Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 22, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 22, 1848 Page 3
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1 BuHMNGTOIV FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MOltjflNG, ScI)icbg-8 . , j Mrtluc lllcclioii. Tho recent election in Maine, ai wc.havc before intimated, has tiecn anything hut encou raging to tlio new-lights ol' Freedom who are tailing unJer the piratical 11 lg of Martin Van Uuren I Free Soillsm appears to have, been frightened into silence by tlio nomination, bv the HiiflUto Convention, of no notorious and uncompromising a pro-slavery tool ! Tho Whigs have nnbly maintained tliMr ground having given an Increased Slate vole, over 1847, elected two, certainly, and probably Ihtcc, members of Congress (they now have but one) and very nearly secured tho l.-gislatrue against the Cassitta 1 The Portland Advertiser gives the following recapitulation of the Gov ernor vote in 31 J towns in that States : .... . 1817. 18-IS. 2l,8.'it 27,175 Democratic, i!d,'J53 32J-2r Abililion, and scattering, (i.Oll lO.'JOU I'luralily againt Dana thus far 475 1 In same towns last year; 214 D ma's loss, 4510 The whole number of Representative is 151 and all have been heard from but 14. There is one Taylor Democrat elected, and there aru 10 Van Uuren men, 57 Whigs, and lid Democrats. ji 1110 proi'auie result ol the residential, elec tiun, the paper above quoted i-ays : - " Wo find in all Whig csliinites out of thi.s mate that .Maine is put down lor Lass. We have heve heretofore so estimated it ourselves: but since the election on Monday, wo incline to the opinion that Taylor and Fillmore electors will bo chosen. A nliiralitv elects. Some who voted tho Dana ticket on .Monday will vole for Van Uuren in November, and others will vote I forlaylor. Maura inns,!, at least, br pot now among (be doubtful .Stales. Van lluren will get several thousand more than Fo"ondpn, nnd T.ivlor several thousand luoro than Hamlin, while the vole for Cass will fall -liort ol'lhat for Dana. Hy proper cliort, Taylor will take tlio Sute of Maine. ' scattering Wentworth, Richard Rradly, IMmund I'arkcr frinn the sewral IVugrcslonal disltirts. Hon. Jacob Collamer of Vermonl, was present by in- ..!...(.... , .!,! 1 , . vu.iiiuu, ami oeiivercii a very nolo auu 11111 uc live address, of which a conv has been rruncst- ed for publication. A series ol resolutions pledging the Whigs of tlio granilo Slate, to the iieaity and seulous Mippnrt of Xirli.try 'Fax Itir and Millard Fillmore was adopted ullli ctiiliu-sia-oii, and tlicOontcnlloii separated, jidividualy deteriuined to do liis utmost fur the redemption of New Hampshire. Huston Daily Adi. ftyOnr friend of the Mnntpclier Watchman, though his iguics are right, insists that the Whig majority in the Senate, is hut 1 1 ; and tho Boston Atlas copies the error. We give below, the names of the Senators elect, and 'respectful ly suggest" that 21 Is TWi:t.vr. more than 9. WI1I0S. Bennington County. (ir.onoE R. DnAfEii, It.ancis luunnr.. Windham County, John- Kimdall, Pctcu W. Dr.AN, Lakkin 0. Jln.ui, Windsor Counti. Ouvr.rt P. CiiAsm.r.n, Soi.ox DAxror.Tir, W. Cor.nun.N, Fnr.M'ii. Jlulland County. Jonv Fox, Ilr.Nr.Y Stan, i.f.v, IIzka June. Addiian County. Iiia Ktkwaiit, Xuiucl Wai.kci:. Chittenden County. At.tXASDnr. Feiiouson, Jamis IIajiiltox. Franklin County I.ucas R. Uceman, Ru les Hamilton, Josatjiax H. Huhbaiiu. Kttex Cnitidy. Ukamkl CiiAwtoun. Grand hie County Suumio.n J. Dams. lied and nriji-stle manner into the briny llonil, which graciously parted Its waters to receive her. DEMOCRATS. Orange County. .IIkmiv Keves, William Sweat t, Jejfeuson P. Kmunii. Washington County. Nathamel Hanceoit, William Caiu'enteii . Caledonia County. Samuel 1). Mattocks, Isaac N. Hall. Orleans County. Timotiiv P. Hldhixij. van nuunMTi-:. Lamoille County. W.M. W. White. Whigs 21 Cass and Van lluren 9 " " -linos. " & Mass. R. R. riylit-, " R. R. G iiios. In reference to the Increased vote, the Boston Atlas says : " The scattering vote, it will be seen, is some what larger than it ever was before. This is not, however, to be attributed entirely to Van Burenism ; tho Liberty vote has not been mate rially increased by being sold out to the Kinder hook magician. A large portion of the scatter ing votes were given to other persons than the Van lluren candidate ; for instance, all the scat tering votes but four in the Thoma-tons, and nearly tho whole of that in Lowell, vvu-, given Yf. 1 ..nil Yin.- 1. ..1.... ah.. :.i ..c III It llll U'lVMII. IV ll.ll. -IIIU",- llllll Sillll I'l t, .1 11 ! . . ,. ,. TayloriM,., may with ten tin.?s more truth be , 'Smit"' ,,ie R!!CI,,S 111 "rlmRtcn, the July num-1 Sxoiits- earhngs fyS a aid of Van liiirenim there is none of it in ours of the London quarterly, the Edinburgh, ' ? '''r' W'" '" '. Maine. There is hardly enough of it to serve , and the lle-7wii'istvr Reviews, and the August Whig majority, 12 The Iteviews. Wo have rcccived.tlirough Messrs Fdvvaeds & tliird t 75 a 5 25. li.'tlCWt ft'CWH HI' DLKOTUW TIUXURAVIL New- York, Sept. Ill, fij P. M. From the New Orleans Crescent, Sept. lllh From 1iguna and Vera Cruzr. The ship York at New Orleans from l.iguna 2.1,1 tilt, and from Vera Cuz the 20th, brings the following intelli gence. The news from tho interior of Yucatan at tho l,iguua,was that tho Indians had ceased ho-lil-ilies, to attend to their corn crops for the win Icr, alter which, it is the opinion of the Whites, they will recommence. The Citizens and For eigners at Laguna have org mixed themselves into a volunteer company for their own protec tion. From the authorities they ale subjected to many petty annoyances, and were it not for the presence of the U. S. Vessels 011 tho coast, some of which ran into the h iibor, serious dis turbances it is supposed would take place. It is suppo-cd on the 22d ult., that the Amer ican Consul and his wife at Fiontcra had been grossly insulted by the inhabitant. MARKETS. Sep'. 20, ;i P. M. Flour Is steady and in fair demand. Sales of 5 or UOOO bbls. ut 5,S7 a 5,9 12 or 3000 are for cxpoit. Wheat is steady, but ipilet. Oats, 31 a 35. Sales GOOObu. Sales of 25,00 bus. Geii nessec Wheal at 1,31. Coin is without change. Sales 15 or 20,000 bus. at (12 a fur mixed, G9 a 70 for round. In Pork there is not much doing. Quotations arc lirm. Opening Sale of FALL DRY GOODS. I H t 0 ! Cheat F,i;nT.Mi:.T I The First (lii ol' Ujb Season 1 MOM! KXCiTKMKNT mi,i, m arsm throughout llnrliii!!t.n and us Mrmity, bv ilio nnjiniliccnt itiplnv of llu'h lr- (.00,1-. I the jiuiioua prices, nt which Ihcy will he 11m oil ut the Gaelics E'JxfliaMJVf, the rhrnpcsl Klure in tin' Slate. Iliau can be raised by nil tli- poluic.-il p-nlu's "I til? dny. I.veryoiip must lie nnnie n viry linuUil iiinmnit n t.ooils have been umiottrd tor the Fall liudeol IHI'H, and tint desirable inmls mu-t tic very soiree ticloi;: l ie scasnu is liall over Taking uus lor prameii me l'rnirieturs "I the lnilics I'.wliaiiRi-, have been in miiLet 1. .r ill.- hl Heiieeks.lMlVIIIiVoryi'teiiVL'- ly Iran the impoilcrs ami Hay inner iiiciiisuns Hint Iheir l.ibur will tirove not to. have lueii 111 vain, when our tuiaiermis pnlrons s'rill know cl the tic- UICIIUUUS Block HI liooilsnow iiii iinn;. EMt'HSC Moinff. Ilrnrhc Shawls, hum &-i-r'' to S3:),oi). iMeriniii, " 11 1 i.l Alp-iens, " JJo" W) 1(1 pieces ,i I.nstrr. , , 1 Ant., lamest size Hob Hoy Long Shnwls, nt a orices we d ire not ineiilion in on advcHi-cinem. tail and se Hum. UOSTON STOCK SAIJ'.S, Slit. 13. Shares Vt. Central R. R. in 65 53 RR1GHTON MARICFT Sept. ,181S. At Market 750 Reef Cattle, 800 Stores, 121)0 Sheep, ami 1350 Swine. Pmcr.s-llr.Er Cattle-ICu .$G 50; first rpial ity n a IJG25; second finality S5 55 a 6 75 Si 1 ; two year old SU8 a 27. Wokmxr Oxex Silos at SCO, 872, S90. for seed in November, when Old Zack will, (ll0l exactly the nuyus) W.Wtiro-W. The con- Cows &.Ca! vrs wUhout doubt sweep the State." , nn Jlh9 ioM tho 18 W. r-..Vi"i.. ! , 'usual excellence An nrlicle in the Loudon Sheep Sales small lots at 1 G2, 1 75, 2, 2 12 " ..,... ,.. . ni:,i .1 1 ,J..rp 2 25 and 2 50, 1 Willi I C II V un uiu 1 i n,- iliis i i kiiilv , 1 . .. !.,...,. ' hwiNE One or two lots at 4 A corresponnentof the Tribune, writing from 11,111 i-W, "' :i n " Utica, during tho late Uaruburncr State Con- i'fi'a" on "the French Republics" which under vention there, cominunicates the following. Mr. lillic to Provo ,lli,t from tlle 1,Uo Hevolulion " a Siblev was exactly right about it ! The Free vcr' EI,l lU "Jvantage has been purchased at a Tradn Iliitlalo Platfi.rm is not i-iinimh fr 1 very great co-t ;" will be read with interest and a sound Wine. It will only do for scheming "i'i"ul""""! "'"'"'s "" " ..-v..-, r hvcofocos and those Pharisaical Whigs w10 , iucide with tho varied opinions of the-u great "hi ill IS MIGHTY ASD '1U. VllKVAlL. . . . , I IT. III.- l.rt, -:,,.. r hrt I ' I ;.!. i p.i , i t Ilir-II'-, VI 111:11-1 -1, 1 7 III. liod that they "g"-. ,.o.,o,., m .,,1.,.... , Sir :-H.ivin been ll,et.-d lor innreihan ten best locoji. 01 will probib'.y not. , inonlhs with Cbrnmc lull.iuunntioii ol the llhckwood i, rich, racy, pungent, as ever.- ; J .e y. "XZ mi. r .11.. . : : ii.. iii..m..i,i...i..ii t.r .r. :.. ....i..i 1. ..i... .1 n. ....... n.i v n-.ii .. p nA 1 K n. a .lnAl. .1. . 1 imt'irt 11111 1 ii? mtt ;ii lion. 111 il- 111 iiiu u .luuiii line, o'ui ie 111 i i ii.iimiiii ui 11 mi . ........ ...mi ..... "T' .'..i . i.'. .. . ... , i.-..n:. Llieiiy, (ruin the ellects of which I ubunneil innre re linni s e ,.,ue 11 ccwina.....! iihii, uy. , ,r t-i, ... , ..,1 , ,11 ,,.-,..., , ,., ,;, ,rm 1,K.l1(.., nil m,r akr ,or i; i .11 ....n .. . . .. V ...i- it 1 vvii . , .!i I '"d i (very interesting and in-tructive, as res- that i!i-tr - 111 disonler 1 inve l,y 1 1 1 repeated iw i.''S''Z-"y"l. ..'!h. '. 1 . "-V'l . 1..,.?.. ;,.,.... , "I ilns valuable IJalsam, been nmre Ir.e Ironi pres-ure V".""u "f " T l,u" - .v .,.., t.,r l,r.-al!i J oppreiou on the hmjs 1h.n1 1 had an . . 1 ...-1 1 ..... in". 11. i,.ii.i 1 ' ..n.,., . ... I '.,vl,u. I'.rl V . M11. em ' Voir, lie out... hi ! iti....,l ....iinU .. t i'iI I I. .-nr.., oy rutiuniiui its u-e, ut llii innt d.slieiirtenini; ma -Sales at 819 $22, $25, $27 , a tic. one I lot be, small lots :c. M retail hum 5 to G'c. I H'iaii's Ilnham at the South, One of onr ai:ena at Atheii", fleoreia, ha? sent us the tallowing letter, with permission to liuMi-li the take special delight in thaukiii arc not as other men arc! The Tribune's correspondent says : 1 . lljtlilo l""!" Life,' t'lnimrin was not nm rnouja lor nun tnat lie was i-in rwincn nauuies .viiss .viarnueaii - j.asieni 1 1 ,, ., ,.1 , ,, ,,, ,,.i.,. 1 crnph that be vv.-is lor Ftee biil,Uut that tb t liironrt was not nrire rnouja 1 for Flee Soil and (ien. Tjlor." Speaking ol this greatest ol modern humbugs, ,. , ,,rffs,Vm', with just seventy) : Uigh ' the Huflalo Platform," the l.vt Boston Colt- .,.,, and twelve: Tho llliie Drairoon: Imrcls and Laureates (Dr. Cobb an I all!); ricr makes the following pungent comment!- ( " Two Pusxs or the Pi.ATror.M. Tho enm pmilinn of that p Uchwurk bit of joinery, the I!uf talo Platform, is a sore puzzle to a great many hoiiet men, who arc unable to find out what sort of limber was used in the building of it. ! The billowing may be considered as a couple of t the planks : 7Vi Mriiran Il'iir. " It i" dee tn the future fame, ns well as the pie-eut prosperity of tins gri at union, hnt it he triumphantly sustained." l.Uamu Van l!a ren " The present war w ith .Mexico is cnconrtitulional in its onijiii, unjust in us clnracler,aud dcU'sLablc m jts ohjecis." Clurlea F. Adams J These two planks are so far asunder that we 1 itiiii.'ino a person nrist in iko an uncomfortable straddle of it, who attempts to stand upon both." vl!y the way, the forgoing is by no means the fn .instance in which a Van Uuren and an AflAJii have been found holding diametrically opposite opinions though tho liufTilo noun- ness do present the 0117 instance whore an Adams i, found ' playing second liddle'' to a Van Burin! or lather the pirtion of it making the 1 dement, which ou will use as vour .in, lament die lines, J1U1VJIj. Waynshorouub, llurke Co. Uenriti 1. For sale by Tm.n. A. l'l.tic, llailiimton, nnd by uruijisis generally uiroueiioui uie uiiucu fctates. Ur. CliimillerN Address. We are indebted to the very intelligent au- 'thor, foracopy of a beaiitifully-printi-d pamphlet ' address to the Graduating Class of CaslU'ton Medical College, d, livercd last Spring, by Dr. 1 J. L. CiiAMl.F.uof St. Albans. It hardly comes I within our province to crit cizc a production pre-1 .pared for such an orcasiun and for a profession .at audience, even were we dUpo-ed to do so. But wo may say that we !i ive read the Addiess of Dr. CiuMii.Eit with especial pleasure, buth e .. I.... ... i.d ,,. I,., the llll- -on account 01 wuav niiv..s ... .... .... Tho horse dealer; Sketches in Paris. ' Old subscribers can obtain thsir copies, and new sub-cri'.crs will ba hospitably received by ' Mr. Smith, at the Itnokstore. I The n ay l.ndlmv was enr.ied. Our reai'ers are aware tint Ludlow, in Wind sor County, has been a very hot-bed nl'thi mod-1 em Free-Soil agitation, and scarcely any hope was entertained by the Whigs that lhey could succeed in electing their man. MersTiiACV and Vashbl'!:n, of Wood-lock, however, viitcd ' Ludlow just pti'vious to the taction, and suc ceeded in in iking iheuiselves beard above "the ! noise and confusion that prevailed." The effect I was very fivorable, though serious apprehen 1 sions were still euterl lined that "noi-e and con fusion" would carry tho tow 11. V arc credi bly informed, however, tint the lion, Mr. .r ell, ol Windsor, (who prefers Cass to T,tyl;r !) was per-uaded to make an cflor. to enlighli'ii Ins old co-workers and supporters of the Whig Par ly in Ludlow, on the beauties of l'n Bnren'tn, and that his speech did the thing up brown !'' .,1 good and true Whig was elected without diji cud j ! D i c b , Consumption Cured ! 1 tl.. ,C..JLA C ' DItlIt:e:r.ST' CLASS WAHU All kln.l- for sale by Til HO. A. PIXK. SiisoJ:ii!on. 'Ellin ro-pnitiit'fsliii lioirtrirdrn r.istirif; 8 imiler the mine nnd linn (,r STONI1 it II.'N 11AM is till) day dissulvul by liuilinl rnnseiit. n. i). s roNi:, V. II. UllNIIAM. Milton, Aug. 39, la 13, wlO-St Cooking, ofiico nnd Parlor Stoves. rou saw: uy PTERCi:, DAVJCV $ CO. Of l lllake's Ynnk-e Notitin f!tnvr3. 5 ehes. fX' ..tM Ncw Rngland Air TiaM.ilo I do M W.Mern, , ,7 , f.O Uuincy, do do 3 do Al"o,a lare iissortmeiitnt, Kn, ,ir Tihl I'nr lor.Slovcs.all mitl latest (111J most iiiprot"J pnt U.'s, X' . i ".s- Jil .0V- IBADDIill ! of first finality, for sulo Weare prepared to furnih Denlcuwi ill low by '1'IIlltJ. A l'l'.CIv. a sninll ndvaii'e Irimi eo't. -, -, r, T J- s' I'lKUCi:. 0. M davi;y, a.NUiuvji too yurc niiicin, 111 nnirsuir Aiieiin 10, 1 1. fl and reinii, hy 1 iu;ii, a ri;t;i. (toy JrC r joYFrr, n'TRLuanxcE A NOTIIKK Life saved alter the DOCTOItH I il could do no nmre. Dr. Uraillrr Sir I tike pleasure in elvinsjou a sHe.ucnt of the bencleiil elfects ill liiieh. ill's lluite,n rem llalsim 011 my ilauebter, who bid been for a number nfycnrsMbVleil with a Ind roueb.pnin in the side, raisiuir hlonil, nmUiul those pun nn. I trouhi, s whiih attend ll,:il in nln us ihene, t'OS'fsl ,ll' TIO.V. I employed several distinguished pliysici.iiis nt jrent expt use iio.nliernumerous visits,rind many experiments, filially it' cl.trcd tbtit They Could do nn More! I vva then ndvlsril by a friend to try Dachau's Hun mnnu lt'ilaiu. I did so. and th" o pult Iris been most utn!ishjntr. my daiiht r is rnttirlij cured and is IStitliitad :uu! ESiU'IiiiSosi m'0 A.SSIvSS.MI'aNT.SOI' 1'IVK DOf,- fl I'ir each, Inve been ordered by the Directors on ith Stoves, at 11. nmiti'.n. vv7ll' llovcy'n Hay, Straw and Corn Wiotlh- S'lII'S'S. A large risiiirlnient of the above Machines Con r nnl!y lor sale nt the I'lirhnglon Agricultural Wnrtlione. We could tell n loliir slur' nlmnt the uneliiue., hut it is miiH'ic!iry. They h'ive bi'en louder before tlm i'lihbc nnd mote treiii'mlly approved linn nny oilier, auu we pledge iiuiseivrs 10 unisiy nny mm win, viii ahiieeces llrmdclotbs nnd ( nhucrc,rlienpcrlhiiu tiovv niieiiiiniatoiieriii cusioineu uiiii, 1 pain i wo ilu.e t....n in Hurl; i.itmi An .'in ednsiirt- inunlied Dollars tor p'osiciinsau.! .Me.neuie, witn ..1 V 1 II'...,. n olntli 'nr n eo:il we nut any urt of henetll. win e Six edeeiiiii.etie o mil un llie trilnuuncs ol Hie l) llilil'niinil inisim n-is relnovi 11 uie each Sliare ni llie I'npital Slock of tlie liniland nod tnke th " Ironh'e to cill and lltumni1 iImmii tint they iiuriinuiou lioeii 1 oininnv , ore pnyaiue'in 111c inve aiivautaires over any oruer uneinue m ue. first. and the other oil the l.'lh day ol Oi loher next. - l'lCUCi:, DAVUY .1. CO. I'nvinelit litiv he inlile to llie ll-llll. 1 of IhirliltL'lo'l. Vcriienucs, Mid.lleliury, lllnck lliver, II -Hows I'.il', I hesl Kiene, N II. II. O. I'erluns, ut pie Hail llonil ollice, Hutland, Fulvvaid I'h kerimt. M Stale Street, lluslon, or to the Tiea'urer nt liis ollicu 111 Middlcbury. 1 1AM SWIFT, Tifitmrrr. Middkbmy, Auixit-ta;, ISIS. wlowrt i llollll 1 inn lie lor line i n nr. tr lirown Lottons nt 1 cl. per nio, tr.Mushu IV I.-iiiie,nt l'Jl cts lint we cannot nuiKulnrize : it would take 11 news pn pels to mention nil the Styles ol (limits nod the puces oi tiiciii, imitate just opcmiiKni mis imnous es tablishment. ,N. II. We respectfully tender our warmest thanks to cur numerous fiieiidsand cuslnuicrs, lor the very liberal paironnue hettowed on us, lor the lnt six inonlhs j or since the coinlnenceiuellt of our business in Itiirlineloli ' anil if vie have used extra exertions tu M'liire our (ioods nt prices Hint we inu-ht iiiulei-,.11 eveiy oilier More 111 me Male llieieuy iiiiimiui 11 mr Ihe interest of all to patronize this establishment, ii.itbiiiL' shall be biikini! un onr pait to coiiliuuc to mnke the well known 1idics. IIcli.uui; The tlrcat Head (Juarteis for Dry doods. WII.COX .VNAPII. New Store next to Uiinsniaid Druthers, Chinch Slleet. Sept, lt,M3. wit DR. WARREN'S Sarsnpariltt, Tomato nnd Wild Cherry Physical IIHtcis, At .(? Cents per Ilolt'e. SAUSAl'Altll.LA, Tomato and Wii.Ii Ciiebrv Hitters have now beeotue a standard rnidicine, univeisallv nliiiroved hy i.hvsieiaus ns a safe, speedy. and ellectiril remedy lor Hci uftilousMtirnmil, and tuiaiicitus itisriises; .inuniiicc, nuue,estion,iJ)spep s.n, Ihlious Disordeis, Liver Complaints, Costiveness, Weakaud Sore Stomach, Ulcers and Uuunine, Sores, Swelling of the Limbs, l'uiu in the Hones, Tumors in the 1 lirnal, llheumniie Alleetiuns, s-all Kheiuii, l.iy siieiia, had Humors, Krupiious, tm the Face or Hotly, Laiiceious s-oics, Kim;s i.vit, V.1110111C uaurau, Laueuor, Debility, I leadnche. Dizniess. Sallow C0111 plexiiin, and all those disorders whiih arise Irom the ithiise ol .Mercury, or Irom nil nnpareiaint iu the blood, no matter how ncijuircd. The extract here presented is prepared after direc tions given hy the cehhrated Dr Wnireii, whose inline it hems, nnd will be louud snpi nor to nny pie n.irntioii ot tin kind now in use. It ichielilyeoueen- trateit entiiciy vei;etaiiie, nnd very nneiy u.ivtireu 10 Hie taste. 1 lie cli tnee wlntti it piniluees 111 tne con Jititinnnd tciidtnty ot Ihe svstcui is sicrty and per miinfitt. As a Sprine; Medicine for iiiri!vui2 tlie I 00 1 slreiulheiiiiiir the sttiniaib nnd hodv anl cbeckiii: all consumptive habits the S;irs.-ipnnll,i, 1 omato and vv ltd Lheiry Hitiers arc entirely unrtv ailed, l'repaicd and sold by DAVID F. DIIADI.r.i: .t SOX, Ho Wnsluui'tou siri el. DiMnn. Acini. Diiilinetnn. Then. A. I'etk. .Montpehcr. S. K. ('ohms, nnd by D..'alcr m Medicine ihiuiihout New Ihil-iutl. Sept. 7, 'is. 13yl restoretl the stii'iteih mid broulil on a henhliy neiin.i. J am crutelully jours, jihi.n lUL .Mi. Astouisliiiiv rures of CONSUMPTION. Two cases pionotiuced bevund the reach of .Medi cal aid. Ausutn,Mi-.,May27, 181.. Dr. Hi irc Sir The llunmrinu Ikibam has been of ihe most iulinite service to me. I have bieli cureil ol an nlli-ction ol llie Lunes, wliich vvns IhoUitht to ne incur.iuie hy nil my iriends, by me use tit a lew hoitles. One of my children was aNo restoied to henlih, after heinu prontiiuiced bryutd the rrnrh of Medical aid This medicine is now mv constant 11 sort 111 cases ol any dilliculty 111 llie throat und $1,00. i.unjis. Yours, truly, I II ANC1S J, WIU'.KS.,Mr-.,Jiiiif, IS 13. Vr Iiiudlec Sir Mr, Chirk.of I'.ibnvra.a Irietul otiiiiiie, vvns taken sick about a year auu wuhahad ciiiiub, pain iu die side, general debility, x. He cuii-iihed several doctors who proserih.'d lor bun hut wnstiually told 111. COULD NOT (.1. 1 Wl.I.L. lie sloppetl takin;; medicine, bill com iiiued to grow- worse until lie wns so weak lie could scarcely sit up. Wantvd. is worth of. R-tniFniATf .V AN' AfTIVtt vntr-f! vvv 'ease restored , H . ' ,' ' ," . ." . '., n 01 I,? or ij ycuis in ie. ii.s nil iippicni'i e 10 ui" SJildl ng liii: int ts. All kinds of Sndd.ers work ton staidly 011 hand nud lor sale chenpetthuu evrr before in this County lluicsburg Vcnuoni .W. GIllD.&CO. May 8th, 1311. wlrttf SlicliMirii Ilih Ht'Iuto. riMIH full term (if this In-lit ntion will ! commence on the I'lh in-t , (next wedtiesil.iy,) under the care of the loriuer Teacher, Ira Diyoll. A competent and experiment Teacher of Mnie, French, nud Drawing will lie immediately obtained, provided there benny ronsijcrnhle demand for ins. irueiion 111 uiose uraucues. 1 union, irum v.',Joio August Ifi.'H. wTlf Vf.'jssoEJi ',-sil!':ta Z5:t:2:'o:t(I !mi;t:it:y. f J'llt; Annual Aleelmir ol 1 1 1 Sintkholdeis of ibis I ('ouipiiiv will he lioldeu at the Deptit iu Nortblii Id on Wi dm "day, Aii.m-I Will, nt In . it , for the choice of olli "its' and the tnns.n tiott of any nth r bg-iness which nnv rtune before them. Ilv tiltler of the Hoard of l)irettor. I!. I'. WAi.TON, Jr., Jiilyll'ts. , Cleik. v,n h.v Sbtlburn Vt.Sept. l't. W. .1lr. Snsiin Stroiis- w'Jtt WF, Till: SrDSCIIllll'.IIS. having been nrpoint ed hv the llouornhle the I'lohatc Court tor the District ol L liittcndeii, (Jinuuis-itin"rs to rei cive, ex niuiuc nod adju-t the cl.iitusnuil dciuniids of all per sons the estate of Mrs. Susan Strong, late ol Durling ton.iu said Distntt, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also nil claims and ih-tinnds exhibited in olivet He saw a notice ol the Iluonarian Dalsaui. procured a thereto : and sir mouths from llie dav ol the date here- hottle and continued to take it according 10 llie tlirtc- of, being allowed by said Com I lor that purtiosc, vvc 11011s ami, strange 10 say, in a lew momus ne was a do tlieielorc Hereby give notice, Hint we .win niienu to strong man, nnd as be believed permanently cured. 1 ours, respenluuy, II (J. O. WASIIIIL'IIN', Dookscller. Heliahle idence i.( the Hjlicacy of IIVCIIAS S lll!(l.HIS BALSAM. iFrom the Christian Freeman 1 While we repudiate iU.nkety, we are always pleas, cd to give credit lor Hint which is truly useful, and lo give inltutnalioii whiih may benelit others. A lew davs ago a brother ol ouis, Irom Norw ay, Me., came into our ollicem coinloi table health, whoin vve did not expect to see agiin 011 earth. We received a letter a lew weeus since, 110111 nnoiiier nroiti'T, resilient in tlie house w ilb hitil. thalhe was conflned to bis bed nnd coul. I not piolnbly coiuuiiie but a short time. Judge He ins a slight cough rem lining, ns it would be tint- ',nHiM- , viral that he should have, tin I i I he Iris had tuitbcr time lor neipiiring sirtngth ol lungs, I'm he is in comlor table lieulth. The billowing letlcrwhich Ire ndJicss t s to the general Dosiou Agent lor Ihe medicine which has restoretl him so wonderfully, will show what midiciue. lus been the iiistiuiucnt ol the good work. Lu'trvcningCllAKLFS HI'.NU Y.son tfllTNr.v 11. and Lliz C. Dooutti.e, aged six mouths. At St Lou, Mo., of Congestive Fever, Tno.v.vs J. Ilium E, late of ibis village. Aged -a years. In Ncw Haven, Vt., on the liib instant, Wiu,i.v;i IiATiir.or, youngest Son of 12. .1. Ik. .M. L. Slimson, nged two years. E'etitioit to v.' 31 Oiinii. M. osTiiErjr, i .11 i'o uti: it ami wiioi.iisAi.i: x b A' a: a' 'L i i; is s , f Icn r , of! a a n i: : r : s , . . No. 1 in I.l fu rl Stirct, (On the Aor'i Ilinr id. if Broadway,) New York. July 1 1, '13. tl.tvv ly;- I i u c ic & k k i a a ) ( ; Cr, tlil.l Kit Troy, (III: ni:ct:iM(! itv iati: .Mir.ivtr.s ninji li the l)it-in"" l our ;iiKHiitniiit,nt the ollicc 1 Wm. Wot-JU, 111 lilllllllHMI, iu sun UlMttCI, uu u ic KIM MumhivH of St'Dtcinbfr nnd IVccmltcr next, ot 10 o'clock, A. i .. encli of mip 'Jw3 CLAKK, FISK & CO. Suit Klicuin, Scro'iiln, J.cpvocy, J'.rysipiliis v.V'c. &c. I'aclsarc Stubtii.rn Things. 1 lerc is one among a man ol' others. Nr.wror, Lower Fulls, Mny.lSH. Mr. .Toxis Dear Sir, It more testimony is nee ded iu I ivor of your valuable Dmps and 1'iiU for Hu mors, you may add mine to the number yuu already have. Having been nfllicti il lor thirty ears with the Lep roey or W lute Scut I,. 'i nd having tried all soiiot rem edies to no purpose, nnd having urrived at tlie nge of filly lml given up all hopes ol rebel. Accidentally si em g vour ihopsndveiliseil, vv is induced to trv Ihetu, when, to my utter siirpris..,! was completely cured be fine I Ind ta1 en one bottle. You are at liberty to make any i -c id this you please, (of to me jourdrcps aie invaluable. llespectlullv Yours, WILLIAM Ct'ltTlS. For silo iu Darlington only by Tiifohork A. I'txK, nnd bv many other Druggets iu this und the adjoining Stilts. N. H. Nothing is so cheap, nnd nothing else is so cllicncious for all diseases ol the skin. Try it try it rAiTiiicu.v try it ,vs nir.tcTF.n. w ..y i AUGUSTUS HAVEN, WITH Ij.traBHEtT & CO. l.Mror.Ttr.s, xvn wholcsale dealers l.f Foreign and Domtslic Dij Goods, Nos. 13 .V 1 1 I'enrl Street, vv0.n2 BOSTOX, 328 i'l'i.ton sTiti:r:T.i:wvoitn. AVH on hand, and olfer for sale a choice secc L turn of Fiesb Teas Irom the late arrivals, coin- . ) At a ses-joi t.f ill. Tlio Spiilt of Wusliiuston. STATU OF Villi MONT Dm nn r "K Ciiim sots, ss Probate Ci an ho'dt n at llurliligton, williin.niid tor the District ol Chltlcu den. on the l'.iili dav of Si niciulier. A D. IMS. Charles P. Miller, Adunnistrntor ol the ll-tnte of,i Miller, hue nl U illi-ton, iu s'nd ihstiict, de-vea-ed, filed III s.nd Court his ieon m writing, set llllir forth lb.ll the sud decen-eil died seted id it linct til I ind in sict Wdlistnn of oiv hundred nud littv six acres in on body, Iviugo'i the Souih side of the turnpiUe. and bounded on the west, by hud owned nnd occupied hy William Miller, on the South by lnti 1 ow tied nnd occup ed by Joy ltndley.and (lenrge N Wnkeliehl, nud on the Last ,y in'd uwi.ed nod occupied by Otis and Ltbiumd Whitney, nnd a'so thai ihe said owned nl the time of hi- d - lb certain teal Lstate in the first Congregaiiounl mee ling bouse, in sii,l IFillision, lint is n, kiv the one loiuili pai ol llie slip called number fourteen, the one Inlf ol u slip eiilled number sl, and the one twclth tif I n slip calli -I lumber live and llie one halt of a stall iu I the shetl nitnclietl to said nice ling houre.nnd Ihnt the iihove is all llie real Lelnte ol which the said Lhsha .Miller tiled sei.ed, nud tlnl It would be henelieial lo interested m said Lsmte.lo have nil the said leal I'siite sold, for lie reason lint some of the tos-lld llstnte reside mil of Ihe State, tlio' the s lie of Ihe s nne iu not necessity lo pay ihe ili-n tigaini ft'lid Lstate ur llie expenses of llie ndlnuu-lialtoll CJeo. W. I'. (itsTls, the nearest surviviii"; rel ative of Wasiiinuios, now eighty vears old, will, it may bo seen, ral his vote for the l'res- ibereof. nud lunher show ing lo mid ( turt tint nil ., ,. , ,. ,. ,.i,,,,n ,t, ,.,,,, i ,,r llie heirs lo s n I Hstate living within this Stale have idential Candidate upon whom tho nuntlo of (,iu,n h-,ir l.,m,pl ,,,,,!, ,,, wlitig, , the Father of his Country Has lallcu : th, , . i i ,i , ... wi in miking mv ciio.ef, i snau pry reraru to tho services wliich each candidate has ren .li.r.d in tho I'liiinlrv. and I shall orefer tho hou- ...., II u wish ami nraeucai view n iit-iui " . ... ,.,.,. w in Has uee reauv in neiu ins nit- in .. , ... ., . f iirofessional life" ns respects . tin. defence of his country, preterrin'' the lented Court. in lhirhuuton in siul distnei. and. duih urd, thei(,Caoa(a.hysician,.d Sur,, o, and ouac- .j pn contoftl..exeeod,fly Br. , , , U1.e, Jiurhiu, Jn. . 'I- of its composition. Dr. 1-H.vMjllii cvruini ii rucu..s , ,ierluined chambers. I shall gne whll.1 ,m,ication n, he previous m the d ,y a- .ned i,.,,, i. Ida vcrv creuilahlo aujrcss, tun on- i minolejur lumen .e.ciary layiors ;vno wiien ns ntorcsiui lor lienringnn I deculmg on sud peiition, lUSlrdleS, uy lll J .1,- I, l. I.. ,l. 1. ,ll, , I., ,. ,!, Til, Vni.n.,,. CU. ,. ii,l..r mv loHid nt ll- li.M.kle,- ..niee ill lieriicM,fml,V-i;irinmicscrf,Ar,t-s said HurluiRton this llltli day ol September A. D. a iiitAuroni) uixroiii) .vSi-er. v 'ilt ot i-ii'I ri:il I i'Ut in I lit b-i iu tit'ccfistNi , 11 uu nviii! 1 1 it siiid I'lolmte I ourt in a runt linn hcriHe to hi'II un- Htiti Inml ainl rf.'H t-mtt' otni-l It'rt-n.'il, feuIniTt lo llie willows tiiilil ol ilowvr ill 1 1 1 i-amt. WlicfMiiMtn Hip fiiiil iWMte (ourl ri"fij;intl thf Tilt ilny of (K-itilif r, . I). I I, f"r icrinn nii'l tlMnliaj iciition, nt int our'f 01 int 8'u.i i !(iioin'. ninl 1h n 1 from tli inniinhttiirpri.n lani' nnJ livtnititiil ;iw)tiiifiit ol (.no.! in their lim'-wiutli IhfV otter on (he iimlI t.nniiihlt tnim. Pri m ii ami Kv.t.Mi I'tiiN v ItiH;ikl;i"t,iliiiiier.tca. ?upirr ii nil toilft M't-. tin. t nnd cuke h.i-k-i,ir"-ire Mfll, L olltioll'r, tum inn , u iii nil iiimi unu, r, 1 OitNAMi.Mi.ti China Vi.n , finnlli'-iii l, hmn.u.'t 1i')iIit, rotntif lioUlt-s iMilut-s iu mkotJiuI tuauli nitil llowrr poi,t. ' lYriwiMi ltt.i r, li-"ir I Mneninl Va!iIn(.'n b!ut, li iIiiiiht, ttM.lni'nkKift 'ml tiili'l 't't". (it as Vark, rut. iiii-"-il 'mil pUm n'ntrf howls, vltrni, w.itiT hotllf- ikriinttT', tuinli'rir-, iiiri( rlniiiprilit''l-t;ubl(.tflli'initiui!f',jchn.-.-( ili-hfs", lun.ii-, &r. c. , , , , l,Mrs Vntrnt tflar nn.l lnnl lmiipB Miitiilih" for lio-ti-U.rliurfliK-mnl t.tin.iii',ot nrw mnl ln'.nititul t-ljli-n, t'l'nn tin' (nobnitnl iiinmikirhiry ot Cornr Iiuj V t'i. (ilUANnot Es, rittulrlalMns, bnirkrH. r.nitllfj-tn k' Oi inula, Mlrr und Uuiirtl.t-t uvw utiJ Jipprofd llAi.r. IANTi:rAi Huh Ftiim.l.pmntcil ami cut t-oino i'iy rhou-e and t-;uitilal piiiu-ius W AKt ( ul - enoi-.tri 'o.fiiijirsaiiii crrniii", aifl rntiso trr (lf-cni'iuxi. IMRTIIIN WAI.Efi! HIH'llorM)H uim-j-iJiiHiSjiu t'ny :nifty I'l mloriiow tn u3. 'lr Trws.iu Ffts-or n-iiarau seme vrrychtuce aiul hcautihil pattern. li KH l IXTLKUS, trotll UOTUCllU vvv-u.,oi "it. an-l I'hilmlflphiti ucvs. i ,.!, i-.r lMwit IMrnonlicaiy WmUlJZ j T II K MARRIED WOMAN'S Mil VATi: MIUilCAI. COMl'AXIO.X. ll Hit. V, 51. MAftlU'lMlf, IVofcssor of Disi'sisc'S of Woman, SimIi IMiiion I-mo. pi-'.0. Trier SO ti. 50,1)tK) Copies M)I.D I.V MX .MO.TUS ! notion, IVh. If.. 13 IT. l)r I) lMIradlcc, Sir: Icmniotiflrninlroinsay irii a won I to you in cunniH'ikl.ition ot "IiucIuiim IJunnri.iu Ikikini o I iff." XU'iv i-a plain t-t-itniK-tit ot urti in U'latioii to my ra.-c.iiinl it ilicy nrr ot any "mcr in iiuliit'iiii; tin ntk to si'ck rrlu-f ut (lie &uuui: linm wliL'iict 1 obtaiiK-il it 1 fchall l.c lliaiiklul. My trHiIenci is iSoiw.iy, Nr. t uu-e years nan la-t took a Molclit col Inch klt a t'oiiyh ot tin nio-t ut5f;raatinu kiiiil.acroinp.inii'il hy a srvtrt pain in iln lt-lt s-iik. Last June I had become mj lechle that I ti obiiiiril to o'lit n!l work, mul wad rontiuril to tlio Iioum; until ahoiil lnur wrrkMiico. During that time 1 ri'reiwil the het iiietlieial attt'iidance. nnd trit'-l nearly till th" nuilicnn-) w Inch nr lertMiuneiuleil in li Lies. hut could liml no rih-f. hut irrrw wot mill hr (lie ln-t thlee weeks wa roiiliiu'd to my hed. ' Two ot my pht-iciaiiM znw nw up as pvt iccovt ry I tut as luttune would h im: it, I heaid ot the Huu' li.ils'ini, and iiiniiedntfiy proiun-d it hottle. Tin4 ac tut' reliel.aud sx huttles ina broken up tny Coiijjli, and placed inr in ntiitnlioii in resume, with aduiam health, my ueinl uecuput.uit. Yuurs, truU', iMii i.rniu. ronn 7i Si.rchiJ Ajjmintmctit DAVID V. l)AAl A fSON v ti.imi!toii M , llo-tin, .Mne, Sole Atft'titlur the lTni!ed Slate', and llnti-h l'romces. Ameican pucet$l per hottle, witalull dnittiun" fur the re-toration ot he.illli. Pamphlet-, rotita nuns a ina-o( Unli-liand Amer ican t eitilicate- ami other idem e. .how inn the une- rpnlled meiits ut (lu (lit at linylisli Kcmt tl , mnj be Oiitailiedol tlie AnenW.Hiano. i None genuine, without the written s-immture of th' I American Ae-it on a t;nldaud hiuiut. label, tu coun ' t ileii whiih i lorneiv. 1 tim-, lluilm.'tou Then, A. l'-'ek, St Albans S S Diieher. Midllehurr W ' Unwell, Vrenm I. Ilniiiin 'ton, .Mnnipt ht S. V Coliiu. and hy deal vt l i ni'-ihenie t-ncrally throu 'lioul .New Knuland. Sept 7,'K t M I'! inln tlio tiif'7ns.iiro nf tlo :J h t i .. .I.......I ... . s. siihi-i iiiri nil .Hiuiiiy llie .01 m-i , 11 ted Itlltl Willi a sl-ir 111 Ills 1 l.. silluiiiseil to lie lvti cnrsnlil TlieovMierisicipirsted loplove l.'J do do 101) do do it:i do iio 7j do do 37 ilo do 'JS do do J7." ilo do h0 do do fi7 do do ",V do do Voiinii llvson, Old lljso'n, TvMinkn)', ttiiupiivMler, Ilnperifll. I'louery 1'ecco, rmiebiin Ninnyoiiff, Onuure l'ccco. rnuction, llll cuddies ol various nnuiiiics. Also, 30,1100 pncKnires Tubucco, ciunprisim.' various lunnds mul III.III1ICH ; l lpi S lllltl s.eeTrs; .naci'liony UIIII rniieil S1111IV; .New Orleans, l'orto Iiimi, St. I'mix und Ha vana I'ullee, eru-bed ; l,uaf and l'lnvdeled Sii'.'irs; New Orleans, 1'nrio llico, NueiM'tii", St L'roiv, Trin idad and Ciilia MiiI.ism s ; Half l!, lfv nu.l K(- Kaisius; Si l)iiiuini;o, Culia,, Jiituira, Sumatra ami Jina Cullee ; I'niienio, I'epper, li'inger, ."I'utioe, Cloven, .Mustard, Cassia, I'uncv and 111 r Si.ap.Sperin nnd .Mould Candles, Winter ami Summer Oils, Mink erel, S.diiion, Sbad, Herring, 1'iikled nud Dry Cod, and a full and eeneral as-oriincnt ut t.roceries, wlncb we oll' r lor sale nt llie very lnwi -t m ilkei prices, mid 10 vvc invite llie attention ol llie ennui. nicr- l,ant. LliAKh, listv M lu. . II. Liberal advances made upon consignment. Br.AllliUI'.ASi:1. I'nr Miinulntini! the growth ut and lieaiiiilmi! the Hair, of arointed purity. l'or bile by Tutu. A. 1'eck. LO.N'DOIl, IN n.NTs. Anicricrn I'ure juice Wine. Lilian's I'xi. of r.ilcbonly. Jenny I.ind Veilicna &.C. 1'llie Abilnllil Seap. llerunn Cologne. Itay llinil. Cnvell's Cordial, for Summer complaint, l'lower Vuses. For rale by Gi:0. U.IlAllIIIXCiTON, An;. -0, 'H. Ai'athecaries Hall. v a it -i a 1, & it 1 i) 12 's Nev York & Montreal Express. OJice A'". 10 Wall Street, A'. '. 1. 1. inxnv & co. West Side Square, Burlington, Vt. C II I! i H Y & t3 0.'S O'hcc. Uail l.xelianae, llmton. We; Cutlery. VL'irce assortment ot Kaors, i-eissors, nnd I ockcl Knives, Irom the best makers in llurope nnd llie H J. . i;.AUAI.l..-s. 1. 1). iii-:iiv At co. Side Spiare, Burlington. I7.i:n:it.VNT l'ASSAG: ClIllTiriCATUrf. -i from Liverpool lo New York nud Uutluil. ivi:i:ic,.x r.xciASGi:, In sums to suit customer., on Uubliii and Liverpool. I. U. H1XI1Y St CO. d'JO Jul) !!U, ' H. 1OCT ITTCII'ri'I'russis, lnbalins Tube 1J der &boid- I luces and " Lectures on die I'revcutioii and Si'M 1 XViii, AT WINOOSKl l'ALI.S. milK SrnscituiKit ns at his vronr. 1 lire:" n'.snitnieiit of almost every Kind of (loud' e . . .. . I . .. I . S I irH" i -Mil I Oure 01 l...-iup lull. -v nw . jus . .. e,. ,,,,.-;, ..,.,,.. .. Ca ., , , ...I l.,r b..i ,1, tnil.tpe.l ttrtrfA lie 1 111 II . I I.l It . I - - . ' , . , -, , .v. .... ' ... 11 .iiiim nl IiIh lie Aircnis and l'liysiciaua fupplied ot Djci. 1 itcb s vvliolcs.ile trims. uropeilv pay (bar 'esaiul takeiiitu nvuiv ciias. sruiius. Iiurlin.-tmi Yn- SI HIS 10 "s xr.w m hat ..5Yic;'a,, ox n r7.7; sTitr.r.T. .M Di:i;V has oim:xi:ii jn:T m villi i:r. m lus nmci; iirti.nixn. ju-t erecied nn Water Strci t. oppi'-ue il.e Li, msi. ilioLi., v!icre be means to keep no hind, t .t tb- sitpptv nl llie pub lic, all kinds ot Ml'. YT vih '. vv i.l It no tlie luusl leason dile tern s His Maik.i vvill he open fur cos. omelH nl alt the '.lsi,,,.. , ,iim iJ the iluy.Jrom minimis tit m'l it. no, hi lue'iils to prov ule lur loose who ni.iv pitiuu f bun loe bistiiu.cle in In, hue o bu.uiess ih-it cm I Iiimued in llie vicinity. lluil.iutoo. 7, IMS ( 'X-vvii i fsSa'.'uvi'kJ, t.M th.' siihscrih. r, nlimit in. ,1. lie of J ui t lu-i, a lulo ml ot meld inn svi vvuli low b iros and sin ill la-ad Wlmi ver will reluru said row or cive iiiliiiiiiiliuo lo Yvm-.o-c YiwvTtu, or I- 111 Year of cuneiin-i. oi nhvs'ieal and mental ntiriitIi suliTiher. wh-te he m:i I"' timnd mill h line rally lu inauv nn nlh-etiuu.u 'fe, und oeeuiiiarv iIiIu.miI- compeuileil . I It a u.i-ul. t ties to tlie iiusbatul nnylit nave in en r-pnieit ; num. i wiiiiU now noor would nt enuved eompeteiiee llionsand now hrtken in health would haw t tuoveil it . huudied now in I heir urau-tj U'eii htjll iihe. hv u l'rohaie 1 timely )om-i -v-toii ot tlie woik. It h ini'-iuiea imperially ir lite inarnen, or iiiok L-ontriuilaliu inarn.ii;e, as it di-ehfo important he- rreto wlnelt stioul'l tie Known in mem pariieul.irl . Truly, kuowleJe tspover. It U health, h.ipp'ine.- tilllneiie ly how approprmtc ami cotnp.itible, hut huw aU ' iainable. U ihe union of literary mul profeionai , excellence and nkill. He ays adinirahly, to tho youns professional gentlemen by wlioin Jio was surrounded: f Mount Vernan! I'n continued appUusc, wtlh fccarceiy a ury uyo in ine ascinui.if.j Hut, my couiitrynicn, tho pellin sun, em j Hematic of mrlf, U depirtin (mm nmon ynti, and adinoiiihes tne that J imit )L' my rt'inarkti, M-u (jod protect and preserve our Vour a is may be more nr less niccilic ; a-1 whom tho "joule may soloct tu jjuido lt dc- rvinc wilb 'ur own constiiuliunat ilill.reiic.s oi m id. and muddied by allowable, nnd even desirable, 1' 1! .' " ,c ... ,.. . m,l liv i ici it erent re nt loin you .istain. Tlie elevation ol tlie profession iisrll to ils lists wl-.' .. au:.... il.ntl.ninilir.i hat nil i niiniumeius in men. . I.IA uroli ilisliil hliilier llicllles just lotion, no doubt, is an end lo wbich you sliould ioionhiite. In nttem m tins, lK-vvare o the error - - . ,,,.,,,,. ll, ,t until 111 which i ueeiu i c"iinii't ! Wnicn I u-ri , , liirlll w. i..r , ,.o.l Vredoniinale in the latter. Let your li e and l.i hnr. i such as becomes llie man ; iimi eu in mo'rMion be proud lo number you ,., its rnnk. well mar it binor li.m wbo has ennobled itwll. . tunes 1 T.nuncli oflbc Mncor-lliilllo Ship, Vermont. Next llAMrsmnF. Wmn Ktatk ( "ivpTtov. We learn that a birHo and spirited IiirLjiii. venlion was held at Concoid. New nai...-l;iri'. on ThursdHV last. Hon. Jol llisfrinin id Lyn w"y, (formerly U. S. Atlomoy i.ndor (..wnil I'rfsiiloiit. who n taul to nave villi " force ,l,o f 'oiivoiitioiil . " a it.i ni idoetow was nominal. (of Hinsdile) for the State at UrSe, end J. U. I'"r Sale lo EJc-iil. js.,nir..l'nsC'ltllli:it oirers lus Sra"J Pinry U'. 11.;..!. 11., v...i. c. , 1. . .O'-lC iiurjiuii (irouuil nud ('baiupbiii ,Sl.,tor Sale or lu Hem, 011 favorable terms. I.. ritHM.Yl'X. Sept. 12.18H. dlMif Huiliii.'loii .Yus ".1, ISI-. vvlo.Si. Sidney Balow, A T w 11 . os i& a i' a it ii s , .li'doiliiili Ilo) ntou's Ilsfnic, Wi: Tin: seiweitiunu.-s. invmat n nppoiu ted liy tlie llouoiali.e the l'niliaie Court tor llie District of L'lllllendell, eoiiiiiiis-iuiiels to red ive, ex amine Mid Ililjllst ll.e cl.llllts and ilelnailds ut all per- sons, auani't 111 tne of Jedediab lloj nluil, I He ul' llmestiureti 111 sud Ili-tricl, d.-ce isdi.repn s,.',ii ,1 in. .solvent, and al-o ml chmi and ileiinmls evlubitcd in oil'- t therein ; and siv uiiilillis from llie d,i nl llie date thereof, belll allowed bysii.l L'ourl for lint pur pose, we do tlie rctore. hereby -jive nulice.tlnl we will attend to llie buine-s ot 1 ur appointment, at the Kvilllii nl .Ymllcw llarlitlin 1 luiesliiii-i; ill -am un- met, on llie nn, 1 ri'I iys ol eptemii. r aim incun- liernext, at 10 o elocK, A. Al , no e.n ll ol MltJUUJs. Dated, tin-'."J.div ol .liilv. A ) lsjs. I It I.s. VV ll,l,-s(l., JOHN f. I'.YTUIL'K. j bein ' r.s wi 11 otf line ol ils lieu l tors, nan iii oiirrio. ii.ui.inu n... and will si II to piv tint nnd to purcluw niwe, ile.i.) C lll nud ace, tlie bct und clli ape-l ever oil red in till! CulliltV. MU.M.1 li.Mll.VMV. WinoosU I'nlK May 11, HH. Ut Cutni'ifai. PI!!U'tls. I OfVY l'miily & .Meal's I , it lir.ited 1'jtelit celilre OVjl I Di.iiijIii, S.-II Slnrpi-iilili;, Side 1 1 all- nud Suli Sod l'li-u'lis. I!u .'les Nure and Mason's X Stiiulini.l .V oll s mid John .Moon'- l'luiuum l'liiiuhs. r t Also, Aloes' Can's Stone's and ICuu'.s C.i?t Sl-el and 1'l.ited riliovels und Spsdes at w Imlesale and re tail by l'lKKL'i:. D.WLV ,v- CO. i AiifSiM lo,'4S. wTif ClivIiire C! n 5 1 s' o n ! , Ol'KN TO KHKMO. 4Il,t:vlt. Alarie assDriinent of Sin-claries, ol every kb AI-, lilies and Kje rri.tectors, at July.'U.'H. w3 J V. li.Y.ND.YLL'.?. 1)7 li. W'KJUIXS, .M. 1)., II ii 1 ;i n i e ? ti y s i : i a it a xn suae, i: ox, YVinoo.l.i I'nlls, Vt. Ollice over J YV. Weaver .t Son's Stiue. PACIFIC IlOTliL, ,No. 115 Hit V I. Ml a es e-: v.z war aa ws.' s; e-: arr, Ytir.iv. ISoiinl 31,5 lior day, vv I 111"." mil .r vvi-i-k. ' , n.OYY'llll. 1 p-fv teff'tx r;r-;. rr' vn a Ot'LD IXVITK I'KUSONS IN want cnll nt Ins fMnrt', In mr iut ..with a lull Sunnlv i'f Mil-- 1IWII-, li'MHL!' (.UluhiHIl", LllhMl I Opllll, 77.1: ALThl!i:i. iX .-mil ni'tiT utii iilnv, July If r.iss..nKer Trains 1st, the ill rim. Ill conneclloll Willi 1'iaiiis t-etwicii lloatoii and Keene, a. llie rnebbur; lolluws . lave Uoslnn nlT, -Y M ,nnd '!, V. YI Arrive- nt Kcuieal 11, A. M .aii.lo. l .M. l.envc Kiene ill 7. A M .and S, I' M Arrive nt ltus.mii at II, Y. M .anilo, 1'. YI. Piaei s will urn iu (oiinei mm with tlie Tnin. ns Iieililoll, lor l.liioye not ii'- ISm-tiniots B3isf SrJiool. '111! term ol llie lliuhnjion U11411 ,l'""'," 11 .omnieilc .Moll.llV Septulllliel,. IU... I s" n-cuiid story 1 f llie buildio wdl be Inn-lied lor ll.o accoiuuiodatioll ot joiii's! Lull s. tkacii i:ns. J T. Il-n.-di.l. M itbriii'iii.a and Naiural History J YV Until and Ureel. Laneuaees. .1 11. Ilil , D.uwin- Mi-s A. M lUin-iii'ide, llimlish and 1 lencli. it mux. I.-..ii.l. or Oinrter. &5 .'-0 llniwili'f. " Lii.disli, incliidiuj; Iteadinsr, SHling, turns iTeo'rnpbv, llr.iiiiinar and Yrubiiieiic. Malheinaiics and .Natural lli-tory, iiu-Ui.linj' Ab'eliru, lleouietry, 'rrnonoriieirv.siirve)iiiu, .Yleil-uinlioo. Asttonimiy, natural l'luliopby, riivsiolo")-, Cbi siry, Itoliov andlieiiloKV. ."i.Ofl l.'ilin andlire. U lioieiiap-s, ll.siuiy Khetoiu: und I'mlo-opby. 5 .Malbelnalii san.l Uinnuaiies. . .00 ll llltil. Illitl 11 Cliarue will oe lu-nie 101 101- i.iiiiiuu .0 J,5l) The revelations contained in its paces have proved 1 ,...'.. , i..,i7.,'i ,n, 3, 11. I-,,.. ...."sil.nvil- X , II ".. .1 ..I ..j .1 . .1 I I .. l.llli o l.iismiK 1 . ..... 1 .... . .."-.s .. ... ..... Tonclier's Notice. received hv ibeaiilbor will nltest. Here, nlso, every female the wife, llie mother, lie iiie , itlti-r bitddiut; nun wonniihood, or llie one 10 llie decline ol years 111 whom uilure coiiteinplaies un uiiportant ili.ttiiie ."111 iliw-over the cau-i'rt, sinp iniiis, and the most ellicu nt icioedies, mul niosi 1 , r- i nn mode ol cure.inivcry complaint to which her sex IS subject. lis Immrtanre In the M imed nny be ealbered Irom the lad, that TraielUni; Agents nuke I10111 TArc o I'iie Dollars a day ! from in Bile, hundreds of active, entrrpriini; nr,nils are iiecuinul.iiuu a lil'l'" i-ouiiv.-tenee I10111 the lihernl ami IU" Rrcnt uemaiui lor it A VlvrU Wanh-il , ,, . I'. w.... on ihe a'mvul of lb.- iiiormiu'Trainsup.iiu Mond is. I win 11 puimed with .Miiilninatns and l.aiijtiiiig. YVi dnesJj) auJ l l id 1 j s, and ictui iiiiio 00 opposite davs. , , , ........... .... I'roiii ri.willitm. IT liliciiiii.ini, . iii.iii--i.-i, None need .Ypply unless lhey intend tuearu ibeir llius.l.ile and' llrattblioui .'''"'""''J"; V'!''lr'' ltoaid and Clothing. "'11IN.Y Tea L'ompany'e AKency al Harlow's ll'i- HUOski l ulls. tlaviMvaiv T Itr.ill'Cr.D I'ltlCI'.S as I inftt.l to ell 0111 SIT-T1I1IV Iti iipiiiiitir rt, iliscoillll Illliiweo, inn wi. .11 .1. 101 11. or ivuiii 1. i.s, iii.Ki, m i;ivi:v to rr:trii-i .u.. iim rt-fitiin-il tit lit UOCiHllli.lMlt'il u ith inrllt. Tins nolilo snip was launcnou on mo I mi , - ers 01 1 ..innion rsciioois in t iutteii,i,-n Lo. that ;,,, ..,, i , if,, ,;; f,,, nsi,. , . , ... ,...,.. t , ttic services 01 .vir .i..vion liiciuunsut Saratoga. ,N. ' .. . ' - - lltft. irom 1110 rtavy i aru, w.unioiUvvu,. y mi. Wm H,cllm ( n ..V:lH,f rs j,;,. the yurcnaser. Tho Huston Journal snjs : I lute ibe present l'all, wlncb will ronimence on llie Over twenty thousand copies have been sent by A.l it wan -I m. flit worth SPcilll' A the . " ' ' ' :"-""'' ' '" " 11 " ' "r 'OIU WlUUIIlliree llioilllis mm .-Iiccisdiriy uililier- And It was .1 fitu vvortll seeuij;, iiiuii o Army , jtmv, Centre, to i-oiitnie iwo weeks, , lainiy. preparations havino bi on lli.nle, at JU nillliltes u0Ilr, j, w.Curri rr ntieud ints at ijl'iY per week. On ihe receipt ol One Dollar, ll Mnrried YVo. past 11 o'clock, it lieilif.' nearly Ibo lop of llio I i:ien"es of the school will be sustained liy ihe man's i'male .Yledical Cniiipaiiuur will lie m-iii !;.(- ilipcirder was "ivi-ll bv Coniltiodore l'.itkor , Teachers. Nuiliini-ueed bes.ti.1 to m-cure ihe alien, madrd fier) to any put ol the I'pited States. All . tr l.l- ihe mviI fVinstriictor to let her, ,l'""'e of llipse who were favored with Ylr l"s 111. 1,-uers nnd iippiieniiiiiislroin lluwe desiring lo been to .Ylr. look. llie IS.lV.ll t.onsirutlor, ,lJ I muctioiis at 1W last Autumn. 1' Others would ni!enls must L- pi,-l-.aid le.uept those co.u.iinin.' n oo, the plank which still fisteni'd bcr In If ra ymw UWH. ( ,M ,hcir best metlind lo seire ibis remitiaiue) and ad liesscd to Dr. A. M. Ylnuriccaii, Arwirt was hi u ru llirouoii, null tlio imoio snip hiuiwii'iiiie win oe 10 pni inemsi'ivca uiiuer ins in- llox 1WI, New.YoiK Lity. ruiiii.-iuua llllue, r."J edical Conipa- bout llie I'uiled NICHOLS, at ihe JOif .... i ... .... .irriv-.-i or .e ii or o i rains u , and "returniuj irom tbo-e plac' s on llie oppo-nc dps lonnineil with 'li.imili.wn . l-mi! lie- -liort'-t lladtoa.l and Sfit-e Uf 'ri"u '." '" '''.r' I';1' ces Al-sl. Ir.llll Keene lot hestelhcll llll I 11 '1' l,ro, oil same davs, on," 'o-,.. from llo-lon iip.aiiiv'inaai llr.illleborosauieevennu; and rcliuninitoiiopi'iiosiie inornnies to lust Irani 1'he inisiei s nie coiili lent lb it the ample iiiiiinsje- mellls ulm Ii b.ivebii-ll liiade lor the Inuhe-t ordel ol lll-llilcllon,nild llie pltasnnl Im-atloll und .-.-.cellent aicommo.lalioiis oi ibe lunldmu will lender Ibe loir lineuui Hn-li S.-liool a di-iialile n-orl lor ouu men tilling lor i oHeo.. aswilhis lor lluii- w is!, lua to :u - i'imi.1 i.jii.i. noil pusilie.-s (iiucaiion ' ili.n a II ,ir,l i I., i, I a llie iicij-hlwrhood ul llie miiuoi dlli3w5if ujMt'i lavom. .uis. r.uiliuion, August l-i, ISH. Yl Keene. Statu will connect with all llie naluslo nod ,o U'alpiif.'. l'all., Chesler. l iiveu- hsl. .ilillow'.io uiiii.nui ." '."-',- l ''.",, uiiielv IK-Iore the larae store, now biiilJmj; aie tilled with it. r July null. 'is. iryiax-wtfif -iiui'Ii OL' Cl'iniOV'l' ) 'l'l. llonoiiildi. the oi.iin "i ii,..,,i". .i v - , ..,,.',,., i im. ,,l...i.,wo. Sorio llisrinrr ol- UlllTrtMitN, ss, I ro aie iuuri w un- v e,.visn u,. -,. i i. i, i .. i in and lor th rDMric-t ol'ciii.nndeu 'I' Clareinont. Neporl, Windsor, Y oodsiock, and inrs nud oihers concerned iu llie itain ol S.inuiel 1 .Yloiitpelier to lliirliuatoii. . ni &Jiit yf i biiloite. in -id l.,-.r,c,. deceased, . Th.s l,;;ou,u-c.,o I V i.-ri'tis llie Al lllllllsirillllill in Hie rsoiu-l-i !,,, ,, uno i. - . deeensed. bus lll.lde npplicallou lo uus L.OUII, lo t'A- reel ime ChcHliic Kail ICoail. ,N and alter OaoU r I3ih, TmiiwwiII run over inn : i, ,i.,i.f omit l.i iiiniioii vv iieo. s ow siruci o . in jeiicno. in uie u e u iiiiiinieii i eacn. u vni'.t i'u ihik. . .. . i' . n' ...i ..j .i. l,,,l rrs will I ruisb llieiiiM-lvcs Willi bonus, und i-..', loioii I The ' Ylariu'd Woiii in's I'rivnte M ill ursi, Kr.n uail) .. v..v. .o.. .. ,, . . .. ci r (or iUm.IMH UJ , 1)o:llJ, , y , Uooksellers lbroua her destined element ; and in llu; iniust ol llio luui'iivuvinii'i i'i' , r... Son... ' houl and hurras of tho lens of thousands ol i 1 ll, WIILKI.DI!, ' ' I Sold in Uurlinslon Y't.. by S 11 rtmiifipil snpr.fators and thunder of cannon, sho .a r.-)ii.;. Amim-fmrni Publication D'pot. 'icliate liu with a graceful bow, glided in the most diyni-j Burlington, Sept. IJ.'t-t. wl5 Seot. 8,181-1. lend die lime lunileJ lur uuklil-j payuielll ol llie debts against the Ustate ol slid deceased, one venr fioiu the lltb.layollK'lo!K'r,.Y D IS is, nnd ibe -inb day ul Septeiiils r licit, lu-inj nssnjiwil lor a lieannj in the prcmisis, nt llie 1'iobaie Ollice III lliilhimlon, nnd it hat mi! I eu urdcn-d that notice tbeieol lie L' publishma ibis decice line weeks succes. sivelt in Ibe llurlinsto'i 1'iee I'm , a news paper piiiued at llur.instun, beloie the ti.ns lixed lor hear- '"Tbercfiire. uu an- hereby notihV.I. lo apoeai before said Ci llie tune and place said, then uud lliere, lo make uSieclioii it any )uiilnte, lo ibes.n.1 llliie ol uijiiieul f.'lii lilllliei enlellded as ntoreud (Jitfii under ui baud .il lluilmjloii ibis 31, d.ij ol Aucust A. D. I'H w lot3 UHADrOKD UIXrORD, I i i i i,... i . . .ii.... V' UUIIII IIS iilo,- .... , - l'nssener Trains will K run lo Y un-bei ,1, n lit ..,.,,..,7. wot. ihe lin.hl.ur2 'Irains, wlncb leave I ...iimiilMII-MIOUS U-IWei-ll llosloll Olid l-hnlleslowo III 7 A. M. ail.l 1 I Al ,. v ...i. . ... v in im.! N'oiilieio New llai iiislure . IV.,,., u-iii, lieiiil..n nt U l. A. Al- and J hi I . al. uti.1 ibe n'liufr.f 0"i' must iirrcfiuclH-tvvecn South- coitiieciini; will ibe n-eoud and tho la.t 1 ilclioc-; cm, Middle, und Wcsiem V. ruionl nud estern ltlm1 p, Iki-ton. . ,. Irom t inrrn auu - - r V... 1 Imiiii-. hue nod llos'on : nud a so. in connection with Ibe Sl.ises liom S ini heiiiloll and I'm hl,u-2 to Worei-tcr.iuid Ihe Woricsier and riuvideiice K nl road.lbe most dir.-cl hue U lwceii ibosi-m-ciioiis ol Vi'imonl nud .i w- 11 impsiiue niul tv oro-ner v. nun ly nud llie Sine ol Itbode Island j nnd Ul connection Willi Slaiji slioiii Ulilcton, Mu-t- to liowoll, a direct cuuimuiiic.itioit U-iweeti the same poitioiuul .Yew I iiniisbiic and eimonl nnd Lowell I'leiihl iruun will run dailt. toiiu.l truni Uostnii. 1 tuniieuion with ihe regular I'ltcbhuru 'I oiius. T. M. KDW'.YHUS. l'rcidinl. 1. TILTO.V, Ku;inecr. Ktetif.JuueW.lsl-J. sliue aml be Stale ol Vermonl. v. ,11 deliver and rr re e '.issi iieers ul YViuclK-udoii 111 cuoneituui w;:li "'ArrV.r am w .11 be run daily each way in c 1 1 1-5, IS 17, 1VII vfamphciif. piUMUfiesb Cain,heiw kr saleal Haiiinoto, Dl XT

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