Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 22, 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 22, 1848 Page 2
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BUI FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, September 23, 1848. rower nf the government his attachments, wilh lil In.liicem nis in I with his commitments, I verily believe, miles tl.eio i i renewed strength, an niigui 't.t M sticngth of W dg votes In Con pre; he will neenm di-h his i!irpiit, J to will solely ii.ivi' tlio !?e tn'e, mill with tin- patronage of III- government, wilh every lilt r, -t which he cm bring to b.. ir, co-operating with every in terest which the L-u ith cm lirinir tn bear, lit will :trcinnpltli the compromise line. Wo crv i Mli'ty hil'iiic we :iiu out of the woods if we I that there is no danger u'oout these now teriito tics. Gentlemen. 1 c.une here to confer with jnu as fiiouls mnl com t ymen, to speak my own niiinl; bill if we nil uuulil ."peak, mid occupy us tiiuch limn :ih I hive, we should in ike a I. lie mco'i.ig. I shall ilel.ini von no longer. I hiiebcn I inc In niibhi! life. Par l.injrr far longer than I "hall remain theie. I h ive hill some pmicipilioii I ir more thin thlry yeais in t!ie councils of tlie country. I profess to feel it slroiig attachment tn the hii olios nl the I'nili'il .stales-lo the Cnn-titiitinii nml free il -s itlllio4 ul the Undid States to tlu lionnr. mil, I tiny sty. thu (.'lory of lliii great tuHm inent ami (; roiintry. I feel utery injury inlbetcd upon the country, tiliniM n a peronal injmv. I blu-li for every fault which I think I ee uuiiiuilteil in il public coiiueiN, a it they were fiulti or inUt.iked ol mv ow n. I know th il, at this inoineiil, Ihere i' no o'ljeet upon eailh o alliacliii'f the l'iZ1' of the iulelli- L"Mit .uul ciiilizfil nitloin "I Ihi. win ll as this ... . . ... , i ... ..ii Creal ti"plllllie. .Ml III I ai u. an nun I'Mihiiu. r coiir-e, nil yno I u.en .are m:iou- lor a favorable n-ult to t,.is jjieal cxpoiiiiient i.l Itepiibhc ill libeily. W'e are upon .1 hnl, anil cannot bj hnl. We cannnt w itlulraw nur-i Ives eilher Inuu the coin iii.iiiil ition or the repioiehes of tho civilizeil worhl. 'I'bi'y eo us llnttir nl einpiie which, li ill a c.eiilury iiffo, was preihoteJ as in iIciiil.' it way we-twaul. Iw'-li lliey in ly Kee it is a milil, pliciil, thonjjh lirillim't orh, niikiur it way ailov irt the whole heaven-', to the culmbl i iiiii!! anil cheeriDL' of in inkind an.l not a n inelenr of lire .uul b! I, tenilyi'i" the irUiniis. Alter he hnl ennclinleil, .Mr. Wr.u-mt, in u low graceful terms, releneil to tle pre-enre of two ih-liniiui-heil (.'enlleni'ii lion. Hiram Kelchum ul .New Vork, anil Hour (leorjre A-l -mini of rtpiiiiiiliehl whom he inlreiluceil to the infetni, Jl ith thi-e yenth'ini'ii then mule Si'ech". Mr Kelcham oceuniril about an hour ami a half, ami Air. Almoin nhoiil hall an i hour. They weie bulb uiecleil with inuel iv.iriiitb, ami bean! (In . .uhuitt with cuyer nl teiiliou, irrc c 9vc 0 5, mnii.i.(;To, vt. Whig: iojsB5i:tlt;tss. For I're-ident, ZACHARY TAYLOR, 1'or Vice President MILLARD FILLMORE, I''or Electors, KRASTUS 1WIRBANICS, ) ., , ,r TIMOTIIV M 1,,rS GllOlilil'. T. llODGKS. l-t Di-trict. ANDRIIW TRACV,o,J District. AI.IIIORT I.. :ATI.IN 3JI)i-trirt. KLUAII CI.L1VKI.AXI), 1th Oi-trict. riUD.w' .morxixg, 22, is is. thu cjnn.vr viiin statu convij.v. TIO Ol" HASSACIII'SUTTS. j The OW Kay Slate aroimctl ! llcorgc X. llriggs and John llfcil, re. nominated ! TheBu-tm pipers of yesterday contain ac- roiints of nne of tlie largest ami m t cnthu-i as Rsscmblages of Whigs that ever convened in In that untile old Co mnniiweallh. Tho nomi n ttion of Mjrtin Van IJ.iren to lead the "IVee Soil" mnvrment of tbediy, bi.s only aroused tlie true rirJE 1'ree Soil p nty of OM .1 iacliii setu (at the ben! of which are Weiisti a Cuoate, I.'rtv.ns, WiMuuor, lli'u-o.v, Asiimuv, Giiiinell, King, I,vv. r.r.:.XE, an a hu-t nl'nthor Massaciil'setis Wmr.s.) to renewed zeal aid fx-itioniu the old Whig Cati-e ! Tue Wlegs of Jl 1 ..ichuseiis and of New I'ngland fell tco cinceie a reverence fur the name an I memory of Jous;v AliAJis ever tn be diawu thesiippmt of lliat bitlcre-t an.l mo-t iiiicem. prnuiiring ninny u( " the o'd .Man elnqiu nt,' Martin Van liarcn the boast of whr..-e fiiem's and organs i-', that bo has not changed in any particular, "unco be wa- the bjtom friend of Andrew Jackson !" We giio below, from the Bo-ton Atlas, ex tracts I nun the eloquent and aniiriaU'il Idler of Col. Scit(iL'i.t:it, one nf the IMilnr.-, giving an accniinl of the noble gathering. Tney will re mind our readers al ibegloriom days of IS ID:, Sep. 13th, 1813. The l't.ori.i: auk uchk. Never hive I -ecu n luger 1 1 more enlhii-ia-lic uieeiing of Whig d.'iegilen in the Old J t ty Slale, Wnen the cars arrived ihi- in iruing, nli mt 10 o'cluck, the del egiles were ui"t at the depol by a I irge number of Whigs in proceion, with n band ol ni'i-ic, and inarched through several n the principal streets, and luck aglin to the depot, win re were ctngreiiled mine 15J0 di leg lie-., iu-iders and oiit-iders. Gnvcmnr I, unlii apeared on a r tit til lion!, a id intriijucod Judge 'i'le -..!' lllU e!l, ti, lie- iinw. whit lindu a of Jnbn Qoiucy A laui,Hiii it should Iti'wiiiteH on his tomb stone, "Huru be. the ni(niV1iose enmity was Ibo political ibilh of Jbin (i ilney Ad nn-, uti'l whu-en'.ui.siiy, blastiujlj p'dit'. cat prospi els of bis sou." . Alter Judge Tlnun is, (Jovernnr I.incA!iispMiP for alinul tyu iiiiliutes and undo a Irp.t-w inn ing spd'ch, IIo wu s followed by Hut, L'vi Taylor, oT Grulihy, and by George Woodm m, K-q , of Bo-ton. Then cuine Ilnu, AUr Tin Lin coln, iiieuiber of Congress from Piunus, win. was inleri opted III hi- rem uk bv the nl the seconil Irani Iroin lloslun. 1 Ins Irani hro t up a largo number, among the rci the lloiios Tayh r Ci.UU, wilh '.heir banner', and Ibe Bo.. Ion Br.iK Bind. I he llosrov . .Men s Winn Clihi sent also a large delegation. They cariifd 11 banner mid the American llig then came tho Sale.m Tayi.oii Cl.l'li vv th music and banner-. ( 'beers alter cheers went up. A pro cession was again binned and inirched through the illy to the hill. Il was u great and glori. oils sp'lit. .. II mis icerc mere ine 0111 spun waj up, and such .1 uoblu I on I. in .... ..r... ...... wa never seen. Alar-e number nf Delegates camo .in last tiighl. a large linn eniiiu-si isiic mreiuii; iv,i held in the Cily II ill. which wa- nddressed by linn. AniiAiiA.-.l LiscoLN.of Illinois, fir upwards, i.ftivo hours. Gentlemen inform me Unlit was one of Ihe best speeches ever beard in Worres - tT, and Ibat feieiul Wliigs, who bad gone oil'1 . .... t !!...: l I. ..... I...I. ..... i.i I tin inc "r rte con ti.n. , nan.- mine wi.ii;iii Ilin.t e.Co' enl -1, ncii. II,. . -.ti. I iTit tn... Ji that Ibis I ilntcl the de.uh ol tl,u Vig party mil from memory, th. rem irks of C.ipt. Bra-.-i 'ijtf "' ,1" ' ,n '""'."T,' "r V'"!'''!' in .Massarbiiseiis. what shall wi: s,ay of,h", b:ller known by 'that than any other iiaiue,-"4,1,',aL,u "' " M,'Jler sheorlully to obey r.E-uiiLcnov? II-nude. 1 hum p .peeMi, little more grape, dipt. Bragg," and allndiM ifa fW'K''' 'u" I"" in'" P"'or. I could nut Hnl was I inihu-iisticillv cheered, tie lenglh lo his brilliant service of tho llyiim v'r ?"K "r "' """'Undor when thus p ,ke ol Van Buren and said ih it bo In4 been Hlb-ry at llueiu Vista. " ?l"', us I hive b-en by you, or serures nn- tin mo-t hitler op. oil-in f Ibo iliiiii-trali .,1 Cnl. Bra.'ir 1.1 .dcilv tUin.r. and in .. Jh'r l"1"' 1 hive iinlhing to do with politics. tn the Whip ranks- Judge W.irrcn, uf Boston nl'ii pnke. Xcarlycrcry tn'rn in Ihe Mule it represented. Tho Lowell it-log itlnn ciini' net !! on the Stony llrnok I! i-lroid, to Cllntumill, lilleen tulle? from t'ii place, mnl there engaged a largo cirri ur". -i H'J e line into town this morning witii in i:t,ii r imrsi: ti: M. .M.Ht nl the ilitiii'tni'lii'il bigs iiIIIil! Mate incline. Ciioui:. Lincoln. Wstiiiioi Kixu IlL'twit, (iiiiNMtt.t., llAt.l., mnl hundreds ol mil er, who h ive done vco n ill's net vice in the irnml cause are here. It i" in h e I a tiro it ei'iiventinn. mil the i.lVt will he felt, no: only i our own St.i(u and N-w England, hut over ihe whole country. Bui to lli-j business of the Conven lion." TIimi'.i. P. Iyis.i was Piesideiilof the Con- vun'.ion, umiatcJ by HI Vice Presidents nn 1 1 5 rlecrotirios. 11. undo nn eloquent speech on t ikiuj tli3 clriir, in liu course, of which liu tiiiil : " It' I know iinvlhing of the elrmcter anil fei'linm uf th " Whigs of Massachusetts of the present il i', th"y lVU no now platform, no new principle! to pro'el.ii.n. Now, m ever, they nio oppo-ed to all i:eculive inuintion; now, as 1 ever, tlry nn; ib'termined to preserve to them- ' s-'ves and theirioterity.tlia blowings ol hber 'tyi now, tn over, tiny are resolved that every ' inch of territory within their control, thill for ever remiiu froa torritorj. ((.'beers.) 1 do not bclievelbit the Will's of M.iss irhinetH lire I going to ii -eoinr., ul this iliv, the putisiin of j " Mr in in ol Hie ,oi1!i. Willi iiutliern princi ples," who In) be"ii false an.l tieichcroin nl- ; ways to tho principles nf liberty, uu.1 true and ' faithful only to the South. j Xo: the' Whigs of Jl.issichii"tts will now i-taiclns thev lino ever stoo I, for tha honor an 1 glory or this goo I ohl (;o:nmonweallli; tliey will stand np among th" foreinost and tin first, in the rinks of thine who i'u Initio for liheity mil for their country; they will follow no hero who is increlv a b-ro of defeiLs, and a hero of .surrenders; hut they will prefer, an 1, unle I inistiko them, imich prefer, a g l,ho:iM, noble, true hearted nun, a oitriot who loves his coun- trv. and who his deel ireil tint hah is no iiriv.ilo 1 ofiiects to acco nnlisli. no nirtv imrnoos to bilibl up, no eiie.iiies to punish, mil n ithing to 3rvo nut In country, .pplaiiso.) j 'I ho letter of Col. tJenoui-uit then goes on i to s.iy. " Mr. Pn if-rnii. nl TlinvpN. lint tho committee of live he appoinleil to collect, hurt .lll.l uniliil iiil- ,nu? l... i. .,,.. nvi. . nn im. ....... was subsequently reconsidered, on motion of j Hon. MvrtoN-l.vwiuiNCK. of Belehertown. He an.l count tlie vote lor tiovernor. 1 lus inotion slid tho people about him wanted a nom'ma- Hon liy acclamation, liu wa toil to Invoa i-hout raised tint would reach the hills of Berk shire. Tho reconsideration was carried uiia-ninioii-lv. .Mr. Lawrence then nomin ited GKORGT, N. HltlGGS, for Governor of the Co iiinniiHcaltli, which was carried nmid the mo-t enthusiastic cheers wo hive over hoird. Governor Lincoln then moved tint the Hon. JONH RllIM) bo uomimtcil for l.ieuten int Governor, which was carried witli the smie unanimity an.l enthusiasm." The Resolutions wo shall give to-morrow An Ticket, heado 1 by Levi Lincoln- , , . i i .i I aud I-.iimlmi D.wui r, wasnom natca and then, , ' ' says tho Atlas, " Came cries from all parts of the house for "Ciiovti:! Ciiinn:!" " Wivrimoi'! Win- tiiuop!" Mr. C'hoitQ promptly responded to his name. Hi' spoke about nn hour. It was a glnrioin speocb. The piroratiou of it ospeci illy eloqmnt, oven fnr Jfr. Clio ilo. IIo bore his testimony in fivor of Gr.Nr.a vr. Tavlok, and believed that ho would aduiiiu ter this Goveni'mnt ln'i "stev, uprightly anl with n wisilnn, Mich ns ndornnl tho mlministra- tion of Washington. After .Mr. Choito sat ihrvn nino ch"3rs were given him, warm and from the heirt. Then aroo cries again for .Mr. 1 soon he appeared on t'.e platform aniid the shouts of tho va-t assembly. Judge Tln.nas was next called for an 1 made a first rate speech. It being now after five, this great, glorious nn.l entluni istic Convention adjourned with three times throe for and I'illmoiie, an 1 Rr.rn. Wbilo the spo iking was going on inside, so-' veral thou were on tho outside, who could not get into the call. While .Mr. Choatn was Finikin those on the outside cried " adjourn to t na l oniinon, out tliaoritor, on account ol heilth, declined spoakiiiT in the open air. I'll" pitriotie young Whigs, with tin Brass Haul, mircbed through s-'veril of tho streets in th" nfle-nonn, saluting the bouses of distiu gnish"d Wliiu's wilh eh -ers anl music. Al six o'clock, a train of fifteen ears, drawn by two he ivy engini, left Wn.-ceter for Bos ton, whro it arrived at about!' o'clock. A proee.sion was formed anl iinrch-il to .Stale street, wh"r" n Idres-e were mule by a num ber of gen'le.n"ii. Tli3 en'.hiiJias.n 'was un bounded. Thus ended ona of th" largest an 1 most en thusiastic conventions of Whigs Delegates ever hald in tin Ol I Biy Slate. Tin: Wiiiosor M issciii setts aue .vnoi'sni ! CUT. MIt.Vf .VXD i; t.vvi.oi: A llltlo nioio Krn;io !'' " An impromptu dinner" as the .V;r. ss stylos it, was given to Col. liiiAi.n, on Thursday last in New Vork, over which Poilip Hone presided. Tiie .'1711WS gives the following brief report uf bis speech, in replj lo a toa-t complimentary of him-elf. It is known to our leaders that Cnl. Biiaco is a democrat" in politics, though lliey will see lh.. I he is mil the man to withhold the ju-t praise due lo his p; ill.inl old Chief. The Repress says : . An the dinner wns ', no J .greo private, wo ' r" ' "'r '"" 11 V. . T 1 ' V .11 , ,i,, ,,. ..... ;. ... '. , Hie Ci.iuinind.rin-Chicf ol our army in .Mexico. barraa-ini'iit s ml, it was well known, tint he was only u soldier, and that therefore no lilting ' IHIUi .11111 III OlllllL. (' speecn coniu ue exo'ctefl lro.11 nun 111 reply l'nr wh itcver merit gentlemen chose to award miu, or wn ilever reputation, if any bu uul un - d-scrvidly, tho wbolo of it ivjs dn lo the gal lant Generil under whom hu served, and to the soldiers 111 Ibo service bo romiii indeil, nay more, for the brilliancy ol that service he was indebted to ibe training nf the lamented Ringgold and Itidglcy, liom whose baud be bid received Ibe c lips, 111 th it full ctlicleney tint enabled it to unuiorl ihze Hseir on t.10 perilous and bloody tield of linen 1 Vista. , To the General-in-Chief his acknowledgments , were e-p?ci illy due. lie inspired tho whole ar- ' my Willi valnr ami conlnl nee !iv bis presence, not only at Buenii Visia, but liom lilt) opening of tho war on Ibo Rio Grande, It is almost im. pis-ible lor jou, gentlemen, ho said, lo under siauil the 1 h irae'er of lint in in as a enmm ln.ler of .111 iiriny. Tneio is u resolution, a firmness a ileleriiiiuilion 111 Ins manner and in hii nur. th u ., 1. r..... , 1.. 1.. .. , " V.. j i s.- - ... ,1 iiauiii- men 10 victory. It w.i neiei he'.t-r illustraled thin mil ' thu held ol I'.tlo Alio. He toll Mai. Brown, i mn i mi ii uu im mjii inice opposite , Mat.unoris, .Maintain your isi-ilion." 1 will not ny, I Inpe In be hick, or I slnll try to b- hick; but I WILL bo luck on the luth. Expect ! nm then, an I miiiitain vour position." Even Ik) ly that knew him, knew he would ho back, il .ilit'n lr r,,ir , 'I'l.s urm, lllm.l In ! 1 1, j -....v .s. . ..v ; .s.s,,eu ... . ,,,, 13 - abel, ns yon hnnw On tin: 8th, they fnucht nl Palo Allii. mid when night cime on they liiviin ucked in the open field. ntnl nmiil the cm", w ith nut :i lent over them, the General himself wrap peil In hi blan'.-ct, and many, 1 ean assure jnu, in lint :i liltle ilniiht mnl n num. I"111' i,r' mv did not feel pure ihcn,that they cnnl.l whip Ibren limes their mimW. mnl llieni, the het Hoops ,i Mexico. We bail nut trieil our inrttli or ui"aure.l vvriipniiswilh tlioui. Many alley hi not c use that nin it. Rui"i!oIil hail lnj slain. A iiloodv it ty vvTisbehire tin" m, and many. if the army went on, were sure lo bile the dn-t. , lint nob idv know or could find out what (i-neral Tavlor inl'endeil lo do. There lie lay, w lapped in hi- blanket, and i-lcepiii". except when ili- turbed by ollicer askini; for orders. 6onie were ailMnns In nvnrtMln its mtfll lulls. MSOUIV iu'wer vva.s, "Tell the urn tu . sleep. Keep ipiiet. bileep is the in lin thing necessary." 'I'woor Hire" o;ii 'ers were pirlienlarly nnvioiK lo know w belher he intended lo go on, or bold bis po-ition. Hit the only itl-faclion lint could he got was " sleep." lie disclof-ed lo no on-1 h'n iutenlioiis. Tiiere it pr"V.iiling opinion lhal il was im, p..riloiis .1 mirrh lo go on. Dirt fien. Tulor towird ninrning, di.-lurh-ed by som,p"r-on delimiting order', replied .I'low Hie nvii to re-t. It is run." en mgh nl&iin- Tl.en turning over in Ins hl.uii,ct, he to an ollieer, " My mhid is in ide up, my mind Ism uh up," but nobody knew huie Irs nml. I was itiaileiui ami jet lliey wlioluiew iiim, knew ii bis m'.nd w.ts madj up, it was no use to liy lo change it. Ill the morning a council of war was nin in uie.l and Ibere were i Icven nllicers present three only or whom ndii.-ed iidfanc, .Mind, I ca-t no censure upon any one. A difference of opinion under Mich clrcum-t.inces, might have b"cn expected. It nt they who knew the power ol the leglit Artillery, ami nan i-een it play mat 1 1 IV, h id conli leuce ihnt it could c.le ir a way for ! .e army back to Koit lirown. ')'.', Xuk "- tl .-,.ril,:,iiil..-. ..,.. u,. ,v,lll,i,,,.re.,!i..,l,.iinril. consultation had broken up, "(iciitlmien, ire w,ll aJu-.uc In ,?;i ,..,!hx." and forward I hey marched In Hac.i d la I'alm i, the result ol winch von all know. Old Zick kept his word to .M ii. lirown, but alas, the brave anil ilainented M.iiorbid received his ileitli wound So at Huoni lti the nersonal chiractcrof Gen. Taylor had a like inlhriico on the army. hen liu War Don irtment dej noil it neces- s ,rv. i nnler t li,r, , ..nlmnn tn invade Movl-' co vi i Vera Cm, to t iko his Regulars from him, l.n, ....... ......n il.,, 'n,.i. v.,. ,.,.,i1.1 .iIIt.,1.- him. " I am the weak point," ho often said, 1 i. uil I no.v he will attack me." But ho dc- i. i. , r... i . ...i:.. i. - , KnO.VIKIWIH UliaUK 111U. JIlllllU III!' tennincd lo defend his position, and in order tl,a best way to defend it, to advance, (ion, !!..., I Suit i Anni has taken a hundred, I hliill sivo a thousand. Gen. Taylor, kept well in-' formed of tin annro.ich of tho enemv bv (Jen. Wo il's scouts, mnreil on to S iltillo, then on lo Ago i Nuava. It was proposed at one time to meet tho enemy in advance of Agua Nuova, but ascertaining liy his engineers tint their po sition could be turned, he resolved to fall Inek to linen i Vi,ti, as the enemy ichod him. ' Bueni Vi,ta is a military position tint any sol- dier's nvo would s loot for a defence. To no pirticul ir person sthu ciedit of its 'selection due, for it has been, mill, that even a woniui . 1'icHpd it out as a pi ice to repulse an enemy. v annus olhcers hivo had the credit ot its so- , ,. , , . ... , ,,. , lection, but wb itcver creilit is ilue, ;., coit iinly duo lo the Commander-in-Chief, who fought this Initio. The .Mexican theui- solve hnl fought a 1 lttlo there. SmtaAuiii know the ground so well, th it ho ordered his j Gen. (.Minon) to t iko and keep possession of it, in order to attack our reir. Gen. Minon got into nur roir ns nrderod ; but wh"n he reichad Buoiia Vit i, ho fiiiinlu in poesion of it. The y.'d of IVb., .blOO urn, niestly raw troops, opioed to yO.OHO of 1 1 1 r enemy, was certainly not a very encouraging day. Wo did not fool ipiito sn hippv or fco well, as nver this hoiinti- i fill table to-night. Wu thought of, and of funilios an 1 friends ; an 1 our chance of death w. is niiich better, wo thought, than of ev- or seeing them again. Tor several days previ- 'U Gen. Taylor was eon-tantly engaged in unking his .arrangements, anl in w riling lioni". It is slid nLo tint ho mule his trill. But ho n-ver -hrm'c fro n his duty. " 1 liny perish," was his thought, "but I "will perUh in niain- t lining th" honor of my country! I hive fo run a terrible ri-k in as-uming the ro-ponibil- ity of in iking this onward in irch ; but it is the only course th it w,U save my army. To stay in Monterey was to he sacrificed by the over- whelming force of th ! enemy. To save all, I must hero risk all 1" The Intllc was, von know the result. but ou never can know the inllueuce tint the presence ol Gein'ril Tnvlor hid upon lie' army II al me, so it bi-.seeuu'd lo ine, could hive in ire.l, by a presence, every soldier in Ibe ar inv,asllie Voluuleer-were in-pired. The con fidence in hiui w.i- complele. lie bid coin minded Viiliin'eer-, li'lme, and hid been sue ce.s-lal w ilh them, He hid never sitrendered I le h 1 1 never been w.npped ; and the idea gut abronl, lb it be 111 verco'ild ti.1. Waen miuuiii veringinv pieie ath'.v irt th" gulln-, I cilellii- as an e iniple of lb it , lijene ', I s tw clniiil- nf du-t ati'Hil two unlc Inuu me. I was pun fully i...'nri-. I tbouglit General Minium bad fillen upon nur rear, u ud nltackeJ our depots, an I in in 'ct hull wa- my first thought, A in 111 c mi" gidlnpiug no through the du-t into sight, -ere lining ' t).J Xirl, i aiming!'' livery sol dier gave 111vol1111t.11 y ntcr nice lo his leelmgs. I'. . ;.. uwic, ami in htli'on ininntes Ine tnle 1 nf battle turned, l'our thou-aiid liui hundred j men repul-ed Iwenly, unl to the in llnence of lh it presene, under God, I think Ii am nlivu here to dine with you Ibis d ly, .1 (! iilemaa. ILv olten did you discharge 1 pieces lb it il iv I I ('...'. llnnx'. About 2.') ioiiiidsoe.n:bgiin. I Aii'ith T (! ill' m iu, I I iw near was the ene my tn your pie-, nt any one tune .' ('a' llrag" Within fifty yards at one time. Aii.'t'iir. W icre was General Taylor I ('.' Il'if. W1I11111 furty yards Cnl, ltrigg fhi-ed his reinuks wilh lying : "I'n ler-iau I ine, g. nl i 111 mi, I am a soldi r , and 110 politician. I know (iiuieral tailor only as liner ami Tho remarks of lnl. Il-aei'. which weio more extended than we have been uble to give from memory (and of their entire aecnracv, us from 1 memory we give them, there must be doubt) 1 w receiveu wuu great apjiiause, ami with the ino-tirofoiind interest. His manner was mod est in tin. extreme, and in 110 respect is there any simil irity between bis 1 har.ictcr and I11 n.ime. liu is a North Carolinian by birlb, wiln a bright, black, resles keen eye, that vvoiihl seem loiiuhciilo tint best sort of :i bright Artil lery oilirer. Hi figure is slight, and one cipi b'eofgieat activity ill the field. Itullnnil nml lliirliiigton Hnilroiul. r roni an examination ol a ronsulerahlo mr tion of tho Rutland and Burlington Railroad, from Now Haven northw arils," hirh we had the pleasuro tn inako in company with 0110 of the 1.. m. , I ---" wntsiiii.iii.1 1 ,, ,,, , , i.i:,. ,1,,, ,. ,i ' 1 17 qunrlersn tlio entire vvorljol grading l,incluiling nnsonry wc.) on tno uivision evtenuing irom llnrllnirt,... i Mi.l.llel.nrv rrmmW.I. Thn . , - . ., 1 , , , , I '" ,J , ', . ' U 110 1(f'4 crrditablo to the Contractors (.Messrs CiUMnr.r.LAi.x, & Co.) thin to the fi- s.l. st, - .,. i, 1 iienty oi ine v.niei tnginecr nnu tin nccotnpitsn- cil Assistants to the. interests of the Corpora- tion nml the public. ,., . , . P,. 1 I ho Hrnlgo Mnsonrynt the crossms or the La l'lntte, in .Sholbnrne, U complelcil, nml is n very noble piece of work; bcinir constructed, (us is all tin; heavy mason work on this Division- r.i. i) i ...i i . ,.r it. oftheltoul) ol the very ti.13 Lnnostono from the Quarries in Kssex X. V. 'I ho Fplendiil piece ol work nt. tho ciossiip' ol too iNciiv llaven liiver, (at "Ileeman's Hollow,") is also making 1 : , ...,)r(rp.. ,i,n .i...,,..-,.!, .,J ,,ctB bc'ui" "I P-'W". 1 10 ". 3 ' ; I'1' Ut ,lc,lrl completed. '1 his is a heavy work, Uio , heaviest mnl most expen-ive, o suppose, upon the whole lino; tind from the very thorough anil , ....I. .t : .t "... , 1. It 1.. .... ,.111 t1 r-"p'ml lorm, when completeil one of the linest spcci- inens ontridging und llridgo Jlasonry in Now J l',rl.i,i ,. .,ii !.. c. 11... 1 ho grading on the whole line from I'" - - lington to Hollows Falls, is progrcssidg with increased rapidity, wo understand, within tho pat two or threo weeks; and a largo section of the road on the Hast hide of tlie Jlountaiii wil , be in complete readiness for the Cars whenever I the Cheshire Hoad may ho prepared to receive them. Some .1000 tons of tho Rails have already been delivered by the CmUraclors, and are now aniving at our wharf, mid nt Vergenncs sev eral hundred tons having already been deposit ed near tin; Depot Grounds in llurlington. The rail is of the description known as the " T rail," and weighs (10 lbs. to tho yard. A Kocomotive, the. "Nantucket," not the "Nut Tucker") has ', , ' i 1 ,i itn.,to n.. uh" ',cc" rc'colVoJ Iur.' '. U'"' UUraLL" ".'"U Ii cil riosityniui interest. We f-uppoe u is u it is to be used nrincinillv as a Grading Hngine, and for ,lrn,M cnm.ected with the fniKhing of the 1 - . I track. 1 We uiiders-tanil at a recent meeting of j the Directors, held tt Uutland on the Bltli inst. i . . i o, IIi-nsuvw. K-il.. of 11,.1, wnw nn. liOMUIl, w.n nj ..,. Treasurer of tlie Company, trlK- 1 . . , . Ml vw was present ard accepted tho trust J''"s ' appointment, from the deservedly lugli cliarac-1 ...r it ...1 ,1. rnniita- ,. ,' i1H"niII0,1'bii3ine1,j men in Boston, . . , . . . r.n ,.. ;,. nml vv lercvcr lie id unmii, cnuiiui is" b"- .rro-il nn.l ,reiiernl satlfactlOll. Mr. K ii'T. of .Midllebiiry, who has hitherto ncrfrmoj 0,,. respomible duties of Treasurer ! .. .... in a mo-it acceptable manner, remains, we arc informed, as Assistant Treasurer. On tho whole, wo ino-t cordially congratu late the public on the near approach of tlie time , . .1 !. . ..i.. i:a ...,i :. :u i. ....... ,.!,. ..I wc" " ' " , i ,7 and the. iron horse will be snorting through the rich valley ot W e-tem ermoii , w in i no v.i- ried productions ol our fertile toil intliouri track ot his fiery car. ht WIiU'Sods for 1810. 1IY JL S M. TWI.0K. Tc'NE " Eutttr, Cheese and all." Conic all e tried and faithful Whigs, Come let our voices rattle. To D.-niocrntsnnJ Dciinsjogucs We'll s've decisive buttle I Willi " Hocuu nnJ Beady" nt command, Who ne'er will u-o tbcni tender, We'll 'bow tbi'ln , lis we've told llieni oft' We never will surrender ! Although Iheir leaders wrnlihy ate, And Uae gold spnon nml tli-hcs, Ami llu se their seven principles : 1'ivi! loaves and two small fi-bes, In pil nl men and mensures, sir, They'll find ibe bailie's hut ; We'll meet llieni at the ballet bux Willi paper for " gmpe shot !" Anollier parly Ins sprung up To aid the democrats, A verynice-npp.'ariiig name l'nr such mischievous rats, " Free Sail " " Tree Speech," " Tree labor," sir AnA freely (rive llieir nid, To help lllonj poor I is Cuss To carry out " I'ltllKTRADK !" But under Gi'n. Taylokj sir, Hufiiciint e shall lie ; TasiaUe will send Maitin Van, And like fioni Cas tbe 0 ! They've hM tin- pmier lull Ion;; enouji, Wc can no longer w ut, And wv'llei.n n?nce our jjlorious reiau In BIGHTBKX I'OIl'l'Y BIGHT. Wo hnvo tho pleasure of laying before our rentiers this evening, tho trme of tlie luliiiiriililo uiul explicit letter of den. Ta-y Lint, nil iitnot 01 which wo puninnr.. 011 .Saturday. Too entire production will on - K- in.-r.-usn tho satisfaction uiul delight with , , , ,,; . , v. which the exira-i j;neii 11.1s ua-n huihh in Vermont. Tho Albany Jurcmng Jour- nnt nays of it : ,. Till' frank, unuly in b'P-nJent Idler Iron; Gen. Tvvjiii.viinh'.iuiii! uiul ejpl.'iiiiiiu.' bis ptiiiiipUsnn.l iioa.iiun. wi'l he lead witli deep ami "rutelul ninlloll nn-t il, iiiias cli-aresi wiii'ii inesi siwcri'ly lesied. U'e I... ,. ...... 1 fina true men. I, 'I. 1 AVIJIK. IIKC nare ...... j- . . - -, i.i Tivloh's Ml. is.l-it now; Ih il be has n viewul Iheui nil, nml boldly ( is n bis halm.) plained hiinscll upon Iiiilepen.leiil ll'lii" "round, we arecoiislrauieil tosiy hue hi eil peip:.-cd mnl lilill"eu liy some, ni yen, lh it he is a ww as well ns a Roul man. lie is, e lire .nri'. tlie lirill MllOlllll ecouiiiry wants ai the he.iJ 'Ss,.l'':Nu'l.,uwVs:Va.;,,i nl llsnlliceis. He n llie'l' bear nl i him iidJs'to uur ulairaiioii nl' bis ibaracier I havo said I w ns not a p illy i-andid.ite, nor mnl ptitu-iplcs. .,,'am I in straitened and sectarian sense Willi Ihi- Lejier ibmisiiiiilsiiriibennieil btssi! H, . , M ,,r(.Veiit my beingtho Piesident of u-arill h lek In ( it'll llVUiR. lie isn tiutll lllli Im I- A, , , I , J , , r - ..r,'''..a;.s,.L," .. 'S '-iiivmiJ ihe Crisis .to. I tlio win do people, 111 case ol my election. 1 dm I s.!.... ,l.r.i .! nil 114 1, liiand such a mill. , . , , lie shall line him fur I'rcsuleiil, and the People, wilh hand uud hrnit, will he gralelul In n henilicent l'iiiiileni-e lor raisins up sogieat oudguoju man to he tUt-ir Ruler." A " Hough anil llraJy" Lctler from CJcu, Tmlof. Last Pa'-cvooi'la, Sett. l, 1813. Dear Sir On the iil day of .May la-t, I ad. dressed you a letter explaining in views in re gard to various in titers of public policy, lest my fellow-citizens might I'J misled by thu many coiilrahctory and conllictilig stalcmeuts in res pect to them which appeared in the journals of tho day and weio circulited throughout the country. 1 now find Myself misrepresented and misunderstood noon another point, of such im portance to inyiclf personally, if not to the coun try at large, in tu claim Iruui me a candid and connected exno-ition of my relations to tho ... . . . . .. . , , , . letters, which havo-.-'enlly appeared over my signature, to show lli.ft I occupy an altitude toward the various initios into which ' ,ie ...,t are diiided, and especially towards i divided, and especially Inwards the Wnlg party as leiireseuted by the National Coiniiiliou wbirhasseinbled in Philadelphia In Juno las, H i.j lelteis and scrap, of let - Iers h itktiibliihed .Wicnn-trned in r lection nu,1lJT1 hate bidkiiiiiiro said upon this eiili- iert, should noUiJiWhaii) to complain of Ihe ,...!.!. . 1...I ..! specu wuu wmvn-vny oiuwcis 10 uuiims .j icr- i imi.iic in regard to the peuuiug canvass. I refer all persons, w ho are niiMous on the The utmost ingenuity has been expended subject, to this statement for tho proper under- npon several letters, and detached sentences nf1 standing of my position towards tho Presidency tinus havn been piven up to the captious crill- f"m r ,ll"'n. bo hiye been inn.lo my enemies hv n nouilniitmn which has been teinlereil tn me w'iH.ont Pi.licl' itionor arr.uitrcmcMit ol mino ; or nftbo inauner in which selected pva;:c.s in some nf mv loiters, written in the frreilom ami f - ireWin in of a correspondence, n,ll,! I"'1-'" comuiutiic.ilcil to the pub ic pres. fmn h Clinl(ljit M,lrik,ll frmll spr;tw rCxpl.iiialiiry ficls and circinnlance. uliicli mo, in so I ir as nils canvas is concern f'1! historical, they arc as deceptive as tlintijli '!"' "orL' u,livc ,ri,:,ltin- ' address jnu Ihi, letter to correct the inju-llce that ha- been done me. and the public, lo the extent (hat I am an oliject of interest to them, by this illi- oor.u process. 0iitiitic'iii of my n une as a candid lie Hie Presidency. I was then at tho head of the American nrmv In the Valley of the Itiotirande. l; ' ' '' surrounded bv Whigs and Democrats wl o . st(m, ,y mR in-tb0 Irving hours of mv life, ,) wlntI, n Wil, my dc.-tiny to cninliictthfoiigb Ucenes nf r-lill gre iter trial. .My duly I nrmy, utid to the Kepublir: whoso battles we l'l i; .'ijlii, imiJiiiu ni .n-iiiuniy .1 ',-iiniil of seeming hostility to any portion of the brave men under tny cnininand all nfwhoui knew I was a Whig in principle, fur I undo no conceal ment of my political sentiments or predilections. .Such biid been the violence of parly struggles ilurili g our lite pri'iilrnliJI i Ic enons, that tlie acceptance of n nomination u. iler too various Interpretations given to tlie nb'ig.ilinns nf a can didate pre-entrd to the public with a lorninl.iry nf political principles, was equivalent ahuo-t til a declaration of uncninproinUing enmity to all who did not Mibscribe to its tenets. 1 was un willing to hazard the cll'ect of such relationfhip towards any of the soldiers under my cmnmind when in front of an enemy common to us all It. would have been iiiiiust in itself, and it was .is repugnant to my own reelings as it was to my duty. I vyanted unity in ibe nrmy, nml fore- orc nny art nial iiuglitsovv tncs-eeils ol . i,triil .1 nil ,.1-i.iM in ii us i.,iii,, j ii iu inn ill, itui-i-, vviilten at the time, before me. but I h?v are all 0f nne imiiort, ami in cuuloruiity with the views . . Herein expresseu. M I. : I . I . I.- . t ill 'M 11 W II lit, I WHS MMirilEMI HV mV Ilr r rlil I c, ki !..., I... Vlfri.. '....I Ii r ' ' iu .umini..-. nomin it"d by the people in primarv assemblages t1.111..vm,tiii."iiu.Miiunt..i.Uiaaii, i -ny vv mg-, icmucrais aim .Natives, in sepa- I 'lit UN" IIIIAVH II Ml I I I I 11 I H..-"!-!!!! 1 1 M. 1 1 1 ill I f nil continued to do -o till led to believe that mv opposition was assuming the a-pect of defiAnce of the popular wishes. I v ielded only when it looked likcprcMimplion tiiresist 'lunger.iind even then I should not have tiono -o bad not the nom inalion been presented to me in a form un likely to awaken acrimony or reproduce the bit terness of feeling which 'attends popular elec lions. I fiy it in sincerity and truth that a part nf the inducement to my consent was the hope that by going into the canvass it would be con ducted with candor, if not with kindness. It I ii is been no fault uf mine that this anticipation has proven a vain nne. After I nennitteil mv olf tn bo announced for the Pre-idency, under the eircum-tanccs aoove notieeil, I acccpteil nomination alter nom ination in tho spirit in which they were tender ed. They w ero made irrespective of parties, and so iicknow lodged. No 0110 who joined in those noinin itions could have been deceived ns to my political views'. J ronitbo beginning till now I havo declared myself to be a Whig on all proper occasions. With this distinct avow al pulili-hed to tho world, I did not think that I had a right to repel nominations from political opponents any more than I had a right to re fuse tho vote "of a Democrat at the polls ; and I proclaimed it abroad tint I should not reject the proffered support of any ho ly of my fellow citizen-. This was tny position when in No vember last I returned to tho I'nitod States, long before either of tho groat divisions of tho people had held a national reinvention, and when it was thought doubtful if oiij of them would hold any. Matters stoo'd in this attitude till spring, when there were so many sUte.nents in circulation concerning my views upon ipieslion of nation al policy, that I felt constrained to correct the errors iiito which thi public mind wm falling by a more evplicit enunciation of principles ; w hich I did in my letter to you in April l ist. That letter, and tho facts which 1 havo deLailed ns brielly as a proper understanding of them would permit, developed my wholo position in relitiou to the Piesidency, nt tin time. 'I he Democratic Convention met in .May, and composed llieir ticket to suit them. Tins they h ul a right to do. Th ' National Whig Con vention met in June, and selected mu as their candidate. I iic-opt"d tho nomin itiou with gratitude and w n.i pride. I was proud of the confidence of such 11 body ofui"ii, representing such a rou-tilii"ncy ns the Whig p irt y of the United Stite, a manifestation tlie more grate ful bee uise it was not cumbered witii exictions incompatible with the dignity of the presiden tial ollice, and the responsibilities of its incum bent to tho whole people of tho nitinn. Ami I may add, tint thee emotion wore increased by "associating lny name with that of the di-tin-g'ui-hed citizen of Now York, whoso acknowl edged abilities and sound conservative opinions might Inve ju-tly entitled him to thu first place 011 the ticket. The Convention adopted 1110 as it found me n'l.:.. .1 i.... ..1.-.. : ' a , 111" ilfl lill'll 11111 liui iiiu.i ill 111, ueniniii-, , HimM ,0 uUmllt c.u.. in v,.re t shift 1 the rclitioinhips which subsist! at tho time. 'hoy took .110 with the declaration of principles , . . , t.. tl, ... , mi, I I w null 1 he , without ih'fe: enco it 1 were to say or no any thing to impair the force of tint declaration. 1 hivo slid that I would accept a nomin it ton fiom Democrats, but in so doing I would not nbato 0110 jot or tittle of my opinions as written down. Such 11 nomin itioii, as indicating a 00- llllill-ili.1.- Ol IMIllllon oil nil.' MIliN uiu-e in oli I jt, should not be regarded wilh disfavor by t,8,0 ), tlln!; :,, ,., n comnllllient Jior- in.,-,.- . in. iiililtv ill! llie . myv)f ii shoilli 7"'" " "v 11 '"ol" I woubl repulse them wit lioulil not o; expecteil that 1th in-iiU. I slnll not nio.lily my viohs to entico tliem to my snlo : j hnll M0t 'r,.ject their aid when thev join mv '"'' voluntarily. not re r.inl mvspll'iis nun lielnro tho I'onveiitinn ! met, and tint body did not seek to make me ilillurent from whit I was. They did not fetter mo down to a series ol pledges which were to be an iron rule of action in all, mid m de-pite of nil, tho contingencies tint might ari-o in the eoiir-o of a presidential term. 1 am not ex pected lo lay violent hinds indiscriminately up- 1.11.. ..,i:n. 1 l. 1 .. i. v.,-' on jMii.ui. iun.i.-,s, j;iiii or oail, MHO III IV lllll in .x.n.iiil, ill. .,n In... ......nln.l i' I'.m. ...,....... ...,..,.... . ...ii i.i.v ,..., ci, u no, u hJT.MiK liio in by not b'ein - a n irl'v can.liilatp.'' And I understand this is good Whig doctrine I would not ho a partisan President, mid heiico Hhould not ho a party candid ito in tho seine m u woiiiu mane me one. Tins is the sum anil sub-tanee of my iiieaning, and this is tho pur port of tho facts uiul circumstances attending my nomination, when considered in their con- nection with, unci dope .Jenco upon, ouo anoth- and Ibo people. II it ts not intelligible, I can- not mako il so. mid slnll reaso to attempt it. In taking leave of tho subject, I have only tn ndil that my to letters to you embrace all tlio ndd that my tno letters to you en topics 1 design f. siie ik of pending this c in- vass. If I mu elected, I shall do all that tin . honest zeal may elleet to cement tho bands of nur Union and cstuhlish tho luiipiness of my countrymen upon nn enduring basis. TAYLOR. To Cr-pt. J. S. Ali'o.v Kouinl ml vice. Ulilg, Oigiinlzo I We have received a letter from a gentleman long prominent in the Whig ranks in Vermont, which couvejs mil Ice to excellent and timely that we take the liberty to publish il. entire. The writer is one whom exneriene,. and observation have taught the value, nay the imlhpcnsatitawti nfa thorough orgaulz ition In order to secure a political triumph. Wo feel at liberty to my that he is fully authorized to speak on such a topic. No man contributed more to the noble and universal organization of tho Whig l'arly in Vermont, which secured the triumphant vote of 1310, than he ; and if the wise and enn-ide-rale counsels he gives below are heeded, as they might to he, the Whig Victory in Vermont will bo scarcely less signal than in 1818. We do not pretend to know what steps our able .State Committee are taking, in anticipa tion of the coming Presidential Klcclion, bin wo do know that .Mr. UliAm.ty docs not in the le.i-t over-estimate the iittil importance of" W- miyh nrqnnhiiliim.1" We can tell tlie Whigs of Vermont tint an altcmft trill ha made tn uniti the uil and inrgar if Cussism and Van Uuren- "W for the avijircd purpose if d'featin" the Whigs. The I.ocofuco wire-pullers of the Tree Soil movement in favor of Van Uuren, having signally failed to draw oil' any considerable por tion of the Wntus Into tho support of the mo-t tiiicomprniming;)ro-sZ'icry man tint the North otnr r.iwoil tirn nnttf hiht a rir tit ntlnct union w ill, their bnlhren of the Cass and Butler rcuuhes l"e c"ut,s of ric,,on anJ "f party lo prevent Gen. Taylou from receiving ,llsle,nP:rc frcndship. Our telegMghie div the electoral vote of Vermont, and thus aid In ' 'atcl'' ,ast cvc'li"fe'. info""s that Mr. Clay securing the election of Vass ! Let the Whigs, " f l'C'ly prevented the firther association and the Whig 1'rce Soil men of Vermont, look of re;lt ",mC!l,"l iiill"encevvith suchtnovo toit! Tho Licomcos who secured the notnina-1 mcn'!'' Tl,e N't',v Vork Kvpren pnhli-hcs an tion of Van Buret! at Utica and Buffalo, prefer i cxlract of a lclter f'm -Mr. Ci.av, dated Sept. Cass to Gen. Taylor. John Van Uuren him-1 8tI' I318' '" wl,icl' 1,0 ai- tnlf !n I.J j r,A 1. V t. . I 1 v ' ,,ta PI'fUtu ill iLW I OiK. IlinnCUI'llC I V I L.a. it I.. ... . ! aiit-r mi; lummore ucmvcntiun, decIareiMli:it 1 1Pr I . ll,riit.i.r.w.M 1.MI1CP nitttVP' W AS 'IO UK1T.AT Till: WHIGS!" ll',i-s j iiiimiii, look in it: ine contest is no 'Ween Leuis Cass and Gun. Tatlok. Mr. , l'rm It men cannot reccitc a solitary electoral lute I sni's ' 111 the Union. Mark this ! And remember, as 'I'ho North American commenting upon Mr. .Mr. WnnslER emphatically says, that " EVK-' Clay's letter, published in the Kxpress, says : RY WHIG VOT12 GIVKX TO MR. VAX . "there is an entire concurrence in the sentiment HL'RKX DIRllCTLY AIDS Till! KLUC-1 of this extract with other private intelligence to TlOX Ol' .MR. CASS." Let the true Whigs which we casually referred when noticing tha of Vermont understand this miserable plot to recent Clay movement in the city of New York." overturn their proud ascendancy in the Slate, The Kpre tn night adds. Mr. Clay not onlt and to secure the election of Lewis Cass,, and nui'scs the t'-n of ms 5aue run tue 1 rem let them organize and meit it, and they can, as he.scy ny any Party, and t-or. axy plt.fce, heretofore, defeat all combinations of Locofccc- lot says, he will as cfhtaixly vote for Gks. i-111 that may be arrayed iigaint them I Tbefol- lowing is Mr. Bradley's letter: BcitLtsGTO.v, Sept. 18, HIS. .Ma. Ci.vnKr. Dear pjir: have but 1 about six wicksbefnrc the whole country will be called upon to cast their votes I for Presidential electors. 1 cannot learn that our Slate Committee have made any arrangements lor the organization of the Whig Party without a close and thorough organization, this little Whig star "that nevi rsets'1 will Le in danger, and may go down It is v our duly, mnl ihe duly of vour associate U'l,i BJilor, lo call upon lliose intrusted wiib lh duty ul '" "'Jure (Jen. Ta YLOit. It did 'nf tell its tTeln J orsmi.iug ihe Wblg.of Vermont tu be upaml doing, ! ('d reader.- that .Mr. Webster will support tho and ibatatonce. Ii should be tlioiough. Ut eury nomination ofGcn. Tayloii, nor that 'ie re-ards coumy .own.audslnul uVtrict. h, i ihoroueh or- every Whig vote ca-, for Van Buren' a, "half S tiiuilion and leaily lor the contest. , .,.,. . , , ,. . . ' " It must now be clear to every.observing man, that , . C"' '"r ' ! Not a w,,rJ r ! Tl1" tbcionust isbeti-iriit;Mi.Tjloriiii.llwisCns, ' col"cicnlinus MVii.g-editor or a I'm iurcn I viiu fco liu other i--u. If e elect Cieii, 'I'njlor, paper in Vermont, don't like to lay such tesli we assuredly reluin to lint l.ib stale ol' prospeniy tunny before its readers! bad. mder the TuriironM'i.uuJ American industry, New we have a proposition to make to the will be protected and chm-hed. Il, on ibe contrary, Van Uuren r . ici , . Cass should be clec.ed.tbc country is to Iw fiooded , , r T, Z ' pap0f ' I",U"h will, loreigi, importation., and we are lo bediaiued of , . l , " EnrrR r'e wi" rt- the last dollai-the indu-iry of our countrymen neg- 1 " !,IIJ' r'J"al a""""l "f ai'.li-'I'aylor matter it lecicdand paraljed. " ( may fiirnMi ns ; and wo will leave the selec- l' il we elect Gen. Tavlok, we elect .Mr. ' ' or the anti-Taylor trash to ,. II. Ciiitten I'lLLaonE, that lat friend of American indusiry 1 UE.s and .Vaiiel Peck Knrs,nnly iiisisiine that .Mr. 1 lUMoat: if elected, will hold .be balance of ikc Wcb,ter' speech, it shall be a sin-ie artU power in the U. s. senate, upon that great and im- 1 . u. , ,.,, , . . . " ar" portautT.esiiun, the cxiension ol Slaury. We can ' . r 1 "' Pr"P'"on in s -.ison fortbc trust ibis q lesiion lo linn wnh entire confidence. rC -V f "t,Jlt ,rceK's ''" l,"rcn Cm-' ier. Therefore, lei Ihe Whigs ol ibis b'utc Ik; o.jjanized. ' " - tirganization will carry this State tbruuh the coming (C? 1 he New Vork Whig Electi al 'l ickct contest triumphantly Organization ill 1 it in lsil is headed In-Jons.- A. r, . . c c Organization brought '-'5,1)00 tbcen ,Moun::.i:i llo)s lierci.i isiuami -o.oiKiin 1511. Let the wateb-word "Orgtnie! Organize!! (V -eiizj ! 1 !' run llirougii the Wh.g rank, and old Vermont will come out ol the contest the bright Whig Stir that never sets. Is there a Wing tint i!l not cast his lote lor our ex cellent Ticket I The names are only to be mention ed to ensure every Whig vote. Will ibe names of raiibanks, Pollen, Tracy, HoJges, Caihu.Cleielaud, be scratched by tiny man who ,aj ever been a Whig in Vermont I Never ! let us only organise, and a"l is well. Rispectfully Voiim, IIAKRV nr.ADLBY. Dcntli orcnjit. .Mur)iitt, It. .V. We have unintentionally omitted to mention the death of Captain Mauyatt, le.-s di-tinguish-ed us a commander in the British Navy than as an author of tare merit. The thuu-.inds who ll.iv read I a I.l , ...cob r.. , . . s :i " .V': ' ? -v.s. .'..,"., vs., oi near ei Insdealh wilh regret. He died at his f,,miy seat in England on the Ulh ult. iiftt-ra lingering ilhiCi. He was warmly abused by many of uur American writers, but deservedly ranked, nolwitli-lanilipg, among (be ablest men of the age. His Pb.intoin-Ship, a wo doubt not many orour readers will concur with us in savin" is a waark of wonderful interest am, abilfty! and is said o have nroi uced inanv sa utirc-rnfr,rma :.. said to have produced many salutary reforms in tlie British X.ivy. Captain .MAi'.Y.vrr will be remembered in this Country as a gentleman of warm social feelings, of the highest personal honor, and, f i his nu merous vvritiiiL's indicate) eenerotis and kind. hearted ' to a fiult." The loss or his son, who was a most callanl and nroniisinrr ollieer in the ,-!.. s- , i.i ... . uriiisii ,vavv, no uouii n isiencil the event that his deprived that Navy of a r.vorite command- er- a,ul 1,10 woM f K'ttcrs of an abld contrib - utor. Here', to y,.u, IIAKRV CLAV ! Here's to ou my nnhle soul! Here's to you wnh all my neart'"' Our readers will learn with the liveliest pleas ore aim satisiaction nial llli.Ml. CLAY puts his veto, einpl.allciilly and wilhout reservation . ' iianmiun, "I""' 1,11 fictions attempts to connect his honor- ed and glorious nimo with the Presidency Wc h ive expressed our confident belief "ti n null would be his course. Wo have never for aniou.ent doubled it. He i, the same noble I f tho Van lima, Courier's position in self-r.irgflling Whig that he has ever been 1 rt'sird lo a Protective T.iriu", and tho Sub true to the Whig party not for the sake of party ' Treasury. Wo pause for a reply success, hut fur tlio sake of Winn PntscirLLs - He is a W.uo whom Vermon.ers have eve;! 07- Wo wonder if it has no, .1 the g n ,ed in supporting as - the true embodiment" notice of the o,o V that Colcheste Z ol their Principle-. Cus-men ani-Van lluren-'rour IIVp, thi. year. ,"01c"C3tcr i men have lwcn feasting, for the past mv 'lys, over the M Clay demonstrations " in New oire and anticipating ruin to the Whig Cause in thaj great Slate, in consequence. They knew little or IIAKRV CI.AY ! They made the miserabf, mistake of judging by the demagogue course of Martin Van I In rati But they arc deceived HKNIIY CLAV is the last man in the Union to play into the hands of Cass or Van Buren. He loves bis country loo w ell ! Aptly did our neigh bor of the Daihj Hentin'l quote, this mornlnj, from the noble vorecs of Whither: " He is not fallen ! as well the tall AND 1'ILLAREt) Al.LEOllAMES FALL I" Great and good men, commit no such frrors! It is reserved for tho sm tiler fry or pirtisan pol iticians, who mistake, or substitute, personal malice and revenge Tor patriotism politicians like Martin Van Uuren, whom the Presidency of this great Republic cannot elevate cither to true dignity or mtgnan'mity it Is reserved for Mich as these to " fill " a. . .p ri-t temptation I Iin.NRV CI,AY belongs among too ' dii majo rum gentium f and his icrson.i .criyiccs, in the cause or good government and so'ind prin ciples, will be remembered longer than any Jeed of patriotism that can he connected with the name of Martin Van lltiren! Tho recent insane movement of a set of men misnaming themselves " the friends or Henry Clay," in New Vork and elsewhere, Ins produc- eU tlie anticipated result. A tuicefrom AsoWJ " Clu nnn iminl 1 ,1. .. - I . t . . .1 . . i ti r( -i -,w-y , .urn UlJl l'f Bill I nill Uter V ummvd t(HlitiJoi mv naiiu'risfi mmli. date tur tlie I'rhlpiicy. - i 1 1.1 VC l!lt'l . Alii I 9i:i invt. no .i.itlnnr.n or cnndi.latelor that dffice.'tibt VteMtmy) te(tha rniiri(rfiiint nnnl' miitmiirrivt .mh,. Public' Our tele"ranbie. rtefinalcb ' nf lnci .vn.imn o -r 1 - ..... ... -, if he is alice to do so, as the bay or election- shall AnniVE. There is also a letter in town from Mr. Clay declaring in the mo-t positive terms, that under no circumstance 1 w ill ho accept a nomination. A imposition Vnn Uuren men, ahoy t The Irtii Uuren Courier, in its last week's number, makes a garbled extract from Web. si "'' "ou' "P011' !'l MaMinelil, which it uses llr..sav II. Ho,, of Lssev. The ALanv Eve ning Journal says the noble letter of (i'eneral Tailor (which we published in full lat eve ning) k.ssL'kks that State for TAVr.on and I'tLLMonr. by nt loat oO.CCO. IT One of ibo capital advantages of Draw Bridges over navigible waters, vv here there is a large amount of business and trivel to be " ac cninno lalcd" by such bridges, is well illustrated by the following paragraph, which wc cut from the la.-t ltoHun Daily Adirrtircr n ArrinENTAsn Narrow Hsi apc. .esterdiy alterimon, a-the 11 o'clock pas scneer tiainorrars for l'all River.was nearui" Ibo bridge over the channel betw.en South strea iiiiJ South Ilo.ion, the Engineer perceived tint the draw was nirtl,e sloop X, ,Ue baiii," just pa--ed through. He imuiediatelv reversed tho "'.glue, O.ICU ngine, " backed strum'1 ,,i.,l ,t. i I" "P"' ' l-M" could be JOII0 "as mu siuucK iillicient lo nrecent tin. e,,i,, ,. ...i,. mid one barr-'iei. c:,r rr..i I...I.... .i oil Ihe bridge, a distance of some livelie or fif teen feet, into the water. As the car went over, the shackle parted, and the brakes being applied to the pa-enger cars, they wcto ..i,.u,,.,,v prevented Irom following. Some ''c "T.,"'s "Kn w"in the engine and baggago l-'r' : '-'( ul.'01" 1"lvc'1 ""'"i-elves uiihmri c- I :,,:niiil!;lUi;,,;:iSdp7 V..i l( ..,,l..l..i. f. .. i. ,.., . ,l""u."' "' vvei uaniioipn, .Ye, winch were in the bar. gage car were recovered and brought back to the Po-t Ollice, with the bag. roll ofwater. Tho letter-and pipers will bj properly dried and for warded. JTIIis the ardent and enthusiastic Editor of '"'"c" Courier round out that .Messrs. " "-"ejiohe oi .tlilton, and Sutton of St. ! llSlimi. Lot!.- , II. I'.. " ' l " ""'i'" i 'i iiiirfn as mi " ""''"ssNt" c ,f,vn. and -nothing shorter ?- 1 AnJJoei tho 1 an Jlurcn Courier remember tho instructivo fable of the artful cat that rolled . a over in meal, in the hope of humbug. I K'"s " o1,1 "Ifrifnced rats Ah ! , the way, vvnulu the Van Iluren Courier I spare time from its zealous battling of its old - 1 conrederalcs, the Wliigs, and tell us w I ether or "ul -'Mm I an Uuren declares himseir in Iris manifesto, in favor of Ensr Tn r ,i "", .i lavor oi i nEr. l kahe ana 1)lRT Taxation . Something besides prc- i Vt''ing tho extension of Slaverv lias nni in s.. attended to in the administration r n.iJ ,-. , mcnt. Wo should bo t.le.i.e.l i i.-n. ,1... n-i.-.

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