Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 16, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 16, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 16, 1848. Tlio N. Y. Globo (Barnburner) says : " Lewis Cnw will want from fifty to one hundred thousand rotes of carrying New York 1 Poor Lewis I 13" A Western paper has commenced the publication of Caw's letter to tlio Chicago Inter nal Improvement Convention to be completed in two or three numbers I GEN. CASS OUT WKST. 'The Racino (VIcon!n) Adincale (locofoco) concludes an nrticlo on tlio nomination of the unfortunate Mr. Lewis Cass in the following significant terms : We honestly liopi nnolher nomination may he ninile by democrat". Pi'leat ne should look upon ns some thing of a misfortune, but not so great a one as sue cess under such circumstances. Correspondence of the N. O. I'icayunc. GEN. TAYLOR. TAKEN PRISONER. InEtxviLtr;, May 25, 1818. The good people of Iberville have been in nn excitement for some davs, crcateil by an expec ted visit from Gen. Taylor, he having promised to call on some of his numerous friends in that parish and partnko of their distinguished lios pitality. Quietly and mihcrallcd, accompanied bv 1). 1). Avery, l.sq. ho presented liimselt ves tenhy at noon, (Tuesday) at tlio residence of t w n i.' . i. , i r J. 11. ill UIV II, J lYIll'IU IIU lill imm Ul il MI1IIJI- tuous dinner, and then proceeded to the house of a warm personal friend, Col. R. A. Stewart, where ho established himelf fur the day. The Gen. was in remarkably fine spirits, and tincc lie has thrown asido tho military ilress, nml pnmn nut in n nnw Rtlll. nf It snnms nn if he had turned bacK the wncrls ol time and stricken the marks of ten years from his capa cious brow. We can lurm some slight ulea by attentively studying his face how it luokcd when lighted up by tno excitement ol umuo: but yes terday, as he wended his way along, with tlio broad boom of tho Mississippi on the one side and the luminous fields of cane on the othcr.wo thought that the evidence of pca-e gavo a far mum j;iuiiuii9 uAjtrussiuu iu ins t'yu man I'vt'ii the clang of arms and tho crash of " glorious war could. In tact, ucn. Taylor s heart and soul revel in the quiet pursuits of agricultural life ; it is pissing strange how entirely ho puts off" his armor when ' of duty.' In this respect iio has no prototype, except in the great man he rcsemuips 111 su miuiy mnLT uiiiia, .tusiiiii, ton the Father of his Country. It so happened that on the very evening of the arrival ot uen. Taylor at Unl. Stewart s mat the beautiful residence of Mr. Simon Le Illanc was lighted up, until it seemed to be one blaze of light, and within its precincts was heard the sound ol revelry. The patriot's youngest iiaugii. ter had a lew hours belore stood at the bridal altar and hundreds of relatives and admiring friends were gayly and joyously celebrating the event. The rumor went through the crowd that Gen. Taylor had arrived in tho neighborhood. The beautiful bride, the troupe of bride's maids tho wliolo circle of Louisiana's fairest daugh ters, that graced the festive scene, lisped the honored name, while the gentlemen more bois terously gave vent to their feelings of admira tiofi. In a few moments the ladies formed a plan t6 " capture the old hero." They felt con fident that lliey could do what Santa Anna and twenty thousand nicked troops could not. Mis , Miss " and Miss . three lovclv young ladies wero at once organized into a pow erful army supporteaDy several gentlemen. It was agreed that the ladies should get into Dr. I'riiciiaru s carnage, tho gentlemen into A. ri, Robertson's, it being owned by the 'irrand mar shal,' and that the corps should proceed quietly up to Gen. Taylor's encampment (Col. Stew 'nrt's house,) and carry it by a conn de main riil ir.! .ti.. .i . wiis euiiruiy successiui ; me ugni r tillcry got on to tho callerv of tho house miner- ceived, as it was raining very hard at the time, aim ooiuiy entering mo sally port, carried old Zack in fifteen seconds. At the lime he firmly seated in a large red backed arm chair, Col. Stewart supporting him oil the right, his accomplished lady on the left. Tho General on the first attack attempted to mahnMivre, but it was a total failure , the ditch was on the wrong side, and the first general discharge of a little more crane of uriulit eves set him in a Mutter ing, and with a few random shots he surrender ed at discretion, lonu befnro tho heavy artillery in the rear was brouuht into action. Old Zack, however, displayed considerable presence of mind, even under me novel position ot a ucieai, nndcapituluted'thathe should ride to tho wed ding in tho carriage with bis cap-iirt-turs, and be treated otherwise with all tho consideration of lionorablo warfare. I am sorry tu udd in tin connection, that one of tho young ladies fired several shots at Gen. Taylor s heart after ho had given up, but lortunately the aim missed, and Killed two young gentlemen. Gen. Taylor was instantly hurried off for fear of a rescue, as there were largo forces of the enemy hovering about, all anxious to get him into their possession, lie acted in a mo-t resigned manner throughout, and as far as we could ludge, showed a little of La Vera s spirit nt being rather pleased with his condition of prisoner. A buzz ot excitement lullowcil, and when the old General was seen, the waing ol fair bauds and louj shouts of VUe la General Taiilnr. welcome General T.ivlor. followed " bridal favor" was immediately pinned on his right shoulder, and another imprinted on ins np and he became tho observed of all observers Such an overwhelming and heartfelt reception wo never before witnes-ed. The General was literally crushed under favors; ho however maintained his position. It would be iiiinosi blc for us to detail all tlio interesting incidents of the occasion, and perhaps it would not be proper lor us to notice that the little grandson ol Mr. Simon Jxilllanc, who rejoices in the inn iling name of Zacliary Taylor, was placed in i. -l.l r?...l l. . ...... I .1..,. :. IIIU UIU .Jt.lll.l ,11 ", nv. jii I'jiiii'uj iiiij Lildl II was bound to bo a Ucueral some of tlicve days. This incident, so liitercetine in iuclf, and alum- dred others, testifying the deep hold Gen.Taylor lias upon the hearts ol the people ol liuisiuna, we will not write, but abruptly end our letter, which faintly records tho events of tlio firot day of ucn. Taylor s visit to Iberville. itttuiutj Itrightou Cnttlc.Miirkt l Tliiirsduy, June, 8 RErOKTED FOR THE BOSTON PAILV ADVLRTISLU.) At Mnrkct 18r IlcefCaltle,S0iairsWnrkingO.en V, nml Cnlvea.HOO Sheen anil Swine, Prices lleef Cattle We noticed a pair of steers Iroin r rannun ioumy, mm u pan aum very fine, price not public. We quote extra v7 i first quality 0 76 87 -, second quality o eu j 1 f. n r, M Working Oxn-Sales at $70, $82, S'JO, S'J5 and 110. Coat and CWrM-Sales nt $31, $21, $25, $30, and ;,S,nl li, ni '1 '2 il. r,2 and 3 M). Suine Lots to peddle 3 7-3o a He lor Sows, and 7-3 a ojcor isorrows. yi reiau irom iuoju BOSTON STOCK SALES, Juno 10. 2 Shares Vt. &. Mass. RR. 1 Fitclibnrg, RR. 3 " Norlhern RR. (Con. & Ub.) 70 117 BOSTON AUCTION SALES, Juno 10. Sugar Clarified, 18 tierces, 1 1-lc per lb Havana brown, damaged, 1U boxes, 087 43 inn 11m. rashi Corn Western yellow, 2100 sarks, 61 a 57c per bo. csh. Hides Gambia, damaged, 1 10 hides, 3 1-1 A nor Ih rash. Molassos Mansanilla, poor, 12 lierces, 17c per gal. cash. Homy Cuba, 10 tierceb' 15c per gal. cash iNmnrvrioM. Weak Nerve". Lnwxts" nr Srlnn.s. I !c. H'rifit's Indian Vegetnblc I'M' nrctis natural, nml therefore a certain cure for nil kinds ol nervous diseases ; because they completely cleanse the stom ach anil buwells of nil those billions and corrupt hu mors which not only paralyze and wenkeii the diges tive organs, but are the cause ul wenk nerves, low spir its, Sic. Wriget's Indian Vegetable Pills arc nlo a direct purifier of the blood nnd therefore not only im parl iieniin nun ciieerluhicss to the mind, but also give new life nnd vigor to the body. IIcwake or CofNTunrriT The only orkiinai. axu uexuine Indian Vuif.tabi.e Pima have the siu natitie of William Wmunr written with a ilk u.v the Tor 1.AHEI, of f.uii box. None other is gc ninr, nnd In counterfeit this in I ottiiLiiv. The genuine lor sale by W. 11. Cl'UTId, Water Srecl.nnd 'IlinoUOItn A. PIXK, College Street, sole ngent for lluiliugioii. Reuben Ferguson, llssex i J. II. Dyke Huntington ( W. Ithodcs, Jr. Richmond ! K. II. lireeii, lliehmond ; .1. II, .V. T. W, Tower, .niui-iuiii , uunum cv. nouges, wiintoii: u, r-uu-derson, nnd li, Ajers, West Willlton l .1. 1.yninn, Jericho j VV. II. Vclie, Hine-liurgli j W. ri. St, II. 1'. Wood, Weslford i Slnjile" & Lyon, t'hailotlc j John Sinioiuls, Kliellmrne s It. Itielnuond llarnnrd ; nint nt uic new i.ngiand llrnnch U ice and General Depot, Allliuilt JIOSIOU. Wc nrc Convcioiis of Dolus ti'ood. It Is with Icelincs of nrofouml salifaction tint wc point to the iminene rcputntion cnjoyctl by ihe hini Iv 1)111. known ns Ilerrink'a Simnr footed Pill. The uuparnlleleil triumph" overdieae, daily taking place, auu cue increased determination ol lhoe who use tticin to make their viltues known, lin" placed them first on the lit ol popularity, and first in the mind of the sick. No one should become di"eouragrd in try ing remedies until these pills have been tried. .More cuies have been performed by tlicin than any six kinds of medicine known. Their cure." have awaked in the midst of the profession n determination to nvail them selves of their virtues in the treatment of their patients lully willing to trust their compounding with Dr. ller rick. whoisa reuularlv educated iihvsieian.and a" sack his remedies nrc worthy of the coiilidence of the public, nnd are receiving their lull share of patronage. tSP" Orders to be directed to Ilerrick nnd Co. Prin ciple Olliee, Albany, N.Y. and for sale by A. O Sicar, (!eo. K. ilnrnngtnn.Cnilinnnd Sprnr, llurliug (on.W. 11. Hntch Winnoki l'nll", John Simoiul" 2nd Shelhurn, I.yon and Alexander, Charlotte Well", Hmesburgh, nnd nlso by Druggists nnd .Merchants in every town and Village. Ilcwnic ol Counterfeits nnd Inillnlioim. The unparallcd nnd astonishing efficacy of Dr. Wistor'sllalamof II ild Cherry, in nil the diseases tor which itisrccoineiidcd, curing innny cae" nfler the skill of the best phjsicinns was unavailing, hasef fected a large and fncicasing demand for it. This lact has caused several unprincipled counterfeits nnd imitator" to palm off spurious mixtures, ol similar name and appearance, for the genuine balsam. Some arc called "Syrup of Wild Cherry," " lialsani ol Spinkeuard," " Wild Cherry, Comfrey," &,c. Anoth er " Wcster's Ilnl-nin ol ihl Cherry," mis-spelling the name, nnd forging ccrtilientes to resemble thoe ofthe true lialsani. ' Dr. Wi"tnrs UaNam of ll'ild Cherry" is the only genuine. The rest merely imi tate the name ol the original, while they possess none its virtues. None genuine, unless signed 1 RPTTS on the wrapper. Tor sale by SIVl'll W. POWLU, General Agent, 133 Washington street. lie careful and get the genuine Dll. WISTAH'S I1AI.SAM l)r Wll.ll Clli;illlY. JioM- genuine unless signed by I. IIUTTS. Addres nil ordi'rs to SKTll W.I-()Wl,K,I!oston,Mas". l or sale w hole- sale nnd retail by 'I iieo. A. rccu, lluilmgton, and by Dealers hi ledicines generally in Vermont. CxT Most llxtrnordiniiry Work ! 2 THE WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION. T1V 1)11. A. M. MAURICF.AU, Ptnfcssor of Diseases of Women, Sixth Edition. IB1110. pp. 250. Price $1. 25,000 cortF.s sold in three .months ! Years or suffering, of physical and mental anguish to many nn nllbctionalc wile, and tiecuniary dilliulties . ., , , , . , , , , , . . to the husband, inighl have been spared by a timely possession uf this woik. It is intended especially for the married, or those contemplating marriage, ns it discloses important se crets w Inch shouid be know n to them particularly. I ruly, knowledge is power. Il It health, happiness. affluence. The reciations contained in its pages have proved a blesing to thousand", as the innumerable letters re ceived by the author will attest Iferc, also, every femaie can dicover the rnuc?, j symptom", and tne most efficient rciuedif", and hum ' sex is sunjeci. un the receipt ot una Uollnr, the ".Married Wo man s l'rivate .Medical Couiikiiiiou" will he sent mailed ) i ee) lo any part ol ihe United States. All letters must be addressed, post-paid, to Dr. A. .M. Mnunceau, Hox Vi'Zl, New York City. Publishing Oilice, 1S9 Liberty street, New York. Travelling Agents ure informed that n few dislucts in Massachusetts, nnd two other Khstern States, nre yet unengaged. Applications received po-t paid) as above. Iliu3 itlarricb. In F.ssex. Vt. 31t. nit. bv Uev. Rco. Whitney. I!ev. 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Junel5,'l8. sv51 D.M.VARNEY While Smilli, Cutler k Gun SniHIi, KSrndTUMY announces to the inhabittinis iV ot Hurliiitoti and iennty, tlmt he has returned to thU place and again commenced bu-inesa al the . lit- nils reinriii'ii lyuccriedTiy'hiin Yiusiness an'Pdoh' g 1 secure 11 nnrlioii i.l secure u portion ul l.l c....i i-..n.::. c. r,. .1., :...i 1... 1.:... vvhercstrictlv annlviu;himsclf to I wurk when prumised.he hnpes lo .i. i. 1... 1 I...I 1' ... .11 . . . - - jwa..iva. TTAVi: JUST 0I'I:M:I n fresh lot nf Hon- J-X nets, received by express, consisting in part of French Lace, Cnburg, ond oilier styles, winch nre to be sold at a trifling udrancr Iron! cost. Jlay as. Removed. DENTISTRY. THE SUKSCRIBER IIAV ing removed hi? Surgery from Peek's to Thomas' Building College Sireel, over the Agricultural Wore, house, resH-cllully amiouncea to his patrons and all oiIkts who may favor him with patronage, that he will be found constantly there and prepared to r lorm (satistactonly he hoies() oil operations pertain ing to his pn lession. He willexeeuie all business re nuired in the line nf inserting artificial Teeth 011 the stumps, and in adjusting them on Hold Plate, in the must approved and ileganl maimer. F.J.IIFNDFi:. Ilurlington, May 1C; 181SJ. t3rl w 17 TowiispikI's S;irs!i)iu'illa, I SUI'l'LY OF THIS roi'UI.AK MKMCINK il constantly 1111 hand, and fur rale by May U.ltllr). iBI&wif A.MOs C. PPKAIt. Sli'iivcrt, II ROM tlio iitstnrc ol tliu subscriber, on ur about ihe 1st of Muy, n dark lay thee war old MA III'., small size, heavy toil and mane. W ho eve r will inform the subsculer where said .Marc may be found shall be suitably rewarded. J. S. PLATT. Culchcsfer, June C, ISIS. dll w5U3i by .lumpi'i'M. TUST Iti:('i:i j:i by Impress 1'aient My .1 Jumper: For sole at llie Comer Store, Wick- ware Vuilding. JjYMANS'. OTcriivnl Aflvcrti'iiiciit, All iif the fnllmrittg articles lrhirh haic villained iiubimnded popularity arc nihl l'l an i x ii a i, it 1: i) it 1: .11 i: i v , !) an Almanacfur 1818 (traits. 1st l'or Colds and Feverish feelings nnd prcrent' ins l'evers. 21 l'or Asthma, Liver Complaint nnd llullous af fect ions. 3 ! l'or Diarhrea, Indigestion and hissof Appetite. Ilh lor Costiveness in f.-uude" nml males, full l'or Stomach nireclions, Dyspepsia nnd Piles. The meat points is liol had io take, ncrcr gives pain, nnd ncrer leaves one cosl'ne ! .' r'ornll these thinirs it i warranted imenunlted.nnd all vlin do not lind it so may letnni the bottle and t;if iHti money. The Inedieilli' i" Ijinntrn' crral Western Indian Vanacca. Fuller description in all Almanac for IS 18, Iannis. 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Card Ca-t-s, Shell, hory Tearl, Velvet Jt le ather TriiUhin, Vi-itmt;, iMotto nnd I-'nend-hip Cards hoiy 'Tahb'ts Teiforuted I'aper, Perforated Caul, Memorandums iVc, Cf'IIDWAKD.S" Book Stoic. djl June 1,'4? 'B'h; lollies' I:'!ijui;jc IH fa'l iK'coming oi!c Id the most popular resorts of the Hading community for all descriptions ut I'nrriwt and American Drii (iuuli ...'.... k imriiu'iun j tinil il small prolils, pcr-ncrm l-"ry.n-lm "i'en.inn to .'he vva'ui's ol thc F.n.lic. "ncoinpruinisi," integiuy and honorable dealings . w"" ,lu'n, have any thing to do Wil l nlleies.1 M i,,,,.,,,,,,, , J n,,,,,,,,, t.(.,al,lil.,eIit .s inisirv. cnnsiam a ten 1 pslnw, lii t:i ... 1 . Iirvt ,.,.,,. I l .1... .ill.. mid occupy an enviable pu-itiouin llie interests and lit 1 ' i in, 11. diim, 1 in- 1 ruiirieiors 01 111m eMail ii.siiiiH-iu are nappy in oner at ine present tune some 'nnsnnl llaraiiis in Ladies' Dr'en (loath. CnllsistiO!' nf ltlTar,S. MllsltllS llh,i,ln,a f nun. Linen Luires, Plain, Plaid and Striped l.ineiililng.'l hams, PI1111I D'Chavie, and in I id every article celled ,1. n.t ui. ucKiriiiiem. 11 III 1 I4 li it n it .v, lrih Linens, Jaconetts, Swks and mull Muslins, Plainnnd revicre Liiun lladkrs. Plain and Fiubroid ed Curliiiu Mushus, Corded Skirls, Lace I'dgings, Lisle Ldgings,LurnaiiuuCurd,e. Ate, with l great variety ol sua wr, n, lliucha 1 CHshmere, Slradilla DeLainc, Hlack Silk, llerage, Crape, (cc. c. not si'.Kiuu' uonns, our ossurtinent issecund to nunc nml oilers Jlitraordtnnru Inducements to those who inlend In make mote extensive piirehases than iisua 111 tin, dep.umieiit, the pres. nl Season. A halt dollar saved 111 Ihe puichacol 11 Counter, p-ii.e. auuiherm l)raiery Muslim, n lew shilling, in ,1 ickings, Sheelings, lable Spreads, diapers, ,Vc Arc H i ol some iiiiporiunce in Ihe setting out of hie, and ul! this can be done by visiting 77; i.ADins' l'.xau Ascr.. MORE A.SUN, WILCOX AV. NASH. New Store, ncM lo liiimmaid Ar. Ihoihcis.Clruah blrect. Iliiiliiigtnn, May 18, ISH. dl(lwl7 Ml'AY tn'OOlls. I) DOOLITTLH bus jnt rrCeivcil ,1 I ' general assortment ol Dry Coods, Cioceries Aid which have Ui 11 sclci ted with great (uie. mni bought mutely with cash, llu goods must besuld, auu nicy iciu oe um us ion as unv nun lure si-il. Miiy'-'llh, ISIS. Cdl5,H Fll. llilv iV ;. IIAVI'. JUST KL'c'l) n few mole Pattcts ol Ponipedore Miilln,,'il-l) ri choice nssoiimctit llonuel luboiis nuT iMIC! Glove", Jlay23, 1818 dll lloiincfs! lloimcts! 1 TEW or tih: Si-hinm Sivm: just ro il ceived nt the Lvpli:' llxcutMn'. . , WHXOX & NASH. Burlington, May 2, 1313. j,v.vv bOMESTTcs7 0M v yds. 1 1 j:a v v Si 1 i:i:ti .us , lin I .v. wi n i:. do. Very Stout do 37 do .'!l)t)0 SIKH) do Fine Meriiinack, 10 do 1030 do Very Fine, 4-1 and 5-1 ALSO llrowii Drilling", Shining Stripes, Denim", He,, in nny quantity, lorsale at astonishing low yrieei at the corner moic, l,Y.MAiS'. May, 1,318. IVuls l'or Hoi'Mt's. ALAliOi: and line nsorlinenl of Net for enrs, neck or hoilyol llntses.snMsepniate or toirether. IIUINHMAID &. IIIIOTIIIIUS. to rnr.MKMCAT. v:nri:ssiox. AN, ndjuiirned Meeting of the Stale Medical So riely will be hehl al Castlcton, 011 the at day of the Spring Ses-ion ol Lecttnc" Wednesday the lltlmf .lane. Addiesses may be expected, nnd Pulh ological lxhibilions of interest to Physician. M. UUUMMlTIt, sv 1931 Colicst'owtlng isedj. if TTT T 1 t.Il f.1 L'llit T 111,1 TliTltllf rVf IV 1' 11 1 u)-, 1 V. l receive tall for till kinds ol Painting, Graining raier llnugmg, .vc. vVc. Shelbiirn Street, oppnile American Hotel. liUSSKI.L & Sl'AUl.DINO. Ilurlington, Marcli 10, 1813- aTtf " H'ALi CI' TO TlirCAl'TAIV.S ori'ia:." A S the " Alavor" sivs. " People ilon't care much A WIIFPi: or HOW a man get9iWf!oods, they want thrtu heati and good, and a good assnitinenl to select from." We will try and wants at tiie Variety Store, please call anil ste. llltlNS.MAlD it lll!OTiini!S. AclEiiiiiilt'iHor's Sale. I) Y virtue of n licence from the l'rohnto It lington, one undivided h.ili bl ij'iai tcr acre lot No. 211, on si. l aurs street, in the village 01 imrungion. Gi:0. 11. SHAW, Adminis. May 37th, 1313. wl'JSl Rullaiid & Iiiirliiitoii Hail Rond. CflWO nsscssnirnts of fivo dollars each X have been ordered by the Direetoison each share ol the capital stock ofthe Rutland .t jlurliugton ltail I Hoad Company ; nne payable on die 2fdh day of June, and the other on the 10th dav ot Jills' nest. Payment may be made to Ihe Hanks of Burlington, Vergeiine., Middlcbury, Ulaik Uivcr, llvlluus 1-alts", ' Cheshire Hank, Keene.N. II., II. O. Perkins, al the liail KoadOIIice, Kutland, Fdvvaul Pickering, No. fill State Sim-1, Huston, or to the 1 rcasurer lit bis ulhce in Middlcbury. SAM'L SWIFT, rieMicr. Jllddlebury, Jlay 17, 1313. IHvvO jVctv (sooiN. ilins. LAN(JV0IIT1IY lias Mrecciv- IlJI ed a lull and hVhionable a'.ortineiit of Millinery nnd Fancy Goods, consisting of Flower., Laces and llditirms.l .inbrniiliri- .V ... silu inlsn iirrnarrd liirl. ecule orders in bleaching and picsing second hand Straw and Tuscan Honnets. Dress J'allerns for sale-also, made in the wet style College, St. a lew doors from the l iec Pre oilice. ilurlington, June 1, 1813 wWvv3 t'httiiri IrfS2Si' Pfi",' kStS OPEN TO KEEN E. O1 nn'' a('r Tiuday, May Kih, the lacni;er ) Trains w ill run in connection with the I'ltchbur T,Bl',l,''twmi UuMon mul K'eene.a- lulluw: : ltoKon at 7, A. Mnnd M. 1 Arrive al Kecne at ll.liil, A. .M.,md fi, P. M. Leave Iveene at 7.110, A. M., anil ! P. .M. I Arrive at Ilo-ton at IS, .M., and 0.3U, P. M. Al K.ri.-. ti.. -'.U-rffiitH wiih nil the lraintn nml I1..10 Ualpole, 11,-lloiw l'ulls, Chester, Cuvell dish, Ludlow, 10 Hntlaud uh.l Hitilin-lon : l)rew.s. villc,AI-tcad,L'haikstovvii,KpriiiglH,t. W'i-atlieisfiH', Chreiuonl, Newport, WTnd-or, Woodstuck, and' Jlolltpelier to ISiuliugton. 'l'lns line, in couueelion vviih the Filehburg Hail road, and the Stages to and lioin Keeue, ionns a di rect hue ot coniiinuiiealious between Huston and Norlhern Verinont and Noilheru New llainii-liire : 11 K "',",'! '""' " l,l'tw V'.C0"1 em. .Midi e. and W e-tcrii v ennont and Wele .soiiui. Hnili-hire and Ikwtoii; and also, hi coniieclion I wiin tne stages ruin v nn.lien.lon anu eiicwmrg 10 Worcester, nnd the Worcester and 1 rovidence Uad- . .' . . . nr 1 ouri lor uic uiirict 01 iiiuienueu, grain 10 supper nnd tm el si Is: mul nnu cahe oa'heis, preserve -1. ..!..!. ...... ..I' .1.- ..I V .... ll.nni....! 'I ' i. ..I.. I.. .. I.! ... I.n.l.nn ,,,..1 ..t.l i in. ii, tiiiioiii i-iiu iui .,i in,, ,,-iiin.- ... i.,..- i bllelis, VvOinpoiier, pmiu . iiin.-, u,nm ..i... ,,. , v.. . Titv. I w ill unll .it lnihlin niif linn, on Salardav ihe 17th IVvnvriii r'invA Vnws. f::mdr.ti(-ks. bouoilel 'V ' ..I !....-..... nl....1. I.. .1... I....,r.,i nl llin ' 1 .1 I "... I .. k-..l, i..c I i ., I' 1 ., , la ,nfnl, tell- I Jll ,v..u..j ... v. HOIOL'IS, CUlUlie IMJ.ll.f., 11. .kllliu ... .,.... ...u.v.. .ii as dwelling-house of Mis l!e.ey Harringlon, in llur- ,,iid (lower pot, ..c. ira.i, uie mw mice line neiweei iiiw -eciions 01 meud.ilion lousidering the time ii ,s been cstab , erinonl ami .Nevv l.iinpMure.aiid W orcejier Umjii- , jti,lM in this counlry. .-lnic than WW veibal mid with sitagesrojii Lilll -.on, Ala-.. to Lowell, a diiecl coummmculiou between the same noilionsof New Hampshire unit Veimont and Lowell. Fieight trains vvill run daily, to and from Huston, in (onueiiiuii with the reuahr Fiteh'tiirg Trains. '1'. M. i:i)VAI!l)S, PreMiknt. L. TILTO.N, Lngiiicer. K'.eiie, Jlay 13, ISIS. wHlf !azici's S!io! ! 8 WOULD respectfully iuhJi-iu my fiionili, J and llie public generally that 1 h ive opened a Shop, near my residence on Pearl Sireel, fur the purpuw; uf I'utiii-hing, t'ulliii-; nml ;iniug all sizes of plain and fancy Window (il.T-s, also (llass lor Sash nr Pictuie Flames kept tuiistautly uu hand ut Manufacturers pliccs. iii:iii:v uuiimht. Hnilington, April "JO, lbli. vv i;in' .-... , ," v.- ClOXUHKSS ceived by w.Ti:n ritnsii 1 TilKO. A. .lu-t re PUCK. '1'OH NSi:.lS .S.VHN.VI'Altll.IiA ! r.jrrso. J ju-l received by TilFO. A. PIXKs Mny 1'J. MAC'KKIUili, No. 1 tc'l in Wiis, Half Illils. Quarters.IluihtlK.aiid by tin- fiugle pound, Also llmlsons Hay Saliuun. A. S. UUVFY. June W, '18 vv jtl W I ray ril. I." .UtOM tlin L'iiflonrc if tlio .sub- scriber in ,Miltiii. abuut the "'uh uf A- lirll. 11 sorrel ve.11 nlil .Vlare Colt, wiin J vviiite leet mid u white stnnc in her late. Anv peisuii mvim; in furiiialiou tu the subscriber where the mare iiiuv lx ' telli'i'.VV"?5 ' Ulmiy "'warded, ; , - , . V'1""1' Jan- fi- 1 1 foimd.or returning her to lus imsiieiou, will be satis- 11'II.LIA.M MARKS. ISIS, . w.lllUw. 1UHA.M OF 1RHA.M OF TARTAR for fcbokimc! J n pure article just run ft,- lij T111.0. A. PtcK. Potash Iil(ls. f fi0f)l) SOUJS'I) fcPtfllil llllllil I'ntasli d Kettles lorsale low hy . (U'O. PFTFItSON. llurliugtou, .March 81, ISIS, T. M. l'ARKKR'S liaiit'ri't'ofyiK' ICoomx, WILL UK CLOSKIJ011 tbu7tb inst., tin. II til the llrsl ul July next, oiler which they will be opened (over the Agricultural Ware-House, Cut. lege street, llurliugtou VI.), where they have been fur uie nisi year. May 1SH. wlSUyl. DRIIil) Al'I'LUS sale at April -in. i 1LA1 IJOAR1W. of ;(K)il quulitv for A. S. DllWH'Y'S. l'or mlo bv" J. J. ii. PFCIv. illl'.if .May 1SK DiiucriTutvitcs. s. I'lin.Ds a vn:i:i,i: 1 TIMS IIS. lnve lined 111. un Kounia nver S. W inker s store. Claiii bsri i-i Huilingtoii, Vt., expressly ii r the purpose uf taking I'Auctimuirvn: .iiimaiculs. vve nave every coil venieuce lor taking gruui s nf hum two to ten un tin same plate, or single pictures, ul superior slvleniid iiuisii. bet in traincs, cjas or locKets ul nioderule prices. llusines bonis finm '.I A. M.. to A l Al l.ti,li..u and tiemleiuui uie respcclfully iuviied 1.1 ..ill m nm Itooiusaiidexuiuinesiiecinieus. Fiuidnce up tubs, helw..'ii' ......U.-.m,! si V':iIL..,i 1 ' iJuihiiglon, Apnl II, ISK Sell 1 Will, WINOOSKI FALLS. AT THE SunscitinEii has at his stom: a Inrge nssortmcnt of almost every kind of (Jood. purchased entirely for 0ah, but not being as vvcll oil is some of his neighbors, hnd lo borrow part nnd must nnd will sell lo pny that and to purchase iuorc,p!cac cnll nnd see, the best nnd chenpest ever oirereil ,,, tl,,, Connlv. S1DNLY 11AKLOW. Fall", May 11, 1818. Ill Mi:sshs imiN.s.iiAii nuoTiinns me receiving accessions to the r stork ol hue Watches, Jewelry, Clocli.,nnd mint nil kinds o good that they geneially ileal In, together vyilh sutli new kind as they judge their ciKtumern will wi-h for ; a we nre icceiv iug Good every week, we can supply nnyai'.icle. in our hue or out ol il which may be want- C'vVc Invite nn examination ofour Watcbesliy those who wih good time-keepers, knowing that we nn; enabled to, nnd ilesiroinof selling all desciipMonsol Helin"nll descriilionsol Winches ns low n nny New Ynrk'or II0M011 House, or nny Pedlar rnn or svii.t. sell them. Our n-soitiuent l.goodol ( links, atcb- c", Golil nnd Silver Gooil", I'lnted mul iiruniinia .viei, lit nnd Silver Good", I'lnted nnd iininnnia .viei- d. I, p., Mimical lusirunieiits, String", fus., icry Ch-ar C'ae, Snull' llovrs, Canes Plain ml ViirlTlleod Hind, llag. and Pock- III Goods, . lVihuiiery il:. n ... 1 1 ct Hook", Card", liaznr", Scior, Knives, and ail nl mi..t endles variety ol lancy unici. s. Gold nml Silvcied I nn, blink, white nnd lancy colored Fan, Feather .mil Pasteboard I an,.c.,hd verSiioon, l'oik. Collin Plate. Ilulter and Hint Knives, clukli'-n's Silver Fork nnd Cup, nnd all Sil ver Goods nt all limes 011 hand in large quantities, almost nny uitiele in Gold or Silver made hi ourshop to any pattern .liind. Watches, Clocks and Jewel ry dialled and lepaired by ourselves and experienced lonriievmen w.. 1. Wceinnlov no apprentices m nny department 01 our biMiits. , Our aim and desire i to sell sucli 1.0011 nmi io 110 'ourwo i n ciagesach prices nsvv.llbc , "f,.,'',,"!' .rv 1.. customers. ncntly satislaelory to vu.tumers. DAGL'FltltFOTYl'i: GOODS. J and 5 Plate German nnd American Camerasnnd n larger mid more extensive assortment of every arti cle u.ed in the line receiving and vvill be kept unhand and for sale at low New York ami l!olon prices, Sco sills, H. Whiles, nnd French 10 Plate in large uuaii lilies. imi.NS.MAID t UltOTlIFItS. lEIKCir&KKr,U)(.G, 15:. PSivci'-s.!., Ti'oy, )) iti:n:ivixo uv ltk ahkivals kko.m rfl I'urnn,.. noil dirrei lioin the inauufacturers. a larire t.nd beautifaj ns.oitmcnt ol ( Ve,s ill their line, ssiucli they oiler 011 the mci-t l.ivornble leiiu". L4. .. . .... h, ,,'it !',,,., Hi fiL (nsl tlinnpr. t.n 1 laALtl , ... v........ .., Plovvivu Hi.l-e. fiaured blue nnd Washington blu in dinner, tea, breakfast slid toilet sits. Ut Winr. rut. iriSMd and lilaill centre bowl celeries, water bottle, decanters, tumblers, wine", champagnes, goblets, lemonades, jellies, dihcs,lamps, vVc. iVC. L.vvirs Pnlcnt solar .Hid lard lamp", suitable for ho- tels.chiinhes and families, ul new- ami l.-aulihd styles bom the celebiated mamd'aslory of Coiueliu it Co. Giranpole", candehibias, bracket", candlestick" Ormula, silver and bronzed, ol new ond approved pat- r.Tii Hai.i. Lanterns Rich slnined, painted add cut some very choice and bcnutilut patterns. HiurANNiA Ware--Colli e puts, tea no's, sugars ond cream, and castors of every description. Hartiien Ware of superior stjles and qualities, in every variety of color now in iih Canal Hoat Glass Ware, wicks and lanterns. Tea 'l'RAS' set or separate some very choice nnd beautdul pattern". Ga Fixti ri., Iioiii Cornelius & Co., at New Yotk and l'liiladelphia prices. Troy, Mny 1,1813. DJSWIjft Itirklu'iile's Talleisnll'si irn ,i -iri? nr ixrp it ji o r-Vi HlA. la 1 U L,liJ)i), -.frentej , t)e perfectly safe . i,,c(.,,v,.,li..,,CP ti,e a'in, ,tr !!, in nit ra-sf;). w not iucuuvfitt(nc the nniinnl or iniure lihn cen if lie hnd no ilKcuse: itistrom I to 8 limes clvnper than mM of tlif iinitntioiw which are luring nrculatcd ihrunhout the country, being put up in larger patkn pcs,f.iilHcieiit to cure an onlin iry caK' ii Ileat'yt and to nilniinbter in a dozen cn-ct nl cId, catanli, !tc. At this -ea(Hn, while the HorM; i (-liedding his coat lin ital eniTuv is inui'li reduced, mul lit i-t 'tritnMv liable to cnldd,fcc.t many caes ol incipient Heaven nrc cotitracteil now but, nre eupprc.wil hy pnstiire or warm wenlhrr, till they brenlv unt in lull tnrue in the lull. 'niminnd- of horses can be enved from luttire uiiuundncs-i, if, when the h'rt )mUoins nt cohl or ' observed, n lew iws ot the TrnterUV lleae rowiiers snouiti tie ndminii-ri-! . Ttirv nrr warrented to wholly erodicnlc recent heaves at thi (iitii.VT spiu.vf; iM itirrnt. Tli hcne powders', neri in ?mnll doeec, will be fiiund miH ue(ul at tins K-iwrn, They Miinulate the t-K nt to cnt olfthe yiiiicrtluou1 hair and produce new ; they loosen the hide, if ne n 'dow-ir niuirarantv to the com, protect nniiiM diM-a.: they 11U0 Irom ihnr thiv tMiiiiifuvt.- uiui reiuratue powers, pinny uie muuu and rnioinie th while "fteni, winch lioif-es reiiuiie nt tins BMSuii ns much a uny ot the humin race, who hud u prepatatiim oi' naiwipaiilla umiiI to conect a iliated state ol tlte Uuids, incident to lb'' change of w-eallier, whieli in the Fprin" ullectd of all animal nswclla nil vegetable lite. mm. r... i, nD :. i . i: . i.r . iiimiiiiivui ii. to uLipiiii-ii ii Miilimii iivtri m.-ni- ima.,i ,y y ,0rsc ,,n-,lit.i-. and in lact we know patent meiheine thai has received as much cum- wnui.n lesiiinomais nave voiuutariaiiy tieeii temlereil Mesrs. A. II. (lough it Co. Icrlify that I bniiiht no.- nactitigi- ui ivilKUlliles 1 AITI.IlsAI.I. s Heave Powdeis, ond ued un o horse ut mine 1I1111 was tioub led seveuly with heaves and the single piLk.igc cureil I11111. J lie powders wore giviu about two iiionlhsago.aud I have never seen any inJiealiom ol ine uiaease since. II. .1. Cuti.ns. lili Ilroomnie-st, Mr. Isacs, President ol the Saugertii a Hank, informs us lliat lie bint a burse ciueil ol (leaves ami bail cuilgh by one patUage. Air. J. S. Smith, 1 1 rulton-st. call, ed to tell us that he cured his horse ol a most annoy ing and troublesome ciau:h accompanied by evidence 01 vvoiuis anil general lacs. 01 cotiuiuoii uy me iat lersallrs Heave Powdeis. F.slract Irom a letter f'rum a merchant nt Civile N. Y. wh hassuld an immense ijuamily ol the Heave l'uw ders : " I have only 11 packoges left and would like to have v oil senil i gruce mure immediately. I would nut like to be out as everv bodv who wishes tu get 11 remedy for their horses, want " Tatlersairs."aiid vvill lake " nothing slsc." ours Arc. W M. C. LbV Clyde New York. I'loiif Alrcildv rilbli'bcil. H'-sidcs ihe ahuve we can refer to the puhh'.shed ceititicalcp ot .Vlessis. I.. A- llanhs, inuli ,nitoy, N. .1.; S. Ituberts. L. I ; Ild. Junes. Clyde, N. .: .Mr. I lannegaii, Aliddlebiiry, VI ; I.. I nr. C. Imyd .1. liale and others ut tins cilv. Which nruves cnneln. sivelv thai it is the best iciuedv vv Inch can be eiveii 10 horses troubled with heaves. &c. vvurius li-iula nr lliisiles, incipient lounder, glanders, and geiieial waul ul condition. Ample dircitions lor its use in nil these diseases nccoiiipauy each package. Prepaicd and sold vvholesale and 11 lad bv A. H IJoruu iV Co. liy I ulton-st. .Nevv-nik. A. 0. Spear and deo, liar riiiglon agents lor Hurlingloii. JiVMES OKR, ill v v v Ii a 11 1 T a i I o r (fr)uhr Free Jrcss OJice, Jlttrliiigtou, 17.) II! UUMJ KRSl'KCTFULLY IXKOU.M HIS I'AT- 91 riitw and the imbliu L'eiiernllv lliat he ha on h:nid, nnd is Hicivmt;,u 1 ir and beuutiltit fupoly of ('a.N-iini rt e. rrrtich,linIiliund (I'eriuau ItroiidchMli-t, I ancy Miineil Ittt'ds ot all (Ii-KTiPtions, NnrtH, Lol l-iis, i iiiiats, and m 1 u t ev ry thiii" iii'fKiia'nui !o It.a hue ol L'oodd. Ilavini! been wlcetcd bv hiniHeH be feeU confident oI'Miitini! the tastes of nil who may fior him with n call. Among his (juods may be loutut uie loiiowin arncics: . Jtlatk nndlilup-Ih'ack French Itroadclolhs. 4 . (h-rman " ' Kiifflivh ' V I nth Cuiinercs, ' l)tK't-kiii, J)H'km Cnriinere. Hiown Cuunerelt. Itlack Drub D'Kta. Itlack nml Illue-IUacI; ftnuhimne. Vctinv-ll'l'd hhl "d fancy, Idnen,--blown and liht. 1'iiinred Hdks id nil iIerH.Titioni, S.ninslur Vcliii! all nriccs. ilnwn Jilk Surne-. SiiMKiidep. (!Iocs. Shirt, IJullons CinvotS Calais, tVe. fcc, Xc .May 17, IliKliafe .llluoral Springs. fijlil TIIll iinilert-uiiifd, hainc icntcd the " KJIANKJiIN HUUrSUr ni IliaieSf-a, nml liirmhcil i( wiih ccry coincnieiii.e iicct.-nry lor the conduit of whIoih and bo.-inh ifj uiM.tlully Mlicitti the imlronae of his fncmU and the public pcncrldly. Tliew Snrins- hae U'tonto justly cele brated lor, the cunitiie roM'rticn of their waters, tfnd fftr life voticly und beauty o the burrounditiH M'cnery and make n plenMint rtborl for jkh-uhb in ijucpt of health orniiitiM-ment. IIoim'h and Cai riages in con-iniit readiness. '"Two new IkuIs. Ir Milmaiul tUlnus excur tiotM, I'JIAKIS I). fc?ANlOUU. Mil) K'uVeb. popular mmm, If Iwtiitjl.'r nii1lilii 11 nuv rrlt'Ti-Hi t1 tin wnrth nn Wide, we Imlln Hi" lurn rlnlnii tu lu.tls m tlio lolluu ini Ul nf ii uiitM r if mom wh'i a ni- U'iMUiif. il Ii) .Mc isi kk'H Aii iii'.M'i-N( ntvr.Mi:.r. 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W. t.euh, I IU Ch rr t Uhctfui ttim. ylnnii Klwnrd. -JIT IM irry Mik l nhr he, -If) ye ifi. I'hil'indpr Ut lih, ." M.iinniPl si IIp.ij mtd. Jolin It. T.i) lor, '.1 1 1'ikp hi , I le id tclie nnd cruinio-ii Chtric r,Sunin,41 Hr.d.'o 5t.,lhuok!jn, Sore hn-ids I'.. I.. Ilrnwn, o AdtiiK t.." do. llrjMit l.ii, Du'ul It, IMw,irdi. Onpiit. I.. I.. Sore h-o.di. .Samh A. Simih .IT Dd-mey t lim 1 1 llie ido (?. V R. (Kinindi r. iill Tiilt-m l do. J tn Mnrrn. IH i:im t.. rinnifd linmN. hr.ih llilwnrdf, - Hid incv st , Ii'3-.inpnt in the bead, A. nt r mini. : uPr i , Willi un llurwll. 'J.. Oik tt, f. W ltennpt i Wntc r t., II. IVoit Wi" Jt., B A. Smith. '-'17 IMnncr .. I'. Itowp, X, Wiltcl it. J. V. Htnly, M,.i Itidih.'; llh-cckcr st., Ur. Mitthp!, ('. I). J irt Ihoii, t'J Stiintmi ht , I! T. Itiivo l. 0.k Ft, Mark l'rpy, llroidvwiy, II. Wil!rt. I'purl w.. KliPiim itfm. t'liifki-n p-iif. lll'l V I o.d. S-.rc throii. Khcumitrn l'aln in ldc- do. . do. . 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Win. .Noriia. Mull.trry t., J. Ih-mcr. I.lht t.. A. -fCiiti h.-ii. Ilillst, i. KtUer. I MM -t , Mrs. t)tiN Cuiiidpii st , Mm. CnttM II. Hill l., I. . Miikly, J dnWmi W. II T-ijI-r. Mitnisoiiicrr t . J J-dlti'in. ."'I KntHli I 'tit i nt , I'ho il-ui. '.'' -tW P. 11. nil. nn, l!r) S. t'K'.rlfr. -,, II. Klnedpv. MliI M., T. i:ilv. U'lltn.ii sl- pp. I'.iin in I tp it. Sli.nil.Icr "priin. I' ilu In hen 1. ninMim itWin. 1'iiri in idc and h'ick. Khvnm uiMii, I'.iin In I n it, Sore eje-. t'i rn. Cnid retn in the he.iJ. Cnrm, Son- ihroit. I'.on in iu'tul. I'iIp. Swelled lh(,v(. I'.iin In j Iiit. i .nit. f..r- Ip; l'nr:ti! I'.iin tn the aIiIl'. fort' Tu r. I'.iin In t lift it tld eldo 1,'ht Ulna ti to. r-'oru ilmutt, Ai'uu Hiko In oldc. 1 nml liliriM. Itiirn, In .tl ii he. I'niii In I nek. 'mil tn llir Itptul. ltin'Tn'i woin.d. Win. II. WttluuiH, .! llcr.tietti, ('In", r liirprnh d hen tint J. 1 Illvh t . I,htum'it:m. U.S. ll.MlMcr, t.irk l'.ow., Sorp thro it nnd ..rppje J is P.niiv. . h IIjii.iii . lion In ilic Ity. nr. rrciiLniicr,!)'! imuumivii m. i ou m tm: iiet. M.l'lilt, I'hiht'tf k Jld lie id. V.. h rrU'koi. !H fldl "I., l Im. Cllll, "I York -d., Win. Uo-citMii, Milhl tt.. u,. wh.u. Mii M, lift en. (' iroline L, I'thi in l tit- fnne. I lei d ulip, )!h iimrtii"!!). plli d hrit( Si. throat buolhd 1 re'it. Min ImiM) M'Cukhwi, IvV-Sh irp.'"''" i' -dp, J, J l(Mi't, fwptlod I'urn. Tir, Mrs. M. Ih.i-l'. I ' York tt., Mr. S, I nut r, Mr. II. fi.Uir, C. l'hr M, Srott, CI II;h st , M. Ilm-n,,. Ol.lTiiwi), i:. itni.tii ' .li.k-u.i llnuli -I, Mr, M rii kte. ('undine t , Mm. tidl Ue ft. Mr. Dill !, Win. rref..n, IViutiw i , . liml),l'oet., Mr. L'Ij, .Motii nn ry t. Si'M-re winin.l. l:hpinuHtlm. Chillilniit-. 1 i In in the hp. nt. Spmul lilh-riiou. Hip coilipl.ilut Kiny' etl, J'.ihi in hriM( St (led hrciMl. I Ip.ihiu 111'. llhpiiuiitlni. Snerp I urn. Horrid aorti. lUirn. Sure ejrs nerinoibu,(Jcti 1 Urtriln-znn,Tlien. A. Pctk i Vil-lij-tott, llurlluit & lluilutri; Uiclmuniil. J. M. Kt'niie ily, wV. Cu., II, It. (Ireeii ; Muiiktun, M. W. Kui-lev ; 1 cniUuruli, Allen At Wlieiler ; t'lmrhdte. Iaihi' AlfXtuitler ; llimlntiiili, .Mnrcns Hull; WuiniMu lall-, Y. It. Untcli. iraiul JX'not Ul I'ultun r-H.j X. Y. Removed X lint lie 1i:h ieniti. il Ins hop to the liinMiny; l ileiv iiccupieil liy .Mr ll nail, tietiny ov -Hi the Cliitletulen Cnunlv Hone-, umt tlimtlv t'lmo-iit r- II niche j Cun Shop, un L'ltiliclt St , 0iere he will nlwnjH Ik tu rcmiiiiers tu ro nil 'orK entiuteil to Iiuit in the i'(!t worKinaiilikt' ntanuer iiiclihliN ji:vi:i,i,kv su watciii:s of everv dM-rintiim. iiiiikiiiir I'ttESr I.liir Km avi.- -tSTsns (jootl cs Johnson or Ktd.hivm. ANu, Duplex, j,t -pine, nun 1111 eit(eie, ir ,u hums m icuinui wiling pinion, flail, cylnulef i iM, X c, ns ull nml 1 lent ns rnn he ilonc In llie cily of New Vmk. .Mu-ie. Ikixch repnircil; Accoriliaii!" nnj MeloJmns tL'tieJ All work ilotie hy his own ItniitU. , .Mr I', haviiij! woiU'il in :i lnrj;e n-fnl'i.-ltnuiit in the city ol isew i otK tor twiyear, Aloinitin;, I 111 i!iino nml Kcpainn WhkIk s i, nil Uin.U, un.l liav ma pioiiiiHiy recetTcii (-u'M iiimi 11c ihmii lioin nn ex cellent lairoHaii woiluunn, m well rjualilied m ex ecute the most thllicult wuk, nnd Ile exhorts tie tmblic to tdnce in him their conlitlrnce. nnd lM iiinii him 11 shirt' of i;ilrunni:t Itrfi-r, for iiilurni:i. mil resinrtllntllH Kiill.m:illMlli.l lliwrv l tllnus, Van Ai!, ile ,V (''hkt, No. II, .Mnuli'ii Uimo, Nrtv Vi'ilv. . I.Ol'IS i'i;i:.u:.ii. lluiliiigloii, May ll, 18H. ir.if V A I' B-J i: . fiAi;. i.r.Tri.i:. No'l't;, i:nvi:i.oh;- tis- J kit', .MaiiiiiK c.,&t, Fiirnle lit June 4, 11 il 7 yi,,t ,sf I... .....I m a . .!; 4111,1 1.1 VP : 'Fill'. iSimscitniKtt i-. innv i'viiin ii good eiil'iily nl ScIukiI HikiKb, lt..!n IIik.Kh anilSla- lllln.,.. 'P.... It. ...I . .. .. . . 1 ; 1 . 11 , ... ...... h,tm , .'., NIlK'tl lit' liliiir I" I lit; pulilir on li mis .n;iri-,ilir in his niollo; ihaiiK lull... 1........... 1.. 1 --. .... isisi, ,11. ii.'ivj. 10 nn 111 I'llhi'Mllli'. fci. m .. .v.llllllll.'lHl' mvviJNinoN. JUIIV7, '19 t wf Smmmmh iH ' COMrol NII I'VniM T of 3ARSAPAR.ILLA; Vhit r.jrtrtrrt is ;f p in tyiurt IU ttlra . it ts tit h'm rhenptt jh.stnUr, unit tetrruutttl anpmor to uny giittl. It curt t'ufft tnl'ioul rnn tit pi?, pitrrtng, firt tittup or tttbiltttithrg the Patiint, TIip emit l' iiitvir-l Fnpiiorilv of I'd- H ir'ipnrlrla rrr 'f "I'liT i,i in h. tn it ttlnlr it PM'ln nr t!iP di-rnxf, it ml ieir i 'n- ho.h. Il i mi" nf tin' t rv li"t Sprm; nnd Stiinnior niPtln . it kin.Aii: it tnl oidt piinlicstlm wIioIp cj ttrm und strpirjt'i- -'ii- p i om .o ii ( !f,ti iifrt, pnrn nnd rli 'i Iduo I j n ow t p din im i.l'ii r iiirdu ihp. And in t'lH lir t tt yrind -pmpi i wiiii i rltd ii f, ltliipp formp.t wll'dii tho list tno-,' . wire l.i-tii .Vl.U'HI t nV. (f ff't-rp imp ol di-pn0( nt L-a-t t Vf IOU It'Ct'd itinmlitr. It !l!l Plf ihp Ium of iiiori' t HUM i'Mil!ifipit sen oil lit (Im Cit of Xew Vuikulunc. .M.' li in O'lO p iff of t'liru ih: UlipiimiUUni ; i p- of Httpi-pM; ItKVipi.r- if ( I) hil iv nnl tr-ml of CnrjV) , (I Hi i ft ir dlirprcnl lYiiinlc tiiiiiidaiiitsi JUKI i t-'-i.r-ftnii'tt; t ,V pn-j (il I'll- (,tii r ' 'mil pi tint , tf.Vni pin of H.m-i- of t',n llidi'pyi and Hmji-v iint'lt, i-pt.rilip(inivI; I nun i nf t'i.. N , ma J uuidic" j I HI III tV l OtMJ ."II 1 1 m I'm iMi'iiplinn, -i I 1 io 4iu . of i ci - nf iljrn-pft, of t'i Moo I, (. : 1'Ippr V r 10 In Siil I! In nm, l'i ).!- n-i tir I'aep, Sp.ild ll'id. Ttf S mil n,f,Xi I I i. r iiit'i nutm-miH runm of Si k II. ipv r.ti i in st ip n nd c'ip.i spm ii ir.Tii''i Ar.Sc. T.n-i thfUil hippi fal ii-diMn- kno-ui in !Ijphipi of t'i KilifM itml ll-iiji-v, tin) nil ditn. nf I'm Triinrj Orj" i.mii il t',ii ,( ,,t0 l),'i'u reported ui cured when ' l.n-r ir m dir h it l.nli , "n ' 'r d ( t ! ni nnd Vi rom ni"-:i"P", nriirii'atln ' '"Il'i ,( "" he II I'htli. riltr.l. mi I l'm(i-.M,.t rU 1 ' r. llnrrlLi! unt Siinini -r Compl diit. I'rolml 1 tlro nr-, t ni n ipni.ih t'nt lit- 1i-iii m .ti.M.-.f.d in d.-pVriilp ia-.- il ( O IMItllptlOlt II. t IM, Itcl'llll-P- nltl rtt-Ptli,trMH ttlP d.Pt m I ipppi tfi h il Hi- nl. r on the litii'.', un 1 tho ii-ihiii crudu. ! y fgM.i t.noi iihhI Ik-iiUIi nnd Mrrmttll, Curious caso of Consimiption. Thprp i M-an idv n d.iv p is-p hut tliprp nrp niimlir id (t f t'on-iMtiHioii n ported n- i nrr.l Uy the i.c of )r. Tuaimcm t in- ip.inll.i. 'flip folhiMin? uai rpppiitly rpppi,ril. hn. Torfn llrnrSir! I'nr tV Idrpe pnrsl harphpi-i, iIRkIp.I v. il li liinpr.ll IMithlj mil .NYfVt'r ''mitiinfplioii ut V lut'ti.'p. uu I did not pxpptt't'i rcai,i m hpihli ut nil. Alt. ioiii t iron jh n tourcp of iiipdniiiG under llin r nrp of soiup oft tio-l ih-tuijiii-'ip I plirki.ini und iiipi ihrrs of t'ac I'.n n 11 lli'iill'i in Vpw "link nn I tl-pwlnre, nnd tpiidiii' thp nnt . t 11 it K':i kIii uM "i.i, t in r to rprdii nn ho.dl'i, nml ulli r rr.ilm.M o n pippml ourSiMip.irilli. I ri'rip.l totrvit. AtVr iimuki Im.iiIi-, I f.ititit ii ihnip im jfrci't L'fmd, ami I eu.Ipil lo pp jtm vo'tr i.mtp. With oiir mhn'p, I ki-pl mi, mid do iiiot hVtirld fin k oti f..r jour ii'Uipp. I ppn.pi-rp in l.ikinx tlip S irnpnrill u I Iuip Iitii uhtp lo iitlPii I to my l.ihoM for tho lat f.i .r iii.ik'i ui I I liojip, hj thp Mpsmii of (iud ind our Siiriipnnll . oKLitmii' m li'dt'i. It h. Ipi'd me h.'joiid tl'ie exin itationa if dl t'i it kiica in t .op. ciiAULny at'iMm. f)rargr, hUttrVa. 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I ntt. no iiliHid, ti nd my t mi9'1i h i- loll me. lou caC w tdl iuajlin)' that I a.n lliauklul fur tli"t rrmdi-. l our obedient M-rViilit, WM. Itl SKlX, CC Carrrine st. TiiPunupxi d IVrtilWte n ll u tiinjdpand t rut li fill r of (jfl"cr in: nnd rplirf. Therp nrr t'mtiand of tinular ca'es in tins city nut l!rui'Mjt. iittd tt thpri nru tlton-uiidi ofp'mnt kt tkrif rh'.llrcu die, for ftar uf htius !iumbue'tedf or (o savu a fu "htl in vs. JirmUtn, 1317 Ip. Townt 1 tikp pVti'iire in taihij, fur tlip ln'ielit ( hoop litnu ll mav roiKerii, tit t m dijiulitt r, two u ars uud ti li'tlil'it tA I, fta itlllutid uilh (ieiipral I), bihtj und 1 1 ofpe,ch. Mm i-kut'ii up m psi-t rpeo( ry.J. fmiidy l'tit-iciim t hut f.i t in it -I 1 at n i o l1iiipii1l'iI b a f. lend to tr uotr Sar-jpirill.i I'm lure hutiiJiMpd mir ltotil". hp n ii.rt-pteih, mul wn "'cd to walk liltm to I'l" nloiit!0'ieni ol lilt w l,o ro aPmHlitV tl wil'i th" t iitmiu-tniiPP. haill)'A ipiitptvell, ail 1 in liiutu iit 'pr hcaJt'i lhaii fcbc has liooil fur cUlitocii mouth- par-t JO--I-.11I i'WI.OK, ieik tt, UruuM)iu TWO CHILDREN SAVED! Yr fi'tv f.iinilifv Knlord in f let wc utvr itit heard pTo.ip tti it ip. llr. T.ih ii-.-iid'v .ir-apiiill.t in time .,-i au riildreii H- ol tii'imifr, ulnl" llioMt Hint did e 'ktiod mid died. 'J hp prhlii atp i o uhhIi 1" low 1 uin itt'Ue rnti iipp of it ali4 Hid I only iini'tliir Iti-taui'.' nf its ailn tlie liu tifcliiMrrn. Hit. Tuuts-uimi l.-ar Mr. I had two i mldn u currd h jnnr irxitp trill i uf thp tiiiuiuer i otnpt tuft .ntd dwi.t'-ry, un fif ii inoitt'ii old, nnd t'n other It jf.ui. 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PRIKCIPAi OFFICE, 126 FULTON STREET, tit ii.ujxi:, v. -il,.i- t IV''', l llii'r.ivv nj.1 llrm'.'i.l. llin i;in, VI !,..l.luit A ,',.. I Malr -In' I, I'.o.twt Hji.tlA Nni, :il'J .lnlh ,ti- -I, r .iU,l'-ll'.i"i r'-fi. Il.iiiu', lliii.'.i.t, lUlliiiiorr, lluial t clli, 1 ml I' l '"li.'ll ri.irl .1..11 Ui-!m (', 191 ('fair. ire l.i .'I. llrli'.ll.. llii i-hiiI IVnrl.tKit. tll.diif.l; V.. lljAnk, mr 'f HiimJ &n.l Mark-I .Ircct, N,n tik, X J , .nd l.y tdi I'm innriiil llriursi.t. mi.1 Xi'ri li ml,' llirou.'lioul lb llnitil hui.fc VI lii.!"-. u'l.f III.' Il.iii-v Sail, , ISIITDiN'S l'l'Iil'I ACIC .SALT, KOK il l.nrv iuiptiitc,tliii.ldv rccM !iy

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