Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 6, 1855 Page 3
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The New l'omfir. U now In full force Letters for liny )mrt nf the Uiiitnl SUitca no longer gn l'.v mail, inilers tlio t nKe U prepaid In nil e.i-f-i. IVr-ms ritln on their own butlncM, nml rcqiilrlnc '' fwer, will boo tho jti rl"t) 'l Mioloting n tJirnp for tho rrepnymcnt or tho iHwtogc on the reply, The Maine is nllvo n tho North Kutt corner of tho utato. At Islunil Pond, March 20th, the town agent A. F. Woodman vis fined ten dollars for t Solution of the law. Other complaints wero mndo ngainst liim, whereupon he capitulated, surtelidered i his license, and gavo up Ills stock of liquor, i which was destroyed to tho amount of CO gallons, llohbs and Oilkey of the Green ' Muuntain Houdo, nnd A. C. Jenningi of tho i Island Tond Hotel, wero also complained ngainst, plead guilty, wero duly fined and promised to do better in future. A VAtt'ADtE horso was stolen from the stable of the Rev. I), (ireen, in Windsor on Thursday night of last week. Tho thief rodo to Croydcn, IN. II., whero ho sold tho horso on Saturday, and escaped, with tho cash. Altered diu.s of tho NortlficM bank, ones changed to fires, aro in circulation. Tho vignetto of tho gcauino " ones" Ib iv farm-yard scene, two farmers, oscn, sheep &o. That of tho geoulno " fives" is a iew ofa railroad, witb a train ofcars. Tho largo red letters tJ'NE" which can bo seen on both sides, of tho bill, havo not been changed fiificicr.tly to render them illegible. Bonnets in New York this soison ire not worn so much Hired ns they were last ; the crowns droop more and tho front is slightly projecting. Flowers and laco are used in their trimming. Ladies will learn with pleasuro tho now stylo of sleeves which open in tho front from tho shoulder to tho wrist, connected by rows of pearls, and ex hibiting to tho admiring gaze tho richest and most expensive undersleeves. Another ttylo fits closo to tho arm, and ends in a deep frill, falling over the elbow ! In Brattlldoro J. J. Crandall, of tho Revere House, II. C. Nash, of tho American, and L. Whitney, of the Central House, wero tried last week for violating tho temperanco law. Tho first two were fined each $.10, and tbs last 20. A Rutland Hotel keeper, recently brought before tho Grand Jury for mcanor, 6aid it is a pity ho was disturbed, for tho pcoplo were so well trained now ho eonldiell them liquor, two thirds of which wasTrator, and if he had been let alone, thoy mld drink water clear within six months. At St. Jounsbcrv there is about U.c inch. of snow in tho fiehlsnnd a foot in tho woods; at I!rattliboro' one foot in tho fields and three in the wood". TheSt. Lvwrenci: is open at Ogdens- burgh and tho Steam ferry to I'rcscott in regular operation. The LtqvoR Lw lately passed lij the Lcgislaturu of Wisconsin, was vetoed by Gov. Barstow. Tho Legislature has there upon passod.jby a two thirds vote, a new law, leaving out tho points oly'eotcd to by the Governor in the former bill. Twelve ill assorted couples were put asunder by tho Supremo court nt its recent session in Orango county. In eleven of tho twelve cases, the wifo applied for the divorce. A firm in Richmond, Va., havo brought a suit against the Washington and New Orleans Telegraph Company to recover dam ages in tho sum of $17,000, sustained by them in consequence of an error raado in a despatch sent by them. An order of theirs for 500 bales of cotton, was made by a blun dering operator to read 2500. A BREECH LOADING CANNON, of new construction, was tried last week at Charles ton navy yard It was fired eight times a minuto and throw an eight pound shot four miles. Tho patentee proposes to make it a riflo boro, throwing balls having a ridgo of lead, which fills tho grooves. Tho gun does not heat even after rapid and long continued firing. It needs no sponging, and to all ap pearances is as safe, if not safer, than the or dinary cannon. It promises to bo ono of the most destructive instruments of war invented. A Young Ladt, Mi6s Rockwood, died in Lansingburgh, N. Y., on Monday night, from the effects of poison contained in some maple sugar of which eho had partaken. It is supposed that tho poison was imparted to the sugar by boiling it in a brass kettle. The Strike in Manchester continues. Neither corporations nor strikers will yield. Tho Mirror of Tuesday says : "This morning, at tho timo of tho first train up, there were at tho depot ICO trunks and band-boxes piled np as big as a hay-stack, belonging to girls going to tho Northern part of this Stuto and Vermont. Most have got tired of march ing and street parade. They think it is timo to go homo, seek some other employment, or return to work. The tollt and Madness of dabhling in stocks, while in a post of pecuniary trust, has been often shown of lato. Another mel aneholy ease has come to enforce tho lesson, Thomas W. Hooper, for 21 years teller of tho Merchants Bank of Boston, and one of the oldest bank officers in that city, committed suicide last week. Ho is supposed to havo been involved in 6tock speculations His ac count with the bank was correct, but in or der to keep it so, ho had borrowed somo $73,000, ofwhich $50,000 was obtained by him of tho Grocers' and Atlantic banks, uj on certified checks, through the agency ofa broker, and the balunco was borrowed of in dividuals. These banks and individuals loso theaiuount. Being questioned closely by the president of the bank; Tuesday morning, a- bout tho unusual amount on hand in bills of theso two banks, ho was displeased that tho matter should bo pressed whilo his cash ac count was correct. Ho then went out, and was found about an hour after by the porter, suspended by the neck in tho cellar, dead. A Bill introducing tho electivo prin ciple into tho second branch of tho legislature, has been passed to a tecond reading in the Cunadian assembly, by a voto of F0 against 4. The measure is regarded generally as a tep towards tho election of governor by the . .. . .1 people, ana is consequently warmly support edbythe annexation party It is feared that the U. S. brig I'or. poise which sailed from Hong Kong Jan. 14, has been lost at sea Sour, of the mills at Manchester, N Y, have commenced running again, and it is hoped that the strik'o is orer. Turk hvndrhd and ttvestt Swiss paupers havo been chipped from Zurich, Switzerland, for this country, and aro now on their way to New York, Mayor Wiod w.ill attend to their cm. Six n.tcrs sero lately mnrriid the same night at their home in Somerset coui.ty, Penn. A llRicnr Bot. "I'.ina, can't I ?o to tho zoologiial rooms to see the comohilct'ght the ryo-no-sir-ee-hofs !" "Sartin, my son, but don't get your trow er torn. Strange, inv dear, what a Hits that tx.y has I'or'ral hisloiy. No longvr than vusterduv lie hiiil ir. it nit I. ing by their t ills tn tli clutlu'swiiii1." Si In' did, hlfks hi littb) hoart imin to bis iniithfr. Tin. filhmiiig U a e.ipy of a ,riti,l.l., i'ii try inudc hy the recurdm N.-criitary of a diiion ol the Son of Tuinpi-rniirM, nt' l.m. canter, I'.i.- "Aftergvsine through the yew. 1 fa wins, thcro wao colleckHliln tn Won up, hot nothing was tukeu in." An editor "out west" (ofcoiirs. ) said that ho had hoped to ho ahln tn present h murrlapn an 1 a death as original matter Tnr his columns, but unfortunately," thaw broko up tho wedding, and tho doctor got sick, and thn j it tout recovered. A letter from California nit A quo- Mon from tho renowned John l'fienix's Odo vnndyngo, " Is hotter npplicublu to Los Angeles than nny other fragment from tho uido real ins of poesy ! " All night long In this sweet little vltlsse, lou hear tho soft nolo oT Hie pistol, And tho pleasant scroak of tho victim" Why Is dancing llko now milk ! Dy'o givo it up 1 Ilecauso it strengthens the rn'iri. Ci.cnntNa ron I'orhgn Papers. Wo notice tho Boston Oire Branch in speaking of tho contest of obtaining tho greatest number of subscribers for that paper, mentions as gen tlemen who havo obtained cluhs in Vermont, T. II. Joyner. Richmond ; W. S. Guilford, Rutland t G. Robbing, Caendish ; P. Good rich, Westminster. In tho Counties whero theso gentlemen ro sido, are printed, papers, so far ns they aro organs ot gcncrnl news, iciail as good ns the Olivo Branch and infinitely better nnd moro desirable ns organs of home news, homo politics, Ac, and why it is with such papers as tho Age, tho Journal, tho Herald, tho .Vninc, and tho tree Press, jinnted in their midst, and upon whoso lnllucnco they so much rely, gentlemen should find it for ihoir interest to spend so much of their timo, to stuff into tho pockets of over-fed city con corns, tho money that really belongs to " homo industry, does not appear plain. Vi.ratriot. News of the Week BIT TELECrRAPH TO THE FREE MESS. A week Inter from ttnrope. Arrival of the Asia. Boston, 30th, P. M. Steamer Asia arrived at Halifax last night with seven days later nows from Europe. Nocvcnt of striking importance had occurred. From tho scat of war the most important statement is that tho Allies had opened their Cro upon Sebastopol and with good effect. Tho Vienna poaco conferenco was formally inaugurated on tho fifteenth of March. Hopes and fears wero about equally ballanccd as to the probability of pcaco resulting from the conference. Tho new Ciar has issued a manifesto to his army which is considered of rather warlike character. 1 he london money market was growing ea sier and consols remained steady nt 93J. Tho market for bread stuffs was firm and prices had slightly adanccd, Indian corn, however, was quiet at about previous rates. Nonllimlion of Nenl Dow, Boston, March 30. Tho Know-Nothings and Republicans of Portland havo nominated Ncal Dow for Mayor. I'rom Cubit Another Outrngc, New Orleans, March 30. The Crescent City has arrived hero with iluvnu.1 dates to the 14th iust. Ramon Pinto was garrotcd on the -li. Tho Steamer Eldorado has again been com. pelled to hcavo to by a Spanish man of war nnd submit her papers for examination at Capo Antonio. Kentucky State Prison llurnt. Louisville, Kj, March 20th. Tho State Prison at Nishvillo took firo about 3 o'clock, this morning, and is now completely in ruins. A prisoner named Connor, was smothered to doath. The loss on buildings, tools, &c, is estimated at $100,000. Arrest nnd dischnrge ofa I'liglltve. Cincinnati, .March 29. Rosctta, a colored girl who una sometime since brought into this Stato from Kentucky hy an agent of her master nnd declared free liy a Stato Court at Columbus nnd a guar dian appointed, was to day arrested under the Fugitivo Slates Law. Tho case camo be. foro Judge Parker who decided that tho girl was entitled to her freedom, having been brought into tho Stato by her owner or hy his representative. Somo excitement was , created by tho U. S. Marshal attempting to arrest her after tho decision, nnd a riot was apprehended. The girl, however, was safely conveyed to tho care of her friends. Tho Asia's News. Boston, March 31tt. Tho details of tho nows by tho Asia havo been received. The news of tho death of Nicholas was received hy tho Allies by tho 7th of March. In regard to peace prospects, it is stated that England and Austria would bo content without tho demolition of Sebastopol, but Napoleon absolutely insists upon that condi tion. Tho sickness among the allies nt Sebasto pol was decreasing. Tho Russians are forti fying in a formidablo manner tho valley of Inkcrmann.andare erecting mortar batteries at Karaara to threaten Balaklava, They have sunk two more ships in Sebastopol harbor. Prussia issued a circular dated March 8th, to its diplomatic and consular agents, stating that thcro is reason to bclievo that tho nego tiations now in progress will terminate in peace Tho Allies havo refused to allow Prussia to take part in tho negotiations. Accident to Mrs. Webster. New York. March 31st. Yesterday afternoon tho horses attached to a carriugo in which was Mrs. coster, widow of Daniel Webster, took fright and ran away. Mrs. Webster becoming alarmed jumped from the vehicle and was thrown with great vio leneo on tho paiement. Her head wasbadly cut, and she was takenup inu. state of insen sibility. She shortly recovered, but her inju ries aro or a serious naturo. A Stir tn the Navy Ynrds. Washington dispatches say that orders havo been sent to nearly all our navy yards to have all available vessels and material prepared lor imvnediato service, and instruc tions hare been issued to tho naval officers at the various yards to bold themselves in readiness for sea. New York News. New York April 2d. The receipts at our Custom House for tho month of March, eliowa docreaso of ?3,209,. 881, as compared with March 1851 rt.. . .r .::. .1 r. fhe terms of our Criminal Courts com- i mence to-day and a very heavy calender has j to bo acted upon including no loss than 14 1 murder cases. Conncctlcnt, Election. AVu havo a few 6cattoring returns of the Connecticut Election to-day which indicito tho success of the Know-Nothing parly. ht;w Orleans, March 30th. 1 he Steamer Daniel Webster has arrived at this port with California dates to tlio 9th iust. The Star of the West sailed from San Juan the 3th for New Yoiit with thoCaIifornia ptescngcre and about 300,000, in specie. She io now fully due, Tho r.nrtlKiunl.o in Turkey. Acoounts from Constantinople stato that the Earthquake at llrouasa, Turkey, was no eo severo as was at first (luted. Only ulout ' ., rr30ns iost their liven hut a lire num. ' Ik-v nf buildings cre deittniycd Mnino Law in New York. Alihsv, April -1th. I .in Maine Lbjii'ir Iii'V paused the S'nato list cteiiing by a ol - In II ,1liiiiltiinl'clion. Hosion, April Itli. The municipal clecliou in rortland yoster- BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, day was hotly contested, Ncal Dow was elvclod mayor by 23 majority. OflbENsnuRon, April 4th t ho Know-Nothlngs were successful In our Charter eloWlon yesterday. The Cluclnnnlt I'tertlaU itlots. Cincinnati, April 3d. Our municipal election is still undecided, frauds having bcon discovered in tho 12th Ward where it ',s proposed to throw out tho entire vote, which will givo Taylor tho Know. Nothing candidate about 100 majority. Had tho entire voto of tho city been counted tho wholo Democratic ticket would havo been elected by ol)0 to 1000 majority. It is sup posed that 10 or 12 persons wero cither killed or mortally wounded in the riot nnd tho only wonder is that tho loss of lifo was not greater us tho cannon was discharged in discriminately. It was altogether the most disgraceful election day ever experienced in our city. Cincinnati. Tuesday night, April 3rd. Second Despatch. The excitement in this city is on tho increase. Tho Germans re fused to giio up tho cannon. Fighting has I consequently commenced over tho canals and it is reported that several persons havo been killed. The Gormans aro mostly armed and fortified within houses whilo tho American parly aro also well prepared. Tho probabili ty is that matters will bo measurcably post poned until morning, when it is hoped bitter feelings may havo somewhat subsided. Cincinnati, April 4. Still Lster. Nothing of special impor tance transpired after our last dispatch last night. This morning a largo crowd assem bled in Fifth Street markot pbico and tho greatest excitement was manifested. Tho military aro under arms awaiting orders. Tho Germans havo agreed to deliver up tho cannonat 10 o'clock this morning and if they do bo it may prevent a collision. Trorn Cnlifornin. Tho steamship Star of the West with Cali fornia dates to March 9th, arrived at New York last evening. Messrs. Wolls, Fargo & Co., wero going ahead as formerly. It was doubtful when Messrs. Page, Bacon fc Co., would resume payment whilo all the other Bank failures wero bad ones. At Sonora tho depositors broko open tho vaults of Messrs. Adams A- Co , and through u committee paid themselves, leaving a balance of $$,000. The Cuban Crisis. A letter from Havana states that Secretary Marcy had instructed tho acting IT. S. Consul there to notify tho Captain General of tho Island, that if ono drop of American blood is spilled in tho present crisis, the Government of tho U.S. will not ho answerable for tho result. Telegraphic Report of the Cam. bridge Cattle Market. KepoiUd lor thi Weekly Free Prcsi. cuncsuay, .vpril Jru. At Market 425 cattle, nbout 300 beeves nnd 125 Stores consisting ol Working Oxen, Cows, and Cuius, Yearlings, two nnd threa. years old. Market Beer Kxtra per cwt.$9J a 10. First quality, .$9. Second do $S u Si aSJ. Third do $71 to 1. Ordinary 7. Hides per cut $5J a 6. Tullowba9J. Pelts $1.00 a 1,50. Calfskins 10 to 11 conts per lb. Barrelling Cattle, $8J to 84 per hundred. Veal Calves 4 a 5, fl a 9. Stores Working Oxen 78, 84,90, 5, 100, 12, 25, 32, 40, 45, 50 to 215. Cows and Calves, 32, 40, 2, 0. 9, 41, 2, 4, 5, 50 to 53. Yearlings, 12 a 14 to 10. Tlio vc.irs old, 32. 40 to G2. Threo years old, 45. O, O, 51 to 72. Sheep and Lambs, 121.) nt market. Extra, f , 9, 10 to 14. By lot. 24, 1,31, 1,4 to G4. Swine, only a few shoats to pcddlo. Remarks. Tho market being one day in advance thero was but littlo stock in when it opened. The cattlo trains, Vermont and Massachusetts excepted, were all in lata. The weather is severely cold for April giiing holders an advnntago which they niako tho most of. u i c i . On tho 17th of March nut., at Winookki, cf typhus fever, after aaevcre and protracted ilcknm. which terminated in an ctYuiion upon tho brain, CuAnits William .rsnff, nn or Ilcnrj Austin, of tho above place, aged ilevcnyears and heeu months. Ho endured his painful illiitbft with that fortitude and aubmiseion which is seldom found ccn in per sons of maturer yearn. Miile reason lasted, he showed the same manly and noble spirit which, in his healthy and joyous days, ho always exhibited. Active, intelligent, of fine form, and exemplary de portnint, he was a favorite among his play fttlowi, and beloved by all who knew him. Indeed, many fond associated and friends lament his early repara tion from them. But thtso aro not the tendered ties parental lore and pride and fraternal affection are left to griere under their bereavement, yet aro consoled with tho thought that their favorite son and brother, ' the prido of thoir joy," reetcth In peace. In Shelburne, tho 25th in t., of Ctcftmpticr, C Ann IK L., wife of A. II. Lewis, and daughter of Lymn and Laura Thayer, aged 21 year, tie ditd in tho triumph of faith. In Ui-Li a, n tho 7th inet., Khoda, wife of Amaia Cobb, need 53. In Urattleboro, Feb. 22, MIh Martha Warriucr agdS2)care. Also March 1?, Henry Clark, aged CI. In Springfield, March 17, of Dropsy, Mis. Sophia Harm, oj lirameooro, agta ii. In UrWgewater, Match 11th, Mr. Xeli-n Rich mo n J aged 11. In tcthel, March 11th. John Dunham aeed 32. In Hraintree, March Cth, Mrs Jaoob Spear, aged CC. In Uerlln, March &th, Dorcat Prescott, aged 72. In Castlcton, on tho Cth inst., widow of Hounell Clark uged 87. In Fletcher, March lit widow Thomas Lllsworth, aged SC. AUo on the 1th, MIm Lorinda Dike aged I 20. ' In Fairfax, on the 15th ult., Mr. Peter Stcarnf, agiMl bl, leafing a widow and twelve children i In Halifax, March K, Hokwell Kingbbury, aged 1 C3. 1 In Hartford, March 2J, Mr, Carlos Tenney, aged 57. Also March 15, Mr. Eboneicr Fogg, aged t'J, In Joneiville, Klohmond, March 4th, Miss Duloona I Fay, aged 32. 1 In Iraeburgh, March 7th, Mrs Welthea Ordway, ; aged HY In I.udlosr, March 10th, .Mr. Zcbiris.h Parker, In Jlontfiullor, Maroh 1C, of Comurajitiori, Mrs. ' Kancy Winz, 5i 61. I la orth lleru, laroa wtb, Henry listen, of IConlumptlon, aed C7. Iq Somlch, .March 11, Mr. Iloraoe Tildan, aged i 55. i ! In Pittineld, March 6, Mrs. Eabra Child, aged "8 ; 1 years , iundolpb. Feb. . Oen. Martin Flint. .g.d 71 years. In KockiDghara, Jan, 25, Miss Emcline Wrlcbt aged it. In Rutland' ou tba llth Inst., Mr. Truman Monl. tbrop, ajol C7, la Saiions hirer, Marob ttb, of paralysis, Mr. Jonuthan Kicbardson, aged 90. In btntuord, Marob Stb, Hon, Jedrdiab Hyde IlarrU, aged 70. In btcisc, on tho 12tb ult., Mrs. Sally Banders, aged 72. la riudbnry, on Iho lltli alt., Miss t-trah A, Keyts, aged 2S, At Tuubridge, Feb. K, Mr. fcainuel Melcalf, j aged 91r A suldlor w tuo liusrlutiun. lu Walllugsfoid, March C, Mrs. Licictla Uidy aged 31. In Uardiloro, March 3,Waki F, Plimpton, aged JO. In WooditooV on the Ctb Ult., Mrs Earab C. Pratt, aged Vi In llt.stun tie 17th very suddenly, I)o1el Uad Esq., ol Wtst lndsnr, aged to. 'lTisK TIIi: 'IKUI'MSKII IIK'IPS The great .4 J Cum ail fur JlhciuuHtlxiu nnd Xfurolirlt, ued hj all the jrrat Northern au 1 Wbiterti Xi f b ludU h, (t li the only mf uud furit ivmvdy lur llhf iuiutlo'1, dud imtuy t ti't i-f Ncurili(ln, Out of WI t lu 11 "4 II 1 liotllf M'M ttithfll H ft'W llt1illlw, itt hu Iru U Ifd if -tiriu .-fo l.irj-.ut'lIU, KhcIi Lot He wirrutiti'd, tilt; vtuU, I'or tulc hy m t dni(riti thruula-ut lite country, X. W, livrt, .Vy, 3CJ WaihiujetouStrvet, Uutlou, WholoaU Aj?iit i ul" HU Alanh, 16 I'iauVIIu 1 Sti'iHt, Iloitou. wiDw, E. DANFORD'S PATENT. Iron Gratia Mower, inn uxuKitsiosni) woU.n nii'mm,- l.f cillod tho attention of Farmers nn I tho I Piibll". to the above tnftihlno, which llicy mo now iiriiini.ii-uiriiiK lor in'' unrri'Pi ni ip.ii, from s thorouuh examination c-fthecompirntlvo merit! of tho illTjrent Itlmlj nf Mowing Mnchlnc", brought before tho publio, In tho Statci of Vermont, Now Vork, Ohio, In-Ilnnr. ami Illinois, during Iho Itstscsson, wo aro fully tatl'llcd that li. lMnforl's iron ursss uuitor, witn u.juoio t-'Jgep, will ftivo mo best satisfaction under nil clrciimstiuiec., of nny that has y-ot been otTerod to tho public! wo nro nlso tus Ulned In thNftplnbin, by several dt.lntorcstcd por sons that hiio hint largo opportunities for forming curroct decisions Iho advantages of this J!a. chlno, with doublo edges, worked with ft dotiblo crank, over tho slnglo edges, working though ft slant, tn the guards or fingers, cannot fall to bo ap parent to tho moft common observer. 1st. Trota tho raving In power, tho edges cutting llko shears. 2nd. Tho impossibility of clogging. 3d. Tint thoy will not need sharpening near ns often. Tills. Mn ohlno riceivid the first premium ol tho Ftato gib cultural Society of Illinois, nl ls.M, nftcr n trial of four days In competition with all .Machines of nny note. Also tho first premium of tho Chicago .Mo. chanlcs Intltuto of 16i3 nnd ls.i4, nnd several County Agricultural Societies In Illinois nnd In. dtana. It has In every instanco reeclicd the firit premium when put in competition with any other in use. Wo respectfully Invito nil who are desirous of purchasing a mowing machino for tho coming liar, i vest tn cull nnd examine ono wo bavo on hand, be foro clsewiiotc. Tho machines wo man- : ufacturo will bo inado with, or without guards to I tho edges, ns required for tho meadows they nro to j bo used upon. They will also bo warranted to cut nil kinds or grass, coarso or fine, wet or dry, thick or thin, as well as can bo dono with a scytho. .ML'KUAY b. I'ATUICK. HUrUS PATRICK. Hinoiburgh, April 2nd, 1635. wlOtf Farm for Sale. rilHE undersigned wishes to sell his I'ARM, of X 130 acres, with a good House, two barns, and all necessary out-bulldings, ThoTarm Is admirably adapted to keeping a largo dairy, nnd is well watered and fenced, and with a first class Orchnrd, worth five hundred dollars, nnd Sugar Orchnrd. The Kanu Is situated In tho oast part of tho town of .Milton, about three miles Irom Milton Tails, and oommands n fine licw of I.ako Champtain. Thcro arc fifty acres of heavy timber wood land, rnot of which is within less than ono tullo of tho Vt. .1 Canada llallroad, nnd tho tlmbtr dellicred on the lino f.f said road, will more than pay fer the Farm. Tho 1'arm has onco paid for Itself, and is now in a high stato ot cultivation. With a small ndvanco payment, timo will be given for tho remainder. Further particulars may be ob tained of tho subscriber on tbo place. WILLIAM WELLS. .Milton, Vt., .March 12, 1855. w!0w3 PILKP3Y. DR. C. IIOBMNS. Professor of JLXcrvous and Convulsive Diseases. Albion Court, Charlcstown, Mass, Has within the last eight years treated two hundred nnd sixty cafes of epileptic and oonvuHivo fit, of this number oxer two hundred havo been cured, ten benefited tt. i "" I wero not cured, aud thirty-flro not benefited. mong the ones cured aro M. D. of the arimi echonls, and 1) D.s and their frtiiiilies aomf cnes of thirty years standing, liaing from ten fit a week to fifty a month. Should bo pleased to refer any interested to thoso cured, including somo of the first people in Vermont, Xcw Hampshire, Mass achusetts and Maine. Refer to Hon. T. I'. Ham mond West Windsor; 5. Spaulding Brandon, both of which cases wero cured, w40w5 iioston, .vrniL im, imss. Carpetings Cheaper Than Ever! OUR frCALK or TRICKS FOR bPRIXll SALKS 17 To 25 Cents per yard for Hemp Carpets. 30 Cents per yard fur Ingrain Carpets. Vt Cents per yard for Union Carpet1. 45 Cents por jnrd for super Union Cnrpcts. 5S To U2 Cents per yards for Kxtra Fine Carpet. 70 To 75 Cents per yards for Suj crfmo Carpet. SH Ta 90 Conts per y.arl for Kid lermuiitcr Car pets. ?2 To 1121 Cents per yard for Superfino Knglish Carpets. Tlireo-I'ly CnrpcU nt Voiy Low Itatc. 75 To 12 " Cents per yard for Hrusels Tnpestry, Comprising beautiful' nnd modorn stylo if Enclish and American manufacture 12" To 1C2 Ccnti p-r yard fer 'plendid Velvet Tapostry Carpet, tho usual piicos ofwhich arc $2,'15 and upwards. Also, many ityles of high cost Tapestry and Vel vet Carpetings of superior Kngllsh manufacture, which, on account of their high finichand beautiful quality, nro sd'om imported to this country, will bo fold at tho same price of an ordinary article Also, a large stock of PAINTHD CANVAS CA HPKTINGS, Embracing ono of the largest assortments of I-loor Oil Cloths to bo found in this city, 21 feet wide to tho narrowest width, at very low prioce. Also, Canton Mattings, Crumb Clothe, Stair Car pet", Fellings, Rug, Mats, and all articles usually louini in a ursi cias carpet wannouse. A great portion of our Stock which wo display for f pring sales, having been purchased nt tl r..(.nt auction trade cales in Xcw Turk, will be sold for much less than cost of manufacture or Imp irtatlon. Hy referenco to our scalo of prices it will bo Feen i nat ire snail et-u nil itie ai.tcmit gradei for much lower prices than tho same goods have usnally been sold. NEW KN(JLXD CAKPET COMPANY, 75 II mover Street (Xtirlyflppotitc the American Ifuvsi,) wll)w3 IVcw Firm and IVcw Oooils, AT THE OLD STAXDt Opposite tho Rink of Burlington. I 1HK SUIlSClUlinRS hiving this day formed a co-partnership under the style of FAY &. CHILDS, are now prepared to oSar a largo and general an lortment of good in the Hue of Boots nnd Shoes at wholesale and retail at the must reasonable prices. Among tu-i assortment may be tounJ tho J olio wing items, vti : JO Ca-es Men's thick boots 100 pr Jenny Lind Bootees 10 do do Kip do luO do do pegged do 8 do Gents Calf do lOOdo ladies Cong Uaiters 50 pr do Pit LoathcrlOUdo fine tlpp'd do Congress tiaiters 10U do walking tiaitcm 51 do Oxford Ties ,100 do walking Shoe 50 do Mooter?) 8 3U0 do fine Buskins 2 cue Men's calf Breg.inh2O0 do fine .Slips 2 do do cowhide do 200 do faney tippM Cacks 2 d) KnamcllM fchoes200 do plain enamel M do 2 do Boys Calf Brogans50do Misses Kossuthboots 2 do dj enamcl'd ahoeso do Jenny Lind do 2 do thick Brognns 100 do Calf Boon 1 do youths Calf BootsLadies Rubber. 1 do Boys lone (Jailers Together with the usual aritty found In our line of trade. ALo 100 sidec Solo Leather, 50 do Oak tanned do. Th" above good haebeen bought expressly for tho Spring trade, aud will offer great inducements to all who aro buying goods in our line. Terms Cash. Cuitom work aud repairing done to rdcr. E. J. FAY. A. CHILDS. Burlington, April 2d, 1555, dXw3mos Farm for Sale. rilllE-LKAVEXWORTH FARM," situated two X milts Xorth of tho Village ul Durlington, and containing about 175 Acres, H5 of which is Wood Land, fcuid farm will be sold entire, or in parcels to suit purchasers, on faiorablc terms. Enquire or J. 1). WHEELEH. E.q.. Town Clerk's OOiou, Durlington, or of tho Subscriber at Ilines burgh. r. WILL-O.V. March 57. 1655, diwlw Hotel Properly to Let. riMIE EXCllAXOE COFFEE HOUSE HOTEL, 1 inthecityof Montreal, will he let tn scry favorable tcims to a tmant hai ing a small amount r.f nl to make such renaim HS he lliav find tho I bouso to stand in nerd nt. Apply at Montroal to d3tiwlOn3 JOIIS' UOX1.GAXI, Eo, New Tin Shop. ROY DLIXX hiving opened n shopon tho Won tide of tho Amric in Hotel for the uianofac. turo of Tin. Copper and Sheet Iron ..ih, inrltcs his old friends and cutotuers to givo hliu a call, Jy" All kinds of Job work, Roofing, lc, dono in the best manner. Darlington, March 53, lt55, !tw3mos AT REDUCED PRICES ! HAVING purchased at lOar-ir Reccctiom rnox Cost, tlio entiro .look of fitaplc and Fancy Dry Goods, I HIGBEE & WEBB, I IZl'lZC , u.., .t. . uch UiHOiUS as wero never ou. I havo onxazed the lorricca of Mr. F. L. IIlCLtc. who will be barpy to wait upon all who may desire goods at iarjjisi. C. W, lUlOU'.NELL. March 2li. dtiiwl WANTED $40,000 $10,000. OSGOOD KEAL K ST ATE SE ccKiir, in fuin i ot'il.OOO to J011.V U. W11EULEU, Iltat Ettatt AztKt, IJuiUnston, Murch dlwlw "Ccinlc, but nut Course ; Scrlou, but not Heavy !' NEW DIALOGUES, fou nEA')i:;o and sie. kiso 'The Hundred Dialogues," n v william a.rowi.n, C'ONTAINS udo bund rod and ten iUoci now pub ' llihtd fur Urn firt timo. Auiou tl.oui aro those that ure loup, nboit, witty, w Uo, comic, ierl oiM,Mud all In U u,; a l-h uiorul tue, lui-pllT mii)t(linK liutrin'tluu iittd wliolchDiue aiiiuioinrttt. of , All hivb lu 'roLjiniciii it a f.t Houtt f the klii'l fer publl.ticil, i'llci. -Jl.nii l.v mull, pre nld. S( IIO0I. Mi:i,Oli)l mo.i i-xtfiisli'ly um-iI, . 'UiU l.'-t r .'.mini 'lid. J, I si' Juii-. Ho Hnir. In; 11' ou HI IT I.SIH'J .Moru tlimi tirty iK uiu s.f ciiiie bain befii sitld- U0 iht dcseii. l'uuiisni"i nuu lur smi. uy .liquid's llintl.N I'.U Wasliluntou Mlr.t, Huston, Msrcli SS. 39w FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 6, 1855. ON or about tho lOtli of April, tho Store In Iho FltllK I'illlj.S DLILllINU, College Street, fur tncrly occupied by L A. 1'L I.I.Ult, will bo opened as nfiOi:ST01ti:, with nn rntlro New Stock of IlOUTi, Sllom. llUlinillta and LC.Vrillilt, of eve. ry variety, prlco nnd style. Hollering that llorllngton heeds inch sn estab lishment, It will bo tho nlm of the Proprietor to kcop a first cl.m stoic, whoroas (ml an assortment can bo found, os tho nints of this community re quire. All goods will bo purchased with cath, nnd Ihls with a prnctlc.ll knowledge of tho business, Will givo tho Suhscrlljor n Ivanlnges unsurpisted. Custom work will bo dono In the latcrtitylcs, and by tho best ofworltmen. n?"Ttic terms will be podllicly CAS!' on dc livery. JAMr.3 It. nt.ATT. .tn. March SI, 1SS3. diwtf SPRING GOODS Juat Received at Lyman's VlOtr otilHVfi LIIMM n nn r .ivpj , vt I M.W M'RIMi SI LI 1)1. LAIM..-) AM) ' l'RI.Vrs COIM! CIII:a1 AT Till: I irilXTT?T BTntlP 1 UUltrtLiU E J. UHfc,. March 27, 1355, dlwtf . . PAPER HANGINGS ! ' siBsf n. n ssnein a ir n 1 G, W. BAX a fcR & GO,, 1 II PI1IITI! UK III' FRENCH PAPERS, HAVE SOW OX HA.VD, AXD ART. ItKCr.IV- 20,000 B'ieccx, O I LT AN n VL'LVLT, V V. LV UT, G I LT A sn COLORS iv 1 1 11 H oiilcr tn .Vuteh. 30,01(1 Pieces Pine Satins, Landscapo and Par lor Pmpors. SOU Hre-tloanl Prints, beautiful designs. nil.GOO Pieces American Satins, from 17 cents upward. Us.nnn Pieces Auction Lot, which will bo sold at ruinnut rittrM. 1011,000 Pieces Cheap Tapers, from C cents up ward 1,000 Pieces Paper Window f-hnde, nil stylos, together with n large nssortnicnt nl P.UNrrri Cl.orll Siiadks, at Wholesale and Itetnll, by 11. W. IIAXTER A CO. Durlington, March 15, 1S55. dlwnw Spring Styles. Jffi .1. IllMIOADS, Vwcreiscr to I. H'. Ilirnnm, nrxt door to .mi'i's, cnu.nm: THi:irr. W roULU nKSl'i:GTFUI.LY IXK011M TDK Cltlrcna of Uurhnetnn and vicinity, tnal no hasrrcclcd a large supply nf rahlnnahle Jlats and jQ I is lnr men ana novs. suuauio i'r uib preri-ui T...I. A .....Im..l . f TrnnV.. isll-, li'.nnrt l'ii . Tr.mllnt: H.i". rh.'.'j Satchels, riuhrcllas, Canes, lilcvcs, Mlttrns, Hoys' Kelts, Ac. Th"K! hI'Miik .my nf tho ihoii' named goods, will plcnc call and examine. 557" Hats and Cops made to order, ltepairing dono with nentness and dispatch. WILLIAM C. Dlil'.W willrcunln as formirly. FURS!! FURS!!! JUST llccclrcd.a fiesh lot of Ladles' nnd Ocnts rrns, selected fromlarge stocks in Xcw Vork andUoston.' For sale at J.CIiMOXUS, Coll-go t-trcet. JIarch 17. 1S5S. d.lwlf s & saps, Csr.rtTT. a.oSSJ CS X'VXjUjS ! K aro prepared to show our SPHINO STYLUS for the present season, which nc can safely say cannot hut pleaFC the most fastidious Hut if our rftylcs should fail to plcac, wo aro pre pared te meet your w ishes hy making to your order, any style which your fancy may surest. llurins tho lato depression of business wo havo teen adding to our facilities for .UAXirrAOTIJIllMJ, which we can now say, aro not excelled hy any, cither tn City or Country, cnaulinp; us to sell a Tlrst ISiilc Article nt n Low Trice! M'e arcalmost daily receiving direct from the Manufacturie 3, large ndditiens to our present stock ot Hunparlan, WidcAivake.Young i America and Know-Nothing j HATH, GLOVES, TRl'XKS. TIlA VEI.LIXO-DAGS, I r.MUIlELLASiCAXES, ! All of which will be sold at A low figure. X. ALLEX A CO. Durlington, March, 1S55. d.lwtf XMoltlGa 1 "DHLS. Pickles for sals ot tho AgrleulturalStnre, f Chinch Street, by J. S. PIERCE, .March 53. d.Utf I TAVIXO Returned to my uld stand on Church I 1- Micet, ain li w priparod to supply tho needy with tho be.t nf Tens, "ollee, irnr. Spice, .Hiiriiiiini, Tnpioeii. Vermlcillii. r.iiiini, Ciiui Mnrili, 1 1 ills-i is . Spill I'eus, Canaru anil Il'inp Seed, all ktnds nf Soap, Maeiircl. Salmon, Cod Fish, Lamp Oil, Iliirning Fluid, itdtr Vincuur, Pork Lard, Flour hy tho barret or pound, Duck Wheat and Meal, at a vorymolcrato advance. Irom cost, and aslnnko nil my pjrchiscs lor cash think my prlcoswill b lound satistactorv tl. L. WARXER. Jan. 25th, 1S"5. dAwClnoj. ROOM WANTED. I'.IXPERIES'Ollhis domoustrated to hundreds, yes, thousands, (hat STANFORD'S U the pl.iee to I'liicliUM' Ciirpvling, (lll-Cliilli, l';inr) mill Staple Dry Goods, CHEAP : I am iiuK- uITi-riiin better oppurtunkj tutberub. Be tluii c vr bef Tf, to ncme l-.iruini', at, rui-m l wantC"! I'ur T will clo-c out my ontiro sti'ck befurf 1st Ireh next, at prkcu thnt ill, pcrh.ips, aurpri"p the pur chaser. C. i SL'A.Vironi). HurIinKt-'n. IVbruarv, Ibha, (Uwtf RARE B E H BARGAINS at tho II ! v s: Tho remainder nf nur Rich Pattern Cloaks, Ul now be snid a! fi uii mrcirr, rt-itd lr1 ttf cost, to chit thnn out, -MX), All IV i u t c : U o n si s Will bo AtfcrM at r-rK'" to tnurc tht-ir rale. 1'ur nlsbinft rirtipportiuiity forthoso In want i'f euch goud, to eecure gaud feirnmj, Our Putron-iire c-rclit liy iuvitod to Cdll iu tiuib to bocuro some uf tbem. J'ut rteftvrd hy Eryr-, Shawls !)r(!s (iiiuiN, I'latincls, Merino Wrappers an.l Ilrawers for Ladies and (itn tlciacn, Knitlfd Polka i-aelia for I.Tdics, Mi'.es and CbiZdrrn, Knitted UnJir .'"Iccso-, Wri.llcU and Oier Sacks, Legius fur Men uiU IJoys, AlfiO, co.MronTi:its. sc.viirs. t.i.ovr.s. Stocking., Silk Puckct lidkf.. &, Craiats; Linen do. ALSO, Another t;nrli.nol i:.MItU()II)i:it IKS, Cambric und SUlrt Lawn lidkls. Misses " Jlomiititcb do. ALSO, A great variety of Dreaa Trimmings, Girdles far P.ibcs, Dressing llowns and Aprons. ALSO, Another Carton of those Superior Frcneb Kid Oloves, White fit Col'iUiaraclllcB QulltH. for French and single Hadateads, Cribs an! Cradles, ULA.N'KETS.all sires, Together with a Ercat variety of Window Similes, Curtain tioods, and llouso Furniibipg Goods generally. ALSO, PA C K 1 .V C T 11 U .V K S , alt sins. Our Stock embraces crtrt.thir.f' usually kept tn Dry Goods Stores, and will bo eoldicryCIIEAl for CASH. WcdoiiotCHALlU.N'iii; and DEFY T1IF WOULD t,i COM PETE with our THICKS, but we DO I.VVITl: ALL to call and ciaulluo for them. stlros, and aro willing to abide the decision of a discriminating Public, to whom tho aboio Is sub mitted. VtrTrcpe-tfully. S. rnCK, Jr. Jin.Htb, 1333. JAtf Kid Gloves. 1 FHK5II LOT ot very nice White and Colored Kid (lluvcs, hII sites, for Oenllemen and Ladles, just replied nt LV. MAN'S ten. 17, ISS5. iliwtt Crass Seed. 4 PUIMr. lot of Grsn Seed for Ele at the Aj. i sl ricuituui sioir. Church clreet, ty J. S. PIERCE. March 31, Gan Outrivaled! C'oiisuraers will not only get a Wtt.r lU-t How ' tlio 1'nttnt Burning l'lul I, but i,ill find Itti list longer tlun tlie nnllnary nrllole. 0K..uedyit4 rM'ry wick, und f. .ilo by tlio birrel nnd at null by tiii:o. . im:ci.. I l T recuhed nnntlier t.un i.f tlio.e Shoulder . Unices. fr l,.,th Indies and llentlemen. which aro so successful In straightening the bent figure, ana vipauaing tn. cnntractnl cliest, at March l'.i J.ttf TlllW A I'KCK S. II Davltl Lcc'b Estate. STATU or VERMONT. JTo nil persons Con. lllstrlet of Chittenden, is. J cerned In tho oststoof David Leo, lato of tho City, County and Slats of New York doccnod, At tho Probate Court holdcn nt Ildrllngton with in and for the District of Chittenden, on tho 2d day of April A. D. 1855, tho oxompllcd copy of the re cord of an iilstrittnont proved and approved ami duly authenticated In tho Court of tho Surrogate of the County of New York In the Stato of New Yntk and purporting to bo tho last will nnd tostament nf Dai Id Loo I ito of eald city of New York, deceased, having real and personal estato within Iho district ol Chittenden aforosuld on which said will may operate, was presented to tall Court by Caleb y, llalslcad and lVrooslI. Falls tho executus therein I named, to bo filed and recorded. Whereupon It Is ordored by said Court that the 21stday of April, A. D. 1 6S5, bo appointed and assigned for alluwlng and filing said copy of said will at the I'rolmto Court Rooms In tho District of Chittenden nnd that notice thereof bo given to nil ' persons concerned by publishing this order three WCOKS suscepai.eiv 111 m uui iiiik"'!! ii" i inni newsnaner minted In tho District (if Chlttonden. tho wcoks successively in me uurnngcon rrco i-rcss n last or which publications shall bo previous to the said 21st day nf April A. D. 1855. Therefore you aro hereby notified to appear before said court n't tho timo and plnce aforesaid, and contest the fi'lng anl reoirdlng of tho aforesaid authontlc.Ucd Cjpy of said will If you see cause. Olfon under my hand at the Probate Offioo this A-Db!E.C. Register. Ga3Hlus Doualasa' Eatatc. STATIIOF VKn.MOXT, The Honorable the DisrnicT or (iiitrr.sns.f, hs. J Prohato Court for tho District of Chittenden. To alt persons intercstcd'in tho estato of Casslus Douglass of Dsex, in said bis. trict, llnr.KTiin .' Wur.nnAS, tho administrators nf the estato of said deceased propose to render nn account of their nd ministration, and present their account ngainst said estate for elimination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to bo holden nt tho Probate Court on Iho J9th day of April next. Thtrthrt you are hereby notified to appear at tho time nnd placo aforesaid, and show cause If nnyyou have, why tho ncoount aforesaid should not bo allowed. (Jlvon under my hand at Durlington, this 31st day of March, A. D. 1655. wlO.tS W. It. fHKXCII, Judge Harvey Taloott's Estate. STATS OF VnrtMOXT, To the Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, ss. bate Court for the District of Chltlcndcn. To all persons concerned In tho estate of Harvey Talcott, lato of Richmond, In said District, decoascd, (inr.r.TINn, WIIKUEAS, A. 11. Murray, Administrator of tho estate of said deceased propose to render an ac. count of their administration, and present his ac count against said estate for examination and al lowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at tho Trobato office, on the llth day of April next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear be fore said court at the time and placo aforc-ald, and shew cause. If any you have, why the account afure- said should not be allowed. Hlven under my hand at Durlington this 53d day of March, A. D. 1155. W. II. FREXCII, Judge. w33w3 Eliza White's Estate. STATE OF VF.RMOXT, Tho Hon. the Probate District of Chittenden, ss. Court for the, Dis. trict of Chittenden. To all persons concerned In the estate of Ellra iVhite, late of Wllliston. In said Dis trict. deceased. , """'V W11KKAS, A. K. Saxton, Administrator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn ac count of his administration, and present his account npftle.. .U estate for examination and allowance, and praying also for an extension of the timo limi ted for the payment of tho debts of said deceased, one ear from the 21th day of April, A. D., 1S55 : and said Court having assigned tho 57th day of April, A. D., at the l'ronatouuice in uurnng. ton, for hearing in the premises, and ordered that all persons Interested be notifiod thereof, bv Pub. Ilshing said order three weeks successively in tho Burlington Prtt i'rm, a newspaper printed at said liurlington, previous to said uay set lor Bearing. Therefore, vou are heroby notified to appear bo. foro said Court ftt the timo and place aforesaid, nnd show causo, if any you have, why tho account afore said should not be allowed, and the timo limited for the payni 2 1 of said debts extended. Oil en under my hand at Durlington this 51th day of March, A. D. 1855. w33w3 W.H.FItEXCII, Judge SPRING T II AD K FOR 1 8 s 5 ! James G. Hovey &, Co. Importon and Wholeialo Dealers la EUROPEAN ! FANCY GOODS, BOWDOIN BLOCK, 27 Milk Street, IJOSTON. Just rcceivel per last .Steamcre, I asjs Pans-of Liwn, SpanUh, Wocd Stick, .Mourning, Uridal, tilhtred.Snndat Wood, Hone stick "and EiteDiion Fans; cum prising a selected oajortmcnt from all ot the Manufacturers of Par i O French Kubbcr IJalN, of Plain and Velvet, various else. 3 " Hair UriMlicit of Hnglirh, French and German Manufacture, 3 " Tooth llruhc, of Kngllsh iind French new patttrtis. 2 ' Twine HnK white and colored. 2 l Cnrinan Checked Leather Hag, in Nefts of rarioui patternn. 1 Leather ltcticulcs, of Trench and (leruian, 1 Jet Hracelcts, Genuine article. 3 Kiicliili Scissor, Hogers, Lux, Cou tin's nnd lladgcr'a. Alio on hand, a general assortment of Comes nnd hTii-LE Goods particularly adapted to the Spring and .-ummer sales. Orders per mail promptly at tended to, and samples tent if requested. March '7, 1855. w39w6 THE LIFE OF HON. W. H. SEWARD, His Speeches, Orations and Writings. In one Volume, with a Portrait. Just Published. Prico 0110 dollar. Mn. Skivard's biography is ex. celled by that of no living coteiuporary in interest and importance. His principles and sentiments aro clearly nnd eloquently stated In tho extracts em bodied In this volume Several of bis best speeches nro given cntlro. Universal Education, Freedom and internal Improvements, are tho prominent topics of this book, as they are of the present age. In their discussion, every true friend of liepublican Institutions is now more than ever interested. To all classes of people, old and young, therefore, this book is presontcd as a Manual of political Phil osophy. Sinco the views and principles embodying Freedom and Improvement in this country baio come to bo gonorally known as Sewardism, eiery intelligent person, on either side, requires to bo ful ly posted up in the matter. ' 1 J. S. Kedfield, w!3w3, Nos. 110.1 113 Xassau Street. Notice. 1 HEREBY givo notice that I havo given my son, Isaac IIarhib, Jr., his time during the remainder of his minority, and that from this date I shall claim none of his earnings, nor pay any debts of his con tracting. ISAAC IIARKIS. CYP.US HARRIS. U'immi. Huntington, March 10, 1655. w3Sw3" Bounty Land. rrMIE undersigned will give their particular at X tontion to proouring Land Warrants under the County Land Dill recently passed by Congress. All the Volunteers at the llattlo of Plattsburgh, or their widows, all widows of Revolutionary Sol diers, and all Soldiers of the War of 1813, or their widows, who have not already recoired one hundred nnd sixty acres, aro entitled to Land Warrants un der this mn. Full information on all Bounty Land or Pension Claims can bo obtained of WESTON 4 SHAW. Durlington, Vt.. March II, 1655. wtf For the Ladies, NTAJirr.n r..n it it on) Kit ins. TUST received a new lot of Stamped Collars, Under Sloeves, Bands, and H'd'k'fs ; also, enamel cloth and working cotton, at LYMAN'S. March 31, 1S55. wtf Notice. Persons wishing to purchase DRY GOODS or CARPETING, will find an extenilvo assoitment at 156 Church st. selling at prices whloh make it for their interest to call bofore buying elsewhere. 0. F. STANIFORD. Burlington, Jan. 1855. diwtf '' It A It E D A K G A I N S ." ' KOOM WANTED!" COME A XD SEE I ! " DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, Crockery, I'npcr Hangings, Looking Glasses, Cnrpeting and Oil Cloths, VT ourspwloni NEW STORE, ISO Church 6t., (one door North of our old stand,) which aro now offered far eath at prices that aro without a priK'cdent " here or elsewhere." Wo shall oflcronr entlro stock far 30 days " without regard to cost," many things for SO oents on the dollar Now Is the time to buy floods. Money is wanUd and goods must bo sacrificed M A penny saved is two penoe cirncd." Reoollect the New Store, ISO Church St. NICHOLS A B0YNT0.V. fob. 14. 1835. NOTICE. THE SUBSCRIBER Is desirous of establishing a travelling Agency in every two Couutles or i moro throughout the New England and Middle Stati't. Kach agent Is retained at (30 per mouth and expenses paid, or If preferable, admitted to a .haro in the aggregate proceeds of his agency, Xono but thorough bu.lness men need apply, and who i base a pecuniary responsibility of at least 11(10, Tlioso wishing such an ngcuoy can be conferred nllli nt Iho Etcbaugo Hutel, Burlington, Vt , nn the 3.1 and till of April nest; also at Montllcr, I'ottrlll'a Hotel, on the 10lb, and at Si. Johnsbury House, HI. Johnsbury, on the 12th, of Apill, T J. PA (IE, Proprietor llulland.Vt,, Utli March, 1S55 dlwloapl Union -a- Nurseries. TtOH SALE this Pp'lng. ns usual, nf this well 1 known establishment, a verycllcnslio andoi cellent stock nf mitlT AND OltNAMCM'Al. TltllllH, SHRUBS ANM) PLANTS, of et try description, Including nil the choice rlo lies or fio Apple, Pear, Plum, Cheiry, Graps, Cut' rant Gooseberry, Itaspbcrry, Strawberry, Ac. Ornnmciltnl Treris, Plowerlng !hrub, Hardy Hoses, Dihllas, Phlox's, Pn-onlcs, Miscellaneous llurder Plants, Ac. Also, lliickthorn Plnnti for Hedges I Cuttings of Ornpes, Gooseberries nnd Cur rants 1 Scions of Fruit Trees 1 Plants of Rhubarb, Asparagus, Ac.,. to., Ac I2TAII iiruwn hero, un der fio turns Hat supervision of thotmlcrslgncJ, nnd wjrrantod tntE 10 jamb, ALT. 0RDRRS mcMm? pijjrAtnt, carefully and promptly oxecutcd. FO.t I'lttCEi, Ac, soo tho General Cvtalngue of theso Nurseries for tho Spring of 1851, with a Sup. plcment for the Autumn of that year which will govern tho sales this Spring. CtTALOOUIIS forwvrdcd to all who arply, on receipt of one postage-stamp., J. IlATrpV, Agent. I'.itox XensERirs, Knsovlllo, N', Y. March 29, 1H3J. diwlw NEW QOODS. 1IIAVE DECEIVED i doj. Oalviniiod or gilt Hnntlrg Lorersj 3 Jot. " Vrrgi Watches i 1 lor. Open fi30 gilt Watches j 5 do:. Onll Watches, various sluii 1 J dis. .iilvor Iluntln? Watohos, which with olhors on hand mikes tin largest nnd molt tatleil assirtnint ever on hanl i amongst tho variety can ho f mn Mow priced and hUh priced, amongst thorn aro several of very lino fini'h and very accurate time keepers in silver anl in 18 cirnt giddCHOS. Also, a new lot of P.oticilcs, slivered Fans, Indli Rubber Cmiljs, lon tooth shell Silo Coml", and n very file .ass irt'ii.'nt nf n-w ml lllch Jewelry I Snuff ll.itcs, Clgir Cises, and Fancy Hood-geniir-ally ', Revolvers, and diuhli nnl singlo Inrrel Pistols, all sjld cheap ot the Oil lil, Cliurcli M. j. n. uitt;t Mi', Lit! lliinsmai 1, Uro. A Co. STILUS', From myonnter, list Thurs hy, o d-iton Shi.ll Side Combs, with long tcath. A reward for thief and Comln will bo given. J. E- 'L CI ONOHK-W WATER, nnl Emplro Water from ' Saratiga, just recoiled a lot tint Is fr, n, by TIIEX A. PECK. Deafness Cured. READ what Scarpa's Acrni.tic Oil bus dnn" ' The greatest cure ever yet performed by any medicine. It never falls ! From the Albany Dally KnickcrHnker, N. ' West Tty, Juno 3. This Is to eortlty that I, .loiiks, proprlo tor of the Wost Troy Exchanso Hotel, hivln'becn afflicted with deafness In ono ear for the Inst twontv years and in the other for the last yc-ir, o that It was Impossible fir mc to heir the lou lest voice, and after trying various remedies withnil Improving mv hearing In tho least, I was Induced to try Sc.irpi's Compound Aenustlc Oil, fir tho euro of Deafness, and it is with great t-ratlficition I am enable 1 to state that it has porfoctly restored my hairing, and I will bo hippy to sfo any person who wishes infor mation in relation to my cie at my plice In West Troy, WILL Mt!) JEVKS. lift careful nnd purchiiso nf Mr. T. A. PECK. Durlington, A. II k D. SAM)', 100 Fulton street, New York, as there is a counterfeit article in the market. Feb. 26. w3mos j Do You Iltiy Moots nml Shoe, for I' I If you do call on T. C. WALES & CO., 23 PiinrI Strret, Who will sell yon OOOD RETAILING j Doots, Shoes, Rubbers & Gaiters, of all kinds and sires, From the smallest child's to tho Hrjest men's, by tho CASE or DOZES', nt LOWER PRICES than I hnveben known foryeirs. XSTUivo 39 PEARL STREET a try, bofore buying. , Boston, Feb. 3, 1S35. w3mos. ST.AKTLIM., BUT 'tllVKl WHAT VERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. Ho often U lmrffir, lliat the wife linger" from rr t- yar in that j itiuUc rnwl.t'on ns not evm fur ohimSh, it. te-.' I ltit Ik.) yy ar.l cihihtrnthnj InCa rift- i.ifiilftit lo the ci'jrtMiieut oflicallh Tin-; iu-Oomixg mum:, IV t ftw ican ci tn tin lln hofhonlih .rtnl youth, uj -i 1iiii.hiii' of fpintii. rfi.i.llv. ini'l nt- arentlv in- C llCstlslv, LtTlillK'H U fOflilf. icklv, Mil l tit, (k'lilll- wiltf, wiih Iiitnif .in.icifiU-l, i cnci mi-truntf, fjiint- tit jit-h-'I, countfTisTiiic L.-iirintf the nnjircsa of iitTi.Tii', aiij nn uttvr lisir.i) iits'l nicntiil rnv trnn'i, Hmiii fiom ij;tiointicc f I In? vimj'U-tt nml Iintmt niK-i-of hi-Hlth a coiim'ttcil with t tie mar ri-it Kale, tin ln-l.tlt'tt if uh'o'i cdIh h liffi'i Ul,.lll nul luii-trv, i ul on!v to the wife, hnt i-ticn EZF.EIITAEY CDVFLAK.'TS UPDN TEE rH!LF.i:i " I MU 1 UK Illicit AMI V I Kill I.M II A I l.'N," Tinin1(ll Clival MITIttV. t Itl HM'h , ii imk iioMiiti , i-wir4l can r, C 1 nml otliu nnd tiitnc DltiMHti, ns n DREADFUL INHERITANCE nio.M Tin: pa!:!;t. uAti1 trtut tlii rontitiiif? Mat ti -t c1 I thcro no remHj t .Nti i ft Nn lul'' Hie ihihMi in L, kiitmipj tli nnl ntoHir? U.MD.anJ kui.wui tlie i in-. lift, ar 1 Un"f.tiiis bythnn. ItieM- are j-uintfil i-nt in THE MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MKDU'AIj COMPANION, HY Mt. A. S! MAIT.K-KW. ron?iR or MnrA-iM or vrotiv (hit ftunrfnttih Edition, (.VjO.000), li, 77 2W. (0 n VAVVK, tXTK BIM'INO, Jl CHI J A nUrl wnrk ot ? r-i.utiit..n fotin-l c'n-fl in lls i-AUlit,;11 -jf tins (rrtit tr 1 aU n Now Vork, I hihMi lui, anl other citifi, auJ ml ty tl o ntuiil boLkkcllfrd In the I'oitM ttati. It wa'flrt j-uVlt-hoj in lslT, Iui-b wliich tlui FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES I mt Un Mtl, tit which Uir wtre upnanU ft 0XE IIU.NDHRU 1 IIOUSANI) SENT HY MAIL, aM fill ttit hiijh eatimatioa la which It U UUui r I.tsMe i-opuUr M(4ical ItOOIC l'Oll KVKItY FKMAI.K tha tathvr hitiag JtroUj bis fitluriite lUentiua to the tiftmf nt of oei.'Uinl ieulir to femalon, la r?-ect to ftult-h lie 1 )wtrl co&ialtAj tjr tbout-iii'ii both tn j ?rcu snl It letter. litre err rjr vomin cua lieOTfrt by cotapiinDfj hr owa yrnitfJini with thofc dicrilr-i, the ustare, fli)vreUr, ci nies r f, snl the prt-r reni4iei for, hfr eom lulntn. Tin wire tvbout l-eoumio; mothr hsi eftvn r.fM f l.-iitfut-tido nJ 4ric4 tt the utmrt inif-orUoe n hir future h?tlth, ia rfipwt to which her sennit! to no for HJ ccnfcQltlrj 4 media! ptotlctniu, will finl oeh is rractoa sd4 eJrice, tni kUo eiUfa many ymi'tuni whieb e t hfr win wonll occAftioa soxiety er slirra as a'.l th rreul'arltles Incident to her kttustlon are 1-f nl-e1. How many are sutfermj from obstructions or IrresnUr Itfei peculiar to the female sjhtem, Mch un lnnin tl-e health, the effect of which they r Ignorant, anl fr which ttelr delicacy fortiJs weslc; n:llcal tjiice. I'any itlTerinj from prolspna tieri (flllnj of do Knmb), or from Jtuor 2-ui (weakneu, debil.ty, Arc ) Ucy are In ens'ant agony fer mioy months reocln; conlr.e tnect. JUny he difficult if not diOEvrvu dtliterivx, tui klow anj uncerUIn recoteriei. Pome lice ate htRir Je 4 iarln; such time, iU each 6r.J in Hi f is1 th means of prerenticn, smtlioratlou an 1 relief It is of course Impracticable to convey fully the i irmsi t'th,'ecis trefttej cf, as they era of a La tuo illy in fc-nJed fer the marriej or thOf contetrjUtin; mariU;. Hrader, ere you e buban cr a ttthi-rf a wifs or motherf Hire yiu the sincere wtilfare t.f thoe joa l"vo at tuirt? PrM jour slnce.-ity, aal Ioo ni time lu karnlo; whit c&uies Interfere with tht'c htalih aal har f'ness act Ie than yeuron It i'.lavoil to cu eo-1 jduri, as it hai to thoun'., uuiry a for of i i'a anl sniiety, Wlwe-1 hy leefr?n Dhli, inwaciUtJr the mini fer (tl ordinary avoaitioo, sol c-.htm.ttr,; thee mtaos Cjf mei'cil attcolanc, mo-LoIuo anl lTcrtM cstrums irl-icb otherwio wotU rrovi.le fur riwlminj years, the infirmtii of a;e aal the rioj-or vJivati. n of your chlUroa. In eonei ienxj i f the untiernl cf wtk, s n UencM t' tu cusi'iJiuarv ulo, artou int Iicls hau t-ein ut'tuifU!. as wtU cn U"l't..le' a d tLe J'UWic. I'V lOilUIlol. Ol ltxt jee, Urwu c .u-np. d ft 10t HlJ ilvCCJtiislI It l'-W U'Q ivUUi UfvtMjy, tbfiffere, to CAUTION THE PUBLIC to bur n UhW utlt-f tl' woru ' IV A M lUiMCtar, l.V liNr'y nn l, N V ." i'Otau1 tl.- entr) iu tji ( l r t f Ul'co rn the t . , j 1 U , nn4 tuy ft'.lv ot ri''( t'Cial-i aci Uu mtK' l.tlvf cr mhJ t buiI, aii'l ft'.-iics to I'. 11. Xuuvii. 'Upon rtcilrt cl Cr.e U.l'or 'lTir. MAR DIED WOHAl rU.V.WT. HEDItAI. COM. is srm 1' i ai.jr lil of lb. UmiiJ SI. ' W'U - i i. A. M r. I R o Cr. cup Agent, in Vi rinunl, Smith A rierco, MmtpitittQ P Hale, CWh E .M Brown, H'jotitoek Itcdfiold A Uranniss,.Uin(. prlitr CLCiso A Co. Urun-i nK W Blalsdcll, Crrgraisn Collins A Porter, Mmtptlier P Welch, 7)'aJ" W II Wallace, I'tuburfL Pratt, Jr., tVW.ioc. S K Collins, .Va'fwi" 3 U Xiohols,;iais,p.MerryllctJ, U' 11 O Tyler, MmtfiIirr) Mott, it, Alban. Jan. 10, siCuiln I I French Glass, Sash and Pnlty. I.HEXCII (1LAS3 ALWAYS ON 11 N1, FOR Salo by tho Box or Retail, tikis Cut to any Shape and tMte, and Set In rr.l Myli fjr Orders proiupllv attended to. Cllands.e, two doors East of th. I'll 10 II PRESS OFFICE, Col Ihls tslrsint HKRVEY Dl'ItNETT. I8J4. fly. i ajfv' ' ftK ACAitrj's V,q lilVSM ACOUSTIC OIL! I ti THE 6S1I fLPt ras VsV Ul i x cEsr-jr:!, M. OSTHEIM, IMI'ORTCR Of SV I N K 8 and LIQUORS, lit SYont Klrcc(, ( 7Si fiors jram Cfifntiti Slip,) N I'. W - Y O It K . March 1, let. wtf FARMS FOR SALE. im riMlIIsniPCRtDEn HAS THREE FARMS I "jr..r sale In the town of Milton, within Mili-of Cl'ceketbcrry Orecn oio containing 380 acre, one 150 ncros, nnd the other 100 acres, all I, ' on the main road to Durlington. I will sell ;,10 or all of ial.l farms on reasonable termi-. Pos. Jesston given the first day of April next. Persons wlshlr jo purchase real estate would do w.ll to examine said farm., AM 03 DROWX. Milton, March 39"- w3mt"' IIOU3D and Lot for Sale. rpltE nrlok Hons., with one acre of land and I goi l Orchard of grafted fruit, belonging to the llintlst Cirncrs, List Charlotte, Is for silo nt a low rate, anl on reasonable terms or payment Sixteen cords of firewood will bo soil with the place A good plM for phy'lcln March 23. d2wS NORTHERN RAILROAD, N.Y. win : r.n AimANCKMi'.NT. COMMKNGINO .TAKUAKY 11, 1855. ft SKN'nnU TRAINS I'vk Ilouso's Point t V M I", .M.. rn nrrlMt of trains from th. Eit an.l Vortli. arrivloR at Oti"'-.; cimottln.wltlitliiiri.vtwn an.l Pr'f" jVa"1?n3r f.irOttuM. nml stu-s for BrocVvllle, Kingston, IMIllllc. Toronto, .tc, i-.l I,..avoOr,Uniluir,l, at in.Of) . M., on tn.arrival nf Iho Ilvt i rn V Prosoolt train, nrrlvlns; t Rouse ISiint at 1. 1 P. M.-onnccllni? isllh tho 0 C.-ntr.ii Hallrna.l for the South nn.l I.a.t, fisijl Chsm. rl.iln i St. Uirronco for Montreal anl Quebec. 1 OP.!) V. 1IOYLE, Sup t. Orrirr. VoitrnKifr r.Aitnosn, ) .Miilone, Jnnuarr, Ifijj. " Corn Planter. Vr rK M W.CII 10, 1 shall ho roa.ljp to furnlsli r. II. D.itll's Patent Corn Planter, oneofthes. hljor-sn ln? maclilnes which will ult the most par Its operations are very sltnplo and eaj-, an 1 four acres of corn can ho planted In n day wlin easo by nno mail. For pKntin.' smalj seeds of any kind It cannot be surpas"el. Price 3 00. Any one wantlns the anove wn '"";- Iluttolpli. Ksiet, owner of tho right for Chittenden Co. KsseT.Kcb. 16,1655, "Jnios HUTCHINS &. SAWYER, 'ommllon Mcrchnnta, AXD WHOLESALE DEALERS IK Butter, Clio e so, Grain AND AM.KIXTI9 OF COUNT RT mODCCS, -o. th i)r.Y-sTiir.r.T, New-York. January IB, 1855. CO CO CQ tn a a rs v. 5 a sM 5 ts O z o A It a e. t. a H 2 .r A. O s u : e 2 ,a Mi 1 'S 2 tL a 6 3 r 3 CO St ".So r - ... "7 Cash Music nnd Piano Store OF 11011 CH V ATnn. So. 231 ITroaIwiiY,Xw Vnrlt. OiTltlftn to th CftmhlnrsHon' Mt"IC T r,HHTLV UKPt'CKD UTK. Xfittit'inn Wnz ciTihination of Muie Deat cr tn kcp up the nri"' of non-cpTrl2ht muiia n iiTit t'io intT't'' nf Vntivo Cnmpuerc, arnl their rcHiMl H ctten 1 to Mr. W VTRIt the ciartclps of tlio ffle, h1 I miin? inrnen-sfl sale- hiring fthun hnt cvipnee that h ha puhllc countenane ai'l 'unnnrt i" "pnultinn to the fireit Monopo Iv. nn in pTrts to all Vntlve Talent and adopt the YationM rurrcney. HI ftock of Amprtcan and rurnpmn Mn!e I itntnens, and the cataloeue of tils own pulilicitlon-i t onn of the Iar(;et and best lectc I In the fnitd atatc. Hp hap alo roade ft droit He luctinn (n the prices of Plmo, Slelodeoni, anl Mti'iCTl Intrumert rl all Hnd. Foperior toned (1J Ojt.ive Pinno for SITS, $200, and $225, interior "f n" ood quality ami initruraentsantroDg and .n durihle a-i tSose which eo(t$500. Hanoi cf ccry variety of style an 1 priee, up to $1000, eotn priint; thoe of t n ditTerent raanufactoriei i and nmon,? thvm the celebrated modern Improved HoRttR Watfr Piino, and tho first premium .l.oi kks Pun os of T. Gilbert A Co,s. make (own ori of the X'deanPatent). ?econd-hand Pianoi at preat lurilns. Prices from $10 to $150, Mclo deons from five dllTcrent manufactories. Including t'io well-known i3. I. A IT. W. Smith's Molodeont, (tunil the equal temperament,) the beat maVe In tho Tnited Stites. Prices, $15, $C0, $75, $100, $115, $12 , $135, $150. Smith's Doublo Bank Me Ijdenns, $200, Kach Piano and Melodeou guaran teed. The best terras to the trade, acbools, Ac, 121 per cent, discount to Clergymen and Churcbei. All orders promptly attended to. Music sentto all parti nf the country, post paid, at the reduced rates. General and Select Catalogues and Schedulei of prices of Musical Instrument! forwarded to any ad dress tree oi onars. I'ob. li. MEDICATED INHALATION nn. J. fioi.niNr.niiNTiM::, of Northnmpton, Mass,, VND formerly of the Ilroinpton Hospital, City lloaJ, Lonlon : for the cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, and all other chronlo affections of th. Throat, Lnngs and air passages, hy the inhalation of modloated rapors, as practiced in the said llospi tal. The remedies employed by Dr. B. are brought into immediate contact with the ulcerated surfaces of tho Lungs and Throat, by Inhalation, producing their action at the very seat of the disrase. A sin glo week's trial will conrince tho invalid of th. efficacy of the life-restoring power of thistreatmen.t Dr. Bunting will be at the American Hotel, Bnr llngton, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the Nth, 5th, and 16th, Inst,, for consultation with patients on the shore Diseases, No charges for consultations, which ar. firen fromS A. M. to 8 P. M. Dr. U. may bo also consulted on all diseases pe culiar to Females, free ofoharge, athis rooms. Principal Office, Northampton, Mass., whero all letters (postpaid) will be duly answered. Feb. 'ith. dAwtf New Goods AtXo. 2 , n n n k Itlock. rilHE Subscribers hare reociv.d hy last ereniug's a. Express, a fine assortment rf Lady's andGcnt I U0M ana Mlver i atones, ol an sues ana prices. A great variety of Indies back, sido and puff Combs, ol shell ; uultis I'ercna, stuusio ana common noru, ofa superiorquility ; long Gutta Perohaoombsfor children. French Ileticules, jet braceletli, Barcm. cters, Thormometers, and an endless variety of jew. elry of every description. Silver forks, spoons, creamers, butter knives, mustards, salts, io., of all patterns that Is desirable, at very low prices. Those in want of th. above goods, or any article In our line, will do well to oall upon ul before purchasing elsowhero. Cjr Remember JS'o. 1 Btxc Btoct. BMNSMAID 4 HILDRETn. Feb. it. dtf KEtfXEDY'3 MEDICAL DISCOVERY. This popular remedy for Humors. Salt Rheum, Rheu matlsm, Ac, Is for sale by the Wholesale Agent. TUE0. A. PECK. March .0. diwtf I) It. I.. WILLIAMS' u.MvrnsiL PAIN EXTRACTOR; FOR TIIK CURF. OF NERVOUS HEADACHE, Clironio Rheumatism, SWELLING and Pain tn the Limbs, Side, or Dow. els, Cramps, Nervous Headache, Tio Doloreux, Neuralgia, Sprains, Bruises, Flesh Wounds, Spasms, Soro Throat, Burns and Scalds, Lock Jaw, Croup, liito Swelling, Hydrophobia, Frosted Feet, Tooth Ache, Bilious Colic, Dyspepsia, Poisonous Bites, Stings, Ac, Ac, Ac This lUucDv has been sold la 1C States, and la somo 3,000 Cities and Towns, and has given great satisfaction to all who havo use! It, It il guaran teed in all Nervous and Chronic complaints, to b. superior to all other preparations extant. Mr. T. W. Lovell, of Burlington, Vt. ,ls well acquainted with llio"l'.ns Extractor, " having both sold and ucd it. PRICK 23 and SO cents per bottle. L. WILLIAMS, M. D., 1 Vropnttor, .vri J.M. tSold, Wholesale and Retail, by IIERRICK A MILES, Wholesale Oroeerv. Water Street, Burling. ton.Vt.j New York, ALEXANDER A SLATER, Diugglsls 70 Barclay Street, New York. Burling.ton, Oct, 111, 1631. dlwly. IRESH (1R0LND OAT.MIUI. this day receive . r DEWEY. March 2i, 1855. dtf

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