Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 26, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 26, 1855 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 26, 1855. Itrllglous Intelligence. Ucv. Alfred B. Swift, son of tho Into lion. 1 Samuel Swift of St. Album, Vt wob ordain. ' r-il to the Christian Ministry, and installed as jinstor of tha Prr1i;tcrtau Church In Middle (iranville, N. Y., last week. The ordination . sermon was preached by Kev. Edward Taylor, ofl.nnslnRburg, the ordaining prayer ly Uev. .1. II. Noble, ol Si-lmglitieoko, chargo to the I l'ustor by Itev. P. Birbour of Mcchanlcs ille, charge to tho people by Uev. N. S. lieinan, D. P., of Troy. The services of ordination and insinuation ndded much to tho interest of the regular sctni-annual meeting of the Prcisbytcry of Troy, held at the same timi. The Western Christian Advocate remarkh . 1 The day of stingy tilings in tho Methodist Episcopal Church, so far ns tho support of preachers Is concerned, is passing away but now and then a ciroumstanco comes to our knowledgo which makes our heart acho. Ve know a young brother who is getting in ac tual cash, with which to pay his board for a year, the great sum of sixty dollars. How ho li to save himself We do not know. The more a preacher Is ground down, the more hie peo ple will suffer. Tho Grand Ligne Mission, in Lower Cana da, has recently suffered from the loss of some or its buildings by Cro. A movement is on foot among the ladles of the Baptist Churches to do something Uwards assisting tho Mis sion. Tho following Is tho Mohammedan rule for the treatment of a believer who turns Chris- tlan: 'God protects us! If tho apostate doubts on any point, it is explained to him. 11 tho apostate demands time, he is imprisoned lorthreodays. If, during the three days, lie is converted, well ; otherwise, he is killed. Cost or Idolatrv. It is etatcd that the t incenso altars, which are burnt in tho Chinee i Empire, in the worship of their idols, annual- ' ly cost ninety millions pounds sterling, or , ahout five shillings, ( a. little mure than ii dollar,) for each man, woman, and child. At first eight, the estimate appeared tous cxtrav- agant, but on, n moment's reflection, we con- 1 eluded tnat it may un near ine iruui. .m this is expended on a ceremony which neither informs tno mind, nor educates the heart. Do the people of tho United States expend lilty ecnu a piece for all religious juirpoten ' Docs it cost twentyli?e cents for each man, woman.and child in the nation, to support a pystoui of religions instruction which places a Christian community immeasurably aliow a Pagan community, m eubbtantial wealth, intelligence, and whatever elte renders lite pleasant and desirablo ' Congrcgationalist. Don't be Anxious nliout the I'lituic. 1. Because all the future isin God's, hands. An infinitely wise and good Being it Fovur eign over all its events. Not one of them can ctcape his notice, or elude his control. 2. Bocausc you huo no right to put into one day wlint Wongs to another. '1 lie fu ture will have its own cares and anxi' tien plsnty of them, likely and they will bo along in duo time. But they hac no busi ness among the cares and anxieties of the pre eent time. Vou mnst not put them there. .1. Because it is ill-treatment of the best advice. Jut read tho following advice, and think who was the whisor "Wherefore, Uke no thought for tho morrow, for tho mor row shall tako thought for tho things of it self. Sufficient unto the day is the uil thereof." 4. Because it implies want cf confidence in God. lias he not liithcrto dealt well with you' Could you have taken as good care of your self as ho has taken of jou ' H" joti can re flect on goodness, can you not anticipate good ness? fl.i.i not Cod laid a noble basis fur confidence in all his faithfulnets 1 5. Because you will needlessly augment present trouble.. Are jou po well nut of trouble now that you need some by way of variety! Or would you like more th.m you now have J Do you wish a new new stroke of the lash on a place already soie ! Go into fidgets, then, about the future, and you can get accommodated. But all this is a super fluous addition to present troumes. 1 1 manes , all preent burdens heavier, while Christ and ' reason bid vou do no hucIi thing. j C: Anxiety ahout the future can do you no j passible good It cannot better fit you to meet it; but contrarywiso. It will not change anything that is unpointed to overtake ymi. Therefore, all these voices in your ears pro- i claim to you that it is very poor buMiiess to , to tease and troublo your soul about what I the future shall disclose. Do your duty and , '.rust in God then come what may, all will b well. Puritan Ittcorder. New Goods. i BrinB.aaid &. Hildroth, LITE IIrlilmniil. Ilruthcr A Co.. HAVE JUST RECEIVED AT No. ' 1 Rank Mock, by Expre.s, a I l I jS fine assortment of new goods ol -,.) everJ uecnpont conmnng in pari of ladies and ircnts cuM and f-il- . ... . . . . tcr Watehe? of all qualities, Lovers and Cylimlnv I both hunting and open dials .Mofc Lewis, Pit-night line htrtvn, Ac, of extra fine workmanship, to bich tbey would call the attention of tho public. AUo, P. a toil Tea riets Cike ltarkets t'ard Jteeor. ere, all nw patterns of rai beauty and finish. Vlco gold, atone and jot .Morale pins; J'ar orna m?nts rings, chain, lucked, crones, locket... y, Ac. ThoKboTO, with other gcod thfy I n e Jant uyncd, which, with their iortner itfL., com. pi-itis the ho, assortment of froocU in thtirliue, to t W found in the I-tiUj, all ol which will bo fculd at the lower t cush price? ; also, a fine amoitm. r.t 01 I porting goods both hunting and fishing. &pt. dAwtf rrv.To sevb-n octavk piaxo i'ortes, kkom Jl the celebrated Manufactory of Woodward .1 Erown ; one, a beautiful Cervrd Cur, just reeeitc I, nd now to b. seen t lll'T'e Music (if id Barlini'.on, May 1. dtwil BRCSHES ! Cloth Balr, Ht Tooth, Kail, Comb, x Pencil, Sharing, Shoe and Stove Bruhe ' I'rohabl the greatest -tortiuent In tbo -''utu to re lectfrom, and tor ilt at lowest poFsibio prices, by TUE0. A. I'iXK I D.c. 4, d.Uti. Cicntlcmcua Shawls. I UST rteeiv.d by vriress, a Urge lot of Grrtle ; mans ih.wl', at TL'IiK'S Clothing Store, i-o J Bank Mock, Not, . diwtt MICKOSCOI'ES, THI.Ci-COrES, MATHKMAT I CAI. lastruinents, Cold and fcilur Kraid, Plitoli, Gold Cuff Pins, Fishing Iteol. and Itahkets, ( Oo)d Br-kcelets, fcleave Dnttocs, Etuds, and lot. cj J.olry, receivtd bv Ultl.VSMAID, BROTHEK A CO. July 4,1851. dinlf Notice. GREAT ANNUAL SALE or ' OUR IMMENHK HTOtJK OI' Carpotings ! CONTAINED IXOL'RblX 6ALE3U00A1S, At the Corner of llnncner At Rim Strict IN order to lnnuro an immediate mIo nf tho whole Stock, wo ihall iell at tha folluiring rcductd prlcci. tIi ; 17 centa per yard for Hemp rarpet-i. centi p. r yard for good Lln$n Carpets. 30 cents per 3 ml tor IngralQ carpet. 3Ti cent per yard fur Union car pets. i cents per jard for Hupcr. I'nlun carpvti. 60 centi por yardtforTwo.ply carpets. 5i to I'l c)tUd per yard for litra- Vice carpets. 70 to 75 cents pr yard for 6uperflne carpets. e0 to 90 ccnti per yaitl for KiJdermlpitor cfpyti, 02to ll'Ji cci.ts per jard for Supnfl&e Englieh carpets. Thrce-Dy Carpets at a great reduction. 75 to 123 cents per yard for Brussels Tapes try. runprlnlng beautiful and modern styles of English and Americau manufacture, H5 to 162 cents for splendid Velret Tapettry carpets the usual pilces of wbtch are 42.25, ppj upward. 375 tents por yard for elegant Wilton carpets the usual prices of which are $3, and upwards. Also, many etylei of high-cost Tapestry and Vtl TetCarpetf, of superior English manufacture, which on account of their high fioish and beautiful quali ty, are seldom imported to this eoun.ry, will be sold at the same price of an ordinary article, Alio, our I'aloteJ Can vat Carpet eiubracltiK tha largest aasortiuent to to found in tho city ui sheet Oil Cloths, It leet wide to the narrowest, widths, at the seine reduced prices, AUo, Uoektogs, Crumb Cluths, stttlr carpet, TtU lings, Mug, Mai, and all Articles usually found in a first elans Carpet Warehouse. XV 'to effect a closing out will la teen by reference to our list 6f prices, that weutTer onretoek it much, lower prices, than Carpets have evor before been sold in this country- NEW ENGLAND CARPET CO. 75 Ilaiiurcr St., t'orner of Klin St, How to Sleep Warm. C0 TO LYMAN'S and buy a pair or those r.ic all wool ibsels, and Hose lllaiikets. And if joj have got a horse, a good horse, "Kmnn" buy on. of thoso good horM LUnkets, they are all ohe.rer than wood or coal, and certainly iooro du jabl. L'oo't for,.t.t the CORNBitSTORE, Dee t dif TIIK (llti. T KENTUCKY REMEDY! - A. t Dlt, .IOL1N BUI SARSlPifllUi. rri I. ll, l- V... ,.., ..nn.tnit tn rftrct tniil. will ear, It bout ftJh Scrofula, cr King' KtII, f unct-ri, Kruptloni cf tHSklu.Kr) ripalM, TuraorttChroiilf Bom Km, r.ln?wcrni or Tttteri, SctlJ Iltti, KtsvuiitNtiHiu, Palm In the Hon 01 JfilnW, OIJ HbffS Ainl L'l'erti, Swflllng cf Ilia U lands 8vI hlll,t l,J ""PT!"- 2t Ktieunt. IniNiBt!Kof tli klJnejB. lUFURFeSKrlFlnefromlh of Mtrt'iirt . U-a of 4 pptjlllff, l'a) n tu l lie SiJe tnd ltouMrrn. (iftltral 1' hVMy, I.uu.bnuo, t'onghs Celdi, Droj-y,.1nutnltce1t'o(nl(piJLc), l!ronirlillH,Waktn3flH of tht Ctift.SorcTlirpnf, Piilmooarr Affections rVTuJallothfr iiiMfMWN tenJItitopro-hitti Ccnnnnptlon I.Itaf Com filxiota fiiinllrn-jtutarlii'iian 1 Ctmpllnt,l ow h'lrt!i", H-W and Nmown llcaJai-h, Mlit ?ircHtf. Kipojitirrs "r Imprudence Id Lit, 1 bronlc Ct-ntltiitloimt UWenoe". and at a SprinK and Sutuinrr Drink, and fltnaral Tonic fur the ft j mem, and a gent! ud plias&nt purftattre. Hit mperior to HHie U- k DdlOPtrTM Water, pttlm.or UXa powderf. Ii ii a fftnaikable fact, ttiat among Itia hoDdreJi of mlnt'iit p-hjMMiun lio baft ejamlrmd tha teclp by ith ti miii ntnoipartim -rpnr., trot ere tint con lit-nittfl It. lilt all KptroTt-d If and cutntiiend It In tU htfmt i-nn Many hrctclnr,P eprea tbemrelTM tiill in tin- te'if ibat It 1 det'ldeilly the I t pn-Ja-in Mi ii cf ."arp-prtriila tlat ba erer lu placut ticfore thB I nil tc AkiticuKb tl.rvi ar tnuny iIijucIiup who ftel a Tv uclanrr to timing thfir liaiii'P HpeliUfI to the Iwtu lnrndmUu of any particular trine Ij, liOtwitliBtaU ling i rti iiirj apprOTr cl It In (lie blgtieat dfgree, there ara rrl.trit h trunVJj jitld tMr ruppnrt In fator cf a I r"ii.f y wltrh ibt-v know 1 capsll cf dctntt so much p( t in an fUllicicdrouiuiunity Aati eTlJpnce, rrad tin 1 ioi' mIi it fuin i' Id nrd re'Pfctatle ihjpUlatu, of LUb 1 riantih k in te connmtiity iu vliicb they Ht: Tll IMO.T. ; Trctlitirry like the fnllniii(t rend.T FapMfliioni , ah i h.iih iri ( n H'f floiui of lEull a KfBparil)a l'rom I In I I WiidfU PriffMornf Cb'inltry in lh txulIll J Mniirxi tcl'.nf . I liHttlokedcttfrtbt'liJtcni!grediftiie f ton poii g.inhn UuiUl'i nicuiid Kitractrf tarrapHrllia, j nti J Imvi iic ,lial)-n In racing l l.nt tby form a raft ti-mpcuiid ami in that I roiuien In rhrwile diflews, to wl.Uh It iiniplicaMi I.. 1'. YANDKLL, M V UiilfflJi, Juuv 6, 1918 Hhat I'r !'j, rht-ipiin tv appf intinirnt to the I-oa j trill Marine llcKpltal fttisrf Hull's Surnparilla : j Ui'lMULE, March SO, ISIS t baref xnmti 1 tin' prtrvripikn for the prfparatloo Cf Jf'tn KtiJi i arpHrlMa anil t Ii-tc th poniMmMftn to If un excfllftit mi, an I well calculated to prr-iur an nltcra'iri lniprl' n tin tl) itm 1 hate ul It both In tillie utid priTafw prurtic an! think It tbe bett anilr oi iftrMparlllB ni In use m m v , Itcsilrnl rhycielan LouIstIMm Marine Hfi-pltat. rotiio Ur , tprI!2Vh, ISM !in P rmlttno lo address tnjou a few tinea, and do me the hmior to r-ply t a rfjucet tLit 1 liltnake In th ci.ui Iid-Ii n if i hit letter, tic I am a gra iua f of 'Irnnat iTRnU Medical Unirenlty 1 t.avu j ranke-l niedlcine hi this wlliitrneM rnuntrj, about L- ultra lint ow In t to fipttnire tn bluer f1 1 weather 1 1 hnT Wfu in hpM i wiit 4fute Klif uinatltim atout six Lnjiit'if Attir IiNfinfi t nliiitis't-d m) akill In tit treat. i ii-nt f nn ciifw, mid il riling H" bi in lit, I woe In lute 1 fi nit- fr rn ti unim t or aAheitAKlUA a fair, mil u iMipmitfh nchn-e t a Lou If 1 rmr uidn inn from y nr ni-nt Mi rir 1' Irrmti aluut to week ao, and I in tier e nffi t lift cue Ixntle Iihs entlrelj cure 1 lue. It t tin ( J tnii-ii Hint tur t reparntlpti of trRHpiull.a Jm 1 In tu Sii . ri r to miy otlit r pn- arntiun now ia une, hi 1 1 wiit tkf j, pieniturii in n tiiiniidiii if to ifas a H! td i-i 1 "-lit K a ri tin dial nt hii J I ltt ulloc tLe i . I n p t" nt' b in thfir pi'ictit'e tic IVupvc-tU I) joiiri', II. b ATXUN, M H buLibTiiti:, .tuly 13th. 1S13 J Iihtc fjcMiih ed the Ut of mil1 lia that cdij.pOM John bub's Kxir-ict r.f & ircnf mil a. aud I liare no hetl cation In u ii n that it ft a fiifc mid Mtlu.iblu ccinpnuul 1 would prefer It to aii) iirtic e now iu uf, fir I lie 'llfes atft-tr Irirnt ait 1m lire Mate f f the bbmi 1 1 taint of the fj teai. I ronfl Ifiit ri-romineiii it to :nc frinda ax being a I ! I'll ) tnirf, anil cte that I bem vs viil cuie all rrcMMMl dl A.-eft. for u hit hit Ji IfKUlUtudeit. If Uei art nr'tir.,r to ''iifctiona 1 U here it to b a Ta'uat.e f.i"i' daiitum tu Mtrmry N , I I.hTO my doubH n bet her tl tl f piutt Tiolvnt anl proiractcd enfeH cf P in K n com Hiii wl'h Ni drt 'i'liplm, hi cane of tba li-tin, wbt tn-i it oiirf'it not toeiu n i dvrirj rtliur leiiieiy i:. Mi t O.N l IIIK, M I Iloirf tar, Membtr of the Medhal kocitt) , I'biia Jelf bla llti-nr Ml.nt Dr Sfniui i.h i i. Ij n nfrn standi at tLe irp ofliU profe snioii. raj if John Hull a feampunlfa t 1 hnit tiuii ii in it .loti n ItuH'M harPHparilla id agrnat ThiM . f chronic iii-e-e, tbv liwwt l.npp tlfecta, ami I n iiiidtailvn In r ct u.utndlri; ii to the putilla f r tit cure c f m rvluU, ij j hlhn, uni hIi cutaneous Mjid giiindii'ar tll-etL-o. Youth mont fiTTii.tlr, lewbioit, K)., Aptll C, 1S4'J. M SI AIT, M. D. Itei. i:. W. MiHO-V-licr. i;. K Vi:80.. I OM LlelS. KeT II W tiIllU I i.ily KB' geDtfl&lly kiiouii a- an l'(junt and accompli-he J paotor of the M. h tuufli in. t KfV 1. Siertiieou bad been known aaODe of tfie inot iH'mre I and ti'Ultju mruiU ra tiim lo tiukt i t'liMemu ci-uld boaai ot fir lu.itiy )eara, iJ at tlila limel Quiti( tlt: bii,b uiid mjjOueitilD etatU nof itgtLt UrttivM b. llkCoiicvru T.onflViLit, May 20th, 183 W'ti !.He u-Hid Job It null' barsaj arlila ar.l b4e known r to t. unI, with tut Ire F&ibfai'tloti , and we hare do hreituilun Iu sUtiiiK our bedel, (hut it id a tale kdJ THluble ui-ill.'kl n uiKutid, mid cakuld'ed to produce much and relieve mucb Buileiin. nud tUeietore would clieetfUiM atid El' 't earnestly feccuiuiend It to tbfl alUlcleJ K U tiUlUN, (2 'm-dj j; siLfceu.v .l'e ert.e-tl iiii'e h!1 prninii who are mffcrtoj with ai if ' the i la tlMt tkfh ii lielr to, to vail ou lit. John Hit 11 h fgrbt and j:rt a cipy of bulla 1 amity Journal nHtTH, Hid tor the rake il humanity. Lop that a tdtgiv J i. dividual will nut Le U und Ubniilli-g to 1T 11 ult httUHttrliJu ii thul atirr naiir. un 1 ncuikcuu, ut tha miue t.iue. ttut it i tuif-ueiblu lor tt bovtor to unlf-h the tritl Ii part t iLu nnuibtr i f ci rtiticaten ot ntouo ilog rmeH eiotm' 1 .Ly 1'Im urlparl ia 'tie amount tf ttiMiiiioii tu utitmllj tboiered iu Hi I'uii'a Hrntj aril! a, fi-iLl wt-U rl'OWtl MDCi di-tirptlb bed itlllvJuflLl.tHjtU to I utile end I'ritaiu hie, Ua Uu 1 1 .fvt.j orvmbeltuiLg. :V"iM;iNCfi'Ai. ot ri(ii .n.'i ;ii-cv llnJJIit:'. ("tinlntidtrrct, ?r York) nn .No, 1 Kl(il,.-tn'ff , l-f.iilitlli', lir, A. V A iv f r lWriit .in J Mcunty rtcc 11, Is'il. " ulyoir Tub Okkmra MrptrR r.TAMlKnin iv Ifcy?, Ad twttclt t4 (A fctwrf et tr tntrvdurnt under t namt hTiiuomo War-rRH," m (An cr anv wfArr munlryi all athtr l'n!mntc H'otrt art iwnltrttia. the irntiift ran t1 knmrn lj I route AN btiff tiiwvtj on (."'-j. V Ki hi' UliVAVS 1TMWNIC WAFFI.3 JXclicve Conghs, Colda, Eore-thxont, Hcarsencss Holicvc Asthma, ErcnchitiB, DitficaltBrcathinr;. niiYAVS rn Md.vio wfkks Kelicvfe fritting of Blood, Pains in tho Chest nitYAN's rri.Moxic. wafhvs Believe Incipient Consumption, Lun DIsonea lmvAVS vn.MONin waffks CelieTO Irritation of the TJrula and Toueils IlKYAVS M I.MDNIC WAFI.RS Hellcve the above complalnta in Ten Minute. JIHVAN'S ITLMOSIO Are a blessing to all classes and cmuUlutlons hH AN S I'CLMfNir V U I R- Are adapted fcr Vocalist and Public Spoaktrs imVAJTS 1'L'I.Mf'Vir -W'AFFIW Improve the compass aud flexibility of the Vclw ItKYAN-H l'L'LMOXU WAFHW Are In a simple form and pleasant to the Us.o BRYAN'S ITI.MOMC WAFERS Ifotcnly relieve, but eirectrapidaUstiEfj; Cures HRYAVR ITLMONMl WAFEKS Are warranted to givo satisfaction to everyone Ko ruaily should ba without a boi cf Hryiui' I'ntnionir I'ufr If THE UOVfrE. Ho Traveler ehould be wttnont a box cf lirrnu'a Iiilmonlr Wnfcre mi rocEET. Ko dealer should be without a cupply of Ilpjnii' Pulmonic Wnfcn roa nis icTQiiEa. Ko prasa will over object to give fcr Itryun'M I'lilitmulr WRfer T"FJITT"FI VR ( iT1. J. DRYAIT A. CO., Rocheslcr, M, Y.. hilt Fcpri6ter OKO. V.'. vicinity. ALLL'K, Agviit fjr tuuiuBiua and Dvc. 1, l:-4 wCm GRATIS! j v sr p u uli a n e n . A ov DUcovery in .Icdiclno ! 4 FEW WORDS unthe rational trmtinti.t, with, put Medklue, of t?pi riuulurrhta or Iwul Wcaknvtvrvomi Pcbillty,LowSpiriUi Ijuitulc, WeaknuM uf the latuU and iluuk, IndUjtutiilun and Incaiuvity f r study and 1-ator, Uulm.dof Appie. hcnsion, l.uas of Memory, Avereiun to Society, Loe of Solitude, Timidity. tfcIfDUtrut, Uiitineis, llead Ache, Involuntary Iltcharges, Pains Iu the bide, Affection cf tbe Uyis, Pimples on the Pace, Sexual i.d other In families in Mao, Frn tho French of Dr. Pcljancy. The Important (act that tbewaIarininCKmpta!nU way ekfily be removed ictkouf mtdi-mr, a, in this small Tiact, clearly dt'inrjsttated, and the cntirtly ntw and highly im'cufiful treatment, as adopted by the Author, fully explained, by the means ot which everyone it enabled tu cure himself perfcotly, and at the learnt possible cost, avoiding thereby all the admtittfu noetruniN of the day, Kent to any address, cratii and rott iuc, in a so.ikd I'Diulopo, by remitting (pott paid) two Pout ' ago r-inin u, jr. ji. ir l, i , no. a, inpen' I ardHtrtct, NVw York Citv. , Dec. VI. dlntf -,1,'S I'rnil, &c, I isoscs jj. n. i;.usin-j. J if (.0 quarter do. do 10 bone, Lemons. 100 bus. Chestnuts, and nuts of ml ,-.inJ. Piok'es, Catsups Prison u, p.ppcr ssuce, Macoa lonl. crinlccl Nutmegs, Mace, Ac., Ao . fr sal. by IIERRICK A MILES. f r . dAwtf TROY BULL FOUNDRY. JONK3 A; IUTC11COCIC, l'ttornUTonP. Manuracturors of till htnds of Ilnr.Ls roi:Cni nciirs.Pcro!nr. STEAM-BOATS, XCttOOJ HOUSES t liuconiutlte nml lloa Cnrrlnccs C5T nanfflnci cnmplftpfitrntshrd. tncltidlniz Ctist tron Yoke, Cnst Iron rrame and M'becl. Also prlni "tUohcd to tho f'Kppcrtall of which ti warmitod to plcaic anl nro satiitfctlon. Comer of Adams 4 first St. 7Vov. X 1 March 10, 13H, tvlj A C A R D . 5 oo run (iko, m. hoiie. a studekt mulcr Sir Athlejr Cooper, Into of tho City of tjondoti, Kngland,ba taken up his abode In Uur Urjijton, Vcnuont, and (i now prepared to practice upnu Cancers Tumort aud Ulcers ; Scrofula, Salt Hhcura, Venereal Dica?cs whether acute or chronic, tnd all Cutaneous Ulienjoa of tho "kin. lie pledges iilmsolf not to tako any porion under treatment hora ho cannot cure( and makes no charge whore there 1p no euro etTocted. 1'oraons bringing cortlS cats from the Minister of their llullion, of their linbllily to pay, ho will oure without charge, and will forfeit a hundred dollars in oery case of fail ure. This he feels assured will bo sufficient to con t'ltice tha public, that he docs not belong to that class of persons called eharlatans, or quacks, who live upon tho lulTu rings and credulity of their Icllow creatures Stmptoms or Cakcir. ThU disease originates in tho form of Pimples, Warts, Scales Horny Pro tuberances, Prutcrnatural enlargements, and Tuber cular Iterations. Sometimes unusual heat, and very unpleasant itching, succeeded by a twitching, and a sensation felt as 11 there were a fJy or spider drawling over tho part, and at intervals a darttog, hooting pain, which becomes moro Ireueut as tho disease progrcstcF. It also oiiginates from blows, bruises and the ordinary causes and states of inflammation produce C.ineer grief and anxiety arc also iti cnuea, iorruw lor the loss of relatives also, often produce" It. It is favoured by age and by the uumarried Hate in woajen ; when it occurs in the married, the menses ttmodt always cease first, showing a connec tion betvtetc them ; it u soapeara wry commonly at tho period nhen thle secretion dlsupuears. It ocours even In subjects as young as five ears", but most common in advanced life, and scrulula piedis- pOKCS tu It. The Unctor will attend oi. p.itlcnti In the omntry If called on to do so, to Inform them of his where aboutsthflt they inny mail themselves ol htsser tlcc. lli addruai Is " Un. Ut:ouu M. Tighk, corner of Pine and Pearl treets, Uurlington Vt, ui:oiuii3 .m. uitiiii:, J'rartttal JJactor. Miuohjl, 1853. w3ytf GRASS SEEDS. , liV.D r 1.0, SOUTH r.UX 4- )Y ESTERS. Vi'liilt; Vlorvr. . Herds fJr.vss, Xnrtliern ami Western. Rril Top, Xo'thvrn and Southern, WHO I.EjSA lilo JL It ETA I L, j LOWEST CASH PRICES, ALSO, ' r.iring Wlioiit, Spring lljro, Oat-, Uarloy, Carrut, juiun, licet, Hut.i Itta and Turnip -Seeds, ivith a larw a"i'jrtment 'if fresh ! n itnu.v snnns ' nml CHOICE F LOWER NCEI1H it superior quility, for enle by I D.UT.Y .t DOOL1TTLK, i . S -'" "J,"'." S"' c"cs- ft., Burlington, Vt. t April J, lftol. K(f j Merchant's Gargling on nAS I1EK.V HUi'OM; TIIK I'UULIC HOUU Ib'in H ieirs,and hai acquired an unbounded j cr 'inly, not only ai the best l.luimcnt for Homo: . .'Ver known, but as un Kuibiooation for Tamily L'bo, . It "t irid unriv aled. It ii fold by almoet all Drucjists anl Merchant. hroujhout the Country, tf whom ramphwts con taining testimonials of its ttoudelful eincaey rnpybe nitd. General Deput, Lockport, IC. V. A libeial dis count is made to purchasers, and all orders addressed to M. II. TUCKKH A CO., successors to 0. V. UKllCHANT, will meet with prompt attention. Sold by Tlli:0. A. Pi:CK, U. W. ALLU.V, A. C. STEAK, and ll. (1. CATUX, Burlington i L'ZKA VLUXA.N'IlClt, Charlotte; .IOJ1.V SI.M.MO.N'DS, 2d, -helburno i h. W. WILLIAMS, Usscx j E. U. HKHi;.V, llichmonl ; It. A. WIHTUOMII, Willistcn, Uiv. M ; K. II. LANK, Jericho Center ; L. UL'lt. CESS .1 CO., Milton ; S. C. SHAM, Winooski Tails j anl by Druggists and Merchants generally through out the United States aud Canada.. Aug. t, 1S5I. wCwly 5000 I 111. irilt(Iv,((Mit M ; Mill) IK Pnmnfk.l,, . lOOsHttt Illaki-V PurriD Ca.tmo. ; 100 Chain rumpeeompl.te.fnr .aU by Nov 1. Etciucival i EI cm ova I ! ! K V 3 T II A S R E M 0 V ED HIS M U S I C HTonn to No. 5. IJank Ulook. one door rnit oi the r irmera1 4' .VrcAanicj Ilant-, where he has a : complete aasoitment of j M ITS IK A I. M i;jiCHAM)lsr, anl all gurds pertaining to his brnnsh of bunnccs. A Ur-o nsaortment of PIAXO IOHTES from the Minul'actorits ol (;hickcriu, Vimlvui4l A: Ilrou n, ami It row n a- VMen, nliose Instruments aro well known to be eupeiior to any "thci manufactured in tui country. SURAI'MINUS ad MKKODKOXS, .Manufactured by Pniscr A Cn, IiutT.iIo,ardCpn km t Xcedhoin, New York, fif nil sizes and pattern-, and every tnttruuieut warraittJ SHEET MUSIC, . Moic than Ttn Tfi'tutand Pieces now un, hiiJ all new phes of luslc ri'Cciicil us smm ns publlh c.l. (ileu Hooks anj Churtb -Miu-ic Hooks of every ilfSTltlnlt. Mr, HL'.ST will S'll all nrticlcs as low ns ol llio s ime quality can lie in anv city, nii'l a liberal ilisoaunt inidc to Teachers anJ tiiotc who buy to 'ell apiin. (Irtleful for tho liberal rutrnnijrf he has tliu. far icenril, ho will spare no effort to keep a complete a-vulmcnt of all articles usually kept in a Music stnrt, nnJ hy constant pcr'.on.i attention to his bu tines., l.ope to see In his Xcrr anil Comni'lious M Te, all of his old, end many stw customer. HurlIn;ton,.Iuly 15, lv ;3. 3wtf Plano -I Piano3 ! ! Pianos ! : ! 4 TTIiNTIO.V OKI't'ltCIIASF.Rb IS l;KSITCT. il- fully oalled to a new ami Eiantloinicutioniii I'lana Tories now fully pirfectoj and before the publif, kn.iwa as HALL'S Celestial Tf iplo-ttringej Piano. Tho peculiarity of tho Celestial Piano con- sun in us capacity lor ortwrtplaym; nitli tho single finder,. an attainment hitherto unknown to the Pianofuite, ! The most ordinary performer Is enabled by tho aid of IliU improveuitiH to produce eflects In octno 1 playing that would confound a Thalbers or a Lists. IOnu ol its chief txedlencics is its cujiucily to be used at will as an ordiuary Piano of tho s'vootest quality of tone, nd Is instantly changed by the u.e I of a common pedal to a so thrilling an., iii.ji-tin, ns iu Lapiivsui snu cuarui tno lieart. These Instruoients are superior in power to two or dinary 7 octavo Pianos, whllo for sncctneis, purity, breadth, and richness of tone, they cUIKdeo the competition of the world. ThU is th united Litlmcov of Professors and I Amateurs who hare tesUd tho Celestial Piano. Or. idinary Pianos of all sizes, new and second hand for sale at reduced prices. ELY MU.S'OER, 321 Broauiiay, If. Y. lul Dciler.-, nholesalo aud retail. , 0l.:t.lE65, wimos Xcw Ooods ! JKcw eioocls ! ! I AT rniMtiill 150 Tv ICHOLS A BOYXTOV ARE NOWOPEN'IKO l their FALL GOODS, having been In market the Itst two weeks making sclwtioni, and In Conso oucnoe of the KCOJt falling off In prices, we have bou;ht very largely, and now offer them at greatly REDUCED PKJfES!" U would bo needless toattempt to enumerate, suf fice it to say wo hare eveiy variety of llrm C n ii il b , Including beautiful lllaok and I' SILKS, at IS, 50 and b'H cents per yard and upwards j and all tit other tarieties of l)icss Ooods, to be found in uiatV.ct. Woo I up llooili of every kind at very low pi Ices, tV Ii i I ii C noil h. Latent, Lmlrotdtrte, Gl'.iet and Uuiery,Shawli Cl'talt and Mantillai, caIJt nU department we have eiery wrlvty usually 1 1 o u n r n rn I . li I n u C o o il , In this branch of our trade we havo taken espe cial pains to make our stock complete for tho parlor, chamber and kitchen, nuoh as window curtains, sb.doiaud Sutures, bedding, table linen, Ac., Ac. . , , Urocrrlo., A full supply at low prices Uurlington, ?ept , Ihit. dintf Isnlcr fVoin (li 'lolicrirK. AI'EW TIERCESSALMON. NO 1. MACKEREL anil t'oddsh and a few lime. Candles, which didn't oomefrou the IT.herles, for salo by A. t. IIEHEY. Out 10. dAwtf EAHfl (1 HI! ASH from Pekroon I Perfumed and I'IjIii. lor salo by T11EO. A. P1XU. Nov. 11. dAnCw " in iT IL. rIIEill C AM PI I EN K by the R.rrel ad at re 1' ilAw tan by TIIEO. A PECK. CtOIJ I.IVEKOILCN'IY '-Ofal' preparations 111 tm form for tho purp' so the best For f ugh., Colds, borencs. of tho Lungs,, i- , 1 r alcat TIIEO A 1'ECK' Advrrf lhL'ti:rnf h. Dclcvan House, Albnny. In tho lintnedialo rlclnlly rf the licpot of th. Al bany and i.utlmd, Hudson lllver and New Vor't Central ISallroad'. THF.ormuti HOKSbLB, 1'Rorr.iwon. HAumvAit:. E't'iijn, Vo!5)iiir1i & t'o., niroKTEns or HARDWARE, CUTLERY, STEEL, 4-t., 3!) Mntc Mrpt'l. Albnny, LAasisn rncrx, I. W. Vosntnon.JjJ . K.AIaiici.c Erastun Corning 5c Co., iHroRTr.r.s or Rnglinh, nr.rmiin nml Prcnrli Itnrdu'are. ana .Minvjuturtrt of ana lltHM m ami: rh'a iiAiiiiw in:, hion Naiis. StEEb, Srtsts. ie. 4S1 and 453 Broadway. Albany. E. Conxixo. O. C. Daviso. 1 E. Conxiso, Jn. avi(Non mikI Vcilc, Importers of and Dealers In HAUDWAIU; AM) V.3 V, HY, IROX, ajiii, SAIL.S, e,, Nos. 41 & 13 Stuto Street, ALBANY. AtrxAxtiiR Datipsox. . - Maviuce E. Visis. NATHANIEL WRIGHT, mroRTtn, MAxrrAcifrtr.n axd MAtrR ix CofirA and SadriUrv Iftirdwirf, Pluthf, Cloth,, Dw atlc RMtr Cloth, Patent Ltnthtr, Caput ond LtatkiT Varnuh, "DELEYAS 11LOCK," "o. 321 Uroadway, corner of Hamilton Street. DRY ooons. i E)r.v(iu;ds :j WliolesiiU;, Tho undersigned are now receiving direct from Europe, laro importation of Dry Uoods, embrac ing many new and bcautllul stle. AI?o, a cry gcn.ral and desirable stock of Amcrieun tlnod-, all of which they aro prepared to otTer to the tiade on tho most favorable terms. Particular nttention given to Cloths, C'assimcrts, Vesting and Tniioiing lioods gcnctally. An examination of our Mock by Merchants and Merchant Taylors is solicited. A. M. .1 W. X. &rnoxo, Importers and J'jhlrrs, llrondwoy, Aluany. A.M. Strong. Via. N. strong. T. J.Mrong. II. V. EAVIS & Co,, Mtnufaiturts of and Whottsnh Dralrrt n ji i: a i) v m a j) v; clo t n i x o , Irrportcrn and JobbcrB of UIoUif, Cae-lmcrc?, Vests ings nml Tiimmings. A larjrc nortmont nf fine aud nuHlimn, low priccil L'lutliinif, cnstaiitl tin hatrl and lor :ilo un tlir tnot 1 U c ra I tcnn. .Mer chants are inwtrrt t" call nul c...:iilnr ( ti- i i ' . iYfji 3 vi d ( intnt . Atany. J'lJRXITlMlK. Edwin A, Harris, Cabinet riiriiilnrr A Clmir S HnMi-l.mtnt, 519 llraadway, fiw donrs South Dilivan .jmr, AL1IANV, N V. Tour of tho larfrcst Male lloi ras in Hie Put frit, second, third and fourth stories full of uil kind; ol Furniture, manufactured by th m.n-t experienced workmen aud ol the bc;t materials oil at ve;j mud crato prices. Archibald McCUirc 6t Co., 7i fy a &tattnt.tenl 15 .V 17 Aortust., Albany, 03cr at Wholesale a Iart;o and general assortment uf Drug, Medicines, Chemical, I'aiuts, OiU, Var nihrp, French and Amfcriran AVindow (ilasf, )yc Stuffn, Urushe,Campliciie, HuiJ, Ac, together with every other article in their line. AncniBALD McCllbe. I William A. Kice. DRUGS AT WUOlXSALi:, William A. Wharf cv Co., Importers snd WhoUeal .n Iu Druf;tt Medicines t PatntstOiUt amttnts t ft Stuft. Brushes, Campfitne, liarnmg Fluid, Frtich, fin; lisk and American WINDOW GLASS ; Apoteeartcs Gluts Ware ; Chemical and Ptrfumtry Xoj. 361 A, Jsi J.'roadwav, Albany, N.'V. William A. Ahauto. I Jans X. Citler CH(CKL!!V, CHIXA DEPOT, .Vos.G2 .j Gl Statcslrect, Albany, -V. I'., Importers, whnlisalo and retail denlir In China. (Jla1?, L'lirtbern Ware, Itritannia W.irc, Looking Olns-es, Flone Ware, l)rujrKits Ware, Crtiidlvbras, lllraudolc, Cumphcnc, ond Oil Lamps of the various kindi. 35-c.As n.YriT.KS.jz; (JKOCniMKS. JVTonl cath A: Eladlct . WHOLES A I.E a HOC JiltS, And DfiUois in Oils tf all kinds, Tar, Pitch .Vm, Onieurn, ij'c 18 Quity St.. cor, llxflinijr, A I, HAW, .. V. I'ettr Montvath, j Joseph I. fiadgley. W'.iit .V Co.itcs, Sas. and 301 liroadicay AUttnij, Ijole-ale ilcalcrs In Groceries. Tca, Cuirie, unr, Molasses, .uiices, Foicign ruils, Xuta, Ac; Segars, of su perior nualltv ; Spuui,, Whalo und Olho OIL. 15 I) I 1) fi 1) A VIS, WHOLESALE DEALERS I S Toreign Liquors, Wine, Cordial", Havana fegnrs, Ac; also, a supcriorartlcle of Irih Scnt'h and Maiinngihcl.1 lVlii.key So. 11 Mate Iflrrtt, ALIIASY. Janus lieid, Willlim Iiaiis. stov Stoves ! Stoves ! The Subscribers oITir to the trade on fair and lih. oral term, a largo and completo assortment of Ms, uf tho fust quality, for both coal and wood, among which aro the celebrated IManiond and May Flower Cooking S-totes and tho In lug and r,anklm Conl IJuruers. AIo, a l.rc,o assurtment of Now Pattern Parlor Slopes for wood. Eagle Fowvlru, iV-. 110 lienver.St., AU.ay. TItEADtt ELL A PEHltY. HOOTS AM) S1K)KS, ficorpc A. Woolverlon A- V,o. Manufacturers atd Yholrsale Dealers in lloots and Shoes ; also, Apents for Coodyear's India r.ubbcrs, and J. PatridgoV lionts, 3'i6 onrf 359 Broadway, Al'iany, A. J". O. A. Woohcrlon. T. llunn. C. II. Wooherton. JARED HOLT, LCATHER AND FIXDI.MJ STOKE. 4S Hudson Street, Albany. Constantly on hand oa and hcmletl Sole Leather, French and American Calf Skins, Linings, Bindings, Morocco, Lasti, and Hoot Trees; Shoe fakers' Tools and Find ings of all hinds, icholesalcand retail. AudlCULTl'KAL. Albany Agricultural Works, Warehouse and Seed Store. EMERY A CO., Solo Manufcturcri of EMERY'S celebrated Patent Radioed Horn Iuert anl Over, that Threshing Machines and Separators. Al.o, Manufacturers of, and wholesale and retail dealers in .4?nVu,'furii Machines and laiptemtnts of tho latest and most approved kinds extant; dealers in 7ratn, Field, Grass, Garden, and Ftauer Se'ds, and Fertilizers. flTMVnrcnnuse Hni( gae3 ropnl) 359 and 373 Rroadw.y, Albany, X. V. IltKRT U. JAMEsRrpriilD. rpilF. Subscriber havhu purchased of Mr. Cluik 1 WiirtLEn, tbo origin. I proprietor, the richt t. inalte, ufc, or sell tho Frit-tic lUt.Jlxe, in tho Coun ties of Chittcndtn, FranMin, Orleans, IjimolIIeond Grand Isle, now cfl'ers the tame for silo br ludlvl' dual, town or couuty lights Also, tiu: imovr.TAi with which thoexcciif of drones (these, , j ? the) case with doiiioilio aniuialu, being more nuuicroui than is neccsFary for propagation,) tr.aj bo easily expelled from tho bito, theriby inung to the owner from each nld swarm (a Is ertltuutd In coirct principles,) from 16 to 30 lb, of honey of the tint quality, which roust otI.en-.Uo be st. The nboro can bo clearly demonitrattdtonii,vintflIiirentmtii'l, Westford, Aucnst, yclhy.' 1 Now GgoOo , AT THE OLD STAND, am ns i;. imiN'-M u' ... t v. M wi J Urother X Co , n-num at tin it-t -taii. aud Is receivingeon.tantly Wvw tioodr in nil tlcpu.U menta. Not being In tho biihit f brm-tinir nf tint ing he largest stuck lu tho ti', w old uicrh .-nt, that tho B'iyortuieiit ffl bel t gmtd. u l fiui tbu eu tomers of the ctoro will hate p mU us h w at thoy I can be bad i town or 01 r ot it . A Xew Stock of Oultars, fanj Watrhe Jontl- ry, Ao , n w opttilng 1 Nov H -Mlf itoston Oiirih. V A LM K It Ac II A L 1., lucctstori to Ermitl Dalit, Jr., Mngncficnl amt Tp 1 nmpli IrilD.MfMT MtKTIil. KO. 625 U'ASmXCTOX STREET, 11 0 S T 0 N . and,!rl Schools and Colleues constantly on hand, or manu- laciuicu 10 uroer on snort notice. March 17, 1S54. JOHN VB ii CO., KANcrAcifRt ns or OTHJ G , AND IStl OUTEItS Of FiiriiiMliins: fiooiis. 1, .Urn's 28, 30, 32, 34, and 30 Merchant's Rou. Between Funcuil Hull k Stato St., jonsoovr, J. D. LILAND, BOSTON. c. r. wniiTtN. March 17. 1S51. wly MICRCHAXT TAI LORS. READY MADE CLOTHISO, AND Men's Ftirtii.-Iitn- 21 COUltT ST11EET, - JM1S M. J(('OII1, JOIIV K. IIEANT. March 17, 1651. f (M!(S, BOSTON. TURNER, WILSON & CO. Importers of Ml!... trcn i.ikkN A; Mi;nt SO nml Ol r ili inl St. corn Eit or riiAxiu.iN sr jiosro.v, Hate constantly in store and oiler to tho trudf on the most favorable terms, a complete as'ortmont of nerman, l'rcnch ond Urltl.h Ooods, to which they receive additions byevory packet. ' TiRrn, A. IIamiitox, 1.. C. Wasox, F E, MirVAiin, Viu II. r.icimitisox. March 22, 1851. wiy r. 1 'OJ? ?flcdicnl Science Laid Open to the People ! iW railiiU'init 1 or t v 1-. CT.tuuo uvs.rif V TOCK.M 1., rrom the Philadelphia College of Medicine, and (lencral Introducliou of his cele brated lauitly Medicines. 'Ibis is lo certifj that I have placed Li the hands of A. Cuihraan A Co., New York, the rcei pc! of n'l'ainlly .Medicine," with nay full author ity to prepire and olfor them for popular use. JAMES McCLINlOCK, M. I)., late Trofessor uf Anatomy and Surgery in tho Phil adelphia Colkgo of Medicine, and acting Proles sor of Midwifery ; ono cf the Consulting Physi cians of tho Philadelphia Hospital, Llocklr j lite member of tho National Midlcal Associjtion ; incin bcr of the Philadelphia .Medical ociety j uombui of the MullCo-Chiiurical College of Philadelphia; lormcrly Prisidentaud Profis.yr of Anatuinv and Jurgcry in Caslleton .MeJical College, Vt., and also ate Professor of Anatomy and Tliyjiology in EcrL shire Medical Institute, Pitt-dild, Mass., Ac. W'c need scarcely remind tho intelligent public 01 the great necessity which ciistsfor tho Introduction of a class of good aul teliablo popular medicines, which may be confidently adopted into family use, and depended on at all times, in the absence of a physician, as being tho legitimate production ol science, study and experience DR. McCLINTOCK'S PECTORAL SYRUP. An invaluaUe IJSJiiS'VhTid ir31lunn''t'2n ill deep scatod complaints of tho pulmonary organs i t has proed the most safe, certain, and rapid reme dy ei cr euiplojcd in the eMensii e pinctico of Dr. McClintock. It contains no laudanum or opium in any shap,. Price SI per pint botllo Ult. McCLlNTOCK'c COLU A COLUII MIXTURE. An Infallible cure for recent coughs, tickling ot tho throat, tightness of breathing, croup In children, Ac. It contains no preparation of opium. Price 25 ct. per bottle. flit. MiCLINTOCK'S ASTHMA AND WHOOPINU COI flll REMEDY. An almost insUnlancou. relief lor these distrc" inj; complaints. This is the fruit or an Immen.e es perience, and H aslniii-hing in its effects. No per. -on need "ulkr a day from whooping cough who will use it. Price 60 cents. DR. MiCLINTOCK'S TONIC ALTERATIVE ft VP. LP. Por purifjing the blood , the most poworful pu-rlflerevcrdi-covcrcd. l'orall sernfulom di'eases, skin dixaMs, eruptions, bolls pimple., ulccr, sore leg', and .ill rheumatic and syphilitic coinpl.iint", Ac, it is Infallible. Pi ice, pint bottles, il. DR.McCLINI'OCK'riDYiPLPITU ELIXIR. Djspcp-i.i, or ilisordercd digestion, may be vailed the national di-eao of America. Itsstmptoms are headache, gidlincsn, ncrtousiicss, low spirit', dim ness of l-ion, with motes or specks bcloro the cye, Itchlugof the nostrils, dullnessof hearing und ring ol the car,dnureeabletnslo In t lie mouth, con striction or weight about the chest, difficulty of breathing, senso of eulfocation in Iviuirdown or' as. I cending i-tairs, palpitation or iinea'sy feeling about uie ne.ui, iriegularor ueticient apperite, sense of rinl.iug at tho stoiiiiiLh, acidity, lieartburn, pain or ftillncMot the ubdotnen, and costiteness. ,-oiue ol these symptoms always apr iu dj.pepsia. Taken in connection with the cgiUble purgative pills in ciseswhere there Is uiucli costircness, or with tho nnti-bilions pills whero tho functions of the literare rrcgularly discharged, it will be found a mosteffec tual rimtdy. Price, iu pint bottles, SI. DR. McCl.lNlOCK'.s ANODYNE MIXTURE, OR PA I X EXTRACTOR. 1'ted internally and externally fur tho Instant re lief of uil pains, toothache, headache, collie, ague in tho face, chilblains, neuralgia, sUno or gravel, Ac. Prico 5U cents per bottle, DR. MiCLINTOCK'S VFHETA11LE PURGATIVE PILLS. rortherelicf of eontipalion and all its painful ic.ults, such as headache, ditzlncss, sick stomaeh, f ainr, and all tho symptoms enumerated under the "Dispeptic Ellilr,." Prbe 13 cents per box. DR McCLINTOCK'S ANTI.HILIOUSPILLS. For liver complaints, and nil forms of disease arising from derangement of the liver, with symp toms such us disiiuess, hea lathe, ringlug in the tars, yellow furred tongue, poin In the right shout dcr, sense of fullness or pain in the right side, dis. ordered stomach or bowels, deficient action of tile kidnej t, cloy colored sNols, Ac. Theso pills, if tak. en in the incipient stages of bullous and yellow or othor fnvers, will generally ward 0!T tho attack Prica 5 cent por box. DR. McCLINIOCK'S FEVER AND AGUE SPECI FIC. This has been found an invaluable specific for this scourge of new countries, and for intermittent le vers. No traveler or resiJcnt in any aguo district should fail to provide themselves with tbis raie pre ventative. Piice $1 per bottle. DR. McCLIXTOCK'3 RHEUMATIC MIXIURE l'OK INTERNAL USE. A purely vegetablo combination for tho cure of rheumatism, gout, and all rheum. tic diseases. This remedy is offered with tho utmost confidence It has been u.od roost extensively, and is as near a sped no for rheumatism as the world hat ever seen. Price 3D cents per bottle, DR. McCLINtOCK'3 F.HEUMATIC LINIME An infallible outward application for the relief of all rheumatic or neuralgic pains, sprains, swellings, stiff neoks, stilness of thoioints, pain In the shoul ders, back or limbs. It affords immediate relief from colic, and pains In tho stomach or abdomen. t a counter irritant it is invaluable in all cases where an external stimulant is needed. Pri.e, per bottle, oO cents. DR. McCLINTOCK'3 DIlREIItfA CORDIAL A CHOLERA PREVENTIVE, A prornrt and certain euro for diarrhea, dysen tery, and cholera morbus in all stagcsa sure pre ventive of Asiatic cholera which no traveler or fam. ily should bo without. Price !5 and SO ctats per bottle. A OUMIMAN" i CO., Solo Proprietors, Hi Tu!. lonstrcct, New York, Sold by AMOS C. SPEAR, RurlinBton, Vt. l"il. o, loJI. wllwly" liitdit'o limliroiilcifd IIdI.('. 1'PbT received by Expir... this uiorulnjr at Dce.31.185J. dtf LYMAN'S IIorae-Ralccs. siii le's i'Ari;.'r revulvino wiiie-iooui s llursc-Rakea, lujnufacturrd at Weitfotd, 't. IVr .aleat tlio 4crloulUtrul Sturc, UurllMutt.ii, by J. S PI MUX. litis H. HS1 d.tivif II ( itliiinry aid Medii inat ,nll kindit tint an tr -'i, in m-rtyd iimr. I vr i-alu at .1 1 - T Till'" A PKt lv'. .1 THE' J1 I'D AT TUP UEE-lllVi; Another t .i t n . f thoao Froudi Hook Collars, also Laee.elar law and Ltnan L'ambrica. N I'ECK, JR mm mm uoun Jli:i)ll;INl. It Is ullmalod Ih.t AYE K'S CHERRY PECTO RAL AND CATHARTIC TILLS have done more to promoto tho publlo health, than my other one cause. There can be no question that the Cherry Pectoral has by Its thousand on thousand cures of Cold, Coughs,Astlim,Croup,Influenra, Rronchltls, ic, vory innch reduced the proportion oi ucmiis from consumptive diseases in this ci untry, Tho Pills arc as good at tin Pe.toral and will ante more complaints. Lvcrybody noed, more or less purgirg. rurgo the blood from its impurltiet. rurgo tho bowols, Ltv.r and tho whole visceral system irom oostru,- tlons. Purse out tho diseases which fasten on the body lo work its decay Rut for diseases we should dlo only of old aeo. Take antidotes early, ami thrust It from tho system, before it Is loo strong to vleld. Ayer', Plllsdo thrust outdlieaie, not only white It Is weak but when it has taken aetrong hold. Read the astounding statiments of those who hare been oured by them Irom dresdful ftcrofula, Dropsy Ulcers, hin Diseases. Rheumatism. Neurslgia, Dyspepsia, Internal P.lns, Rilious Complaints, IKartburn, Headache, uetit, and many ics danger ous but still thicatcnlng ailments, such as pimples on tho face, Worm;, Nervous Irritability, Iss of appstlto, Irregularities, Ditzlncss In the head, Colds, Fevers, Dysentery, and indeed every variety of com plalntt for which a Purgative Remedy is required. Theso are no random statements, but aro authen ticated by your own neighbors and your own phy sicians. Try thca ence , and yon will nev.r be without them. Price 25 cts. per Box S Roxcs for $1. AYCIl'S CIIIIKUY I'EI'TORAf,. For the rapid euro of Coughs, Cotds, Hoarseness, nronchltts, Whooplng-Cough, Asthma and Consump tion, is unlvcrsntly known as the best remedy ever vet discovered for everv varietv of Pulmonary di'casc. So wi lo is tho field of its usefulness .nd so numerous the rases of its cures, that almost every section of tho country abounds In persons publicly known, who have been restored from alarming and even deperato di.cascs of tho lungs by Its use, When onco tried its superiority over .vary other medicine of its kind is too apparent to eseape ob servation, and where its virtues. re known, the public no longer hipitato what antidote to employ fir tho distrcssingand dangerous affections of the pulmonary olgnns wliicn are Incluent to our climate, uy us timely use many, nay almost all attarks ofdi'i'sses upon the Lungs or throat, nre arrested and thus aro snved many thousands every yesr from a prcmMuro gr.ue. No family should bo without It, and those who do neglect to provide themselves with a remedy which wards off this dangerous elas of will have cause to dtplore it when it Is too lata. Proof, of tho surprizing efficacyoftheCherry Pcctoi.l need not be given to the American people, they have living proofs in every neighborhood. Rut those who wish to read' tho statements of thoc whose whole health ha been restored ond whose lives havo been saved by this ue, will find them in my Ameri can Almanac which the agent below, nocicd bus to furnWi gratis for everyone. Prorated by Dr. J.C. AYER, Lowell, Ma's., And sold by : T. A. PECK, A. C. SPEAR, CEO. t ALLEN, Uurlington ; X1M0NDS A NKEDHAM, Shel- I l-urne j M. II LL, Ilincsburgh ; E. ALEXANDER, Charlotte; S. 11. SIM0NDS A CO., tMlli.ton. II. I II. HomiE.Rishmoud j JONATHAN MERRILL, Winoiiki. Augti't 1 1 , IP'it . wt'inos To the Ladies ! fUST Received at the RElMIIVEanotlur Carton of those elegant French wool Do I-ilr.c", also Cjshmcres and (iold .Medal do ; also n splendid Lino of French Merino, French Crapes, (a new.tjlc of dress goods ;) an eUgantl.ino of plain, changea ble, plaid, stripes, and rich Drocade, dress Silks and puro Satius ; a great variety of long ond niirc llrocha, Cashmere, Thibet, Merino and NYooien shawls ; itilk Wrappers, Merino Wiappcrs and Drawers, Scarfs, Embroider!. Ac, Ac, -V'-ire mo". N. PECK, JK. Oct. S. dAwtf Helling' tin. K. NICHOLS HAVING ASSOCIATED Willi him L. C. BOYNTON, will continue the mercantile businC.s in all its branches as hcretoforo carried on by him, with an Increased stock of goods in their soaeon,and shalicndeavor tobe able to sup ply anything usually kept in New York and Boston Retail Stores, at less than New York and Boston hrices. And we now offer anything we have on pand at very low prices, wishing to reduce our pre pent stock to tnnke room for our Fall goods. Wo would respectfully inv ito all In want of goods either holesaio or Retail, to call and examine ouj .roods and prices . Get posted up with the lowest price , then call at 150 Church Street, and buy your goods. Burlington, July 1, 1851. dAwtf ."l-erich Glass, Sash and Pntty. PnnKCH ur-Aes alwivs nv HAND, FOR Salo by tho Box or Retail. Glass Cut to any Shape and Size, and Set in test Style. 3?" Orders promptly attended to. Call and see, two doors East of the FREE PRESS OFFICE, Col lego Street. HERVEY BURNETT. Ecnuxoioir May 25, l5l. "ly. The Hallelujah, 1 NEW COLLECTION of Church by z Lowell Mason, reccivedand for sale by the sin gle copy cr bv the hundred, at UUTJ Civic. Vermont Italian Marble. CLARK it PODGE, PliOPIUETORS, MASCIIESTER IT. t -V EXTENSIVE MILL AND FIXTURES, z V have recently been erected, aud the proprietors are now prepared to furnish any description of Mar ble, iu any quantity or style desired. They aro satisfied that their facilities will enable them to furni-h Marble of a superior quality, for Budding, and for AiiMnnrj especially, on nstavorablo terms as the poorer qualities of other Qtnrries can be obtained ; and on account of the ery excellent qujlity of this Marble, thoy have every reason to bellcvo that a great demand will be sociucd for the same. Orders may be addressed to CLARK A DODGE, Factory Point, Vermont, orto EDWIN CRANSTON, our Agent at No. 5 Piatt Street, New York. March 1,1$54. wtf TRUSSES. A LL KINDS, FOR MALE AND FEMAL , IN eluding the late improvements, tor snla tv TIIEO. A. PECK, dlwtf Dealer in Instruments. NEW GOODS. JAMES E. IiKINSMAID, (Successor to IlritiMnuid, Ilruthcr A: Co,) Church Stmt, Uurlington, ts opening tiii: nicjiusT and JVVX moat extensive varletyof tEs2 GOLD ASD SILVER GOODS, lTight day, Chronometer, Magic, Double time, Cylln der andLcer Watchci, of all tho various styles and qualities usually deiirod, at the lowest priees ; and some Gne KoglUh Lcvcri, and fine time kcrperi, ot iSwies and English make, of our own importation, just received, Thobo wishing are desired to exam ine them. Alto received a great variety of New Good, and among them are fine Ileticuki, fine Compasses, Dusks, Miell Comb, new t)les of Ladies Purfen, Card Catca, I'ort-ruounaic, Vaxmatchcf, Ignite, Cornelian Charini, Tweescrf,Spy-glaeos,Cuat.Jink. nutTaod Tobacco boiea, Cigar cases, Indelible inkf. Court plaster, Irory tablets. Tobacco punches. Gilt beads, Wat candles, Thermometers 5 sites, Pock et, back, fine and coarse Cuinbs, Brushes of all Mnd5, Tuoth pickf, llaiors of all price?, Foaim, Hair oils, Kimmeh Toilet Vinegar, GE&UfaE Maccafar oil, Drinking Flasks, bone and silver Napkin-ring, button tastenern, baU pios, and a thousand and ono uieful articles in daily ure by Indies and Gentle men. The greatost variety of such got ds, at the lowert cash prices, at the Old Mind, Church streot, Burlington, Vt. Oct. 7 dAw inmecoi iKHir;s, IADIES YOU WILL HNP ST LTMAN'S 4 a larger aaeortcieLt of goods in this line than uinl,oonsistingof Cambric Collars, Cimbr.oSleist Muslin do Muslin do Lace do Lace d iiuu.H uj Thread do Undar hdkfs., Muslin and Cainbrio Hands, IMglogs and Inserting, Dimity Bands, Embroidericd skirts, Uluslon, bobinet and blaek Filk Laocf, L'cubroidercd Hdkfs., Veils,, Staujud Collars, Working Cotton, etc., eta. WHITE GOODS. Jao, and Bars. Cambric, BIshop's-Lawn, Swiss mull Mutliui, Plaid Cambiici Rook do Figured do HaeariUa do White Dimity, White A oolored Tarltaci, Curtain Muslins. Linens. 10. Ltaen Sheetings, Linen Napkin, 0-8 Pillowcase Linen, do Table Coer, 10-1 Table Damask, do colored do do, Ifucknbuck, Crash, Bootch and llnssla Diaper, Nr3 kins, etc., etc. HOSIERY A.XD GLOVVy. Ladies and Uente Lisle Gtoris, do do Hilk and Lltte Gloe," do do Colored aud While Silk dw. .Ji(Ci GIovci White and Cobned Kid do. do do Cwltuu Uuse, Merino do,, CVshimTo Ac,, Mlk, Colored and White do., liny.' do, B.irlitigtim, April CO, 1S34. dAMf Domestics. 'If WWi vns. uiunv.N aJUUU 1000 vds. ' COTTONS, COARSE. One. lOHO vds, brown Dlilllngs. 10.10 " rlhii tins; stripes. 1000 Cot I on Flannels. Ji'tl " 'licking. 500 " Hid Moid l'lanuel. bellow" " ICI") " L'ls.llueiea, Sattaeti and Tetdf, l I.J ii lulling, taipet Wni, Cullon Yarn, Wleking, Trillin, Ac., tol sail ehcwiiat thi Coiner e-tore, LYMAN'S. Nm. II, lh J dir fAlR HKSlORAriVE ' Tm only article Hut 11 will make hair grow on t.ld luadi, 1 Euiei. aona Stiinul.t r, mIuvIi I. man anted when, required. Circulars relating tu it furnished at tlio counter. Jan. IJ, dlwtf 1'erralcby TIIEO A PECK l.i.iutKtl ti.r.i i ii i uti ii ml H X P U H ssr.s Vermont Centrul Uail Roatl. WIMTKIl AltH VMiKMIl.NT, f---'m B-'.a -mf'y ST" atVe-y-V IlUniSU AMKIMCA.N L L'NilKD SrATKS MAIL ROUTE. TRAINS WILL r.t'H AS Hll.t.nWs! I.'olng orlh mid tt'cit, Iavo Uurlington at 5.30 A. M., 10.43 A. M., and B.15 P.M. Tho 5.30 A. M. Train connects at Rouse's Tolnt with Trains artltlng at Mr.ntnal at 11.00 A M., nr.J Ogdensburgh at 5 00 P, M. The 10 15 A. M. Train connects with Trains arriv ing at Montreal at 7.00 1. -M., and for Ogdensburgli trtitday. The 0.1 S P. M. Train Hops over iilgU at St. Albauc, tiolug HotitH and Eatt Uurlington at 7.55 A. M., and C.35 P. !I. Tho 7.75 A, M. Train for New York, Boston, Lowell, Worco'tor, Relics Falls, Et. Johnsbury, and interracdiato stnttonr, arrives in Hilton earlier than hy any tther route, and in New York the time averting. The 5.35 P. M. Train etopioicr night at Moat- pener or .xorinncid. For Tioktts. information, Ac, apply to il. L. CHURCH, Ag't. No. 1 Town Hull. Uurlington. 11. EIIERCUKNE. Sup't. Northficld. Jan. 11, 1BI5. diwtf To BV.tijilc .T2miii West, i 18.M LAKH O.NTAHIUI INS1 (f IlKAT NOKT1IK11N AND WESTERN Slcamboat and H. H. Lines! J! ! From Northern Vermont to any port of tbe West. V. n'H'ATKS NOHTHEH.Vl.R, ONTARIO, . . . CATARACT, - - ci4, ;.'. '. chid. Capt. H. S. Thrown. Cap!. J. B. F.stn. i: x r ii ess 1. 1 n i: i NEW YORK, - Cu1. R. B. Chapmnn, HAY STATE, C';J. J. H. Ledyard. Two Trains leave Rotlington Dally for Ogdens burgli and intermediate rtations, connecting with the large and .ommodious steamers ou Lake Onta rio, for Buffalo, and with tho steamer for Monroe I and Toledo, and with lake Shore and -Michigan I Southern Railroad lor Chicago, Mllwaukic, and all ;i':i ,.t. ... , :i. i .,-..1 ..r, ii. n i 'or-. iiii I tun, ua mm i uu inBiii imiri u i v AimvImp In iHiicRu VI buurn puunrr than nnv fiber Steamboat mute, and 0 hour- nnicker than any nth. r UnllroM'I line. iVtcm.' can ha their freight hipped and the C'jinpany'n receipt giun for the panic. ( THROUGH TICKETS To Ogdensburgli, Oswego, Bochester, lwiston, Hamilton, Toronto, Niugaia Fall", Buffalo, Mon roe, Toledo, Chicago, Racine, Kenosha, Mllwaukie,, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and all principal Western Cities. Al.o, Tickets to all the abovo mentioned places, via Troy, Albanv, Saratoga, and Sohnectady, connec ting &t Buffalo" with the Michigan Southern Uke hore Railroads. k0 Q , ,nd TICKETS ean bo had at tbo .Vic.tjrim Southern, and Lake Shire Railroad Office, So. 1 WHEELER' BLOCK, next door to tho American Hotel. II. O.GREENE, Agent, Rurllntjton. Aug. 1 , 1 jU d t flimV AUitAMsi;.MKM Ii:il1aliurli :iul Montreal KAIL ItO AD- Untxlfurthtr notice Trains mil run as follows IKAVK MONTREAL rORMOOEUS JUNCTION -i and PlatUburgh at COO a. ru. and 4.00 p. tn. Loare Moocri Junction for Plattaburgh at 7.52 a. ia. and ti.30 ra. At Plattaburgh the (.00 a. ra. und i.30 p. m. trains from Montreal connect with tho Splendid Stcauieri AMHIUCA AND CANADA. For fiurlinctoTi, Boston, Whitehall, Sara toga, Troy, Albany and Sew Yorh. at. to A freight train with a pasacngor car attached will leave Caughuawaga at 10 30 a. m., connecting with tho Noon tralua to at-d from Ogdensburgh. REIl'IINO. X-eaVB natlSburgU Cor Moocre Juniiou .ltd Montreal, on arrival of tho boats at T 30 a. rn. and 5 30 p. m., connecting with tho Ogdensburgh trains. ALSO An aceomaiodatlon train leave, PUttsburgh at 15 00 in. on arrival of tho FRANCIS SALTUS from Uurlington, connecting with th. trains to and from Ogdensburgh. RETURNING, Leave Junction nt 2 p. ra. tn time for tho boat for Burlington. II. W. NELSON, Supt. October 14, 1133, dAwtf XORTJiEHX KJILIIO.W, .V 1. SUM.M K 11 A Kit A N ti C M K T S . ON anrl after Monday, .May J1U, JQ.rjl, irainf w ill run ar follnwr. lavt Odeiiphurph at?. 1 .M,and2 r m. Arrivinyat Knus'tPniiitat I .'f.r f. :.t atwirtr jj, Lrore Hnujc'r Point m 7 30 i, w.,and I r if. Arriving ntOsdensbursh atl.30 r. y,,7r..M ,aml 11 r- . Patsr nii-Tn Iraviui; Ogderisbursh by themornina trains willbe able to reach Uottton nud Sew York the snme Kveninp. u jb aftfrnoontram they w illreich Mnntpelier and K'Hlanutheflam-ivenini;.ard rto&tonand Nr York early tl.e.nexidav. They will also r-achlhe steamboats in scadon lor tiicir -vrninc run south through Lake Chatnolain Pa-wengerf-leavtni; Hostonand New- VorMn the earlj trains from ifionf cities and Monttra I at 5 o'clock P. M., will reach the boat irom Uydrns burgh (or ports on l.ak O.itario and the Upper Lakep the a unit evening. The train leaviinr Ogde mburgh at 7.30 a.m ,con uecth wuhthr Ux press Steamers Irom the West, putting passfiigfrh by those steamers into Boston and .New Yorkiheaanir evening. Tktctram doe enotstop at Way Stations. GKOKCJR PARKKR, dA-wlf Superintendent SALT. DUK. T. I. SALT. 4000, 10,000 Dairy Jo.,l'ore Itcck, steam rennoa na irest.rn. 60 bags LiT.rponlfnedoAsliton's. 10U0 bus. Canada fcalt, just recoir.i and fcr sale br IIKHRICK. 4 iII,U3. Nov 55. ilwt OTUKU'S ItKLlKf. This justly ctkbrated I'M. Jledicine is for sale ly the authotlied .tjent, TIIEO. A I'ECK. rarnpblcU relating to it, to be bad at the counter. -Dei4' d.twlf Sui'llu rii ICnil Koatl, iV Y STEAM AND RAILKOAD KX I' It ESS IIOUTI!. ITIREIOnrS TO ALL CAKADA AND AMEItl cis Turtson Lake Ontario. Lake Erie and Lai. Michigan. R. J. CL'.MMINO, Agent. July 17. Mwtf A Card to the Ladies. 'U. DLI'ONUO'S French Periodical Goldei Pills, j infallible ill remcing stoppage cr irregu- I Urltiea of the lueuses. Theso Pills are nothing n .e, out nave becu used by the Dootor for many ears, both in l'ranc. and America, with un7iarallel ed success in every case j and he is urged by man tliourand Udies, who hate used them, to make the Pills rubllc, for the alleviation of those auff.rini from any irregularities whatever, us well as to prt vent proguincy to those ladles whoso health will rut perum an inereato cf family. Pregnant female., or thoc. tuppotiug themselves so, are cautioned against using these pills while pregnant, aa the pro. prietor assumes no responsibility after tbe above ad. monition, although Ihoir mlldnr.s would prevent any mischief to health ; otherw isc theso Pills are recommended, l ull and eiplicit dlrectl-lut accom. pany each box. Prico $1.00 per box GL'0. W. ALLEN, AVholeeale and Reloll Agent for Uurlington, NinoocU Fall. Milton, Wllllston, Hinesburgh aud Rlchirond, to whom all orrtets mnst be sert. Uy enclosing SI. w, the Pill, wil be sent by mail, O.ncral Agents for Rutland and vicinity of Rut land, POND i MORRIS, Druggist:. Oet..!7,185l. " dlwly CopnrlnerHiip Notice. m It E UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY L formed a Copartncr.hlp for the tran.actlon of Mercantile bulnets, and the Manufacture and sale of Stone Ware. P. K. NICHOI.t. L. C. BOYNTON. Burlington, July I, lt-51. dAvilf Notice. H aviso Roroirr TiiEsrocKor t lotiiinc, loii.ierl.t belonging to 6LO.M AN A '11 UK, the l siill be cerriid inhereafti'mi.d -r the nan.e ' uf II. TI Rli, whu v til continue tn Veep a l.ree mid I i.illloinibl.t sti ck lit Rrad.t-iu.idr Cluttilnr nlnl rienl. luriiLMiig Hi nis. Kliirli will .e .old at lie linest j c.imprices. j-un Misei, would Uu well to call at ' this e.Ulblilililel.t bi'fnll liurll.oailig elsrv.h, re, a. I , am deteriiilued to stll VII iNr ir t.chml'er tuau anv ' nther Ulotliluj; llouso in this Male. 1 nritiiiuuiber. No. 3 HANK HLOCK, lettiro I CommcHial and Fannin & Mechanics Hanks. U.TIRK. Rurlington, Aug 31 U5I Atf Iv'EO. "I.AOLK," NA1I, ! AL?0 iUV Ae 1 t, Lead, IV wder.Arid a,, tv f. s. usl recited by Hl'.ElilCK A MILE' . K, A 1 INE LOT () 1IA1H line end Chtll Combt ! P. - Eiushes sor,, Knives, Scissor, ; grnuire .Matcas'tr Oil) -Alarm Clrcks, Slh er Napkin Ring,, Tea Sets, li. received by J. E. VlilNSMAID, buccessor lo liriustnald A Rroll.ctf, Church Slroel. Sept. M. dAwtf Kilnfili'N. HAVE JUST IlECEIVEI) FROM THE CITIJ.3 a chnlcft assortment of Uroeerl.a. which I Lone my Customers will coll and purchase, and allow me irrtifit. for I cannot afford to tell alcostorkcep mem long uu nanu, J.H. PIERCE. Church Street, ) May 51, 151. S dint! THA. MIKACCO. u. I 7JT Cll. AND HALF CH. HYSON, II. S., Y. I I II,, and Oolong Teas; 117 bit. Tobacco. 25 case, do extra in J lumps, 1000 cro.fino eutdi and Smoking do. HERIUCK & MILES Nov i3. dcVwtl "VTN Dells, with or without moveable eyes, and T India Rubber Dolls. A fine assortment ot Concave and Convex Spectacles, in gold, silver, and site bows, Just received by JAS. E. URINKMA1D, Successor to llrlnsmaid, Urother A Co., old stand, Church Street, Uurlington. Oct. II tUwtf HAIKDYI;1 forchansing Red or Oray Hair, Eye-brows, Nbiskrrs, Ac, to .chestnut, brown cr black .olor. For slc by TIIEO. A. PECK. Dee. 11. dAwtf INiMXlAL NOTICP.. J7t K. NICHOLS HAVINO HADE A CilANOK . . in his business, is de.lrojso'" closing hlsold books, and all Indebted tohlm previous to July la', ltjji, are reouestcd to call and settle, cs the books must be closod cither ny note or otherwise. F. K. NICHOL8. Burlington, July 11, 851. dAwtf ,1S tiif:l Ci:t riuiiclils. A LARGE STOCK OF VIOLINS, ACCORDEONS, Guitars, Rows, Strings, and musical merch.b dis, just received at the old rt.nd, Church btreet. ! July 31. dArtt JAMES E. BRINSMAID LIGHT ! filGHT!! I a - r;i ItoXF.s CANDLES. JJ 50 do rp.rra do ; 10 boxes colored do, 60 l.bls. Winter bleached Whale Oil. 2 cask, do t!o Pure Sperm. DERRICK A MILES. Kot.K. dAwtf I . . l India Rubber Goods, , . fWrvw rittion. Vert contar.tIy on hun. 1 . a. siii.t N-nt...1 i r 'v 11 ullK' u- .iwio j t f the Viuar-. 0. dAwtf GOOD THINGS rpiIE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED A X frw Good Things, among which aro some of thoso largo white Georgia Bank Cod Fish, No. 1 Mackerel, Puro W hite Wine Vinegar, Syrup, bugara of everv tirade, Teas all prices andqualitiee.l igs, Ralslnv, Nuts, Prunes, Farina, Sago, Tapioca, Mac caroni, Com starch, Citron, Currants, and more of tUetO. (J. Java CotTee pure, aud frefh ground. j. s. I'iKiici:. June 0. dAwlf ILAVORING EXTRACTS' Freshof all kind., bl and ot nicest quality. For sale by TIIEO. A. PECK. D.c. IS. dAwtf HAIR ERADICATOR 1 For removing auprflu. oua hair from tbo faco. neck and arms, without injury to the skin. TIIEO. A. TECK'S. uen. ii. dAwtf Fylcr's Butter Working: Churn. DLCIDEDLY THE BEST CHURN IN USU. They are worthy th. attention ol Butter makers. Alio Cast Steel Shovels. 25 dor. of superior quality, at much lower prices than crer befcre offered In Burlington, for sale at the Agricultural Ktore, Church Street. JOHN S. PIERCE. BnrlingUin May 1st, 1651. dAsrtf X-XYE SICTF ! All kinds at wholesale and retail TIIEO. A. PECK'S Drugstore. l-'divr at Siifrars.' Molnsscs, etc. HIIDS. BROW'.V PUOAR. 100 bbls. Rcflned do, eraihed, powdated and i 50 bbls. and !5 hhde. f-yrup Sd Molaaaes. HEKKICk A. ifaES. 50 Noi dAwtf Sperm Candles. LL COLORS AND OK VARIOUS QUALITIES V.y ll. box ud .t ict.ll, b. dAwtf TIIEO. A. PECE. HAMS. 4 QUANlirr OF HAMS, SMALL SIZE, DESI kable for boiling. Hotel keepera and retailers will be euppliol on reasonable terms et July 13. diirtf A. R. DEWEY. PERFU.MEftY ! Every variety of odor, of Eng. Ilsh, French and American Perfumes, from th heapeat to the nicest article. At wholesale and r- tail, bv Dte IS. TnEO. A PECK, diwtf H. H. BOSTWIOK. M M'raCTURIR or Tin, Sbccl Iron and Topper Ware, HAVE TROUGHS AND CONDUCTOR. TIN HOOFI.NU WINK TO ORDER. ALSO, HEALER IN Hot Air Furnaces, Cooking Ranges, Beth Futures, Stove Pipe, a superior article, ct Wholesale and Retail, and Store Furniture, A (jriut Varietv or Stove, or IsirnovED Pat TERNS, frCIl AS) THE "MAV-KLOWKK." "BLACK DIAMOND," 'UNION OK STATES, 4c. Ac. I.EAll l'll'K ZINC, CAN ADA IRON rtn box, iu., ac. ISAAC DOW, Agent, CHURCH BTREET, EcRLihto, Vt. bept. il, 1SS1. Shoulder Braces. fpiIAT CELEBRATED KIND, THE CIIEM - Expander and Suspender cmblned, .0 benefi cial to the Stooptig i1;ur eni Ceirrarri CAfif, fo sale at (dAwlf) TIIEO, A. TlXli'S STONE WARE. TtaTlCHOLS A HOYNTtl-V UAVI.VO PLKCHASED 11 of BallaidA Brothers, th. Stone Mare Manu factory, are now ready to furnish merchants and ethers at short notice, everv description of Stoa. Hare. NIC10LE A BOYNTON. Burlington, Jury 1, 1351. dlwtf SOAP. 100 BOXES NO. 1 OAP. .0 do Chemical do. 50 do Toilet do. HE-RP.1CK Nu :s. i MILES. dAwtf SPRINGFIELD PRIXTIM liK I'OMFJtW, UAXtrAcrrRrm or HOOK AN!) NHWS INK, OF THE liEJT CCAUIY, xyi XT LOWJ-iT TE1CH Orders mny l-0 Addir.iedlo ti, r. uunuuict, Agent, Burlir-gten, Vt. t'ok, l'isli, Ac, I fin HBLS HEAVY MESS PORK ; 20 bM. I yfJ L.rd SS tubs do ' 180 ltls. Codfish . 55 bbla. Mackerel No, 1 and Jj 1C0 bxs. sailed Herriug I ib litis do, for .! bt- I1ERR1UK A MILE;, d&w il Dress Trimmings. OREAT VARIETY Jl'ST RECEIVED A" JuoeSI. v dAwlf LYMAN A , Just Received at the Dee-HIvc. i rKWrnmeiif;hiiesuwriorLDnNCLOTlIS c i bP 'VIS" 1 U,''K" CLOTllia, a new and I l.mMui a il. artlolo for CI mk. Together with an Imiueni. v.u. ty of Cloak and Drs Trlniminc. I Por aale loner than at r, at the lien of th. Hir. j IP.. N. PtCK. JR Purliagtoa, Dec 8 A knit

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