Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 16, 1855 Page 3
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An iinoccuplcil ilvu'illiiR limifc, I'o-lonf-lngto Jlr.Jolin Itnin, nHuntwl on llio road lending from St. Allutm UIIiiro t tlio Buy, was hurncd on Siimlny iimntlng list; of conroo the work of nn Incendiary. MRiHttit, ft niillii)niiic(ir rhilaikl- phla, latoly fiato nn entertainment, of which 11 letter wrr says "About two thousand invitations wcta issued, and tlio cntlro cost was In the vicinity of twenty thousand dollars, tlio baro Item of bouquets nlono costing 1, 000, which were distributed in elegant profusion around her splendid mansion. At half-past four o'clock in tho morning green tea. sweet bread and terrapins, ns tlio eloiu feast preparatory to tho departure of tho remaining guests, wero soncd up." This same lady ns wo hate been told by somo who know, uniformly refuses all npplicatlon for public or privato charities. Mr. AVisf. of Virginin, when at a loss fur arguments resorts to grimaces nnd stage trickery. In the coursj of n recent pi.eech, whilo reading a extract from n sermon, de livered nt lloslon, on the occasion of tho ro- thmation of liurn, he came to tho phraso I " tho Northern conscience." At this he put upon his face nn expression of deadly nausea, laid his bands upon lib bonds, turned round, Kit iiiion the floor, nnd looked ni'i'ealiiigly about fur salts, for nir, or any other earthly means of relief. ! !.om,ov r.ortait nninter obiectMo the taking of likenesses by the photographic process, because it is a foe to graphic art ! Tho little innocent who raises sympathy nnd money by the piteous story that her "parents arc both dead, and father can't got work and mother is very siek indeed" has. retired on u fortuno of three Canada quarters. (Juoth Patrick, of the Yankee. " Itedail, if bo was ensht nwny on a dUsolato island lio'd git up next mornin nnd go round scllin maps to tlio inhabitants!" Ask a Chinaman, why ho always carries two watches, nnd ho will tell you " Sposc one makeo sick, other can walkec." Aro you tho victim of blasted hopes' said Matilda Jane, to a youth with his face in his hands, " No," muttered he, "but I am the victim of a blasted toothache" and Matilda Jane retreated. Tun following lines wp find appended to an obituary notice published iu the llur- ungion ocwincf. It is n fair specimen ol obituary " poetry, and is tho woist kind of nbuso to the dead. " In death she secmcJ to sweetly sleep, Whilo friends nround her did deeply weep. Not becauso they thought her unhappy. But because they so dearly lotcd her company." j "rral"- In tho House yesterday Mr. Bocook of "Tho tariff of '1G has about ns much to do ya from ti10 committee on Naval with tho hard times as the battle of New Urlenns. . UWiioeH Agt. ported a bill authorizing the construction of Let us sco. Tho llattlo ot Now Orleans 7 sloops of war. Uofcrrcd ot the couimittso of made Gen Jackson President. The born or tho ivholn Buren, litf .tor Dodgo of Iowa, hasbeen appointed where his predecessor walked leisurely. tifi. Minister to Spain, in placo of Mr. Brecken Buren behaved bo badly that Harrison and "dgo, a.i:d j,r v"ilson, the new Sena Tyler wero elected. Harrison died: anise- tor from Mass., mauo j qucntly, Tyler ruled in his stead. Ho'turncd Senate to-dav and was qualified, locofoco, and consequently pushed forward T, M . ' L , , t, , - t tho annexation of Texas, rriendship lor . that measure elected James K. Polk, nnd he dinna. signed tho tariff of 1840, and consequent!' I The Mcicnn Consurs Jnse. tho tunes aro very hard. Rutland Herald. I Xmv York, Feb. IP. Married, on a cake of floating ice in The Supremo Court refused this morning, the Ohio river, opposito itising tun, nn 1 to dischargo tho Moxican Consul from the Thursday, January St), by tho Jev. Mr. t ol- lard, Iiev. James II. Brooking to Miss Sallio Craig, nil of Broomo county, Ky. . A subscription was raised recently to present an eminent London merchant with n servico of plate valued nt 2,000, XI, 500 of which was promptly subscribed. The reci pient then proposed to add the 500 himself and tho plato was accordingly secured, ho giving his note for a few months. But be- fiirr, llirt Minn nf d:i viiient iirrimil. Ito kM.I ll.o silver, stopped payment himself, and the si 1- I vcrsmith now figures as one of his creditors. (XT'TilE Change is the Umimsii Cuhnet. I The reasons given by Lord John liuviel for resignation of his post in the DritMi cabinet, are not considered creditable to hishonovor . his courage. He virtually declared that tlio war had been conducted in tho worst pcsiblo manner, and now that parliament was about to institute an enquiry upon the subject and expose tho ministry to censure, bo inglorious ly shrunk from responsibility for the net he had sustained and sanctioned. The press and people of Lngland were indignant at what they considered incxcusablo and treacherous de sertion of duty. It was probable, that Lord Palmerston would bo invited by tho queen to form a new ministry. A Nfw Woiik "SrvMiori: The Jesuits in Our Homes," by Helen llhu, is tho title of a new work in press by Stringer A Townsend, 222 Broadway, New York. Tho work is to appear in ono volume of over four hundred pages, illustrated by the Lest artiets. Notices of tho work by several gen tlemen who havo read it in manus cript aro highly flattering. An advance copy of tho book was sent hy" to every member of the New York Legislature ; but though called very " powerful" it could not prevent Seward's election. Infaetvvc suspect there are few novels, Know Nothing or Catholic, which could havo prevented it. News of the Week BIT TEI.EGRMH TO THE FREE PRESS. Washington Allaire. Boston, Feb, 5th It is telegraphed from Washington that th( President will certainly veto the Trench Spoliation Bill. Tho llouso refused to take up tho reduc tion of the Tariff bill by six majority and tho enemies of the Bill consider it nn indication of a majority against tho bill. There was a scene between Mullen of Va., aud Taylor of Ohio. The former alluded to tho sleek headed gentleman from Ohio ami Mr. Tuylor resorted ny saying u is neii'.. to be a tleck head than a blockhead." Tl.u matter passed into personal explanation The expressions wire declared to bo Pick wickian and without a view to personal ren contre, pistols being entirely out of the qiios. tion. There is considerable piessuro upon Sena, tors by the New York representatives who nro ugaiust the confirmation of Miller us Secretary of Legation to Peru. He is cbargtd with editing an unti-Ncbiuska japer and with being a Van Burenite in IS IS Ivplosioii. A steam boiler in the kitchen of Samuel A. Way, rtoxbury, Mass., exploded yesterday, i killing one of tho domestic! und injuring two I others. ?liHri11nlicniis, By way of a change the w eather dispatches from tho east to-rt.iy speak of nn earthquake It was distinctly felt ut Halifax, Saekvillo, St. John and Kastport. It occurred at about 7 o'clock. The stoamihip A'oiA Stir is below Now York, with a week later nows fromCalifornia. No tidings nf tlio Steamer Atlantio from Liverpool. HTIKH I.ATr.K riio.n IirilOIMl. Ai rival of the Atlantic- Niw Yonk, Feb. 0th Tho steamer Atlantio has arrived nt this port with one week's later news from Europe. The newn is of little Importance, with the fxceptiun that lord John llusscll has re signed. On Fiiday night he gave nn expla nation of his conduct, Tlio general opinion is tint whul.) ministry must go out of office. The public feeling seems tending tnwaids pcaco. The Vienna cuufereneo will not meet till tho middle of February, Alfairs beforo Sevastopol remain qui to un changed Tho British army was in a most w retched stnto, nrlslng from tlio inoitfla; runt mismanagement, A reported bntttowf.s In correct. A despatch frum Mcnschikofl'.liitecl lan. IT, published in tit. I'otcrsburjjli on the 2-'ith, is to tho following effect : " Tlio ncigo operations do not ndvanco. I'lo succrssful uiglit sorties wcro madoon the 13th nnd loth. Wo took 1 1 English nnd 9 French prisoners. Tho allies lost a considerable numlcr in killed. Arab deserters sny that tho Turks nro treatod with very little consideration by tho Allies." l'rinco a J'olish lieutenant in the ltlKi.Inn nnnril. Iinrl deserted to the Turks There was n rumor among the Turks that I Sclmmyl was dead. Tho bcrew steamer lUack Sea, with tho sub marine telegraph cablo fur connecting Vnrna with U.ilaklun, had put back to Harwich, damaged. Tho Danubo Patrio says : " Tho recent pas sage of tho Danube by the Knssians lias g'nen rise to a demand by Austria upon Gortsctm koff for c.Tplanations,nnd orders have been eont to Count to Prevent the Russians from re-conimencing a campaign upon tho Danube. Accounts from various parti of Spain, give indications of an approaching Carlist insur rection. It is thought that Prussia will yield to the demands of Austria to mobilize her nr,".v. should she bo outvoted in tlio diet, ""1C Swedish army is immediately to bo 1'lcd n n war footing. Negotiation con tinue between Austria and Prussia, concern ing the Germanic nrmy The (Juecn of Sardinia is dead. The steamship, Gnat Ilritnin. arrived at Liverpool from Australia, with about 3,7"V, 000 dollars in gold. Thero wcro numerous rumors of failuiesat Liverpool, but they were cxagcrated. The cotton market bail Lccn intlucnced thereby. Consuls declined 1 in consequence of I,ord John Kusscll's resignation, and closed at and 01'. Urcadstuflj closed very dull nt last week's rates. Mismanagement in the British Commissary's Department was continually coming to light. Messrs. Miller it Thompson, of Liverpool, suspended payment for 1'CO, 000, chiefly ow. ing to losses in the Australian trade. Humors were in circulation on change, that other heavy failures were imminent. Messrs. Hume i- Co., have failed for .C130.000 ; also, I .Mcsrs. Trenifl'it Sharp, iron dealers, have I failed for a largo amount. Congressional. Washington, fob. 10. su;t brought by his government for mat:ap- propriation of a portion of the Mexican in demnity which passed through his hands. His bail was reduced to 53000. IVlillMliniiio i.i'SiMnlure. A row ill the Amrricnn Caucus, IlARmsnuRcii, r"ci. 10 Hon. S. Cameron was nominated by tho American Caucus ns their candidate for U. S. Senator at half past ono o'clock this morn ing. Cn the liftb ballot Cameron had 40 votes, Scott 40, being one ballot more than there wero voters present und much excite ment cnued. On the 0th ballot Cameiou had 43, Carter 40, Scattering 1. A fraudu lent l.illot had been ag,iin dejiosited thereby defeating tne i.,....;..iw.. ir Carter. Another row took place and numerous mem bers bolted. On the 7th ballot Cameron had 14, Carter 11, Fuller 2. Great numbers hav ing left the Caucus, a resolution wasadoptcd I making the nomination unanimous. ! .11l.ccll.iiicoiis Xcip, I iiOMoN, Feb. 12th. ' Senator Dodge, has been eonlirmcd ns Min- I ister to Spain. I Italph Mctcalf has written a letter accept ing the Know Nothing nomination for Gover nor nf'X. H. Ho expresses himself ns op j posed to the Nebraska bill und will probably obtain the entire auti Nebraska vote. I A dispatch from New- Orleans says that a l portion of an expedition to invade Cuba has ! sailed from that city. Tlio entiro expedition , is said to be composed of 11500 men. ' New York, Feb. 12. I A Paris letter In the Daily Times says that rumors wero gathering strength that a divorce is in contemplation between the Kui peror and Kniprcss for high Etato reasons. WvsuiMiTO.v, Feb. 12th llenewed efforts will be made this week to confer the rank of Lieut. Goncral on (Jen. Scott. Ken. Scott Kood Pay. Washington, Feb. 12. Tho resolution passed to day, conferring the title of Lieut. General upon Gen. Soott. It will give him about $30,000 back pay, und akout $1,000 additional yearly. Prnnsjlvanin I.cglslnturn. Harrisburgh, Feb. 13. Resolutions havo passed lioth Houses of Legislature, f.r appointing a selectcommitteo to investigate whether bribery nnd corrup tion had been used to effect the election of U. S. Senators. Tho statements that tho relations between Mr. Sumner, and tho new Senator from Mass aehusetts, Mr. WiNon, are not cordial, aro wholly unfounded. Alluny, 1V1. 13. ' Sji.Mkcr I.ittlejohu was Irsrnt in elugy un a 1 cross in front of the Capital hist night, nnd I Thompson was treated in tho sanio stylo in 1 front of tho Journal office. Coneiderahlc ex ! citcmcnt was occasioned by thceo scenes. I Important front Kllropc. I AltltlVAl. Ol' THE ASIA, i nosTo.v, Keh. Hth, ! M. ' .Steamship Asia arrived nt Iblif.ix this I A. M. with d.itcs from Kurupo to Keh. 1th, a I week l.ter. Tlio news is important. As anticipated, the'Aherdeen Ministry have I been defoatcd in Parliament on tho rpicstiou of neglect in tlio war, and huvoall rosigned. Lord Derby had been sent for but did not succeed iu his efforts to form a now ministry and up to the latest moment no now cabinet hid been formed. Tho Germanic relations vvorj as complicated as ever and new difficul ties wero springing up. Affairs in tho Crimea remained very much as they wero and thero had been no lighting. No marked chango in floor. Corn ono shil ling lower. Consols 91. 73T Tho Railway Advocate tells the follow iri'l twod story nt tho expense of ono of tho " upper ten of Now York Mr is ona of tlio " merchant rainces" of tho I'.mpiro City, und though living in ono of tho nost spacious mansions on tho Fifth avoiiuo, ids entiro family consibts of himself and his vviio. Jiloeting a menu iroia tue country ono day ho invited bim up to view his house. Tho friend was "shown the gor geous rooms, with tessellated floors and uiiignifieieiit freseued ceilings, and finally was taken into tho lower rooms, in ono of which ho found u mull regiment of colored servunts seated ut u beautiful dinner. On bis return homo he nits asked if ho had seen Mr. Ho-and-So' " Oh yes." "What is ho doing now I" "Well, whed I saw him ho wus keeping a niggef honiding Aukjcoii the I Fifth nvcnuo"' j . EIJIlLINgTONREE PllESS, FRIDAY MORNING, 'OM.UKIlClAl.. lMtocTou si ' woo'iV's 8'i'ieo ('tii-runl. ... 3.rnocTOR. BOSTON. M. 1 Wood iuininissinii McrcliiiuU For the tala of WOOL AND COUNTRY PRODUCE JJOStox, rob. 10, 1855. ASIIES-Pots, per 1001b.. 6 73 a 7 0ft APP..1&,..., .... ... 6 75 a 0 871 BEESWAX Yellow, ' BUTTER-Vcry choice, per lb. Fall Now ork nnd Vermont Dairy Common Datrv. 5a 61 30 25 39 a St a 52 a SI a n 22 50 11 10 2S 9 73 11 75 8 75 8 73 We.trn nnd Canadian, C'ICESI 15 a 104 a 0 a 23 a 9 50 a Prime, per lb. (new) amnion nun lair, ECH1S Pcrdolen. FLOUIt (leiiesoc, fancy, per bl. uo extra do common brands Oblis, common t1 o fancy do extra Michigan, common do fanev 11 00 a 8 50 a 8 50 a 0 23 a 9 50 10 00 a 10 75 8 30 a 8 75 r, . . i . u i u 9 25 ft 9 50 yanaaa, in uonucom. 4 fancy 9 00 a 9 50 CJllATV rri0Uv ., . 075 00 uiiai.n Corn, Northern, nrbmhel Int. i r.n oulhcrn, yellow 1 00 a 1 03 wuuicrn, wuuo 92 ft 91 ' esicrn .mvea 93 tt Wheat, Wostorn 1 87 a Hyo.perSGlbs. 1,25 a Out, Northern, 85 a JVhlto Boans,perbus.,Cllbs. 2 00 a Peas, Canada a HOPS Perlb., 1st sort, 1851 9 l'UO ISIONS Beef, Western .Men. 1 00 2 55 1 30 to 2 50 1 C3J 30 Httra. 4 lnos. 1 50 a 17 00 15 50 a 1C 00 1t 00 a 15 00 IS 00 a 15 00 17 00 a 17 50 1G 00 a 1C 30 IS 00 a 15 SO 14 50 a 15 00 13 00 a 11 00 111a 12 W'tern good We tern Uomtuou Hiistcrn .Mess Porit, extra clear 4 inos. Clear Moss, host Mess, other brands Prlmo Lard, keg, per 11,. Lard, bbl., per lb Il'ltn, llo.lou smol.ed Western do Dressed Hop. l'OTATOU per bu. POULTltY per lb. SUl;iS Clover, Northern, per lb We. tern nnd Southern new Timothy per bu. Itcd Top, bag l'Inxsced STAIICII Potntoe. per lb. oniet. 10Ja 11 10 a 10 a 7U nu a 10 a 14 a 11 a 3 23 a 3 1 101 8 85 m Hi 12 50 5 50 1 75 CJ 45 40 3S 31 33 45 39 34 01 a WOOL Domestic Sixonyriccces, Gin. 43 1 ull blood .Merino 33 n 1 do do no a i do do 32 a Western mixed 55 a Pulled Extra m a Do Suporfino 35 a Do Xo. 1 29 a Wool Skins 50 a 1 00 AMI..- Prices bavo declined from tho l.lgho-t rales fur Pearls, nnd for somo weeks been unusually dull. We havo reason to nnticlpato n much better domand, and can report sales or some largo lots at G 1.1, nnd Pots at G 75 a 7 00. IlUTl'IUt Tho stocks In market Is small for all grades, In particular Prime V hich is scarce. Tho demand Is nbout e.(ual to tho supply. Some purch ases aro mado and held in view of still higher pi ices and others nro not Inclined to havo only enough for daily sales. Our sales for Western 15 to 20c, some poor heated lots nt less rates. Canada 18 a 22c, crmont nnd New York 23 to 25c ns to quality. CIIEEjrj Not much of a supply on hand of tho best grndes. Worth 10J a 1 1 cts. FLOUR Thcio is very llttio change In Flour since our last report. The rccolfts continuo fair for tho tho season, although thero is a considerable falling off by ltnllroad compared with somo pre vious weeks. Tho sales havo been nt 8 50 a 8 75 for common brands ; Western 0 25 a 9 G2 J for fan cy brands; nnd (r tlfsi .raniro 0f 00 a 11 75 per bbl for diffeicnt brands Canada Flour remains without change. Thero liavo been sales in bond at 9 00 per bbl for fancy ; and duty paid at 9 37J a 9 50 lor fancy ; and 10 00 a 10 50 for extra. GRAIN Tho market has been rather dull for Corn since our last report. Oats havo bcon in fair demand aro .elling nt 57 a 50c per bu for Northern and Western, light and heavy. In Ityo thero have boon small sales at I 28 a l" 30 per bu. White Uoans aro in steady demand at 2 00 a 2 50 per bu, as to quality. Canada l'eas scarce, worth 1 2J. HOI'a The market continues quite dull for this article. Holders ask 32c, cash, but it would bo dif ficuit to effect sales except at a considerable reduc tion. PROYISIONS Pork remains without change. The sales continue to bo confined to small lots at 13 in. 14 00 for rrimo : 15 00 a 15 50 for me.. : 16 00 a 10 50 for cloar, nnd 17 00 a 17 50 for extra clear, 4 mos. llecf is quiet and taken In lots only as wanted for ships' stores. The sales havo beon at 11 00 a 15 00 Tor Western mess, 15 00 ft 10 00 for good and henvy do, nnd 10 50 a 17 00 per bbl for extra, 4 mos. Lard is quiet. Tho sales have been in small lots at loj a loje in bbls, and 11 5 a 12c in kegs, cash and 4 mos. buuAcd Hams nro selling a-fr'nills ima'St" fW&W S"lIni"" . BAU quality selling principally from 7) a 7 jc, POrATOl;-! The market sustains full prices with a good doinand. halt's of common Whites at "OabOe; Pcsch Blows at SOa'.'Oe j Clicnangees nt 90c a 1 00 j una curlers nt 1 15 11 1 30 per bu, as to qunlily. WOOI, FUeco nnd pulled remains quite steady. .Manufacturers aro diking the- arlleio about ns fast as receired nt quotid rates. ill a u v i e t) . In Mnrysvillt?, California, on Sunday evening, Dec. 311st. IS:., tit the Methodist Kpiscopal Church, by the Kov. Mr. Drydcn, S. CnrnniiLL, to Mis Fopuia J. May, nil cf MnrysUlle. D i c i In Richmond, Vt., on Thursday morning. IVb. 8th, of apoplexy, Mrs. Sahah Mav.vaup, wife of Mr. Timothy MaynarJ of Richmond, aged 5'J years nnd 7 months. She enjoyed uninterrupted health for a numbcrof jars until tho evening pi reeding hordeath about 4 P. M., when she was suddenly attacked and re mained insensible without uttering a word or a gronn, until 2 o'clock noxt morning, when llod called her away lrom earthly woncs to tho world of spirits. Mrs. Majnard had been n professor of rcligiun more than 10 years, aud her sudden death loudly admoni.hes the living to prcparo forasudlen call from time into eternity. She was present latt Sabbath at chuich, where blie partook nf ' The Lord's Suppor" with llie Congregational Church in Richmond, nnd on Tuesday attended tho funeral of ono of her neighbors and frieuds, and on Thursday morning sho was numbered with the dead. May her sudden death bo sanctified to the spiritual good uf hor relatives aud friends wherever they roslde. Com. ry- Editotsof papers la Vermont and Maes, will plcuso copy tho above. $50 r.awARD i 4 reward of Fifty Dollars wil be paid to any per x. son who will discover tho two persons who wcro guilty of making a violent attack upon the person nf H. It. Macy as ho was pa'sing in the highway near the Cjmp (iround, on the evening of tho 12th Inst.; tho reward to bo paid nn conviction of said offenders. One of raid porsuns called tho other "rcto"at different times during the uflray. Rurlington, l'cb. 13th, ls55, T. E. WALES, MOSES L. Clll'RCH.fScleelmen. IIEXRV WHITNEY, ) A O E N T S W A N TED. " A Rook fur every man's Library." .1 H'urA juU jm&'wnrj, itlillid ComprehoriFiivc! Geography and History, ANCIENT .1 MODERN, OrTHEWHOLE WORLD! fly. 6. U. Guodrich American Con'ul at Paris. Tho author of tbi. work is the oldest, and univer sally acknowledged, tho most entertaining and reli able Geographer our eouotry bus ever produced. Under tho name of Peter Parley, his writings aro a, familiar as He usvbold Wordr. This Is bis last best work. It contains 272 quarto pages, illus trated with 200 beautiful I.ngiarlu;r,and 80 .Maps. rneo j. Mix Accnts vMintrd in Vermont. an 1 from 1 to loin every Stato exoept Maiue. Each agont will harobis own territory. Applioants should spoeify what portion of a Stato they would like, and turnisn gool rcierrncrs, ror lull particulars, please address, without uelay, J. II. COLTON 4 CO., Publishers, No. 171 William St., New York. 33wl ' n a u n n a k g a i n s HOOM WANTMr!" " ro.Mi: a x n sm: ' M DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Crocltcry, Papr I landings, Looking Glasses, Cnrpcling anil Oil Clothr, AT our spselrui N KU STOKE, 150 Church St., (ono duor orth of our old stand,) which are now otfered or ea$h at prices that aro without a precedent here or el.ewhcre. Wo shall offorour entire stock tar 2U day without regard to cost,11 many thing, fur 50 cents on the dollar Now is the time to buy Oood. Money is wauted and goods must be sacrificed A penny saved i twopence ronioa. m-eoiieci me e more, lau murcn ci, NICHOLS 1 BUYNTON. Feb. H, 1853. diw Taxca ! Taxes I ! Taxes ! 1 1 J1IAVK THIS DAY B1XKIVFD T11KSTATK, School , County and Burlington High School tax bills, und am tery anxious tu have them paid at nice, and thereby navoany einbnrraMment that will gruw out of delay in paying taxes, I will gle tax payers an curly call und lrut I shall meet with a prompt resKine, Thono taxes should )ay thimttlv, Nme of them are payable the first of March, and uuIcns all uru prompt there will bo cmbarasrmeut. ri. JIU.NThN'UTON, Collector. Jan. 25, 1 d.lw3w LEGAL NOTICES." STATU OF VEHMONT. CANl'lliLl) DOItWlN I ItonURT IH:acH. 2d. Citimsnr. Co. Cocnr IIETSEV H11ACII f or CiiAscsnr, JOHN PROUT and Nov. Term, A. V. 1831 JOHN IirtOWN, Jr. J yyUEUEAS Cacfield Oorwln.of Ilinesburgh, In T said Chittenden County, at laid term of said Court, enlorod his petition against Robert Ueach 2d, of Carthago, In tho county ol Hancock, In the 6tnt of II Inols, Bctey Reach, wlfo of ,ld Robert, also V'AT' Jolin.l'rout of Salisbury, In the County of Addison, and John Drown Jr., of Willis- ... ... v, tuiuenuen, snowing tnat tne J, ,1'?',' Uclsy. on tho 3d day of October, V' 18S1t d,ulJr ooulcd to tho said Dorwln a mortgngo deed of certain land, situated In said iiincsourgh, and described as follows, vlt . All of ..... ... . mi,n vM1age lot in said Ilinesburgh, that Marcus Hull deeded to said Robert, by Ms deod dated July loth, 1841, and recorded In Ilinesburgh I.and neoords, In volume Eleventh, pages 407 and 408, being tho Homestead, so called, of tho said Robert and Betsey In said Ilinesburgh, whtre they thon resided, and continued to reside until they re moved from said Ulnosburgh also of certain other lands, lying nnd being situated In Richmond in said county of Chittenden, being one. half of lots num. bcred ninefjr-rirnanil nintty.four, drawn to the orig inal rights of Heioklah Rogers, containing each ono hundred acres of land j conditioned for th. payment of the sum of nine hundred and thirty dollars sped Bed In seven promissory notes, all bearing dato on the 3d day of October, 1831, ono for Soven Hundred and Hfty Dollars, payablo In three years from date, and tho other six notes, each for the sum of thirty dollars, payablo respectively In six, twclvo.cightcen, tweuty.four, thirty, and thlrty-slx months from date, to your petitioner or order, for vnluo received, and all signed by tho said Robert Reach 2d, tho first fivo of which last mentioned notes aro now duo nnd owing and bavo not been pnid according totlo effect of tho same; nnd further showing that on tticlUth day Cf Norcmbcr, A. D. 1833, tho said Robert nnd IJctsey duly executed to John Piout, of Salisbury, ... wun.j o, nun. on, a mongngo deed 01 llio some pnicii of land situnled in sni.l lllnciburgl, so mortgaged to tho said Dorwln, conditioned fur tho payment of tho sum of l'lvo Hundred Dollar., 1th interest nnnuuilv. specified In n f"iliiiilaiiirv tin In t,t diite, given by said Robert to the said Proutfor Hio Hundred Dollars, for vnluo received, ny. able in one ) car from dato with interest annual'.-, .iiiuuut which ia.H mentioned deed the said Prout claims nn interest In said land In and nl.o further showing, that tho said Robert, on tho 10th of .Mnv. A. D. IK.Vi. l,v I.I. ,.r ,!, date, executed, acknowledged, and recorded In due lonn m uw, soiu ntui conveyed to John Ilrown, Jr., of Wllll.ton. in said countv of Clilllend.n. tnl.l of land in Richmond, numbered mmty-thrit and nmly-W, except fifty ncrcs of each lot, by virtue of which deed tho said Ilrown claim, an Interest In said lands in said Richmond; and praying thai the equity of redemption of tho said Robert Reach 2d, llet-ey Reach, John Prout, nnd John Ilrown Jr., In tiic said premises mnv be foreelo.erl nt.reeablvli.llin act to diminish tlio expenses of foreclosing mortga- kciii iquuyj nnu wncrcas it appeared to said Court that at tho tlmo of tho service of said petition, the said Robert Reacli 2d. and Ret.ev Ileneh were 11M residents of tills Stato, Hnd havo " not had per-onal notice of tho pendency of suld petition, there foro It is ordered by said Court that the said eaiisnslAnd continued until tho term of said Court next to bo held at Ilurlington on tho lat Tuesday of .March, A. D. 1855, and that said Robert Reach 2d, nnd Rctscy Reach bo notified to appear on tho first day of said term, and make answer to the said petition of tho said Dorwln, by publishing this order, to gcthcr with tho substanco of Eaid petition in tho Ilurlington I'reo Pres, a public newspaper published at Rurlington, nforosaid, for threo weeks succes sively, tho la. t of which publications shall bo at least twenty days previous to the commencement of tho said term of aid Court. J. S. ADAMS, Clerk. Wm. Wr.atos, Solicitor. w33w3 iiuiiiich anus, (., co. Co I'HINEAS 1)'. COOLnV.jNev. Term, A. D. 1 Cocnr, 851. r HEREAS, Charles R. Herrick and Ouy .Miles , J.I...of..intlii!P9As'.'Aw.irr'.'iTO,ii; ui.CWVwl."'. of Herrick A Miles, having entered at said term of said Court their suit against the said rhinens D. Cuoicy, in action on book demanding $300 damages to balance Rook Accounts between tho parties. And whereas it having been suggested to tho said Court that at the tlmo of tho rcrvico of tho writ in this action, tho said Defendant was not a resident of this State, and had not had personal notico of tho pend of this suit and has not appeared nor answered to tho samo. Therefore It is ordered by tho said Court that the cause stand continued until the term of said Court, next to bo iioldcn at said Ilurlington, on tho last Tuesday in .March, A. D. 1S35, nud that tho said Defendant be notified to appear at said term and nnswer to said suit, by tho publication of tho sub stanco of tho declaration in said action, nnd tills order, in tho Rurlington I'reo Pres., a newspaper ntsaid Ilurlington, threo weekssuccessircly, tho last of which publications shall beat least threo weeks before said March Term, A. I). 1655, nt which time tho Defendant is notified to appear as afore, said. Dated nt Rurlington, this 30th day of November. A. D. 1854. J. .S. ADAMS, EvMAlCfiitlNus, Attorney for Plaintiffs. Clerk. w33w3 rpilKTAXKa asehsel on the Urund Licts of this X Town for tlio years of 1852, lH53andl&ol, upon tho Dwelling-house and Lnt on the corner of Clnunplain and King streets, rtcently occupied by T. D, Chapman, nud set hi the suid lists to him, Fiiid Taxes bciug in my hands for collection and unpaid, and not being able to find within my pricinct tbe proper goods or chattels of the said Cluipman whereon to levy and celled tin- Kline, t lime extended the warrants for tho colletiun of the paid Tase upon the tMi'l estate, which I shall cell ut Public Auction at the Mid premises in said Ilurlington, on the 12th diy of Match, l&5",ut V u'clock in tbe foremon. bu much of eald estate ah will produce a rum ?afii. cient to pav raid Tuxes and all legal costs thcrcou. S. V. TAVI.OH, Ftrt C'UitaLlr and Collector oj lhqhray ami I'niuti Sth-ml 'Iini, Burlington, Feb. I'th, 13.". w:t2s3 Collector's Sale. rpHU rAXte1 aessed on the Ur-uid I.UU vt thH JL Town tor the years 1S'3 and 154 upon the I)tvoUinuoue nun joi on mo cornem. luuuijiuin and liunk stietts nnu sci in inc cam i.ieis u . un Smith, s.iid Taxes behu in my hinds fur collet-lion nnd unpaid, and not being able to nnd within my pre- I clnct tho proper goods or chattels of the said Mdth ! whereon to levy ana coneci ine rame, l navecticnucu tho warrants fur tho collection of the faid Taxes upfn tho faid estate, which I shall sell at Public Auction nt tho raid premises in raid Burlington, un t!m 12th day nf March, 1S33, at f oVIoek in tlio forenoon, so much ot slid estate as will produce a t-uin cuCi dent to pay said Tncs nnd all legal costs thereon. Firtt Constatte nntt ColUrtor ff lhgh ny in- Unton School 'I at Burlington, Feb. 0th, ISjj. w3.w:t Collector's Sale. f IIIIC TAXKS assessed nn the Orand Ust of this X Town for tho year 1854 upon the real cdato cf Charles Paino and Joseph Clark, Trustees of the Vermont Ccntiat Uallroad Co., and ret In the raid Grand Lilt to tho said Palno and Clark, said Taxes being in my hands for collection and unpiid and not being able to find within my prejinct the proper goods or chattel of the said Paine and Clark whereon to levy and collect tho same, I have ex tended the warrants for tho collccticncf the said Taxes uponthe Dwelling-house and Lot on thoXoith side of Maple street, formerly owned and occupied by O, A. Mansbury, which estato I shall stll at Public Auction at tbe said premises in eaid Bulling ton, on the 12th day of March, 1835, at 11 oMock in tho forenoon, so mucb of said citato as will pro duce a sum eutteient to pay bald Taxes and all.cgal costs thereon. S. W. TAYLOR. Fint CamtubU ami Collector of JUinw.iy and Unmn Hch'ul T3it, Burlington, Feb. 9th, 155. w323 Collector's Sale. f ffllli; TAXFS auuexed on the firaud Lists of tho , JL Town lor the yearn of 1&53 and Is M u pen tho Dwclling'huusc ana Jot on me test riie oi cqim nlilii street. ouMulel by Peter Bvlfnt). and itt In the raid I.Utr to him, rjid Taxes bilug in my hmJi for cullection aud uuitaid, and not being alio to Hid ithin my precinet the proper gooris or cnauei pi le said Hcigan whereon to Ky and collect tlv cnmc i hnro pxteiiaea inc warrants ior ino co uu Hf.n nft'io said taxes unon tho said nUU which I shall at Public Auction at tho said premises in said Builington, on the 17th aay oi urcu IMi, atiu o'clock, in the forenoon, fco much of said etate as will pruduca a sum sufficient to pay said taxe and all legal costs thereon. S. TAYLOU, Firtt Cunitablt and Coll f tor of llhuay and Vnton Sfh-tol 'Fast. Butlicglon, Tebruary 'Jth, 155. 32w3 Collector's Sale. rMlK TAXK5 assessed on the Orand List of thia L town for the years of 1831, 1S32, 1853 and 1851, upon a parcel of land on tho North side of tho Wluooski Turnpike, In the easterly part of this town.sot in tho said Grand List to Jcsso llodgckics, said Taxes being in my hands for collection and unpaid, and not bulng ablo to find within lay pre cinct the pruper goods or chattels of tbe said llodgekius whereon to lory and collect tho samu I havo extended tho warrants for tbe collection of tho said Taxes upon the said estate, which I shall sell at Public Auction, at the Town Clerk's Officee, in laid Burlington, on tbe 12th day of March, 1855, at 'i o'clock, in the afternoon ; so much of said estato will produce a sum sufficient to pay said taxes and all legal costs inereon. D. W TAYLOR. First Constable and Collector of iigJJ and Ciitun Sihivl Yati, Burlington, February 9th, 1855. w323 ' NOTICE rilHCgTOCKIlOLDKHSof the UutUnd .V Bur X liogton Uailruad Company, aro hertby notified to meet at the Bellows Falls Hotel, in Hockingbam, in ilia C.uintr of Windham und State of Vermont, on the 2lth duyof February, lo55, at one oVIoek la the afternoon, for the purpose of electing six Direc tors to fill vacancies which havo oecutred iu aid rrtinriinv trrd nf Dhcctori. and to, transact any other business that may legally couio bcfro sai 1 meeting. Pt'YTON n.CnANDLKU.jPtockholdeti "1 WILLIAM IILNKY, V Im mW J. D. DHIIX1MAN, ) Company, Bellow. Fulls, Vt., Jan, 27, IR55. w3iwJ UIJAST PUJU'r A now urllole. tUwrMling dial Uol- ..i.i l i.til. ul.... lint.i.ilal Nurnnir ilci.silicr. liorT nud rubbur tubes. Just rotelicd, .nd for .alo ly TIIEO. A.l'ECh r.b. i;. ditr Ureal Annual Sale! trivaRDs or $150,000 AVOIITII or WINTER CLOTHING, At tho following Low Prices I $1 50 to 2. Oood Tanti, of various fabrlci. r , $2 50. Caiimere.poeskln, and Broadcloth Pants, at this low price, for a few days, to reduce slock. $2 75. Custom Made Doeskin rants, Canvas Bottoms, nnd madoof ns good materials as the Pants for which you usuallypay $5. Closing saloof Winter Clothing. $3 to 5. raney Cass., Doeskin, and Cloth Pants, of v.ry desirable patterns, being at least 35 per oent. lost than tho same aro usually sold. . , A nlco Affair for a Oentlem.n. n, n. ,,,. custom made, usually sold for much more. ' $10 to 12. A Fine Custom Mado Overcoat or sack, mad. from Drab, Bloo, and Black Pilot Cloth, Broadoloth, and Beaver Cloths. f.,r tM. int win that the same garments aro sold at from tls to im. art to if;. Talmas, An entirely New Style of Over Garments. combining gentility with case and oomfort. $3 50. For an Offico or Business Coat, toclose outtheitock. aa to 12. Dress and Frock Coats, from S unerflne nrnnrlnlnlli and Doeskins, mado up In good stylo and In ft faith ful manner All will bo sold at theso low prices, to close out stock 3)1 to 1 50. Ycsts.of tho latest fashion, for thciolow prices. S2 to 3 50. For ft Nlco TatlCV Sa!in Vest. Al.ft Illnplt nr T.nv Silk do., mule, up in tho latest styles. Oentlemcn's Dressing Uowns, very lowest prices. tii:.Ti,i:.iii:.vs FURNISHING GOODS. 37 1-2 Cts to $1 50. Assorted lot of Shirts and Drawers. 50 Cto to 2 OO. I'lno Shirts, Linen Bosoms and Collars. 12 1-2 Cts to 50. Tine Linen Bosoms. 5 Cts to 17. Fine Linen Collars. 17 Cts to 25. Socks. 25 Cts. to 1 50. Stocks and Cravats. 25 cts. to 1 OO. Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs. 10 cts to 50. Suspenders. 37 cts to 2 OO. Uirbrellas, 6 cts to 17. Tooth Brushes. G cts to 1 OO. Hair .rushes. $5. TraTolllng Shawls. Together n!th a great variety of Fancy Goods, to be closotl up cheap. BOYS' DEPARTMENT. $2 to 5. Over Sack?, $1 1-2 to 4. Jackets. Suit Jacket and Panti- $1 to 3. Casslrnere, Cloth and Doeskin Pants, 50 cts to $2. Vests. Very truly 1 1 ht above nre tow prices f Purehtsers, howover, nro requested to bring this advertisement with them, and thoy will then acknowledge the fact, as wo aro determined to close up all the stock of Winter Clothing. A copy of tho Xew Book, " Oak Hall Pictorial," gratis, to every purchaser. ONE PRICE, CASH SYSTEM. Oak Hall, lloslon Tr3mos Dec. 20, 1551. STARTLliN'U, BUT TRUE ! WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. How often U happens, that tbo wife lingers from year to jfar In that pitiable condition as not even for ono.Uw fi (ha juji.r.v and exhilarating influ- THK ULOOMIXG IJUIDE, But a few jeara ago in the flh of health and youth and buoyancy of spirits, rapidly, and arparently in explicably, beemnoa a feeble, sickly, sallow, debili tated wife, with frame emaciated, nerves unstrung, spirits depressed, countenanco bearing tho impress ot suffering, and an utter hysical and mental prm (ration, arising from ignoranco of tho simplest and plainest rules of health as connected with tho mar riage state, the violation of which entails disease, ruQermg and misery, not only to tho wife, bat often HEREDITARY COMPLAINTS UPON THE CHILDREN ' LWTtl TIIC Tlllltn AND FOURTH O EN F RATION,' Trnnsmltttrii; C'itASrSIITlOV, SCHOPUI.A, 111 IMM IIOMMtl , I.NKAMTV, CJOUT, HUB'S i:VII nnil other mid .nrHe DI.enses, n. a DREADFUL INHERITANCE FROM Till: PARENTS. " And inunt tht continue f Mutt this b t Is there no remetlyt Norelirff Nohoisel" Tlte rpmeiy U tv InoHir? tho caasei and ateUlnj Uim,ind knowing the reinftlicn, tni bcoentiojj br tbeia. Those are loiutej out In THE MARRIED WOMAN'8 PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, BY Pit. A. M MAUR1CKAU, morrwoR or mskastm or wosnr. Ont llundralth Edition, (500,000), ISmo ,;7t.250, OS n I'iPFK, EXTRA IIlfDINO, 11.00 J A dtanJrJ work of cUiblisl.eJ reruUtion, foand cUai4 In the eatalcuet or tho prtattra-la mv In New York, Philadelrhta, and other cltiei, anl soil by the principal bockiellem fn th t'ntte-l butes. It was flrat publiibed In 1647, since which time FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES hare Utn sold, of which there nere upwards of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SENT BY MAIL, allotting the high estimation In which it is heli as a re liable popular Medical HOOK FOIl KVEIIY FBMALK the aotber hainjr deroted hi eiclailre attcotien to tbe treatment of complaint peculiar to females, la rwpact to which he Is yearly consulted by thousands both in person and by letter. Here erery worn in cjlq dlscorer, by com pari nj her ova ijTDptemi with those described, the nature, character, causes of, and tbe proper remediei for, her complaint. Tbe wife about becoming a mother bas oftea seed of I ut true tion and advice of the utmott Importance to her future health, fn respect to which her teDiitlveneea for bids eonsaUi&tj a medical gentleman, will find och la vUoetioa and adT.ce, and also eiplain tnaoy symptoms which otherwise would occailon anxiety or alana a aU the peeulitrities Incident to her tl tuition are describe. ITow many are suffeno; from obstractloos or Irregular Itles peculiar to the female ayitem, which undermine the health, the effectj of which they are Ignorant, a4 for which their delicacy forbids seeking medical ad t ice. Many suffering from prtZipna Mieri (felllaj of the womb), or from Jtvor aE-ui (weakueM, debility, 4c ) Many ire tn eotstsnt agony for mny months preceding eonflne nient. Many hare djfhcult If not dangerous deli?ertes, aud slow and uncertain recoTeries. Bome whose li?es are bi Larded during such time, will each Hod In its pages the means cf prevention, amelioration and relief It U cf eourie Impracticable to convey fully the TirlonJ eubject treated cf, as they are of a nature atrietty In tended for Ihe married or thoee contemplating marriage. Header, r yoa a buttand or a father? t wife or a mother f Dare you the sincere welfare of thoee you lore at heertf rrote your sincerity, and lose no time ta learolog what causes lutrrero with their health and fcsp places not les ttia your own U will svold to jou and jours, as It bas to thouianJs, many a day of pain anl euatety, tallowed by aleeplesa nights, Incapacilaung tne mini for Its ordinary avocation, and eihautting tbee means tor medical attendance, medicine- and advertuel nostrums which r.tberlfe woull provide far declining yean, the lnBrm.dof S nd the prepr lucat.oa of your rhiUreu la coneocent or the univerfcal popularity of the werk, .. ..jt-.Ii is it traMdinanf ul. varioue tropeei rims have Kn attempted, as well on bookiilleni aa nn the rubUc, ly imiUttous of tHU ltf, spurious tdiUoni, ani sorrertitioui infvmgemeote of copyngbt. and other deVw aid deceftioa it bu keen found neceaury, therefore, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC (obor pnKk arltttw mHi "Pr .Ul. MiC"fV'; 1.3 lit.ttr Hrrtt. S. V ." i. oo(.n.l ll .nltjr In th. a.rk'i Offite cn th. cf) tl.a till. r . mil boy only of r.r"M -i.-i4l le iVil.. it nl bj mill, laa kiiiM 11 It A M SUuticwia ti-Opon t.curt of Ono UoUr 'TKE MAR- niED VoM,.&i rmvATr. iiedioal com. Vo. Agents iu Vermont. Faith A IMercs, .V.-r G V Hale, CSttnt E M Brown. UW.roc ReJficldA Gr.nniss,.V4iN Mifr 0 LCaso A Co. Bran ion 11 W UUlsdell. l irg t hum vouin" rwjirr, .'i j-wfiirr, Itranrlon W II Wallace, Iratburs h Pratt, Jr., UV.fof S K Collins, Mmtprhfr S R Nichols, llurhnnton V Jlerryficld, Windsor 1) O Tjler, Mintpttttr 1 Mott, it. Albans, Jan. 10. wfiinln ."s l.EOTRO-GALVAXIC llATrERIE so bene. 4 QeUl In Rheumatism, N'euralgtfl,.Vorvouiness, Ac. complete in cafes. Fur ealo by T11EO, A. PECK, Dealer Iu Surgical Instruments. Feb 12. dAwtf FEBRUARY 16., Como nnd Sco DRY GOODS. A T ituit;ci3i IMtlCKS. T y II 11 SUUSCRIBIIKS AIIC BCLMSO ALL aescriptlons ol J new ns txct w ab9 Mw.k lowtr thin any othor housa In Ilurlington. Contemplfttln a chango In our business arrange ments wo aro desirous of oloslng out our stock os arly posslblj. Tu thoso In want of Dry Goods either at Wholesale or Hetail, wo would say Cms and ttt, and ttemgt V9u unit corns again. 1IIOUEI3 .t WEDD. Feb. 3, 1855. dCUww HAVI.N'O ItoUrned to my old stand on Church Street, I am now prop&red to supply tho needy with tho best of Ton, CntTco, Siiinr, Spices, Alncnronl, Tnplocn, Vormlcllln, I'nrinn, Coru Stnrch, llnlsiim. Split 1'cns, Canary and Hemp Seed, all kinds of Soap, Mackerel, Salmon, Cod Fish, Lamp Oil, Purning Fluid, Cider Vinegar, Pork Lard, Flour by the barrel or pound, Buck Wheat and Meal, at a verv moderate advance from oast, and as I mako all ray purchases for cash think my prices will be found satisfactory Jon. 25th, 1B55. dAwOmos. MEDICATED INHALATION, BY DK. J. (.OMiINOHUNTIN'O, of Niirtlinmiitiiii. .1In., .4 ND formerly uf tho ISrompUfn Hospital, City V Korul. London t for the euro of Con.umntton. nronchitis. and nil other chronic aETccttons uf the Thront. Lnns nn'l air russaacs. bv the Inhalation ot medicated van irs, ns practiced in tho said Ilosnl tal. Tho remedies employed by Dr. II. aro brought Into Immediate contact Willi tlio ulcerated surfaces of tho I.uns nnd Throat, by Inhalation, producing their action at the very eout of tho disease. A sin rIo week's trial will convineo tho Invalid of the efficicy of tho life-rt storing power of thisticatincn.t Vr. Hunting will be at tho American Hotel, Uur Ungton, on cdm-sday, Thursday, and Friday, the Hth, 15th, and loth, lint., for consultation with patients on thonbovo Iieasos, No charges for consultations, which are given from 8 A. M. to 8 1'. M. Pr. II. may be alio consulted on all diseases pe culhr to Females, freo ofchargo, nthls rooms. 337" Principal Oflico, Northampton, Mass., where all letters (postpaid) will bo duly answered. Feb. 8th. dAwtf ROO M WANTED. IXl'KRtKN'Ci: has demonstrated to hundreds, yes, thousands, that STANFORD'S Is tho placo to Ptirchnc Cnrpctlng. Oll.Cloth, Tnncy nnd Staple Dry Goods, CHEAP ! I am now otTerlnrj a better opportunity to the Pub ic than ever before, to secure bargains, as room Is wanted for IVHW OIl ! I will close out rar cntlro stock beforo 1 st March next, at prices that will, perhaps, surprise tho pur chaser. C. F. STANIFOrtD. Burlington, February, 1355. dAwtf Do You Huy Hoots nnd Shoes for Cnsh ! If you do call on T. C. WALES 6c CO., 3!l IVnrl Street, Who will you UOOD RLTAILINQ Boots, Shoos, nibbers&. Gaiters, of all kinds and sizos, M ine smallest child's to tho largest men's, by tho CASE or IW2E.V, at LOWElt I'ltlCES than avo boon known for vcars. 3rairo 23 PLARL STREET a try, beforo buying. Boston, Feb. 3, 1355. w3mos. Matches, Matches. THE Subscriber has taken the shop and flztnres on Chimptaln Street, formerly occupied by .Mr Eddy, and Is manufacturing the CELEBRATED AMERICAN- MATCHES. He has on hand a large quantity of Matches, for sale at Wholesale or Retail. All Matches sold by the subscriber, aro warranted to give good satisfac tion. O. BOSTWICK. Burlington, Feb. 1, 1755 w3w SMITH'S Anodyne Cough Drops, THE Gil EAT CURE FOR AU Diseases of the Throat and Lungs ! Id Largo Bottles at 25 Cents. It Is usod by Physicians la their nraotlco and In their own fiimilUa, nltb tuuli guuvl uvt tlct tbejr willingly, without solicitation, give their recom mendations fur its use. Many certificates aro sow n inv nosgossion from emlneut Pbysiciaus who bavo ucd ft and examined tho Uecipo from which It ii DropiiroJ, nna tuey ucciaru tutii iiiey Know ociier 1 1 i- . . i a i f l n. Uelow are a few names of tho manv I'hvsielana who uso it in their nractii-B and inn1c hfu-hlw In it nvori ' r " Dr. CHARLES CLARICE, Montpoller, Vt. Dr. SA.NPL U'. THAYER, Jr., Rurlington, Vt. Dr. GEORGE NICHOLS, Xorthfield, Vt. Dr. UATi;S, Berlin. Dr. BIGEI.OW, Barre, Vt. FRED, E. SMITH, Proprietor. .Montpoller, Vt. AGE.VT. A. C. SPEAR. Burlington. The Greatest Medical Discovery ol tne Age. 11 R. Kennedy, of Robury, Mass., has discovered i.' I In ono of our common pasture weeds a rcmedv that cures a fry "i of hum jr.fnm the worst Scrofula down to a common pimple. l!o has tried it In orer cict on hunarctl cases, nnd never failed except In tun Cdics (both thunder humor.) Hu has now In his possession over two hundred cirtificates cf Its value, all within twenty miles of lioston. iwo bottles aro warranted to euro a nursinc sour mouth. One to three bottles will cure tho worst kind of punplcs on tho face. io or three buttles willclear thosjstem orboil. Two bottles aro warranted to cure thw worst canker in the mouth and stomach. l'hreo to fivo bottles aro warranted to cure the wor?t cao of erysipelas. una to two buttici arouarrantca to euro aw numor In tho eye. j wo bottles aro warranted to cure running of tne ears and bbdchc am one the hair. Four to six bottles aro warranted to euro corrupt ani running ulcers. Ono bottle will cure scaly eruption of the skin Two or throo bottles aro warranted to cure the worst case of rln 'worm. I wo or three bottles are warranted to cure tne most desporato cases of rheumatism. Throo or four bottles aro warranted to euro the salt rhoum. tivo to eight bottles will cure the very worsteases of scrofuli. A benefit Is always experienced from the first hot' tie, and a perfect euro Is warranted bon tho above quantity is taken. Xothinz looks so Improbable to those who have In vain tried all tho wonderful medicines of the day. as that a common weed, growing in the pastures, and alonz old stone walls, should eure every humor In the system : yet It is now a fixed fact. If you have a humor, it bas to start Iliere are no lis nor anas hums nor ha s about its suiting some oasos, but not yours. I peddled over a thousand bottles of It in tne vicinity oi uoeion. i Know mo euecis oi it ia every case. Ithas already dona somo of the great est cures ever done in Massachusetts. I gave it to children a vear old : to old people of sixty. I have Ecen poor, puny, wormy looking children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored to a perfeot stato of health by one bottle. To thoso who are subject to a slok htadacbe, on bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief in catarrh and dizziness. Bome who have taken It h&ve been costive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the bodv li sound it worksQulteeasy.but nhere there Is any dorangoment of tbe functions of nature, it "ill causo very singular teeungs, dui you must not be alarmed thov always disappear tn from four days to a week. There is nover a bad re suit from It on tho contrary, when that feeling 1 vou will feel vourielf like a now person. '. heard somo of the most extravagant encomiums of It ever man listened to. So chines of diet is ever necsss&ry. Eat thtbss you can get, and enough of It. CURE OF ERVSIPELifJ. Mr. Kexsept. How can I express my Joy to think 1 got oured at last of the erysipelas! My faoo was at times as red as a pieeo of bsf ; I suf fered from tho headache more than tongue can tell of. I tried every remedy to be had, without the leapt benefit, so that I despaired of relief; then hearing your niedloiae so highly praised in wmncy I procured It ana ta a tew weens w won. n orkod mor like a charm than medicine. HARRIET BLAKE, Qulncy. CURED OF HUMOR. My son was troubled with & humor, florae called it ecrofuU, some wit rheum , some one thing, some mother. By the use of your .Medical Discovery, he is now curoa oi it , R. II. LAYT0X, Qulncy, OP PIMPLES ON THE FACE. Mo. K'rvxrnv. About two years afto my faee broke out in plmplee of the worst kind, beelng th ?.wi affect of the Med cat Discovery on frn.i nf mine, who was troubled the same as I was I tried it, ani I am happy to say a complete cure has been the result. J. P.TARBELL, Brighton CURE OF CAKKER Mn. Kfdy. .To ron can deieribo what I suf fered from a nursing sore mouth and canker none but a mother who had it, can possibly believe what it Is and nono but thoso who used it can possibly believe the efRceiency of your Medical Discovery lucutiuz it- ELIZABETH lombriage, rs-niuo-fflita. Merchants and others, who would like to act as Agents, please send in their orders to rUKI). !.. ri.Ul I II. IHUggui, Jiomieiier, uenerai u noieaaiu sigcui iur -iuwi nnvu.n ulVm Proprietor. Roxbury. Mas A. C. SPEAR, Agents, Burlington ; L. L. DUCT1I ER A PON. Jt. Albans ; II. A. HODGES, and E. R iini'i'v ltiMiinnml W. G. SPRAGUE. Veriren ns. AUo, by DruggisUandMerchantievcrywUere. 1855. RARE B E E UARGAINS t tlio II I V E !! The remainder of our Rich Pattern Cloaks, 111 now bttitd nt priett ta mit purchnitri, TtgarJ Un of eoit, to chit thin out. ALSO, All Winter Knoih Will be offered at prices to Insure their sole. Fur. rushing a raro opportunity fur thoso In want Of such goods, to socuro good bntgalnl, Our Pntrnns lire especially Invited to call In time to secure somo of thtm. ALSO, Jutt ttttivtd by r.iprtu, Miarrly, Dress (s'ikmN, l-'inmiRN. Merino Wrappers and Drawers for Ladles and Gen tlemen, Knitted Polka Sacks fer Lndles, Misses and Children, Knitted Under r-lceves, Wristlets and Orer Sacks, Legglns for Men and Hoys. ALSO, cojironTKits, scvnrB, r.i.ovr.H, Stockings, Silk Pocket Hdkfs. i Crorats) Linen do. ALSO, Auothcr Carton of n.HnnoiDKIlins, Cambrlo and Shire Lawn Ildkfs. Misses " Ucmldltch do. ALSO, A great variety of Dress Trimmings, Olrdlei for Robes, Dressing Oowns and Aprons. ALSO, Another Carton of thoso Superior Trench Kid Gloves. ALSO, While &.Col'd Marseilles! Quilta, for French and single licdstcadi, Cribs an 1 Cradles, IlLAXKDTS.nll sites, Together with a great vailcty of Window Similes. Ciirluin Ciootl, anl llouso Furnishing Goods generally. P A C A .V G T I! U X Ii S . all sat Our Htouk emlirnco!) erorvtbtntf uaiinll Itor.t In Dry (loo'l Moi unl will fs M1 very Cl'lKAI' I r OAr-U. We tlo not CITALLEN'OE iin.l UVSX 1UV W01U.D to COMPETE witli our I'HICES but ua DO IX VI IE ALL to cnll nml cxamlno f..r them, scltcs, ami nro willing ti nbl'lo the declilnn cf a locriiiunating public, to whom tho above h sub mou. ery rcspectruiir, N. PECK, Jr. Jan, ICth, 1835. dAwtf By Telegraph FROM LYMAN'S STORE, HUKIjINGTOX ! ARRIVAL OF TUB STEAMER ' ' TUBCn DAYS LVTKU FKOM NKW YOKK. ! ! XEW3 OF GKEAT IMPOUTAXCE! ! ! ! Reciprocity Htll Passed ' .' ' 1RADE IX DRY GOODS VERT URISIC. THE receipts of Drv Goods Quito lareo. Sales quick, and at very low figure). In staple good), ni i cnoMngs, fchlrtings,Uenim9,?5tripe9, Ac.,con tderable activity displayed, at prices much lower than last spring. uuLij.s nro heavy and Arm, at prices that at tract considerable attention. FOREIGN GOODS Cnsalmeres. Shawls. De- Latne, Xe., aro very cl-cap. Prices of all article. xceptinc worthless and unprofitable kinds, exhibit greater regularity and firmness. Tho Styles aro the best in Market, coneqt:cntly meet with ready saieg. EMBROIDERIES. In thlo lino we notico n larco and beautiful assortment, nnd at low price. Tho tyics aro cnoico ana tne iooi nro ooi. .lucn at- ntion nas Dccn uovoted in tuts lino by tho Ladles, nd inoro animation displayed than tiual. THIRET.S MERIXOS. COKfltGn AC. Larce mnortntlons of thenn enniii (lilooninn nrirt nr!n aro from 20 to 30 ror eont. lasi a beautiful assortment of these goods aro now ready for exhibition and sate. Purchasers aro Invited to give them a look before purchasing elsewhere. iiusif.ui a "LUVJ. As uualta well selected tock of Hosiery and Gloves are in tho market, but for choice eoods. eoodsthat art eood$. tho CORXER STORE Is jupplied with an endless varietv. aud at lowpnctt. rf"All aroiC7itod to call and examlno for thim- elres. CORNER STORE, XWekwart Building, September 25. 1S54. A M mien I Jnurnnl for Hip Million! rilHE NEW YORK MUSICAL REVIEW contains X annually over One Hundred Pieces of New Music, besides a vast amount of critical, instructive and entertaining reading ; also, a work (published in chapters) by LowjII Mason, embodying tho pric tical results, as applied to practical teaching, of bis experience, during a long ana inauunous career, as an author and teacher of music. And yet tho Musical Renew is ooly on dollar a year, or six cop ies for five dollars inflexibly in advance. Anybody feeling an interest fn the cause of tnu!, l invited to get upclubs, and lorwird subscriptions. Pub lished fortniirhtly. Specimen copies sent on receipt of five cents, or two postao stamps. Auarcss, post-paid, ,UA5U. jiuui iu.u?, a Park Row, Now York. diw3w Notice. I HAVE given to my son, JAMES H. PLATT, Jr. a minor, his time during tbo icslluo of his mi nority, from the date hereof: and I shall not here After claim inv nf his tiirniii. nnr tinv anv itnLn which he may contract. JAME5 11. PLATT. Turlington, Jan. nth, 1833. d'JtAwl GREAT BARGAINS" Xoiv offer i dm Hats, CJaps and Purs, at the Hurlincton lint ntui Tur Store. rilHE subaenhors take this opportunity to retnrn X their than'rts for tho liberal pitronage thus far bestowed on them, and further siy to their patrons and the public generally, that for the ' MATY DA i'.V. we bhall sell all goods now In storo at a ow f.gurt Our stock coinpriee a large assortment ef Hats, Caps &. Fancy Dress Furs, UlrtAUJ A2U 2LL.IU11 UOBES, A largo variety of ii Ii o v i; S V M ITT I. s. Gentlemen and Ladtos will find this a raro oppor tunity to cet cood tloods and cet them cheap. Cull aud etc. Goods in all branches of our Hue made to order and repairing dono at short notice. Uurlmann, Jan in, .Uwtf FORT EDWARD INSTITUTE, Hev-. JOSEPH L. KING, A. M.. Principal. "IFammoth brick buildings, in the estimation cf l"l-lntelliKent visitors, unequalled by any Sem inary edifice in America. The boarding depart ment Aa been full from thr btinmng . Board, fur nished rooms, prepared fuel, washing, tuition In common English, and Incidentals, In advance, for whole term ot 14 weeks, 9iJ,0Q. ticumon trains at reduced fares, hitwpn Troy and Castleton, on tbe first and last day of each term. Spring term begins March 23th. Those who desire superior fa cilities for a thorough education, commercial, clas sical, or ornamental, and are capable of keeping uholejomi rules, are in? itcd to apply for Catalogues, or for board, to tbe Principal. tort t.dward, - i , Jan. ii, ic:a. J: wi-, Underhill Academy, rilHC SPRIXG TERM willcommeneeon Monday, I Feb. 12th. Instructors the same as hereto fore. Bnreial attention will be ctron durinc tho coming term to those who intend to teach. UUAKL) $1,50 and u,73 per weeit, tor wnica ap ply to the Principal. E. II, BYI.VGTOX. Lnaernui, Jan. ij, ioj. wjiwo Northflcltl InHtitution. SPRINOTEKM logins Tuesday, February M. JOHN II. OKA1IAM, Principal. XorthBeld.Vt., Jan. 27, 1555. w3lwl Barrc Academy. The UprlnK Term will lepln on Thntsdny i curimrv 10, 10.10, B0AKD INCLUDING ROOM AND FUEL ritov 1.50 to 2.00 rr week. Several ladies can be accommodated in the family of the Principal. Applications snouia d. roaae soon so J, 8. 6PAULDINO, Principal llarr., January 20th, 1S55 . w3w nil. G. W. STONE'S Mesmeric Werve RESTORATIVE. rin3 Compound Nervine was dlscov.r.d and r. X vealed to Dr. Stono by a celebrated Clalrvoy. ant, whose wonderful powers of second sight were developed and exhibited by him in London, during tbe Spring and Summer of ISM. The efficacy of this newly discovered remedy in restoring to Healthy action and incroasing tho vital energies, bas been well tested and proved to a demonstration, by tbe proprietor, in bis treatment of Nervous Diaeanco, During three years' practice In Europe, where bund, reds can testify to astonishing and almost mlracu. lous cures performed by It. In addition to the mag. ioal powers of tbe Ingredients, it is highly charged with Mesmerio Fluid, being tn accordance with the directions of tbo Clairvoyant, powerfully Mesme rised by Dr. Stone, thus combining with iu medicinal virtues the aid of Mesmerism, by which alone some of the most remarkable cores bavo been performed aver known. It is a specific for evory Neurotlo die ..... and mav be relied upon as a certain euro for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Paralysis, Tic Doloreui, Nervous Headache, Pain iu the side and Stomach, and Uenerai Nervous Debility. 1)11. STONE'S Cough. Con mi in pi ion and nrtoxciiiTls ELI.XIH. Dr. S. would also call the attention of tbe publio to his invaluable remedy for Coughs, Colds, Con sumption, and all Bronchial afTectlons. It will give Immediate relief where tho most severecough exists, .n.iinn r.wtlavi will cure the most troublesome cold. As a preventative and eure of Consumption, it has never been cauaueu. it contains no poison, mi. inrr.i.nts. andmavbo civen to tho most dell cat. child without fear or risk. This medicine has been tried successfully In hundreds of cases th. past winter, and no family should be without It- Trice 1 'Kiwi'i'ia Agent WILLI A M JOllNSON.No 106 Hanover streci, jiohou. .. For sale in Ilurlington by U. . ALLtN, Apothe "Kb 1,1555 LOOK IIRnE! rn Ana Nur nn.ur tu fhttix kith every person, oi'l not only rc i ISTIINI) todn so ' foot' an l un it debtcl tu ns aro r. icclfully Invito I ' the 10th ilny nf rVhmnry ncT. Ml 1 clo'Cfl at that time, will ho lft w!' 1 nil collection, ns wo ore Ucterminnl i . i, v i closefl. Hcoolkct the 10th of 1'. hru.irv Mi'lIOI.S A D0YN1' Burlington, Jnn. 27th. I8ji. I'.VI,.lIi:it it IIAVH IM, Attorneys 6c Counsnllora at Law, omen, no j,...i;mi'I1il hloi k SI. I'aul .lIlniicMjln. EDWARD C. r.lLMER, I WILEtllM ItiiW 'D, Cjffimi.snrKr for Vt. A t y v FeHnmrT, IE,, IIUTCIIINS 6c SAVVYEH, ('oinmlMliiil .Kt'icliniil', AND WHOLESALE bL. 1'- IN Butter, Clio os o, G-rain, AND All, KINDS or COCNTlir Ml DCCI No. 78 dey.stim:i:t, New-York. January 16, 1935. wji.i DLODGETT 6c SWEET'S Patent (Julvaiilzcil Purlnblc (Jwii! p I feCTJoiBuir'ss.assa I.N - SUITAI5LE for tho tmnlk-t i i- f. o HoUls nnj Steamers of tin lai t cla 73" Every Ovon warrant. 1 1 1 o . faction. Manufactured by P. T. SWEET, College SI. Ilutlingtoii. Vt. CO CO ti 2 ci s CQ - M o o Z. . -f. o o i- t- S - ca if Z a co d 5 d s 3 davi:v & nnn i, n l'li: rccrsORs I" DAVEY & ALLEN, Heavy anil Shelf Hardware, Comprising an ritensii ass-tment cf House rimininss Mechanics' 'JW . Hn it tilt rj-, 'In I) 1 1- nml l'u l.t t 1 11 lU r j , A r iV c. nr. m rns in Kails; Mill, Cron.Cut int f,- .V tt Spring; Pump Ch tn ; If.. T Bronks Axr i Amri' 1 1!' P nt i Otis; Windows Cli, & , fy Ami Dealers in AGmcrrnrrMr, vvt.i Mr,T Sc lMrriivrs, Fielp, Orais, OaHD1 AMI Tl v t n - Acrut" ir Itiiiluictciii nnil it nm lor Proutv .t Mrar'a Cdcbratctl Cci ti I r 1 nj H. Tabr Jt Co.' IMi.wi : Ulan I .1 ilesser .t ClbyN an.l Taft r 1 Genuine JIrookflt'1-1 I'ur( - 1 r, Iclick A Coi lliTf P- irs ai u Thresher Ac, .1. . .T Our Stocl; r rimniiiK Tool is vt lare, Such as Corn -lielk-rs, ?tni'r fu't- I llakv, llan-i Dakcs, F.intiin ' , Ca-llc, Snaths, Mnnurc n i 1 Torrt?, Hay Knnc, Cattk Tu , Ir Trace an-1 UinJmg Chairs, ii 1 a , Scytho Stoma Ac, Ac. AM uf whi 1 i e pareJtotllat tho .Monuftic-tun. 1 1 Vu v - Trices. And, also, Dealers in Uiiriinpilon Wniron JLxUs, KANCFACTCIIED C V DAVKV, KINOSliAND Sc CO These Axles are made of the hct Enst . Tered Iron, and aro superior in quality, style aadu-sh to thoso ued in tho celebrated Concord Was' & Combining lightness, strength and ca f run ning, thi y cumtnend thcmseUes to all n ai : aud users of Wagons, and secure fur them'-fU rs a r u tatlon and preference In every market nb re t ey are Introduced. Wo avail ourselves of tho present oppcif :n ty ot returning our thanks for tho patrnnai; h iro heretofore received, and rcsptctfully syhelta in uanceof like favors. Sign ol Use Siiw, CollPKe St., Ilurlinglou, Vermont C. M. DAVEY II. II, D00LITTIF February 21, lgS wtf University Medical College, At Iturllnstoii, VI. fllHE NEXT ANNUAL UOL'KSL' OF LECTIKE3 X In the .feJiCAl Department of tbe Vermont University will commence on Thursday, V.arc'.Sth. Ii5i and continue Sixteen Weeks. SAMUEL W. IIIAVER. Jr., M D AioTomy ati Pr.utoy HORACE NELSON. M. D.. Prtncipttt and Practict of Surgery ani Surgi:aJ Juritprulent. WALTER CARPENTER M D .Valeria ,1eiica and Tae-j?.i....j ORREN SMITH. M D , Obitttnct, Viumia of Vmtn .ni Chi.lrtn and Obstttneal Junspruitn e HENRY ERNI. Chtmutrij a dT-ui.-.. gi. EDMUND KANE, M l.. Principltt and Practict of Mtduine a'id gy The fee for a full Course is '0 ia' ia $1. Third ooui.o, student. ' g . ee $15. DuiingthoLeolureTerni.lilK-i les will be provided for geutlemen w.j t sue Practical Anatomy. Dr. Thayor mil p. r 1 tar attention to those who wish toctw.f uuncg autumn sad winter. For further particulars apply tn S. W THAYt" T , P..1 f- y Burlington, Vt., Nov. 1st, lsoi. w i LOST. LA N D W A R R A N T, No. 26,537, i-sucd to JOSEPH LAMORL', of Vermont, f r r- im in the War of 1512, and mailed nt W . a, Deo. S. 1651. havinc failed to reach Its i snn- tion, notice is hereby given that applicaf nw I be made to the Commi-sioncr of Pensions to issao a duplicate of said Warrant. Ilinesburgh, Jan. 15. 1555. w French C.lnas, Sash and Pntty. I FRENCH ULASS ALW.. us lli.M', tun 1 Sale bv the Box or Retail Glass tut to any Shape and Sire, and Set In bt it Stj(. HT Orders rromptlv attended to. Call and see, twodoore East of tho FREE TRESS OFFICE, Col. U HERVEY BURXEIT. Bcbuxoioj May 25, ) IS54. 5 GRATIS! JUST PUBLISHED, A New Discovery m Medicine ! 4 FEW WORDS on the rational treatment, with out Medicine, of Sp.rmatorrhea or I cal Weakness, Nervous Debility, Low Spirits, La ude. Weakness of tho Limb, and Back, Indisposition and Incapacity for study ana i,aoor, uuuncssoi n,.,...- bensio Loveo Head , C....1 -n.l nih.r Tnfirmitle. In Man. From the French of Dr. DeLaney Tho Important factlhattbcscalarmlngcomplaints may easily be rcmoied without, in this small Tract, clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted or tbe Author, fullv explained, by the means of hlcb every ono Is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all tho advertised nostrums of the day, Fentto any address, gratis and post free, in a sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two 1 est stamp, to Dr. U. DE LANEY, No. 17, Lien- ard Street, New York City Deo. 12- 1S5I diwif n, I.OSS Ol .iemory, aiuhvh - v. f Solitude, Timidity, Self. Distrust, Din ness, Uhc, Involuntary Discharges, rains w; m. iffHon of the Eves, Pimples on tho lace.

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