Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 14, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 14, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 14, 1848. THURSDAY l.VHNlXa, JULY in, 1818 Celebration of the lib at .Ivrlcliu, The Anniversary of our National Independence What nil Wan!, iiml lij all Who Use T'.em Shi. What nil want, nnd hy nil tio use them ay. Among llif uirnjcs ivoii. It is nt knuwleil'.e.l by nil persons who have used Merrick's. Simar Coated I'llW, lliai Ilu'y navciounu none so sine aim' , . ' . . . . . . . , .1 - ' I'l - was duly ob'ervcel and honored by tnc citrcnsoi nu. , leJ. mt. n ..m.ipi,.,,, substitute Iur m.icury in every county at Jericho, iioiwiiiisian.iiu.; me ine-ie-iuvi.i sii.iir, aim num. i ney are suiiunie iur mi cousiiiu character of the Jay ; nnd the attendance nnd c.xcrci- I lion, nn.l aw, nn.l beiiiir, entiiely icel.iblc, no linn i i i . , ,1 .., tt, i.,.,,.ti. villi ' ry need be iiprchemlcil trim takuit! cold,or any oi her s on the occasion demonstrate that the p opk tldl , ( w n KlWinfj hi love and enerntc the institution under winch we me, ,.,,(1,;,,. ,, ,'.lt.ry ease where one i. inilienttd or le and remember with hearts of cratitude the hind uf j jii:iciI. Nciily nil the parr-alives inliiiiiii-leicl pa.. l innui ritnn i unwimnrtv riinei) to whom ( owe iiiroueu i lie siuinut n n mi uuvvcis wituoui siiiiiiiiaiiu nil that Freedom and independence wenow enjoy. The morning was most inil.avcrable.-cold, rainy and windy still ntnn early hour a larjre eoneour-e ol people gentlemen a ml ladies a.-enible.l fioni clilfcr .M,i inn. f ilie eouiitv and proelaimcil their Intention them Hiltii-iently to i rente a healthy m Hon, hut tins inedicine not onlv cleanses Ihetu ol hillious or nioiliiil matter, hut likewise ihatics ihe r-ecietion.., while at the same lime they invigorate or rupture their tone. They jreitlly solten and lo(cn nil the hard nnd mi pure mutter collected in li e stomach timl intestines, nnd carry it oll'e uiplctcly hy lull, en.-y nnd luitiuul i'i.... . . . : t . r . . . :..... ...., medicine known, tP" Older? to he directed to tlerrirk nnd Co. l'rin cipal OHicc, Albany, N. . and lor sale hv A, C to celebrate the day, hear the oration and dispose ol evacuations. Tin ir purity, iiiildiu,salety,ocrtuluty il, .....1,1,1... which ihe minevers Iur the occasion had nn.l mom iitnucs. leuuer liiem tnc most ucnruiiu iuol amply piovi.lcd. An interval ol siimhinc occur ring about ten o'clock, the .Marsha!", Messrs. l'lctcher, Slia.vuud Di.xun, appeared on horseback, their persons elegantly nttired, nnd their steeds gayly cnparisoned, and soon formed the vast multitude into a procession which wa" marched enlivened the while, by the el lilitful music of the St. Albans band to the spacious stand elected beneath a canopy uf overshadowing ma pics. The company seated, nnd ordtr restored, the audience listened witli respectful and reverent attcn lion to n most devout nnd impressive prayer from the Kev. Mr. l'armlee. The reading of the Declaration of Independence followed, read by 1,. M. Dixon llsq Next came the Oration, by the lion. 11. 1). Ilirbcr. Of this discourse, spoken under most unfavorable circumstances, amid the noise of storm nod lentcst we feel ourlics inadequate to tender it a proper tli bnte of praise. I'oronc hourmnl u half every earwas turned to catch the words of the speaker, and the truths which they come) eel w ere ratilied Irom tune to time hy the approving cheers of the company. The Oration, in vigorous thought and eloquent nnd chast ened style, breathed foith the ice sentiment" nndie opinions of afire man, and was listened to with moBt unqualified npprowil by fiee men nndirr women. As the publication of the Oration was called for, by the un.lisscntiug acclamation of the audience, we shall not nnr its interest with the reader hy any imperfect rynop.. It wa now half past one o'clock, and the company began to feel aswellthey might The keen demands of appetite.' The Marshals were nt their posts mid nnwheir eUr and soon conducted the nemblnge to the hospita ble and geneiou-ly supplied tables of Mes-rs. Brown and llosiwick, where a company of whip m or seven hundred sat down, and fired at dinner and dessert as the guests of their establishment alwnjs late r my day "sumptuously." The cloth removed, toasts and sentiment were an nounced, and we regret to say, that we are enabled to communicate but lew even of those piepared for the occasion. Among those preserved arc the lollowing The thiy ice ViMinilr. Let it alway be honored according to tlic prophecy of John Adams. The Slate if Vvrinmit. 'Tis a noble nurseiy office hearts end mnnly inde pendence. Her ln-tory N the record ot unremitted ef fort to rectore humanity its rights. " Ay, there'" a glorious remnant jet, Whose lips are wet nt 1'reedom's fountains, The coming ot whose welcome feet Js beautiful upon our mountains." The memory of (!ei. U'dsiiigoii ; The sunning hemes rf ike Herniation. A remnant of a band of patriots who perih d nil for "Liberty in its most coinpri'hen"ic and unqualified sense. May time deal gently with them, and their country gratelully remember litem j an I tiny their children yet inhelit the suh-tai ce, for which they fought, bled and conquered. Thr days if nur Uetolittiun. The seed-time of Political Iiogcncnition ; its grate ful harvest is now ripening throughout the world. Our Sister Jtepiihlic la bclla I'laiice. ... . V.t s,Me , , . , legions ol King-craft. Hie needs; y "' lies martial urowess : for all the world k'm. 0 l'ruu' l'r-t.bnian ean l! 'lit. Let the world now uudersMill. that under the banner ol Liberty, Dquality nnd l'ra ternity, she can achieve greater triumph", than she ever did under her tri-color. 'The memory if liu Fiiytlc! The Flag if our Union. " l'lagof the free hearts' only home, Hy nngel hand" to valor given, Thy nar" have lit the welkin dome, And all thy hues weie bom in heaven, l'orevcr ll 'at that sfindaul sheet ! Where breathes tie' foe but tails More U", With l'reedoms sail lieneath our Itet, And Freedom's luniier streaming o'er us 1 The I'miJml if the VniteJ Slates. Our Army and Xaiy. Inland and Irishmen. Alas 1 lor their Coumrv her fame ha" gone by. Ami that spirit i broken that never would bend, OVr her mill ill secret Iter children must sigh, j Tor 'lis treason to love her, und death to Uelcnd. ' 'I'h" goml tiiw coming." Who will prophecy for twenty years hence 1 It i,n nroiihrt to loresee that in that lime, Monar chies and King", l'.iiiperors nnd Nobles, l'rinccs and 1'otentates will bean obsolete idea; and in lorty al farthest, tliev will only be remembelcd to bo despised as a relic ol barbarism . I'r'uileged Orders. The vere name implies weaknes. Let them no Inmn-r be su.-taiiied on ilie sliouldcrs of stouter men The back of a true-born Yankee never yet carried tucli n load. A home'lcnd irhieh the law will not alienate, One of the liest guaranties forthe lulfilinent of every legnl mid moral obligation. The fie-simjile tenure to the hills if Vermont. We acknowledge but one better: lYe simple .and simple he, Anil all the fees in mil, Are nothing when eompaied in ihee, Thou hcsl ol lees Jc mule : The regular toasts having been di-posed or amid the plaudit" of the company, the lWlent called up e 1 oil David liend who made a short und eloquent ipcech.aud gave a" a sentiment: The Constitution nfthe United Slates. In all times to come, let it stand as a sacred Mono mint? a o" nd whos. altar, nil and ages nnd e"s of our Ihimn, shall meet together and worship. Hy B. O. Johnson. The Orator if the day, and his Oration. This senliinent was responded to by three united chce lor each Mr. liarber acknowledged the coin plimcnt "handsome manner, and B-. Highl ami Liberty. company in u " - ----- , , ,.. Soear. tleo. II. llaiiiiiuton.Cattiii and Snar. IJiirlunr- ton, W. 11. Hatch Wiuooslti l'nlls. .lohn S.iiioiuN 'Jinl Shelburn, Lyon ami Alexander, Charlotte, Wells, llincsburgb, and nl"o by DruggUts nnd .MitcIkuiIs in every town nnd Village. (titoivr."S anii Dr..trs. Height's Indian Veget able 1'ilisaieotie ot the best medicines in the world lor the cure ol giddmei"; because they purge Irom the bo by those stagnant nnd cot nipt luiinois which, wle-n lloating in the g-neia 1 in'i"ot the circulation are the cause ot a deteimitiatioii or lush 1 1 blood to the lu-ad, giddines", liead.iclie, lo" ol miniory, diuint'ss ot sigiit, drowsiness pain in the head, and many other symptoms of a loaded and corrupt state ol the blood II sight's Indian Vegetable l'llls are also one of the very bt-st medicines forthe cure of liuligetioii, nnd theiefoie will most ti'stnedly testore the body to a state ol sound health. L'tw.uu: ot ("oixrrr.rtiT. Tin: only or.ioi.v,vi. AND OI.M IM. lxiilVV Vlol.T.VIlt.E I'll.LS 1IAV E Till. MU- .nati r.n of Wit. mam Wniuiir wr.n ri. wnit a i lk 0.V TIIL TOP I.Alll.I. 01' t AC It BOX A'llC othcl IS gCH- nitie. und to rnuntrl frit tliii in I or.ol.liV. The genuine foi-snle by W. II. Cl'll'l'IS, Water Fred, nn.l I ItliODOlU; A. l'LCK. College Stieet, sole ogetit ioi uiirimgion .1. II. Dike lluntiniilou II. it. tllccli, I'iehmoui Undeiliill : lliiilbut Ai Ilnilges. Wil i-ton it. San deron, and II. Ayeis, West Wilhstnii ; .1. Lyman, Jericho i W. 11. Velie, llinesburgh j W. K. II I'. Wood, Westfor.l ; Slap!. Ai Lyon, Charlotte j John Siinoiid", Sh.dbiirne ; u. Ilielinioml Harnar.l ;aml at the New lliigland llrauch tlliice and Ocneral Depot, 1'JtJ Trciuonl Street, llostiui. Sidney Barlow, w b rv O iVl V A Ii L s , WOt LD IN V ITU PHI5S0NS IN want of Cheap (ioo.Ulo call at In" Store, having jut returned fioni New York, with a lull Supply of Mus lin", I.awti", llemgc", (iin,!linm, i:iigb"'h Poplin, Lmi n Lu.-luio Foulard Silk, Silk hinges, Shawls A.c A ClcrkVanlcil. ione ni.,., Apply unless ihey intend toeatn their lloanl mid (. lolh:ng. CHINA Tei Company's Agency at Harlow's ll'i nooski l'iill. EBafcSivnt'c as 1 intend to sell out building aie A T nr.DUcni) ruincs ,l'"!'.R'l)' belorc the large stolen now mien wiin it. July lUih.'B. .lSlt3,tw.if D. 1I1XI1Y vtCO la"t Steamer. JiilyS, 13IH. KcrK-liriilc'x T.iJJcts.tlis' UlUVJi l'OU'EllDS. t is wariented lo he perlectly safe in all caes, w ill not inconvenience the animal or injure him even if he had no disease: it is Irom I to H tunes chenper than lu.i't of the imitations which are being circul'ile.l throughout the country, being put up in larger i.iika ges,sullirietil to cure an ordinary cne ol Heave", and to nduiiiii"ter in a iliueu cases ul cold, calarih, A c, At this season, while Ilie llore is shedding liiscoat his v ilal energy is much reduced, nn.l he Is extremely liable to colds, A'e., many cnesol incipient Heaves me contracle.i now win nt .weather, till tall. TIimii.imhIs ol boises ran be saveil loini future upsoimdiies", il, when the lirst symptoms of cold or wheezing is obseivt-d, a few .loses ot the Tnttetsnll s Heave I'owders 'hot'l.l he n.h"inirtered. They nre wani'iited to wholly erad'eate recent heaves nt tins casjit. tiisiivr N!'i!ixt: ri'Hiriiiit. . The heave powder", giv. n in small doe.", will be f mini u-ehil at (his season. They .stimulate the skin to cn-t oll'the niierlluoiis hair nnd produce new ; they loosen the hide, L'lic a glossy nppearanee to the coat, muted iiL'ain-t dwnse ; ihcv also Irom their line iilteinative ami tectuiattve iiovver", ttinily the blood MISSUS Itltl.NS.llAII) .V IIHOTlltlltS nn reeeiviiifi nccesiolis to their stock of line Wntche", Jewelry, Clock", nn.l mint nil l.uulsol goods icrniiv : i.. - ....... . i . tint they getiernuy oral 111, ing.-iner won sum new. kiii.l" as iney juug. ,. win w ,.,r , .s ,,,,, .,. . . . . , wc areieceu.i.gii.o..,.sevvry wee, a possible, and shall uade it an ol ,.-ci r , Dry UumU vs Monc.v, Tiiulios'' lOxclianjrtj iNotict!. 7 N coiiseniK-nce of the .lefntlllre ol our Mr. Wnrten in tue i.ttivuiitint tut i:,in,t,. t.,r i,r r.,ti s.t..i ..i sl.iV. l l.uiv, Lonege lleel. tut. Uellbell rergllsnll, Usyex ; i ; W. Rhodes, Jr. KRlimoiid ; aid ; .1. II. Ai T. W. Tower, liiniiic-s ! 1 1' j on wish some o the richest (loops that t. iiave iieui liioiight lo town Ibis season, call at I, , and see those that came by the .180 K4maiv.siY A; umiijM (TFAVH just ictttritcil from Now Yotl; a 0. With a laiee assnrtliii'iit of (liliebntns. Itaraes. ' This teni"ile lias tieouiled a slandill.r never befotr Lawn", I'rints. 1'iiiigfs and (limps, Cmbruideied attained by any horse medicine, and in lad we know Pearl (Moves, Lace Capes und Collnis, iloimet Uih- no patent medicine tint has teeeived as much com bous, Atlilicinls, l)rap d'i'.te, Aic. .to. Also, Liium tuen.l.ition coiisnleiing the time it has been estab J'oats, Hall (iaitets, CarpMiug", Stig.ns, Tens, Sir I ished in tips country .Mole than Mill vetbnl and Tin", together with their loriiierstiuk, compii-esoiie written tetliiiiomal" have voluiilniially telideud ol the largest and best aM)ittuent" ill llurlington or. us. the Slate, and will be sold at tedueed prices to cures- .Messrs. A. II. (lougl & Co. I e-Hify that 1 bought pou. i wiin me prices oi ii oni lor which niey :uc pay-. one package ot ivukhrulc s 1 ai ii.ksai.i. s Heave anyartiile in oiirlipeor out ol it which liiaybevvant We Invite an examination of our Watches hy those who wi"h good time-keeper", knowing ihat we nie enahlid lo, and desirous of selling all des. rip'iuusol sellin"'n'll .leeriptionsol Wntche" ns low as any New lil'beviiK'nTC I they btcak oil In Inl oaf' in the . s.lvcr Coods. Plated and lliiinmiia Mel. al floods, Lamp", Musical IiistruiueiiH, Stiiugs. r t Peilimicry. Cigar Cases, Siiull' Hums, Oanes I'linii Ilair and Curl", Head Hinds, lings, Pulses and Pick et Hook", Caul", llii'.is, Seissois, ICmves, and an al most endless variety of l-ney nttieles. Cold nnd silveicd l'lins., white and laney colored Kims, l'eiilhlr and Pastelswrd I'liti", Ac .Sil ver Spoons, link", (.'ollin Plit.s, llutter and Kruit Ivnive", cliildreti's Silver l'orks ait I Cup", and nil S.l ver (!oois nt nil limes on hand in large quantities, tiliii"t nnv nitie'e in (lold u S.lver made in oursbop to any pai'iem desired. Watch. ", (.'locks and Jew. I ry cl. line I and I' 'Hired hy omselves und cxperiente.l nti.1 ri.n.-ivnl,. llu ulinle sV'stem. wloeb liutses leoline ..... . J. i . , . . i louriif viiic.i. LlnK '""'" "orenUin any depar.tnen, ol iJn'!;;- llr''S'ofaIialV (Inodsan,,,,,,,, unwell -ii nil vi-etublu hie. .ourwoil: find ihari- sfuh pi'ces ng will he pelina- ill!' ell" Tliulinglon, July 8, ISIS. 1 1 Ijf .Most i:tratiriliiuir)- WoiU ! "tut: IBASSEiSSOI WOJSArV'S ruiVATi: hii:dical co.mi'AMon. r.v nit. a. .it. MAvntcp.AL', Vitifessor of llisfitsrs of Women. Sixth IMitiou. ISmo. pp. "'ill. Price 51. 25,000 tonus soLli IN TltltKE months ! Yenrs orsuin'ring, of plivsicnl and mental anguish to many an nliectionate wile, and pecuniary dilliulties to the husband, might have becnspatid by a timely possesion of this vvoik. It i" intended especially for the niariied, or those (dS'Jwaif ) :3 lUlilUVUU, 'H'lli; sliliSLIlIlllill would inlorm his cii.-tom. ts Jt- tiiat he has removed his i.hnp to the building lately occupied by Mr. .las. 11. 1'l.itt, neaily iqipcsite tlie Chittenden County Hons,., and directly opposite Mr Hatches linn Shop, on Church St., where be will alwavs be in lea.liness to do all vvoik cut rusted to linn ill the most woikmanlike maimer iiiehuim" A.n watciids of eveiy descripliou, making I'Aii.xr Llvi.i; IIs.ait. JirxTsa" good as JuIiiimjii or liolniison. Also, Duplex, Leiune, and all veilicle, All kinds ul icpiiring, setting pinions, stall', ev bnder wheels, )14 t. ,m, neat as can be done in the city of New York. Mii-ic. boxes repaiied ; Aceordians and Melodians tuned All woik done bv Ins own hands. Air- I. having winked m a larcc atabli-litucnt in the city ol rvevv v. oik tor two ears, Mountine:. I'm i-hnig and lie pairing Wntihes of nil kinds, and buy ing picvioii-Iy teeeived good instructions liom nu ex cellent Ihiiopeuu wolkmaii, is well qu.ililie.l to ev ccute Ilie most diHicult wurk, and he exhoits the public to place in linn their coiilidence, and bestow noon him a share nt imliniinire l!i fi.i- iiili.ri,,.,. I lion lespeetihg his vv olklnapsbui, to Slessrs. 1'e lows. van Atsdale A: Co"per, No. 11, Maiden Lame, .New ."k. LUl'lri l'UHMKW lliiilington, MayI1. IfH- iW3w loll xuxv jiai:AT .laAicsiirr, o.v ii .177;.' ,s"vf :;''. trc-r7 i M ASA DUUW has opkxkii v- " -"ii:vt .iiviticcr, in ids ,L-iiL nint h' hcu.dim;, m-i erecn-d on i... i. ., .. it i I i tui'i rm ri. ijjijiiifftn- iihj ij.miia.miL iiuii.i., niiau I'fjwtk'iH.nnil ihciI on i liorf-e fi innif l!i:U viiftioub Inl M'Vcii'ly Willi Iii'iiW-4 ;m. I llu.- (-iiiii? p'ltktip till I'll llilll. 'VUv HIKlffl Wt'H' pCll llllUllt tWO tiiuiitliHiiii.i.ninl I luw iucr s-vn any iiulicittuins ut lilt' tll-Cile HUtL. II. J (immw, 'Ci llnH.iiunot. Ir. Unci, rii"i,!t.-i,t ol llu ri-iiiirfilics iJimk.inluiiiis h lint lie h:nl a liorsi. ciiri'il il lu-JUi-f ninl bud fuitirh by vw ut'k:i'. Mr .1. S Smilh, 1 1 Kultnii-M. call eil l it'll u - lint liocnird hi." ol a niobt ntnn y inland lruitli!''filmt couuli accoiiipatiiod by culi'iico ol worms and jinn-rut lucl-. ol condaiou by the Tat -I IlisiII,- Ik-avu rtitltTt. I l.xlract Imni a U-ttci lioin a Merchant nt Civile I i. V who hudtulc an immeiittMiiintiiy otlhe i leave I'owdi-rs; i " I have only U pi chad's loft and woidd like to have on KMid i taoce more iiiimt'ihately. 1 would not like to hi' out as every hod) who wi-1r" to yet a leiiiedy tor their lunvs, until " Tatler-all's" and will , take ' nothing t!.' ours A:c. Wat. C. IU.W 1 Cljde New York. Pnmf AlU'iidy Iihlishril. ' Heeidc1 tlie ahov we can leh'r to the published i certillcateHid AU-sr. II. A. IlanK-t- South Amhov, N. J.: S. Uohciti, L. I.; IM. Jones. Clyde, N. V.: ' .Mr. I'lannei,'ant Vliddlehury, Vt-i IMViiz. C. Ioyd, J. dale and otlar-i o( tln eity, whirl i proves conclu Mely llut it is. iu lni reniVdv which can he iziven to hoists tioubl.vl witn lu-iv iSrc worms (i-tiil.i or HiMh's, incipieit tnund- , m -mMa, and mnnnl want )t condition. Atiipio (liiniion- lui its ue in nil lhci dsiMes acconany i paek'ie. I'rvparrd and i-old vhuliale uitl retail hv A. 11 "lloi'i.ii V. Co. 1 VJ Cnltoii'M, New-Voik A". C. Spear und (leu, Ilar Miij:ton aentyfjr llurlnilon. (liizicis Shop ! ! I WOULD fo.pcctt'iilly inlorm tin friends nn.l ll.. Mr- II.., I... 1 .. . iJie.l CI,,,., contempIutin-Mnnrriae, ar, it ilwliM-a impoiiam te- lie niciitij to Keen mi nan. , tor the Him lv il i i- put. nt-ar my lcsuleiw on IVail Str-et, lor the purpose ot I leasonable h nn. His Mmket will be open lor rus. crets which i-houid be known In them particularly. Tinly, Knowledge is power. Il h alth, hnppmces, m Pl.e ie'vclaliou contained in u- nigei l.ave proved '' 'nay patronise liiin ll.e Lest article ni In. line ol t .Mamilactur-ispricc 'urnls'iiii-, Cuttiim anil Cltiiug tumeis nl all the buiiiirss lioliln uj Ilie ilmj, fium H itx of plaii and I'nicy Winiluw (ilasw, til C.las. momma to muht. and lie mean, lo nrovule tor those lor a-n or riotire 1 ratiu-s kept constantly on tiami bu-ines.i'tliai can he obtained in the vicinity. Uuilingtoii, July 7, lSsj. ul.Vwtl ) a blcfing lo 1iou..iiuN, a. the iniiuiiieiuUc litters re ceived bv the uuthor vv ill otteft. Here, also, eveiy fetuaie can ih-cover the eaucp, 1 Hurrah for i'.n' Evxlciision oil 'yniptoiu., uiul tne most eltieient rcmeities, aim ino-t )113 Sl('Ill'ts, HLIlVllY llUUNHTT. ceinin mode ol cure, ill eveiy complaint to which her sex w subject. t On the leceiptol One 1) illar, the "Married Wo man'. Private .Medical Companion" will he pent Untitled fiee) to any part of tlie United State.. All I leitern iim.t he a.Mies-cd, post-paid, to Dr. . M. Mauiiieau, l!o l'JJl, New York City. Publishing Ullice, I'J'J Liberty stieet, New Yoik. ZS" Tiavelling Agents arc informed that a few districts in .Mas.achu.ein, nn.l two oilier Lbstern Htate... are yet unengaged. Applications received post paid) as above. HmH Without iiny Provisos! XO IIOIJMI.MtV l,I.Vi:S AIMISJITTO IT! -No "51.111'' iicccik'd l! liatnc' our liner, nmcimijlu to nn iHavvicb, At ,vt Julius Church, llighgite, on the morning of the Hlh the Itev. Air. Ilircnni.ui r, the lion. O.NS',..ALI.i:.S' to Mis. l'UANCIlS 11. PAU- "m'i. Si I rtlEX S. Klvis In Johnson, on the ... Iteekwilh, Mr. Cmtr.u.. Ci.vKK.ot iu.. ). ,,v jir. ' Clara Ann Woon. of WhitcliilJ.N. H. hieh once eonveiiiioui-t.. 'e eattviiss lor the whole tiadmg comiiiuiiiiy, and the people aie well leplcselltetl ul the Far-Fiiiiieil Liidio' Kvcliiinc, where, fur tlie last three mouths, there has been a gleal shaking among ; it v a a o n s Iinmense quantities ot I ties, tlood.lnve been soM ; and now, as thi.liraiu li ol our Hade i. neiuly over tor the season, we turn our attention more to Ilie belling "I Srvi t.i. Hoods. LauilV 1:.ciiam.j:, Ciiiioit STiii.i-r. WILCOX t NASH. Iliirliiigton.Jiilyfi.lSH. dsiwl To ISiiif, "i'uCU.MMODIOL'S Dvvtt.t.iw Hocsr, .. .. s: I. '.,...l,' i,'t, vi'.',.''"' Widow of the late t . .. . . ,!T HI Tine g'os.- In llincsbnrgh on tlie - 1th IiOYNTON ll-paged 71 year.. tilt., Ji:i)i:i)IAH Pnrkor's i' ?i i: a v a !i Ji m i DAGUERREOTYPES. rpAKr.N diilyai his rooms ; oueu- m. I ,,,s iiroducJd lhou.atid.wii on the .ast year o m,..ra sin. aeli.ui ol ail. i.i" "".y '"i" ,, n b-w week. lon.'er and Mamamr.-!. will be put -1 .piantili.-s of llruvvn and Illeached t at a le's price for":he same ..r.l.iy. than by any ,e loimd at Hie Ladies' Lxeluinije !;:;onM.'lo:;,.VcalVa?id examine spe- I I!urlig,o, July 6. 191. d&w.X ' opll n few we up nt : other i Uooins oiiMfim ni nnv time Uurlini'ton, July i. - iinleil near tl.e I ..nriJumr roM.llllon anil e lulee II , " pplylo W. L. HTllOSIJ. ! I Julyj.HIS. dwl ISi'(t:i!ls'I.?i ! BSncnIfSoia ! n' ?j; htivo just lvccivi'il IVnin Aiifliini, Id piece, u nine, lllue-lllack, llhcli. nnd lliown llroa.lclolli.,whn!i are eheaier than ever ullered m ' irty store in Vermont Those vv ishing lo puicliaH- n I 1 mee llioadcbuh Coat cheap, are invited to cull in il, Iji.I.,..- I'.v.-hiinre and ev.ililiue our stuck. .No. charge lr looking WILCOX it .N AMI. Iluilmgion, July C. PH. dX-w. iiu ii for l'illuw (.isos, with tuantilies ot iiruvvii aim iiieacneu v-oiiuu, eun NASH. Uuilingtoii, Vpril'.'i), w lilif A'oliff to FIiici:iui. IN conseipL'llce of the gleat quantlly ol juipure Medieiuesand iuh'rior l)iug.,ol both toicigu mid . loin.'. tic kinl.oH''reil lor sale, the sub-i liber isspaie ijlg no p lin. ii ubtaimug thuiM' ul positive jon i,aiid inliiume xtuhtrn. 'I'he disadvantage to wlii.hour Plac-titionei. have been liable, call now, lo evident bcnel.t, be runnveil. CI. 'luteals .Medicine., and the best Drugs furnished to l'lij.ieiai. and Meieli int., and dispensed lo t.iiu ihes at icasjtiahlc iidvanee Irom cost, Pln-ieianr I'otiiitil.i'. and taiiuiy preseriptioti. put up with iicoirucy and promptness. '1 111.0. A. Pick, wTiJ liu llurlhugtoii 't Will" liinle.l ! V Uj Hi V ii C I S Ant itoncy tn he rttisal to yry jr I'vttce. VOW S TIIH T1MR TO CO.MK AM) buy while the Goods aie New and Cheap. TIiom jiit ut'eed il n dillietiit to know how hii'li to inaih 10 pieeLi Mipieion ot their not haiu; lu-en hounht. Ihittheyweie lea'ly pitrclia-ed, however final! the price, ond paid tor Willi money h-nl of the People, who tan have the good in exchaue tor cn-h o their aein, HUW'AUD.-J. June l."i13. VM'TALVS neiitly sali-l utoty to c;iloiiies. DAOl'I'.IMILOl'Vpl-: tlOODri. i and ! Plate I'ermau nnd Atuerie.ui Camera.atid a larger and mole e.'. 11 IiV ii..oitiiieut uf every arti cle ii-ed in ilie line 1 itch mg and w ill be kept 1 n hand and lor sale at low New and Uostoti price., Seo- vill, li. Whites.aud I'reii.h PI Plate, m larcre onau lili s lllilNSMAII) ,v iii;orin:i!s E'cEciis to f'i;-E! JJiiiifl. " ii" nine llion. v m win to ca c ('in t'lisloinim Itinw lli-it our slock i. Im hiigro nllempt n ilescniitioii 111 an adveiti-einciil, as, bo.idc. Ih" Lnarst stoik ul JfOifjy aei Wijiiare S!i: I-, s'l.i; omit s, I S I r IJM A N I ) .11 A N r 1 r, t: T s , l)te (loud, and I'aney (lood. of nil kinds, Wc liave 11 lull vvhole-de and tetail sloe Is ul HOI St: Ft ll lslltl! MtTICI.F.S I "VT, M sT , 111l ''nut Sliitls, in Crr'it Vnrii'ty. Laces.llinbtoiderieprriininiii':., and While (!uod.. .V u V 11 A A' ft . I .' T C 1. 1: S , m r.vr.nv viv riitiok. b it si e: n t n u , r.i.iMeiir.ii .vsn liRovvv o s 1 1: 11 v .1 A 1) (i 1, 0 v 1: s: . And m fart every a rtiele in the DIIY (JOOIM line, but int, invdlen. l',frK und riMo ii Ladies in wuntuf ,1 Dreiwoan tin I everv thing from a LONDON PRINT, ut I'm ctiiis, tj lie I'me.-l lubrits lllitinlle.l IMl'ItOVI',!) A.MIIUICAN Alll-TKJIIT r . C'Diihlns Stove. I HP, nhuvr i,(tive h ullerc.lto thepublic natt nrt now! " I'urpo'scs umivalle.l by any ciilier ...,,. coii.truetion i very fi'itiplc nnd con- sc. 1 uly can be tnanageJ vvitlt hciliiy and case, bei , ,. V.' H ni'l Isi'ves iidmiinbly, the lluc .si.V',,'' A "y "' '"' I""!'"' "I tbi' ','0 e W vv 1 1 1 . 1 i r a 1 I m 1 1' ' 1 n-(' 1 1 1 V1'"1' ftisiMs VI fi ittince I rnmefatlliDaud mora ciononi) Hi in the couiinuii .nahK fafnaces. .vi so A general o-r.nt.ici.t ol I'a,, iat . Alr-ll -l.t .loves ol lb. ,si styl.1. Puieiit Pu,,,,,., W ,? ' Agiiculluiiil hoi minisiVc. 111 Job work ol . '-.inds in tin, ecper and!-iroii ib in the lulee 'yl" 1111. 1 no .Ihiii tiotie,. lvv52tl. no.STII'JCK A. lA AlVi'S. CU LA 1 ) oil,! Tho ttlui'sl nrTiultT fUf J table us,-. 1. 1 .ile by case or bottle nt luiu 'il vv.Vj THHO. A. PHCK'S. Ai".v (I'i'mIy .1 . X . Hi A IV S9 A L Ii M.VA JUST UHTrilNUI) rmm Nt;w Hik uik witli a large 1. iniienl of Watclic-.,Jtw-elry and I 'an. y ariiel. . II ba. now the larg. t ami best a..ottmeiit ol Wateben .iiul Jewelry t'.'at b'.;.evcr bei 11 ollered l,.r sale in tl.e Mate ol crmout, nnd liu w,!l sell cu''ds lower ibev ran be bnin.lti in Sll WVI.S, liom one iluinr to liiiinlle.l., nil I the '" ' '.' .1 ("if, 01 ipe - one cpniiiy. snne wide mug,, ul price, in all other articles. j1" bas (...Id and Silver U atche.ot til kinds. Cold 1:1 invm.; s0 lame 11 sio k not 1 wiiirn 10 seieet, 1 .., Ull uuiru ui,t- ( 10-1 i Nil ."..I 1 a .. '.' ''"''I' TO Till. me vt iyor f. WIIi:i!i:or HOW atuiti . wain lb. 111 . hi an and irood. and a cood iis.nTP,.IMUch .select Irom." Wo will try and mpplj .-ucli wants at' tlie V'uncty Slote, please eall and s. e. lililNSMAlD t llKOTIIKliS. 1 iV 'J in Mills, I lulf bths.and bv the sillule liound. Salmon. A.S. DKiWlY. will vv'.'lf - .. 1 AS on mini :i Hill tissorimciu 01 wi i winch are Sugar., Iff B B .... mn . t bVbette and chen,, than t!,,e hawked , 5EoO S E!t (he country by New Vork and peddleu. A T PhA TTS IlehaaUoa lew bblalnrtt-iate Poik. j 1 ard-, CIiukIi . TUOM the Hub-enher, on Sunday rveiiim:, the 'Jd 4 iu-1 ,a lar;eM'd hahl Cow, withalarue I in, ( nl; coloieil teat, Iiad a hra-s knob on Imt ridit horn. Any one who will inlorm me where Hie U, 1 wilUatii-ly luri-o uoiu Ilurlinaiun. July HK I.. II. POTTi:ii. ' dHKVwltf, ilTACKi:n':u x. Ilk llhl-i qinrteirf.lliirln! AI-so lIudMins hay June ' W uvi a win, AT W1NOOSKI JWIiKS. TWU) SpnsciiiuKii ins at ins stohi: a D hiri'e niilment of ahnoj-t ecrv kind vi iUunU. Mirc!iaH.-d entirely hr Ca-h, but not (ius :h well oil' ni some ot his neighbors, had to borrow pait and iiiu-t and will k'U to pay and to pmcha.-e more, J.Ichm call and fee, the be?t and tin nl 'i' ollered in this I Co.iulV. S1D.MJ UAivhUW. Winoo-ki l alN, .May 11, .n Hitler, coiipiaiitlv lor sile hy the dozen or singly, wil by 1 nto. A. Puk. Di-tiuct or Cmrri.MH v. v-. ) Tif ll'tufiHtUr Vnilote Court for thr District of Cfiittt ii'lcti, to nit peis'Jtt to iviotn thtnc j'rrsctitn I shnll nunc, (iiin.ri.vfj; IIIII.UAS, Hiram 11, Inmpiul, Kiiardian ot W Carohue Al (itiswnhl and llairiet 1'iances (iriwold, ehttdrcii ol the hie IMram (irisuoid, haviiii tiled in ?:iid ('mitt UU npp'iention. hi writing, M'ltinjj lorih that his said ward are iH.ed and peysefj-f-fil in their mm riptn, each, ot one undiw h d part ot ceti-iiu l.'itiiH, building lot and buildings (hereon ; that to nay, ot oiuH tneuam1 and n-ne-nu-nt at the junction r Church Hre t Willi Dank lreet, nnd on the wist ride ot siid Chinch meet nnd on ihe north sale ot sud llniK ucct. coiitaihin nrre of laud nioie or les-. Willi two ilw hoiiNesaud out hiiildiuiis on the s.iuie,nif'! ittheaine tenement l.iteiy owned and occupied hy the hue Wil liam A (triwold. alni ot a "mail tenement on Ihe wtt nide ot the same Church sticei, nevt eolith of tlie Ihptto niectinn hou-e( bounded on the wej-t hv Ilor nee Wheeler's land, nnd on iht' south by Clnrles Woolcotryl.ind.coutaimu alio it tweniy-lonr nl of hud, tnoie or le, Willi a dwelliui; hoit-e and out lmildiiiu thereon, both ol said lot- ot land situated in Itiirlinnlon nlso of the unduiJt-it halt ot a building lot in paid Durhnulou, known as ninnher Vft of the qtniler acre lols aKo ot a pew in .Mr. Worcester' iiieeiinu hoii.p,iu f'itd IJuilinaton al-o ot two ioi- (f latnl in lb it on in Orleans county, to vrit: huml er pevtn in the ninth rnime and numhereiLdit in tl.e -ev enlh rane ot lands in wild llarlon tint his said wards nu- very 5011112, lii-nig only ot the nire-i of eiht nnd lie years rc-pecthely, ami that it will by hir moie advantaireous lor the interest of Ut said ward, that iheir int'-n-.-t in -aid Inn Js he sold, and the nai1s thereof be invested in profitable Mocks or p!a-ed at intcreM on inod nnd p rmanent secmity and pru -n said Cnmt to irraut him lici-tise to wil ha id inter et ol his waids in s.ijil land; WijLiimov, lli said Court niuned th' I'.Mh ilay of July, HH, for liennn and dei ulinj on j-aid peti tion, at tli' Probate Othee in mi id Duihu!ton,nnd or d'red lint all per-ons inicrtMed sin u!l he notilu d ihejeof, by publishing tin1 oid-r containing ih sub--tanec ot said npplir-ation ihree weeks -.iiecf-.ivelv' in the limlimrlfin I'lee Pie-", a iiew-onii' r nrililed at Darlington, the l:i-t nt which publication to h; previ- oih totneiinv a-tgneii ns niori'Mini ior ik nin. (tieii under my hand nt Ihirlin;to:i, in said l)is trid.lhis day it .Itnie IH H (.VJw:i) llKAhl'OUl) K1XKOUU, lies'tstrr. B5r. i phasirs VrftaFiic iiilee tunry. Tin: dhst Mi:mcixt: ix run would von im m:s. TT i" extensively used in 1'nInnd, France, Scot . hind, Iielnnd, and other European eomilriey, en tindy tioin its nneqinlled succchsiu the United Stntet an.l lor which di-eawMintil iliis inedicine waspn duced, there was no certain, speedy nnd permanent remedy eter ih-emrrcd. Ii has n!o thtuut its way in the WeM Indies, Mexico, nrnl fSouth Ainencn, wlire it im, wiili ilir fNiutc r-nl.ittiry rlT'TU, et.tahl.&hcd n name uuefiualled by any other medicm- tor ll.e ci ni: or runn, KiTurrt lii-rmiN-i nrt Di.tvn, Inthinai. ;rt I',vrr.rt. nam and h.r all Dinn.-es ..1 the Moinneh, howel.s and I.iut.micIi as seereaud habitnal CtMiMMie, ( hromc Dcutny, l)p.p. P.ih'iiaimn ol the Heart, Pam in ihe nde, Alordid and Ihhnry tcndi Hons of ihe Stouiaeh, producing Mi k 1 leail iche ; an in nil ca-s where a Caihaitic or llioiatiw is re quired. Dr. lymm'it I'mrtuUr Klccttntirj will be fiiimd np'-rior to any other tnediciuc cer cf- icil to the l uhtic. rnv it: . . ' l'".""' . ,,( , ,, ,. tirntci liliv.s'liun. I item ii... , ' cnntrtitioii ol euMomcis aie hiim many inclt s leps ; and mirin teicst and ohjei t .s to u-e all our cu-iunieis in a way that wilt bnu,' them olteu to the l.inlfi's' IlM'hititu ! i:t;o. w. wai;im;.n ; &co. June t! , 13IS, w rj.,vl? nmiK SMtSAPA- I Klhl.A COMPOI XI) of tht Coiup my is nlinot lileml y a tttt'i'ititr ot Sal- apanlia Mi inaliiv con enlnleil i il thr-t the shut tip half uf u i mi wtttil trtifiJ'ii'Hi hit, while die dui-e of that uhn.!i is mid in lart (Kittle isiieai ly a triur ut'ittt ..' In adthiio i to Harvipurill.i n cont.ii"s n now i iiul coi tlamlrakn. Ihndoik. Oiieen's J)-hiiht. rilder. YlIIow I) rk. (Itii-uian and other medict.ii'e'ul which arc not found in any otlici prep aiation. The Qri.t n's )i mlht whieli forms nu ren(hl h. Credit lit in the (iiaelenhen; STPnpardI:i Couipnuud, i- probably -uperpT In S u'ipnrtlla it If. Prote-"nr l'ro:tol Chaile-toii.S (' , ajienl ol it ih toilows in the Poitil.ern Jomtril oi Alediciin anil Phamncy " I'ew eiretah!eproJnctii'Us e.Iubil mole power npnti the human M-tem nei-nnllv So poweittdly i it .ip lioti i erled upon the nhiil;ity and -eretuii! t --e,, in channiiiii their mi' .ifite. nr coinhtioiis nnd di pijeuiu them to a new hnlthv action, it is greatly H' be preleireil, Ve r " lb- iurthr add, that it i"s in chronic diseaffo ninl chronic nillimmntinns. nnd nlv in the ouu train of conn qiii'tu t that follow typlnh, that it t flicncy i bc-t chilatcil ' The uperionty ol ihe drat feiibeig Sar?apari!Ia Coiupoimd may be thu stated : Nt It i conipov1 of a t umber of the nuM efhrn cious eefibles in ihe whole raite ot th .Materia Mi iheii nuulditioti to Sapnp'ir Ih. .nd. The-e nie so btuhlv Concentrated that there aie ni'iuy tn-ne ihis"s m th" h'oitle than in any ol the ery hirnetl hollle-:uKi iti-ed. . t 3d. The cons.MitrHtioi. lemhrsit to Sar-apnrilln, wlnt tiumine is t.i Daik. The moie d.duiL'd preparations nte no Ik Her than ordinnry loitleer; snu.'iuj on llu stonnth nnd "poilinj in the bottle. To use a weak inlu-iou it Sarsiipaidh when a sul nhetli ol theariic.d mavbe like tikini' Imik in Ool.l IV (iui.l : n (i'tld ia"e.i iur Ladies or (lentlcincu, am lles ot cur I'alh'rn, md a ureal inicty n Conn I'auuo hnva Stone nnd cluster Pin-, tine (hild Pun w tlh ula and Uo Si (lintr tor Alinea- Itue.s two U..eii ilitliieiil 1 .items of llrarelet nnd c;i-p-, (iold Thuchb Dead.-, nnd Chain Slides, Co; Hmfi of i V'-ry dcription, Prices (nun 'Jjcts in $'-" V.tiv llojis, laru'e or mnlt, Plnm orchoed": Knr l)j ops, wilh Colli and Stone Seltfnu, De'id Ifnjs. Peail and Shell ( iiul case., Ivor Tab'eis, Steel Deads, Dunjsuiid T.i-t !s I'lrV S'.Mk, Sec. Duiluietoii, June, hi, 'IS. w.'il .st atm ot-' r:;iMo.NT. ; 1is'-K I1' Cllll ll.MLV,Ss. S 'Vhr Jft.n thr I'lttmtr Cum I fur thr Dhtrirtnf Chit tfutrn: T't ttli i I fun ctmrcrntit in the ' I'.xtntr uf Stiftiiii't f "irlt It, late uf Jhu lingt'ni in said Di V iW, tkrr.i sfd, t! nt i: n.MJ : it, IIIMlllAS, 'Pimoihv l'oPett, administrator of tl'e cMate of the said decta-ed, proposes lu ttti dt r i'n incut: it ot lu ailin.niiratinu, and picsctit his ni i-oju! ariin-t said tvi.ite fur cviminntiou and a kmauu' at a s- F-inn of the Cmht ot Probate, lo h hnldi'iiat ihe Probate Oilier, in a!d Durhntou, vn ihe PJlh day of July next. Thei.'ioie, oti are Urt by notified to nt pear before' said Court nt the tin and place aforesaid, nnd shew t"ui-e, if Miy . ii 1 . i:y the attuunl alurcsaid stioiild in t be allow i 1 0m n under mv h ind, af Ihirllnton, this Ddi day of June, .) His j-'w:tt MK M'KMil) lXVOW, llrsistrr. Vlvv TiVoa5s. hPr 'U" 1 IM1SKV liOCKKTS jitstri:- Stvvi and Silver I hain, QTl'.lMi, Silver, (ierman Sder and Itras- (iuard; J Vect and ToIj Clnms. Abo, Sdk and Gold, a fine as(irtuiei,f just rtceived w.VJ M(VM Mti A Ilnorni ni. A TIN' I) 111 JIM reeeive.l. wj-i lini.NsMAiii IlimTiir-r,.. I p IM'.l'.r.llY silfii tint I-soih i Hi' '. -it- mv on i 1.. llltii;. hiytime tluruii; lii liilin.ilty nn.l shall heiic l.rrih cliinii ii'me el In- eiiriiiiv-. nur pay any clehu "I'll s cnntrnci m after tins iht'.'. Ilit.itinu'tun. June Sii. UK w.VJtS I ,,l I V, ,,1, m ,,rl.l... lmi. Knur .1. :is,.,,ve IK'lltllst ii stimin cumin 'iiitliml of 111 " swill il. utiu r 5'0. A. Allt'lls i'iOlll'. , 'He tluuj. l i!!ci n" 1" Mla' l',!',p 1 H'lll A S. AM. UN, ii'lntiiiMrix of tltri I i.-ir ui.itp. it. ue nnv n, use lint nl Hi" V , ' ... .in i .1 11 1 n (In le.h'H! C.uupnuv ".-'III. wtinrnte.l t..he,-3 KM.Me d Oe... A. A'len Inv u.,1 c.v '.1 ,,tei 111 ne 1, 11 ti,n.Vmuie 1 ir.i,'..ii. linn mi) ulherl.uo.vM ; 11.. count cl It. r au.l pruycl that the fame Sucr.'' thCb"U'' " l-Mn,4SS",,,,W ad,,fflllttbV lierr..l.a.e Court, for .he l)',.riet v ertiM. im t.'. .. f ..i.:,,,.,,,), .1me ,c ex:itiuiH-a mi the l'.'ili Sl'UI.XG Mi:i)!('I.i:S, J!,y J uly , l lU?it III- Vr.,t-.le onice.iu IturlU-tc.., ( rae en hen' VeffCtabe 1 1 ... th" liraelclinero ntlil Ill-ll lioii'-e uifii-uim pn. -. tMion.DHit auACi 3 le.l Oliett e.vna lie ha. uImi u l.-vv b'j. lnrsi-iaic i uiis, ISurliiiKtun, June u wiioi.r.sM.i: i- IIF.TAIL. Till: SOIlsrilllllJItS liave jut ..peneil 'm cunnection will, the Kei.era 't'7''lV'VM,',7." n Wauc linuM l..r l ie wle uf Cur..-IH. Maltii (., l)ru.."... n.".r l.iUItliS.Ve &c, to. vvl.iel. .hey mv ne the iilletmoii nl iurcha..era. 1 In? nuik con usth hi imil of wi';. .a;. of superior de-sisni and laleH clyles, entire new pat tern.. A I. SO . L'oo.l nwriiiientiil Cotton Chain, nn.l low- price.! lu-raiu ami Venetian. Toj-.-thi-r with .Mallun!., l'loor Oil Cloth., and Window Shades ot lliu veiy ku'eha.ers are requepted to call and examine the variety and .luahty, teeliuw conlideiil that we can i-how n larL-.-r nwurluie nt, and at loiccr frier: than can h- found in ihi. ction of the country. Curi in VlorChuri'lie.. I'ublic llu U and liolels funu-Iied at thott nolice and at city prices. lIurlinRton, July, j Corner r-tore, Wiikwure lluildins. V I.Y.MAN. .181) ".lew tlry, Watflu'c, Are. 7K ili'sivo I" "ll utttrlittoii to mr new 1'ar Jewel and Tins, cum .i... ,.,, ,,it in iirranne- - "i jug the omeer-o. ilie u v, - -nV,, 1 ad H.rc'ad ' ?''d . ' ,rJ'1 , r,"'! u, , I'm,. 0al mid rfeMive.Sr ; Uin'tuairand clia.d !(,. o. very. Ily Col. V. I lelclicr, .Marshal o. tne any. ,,ret J a . u., u u y;s.. ,!cmK.u.s. '4 he UltMltnden uounuj im ij .my May true patriot! herenfler never l"' wanlini; to found tlie truinpel of I'reedom on the walls ol Jen- , clio. j Ily Hon. J. H, Tower. Inlm Mitchell The inartvr son nfivrin. 1 or dar- . ..... i i L .i.;B i.h . . . .., .1 ...... I,,... Will k!(lflIISMIII. And Ir. MiiniMiewand finished Wa.clus, "vl "riplirilmen, ltailroa.l and Steanihoat ru.,.t,.-1 ve have Hie Os.ul.le '1 'line he. 'rs cenlre , Z ond. t.. .he tunnmiJ ! ears, l.oa s and inn tons-sert the lVedoiii we thisduy celebrate, lie y' i i-ar,.'a line 'I'line-Keepers, w huh doomed to felon-toil anJ chains in a cuuvicl coiouy oi rj;,,-,,!, UJ uicurnry ol time cannot lail CEoois A: ShiM-s. hoe Mole opposite ilovv- Jslteet. over .rl'JlHI Iialis, Il eeneral as.orlinent, at prices nun win i.e acie t. ..inhas, rs. lie i, eoii-tanlly receivnii; ud.Iilions lo Ins stoi k Iron! Ins own and Lily nianulaclurer.. June 13, K " l'KIKCK & KHI.I.OCG, H'.xr, PSivt'i'!., Troy,. 1611 mxnvixii hv iati: aimmvai.s ruo.M il I lurope. and direct liom ihe ii.auulait.irns.a 1'irirj-, and heautiliil as.oituient "I A m ilietr hue, which Ihey oiler on the ni.t InoiaW" J; im; 1 1 I'LM-it ASiillvi.iil 'iii.A-llieaklas,diiuier,ten, nipper and loilet k-h liuil and cake harkel.,pres.'rve o, . I. r.niiiioii. r. plain white, haihean and i;ol.l,A.c ( liiNAME vru. l-iitNA-VaH.s, . '"'dleslii k. t'onoue hohleis, coloHiie hollle-, novelties m inUiam!., uiatili "'I'.iwt'nifeured Line and Washinc.ou hlue, in iluiner. tca.lileakla.t nd unlet s.19. ( A'sVVai'ic, .. and ,,la,-centrc ho N, ceielies, vvatel hotlhs, ileeailtels. tllllll.lers, wines, chaiii..iKne,i;ohleis, leinonudcs.jelhe.., dithes, lamps, "V.tue! 1'alent solar and lard lainp.,suitalile for ho tel, cliun lies and new and lieautilul nylm, Irom ihe ieleliiale.1 uiannlactory ot t'ornehu.. .t l o. (illlAMsu.I.s, ciiudelahia., hrackels, candlesluk Ormula,nlver and bronzed, ol new und approved pat terns. , , Ham. I.vvrr-itss I'icli named, painted and eup honic very i lioiee and heautilul ..itleins. llitiTANM Waul Collce iots,t. a pot.,fuarsand cream., and ca.toisol every d.eiiption. llAiimiN WAr.tol Hiixiiornylis and .piahtics, m rvt'iv vatielv nt color liovv ill u-e. t'aual lloil Class Wine, w u ks and lanterns. Ti v 'I'r, ivs. Hi wis or N patute some very ilione und h.'iiuliliil patleius. I j as. l'i i nu , Irom Cornelius -Co., nt .New I. and I'hiladehihia irues. Tiny, May 1.18H, DWWI.Vl V .liiJii'. t'aro'f l-Ntnlr. JV tin.' hiibsciibois, Imvins been up no uiu hv I he llonoralile tne irooaie 1.01111 ior ih,. Di.tiirt ol rintteli.lell. coiulll-iouel. to I. reive, eMiuine and a.ljun all claims un.l ileinaiid.ol nil ner miih uitauisi the itate nt J.vm 1''ak..o, late ol lluii tmstou 111 sail Disiiut, dccia.-cd, inj-ol-vent, and alio all claims ai.d deiiuiud. eAluluie.l 111 otl'-et lluleloi und mv inolilhs liom the day ol the dale h.'reot bemis allowed by said Conn lor lhal pur pose, we i!o Ih. ulore hereby Kive nolice, that we will attend to the bu-infss ol our appoint nt at the Inn ot T. .1. Wood in lluulnii4iou, in said l).siriel, on the full d.ivs ol September and December next, al IP o'clock, A. M ,011 each of said d ivs. Dated tin. 17th day ol Ji A. D. 1SH. iiikv.m fi:ri;."i'i;n, j (wn- w!3t riYI.VIISTHK 11. rN Y IT.!!, in. I 01 (lr A ' , ,. -.ion nl iii.nisMi.uiin,,,,-, ,,,1, ....,,, , ali ,,. ,.s,.-rt. hfteeu veais stiiii.hiij;, and a eono,..i r i',fs, ot itis.--,-B (,,, (iKiiii .c I Ills, mill Uf , it ,. ,l,vt. 111 ins. 'w.i e.sf, mm uius iisst'ii vvitti tL. coiih teiice, th-ii it 1. a re th, lleallh lluter., anil the (iraelelihrr r-nnparni) ,'""1 pound sluml.l snii-rs,.,!,. xi 11 otl er. 1'or univers-il ic the 1MI. an Hitters are of uieaieLlahle value. 'I'bos.' who take liiem ne. . I nol learthe ellerv-Jtilig cllecl.ol lb. umer wh-.h is at hand The (I. II.'N.I njietlt lor Vt. Hi,. I. 1)L I 1. 1 1 1 .1. , t A' .an. i" vv'i.'io iiiiiiii.'-itious Ioi iiitcneie. 111.1v be a.ldre..-e,l. lllAVAlil) IIAHTON, Secreiary. AtlllNT.-s IN CIllTTilN'Di'.N COUNTY. iinlitizi'iit - 1.. near. 1. Mtervvoou. j. r-. .viuu- soll Hint t.eo I,. li.llliugtou, Diu.'l-t. puhllslllll till, o rile r 111 iur 1 ut 1 n-;, iiiiec ...c s-ieees-ivcl? the lasi of winch to be before the day lot lor the cx-iiniiutlon. , , (J AUA.M.-S, Judge. .luiic .'i.JS'y. jM Ke!.3:i(1 :tii ltJivlsn?loii ES:iil 22i:m1. -on nut! tleo I;. Il.iiimgiou. Dtu.'i-t. - nJ--rs.n'. Wi,rli r,,lU -'. 11. ilaieii tc Co . .W.lrvi) A.SSUSS.MKXT OF FIVK DOI.- ,yers .V Llark .s.rU.,,U . I . 1 vler. f"-, , (.atIl. ,,,,tr ,. ord,r,, i,y lhl. vmrAu ,,r.-l...nyLl. ' fa A H.-L I.. A V.'-.f ' T, each .-hare 1 1 the Capital St.H.k ol ll.e Ul'.lan.l au.l ,. l-'ulie -S. f.v ....(. , , icld,.'. I ea.h. m 1!a,, Kl cjV'oMny ; one pajableon the Wood. iir6rsr-W . I L, l.s- 1, - , . . jt , ,,, , jtl day ot Au-.isl lleM Tulile. Hirlmmrl, 1.. H. l.reeii. II i.tmiuH, . Yereiiues. .MiiWA-o-.j. 1 l ,vKt lluthm-'ton. i) 1: . I' It A I N'S vr .4iiti-AaloHiit3Ri 5'.3.oi-i':'il ... , 1 11. .t .f t, rt-'ti-r I Mau nrt ri, iu5tvu ! 111 MidJkhmy. $wriTiea9tirrr. MiddVbnry.Jimo.Hl necessary ....... Ilrlfnitl Whereuiou lliree groain were given for the (lov ernnieul that thus doomed biin. ily lien. u. Biiaw, .i... '",, vi.. free nieeeh and lice luell all to the institutions of l'rcedoui. Hy Mr. Isaac Castle. The Fne bom sons rf America .. r. llf. nu n free soil. V Moytiu-y p.u..v 'v-'fc-, tvPj.. ''"Xrsu'wVned which were not handed in, all re and appiopriute mu rt, audience set at having enj'Jjed olive Ucductioii of Stock at mi: ii a i 1 r. s 1: x : 11 a . a 1: . IOU (iCKJl) ami MrFnciKNT i:n. tr . has U'en deemed proier on our pan to thiovv the balance ol our entile sl.K.k of S II .11 .11 11 It liODIIS, upon the uiaiket, at it 1: n i cr.D nt icf.s. I.v sodomi! we would not infer that we arc com- till.l lo lo 11 or tint vr 1I0 s., to crntil 1 1 . ti...bti. r.cnil.whithers,). Jul)' 7 imi.r..u. o , 1 - " .mu .-c.r ....., ,.nv-..i . . - 1, uiiii iiic,iuuuu ;uu. lor beiuiy I We'have Watches " ns rli. np ns ihe clicaest" und ' " as eood as the best," in order In suit a I. I (lilr assortment ol Jewelry and oilier ( 00. 'vlueli is the ino-l comi.lele lhal we have ev r had the pleas. I ,e orollermi; lor wile, is receuiiiH nd litmus ol ucli, rale, useful and otnainenlal aiticUs 1 1,1 LLK 1'Iease to can auu w e. IVhtlr ami tJI.u k I'MIIN; 11 any should leeldnposed to iuesiion our l.nevo. usls were volunltcred which were r imv a tin e Ubaoitim-ul ol Ivory, Hone Ubony lence III this matter let ihcni examine our 14iH.ds1.nd receiving the cheersufthecoinpany. Vr'''f,r,' -ln .,1,,,, ;! fancv slyles.ulso.u . pi ices at the New t-iore, neM to llrunniaid & llro- lusie Irom Ihe band. . ' ',."',!,' iv.uboaid and l'.ipcr Tutu, for sale , thcra, Chinch Slrcct. eparaie.lutaeailyl...ur,. .liljlH' "w 1 e.lhcr, I oMtboai .1 mu V,,lllhs ! II'II.COX A. NArill. wiu-inorc tlivlulivilicsolanoiher, ilieP' a-.' lluiliu-teii, Juiu V.'l'. wii 7 . tlm siili.L'riliPis. linvinir Ihtii ni). ttointt'd bv the lliuiorablt- ihe lVubale C'tunt lor ihe l)i?trKt ot I lulti'iidt'ii, itnnmiM-iotifis tn rtrt'ie, examine and adjus-t the claiina and di'innnds ut" all ii'isoiitt aj,mnst iliet-Man of Hlm vn Wmiul-iin, late nt (.'olelit'-tiT in t-aiil ltirkl, dei-eat-vd, it'iireK'nted in-oU i-nt, and aL-o ult ilami- and demands exlnlnieii m tdt-k't tlim-tu ; and six months 1mm the thy ot the ft RTAIN AM) vrEUlY HI vrnv In tiU.Cusci, umt n.itlet nil Cucumbtitncts. 1 VruetuWo CcitiJU'iitf. DHMMiKMihi: cnu: or tihi:s: Tinurv ylakh itvndim. ! ! Mouul llasliinato:)! H'Mlv-'Iini' t'o . Mas ) .oember -"J, Is 17. S Cents rnrtlnrtvjfais 1 hte been atlbcted wilh IMis, mn-ra Debilny. and liifliimmaiion, rannif; liiin-ns and piolapMis ni the bowel-, and w Inch hud le-ti-U'.l tit! ihe medical treatment Or. t'hapmnn and olberst ould me. Th la-l three ean id lint lime my willermsdely deM'riition. 1 wasmntiiicd l" bed un'alde to help ni)-elt,nnd ut lat ien npby my phy Meians nnd liicnds m dtapair ot eer: iming my heallh ; in laet, lr a lime U lure 1 ronmieneed iimiij; Dr. I 'chain uarluaiy, I was rut rely ciieei liies-.ntiil my bmial dothi-s were made Itul mider lit beiieli cent meit it-s ot I'luvuli'iiee. and th ne ot Dr. I'n- hainH Illft Uiarv, thendi an oi.ti mn. 1 hae the plea- cure of smim; ihe t.ict n the nublie th it mv b.itih h now ood, anJ hope l) lie many ear. il it i.s ( Iml's will, to make kiio n (lie innetor wr. rpium l.iec Inarv. ami (o rcrommcnl il t mvntllieted I'dlnw rrealiiits. It bellied me betoiid tin eMiecliiliuns ol all who knew my cae, and 1 cm i nly m loolheti that it is in my opinion tin- ul tnetUcine in the wotut for Tilt?, or any oilier diM-as-eot the bow el.- ; nnd it they willu-e it according to the diiet-tioii, 1 w id my- Si'll wariani a enre in cerv t-iise. onn wnniiic utmost expression ol thanknlnes-v ruUNiihiiMprii. '''izmo. link ( ii.. Mutts . Xt.r 'J'J. 117 'Ihe nboe t eitditiite tells n t-ininle and trttihtul htoiy td Mitl!rm and relit t,o which, as jdry t-itum and witnei-s in tin oe, I iheerttillv endons Dii. ClIAiWIAN. 1 Iciixi s (ieutlemeii I'lidcrslaiidini; that vounre ihe ("en eial Ac-n"' lor tlie Mile of I'r I'phani's Vi-Kclable IMU... , I.,r il. r.,i III.,. IM.... I have defined ll my duly I." volunteer u ri-ioininendilion in behalt ol I..... .' ....I.', -a IVnl l. l,e,,.,rd(or riimo . '' - ji, , AA71; ,l,c ub.-cr,l crs. haviiu bee. appointed by ",! "" 'ii in ul t"1 ' t'u.rua.c -..,, , V he llonor..b!e .he l'.obate t'.m.t lor the -- Ah 0Kl.l,( 1!' . , I l"".- ' ', ,, .rcVi a, d. exhlhlled ill ut&ct i nisi-.. I,,.,r,mnt thai ha. hit recently bed and all elnnii "' ' '''a , ,hl. llMo how. v', '.- . ..," broii ! i beiote ll.e l'ub.ic. ll bus, thereto i a ' , ' .,,,1 routt lor tlu'l P'l'u"-. men -.1 by llion. mu--.. . , ,,ii,veil nn.l lecoin- ii.-i. .1, o.-...- , ,.Cl. tiat we w ill al- Wllh 11. c.v-.-lleueies. ll look the piemmillo,. .-..I. ... , th.-letole her -.l-l, ''" ;itl:ro,. othvrai.iliend -ipp.uts.ui.h-l.nrol lusiitute. or til'., in me cii) 01 , ..... , -. . . It his been liles'llte.l lor their ev ilillimuoii, or i-, u n....l l,v iheir liat.ents. A Ktelll M.lletV ol lllfiril- uteuts lor ai 11lifi.1l oiipirt liav 1 been piei tiled lu Ihe liub.ic within a lew j. ins.. II ol vv bull l.ave some ex IIUl It' IL Til- III.,. - I) 11,, I ihU-'.'lh .1'. OHO li MIA". , II A. rsl'ANMlL'UY I June, A. 1). 113. j Coinmissiiiiiein. llellcles whole -Ml Ire.- iiioiiuu toctery pan date hereol bein j .illuvvYd by said Court for that pur. HiH 1nvahnble me.l1. ine I Ij'ye ''ii "lib' ' we do Ihen fore hereby uive notice, that we will many 5ars with the Me., a 1, h v tiu.l ran .1. r. - atten.l 10 tue iiii9iies,.oi our utipouiiiiieui 111 tne 11 wet . 1 4 1 1.... ll'.. f.l !.. J'..,. 1. .. ... . .11 ll. . lino ol Alnic'hia Wa!ibutii in I olclioter, in Mid l)is iricl, on the .M011d.1v. ol September and (Kioher lleAl, ut III o'clock, A. .M.,011 each ol wild dtlVs. Dated llu. Will day ol April, A I) IsH. ,3, WKffir'i1"-" , ,l ,..L , li.-iin. 11 1 uivaiiiaule ; rtiv every pan. 1 !i.v." '" """ 1 .,,1 .1,1., , ,.l xs licit v . t It I.s 11. lllllll.. i I'Li;.- .T.'.i ..1 ill, nam and weakness 111 Ihe mile, liatu 111 llr back.belwi.-ll the liullld. If. llinuljl the 111 ul Me nil f ilie Hom-ch. U'urm down s,.,s;,tion. i.,me i s., wluti., .c , .Ve.,1.11-.' hum vvealiiios in these narl.. thai nieiheinr', pla.-is, wu-liex.hiuin.-iii.. ,Ve , 'xc , will but iiltnl,llaliy lill.-l, but wuell litis s;,ipp,,iiir lotieh.s th; pol exactly, it n Itulj as toni'hi iu bow inline. Ii it.- nu I wumleilul i Ih-' rebel ",VCII lnVolllli people, till, weaklier..- oil -ii iau- riiem to Slow olllol rh.iH' the pllle becon.e.c.llv.-.l, the .houl Ur-h.a.lo u-e and pioiiude, llu- "Moinaeh bone" 1. plowed 111 or out, nn.l 11 treat v.iii'ic ol other cuutoition. ai.. -,ir, llut cause peiiu .iieni loi mi.y. llut by the l.ui-l) i..-e cl ll... lu-tiiiimu all "h"L- evil., can be prevented ;,or, it ahead) c.xi.-iuur t'l. y can be aiiei-.c.l ! or, ll not loo tar advance .1, cm ''''t'lie'aof ,l,islus,ruu,e.orcr.,llo,l.e.s, I'l.-.tit ix-i,ple..,nd net liaWe to cut 01 ordcr--chciip, v et ilurable. . , i It 1. r.o shi.lile.l, liiai 11 win 01.. - J. In. adapted tonercater variety 0 complaints, ttud ntlor.U mcr r.c-itt r-o, ,,,,1 10 the nbdomiii, and fphial coin ban any other lii-truireiil ever pie- M-lltedtolhe puhlie. , , ... . A l.iiux uuiouiii ol t. nuui.injls muht be pr.-peule.l ol it, ceclh.cK ami . Ilcc.3 'l'lic lollowmj uie a lew ol lho.-e who hive given ceriilK-.iUr.-eonuneni'a-1 lorv 1 an whom c.iu be ub to. and any t .,..i,.,i,.';..',..l. 111 illation lo in .ins., and 111 1 A11I1'- IMiilr STAT 1 1 IH' Vi:.MOXT ) The Disrr.M r 01 I'm rn M-l N . s- . 1 the )i-tllct.i!l'hlttendeii To,. the , -lute ol Ami HaHII!),'!..!! said )l-tll.t ili'eaiM-d, MIHIlllAS, l!eoR! U. Pl'aw AU nuralor el Ihe iMIte ot SJIll ll.eell-eil. pri'lK.-'-p to li lioir an aeioum ol to uc'iinnu-iruiioii. u.m pi Hon. ll.e I'n hate I'outt lor ' peisons colin.'l led ul ,te ol llurlmcton ill ('KLLIIMi ' count aji-iun-t .ai.l itate tor c.xai.iuiaiiou f" - ahee ai 11 p. s.s""i ol Ihf ('i.uil .'I 1'iobale, to t f liolden at ihe rr.'lvaie olliee in taid HuiIiukIoii 6n the Utli clay ol .Inly next. I lli:i:i:nii:i:, Vouare bet. by nimhed liap ar 1 belore taul coiul al the tune and place alons.ll.1, und i-hew eiui.-e.ll auj von ha-fe. why the uecouul tlioit'.d not he allowed (ii-.en under mv lu.iidat fliirlms'im ll... MliV.tav ol nine. A 1 I-Im vvajwll IIIIADKOIM) lilM-or.O, Nei.ster. av iiti.'in (o Nrll i.aiul. st ti: or j Dlsrtlll r I'l t'HlllrMN,-s i Thr llunoriiUe TmUle t'eiit fur the litriet nf Onllriiden, lu nil J'fi sunt U whom these inearnts tl.nll ,-ume, (ItlEi.ilM.: lll.l!i;.S, l'liu M t'fubin, Knaidian '.I l.aura .M t'oibui, Kojal A Coibin.and Ciiilianne A. ?obm. bavin" tiled in.-ai.l ('..nil his application, ill wining, .icltlllL! tf.llll his sim winds nre m led a i,l p.rsc. il, each, ot one uu.livnle.l Iw. Itlll pint nt .lie laud al Ihe junet.ou ol I lunch and Hank sired.. 11. Uuihuiibin, wh. re the hue William A lin-wold lived , 1.I-0 nl one undivided Ivvel.tll lt ol Ihe plae . ,.l, bin nob in, beiiehela el elf ,r:ui ti, eon- uler mv case l,neh., llut, about tin liit ol SepteinUr Iat. I was prevailed upon by u Ineiid lo make 11 trial of the above n ulled incd.ciue j 1 look Ins advice, and rejoice to tay lhal 1 11111 not onlv relieved, bu, as I believe, perlecily ruin 1 .nisi earneslly rei-oinmeud ll 10 all who may have the mis-! fotlune 10 beulllieted wilh that .iiiuu) uitfand djngei. o.s diM-a.-c. Vcty leHtlluliy,)oiir ..blHjixi. Nivv Voitk.Juu.' II. ImH. Ml.s.fS Iv'l-HIUM ,x IIlm-HIW. t.eiillrliinl : Thwccilifies thai I have been w-ve-nly alibi led lor many ve.irswithlbe IMcs.but mure pjiitculaily vvit.i i:i lhe(a5t lime lilonlhs. liav ins used all the letiie. lies priN-dhed bv my pliys'ciau, also having tiled oilier mi-ails lu hltleor 11.1 advuiitaue, 1 leeaine veiy iinull dtsouriiLtedaud leltns llioujh 1 must mllei as Ion.' as Hived list! pruideiiii.illy 1 was'd bv Mr .Moll, Instructor ol the i'ublic ri hool ut t, thai 1 would be cured bv Jour aluihlo I'de l.l.clul- rv. Ilatui . coiili.leuce 11. Ins triiemeni, 1 iiiiii..-..m 1I1,. .,-oiile- one box Veiy truly onr oU'dient '"!, (iUOlUUi IlOUT-CliO.-.-. N'oTl.i 'l'fie tjenuine L'pliain's Kle-tluary lias his written suuulure, ihuslt. A I'pliatn. M- D-) 1 1"-' liaiidi. also .lone with a u. i'nee,81a box Sul.l. whohbaleund retail bv VAir .v UirciuM, t;oil!rrt,! "Waler. iai Fulton Hirel.N. Y. A.C Srt.lB,u"d r.txi.A. 1-llPSIl Cn,u.,Z, Water. r.rcve.l dnrellv IIARMK01O.S. Acf Ills fot IlurlllUtoU. fill l.y l''"!!;' I' Iron Ibe Soniiit. IVl wle bv f"e '""V. '.".V 1 L'. ' ' te' J"J v.aiuua6. UlavvWvvl ,M. C. bl'KAK j in..-iiu;ioi.J..v , e-asoll .'""IT,1"'"""'- . . u ... ,., .,, V..ik l!,l s,,ul(iol Ihe lia.illkt uieellU'! house III said 1.. V I im. IX li...IIers,illl.l ,..v ... 1 f.Hcm'hfd 4'oltoii. A IX) SAY, we can w' 11. ,. hed Cetlnn, lesa . uiu. . lie y i'e .' 1-1 uoj nuier . snioii-u- 1 ii-i.l, .11 Ihe Slate, or less than weoi any other mail ' can purchase theiii in .New Yolk, as wc have It Cans, win. li weie boushl li per it. under the uiaiket and will be sold al a small advance liom lirst cost. 11'll.COX .t NASH. I Ladies llxilninge ClniRh Si. Iluilini!ton,June !H, 'IS. wSU Mioulili-r ltr;io(. ' 'II'il'HSIlS, Snppnilers, Spinal nnd II0011, lllaslic X und Siiriui; Stiuuldrr llraces n all naiferus, ll.Milil.M. 1 B Al'otlieriiiic Hull . , 11 1 1 1 . i-ii.i siineeoii. to Ilie . 1 '"" ""' ' . : ,: , Sura.N Y I'mveisiiv.U . I'liiker. 1 1. 1 ..-ma A "I e..e'll'hv.VSur- .N Y.llrs. .ll an lieuiau, A 1. Cos, J S v.'.."'."", I- M:,,"'y; ,',",".' ' i'hi.ton N Y. I'- 1 C. Unnsiuade, tind 1 il !. Troy C C Cvel, .M. l,Suu,io..l,.N.. ' iv'ekha 1 1 D .rtiea.N Y C H t ..venti.v , ro '.V l.s.:'.Mes...nd .lr, I'le. ol W. w-. t,i.i":.iii'i!o n-ibuin. N N : Til Ciiev V Y A 1 wneli. II. M I) , Ixei ne, rv 11 1 1L1. l'r..l M.i Med. D.-tn.outu I -.; Me, I A I June Ifi. tlf.3 'J'owiiscikI's yiirsaiiiirilla, I Sl'l'l'l.Y OK THIS l'otTLAit il constantly on hand, and for sale by .May II. IBIS, el3l.twtl AMOS C. SH.A!!. ry. lli.Tiiij coiili.leuce 11. 111s triieiiieiu. I. ly proeiucel iiue ol ilie inedieine and am veiy happy 10 inlorm joii lhal 1 am now pe-rlecily curc.l by win. , it It il t.l.....r 'mt 11 Oil . U . TI a 11. 1 11 "" (M ..1 ...... v 11 l et i iuu M 1) .Hioildai.l. . 11 A S l-ok-in. M 1 . Vol . Casileion t lbs '1' CliniulK-ilm. 1 11.11 II. Ibiteh. .M S.lU. 1) l.ti. I i;.ueiy, lluilinkjtoii, Vl J. II Hronk llis'iee. ft.rill!!he.l, l Hid HcM woilh, .Maitth'-sli-r, Yt. Any aniounl more ofnam.,as ref.-renees, iiiikIii beivvn. li"". Hum uiiiis. an-l Iron. iIi.vm' win. Have vv.u'il the Instlumeul ; bill tills j-.l ""' ;; suy. A ln-l ot it. 1.1 llnse cases to which -"M' und .1 W I'll. a, N md 1Um J. 1'. lar"-- ,7 tape MlUjjIy aiouil nn, auu sffi.ui.i mm, ,...- . vou can have an accurately nuns lnii.uneui C. .MWilO I. ! CVllU,. led, is sine to place 11 aj. ov e . c . , . -Uf' 111...UI.1 ilie uoo) , ....e - -, .. bi, and Mlidi.ij lb numi'iT 01 iuy wile bv MKt linrlinsioii, Juiv I:t, 151". Il.irlii.ktti'ii ; nlse ,.f one twelfib pari ul ll.e one ballot 'l lite r acie le.l all, III said Uuilllljtou ; lilso ol a pew' 111 llu- ic.; Unci, nieeli: holts. also i.l two Ioi-ol laud in llatton 111 llil.ini., number eight m s. ventli laege and numb. 1 seve-u n the uiiiili 1 range, and lint it will be ndvil.ltat.'XMi.H le lli said wards lint the suuie Is- Hold, and the proceed', nive-l.d in placed al iiileie-l, and pin)in saul loiiij 10 uniiit.h m I.e use '.) sell ll.e iuleicst ol bi saw wan! ni". 11 1 it .11 , 111 ll.l I-..N. Ihe -aid Prolale ( ou-t B.iiw;l the P.ilb.lav ol Jul). A D ISI, lor """".f. ' '" ''h .nu on ;.id .,ir'icaii..i.. at the fiol:'' 1 Kailin..,.,,, ,.i.,l ...deud that ail peiscais ' l ei J .holt! I be ......tied ll.-.eol, by puMlshi UK .'..nlninme ubstmi.e e.t Mid P V" '"-'.V"' l;u Slbe'lia.M'wbu-h .lew.,-,,,-, p one ai I 1 m sr. ussiijiie'.l. n- L'KsMrior'talin'rand'il.'cid.ntl on' ea.dl,.hca. "on , . , .... , , 11, l;, , .,l,,n in said D's. (iivenun.ter inoi...u. DOMESTICS. 00O 'h. iikw Siaun-iAus, iur (v. n iti'. iiiit.i '.'1.M ID.-.ll .1,. Verv Muni ilO 1I0 I'ine Merrimack, eloYery l ine, , li n vj- 4.1 do I-1 and SI llrown lnllinss, thiiiinj Stupes, Poniins, tic, in tnv qu iniiiy, tot -.ale at antonuiini! ttm ptirea at tho I'oiuee moh , LYMAN S Ma. l-l?. I

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