Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 2, 1855 Page 3
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NewB of the Week BY TEX.BG-R.aPH to the frff FRFSS Importnnt from l.urorc ARRIVAL OF TIM PACiriC Tho ColUnn steamer Pacific, dipt. Xyc, frori Liverpool IStli lnt. 1ms arrived nt this port. Tho news she brings is of the utmost importance. The Kastern question has ns auineO an entirely new aspect nnd a most iin porl.nit one, tho Cztr having accepted not only the four points of guarantee, but also tho interpretation thereof ns explained hy England, France and Austiia. Xo armistice is granted, consequently hostilities contlnuo without nbatciarnt, It 1.4 yet doubtful whither Russia's acceptance of tho four points is unconditional or with important rxplann 1 1 o r. 9 . 1 he immediate effect of tine nc.v phase of affairs was an nilvrince in the price of consols 2 per cent, but they nftcrtviircls fell nil'. Sirdinin haH formally joined the it cstern Alliance. Prussia cluiius to take piirt in tho iicgjtiatious but declines at present to in ci'so her army. ( ti r Piieha has gonO to the Crimen. 1 he Ituisiun! have rccrossed the I).inube,iii vait'd the Iol)rudshn and retaken thctitics of 'l'u tschu ami Il.idagch. ' ho Beige of Sebastopol continued without liangc up to tlic "d, although rumors ol its capture hud been circulated. A terrible inundation had occurred at Ham burgh. Tho Pacific; ran into and sunk the fcrij; f rinthian, in the Mersey; cargo val ued at -0,000. The chip d'eurge Canning from New "i oris had been lost and with Iter it is supposed ltX) pasiciigcrH. Latest The reported invasion of the Do bruilscliu l)y the IUirm.uis is coiiMilcrod doubtful. The sincerity of the Czar was doubted in England. Nothing new from be bastopol. The allies were carrying on the sicgo feobly. Tho sickness waa increasing. I'ifty thousand Turks were on their way to the Crimea. Tho following news was received from Pa ris just before the PaciCc sailed. Paris, Sat urday, 1, P. M. A courier .inivcd liom 15u chtrett confirms the accounts that the war on tha Danube has been recommenced. The Rutsian forces crossed the Danube above Tultscha, defeated tho Turks, took the town and ore nowmirc'iing upon Katehess. 'J ho Austrians did not interfere. Mr. Mason, French minister, is better. 1 he Liverpool Cotton market had lluctua ted. All the circulars quote la fed udvanee on all current quantities. Closing steady. Sales of tho week GI.U06 bales. Jfreadstuffs dull but siigntiv better m tiIA elo-e. Richardson, Sper.ce ,t Co. quote H'cs tor.i Canal 41s Phila. 14s GJ. Corn 42 a 15?. Lard 51s, consols 01 Congressional. Washington, Jan. 25th. lu the Senate yesterday, Mr. Seward of 2C Y., from tho Committee on Commerce re. poited a bill to carry the Reciprocity Treaty with tho British North American Colonic int ) effect, The House then went into coin mi tee of tho whole upon the 1'iench Spoli.t Bill. Mr. liunton of .Missouri opposed the Hill as being a game of the claims agents who throng the doors of tho Capitol. lie contended that our commerce did not puffer during the French revolution. It was on the contrary most prosperous durinj; that peiiod, Mr. Disney, of Ohio, suppurtct! the bill. Mr. Chamberlain, of Ind., spoke against our government mediating in the nll.iirs of Kurope. He coincided with Mr. DUney ti to Vic justness of the claims under the 1'icneh Sp tliition Rill. Mr. Ooodriih of Mas., ob tained Uue to rrcHiit his views upon the tai iff question, unil tho committee rose The Senate Hill to establish a board Tor ilie ...ij... dilation of claims w is referred to the eom mittes on the Judiciary. Adjourned. Arrest ot .llevicnn Consul. Nnv Yti.tK, .bin. CI. The latu .Mexican Consul (icneral has been arrested in this city at the instance of the Mexican (ioverniucnt for having deducted StM.OOU us discount fro.n the 7.(HIII,l00 lie recently received from this government. Judge Duer ordered him to be held to bail in the sum of .i'JO.OOO, and an was made to-Jay fur a reduction of this amount and ar gument was presented therefor rrom Ciilifornin Safety of the I'nlcou. The steamship George Law, from Aspin wall, reached her dock acout half-just 'J tin's morning, bringing the California mails of tho 1st inst., a considerable number of passen geis, and $1,251,000 in treasure. Terrible gales had occurred at San 1' cisco. Tho stcumer Faleon is s ifo. l ire in St. .Vilnius, St. Alb tn s, January 21. The largo three story brick machine shop, belonging to V. C. Smith, in this ilaco, wus consumed by lire this morning, togethir with all its valuable machinery. 1'uur nun, sleep ing in the third story, narrowly escaped, by letting themselves down by their bed clothes Tho property was insured. The Mosquito I'M'etlitiini. Xcw York, Jau. 27. The Washington correspondent of tho New York Countr tj- F,yuirtr, telegraphs, from reliable information, that if tho Kinney F-x-ptdition to Central America attempts to de part, it will bo stopped by tho into, ference of the Government. A proclamation will lie is. sued, declaring it to la a military organisa tion for tho invasio. of a friendly State. Four days later from Europe. Arrival of the Africa. Boston, .lun. Ii'1. Steamship Africa arrived at Halifax with a week's later news from I'.nrupe. She brings no decisive news The peace negotiations w iro going on at Vienna, but the public were totally in the dark as to any result loathed. Nulling' of a decisive character had occurred b fore Sobastopul, where the statu of ail'iim was wholly unchiirtgod. ConsolsOl. 1'lour h: d adtttiiied Oil per bbl. I'rom the Purine. Death ol" the King of tho Siiiulw Ich Islands, Tho Btcamship Duuicl Webster arrived at N jvr Orleans Jan. 27th, with nine dajs later n iwb from Culifurniu Kumehamcha, King of tho Sandwich Is. It nds, was dead mid his son Prince I.ilmliho, h is been declared his suctd-or. Tho Legislature of California had faod upon Jan. 10th, for the election ol a I. S. S nator. Flour has advanced ut San Fran. Kuropenn Intelligt'iire, ran afiuc.vs a Mrs ItouroN, Jan. ol . rho details oTtlio news hy the ht.',.mlii . rica aro rcceivod. Tho chief intcrfst of t .o news centers in the doings of ilm ( tn K'esa of Vieinm. Hopen aro cntortuiind that t ic negotiations may load to jiwc hut o-iual apprehension prevail that they will p -ove fruitless, und" that the war w Ut utsumc a Mbgnitudo much greater than at pu-bcnt. Attemptd are inakins by VrubbU, and it U I AUwd Anetrii, to uhmin an armiotico v .tie the negotlationR nr oiitg on. n approatrhin (ienural (.'onron move tniidontly and Kmeraliy antieipatwl. The J jndon Hotly Mors a)-s i l We way he in duecd to repose hm oonfidenoo in the rmlt of tho doliU'rattons of that Cmrtos, i tho United Statenaro invited t takj parr. iiercin and accept tho invitation, n-;t otiior visa" Sirilinla Is reported to have undertaken to send 15,000 men recruited from oil Italy to tin aid of tho Allis. In tho Cist tho re,i mi usitgno'l for Sirdinii's action, is, tht this outside cnterptlso will help to divert tho attention of the Italian people Horn their own country. Tho Italians nro growlne; restless. Russia is preparing for a spring campaign. i no .vines in tne trlmea nro receiving . .. . . reinlorcemcnts, and Russian reinforcements nro ndiancing by forest! marches through Bcssira b'n. Tho army of Bavaria has almost completed itt war complement'. Letters say tho Swe dish army is immediately to bo placed on a war footing by thoadditionof 50,000 Swedes and 15,000 Norwegians The weather in the. Crimot was frosty, and the roads pis;able,nltliough snow had fallen, but the frozen earth somewhat retarded the works of tho besiegers. Pritnto letters from Vienna nay that Prince Ooitehakoll has instructions to accept every thing and accede to all the Allies may demand. except tho reduction of tho Russian Heel and the occupation of Russian territory. Ilenrj Wilson i:icrlcit t". S. Senator Boston, Jan. :!1 P M. Ihe.M Sfuehusctts Senate to-ihu tdeo cd Henry Wilson, V. S. Senator, in coneurrencu with the House. Mr. Wilson reccheil 21 votes. Wnsliinstnn News I, lout. Hunter tils, nils'ctl Cunt; ressi,, nn 'oU ,j jMu. tt AMItMiniN. Jan. .'10. The Star says that tho British Minister lute sent order to the squadron in thu Camd en n Sea not to allow the Kinney e.ei1itiuii to lam) on an- portion of Cent ml America. 'J he President lies dismissed Lieut. Hun ter Irom the sen ice. In the lliiuso vcstcrtlay, tho Pacific Tele graph Bill being up, Mr. Imo wished it laid aside. Tho remarks of Mr. Line drew a retort ft om Mr. Farley, and during tho lemirks vv'iicli ensued, Mr. Lino called Mr. Farley a liir. The parties were about ten feet apart, and in a nuuuciit they rushed towards each other w ith threatening gcstuies and trembling frames. The greatest confusion ensued nud many members r indict between the angry di putants, and amid cries of " order ' order ' tho hergoant at arms ! " fcc, tho Sergeant appe'irtu UTi-i uruer was restored Telegraphic Ucport o: tii c ('.im bridRc Cattle lUar.tet. Ilcpoitett lor lit L'.kiy Free Prcu. Wednesdiy. Jan 31 At Market 1017 cattle, about HM) deeve. and 217 Stores consisting ui Woi'king Oxen, Cowv, and Calves. cartings, two and thrtc years old Market Beef Kxtrn -per cwt.gSJ. Fim quality, gS. ennd do J7Ja71. third do s-u . 7 Ordinary 0. Hides perewt $5 & 0. Tallow ,sj i9. Pelts 75 cts to 7CJ. Calfskins 12 cents pr lb. Barrelling Cattle, $01 to 7J per hundred Veil Calves 1, 5. ti. Store's Working Oxen. No sales. Cows and Calves 25, 7, 8, 3 0, 2, 5, 40 to 52. Yearlings, 12, to 10. Two years old, 19 to 12. Three years old, 37, h, 40, 2, 5 to 45. Shcp and Lambs, 3115 at market. Kslr.i, 51, G, 7, to 10. liy lot. 21, 4, 1, 2.S71, 3 to 4,45. buir.e linn.; Remarks A fair supply of slock. Market firm. Rest not quick. Weather and eold and altogether in favor of the holders', j Cattle trains in late over the Fitchtiurg Rail j . T he Sullivan train not in at 1 this P. M. Ttteir stock is iutdudrd in our report. 05 ear c.tiuc over the Fitehbtirg Railroad and 70 over the li. & 1.. it. It. laaded vritli cattle, sheep, swine, horses and fowls. cinj.m;itriAi.. pkV'cto!: ?.-. wvoir.s S'rics"- C'.eri'OEit. M sa'aeiruit, I IIO-ION. .M.I. Wool, lltiininissinn Merchant 1'or tho ale ot YOOJ, AM) COUXTUY PliODUCt. lio-ro.s, Jan. it, Ibi ". A-tllK51 Vote, per 1001b-. a u 1 j Pearl i 6 a 7 DO APPJJl-i Dried, per lb. 0Ei:SWA. Yellow, liLTfllll Very choice, perlh. new Xuw Vork and Vermont Dairy Common Dairy, Wet-ttrn anJ Canadian, CIIClZSi: Prime, per lb. (new) Common and 1'air, KfitW I'tr dozen. 3 U V'.i a 84 a :j a 21 a Is a 101 a 4 Jo 2i 11 10 25 a 0 .".0 a 9 ,S 1 1 no 1 1 7 . tLOCIi (ienosee, fancy, per U. do extra do common hiandJ Ohio, common do fuiiey do extra Hi,', a i) 00 u H s, !l a ' , 10 00 a It I'D Michigan, common do fancy I' Canada, in bond com. X fancy )' Itye I'loar " ' iillAlX Corn, .Voitlirr.,prbjhcl 1 ot 1 southern, tcllmv iroutherii, white Litem Mixed V luat, U'etcrn 1 II? a ti !H a 1 "1 a 1 sT a lve, p'ir j lb?., Xorthtiu, A liltcl(eanf,porbu.,''nh8 Vn.iH, Canada 1 i 0 a 1 SO Hup IVrlb., Ut fort, 1&.1 PllOVI-siON Iicf, Weitcrr. .s a Mt'i K.xlra, 4 mo. Westtrn good M'trtern Comiaon Hasten. Mess Pork, extra clear 4 mo. Ckur 17 d0 a IT ill 10 00 a lb 60 11 00 a 1 a 00 13 00 a l.i 00 17 50 a Is oil 10 50 a 1" 00 14 75 a liOO a 14 50 12 50 a 13 00 Ilia 12 10)a 11 lilts. 1)J Meid.beit Mess, other brands Prime lurd, kea Pcr lh. Lard, UU., per lb Hams, I Jo ton susokbd Vcatern do I) r owed I log I'OTAlOl.S ,NV pr Lu. I'OUI.TKV perlh. SKIJD Cither, N'orthorn, pr-r tb Western and Southern nenr STAU'JII P.datoe, ir lb, auit. '.'J a i a 80 a 7 a 14 a 11 a 1.4 il WUULi LXmicitio raxuny i ieeflV, ("in. a a j 1'ult blootl Muriuo :S't 40 dj du SO a 3S is tU du S '2 a 34 Vtleru mixed 'J5 a 3'i Pailod r.vtra 40 a i& Jt huprfi(ie 33 a aa U No. 1 5(i a 34 Wool Skins 0 a I 00 AM IK: 'iht market th pait few daj Unit l-n nail -applied and PtarU ate ry dull and rale have ) en iuh at lower ratos. Put are ivlltng nt fjjat4'. PeurU are holed at(iSCia7, duaind light. lit" IT Kit Prime Uility eoniiaues eoaroo while ule! nt 1M a 2 jo for ixtra ; Ut daily 'io a le ; uominon and Wolcm 15 a 2Ue. Xo block te uy e&lt nt In market. Clli;i13 Primo riiality U icnreo and woith ihout lie. Common plenty and dull at 4 a he. I'lAil'lt The arnuUof Wetlern l'lour have uon tlnued pretty large for tho w)ion aud with a very limited demand from 1e trade prices of alt kindd iro Jija ue per 'joi lower. ,furii i-ouiiiioh bruud havo brm told principally nt h a i ami thU prieo in with dflieulty real tec I at the clonu ; fancy brands at 'J Z) a 0 75 ; and eitran a Id 'IS 10 T1) per bbl. (lfnei the Une been moderate .it II a 1 1 75, cltuioo brand ut the oIoho K"'"Ji slowly ut II f0 a 11 75 r Lhl, In Cunadit I I out there hme hit-it further oiler for export at .1 25 ht hhl for tuncy lu bond and . 50 a O t.V'i duly paid ; .oid uktra ruiige fnm )) V a lit '(' ; r bbl. oulheiu ooiiimoii contiuutM M-urce, but rf extra there U n lalrsunply. v ouotu eoiuunm at 0 50 ; r.,iu-j ut 0 . a 10 ; and t-itnu ut 10 5D a 10 75 per bbl, favorite brands tolling nt the latin rate. In Cm Menl there hate beui Kiln ut 1 75 u 1 b71,aud Itye Flour at 7 a 7 5U per bbhl. POtLI'KV la nut as plonty and prlort aic ruthtrUttor lor ImliUfi uud cLlcktuu. VcuUou H aOc. PliOVlSIO.VS Hio dtinar.d for Votk ouutlauc quitu moikrato und talcs continod to tmaU lots tti wanted by tho trade. o notice talcs tf prluiu at 13 50 a SH i inessot 15 00 a lo 00 ; and ikar at IC 50 a, 17 00 per bbl, 1 moi. lleef isontlnucs dull, .'tnati tnlbftof oomuiuii etrn uics at 14 50 a 415 lo al IC a It) 50; and citr.t do at 17 no a 17 50 jo. bbl. 4 moi. hi. id it stoady ht DH a 1 It ir lb. et-li and 4 iiio. It" : toe m fail demand nt prh- f roilng from d u , lb, to niny . Itj 1 TUro m a Imi d mind und the nur- ka u firm. Suit o coiuinon hiti nt a Mi. , I'tiich V.i, nti '.i(jc ; n,cn(-iiocr.iii I lu and t it. r- nt 1 I a 1 .'. it hu. UOOL -The deintol, I.1.1 ! n tight ..a taU- at ijuotid vaivn, nuto ouo ri'- fi". eim'T fl-t 0 at 40o ETJPvLINGTON wistaii's iialsah or Wild arrititr, I tho great remedy for I C O X H P M I'TIOJfi And the host tnedlala known to roan for Atlheia clever? tto, I.lvcr CtaplalaU, Bronchitis, In. flucnia, Coughs, Colds, Blooding of tho Lungs, Fhorttiess of llrctlli, piins nnd weakness la tho 'Me, breast, Ac, and all otlior diseases of the Pl'LMON.VnY OllCANS. From tho Boston Post. Dr. S. W. r,iwle, 138 Washington strset, has an I nnic 0 c 11 I 0.1 H nhtun. ,r u. .. ... . Ih. b..t preparation fcltl,erlo.ll.eovc,ed for the rare of eoltls itml oilier ounsumplire complaints, llavlnR tested this medicine, wo can speak with confidence as to Us svlutary elects In removing colds and other complaints Incident to this season of the year. From tho rinclnnall Enquirer. Whenever this medicine Is Introduced, It ntonco attains that high reputation which it so richly de serves. What cm stop itssalc, whon on every hand can be wltnosscd Its wonlorful euros, The worst o.ics of Asthma, roecnt but dangerous caugbs, and also those that aro of long standing, bronchitis, and consumption In Its early stages, are always cured by this remarkable medicine. lie not deceived by Impostors tho public should bo careful to get tho genuine article, ns Imitations nal counterfeits nro bdng put up by thoso who know nothing: of inidiclnc. Xono genuine unless signed I, BUTTS on tho wrapper. For sale wholesale and retail by tho Oencral Agent, SUM! W. 10WI.U, 13s Washington street, llnetnn, .M.ts,, and by bis sub-agents throughout the country. .Messrs. I'. A. I'm k and A. C. Spear, agents for Burlington. 24wl iJ i c Ct . In Johnson, Ilee. 15, Clintbi youngest son (r Ai.f.mmh a and Aiutv V.., agid 1 y.-ar an I 3 luor.lha. In llontilngton,.Tnn. II.KIisha ltool, lq., aged o years. AIo Hoc. S'l, t.l npnplny, Mrs l'ri. cill.i Pencil, nged t.s jieius. hi Cabot, Jan. .,Clnli..a I,.'liinn,agrd 21 years. In Hamlllo, Jan. l'.i,.MIs Mary I). Harris, aged 10 yenrs. In trasburg, Jan. la, Mrs. Julia Allen, aged 2:i years. In Rut Monlpelicr, .Inn. 1 1 , Mr. Arthur Daggett, aged til jears .me el the llrt settlers. At MitrshtMil, Ilie. 2s, .Malvina, dtughter of Mr. Otmllilgo Tnvl'ir. iigtd 17 yeim. In Newbury, Jan. t, Mrs. A basalt U ncr.son,ngcd "fi eais. In I'.uilon, Jan. 17, Mrs. .Tuanna Ppencer, aged SO yrnr. InSit.iflshtiry, Jon. IV, .Mr, Dai id Hall, aged ts 3tar- InSt Jnhnbury, Jan. 1;, JI1S. .Mary Arnold, ageil 4 s year. In Vergeunes, Jan. 21, Col. Chdcon V Ines, nge.1 5S yenrs. CtUTtON. j tt. M TIIUUMOXi:,!.! Clinrluttc. Ina nt the Insti.Uion uf hh ruling p.iisiyn avarice, cm ttaniil the puMlc ngalntt furiithini; nio up-m ld credit. If tl.t pulihc fltould do so. It w.uM be more tllMti liu It tir June, Ur l,v tn -.,(!. upufi my sup. I'orting m?"If, ami luts o(t,-n a'scrtcd he waa under no lie. it- (Jjliittitidti tnc than I vta turupjiort lain. I fiu t hwn 'i uclly jwrsecutcd lor 0(tncifnic nkr, and tulijcrt-d to every pict h of iiidi-tiily, brutilitv ami injustice, by liimelf nnd tainily. A youn ingiate, who is ImUbtcd to lae Tor till ilio Khowb th it i uclul, wn-j cit tibovp me m nulhority. I.iet ot nil mystdf and ntct suffered pertonal violence at liis hands. 1 then con-ultred that in the siht ot" tioil", I was released irom all obligation? tunuls hiin, mid lift IU houtc under the protection of my brother, with whom F tn now residin,; lu my native sitate, and Or. btone knows exactly where, .lutwith-Unding his declaration to tho contrary. 1'ulh health and h tppini-ss rt'iutred wy inirni dlate removal, nnd to have remumul longer In such i-IiP.'.ly'l'JjUlliJetrRs. hove been EinninL' AMANDA M. V. SlOX);. Jan. 20, dttlwiw Challenge Accepted. 9.B AV1XO noticed tho challenge of James Me u Xa-ser, propoiing premiums of or $50, to any two yiar old colt iti the state fatter than 'Mils two jear old by Hying I have to n) that I vill accept the challenge for tho latter prem ium. As to the place of trotting, il tho gentleman will Come here I will p.iy hu cpenrei( or meet him ut any place agreed upon by the parties. J. II. THOMAS. 0n ell, Jan, 2'., lS;,'i. diw3t NOTICE. 'iPIin Subscribers htrthy give notice, that, on nnd 9 auer it-oruao 1, tu-y lrUl continue their buincs on tno l4u .v.- riiM, giving eudit nh ite er. jr-. Iiniiflj un-tllel accuunt." with the firm will ptea-c call und fettle the -nine at their carlktt coufcnicnoc. nr. :;cuaiu, joiionxott a co Kurlinton, Jan. 'j,.. Jsr,. du.U:i LOOK VV i: Mil iMJiv is r; i v ) siTihb w i hi person, and nd only rea-ly out INl'liND to do "soon' and all who nro in debted to in an ivh cellully mviUd to call htfon I he l lit li ihiy t I Kbiuaiy nixt. All uecouuti mt fiiiKM ai itiai ilio-, nil) l,i I, It ttith an attorney ! eolluiMion. ii4 wv arc ditormiiud to bate our bouh uloed. Kit' I lift tho lOthol I-biuar. M' IIUI.-j A buYNION. IJnrliiifjtoit. lau. '.7th. 55. dAutf Taxc3 ! Taxeij ! : Taxes ! I ! b nwn tii im ur.ri;ivi:i) Tin;srATi:, School , Coitnt and liurlint.'ii IHgli cllool tax I'llN, and aia -1 uu.n-ti-t to hate tht in paid .it once, "iiid toi-rt by cm .irraf-'ini-nt that will row nut of li hi in p t ixf. 1 will k4' pauiiiun cuily call nud ti u-t I 'mil met t with a Jirt'inpt r pnnu. '1 Iiom' t.iS -hould fy th ntmlt f. Niiin of l hun .in piyabli: th DM of aich, and uulce all aro promt t there will be -mbar'-tiu-iit. . III Vn.NlH'O.V, Odkxtor. Jan. 2', lSjj, dVw'Jw BLODGETT & SWEET'S I'.Ucnl (s'.iha.-iiz ) I' M tablf Oic i SriT.lUl.I. lur allest private family or Hot. Is und ht. niucrs uf I lie lurgust class. 37 I'ery Oven uurriintcJ to give perfect satis faction. MamilaUured by l'.T. SM'IIIIT, fulU-sc St. IIuiIIiirIoh, Vt. aniwtf It A It K BARGAINS at tho HI V E 1 1 The reiiiihidr of our Ilich Pattern Cloaku, III now ti t'int ut pn e t tmt urritairit rtgard It fif, to ih thtn out, Al.M), AM W i as i c v ii o n il s Will he uMvre.l ut price to inur their -ale. Fur nix hinj; " Ian' "I'l r.i th-c in want of Mtslt tf to secure Airfain, Our P.ittniis uu' 4'pt'ci.ill limited to cull in tunc t' secure soinu jf them. .i u, SIiiihK. 1ic-x dticd', I'luiiiis'K. Mellno Wrapia'rs and llrawern for Ladies and dm tlemen, Knitted P. lUa ..oksfor Lidies, Misses and Children, Kinlt.dl . I-i -L.ves, Wr.sttetsund Ovor ."aeks, Lejios 1 .r .Mm und Hoys. l.sal, i:iiniiiTi:iis, scviti's, (M.ovr.s, .-t'ickinjjs, Silk Pocket lldkfs. A Cravats; Linen do. Alxi, Vimllipr Cm I mi nl' IMI II HO II) I IIS, v aoioriu uioi .uiru i.avvn I1.IKIS. Misses Hciultlilch do. A 1.MI. A great variety of Dress Trimmings, liirdlei lor llobes, Dressing tlovvns and Aprons, .vl Mi. A iiother Carton ol thoso Superior Trench Kid II loves, .i.mi, White dt Col'd r,Iar3cllles Quilts, fjr l roilull uud siub Lod'Uads, Cribs and Cradles, HUNIvKl-s all sues, Toother vvilh n groat vuricty of Wimlow Similes, Curtain (.ooils uud House 1'uiQl.Uiug flood gcuorally. ALSO, J' A CK I .V C T It U.XKS, all ji;u. Our titock embiucv.. uvervthlng usually hept Id I)r riuodi Stores, aud vslll bo sold very C11UAP for CASH. Woda not ClIALLKXllKunl ULt'VTlIK MOULD to COMPUTE Willi uur PHICCS, but we 1)0 IN VIT1. ALL tn cavil aud examine lur them .elves, and nie vv illiii t. abidtt the decision of n disairituinittiliS Pol-lie, I whom thu abovo is sub mlMid X'oivie.i tetfi.lly, .N. I'Kt Iv, ,lii Ii. 1 - - . 1 u,l- - l.i d.twlf 'Im- gr i.t "ii.Mljr fjr P i . h i ' i i . i tho Jlii:' 1-JXK'S. dAw'f i0 I .-i t l.N FREE PKESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOTICE. 'fllUC of the Holland A Iltir- Ilnlnn Urtll.....! t1...n..HH ...I 1. .. :fl.1 to meet ut the llellows Falls Hotel, In Uooklniihniii, In the County of Windham end State tf mo ma naj 01 leoruarr, lasj, at ono o clock in the ariernoen, for the purpose of electing six lilrcc tors to 11 vacancies which haro occorrid In laid Company's Hoard of Illiectors, anJ to traniact anr other butlceii that may loyally como beforo salil meeting. 1'ITYTON' II, ClIANIJLEll, J Stockholdin WII 1,1AM 1ICN11V, l n,M J. I). lllttfKIMA.V, S Companr. Dellowl Fulls, Vt., Jan. 27, 16j. w3ln3 ROOM WANTED. 17 XPERinXCE lias been demonstrated to bund- .j r reds, yes, thousands, that STANIFOTD'S Is tho place to Piirclinio Cnrpelliif;. Oil. Cloth, rnnrynnil Staple Dry Ooods, CHEAP ! I am not? offering a better opportunity to the Pub. Ilcthan everbeforo, tosecure bargains, as room Is wonted for I Trill cloo out my entire stock before 1st March next, at prices that will, perhaps, surprise the par- chaser. c. r. srAMtOUIl, Ilurllngton, rcbruary, 1833. d.twtf Undcrhlll Academy. IllinSPIIIXO Ti:ilM wllle.mmcnccon Mnndiy, I IVb. 12th, Instructors tho siinc ns herein fore. Special attention will h.' niwn during Cuming term lu those whu intend tu teach. liO.MM) Sl,'0 mi l ,ll,7."i per w.ek, for which ni. ply t.. Die li. 11. linNIITON'. L"n hihlll, Ian. TJ, 1 R wlU.1 Nor hflsld Institution. SPKI.VOITIl.M begins Tuesday, Ubruary In. J.JII.V II. llltAII.V.M, Princlpii. Xorthfichl, Vt., Jan. 'It, lSi. wlllwl nit.C. V. MTO.Ml'S Mesmeric Herve KiarouATivi:. IIII"' Compound Xcrtlno was discovered and le- eilciltn Dr. Stone l.y u eclebruled Clilm.y. ant, whose wonderful pnners ol" second ilit were deteloped nnd exhibited by him in London, during the Sprl ig nnd l-mninrr of 11M. The ttlicnev ot this newly ilNeoicred remedy in u storing tu liiMllhy action and Inci nsin the ital energie., has been well teled and prow J lo u demonstration, by the proprietor, In hi- treatment of Nervous Di3caso3, During three years' practice in Lurope, wherchund. rids can testily to astonishing nnd almost miracu lous cures piifoimcd by it In addition to theuug. ical powers of the ingredients, it is highly charged with Mesmeric 1'luid, being In aceord.iiico with the directions nf the Clairvoyant, powerfully Mesme rised by Or. Stone, thus combining with in medicinal rirtues the aid of .Mesuturis.n, by which alone some of Hie most remarkablu cures halo been performed ever kuown. It is a specific for eiery Neurutlo dis ease, and may l.e relied upon as a certain euro for Kheumatism, Xturnlgia, l'arji, Tie llolorcui, .Venous Head ichc, Pain in tho side nnd litouiach, imdUciieral Nertous Uibility. I)H. STD.Vr.'o (JoiikIi. ioiiiiiiiitinii asstl HKONCIirilS KLIXIlt. Hr. S. would also call tho attention of tho public to his Intaluablc remedy for Coughs, Colds, Con. sumption,. ind all llronchial affections. It will giie luumdlate rcllel where tile most seiiiecough eli.ts, and in a few days will cure tho most truublesotne cold. As a prevenlathe and cure of Consuui tiou, it has neler been equalled. 1 1 contains no poison ous ingredients, ni d may be given to the most deli cite child without lear or rik This medicine has been tried 'uccesslully hundreds of ca-vs tho p.i't niiilcr, nn.l no lumily thould be without it. Price ' Agent ll.LIA.M JU11.U., .o iut, lluuoier street, Boston, .Mass. l or -ale in liurliugtou by II. Vi. ALLEX, Apothe cary. J-cb. 1, 1S55. Kly rilatchcs, Matches. fllllG Subscriber has takentbc shop and fixtures -1 on Chimplain Street, formerly occupud by Mr. IMdy, and Is manu:ncturiug tho CKLL'UHATliU A.MIIIIICAX .MATCIli:s. Ho lias on hand a large quantity of .Matches, for sale at Wholesale or Itetuil. All Matches sold by the subscriber, are warranted to giie good satisfac tion, o. tusrwiuK. Uurlington, Feb. 1, 1753 w,lw MADAM DUBOYCE, THE CI'LLURATI'D Astrologipt and Phrenologist, SY niosui A.Mi; has .-piip.A ii Timouiiiiot"! tho L nitetl Mates and i.ltlotic foreorreetnos. ortiinean.ICircumstinces, nsconuccttd with Health, Wealth, I I 111 Millies in Jlu;incs, Absent friend', lluylng and ."elliug or Pioptrly, Changing ol busi ness, Lawsuits, Low, Courtship und .Mairugo. cuTiar cil'cufns'l'iiHUVwtib'.t '.nyji;il .with eome .e. s.iti.l.ictorily by the Heavenly bodies. Mie hn consulted persons of the highest respectability, tutu white in Kuropu pridictid ll.e mariiigu of tjueeu Vietorii nnd Prince Albtll.nnd the great exciti nciit coneeniing i John Piaohlin. Shu lias tikun Itooms at the Americin lli.usi , wheru she will teluiin for a lew days only. - I coiniuuiiicitiolis ti icily eoiifidctitiai. Xo iufoiiiia lion given on stok-n propeity, nor dinieulties be twten .Man nn.l W He. .nAo.vii minoYo: will also give a I 1, i ii o I ii k i r it I 11 u in i ii a I i o n . rlillAL- ."ill Cents. Hours id uoii-ultation fn m il in the morning until .1 lu tlie evening. .Mud im II. was the only person in the Tint'd n.ites lliat pridu'leil lien. Talol would le Plerldeut olie yi vr bi It re his iiomin ition. 'I lo (-t-d the Mcauiidiip Oeem .MoiiikIi, tin- reliiru "I the Cholua ; Hints and incidents in Imj , and Pu -aflt.v of the Steu.niliip Atlantic in 131 . n's. , tin expedition ..f ir lolm rrankliii, that it Would niard of within 1h months from dut , lth Nov. 14 i?. It is vrell known that it ha: been vcnfii d. liurliugtou, .Inn. I. s.j5 d.twtf I t AVIN'O lU-tJrucd to my old stand on Church 4 Strett, I an m.w prepared tu supplv the nttd with the best of Tea"! rnllet, lianr, Ndcr. M.ic:irnn, 'I'.ipiot'.i erititcillii, r.iiinii, Coin M.inh, ltn(in-. Split I'lti, Cannnf and JI-wp Siut, all Kinds of Soap. Varkiril, X.ifmurii OW Jsi. Lamp Oil, Iiurninz V u, Cidtr Vinegar, Pork I.ard, t'our by the barrel or pound, lit clc Whcut ami .Moil, at s vury modcrali udi n-ice In in cott, and ai I maho all my purchases Jor cash think m prices wilt b found satiifactory O. L. WAKXril. Jan. 2-Uh, 1h56 dAwftoc. By Telegraph FROM LYMAN'S STOIiK, UUllUNliTON ! AHiaVAL OF TlWsTKAMFli! TI1UFE PAYS L4TWI 1 KOM M.U dUK ! ! ! XKWS OF tiHUAT IMPOUTANC'K! ! ! ! Urrmrnritu Ilill PixuJ ' 'Ml T lUAIU: IN DUY GOODS VEUV IHtlSK. IHi; icceii.ti of Dry doodi uulto larce. S.ilen quick, and at very low tiures. In et.iplo KooU, viz : She'lnj;-, hirtina.UculmSti'triirt), Ac., ctn tiJcrablo i. .tlvtty duphtt'd, at price much than last spring. MOOLU.VS are heavy und firm, at jrlcei that ut tract coiiiider.ibl atU-ntion. FOItUlUN tiOOD-' Casaimcni, SIu-aU, D La in eg, Ac, are very e, cap. Pilcvs of all urllulcf, excepting worthless and unprofitable kin-b, exhibit greater regularity and fir nine. The St.vlri are the best In Market, consequently tucet ith ready ai'g, K-MHHOIDKHinS. In this line we notice a lirg and beautiful aeaortment, and nt low pr 'lho Dtylea ar choice ami thu t;..otl-i are youd, Much atU-ntion hn been dt voted in thin lino by the Ladice, and mora antiunion illifjilayt-d than uual. TIIIIMiTS, MlilllXOS, COUlMEtl II-1, A Iar imiiortatiund of theno gjodi this vaon, and prici' are from 2U to per 4nt. )? tlmn ltiti'ar. A beautiful aMurtment of theec Kud are now rrad) for exhibitionand i.ile. Puichucrs are imitcd t gu tht-'iu a-look bufoie purl;hai!l fiefuherc. liO.lLin A tiLOVi. A. u.ual.u Mvll.vUcled tM'k of lloftiiry and ttluted arc in the market, hi.t for ch ioo good', gH"ia thm art Rt'txt, tho CO UN VAX .S'l OKI, ii up plied with an entile variety, mid al tow W ri, rVAll arolL.lted to cill aud examine fur tbcru ecUee. COHN'm STORU, Wtckwatt VuiUhns, 2, IBM GRATIS! j v s t v it l i s u i: n , , u l)icovrrr fit Mnlirinn ! VIT.W WOUDn nn the rational triMtment, with, out Medicine, of .pTinatorrhea or luteal WeahncMf, NcnoiM Debility, LowSpnitK, Lifitudi, Weahuuti of tho Limbii and Lack, Indirpi vitioii und Ineiisicity for Study aud Iabor, Dntlumttol Apprt- hunion, L of Memory, Aernion to Sucuty, Loool .vditudc. Timidity, tjelf- Dittiu-t, Diziiiu-nri, Head Ache, Involuntary Ducliar;e, Paim hi the Side, Alfiction o the Le. Pnnplci u the I'aee, Suxuul and other I utiriiiitU-a in Mini. From tho French ol Dr. DeLnncy. Tho Important (act that thefenl.irminroinplalnt may eaxily bo rcumvid unthut tmitutnr, U, hi thi mall Tiaet, clearly dem'-r)tratedl and the entirely new nud highly tucoexilul treatment, an ahpttd by thu Author, fully explained, by the meaiii ul hteh eiery ono it enabled tu curu himnclf pcrfutly.und at the luait i-osiiblo ct, avoiding thcrtby all tho a Uertliod notruun ot tho day, tx'nt to any addnotf, gratU and pot free, lu a fctaiea cnruiopo, ny rnujituoj; (poat paid) two n ago Htampi to Itr. U. DU LA.MJY, Xo. 17, U aid Stmt. .New York City. Po.t. npUUt Dec. 12. mat. jL'!l Jau 25, 1805, New Goods. I I'&T OPUMXU A NliW AND lSXTUXSIVH (urk'ty of War Kin it, Plni. I'lnirur Hinci Pocket liooki, Ilru?hi, CuniL, Ilritannla Caudlv tftiuUtf 'lea Pot it, Oy lir JsJidlrtt, l'latid bpoims, Hunting Wutchiii, tii , all t vhivh will be Id low a run Lc had at uuv idari' in t.n ..r out of tt. i nt tin old t.ind, ' bui h Htr, 1 1 J J ItlMN.-M IU 1 l.ato UriuMuaU, Kf thcr A ( Jau 26th, 163 iUtf Great Annual alc! t'l'WARDS or Si 1 f fl '0 0 0 v u u I u " u X 0 11 T II WINTER CLOTHING, At tho following Low I'rlfiei t $1 50 to 2. Good Pints, of various fabtlci. , $2 GO. Cisimerc, Doeskin, nn I llroadcloth rants, at this low price, for a few days, to rcduoo stock. $2 75. Custom Mado Doeskin Pant", Cinras noltoms, and made of as good materials ns tho Pants for which you usually pn-r $5. Closing taloof Winter Clothing, $3 to 5. rancy Cass., Doeskin, nnd Cloth Tants, of very deslrablo patterns, bein? nt least 23 percent, less than tho siine aro usually sold. A nice Affair for a Ocntlemon. Over Garments, custom made, usually sold for much more. $10 to 12. A Flno Custom Mado Overcoat or sack, made from Drab, Piluc, and lllao'i Pilot Clnlh, Uroalctolh, nnd Ileal ir Cloth", for this low price. Will guaranty that the same garment s are s .Mat from 318 to ISO. $0 to 10. Talmas. An entirely Vow 'tvlo of Over Garments, combining gentility with ens and Ooinfolt. ID3 50. Tornn OITico or fluslness Coi', tocloso outthoslock. $0 to 12. Dress and I'rnck Ponls, from ivfine Proa lclnth aid .oo-tiln", mid up lo g.o d style and ilia lallh. fill in inner All will be -old at these low pi Ices, to close out stock. $1 to 1 50. Vett-((d the I.ite-t f idnon, for thi!u low prices. $2 to 3 GO. Tor n Nice l'ancv .itin W-t AUi Itlick nr Pancv Silk do ,in nl' tip in thi'lite-d --IvIm. OentlemenV I)rcning (town", wr$ hms't piioea. FURNISHING GOODS. 37 1-2 Ct to $1 50. Aisoited lot ot Miirt" ami Pr.nrcrt . 50 Cf? to 2 oo. Tine Shirts, Li i -n l!n- tui and Collars. 12 1-2 Ctn to 50. I'ine hitit-n Uo mil, 5 Ct3 to 17. Tine Ltn.-n Collar). 17 Cts to 25. Socks 25 Cts. to 1 50. Flocks and Cravats. 25 cti. to 1 00. Silk Pockit Hanlkcrchicfs. 10 cts to 50. r:upcndcr. 37 ots to 2 00. I n hn llaa. 0 ctn to 17. Tooth Uru-hei. 6 cts to 1 00. Hair Itrn-hen. $5. Travlliug hiwl. Trtgcthrr with ii cnit variety of Tinpy Good, to he clusud up clicnj). BOYS' DEPARTMENT. $2 to 5. Ovur tacks. $1 1-2 to 2. Pair Jacket anil Pants. m to 3. Catiimere, rioth indDuesMn Pant;. 50 cts to $2. Vests. Vtry truly t tht thovr trr I'wpnrn ' Purchasers, however, nro refpiestud to hrm thU adwrtittnent with them, and thy will then ac-nowledge the fact, a w u art) di'tcrmi-nd to cloe up all tbc stock of Winter Clothing A copy of the V., " Oik Hull Pictorial," cr iM". I-, i ci jniu'lmtor ONE PRICE, CASH SYSTEM. Oak Hall. Die. 2i'.. 1 "4 w3mos STA KTLI.N(i. Jil'T TK LIE" i WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULO KNOW. How fiOen it h ij tliit th.- mfi- lini-ri ftom loroifoniy to n.'iWtt. TT'iYIfc'-li'rvKli't:,,t en encc liK-id'int in thiM'r,j. in. m of lu-nlth B TIIH 15LOO.MI.(S imiDK. Hut it fvw ji'.irn u'o in tin tln-h ofhc;ilili inidoutlt, und titt.Horv of i-i-n il rijudlv, nnd iipi-iinnllv, 1,.1-oua- a tcildv. uLly, kiIL.w, dthili tuUd iti', with tin hlf iliistri U.d, i ctv unt iinj.', fpint dcprcn-fd, rniii.ti'ii.HH r ln-.trtu th Imj-rtfi-ol i"itTt.-rni, ini.l mi utli r j hvi c-il and mi-ntul ro trnlni ntiitii- f tm t imc t.f iu vimpK-t and piiiuuM iiiiikiii iititnn n ri.unrct, i ,th tlm "lllll'l'tt ll It 11 til ri.i lntt. tin- viol i 1 1 tiitk riD' ni i mix i . ii . I n- ,'M.uh i t Iv to ili- iti, l.nt 'ft ill HECt :taf.v to lilt Hill I i THE CHILDREN I ' I il HI lilMIIU m, TiitiimlHIK I ONst .MPTION, -( 1 1 ( 1 1 ' t ' 1. , Ml INK HO l)Ht , IN- VM 1 , (.Of I', W i: ll i. o.l oth-r itml ttnioi Dttiiom, o it DREADFUL INHERITANCE FIK'M mi. IMKIATS ' An 1 iiin-t tli - , , ni mi ' M u-t Hih t-o U thcro no reniciu t -ii n 1 1 1 v Tl nun .'v i l V n tli in hii'l l.n -tin.' Dm- i 'in' cnii"fi nti'I AVfllin; -iti'I 1-viieUtins bi theia THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PKIVATK Mi:i)ICL COMl'AXION, nv i k. MMRKTAt'. .IHM"IS t OMV Out- iiuiutifiiih :htt tiv iim- i'H m. A fUn'lnril . r, ,i. In tlic nitiili. ii . , f tt Philntlt'lon nn 1 .Hl.-r . Uuikoelli rn hi Hi.' I into, in IS 17. iff ul.i li t ih iV). TH HIM IMI, il IrO ili 1 m 'ni t. ii fiHin-t cUmM i i' ii . jtlt't in New York, l Hilt nil I b the principal MuU't tt w it lint puUii-hud FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND C0Pn:3 la? bit n m.I I . t ul,. 1, U 1 1. wiii .i tr U of om:hi!XI)Iii:i) moi )si:m hym.ui., ntli-it'iirf tlic li . li o-imi it ion in w-lnrli it li hell as a ro 1m bit- Mi'linil hook rou i;vi:uv rr.MAi.n tl.fl aultinr Im nisj J it I In- i i tui attention to the trt-atuit-nl t-t c(t,iii.iitii-. i cnliitr l ft-riDilc in renpect ti ntiirh lif ih jtail cm tul n hy iliou-tuti-li botQ la tjoa an) hy letter llsro nery woman ran dincoer, by comrring htr tn B)Uitom k itU tin" tU-ftcribvil, tbn ittturo, cluirac'tr, caut? of, and tli rt.r reiutnliCH for. Iter cc-nijUInt'i. TIki wife dUiut licotnin a lii oftt-n of aiwl lulvlw of tlm utmost inijrtanre tu tier tutnrs liMltli, In rettr-fct tn wliioli livr fci,nsitirtnfi Tur bid consulting a ntciliel gt-ntlrtmin, wilt finl Hch to il ruction utvl aJuc, iui1 nUn vxj lain many kynij'tnin vlueh ot!n?riM) nmd.l occinion anxiety nr nUrm an all thu peeuliaritlffh irtct-Ji-ni tu hrr situation are riicrlboJ tiwnv r mlTi-nng twm ('attraction or irrcsuUr Itien jrculutr to the finai )4teni1 wliicli un.Wmino th beallu, the ilTecU nf hi h tlioy tr ignnmut, nn.l fnr wl.tch ibeir dvltiucy furtwU mekiny medical alice iibnVrina from prtJapna utsr (nillin ot th woutli), or from Jmr a&ut (wfakliou, di-bility, Kt.) Many ure In coiiHtant agon for many laontb rreovdmg ctioCne incnt JUnj ht dillieuU If net lUrgefou dvtiwrtc-i, nnd tow and unrvitain recoFVnca lmi) whon liTt are la juried during -urli tnui'. will wit find in Ut pagon thu Q3ohii of prrtialion mnilioiatiun and r-'Uof Ii ( tit cwurM fnipraeticablu to nuiitry fully tb taiiqui aubjspcla trvutswl ul it Ibv) ure of a uaturv trirtlr in toodfd fur tin innri 11.4 m ihuB conU'ini-Ulm,; mrri(i IVnthr, art )ou a liuUiud r u fthir' a wifu nr a nutbtr lUtt- juu tin- mikc-iv wtlbie of tb(M u tne at b-wrtf I'roif jour hiuccrity. and Iom im time In .(mint; what cautcn IntvrVrr nith their lu-mlth and hap plnvx not Ir44 than .tourowu It will moid Xa you aad jom. tu It h to llinu-mad, mnnv day of nm and atixlrty, fnttvttrd l-y loejlfM uitfht". njcaiucItaCng th a.In.l fur It iril.iwry Htucallou. aud ekhauntto; tho ruian tor inudieal alleodnncf, iuebalDOM and tultcrtiwd rumtruitiK vthich i-tl.rrni would prvtitle tr uwhinnit )i'nr, the InUiiitl'sM ot aff and the nr vtucatitm of )uur chilJ in. In roiKtipn ni. t 11 .o unit! rnl oulurit of tin- rik( aiiudtuu'l ii Min-nm Iiuom- tifiM Imw ii tt i .ptci on IrtM'kswdlef mi no thi- I ubln I'v it.s.u, i.t title iiirti'UH filititini, and aunvtititio.i" u.ii ui;ruiioi of ro.tnght and uibrr denivii and tWu-jitii'Us.. il U Un fuunJ MttwHry, llii-ivioit?, lo CAUTION THE PUBLIC tu buy iki U4 - II A M ii I Hi . mil i. ,'. li-i . Mai ttMtjr, t II. 1(1 lho i..) I.'IV ' i m ii. ijr il... i. nU I ' ft-ViK.11 ,i l'-' 'i- THE MAR. K.ED VMi. Ptil nT MtDJCAI COM rAINl'N" . i, nn' i - ' - ' to mir il cf l!,t Uiuixt biiist- t- l.i. ni,'- o'lul Hnush riUTincra. All Is tt' in ., ii b 1 1 it friMrtttiMd lo Dr. A I.T MrtLUafc.U t t iw-Yoik Oilf Ttiu. - t, J-3 L1"-1 '4.fct1 Htw- A ecu It. In Vcrmniit. Smith A IVicc, NntiUx U P Hale, CWi l; .M, VLttck ltwlflcldA (iranui,.Um(. li,t C I,Cac A Co. ISranlonV V lllitdll, VtTjunm Colliu- A P.nter, Mlhti p Welch, IiruH-1-nW II Ulhtor, Irtuhurgl, Pratt, Jr., HWij. S K Culllni, M'tttfuhtr S II Nicboli, Dh'Uniiton p ileir field, i t,ui,orl O Tlcr, M.HtfttitrM Mutt, tt. Atbmm. Jan. 10. wOuitn VYKU'SCIirrrv P' it- rul curutlki t i i t Is fr .l uy th ul. '. ... Mer h"t- 1 1 t ' j ( lowut prki' Tli" n.ot tolcbrnted h-, i-thiua, Ac , Ac , g, nt TllE A PKCK. " J a th' Proprietor' FEBRUARY 2, lHfifi. T"1 nn. j. csoiiDi.vcitrNTivf;. .. I' V .. . . 1 . ' A , formerly or the Uroinpton II .pllol, CIt7 ' n 'load, London for tho euro ore. n.tiuiptiuii, Uroneliltlt, and all other ehronlo a fvetiuni of tho i Throat, Lnngi arid air ptssjKcs, hy tho inhaliilon of modlcitod viipori, ol practiced in tlio sold llo-pi- Ul. flio loine.llcsoinploycd by llr. II. aro drought .u.u.vU...lo , ..Ulan huh ln uienrnieii surtaeet of tho Luns an.l rhnmt, by Inhalation, producing their action nt tho eery sent of the disense A sin Klo week's trial will oonvinco tho Invalid of th efficacy of tho llfe-ristorlnj; povrcr of thistrcotiien t Dr. Hunting will be ottho Awerioan llutil, II jr. llneton. on tho 21th. 2ilh. and oi.ih. ,.riht. month, for consultation with patients on the nuuvu LIS.4SCS, No charitCS for Consultations, which nrn rrlt-.n I from 8 A. .M. to 8 P. M. TV. II v.. . ......l...t .,. culhr to Pom lies, froo of ohariro. nt his rooms. v.. m.j .us vuoiuiicu uu an uisoasoi po T7T Principal OiHce, Xorthampton, .Mass., where all letters (postpaid) will bo duly answered. Jan. 1G. d.twtr FALL STYLES! J. EDMONDS, Succror t( I, W.UAUVTOI, NEXT OQOTt TII LVM NS, HtLLtdL STHETT. rui'Li ui;spj:orFLLLV i.viuiim run Citizens of IJurlitton atid vifmnv, that Uv ha received a laro niipply of a-'ashinii'ilde Hutu and CapH for men and boyu, nultahlc f.-r tlm prcuMil Tail Trade. A ffoud n3mrtinunt ot Trunk', Valine, Hon net Citxcfi, Traveling M.ii??, School .'itchelfl, UmbreUav, Cane", Ulown. .Milu-in, lloyn Heltf, .to. Thoo wi-ililiijf .iny uf the alum natuud ;oi)d, will pi ciso call and examine. Xif" I lata and Cip mide to urdcr. Itepalring lone with ne ttnu? nod di?patrh. WILLIAM C. OiUlA' will remiin & formorly. FUUS! I FURS ! !! I VAT liiceiiad.n freh lot of Lidits and Ocnt IIIIIM l'!Mt, fclectetl fronihiry stock-' in Now York an I Itnrnn.' Kor t-ilo at ,1. KIKMONU-t, Oollogu Stro.-t. Oct. VC, l.jl. d .twt Buclcwheat Cakes. jVICHOI.S.l i.OYNTOVhne now on hand n good 1 ' Mippl.vof It.ttter Di-hfuand llnckwlu-at Hint et", andiini few l.i,-will Inn u l.ij.'d .Milk Pans, nil lii'li-"'iir.ible artlt'lf- lor f.n.illv u-o lUc. '21. dwtl pansENTr NrCU lold Watch, a hand'otno Nisukmce nnd Locket, or CrnM, a rich lino iro'd I'r.irnlrt, t iold sleeio Muttons ortmli : ilwr 1 1 u it lnif. napkin l.ingo, Miutr and Toljacen lmvr, rieh iilor i Poit .MonnaieisandC.ini Cmfji, Soup LidU', uijar Si ti'r, Te.i Stiainern, a handsome ( rn or a Tea &'t, 1 Pruit stan-Jj, Cuke ll.iskcts or 0ttor, rmmh. Pic j or U.ike Kntti, 'ttvor Pnrk, ltetieulf, lruiing ' Cares, Writinj leks, Ouit.iri or I'lntes, the-ie, and j a ery great ariety of othtir articles, we arc now receiving a bejutiful viuietyof, tin I lime already tohl m.itiy articles for protienti", and expect to ojII more. lust receitidllic ni'est n-xtortmont otTon-d 'hi- season,, of Ladic W.ilchci, ltetlciili-. nnd uilur pood, at the old stand. Church street, Uurllnt m, ( Vt. Spoons, ningj", Locket, Coffin Plate, Ac.neitly cnraed. J. IL UUI.V-Ol A II, Lilt- of and gucccMor to the firms of P.ingboniA IlriniMnaid, and llrinsmatd, lirothtr A Co. Dec. 20. dwlf I LT5T Kcceivrd by K.tpro? ut tin .rhIIip " chtrici atfortniciit of 1 mbrt'idi rn elm than ctrr. N P Ch, IK. Dec. TJ .Ut( A Great Saving M II I .N ; ' ! : ! s A u : SOLD CHEAP. TAM now prepared 0 FCpj ihe blancn of mv WIXTHil COAr-!, PAXTft, VI1 10 . COATS and IT'l! CO IV and UOUC , at U-ta than they could be afforded, looking lor profit only in buying Spring Oooda cheap for cash C. BKXX3. WhrplciN Illock, KnM ofAmcrirnn Hotel, IJtirlingtun, Jan U. U3tl3w Caution. MY wife, Atn.inda M. Y.t haa wilfully deerlpd me, and gone to parts unknown. 1 there fore caution the puhlio nainH furnt-hing hi'r in .my in.iiincr upon my credit, as I flult not pay any dtbta ..rhercoutragtini:. LL'TIIKK SIOXi:. Charlotte, Jun 11, Jpjj. dlwAww University Medical College, At llnrliuctnii, Vt. 'iMiu xrxt axsm;l cot'iisi; or tK3ruiiE " iii the Medil Department of the Vermont L'imersity will commence on Tfmrnfai, MarchOthi Xo"), and continue Sixteen Weeki. SAM UP, L W TH YER. .Ir., M. P., An it o mv nn t a'V unit rt:, m d., U..Mttfa Irrfr nt Surrry iSurgtcti. Jurnprn irnrt, U'ALTlVt CAKPi;"li:il, M. P., Mtttrta Mnltca an'i Thrrnpruttc. oitunx sMrni, m. i (ibttttne j, I)niir of I V.ims'H nn-l Chitd'en aw Ohstrtrtt'tit Junspni Inter, iir.viiY K-txr, Chtmiatrt a d Vine t etl i;pllVl K K, M. D , Pnnrijrfrx nnd Priilirrtif Medicine tin t I'ath '"ffj Tho ft-e for a full Cu.-.i ij 'i'. Mittriiulati.ti Tturd cmr-u, tu 1 oit- Hl; mdti ition ft. Is. During I no L-fturo rcrin,Hl tiI on I'lrtumtu'- 'till im proxniei lor iffiitieiiivn i4Unil" ptir-ui- i Pnu'ticiil n it nny. Dr. Thtyer will piy jurtnii- i I ir iilti'ntimi to t'ina rho Ui tjir'f ditrin,: , nutumn and wlntt-r J Tor turlher pirtjouhirs apply tn j tt Til YI3H, dr.. It-tn nf tht I'fuliy. I Uurlington, Vt., Xov. Ut, LjI. utiluihl , The Greatest Medical Discovery of the Age. X U U. Kenned , of Uoj.hur, Mass., ha discovered 1 ( "j tu one of ..ur common pu'tun wut'd rvuK'tl . j cutci rifry kind - humirt(r-im the tror-t v!r-.ful , d'twn to a common pluiplu. lie han tried n in over ' I utvviu hundred c.t'ei', and nei'r failed oxiept in two iu-i!i- (both thunder l.nmor.) II-1 hi now in hi jio-t'dion ovir two hun Iri'd cirtificatc ot it- -ilii. , idl nitlitu tnetity links ot Uoft m. j Thi. buttks are wan ant id to cure i miming nr j muit'li win 10 uu co uoiiitfi win cure id worm hin-i oi li npL-a on tlie face. 1 no or three botttti ill clear the tyalttni of h..i' Two huttk f nro warr inted tu euro the wurft c -inker in the uioiith and i-totuinh. Throe to tiie hotlleb are warranted to cure the w.'it o.iv nf orysit m. Onu to tno buttlee are warranted to cure all humor in tho eye. lvo buttles are narranted to euro running of tbt ea uon uu. tenon ttuiotlg tlic n lir. Pour to i hottlu aru tvarrmtod to oure corrupt and ruiintii uh'er. Ono buttio will cure icily eruption of the tkln. Two or tlirco hottlci aro warrautod ta cure the woret ciso of rimjurni. Two or three butt U-it aro njrtahted to euro tin mo-t despcrato uai-e.1 of rhumiMtuui. Three or lour bottles aro warranted to cure the rait rheum. Pitc toeiht bottles will cure the cry trortca09 of hcrofuta. A benefit ii always experienced fmuj th flrt b.t tlu,nnd a perfect cure is warranted when the ah ore quantity U taken. Nothing look so improbable to thoso who hm e in vain tried all the wonder fill medicines of tno day, a that a coin mo weed, growing in the pasture, uud alon eld toiio walli, should cure i-tery humor m tnc system , jenv unow a iiieii tact. It ou nave a humor, it has to start There are no its nor andi, htinii nor ha'e about its suiting nue cao,but not oura. I i -odd led over a thousand bottle of it in t thoiclnit of Ho&toii. I know tho effect of it in eory cace. It has already done some of tlic grcat et cureseur done In Mast ichu'ctt-. I g.n it t children a )enr old ; to old people of nixt I haie een poor, puny, wormy looklu oliildren, HrU w Fufl an t ttatby, restored to u perfect ftati of he.iUU by one bottle To thoio who aro subject tn a iicU healachn. one bottle will always cur it. Itgues great relief in e.Uarrh and dmluess. Some lin hine t iken it h.iiu ' been ootiiiu for years, aud h ivo huen reuUtf I it. Wlif re the body is sjun I it work itiitee.iylbm where there Is any derangement, of tb tunctions id ' iiutuic, it will cauinj very singula. Ift'iit-, luit on i uuirt not ho alarmed the alH.iv disipj-ear in (rom tourdays to a week There i mer a hid re- 1 suit from it on the contrary, when tint tieling is gone, jou will feel yourself like a new n?ron, I heard 0011m uf the mostextraiMgant encomiumsof it j ever man listened to. , Nochinc of diet is ever necessary. Kat thebeit j you can get, and i-.wuh of it. S ,11 ITU'S I Anodyne Cough Drops,1 1 11 ss r.tiK vt (fin. ion All Discasts of the Throat ami l.ungl ' In Largo llotllos at 'ii fouls. It is usod hy Piivsiciaos i . Llieir .ratice and in itu'irovvu fvtiili,... vvilh such .o.l sufnuss thai they vs illinvrlv', vvilhi'ill Sidlcitati.u, ivi th-'ir rveuiu luvlidatlutis f. r lis uso .Many oi-rtirloslvs aro :mv in my iomvsiiiii fi'im iniiliivot I'li.iclvn. whobavv tisv-d it and ex.iiiilni''l the lU'i-i 0 Irotu which it is ireart'd, ami tlo'V dv-clare that they kn. w better iieuvrilti'li lu usvthti thoso .1m ,.vir Cttujh Dn.p, Uelow are a f.-vs tuuivs uf thu lu.vny I'liy.iotdtis who use it in thuir r.ictiiio and speuk iitjhly in its favor . Hr. CIIAULES CLAUKU, Montrwlior, VI. Hr.sSAM'l. H'.TIIAVUH, dr.. Ilurlliinton. Vt. Ur.lH.01Um MUIIULS, XutlUlitU, Vt. Hr, HATI.S Hcrlla. Ur. HIUULUW, Ilarrc, Vt. nu.ii. e. smith, 'p,,ar. Montpeliur, Vt. AORN'T. A. C. M'EUI. Ilorllngton. t7?"I'rujv;, Mejchants and others, who would like to act as Agents, ideate send In their to I'll IM. II. N.ilt'l'll, l)riiccll, lliinlpollcr, lleneriil ULoleMvte Ajrnt for 'enuuiit, nox.M.ii ki;n'.i:iiv, iwn,t..r, 11 xi.i.iv m,i... V t' l'rOI. I.t- tts.s ItT.sjS , I. 1, III I I'll MIA Mi.N.iM llatis, II ll"!i.l. i l' r tiui.i:s, Hi,hin"iid w (i -I' . . " - Als . be UruyguisarlJIi-ri .ant ue h re Nur 21 la i rJ I I 1,,(JAL NOTIOES. Ocoi'ffc Coimtock'n Entatc. "-T TL or Vr.rt.MO T Tho Hon. theProbat. lii.tnct ol Chittenden, s. Court for tuo Oiitrlct ol Cui'tnlen. To nil persons Interested in the estate of OsoK" Uomstock, lato of Unrllaitun. in aid disirlcl, deceosed, ORtetixo. I M IlLitCAS, the Administratrix ofsnld deceased I proposes. tu render an account of her adinlnistra- I lion, and present her ocount against said estate for 1 ax mllnntion and allownuco at a session of the Court of Probate, 1 1 beholden at tho Probate Court Kootn, ! on the liltll dav of Puhruarv t ' llierafore. roil nra horohv in .nn... v.. ....... v ... aFv, va. lorn said Court at the ti in u and place aforesa Id. and shoiv eause. If ins vm have.hv thn ,M.iini ,r... . said Should ml ba nllow.d. (liten under my hand at Burllneton this SCth dar ! . r r " oi .vnuury, iaos. "JH" ii. rKu.nuii, itegister. Thomas Chamberlain's Estate. WL'TIinSUBCHtnr.nS.havlnKbtcnappoiDt. cd by tho ll'jivjrabte the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, Comtniiiionere to re eeive, examine and a IJustthe claim and demandsof all purv)naanImtthceHateuf Thoui.i9ChduherIaln. lite of durltutn,lnfliid District, deceased, repro si'iitc-d in lUctit, and nU'.all claim? and detnandi exhibited In n Tct thereto ; and fix months from th di ot the lito iioieol, heitij; atlowi-d hy sa id '.in t lor 1 1 it i p'i!, in-it tlircf-iro hrhy give tiotUM', that we will ttt'mlto the buineisof our ap. j. dotineot, nt theOitce or Cnd rwood .t Hard, In -urlitut'iti, liiiiid Uinrlct, on the 1th Saturday nl .Ajoii nnd lUo'ckck, A, M.,tn'each of -".n I day . Dated thi 4 2.1rd day of December, A. D. 1834. CM KHIAU RUc-'KM,,) T. II. tt'AI.n-1, Commissioner i ISAAC NVL, i George A. Alien's Estate. TinorVi:ilMO.VT, )Th"llon theProbnte li-tii(t of riiitt'nden,n. J Court for th Itti trn't f Lnittuiiditn T .ill person concerned in the t tie of tJ.-orno A. Mien, Into of Ilurllnton, in tmd IMtrtrt, ileccncl, OitEr.lim i W IIi:iti:Mt-t y. Pnpr, admlnl-trntor or tho e tite iii id der-.'itx'd iropoes tu render nn account ol hi- a.ltninitr ition, nnd present hi? nfcount auiii-t ild e-tate (or oatnin itiou and allowance at a ion .f tlir(lurt of Probate, to be holdcn at thy Probitc oflieu in I)urlinj;ton, on the 20th diy of I ihi imrv, A. '., ln.t "i Thgrpfort. you are hereby notlflcd to npprnr he. f.-io M eourt ut the time and place nforeabl, and ihow oiiu-e, iTany y'U, why the account afore said huu Id not .ilhmvd. tiv n unlv-r my hinl at Uurllngton, this 31st d.iv of .fanimrv, A. D., IbS't. 31wJ tt. II. ritUXCH, Judge. Pater Lynch's Estate. srUEUP VIJUMOXr IThe Hon, th'J Prnbitr iDNtrict ol Chittenden, s. . Cmrt for the District ol Chittenden. To all person con cerncd In the c-t.ilo of Piler Ljnch Uto of chclhurne, in said UiNtiict, defeased, tit. ktivu. WllKitK -, the Aduiinl'trnlion de bonn non of the e-t i of nil d cmd prpori to render an iieeount oT In .i I nuiiitr.ition, and pre-ent hn ar cunt actinia nni I c4Uta for et.iminatu.n and nl tow.iucj at, .i sutiaioii of the Court ot Probate, to be hoi lun ns the Probate Oflice in IJurllnfjton on the i-Mli day f April next. Tiierefore, ymi are horihy notified to appear bo lore -M;d oouit at the time and hlm'e nforeaid. and I (n w e IUM-, if any you hnic, why the account afore--aid should ho tit lowed. n un lr my at Unrlingttn thi 2 Id duy of .I.iiiUsiry A. I. It-it. T.ltiwt tt. It FKKN'Clr, Jude'c. I Al)igail Dean's Estate. . -TTBOK vnRMOVr. ) To all pert,.,-lS con lntri. t ot Uhittunlvn, sf. $ cental in ttiu Lutiitu nt IjihiiI iJeun, latu of lluihugtui, in auid iimtrk-t dv- .i- I, OltLLriNO. . p. ,i.t. r ' i. .14-.. riu.!. ,6i. ,,,, itmu id tor the l)iitiiLL ol tJIntt n len, on the 2uih da il J.muary A. 1 lVan Inatrument, purporting to bo too un Will an 1 l'etnntnt of Abigail Iiean lute of Rurllnton in ?aiJ JJiidrict, dtctafed, a jtieHOiitcd to the Court aforcsiid, fur Probate, by K. i f'i le, the Ijtecutor therein n.uned ; And it is rlcri-ii by said Cuu.t that the lOthd ly of February- A I). Km, at the office of tho Probate Court In 1 I -aid UurliMtnn, bo asftncd for proving said In 1 'trununt ; an I tint notice thereof be given to all per.-ns concrrned, by publishing this order three feck auccesiivily in the Uur.iDton Frte Press a n w-ijj.iptr printed at said JJurliiiton, previous to , i ue. time .ippnintcd, Theref. ,re, you are hcrehy notified to appear be fore c ud court at the time and place afoieaid, and tjontt ft the probate of md will if you hac cause. tin oi under my hand at Burlington, in said did i i net tins 'JOth day of Januaiy, A 1)., Ihj 3. ' wiU3 W. II. FUEXCII, Judge. Ecommy and Good Liffht. j vtr..u .-"njrtri vt sjy u 1 . U LMP5," tihurn "C.Dip Oil," Lird or gren-e of inji km I" in I ive a tar better H;ht thin Hul Iv or Ml in unui'.ii (.uupH. Kitchen I.nups 7 i ct. Sen- i uid -tu ly I i 'up, to burn ery little 'il und ji.e ,;.. I libt. iok, CnnuiuK, and til. .ben Ur a '-t all ki.idj of Lamp, sold at the olds tan. .lure i Mreet. .t. n. imi.vsMAiD. Lite Unnoiidid, Ilrothcri Co, Jan. -j;. In ,5. d itf December 30th, New Goods, a nn; rt ttxim viww nkw yokk 3 i-v.' ni n and Inue r. ire I -eHi Ifutter-FlitS. IJiidi- and M-.b Iuhv "ilttt -nud I!oU, SiUei .H, pillurii" J-iuite Knivt-, .Mull pocktt aril .net I'oiibn, linif.ilo t.iek .in. I Puil'Comb-', liutrilo iii'l ..ther h.ur Pin-, Cn diet liiiic, Ueticules anJ lot-iuu I-. J. K UUI.VSMAth, Old-taud Churclitieet. ItCL-. .tilth, l-. d.Ulf NOTICE. X I C II ( S A 1! O V X T U X . ! .iv rStif r'3i H'fj't. ItE now roceiiins an additional tupplyuf w i n;u tinoi)-., -uch a Li lio Ch ths and Trimming-., ' ilks, Men- Ul'", I''1 ll11tf,C.thlI-, At'. Iloud-, ictuniiet., I'ippet-. iiloi-s and llnitiery, L.Hit; and u.ii p ttotden, PUtd. Iinchd und 1'hihet ha 1. Ac , Xc .all of which "ill ht sold unusually 1lw. liurliiigt.m, lcc. 'Jl. dintf IHI I. U M 1.1 1 IK' PAIN EXTRACTOR; r mi tiik cvnv. nr NERVOUS HEADACHE, Chronic Rheumatism. VW'KLLINO and Patn In the I.tmh,5ide,or How- ' id-, Cramps, Xcrmu Ilpad.iehr, Tio lolorcux, Ni'iimliii, Sprains, Hruise Kle-h Woundi.Sp.ums, -"it- 1', Hum and Scald, Lock-law, Croup, ItitL- wt lltn, lldrupholi.i, IVt.stcd l'ect, Tooth chi. Ililioin Colic, Dyspepsia, Poi.-numus Ilitcs, Miiis Ac . Ac, Ac Tlu KhMKhi haa been oU in 10 States, and in .tuu J.UUO Citk'B and Tuwns, and has gicn great i -utndaeti.'n to all uho have u-cd it. It is guaran- od in all Nervous and Chronic complaints, to be superior to all other preparations extant Mr. T. v . Lo kll, of lltirlini'ton, Vt., is woll acquainted ' wiih tho"l'n J.trRAcruH," havius both sold and UMid it. rUlCE 25 and .u cents nr bottle. 1.. W1LI.IA.MS M. I-, J'rrprtrtoT, .Vrw York. TP-Sold, Wholcsile and llctall, by IlEltllICK A MII.T.-, VVIiolt'.ale Grocery, Water Mreet, Uurlinf; .Vow Vork, ALEX WDEIl A SLATEU, b.uirists 7i. Itnrelay Street, New Vork. llurline.ton, Ov.t. I'J, liSI. dlwly. Notice. i ciaiiiij wibuiii lo jiureiiajo j DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will find an extensive asso. tinent at 1.1G Church st. I llio at prices which make It for their Interest to I tall beiure buying (l.ewhere. l t. 1. SiANUOUD. llurlington, Jan. 1853: dAwtf STAY, RICH, and FSlTlO.AM.i: ;oois ! Jut rtctwtd by NICHOLS and BOYNTON, loO ( liurcli Slrict. MICH ritlL'KEli PLAID AND TLAIX Ml. US. .1 Superior Arlitle uf Hack Silk, all widths. Elvviut all Wool 1'ltE.WII 1'I.AIllji. I'llUNCII MUIIIMWA rillllET CLOTHS. LUHEs CLOAK i TALMA CLOTH., do do do Heady Made. Ho.iullful l'liln and I'ig'd all Wool HE LAIXE. do do do Cotton and Wotdcn. Elegvut Uiq and S'luiro Cashmere, Ilrochs, Thibet aitd lllvnket -sH.VW LS new aud beautiful patterns. nil a largo assorliueiit of Cloves, Hosiery, Trimmings, wiitn: noons, rnxxKLS, an 1 Ilouse-keeping iI.mmIs generally. Ilur .lock lias been purchncd at tho late Auction Sales, and at greatly reduced prices, much le.s than th. of Imp irutioti, and will be sold accordingly. 1. .ok loiin-l, get po.tcd up with the lowest prices, th n eull -it I ill L'liur iti street and buy your goods, as vu will find il lor your interest to do after learn log tmr prices. .V'V 10. dAwtf HUTCHINS A. SAWYER, Ctsni nii-sssiisii .Mrrclinnl., AND WHOLESALE DEALEIW I.V Buttor, Chooso,Gr.iiu, AMI ALL UIM) OF Cvlt'MRV 1'KODICE, No, 78 uuv-stki:i:t, New-York. Jauuiry 10, dw3ms MINERAL WATERS I Congress from Saratoga Elvtln from 1'anton, Vt. Empire " Oak Orchard, from New Vork, at wholesale and retullby TIIEO. A. l'ECK. T'f,", liESTlr- -i-ddand Sianul F.dls direct M in ii i. hirers i' E E T II , Jones X ilM . V t in i, ts and mis.'ellany In. lev rykind, and rnerehandire I r I)' TUE0 A l'ECK W Anothor Glorions Viotory! 'piIE STIll'OOLK IS' EI IIOPC 1A RIVETIN'O I the attenti n uf tht civilised world, and whila nrn .prcuovving as vt in prooaom vicior. uvir u Il.irllnirtnn. hrn mi,,nii nKnni..iH. no all aro speculating as to the probable victor, here In r . . . .il,. .l . ILISIi Will IOI1 i!niici S For where elsa In the ?tato of Vermont, can Cloth' Ing for the present Winter bo obtained 10 choapl OLOTHIIJTG- FOR TllV. MILUOS, Comfort, Beauty and EJconomy Combined ' ' Ths; Pobllo r corliilly Inrltnd (occmps.t oor Stock of OooJs, Unllv-.1lnll, nml Jlmlc to Order, with any, nr ill, slinlltr stores la Ilurllngton, either as tu quality, iuantlty or price. The best stock of JEl!COAIS. COATS, PANTS & VESTS, EXMEISLV roil TIIK SEI30N, AND ALL HIE ET tttElllS of s. Osntleimn's Wardrobe, can bo pun-hasod tbr chi aper than at vnj other In tho ititf. And as fur variety, stvlo, and exo llonce of workman ship, one trial vtill seaure the patron igo of tho in' st faslldliins. IMKKSTS, this is tho plaoe to bring y .ur s ns The stock of ir'mds vshlch vse are tnukinc up ml Boys' Youths' &. Children's WINTl.ll cl.uriUNO. i si i v ii e e n nticiirci' Come, Tarmers, Merehsnts, Tra lostucn, corns, Mochanies leivvo yiur work ; Oo, lawyer, "en.t that client horn's And buy a icit ..f Tt'IiK ! Its all as clear a. dvy, you see, That no other rule will vv.rk. So lon us pf'pto have their wit They'll buy thulr eluthes of TfllK ' Tiieifs UVi.ifVsi'' i ll-lml Ctuihin .' I., Ml, o K IIMK'If. lll'KMXiTO.V. Nov. 1 CO CSL i-i : N - CO t .. O , I I I H M I H I t i? 1 2 o O a 73 S T. ir, 2 i f- 5 j ; fr. ' 'i 1 ! 1 - -Z- 4 r-; E-1 r. . u : b j t 4 CO z Conni'lurriliip. rp II E rVDEMSIflNEn HAVE Till' DAT formed 1 '"1npirtn"r.Vn nndr the nirae and tyleof riAVEV t IIOOLITTLE. for tho trsnssc tion of tho Itirjwir., Agrieulturtl d bmtnr, at the old stand of Darey A Allen, sigr, of the Saw, College Street. C. M. DAVrr II. II. D00LITTT.K. nnrlinirton. Feb. 21.1 54. tf T)aV:Y & DOOI.ITTl.E. 8LCCEmHORS TO DAVEY & ALLEN, WUOLfHAI.E AVI1 PfTAIL frr Al Ftlli 1 Honvy nml SlirM llardunrcf Compnatn at trttnsne anortmrnt of IIoiih' rinimintrs .Mcclianio' Tcnl.i. ntttllf-r) , 'i'ni,. nml lnrlri t'utlrry ..Ir.Ar, niri.rnn 11 aVfiif ; Vi, CrnivCut (?' t'fi'i'ir .Nflw f Stett Springs , I'wip (hun , Hunt Ta ('j and Oxlii Wind'Ut t,, 4'' "5"C .And iJealersin AfiRfTJ.TntL IMI'M-MI .N'' k M CHIK5, FiEi.r, 'Ira i , flARti i.ri I'i . rn ?r rn Arnlt of Itiiihnutdii nml VirimM for Pmutv A Mfftr't t'tl' hratt d t'cntrt tr iup! ll'h ws , 11. Tah'.r A V.' 1M w . ttln.chi.nlV, IV i1 r, Me--tT .1 Culhy't and TnftV cvihpii Pi Genuine IlrooKfirtd Frkf Wheeler, .M click .1 Co's llori-i' Puwers aud Threhri Ac. Ac , Ac. Our MocK o(' rurinius Tool i very Inrpe, Such a" Cm heller". Straw Cutters, Horse Kakc, Hand ltUs, Faming .Mill. drain Cdle, nath", .Manure and Hay Forlt, Hay Knic, Cattle Tie. Halter, Trace and Hlndinit Chair.", Ortnd t ties, Scythe Stones Ac, Ac All which we are pre pared to stll at the Manufacturers Whclesal Trices. .nd, ulio. Dealers In Ihirlingtoii Wasroin Axles, UACrACTCRED tT DAVKY. K1NGS1.A.NI) ,t CO. There Axle are made of the hest Rn?Hh Tlenned Iron, and .vro fuprrinr in quilitr, stvle an 1 finish to those ued In the celebrated Concord Vagi i; Combiuin, lightness, ttrcnth and ease uf run ning, th 'v command thetnielre" to all inakft and uers of Wagons, and eeurc for thenuelres a repu tation and preference in cery market wnere thej are introduced We avail .mreh e? of the present opport unity ot returning our thanks tor the patronage we har heretofore received, and respcctlully solicit a contin uance of like favors. Sif n ol the Saw. Co I It-ce St. ISurJIiieton, Vermont. C. M DAVEY, II. II. D00UTT1E February 11,1 wtf Barre Academy. The Sprlue Term will hecin cm Tliursdnf IVhritiiry It 155. BOAUD IXCLUDINO ROOM AND FUEL ritou 51.S0 to n per week. Seteral ladles can be accommodated in the family -if the Pilncip&l Applications should be uia Je soi n to J SPALLDI.VG, Pnanpal, Dirro, January 20tb, ISbS wjtr TOWN'S GRAMMAR SCHOOL READER. (Tlic Ilendcr f.irfpct cliool.) r"PHE list Issued of TOWN'S l nrlvilled Serisi, L Juticious selection, and a happy arrangement l of matter, render this Uouk suitable to anr r-ebool ana aiiuptea to tne wants ol all pupils wno desire to change from their preseut Gr.t class Headers to a nrvt- u'.ri, vslthnut eiolalinj tbe UxironviiTT that now prerails Ts..her. plense examine. Xow kept for sale by llooksellers in BarllcgtoD, and Towns general!'. A A.SAW1N Dec, I'J, l"5l. w'Jm lost" LAS D IV A n II A X T, Xo. 56,9J7, Issued to J dO-sKPII EAMOItE, of Vermont, for sendee in the War of 112, and mailed at Washington, Hec. X, 1M, having lulled t reach its destina. lion, notice is hereby v;ivrn that application will be made to the Coinmi'.ioner of Pensinns to Issue a duplicate of liid Warrant. HE.VnV WEED. Agent. Hlnesburgh, Jan. 15, ltjj. 29ati French Glass, Sash and Pnttv. .lllEXCH DLASS ALWAYS ON HANI), TOR 1 tale by the Box or lletail. lilsss Cut to anj Shape and l-ire. andret in As. I .Vlyfs. J2T Orders promptly attended to. Callandsee, two doors East ol the FHEE rilESS OFFICE, Col. lege Street. UEUVEV BURNETT DcBtianTOi May 2S, IKS I. J wly li in i. l.N (! TON CARPET WAREHOUSE and rnorurnv stjmiu, ClllltCII STREET ISO IS A fresh lot of new and beautiful styles of FonrifiN ,Nn American Cakflts ! 1 ! , TUUUEV VELVET, TAl'ESTRV, BRUixSEI, THREE PLT, INURAIK, and Common Wool, Cotton and Wool, and all Cotton, Rocking, Crumb cloth, Rugs, Mau, Stair Carpets, i e. At.n. FLOOROILCLOTHS, all widths from 1 yd to6 yds, Straw Matting, Ac. Also Crockery, China &. Glass Ware. A large and entire new stock., PAPER IIAVUINflS if eery quality Alltb. above goods have been bought at greatly rcdnced prices, and will bo sold accordingly .V1CI10LS & 110YNTOK Durllsgtos.Oct 1651 dtwtf

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