Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 17 Kasım 1848, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 17 Kasım 1848 Page 2
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.As, Vlio f Mowing aspoinlnicuts were made hi j. nt a-e;nbly. CtiMfnia County. Funnel Nielml-, .( t'o nmissttmer, vice Chas. t DiiM, rt'-iynei). 1'AinUin Connlij. W C W,lin, Assistant Judge, vice Judgi Smile resigned. S X Cakitateh, Stale l.llirarinn. 0 N Cirpenler 121, li II L-o nis 7fi, Seal. -I Joint Assembly adjourned to 10 a m Satur 1I.1V lll'S'. 2 o'clock T. M. R'porls. lly Mr D.'anr, from com. nn Mann ficturcs-, in ol llon-e bill to incorpor.iti the Nnrthlicld .Manufacturing c. wild amend nent wh cd was adopted, ami lill icail 3d tlmi UllJ IHl-sp.1, Th" bill tn incorporate" llu Newbury Stcitu if inuring oonniitiy was pas-ed. Mr. Wliito called tip'tlm bill lor tdo comple tion of the Geological Survey, pending which tho Soiute adjourned. Ilnrsi:. ihpurls. lly select committee, bill tvnciidiiiir nil act lclatiiiL' to inn-keepers nr- doted lo !!d reading. Ilv joint select commit tee raised to ascertain the expediency of prose cuting the geological survey, in lav or ol" gath ering up tlie resin s ol mo survey mm on mo table. Mr. Whittomoro called up the bill to charter the ltutlaml ami Whitcdill Railroad Compiny, anil it wn. ordered to a !M roidiiiL'. Air. Carpenter of N. called up the bill to in- .'l ...! .. t .1. enrporau' llio l t.'ruiouv v. onn.T'-in oin nit; .m ui- odist Kpiscopil (''Imrcd, anil on his motion tlr bill was ane'iidod so as to limit th" property ol til J Conference to person il estate, mil to re quire .in annml report to the legislature. The bill was or.lere.l to a fid rending. Tlio bill to annex .Mansfield to flow was or d:reJ to a third rciJinjj. A Ijournsd. ritm.w, Nov. 10 Senate Prayer by the chaplain. The House resolution for adjournment wat taken up, the tiiii'j fixed on Tuesday morniitj. n.'Xt, at C A M utiJ the resolution so amended pa-cd. Mr Daufortd offered a joint reolulioii foi leave of ab-eoce In the auditor of accounts, al ter Siturd.iy in truing next passed. Adjourned. II ilse. Prayer by Rev. Alnnzi Webslcr. li Mtlul'tin. 1'ioiu thcSetm'e, tint the Au ditor of Account" leeciicd, not concurred in ; that boh House- adjourn on Tjesd.iyatG A. M. : eoocurrfd in. Mr l'.irkerol 0. rilled up the Mil to pay Ira Div; supported by 31 "sr- C inverse and Col- lim.'r and oppn-cd by M:sm Whiltemore and I lulibell and di-missed. Mr Allen of M. called up the bill relating I" li.u division ol school money, (rivjuirinir attend mice ol srliolars two months;) discussed by II -r Carpenter of N llinrnck, llealon, Si , b.n. Necdham, Kittiedge oSt. J., I'.irkcr of C. , dismissed, I.'IJ to 37. Ilngr-wed Hill. Hill to annex part nf Brid port to Cornwall ; pissed, , Mr .Smith ol W. Railed up the bill annexing a part ot Dinby to Ml. T.ib ir ; Uid on the table uiul m ule the special order at 2 1'. M. Adjourned. 2 o'clock 1'. M. Sevati:. It'pn' s lly Mr F x. from com mittee on IMucalinn, in favor ol bill to inenrpn- . rite the 0 litlcndon Co. Infirmary ; read thild time and p i-.-cd. By .Mr June, from committee ' ol fin nice, in favor of the lleu-e bill for the ro-. lief of Webber Tilden ; read a third lime and i pnstd. lly Mr Colburn, Iroin committee on i . Ajririilinro, in f.ivoi of the bill to alter the name , of l.'iev S. I'roclor ; read a third tune and pv od, lly Mr June, from committee mi l''iuaiiee, ' in f.uor o the House bill to incorporate the Xa-1 tiuntl Life Insurance Coin, uitli ainenJment, ' which was i.doptcd, and Ihe bill read u third tune ami pas-ed. lly M" K"es, from comniit-' tee imi 11 inks, in favor oftliu House bill toinror poralu the Vermont B ink at Montpelier ; laid on the table. 'I'iim .ill relating to il.o VT,,- It., tebilnh Acad emy was returned bv the House with 'proposal ' of aiiiendinent, whicii was concurred in. 1 Hie huro.-ed bill for the completion of tho iological survey, was taken lip for it, fm.l ' snge when the lull was opposed by Mr Kid- rand supported bv Stewart anJ ' t passayi' .1... ii-. j. " - ' ' , Mr J. I' KiJder then moved further to amend ' by striking out Sl'JDU and inserting y!)00 as the I iimoiiut to he appropriated amen bnonl support ed by Mr ll-eiuin, opp ied hvM)rs White nnd Mead and rejected, yeas 10, nays 15. The bill was then riMil and pa--ed T iu bill to incorporate the Vermont and Iio. ton Telegraph Company was returned by the House witii proposal uf amendment, which was iij.qitcd. Mr Hwcatt calle I up the resolution relating ti the State school fund, and the same was pa-s-ed. Mr Hamilton of Chittenden, from Committee r.l C aims, reported the bill to pay C. II Ad tins bit. nice claimed as Stale ( without any expression of opinion, when the same, on motion ol .Mr Kidder, was l.t doi. the table. Mr B 'oni in called un the bill relating to Tor. eign Kire lii-ur.incu Cunpanie, nnd the bill pis-ed to be etigrosstd ; but the vote on motion ol M' l'.i.v, wai lesciuJed and tbu bill was laid cm the table. On motion of 31-11 enim, the Senate bill re lating to divorce was indefinitely postponed; i. ud the Senate refu-ed to concur w lib the H iu-e in their proposed amendment ol the other Senate b.ll relating to tlie a una -object. AdjourreJ. Mors:: li nations. By Mr Ileaton, in Mructing the Auditor In report salaried ollicers who have been pi id for extra services within the last thn e )ears ; ml ipled. The (Jovirnor infortiied tlie H mse that I'ld lander I'crrin declines the olliee of State's At torney for Orange County. Mtv-sr- Seymour. Cree, and Iluller of Jam il ea were appointed committee on the bill to pay the Cleil: of the House. r,vr.MG Sr.ssiov, Friday, Nov. IP. II il'sr. Tlie bill for incorporating the Health lii-iit. nice Co. as amended by the Sen ate. was i oncurre.l iu. Hprlt lly Jud. committee hill, allering place of canvassing votes lor member to C in gress In L'd district; ordered lo a 31 reading. .Vgrovsei llilh. -'Vn anni'x a put of Mans, field to Stowe ; amending an act relating to "(iranil List; lo incorporate tins Vermont An nnal Cmlc'ence of tho .Methodist Kpiscopil Church; relating lo rlo-e jiil coulincmnt in actions of tort ; amending an act relating to Inn keepers and retailer-; to inenrp train the Black River .M.uble Cnnnauy; to divide the funds of (iiMiuinar school lands in Orleans rnuiily ; and to incorst:nte the Cochea Aca demy'; all severally passed. The bill chartering Ibe Rutland and While Hill Railroad Csmpany, which was pendingat the adjournment in ih" iillcrnoou, was siippoit. ed bv 3I'Ssin Whitlemoie, ,Netdliam, I'anii. born, and Seunonr, uud opised by Carpenter of ft. .s-inilli 1 1 vv . anu paseu in The vote was taken at a late hoiu in Ibe evening, and as will bo oeen, many of the nieiiitiers wete absent. Aujounieu, CORRECTION. In yesterday's .Senate proceedings, Mr Slew rt wi'm inado'lo tinnose Iho Militia bill lo dis ..,,-n uiili iiniforiii comnanies it thould read Mr Sweat, who lias opposid the bill III all its SATl'ltiuv, Nov, 11. SJniTr l'raver bv the Chaplain. Tho engrossed bills to regulate attachment, of corn on the fob or in the husk, and relating to p ivato corporations, were severally read a 3.1 lime and pt-ed. 'I'., a I, III lo incornorale the Vt. 11 ink atMnut roMer. made the order of tliti day for ibis time Vin t .hell up, rml Ud iti.n pss.fd. Air Mead called up tho bill rclalinc lo the St. Prison, with tho pending nioendinent to larui nit the coin lei i.ibor in me prison wuere u is, mil er.i-e all but llm title and rnacting clause if the bill when Mr Colburn moved to amend ho amendment to dinense. if the directors see it, with the services of the rhaph.i i and psrt of he police, which was siipporteil liv .Messrs cut. Chandler. Colbnrn. Dean, Keve.s nnd Mead, on the minnl tint the resident clergy- noil ol v iiiil-or ronlil he nhlaiucu to uo tin Intliw tiT tit.ttitn f..r li .IT flu, !tniiilOlt UOIV Mr Trench opposed Ibis virtual abolishment, 1 is I o d, cm ! it, of the ollire of rliapliiiu, w lien ' Jul 1 1 aiiu'iiilinenls ujare adopted, and the bill a pissed tube eujMl. On motion ol Mr lliMM, tho vole passing be hill in relation lo foreign insurance compa nes, was rcconsidcrcdjihd the bill after h iving lecn amended so nW1 confine it to fire insu rances, was agiinT-ed. II ifsr. Priner by Rev. 12. J. Scott. IhiumneA llilh. To annex a part of Dan iy lo M unit Tabor ; design iting ll c place for MtiMis-ing the votes in the 2d Congressional li-trict ; pis-cd. Joint resolution tn elect chaplain of the Stale Priou at 3 p. in. ; laid on the table. The fol'o.ving appointments wcro made by .he joint a"emhly : Hunpdeii 0 itls,C;mtnifsioncr of the Insane, .inaiiiinmisly. lliram 11 irlow, hiipcrintenueEt ol state 1'ri on. un iiuinouly. John Porter, Henry Kcyes, II. II. H'ardslcy, Directors r.l the State Prion ; two first iinani-uoii-ly. I!iard-ley 120, ,A.i Wentworlh, Jr. 7, Ctlvin Solace 1H, scatlerins 5. J, fl'jrson P. Kidder, Slate's Attorney, for Or inye County. Adjoiirneil. 2 o'c'ock, 1'. M. Senate. The engrossed bill relating lu tlie Stale Pri-on was read 3 1 time and pissed. tlijmrh. lly Mr Walker from couimitleo of Seiiitors of Addison county, again-t the House i 1 to annex part of Uridport to Cornwall bill rejected, lly Mr II imilton, Irom committer of claims, in favor of the b.ll annexing M inslield lo Slow, with amendment, which alter a debate, was adopted, and the bill read a third time and pisi-ei'. Mr Davis moved to reconsider the vote pass, ing the bill to complete the Geological survey ; when the merits of the measure were again fully diseus-ed M ;srs Hamilton of (.'hit. Ilecinin, J. P. Kidder. French and Sweatt op pos ng it on the ground of the unsatisfactory manner in which Ibis .survey bad been conduct ed, and the little hope the case would be Dettcnu miller tlieonenl elate lieologit-t. Messrs White, Kiinbill, and Stewart advoca ted the bilh Mr J P KiJder rejoined, sustaining hi form or po-iiion, anil enncluileu by saying "the jieo ple ef Vermont want a man for that olliee who can do something more than sit on the peak of P.irni'sus and devoiis tho fried oysters of self conceit with Apollo and the Muses." The Mite was then reconsidered, when Mr (.handler moved lo commit the bill to a member to so amend il as to give the Governor power to appoint some suitable person to complete the survey (to the expected exclu-ion ol the present , geoh gt-i) the nmcnumeu twns adopted ; when the bli being further amended, on motion of I Mr Iliinilton of C lit. by reducing the appropri- aliouto ijjilOOJ was again passed. , A resolution from the Hoii-e instructing our memb'r-i i Cnnijress to procure one ennv for cicli town and twenty-live for the legislature, ol acts ol C ingres-, was adopted. The engrossed bills relating to foreign insur ance companies; to provide lor procuring tnUs ing laws auJ journals, were read a third time and pis-ed. The II niso returned tlie bill relating to di vorce, insisting on their amendment, and Ibe Senile resolved to aJlierc tn their vote of non- eolicurrei'ce. P ie In to iirnvidefor nivinc for the cvnen'c of procuring public documents from Henry Ste- veils. Ii'ing th j pjrt of bis historical collection recommended to bo purchised for the State Li-! br.irv by ibe committee appointed la-t war bv the (iovernoi , was taken ii when, on a call, a I """;'"' " ""le.hy Mr D.u.lortb, ' V Tn "' tl,lJ. c"11' ! hen ll.e b II was read a second time, and Ibe tirr..s-.i ii i, h.iiiii, lirimik.t.l ,v illi ll.o .umn ,t .ic engrossing being d.spen-ed with, the saino was rC1!' "!? ,l"r.'.1 '""e 'Hid passed. M r C i.indler callod iiii the bill to incorporate the (iieeu 31 inntiiin Liberal In-tilule, and pro-' pncd mi amendment defining its objects to be lor at, ne.ideinv, wheh was adopted, nnd the bill - read tlie .Id lime and pas-ed. Mr Wnile, inoveil w hen the Senate ad journ tu half past 7 o'clock this evening; car ried. Vnn Utiren I'iety. The 11 v. Mr. Loveiov-, at the Van Burcn meeting on 31 md.iv night, said that he could i In, I,- .,,!, ,,, ll.n 'Wlii.r .,!,. ,1... ,.,,,. t ' I Parker I'lfl-hury.lhat it ("the ps'rty) had annexed Te.,i, nnd would annex II.Mveii', if it could set the Angles to -pinning cotton, and would annex Hell II il ennui .-ell calico a lour pence per van', I his inf.iuioiis and hl.ispbeinous extiresion was '. ..... .. received wi'h great applause by the Van party a-seiniiled. me Ker. gcntleinin then went on lo denounce the agents nnd owners of he in iniif.iclnring c-l'ib'i-liiiieiit- in Lowell, as reducing the wages of the operatives for the sole piirpo-e id oppressing tlieui, anil grinding ilown lllii-L u nil ml ll ll III Ulll lllllir. i vein. Tin oil lo our no Is. II i i-il u. ..iiiun, , .. if , . I. ... , i ... , , in ii -v ll, m n on oj in-ill iiiis nu, .in- inn utterly topsy-turvey, then nothing wo could say would help ihein to their sen-e. It is by such iniamou impiety and falsehoods that men to serve a holy cause, and sustain a lofty principle oi ciuruy aim puiuuitiropy, i,ow(ti Jour. Tnr. I,i:ksextatio or a I'aiitv. We have beard ofmaiiv sorts of ' presentations" in our Ity, hut niitil yesterday we never heard of tlie pre-enlHlion of a pirty. We are told that the Van lliiremles ol Chelsea, on edne-day eve- oro headniiarters, where Ibe leader mule a speech, say .ng ii; sub. ynung i.uietnan, (.who was not oi age,, wun tancu they bad concluded tn unite with their some companions, was standing in the neigh C.i -k bn t'liren in fr.ilernal bonds. Hnfles ilir,,,d (,f Tvvelllli and Coatcs btreets. The Slack, i:s,.,n the part of the Cassiles in a brief , rajie( a slnul f(,r Tavor anj Fillmore. mil fn i-iiursi. nioinif.iii hill, 'i-ii. iiiii'iieii lilt uiinr for Iheni and they entered iho sheep-fold. All we have lo sav is. " Beaulilnl they were in life, in deatli let tlieui nut be parted." Alius. A I'osr.n. We understand that Mr. Sumner made n Van II iren speech the other night, in j ,niisi Ireedom, and poor C dem tn was felled lo Cambridge, iu the course nf which ho said that ,10 c,,rtli with a murderous blow, which speed! Cass was like " a long.lovv, black, raking sebno. jj. ,ul.j ,eali'. It is also said that several tier; (ieneral Taj lor, n neat well rigged craft, i HS siotH were fired, by which two or three ailing under false colors, nntl carrying no pa- 0icr persons were wounded. The whole town 11 ,,il... .uid In. W'liHl sbilll . . .1.- I II. 1.. .... U.,,,. n in, i, ill, i;i'iiii' iiii'ni - , j , . we call the ltaiitilul ve-sei laiiueoeu i.ti an - gust, nt lliillalo what, lellow-ciuzein snail we call her V Just at this moment, some one crieu out, with n loud voire, Irom me lar eni oi ine. bill: 'Call her? Why, call her the I Vying' Dutchman tu hemirc!" As the saving is, the ef. 1 feet may " bo Imagined, but not described."-u. I Alu. IT Itok out for counterfeit 3's on the Bank of Whileha I, Wc received, by letter, yester day, a counterfeit of this denomination. The printing and tilling up of the hill is bad. Vig nette, i jcelsiur. Twit fignro 3's on the left end, and figure 3 and the word throe on the rigid. Whihhalt tkm. Ll'.illirit 1 fn S.VI.F. The planks which form ed Iho 'lain Buffalo I'latform ' will la- di.posed of cheap. Certain old foxy rats, which took In Iter under that rickelry' scaffolding, are In let eiic Ibe prom-dr. Iff . t"t. BURLINGTON FUEM PRESS, FRIDAY 0 IHIIlM.(JTO, Vt. FRIDAY MORNIXti, NOVEMUKR 17.181S lCntificntion .Heeling. The Whigs oflliirlinKton arc notified to meet at M. I,. IIaat's on Friday Evening, to ratify t10 ftr,;0 0f (jU) ZAC X. The U'nVj of other towns and all others disposed to enjoy this opportunity are Invited to be present. ScrrF.n. will be served atO o'clock. lly order, Wednesday, November 15, 1818. The Whigs of Colchester assembled, last eve ning, at Winooski Fall-, to express their joy at tho result of the late Presidential election. One hundred guns were fired. Fire works nnd illu minations abounded, A beautiful repast was provided, at tho 'Slonc House," of which hun dreds partook. After the tablo was cleared, lion. David Reed was called to the chair, S.iecches wcro made and impromptu toasts given by several gentlemen. Maj. Kimball was preent, as an invited guest, nnd expressed bis gratification at being muted lo attend a meet lug, for the purpose of honoring a man whom, p . lilies aside, be delighted to honor. The meet ing broke up about 11 o'clock, after singing Auld I.ang Syne and giving three dearly cheers fur Taylor &. I'lllmoro. The Olee Club and Rand were in attend nice and added not a little to the interest of the meet ing- . The Old Ray State Herself Again ! From the returns we have received from nil narls of the State, we have no doubt thalGhO. X. BRKifiS and JOHN RF.KD have been elec ted Governor and Lieutenant-Governor ol Mas. sicliusetts. We gain everywhere nn the vote of Tuesday last. 1 he votes on the (y.mnecticut river, so lar as heard from, have gone with a perfect avalanch for tho Whigs. The peo le have repudiated alike Cashing and Phillips, tin several places coalitions Were tried but they amounted lo nnthni '. Tho result shows that the Whigs can heat their political foes, come tbev in what shape thov may. It iJ a singular fact, that the two opposing candidates fur Governor arc both renegades from the Vung ranks. Poor General dishing! the people, in bis second attempt to run fur Gover nor, have ground him into line powder. There is nothing left of him. Phillips comes as nigh beinc " used unman cd up man, he could well he, on this his first essay against the Whigs. What i jom ! Inn ,il Imn Rhmilil hft trv nir.iin. 1 hoe j will Cu-lnngiJ'.e him. We havedoue nob'y on members of Congress. We Iiave elected six eat of the ten, namely, Winthrop in the 1st, Duncan in the 3d, Ash- mini in the Old, Rockwell in the 7th, Maun in I the Gib, nnd Griiinel in the 1 ltd. In the older ! four districts there is no choice. We hope to elert our cindid.Ues next lime. We have not room to-night for extended re marks. We regret that Mr Hudson, one of the nio-t able, trustworthy and amiable members Massachusetts ever sent to C ingress has not b'-en elected. We speak particularly of Mr. Ilid-on, becau-e be been so shamefully misused by ,!,B an B irenites in o Id orces-, cestcr. There is, however, cosier. I linn $t nowi'vcr, n gimu nmc com," a good lime com-, ee ibis question in mil', w hen Worcester will see this oue its true light ; she has been deluded, else she never would discard so faithful a public servant as C.i irles H id-on. V have probably elected two Senators in Hampden, two in Hampshire, five in Suffolk, three in liristol, two In II misMble, an; one it ,'".cilit,t n-l l).ik-s 1 ...all. I he a 11 .rem es and Locos Imvo elected none, an i.lii.t ntiv in an and wont elect anv. As fir as beard from, the Whigs have elected to the II m-e ins (10 ,,,Cos 3, and Van Huren- ites -J, Wa-there ever such a defeat, since Old Zick threshed Santa Anna in tlie gorges of Ilueua Wia 1 Huston All if, The Francis Sultiis, This Steamer left her mourings, in "the har bor" this morning, where she has been under going repairs, during the past season, and Capt. TtsDALi: reported her in tip top trim, at the South Wharf at 10 o'clock. The Saltus is now furnished with wheels of differed construction ('"n ,ll0sc heretofore used by boats on this lake. I Th"y are said to be a great improvement nn the I t,j slv0 0f wheels. The buckets are of iron and curved, nearly uniting on tlie centre arm of , I . .. !..,l . . I , nun.. I i.l I. nt I, n ' " wheel, and such is the curve unit nut lime U any power is losi in sinning anu raising ine Locket'. A Whig or " S-vextv-Six." We learn that Jonathan Harrington of Lexington, the last survivor of Iho Battle nf Lexington, who Is 1 nil 1 "uw HU"V0 "l"t't' J'Cilrs "f Bi walked about une mile and a half on Tuesday, and deposited the fist xute for Zachaiv Taylor in that tow n. The Outrage in Philadelphia, The late brutal outrage, which resulted in the death of Alfred Coleman, has canted much cx- 1 citement iu Philadelphia. It appears from the , evidence given nt the jury nf iinncst, that while . ,,, . rn.SkInll .,..B ,!. 1 . . This was done rather jocosely, than iu any spir it of defiance. Tho result is thus related : " Inlanlly a rush was made from the proccs. kiou.and the women and children who lined the side-walks were compelled tolly for their lives. Clubs and bludgeons were employed with Ibe WHS UIIVU WHO lilt; lluinuiu aui.ji.-.., uu .iiiun- 1 d. ''10 victim wasa most esllinalile per K,iami resided VV sided vvilhiii a few squares ol tho mur- , j ,r The jury, after a full investigation, returned the billowing verdict : "That the deceased, Alfred Coleman, nged JO years, came to his deatli by a blow given by nine person unknuwii, Irom llio ranhs oi ine Democratic procession, calling themselves " killers," at the cornar of Twelfth and C tales street, on the night of the 3d November, 1348." A man by the name cf John Agen was ar rested, charged, on the oath of (icorgo W. Rob erts, with having struck th fatal blow which resulted in the doiilh of young Coleman. To whit tune do the Mermaid's dsncc ? -D've give it up 1 Ui.cle Bill says they dance to .YeMime Vermont State Agriculturist The content is now over. Tho sturdy ln gimu which the recent oniorgcncy called out in tho Rervico of their country have been dis oaniieu. j tin notes ol preparation winch were ntely Hounded throughout every town ntul vil- lago nnd cottage in the land are heard no more. I Led on by their respective knights of the quill, nrmcil nn.l cquiiiped ns tho law directs with the necessary paper ammunition, concentrated with more than Napoleon's skill upon one point, the ballot box, whose possession has cost the nation ho much of eloquence, treasure, nnd genera!ship,-our doughty citizens have man-1 fully done their duly on the field, nnd now, t ' length, weary of tho "din of battle ami the tug of war," nre returned once more to their happy homes, nnd the pursuit of their peaceful call ings. To those who liavo thus turned their swords into plow-shares, nnd their spenrs into prnning-hnoks, ns well as to a i.l who feel nn interest in the true welfare of their own profes sion, in their own State, the publishers of n work, perhaps more closely connected with the real growth of Vermont than any other issued within her borders, beg leave to address them selves. '1 hat nn Agricultural Journal of high char acter has always been needed by the interests of husbandry in our State"; Ins long since been acknowledged by tho more liberal minded of our citizens. And it is a miller of surprise tint in n State where almost the whole popula tion is directly engaged in tilling the Miil, no attempt to establish such a Journal has been made ninong us till within tho last three years, while neighboring Stales, confessedly our inferiors in an agricultural point of view, have siipjiorted for many years works of n highly useful character on tins class of subjects. Many of these have been extensively circulated in our State, nnd have beer, undoubtedly productive of a vast amount of good. They have aroused thought, suggested experiments, nnd diffused a great deal of valuable information in regard to our profession. They have been thus benefi cial in our latitude, because the principlis of agriculture nre in nil countries the same ; but when wo come to Ihntlilmlt, the differences of climate, soil, nnd sitiation render all foreign papers, whether southern or western, much less useful to u.?, titan if their matter wcro entirely devoted to our peculiar circumstances. Nor is Ibis llio null- rmsrm !,.- Wrnmtlt should line 1 fM'IWSC,- lloll. l.t.IAS liOTrOV, eir llnmi; Hull. this tlioonlv reason why erniont should nave n lrN,riV) v,,e,.im ; lion. IIamipln CiTrs, nn agricultural piper ofher own. The statistics ,; Hl.nrv Sn v-i.-.. Unmet ; .lou A. Co of the last census shew that our agricultural I ant. , lll products hear tho largest proportion to the jfV, L. (. Dinuiiav, ll'ifirn;i ,-John .M. Wills, number of inhabitants, as compared with tho ; H-kvS. 'fc',?'- rest of tho Union ; but statistics of another kind will also show- that the productive povv crs of our soil have never fcci'tin to he developed. The profits of our husbandry may perhaps average .-I) per ncre. Emigration is too often consul- ered by our young men ns the first impulse of the principle of self-preservation. An uneven surface nnd rocky soil have required a vast pro-1 portion of mechanical labor in clearing the 1 land, while its chemical constitution has yet J attracted but little attention. Our distance , ,,, ,,,-rket Ins hitherto cut off the irreat Mini- j , cxt-rtion in production. Our growth ns '. ' j,,,,,,,.,,, ,. 1 a ' of j mon ol our sisier oiaies. i no greai liner- , , , , , . , . . ests oi education have but lately met with nny thing like their proper share of attention. So tint a Journal devoted, as ours is, t tlio IniW- up of our productive, mechanical, and edu- t.lllOllJl lllll.ll-.'l', VlllW- IIJIOI, U IIV1U ,.lt 111 inal interests, enters upon a Held vast n 1 :....N..I m.ln- .. C ,1.1 I xtenl, but ulmu-t destitute of cultivation ; pro- ducing now but little, yet requiring only enter- Subscribers paying money to ngents without prise iu its improvement nnd diligence in its certificates signed by the I'.ditor, must do so nt management to repay bountifully the labor ex- their own risk; and nil application, for ugen pended on it; At the present period especially, eies by person- unknown to its, tiiu-t bo aceom when the successful experiments, of other States panied by written testimonials from mine re have at !a.-t convinced us of the advantages to sensible nnd well known citizen of their be derived from rail-ronl communications w ith neighborhood, luteal are preferred to Irani the Atlantic cities; when tbu dVminJ which linn agents, and the same eoinuii-ioii will be will shortly carry off from our own doors every paid in both eases, .III communications hy mail article of production vvu can spare, i stimula- must he pint paid. ting us to do our utmost ; when the competition 1 (XT' We "i" give immediate employment with the West, which will soon affect us more to agents in every town in the State, nnd in nearly than ever, requires us to produce ns New Vork, New Hampshire, and Canada ud cheaply as possible ; nnd when the inlluence of joining. travel is doing so much to arousu our hitherto I inland mid indifferent population to emulate the deeds of others, is it necessity for us to make ,,c ,,f uv,.ry appliance for the promotion of tho jrreat interests wlio-o improvement wc design , (0 advocate, In view of these consideration, the under signed commenced in July hist the publication of the V1.R3IONT STATK ACRICdiT RIST, a monthly ipiarto of lii pages, devoted to the interests of agriculture, horticulture, do mestic und rural economy, nnd educntion with all the other subjects Usually treated of by I that class of periodicals itr We district of Ver mont, They designed, us they still design, that the work should he a fitting companion for tbu seipntlfie noil ornetienl hllshamliiviti u-tthiti 1 . , . ,i Ulll UHIllVl.l, UIIU It V I - III, UUII. I I.J.I VI-L71II.III, U Ul our agriculture abroad. They intended it to bo a vehicle of communication between the friends of improvement in till parts of the State, and the public; to stimulate thought on the part of our practical fanners; to advocate tlio necessity of educating our agricultural class in order to elevate them to their true position in society. Hitherto the undertaking has been greeted from nil tpiartersi with the voice of np probntion. But, owing partly to the lailitical campaign, partly to the unfavorahlciiess of the time of starting, und partly to tho lire-occupation of the ground by foreign papers, but little has yet been dono towards securing us the cir culation necessary for our support. Two of thee obstacles are now removed. The elec tions nre over. The harvesls aro gnthered. .Men's minds nre now ut leisure to attend to objects of this nature. May we not, then, con fidently hopo that our appeal for aid, nt the sea son usually devoted to making up subscriptions to this class of works, will bo answered by the cordial assistance ami hearty co-operation ol our fellow cituens? Will they not come for ward unanimously to our suptort, nnd enable us, by a long anil permanent subscription li-t, to placo our enterprise on a level with tho best works of tho kind iu the I'niou? Is it not necessary to tho credit of our State that such n periodical should bo well sustained among us? Look nt what our neighbors have done. 31ns saehusetts now publishes ti agricultural papers, rtoiiiu of which uro 'M years old; New Vork sustains 7 ; I'eiinsylvaiiia il ; New Huuiishire, Maine, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, MORNING, November 17, 1848. Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Tpper Canada, all hao their agricultural pa pers. Hut how many has Vermont? The half of (i very small one ! ow why should this ho so ': Will nnv olio ,,,11 ,w ,i,,, ii,,,-, i., , ,..i, i, , i,',t;, clmllg1( r zc;li .i,,,,,,, in Veimont to produce ,, MMain n rui1,c:llli)lB W()rk ,)f c,.lrac. ur) whiIo ,lpwarjs r ., Iloilt;e:ii , mi.cui. illllcmH 1)n.irM ,lrc t,,1,li-lif-.l anion" us ? Wc 1() not )eiovc Thori, is nmon w nhun, lhnrc of nmtcri;il, nnd wo are firmly convinced it U only neccss;lrv lo ).,.. ,1U ln.trr I1C0 r,liriy before the no,,h, to appeal to Hum as the ()llly nr)itcrs r itH rat0i in or,er , cnlist ; iLs l.tlinl P tln.1 r tsyniimtliv, their support, nnd their vigorous co-operation. If fey will aid us by their subscriptions and contributions, we will warrant them n work not only eminently sug gestive and instructive, hut also calculated to secure abroad a greater measure of respect for I Vermont husbandry. If Hag will Mtstuiu us, j our utmost efforts will he freely exerted lo pro ! ducc tint reaction upon the popular mind which is nlways Iho effect of Iho diffusion of scientific information nnd of the promotion of mental dis cipline. Shall we ask that aid in vain? The following is the advertisement of our paper : TII12 Vermont Mate AfrricuHitriMJ is rint.iMit.ti monthly, at bcri.i.nutov, nv CASPAR T. HOPKINS Si I). V. C. CLARKE, Viulnirtois. CASPAR T. 1101'KlXrf, Kditor. fJT- Thi- K.litnr mnv lie loiiod nt ibe Tree Tress Olhce every TncMlny, Thursday nnd Saturday, from S tu 1 o'clook, P. M. A Yi:in. Ten copies cn to aae attJrru for i7.50 ; 2.'i copies ditto for sj1l",.73, or fw cts. each. No subscriptions rm-iyed for lc than one vulniiii. t X? All pnvnit'iits to be made in advance. I if No subscriptions received for less than one volume. tEr" All communications to be addressed, ;ol paid, to the Editor. t s" Advertisements of agricultural implements, seeds, stink, A.C., inserted, nt the rate ol jl.UO lur every siiaie ol I'i lines for each insertion. The following well-know n nnd competent Rentle. men have consented to l- referred to ns patrons and co.itnluiiors to our columns' Rev. Prof. Timr.r.v. Rev. .. Tun-if-ov, Rev Prof. (ioiini'.lcu, lluilinstiin i lion. David Hon. 1'. Iltlill, IILXRY II. MAIV. .M. VVAK.NLIl, LUVIMIY II. I'iNMut.v. II. J llriLiii r.o. M 1).. .(). rr; lion. Litiifr Stom., tjtuilulte; Hon. 1) II. Umon, Millun; W. Kti u, Kev. II. I!. New rov, Af. Altuiits; Hon. C l'vtr.uvNKs, St JuIdisIjiii ij : lite nr 1'rrrittursli ! Solomon W. Ji.wi.ti, Diwev, Liiiil'llinll ; i;nwnn I.. riii.Lis, .vi. u II iiitlsoi ; lion, vv m. lj. ivlTTr.r.noi.. mirmren, Rowland T. Koiuxson, FctinAmgh; Hon. 1'kamis V I , linctliMgh . Wo offer the above terms to clubs in the ex pectation of receiving their names fnc of cx- pinse to n.. Wo cannot nfiord to pay agents I n commission on tlie reduced prices. To till subscribers received after the commencement i of the volume the hack numbers w ill be sent, a.s nil subscriptions nre understood to be tor one volume of the work. In order to secure activ ity in extending our subscription, we offer tn j ngents for this year the following very liberal , t t or nnv numner oi suD.s-crioers n-ss unui iu, . . , ,,. . ... in one town, paying .'rl each, 10 per cent. Tor unv nuiuber greater than 10 nnd less, than '.'.", piving l each, '.." per cent. 1'or nnv nuiuber greater Ih tn ''" in one tow n, I ..,.1. 'A'l onr ..nut Jl.l III -7 I 1..IL.I, j.t s . . . AU orders must bo accompanied with cash. CASPAR T. HOl'KINS, l'Jitor. 1). W. C. CLARKL, Publisher. Burlington, Nov. 10th, Ic'lt1. KLLCTION RIITITRNS. We have not ns yet the returns from the en - , , ,. i, . tire Stale. Walton's Journal his the iullcst ' tire i returns we have been, which foot up : I Taylor. Cass. I'. llurcn. i.'0,'()7', tvoO I0,r- ir j III September, lr-.r(JtS 10,17.t l'J.Ot-l Show ing a nett Whig gain on the September stands ns before, three Whigs, one Democrat. The States from which we have heard sutli cient to determine the complexion of their electoral vote, tiro I Taylor. Cas-. V. Bui GOO 0 !) 0 . 0 C 0 IJ 0 0 too ft 0 0 3G 0 0 7 0 0 'JG 0 0 3 0 0 8 0 0 11 0 0 o a o 10 0 0 GOO 12 0 0 la o o 1G0 21 0! , Vermont, Maine, I Jll'w fmpsbiri m,. i,, , j ' C ninccticut, New Vork, Now Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Iiouisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Returns from the remaining States arc not vet received in sufficient fullness to render it J certain how their vote will be cast. Comparing tho returns at hand, w ith the former political complexion of thoso States, wo make up the following tnliln ot 1'ROllAIlLi: RKSL'LTS. Tailor. '0 3 8 fi 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 4 Cas. 17 0 0 0 3 I 7 23 5 12 il 0 0 so , B.iren, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Virginia, Florida, Alabama, .Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, .Missouri, Ohio, Michigin, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, STATK OP VKKMONT. HI' AI8MS cookMiM.-a: covin .n o it . The custom that calls the people of our Com monwealth to render nt thisseaon of the) cur, public thanks to God for bis goodness and mercy, is admirable in itself, beneficent in its ililliienccs, consonant with right reason, and commended by the pious example of a vener ated ancestry. The ample fruits of a now lnrvet the count less blessings of another year all thing' by which wc are surroiindid remind us of the fitness of special thank-giving unto the Giver of every good and perfect gilt. 1 do, tbcrefore, herel.yaproint '1 HURSDAY, Tin; - i ii dav of i) ni:xt, to bo observed throughout Ibis Stale, as a day "n,'"blic 1 1'ksgiving and to Aluugbty I do earnestly recommend to the People of this State, tn abstain, on that day, finm all un necessary utor, and from all amusements unbe eoiningthe chastened enjoy incuts of a Christian Festival. And I invite the people lo convene in their respective places of religious worship to rejoice together before Ibe Eord.iu His sanctuaries to lemember, and talk of all Ills goodiie, in the dome-t c circle lo bless and honor him, in all tlie delightful services appropriate to the joyful occasion. Esocially it it meet tn offer pr.iio unto God for his btn'gnanl smiles upon our Stale and Na tion, in thp protecting of our civil and religious institutions, in tho ri turn of peace, In the gene ral prevalence of law and order, and in the hope ful stability of our own government while the thrones of the Old World are rapidly crumbling into the dust. Particularly is it fit, to give thanks unto Ibe Lord fur the grant of an nbiiudant harvest for tlie h'alth, and vigor, nntl happiness of the peo ple of this C nmnonwealth for the sigml pros perity that lias attended their labors, in all the useful arts and the v irinus pu-suit- in w hich they have been engaged fur new educational and commercial impulses and for the growth and well-being of the State. Above all, let the people praise tho Lord, for , mo ueingn inuiiences oi ine glorious uospei oi the blessed God" upon our free institution, which have their strength and security only in Us light and power. Let us accompany praise with hearty con fession of our tmnifold sin, humbly seeking forgiveness through our Lird Jesus Curitt, and imploring the Divine anl to strengthen us unto the faithful l,i epmg of IIiseotniiimdment, uid the turning ol our leet unto His testimo- nie bile we joy f ti ly recount blessings le'tow el, l t us, with the heart, commit ourselves, our children, our country, all interest- u.ost precious for this life and that to romp, unlo the (it dot our Kathei:, under Mm fivur, up tnuv Ip t pui!e rxiiltfd in ri!itooiisnp, M-ekiiii: pe:ice nnd rejoicing in it, loving tnerc and douijii". tice.tb.,nkfl for the p.t trurllul for the future, relying always solely on the Lord, vv licse ' ten- der mercies are over all Ins works," G'lVrn uiuUr mil Imml nml Hie seal of sitiit State thh nitth (tail nf Xm emUr, in the . . r - i-i, war f our Urd one thot saml ei?IJ hundred ami Jady-ivM, ami oj the In- .K . .. 4-11. r. I-...,.. I s-,... tl. o lai'iiiiiiiui i. (lit, Liiutii iui(o,ifi. jittii- t'l-llard. carlo.s cooliix;l By the Govern ir, (iliiROK T. II it r.llTON, Sic'tj. Wc arc ov tiici vc or an V.v itimj IIi.i.ction, nml the names of opposing e.'iodidatesare taiiuli ir words ; but not moie I.1111111 ir to tie people than have its 101. rivalled success and immense sahs rendered Dr. (ilVSCTT's Covrot'N'l) LxiKAIT Ol' VEI.LOW l)jli; n'lla Lxtr.-ict ha-niade th.-'vuuVnf ihntVvnluiUc root well kno and by the addinon of JVIto-r i ihck, cu iouj m ue ty in lacimy m iiinsc-inii- irom un impure siao oi un iiuum. iuili ikhihupu iiciiuii ill Hie ssirii. ll.iw u luiouiiiuiiuii ul lue i,,.., x-() r; ti v r- suli-i nices known. The perleci sueress of ilu- eoiupnnnd in cases of ;i,r.',, ivhintv so"iii, vi,teiii'ni this season, nod ibe eiiine u!.-. -in col all nuneral subsuiices.cuinincud ,.u....v Jvertisement in another column nod call upon the iient. who w ill nive ail neees-iry directions. l'or sale bv tii'o. V, IHrrtnuton, Hiirlinston nnd by the Uruists gencmlly throughout the (."luted Staits v. lTw 1 To throw iitTdisense requires a ehnul' m 'ous effort of every part ot tlie bum. in sy-leui. lnsperttcily u-eless tj stinnihite to iliroweti'itsobsirui; lions, unless nil the other ornints nre stimulated to a corresponding activiiv. Iu order to carry n Ion and completely leimive these linpuiities, the, luius, fiver, kidneys, stoiiiaeh. skin, .Me , must nil act in uiu-oii uud liatinoii) . In lollotvs that tins state ol the oryius cannot he produced by any trwi'e Sjrup. or Kvtrnci, and tint a communal is needed, tanned of the v irnuis veuetahle suhsianees which oiiorntc upon these -veral ortmi and no: only thai it be a com poitiiil vi sirA siibstniiccs, but the substances he compound in such ptoi'oi twos ns wot produce n har monious action. tsueh a compound is Dr. litisoifs celebrated l.xtr.ict ot Yellow Ooik and S.iisaparilla .scieiiiincini coin,ii'uiiueo, iiihi icso u ny me nappy evpeiience ol ibousJiids. ."-ce cdvertiscineiii mnnoili- s's" the Druggists ceiirrnlly tlumuTiout the United J-lates. Z'rflr. Oigmd't India Chotusngue Amnngtbe disuiieinsheil individuals who have u-ed this valuable nine.., .... i. t," u i, hi mr i-uuum-iici , p i'-be. nre Hon. Win L. Marcy, S.ereiarv; u ! Hon Will. W oodlindee, lion Boss W nn v, a rietcher.ol the relate ul Miclu ' remedy and reeuinuieinled it to the confidence ot the ereiary of W nr ; kins, nnd I. a. cms Aboil, .M 11 and Rev Charles Kentlnv, 1' S Army: lion I'.l'ary, Cincinnati; J II Itathboue, lisi , I ilea N. V ; Hun John A Rockwell, ot (ion. ncciicui, lie iarticulnr nnd iui-.ire lor lr 0sooit India L'iitlniiiutuc, and lake no oilier. w VJ-wi DoRciirsTia, M.m .June Ij i Dr. I' llrowu Dear !ir. It affords me rent jileasure lobe able to tear testiinony to the valuable 1 properties ol jour i-ai-iparilla nnd Tomato Hitters You pri'biblv know- the situation 1 was in it lie,, I the sutlcrim: which 1 hnve'horucloru loinr tune trim,' l ne euecis ta n lerrin e nuiiior is ti inost lii.!,u. il covered my chest and amis, breaking out at tunes in pule large soles, t..i t,-. .-.! i. i . . vv.tb.tut fiie least' relief, and I cave i , e e 2e, ,: ... ........ ,'uiaiuii , ,us ,visiMiit-tl IO ll.lKt Use ol vour S irsapanlli nml Touutn Holers; but 1 must sa 1 commenced wub great reluctance, tliinkmt' it eventually I ul to relieve tnc, us nil oiher medicines bad done llui how iuppily linvr 1 .Wii dis.ipouiied ' It has finitely cured me. Notlinij that 1 do ntlurds me more pleasure ihau recoiiunendiiiR jour littler, io peisom sinulnrly ntllcted, nml 1 do most earnestly re. coinineiid ull tu try Ihein belore they Rive up, suppos ing there is no rebel, I now value them so highly I keep ihein iu thehou-e.and Use them in my family, as 1 consider tlieui the best, pleasantest,and most ihor- ...1. ,1 . I.. . I ... I . ', -".. ...v..-. ,., u.-i , , inu, ni un inifiuriiies, cnrijmj oil nil bile, without weakening ibe sjsttni.or uc-no: cioni;e(i io cnane jour cllei. , Alter show 1115 this lu any one, if lliey ore not per-1 fectly satisltd, ask them lo call cm me, and I will ex plain my case incite fully, which it will afford ine great plea. me lo do. Vours res(iectlullv, 1 svttf.wS DANllll, ri.L'M.MUR. I'orsale by Tuto. A. rrcu llurhnton, nnd by Druci-ls ueuerall) ibruuhout the Culled States' A CrmtncATi. from Mr. lnjerson, of Lancaster .Yew Hampshire, .1 respectable citizen ol tha place, and J.rierof theCouuiy nlCoos- l.tieoree IT lnersou, ot l.nn-aster, bert-by cer tify, that 1 have In en troubled with the Asthma lur abotit twi-nij jeots Last .Yovetnbcr, when 1 becan uikini; ll'isiar's llalsaui of ll'ild Cherry, I bsdbeen unab'e to do niijihing lor seversl niiinlbs.nud bad not except a vcty tew- inubis, been able to rest 111 mv bed Almost us soon as 1 beaulo lake It, 1 felt lelleved I have taken nbout two tmtllts. .My jienltb is ulto. nether unproved , lew leturns in the Asthma winch 1 have bad 111 ihal tune, were nbno-i luunedia.' leli reinmedbvlaklnellie lltlsaio I rest ...... mybenllb is. and lias tietd lor,.. U tter lhanai anv lime piev urns tor mam- veats 1 cliecil'iilic r. t coiuiiieud this uiv'dicme lu al, who are siinilariv af. ilicted. (iio. II'. lxcinsox. Lancaster, .Y II , April 'Js, lstrt. Trice 1 per bottle, si boilles for five dollars, I'orsale by Then A 1'eek, llurliiuton, and bv Druggist generally throuj-huui the t'nitcd Slates. C.IL'TIOX! '1'IIOSn "ho prefer .Inrkness to liht I are advTfd not 10 purchass Od or Speim Can ,Uf0( A S Dfcwpv IVolicc. The subscriber will be at Richmond on Thursday, Nov. 23, I2sex Centre Nov. 21, and Milton Falls Xov. 24, from 10 A. M. to I o'clock P. M., for the examination ol Teachers of the ! Winter Schools. Oiving tn the late hour in which notice of appointment was received, he will not be able to visit all the towns in tho County to hold examinations, before the winter schools commence. All ulio wish Cjunty cer tificate are requested to be present at tho abovo examinations. It is hoped that Town Superin tendinis will attend. F. 1). WIII2I2I.I2R, Supt. Corn. Sbools in Chittenden County. jttnvrici). In Roxbjrv, Ma-3., 7th inst , by Rev. Dr, Putnam ( Mr Elliot E. Ktt.Lo.u, of Iiurhmton, Vt., to .Mm II. II. PosTLr.,of Roxbury, Mass. D i c D , This evening, Edwin R. Parker, aged 17 yeors.a itiideut in the University of Vermont, and only son ot Nathaniel Parker Esq Funeral on Monday 3 o'clock P. M. In ibis town, on Sunday, November Sih, Carolina MjITILPA. wife of 1 eli ,V KJell ami l'alijjtlter of Judse Stone, (I.ilway, N. V., aged DC yenrs. She wasa devoted member of the Congregational church, nnd departed this life in the blessed assurance of an inheritance into that rest prcpired for the children of" God. Her deatii has bereaved a husband and three children of a dear nnd affectionate wife and mother nnd her parents of a most lovely child. She was much esteemed and beloved by all her acquaintance. Our loss is her gam. " So precious a Gem for Earth," " God call'd her to himself.' In Hanover, Michigan, on the 11th of September. ast, Harriet IIemnda, only daughter cf Raynolds uiul Adeha Landon, aged 4 months nnd todays. THE TOCSIX .;.S' .JC..V SOUXDKI). Turn Out ! Turn Out ! ! ONCi: .MORE To" THE KESCUE, nn.l w iih Mich n nmn n Old Zick lor our VreinJr nt, winch I- now I'trri.iiri, Iilriy will tolluw that Lib city whkh secure in rvrry man, woman nml child, llv tn't (torn ot j-pr. tli, lh" irtedoiu ' connrncr, and ainc nil the irt-ednin ot 'IVude All had then thchai iy d.iy lt-n the l'ruirieiors of Tin. i.inir RYnnvfw ,!,, ....u.i ii,,i1nnM.iU ,! iri..,i i upOI, lts lyids m ilamms cliaractejs ihc s'itnticaut motto EXCELSIOR Ui,o(lr fnJ M 501ne trulhi ,.', ,,. ,c,,m,y - a new concern 411-1 o-niiiR. to self kohIj 1 fur nulnle nt a sninll piotit in older to v cure trnile. I.adi.-s and (irntlcmeii, we have now-1 11 I. cated m "urliiujioii su nioiulis, and have the pL-asme ol in- lorinui,: you thai however cheap we b.ive heretofore told r ioods.we now appear l.ofore ou wiilmlar- Cer sunplv. and at erenilv reduced from our Hist t I II'.. ...... I..:...uiv.i ....l H' r--... p". ..i iiv.t j.iwi.iiiii iiir 1 uiiuiiu .. nun .4iui I'.unn to be opened. These (Joods must be sold. We Icive.thcrefoi centered tbenrena ol trade with warmth, ieal and energy, determined to convince by our ac tions as well as savings uur Irieiul- in Burlniteu nnd towns ailjtiinu, that whuc we aie desirous ut obtani unio living lor ourselves, we nre r.l-o dtsirous nud sirivinn a-sidtiously Irom day to day to secure ihfl greatest pood to the greyest number ot all with whom v.'e come lutoutuil NVere wetopo lliiuiiith Mid eiiuiniate all the d llerent style-, ri'ianties ami prices ot ijiinj. ns iioiv hive on band, it would lenctlifn our iidvertisemi nt liejoiid reasonable l.nnis there tore, we toibe-ir an 1 will iriiii? but a few stvies and tuii io. having il for all to call and examine ior them selves ll'e lliink we eau slmw n Inruer nsrioienl of pltnn mil loicy Aipatva inii can b; shown in the btalo ot ertnoiit. SUl'llR Sl'I'LU BLACK MOII MR LI'S- Titus, Mi'i ii ii lack silk WARI' ALI'ACCAS. IIV wiri-nnt them io be ibe most beautilul nnd clc gam goods ever evhih fd iu this vicinity I u-i-s Super tl!m! Alpncca, do eouiioriii clo 1 Cse tf.iicr Chn iciuble do SA.Ul'LhS. lo ok Alpacea at l.'. cent, do l.ei r III 11 1 amy l'..iiu at J.s ALSO Cloak Cootts of every color nnd nunliiv "n nr.ul,. wants a clunk ordrrs. i t,i,l luexnnnne ihis nttmet. ive as-oitineiit, and ihus -avc tln.r money - -arlton llroelii Miawls.all wool, 1 bale I'.jid .Mantle, " 1 " " .juare, " 1 " "lla-kei, The iuintuy of lioods we have nlready sold, war rani ls ... saying that our prices are ... , VERY LOW. , And last, though not least, our (1. II I II lliimr I'resents a most tuipusiiig display of ,-. . . 7. ' 1'rtncli anil Brotulcluths, Cassi- i meres, t r.i nil's, A-c.. A-c vMiicu ore pieasina to .he eye, profuale to the buver, cliantab.e to llie par-e, and only bumil.aling to li.e ,i r, "."' " will present any cenileman with a coat, if l,e cannot save niuiiej bj a visiuotmr CLOTH U00.1I. I . S. Don't buy 'em if they ain't chenp. i bales unbleached Sheeting. Iio'ni 3 lo T it. - ' bleached Miinni.' I to is, cif. t 1 nuts, 1 case last toUs only Cj cts. J lama Is a luw as one shilling., v . . iLCO.V ct NASH, v-' ,?T,rlr',1Illlsmal11 & Hroihers, Church street, ivuv. 15th, ISIS. jjyj -iHAiMTi;. ,i. . . I THK Sl'llsriJIIIKIl, OF IJARRB, VB I lor sale nil kinds ol liramte Simir lur lluildmss, Window ' 'L: t ni tirnnue is o he tirsi cumin Ci . oiuun up anu .-ma, u,Mlr v q r-t and Si, Is, Steps, Y" ,, h,,c" ' . '''? -'"res cf M. r tiroot ot wh 'sj it iri-Ksa ksni.J ll'l.linn, lliirrinninn .l....i-. iii, luiruuect 10 anu none at reasonable notice, toniriicis may be made with Mr Seib Morse, my UKc-nt, and Itratute will kept thereon hand Iiirrr, Oct in, lsn. w.M.lj' IIal4trsliilil Acnilciiiirnl liililiiliou. rpilL II inter Term commences on H'ednesJay a- .Mtvenitit-r vv. IJOARU Sl,i5,per week including room washing ,f i J.S f-r.U'I.DlNC,. A. 31 -..- lll.s,ii;i;, a ,-v.j K. 1) SllAT'l'Ul'k-. A n 1 Vinrrpal, I'rof. S. .M. II jJett, Teacher of Mune. SLTH OAKS, irrre(ry Bakorsfield, Nov 10, ISIS. to Jwr V I' -tdlCA L .XI) l)rTI ivstit" kinds Nov 10 Tu;o A I'RCK. Willi.tUI 0LI1 I'al.iiln i.T Tf w . District .,i C, , . J M... The iu, n., iro. 1 Ibslr.ct o Lhiiiendeii Ti'tnii iVrLml V,!!,','.. 1 the es.n.e f VV..I,";. 1. .." . I"01 Ccncerilfd III ' District, deceased. lireVt,,,,. -'otle in said nereas. A inon Aic,.....l n..J i..t. r. ,,. ., lende an't" .! W. l-posV ,0 ..,uuii c 1 over Kt aa- tlwir . ". ""'"""sira ion, and pre sent their account nuaiiisi said estate lor rxan inntm i snd allowance at a ., , the Court ol !r,e , ibe Mden at lluilinaio,,,,,,, , a.y uf ICnneTc J't0"' Ym fre ""fbV ""l.fied to appear Is-. ,ew i,-.',U',V'', "'e ."""'- I'lee nfoilia.d ,nJ rffcVnn.,!." -"rhnglon, this 15,h J.y 1 'itUADld'lip RIVrORD, Kefs'.,

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