Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, 22 Nisan 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated 22 Nisan 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 29, mm ■ BROTHERS. Parasols, Trim mings, Fans, &c. An immense slock of tho NOV ELTY CANOPY DRESS PARA SOLS, in all tho stylish colors, with <upcrb handles. Sun Umbrellas with handles in every conceivable design; Heavy Twilled Silk in Inoh 10, 18, 20, 22, 24, for $1.75, $2, $2.25, $2.75, $3. Trimmings. Black Silk Fringes, nn unusual largo assortment; Moss Trim mings, Lacing Cord, with Tassels to match; and all the specialties hi Dress Trimmings, at our usual low prices. Fine Fans. Novelties in Flirtation, Russia Leather, Ivory, Fear], and Real Elicit. Ten cases Japanese Fans at sc, Be, 12 l-2c, 20c, and up, worth double. Jewelry. New designs In Filllgrce Silver, Onyx, Pearl, Celluloid, Gilt, and Garnet Earrings and Sets; Chate laines, Bolts, Dog Collars, Fan Chatelaines, &c. Our assortment large and varied. Ribbons. Basket, Frosted, Bed, White, and Blue, and Gros Grain to mateh all Dress Fabrics; Sash mil lions in X.w Styles and Colors. The best Gros Grains, No. 4,5, 7, O, per yard, 12J, 15, 18, 20c. per piece 00c, $1.15, $1.50, $1.75 Trimming Braids, all widths and colors. Buttons every shade, style, nnd size. Soaps, Perfumes, Brush es, etc. Guaranteed in price onc third lower than can bo .found elsewhere. Inspection solicited. 121 & 123 State-st. Traty-secraM anil Michigan-ay, MERCHANT TAILORING.* CENTENNIAL Price List FOE CASH C. 0. D. BUSINESS SUITS. FORMED Fill OS. NOW. S4O ■ $35 45 40 SO 4S Spring 1 Overcoats. SB3 $33 40 36 J. B. HALL & 00., TAILORS, 130 Dearborn street. MISCELLANEOUS. Public Notice. CITT COSIPTBOLBEa'i OSTIC*,) Chicago, March 29,1876. f Notloo la hereby given to all persons owing Real Estate Taxes to the City of Chicago for the year 1676, that the City of Chicago will, at any tuno before May 1.1876, borrow from such persons the amount of suoh City Taxes due from them, and will allow for suoh loan two and one-half per cent (2#) on the amount borrowed, and will issue vouchors therefor which may bo used in payment of the said taxes, ana which the CoUeator will bo di« rooted so to receive. Ry order of the Mayor ami Finance Com. Apply to B. B. QA*XES, Comutroller, Room b City Hall, cor. Adams & CaSallo-ata, LOST. A gent's black cameo locket containing a lady's pic tore. Finder will be liberally rewarded by returning U to m Stale elreel, W. EARLL. IPIILiIEJSI! Of the vorat form cured without pain, by Bra. Ire* A llyun, at Room i, 137 Eaat Madlaon-at., Chicago, who make a specialty of diaeaaca of the lower bowel. A cure guaranteed. Conaultation free. Englemnn’s Transportation Co. Wili Bun a Line of Bteamera the coming aeaaon be aten Chicago, Manlatee, Ludhigton, Pentwater, and Iruukfort. Freight received at No*. W, 31. and 26 Rtver-at. FOBTEIt k 811EP1IABD, AgenU. A COMPLETE GUIDE „ TO TUI3 SAN JUAN BUNKS, Containing full and reliable information in detail, rent tree on application to tha Hoc. SIDNEY CLARK, tojeka, K»n. BASE ball; BASE BALL! Ohicagos vs. Franklins. Gamo Commences at 3:80. general Admiaalon. 35 cU j Grand Bland, M cl*, ricketa for a*la at ita lUndolph-tt. . A. O. SPAULDING, Manager, COLLECTION AGENCY XDIGK Wa proaaeute War, Mercantile, and Marine Claims . suto or amount anywhere in the United States i&d Canada, by litigation or otherwise, without attor neys feea In suite or charge unless collected. Eateb> *khed 1873, Band lor circular, FBABIEU’fI Collection But, imUoaiM.H.,WUc.*o. ®b* (Efrtea&o Pail® tßfihnnt. BOOTS AND SHOES. H. H. MIEMIBiI, ' eetael BOOTS AND SHOES. Largest Assortment In Hie City. 80 Different Styles OF FX3STB MEN’S SHOES TO SELECT FROM. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. 138 South Clark-st. DOME, LET 1 EEASON TOGETHER. Do you prefer a Shoe without (be auDoylus nalla In side 7 Do yon prefer a Shoe (bat (a comfortable whoa you Drat put It on 7 No trouble of breaking Id. Do von pitfer a Shoe (bat wilt not squeak, and a 6boe that will not wear through at tbo toe ? Gall for (be COMFOUTADIaJ. Warranted to do all we claim. SIMONDS & STODDARD, 152 Sta-tc-Ht. The Largest Shoe House In the World. N. ll.—Above Work Warranted not to R(p. FINANCIAL. JpIDELIT'Y SAVINGS BANK SAFE DEPOSITORY, Nos. 143. 146 and 147 Randolpli-nt, THE VAULTS of this Institution are the accepted models ot Safe Depositories throughout the United Suites. They nro oullt of solid masonry, and are lined with steal plates several Inches thick. They con stitute an absolutely , IMPREGNABLE FORTRESS aaalnst tho assault, of any and all Burglars living. Their utter dollanco offlro is proved b> the fact that they withstood tho GREAT CONFLAGRATION OP 1871. They afford a place of supreme security for tho storage of Money. Coin, Jewelry, Silver- Plate, Deeds, Ronds, Wills, and valuables of all kinds. Recent additions and improvements bavo made the FIDELITY the most complete and extensive, ns it has always boon tho most secure, Safe Depository intho world. Single Roxos and Drawers for Rent from $6 to $76 a year. THE SAVINGS DEPARTMENT of this institution pays interest at tho rato ot O per cent per annum on Savings Deposits and Trust Funds. This Interest is added to tho principal oa the first day of each Janua ry and July. JOHN O. HAINES, PreridMit; JARED GAGE, Vice President; OHARLEu J. HAINES, Caabler; GEORGE M. O AGE. AealsUnt Caabler. 7 Per Cent. Mon 97 to loan at SEVEN per cent. Btuineas prop* arty, dwelling*, and lands for sals. ’ BOUDDER I: MASON, 1M Dearborn-rt. TO RENT, DbsMb Offices TO BENT XIST THE TIIB9IE BDIMMG. INQUIRE OF WILLIAM 0. DOW, Boom 10, Tribune Building. FOR RENT. Very Desirable Office on Main Floor in Staats-Zeitung Building. Inquire at Office of Illinois Staats-Zeitung, comer of Washlngton-st. and Fiftb-av. FOR RENT. Store 81 Randolph-st., with or wltbont basement, second, third, sad fourth stories. Inquire of CHARLES FARGO. American Express Company. For Rent, Boons singly and In anttaala Reaper and McCormick Block*. Alao atorea 71 and 73 Dearborn-aL, and second, third, and fourth floors of 3t and 3d South Water atreet. Apply at Room 9 Reaper Block. TO LEST, Office* aingle and en aulle, very centrally located, with FIRE-PROOF VAULTS, In the City National Bank Building, IM Waahlnglon-at, There oflicee are especially adapted for commlaalon buslneea or law office*. MEAD k COB. 183 LaSallo-at. TO RENT. . Offleea on second floor, well lighted, and arranged for Law, Ileal Estate, Loan or Book Agencies, Corns and look at them. Apply to Boom 9, Ho Madlion-it, H. O. STONE. TO RENT. Store 109 States!., with aecond alory and basement connected by alavator. Apply to Boom 9, 116 Eaat kladlson-sU EC. Q. STONE. TO KENT. A choice office (two rooma), aecond floor. Alao, sn elegant apartment of four rooms (corner) on (he third floor, opposite Palmer llonae. EUOENE 8. PIEB, Boom 8,163 Blale-rt. TO RENT. Second floor of 6* and 01 Lake*!., corner of State. Entrances on both streets. Steam alovator and beat. Apply to PAGE. BRO. A CO. FOR RENT. A large corner basement office: also desirable uy. •tain offices, la the Metropolitan Block. Apply ie - A. A. UUHtiiCB, Uaoaf. CHICAGO, SATURDAY. APRIL 22, 1876-TWELVE PAGES. CARPETS, *o. E. A. LANCASTER & CO., XO Alii, MACHff & CO., 233 State-st., and 49, 51 & 58 Jackson. Having purchased their stock at a large discoinitfrom regular prices, ar ? 5J*T crl,, ff to 4,10 wholesale ana retail trade Carpetings. Oil Cloths, Bedding, Curtain Goods," and Wall Paper, At Unprecedented Low Prices. In our Carpet Department may he found Moquettcs, Wilkins, Vel vet Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Extra Superfine InSr h grains, and Tlirco-Ply Venetian Carpets, mid all grades of Pli/la dclphla Wool Goods: also Bugs and Mats m great variety. Special bargains in Oil Cloths, ns wo have a large overstock of desir able goods which wo are bound to close out regardless of cost. Our paper-hanging stock must bo sold. Wo will sell at about onc balt the usual rates, and wo will make it for tho Interest of mer chants and all others requiring these goods to make their pur chases of us. Goods will be freely shown, and competent workmen bo sent to any part of the country to execute work. The attention of hotel-keepers is called to our stock of Bedding, as wo are selling Hair Mattresses, Spring Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Pillows, <&c., at much less than regular prices. Church Cushions and furnishing a specialty. E, 4. LANCASTER & GO., 333 State-st., ONE BLOCK SOUTH OF CALMER HOURS. AUCTION SALES: IP YOU WANT A HUE GOLD WATCH, AN ELEGANT SET JEWELRY, STERLING SILVERWARE, SILVER PLATED WARE, of the floret quality, or anything In lei Fancy Goois, Bronzes, Clocks, Russia ■ leaner Goeis, GO TO HILLER'S GBBATGLEABIWG AUCTION SALES, AT 01WASIUSGTOX-ST., Tl Morning at 10 tfclock, Tliis Aflernoon at 2:30 o'clock. ELTBON, POMEROY k 00., Auctioneers. Mr. J. n. FRENCH wilt conduct the »al«. GAS FIXTURES; CHOICE NEW PATTEENS GAS FIXTOBES. REASONABLE FRIGES. J. Wingrave, Jr., & 00., GO BTATE-ST., N. E. oor. Randolph. ROAD GRADER. NO MORE MY ROADS. AT TUB STATS TRIAL last year, In oompettUoa with three other sets of machines, the WAUCHOPH EOAMMB, WITH TWO MSN AND EIGHT HOUSES, completed one.nuartcr of a mile of good road In 9 houra at a cost of 9 coots per rod. It was awarded the C.rund Gold modal of the Illinois Board of Agrlcnlture. It will make ditches feet wide B feet deep ae well. It will build Railroad-Grades and Exes vauoua. Farmers and Itoiul-Cummln ■loners should send for 70-page Illustrated and Descriptive Pamphlet, Free. It give* fulllnformo- Uon upon llouds and lload-making. Address W. J. EDWARDS, Manufactory and Satcarooma 629 and 691 Ilalitcd-<t. Chicago, 111. VINEGAR. PRUSSING’S WYINEGAR Celebrated for its Purity, Strength and Flavor, Warranted to KeepPlcklca. %Vo Guarantee It lo be entirely free from .Sulphuric Ada or oilier deleter!* ouiaubatdnce.wSUi which Mom n>m/orl» adulterated. For tale by all Grocer*. ljirge*l Vinegar Worka in tho world. £iUU>.\m, B.L.PKUSBINO A CO.. Chicago. SPORTSMEN’S GOODS, GUNS, FISHING TACKLE, ETC. At K E. EATON’S, 53 State-st. ESTABLIHUEDIBS3. ZOLINE. ZOLINE Has become a household word, as essential in the family as ttaroh. It mUea»porfeotty in starch. Every lady can do her own laun dry work by using Zoline. Sold by all retail and wholesale Qrooers and Druggists. FOR SALE. We are New Itecelvlog Freak (Supplies ef DRY WOOD AND SLABS. Dealers roprlled at Low Bales. Cargoes for sola and shipped to order on abort notice. F. A, MENGE k 00.. Fort of W«el Washington**!. (Tunnal Doc*). WISTHETII To Secure an Elegant Home at the “RIBBON PROPERTY,” At Tbirty-first-st. $250,000 WORTH or PROPERTY AT AUCTION. 2i Ston-H MJsns, These Splendid Residences all built in the bostmanner, with all modern Improvements, Lake Superior brown-stono and Jollot stono fronts, with ample lota to each house; front ing on Orovoland Park-av., Thirty-first-sh, and Lako-av., which fronts Lake Michigan, only 30 minutes by horse-oars (which pass . the property), 14 minutes by steam-cars on I. C. R, R. from business centre, with now depot on tho ground, at whloh oil local trains stop. Qaa, water, and sowers on all streets. Markets, schools, churches, and tho most rapidly-improving section of tho city, make this very desirable residence property, Tbo terms of sale remarkably easy. Pur chaser to assume mortgage of 53,C00 on each house, balance S6OO cash, and SSO per month until paid, with interest at only 0 per cent per annum. Tho salo will take place on tho ground Monday, April 24, at 2 p. m. Parties desiring to soo tho property before salo, or for any further information, call on E. O. LA.NPHERE, on tho promises, or ELISON, POMEROY As CO.. Auctioneers. GROCERIES. CLOSE OUT SALE OF GROCERIES, Previous to Eemoval. Best Carolina Rice. 15 pounds for SI.OO Canned Corn,per dozen 1.50 Pino Apples, per dozen 1.60 Preserved Ginger. large jars, at 1.35 Pic Penclics. yellow, 3-lb cans, per doz.. 1.75 Green Java Coffee. per pound 0.27 Blackberries, dried, per pound 0.12* Cherries, pitted, per pound 0.26" Peaches, pared, per pound 0.22 s«gallou Kegs fine Tabic Syrup closing out for. 3.00 Oneida Community Canned Fruits and Vege tables at Cost. b T ZED .A. £3 Alili MARKED DOWN. Japan, per pound : $0.25 Gunpowder and Oolong, per pound 0.35 Gunpowder and Oolong, extra choice. - o.sft Ainrfto Hue of Bankrupt stock of Cigars at loss than Cost. The above Prices for ONE! WEEK only, to save cost of removing. All Goods Marked Down. ar. hzck^on, IC7 South Clark-st. Will Itcmove May Ist to 113 East Madison-st., near Clark. MINERAL WATERS, CKEHM TJXJ.M Jsi Dollied under the supervision of tbn French Govern ment. 1 UAUTr.KIVE, NAMES OFTHE BnUNOS, [S^mLE. J HOI'ITAL. For Dyapepala, Gout, Gravel, Diabetes, Diseases of tbs Liver, Kidneys, and Bladdir. CAUTION. To avoid counterfeits and imitations, require that (ho capsule bean the name of one of the above-named Springs, and also tho year cf the bottling. Can bo drank at table, alone or with vine or spirits. For sale by all leading retail Grocors and Druggists, and to the trade only by the fide Agents, UOUCIIB FILfl 4 CO., til Ueaver-st,, New York. For sate by CHAPIN 6c GORE, 73 am!7S Monroe-st. GENUINE FBIBDIUOHSHAIiIi teosaiß Keitorsa the Apnatlto, rmnof** Dlllontncaa. keeps the Head clear, the DlooU cool without weakening the Ria tem, certified by Haron von tleblg U> bo a moat salutary amt boneflclal water. Tor *al« bv „ . ... OHAPIN A GOUB.7Sand76 Prlre, tt.Mparcaae. REMOVALS. REMOVAL. GROVER & BAKBB S. M. CO. Havo this dor removed to the large and commodious store, Nos. 45 and 47 JaoUaon at., between Gtato and Wabash-av., and havo better facilities than ever before for auppiyingall their ouatomoro. Chicago, iu.. April is. is*e. STOCKHOLDERS' MEETINGS. OIHO9 of the Lake Sboro & Michigan Southern Hallway Co, Cleveland, March 3S, 1379. The annual meeting of the Stockholders of Ihla Com]>aDy, for the election of Directors for the ensu ing year, and for the transaction of other appropriate business, will be held at the ofllco of (ho Company, In ths City of Cleveland, Ohio, un Wednesday, the U 4 day of May next, between the hours of II o’clock In tho forenoon and 3 o’clock In (he afternoon of that day. GEOIIUK D. ELY, Secretary. HEALTH LIFT. TTnnltll CIIIOACO lIEU.TII-UFT CO, I* Ml Ml Western Agency Marsh’s Improved 1 Dl 111 Health-Uft. The Beat and bafeet. “i. ,*i* *“ Agency, bale, uud Ezerdie llooins 1 T . X (Dr. Frank ItclUy, Inventor of (he lieallb-Lift In charge), 07 Washing ton-aL Agents wanted lu every , la (ownla (be Northwest. FOOL ROOU. BASE BALL POOLS At T 9 Dear born-at., Ua. m. Doatoaa va. Athletics at Philadelphia to-day. A. F. FOX. WASHINGTON. Barney's Last Sensation Hard ly Causes a Ripple. It Only Shows How Badly (he Deft ocrats Need Political Capital. Bristow Invites the Investigat ors to Let Loose Their Bogs. The Democrats Forced to Hake Their Investigation Open to the Public, Bartley, the Concocter of tho Louisville Story, Driven to Earth. Hia Dislike of Bristow Fully and Satisfactorily Explained. It Results from a Difference of Opin ion as to Certain Cotton Claims. The Indian Bureau Transfer Bill Passed in the House. THE PRESIDENT. BAUNEV’s BLUNDEB, Special JJitpateh to The Chicago Tribune. Washington, D. C.. April 21. —Caulfield's Committeo boa probably stirred up & very lively hornot’a neat in its bungling efforts to convict tbe President of ordering an illegal use of tbs Secret Service fond of the Department of Jus* tlco. Tbe gigantic election frauds which were , formerly perpetrated in the City of Now York in the interest and under the direction of the Tam many Bing have never been seriously denied or defended oven by tbe Democrats themselves. The whole subject baa been one which Demo cratic politicians have studionslv avoided, and no one suppoaed that by any blunder of a Demo cratic investigating Committee the history of tboso frauds would again bo brought oat and spread upon tbe record of (bo House of itepro sentatives. But this seems to be Just what Caulfield's Committee is doing. After a brief and very euporfleiai investigation, in which tbo Committee obtained smTiciont information to bavo given it a oluo to the whole matter, tbe Committee, seemingly without stopping to in quire whether any law had keen actually violat ed or not, allowed tbe MOST'SENSATIONAL AND ONE-SIDED REPORT of Its proceedings to be priutod. Tbs resale was that within twenty-four boars Davenport, Chief Supervisor of Elections at Now York, was on his way to Washington , bringing »»m» mm Touchers and receipts for the mouoy spent, but also tho voluminous pupera and documents showing the extent of the election frauds form erly perpetrated in Now York, aod tho manner in which they were checked, and, to some ex tent at least, prevented. Davenport's examine, lion was begun by the Committee this afternoon in open session. Caulfield, tho Chairman of tbo Committee, conducted the inquiry with Tory little show of courtesy to tbs witness, who scorned to have nothing to conceal, and not only tho substance of many of bis questions, but the manner in which they were put, was such as to bo almost offen sive. After answering a number of irrelevant questions in regard to his ago, former occupa tion, places of residence, political preferences, etc., Mr. Davenport was allowed to begin * A COMPLETE STATEMENT of the manner tn which tho money paid him through tho Secret-Service IJnroau was used. He made but little progress to-day before tho Committee's adjournment was reached, bub ho had sufllcleut time to explain tho character of some of tho frauds which ha undertook to check m tho Now York elections, ilia further examination to-morrow will probably be very interesting. It ts generally conceded in Wauhinglon to-day that there was really very little foundation for (ho sensational writing which has boon Indulge,l in iu regard to (bo ox fionditaro of a portion of tho Secret Service und of tho Department of Justice by Super visor Davenport. This fund was appropriated for the detection and punishment of CRIMES AGAINST TUB UNITED STATES, and if Illegal voting at Congressional or Na tional elections is a crime against tho United States, as it has been made by the elec tion laws, then its detection was a proper object fur tbo expenditure of this money. The reports of the President’s feeling and remarks on this subject, have been grossly oxagoratod. It was said that a mooting of*, his Cabinet was called at an uuusually early hour 10-dnv in order that this exposure might be fully discussed. The (ruth is that tho change in the hour of holding tho Cabinet meeting was caused by tho desire of tho President to go to Philadelphia ou tho early afternoon tram to re ceive the representatives of a foreign Govern ment at the Centennial, and tbo session was one of the shortest that has recently taken place. The Infamously ami maliciously unfair and meanly partisan version of the testimony re specting the President which seems to havo boon given out by Democratic members of tho Caulfield CoaimlUco has at last caused the fair minded roou of both parties in the House to realize tho monstrous injustice which results from secret investigations. In former Con gresses the Democrats in and out of Congress, when tho liopublicana bad two-thirds majority In tho Lower House, thoy not only investigated tho abuses of the Administration, but always did so openly. Tho Democrats havo adopted tho contrary policy, and for tho reason that is admitted, if not avowed, that a legion of slanders may at the oud of tho session be sent to tbu county without an opportunity for rooty. The Democrats have selected tho plan of star chamber investigation as the initial step in their foul campaign of slander. Probably TUB MOST CONSPICUOUS EXAMPLE of this is the Caulfield Committee. The Chairman of that Committee made very loud pretense that no man should be defamed through his Commit tee, and that no man should bo dishonored or condemned unheard, yet tho most disreputable scandal hounds, detectives charged with infam ous offenses and tho vilest passions, outlaws from civilization seeking to oscapo from prisons by pleading tbelr own infamy iu their attempts to ruin others, can bo dadv seen hanging as wilnejscs or as donosltoties of libelous infor mation about that Committee-room door. The ox-parto stories of such persons hav*» been peddled out iu a distorted form iu of half truths, which wore lies, by bom o Pvrsou who must havo heard them, aud t*e loft* pn tense of tho Committee has prove/ a Pbarisaual since the lying (.Ule-tattio of partisan dofamors has boui:l< l? I!"™ * )e fame of tho President of ito United SUUs. Tho consequence of this dlscracoful occurrence was observed in two wavs »t the Capitol to-day. Tho storm of indignation waa so groat that tho Caulfield Committee was COMI’KLLKU TO OltN ITS DOORS, aud tho House, by a vote of 170 yeas to 48 nays in tbs reeolution icapecnug Cats aud Drislow investigation, placed ltn«l( on record against ao fret investigations. It is to bo noticed that the D® m ocr»l«, and that tbo yea and oar forced upon the House by Kasnon in niLf* 00 °* Protests of the almost united RSJ!V»^ Cr ? cy . Ti,# Principlejrocorded In Hits vote uKi ? l< ? R com| nHioe<) f aud the Democrats are. iiKoiy to hear more of this. *-15“ u. r « a,, 2 lnfamo,l « sensation fell *>?« r»J n H e / ac * of an open investigation which *a" oW‘Red to havo. Tbo faifc* f a ™ oul al °I 1C ? tbal lh ® nionoy bad bet? !irl n lh o *nr ntl<yl » and there was nothing to Jiw lify the Infamous story Caulfield saw lit to t? go out without explanation, which he had. Mai L Democrats are much provoked at the several f^Sf^ 8 hß . b ?“ w ? rkod °P and B‘ vo ° out only ,"°. d j n ., lbo DOU l”uaof the papers which contained Ihem. This had a good deal to do to-day with tbo vote of all hut thirtv Demo -OCIn '"'«‘le*Uiuunacr fib (he Awxiated Prw.) THE TESTIMONY. Wwa n. c., April 21.—Tire iMllmony of ox-Attornoj-General Williams and Col. Whlt loy before the Committee on Expenditures In n ,5°P art J UioU. ef Justice was given to the President 10-nMit. Tbo chief points have al ready bocn ptiblhbed. John 1. Davcnnort teatU fled that In tho New Tork election of 1870 he discovered that fraud* had boon perpetrated, and adopted a oysleti of registration which eventually resulted In tie detection of Uietto frauds. In pursuing tils matter witness had spent 510.000. lie foual that ho was being impoverished, and askoa Col. Biles. (Jen. Arihur, Oen. Sliarpe, Mr. Jfurphv, Jackson S. Hhullz, aud other gentlonnn of Now York, whether the Government, would not pay him for his efforts te detect these frauds. In the summer of 1871 he went to Long Branch to see the President, md explained to Oen. urant tbo frauds ho had discovered, and asked whether some of tho fund in tho control of tho Department of Justice cotld not bo used to pay him. The Prcaidout was Impressed with tbo plan submiited by witness to jkovont frauds in elections, and said bo would rctotnraend tbo !^i to i« tO ,i t I!Sr A j: lorn8 y ,Oenera l' Witness re ceived In all 835,000, part of which cano through Akcnnan and part through Wilhama. Ho never considered that there was any corrupfon in tbo matter. Adjourned. THE INVESTIGATIONS. KOTUB. Washington. D. C.. April 21.—Don P*u was before Clymcr'a Committee to-day, and testified that he used bis influence with the Secretary of War to have Cowlch & Brega’s *• meth pre ventative " used in tho army, and pave tbim all tbo standing they bad boforo tbs War Htpart msnU They agreed to give him 5 per cent of the gross receipts, and afterward raised it to 15 percent. He may have received about slo.o*o avoar, or about $20,000 for his share. After ward ho had some misunderstanding with them, and wont to tbo Secretary of War and told him that be considered the patent of Cowles A Brega a fraud. Thu witness exonerated Oen. Garfield from all blame. THE EMMA MINE. Mr. Park, in tho Emma Mine inquiry to-day. testified that by tho purchase and sale of stock, in 1872. £1(1.700 sterling was realized, and, ac cording to bis understanding, Gen. Schenck was entitled to ono-balf, but refused to take moro than £1,891. Gen. Beboock was inter ested to tho oxtont of 2,033 shares. Qon. Schenck read a statement showing (hat his investments on account of the Emma Mine aggregated 553,200. To show for (his amount. Gon. Schenck has received dividends, and holds stocks as follows : Dividends, thirteen months in 1871 and 1872. 53.500; 475 original shares, 53,000; total. 511,500; leaving a clear loss, as nearly as can bo estimated, of 512,200, The examination is now closed, with the ex ception of the reception of certain papers from London. BRISTOW. HE INVITES THE INVESTIGATORS TO PROCEED. Special Vuvatth to The Chteaco Tribune. Washington, D, C., April 21.—Secretary Bris tow Unlay called ou the Chairman of iho Com mittee to investigate the case of tho bark Mary Merritt, and requested that ho would make the inquiry special, and push it as rapid!? as possiblo consistent with thoroughness, and hive It con with open doors. He cavo the names of the Kentucky owners and of their attorneys, ana made a full statement as to the whiroabouts of the records in tho Trcasnry, tho Department of' Justice and Courts. Tho Secretary said that it was entirely immaterial to him what members were charged with the inquiry, as a wb-com mitlco. Tbo Chairman promised that the inves tigation should begin on Monday or Tuesday. Cate, the mover of inquiry, objected yesterday to the investigation being open, and voted against It to-day. Thirty Democrats voted with him to keep tho doors closed. Tho majority of thorn oro unknown, and for somo unexplained reason (ho following Ohio Democrats voted to keep the doors shut: Cowan, Hard, Neal, Southard, Vonco, aod Wailing. The records of the Treasury and papers of the Secretary show that the vessel was not charged with smuggling, but with merely a technical violation of tbo navigation laws. God. Bristow was never retained as counsel, never aaltod or received a foe In tho case, presented it on ono occasion to Secretary Bichurdson an a friend for tho owners, who wore his neighbors, and without compensation. On this account he refused to have anything to do with the case when Secretary, and never did have anytnlog to do with its settlement, and the settlement. when made by tho Solicitor and Assistant Secretary, in tho absence of the Secretary, was upon tho recommendation of Judgo Drummond, of the Illinois Circuit, and written opinion of Judge Miller, of the Wisconsin District. who involved himself so disastrously before Caulfield's Committee, In his testimony concern ing Secretary Bristow, has been very busy for the last six weeks talking against the Secreta ry aud the Treasury Department, and giving many vague hints of fraudu lent transactions, which he had reason to believe the Secretary was engaged Id. This talk has excited considerable curiosity in regard to the motives which could prompt it, since every story of which ho pretended to have knowledge was coon found to have no other foundation than malicious gossip. Inquiry r the Department brought out the fact that be K a long boon greatly dissatisfied with the »' l( f scrutiny of cotton cases under Secretary ■f* lß * tow's administration. An inspection J ‘ cotton recorda shows that during this »* a * j“ r - Bartley has been attorney in 10!) cap ß before the Department, involving 12,1 i) »«Uea of cot ton. Of those 10S have b*on rub'* 0 "* a,, d even part of the remaining orw was r'J°cted, "**d the part of that allowed am<mrt««.'' u, y t 0 $ 1,310. . tuk it . There Is good reason t' that the recent attack upon Secretary l 1 *^ 0 " in connection with the Maty Merritt suit *** ,DB P ,roJ by tbo Mil waukee Whisky Bing The grounds for this be lief are theeo: of 'Vis cousin, some weeks*’ 0 introduced a resolution inquiring whether *»y uowepaper men m Mil waukee. Chicago, / ht - I<OU,H b*l boon paid for services against Whlaky lU«b. Secretary Bristow replied 111I 11 ,QB,, y “ f *b®m b»l rendered the (lovurnmev valuable services, but that llmm werc' A,(l * dollar. That resolution was not iu Lv** oa band-writing, and it is be lieved that r waH written by Murphy, of Mil waukee chi' of the Whisky Bing. It ra wi’ilte Jl ““ V“ r .V“" lor '' Co "' ureasniaii Orchard, of Wisconsin, Democrat, has B iu ,tlj al (ho Lyude resolution came from y r Pby. who was hero about that time *‘ oW Cate resolution, present cd i® hut in Cato’s handwriting, but *i "'a same handwriting us tbo Lyude resu lutir f boro is no roaaoiulo doubt, ilicrofoio, ih-joth resolutions were writton by Murphy, miliaudwming iu both corrcspoud with Mur .y's, This raid on Bristow, therefore, doubt is comes from the Whisky lling. If the chief iUernoy of those rascals cannot cover his traiks in the House, it is little wonder that their clUits are filling the penitentiaries. UTrtULV UUUCNDLgSS. ioutsviLLK. Ky., April HI.—A Courier-Joumal roottcr interviewed tho Hon. Walter Evans, of t)» city, in reference to tho case of the bark Bjiy Merritt, about which Sir. Cate, of Ww chain, oifered a resolution in Congress. Mr. said that there was nothing iu Secretary tistow’s conuoction with that case which woe Mho slightest decree improper, but, on the pnirary. lus sousitivouoss to oQlcisl propriety [ad resulted in great injury to hit ''Evans’) meats. Mr. Evans said the facts tu the cate k ro these: Tho bark Mary Merritt was owned >y Murray, of Canada, who bought her from NDMBER 240. it ”, noplimsTill., Kr.. on . wnmmtr. 5-' * b,r . k tMjiofectl .ndliboledntMll.aukaofor ,*? QCro technical violation, and then forfeited by .w 51* F f°. m decre ? S“ to tho Supremo ' t! ' ko . D - Bnd rriCfl Wroj. employed Pe 2, s*/ **YX on, « t? obtain a remission of i Th ?* visited Washington nod ? , , r , ed nrtfltow employment In the case, ho then ' molding no public office. Their propoeltlon to t*^*I M . dOO n1 d ,- b V IJrlatow Introduced them ?!n?r «UK rj o nlCh * rd * oo '. E7aoa BByB thw WM uono without coropeneatlon or promtio thereof, pu . ro, y (Q{ friendship. Tho efforts before Richardson did not auccoed, owing to tho repre sentations of Welaa. tho informer In the caao, oubaoquonlly. when Bristow booamo Secretary of the Troaeury, the application for tho ramie elon was Followed, but bo positively re fused to act in the case, and placed hie refusal noon tho gronnd that he had already appeared in tho case at described. Wclee. subsequently, aa Evans nn doratopd, made an affidavit elating bo had boon mislnformoJ. and united In tho prayer that tho application for remission ahootd bo granted. Lvano learned liiat the romlsaion waa approved by .Mr. Conant, Acting Socrotaryof thoTfoaanry, B » w an examination of the case by the Solicitor of .bo Treasury. Ilia clients never obtained % remission, nor bavo ho and bla partner received a cent for their services. Mr. Evans states dis tinctly that Brielow waa cover attorney in tbo case, and never received a farthing for hie friendly services, and pronounces this assault poaea t * roUDd * eßß * Q d made for malioiona pnr- n». . DioanapmcAT ® C<r»ricr../ojirnai of to-morrow morning 0 ,D claborato biography of Secretary K..J 1 proDar . nd b . y & ‘«"tliignlahed Kentucky Itapubhcan, and nnderetooClto bo an antbentio or authorized statement of tho Secretary’* public and private career. * *“ uuo IMPEACHMENT. toriD'B BRILLIANT IDEA. Snteuil lhtj*Uh to The Chiaujt Irfbnne. Washington, D. C.. April 21 ifr. Lord, (b« boat! of the Impeachment Managers. has made a discovery which bo considers of vital Impor tance to bis case, and it ia at least significant as shotting tho straits in which those managers bare found themselves. lie baa discovered that when Belknap drew his last p*y the Gov ernment paid him for the entire day upon which bo resigned, instead of up to 10 o’clock and 25 minutes, at which time Mr. Lord bolds that his pay should have promptly coaaod with tho date of his resignation; but as ho was paid nntll mid night of that day. Mr. Lord insists that there is m> dnnbt whatever but that bo remained an officer of tb« Government until after the Impeachment was passou by tho House, consequently ho de duces tbs conclusion that the plea of iho ac cused that the Senate has no jurisdiction is without force, and should ho held void by tho Senate. This brilliant discovery and able argu ment is a fair illustration of the entire impeach nitot proceedings on tho part of tno prosecution «p»i. to. and including the date of Mr. Manager Lords important and startling discovery. TIIL BELKNAP CASE. Wasu-.soton, D. C., April 21.-Tho Impeach ment Managers of tho House novo directed subpccoaei to be issued for Mr. and Mrs. Marsh to appear it. this city on Thursday next before *, Court of Impeachment. This Indicates that the managers indulge in the boliof that the Senate will overrule Belknap's plea of want of Jurisdiction. DEMANDS THE DOCUMENTS. JEWELL TO THE INVESTIGATORS. Special JiupaUh to The Chicago Tribune. Washington, D. C„ April 21.—Postmaster General Jowoli to-day mado a formal demand upon Mr. Stone, Chairman of iho Post-OfQ» Expenditures Committee, that tho official rec ords of the Post-Office Department in pooeos slon of tho Committee be returned to the De partment. Tide demand waa mado as a conse quence of a decision mado at the last Cabinet meeting. The subject was there fully dtscuss od. and tho law considered, which makes the heads of Departments the responsible custodi ans of all public records, and provides that certified oopice may bo legal evidence. It la not In ti»A ntw.{„,% n n f f|,„ J,!.. , end the Cabinet have decided that no more official hrigioam be famished '.tbs House. If - ihOfvHousq.,'..objects . to this, it will bo very likely to recdivo n lotter.similsr to that of Andrew Jaoksou, which has Just been re vived. The Department authorities maintain that, in the absence of tho Committee from their rooms, it wonld be possiblo for fraudulent bid- - dors to easily change a few figures in some official records, and greatly injure tbs Govern ment. The Postmaster-General has made this demand upon Slone, and the latter has refused to accede to tho demand. alDongli the docu ments have been in the Cormnttoo-room for a mouth, and have not been caod as a basis of any testimony. THE INDIAN BUREAU. PROF. MAH3U ON TUB ntitfSFKß QUESTION. Ftteial DitvaUh to ’!hf Chieaoo Trttmne, Wasuinoton, D. 0.. /pril 21.— 1 n response to a request of Qon. Banrin?, Prof. 0. 0. Marsh boa addressed to him too following letter, wldcb was read upon the door «f the House to-day : Yale Coutucm, New liysw. April 20,1870.—(7m. fT. B. Hanning, Chairman <f W« CommiUu on iWilnr'j Affavt Iloua of He p**cnfaltc«e—Sin s Id reply to your request for my is to the propriety of transferring Iho IndlH, Bureau to the War Dcput incut. 1 bare respect o ***to ity that I believe tbo pro* posed change % tnoV desirable one. During the luat eight yearn my me an opportur l * to become acquainted with the present syat* n of Indian management, and alia to Judge what U* lorries would be If Intrusted to the army. In my Jdgroent the transfer should bo made without delay 0 ? tbo following reasons; jftrit— Eco°niy, Tbo Government his now very perfect mac*? er ? f®* lupplylng the army oo the fron tier with clothing, aud pay, and by the asms tnoana cot** *nUy supply the Indiana also. The pres ent sysla* °f topplylug tlie Indiana la loose and Irre sponsible Mid tends to tuvlte fraud. 1 believe the Govea* 1 ®, 11 * ® ou y *»*• one-half of the annual appro- Prtall/ 4fl f° r the Indians if tbo latter were under the care , the War Department. Pcaqo on the frontier would be greatly pro. mo* 1 b 7 lllO change. The Indiana have a groat re #pct for visible power, and this alone wonld often invent disorder. A proper enumeration of the In lins, now impossible, could be made, aud all would Je kept on their reservations, thus avoiding one of the most frequent sources of busUUty. There would then be no rondtet of anthoriiy u now, between agents and' army officers, sod no promises would be made (bat could not bo kept. TAml—The best Intercuts of the Indians themselves demand the change. What the ludlaua now need especially la Justice and a firm, uniform policy. lam convinced tbat these nn be secured under army management. Army officers as a class are not un friendly to (bn Indians, aud (hose on the frontier are' good Judges of Indian character. Many of them take a deep interest in all that pertain* to the welfare of the Indians. All efforts to Improve and elvillts the Indiana could l» made even better under army officers than now, and I feel confident that the true interests both of the Indians and the Government would be advanced by the proposed change, 1 remain, with, high rvspoct, very truly yours. (Signed) tjib Tnaxsrr.n nnx. Tbo House passed the bill to transfer tbs In* dian Bureau to tbo War Department by the large vote of IJ2 yoaa to Cl nays. The meet earnest friends of tbo bill had not expected that It could be carried by bo largo a majority. The senti mentalists made a stout and able fight against tbo bill, but were overcome by numbers. The vote was not partisan. The greater num ber of ooponouts of the bill was found noon the Ilopuhlicau side, but one of the sturdiest oppo* limits of the bill was Mr. Cox. The vote mual certainly bo takon as a condemnation of )b( peace policy, as such. There is much specula* liuu as to the prospects of the bill iu the tieuale. NOTES AND NEWS. MOJEKTU'IU PIFEIW. Spfdai DispateK to Thi Chuapo TVibuns. Wauuinoto.n, D, 0., April 31.'—At the meetln| of tho National Academy of Sciences to-day the following papers word road: Biographical memoir of the late Prof. Joseph Wenlook, of Cambridge, Blase., by Prof. Joseph Loverlog ; on a mode of determining tho direction of a aooxce of sound, by Prof. A. 11. Mayor j ou the geological and physical structure of tho Black Hills, by floury Newton ; on the age of mountains as determin ed by degradation, by Blaj. J. W. Powell: results of experiments on con tact resistance, by Prof. W. A. Norton; on the imperfections of the presdat system of chemical nomenclature, hr Prof, jt. £. Bog. eta; ou tho piogrcss of a magnetic survey at the United Btates, at the 'charge of ihe Bachs fund of the Academy. Tho meeting, vas thei adjourned. tom scorr’s mix. The vote upon tho Tom Boots Texas Pact O. 0. Ifaaair

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