I'dei Lm r rouipliint Mtfi ur, I rheum lt.Mil Horrid ore Khi i mint I tu, vt ry Lad t Ii ipptd ha n d-i rrn tul i Ihioill-.n Ho ihnux, tl La't'hlst. lulu In tho Irti't I. Done. U Mw it. I.lit nni ti tin J. Cinier, 111 M.mton, I; lit mi i itiui W. W. W. rj, tor. Knur t M Ihm- . m re eve V. J Hiii.iiiiiii., C'ru-li. .1 , f. ll l.... I.-,. Ur. J. I 'met. l.i Sn! !., t'r. J. I'l.irl.. Mnnti.n st.. M. . Kit . Iimillnrril., J. Iliir.l. IT M. mn. I. I'.. Kipp .sffnnil l, I. Mu. l.i'. I Vin-r l., II. 'I'l..iri 113 .Surr.ilk i.tiipimn I'.iin In e I rnst Ace in l..c I .ru, tioni liiirn S ill rhetim fore thru it fill rheuui Sore evei IVrlmglon. Ceo. V,. llnrrlnstnii.TliFn. A. Vetkj WiU lisinii, Ifurltiur .V lloilt-.: Kli'liiiiuinl. J M. K.-niif. ilv, -t'o., II II. tiri-on; .Itiinkton, M V. KnitU-v ; 1'. rri-lniritli, Allen .V 'l..i l.-r j lliarlmto, Ljui'tv Ali-.voml.-r ; lliiiifl'uruli, Marni Hull; W'uiuu-I.i ('.ills, iV. It. 1I.iii.1i. t.'rainl Di-iiot 1 11 1'ulaiii si N. Y. Removed rpill". ?l'IIHCi:illi:i! mhiiM inlurm Iii, cnnlonwr X hi lin ii'iuiiM-il in flu't) tu the liuililin l-itclv is-'i uj'ii'il ly "VI r -In. II ri.iit. nearly opt ito llie rii.tii-iHieii Lniiiiiy null.-.., mm ttireciiy ii.nj.ite Mr ll'ili-lies lillil s-l.,,11. uu I'liiucli St . where lie will nlwn) lie 111 reiiilllles In iln nil work elllru-leJto lilnl ill llie ui''t wuikiniinlike manner ineliitliiiLf .ii:vi:i,i,itv am) VAT( iii:s if ever ile.i,riiilnii, in ikin l'niAT I. out IVnri;. mi:nt u" K,1,hl a Juliiisini nr KdliiiiMUi. A'i, Duplex, l,eiine, nnj nil eiiule. ,e All km.l ul repining, ss-tiin pinions, st.itl', t)liiKk-r wheels, ,-e;,n well uinl neat ns enu U- ilutie in llie eity il New Yurk. Musio hoes Kpureil; Aciorilinu inut .Mt lisjuu tunt-J, All woik tlune tij l.isiiwn Air- 1" Iniinu wtiikul in a Inrge n$tnlilitiiiieni in tlieriiynl New Yml. Iur tuuymn., .Moiiniini;, lln. i-liiiirt nml Kepniimi; Wutrhool nil kiiul, nml Imv. tot; pn-MTOisly n-ieiuil riksI iu-lriieiioii Irom an ex. eelleiii Kiir.i'pe.m woiknian, u well qiinlilieil lo ev eeiile llie inunt ilitl'ieult woik, nnd lie exhnrls llw puliln-to plnee in hini lln ir lontiileiiee, nnd hesiow upon liini ii slnre of nttri'iiiice. Keler, lor infernm tlun re.peeiiiii; In woikiuiiiislnp.lo Mt-srs. IVIlow, Vim Ail.ile .VC'iKivr, No. 11. Muiili-n Ijiine, New Yoik. 1.01 Id riiUMKAW. Iluilinsioii, Mny 11, HH. Ifitf ijKLNS.AlAH) & lll!OTlli:i!S Imvo n fmo l nsMiriiiieni i l (i"!il niul Silier (Jooil, U-imp, likiHse n,ht Wnk. I'laieil iniil lltiiannii Wnre, I jHikini; (ilJs- . I'anen, IVIniig Tackle, 1'imN, Steel tioods, I'iiih, t'uintis, Itru-lie, Knzor, Kniies atut SetsMim. Curl nnd I'lnni I lair, nn exten.-ie umiii inentol Clinks mul Wniilie hy tin? Imv or rinclr t'oiilfinpl.nni? some eliange in inir liu.'iu, we unite. Iho-s- wishing 1'ailor Iiiiip, l.s.kin CIM-n.or liny oilier yeisl, to tm now nt eiy low piieen,as w wisfi loi la1 them t.Ji U lure we ijo outli ihi. iprini'. Ajrl Jt HUl.Nis.MAlU v. UKOTllKRS.

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