Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 23, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 23, 1855 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNTNtt. MARCH 23, 1855. Ttir AIasonb ur I'lut hbiirili drillriitrd a new Lodge-room on TiieHluj- cuiiinp; uI'Lint neck. Public sorx lcr avoro liclu in tlio Methodist Church, t which tlicoi'di'i iiltinil cd In lull rcgnllii. An inlintlri luldrin wns delivered by J.W.Tn.vlni , , ofTLitts. burgh, on the rice, irogrcai iind the bent l.t of tho Mnsonlc Society, and several gcntlcni' ii wero installed into office,' with all due form mid ceremony. The National Intelligencer a ol nniuion that the son of Klchnin who me- cecds to tho imperial tin one of liussia issia, v.111 consider the war bequeathed to him as a sacred duty, to bo prosecuted with redoubled 5 ir,or and to tho last extremity; and that ho villi listen to no terms of adjustment short of those which his father would liavo exacted. The Steamer " City of Iloston" 1ms been sold recently to the United States Uoi crnmcnt, for tho expedition in dearth of )r. Kano. She is 5.18 tons, L'i years old, is a double decked vessel, her frames diagonally braced with heavy plates of iron, and is con sidered admirably adapted for tho senico for which flio is to be been employed. A Hi Lb has been introduced into the Legislature ol Massachusetts, to establish Courts of Mediation. A certain number of persons are to be elected in each town by the inhabitants, to act as mediators. The office is to begone of honor and not of profit no fee to bo received except for personal expenses or disbursements. Tho caused of action of which this Court is to take cognizance are libel , slander, malicious pereecution,breach of promise of marriage, assault and battery, falso imprisonment, and actions of contract on claims not exceeding $111(1. A reconciliation effected before this Court is to bo a determination of the matter in control emy. The X. Y. Post understands that Put nam has sold his magazine for $12,000. Xassiu Ham., tho main building of Princeton College, a venerable edifice, was burned to the ground on the 10th Inst. The students, except those on tho lowest entry, lost most of their books, clothes and furni ture. $10,000 will hardly cover their loss. Tho loss to the college will bo about $20,000 of which $10,000 is covered by insurance. A Member of the New York City Conn cil, and a police officer, aro in jail Xcw I York, on a chargo of all'ording aid to liaker, tho murderer of Poole. The Xcw York news papers having made all tho pennies possible out of tho life, death and burial of pugilist Poole, have now changed their note, and, growing moral, are demonstrating tho danger of paying public honors to champions of the prize-ring. Five columns of pruiient des. cri'tioii yesterday, enn hardly bo atoned for by a scant half-column of preaching to-J.iy. At a sriRiTi'.il, circle in Hope Chapel New York, on Friday evening, the spirit of Sontag favored tho company with a song, through tho " organ" of Miss Jay, who gaic utterance to an audible gurgle, without opening her mouth. Tho wicked critics say that Sontag has not improved in her singing. Tom Carlet says : " Make yourself a a good man, and then you may be suro there is one rascal less in tho world." It is announced that great prepara tion is making for a race soon to como off be tween the celebrated horso Chestnut and his prominent little rival horse itadish. Kach will bo furnished with a saddle of venison and rodo by Messrs. Cranberry Sauce, and being "urged on by tho spur of the moment," no doubt tho race will bo exciting. The af- fair will come off over the "course of human events," nnd the man who " seized an onnor-. tunity"vrill hold tho (beel-)stukro. m First National Comtliment to Powers. One of the last acts of tho last Congress on the last night of its session, was to authorize tho President to contract with Hiram Powers for somo work of art, executed or to bo execu ted, for the ornament of the new capitol at Washington, at a price not exceeding .J'Jo, 000. It was incorporated into the Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation bill, on motion of Senator ChnBO of Ohio, as an amendment. This is the first token of regard which our great American sculptor has ever received from his government. We understand that ho is expected to re-visit the L'nited States during the current summer. jV. Y. Post. Suddkv Death. Hero was a Kussijn on ono knee, in tho act of taking aim; the muzzle of his firelock rested ona forked slick. He was dead : tho side of his head had been knocked ; and tho remaining part of his faco still iooked sternly along tho firelock. It was an astonishing sight every ono that could, came to look nt him. Kxtr.ict of a letter from tho Crimea. Horrible. At Genesee, N Y-, is a drunkery kept by a cripple. WJilIo "dead drunk," and lying helpless on tho track, both his legs wero run over nnd severed from his body. The legless sot, seated on a stool, now, by the aid of his wife, docs what bo can for tho injury of others. Last Sunday he sold rum to a boy fourteen years of age. While drunk, the hoy frozelo death. The corpse, as it was carried home, was the first news which greeted iis friends ' The imagi nation shrinks from the contemplation of tho scene tho unutterable agony of the mother as she kissed the frozen lips of her boy. How tho touch of that check of ice must have pierced her heart' Cayuga Chiif. A single pound of flaxen thread, in tended for the finest specimens of French lace, is valued at six hundrod dollars, and the length of the thread is about two hundred and twentv-six miles. One pound of this tnreaa is more vaiuamo man two pounds ol goiu. Literarv. James Montgomery, the English poet, who died last year, left an es tate, of 0,000. Times have changed I since Johnson exclaimed on hearing that Goldsmith died .3,000 in debt, " was ever poet so trusted before '" Southey died worth about 7,000, and Wordsworth us much, whilo Rogers is n millionaire, Washington Irving has nearly completed a life of General Washington, upon wliich ho has been long engaged. The Harpers havo in press a volume of miscellanies from Mr. Ilancroft's pen, writ ten from time to timo within the last thirlv years, and in tho compilation of which he has been chiefly occupied since tho comple tion ol his History uf tlio L'nited Stales. " Julius was you ever in war 1" " You'd better believe it. 1 distinguished mysell at the battlo of Now Orleans, I did," " You did!" " I didn't noffingelse.I furnished Gen craljacksou with two aids on this occasion." " What aids were the what was der names ' " Der names!" "Yes dcr names nf them aids." "Well, den, if dcr nigger must know dey was 1 Lemon ades.' Now vou got particulars, hold your hush, or 111 cave your head in wid de door mat." One of our western railroad contrac tors, being just now out of employment, of fers to hire tho men, furnish matarials. take Sohastopo), knock St. Petcrsburgh into a cocked hat, burn Moscow, gradu tho Ural :.. .. . . . Mountaus, dam tho Danube, civilize tho Cossacks, thrash the Russians, and bind old i Nick, for half the profits Ho makes the abovo off.T only to keep him in business for a few months, when ho eipeels another chunco of a heantr jub on a railroad. The New urk firo department are about introducing a now kind of lioso nudu of hempen strings, knit and plaited together so rlube ns to be impervious to water. It is estimated that 1000 feet of this hose lould bo carried liy a coiupiny niiivo easily thnn thry do SO!) of the leather and rubber Tho hemp hose, it is lielieved, will como 3." per rent cheaper than that now in use. A correspondent sajs; The storv of' ".Marriage under liillieulties, in lust ui- lay's Journal, reminds me oTa story that Dr. f-i...i . : :.i :.. l.:- l ... t Chalmers is said, ill his Memoirs, to have often tuhl, ol a llighl.iiiil ii.iplism. A ( krgj man was to administer the lite in the luiiiso oTono of bis hearers, near which there ran a small W;i or river, which, whin he rcichrd it, was bo deep and swollen with recent r.iiiu that ho could not get across. In thi'niir c unstunrcH, ho tnbl tho lather to bring his child down to tho burn-sidu. ruruisheiT with a wooden seooy, tho Clergyman stood on tho out si Jo and thsi'athcr holding hit child ns fur out In Ills rmns mho could, ntnmt upon t no uincr. i no service tirocconcu, aim wikmi tin) time ctuic for enrinklinir tho luilm. tho iiilnist 'r, dipping tho scoop into the water, thing lis contents across, aiming at tlio b tby'ii fuee. lie failed more than onco, c.illing out to tho father after each new trial, " Iter, 'i.'7 gotten any yet ?" Dr. Chalmers won ili'rcd what tho great sticklers for form and ceremony in tho Sacraments would think of a baptism by a biirn-sido, performed with a wooden scoop ! llonrtintx Arr.virt. Tho Koicimk, (Miss.) .Vi.m -p l-.t. ..1. .1... rll 1 . t i oi wiu 1 1 in on., hub mu luiitminir ; j jf.)rt ln8 reached KosciiiRko that Dr. AVoodward, who formerly proachcil at this i ou place, was recently Minneii ny an cxpcllcu member of tho Methodist Church, nt Port (ilhson. It is said that tho Doctor expired immcili ttcly after receiving the wound. Tho particulars of the horrible alfair aro, that tho person who murdered Mr. Woodward had mado application to ho reinstated into the church, and all tho members consented ex cept Mr. Woodward. The excommunicated member became, indignant, and while, the trial was in tiroecs, ho rushed upon Dr. Woodward and stabbed him to tho heart, in front of tho pulpit of tho Methodist Church. noAr to MARCH. Winter nt last has gone; Ills snowy legions, Are ordered off for' sieging other region, Wo linil tlic moment, when through hcatcn. clear arch The wcallicrcleiks command comes, "Forward MarrM" Mr. Mirgarm McOruii, or Huston was lodged lit ono of tho police stations on Tuesday night, being tho tenth timo that she has been up for drunkenness of tho worst kind, in six months, though sho is ninety-two years old Sho has a plump body, a vigorous voice, iind a firm foot, stepping out like a man. Jlcr face is " Icrrcstial rosy red, rum's proper hue." She knows tho pugilistic art, lias been married thrco times, nnd has lived in Boston ever tinco tho days when old Samuel Adams first was governor, sixty years since. She is not certain whether her hus bands are dead or have run away, and it is quite as likely that they were worn out as exiled. Altogether she is a caso for liarnum. The Itouuty I. anil 1)111. The lullowing is an official and correct copy of tho llounty Land Hill, passed by the last Congress. Ho it enacted by the Senate and House of Keprcsentatives of tho United States of America in Congress assembled. That each of the surviving commissioned and non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates, whether of regulars, volunteers, rangers, or militia, who was regularly mustered into tho service of tin' United States, and evcrv officer. commissioned and non-commissioned seaman, ordinary seaman, marine, clerk, and lands man in the navy, in any of the wars in which tins country lias been engaged 6inco 1 ( yll, andeachof tho survivors of the militia or State troops, of any Slate or Territory, called into military service, and regularly mustered therein, and whoso services have been paid by the United States, bhall be entitled to receive a certificate or warrant from the De partment of the Inteiior lor ono hundred and sixty acres of land ; and where any of those who have been so mustered into service and shall have received a certificate or war rant, ho BI...II bo entitled to a certificate or warrant for such q.......i.? r iand a5 make in the wholo with what he may nave heretofore received, one hundred and sixty acres to each such person having served. 'is aforesaid: Provided, tho person so having Leen in service shall not reecho said land wanant if it shall appear by the muster roll of his regiment or corps that he deserted, or was dishonorably discharged from senico. Provided, further, That tho benefit of this section shall bo held to extend to wagon-masters and teamsters who may havo been employed under the direction of competent authority in time of war, in the transporta tion of military stores and supplies, j Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That in case ol the death of any person who, ll living would bo entitled to acertilicato or warrant I as aforesaid, under this act, leaving a widow, or, if no widow, a minor child or chil dren, such widow, minor child or children f-luill lin intit led tfi reepivn a i-ertlheatn nr warrant for tho same quantity of land that such deceased person would bo entitled to . . i ii ! . r.i receive under the provisions of this act, if now- living: Provided, That a subsequent marriage shall not impair the right of any such widow to such warrant if she ho a widow at tho timo of making her application: und that thoso bhall bo considered minors who arc so at tho time this act shall tako effect. Stc. 3. And bo it further enacted, That in no case shall any bucIi ccrtiticato or war rant be issued for any bervico less than fourteen days, except the person shall actual ly havo been engaged in battle, unless the party claiming such certificate or warrant shall establish Ins or her right thereto In- recorded evidence of said service Stc. 4. And be it further enacted, That said certificates or warrants may be assigned, transferred, and located by tho warrantees, their assignees, or their heirs at law, accord inn to tho provisions of existing laws regula ting the assignment, transfer, and location of bounty-lann warrants. Sec. 5. And bo it further enacted, That no warrant issued under the provisions of this net shall bo looted on any public lands except such as shall at thu timo be subject to bale at either the minimum or lower graduated prices. Stc. G. And bo it fui-tltcr enacted, Thut the registers and receivers of the several land olliees shall be severally authorized to charge and receive for their services in locating all warrants under the provisions of this act the Minio compensation or per centngc to which they aro entitled by law for sales of the pub lic Minis, lor cash, at tho rate ol one uoiiar and twelity-livo rents per acre. The mid compensation to be paid by the assignees or holders of such warrants. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the nrnv islons nf Ibis net. and all tbn hountv land laws heretofore passed by Congress shall be extended to Indians, in tho samo man ner and to the extent as il the b .i J Indians had been white men. Sec. is And bo it further enacted, That the officers and soldiers of the revolutionary war, or their widows or minor children, kmj J() cti(e,l to the benefits ol this act Stc. 'J. And be it further enacted, That the bem fits of this act shall be applied to, and embrace thusc, who served as volunteers at the invasion of Plattsburg, in September, eighteen hundred and fourteen ; also at tho battle ol King s .Mountain, in tho revolu tionary war, and tho battle of Nickojack, against tho confederated snvagts of the South. Sic 10. And bo it further enacted, That tho provisions of this act shall apply to the chaplains who served with tho army in the several wars of tho couutry Slc. 11. And bo it further enacted, That thu provisions of this act shall bo apidicd to llotillaiuen, and to thoso who solved as vol unteers at tho attack on Lewistou, in Del aware, by tho ltrilish fleet, in tho war of eighteen hundred and twelve and fifteen. The W.vsuimhomv Gigv.ntev. Among the novelties of California vegetation, nothing is more woudeilul than tho " big ar bor vita)," so callicd, which has attracted so much attention from travellers to that coun try. This gigantic tree, it now appears, is entirely now and distinct from any other j herctoloro known, and it is proposed to call I it the " Washingtoni.i gigantea," a name which towers above all others, as this treo towers abov(the surrounding regetauts in its : native loealitv. Tho editor ax lloeev't Ma- r..:., ' .7 ',' ' l,.',"!A"'S"- has given a full acount of it from a , rcNn.imlrnt . wliri correspondent, who lately visited tho placo wnere iney grow, auu justly remarKs tnai this name should be tho recognized title throughout the country. An Knglish liotan 1st met with it in l!-u(l, two jcars after it was first discovered, (le4H.) and Bent speci mens of it to llngl ind, when Dr. Lindloy, tho botanist, called it " Wcllintonia ' ' Wo Irunt that no lover of trees will ever adopt any other namo than that ol Washingtonia.' f'ho writer in llorey's Magazine describes a ginvoof these trees as containing eighty live liees in the arei nf fifty aires. They average three huudred Icet m height. Tho largi'st perfect treo standing is ninety-five feet in circumference at the base, und thruo hundred and twenty-livs feet high. Tho largest in the group has been blown down, and is undoubtedly the l.ugrst tree in tho wuild. It is one hundred and ten 1 feet in cireuinftreiiro at thu base, und the i.. :-i.. ...I. i:. . .i i r. ikiiii mien niiiimiiig iiniM navo neeii ion, liundud and filly feet. 'I luce bundled feet Iroin its base it measures tvvclvo foct in di ameter, The number of consecutive lajrrs Indicate that it is three thousand jcars old: and it roiitaius Ihnr bundled cords of solid wood. 'Iho timber of thou tiecu is very light when diy, and when giceu veiy heavy rorty couples have danccil ou tho Kiso of ono of thou giants of tho furct. Novi.i. Visitino Caiuis.--Tho Paris corres pomlent of tho New York Journal or Com 1 morco furnishes tho following account til" tho i litest iinvolty introduced into fusliinnabln circles in Prance! 1'or the visiting cards I distributed in profusion at Xcw Years, them Isanowstvb) which has produced a great sensation, and will, it is said, become, thu fashion with thoso who like extraordinary novelties. Instead of tho namo printed on tho card, tho small piece of pasteboard has n photographic likeness of tho visitor ; tho fact appears under different aspects, according (o tho circumstances under which the visit is inado. For instance on ordinary occasions, your likeness will bear tho habitual expres sion of your counteniinco ! ou Xcw Year's day your faco will bo joyous and sniilo your falicitations. If your visits bo one of condo lence, your portrait will be mlcncholy and sorrowful. To takn leave, instead tif tho symbolical letters '. P. O., tho visitor will bo represented on his card coifed with tlio traveling cap, and framed in the window- of a railroad car. The art of photography has been so much simplified, fiat tho cost of theso jmrtriut cards is hut small. Ono hundred may bo had for 45 francs, or 5 clol ars, and aro handsomely executed and embellished. The .New l'nMiige J.nw. Every person briny interested in tho amended act of the !ld March, 1855, in regard to post ages, a synopsis of its provisions will not bo unacceptable t Under this law nil sinslo letters mailed for any distance not oxeccding thrco thousand miles aro to pay three cents, and for any dis tance exceeding thrco thousand miles ten cents. Half nn ounce in weight will constitute a single letter; nnd double, treble, and quid ruplo letters to bo charged in the same pro portion. All loiters must ho pro-paid, except such ns nro to or from a foreign country, or those ad drosed to otlicers nt Iho Government on olli cial business Tho law is to take effect from and after the next fiscal quarter. After the lstJanuary next tlio postmasters aro to nflix stamps upon nil pre-paid loiters upon which none arc placed by the writer.). A registration of valuable letters is required to bo made upon the payment of a fco ol five cents in addition to tho pre-paid postage, but tho Government will not he responsible lor Iho loss of any registered letter or packet. The franking privilege is to remain ns heretofore. Selling postage stamps for a larger sum thnn their innikcd value is to be punished as a mis demeanor. Intel. fXTTiiE.MKMpii ns of tho New York I.cpis laturo Iiave lieen making their Annual visit I to Xcw York, to inspect tho various Asy lums and institutions and 'have a good time.' At Hlackvvell's Island, on Tuesday, they im bibed over two hundred bottles of wine, and any quantity of brandy. Very naturally a fight followed at table, between a Councilman and an cx-Aldcrman of the city, nnd tho dinner party broko up in a drunken row. On Wednesday they visited somo moro institu tions, and punished 372 bottles ol wino and brandy just about a bottlo a piece. They aro still keeping it up, wk believe, alter the s.iino lasluon. lulu the people ol tliefttate aro waiting anxiously for a prohibitory law, tho legislature, in a body, is on a drunken spree I A special Maino law is needed for those Xevv York Legislators. It has been satisfactorily "ascertained that ducks enter water for rfu'crj reason", and como out for sun-dry motives. News of the Week TELEGrH&FH TO Tlin FREfi PRESS. B 36 LATEST I'UOM K IJ II OI'L. Amva! of the Africa at Halifax. Death of the Emperor of Russia! Huston, March 15th, 4 P. M. Tho steamer Africa from Liverpool March 3d, arrived at Halifax at 1.30 P. M. to-day She left Liverpool on her regular day 3d mst., consequently sho brings lour days later news than tho Pacific. Tho Emperor of Russia is dead. Ho ex pired suddenly nt ono o'clock on the morning ol Friday the 2d. No details have been received, but there can bo no doubt of the fact, as it was an nounced in the House of Lords on Friday night, by Lord Clarendon, and in the Com mons by Lord P.ilmerston. Ilia illnebS was known in F.nglund, before the news of bis death was reccived,fand caused n slight rise in the funds. Tho effect of his death of course had not transpired. The AFRICA'S Ncvs. PARTICULARS 01' THE CZAR'S DEATH. Important from China. Rostov, March ICth. P. M. Tho details of the news by the Africa havo been received. The following is tho most im portant item of the news. I.UNUOX, Friday night, March 2d. This evening in tho House of Lords, Lord Clarendon rose and said I think it my duty to communicate to your lordships, the con tents of a telegraphic despatch which I re ceived half an hour ago, from Her Majesty's Minister at the Haguo, that the I'mperor Nicholas, of Rusbia, died this morning at 1 o'clock, of Pulmonic Apoplexy, after an at tack of Influenza. I have also received a dis. patch from Her Majesty's Minister nt Herlin. stating that the L'mpeior was at the point of" deuth, and had taken leave of bis family, Although this event occurred as short timo ago as between 12 and 1 o'clock thismorniiig, there can bo no doubts under these circum stances of tho authenticity of it. In thu House of Commons, Loid P.ilmers ton made a similar statement . The Monitrvr announces tho loss of a French frigato with troops, in tho Straits of Honifaeio ; all on board, COO or upwards, perished. Nothing new from Sobastnpol. It is generally thought that tho death of the Czar will bring pence to Kuropc. Tho news from China is important Tho In surgents hold Canton in a state of scige, hav ing several times defeated tho Imperialists. Tlio French havo bombarded Shanghao in consequenco of difficulties with tho Insurg ents. rrnm Mexico, Accounts from Mexico st.ito that Santa Ann i hvl ibifintol Alvirji in a gvjat battle. ,cvv Hampshire Election. It has been ascertained that tho Democrats cirry only 1 Stato Senator in N. II 79 De mocratic Representatives and 221 opposition aro elected. American Success In Heading. Revdino, Pa., March 17th. At our municipal eloetion to day, Mr. Hind, the American candidato for Mayor was elected, receiving 1510 votes against 810 for Mr. Young, Dem, Australian News. Rostov, 17th, P. M. Accounts from Australia by tho Africa statu that a portion ol thu Culonists aro in a state of rebellion, ami that the diggers had rained the II ig uf indcpi'iidoncu. Several con tests had occurred between the soldiers and the rchiU. in which a number of lives wero lost. Miriial law had been proclaimed. St. I'.itiiel.'s Day. St. Patrick's Day lias passed oil quietly so far both in lljiton und Now ork ; but fears of a riotaru entertained in the latter city. .Indue limine;'', ('use, llo.-Tov, March 20th. A lunjoilty ol the committee uf the Mass, Legislature havo reported in favor of tho re movul or.ludgo Lnriug fur acting us Commis sioner iu tho Horns rendition cato Tlio Inst Cuban It is telegraphed liuin Washington II at a imal force is to be sent to Havana to demand reparation for the firing into the l'.ldorad ). The California 1'nllnrir. Tho recently reported great failures in Cal ifornia did not unfavorably effect tho Xuvv York and Iloston money market", ns they h id been much strengthened by thohopesof pcaco in Europe. Wells, Uargo & Co. and Pago, Hilton & Co , will undoubtedly rcsumopiy mcnt. Tho result in tho caso of Adams & Co. Is mure doubtful. Tlio Itoilynf I'nnnn Monro I'ouud. Tho body at I'liima Moore, so long missing from Rochester, has boon found under thoico near that place. Tho Scnrcli for Jtnkcr Conviction of n 5'orgcr. The U. S. brig Perry, is to tako out police officers to the Canary Islands, to search for Hakcr, tho murderer of Poole. Kle sane, tho forger, has been found guilty. Explosion in n Conl Mine. Kiciimoxd, V.i., March 21. A terrific explosion occurred at tho Mid. Lothian coal pits at Chesterfield, last even ing. Sixteen persons wero taken out alive, and eight dead, and all will probably die. It is supposed that there wero fifty In tho pit at tho time of the explosion. The explosion was caused by a blast. finnvv .Votliinss In Virginia. FunnRicKsnir.oii, Va., March 20. At tlio city election yesterday, for Mayor and other city officers, tho K. X. candidates wero elected. Mr. Cadwell, tho Mayor, was chosen by 105 majority, and the entire Coun cil is of the order of "Svu." Volloiv Tcvcr, New York, March 20th. Tho U. S. frigito, Columbia, Hag ship of tho home squadron, which nrrived hero yes terday, had 51) cases of yellow fever on board. Mass. Legislature. Hosto.v, March 21, lu tho House, tho now Temperance bill, imposing imprisonment for tho first of fence, was passed. Yeas, 235 j Nays, -II. Now rulilicntl(iu. l.oDov QLAUTuai-v Rrvikw, for Jamnry, 1 .)., Leonard Kcott &, Co. Nov York. Thu first article on Kiresand Tiro IiiMirauci. is ns intcrcaimr as nny novel, nnd full of val uable information. T'lioso vrhn csrc to know any thing of the dot lils of parsonages nnd par con lilo in L'nghind and Scntl md will get many a llimisht nnd find many a smile creeping over their faces as they peruse tlio review of clerical .-Economic.) and the M in,o 0 irdcn. A mouth in Iho camp beforo Sevastopol by a non-com-hallant, nnd tho Con luct of the V,ir, fnrnih ground fur two distinct articles which will in struct the reader in a great mnnv points, be- ,.-.,.! ...i .. .1 , , . ' ,t can do. There nro other nrtielcs very readable for toino, but thoso ni.iiod will hold the atten tion of all. Telegraphic Report of the arn bridtfc Cattle iviar.iet. Hcpoihd or tin Weekly Free Presi. Wednesday, March 21st. At Market 0o2 cattle, about 47o beeves and 77 Stores consisting of Working Oxen, Cows, and Calves, Yearlings, two and three years old. Market Reef Extra per cwt.9. First quality, $9. Second do Ijtl aSJ. Third do SS. Ordinary g7J. Hides perevvt $5i a G. Tallow b'la'Jl. Pelts fcl.UU 1,23, Calfskins 10 tj 11 cents pir lb. Rarrelling Cattle, S71 to PI per hundred. Veal Calves 4 a 5, fi a 7. Working Ocn 120, 2, 5, 30, 4, 8, 41, 5, 50, 75 to 225. Cows and Calves, 31 n 4, b, 8, 40, 2, 5, 8, 30 to 02. Yearlings, none. 'I'wojears old, 32 a 3, 4, 0, 7, 40 to 4u. Thiee years old, 42, 4, 7, 8, 5,50, 2, to ! 1)2. Sheep and Limbs, 1393 at market. Lxtra, 7, , 0, 12. Hy lot. 3, , 5, ,, j, 5 to 7. Swine Shoats, wholes lie, 5J, 0; retail, to 7 cents per lb. No largo hogs in. Rkmviiks The weather is clear and cold The market very lightly stocked in proportion to the demand, with a 1 irgu attend nice of regular buyers, gives a firmness and quick ness to sales not witnes-cd beforu for a year. Drovers find it difficult to buy stock enr.u h to supply the maiket at the present high pri ces. .Many lots of sheep have been sold by live weight to-dry, from 5 to C cents per lb. Fifty-four cai.s cauio over the Filchburgh Railroad, and 41 over tho Roton A, Lnvell Railroid, with cattle, sheep, hwino, horses nnd fowls. i c D . In this village tlltllf nn, agi-d 17 , on tho jenrs. l'Jth Inst., Mr. itnx Notice. riMlK VI'.CCMKN' of tho Town of llurlington nro A h rcby notified to meet at tho Town Hall in said I)jrliutJii, on Woilnos lay, tho 2Mb day o March, lfi.Vi, nt 1 o'clock, P. M , to givo in their votes for Thottrn perrons whom they would choose for a Council of Censors. .suu'ix mwTiNimix, rnut. llurlintmi, Maieli IS, ISj). d.twlw WANT 13 D 40,000 o.vnuou i;i:.i, itatesf. (I'nnr, In sums of 31,UOi) ti 310,001). juii.v ii. wiii;hli:ii, I'sltitt .Igrnf, liurllngton, Maieb dtulw School Kotloe. f Illin .Vaool Sufiin'eiidi ntj of the Town of Pur J llncton, will lu in se.slon for tho cxainina. tion of Teaclior", "ii Mmiday n tat, tho tb,nt two o'clock, I'. .11., in tho w try of tlio Fu.t Calrinii Clinrch.oll White flrnt. All Intending tu nppiy for llci-nfc to tt aih, will bocxpected tu prctuiit thcm.elus time. Jiurlington, .llarch 'Ji, lba5. ditwl Notice. SII CliKIlY givo notico that Huso g'Ttn my son, Uaac IIarhia. Jr., his tiu.o during iho remainder of his uiinorlty, and tUt fioiu this date t shall claim liono of Ids earnings, nor pay nuy dthls cf bis eon tiactlpc ItiAAU IlAllIifS. CYllUillAI'.IUS. lf,(,ir. Huntington, March in, w36rt3 For the Ladies, sTAJirr.i) r..u n noun; r.nis. t UST rtoched a new lot of Stamped Collars, ' Under irdeeics, Hands, and ll'd'k'fs i also, tnaracl cloth and working cotton, at LYMAN'S. March SI, 18J5. tf Mosen Blisn' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) Tlio Hon. tho Probate District of Chittenden, ss, J Court for tho District of Chittenden, To till pcrsoul Concerned in the es. tato of Mosos Dills, late of Eladbunio, in said Dis trict, d.ccast'd, IlllKKTIMl. WHKHEAK, tho Adtuinistrutor vijn the estato of said deceased proposes tu render an aceiunt of his admluistratlon and nrvsciit his neoouut ;. iln. t said estato for ciniulnation and allowance at 3 SLS.iou ol tho Cuuit of Prohatu, tu l.o holdtn at tho Probate Court Hooms in llnilluzton on tho "th .lay of April licit, A. D. IS..3. Therefore you arc hereby notified to appear before e.itd court at Iho (lino and pluco a fort-mid . and show cause, if nny you have, uhy Iho oee. uul afore, sal I should not bo nllowvd. lilvcn under my haul at Iluillunton, tills lth day of March, A. D, l5i. wlsvtJ I). rilENCH, Iligistir. JOHN IJ. WIIKELKR, ; i . v.sta ti: i an r, lOWsN IIAI.I., IMMM.I(;T0. VJJKMIINT. Partlcuhr llen'li.ri gncn to tho purehaso and alotd'lteal KiUlo, tin liiie.ti-allon of lard 1'ltln, I.ea.iut:,t'ulo tlnn ltonis, Inruiluie, Payins Tim, i-' . lo , io jJlivtf llSt. Ii. WILLIAMS ini r.asAi, PAIN EXTRACTOR; Putt nit: rum! (if NEr.VOUD HEADACHE, O aro iHO XlllO Ulna.tlDrU, I C WTT.t rvn n.l n,in i.ik.ti.a. si I ,r n., i - e. Clanihs. erv-iiii I It-n.lAHn. Tirt t)i!nt-pit Neuralgia, Sprains, Drulscs. flesh Wound", Spaims, Poro Thront, Dunn and Soild", Lock-law, Urnun, w'hlto Swelling, Hydrophobia, l'roted l'cct, Tooth Ache, lilllous Clio, Dyspepsia, Poisonous liltcj, Stlrcs, Ac, Ac, .to. This RnMrnr hn been void In in fitates, nnd In sonin a,00') Cities nnd Town", and hm given groat sjtbfnclbm to nil who hnvo ucd It. It Is guaran teed In nil N'crrou an I Chronic complaints, to bo superior to nil other prcpirntlons extant. Mr. T. n . linvr.Lt., of llurlington, Vt.,ls well ncinalntcd with tho"l'm '.m vcron," having both sold and u:ed It. PltlCU 25 and SO cents per bottle. L. WILLIAMS M. ., Pr'tpritt ir, .Vne Yirkt rjSotd, Wholesale and I'.etiul, by linitlltCK A MILn?, Whotesnlo flroccrv. Water Street, llurling ton, Vt.t Vow Yor!, AI.i:Xt.i)i:il A SLATCH, Diugglsts 7li Ilarcbiy Street, Xcw York. Iturllng.ton.Oct. l'J, 183 1, d.twly. O Hanoi:? a applth ioo nbu. choice grafts Just receiv ed 55 Doles c f Onir pes, I v HBRUICK A MILL'S. Dec 10. tlAwtf C10X'S Oclitlno, r.ulan anl Cooper's Islnchi", ' Arrow Hoot, Tapioca, barley, Sajo, with all Tor sate bv Fob. SC. dAwtf TIIL'O A. TDCIC. nUKLiIXGTO X CARPET WAREHOUSE and cnorKKiiv sToitn, church sTrtEirr. 150 IS A fresh lot of new and boautlful styles of Fonnr.N- wt ,mi:i!IC. (Jaismts ! ! ! TURKEY vrxvr.T, TAPESTRY, mavsm,'", Tiinr.E ply, IN'ORAIN. and Common VV'nnl, Cotton and Wool, nnd all Cotton, Hocking, Crumb cloth, Rugs, .Mats, Stair Carpets, Ac. A FLOOR OILCLOTHS, nil widths from 1 yd to 6 yds. Straw Matting, Ac. Also Crockery, China &. Glass Ware. A large nnd entire new stock, s (.so, PAPER HANOl.VO or every o,uallty. All tho above goods havo been bouht nt groatly reduced prices, and will bo sold neeordlnzly. NICHOLS & HOYNTO.N. Burlington, Oct. 1SSI. dAwtf ROOM WANTED. T7 XPniUEXCn has demonstrated to hundreds, yes, thousand), that STAMOVD'S i- the place to l'urchne Cnrpetini. ()ll-('lotb, rnncynnd Stanlo Dry Goods. CHEAP ! I am now oT rlni i bttir nppnrtunity to the Pub lic thin ever before, to sccuro bargains, as room is wanted for I will cloe nut mvrntiro t'tCrt bfnro 1st March nct( at piiccatliat will, perhii, nrnrip th" pur- c. r. srAxrroni). Durlinton, Tebruary, ISjj. ilAwtf HAVI.VO Ilt-UrnM to my M stanl on Church Mm t, I am iuw prepared to suphlv ---V 'VvUtacN.unr, Spiers Miicmonl, Tnpioc.i, Vrrmicllln, I'aiina, Torn Man Ii, lEitiMM. .split reu-, Canary and Il'-mp Srntt all hmh of Soap, Marhrrcl, Salmon, Cud Wi, Lamp Oil, fin nu n g Flu 1 1 1 1 Citkr Vtnrnr, Ptnk Lard, Hour by tho birrtl or pinui'l, Uuck Wheat and .Meal, at a vary moderate advance Irom cost, and an I mxa nil my purelu'XM fr cash think my prices wilt ht ftjuu J Eati?f.tctory i. ii. WAi'iXnn. Jan. 25th, 135'j. d.twCnio. FRUIT TREES. Sr A I'UN'nnAIi As'oitmcnt of Fruit TnEE, -t-iV cjiisistin,,' . f Apple, Poar, Cherry, Plum, Ac, will bo kept const inlly on lnnd by tho Sub scriber, at hi j ttore on Church .nieit, alter tho 10th of April nuvt, thnuh the season for setting. They will be liom one of tho best nurseries in tbo c in n try. Persons about planting Apple Orchards, will bo furnishei with trees of lttrc;e size, and tho most popul ir vunttie3 In cultivation. L'arly orders aro solicited. .1. 5. PKIRCE. XHtiiniuii, Ktuiwli ia, poa, rltwtP PAPER HANGINGS ! 6, W, BAXTER m im)kti:ks or FRENCH PAPEP.S, HAVC XOW OX 1IAXI), AND AUK UKCKIV. 30,000 5iciCN, i I LT a x i V 1 . U V LT, V U LV UT, U I,T a n d CO LO 113, WITH ltowlrrs to .Vntch, HO,0 M) Pieces I'uio Satins, Land'capo find Par lor PapelS, yoi) I irc-lIoiMd Print", beautiful designs. VMHH) Pieces Aineiican irathis, from 17 cents upward. 'J"i,t)00 Pltees Auction Let, which will bo sold at Tuin'fHi n tr-, 100,000 Pieces CIiLap Papcr3, from C cents up wan i 1,000 Pieces Parer W li.ilow Simde, nil ftyb-, toother with ,i liro assortment id Paimi n Cloiii smuts, at holes lie nn 1 I'.rtaii, hv ii u. uAxinn a co, Uurlin.jton, .March 13, Ib.Vi. OAwt-w United StrttPfi Uounty Land. C II AVE reccivo I instriie'ioiis from tho Coiiimis. sioncr of I'en.niiis, an 1 am prepared to procure llounty l.ilxl Wtrr.mti for tbo.e entitled Uhd'T tho Act id .March .1, l-,i'i. 'I hose who served 1 1 das in any of tlio wars in which thi countrv has bi.eneiijied,nnd tiiosowbo wtro onj-iod in the llattlo ot PI itt-hurgli, are en. titled t'i lt'l a':rcs, anl aio reap"ctfully solicited to call on inu ut my ulnco, over .llerchants liatik, llur linglon. I.V.MAN' ULMMIXOS Ag't. March 1 1. 1855. iKtAwIt new aooii. I HAVE KECEIVEI) V dos. llalvAiiircd or gilt Iluntlrg Levors; 2 dor. ' I'ero atchos; 1 loz, Opcnfica giUIVatohcs; 2 dos. Hold W'ntciics, various sizes; I J doz. Silver Hunting Watches, which with others on Ii md makes tho lirgcst and nnttvaiitd a.ortiuiit ever on hand ; amongst tho aricty can bo found Ion priced and liih priced, among-t tiiem nro soieralof v try fine fiiiidi and ery accurate timo keepers in silver iiiil ill lh cirat g dd c isoh. ..o,a now lot of l'.etlcales, ihcred Fans, Indii Hubljer t'.niibs. Ion,; t"otb shell ?I,b Combs, and a very Goo nortuieiil of new an I llich Jonelry ; SautT lloves. Cigar L'ises, and Fancy II, 1 gencr .illy; ltovohors,' and double anl single birrel Pistols, all sM jheap ut the 1)1 1 .--tan 1, Church St. J. E. IIUIXSMAID, Lite llrinsmil.l, llro. .1 C.i. STOLEN-, Trom niyojuntei, but Tiiuisday, on1 dozen cl.cll f-ido Combs, with long touh. A icward for thief and Combs will bo gh en. J. E. 11. fi U.Sr reoeiveil anotlu'r s-ipply iF thojo huulder ' LIraooi, for l.)t'i Li liei and licntlomen. which aro so sLicoofil in straightening tlio bent figure, aid cxpindiug tho ountracteti eheft, at MircU VJ. d.Vwtf TUKO. A. PKOK'S. 4 c " t t SI .3. s:ssjrM'sw( Stc rjuru Hr, Himvn, next dir tt Lymn's, CiJLMMU iKL:, YirotfU uLspcrj-ruLV intokm the tt Citiieui of Iluriiutrtuii and iciiiitv. ho has recoiled u laro supply of 1'dnhion ible lUt and C.ijm t r uion anl buys.sutUble lor tho protunt Smin,; TriJa. A good aaiorlmcnt of TrunkB, Valises, ilonnct Ca?-?, Tr.itlin Hags, hcliool tiau-hols, Uiubrollaa, Cauor, Ulotts, Mtttoiip, Itoys' 1J-.IU, &3, Tuoo wiahing any of tho above uamod got.di'.wiU please call an t examine. Hats and C.ipt kuio to oidtr. IUpalrlnrf do. io with nontncfic a td dtijuteh. U'lLLIAM C. DltUW will renuln aa formerly. I U UST PiCooivcl,a frcab lot of Ladies' and Ocnts : uuiiss runs. loloctod froralaro stocks in New York andlloaton, Tor sale- it J. UDMOXDd, Oolbigo ritrcct. March 17, 1 S ' 5 . d.lwtf Notice. Person wishing to purohate DRY GOODH or CAIU'ETING, will find aneiU'iimu uKiitinnt at 1)0 Church tt. tiling nt prices which m iko it lor their intoret to call before buying tlscwhcie. C. V. SrANIFOKll. HurllUktton, Jan. iS.'t'i. d.twtf Ileal TSiraie for alc. HE 'Gkc Pur.' bo ralltd, about two ml lei S South of thu i of Jiurtliitou, thcMiu). burn na 1, OfntiiuiiM '2 j acres uf Iml, uxculleut fruit, and fjimly watered. ALvO acrui t.f hii-l noar to it. on the Wutl id of iShclburn ruad, heiag tho Jmth put of tho id) iimi.c i jtriu t f thu .i to Joseph I iitrrlnictoti. It is uueiy suiiitiii l liuv situ lie sol.l at a low .rice, i'rntcly ur tn-ttlie. , mid u Iibeial credit glicn. l. A ri.MAI.IXV. 1 .1.. '.J, ln. UXvstf lrA"i"i:l 1 iHlmn, .Mustard seed, Uyo tJinui ' or Krnl, Herb und ilia'-grease, (that uro 80 "I), by T.1U) A J'lX K MurnU IV Jintf Bounty Land. 'PIllJ and rslgnod will j-IVo tholr particular at- tontlnu to procuring h in f Warrant) umlcr the llounty I.iinl Hill recently by Congress. mint, t uiiuiiuers ni me miiuo or I'lattSuurgll, or their widows, all witoirvof Revolutionary Hoi. wUowswho havo not alrcnly received ono hundred naru, M" cntltUd to Lnnd nrrauti un dor this lllll, full Information nn all Dounty Land or Pension Clnlm can be obtained of W1.S10N A SHAW, liurllngton, Vl March 11, Hi. wtf cowa rsLTTST), Voitns? fiJil- for f-v4 sale by NATHANIEL SUTTON". -.-ttULSiinutcnsc, March 1.1, 1813. w3Twi f'ooiiis in (ho Oilv of ctv Vorlf, GEN'TLEMEX VISItt.N'd THE CITV 01 NEW YORK, can find plcnvant accommodations at No. 18, West Tonth Street. Tho locality is very nlry and healthy nnd convenient for strangers, being near to tho fith Avenue Railroad, and several lines of ritages and tho will be found moro plansant thnn nt any hotel. dAwtf Railroad Watches OF my own Importation, cased lnheavy 18 carat Gno gold hunting cases, from 2i to :ii ounco caes nho, fine ones In heavy silver case., with my own name und of my own Importation, of the finest movements 1 have over had tho pleasure of offer ing to Railroad men. Double Time Watches for sportsmen Ladles Doll Wt!hes In great variety, all at low prices, at tho Old Stand, Church Street. J. E, imiXSM.WD. Teb. 3. dAwtf Dr. Fitch's Remedies. ,4 RDOMINAL Supporters, Shoulder Braces, In t - haling tubes, and all hi" celebrated Medl clnes j for silo by his Agent, THEO. A. PECK, Pamphlets rclatlngto theso furnished atthecoun lor. March 12. dAwtf MEDICATED INHALATION, nv Hit. J. rtOiMMNrilWNTINO, of Northampton, Ma., 4 XI) fnrmprly of tho Hrompton Hospital, City Itnad, London i for the cure of Consumption, bronchitis and nil other chronic affection of the Throat, Lnnes and air passages by the inhalation of medicated vapors, ns practiced In the Fold llnspt til. Tho remedies employed by Dr. Ii. are brought Into Immediate contact with the ulcerated surface? of tho Lung and Throat by lnhnlatlontprodueing their action nt the very sent of the diseae. A sin pic week's trial will convince tho Invalid of the efficacy of tho life-rf'torinc power of thistreatmpn t Dr. Hunting will be at the American Hotel I'r llncton, on Wednesday ThurBdny, ami Fridny, the 14th, loth, nnd ICth, lnt., for consultation with patientu on the above Dipn?es No charge? for conultations, which aro given from ft A. M to 8 P. M. Dr. H. may he alo conulted on all dieaes pc C'llin r to rcmiles free of eharce, at his rooms. TjT" Principil OfRcc, Northampton MaM., where all Iftter (postpaid) will be duly answered. Teb. 8th. dAwtf George F. Edmunds, ATTOUXEY AXfl COUNSELLOR AT K- jUV s-m- 9 arrti SOI.ICITfin IN CIIAXCF.nY. Olficrovcr tlninmcrclnl Hunk, Itiirllncliin. March 10. d.Vwtf r'.vi.Mr.R ii.vYW.viii), Attorneys 6l Connsnllors ot Law, orricc, -vo. i,...i:Mi'ini: iilock, St. I'nul ?liiiurntii. EDWAItn C. TALMER, I WILUIRSI HWH-ARD, t:..nmisn.tnrr frtr Vt. .Yoljry Vulhr, Tebruary, lb55 d.lwtf " RARE bTa"rG aTn at the BEE H I V E ! ! Tho remainder of our Rich Pattern Cloaks, ill now be soli n' privf j snt purchisera, rcgurd' Uf of cost, to close them out. ALSO, All Winter ; o ii h Will bo offered at prices to inuro their sale, i'ur nishin; a raro opportunity for those in want of such Koods, to secure good bargains, Our Patrons nru especially invited to call In timo to fecuro some of them. ALSO, Just recened by Express, Shawls llns ioudH, Flannels', Merino Wrappers and Drawer for Ladles and Gen tic men, Knitted Polka Sacks for Ladies. .Misses and Children, Knitted Under -Iceve?, Wristlets and Over 1 backs, Leggtns for .Men and Boys. ALiO, co.Mroiirnns, sc vnrs, m.ovns, Stockings, ilk i'ueket Ildkfs. A Cravats; Linen do. ALSO, Another Carton ifr..MIUt (HI) i: II ICS. Cambric and balro Lawn Ildkfe. Misses " " lleinirtitch do. AL&O, A great variety of Dress Trimmings, Girdles for Ilobes, Dressing (iuwus and Aprons. ALSO. AnothcrCarton of those Superior French Kid Gloves. A LhO , White &. Col'd Marseilles Quilts, for Fronch aud sinslo Cedsteadj, Cribs anl Cradles, 1JLANKKT3. all sizes, Together with a great ariety of Window Shades, Curtain Goods, and Houso Furnishing Goods generally. ALSO, V A C K I X G T H V XK S , alt sizes. Our Stock embraces everything usuallv kej t in Dry Goods Stor?. and will be poIdvervClIIIAl' fur CASH. We do not CHALLU.VGi: and DKFY T1IF WOULD to COMl'UTK with cur IMtlCKS but we DOIXVITEALLtocail and cxamino for them. Fell es, and itro willing to abide the decision of a discriminating I'ublic, to whom the aboio U sub. mitted. Very respectfully, N. lTCK, Jit. Jan. Kth, 18.')3. diwtf Economy and Good Light. ili ATHNT &M0KU CON'.SUMIN'd LAMI'S' i to burn "Cheap Oil," ' Lird or grea-u of any kind" and ilve a t tr better light than l'tui I ur Oil in common LunH, Kitchen Lamps "5 cts, Sew ing and study Limps to burn very little Oil and givo good light, Wicka, Chimmics, and fur most all kinds of Lamps, sold at the uld stand Church Street. J. K. BniNSMAID. Late UrlnsmaiJ, Erotber A Co, Jan. 23, lb35. dAwtf Jan 25, 1855, New Goods, 1U3T OI'UXIXO A XUW AXD EXTKNVIVK variety of Kir Kini, Pius, I'liucr llings I'ockct Hooks, Uruslies, Cumbs, Britannia Candle sticks, 'Vox Pots, Oy ter Ladles, PUtrd spoons. Hunting 'atehe?, Ac, all of which wtll be Edd as low as can bo had at any place in town or out tf it, at the uld stand, Church Street. J. K. IilUXSMAID, Lato Hrinumaid, llrother A Co, Jan. 25th, 183j, dlntf Kid Gloves. rUK-II LOT of very ntco White and Colored .V Kid Gloves, all sizes, for (Jcntlemen and Ladlef, just received at LiMA.N'.S Feb. 1", lHj.-, dAwtf It A It K It A K (J A I X HOO.M WANTIM)!" " comi; a so ski: " DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Crockery, Paper Hangings, Looking Glares, Cnrpctiii mul Oil Cloth-, VT our spacious NEW STOHE, 150 Church St., ono door North of our old stand,) which are now offered for cash at prices that io without a precedent ' hero or elsewhere.' Vc bhall offerour entire stock Ut 2U days without regard to coft," many things for 50 cents on tho dollar -Now is tho timo to buy Goods. Money is wanted and goo is must bo sacrificed " A penny saved la twopence earned. M Kccollect tho Xew Store, 150 Church M. NICHOLS & COVNTON. Feb, 14, 1855. Uy Telegraph FKOU LYJIAX'S STOHK, UUHMXGTOX ! AlUUVAL OF THK STEA MKH ! ' TUREE DAYS LVTEU moil .TEW Y0UK ! ! ! NEWS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE! ! ! ' Reciprocity Ihll Passed ' " ." TRADE IN DRY GOODS VERY BRISK. THE recoipts of Dry Goodi aulto Urco, Sales quick, and at vory low figures. In staple goods, vis : ane'ings, autrtmgs, ucnims, stripes, c, con siderable activity displayed, at prices uiuoh lower than last spring, WOOLENS are heavy and firm, at prices that At tract considerable attention. FOREIGN GOODS Cassliuercs, Shawls, De Lalnos, Ac, aro very coap. Prices of all articles, excepting worthless and unprofitable hinds, exhibit greater regularity and firmuess, The Styles uro the bo3t in M.uhet, Consequently meet with ready sales. EMBROIDERIES. Iuthia Uuo wo notice alargo and beautiful assortment, und at low prices, Tho styles aro choice and tho i;oods aro good. Much at tention has been devoted in this lino by tho Ladies, And moro animation displayed than usual, TinilETS, MERINOS, COUL'HGHS, .10. Large importations of thceo goods this scatou, nud prices aro iioiii ij to per cent, less man iatyear, A I beuutiful aisortuivnt uf theso goods aro now rcadv for CYblbltionnnd sale, PiirchatTB aruimltedto them n loou before purcliaini; elsewhere. IIOSIKKV .1 (lU)Viy. As usual, a uell selected i stock of Hosiery and (Hoses aro in the market, but I for cholco koihIs, art s-tutt, tlio CUIl.VUK STOKU is SJpi'lIcd with un endless vuriety, and at lowprt r t i5"AH arelr.7lteil tucall and oiaiulne for Ihera. selves. coKXiut sTonn, m,ki,t imms, ) I sciittmiiiir 25, 16.ii ( I Auction Sale- TWILL SELL AT Pt'nLIC AWTtOtf m Saturday, Mirc'i 21, nt SlieJterd's Ina, In Richmond, a good sli"d year old llTY IIOR'E, of the Morgan breed. The said lior-o Is well broke, kind In every rispect, and Is a good Ira v. Her. N. i, TOMLIVON. HIsHminl, March 5, 1955. wjCw.ln Notice. flIir; COPAnTNRIIItP heretofore exlsttnjr in the mmq of K00D A HUNT, ii this day du roitflJ by mutual aomont. oni.tM nnon. WILLIAM IIIIN'T. J.rloho, Mirch 5th, 1655. nCw3r St. Lawrence Academy, POTSDAJI, N. Yi rpiIK preient Term will clro on tho Hth day of 1 March nott. Th noit torm will ooinmcnso on Thuriday, Mancii 20th, lie'iny IJ. IICCKHAW, A. I)., rrineipai.ana Lno Union ih, A. It., A"ltint, Ml Aviida E. WannKv, a jrradaato nf tha Mount Hflyolte Semi nary, has chirja of tho Fkualk Dspartmeit. Tuition per Term of 1 1 W'eclt ! Language., and the higher branches of English Kdu cation, $" 00 Elomentnry Tngll'S Studies, 4 40 MtHc on the Piano Forte, Drawing and Palntln?, aro aln tnuiiht In th 5ehool, hy other anl eompe. crt teacher', for which extra rhnrees are niadp. The fniMfr.m aro happr io Inform the pnhliethat Mers. Tlacliham and Brlha-n, cralitatM of the Unlftrslly of Vermont, who haffo not boon In tho school moro than hatfi yea', havo fully sustained tho hljh reputation for teachlni, they pror'ously enjoyed. Tho Tnmr.r. fr-el n"nred that th!i Institution ntTorrN fiellitles for neanirlnff n snnrlor Acadoml. cal ll'Iacition. Tho ct lfiny huildlnjrs are ample I and commodious with l.lorirv, Atrnntmleil and Chemical Anpuatu", together with a respectable Cabinet nf Minerals. 1'ubllc pitronaio Is solicited. By order of tho Hoard of Trustees, S. 11AYMOND, Secretary. TOTSOAM. Foh. 27, 1S5. Xote. Tho Acilcmla year is dirill Into three term, of fourteen welts oieh. Tho first t-rmeora-tnenees on the cool T'aur.hy of Anoint, crery year. t tho close of tho first term, Isa ieition nf three weeks, and nt the el'tse of tho soond term, a v.ieitlnn of t m w-ks (Tuition formsrly charged by the quarter, 11 weeks). w3o J Deafness Cured. T51!T wVt ccirn'V, Arnntle Oil hn'done The (rif't enr'1 rr-r yet performed by any mrdlplnf. Tt nerer TiiN ' rrnm the Albnnv Dally KntAprbneker, V, V. MVii Trvv, .Tun" 1. Th1 t tn ertttv tMt T, Willir T-nk. nrnnrl tr nf th W Trov T",tchantt" IToTpI, bivlnrr Vipti nfTll',tf,d Tlth "Innfo" In nn rir f-tr th lit t'fntv vnr nnd In th ithrr for th" Ht wir. t thnt t ltnii'b,f fir 'tT1 to bir tb Inn l"t n', md n ffrr trvm riroM f"nndtrt Tithnnt linirortri? m r bffirini ti th l"itt, T H ln-r to trr irm' Cntmtind loiiatl" n?, f,ir th" "iro if DTn', nnd it ( t''i ?rT ri (1 i Mon X iti n(b!etl tn f itf nt It hi r"rfeft1v re'tr" tmrhfirlnr inl t will hn hipiv 'O fo -riV pTttil whn wihe infnr mitlon in ret itlon to my ci" mvtilic" In Wpt Trnv. MIM,KD THVK" !f Cftrefnl ml piiTrri of Mr T PUPK TnrHnTton, A. U A D. WPS im mit'.n trrft, i counterfeit article In the w3rnft New Vnrk, as there is market. Teb. 2ft. Do You Tiny Ilonts nml lioe! for Cnli ! If yrtvk ili call nn T. C. WALES V CO,, 2fl Prarl Strfft. Who will -11 yon OOOn RET UI.IN'O Boots, Shoes, Rubbers 6c Gaiters, of all klnl inl size., From the STiille.t ehlld's to the Wr;et men'", by tho C5Eor D07.nv, it LOW nil PlUCr.-: thsn hsre heen known for veirs. 357ITO 29 PEAUL STREET a try, hefore buying. Boston, Feb, 3, 155. wSmos. STAltTLLNd, Jil T TKLTkT" VHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW, How often it hn pen, that the wife lingrra from year (o jcar in that I'tuhle eundit on n. not cvon I tr oiie tl.iy to fetl thj harr" an'l cthdaratir-g inQu cii"a incident to theerjimei.i of health TIIK liLOU.MLNG HRIPE, Eut i fLw jeirs nco m the tlnh of hefllih and youth, a. d bii'.ar.e of -pints, rapidly, nnd nrpmenilv in eiphcuUy, beerftned a feeble, sulvly, snllmT, di'tih iHttrd with frinne enmciatesl, rcre utittur p, -ptrit dtj rested, countenance heniinp the impress cf suffering, nnd tin utter phs e.d and mental froB ttiiHon, aiding fiom ignorance of the vim k-Bt mil tuUnoI henltli m conm-eh d mti tho miii ruti -tutf, tho iiuluticn t.f wh tell etnniU di-e.iot fcutilrinj; and misery, r.ot onlv to the wife, bnt often EEF.ZriTAF.Y COKFLIISTSUFK TH2 CH!LR?N " i rn rur riniiti av s n tun ci.hp.sri in,"; t l. .MI'TIOV 'ClttH-'t'I. , ill )' Kin i iiit i , itMn, tint r, KIMS' i: ll.. noil ncliir mill Whim' llnHn, ns n DREADFUL INHERITANCE FROM 'I Mi; I'AUIATS " Airl nint tlil pont!niii f Muttli4tr i tLoro no rem? Ij Nnln-fJ Sutinjx' Hie rpmf'y i by knnin tli cau'i iinl rvoMhh; thein.and the remfJ.eo. and Vntfatin by tlifia. The-? are poiLteJ uot in THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL COMPANION, BY Ml, A II MAIKH r..u PROPrJWiH tif VtlKArV OF WOl'EN One Hnndirdth Edition, (,(H),000), IHffio ,77' 250. t nK PiP)H, EXTRA iqMio, 11.00J A utan-Hnl norK of tablithej reputatii-n. fouii'l elai In tlin thUIi kfnei of tl.e umit trt 1e xulf In N?w York, rbiladflihu. anl otlipr citif, anl oll br the 1 rme!i.ii t''k-llfr in the l'nited Mitea It wnii'flrst fublished tu 1M7 fitire which time FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES dart ten wll. vt which there were upward rf DNL IIUSDIICI) I IIDL'SAN'I) SUNT IIY MAIL, attetin the hi tit. estimation io which tt U btli ad a ie I. able joDpuUr J!iJic1 hook fok i:vi:uy i-t.malk the aathrr h&'tn JeToted ln etclosiTe itttntion tn th tn'ntn.ent c( tiui.i) I uiit4 reeulmr to ft male. 111 rejct ta which lie i jt-mlif cuouitd by tLou-iania bwtU in 1 erou auj by letter Hero every woman can Jmcorer, by comparing her own ijiuptouu with thi JcMnbed, the oatare, character, cauiea of, and the prur rcmelies fur, ber ecmplaintu 1h yit about becoming a mother b often need of initructloa and JtIc of the utmoit import net to her futkiis health, to reipect to which her nealtiTenei for bid coniiiiUinf medical gentleman, will 6ml aocli la ttroction anl advice, &o Un jlain miny jmplnuii which otlierrIie kouII occion am ety or aUrm a all Uie peculiar! tic Eacxlent to litr ntuation are deAcribed. Ilwir m&ny arit kUlTeriD from ottructlons nr Irregular ittti jculUr to tho female ) item, which uu Icriuintf thu 1 ealth, the electa of which they are tfoomnt, and v-liicli their dthcacy forbid kweklDj medical alriee. M.iny atitftfrlnj from prtfap$tu ulax (UUinj of tb womb), or from Jtucr a&ui (eknest debit ty, Ke ) Many ar to ct'nataut aony fur many month preceding confine mcnt. Many hate difllcult if not dangeroui ('.ehTope-, aul alow nd uncertain recuTenes. tVme bone lies ars haur Jed during iiuch time, ill each Co 1 In it pft,i tho mranj of prcTtntton, amelioration and relief. It is of courno itnpraeticabU to convey fully tho tat.ous 6'dbjiccU treated of, a they arc of a lututti Uictlj in tended for th married or ibott conttturUtiD,; nurri(e leader, are yoa a boibind or a father f a if or motberf IU joa !b aincert elfire cf tho yon love at Lw-rtt rrore your nocenty, aai k-.o nn tins In learmnti what eauMra interfere witb tlmr beUth and bp plntM not lew tbn jour own It villaToid to t4 and your, hi it had to thout&nl, to ay a day of join aol aane'j, Mlowed by ileejU'M uldbte, loeapacitatln; ll tuind for its crlicary avocation, an ibiuttio tl.ote mtacs U.t metLul attealtnce, nedicin- and admtub-t nostrum wlilcfc oU.crl- ouU irotile f.-r linin; yeari, tlo ioflruil'ticf o;e- a-d Va roper r loc .t.rn nl )0ut eblldrcu In convqi-f ik the unWertal pcpulir.ty of U. int', eidence4 by U etraor.liaart rale. rioin tioui hate n u attfic ted, a wtlltn U--m kii-ll, r a rn tie publi. by imitAtioui cf title , ','UHou idit. ins, anl urreptiti.,u tnfniif mentu of cepyilgbt inl o.ber devtivi anl djce t.Po it biw tvu founl uectssaiy, tbi if.oir, to CAUTION THE PUDLIC to bi' no UhiI, unlei tl e urcrd Pr A 11 Mirhtcrav, 1 bcrty ttrect, N V ," i on (and tb entry m the Oiik'n Ulli.o rn the bici of) tho title tare ant buy on',, rt tt-Mt-UAblu auX bfuorible main, w uul by nud, on 1 to Lr A M Jhuuf.. rj-Unon itfCfipl cf Oi. VcYzr "THE MAR. RllD .'OnAItj ritlVATU MEDICA1 COM. I'AMON" u tem -huai m iwt vt th Ciai-d t..e Cnbii u'.i Urjh r'0inca. ,!' '-Mrr rrji V- irj,, . n ' Jihfrd to Vt, A ! IIAIMCFAU. Us l-"4, Ntw.Yrik OHf r . ; 't n. J3J t rt e..L,t, !,,w. V a AgcnU ill Vennonl. Sialtli 4 Pieroo, MmiprJiit 0 P Hale, CAJssj E M ilroirn, HVJjlt lUdlleld A Grannlss,.Val. pthtr CLOjso A C.i. llrandtn V. W lllaisdell, Vtrgtnnit Collins X Porter, Mmtptlur P Welch, lltandm W 11 Wallace, lr.uburfh Pratt, Jr., YoditotkS K Collins, .V'nriieirr S B Kiobols, nurfiajiun P.Merryneld, trustor 1) O Tylor, M nlp,lrV .Mutt, M. .Wiaas. Jan. 10. ssCmln French Olnss, Snsh nnd Pnttv. 1 QUENCH ItliASS ALWAYS ON' 1IANII, FOK 1 Sale by Ibo llox or Ilctall. (Has. Cut to any Sbnpe and lte, and Set in frsf Alr J5f Ordeis promptly attended to. Callandsse, tuo doors East of Iho FUEE I'KIS OFFICE, Col. lego Street IIEUVEV UUIIXETT jJinusiarn ,Mr Js, ) tsil. i l&WACOUSTIC OIL! lypl THE CMS CbPt 101 ' V'S-' H v 0EFNCrt. - 'vv NORTHERN RAILROVD, N.Y. AVI V I T. It A Kit A N J I' JI V.ST, rO.MMFA'ntNO .TAXnAllV 11. 1RS5. PAS'RVOnil TRAIN'S lenro Houe's Point nt 10.1.) A. M.. on nrrlfil of trains fro i tlio Ki'tnnd N'nrth. nrrlvlntf nt 0?donntirgh 4 15 1 5r' conneeilni with tho flvtown nnd IVi"eott Jlnllway for Ottawa, and sti?cs for Drockxdlle, Klng'tjn, ilollvlllc, Toronto, Ac, I.mvp Ojtd'nsbnrsh at 10.M A. M onthearrirnl of tho Ilrtown .t "'osisolt train, arrlrlnj at fton.o's rnlnt nt .1 t'i P. M., e netln with tho orraont Ontral liallroad fortho Po '"i ""'J nn,'' Clmm' plain .t Ft. Uwrcnco for Montr.""' """S",, On'). V. 1.VLE, Sup't. Orrtrr N'onrnrnt ntr.noAD, ) Malon, Jantnrv, 13 Yi. S Corn Planter. A nr.; MAltril in, T hallh ready to farnl'h C. 1!. Dana's Patent Corn Plantrr ono of thoi hhor-strlnj machines which will -nit Ihr ornti jiar tlsnhr. rtopratlons aro vorT'Imple and . nnd four nerrs of rorn can ho rilantcd In a dar ndtb onohr ono man. Tor plantim "nail ""' of .my kind It eann't ho nrpa"f I. Price .1 00 Anr ore -antln the ahor will dlreet to F. J Tlnttolph, r.fcr, owner of tho right for Chittenden Co. "ei,IVh, lG,1J5i. wlmos Tjtrvr,'? vrw vonK Tvrr.rnrvnrtv ej. tihlf.liod In hi now on hand ready for imm'Ji Mi nu. " t " "'' rn-'Va-eri., W nnn ih. "nr i typt or new cut, f,n r, nn r ' vrv TVPF, er-ntrT' of various styles, rirmt t''. nnv SMrA'T? In sreat rarlsty,"inr;Ti5. s.non , nin 1.015 tn.nai f-M P.n 1' AVfi Tvpr mhtal in i-k.-, and a'1 the rorett!. In th ho'lne. Ml th anove Tm-i are ca" hr "team ti' t" ' r the new eoTi-.'lt!'o of rental n-.-i'r t' f drr. aod trurfir tsrrrtTAtvt.V "'prTton to aor ever ned hefore In anv part of tho world The unequalled rapidity In tho proee.s of ea.tlni, ena l.le. me to -el thr.o moro durable tvne at the prl c of ordioarv tvn", either oner.'dit r f' ah pro. .p., Wood Trpe, nnd all other Proline Ma trlil eteent Paper and Tard-, fwh'-h no fisedrualltyorpricu,)fiirni''!cd at manufacturers rrThe'lat-t 'peeimen Tlook of the Toundrv Is free, ly eiren to all prlntlna offiee., on th receipt of 50 cent, to prepay 'he po.tnce, -Printer" of newtpaPT" who choose tn rulilt-n this adr.ftl-ement. In-ludln? thi- P"te. three t roes before the f.r.t dar of.Tulv. 1 a " ' nn oee of the paper., wtll b allowed their b'L t tho lime of pureha.H? f re tl-ne. the a-nnt of my manufacture-. Addre". Ol'OPiir III'I rr It ritAMBtm-Sr , 1 e. N'ew-Tort!. Tcb. 15, 1955. HUTCrlTNS fV SAWYEH, Cnnml-'don ttorrlirtnt", AN'ti wiinr.i-? ti.r; nr. uxn IN" Butter. Choose. Grain, and sr.r, Ktvna nr rofvur trodcce, No. nr,v-Tiii'''T. New-York. January 16, 1855. cr, rf. - a 5 w sr. j a o .5 ir, cs a p m I'3 - - - " - X . T, .r 3 r. t .-f 4 j: in (f) "5 i z t- a a u n Cash Music and Piano Store Or IIOUACn rTRIt. N'.i. !n nrnmlw.v.ycsf Vnrtt. Onn-i.ltlnn St thn fomhlnn tlon ' Mr"rc kt nnn tly nni'-cnr n rr Not vifh'n linz th i mbl-nti m f Wnr- Peal pr. to Wp up tV nn-'. .f nnri-e -nvr it mtslo aiiui.t t ie Int'T-'ts nr X!t r" f mp s . nn 1 their rcrusil t. ptfil t , Mr V (TT1! t - art nf tho trsle. ho is rmlitn linnon."? silc hiring aljun I int rrLlfni-o tint lii hi. p'lhl c u t -unco an.l .linn irr in hi" nppnsition tn til' Orpnt n po Iv, an 1 in hi. c'Tirts tn nt I Vnth r Tnt, nt sn'l sj ipt the N'.atiijml TiirrrncT Ills .fnek f Am n lind C'trnpi-an I. imnen., tin 1 th ent i? jae f his iTi n'lliliaiti in i. nun .if the I truest anl I' it leetc I in the Tnitcl t.ite. Hp he. sl.n r n.i a fire it Ileluetinn in the price, r.f I'i inn.. a, ,. ns, nnl Mu.ienl In'trtitnept. it nil P.-ml yn er r tonel r native Pi.inn. f,r ?1 7 s. iini. sml Zi, interinr "f n. . ,r,.l qmiit y .1n.l intrutnent ns str n anil n. iturihle n thn.e whieh cnt ?i00 Tun s of every v.iriety of "trie an'l prisv, up t.i $1000, enm pri'in those nf t n iliJerent tnanufiet rtc : nnJ anion- thera the eeleliri'el minlern imp' re 1 llotuce Witeih l'imn., anJ tho firt premium .Eot,r;vy Piavos nfT. Dilbrrt .1 C... make fosrn er' of tho X ilean P.itent). enml.hnn I Piinos nt srcit hir-ain. Price, from S 10 tiS150 Melo iloons from fire ill. Te rent manufarturies. Ineluilins the well-known . II. .1 II. w. -Mini's Melmle m, (tune.! the equiHemperanient.) the best malie in tlie Vnlto 1 Mites. Price', jl'i, r,0, f", Sln.0, $115, 12 , il3j. $150. inith' Pnuble Dank Mc li"leon, $200. Haeh Phnn nnil .Mel ilemi cuirfln teej. Th" het terms tn the tra le, eV " 1", .t 1 2 i per cent, ili.-nunt lo riej-.-vmi n nml ChurcLe" All onler protnrtlv attcn.le'l to. Mnlc e ttn nl parts nf tho countrv. pn.t pn. I, at the re.luceil rnte. General nn.l -"elect Cntllojues ami .'cheilults nf prices nf Musii-il Instruments fgrtvarJe.1 to any ad. dress free of .bare. Fob. 15. w3ms M. OSTHEIM, IMI'ORTBR or W I N E S and LIQUORS, III Trout Mrerl, ( Two Jvori Jrom Coentiti Slip,) .V K W . V O R K . March 1, 1S2S, wtf Valuable Farm for Sale. II I S DE5IIUI!I.n FVP.M, containing Tiro lion Ire 1 H id .Ninety Icres, Is situst d f ur miles n Jrth of Verenues, on the old stae r ad, and ono and a hill miles from the Railroad fts.t n It is plo.i.antly sit'iatcd, and tho soil is of eiccllent quality. On the premises is a Commodious lirick Dwelling, built tn a ubtantial wanner and tbc ni' stappruTed modern style, tujither with all the uece-saiy IIAIt.Xrs AM) ltl ll.DI.Nns, For Dairying an I other Farming purposes, Alsi an Orchard of nearly 700 APPLE TREES, just coming into bearing, Of tlio Cliuircst Vnrirlles. Altogether, this is tbo most desirablo Farm ever ouered for sale in this region. ISOWLAXD T. JtODIXSOS Fsrrlsburgh, 1SJ5. w3ow3 FARMS FOR SALE. 3 ''JMIESUBSCltlnER HAS TIIltEE FARMS for sale in the ton of Milton, within a mllo "f Chcekerberry Green ono containing 350 acres, " 150 acres, and the other 100 acres, all Ijing on the uialnroal to liurllngton I Hill sell one or all of said tarms on reasonable terms Tcs session given tbe first day of April neit. Persons wishing to purchase real estate, would do well to eiamine said farms. AMOS CR0WX Milton, March 3d, 1S55. wjmos TO RENT, rpHE STORE ON" COLLEGE STREET, U.N'DEE tho Frit Prut OJic. For terms, apply at thla umce. Sept. i. dlwtf NOTICE. fp'lE SURSCRtUER is desirous of cslabllshlne I. a travelling Agenoy in every two Counties or moro throughout tbo Xew England and Middle States. Each agent is retained at $30 per month and expenses paid, or if preferable, admitted to a share in the aggregate proceeds of his agency, JTono but thorough business men need apply, nnd who huso a peouulary responsibility of at least $ 100. Thoso wishing such an agtnay can bo conferred with at tho Eichango Hotel, liurllngton, Vt , on tbo 3d and Uh of April licit; also at Montpclier, Coltr ill's Hotel, on tho loih, and at St. Johosbury Houso, St John.bury, ou the 12th, of April. T J. I'AOE, Proprietor Rutland, Vt., 12th March, 1853 d.twtonl To Rent. s 11 K OFFICE OVER JAMES MITCIILLL'S Store, on Collecost . consisting of three rooms. ono lariro front room and two back rooms, with closets i also a small parlor and bedroom in third I story of same building Posession given Immediat Ily Ennuiie Utuc subscriber at this nlhce S. U PAUliULKiil

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