Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 7, 1876, Page 13

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 7, 1876 Page 13
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•CITT'MSAIs SotSTSopii M. ,tono-trantmodrm bowment oetaeon itonb- raulomm.. Ixoreoa ft^.sap&««» 5 lot tixIOO, onoomor bran kiln and Huron. and lot 25x180. east front, on Thirtj-fiKt Mid Tblrt# Mcoud.t..; 2-stcrrr and brick basement £2xloo, on Adxma-st., between Hoyne-n- T®?SVatU«a. and lot 24x123. south front, on block irom Blue Island-av. cars. IQfi l= sifV , (Sd 6-room bay window cottage and lot Jiw. « . .. j^ o> nearFultou-et. » fr2 a «an rosldenoe. lo^,. 20111 ® , d °° Clear and a i ot . 24x100, aoutli front, on Owaseo.*t. t * and Campbell-ars.. clear; bargna. .. bttlo farm of 40 acres well improved, 6 in Lake Count*!!!. . — — ,rr uv"T 11. KFrK T KR . 163 CLARK»3T»: *3teWfJfcs£ n *“ 2ixlßo * at * de * Thlrtj-.ooond-«t.. MiIO, w»nt • Mjrtifin.fcT., ggSldit.. north “ f THWj-tal, ailll “' »“ Dor ’■'v.Tlnr. "t «>• omm mIS. rtmnch . osrncr coin- West. • *om« fiat corner lot*. ■• :?f lw.f£?UCOiner Huron. 60*110. c ° lUt * tndlot - Mll8(l - AT A DKCIDKU r SAii d burol , n t ocU*on-front, 11 *•,- « hiook* P»Jta* ««« “ d d ” eUme ' neMAihIMdAT., V? A“^ M rwrl» cbe«p. forwhlob owner viam L. TAKE A CO., 88 'Washlngton-at, - „ c.i c- 1)0 YOU WANT A HOME AT YOUR 0E S £r7T No 20 MiUer-et., or or comer Horruoo »° mmtbar . - » waVT AN OFFKiI FOR FBAIIB _ _, TP «ufl gPRON-STa BETWEEN CLARK 7°“a S D^'S|.V ' * thomas. -12 S Deirborn-it- Room 13. Xb FEET ON STATE. JUST NORTH OR . jQ tcreJ comer of Stony Island ot rentT-firftat.; 10 acre* In Sec. 31, 3S,' ■SSX*^ iS ?S£i£ A, ® & *THOMAS sb'S, 12&i>earbgro-»t. ± jvooa 13. c ii.E—TO BUILDERS oI'°«« f^on 1 SoothPwk-*».. between Tblrtj-fonrth JJlfl wiUieUinbnlkoraoparatelot#: the .fiZ-SrSiSjof thii ralaabla property to the now Bap- it ripe for immediate Improvement. * THOMAbsOy. 125 Bearbom-eb. Room 13. r-mn k*t E—COTTAGE AND LOT ON TWENTY > °thlrdet.near Weatwortb-ar., worth $2,000; price, T.sjflSAAO CLAFLIX A CO.. Marine BnUding. • hmf SALE-OB EXCHANGE—MARBLE-FKO NT f °UoSb on wist M&duon-st.; tb* beat bargain In tb» Addm« D s. Triban* office- VOR SAIE-TEAT KLEGAST TWMTORT ASD J Luemcnt d*elto» »/*£-»•> °J II 1 ’ aoity for clerr nnimprored city lot*. Address W. K. jilXoiiG, 4U? Wsrreo-sr. _ iIOR SALB-CHEAP-FINE residence ok ash ’ laad-ar., or to exchance for cheaper property. Two-story and basement octagon-front bnck, Adami- Two-itory s:one-front, 10 rooms, Park-av.: lot SO feet. Fine stone-front, Wabash-av.. near Twenty-eUth-st. . WALLER BROTHERS. 84 Wsshington-st. tor SALE-<AT a BARGAIN. 53 FEET ON WEST r paved,' between Wood and Honore-sta., tn W $35 a foot. Apply at 691 Aladlson-et. FOR SALE-SPECIAL BARGAINS—AVAR ASH-AV., 33 le-'t; east front, near Fonrteenth'-st. W&iash-av., northwest corner Twellth-st. Kenwood, 2& acre trove lot, »Jx2S7, two blocks from . Also a large amount of choice property in all part* oi -—the city and subnrbs. ESAIAS WARREN, 100 Dearbom-st.. comer Washington. POE SALE-ON LEAVITT-ST.. CORNER JACK- X ton, 6 new brick two-etory and basement houses, swell inns, size 21x43 feet, all modem improvements, very heap; will take soma trade in good lot*. Apply to owner, on thepreadses. SALE-MARBLE-FRONT HOUSE CORNER X Soath Fftrk-av. and Twenty-Sfth-st., dining room and kitchen on parlor floor. ~ fcCPrairie-av., 2-story and basement brick, with man* urdroof ;lotSsxl77feet. _ A. J. GALLOWAY A SON. southwest comer State ind Msdlson-sts. POE SALE—23XII6 ON FORQUAR-ST,, NEAR r Canal, gl.OiOif token this week; $1,200 alter this reek. GIVINS A GILBERT, Room 7 Bryan Block. TOR SALE-VERY CHEAP FOR - CASH,- OR 1 trade for land within 5J miles, a good cottage and bt. K B, Thirty-first and Waliace-ets. FOB SALE—VERY LOW. ON EASY TERMS— f House and lot, 660 Van Boron-at. J. TYLER, Room L 93 Wsshicgton-st. ■ FOR SALE— cheap for cash—<nojtrades wanted). 2-story frame on Prairi»4v., near Thirty-sec ' i. jtoom 3. <u LaSailo-st. DOR SALE—A RARE CHANCE FOR ANY ONE J» desiring to purchase a handsome residence for a :; rcry fine two-story and basement marble-front on good, pared street; has just been put In tho eery best repair. Address G 75, Tribune office. DOB SALE-A ONE-STORY FRAME COTTAGE I? and basement of 14 rooms and lot, 573 Fulton-eh, near Union Park: will sell very cheap. Call or address the ewasr J P, 74 Dearbom-st., basement. For sale-several business blocks, and residences at a decided sacrifice. HOLM Kb A CO., * nd 74 Dearborn-at. » FOR SALE-BARGAINS—CALUMET-AV.. FOUR atory swell front $6,000; Calumet-ar.. oologon marble front, 8 rooms deoo and brick bam, $6.500: Eilis-av., 1— room boose and 40 feet, only $5,000; Ellls-av., 10-room oo toron brick, $5,000; Miohlcan-ay., 15-room octagon mar llefront,stU,oW. worth $14,000, Other bargains. D.W. STORKS, 04 Waahingtoa-st. For sale-at $7,300, with about $2,000, cash the neat sad conveniently located oetogon front brick 'veiling-boose and brick bam. Inquire on premises at 2% Horon-st., between Clark and Dearborn-eta. FO R S A L £-HOUaE AND LOT 816 TWENTT- Uiird-st., $750 cash. For sale-at a great bargain-a new brick store on Chlcago-ay— adjoining -one of the very best business comers on the West bide. It la rented to responsible tenants, and pays 12 nor cent in* erest on price ’ -i. Only SI,IXIO required down." A.B. WILCOX, 1 toon7, Tribune Building. -- - T?OR RALE-A FINEFOUR-STOKY STONE-FRONT n dwt' g, No. 256 Ohlo-st., first-class built; all the latest con* eniences.' I will give a bargain for cash in an ‘ I neighborhood, 7 minutes’ walk to Palmer House. nseip&U wanting a good and convenient home should see me. as there is money in it. It is between State and Cm-iu. T. C. BOYD. 147 StatoaU plumber. ' Fob sale—attention* builders—choice site* for residence block*; bargain* offered. HOLMES & CO., 73 and 74 Dearbon»'*»t. For sa.le-1 am authorized bt the owner to ofier for a fow days 49 desirable lots inside city at Clio each; $2,300 cub down, balance throe and four year* 17 per cent. Greatest bargain In the city; owner re* fused $15,00f1/or this property three years ago, bat sow obliged to ssU. These lots are worth $275 to S3OO at t<£ day’sprices. Neighborhood rapidly Improving. JAMES DaJU/jW, 125 jJearbom»«t., Boom M» ■ For sale-or exchange-very cheap i? lots oa DlTcny-BL near Linooln-or.. for fans or stock of goods. K. 8. DREYER, 72 Dearbom-at. SALE—OR EXCHANGE—VEST DESIRABLE x farm, 213 acres, 14 miles from city; Calmnet-av. un-_ linprored property, clear, for boiidin*, or boose* j-ffroro lots, north ol city; sondiriston of 10,UU0 feot.nearly clear; 440 acres crau lands. Like County. Ind.: land* in Kan-. ms, illcbfcan. and Wbrcoasla. JAMES* DARLOW, 12a Paarborn-Bt.. Room 14. —-f?OR SALE—I OFFER AT A SACRIFICE 72X125, A southwest corner of Center and'Sedgwtck-st*.: thi* i? a rare chance for a responsible builder. B. 6. -GREY ER. 72 Dearbora-st. FOR SALE-OB EXCHANGE—STORE, LOT, AMD 101 l stock of groceries forlmprored "farm or business . ?rty in or outside the city. Inquire 675 Milwaukee-sr. FOR SALE-WANT A LITTLB MONET XND VA caat 16U (suburban preferred) for equity in tint-class nwthhbore property. Address BUILDER AMD OWN ■R» office. pOR SALE-*)E TO RENT—A. NEW BRICK BARN, A two-stories and basement, on Oaurio-*t. t be 'ijUs and LaSalle-sU, or would wish to borrow «B*Ut&X)for three or fire years; would pay liberal in* "wt. Vi . BYRNE, IS abd 170 OnUrio-st. POE SALE—*S,000—*500 CASH. BALANCE MONTH- It payments, fin* now 2-story and basement brick <m»eon West Adams-st. Rare bargains. Savfi Jour at. H. E. WEAVER & CO.. 169 LaSalle-st. ■POR SALE—CHEAP—EASY TERMS. MARBUI i front house on Calmnet-av., near Thirty-eecond-sw Tsnnstosait. H. E. WEAVKRACO.. 169 LaSalle-st-' |l*OR SALE—SI,9OO—NEARLY NEW COTTAGE A with lot, Buiierhsld-st-, near Thirtieth-st. . Easy os. H.K. WEAVER &-QO.. 16? LaSalle-st. . . T?OR SALE-HOCSE AND LOT-NICE 10-RpOlI; A house and bam on PadC-Ar.; large lot; b»K-cuhj onsthavemoney,"s 629Ph|3t-w,,orKoom6, 6f'WesvT£bup- POE SALE-GHKSiprtEittROVED AND a. business an«fttßiffcnb2pf®erty. I hare wtae stoo|{ can be baachMrnSwßorfcasb. Hare U*tl««oottf exchanges. E. glLa3slle-Bt. I .' ]?OR jl Goethe aud AstorXtiC.'tefcttindod by streets'ahcfsllflysfj. ofnmt of Unioff ecntire,and near late shore “dfiTesl jf*®> 6 and 7, fes Dearbom-rt- ■ ■pOR SALE-SEVERAL HOUSES IN THE CITY,, A’ tw o oa ibe Grand boulevard, neat Thirty-sixth, two ta . w *tt Jackson-Bt., near Winoheater-aT.. at a very low .««»for cash. Call, as you cannot help buying. Also ■~sf freat bargains in acres near the city limits: a lso an eaamded Interest with ns where yon more than double .our money. WaRREN, KEENEY £ CO., KBWaah ycton-tu pOE SALE-AN ELEGANT AND COMPLETE r- Borne, on Washington-st,, west of Union Park; 5 0 ®*« fipelj famished aad is thorough repair; - Address Tribune office. POE SALE- LOTS CORNER FORTY-FOtJRTH-ST. sad .Cottage GrovMT. ; a bargain. OW S, 158 exchange—one stork, and lot and one IS-room dwelling on West Side, good ®c*Uon, would trade for farm In HllnoU or lumber, new tirsessee and horse*. Call or addrai JOSEPH, FOETtR, Merchant*’ Hotel, corner Lake and Clark-at». poa SALE—GREAT BARGAIN—429 WEST LA.KB f- it. lotSGxlgn, brick hooie. Mansard roof, H room*. UioUisim»<lUtelr*nirt&ks9B,suo.frem 81,60) to $3,600' S**s« Alto want offer for bouadeetof Peltier 1 * Auxi. -ARPENTER A SHELDON, 133 LaSftDo-«U . Do a SJLLB—B4STORY BUILDING-AND LOT, TWO s , «torts, 'and two dwellings abort, on halsted, 88,000: louatiraei’emaUboaae' and lot la part •V* Owner, 707 Wabash-ar.- *- DOESALB-aSTORr HOUBB.-STOEB 10, ROOMS,- [ water in the house, f to) cash, balance on easy tonus, apply up-stairs. No. 473Xwemy-nlnth-st. 'OR s a TR_<i,ari —T.QT AND COTTAGB BlzUo«-*t.,a6*r WcbsMr^T.; •Ai/PVmeau. '! ÜbfiSi life’’h y . on.Mlohigarf-ar., near Twenty-eigHth-st.’, lot 80 feet front. , ... c—. rr. • First-class residence, maitlo-front, ua wabasn-»v.« near - Twenty-sixtlrst., lot £3x125; good ; bam.- Frloe, f 11.050. • , • Marble-front on. Mlehigaa-ar., dear Thlrteentli-st., S 3 feet front by 170 deep, with bam. •• . . 4* Kue realdonco and grounds on Oomeu-st., Hyde Parc, clear, to exchange for uoiue.aad SO foot lot, south of Lin coln Park; will pay $5.0u0 cash. , . . .... - ._ . . House, and lot 7UI6D, three blocks west of Hyde Park depot, for homo on West-Side. •; .•■ * • Choice building lota on South Side, and at Oakland, Keuwrxxi, and By da Park, at bargains. ULRICH ft BARXKa, Rooms, 65 Washlngton-st. . .. . ... ?ATB. F" OR SALE—AN ELEGANT CORNER NEAR UNION Park, well adapted for a block of 8 booses; will fur nish land and a little money to responsible party to im pruvo. H IS. Tribune offico. For sale-before buying a uomb.takb Milwankee-a?.. llnmboldt Park can to • Wsstcro-arv !* oa North-ar,, 2-story brick houses..2lx3o, and lota. 2&xl2i tovido alley; price bouse and lot 81,750; easy term*; monthly payment*: school, cars, sewer, city water; trees, sidewalks. Inquire corner North and Western’*?*., or atm? office No. 1 Ordon Baildlnc/ comer Clark and Lakosta. AUGUSTUS JACOBSON. F IOR SALR—THE HOUSE ANI> LOT KNOWN AS _ No. 151 North Gartiast. can be boagUt for 81(403: terms reasonable- Apply at Springer’* Iron Yard, 68 South Cllnton-st. ' . For sale-$2,b00, good cottage and lot, su 100. 405 Third»av.; fronts on Doarborn-et.; slid SI,OOO down, balance easy. T. B. BO YD, Room 14, 146 MadUoo«et. ■ . . . . : ' . FORSALE-I HAVE a PIECE OF REAL ESTATE centrally located, unimproved, which I will sell at,a sacrifice of 411,000; $13,000 required: must have money. Mrs. SHOCK, l&g Washlngtou-st.. Roomß3. For sale-cheap-a splendid two : story home, with 6 rooms. 6 bed-rooms, 4 closets;' and 4 lantriea. Inquire in the.rear, after 7 p.m., 1951 South i)earbom-st. , . . .. . . • • .. SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE-OVER THE COUNTY; LLNK, TAXES nominal. 1 will sell my place, in Klmburat,.ia,Da p age County, 18 miles from wells-st.. depot. 7 acres, large doable nonse with modem improvements, barn, de* tached laundry, i co-house tUlcd,i, eremt*hooso, v .aad. gardener’s cottage. Land all In highest stats of cultiva tion, under drained, with shade trees, hedges, shrubbery; fins orchard and all kinds of fruit; •verythlng;dealrabls to mate a beautiful home.' Will be sold cheap on reason able terms. wltlMtl the birds and flowers* OKOItGR F• KUMfIEY. 70 LaSallo-sL F OR SALE-CHEAP- Lake Forest—Sererl aero tracts. Clyde—House, with 6to il) acres. r - Hinsdale—Home with 100 to 300 feet. Englewood—Home and'larco lot.' Austin—3u)foot,near depot. „ • •• E. L. CANFIELD.' S9XaSaTI»-st. FOB SALE-*. FEW LOTS'AT SOOTH OHICAUO; near new iron works* at ono-balf their tslqo for cask. Address A 74, Tribane office. . Fob sale-at atjstix-bargains in lots. Houses wall locmced; cheep. O. B. CB AFTS, Boom £6Metropolitan Block- - . .. . FOR SALE-AT CHICAGO A. NORTHWESTERN: Railwaj car-9hopi-lx)U and acre*; ottered at bar* gain*. Houiet and loti 81,000 each. C. I£. CRAFTS, Koom26Metropolitan Block. I,>OR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD—3 COTTAGES D& r lirmbly located, eery cheap, on• monthly pwmepU f SO twJni each wajdaily. N. A. WEIGHT. 66 Waihia*- toa-it, - . - - ■ - FOR 3iIX-OR EXCHANGES—IO TO BO AOKE3 IN Hjde Park, on railroad: well located to aubdmdo. J. TYLKR, Room 8,93 Wasfalagton-at. • For sale-at evanston. : feet. tront by 163 feet to 16 foot alien with four frame 1 dwellings and two bams that cost ss,ooo cash: will sell tho whole for $7.000; oae-half cash;. balance March 10. IBSO. This la tho beet thins offered. Also now house of 10 room# and lot 50z£00 feet near the Woman •• College. now noted at S3O per mentlt; tho same cost 86.500. and will sell for Si 000; small payment down; bal ance on lons time. Address Hl. Tribune otßce. FOR SALK—S TO 15 ACRES CORNER SIXTIETH* st, and Ashland-ar.: S6OO per aero. Address owner, J. BELL, 884 South Olark-st. ' ' T7IOR BALE-HOMES AT ENGLEWOOD —WHY J? nay rent when you can get a beautiful home., wit a grounds. clow to station and Normal School, on monthly, oaimenis. Go with me and aeo them before purchasing. B7W. STORES, »4 Washington-fit. • ■ ■ FOE SALE-EIGHTY ACRES. OX MILKS FROM, city limits; SSo per acre: great bargain: $2.c00 cash, balance four years. J AMKiI DARLUW, 125 Dearborn* at.. Room 14. - I?bR SALE-EXCHANGE. AND RENT, IMPROVED Jj and vacant residence property in Waukegan, I*ke- Forost, Highland. Pafk. Glcncoo. Winnetka, hrixuUm. . Rotors* Park, Rayoaswood. Austin, Hinsdale,Rivfrtide, Clyde. Englewood, and other points, E. I*. CANhILLD, 69LaSalle-st. . ■ - - - - ‘—• TTIOR - SALE—OR EXCHANGE—2COXI93, ON HYDE f Park-av., fronting the South Park, near Sixty-third bu ; 60x130 on Cottage Grove, east front, near torty-seo* oji-st.; and 8 3-story And basement brick hoosos ar ranged in flats, and well rented, on bhermaa-st, .near m. S 4R.1.R. A. depot. Will trade this property, sub ject to some incombrancos, for PMMW.u Canam.of good property of less value in this, vicinity,. ULRICH 4 BARNES, Rooms, © AVashington-sU : FOR SALE—RENT—OR EXCHANGE—HOUSES and lou at Hinsdale. Sire of placos, pneo. aod.tnnna to JSt, 10cents fare. O. J. STOPGtf. 183 Dearbom-st. T7»OR SALE-CHEAP HOMES—SIOO WILL BUY A *l* good lot in Hyde Park. South Chicago, bouthlawn. Norwood Park, or Hinsdale • terms sl3 down and $5. per S. 6ILLET. Room 21. No. 161 W..nlDgKm..t, FOB SALE-AT WESTERN SPRIKGS. ON EASY monthly payments to sait,2-story houses and Wit. lots, at SBOO, SI,OOO. and $1,250: near schooled depot ; sldo waUs. etc., all complete ready to mme into; 10-cant train morning and evening. T. O, HILL, 4 Lakeside Building, FOR sat.B—MORGAN PARK—HOUSES AND LOTS on monthly payments. ‘ Only a small cash payment re* quired. Uonse of 6 rooms and lot SOrlSa. f payments. $14.66. House of 6 rooms and lot liJQxl-0.51.i A), monthly payment*. 819.17. House of 8 room* and lot 76x 130, monthiy payments, Houses^costing double those prices, double the “onthly paynieuts. Uau road fare, 10 cent*.. Inquire of GKO.R. CLARKE. Ageiit, No.' 11 Chamber of Commerce. -- - - T7IOR SAI.E-AT SOUTH CHICAGO, 85 AGEES J? near rolling-mills, from sto 3.1 acres; clear, and per fect title. . Apply at HI West Kaudolph-st, . . . - : .. TBOR SALE—BARGAIN - TWO-STORY • STYLISH I? house at Normal School, with l&ks water, and IDO foot lot, one block from depot, for 47,0)0. worth $12,000, Go and see It. E. C. WAKE, S 4 Washington-at. TnOE SALE-OB E 5 cHANGE-MODEBN 9jSTOBY A* brick basement dwelling, west of Lincoln Path, in good order, light incumbrance. wBI exchange or, sail on monthly payments. Roan) Q. ISS LaSalle-su rpoil SALE-UNFXNI3HED COTTAGE AND TWO 1* lot* at Park Bid,., -with cellar and well. only. BpCO, with SIOO down and «1A a month lor balance: nowijrrnr time to boy a home and stop paying rent. IRA BROWN, 142 LaSalle-st.. Room 4. ; ■ - FOR SALE-SEVERAL EXCELLENT HOUSES AT; Sooth Evanston, very fine, and In coed outer:.there houses are new and will make a good home. Will sou much cheaper than you can build, and on very easy terms. WARREN, KEENEY A CO., HO Waibinctpp-et. r .. OR SALE-CHEAP. 49 ACRES IN SEC. 21, 87, 14, or would take part pay In trade. 300 feet, park front, on Stony Island ay.,near Fifty- Bo l<f lots school and church, for SB,OOO. - Lots on and near the comer of iocty-fourth-su and Greenwood—.. acTa'au'eLL. 18t Doarfaon.-rt.- T7IOR rOR GARDHNS AND h beautiful homes, $125 to $400; cottages and lot*. S4OO to $1,200; a few lots on Main-at.. $100; all. on mental/ payments. Cal! any da/ o’clock, and go and sea this property.' EDMUNDG. STILhS. V9Mftdi*oa-at.. Room?. FOR SALE—AT EVANSTON - HOUSES WITH modem Improvements. • Lots_ In any part or too Tillage. Blocks or acres at North Evanstom Will build houses to suit customers. For rent, several first-class houses.' HENKY M. KIPPER, 48 Clark-flt. . triOß SALE-CHEAP'FOB CASH. 50X125 FEET AT 1? Soatb Enslcwood. partly paid for,'balance. easy monthly payments, no interest;..tronld take ticket to Denver, M. J-DiVYEHTd'a Sedgwlok-at., roar, : FOBSAX.K-A KICK CORKER IK RA.VENSWOOD. litslSarSli In Block 7. 92x163 feet to 2»foot alloy:, pricoSlSperfoot. Also 100 foot on illchlgan-aT-,.rlear . s'hlrty-nlnth-st.'. 3100 per foot? 100 feet on Indlana-aT„ near Thiny-nlnth-st.. iS per foot. B. i. GUxTOK, 19 . end 21 Randolph-st. , For saie-at englewood—cor ner lot in grove, 8 blocks from l price and termsstiPlTtoD. K. TEKHIERE. feagloyeoJ. . . . TTIOU : SALE—OR F.XCUA.NGE-100 FFKI' A£. H Rarmswood. tm A*hlftnd-aT„ near Highbenoolr»•<>“ eotno*lota, ncar.dopot, Washington UoUjQts. 47 SouUi j- Union-et., qp-«taiw.» ~ _ _ , T7IOH SALE—EXCELLENT HOUSES AT RAVENS;' P vnod and Snmmardtln on oaay.tarms. laJu>w»tar?. frequent trains ; low fares. - A. BENNETT, agont, south* cast .Monroe and Foe sale-a bargain-good Illinois farm. 174 acres, S2J per acre; all-fenced and eultlrated. good dwelling, stable, orchard., etc.: posßOißion givon it once; onlyssoo cash, balance on long tlmoiat« per cent Interest. • Also over 400 cheap .but good farms in U- Unols. lowa, Missouri, and Kansas. No exchange. J.D. SPEAR, Otis Block, Room 35. • _l_ rToll SALE-CHOICE IMPROVED KARIISANO h (urro property. StolXXlacres. within 23 nulea from Chi- G. cTwiilft-LE. 133 dlark-at. fnbß AND LOT IN WAUKESHA, J* Wls.: house contains 12 rooms; lotconUlns ono aoro and ; is situated near nflaeulspring. Inquireof J. R.i CUSTER, Koom «, 162 Washlngton-st., or of CHAS. HORNING. on the premises. l • IBOR SALE-FRUIT FARM-I SAVE 10 ACRES. £l of peach and apple orchard, all bearing trees. Village of South Haven, Mich.; good prospect Sot. baitetrthi* season. Also. Insamo place. 3H. acres-vrtth. •u*tu.«-r2irf/^» - iindatn)lo trees, grapes, strawberries, etc,, Ssfg. 1 7 ?SSSJL”a1 ■Mr Ml. ct««.; .long tlmo.- Wmhingtos-nt.. Boom l - ■t-v Vii K*I,B-iA BPUiSDID 320-ACRE FASM,:IKSS ■flnoit tdwhrin the Statb ; B . SUto and .^PicsrxJct''Parte Station, on N. W. H~ rooms.' larpo bam for 40 cattle,* laattmr water, 20 acres umber, and fine land, ia Dupage ; ‘ Coanw, lU., 20 miles from Court-Hcmse In Ohicaßo. Wo money, and to a man who wants a fine farm wo will yAgin T. B. BOYP. Room U. 146 Madiaon-at. ™u"SAXE— AN ELEGANT “WESTttßj* FARM H tfinas* in the cooatrv) at a shameful sacrifice. Ad dress Al 3, Tribune office. Virtß sale—nice piece of ACHE PROPERTY. F°S country town ripe for subdiTirion, with or i7___ /..i,hiai nursery stock. Big thing, and p»red toslnughter It for cash. Address M, 13, Tribune oCice.' under cultivation, light incumbrance. B 81,* Tribune office. ■ • • Fn va KXCHAJiGB—HODSE AWPI7 LOTS Col., unincumbered, $5,000. -W*nt f&nu - P°. a . bl °U"Ro°ni C, LxSalle-.L. U'COY * &AN SON, 199 South ClArk-Bt., Rooms. F— __ . t n nn P Yfif4 A LA RGB OR ,?A£fcriL Ter r fine Janda, near Rio Grande idSeS?. “i-ATSHAW, Him- Hou«. Cfiictco. i OR 50 FEET EAST OF W VrlbSh-aT.. betwesn Twemy-eteoad wd Twonty tor one-third cash, balance on titaa. £• n-AitRiNGTON. can ol Carrier ib» btetiea A* COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. RE ALESTATE^WAJJTE^ THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: SUNDAY,. MAY 7, 1876-SIXTEEN PAGES. i ■ JREAL ESTATE WAKTED.,'V^ boose on a leased lot. - Address Kl 6, Tribune offico. WANTED— A RESIDENCE OP ABOUr 10 ROOMS. w}th .modern Imjuorcraeiita and desirable location, barn. or,loc for one, and on West Side preferred'; must be a bargain. *D44, Tribune office. W’ ANTED—NORTH SIDE LOT, BAST OF CLARK at., for cosh and choice clear property at Sheboy gan. E. 0. WARE. HI Washiogtoa-st. MICHIGAN:AY.. BETWEEN BIX- Ji toenth and Thlrty-socond-st*.,-a lot 25 to SO root.* Ad dress 016, Tribune office, stating location and lowest price for cash.-• . . W* ANTED-FOR CASH—4O OR 80 ACRES OF LAND for immediate subdivision, within 15 miles of the Court-Uottie and within half a mile of somo good depot; Will not pay more than from SUM to gSOO-per tcre; gWo fall description, so that I can locate on the map, and stale the lowest price. Address O 60. Tribune oifiee. T 7 ANTED—HOUSE AND LOT FOR LANDS AND if cub, or vjumo. MANX A CONGDON, Boom l,:107 Dearbonwt. - ■ - - ■ . WANTED— A GOOD BUSINESS STORE ON MlL fraukee-ar.; also a few reeidences oa North or West Side in good neighborhoods. O. F. STAFFORD, 83 Clark-st. - WANTS!)— A CLEAR .COTTAGE FOR GOOD lands. Address 84 , Tribune office. . WANTKD-A GOOD 2-STORY DWELLING IN good neighborhood. South Side, clear of-mortgage; will give unincumbered grove property at Proipoouar. Perot, old' Washington Heights, and some cash. D 94, 1 ' : *•'« WANTED— A BUSINESS BLOCK. WORTHS4O,OOO; will give clear unimproved, andassume. LAUKiri. 100 Washimhon-sU - - WANTED— TO . BUY—GOTTAGK OB SnSTUKY houses on West Side to pjvo. Address 04. Tribune office. ' WANTED-A' GOOD HOUSE AND EOT. WELL located on Went Side, worth *lll,OOO to $12,000, in ex ohanso for. desirable half-block well located at J-awn dale: .Wo moan baalnoss; and will* give a g pod wade. Owners call or addict. Uin UIUNSU-N BROS., MS Mad l»on-«t. ■ ' ~ Ttr ANTED-CESTIIAL BUSIN ESS BLOCK, WORTH YY -4100.000 or tnoro; pay cash or assume, and giro choicest property In Kenwood for equity. I>. W.Sf OUICs, 94 \ya»faiogton-3t. : - " ‘ " TT7 ANTED—FOR CASH-20. 40. OR 60 FOOT FRONT, VV bounded by Jackbuu-at., Fifth-av., Lake-st., and Mlchlgan-a*., vacant, or would take lone lease. Ad dxes3, for flta days, giving location and partioalara, F 43, Tribune office. Wanted-evanston residence. worth 510,000, in exchange for city house of same -value. North Shoro residence. SIO,OOO, iu exchange for city of greater value. ' . „ .. City house, well located, 89,000t0 810.WH* - ' Heal •estate owners, wishing to cell, to rive ms pace. £, i* .(JAKl'lltLlii ty LahaUo-«t, BOARDING AND LODGING. West Sldoi SOUTH SHRLDON-ST.—SUIT OP FURNISHED rooms, with board, for gentleman and wife. n north may-st.. pew doors fromran -11 dolph-sU—Hoard, with nicoh-farniahed aicoro suite of (root rooms, aud suite on parlor door, in new swell* front brio* houso. Call early. 6 SOOTH SANGAMON-ST.-LARGE. PLEASANT. lit' furnlsbdd rooms, with board for two; good loca ion: few; hoarder*. •„ A SOUTH GREEN-ST.—TO KENT, WITH BOARD, .Q two nicely fumuhad rooms, cheap. •, . n LOOMIS-ST.—PLEASANT WELL-FUIINISIiED . I * front room, with.dr«t-cla&a board.' OD ABERDEEN-ST.. NEAR. MONROE—ROOMS, /i /i famiahod,or anfurnlshcdf, with board. In an Amon caa family. OQ SOUTH PEORIA-ST.—NICELY-FURNISHED JUO rooms, with good board,-for SS« • - 2gOGbEN-AV.-FIUSr.OLASS DAY BOARD. OO ABERJDEIEN-ST.—UOUiIS FKOAI $5 TO $0 PAR JuQ week; table-board, $3.50. on" OGDEN-AV.—BOARD AND ROOM IN THE oU new block fronting Union Park, between AVashing ton and Randolphs. OH DEPUYSTER-ST. —HOARD EXCHANGED 0y for (nmituro: furnished oruntumUhod room* win board; day board toasouahlo, icspeotable, substantial; 15 minutes* walk from South Side; two car lines; private family; good neighbors. . • 7c“PARK AV.—a NICK SUITES Of UNFIIR “tD nlshed rooms, with board; near Union Park; mod* era conveniences. A H SOUTH ASHLAND-AV*. FRONTING UNION I Part—Board with pleasant rooms, modern lm provemenis. etc. ♦ ‘ • A O • SOUTH ANN-ST.—ONE LARGE BACK ROOM 4:0 nicely famished,-with tirst-clas* board, for .gen tium*" and wile, or 'two gentlemen. . • NORTH MAY-ST. PLEASANT FRONT -room, with use of bath-room, ana,the irts of home, only 85 pec week. oomft ) SOUTH HALSTKD-ST., NEAR MADISON— Two gentlemen can bo accommodated with pfioas front room and board. TlVi - SODTEI CARPENTERST.. 8 DOORS FROM - Madison—Handsome oast front parlr, with boara. Dining-room on parlor floor. Wardrobo. etc.. HSULAND-AV.. FRONTING PARK-ROOMS to rant, with board. . . . - • _t cT 7 nohth ASHLAND-AV.-THRKB OR FOUR 04: boarders wanted in amaU, peltate family at above number, lathe new stone swoU-front block near Ralton st.. and one block from Union Park and-Handolpb-st. cars. Accommodations first-class, and term* reasonable. References exchanged. ■ '• ■ • _ r- a SOUTH ANN-ST. A NICELY-FURNISHED Ot: front room, suitable for two prisons, with board, house has all modem Improvement*. dO CENTRR-AV., CORNER ADAMS-TWO DB oL ■ lightful front rooms, single or on suite, with, first elms board. References exchanged. Also barn to rent. or SOUTH MOBGANST.-PLEASANT ALOOVK CO ‘ and ons sida-room, new and nicely famished, with board; private family. Just taken the house. no IVESTVAN BOBEN-ST.-TWO, PLEASANT Ou front rooms, famished or unfurnished, to gentle man and wife or two respectable single gentleman, with good board, where there is hut one other boarder and no children; cheap to the right party. > : n C SEELEY-AV.—PRIVATE FAMILY; CAN SPARE HO two rooms, suitable for three genttemon. or mar ried couple and-single gentleman; good table; terms moderate. Call or address. ♦ • - . OQ SOUTH GRKEN-ST.. CORNER MUNROE HO r Pleasant room* with good board. Also brlcg basomeatior housekeeping. , <«■ . • _ _ nQ ASHLANU-AV.. XEAP.CUK.NEB MONKOE-ST. Ho Very attractive furnished rooms, with hrst-claas board: one Urge front room to four gouts at reasonable terms, or unfurnished or partly,married couple- ■ No more inviting summer location m the city. no - south-- clinton'-st.—Good .board can yy - be had ohoap i also nicely furnished rooms, with or without board. • • lid ABBRDEEN-ST.—BOARDING BY THE DAY J_J_o or week: rooms furnished or onfornishad, with or without board.or for light housekeeping. 11/2 - HONOBE-ST.—BACK PABLOB. LARGE, lit) WB il furnished, willi firat-class board, slo week; large unfurnished room, $lO week; modern improve ihejita. SOUTH’ OREEN-bT.—HANDSOMK SUIT* ? front rooms (alcove), with board: also bsoV rooms p r iTste f,mli y; terms reasonable; referoaoo required. • WEST MONROU-Sr.— A TRW GENTLEMEN JIOO caa be accommodated bore with furnished rooms, with or without board.' . • - 1 z: O WEST .IACKSON-ST.-ROOM, WITH. BOARD : 10 D ' for mao and wife or two yoans men. . WEST MONROE-Sr.—LAUUiJ FqRNISHED I I U -parlor, with board for pmtloman and wito; aUo accommodations for n fow gootlemen. Board first-olaaa. Oi n CORNER PEORIA—BRICK /JLO hoaso. A suite of frout rooms, with all modern improvements, for mirried or single folks; also several >inglq rooms. Excellent board* • 000, W£ST MOSROE-ST.—LARGE PARLOR ZiliU \rith board; al»o single room to rent. - 00,1 SOUTH BALSTF.p-ST.-TO BW.™, board,' is naw.marblo bloclc, nioely-iarnUnea front rooms: -tons* from $3 to $7; use of bathroom; sot nob WEST- MONBOE-ST.-PLEASAKT Ftjtt niabed rooms U> rent, with .first-class board, •Terms reasonable. . OQO WEST WASHINGTO.NST.-BOAED, WITH single room* for gentlemen; b o clock-dinner, references. . . ■ - . . _ ■ ■ nog SOOTH WOOD-ST.-npOM, WITH BOARD J&00 for three gentlemen in private family. Mo other boarders. • - . ■ ■ • OA i» WEST RANDOLPH-ST- BOARD .AND £ l , to lodging, $4; table board. $3 a week. A. MUB KAY.-. Tv..- - ; 1L OTK VE9T MONKOE-ST.—VERY .NICELY FOE i O oiahod room to rent, with hrat-clasa board. . • . 07fl WEST WASHINGTON-ST.-A. PMASANT £ \ O. front room with dressing-room attached, soluble for two or throe gentlemen; location very .desirable, term* moderate; a few tablo-boarders wanted, ■WEST JACKSON-ST.—FURNISHED OR UN furnished room, with board. onn WEST • WASHINGTuN-ST. —TO RENT, /yu with board; back parlor and largo room, on sec ond floor; also hall-rooms. ' ■ one..adams-st.-to rent, with ok with- OVJO out board, very pleasant rooms, single or en suite. . ‘ 1 OA7 WEST JACKSON-ST.-BOARD ASTD LODg •OU I ing, rooms furnished or unfurnished, wuh •board; 1 House has all the modem improvemonts; terms reasonable. ■ ■ " OH WEST RANDOLPH-ST. - FIRST-CLASS OXX. boardandfinoroom3,famlshodandunfunilahod, •a f«w day-boarders taken.' ■ ■ , • • ■ ,r.^ on ,r I>AKK-A.V. BOARDING.. WITH - BOOMS •oXO facWalipd or unfurnished, in pmaU> £amily,cue*p.;. {Cali;onthgpr*CTi»<>g.-—. • ;--p ..-V' k :J srowraaaU;f- rofer«o«i l jm<ilTs4;vP4QP 6 IfARQS* r-BJOtXSotmrSer.‘in befrecfordrfri rbdni* felogonUy Wr*. -toisbedf iiiaciotu grounds, email private family; perm*. ■ nont boarders wapted. • '■'•-•• • '■' OOCpWEST VTASHINGTON-ST.-VERY DESIRA OOO bio rooms, single or on suite, with hrst-ciaaa bo&rd; references required. _ 6 ,1 O WF.STWASHINGTON-ST.-LARGE AUJOVK room on second door, froht, furnished or unfur nished, with first-class board; terms moderate. o 1 a WEST WASUINGTON'-ST;—WITH BOARD. OtcD handsomely famished rooms. House has »U modem improvements. Kcrefenoea required. ~«r warbbn-av.-booms to rent, with oDO board and pleasant accommodations. , 0 - WEST RANDOLPH'ST.—ONE LARGE NICE* ,00 if fqrnt«hndroom to rant, with board. boo-WESXVAS BUKES-ST. -TWO TOOCCUPif 000 noUrn front room;.B*s. }? , SH5 e^.J orM ' JJipacaaefc. . Baferaneat reqmrail. Call Mandar. -TV* a WEST - UNFURNISHED 4:04: back or front parlor to rent, with board; also, a famished room for one or two gaatlomen. y7\rPwEST MOSROE-ST.-PLBASAHT SUITE 4*oß front rooms (aloore), furnished, with board; SoT backroom: famlU prirato: good location; terms reasonable. , nn WE ST JAUKSO-N-ST.-TWO GtNTLKMEN 4:08 cln obtain a pleasant room, with board, »• private family. Plea*? — ■ . fVfTwEST MOSUOE-ST.. SPLENDID 4:23 tioa neatly «pp»»iio ; Jetferaon. Park—Pleasant Em.t! Mm lor gfncl3 gentlemen or B entlemen*and tSg^rSStli 'Sk “; term, re^onabl.. • —y-v waSHINOTON-ST.» NEAR UNION PARK; 47 Q rooms furaishstl or unfurnished, with or with iSASWflSSihMir mwfctotoll UN O AK ;j . si .. , ,Wes*Siae-"Oonf±aixba.. •. jii.r , tVwpsT NKAR aNIJON PARK-APLEAS iuSuh?rt tiialh nom dor two, with linit cbM table-board; locationploaa.mtaadhome-lit,: also, > - ■ - - '.'Vn tITfTOV.ST ONE KLOCK NORTH AND 4:57 ™ h.°f ci!t of Union PyWrpnt parlor and iSo room o “or ramo. w»h board, for two in each room, furnished nr unfurnished; bath, liotand cold water: good barn. Termatoasonable. ■ • - - ' * -—’ \ PATIROLIi-W.. TWO BROCKS FROM UNION 537 Park—Furnished or unfurnished rent, with or without board: house ha»-all modem improve ments, ■ ■ ' ' ' : WRVT ADAMS-Sr.-iNICBLY FURNISHED 682 andmSaniUhed rooms, with board; brick boose, nowiy painted **d oleimtned. Rafprencea. a'oa WEST MONBOK-BT—A - FURNISHED ODD front Alcorn room, with*U modem convenience. mii board. . . ■ ■ •- ; n 4 a WKST VAN BUREN-S1 SEOOWD FLOOR— -640 in prlrolo lomllr lor »3.M per •ireolc. s*e A Va N BCTHKN’-ST., OOR3.?ER WOOD —P£jKAS« 654 intern lid boird for EOntlomoo and wllo or two gentlemen. - - *-■ 1 - • - - - r»QQ WK;\T MONROB-ST.—I3OAKD. WITH DE faoO BiraUoumfurnisU&d back tparlor, with alcove and large oloioL 706 WEST 3IONBOE-ST.—B OOMS FURNISHE] or nafnmiahed,-with board. - . rrno AD AMI3-ST.—FURNISH ED ROOMS WITH 7 09 'board In.pmato family tot gentleman and wUo: modern boose. - mm-t n *MOKRO E-ST.—THREE OR FOUR 710 romn?on soitotorent with board; modem im provements. Itotoronces exchanged. O~AVESU‘ MONROB-ST.--TWO PLEASANT iXZ front rooms and dne single-room with board; modem Improi cmenU. ..Raforoncos cichannod. m ADA; US-ST.-GOOD MCE room a %'■ roagonablo price. Honaonew. Q 1 n FU LTO! V- ST .-TW O GENTS, .FIRST-CLASS, Oil wiU find foost of board; no other boarders; terms, sll. • " ' ' "• ' 000 MONROE-ST.—TWO UNFURNISRED FIIONT 000 wornirwttb boatd, for gentleman and wile or two tinrvM! onTffi<6PC9» do other boardere. x'krt wpo-n ma.DISON - ST> -SEVERAL. GEJTTIiE* 996 inwfdosiriju t to eecure good.board andlodging, caa bo ’accommodate d'by calling cany« boarder*. BetafencM • exctwigod* AddroaaL. -1, Trib ane office. ; ■ • • ■ fiRNT’r PM ATT a! ID wIFB CANHAVKA "LAROB A OTtVroom. Ja fine order. with excellent b^rd"°°;?fo7'™p™”ntc ! tro.idon Co . on Woohlng toast. Address C St. 1 ’ribune office. A LAD? LIVING* AILOXK DESUIES ONE OBTWO ~6ther ladies to sh* ro expenses.- Pleaso call at cot tage 293 South I»esDlaini »s-«t»»near Harnaoo. w'wtt pm «.M‘ « yrt 'Wfffit'Qß TWO GENTLEMEN* G o?Sk1o gooUenao, can obtain phasint.] ar«e front roon> and BO&d board in , modem -house, between Union and Jefferson Pbrlca; refa ronco* Blvea and required. Ad dressFTl* Tribune. «ittice» - . _ T ARGBFRONT-SUITD OF* ROOMS, UN FURMSH- Jj ed. except carpet*; law eutUble for two gontiaroea/. Addrea* Xijbune offaog., PAR UNION PARK —M'WO GENTLEMEN CAN ■find Pl™ 22 tolahe* room olth board In nlo. locality* Addresa H U.Tnbnna oflicn. Restaurant-47 -west! van buren.stv h. COMMONS, Proprietor* Meals at aU hoars, -5 cents. Commutation tickets, SO meals for $5. .Day board 34 per week, •: • _ rpilß MOST JiLEGA.VT. APARTMENTS ON. THE. i Won Side, fanuohed nowly, trJhHrjMlMi toljlo.l= private family. Befor«oo»reyuuea. Address B 22, Tnb one office. . -- ■ * - mWO LARGE FRONT: . BOOMS TO RENT. X with board, on Waahingtpft-st., eaatofPark, house haa every convcnTonce; family amaU; for permanent peo ple) only. Address L 65. Trlban3 office. Unfurnished front suite, and furnish. 'edrooros to rent, with board. Terms reasonable- Beferenoes, Address GW, Tribnne office. TtrASHINGTON-ST.. THREK BLOCKS WEST OF Union Park-Board for a gentleman to a private fami ly and no other boarders; location very desirable, tnint room, hotand-cold water and gaa. Fmw good. term* slo* a week. References required. Address A uno office. ITfiiIEEN-AV., EAST OF KOBKY-ST.-UNFDIt- W piVhoil room., .uitablo mu^ozaoatber boarders; Tory pleasant lection. Addrowc 63* iribaao office. • ’ South Side* ' in ELDRIDGR - COURT. LARGE. ELEGANT iU room on first floor, with board, a few day-board ers can bo accommodated. IT TWENTY-SECO.NDST.-TO; SENT- WITS ii bo.rd, aolendij rooms, fnmlshsd or untarnished, second ami third floor.;_all modem improremont.; loc. tion n oot be bottet* -|“^XWENTY-SECOND-ST.— NICELY-FURNISHED XO alcove room to rent, with board. . OH PECK-COURT—FURNISHED 'ROOMS TO tent, with board, aoitablo for gentleman and wifo or single gontlemon. Terms reasonable. < • - _ < 1 BAY-AV.-A suite of FRONT ROOMS. 4-L with board. Private family. Reasonable price. V“TeaST HARRISON-dT.—A SUITE OF ROOMS, 4>4; with board, fnrnlshod or unfurnished; also pleas ant room for two young moo. t Day-boarders wanted, A ~ PBCK-COURT. BETWEEN WABASH-AV. AND 4:0 State-st.—An alcove room, farnlsbod Of unpu nished ;also, other rooms nicelyfurmshod. ; trv TEIRTY-FUTH-ST. -TO RENT, WITH OU board, a suite of varyplMJaat rooms to a first class family; rooms famished or unfarnl JQed : mod em Improvements; location botwoon Falrviow Station 2nd Cottage Grove-av.; dmlng-room first floor. Also, ploasant family rooms to rent, without board, next door fi3). Day-board can bo had to tho abovo number- ■ . HA TWENTY-SECOND-ST.—A PLEASANT SOUT I front room, with board, suitable for two. nr* VAN BUREN-ST..NEAK STATE—BOARD FOR I o ladies or gentlemen; $4 to daperweek, withuseof piano. ~ • • * ~ -i OT AND 123 OALUMBT.AV.-DESIRABLB FDR JL nished or unfurnished rooms, with board. Refer ences required. ■ ' inn COTTAGE GRU VE-AV... NEAR TWENTY- I/O fifth-st.—To.runt— Rooms on first and second floors, fapttsbed or unfurnlshed/wlthboard. CALUMET-AV.—TO RENT, WITH BOARD, front alcove, second story roam, also third rtoar front etUto. suitable for two or fonr gentlemen. Reier-. encos repaired. 1 rrO STATB-ST.. OPPOSITE PALMER-HOUSE— I q Neirjy fnroiahsd rooms and first-class table. • • •i 0 4 AND 185 SOUTH STATE-ST.—FURNISHED rooms to rent, with board; single or ensnite. oT^TMICHIO AN-AV.-TWO SUITES OF ROOMS, with board. Convenient to business. Fine view of lake. ; •" ■ opc MICHIGAN-AV.—FRONT ROOM, SUITABLE /h& for family or three ceatlomen; also room* for gentlemen; term*reagoaablo to parraaaont partial. 6 Vf-l EAST MADISON-ST.-TWO LAisGB BOOMS ■I i. euitevblo for tvro goatlomea, with board. 07 Q MICHIGAN-AV.-BOOMS TO EENT WiTU £ l\j ■ board; all modem oonTonioncci; noose nae changed naoda. - hoc MIOHIQAN.AV.—PARTIES WISaLNQ NlCfr. /OO ly famished front roomi, with board, can bo ac commodated; roforancea required. i__ Oc7r"MIGttTGAIf.AV. - FURNISHED FRONT 351) room* aod ona gldgle room to rent with board. Ol 1 MICHIGAN-AV.. FRONTING PARK AND q I JL lake.—Niceljr furnished roomi to rent, with or without board; table board $4 per weelc.." o rr l STATIST.. UP-STAIRa-FRONT AND:BAOK 3 I X parlor to rent, unfttmiahed. for man and wife, with board, 640 por month. 000 MICEIGAN-AVv—BAOK PARLOR AND U*. 002 front and' Urff« back room*, with board. board AO' ATABASU-AV.-EORNISEED booms to rent, with board, • - ■ ■ , i e ‘rf MIOffIOAN-AV.-PLEASANT FURNISHED 4bO rooii. with board. Dajr boardon acoommo dated. • • • . «• ! : ' ■ ’ T n i. "wABASH.A.V. r- NICELY." FURNISHED 4:81* ilnglo and dojjblo rooms, with board;, day-board* ers taken. A n a "WABASH-AV.—FURNISHED : OH UNFUK -4:9 * niabod room* to rent with or.without board. AIL improvement*. TQQ WABASH-A.V.—LARGE FURNISHED BOOM 4ryy»altablß for two gentlemen: diy-boarders accom modeled; references oxcnengod; term* io*»- ■ ' - rl c .WABASH-AV.-ONE FRONT KOOM. WITH J_o bedroom off, and two rooms doilrabla for single gentlemen, with good board. COO' MIOmOAIf-AY.—FRONT ROOM. SECOND OZO jflir. breSTfiUtjmd? o’clock dinner, for two *en tiomea ;S4.7sporweelc» . •• - - KOo’wAß ASH-AV.-smMBHSISaW, clean and w»U-TantUatod rooms wnt.’rtto or wltbont board; In a newly-finished bouse with ,»1‘ ™ mDrovemeats; location convenient and- dealrablo. day joard'famished; first-class table; rofereucos given and required. (-CT MIOmQAN-AV.-BOAIip';WITH PKrVATK .001. .family; pleasant single and. doable rooms, rei- erences. cgfi MICHIQAN-AV—THREE .*IOISUr-J«Jft 000 Tuahed rooms, with board, on nHI and second floore. ... A lew day.boarders acoommodated. rnrr lUCHIGAN-AV.—A FURNISHED f : BOOM Off over back parlor, suitable for, two* parsons, f°f. rent, with board. , ‘ - r rTo WAS ASH'. AY.-FLEASANT BOOMS AND' OuUrikodclonied njonui to-toutr'/toelpifrrfa jWithj ox. nfc. pao l^ . p rv-l WAB ASTI AV:-ri>LT7Aa ATTT 1U KA la n r.u D v Xrrooiaa with board? day-boarder* can boACbonuao* dated^ frnn WABASH-AV.—A PLBASUJT FRONT BOOM oyy or suite, unfurnished, with board; can accommo date one or tm» with day-board. PAQ WABASH.AV--AN EASTERN LADY HAV DUO Ing rented 608 Wabash-ar. has nicely furnished room, with board, for gentleman and wife or single gen* tlemen. ' au7t MIcniGAN.AV.-A VERY PLEASANT. QOoT nicely-furnishedfrontalcovoroom, fortwogent* or goat and wife, with or withoot board, Q WABASH-AV—WITH BOARD. AN ELK- O g&n c. aecond-story front room, fornighecL nn« MICHIGAN-AV.—ELEGAJJT LARGE AL- DoU cove room, nafamiahod except carpet, with board; references. - £O7 WABASH-AV.-A SUITE Of TWU ua by I throe communicating room* on the fltataoor, with board. Reference reqairod. rrnX SOUTH STATIST.—HANDSOMELY I Ut) olsbod front rooms to let to lad/ gentleman in the cottage: board fqr lady only. rf A Q MICIIIGAN-AV.—A PLEASANT ROOM FOB. I trO ooe, with board, in prirato farotly. n'Eri MICHIGAN-AV.-PLIiASANT KOOJI3 If 4 «Ju iutta to root, with board. rrn WABASH-AV.—FRONT ROOMS, ES iDO or single,one double and tingle rooO»witai»o»ra. Koferencee exoqanged. n~ra MICHIGAN-AY.—TWO SUITSB OF FBONT iDO rooms; also pleasant rooms lor gentlemen, at moderate prices. References. rrnn WABJLSH AV.-ELEOASTROOMS, SISGLK 7yy or to suite tiurulshsd or unJurulshod, with good board. : BOARDING AMD LODOfflft. ■ QAJ WrUSFI-AV.-FOR BENT. mTHBOABD. ,oU4: two parlors: also Iront room and bod-room on second flopr r InmisEmd or untarnished,. terms reason ablo; references. . ICING. r?P7wlKAaa-.A.V..-PLEASA3I ROOMS. WITH lu i orwithootboard. B_. ,316 fron of l Uk?,To™| Jrilj farnluhod; • can accommodate • a tew mom Rontlamon boarders. , ,«■ - L ' • • r t MICIIIG AN*AV.—A FEW DAT BOARDERS 3 accommodated. . • •• ‘ n l)Q -WABASH-AV.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE y or twofyounff, gentlemen In a private family. None withoot good references need apply. n-rrr INDIAN A-AV., CORNER TWENTT-FIRST y /: / fl t —Snito room* parlor floor, rooms on second floor. furnlßhed, with board, cheap. > - 7vPT~WABASH.AVi-TO BENT—HANDSOME A'i I snites of rooms, with board. -I Cirt INDIANA-AV.-ONB FRONT ROOM WITH lUol closet, furnished or unfurnished, torent,witli board for man and wife or two gentlemen; modem im provements, piano, etc. ■' • .£? INDIAN A-AV.— PLEASANT FRONT 10. rooms, with board, ningla or en snito. iTtTqo WABASH-AV.-A FRONT ALCOVE, AISO LUuO a other rooms, to rent with excellent board, at reasonable prices. References. •j a I ff’ INDUNA-AV.-TO BENT, -ONE LARGE ■ i.Zrx.i front’alcpvo room with board, suitable for married couple or two gentlemen. •- • - A lady'resuming housekeeping COM- J\ fortablo and pleasant accommodations for a few first class people, in one of the moat select locations PQ.tha South Slue. Only those requiring such accommodations need respond. Address 1 16, Tribune ofbee. /Sornkr XANGLKY-AV. and .fobty-second \J St—A small private family bate a‘ pleasant, furnished front room to rent, with board; should prefer a gentleman ' and wl/e; terms reasonable. : TtREXEL BOULEVARD, SIXTH HOUSE SOUTH XJ of Fbrty-!irst-st-Becond story, front alcove room, with board; convenient to steam and street ears-t PRA.rarK-A.Y-, near thiktucth-st.-to two couples (men and thob wives or single gents); Twill rent with board two beautiful suites of rooms# furnished. In house with every' convenience for §ls a conple. Un questionable reforoncos required. Address H 87. Tribune office,j , • . •' ' - SOUTH SIDE-FUBNISHED BOOMS WITH BOARD lu private family; Irsolitea preferred;.terms mod* orate. Address I 8. Tribune office. SOUTH SIDE. NEAR TWEhFfH.ST.-A NICE front chamber, with board, for two gentlemen; terms reasonable. Address L 43. Tribuno office. North Sld»- IZX NORTH STATEST.—A FEW FIRST-CLASS JLO boarders. '' 1 on RUSHST.-TIUST-CLASS BOARD. .WITH O W nicely famished rgom for a gentleman and wlio in a strictly private family; bouao has all modern convon* iencee. , .«• . A O BDSH-5T.,.; NEAR INDIAN A.-DESIRABLB rooms in «tone*fronthonse. / ■ . ~ ... Cfi BUSH-SX.,. SECOND, DOUR Fitujl :LMJiA.SA 00 —Pleasant rooms, famished or.anfamlihea, ■ with or withoat bpard. Uoaae now with all liaprovomeuU. Will exchange references. ■ OH NORTH DEARBQRN-ST.-3 LARGE FRONT c/w rooms, fornialiod or nofaniished: also other rooms, famished, with choice bolrd, gas bath, hot and cold water; convenient to business; da? boarders accommo dated. .No moving. . r\p WALTON-PLACE-UANDSOME BOOMS; ALL (7U 'conveniences, and excellent board in private family. .. • ■ ■ , T (\r NORTH DRARBORN-ST t -^4. DESIRABLE XUU' suite of furnished rooms and room for two gents, with first-class board r homo and location good. . • - ■ -Trvrr NORTH . DEABBORN-fiT.—A VERY DB XU I sirable front room frith first-class table for two gentlemen. References repaired. 1 no NORTH DEAHBORN-ST:—NICK FRONT AND XUU backroom*, furnishedor unfurnished, aingle or en inita. with board; reforencea exchanged. in,| MICinOAN-ST.. NEAR CLARK-ST.—BOARD XOur ora can got neatly fnrnUhed rooms, good table, Satb. hotand cold, water. 85 to $7 per .week. . T/*'7 NORTH D H ARB ORN-ST.—PLEASANT XO I - front groove room, with board.' 0/4 0 INDIaNA-s't., NEAR DEARBORN-A VERY Zi'±V desirable saitootuaiiuidshetl frost rooms; also fuiyikhed rooms suitable for single gentlemen or gentle*. (icn oHtasio-st.-board. with .furnish- JjO D ed or unfurnished rooms, large or small rooms to sait;alsoiargealeovero{.q?, 1 OX'T INDIANA-ST. - ROOMS • AND BOARD; £Ol also large .south-front room; references ex changed. ‘ INDIaKa-ST,-TO rent with board, a furnished room; dqy-boardera accommodated O /irr ILUNOIS-ST.—A LARGE ALCOVE • ROOM ' tn rent, with board; also a room for 3 young In dies; good accommodations. -■ » - Ofl’ft ILLINOTS-ST,, CORNER HUSH —NICE, JjKju large front room,'.with closotrtablafirst-class- Terms moderate. References required. 0*77 INDIANA-ST., NEAR STATE—FURNISHED /i i i double and tingle south front rooms, with board. Also north room. . . . ; OvT/f BAST OHIOAGO-AV.-TO RENT, WITH Ot)*X or without board, two handsome rooms well for ulshod tofonr gentlemen; hot and cold water, bath, oto. Terms reasonable. ~ * ~ ' OfM ORCHARD-ST,. NEAR LINCOLN-ST.- OfjrJC Board for gentleman andwlfe-or two single gen tlemen to private family where there are no other boarders; all modern improvements.; ■ • ROOMS-TO RENT—WITH BOARD. IN OCTAGON marble house. North Side, east of Clark, single or on snite. H 77, Trigone office. Hotels. : Clarence housb-anew hotel, just com ploteil. sito&tod »t Np. 353 Statist,, botweon Tan Bnron and Harrison-sts. Thli hotiso Is fitted up with modern improvements, including bath-rooms forth* use of hoarders < . •. . • '• v ' f iOUOLAS HOUSE—NICK ROOMS FOR FAMI f jin*, Pdcos moderate to responsible parties. DUCHARMEHOUSE-TERMS, S 3 A iDAY-OOR. ner State and Kandolpb-sts., 70 and 73 Randolph- Good rooms and loard for from $6 to $9 per week; day board 85 per week. LA PIERRE HOUSE. CORNER TTALSTEG AND Washlnpton-sts.—First-class table and pleasant rooms, 85 to gSperweok; day.board, $1 per week.* THE GREAT EASTERN HOUSE, NO. 11l FRANK lin-et... between. .Madison and Washington—Large, and well fnraishod rooms with board, $5 to SS per week. Country* •A H EDUCATED LADY, WHO HAS PLEASANT 'A -■nbnrhan home,;, largo gr&unda, milk, and fiwita. wonld rocoivo two to hyo children to baarq and instruct. Parents could come alio. '• Mrs. BELL, Box 110, city." A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OEN emon can be accommodated with board in a private family at Oak'Park. Inquire of A. T. HEMING WAY. Rooms Si and 3d'Major Block. • nOUNTRY BOARDINQ—A GBNTLEMAJf'• AND wife or two gentlemen oan find board with pleasant fnrniibed rooms in a suburbia town at reasonable rates. Commutation fare 17 cent*; distance 14 miles, ior par ticular* anpiy at Room 17 Portland Block. "DOOMS WITH BOARD AT RIVERSIDE FOR J.t gentlemen and their wives at reasonable rates. Ad* dress Box S 8 Riverside, 111. ... ■ • TWO OR FOUR CHARMING ROOMS IN ONE OF oar Home Cottages; with board: gas. lake water, and hrst'Class table. Address LAKRSIDti HALL COM PANY, Evanston, 111. TWO GENTLEMEN AND WIVES CAN BE accommodated .with good'board and plewnav rooms at West Hinsdale, on terms. Address ELA, OUrecdonHills; 111. • , Msaoeilaneon&p onn WORTH SPCTEEKTtr-ST.. PHILADELPHIA, out/ -First-class board for Centennial visitor* or per manent boarders. : '' : 1 ’ • Board-in country, from june i, foe fam- Uy with three children. ' Private family, or where thare will be but few boarder*, preferred. Must- be high and dry ana within 000 hour’* nde ofeity. Address K 80, Tribune office.' BOARD-B Y A YOUNG MAN IN A PRIVATE FAM* Uy within half a mile of Court-Home aqaaro. A 63, Tribune office. • ' •' f ~ " t>oard-good table-board near likcoln J J PM-tf.; Addressol3,Tribonaoffice. • - • • • TDOiED-BYQE.STLBMAN.WIFB. ASU MOTHER, Xj ia a Drirato family; -would want *olta of • front rooms, including batb*room,iiot and cold water, 40.,0n second floor, btato locallon.doscrlption of room** .and term* per month, AddreisGflS. Tnbone office. BOARD-BYA GERTLKJJ4N AND WIFE IN_A nrivata family, 'dealrahla suite of front roomt on aeo ood floor. Give location end pace. Address K 61. Trib une office. ■ • • * _ • OaRO DAY-BOARD IN EXCHANGE ..FOB I first-class dentistry. K 83, Tribuno office. DOABD—FURNISHED BOOMS FOB GENTLhMAN X J and lady, with hoard for lady only 5 must keep no other boarders. Address Q 44, Tribane office. _ BOARD=A"aiNGLR , OENTXEiIAN food room with first-class board on Side, north of l£ldrid«e-court.. Address, with price, D 60, mbone office.", . . > ■ ■DOABD—ONE OB TWO NEATLY FURNISHED JJ qaiot rooms for two persons where there are no other boarders. Address, gtvimr location and price, M 96, Tribuneoffioo. • • - '* - • TJOARD—A SINGLE GENTLEMAN II board and room on West Side, oast of Aim-st. and north of Madison-st-, at very reasonable, Please "address, stating price. D 93, Tribgne office. ' t} i)AKl>-FOR GTEKE,WISE,. AND, GIRL;. SUITE • *.D,o£ roomsfanmir preferred •: Addren3tß3,'irtaag» :.asaig»aa&?iagsßa^gMsgsasE^- T) O T.-HOiLS JJS ASMALL SAM- Jj uyontho / We*tSi(lefor#entlem*a and wife; bUM tdnnau- Address D&s, »Tribanq office. - • Board-by gentleman, wife. and mother, ooe room alcove front and oao mailer back room, an* furnished. with board; house most be modern and we want first-class accommodations twilling U> pay fortho eSne. Address L 68. Tribone office. . •nOARD-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A B°farnished room, with breakfast and sapper; mast bo first-class; state terms. Address L 23. Tribune ottleo* —_ T)olrmlBy A LADY. ONE ORTWO*UHNBHED »» with board, In a family; nemo bat reined £p™S permnnent it term. .re .alt iblo. Addree. D Si. Tribune ettee. ;—_ tjoard-lv private FAMILY FOR OE.M LEM aN J3°lnd«tfo; furnished room* rcqnirml.«»mmd door front: term, not to exoeeds:o permontll. Addreis A la, Trlbane office. T>OAHD-A HOME IN A PRIVATE FAMILY NEAJt -rVrT*pn_AND TUBNISHED 1100 M (ALCOVE) pri«te famil/i ftortb Side preferred* AddreM £ & Tribana office. —oaed-north sidb-fob gentleman. Sue“id child: two rooms; mart bo on flirt onooond ilonr. AddreM O 57. Tribano office. Board— BY OENTtEMAN AND WIFE IN PRI- T -tn fatollr when there are no Otherboaniers. Two nt»amtrooms on aecond floor front; bath-room, etc., JtS “Ishborhood. North Side. In answerin* .tale price, K°ati°n, aid »hat familr oonaht.’ of.', and gin tafonn*- ioSTlodetail. Addren A O. Tribnoe office^ BOAKD-FOK. A BOY 9 TEARS OLD. WITH SOMB reiDßCUblo family that will taka to Interest in him tod talra to bo hW. Mo obiootion to tho country, 8 Hi, Tribune olhoo. BOARD WANTED. : i BOJ vBD.jWANT: ,T>OARjXi3 : ORS ECPJAtfD WIPR' fPri7fttacu«llypreA Jrrcd. Gita location and term*.. Ad droisDlJ, 'rrtpunf ■ office* ... BOARD --AND 1 lOOil FOB, TWO YOUNG MEN ina«|trbt Faratt »; west of 'Halstod-st.': permanent if" •suited;. piusesrat i terms and convcniOoces. Addrou for two day L 88, T fibaaa office. • ' Board with & tne autre op rooms in one of the best local ions on the West Side; every coa venieneo. Address M 54, ’l‘ribune office. B" OARD-FOR A YOUNG LADY IN A PRIVATE ifamily Wests* da Preferred. Addrou OS, Tribano office. . . . HORSES 'AKS CARRIAGES. A . A LOT OF SALK HOUSES AT 123 MICH. Aiv« i#aa-av. F> >ur pairs matched,—2 of,bays, ;1 of blacks, and a fine > dr of mares that are superior road, store; an-elegant -pt ay. for a lady to rids and drlTo; “another white one wll I make a splendid mate;.3 roadsters of great style and bos uty, and a lot of workers and boat, ness horses; 1 two-sot -ted phaeton with harness, and top 'and open bonciosj a lao a car-load U> arrire to-morrow. B. C.;A.N'THOXy * CO. A UOTION - TUI SSDATS, THURSDAYS, AND .A.. Saturday*—Hon -c*,. carriages, and harness a spe ciality, at, WESTON i CO.’S, Nos. 133 and 133 East Wash inetoniu Amnio tun s given to test'all nones sold under :a,warrantee. Stock i m band at nrlv&te sale. • PAHTIAL CATAi JOQVZ OF TUESDAY'S SALE. Beautiful bay mare 1 ‘year* old,-15J4 hand* high* sired 'by Al Hamlin Dole’s h one and dam by Kureka, Walter Sherman's mare. Thi 1 mare is very promising for. a. last trotter, is kind and get itlo in all harness, has so record better than 3 minntea, and sold without reserve. One hack (in good is.*darj. , , • Two-seat calash-top carriage (nearly n*w). Set double coach hat nets (bat littlonssd). . Black horse, 8 years < ild, Isi* hands high ;&■ fine, stylish looker: trotted at Dealer Park, private trial. and was sold fors2,oUo' in this city; is a horse of great en durance, and can be dt Iven by a lady. Threaten phaetons, iaiineordar.. . :..a , One rociaw'ay top, sod throe open side-bar boggles,* different styles. Bayburss, 8 years old, 15% bands, shed by Young Ool nrobus, that Enoch Snutib brought from Vermont to Mar engo, this State; dam *by Ethan Alien; has never trotted in » race, bat is very speedy, and muse bo sold. - Chestnut horse, 8 yea re old, 13 hands high; 00a trot In' 2:44; fine style, good size, and con trot & miles in 15 mis'. . utes naxf.Wednesday over Dexter Park track; will wager $250; pedigree not known. ... Oponapd top buggy. . j Basket phaeton, good as new. ■ . Flue saudlo pony,. 8 years old. sound, kind, and gentle for children to rida or drive.. . Three topandtwoopaaorbresa oc delivery , wagons In •good order, and a largo voroty of other vehicles, with 18 other horses, all of which a description will be given at ■ tfmn of Sole. Auction sale commencing at 10 o’clock. A WIDOW LADY WILL SELL THE ESTABLISH. r\. meat of her late husband, W. £L Mortmor. One span of bar horses, 6 years old. li}4 hands high, free from • spot or blemish, and just as good single as doable, -and fearless of locomotives, and they aro guaranteed, to trot in 2i£o, and aor responsible person-can taka them on three daya’ trial ; also, ono excellent. family or business brown mare; they are all throe warranted In every particular; also a phaeton'with polo and shafts, and an excellent 'side-bar top boggy, used bat-very lltrle, and a first-class 'milking cow, and one-set of donble; and sihgla harness • will bo sold together or aeparate at a bargain*. Apply on Monday at No. 19 Harmon-court, between Wabash andMicbigan-at--- . Avery stylish 6-yeak-old-bay- mare, sound and kind in all harness, a-good sound, livoly saddle oony, gantlcfor childron,prioe SSO ;lire top and open bnggioa. farm wagon, borsssandbarnevs. one-horse wagon and Harness, for £65. -Must bo sold by Monday noon. 213 Twonty-second-it. .. . A ‘FIRST-CLASS BUGGY POLE, ALSO SIDE-BAR r top boggy In good rnnnlng order, very cheep if cold -Monday. ~lfc Michlgan-av. ■ " • . Alight, stylish ooan :a tenbboeke. top buggy, cost s£29. and strong two-scatod demo :oratWacom very cheap, and open Concord boggy, for $35. Xl&9Madiaon-st. •• ; . A LARGE STOCK OP HARNESS OP EVERY description must be sold at MS Wabasb ar. J. A. ISLE. ...... ■ ■ o t. - A horse, wagon, and harness for bale cheap at 209 Lako-at, ■ ■ - -■ - A FIRST-CLASS LEATHER-TOP PHAETON FOR S6O; one side-spring, S2O; one two-seated bnggy, S3O. IcS West Waahiagton-at. . • , . ... A GOOD* STYLED TOP - BUGGY AND SINGLE harness for sale cheap at No. 650 South Canal-sL, Quincy Home. . A RIG OF , HORSE, EXPRESS-WAGON. - AND harness to sell low; no use (or same; at 704 Stato-st, foroituro store, . - , . . A. FIRST-CLASS LIGHT ROAD WAGON FOB , sale cheap. W. H. KANE. 121 Dearbom-st. AM MAKING A' SPECIALTY OP REPAIRING, painting,- and trimmiag buggies; will exchange work for 40 yards of good carpet. 196 East Washington at. .MILLAR.: . ALL- ATTEND "WISHING GOOD VALUE,' NOT fancy prices; usual Tuesday’s salo of horses, wagons, buggies. i'UBEY’S Horso Market,. Twellth-at., .near Halsted. ' ' A TNOS, 10 AND 13 EAST WASHINGTON-ST,, A stock of carriages and baggies, now and second hand, accost. H. B, HILL, A GOOD FANCY PLATFORM SPRING WAGON, suitable for cigars, candles, and notions, for sale cheap. Xu noire at 271 East Madi*on.»L '" . Auction sales oir hoboes, buggies,!oar riages,' harness, Ac., Mondays, Wednesdays, and 'Fridays, commencing at 10 a. m., at WREN A CO.’S, 193 and 191 Washington-st, * •' ■ Elegant clarence for sale at less th an half cost, made to order by'one of the beat manufac turers In NewYorfc City, upholstered with satin, French plate glass front, nearly new. Apply to H. TAMLYN, $ Lako-at. . ■ ... - • ’ . ■ «•.*-« For sale-at bottom priceb-^oneskoond ■band extension-top carriage, cost $&p(l as good as naw, will sell for $450:-four naw and four second-hand slide-seats; ton phaetons, new- and second-hand; & top baggies, new and sesonG-uand; tan aide-bars, with or witnoultdM*' f»o ae&md-hand rockawaya,. as .good as cow; two California' wagons; two talkie*,'.onomade by Vandnsen 4 Vandnscnberg, New York; top grocery wag ons^*express wagons.- farm wagons,* harness,, baggy harness, farm harness, bus harness, new and sec ond-hand. Ten horses for sale,* cue woex’s-trialgiveo. Money advanced on horses. baggios,and harness. .Hones, bqrgtos, grocery wagons,. exprou wagons, harness to lot by tho day or week. Will sell on monthly payments. Don’t foil to come and see mo before you bay. IL O. WALK.KK, 257 Stato-st. . - - • •*“ IpOR SALE-ONE EXPRESS RIG FOR ssi "XT 714 1 ; lArrabeo-st; Call to-day and Monday. Moat be aold« * •••'-• Fob sale-a gray mare e tears old. a ■ good roadster and Vjiiab. Inquire of CHAPIN A GORE, <3 and 75 Monroe-st. . ■ . . FOR SAIE-CHKAP-ONK 5-GLASS LANDAU. 1 clarence, and one landau:- also aonjo coach and ;sin sle harnesses, all In iirat-clasa order. Call at tii-Maduoa ■t.» from 10 to 13.'-GODWIN. - • * * IjiOß SALE—A FINE POLE TEAM, GOOD STYLE. i» at Leroy Paine’s Stable, Miohigan*av.',>worthsl«&U).. all SLOW; must ba sold by Monday evening. S. S. BLITZ, Mattesoa House. .... • For sale—an a i mobocco-leathbr top boggy, made to order by Hall A Bartlett, Rockford. 111., Idas paiqted and put in first-class- order. Gall and' see it at tne Great Central Hotel. Warket-st., between Madison and Washington. J. J. SULLIVAN. V? OB S ALB-ONE SOUND, 7 TEAR OLD.,DAPPLED 1? gray carriage horse, IW* bands high, .weight 1.070, trots in about 4 mtffiutea; price SISQ; she Is very stylish, and warranted all ilaht. Cal) an or addresa FEED M. WOODS, Downer’s Grove. Hi. . . . . OR SALE-A GOOD SECOND-HAND EXPRESS wagon aqd - harness. Inquire at M 8 west Con* greswt. . . ■ Fob. sale-mo. 9 xandauley for one or two horses, used but little. Address C 5, Tribune office. . . ORUaLB-A MOR RIG; COMPLETE; MARE IS ttjbih and a splendid lady’s horse; phaeton is a eoj eredono and nearlr new; will sell cheap. Address Q 90, Tribune office.. ■ FOITsALE-NO. 1 OUTFIT: SOUND, STYLISH horse: top baggy and harness, good as new; most seD., B. CoWILKINa; Boom 14,145XaSalle»st» . in OR SALE—A MOB RIDING PONY; WARRANT. XV ed gentle aad in sound condition: will aeUcbeap. Inquire at 138 North iUy-jt,, or at coal offico 329 West . Inoiana-at. i • l . . - - Fobs alb-10 good work horses from the country, 11 to 12 owt.; 4 splendid boggy horses, 1 boa family horsa: also 8 splendid hack or express, horses, and 1 ftoeaaddle pony, 1 black horse; 16 handy high, 6 years old: he Is ono of the finest carriage horses in toe city-; 199 Heory-st., near Loomis, 3 blocks west of Blue island s?. THQS. Q’HERN. f ‘ For saue—cheap—tjavjnq ..arranged to bo w away for th© summer, will sell my family horse, harness, nhaeton, and light sldo-spring (Cma 4Teo broko) aelitery wagon, all lirst*claas;-horse nne driver Sqd%*ibr.Udr.- OLAEK BROTHERS, 66 East Wash 'jngtoa-at. L "■■■• •- - - • T7IOR BALE-VERY FINE KENTUCKY-HOBSK. ■ £*. fall pedigree, stylish, last, and ■kind. BRAINERD, 65 Ashland Block. ■, : •; . T - CTOR SALE—A NEW OPEN BUGGY.. I?* for a second-hand top buggy; abo a sldersprlng boggy' foe’ a democrat wagon.- WILSON »• 1549* South Btaie«su . tpou gALE-ONE PAIR IRON-ORA Y ' HORSES J? for draught oc carriage; ona pair bay** good omen; one pair sorrels; one heavy draught homo: Uirea hones, gooddrlrers, donbls or single, or for saddle: narneases; will be sold chcsp. Inquire at U 6 South Water-st. -• : • IOR SALE-HORSE. CARRIAGE, AMD HARIiI at barn in roar of 801 West Adams-st. T7IOII SALE—OH EXCHANGE TOR TOP-BOGGY- X road-horse; can trot leas than 3 minutes. 193 West llonroe-st. . ; ■ ■■ • • ■•- : _ _ For sale-family road mare, is hands high, weighs 1,080 IDs: can trot less than A mlantes; sonndT Also, hnt-claa* Stiver rojvd-wagoa, e deboard. J. LOOMIS, acdopotcorner Halatod and carroß-sta. • ™r~SALE-A GOOD SKCpND-JBA-’fD„ XOP-, ejp j bradf;«smXMrOißttlKt.'TsPr-S-— — r... ‘i7io»-SALE«A.TAS^mTrnOT«®»Ej^» i^W T7IO AKPiWS tfc.s b3S]S§) ci;j. CAM -iandijer MoilAXatlTSSollo-*lvWß»t oem-Poilpit. I. -■»■•■- - --T-i-g.- ~-.i tlv:: —ORSALE-HANDSOME LADY 3 HORSE, 6 YEARS old; Lexington; sound; accustomed to being rode and drove by aTady. Also one gentleman’s road horse, 5 years old. sired by thoroughbred Creighton; shows good aoued: together make a very handsome team: owner leav ing city and will sell %t a bargain. Address B 38, Trib une office. ~ • ‘ ' _■ For sale-cheap-twenty good work horses weighing from I*ooo to 1,300 each. Also, two lumber-wagons and harness, and one (arm wagon and harness; obliged to be sold by Monday night. Apply at 663 Blue Xalaad-ar.- ■ : . • ' FOR SALR-OHBAPr-TROTTINQ HORSE AND line top boggy. Inquire at OoUtoam cigar store, 17 CUrk-at. ... , . - . Ip OR SALE-GENTLEMEN, I WILL SELLSQUARE * top buggy, end spring, osoda months cost $350; will takegaS. Inquire at Iwaaty-second-st, ** For salb-or exchange for horses- new top baggies; ** prices .below competi tion. 11 Call to-day, Monday, and Tuesday at* SO west Madiaon-st. • . ' tpOR SALE-ONE SECOND-HAND AND TWO HEW I? top buggies,' one heavy coal wagon, one single spnng wagon ;witnnameas. Apply at 68 South Oliatoa-st. Forsale-s-s bated light pabk phaeton carriage, wither without harness, cheap. Inquire at 76* Wabaaq-a?. . ■ , • 1 K)R SALE-OR TRADE—A! STYLISH BUGGY mare,* 8 yean old, for a heavy draft hone. Warrant true la aU particular*. - Apply 318 West i T?OR SALE—CHEAP—AT ONCE-1 SPAN BLACK r mares. 6 yean old. sound, kind, and gentle, good to work doable or single. Just in from the country, will trot in about 3 minutes ;alao Jobs work hones. Apply at 833 North Carpenter*;. ’SB., . ; BOSSES AND CARRIAGE WOIt SALK—FOB X* slco ou?. worth SUUimtutbe toldsam luvißir city. CallacStSOtfush-AT. •• FOB SALB-3 HEAVY WORK-HORSES AND 4 middle sized hones; cbuufcj bmicpiad sood travelers; tit for grocery or batcher wagons; also enj nice baggy msre»,ppßgy. aad-haraeu; ♦matt' bo .sold: as yduz'owo-' prices forcaah.at34d Blue lsland*sT. * Call to-day or*to-' morrow. . T7OR SALB~DON»T-POI*GBT-TO CALI.'AT TAT. T LOR*UEATU’3 stable, corner of Thirteenths*, ana \\aba»b-*v., sodlook se-abtrat-Sfrof as good pain pole toms, coape roadster*, business horses, la fact, all Kipds.toexeeptalow, ansoosd grade. of horses: willx©- ce»r« » fresh lot about the middle of tms week. Call sod look at our prices; shall be la keeping with the times* Oar stock precisely as teocesenf * - - p° JR SALE-A. PAIR OP HANDSOME BLACK coach horse*, 6 and 7-fean-oldrlcted and gentle; most pe sold, as the owner has do farther aiefortnenu Para bargain address Boom 26 Skinner goose, . r -, For sale—the thoroughbred imported ArabiuntmllMn “Coloil-Tiitir”; can bo MOO «t tna SSre I ™.? 0 # Y f r 'sj S * la SUBS. AiiresT&ho t RIbONL Transit Homo. For sale—a family turnout, complete, consisting olaoonDe.rockaway,.iagood order, strong young horse, sound ana kind, and harness ■ will sell the whole complete, oc any part. Can be seen. at. 5*3 Snails Paxk-av. ;r v. ; i • .7 For sale—one dark bay hoese,-.3xkars old, weight.l.loo, enitabls fer bnioty-er delivery wagon, for sale cheap. Apply in the roar of 3£i West Adsms-st. - - For sale—o.vk ijihv.ywokk team op bones, wagon, and bn-ness; cheap forcavu. call at 324 Mllwaukee-av. for 6 day*. -r- IjtOß SALE-CHEAP-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP 1 open and top. buggies, carriages, and wagons, and harness new and second-hand, at JAS. BRENNAN’S. JlS.andill Weat Twelfth-sU . . , •; «• T?OR SALE-SEVERAL NEW AND SECOND-HAND I? bugles and phaetons at GROSSMAN A CO.’S, 418 and4laWestßandolph-st. ■: o- - --i : - FOR SALE—CHEAP—ONE SECOND-HAND OLAB* enco, little used, nearly as good as new, also a landau, at4X6 West-Randolph-st. - •» - FOR SALE—I-GOOD ROAD BOBSRS. ONE TBAM .of draft horses, one team of pacers, and one saddle pony. J. S. OUOpRR,'2, 4, 6. and 8 Monroe-st. FOR SALE-OR 'EXCHANGE—THOROUGHBRED : horse, very stylish In the saddle and good driver..’ Ad dress E 3*, Tribono office. ~ . .. . .■ FOR SALE-STYLISH 2.40 HORSE, TWO NEW ' buggies and harness, cheap for cash. Apply at Sid South Clark-st.. • ,- ; ; FOR BALE—A NICE FAMILY MARE; CAN.TROT smile insidoof three minutes: a lady can drive her single.or double. Intjulroof UUCK BOURKE,#! Was* Madison-st. , WESTON A CO. I. SALE-1 LANDAU, I CLARENCE, S TOP toggles, and an express wagon, all second-hand, at eatMadisaa-»u , . - -- ■> , r For be 400 We For sale-at .very low prices,first. ■ rate horses,* have been worked to oyster wagons, good single and double, and 2-strong .mare* a.liltlo iootrsoni, suitable for farmer; also a beautiful looking gentleman’s .roadster or family maro and phaeton: they nave-to be disposed of as business is over for the season. Call at 371 West Fifteenth-s:., one block east of Bine Island-ay.; tacn Blue island-av. con to Fiitoenth-at, Callto-dar or to-morrow. FOR SALE—a good business horse and - open buggy and harness; will sell separata if de sired. 250 Elaxie-st., Wright’s stable.. f . ~-, n SALE-TOP PHAETON AND HARNESS cheap for cash.* Inquire at 197 State-sE • - FOR BALE-SPLENDID CARRIAGE HORSE. HAR ness, andexcansioa top carnage; good as new.'. Will sell together or separate. Address G 99. Tribnne office. SALE-CHEAP-riQRSE. HARNESS, AND : express wagon. ■ Inquire at 19 Granger-st. ' * • - For salb-at 479 -loomis-st., s corner ;of Hastings two grocery wagons, one with cover; also, one top baggy and harness, will be sold cheap. * QOBBALE-AFINB young mare, sound and Jj perfectly gentle for lady's driving: mho phaeton ,nm one season. Inquire, early Monday morning, at 408 West Jackson-s A.. ■ - ' • • ' •• - •- '• -• FOB i SALE-LIVERY AND BOARDING AND tale cheap. 847 West Lake-st. . , .... . For sale-t Must be sold Monday- a&,-,own er'is going to the country—at 43 Harmou-conrt. 13 true teracoable homos, lo to IS cwt. at prices from ,$65 to 8100; reasonable trial given of each hone before a dollar. Those hones can be bengnt from the ' owner very cheap. - • .■ .... FJR sale-one of the finest pulling teams in the City, ono fine driving hone, two heavy boraos. .847 Wost Lake-sc. -i For sale-nice ladies* phaeton horse. AddressF26, Tribuneoffice. .. . : . • TPOR SALEHS**SIDE-BAR AND 3 END-SPRING 1? second-hand top-buggies: and some* fine driving horses, at Grand Central stables, 87 and 39 Fourtc«ot4- at. -H. EDGEKTON.' ‘.. • . *. . For sale-cheap-osb pairttokk horses, i and. wagon,-one .heavy drafts borsm-ooe two-horso cogl-boz wagon, and two coal carta- 177 East Madison-it., Room 9. BOttSE WANTED TO HIRE FOR ONE OR TWO months (or light delivery, may boy If good, bargain. Apply at 228 West Kandolph-st. ' . T 'WANT 'A NICE TOP PHAETON ; ALSO A LIGHT. X long-geared democrat wagon twill pay cash'aadaflne stem-winding gold watch. Address 0 Tribune ymoa- Lett at my barn,. April a. by a. parti that had a runaway, ono otton one-scat California bog gy. - XTOTIOE JO CARRIAGE OWNEBS.' OTE-ARE XV now prepared to do repairing on baggie*, carriages, e o.»aCcedaeed.vatss; baggies painted lor sta andup wards; satisfaction guarantied. 21S Wabaah-av». '. - \TBW HOKSK MARKBT-JOOHEM’S .hli IN stable, 65 Nortb-av., sells every Monday andjThnrv day; ample accommodation; cash meats . • - -VIEW PURNTTOKE tor horse, buggy, and X\ harness or-donble harness. Address or call at 67 Union Park-place, any day, . i - ■ - Anb FIRSP-CLASS NSW DELIVERY WAGON \_/ and one second-hand half spring wagon, all cheat* for cash. 73 Jackson-it., near State. > ■ ■ raws Hfrer-str ■■■ --_ S' TYLISH • LIGHT DELIVERY AND BUSHiESS wagons, all-seasoned stock: supply on band, Ui tako plastering. -MA)tTIX.'S Carriage tihop. fl WiUnC Thk best BLUK-GRASS PASTURAGE IN COOK County, can be had at Atwood Place Farm. near River side: plenty of shade sod constant running water. AC drcsa CORNELIUS SULLIVAN, Riverside. 111. Try ANT E D SMALL PONT AND - BASKET .VV phaeton, together .or singly; must be a bargain. Address I 91,-Tribune office. • '■ *’ WANTED—HORSE ' AND HARNESS ,EN EX VV : change forwas fitting. Address or apply B. *«, COTTER.*IS or 634 Cottage Grove-ar. .. - • WANTED— A LARGE HORSE,- SOUND • AND stylish, lor saddle and harness.- • Address K. 7fi Trlb* nne office. YXTAN TED—TO BUY—A HORSE CHEAP FOB Vt -iwravTieh-JW BUY—Ai ONE-HORSE . TRUCI W Inquire atTB and SO State-st. . . WANTED— SOMB GOOD, SECOND-HAND TOP; bnsgio. Aoply .t North AMihinil-.T. trwUj and nntD 8 o’clock a. m. Monday. WANTED-^ EOOND-HAND CLOSE CARBIAOH of good make. - Address by letter toJ.-G. t>HKR* MAN, 78 Clark-sL, naming kind, price, and condition.. ANTED-A GOOD DELIVERY WAGON.'WIfn: patent wheels and top (must be a decided bargain} for cash* Apply at 633 Mil waokes'aT. nr ANTED-A SECOND-HAND MODERN IMPROY*, VV ed hearse la good’ repair. Apply .or address 234 Sooth Morgan-st. " ' ~ *' TIT ANTED—HEAVY COVERED GROCERY WAO VV -on not run more than vi*months;must "bo chea; for . Apply to F. WORKMAN, m .West latMh TTf ANTED—HORSE OR MARK NOT OVER* f V V year* old that can pull a road wagonj In .3:60 .or. bet ter; also ono that can pace,in 2:40 to wagon. t for whiga ca.iL will be p&id if pricer satisfactory. Address LB, earwol Carrier 6, Station A, Chicago. ■ * ■ J ■ TV/" AN TED—A SECOND-HAND PHABTON.; VV or top, cheap for cash: give full description and prioc.. Address 11 C M, Tribune offioe. , t >• t . ti - Y\f ANTED—HOUSE, HARNESS. \V , phaeton.: most be cheap tor ’JfSf.i” dvsrrway, tailablo for Udy to drive. JiUilbEY BitpS. 4 C0., -td LaS*Ua-st. \T7ANTEI*-A SOTJSD. 'RELIAPLE HORaR UN* VY Jder 7 year*, 1 weight from SCO to 1.000 Ptmnds. wflJ pay 475 csth if soluble ; sute where can be m«b, or ciU on HOBCii X CO, floriiU, RU IndUoaun ■ ••/ XXT ANTEDr-THB USE OF A, HOESR TOB.Hg W keening, for a time agreeable to owner; BAK TTT ANTED—GOOD BUSINESS HORSE VY '-changefor any kind of carriage work. 203 .wait Lake-et, .-.- 1 ;_n’ WANTBD--GOODI)BrVINOHORS»ANI>BUGOY \Y or either la exchange for gold watch * the ftnproTtwntM-.^ddTeasDfflyTribuaaotfloe.. ’l "6' HORSES OF ALL GRADES FOR SALE CHEAP* Xo St 525 Victors-*?., near Hanana court. A. 1L SANBORN; Agent. ’ ' . CT\ tA WILL BUY A 6-YEAR OLD HAMBLE -2)XOU tertian horse, sound, kind; and afraid-of noth* log; safe fur * lady to drive; good stepper: also open iusar. CoanATonbtoekeio*ket«eodorder# SS: loose •aro bargains, H. W. iTICH, A Tlwnipsoa* Ele vator. ' *" _L— A T CHAPDTS ORIGINAL OLD BOOKSTORE, fL -A; Madiaon-et., opposite Tribune building, Picturesque America, % 'morocco. 3 rob u new. flcratlord^,.^ imsg&s&s&sste. ■l3 Catnollo Bible (or fA Bagster Bible. 00*^838,.t0-, Slfl/Tibemlprlcea paid «w - paper, '4oc; 150 onvek7pe*.3sc; JgJ? . *2,60 per ream: elexant box itxtloneiT ■* low prise*. GILBERT, B 9 Weraiogtoa-et. , —ASH PAID FOR LAW. MEDICAL, AND PRl vatA libraries magazines, music. CHAPiyS Paginal Old Bookstore, opp. xribone office^ TTOHSA.I.E-I bakob "stock of BOOKS, S4i- Jj.bliandtat.rMUn*: bustaeM liberal discount far caaa. -Addren gfl3. Tnbans office- TUST RECEIVED, A LARGE PfVOIOBOgBAM .1 --d e le«aatly*boaDdbook* lor «al« at low prico*. so S!mta CIirSSS CHAPINS Cheap Book Store. _ _ ■frrANTED—A SET (AS FAB AS ISSUED) OF AF YY pletoa’e New Cyclopedia. Cite style of blading and price- Address Y 33. Tribune office. . ITTANTED-PETZER’S AND DOPSON’S maps. \Y _piease write oonddentially, price, and If bonao. G 86. Tribune office. ■ . ' Wnniv VOLDMES OLD AND SEW EOOKS .UUW Force, of Nunn, S 3; Carna’i Soeoch... Mjujo.l (new), *«-. W.Totljr roU, SU: bh.kjpeoro cbe.atl/alcopy. V?IT KtSS paid for libraries and small lota of book*. MILLER a Cheao Bookstore, 103 Madlson-st. j A LADY WISHES TO .EXCHANGE ENGLISH OR French lessons fora home in a family of good posi tion. Rofereflce« exchanged. P <3. Tnbnne office. T) EMONED-THE WEST SIDE KINDERGARTEN it and school, of 61 and 53 South Sholdoo-ek. b»e re moved to No. 16 Bishop court, one block west, »t* l>‘rteg ■ossioas will be renewed to*morrow, Mag 8> &• A Principal. 11 :s. ' • BOOKS. EDUCATIONAL.

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