Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 26, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 26, 1855 Page 2
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Mta"saiaMCTttist3mi.ry lUccklj) JFvcc yvcss. liuni.lN'GTON, FHIDAY, JAN. '20,1855. XVtiril Times. The Cnusc. We all know now what "Hard Tunis" mains 'the words can bo used anywhere with no fear of being mls-iindcrsh.od. It is the burdon of the public ptcsR, tliu pass word in tbomirketplacc, the complaint at the Cap italist, tho sigh of the towing e'u. It is confin ed to no one class or locality, From the centre ol trade, where tho unemployed nro meeting by tens of thousands and clamoring fur work, tho tronhlo lias spread and is ntll 1 spreading through all tho confines of tho country. The Drills from nil quarters bring tho tune story, of firms, supposed to ha ns solid as tho roek of Gibraltcr,erumbling to ruin, of milts closed, of business contracted, of industry seeking employment in vain, of omharassmcnt, lack of confidence, want, distress, starvation. It takes nothing from the gloominess of the picture to think that all this might hate been otherwise that this state of things is wholly unnecessary, that it was fouseon, predicted, and might have been provided egainst. Tho whole, or nearly tho whole,! the work of Free trade policy and a revenue tariff. Thi, as it seems to us, is made clear by the following facts, which wo have collected from commercial journals nnd statistics of trade, and which we believe to be correct. In 1818 British Free trade gained the ns. cendancy over Protection nnd held it for six years. At tho commencement of this period the country was prosperous, the public re venuo sufficient, the public debt diminishing and the balance of trade in our favor, in other words the imports ol specie exceeded the ex ports of snecie A r il.u o1,.. ..r.u. . .. -Of rrco trado, we had nn impoverished peo ple, n declining public revenue, the public debt stationary and the balance of trade against us the exports of specie exceeding; the imports. A period of ten years of protection of American industry followed. At its close tho country was the most prosperous ever known, the revenue abundant, the public debt almost extinguished, and specie Hoeing in instead of out. Seven year of Freo trade followed like the seven years of Egyptian famine in Joseph's time. They left the countiy, in ls-12, largely in iiebt, tlio public treiury empty and beg ging everywhere for linns, the State (iovein ments repudiating their debts, manufactures prutrated, tho people almost ruined, the of trade against us, specie guing abroad and leaving for the currency ut home shinpl.isters and the bills (if broken banks. Fivoycars ofProtectiio tariff folloived. Our prosperity returned. Our State governments regained their credit. Manulaetures llow rished, tho hum of the Factory and tlio ding oftho forgo wero heard all over the land. At tho close of this period, the balance of trade was once moro in our favor, specie was im ported instead of exported, our commerce was rapidly increasing, our foreign debt declining I'.ut Mr. Polk and Ids ' party e ime into power, and the tariff or lg 10 inaugurated the present period of Free trade end revenue tariff policy. Within the thort period of three years from the adoption of the Tariff of '-SO, "five-sixths of all the Dlust-furtiacct of the CnitedStutcs, and u very largo portion of the Cotton and Woolen Manufactories of the counlrv, vwro stopped, and thoir tu eo1ijc other means of obtaining n livelihood. 01 ' course wewcio purchasing from Europe what ceascu to manulacturo, and our sii-eie I u.iw iu gti uiiro.m io pay itir llle artlW'-s we imported. The mines of California furnishul us for a tirr.o with tho means of supply lur the drain. They made money plenty, and postponed for a season tho ciisis. Hut the inevitable consi'HuciicCH of a ruinous national policy, wero only postponed. We all know how it is now. We gave a few days since a condensed statement of the general stagna tion in maniiracturing business. Since then tho last broadcloth lactory left in the country (Slaters Mills in lihodo l.-land) has boen closed, and u branch or indu-try the pro ducts of which have amounted to millions of dollars per annum in years of protection, i extinct. Many other branches, if not utterly extinguished are nearly so. In phiie of our own products our markets are supplied with the imported goods of fureign manufacturcis. Wc im orttd last year from abroad, five mil lion dollars worth of lead, in round mini hers of Steel aid iron intt.y f,r, miHioiit ; i.i Hailroad iriin litlie miliums; ll,,r.'.w,.r,. m Cutlery nine millions : of Dry d'uods miciiIij seven millions of dollars worth. These inin t ' i" no pain ior ; as inoy increavo mi Uoi s the export of our gold. In IS5H tlio export ! of gold was Kim and a half millions, in 1R.M I it was forty one millions. Our imports of ' goiu lor the last (no years were only tnenty sit and a half millions, against nu entire ag gregate or gold export" or one Imnilrul and forty eight millions. Notwithstanding the growth of the country and the n,.,nnous o. Jiansion ol'bu-iiiess, nirl half of Ibi-yield of tho California mines lias found its way to England, and is forever lust to the cuntr . Such are the facts of our cat", ('-..n w.. cscapo tho conclusions to which they point' Can any one doubt that if the pn.t-i tive pulicy of 1812 had been ruiitinuH Unit we should have gone on in our jruspciitv, luv grown wealthy and strong in our nan iu euurces, that the revulsions of tint pre-i nt time would have been avoided, and tint our manufactures would now be on s.i firm basis that with tho superiority of nui ninehiner, i end the help of the Atlantic they would not ' fear the cheap labor or European opei itiv. s, I while by healthy stimulation of home cn.ip., , tition tho cost to tho consumer of the niaiiii- , facturcd article, would bo n,. r-rn.,!,.,- i!. ,,. I now is ' . -. i Is it not tv fact that wo oon m.iko an g md iron and steel, as good cutlery and cloth nnd cotton goods, us any onn, nnd 6houId we not bo better oil' if we had made at horno, inetcud of buying ulio-id, the ticth e million dollars worth oT i iilruud iron and nine millions oT cutlery, and satiny millions of dry goods, which were bought 1 1st year ' Would we lint bo beitiroll' than wc am, if tho forgo fires were burning nnd factories filled with busy workers ' ould it not bo better that tho hundred an 1 'fifty millions of gold wo have sent to England in tlie last five years should be in our jockets, or in tho coffers of our banks, giving n sound basis to our currency, nn.j p.c. enting these sudden contractions of the raonoy market' Would not ull Uudis, and classes share in tho coxmon prosj erity .' would tho farmer find tiny tho wm.-.j inar. ket for his produce if tho hundred thousand workers in iron and wool, lately thrown out of employ, were able to buy his butter and grain, instead of being driven to till the ground thercselvcj, or would ho get a lei price for his wool, under a discrimiuatin; tar iff, which should admit frco tho coarse wool which wo do not raise, but which our futlo. rios must havo, nnd keep out tho lino wool of tho foreign wool grower' And without running through tlio whole catalog uo, is there any trade, save the pawnbrokers, which would suffer ? Would not alt lj better tt KT Is llosiov, good Eatteru vn nlyttn dollars a cord I fells for The State Tciupcninio Model), The annual meeting of tho Statu Tempi r nnco Society was held at St. Albans, Jan. Ith nnd lSth, in accordance with tho call of tho Executlvo Committee. To our great re gret, an impcrativo engagement of many months' standing took us in another tlircc lion. Wo make up tho following account of the proceedings, principally from tho nfilciat repol t, fur an advance slip of which wo arc indebted to Mr. Pangborn, Secretary of the meeting, In tl.o absence r tho fir siilout, lion. By. hind Fletcher. Vice President, took the chair and 11. II. Newton of St. Albans, was made Secretary, pro. tutu. Iter. It. F. Lentitt.Dr Sheldon, I.. II. 1'el ton, Iter. P. Merrill, Iter. S. Spiuhawk, li. Tute, and A. Nash, wero appointed n commit tec to report nominations I'or tho year ensu ing. Hon. 7.. Howe, Hoc. X. lltshop and Chtis. Adams, Esq., were appointed a com mittee to fix the time and place of tho next annual meeting. Iter. II. F. Lenvitt, Pier. Dr. Mcriill, Her. X. Bishop, Chan. Adams, nnd Her. t.. M. Etlgerton, were appointed iiCom. on Overtures. J!ev. Or. Merrill, Dr. Sheldon, nnd It. Tute, were appointed a spceial com mit tee on tho subject ol tho 250,000 Carson Fund. The Nominating Com. repented tho follow ing list oT Office! . President, lion. Htlvnd FLuuiFn, of Cavendish. k'ecritaiy, Z. K. Panoborn, of St. Albans, Assistant Secretary , Ilr.NS?EMF.u Titf, oflturkc. Vice Presilent.s, Iter. J. Steele, of Biiinington Co.; J. K. Stoddard. ot Windham C o; P. T. Washburn, of Windsor Co., lion. Win. t Kittredge. of J....t,..,.i co.; l.Mi. J. K raiieli. r Or.iiiHo Co.; Hon Win. Nash, 0I' Addison Co.; S.itn'l Huntington, of Chittenden Co.. Hiram Mel lows, of Franklin Co.; Hon. Giles Il.irring. ton, (irand Islo Co.; lion. Nathan Foster, Lamoille Co.; Hev. 1,. II. Tabor, Orleans Co.; Iter. Jonas Ilrooks, ,,(' Escx Co.; Hon I.. Chamberlain, of Washington Co.; Hon. T. Howard, of Caledonia Co. Corresponding Nixrilarns, O. W. Harmon, lleiiiitiigotn ; A D. Put-, man, ISrattleboro ; Iter. I'. Merrill, Bodies- ll'r ; J' "rock way, Midillcbury ; H-v. E. J. I St'""' -"ontpelier ; I . J uirbuuks, M. Johns, I lj"r- ; J!in' A' J fc'""son, bu.uitun ; J. P. caruo, u.iiion; :. a. rikc. Johnson ; J. ti. Clark, Lunenburg!. ; A. C. Butler, Alburgli; L. Sheldon, West itutlatul. I'.ticutivc Committee iter. A. Walker, Jiev. 11. F. Lcavitt, lion. Ziiiiri Howe, J. II. Pot kins, Chester .-spencer, Hon. .1 P. Fairbaukn. Lieut. O'ov . Fletcher upon taking the Chair, addressed the Convention, sob-t inti.iilv as ibllovvs . (Irnthminof the Convtnttvn . Any token of favor and confidon"e from the true and tried fiiends of 'l einperance I deem an honor of no slight or unimportant charac ter. Ibis new testimonial of confidence is very gratefully received. 1 have lung considered H my duty to labor at any post where the riiends ol temperance might station me. I iear, Imwever, tientleiuen, ou have mis judged in regard to my uppr..pu.ito sphere of labor; but udying upon your generuus aid and support, 1 will attempt the dit.vh.irge of the duties winch you have been pleased to as sign me. Permit me tu express the hope tliut the right spirit will be cherished in every heart, and exuibitcd in all the deliberations and incisures ol this Convention Let the great object of our association mid labors be kept constantly in view ; it is to promote tho Illghynt i.iii r.'.t uf ....... .... I tl.u gl... r man's Creator. I'o relievo sorrow ing, suffer- " """"""l i" iiiiik-o utsoiato Homes liright aim , 1 .1 1 1 it. 1'i.ut...... ... c.ieerless hearths. The J iin iotiies oi joy, lli.lllKsgli mg ,uul 1.l-'io. , ij:i mis noole oiij. ct cheer us on. It is my , earnest player tho doings of this Con-v.-nti iu may cssoiiti.iliy advainu the interest ol tuu c.uisj, upon wieii l.uug the peaco and impiiiess ol unr race. On motion, Dr. iiruckway, Samuel Hun- tington, Oibon Carpenter, Her. D.ii.i.l C.idy, i ltev. A. Vebster and Lewis Pratt, Jr., were j added to tho Couimitti eou the Carson L.ugue. , The Committee on tlio apportionment of I the Temperance Fund, assigned tho f'olljvving j sums to the respective Counties: Ad lison County, $30.01)11 Chittenden "" '2.5,0110 Franklin " 25.0110 Washington " 2.5,0(10 Windsor " 35.000 Holland " 30,000 Ih'niiington " 30,000 Orluans " y.000 Caledonia " 35.000 IN-.-x " 1,000 Orungo " ,".,'i,O.IO ' 20,0110 Liiimillo i' 7, (Mil) eiinoi isiu K.IMMI $300,000 I'he Committee on tho Fund recommended ; That each County by the iigem-v of their soeietv. or.Miiii.-il nr ti. , ni-,.i.;'..l 'iuested to collect and transmit to tin; Mate he re I re.isurcr the liniiioi-iii.n of tho sum fallimr ivilbin their limits, )uiijsed to be raised 1 1st year on the Cars.ui League principle, undtlis iiiliuted iisabnvo: J'lovidtd. that the State i Soi iety hereby consent, that each I ounty in iv I retain to lanmnto temperance, ull excess til ' the subscriptions, mer mid ulmie the sums n -signed to them. And any Cuiinlyun pay ; lug over to tlio State Society the sum assign. I ed tiiem in full, mar retain ten nor cent lo- wards pay ing ex.eiiseH in the I'mintv. and linther if,.i,iiim(,iiili.i, that each Comity, in addition to the mum requested, raise an eijual amount, or such sum us their circumstances may require for (.'ounty puiisjses. Tlie report and recommendation were after much discussion adopted. lion. Ziiiiri Howe read this Annual Hcport "f the Executive Committee, whi.di was ae. ecp ted, adopted and ordered to bo printed under tho direction nftb.. F r-, The Coiumitt-o on Overtures reported tlm following resolutions which wereaeeopted AlWl,.,, ,. lllutllll hrKulh, hiJio priuclplea tliut direct an I oontiul tho action u?ltt Iii'li'"'unl m'1 it is ot tho nr.l iiim,il,iiioo t ml tlio i.rii.oit. es ..f I n.lli I .totlori ahouht ho ellluihloniil bp. I ihil.iiill.if.r,i. ;.. their intlumicc ai,.l right in tho i.iht uf ;.,.!. Jr. 2 I. Tmt Ui, j, ,oa etprta.o.1 will of llio Sftato aa M11 j, to ju,t u, M)v llheM Ullile.l in Iho otcnuit principle t luoral iifht ami hsalor ila ol.joot Iho liljbetttlovntion ol luuii u m iuiltlurtul he-lllg. Adopted. AWwJ, JJ. That from nil thut li.luvicUi. ahi.uhl not only ho ilemn , 1 Inltli.but .i pructiinl piinoiplo rigul.itinB liidiihlual oouloct. ii'i.l inl.iiii-.l by liiKbhitivc emicliiiiiit, nnd thut mon ,(.W be ru.liaioi.l by law Iidui tho uo ot in toxieuliiii; .irluhs, a, u beverage-, as fiouj any oriuio aaiit-t aei-iity . This 3d resolution uftei a lengthy diseus sinii, much of it upon the abstract (jueetiun whetliur tliu dunking uf liquor is a sui, wus dismissed. ItiH'lud, That tlio o.m.e of Toiunoiuace mf. Ienl greatly in coiuequcuco .. the- oi.uiso of in tricmlt, In auppoiting for ottno tho oppo. ne-nta of tho Liujuor Ijivt ; and that it tbould bo urged ui thn duty ot tho freimicne-l tlio suite, to ro turn to tho bexiilaturo noi,e but men ol tiiid Inte grity and Juit viem upon tho subject ol Tomporaucc. Adopted. R .ei.i. That vo are grakfal for our Liquor Uw, as it now exi.t , but tutt iho.o lata, thou -h Homo of them prufe..ed touipcranjo ineu, who at aoitod in our Legislature, that tho frienda of 'Uw. poraoco aeilre uofuitLor le-gi.Ution ou Iho ul Icet Uiduotooniiedyrepriae-nttho vhv.a of the 'teui. porauco uicu ut tho Mute. Adopted after much discussion. ftWesf, That tho excellent ripoifof tlie Central ..-iniiilllce bo na nlJolj circulated us a).,lbl, an j Unit tho Uaie-ulive Coiuiuittte be direetej to luko miasuros to that clfe'it. Adopted. Tlie following resolutions riifurrod to tlie Committeo on Overtures wsio sercrally die euscd and adopted. I KtM, 'Jlmtthu limperunse nui, l the Kiato have the enme right ai other cilltena, to know the JiUliLlJSHxTON Vlim VlfttJ if nil i amlldate- r.,r li a nit .'.(. els of pil'ilic Inlci. i runUhiil they lui.i a tiiitluultp. d eli-ar an.t explicit natwcri tu i -spcottnl Inliiriirct than niMtcasou to ami, candlJnli-s, In rcgnrJ to tho subject of temperance. (Xiitk 1 In, abovcrcs.diitlon wiis tikcn from tl.o fccretarjr s Inblo, ami l Riven freta mcuiorv, nut in tliu exact phraaoolugy of tlio mover.) Hnntvid, That la erdcr toRive proper effoicnoy to ourl rnlilUturjrtAVT,apciinltjrliiiiMlienttiiHieil to evecutlvo i.fTicr-ra, for neglect of.luty , that ilruiik ciiiieai I should bo .unl.-licl ns a nil-iliinr-mor, Hint tlio bill pi.bccl I.; tlio la.t Semite ah. mil beeninu a '" ""'J Hint tlm Ktrcittlte Cuiniiillti-c lie ilireotcl to circulate :itlua to tho next Iir-altlaturo emtio ilylng tlm above, nn.l such other Imprureinents ns llicy may deem dcnimUc, in nil the t.iwnr.l .r sluiiii turea. - Knihrd, That the eventual Miecrsj ofnnv prohib Itorjr 1 iw uui-t Jcpcn.l, mainly, u,..,,, ,o iritearritv nm 1 falti.fiilnesj rim whlcli it l pxicutrsl, that, nhilo wo Mil io tho lni ia eipnhle i.r iintotlnl nuicli.lmrnl,i,i,.l re-let Hint tl.e l.rtlhiliire nt their mt aca.ion, ilhl nt H,t. Smnlo I. i 1 1 on tho anh. Joct or tho lienor trndle, wo rclv cntliliiitly i n tho I'lir.irieincnt i.r iho present Inw, nn.l cull on nil I ho Saw! cltltcn. i.r Iho Mato to gtic it their amlnlliil uoitntcn.incc nnd nippoit. A'Wip,, it ho il t., ur Central Uniiiiiillei; t imph.y two nenta ktiii inonttv. olio on e.ioluhlo oftho mountiln, to lecture nml other it i an to promoto the luteriata of Iho cmiiiim cause. hnnivil. That nr re-omnii ncl the npp Intim nl ii riioh ouunt.v of a Cmmitt, e of thre who ahull ho cbniftul with tho ilutv of provlilinjr hchil'da!''1'' '" ''"u"l,' tliey may think On Wednesday evening a briefaml e!iniinnt address was delivered by Mr ICellogg ol Ohi i, to whom tlio thanks of tlio Convention were voted. The time nnd place or tho next Annual Meeting were lclt to the decision of tho IIx ecutivu C-mioittee. At 12 o'clock on Thursday, tlio Conven lion adjourned sine die. 1'hc attendance was not large, but respoe. table, and a good spirit prevailed, so us wo learn. Tlio time was m.iinh taken up In discuioiis upon tlio various resolutions ulfT ed. The only important matters ol business attended to. appear to have been the nppur. lionment of the Can-on Fund, and thn ap pointment of tin i tmvlliiig agents to further tho objects of tho boelety. Tlio Smithsonian Institute. Some years since an Fnglisluaan by tho ii.iiiiooi'oiiiitlisoii, buiiieat. ,ed to tuu LnileU states Lioveiiiiiuiit a huge miui to bo o. peiide,! at i, u.seruuo,, tor ' the tnereaso ' "ii 01 Know leuge aiiiong men. Coiigio-- took the money ..ndwitii it louniled too Oiiilt.isoiil.iii liislllute. is ,v u means an iiisignihe-ant institution. It occu pies a nuilUnig elected lur it ut the cost ol C300,UUO, nii.J capital lund tvhicn. Melds ..n incoiiie-ot .v4o,0uo. It is managed" by u Hoard ot iiegents, composed at present ol v.iiiei uiisiico laney,ot loo L. s. Supie-iiie iie-neh, Senalois Pc.irce, Douglas, ,mi .,,n llcprcsentativcs Moaebiim ol 't., Ihiglish and' Stuart, Mt's-rs. Choate ol .Massachusetts, H.iche, Tut ten, Hush, Hauler, of '. v., ncrrien,of(ia.,and the May or of Washington Tiicro uro two parties in tho management, or which one. headed by Mr. l-luatu.contciids that tlie act or Congii ss', nrg.mi.ii.g the In stitution, refpures tho est.i'ilisiimout of a li brary, and such a collection ot o .jecis of literature and art as mar bo and has been styled a museum. Connected with tlio librarr and museum, they desire the-delivery ol lec tures. The other party, ol which Profo-vir Henry, the Secretary, is the leader, prel'ers not to accumulate a library .but tu expend the luuds on publications and scientific research es, as in tneir opinion better adapted to lulhll the intentions of the testator, and not repug nant to the spirit of the l.w. Tlie controversy, which has taken a good deal of attention mid suee in public journals, recently readied a criis, and was deeidid in favor ol Prolcssor i.cnry's plan by u votenj eight tueix. In tho House ol Hepictunlutive u.i WcUiies.t.ij , Mr. e'swia ull'orvil I, is resig nation us one ol tlio legents. On motion ol Mr--Meaeh.uu. his letter ot resignation ,,B leiurruu to n selcel iiiiiimittou ol lile. wlni were Uireetcii tu inquiru wlietiici oi,ulu tion had been properly managed, mid uls i to make a thorough luvestig.itiou into its i.ff.irs generally, Our own opinion is that a fair constrnc lion of the langirtgu of the Act. ivquires the expenditure ol t-5.000 a year, or marly that sum, for the form ition ol a Lihiury ; an I the plan advocated by Mr. Cbuite would, wo be lieve.givo satisluetion to the pulilieg -nerally, whuhavcthu3 far an iuipreisiun that l.utlittle is accomplished for tlie im rease and dill'u sion of know ledge " on the present plan. The views of such men us Chjef Justic" 'Taney, Messrs Pe-arce, l!u-h, Heriieu, Mason. Han Icy, Col. Tuttcn, chief of tlu-liiurd of Engi neers, l'rof. H.iche of tliu Coast Mirn y, ivho conioo tho m.ijirity in the management, ouht certainly to eairy vveiglit ; but we are ' constraineil nevertheless to Iwlievc their plaii a gloss perversion of the intent and language or Congress. A compromis- or coiisolidatiou or tho two plans vviiuhl p.-i h.i.s Im tho most satl-faetory vvaynf settling tin Uilliculty. Cr Disnti n i vi. I'lai.. A lino t 0 o'clock i- si. on Frrid.iy last, a lire broke out in the pupci mill oI'Mossis. A. N. A- D. P. Sejiniis, at lliibbell's Fails," in E-sex. Tlio workmen were, with one ur tuu exceptions, utsupji r. Tlio building was tvu-utv uhl. uml very dry, nnd the II noes g lined hcudwuy ton r.ipidlv to lie controled. In filteen or liventy nnuutea laobably f'luin the time it took, tlie lire burst thruiigh tho ro if, and in live utes more tho roof began to f ill in. .Nothing was saved from this building. Too llamcs soon extended to a three stuiy wooden sture- ll" adjoining, which burnt down, with some twenty or thirty tons of -hard stock," as the rope, sacking, Ac, from which wrap ping jsiper is mad,-, is called, and to u saw mill also belonging to Messis. Squires, which was entirely consumed, nothing being saved from it. lly active and persevering efforts with buckets of water, an old building form erly ft grist mill, but now containing mac in. cry for making paper, joining on to tho large mill, was savod although often on fire, nnd in fact tho end of it wan burned oil. The wind, which blew strong from tho west, aided the exertions of tho workmen nnd iie-ighlaira, and a new mill, s.,iui" 50 f,vt ! i the west, in whiuh the uiautifaetiiro uf the finer qualities of pipjr was earned on, was saved unharmed. H.-tvvoeti two and three thousand .ound.s of paper, an. I a few tons of rugs vveru burned Tho fire originated in tlie neighbor hood uf a chimney, Iroin which in a.imu way it prnbibly caught. The loss i,s i fir as we can learn, from twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. Wo hear of insurance In the amount of six tliuiisiud Messrs. Squire, who nreenteipii.lng and iiiiluatii.iua fat-hirers, had hut recently purihas tlie priqwrty. They find numeious -yap ithuors ' in their loss, which ther can ill eCrl to' bear. As the dum is uninjured, and tlie Hume, which pusses to tho now null under the build ings burned, is npjiarontly littli dimig-d, they will pru'iably ho uMu soon to resume their business, ihough for a time, of oourse, on n diminished tc-tlo. The light of the lire, though six miles nil', illuminated this villige with sufficient brightness to cast a perceptible shadow. Vermont & Ilottou TclCGtuph Co. At tho Annual Meeting of tho Vermont Uoshui Telegraph Co., held ut Moutpelier, Jan. 17th, Josnui L.uniiop, 11. p. Cuk.skv, W. T. Dvvis. (i. W. lliwrntr, liij.i.vii.s IIkewstik, A. Lvtium, Isi hi Sii.v i.r, o. , Cii.imii.hi, were chosen diieetors fur tl.o e. suing ymr. Josti-n Lxtuhoi- was chosen President, Mr. Ciih,fv dscliniug a re-elect ion. (1. W. lIl'NtlUIT Wllh re elected TreilMllir and b'-crctary .tuidend or three p i mi .is declared, payable i-n the 1 iil. nf J e!Uiarv PUKSS, F J II DAY . 11. Mtllt I. Mil.-. 'Hi" i ! I 1.-. III -K. id tiuihlhiill, Vt , Is finally wound up, as vvill bo s en by tho fal lowing notice from tho Watchman. ' lissr.x IIivk Tho finut dividend of .J per cent., on Hie eluiilis nlhmeil by the Chancel lor ugalnst tlm Siforv Fund. In tho matter nf tho l!saex Hunk, UiiLhlhall, 't.,is tayabliMit thelLmk iirN' Wills Hirer, Vt Tills, with two liiriin-r dividends, makes up tho total sum of over ll'l per pent., on the principal and interest of claims allowed again ,t, said, all nf which has been con tributed by the Safety I'und lSmks. Tiik Lv.vinii.iK ( iiimv l5vK, clmrtcred nt the lust B ssion of tlie Legislature, will soon go into operation. Tho f 'ulidnnmn nays tho stock has nil been taken, nnd, for n wonder, only ninety h!inr' wero sulmerlbeil beyond theamoiint ol tho capital. lttnk stm k is nut now sought after with tho avidity it was n few ye us ago. TiikS.vvi.os Hv.tK in Middlebury, has been to suspend oicratloiis, on account ol an Ill-ailvUsI run upon itsreaniir.i-t by dep . itors. Tlio Vrrgenni's iiper thinks it is tune tho peoplo ivcr-awu.' tliat an iiistitiiti.m l this cliaracti r, in the hands of their boat men, is not an ' Iviupire i!ml'.,' or liable In the iiiipiitatinn of beinga ' shaving shop.' A receiver luisboen nppiitntid. ami it is hoped tlmt depositors will losU little ur nothing. I.t-W'is II, D. l.vo. list., has bleu lleeted President of the llink of Caleilonii, Tin-pr-'Si'lit charter I mis out In one year- but tin II ink wis re ctirtsral at tho late lata (.union of tlm , 'jjsl.ituro with 11 proviso C.ut the stock be ro-ilistri'iuted. Josmi P. l'.viai!.i.K. lec ived a re-election tu tho I'reai leny by the Directum ol the I'assuiiipsie llanklliuk. The C.ishiuts ol both liauks count uc in oi'i '0. IIvxk or W.vTSKDunr. The stoekhohlers uf tli is new It ink hare oleitud tlio lolloniog lio.itd oT Directors I'or'this year, viz. Luamler llutc.iins, Paul Dillingluuu, Win W. Wells, ll..,j. F. (;,,, (jirin IVrkins, ami aa.iinel Meiii.un. Itwic. Directors; 0 Ains. woiti, I'revdinli P. li.'lkn iji,Uju'in Peck, ( c'fl.A(f,-. -uiev . . .M.iutes i. II. llututiiiisJii.Alv Astuvfv IIvsk, Windsor. Directors ; llii'.iiii IIulovv,,la s Weston. J . Hutch, C. U . ,iiie-ii, A.le.i Vv .irdn. r, Pii.iduil; Henry W .miner, Catkin. liNK o,- ltovvutis. Directors; Chestei Hixter. Xilon D.uilorth, D. L. L.inin, E. I), liriggs, IVaily C. J.hi , .i u .-pvague. Win. Skil r- l''sidint L. I.. Tilih n. Caslmr. Iaui.v.nok liv.NK, S riliglield. Dirutors; John Perkins, A. 1.. Thompson, s-j-lvr ISuiko, Samuel Alf.ud, Jr ,IU1U n,,,,,,.,, jIi ('. Hiehnidson, J W Colliuin, I'risuluil ; A. Colburn, f'ashnr, I'linmese, ' has served to con sume much time in Congress for the list ten d.irs, hut is not trolled as if any one was in earnest iilmut it. It has been taken up, re ferred to a s d -ct ciinmittee.and finally taken from the commit ti-u again. Tho French Spo liation Hill is before tliu House and is likelv, it is said to piss that bodv. nrl'ho j issueliusetts Hons , of Hepres"n tatiiesclecteit Hk.srv Wilsiiv. I'liited States S 'liator, on Tiipsdar hv 100 majoiitr. I'he S mate holds It- election on tho 31st, and will probably concur. S'-Hl'siMss MnTEHS. The money market is easier lioth in New Yolk nnd H.i-toii, and stocks havo a strong upward inurement. VoRinunt Central stuck iluuhid in price last week, rieing from )ti2 a share t i$l ; Ogdons. burgh stuck 1 1 li i rose to $5; Vcriuont Ceil- tr..l 1st Mortgage U.eids sevens ruse fioui $3U to .50: and Huil.ind 1st M.irlgng sev. ens, from f.:51 to ,-dl Toe S eoiol Mm tgg. ol ' - " -'- InoKul I, u.i Irum Prescitt, uppo-it. C;d -iss'iuig i, 1 1, (unr called Hie City ot Utc.iu.i ) is npen. 1' .ui Puts l.i in and K niie Hail Ru.ul Iioci. ruiuiiiig lor a m mt i or morJ. Cuiinterliit jTO hills on the Woodstock Hank, Vt , are in liiciilation in Huatoo. Iiiipuitiini if Tine. Tlie Wastiiugtun corn s oniletit of tlie New 5'oik Viflin. u Im is usually w. 1, inl u-nud am. leli.ild , tel graphs t!iiit,Piesident Pierce Ims detei milled tnc'.niige hisp dii y entirely on tin suljeet of Fureign Acquisitions; even il a liouty with the Saiidwieh I-l inds, j rop,ing their cession, wero received now. it would not lie sent to the Senate ; 'and that no ell'irt will ho Hindu to obtain Culm, w liieli is doubtless the fce. ret of Soule's resignation. II true, thi- is something ol'n change. The President lias hen toforc shown u sluing ile--ire to enlaigo tlie area ol the r pnl-iie, e-pe-i i.illy wheru the increase would lie for tin hem lit of the South nod i v.-ntuiilly add to tin number oOlaveStutes. Tlie ten million pur chase of Mexican teiritory, uud tin- strung interest tnktu by Mr. Pierce in tho plan fm the ui quisi thin urCtiha, in tlie Saiiiiina nehenii-, in the Mosquito esB..iliiiun, Ac., all shun this. Ilinihtlcs-e l.e has Imped in simie such way tu add itat tu his othervv ise iiiglurious ailminis trillion. Wl y he should alum! .n t tiu t policy is not clear; but ii he would do sn, anil would aceOin uny tho i liiuign w iih u iiange or his policy in lespi-ct to the home interests of tho Country ; would allow the livers and harbors ol the laud to sh.uu in the appro piinti uis from the national pulse, as will as private individuals ami companies , would lruiit the publiu hinds uciiusiiiiially tu serve sumo purpose ol philanthropy and justice, us well as tu fit ten seulilor3 would i-xeit wliut little inlliienci) he may have left, to wards tlie resloraliou nnd eiiiuuragi limit ol the industry oftho country, nuvv pustiated by tho inevitai.lecoiisiqiieiicis id tliu party policy which ho represents, there would lie something to bo thankful lor. Such a change us that, however, is lieyuud hope. RTl'utSiuRii. 'I he stonu of Sunday night and Monday was At AlUinr, the Hudson rou u us' to fill the 'lasi-iuents ut dwellings, i,umj.itet tho railrutuls, nnd do some damage. At llrooklyn, a frame l.muo and the end uf a Catholic Church in .r.n'c uf erculiun, wero blown down. 'I'he brig Marion went ushuie un Ling, aud i, ,i tutal loss, and unothir lui went un shore ut Freeport.iiiur New York, with the supuohed loss of all un hnard. At r.inytuwn, a small Catholic uhuich was bluwu duwn. At llull'a In the storm was i i.dint, acconipani, i ujth a heuvy fall of snow. At Baltimore the stonu was tcrrifx-. At Philadi tphi.i eight uyaeir Mu.qs were sutiK. AV I. nig Hraiuh, X. J., I the hull ol the ship Chutiiuty J,,-oif was split in tu, oiie side ol hen. nung upuu the I In . u h, mid thirteen di-nd bodies weie ieko.1 j up un the liuiieli which are su pusi I tu have ennui from tho wreik of the ship i-.luj J0, In I! istmi tl.o ti Its roe to a gro '. ' I : In N'irtherii Niw Jlauip.l ire, the sti.iui wnol snow, which lies six Im t deep in sunm towns. nrlUiutoii) riot jiso MiantK. fatal uSY.iy oacured nt Itidgnwuy, Canada, on tho Buffalo and Br.nt.'u.-.l railroad, on Simrday. Tho ial.urcit.uii tho t oad had not boon logulav ly ii i!d, uud hud j,ivuniiutieo that thoy would s-pikodoivn Iho (.witches unless piid. They did so l',l. . I upi ueil fe-'il ',il. .. 'Ji ohiuubV r.i i .ii i...! a... I', ,, ,; u Willi till llty -live mined ,iss!l ,i, is I, ly),,, piiMiession id tho track. Arriving i.'. j other side of the lino, th y wim dcputiruo by a Canadian sheriff arid ucted Ids .,r lers. Tho she if) and sevei ,1 C.itbi.l, j.ii n ., . dr s- ! i 'i I t i !1, , , , ... In hi t . - , , , . , MOHN1NG, JANUA11Y 20 1855. party, killing onn. Simon Temple, und severe- I i) wounding several others. A general mch o then ensued ; several of tho laborers wore wounded and thirteen of them arrested and put in Ironi. Tho rioter s assembled again on Monday and took possession or the track nt Cayuga, C. W. A train with troops was to go through tho Hue Tuesday nnd clear tlio road at all luitiirds. No Unit) about Ctibn. What a Hurry tho Administration t.t Wash ingtnn.nnd all the upholders i( tho illvino light of Slaveliolding, wero in, last year, about getting Cuba. It wouldn't do to wait n minute. Spiin might ftco her Slav est here. England might get hold or the Island nnd put an end to tho peculiar institution und that would breed unutterable dangers to " the South." Ten millions ought to bo put at tlio disposal ul the Piesident. A hundred millions, a bundled and fifty, nay two him drul and (illy millions of dollars, hud beticr bo given for the gem u the Antilles than not ''K'titi udiately. Mr. S nile must go quick to Spain, and coax Spain, if ho could, into a I', lor u consideration, ot ('lighten lur, if ho must, tu giro it up at tin mouth of tho pistol, lor have it. wo must aul would. Hut somehow v.r. Soii'u "didn't amount to much" abroad, after all. Soon lath, r .bio demonstrations of popular sentiment, too, have In en made within a feu tbs. Tho high heat ol tho fire-eaters is milling off. It will do to wai now. Just hear what that wide iiiouth-i iico of Slave, holding democracy in Virginia, tho Unhmond Eniuirtr, says, all at once. It is as mild as new milk on the matter. " Si.uu, cannot 'no driven into thn sale of Cuba by incessant irritation, but m ly voluntarily embrace the meaenre Iroin inutivi s nl olicy, if allowed time and opportunity lor Uisp isionate -cl'u-cliun. No neee-sity Im bids the susieusiun of tliu iii-giiciatioii lor the purchase of Cuba. The people ul this country m e certainly not so intent on the iiiimmiio that thev can brook no delay in the aeqiiisiiiuo ul the island. 'Ihero is no danger thut Frame und Hngland, mean, while, inil snalth tin piiu j'iom our grasp. Th' fahttlotii si hr mi of .if.-i,,,m:nti'oii no loiigir haunts our imagination. The n-calth ,ftl,' island n already the legitimate prey of our cmmirn. A policy iil indecent and ilii! dei ing hast" must inevitably over-run its prey. U ny , tuen, may the government not pause and await a nunc propitious season tor the leuewal ulLs suit' lit hare hod more than inongh of clamor and agitation ahold thi animation of Cuba, but hi- not so certain that the conservative sentiment ol' the country has yet been pronounced." (L The billowing nutice lately 'posted up for the information of tho public, "in a iieinh- boring village, has been sent us as worthy of .a 1'i.iie in our scrap hook. II any ul our readers wish to purchase such a farm, we can giio the address uf the ' Subo Skriber. " A farm fiir Sail Contiiiu NO ncr ll.i.- I...... Io .Jl,(.,,t I.. Ulu tu,,,, XJt and Statu orN.york tlie land part being on hall Jslant and being a fislicn place and hunting Tor Dears and buirs and other glim tlie land i-g Itisagood placo for u hotil Stand R.S West of We't port - and 1J fioni a post oliee- this plas can bo borton res- itabel tiruu S f ;ull0 Sknber nrl'hc must rapid thaw uf tlio season with a pouiing rain, on Monday completely demol ished our short-lived sleighing, and raised tho streams considerably. Xuw that the snuw is gone we have clear cold weather, as usual. 57 Our good liiind and worthy hrjthcr of the quill and scissor-, C. II. II.vvdkn of the Itutl.inil Herald, has forsaken the buttonless md imperfect state of bac'ielorhoud, 'I'he H islon Adn rtner anmiiine..- l.'w .n..:,,ian. l-t, by Hev. Dr. Hester, to Miss Lot is.v C. II.viiwooii, or Huston. We wish him joy. The Polic) ul a liulill,,ii,t Froiii a recent Speeeli hv .Mr. E. D. Curt a r llrnuklyii, N. V. '"'i K I gov.rnment, nothing c induces mure lu the health ul tho bndv l.oliiie ,!,,,, llkill 1 Hi 1 g u-erii ii irs do n it like it nei nun-lit. an ev il esists. hi,.h r. In tlis limes desp-Mt,. pmih-iIii's a slurp, outtiii" I HV. A lew weeks nj-u. the New V.irL- .ei-s s.,i, : j;iet inuril, ri rs are to be tiled this month " sit ul' these eight murderers went Iroin the grug shop tu c intuit the murder- A'luut the simetiiiio 1 1,'JO persons were arnig I for viol uing the ex, isu m-.U-eiiles tbe-e murderers. 'Iheic ate l.S.Vhll.b'll'J ol iillutis nf distilled liquors sol. I in thij ei;ii try each yeur. c i-lin;, originally, rr.d by io ut laU.r, I? Is.OOO.OOil. Thi, -.,, , j. , i d siller to Iw poured down tho t'nj't.i ef the Aineiieaii piuple. Yet it has it i:i'nue 10.000 lives annually. What dues t'm New lolk Chii-I uf P.ili.o tell you in regard to bis lep.irtijient ' Why, tbat'the l.i-t there were 5"i.7Ki uri ' sls fur causes traced directly tnruin I'lii-Almshouse report shows that I.M paupers rereiie I help because of their destitution caused by rum. May wo not have i little legislaiiun to stay this (earful tide o. ciitnu and pan pel ism ' In view uf I his evil, ,e deemed it to lo t'. duly of legislators to do right. If it iswvji lor on man to foster nr commit crime, ', q w-rong for lLM men to do so. .Men bavj i right tu wrap themselves up In tho s:i::!. hell uf s.-lhshness. Whenever wo so3 a ncigbor suffering, it is our duty to aid him I'he lawyer ti-ked the Savior " Who is iJ neigbbni '" The Saviur tuld him in the Parable uf the mini whu had fallen into the bauds of thieves, und who, after being passed by, by tho priist, was picked up Jiy "tin, Ihero wis the prim iple of true neighb.irhoo.l. Intei'ipi-riinee is an evil which needs a rem edy. Thn Maine law is such a remedy situ- pie mid efficient ; like Jack Douiiing n churn it h is but " one wheel and u smi-lier." Tho law dues nut propose tu prohibit a man from ill inking what ho pleases, if it U his own. A man might keep meat three weeks in summer, it; but no butcher h id a right to sell such meat. Mr. C, reviewed at length the pnpuWr m ixiin, that alcohol w.u a fruit of the earth. Ibis i lie denied ; or if it was true, it woulii nut justify its sale if it was found to be inju. rious. Or. if it vims u natural production, vv here is tho tiro or shrub upuu which it gruvvs, or the stn am or channel in which it iiiiis ' There were, however, poisonous mil ler produced spmuuneuusty. Hut would this fact justify its sale nr gift to those uncnu set ius of its de-tritetiie properties' This ar gument uf natural production, was more Kieii-thnii substantial. It was once asserted by il judge who pr-sidesl at a mooting id ruiiisvllois. that iilehol was " us ud as ereiitiuii." If so, then we im.igino that When Aduill fell ll-lcei, ; li.ielil-lu-.llli.l niruL-.. hiving a wife, that hei hrt salutation tu him vyiis, will yuu t.ike a diink' ". Nature is Iil" lied vv ben she is made the mother of rum. This review, which he pursued nt length, was Isith iaipiessive ami aiiiu-iug. u also to ik up the t oust nut ion;, il,j, it i,,ii, arguing that the piim iplu ui PiuhiVn juu was in in" cuidaiico with tho Ciiii-iituti.iii. He n lerr. il to Judge Taney 'm upiiiinn, b.ieke.1 in, ,v s. assm iau-s. ih cf.u ing that, niiih-r Ihiir foliee inns, the States h id a light to tho sale uf p.iisuiiuiis biiiiriijes, and tu dis. troy t'n'iii when luuud. Cungr. ss tint liquor may bo seized ami desiruvuil ir fuuud Indian ten itury. In tho t'itv of New i.rk the s.ilu uf eanipheiie is priihiliilml ui e- n.iiii uw -s uinv we noi .ipptytiio saiiu piineil. to hit ixioiting ill inks' A man has Hutu riallt tu uso hit own to the Iniiu-v ufhU neighlsir. In Ohio, th. ro is a law eoui5lliii3 I iiiuu in ue-siruy in s tiiisiiuo, nocause, when the blows ripn. thoy miy fly over mi his neighbor's laud. Every year 'tho Long M. under ak tl.o le'tiblaiuro tu protect their siiipe.o, blu. uud clu i,s hut many uf thwo old fugles urn u used to a law to protect our wive, and'nm, All O.reoM VI n..w thus 11 Hies her exper-i-lie.M ilu'iinr her s-.p. inn im ihe Piciti" c nn t "lliivi i ul ml I. reii mux iinfuituii iin ; both of my m.iis sre stiuhlv pil.i d, cm .i of u y u. s his hepii hulk-Mi iiiyheilih is but, I hate hid loir h ,.' !. hi ., v ti.eii l,ut they il' " . nl 'be p r ihuii-s j so 1 I hud four V 1 "V I , I lh - ro I In, I. .i l s-uln : . i-hi'' Letters Irmu llnitluiid. NO. XIII. Kiiaatmrono, tjofrn-SrArronns-inie. i Dee. 27, 1811. j Christmas. To (As I-U,t,rnni llrndrrs nf the Free Press. Christmas Daynnd flood Friday may ho le gally claimed ns Holiday by every appren tice nnd LitHiror In England. On these days public business Is suspended, and as n general rule, till manner of work ceases as compltte ly as on Sunday. Christmas in Old England issomethlng llko 'thanksgiving in New Eng. land tlio day for family reunions, for good cheer and firesido sporla, tho day when eve ry one who liai a homo or friends in the country, leaves nil his c.irking cares, behind him in tho town, and regales himself in the kindly inlluences or a rural merry-making. Accordingly Parliament was promptly ad journed on Fri lay . even tho exigencies of the time would not justify tin desecration ol Christmas week. 'I ho Ministers, Peers and M. P.'s lclt Doivni'g Street and the squares for their country houses. London was de serted. " To-day," said tho Times on Satur day, " ull tho world goes down tu the coun try. Everything is arranged for tho provin cial camp lign ; tho guests nro invited; the horses, dogs, keepers, birds, hares, and foxes nro all nt their posts : the juvenilo parties and theatricals are in fonvard preparation ; everybody of tho leiip.t Importance Is three weeks deep in engagements." Griffith went duwn with the rest. Hut even while C iristinas. was a good way off, the Lindoncrs had begun to make prcpa rations for receiving it. All last week the butchers nnd green grocers decked their shops nn.l stalls with evergreens ; Covcnt Warden was full of laurel, ivy, holly, and mistletoe. : every shop-window had its sprig and its inistletoj lioug i Tim m irkets, had become crowded toovoruowing with tho im mense concourse of good things . there was no prospect of the Cockneys " keeping Lent the rest of the year," according to tho im. prccatiuti uf the song, on account of tho ab sence of cheer ut Cliiistmas. Hut Chri-tmis in tho country is tho proper Hnglish Christinas. Here the holly need not liuhnight . itgrovvs plentifully in the hedge runs. I noticed while riding to Church on Christmas Day that the windows of the poorest cottages were tricked out with ever greens, among which tlie holly and mistletoe invariably appealed. Hoth these wero con nected w ith the Druidicul worship, and the superstition oT the early Britons, and both seem still to retain, especially among the lower classes, something of their old asso ciations. Tlie holly is found plentifully on the coiitineiit.but the mistletoe grow a only in Ot eat Britain. It does not spring from the ground, but from tho bark of tho oak and apple-tree. It grows in small bunches, and bears at this season a small white wax-like uerry. i uere is an oiu cusiuiu sun ..-,, in some localities, of placing a Mistletoe bough over the middle of the room at Christ mas, under which ifamiiden be caught, she must pay tho penalty oHi kiss. Every one has heard of Christmas Carols. Like many other customs, Carol singing is now confined to the humbler classes, and is only practised as a means of getting a penny or a " pot of drink." Yet you often hear verses of tho genuine old Carols. One of the commonest is still tho famous old one which begins . lio.1 rest you merry gentlo fclk. For Ji-aus ChriU our frawiuir V ui burn on CliristuiwM adJ. For souio time before Christmas tho 'Waits' were to be he inl in tho streets of London. Thes Waits' are a sort of substitute for the . I i o.. S lllgs. TI.. lly dointional and are sunir in the niirht-iitm. lie- itinerant musicians Despite the sorry music (it least 1 have heard none else) uf these C ir.iU ami W'jiitM there U anniut l.in0 eill.ll in the remembrances they stir of tho old minstrelsy, betoro the bigots of the iron time had despoiled common life or so much of its romance. lucre is quite a large class of people in En Wild who have not yet celebrated their Christinas day, and will not until the Gtli ol January, which is known as "Old Christ mas This is a remnant of the superstition respecting the change Troiii old to new style in reckoning dates The (Quakers ull shut up their simps and keep feast on Old Christ mas day. By somu who havo ulreidy kept one Christmas, the second is observed with a somen hat, abated display as a sort of rejec tion of the first, so that there actually is more than one Christmas in the yeur in spite of the proverb. The country at Christmas, though very diff.-retit from the country ns I saw it in Sep tember, is liy no means cheerless. The vege table kingdom is by no means all dead, nor the tuneful choir all dumb. In many spots the grass still wears its vivid green. Tho broad turnip-fields have it spring-like freshness ol color. The hedges are leatless, but the holly bush with its thick guriJohcd foliage appears all along at intervals, aud tho ivy thrives lux uriantly underneath the hedges and around tho hedge-row elms. It was a great disap pointment, when I was admiring the little cottages all hidden in ivy, and the hare elms green with its entwining bo told by a practical man that tlio cottigo walls were kept damp and its rooms made unhealthy by the dense f'oliago, and that the life oT the elm was choked by tho over luxuriant vine. A walk through tho woods shows you many ...:i.i ..i i... i ... n i in numim 111 icruuro, many wiucli lire leafl's.a in our winter season aro in leaf here. I must not omit to mention that uu Christinas morning I was presented with a full-blown rose taken from a hush In the garden. During tho fuvr and short intervals which aro allowed one amid tlio festivitiesof Christ mas week by the profuseness of Euglisli bos totality, I have been interested in wulkiui: about the neighboring villages and hamlets. Bo sure to niueinbor that you can go In any direction across the fields. The right of a field road is so prized by the common peoplo nnd so guaranteed to them by pres cription that the greatest nobleman in En.-- Wnd cannot shut up his own ground without a special act of Parliament. 1 havo been urtii ularly struck with tlio number of little villages ono sees m a short walk over the fields. Every few moments yuu come upon a neat (iithie Church with its twin luirsonago, and il low huuses ulwuys including the 'lull," clustering lound it. On almost every hill, too, yuu may see those pieluiosque ob jects which nu landscape painter can do w ith. out, tho windmills, II you wero tu Iivethree months among tho brick walls of London, yuu can appreciate something of tho sprin; of spirits excited by tho breezy associations nf an old windmill standing out neainst the sky un a distant bill. Tlio very sight makes one's lungs cxiund, and uno's check feel freshened. Your Chronicler, Ci Kill till. Tue AvitKiCAN Colonization Sociltv. ThU Society celebrated its thirty-eighth umiiver-s-ary at Washington on Tuesday last. Fiom the annual report itappoaio thut tho receipts .if the n.eiety for tho year wero $li5,l35 0.1, being $ Hi.'.hil .'12 liss than the previous rear. Dining the year Ii5 1, tlie Society sent 550 emigrants lu Lihciia. From a report in tho Clolie we .-xtiai t iho following . ' Wc t lo learn, that, while cinanci pi.ii 'lli gr r" nr.' p-. 'sentisl in 1 ir,-..- l umbers to the attention of the society, nnd urn soli c tingitsuld in tho line of its operations tho means It possesses are inadequate tomcei their requirements, and tlmt while it Is poss hlo that many of these people may rel ipso In to shivery, by n failure of the contlngi-ncv upon which their manumission depends, thi depressing inllucnce or this ftct will retard, nnd in some instances wholly prevent, future deeds of benevolence of this character." Ciiropenn Allalrs. Tho Canada arrived nt Halifax o.i Wed ncrday, with otto week's later news from Eu rope. Tho Ministers of England, France. Austria nnd Hussiii, had met in conference nl Vienna, and accomplished nothing, the Itus sian Minister requesting nnd obtaining four teen days deity, in which to rcceivo instruc tions from St. Petersburg!!, In tlie ineai time the war goes on. At Sohastopot scarce ly a night pisses without a sorlio from th town against some portion of tho French ot British lines. Tho works advance, however, steadily. Eight thousand French had nrriut In the Allied Camp. 'I he troops sufi'-r miicl froiii wet, but appear to boon the wholo it better condition than before. Tho Allies wen preparing Tor an assault on the place, the plan being to open a general fire, which was tu bo continued for IS hours, nnd to In followed by n united nssiult or the Englisl and French forces. Omar Pacha lias been ordered by tho Sultan to the Crimea, 'flu London 7'nnrj advocates tho immediate recall or Lord Itaglan, on tho ground of incompe tency for the command in tho Crimen. Mctsrs. Morcwood fc lingers, of London, iron merchants, had filled for nearly one mil lion of dollars. 33" Three beautiful paintings, (two land scapesAvalanche Lakonnd Long Lake, New York ami ii portrait,) liy James Caiieiion, of Philadelphia, aro now at the store ol Hrinsniuid and Hihlreth, and will remain theru for a short time pi e ions to being sent South. Tho public uro invited to call and see them. ITC.MS AT IIO.lli: AM) AltltOAI). Mine Lvvv iv Bi-RLt.OTn. Officer Paul I ' froze on to" nine barrels of liquor nt the Ilntlarid and Burlington Depot, on Tuesday. I he height bills for the same not having heel seltledyare also in Paul's hands, from whom the owners of the stuffcan doubtless get all re quisiteinrurmation. On Wednesday the prcm ises or James Wall, in the rear of Wheeler's Block, were searched, and somo two gallon ol liquor, Ids supply for the business of tlu day, was found and destroyed. Wall vva taken before Justice Parsons, plead guilty ti, unlawful selling, and was fined twenty dob hirs and costs. O.v the up passenger train on the Sullivan Hailroad, near Chario'ju, .. II. ran into a cub "-' "Hich had been washed ..pen by the recent Sturm, and the whole tram was thrown from tho track. The engine was precipitated some lilty feet down an embank ment, and was rendered a complete wreck. The passengers escaped without injury, but Mr. U.W. Abbott, a fireman, was badly hurt. The STE.VMtR .Wrui,niadc her last trip between Plattsburgh and Burlington, for the season, on the 10th in-t. She encountered much rough weather for several weeks before she laid up, and proved herself to ho one ol tho staunchest boats on Lake Chainpl.iin. She is now nt Plattsburgh, undergoing Un usual repairs. Navigation closed last year on the 21st January. ,Wiui.uar.ii. Oui. Ituyi-u has np- pointeilS. M. Parsons, of Burlington, Assist ant Judge of tlie County Court for the County ot Chittenden, in place of Lyman Hall, of Shel hurue, resigned. Evktiio.i-.vkl, The shock of an earth quake was distinctly felt on Tuesday evening Iat, -through the Connecticut Hiver Valley, iloiu White Itlver Junction to St. .Johutbury. A private letter from Norwich states that windows and crockery rattled, candlesticks moved on the tables v,c , and that the shock lasted for about a minute. Di.siRteriVE Fire The mills of the Dorchester (Mass.) Cotton Factory Co., one of the oldest factory corporations in this coun try, were set on tiro on Sunday evening and consumed. Two hundred persons were thrown out of employ. The loss in buildings, ma chinery and stock is $125,000, without anr . f . . . . . - eoiuuaie oi tne damage by tho stoppage of operations, insurance 550,000. A Good D.w's Work. Tho Windsor Journal says that two broad shouldered Irishmen in tho employ of Messrs. E. X T. Fairbanks iV Co.. of St Johnsbury, Vt., re cently weighed ull" fifty-six tons ol pig iron in a short January day, and with a portable scale. As each pig had to bo handled twice. the day s work was equivalent to tho lil ti mg ol 00 tons by each man. Hi-tlami. On Tuesday of last week, Mr, Chamberlain met with a serious accident liy the staging of a three-story building on which he vvus at wurk, giving way. Mr. Lalleiir, charged with stealing a burse and uther articles, went behind the grates in de fault uf londs for $300. Mr. Johnson was badly injured by being jammed between the platform of the Hailroad Depot and the cars; and .Mrs. Comerska was fined ten dollars for selling liquor. On Thursday, she was again fined $20 and costs, for n repetition of the offence, and her liquor destroyed in front of the Court House. All of which took place in the thriving tillage of Butlund, and is re lated by theltutland 1 1, raid. Fire in Clov ir. The Crist mill in Clover, owned by Mr. Jonathan Mcteulf, was burned on Wednesday night, about ten o'clock. estimated nt aliout $5,000 $2,500 covered by insurance. Tlie lire origi nated from a stove in tho lower part of the building. The St. Johnsbury Caledonian learn by a recent letter from Park Hill, Ark., that tho Hev. S. A. Worcester, who was bitten in the arm by n rabid dug, is likely to survive. Either as the result ul the bito or tlie reme dies applied, he was nlllicted with numerous Isjils. Tm. Dwelling Imuse occupied by Wal- ter Carpenter, about ono mile from tlio vil lage of W. liandvlph, was destroyed by fire, mi Sunday evening last, with tho contents. I he papers report cases in Yergennes, Calais, Coventry ton.Vt. of Small pox and Charles- A recent Udics' Fair ut Bellows Falls pr.slueed $200 towards Urn purchase of a church orjfiin. -A 'IRVI uf cirs on 1, r..,A I .!... -- cvtulT rort Ldvvnril, .V Y., was thrown offlhe track on Monday evening, by some obstruction ma- llciuusir phieeil on tho rails. The engine nnd cars were Udly snushed. The fireman so-ilddd to death, and the train Kidly wrecked. Tho disaster was caused by someone tbcust ing a quantity of ties" into a cattle guard. Tue raising of hop. U getting to ho u big business in Vermont. According to a statement in tho Plow, Loon and Anvil, by Dr. Ariel Hunton, of Ilyiicpurk, there were, in that town, tho past smsoii, ono hundred Hrui eiUHged in Ihe hop ciilturo qnniiti ty niod si-venty-i'ive tuns am price receiv. wl '.'n cents i-r pound, amounting tu uanl G III nun ; .... i i ... 1 1. ...... - s...... " ...i: uir ri.111 loiittuvvn, I lor f .s one m tide, in a r-mglo y -ai . t'ush . paid ur hops, raised in tho county of La- I nioill , oast season, estimated ut $100,000. ! . The Standard says that on New Year's day, i four mm sellers were hrought'licrorc Justice Bonnet, in ( a-nbridgi., wh(i,after a smill ,,ow r f,vi,ty p,u,t mles ,, costs, amounting to $02.00." We supposo that it was the riimsellers who raid tlie fines. ORVsnr.. A letter to the Temprran- eJruloV. sl.iteo U. i I Ms M.,,.1, r I r, ....... ..... .....v.n l.l I. 111111 CPodeil in al!,.r.ti... ! I. ...... l. il... 1 ..S., ... ... ,,.int .iiiniiii iiio iiie-sue-n ui en law, was recently tried before a justieo and jury nfsix, who found him guilty of furiosi -ing liquor unlawfully nnd fined iiim $20 nnd costs. Major Hcrmiam nns removed from the Northfield House, by the proprietor. Mr. II . r . .. . . '" ui jiusiuii, un nccnuni nl Uisjiraeerul disturbance caused by rum. So says tho Standard, nod it doe not stuq rise us. 'Iho man who will cheat tho printer out nf tlio amount of three jenrs' newspaper bill can not he rxpectod to keep n decent hotel. Opt of seventy-nine persms from the Atlantic States now in tho California State Prison, three nio liom Vermont, all in for grand 1 ireeuy, . Ubert ri Johnson, one your; John C. Aldrieh, one year, Irviu Paine, two years. A New York lady by the name ,f Watels. while sitting in a car at the Erie Hailroad demt ill Jersey City, put li r boa I out of the window for tho purpose of ne r taining if li r luggage had been properly taken caso of. At that moment tho train started, und her head, coming in contact with u post near tho track, was actually crushed almost off, ami she fell back into the car, dead. I.!II.timj Proi'0'ai. Ono "John II Pope, a pulico officer and constable," in tho cityiifFrcderick.MiL, wrote to Mr. Haves,, invitinf his co operation in kidnapping fugitive slaves from Canada. Mr. Hayes has published the letter, and treats the insulting proposition with contempt. The violent deaths hy direct act or criminal negligence of mm in California du ring the year 1S54 were no less than 404, to which should be added 00 suicides. Th re were six rcgul ir executions and eighteen ex. -culions by lynch 1 iw. Tliu editor of the New Hampshire Patriot says that ho expects to grow fat as long as ho lives. Ah, yes' but when he dies, will not tho fat bo in the fire' Louiscil't Journal. A Svn Calvmitt. Tho residenco of Mr. John A. Haven, at Fort Washington, ten miles from the New York City Hall, was totally destroyed by fire at 4 o'clock on Sat urday morning hist, the 12th inst-.nnd three of his ilatijshtcrs, hcititiful and accomplished isirls. .Mary, Sarah and Cr.u-e, tl.uir litci. I'he entire family had, in the first instance, escaped from the house beloro the flames had apparently made much headway Liifortu n.itely. one of the young ladies thought she would havo time to procure some clothing, and running into the house for that purpose, was followed by three of the siaters. Anna, the eldest, was rescued scarcely living. The bodies of two of the sisters, Mary and Grace, A-ero taken out immediately afterwards , and, although medical attendance was promptly procured, it was impossible to re-animate them. T Ley- were suffocated. Sarah the other si-ter, was burned in the ruins. Tha house was a very large building, and the loss was $20,000. IIev.Scitt it is said, apprehends a very troublesome, if not protracted war, with the ludi ins. There are symptoms of large combination, an I tho Sioux particularly are possessed with the idea that they can hold the L'nited States arm at bay, which is the secret or their numerous recent u'efreda- A New York lady who writes for the Home Journal, in answer to tlie question " What does it cost to dress a lady'" replies that $1,000 spent very carefully by a pers in who goes out much, would prove insufficient, tlmt $2,000 is nearer the average without including furs and jewelry, nnd that 3 or $4,0(10 could be spent very easily when Rus sian slides and diamond- are brought into the question Another writer in another paper knows many ladies who "go out a great deal," whose dress does not eiceed $50 a year, and says they nro the ones who for ono dollar a day, go out in the morning for a lone day of toil that the support of nn need mother, a sick sister, or a young child, may be honestly obtained. A old gentleman aged sixty-fire years was married a lew days ago, in Knox county, Indiana, to his .irA wife, and lie has only marrieil five women. His first wire ia his last wife, and she is now in her forty-fifth year She has been married three times, aud her first husband is her last husband The actual defences of New York Har- Isir aro 1 00-1 guns, uf various calibre, though most of them are heavy pieces. This includes .'IIS guns at Thrug s Neck, and takes in the works on Covernor's Island, Sraten Island, and at the Narrows. At the cniumencenieiit ul the present siege. Sevastopol was armed mm a vUlill UI oy-iguns, ! The .VurA Adams American descrilns a lunkce notion, made in that village, which will do anything in the line or keeping feet warm at Church, heating water and flat-irons, and assisting j the sick-room as a nurse lamp is a "superior companion at a sleigh ride," and just such a thing as everybody ought to kisscss. Miss Sarah Pellctt had declared her in tention nftuking out (no thousand respecta ble girls to Calif'ornii to meet the respective ciscs of live thousand bachelors in that State, who cannot spend tl c time and mney to come homo and look up wives. The follow ing pregnant hint appears in the last 'unri . ' "What if there should appear in the next European Family Hceipe lluok (revi-id in linduii and Paris) a direction how to take Circece out of maps I'' "Truat me, Chra Vere ilo Vf re. From yen Muo hi-avena ubuvo u bi-ni The urauu uhl (-.irdiisr ami hit ilc .--uiile at the claima of long ilcaccn lh-ne'ir (t bv, it ai-enu to me, Mia nohtii tu be JCIH.J., Kind hiarta are uiure than coronets, Atei iuipli- luiih than Xeituaa II J " T tisjf n A Western paper, in speaking cf a newly elected Senator, s.iys bis igiiorun e a so deiiso that the auger ul common sense will be longer in boring through it, than it would tako a boiled carrot to bore through tl o lloosic uiuuntain. New Publications. Cititisms Kfliowsiiu'.u Discourse t tHct J- II. Worcester, of Burlington. A sermon recently delivered by Mr. Worcester, past r nl the Calvinistio Congregational Church m this place, upon the above subject, has been published by S. B. Nichols in a neat pamphlet , It will bo sought for with eagerness by many uuionj us. nnd will bo found to Dave nn intir. est und vain.-, aside from the circumstances I in which it originated. 1-Rvsw Leslie's Ladies Cazkttk or fashions Tor January, 1855. Hu.liands and fathers will probably admit that it is no part of our deity, in these hard tunes, to commend to the notice of our lady readers generally, the ful ly illustrated unJ attractive pages of this il iguzine. Tho.o who will buy it, however, will fiud it a model uumber. Tho enterpris ing proprietor tut also commenced the publi cation o a Monthly a Magazine of Rouanei, Literature ami Fine Arts, entitled &Fran k Leslie's AVw ioik Journal." It is of tlio e Hue sio Willi Iho l.ldic thuette, hand . .... 1 k-omeiy got up, t.n.1 illustrated with wood- cuts. Price 11. cent- a number. Tho Jour nal and duetto of Fashion, will Im sent fr a year for $ 1. ,

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