Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 17, 1876, Page 8

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 17, 1876 Page 8
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8 THE CITY. genebax news. rhe temperature yceterday, ae obeerred by Man aenee, optician. 88 Madleon street (Tiudcnb Building), was at 8 CO degrees? 10 a. m., 77;13tn.« 82; 3p. m., 80; Bp. m.,81. Barom eter Ba. m., 28.07? 8 p. m., 20. A little boy named Eddie Meyers, residing with ble parent! at the comer of Chnrch place and the railroad-track, was rnn over yceterday morning by a freight cat on the Chicago & Alton Bond at the Locke street crowing, and had hie left foot aererely crushed. Amputation will be necessary. An old gentleman 00 years of age named Samuel Went, residing «t No. 1030 Michigan «TSni.e, fell suddenly dead jcslsrdsy morning while >■»■<>{■» tbs eosf-omts st lbs corner of Ocnye slreot sod Archer avsnne. He had been affilclcd for years with heart disease, and thle le the probable cause of hie sadden decease. DsnneltWolf. SO js.irsot sen, end resMlnjAt the turner ot Atm snil CRrrn.l »«•™ n orcr yeitsnlsT noon by s freight train on the Sill wankee A 8U Panl Railroad at the California avenue crossing, and had both lege severed at the kneei. He wae removed to tils home and attend ed by Dr. Taggart, who say* he cannot survive. Between the hours of Oa. m. and noon yester day, Henry Like, an old wan some 72 years of ftße ' committed suicide by hanging Inahamlnthercar ofbleeon-ln-law’s home, No. 70S Fulton street, llehad been drinking very heavily for several weeks past, and It Is supposed that be commuted the rash deed In one of these drunken insane llta. A correspondent writes to streunously object to a crowd of young men, whom he describes as gam blers andloafers, of whom he complains that they habitually loaf In front of Andrew Scott’s gambling bouse for colored men, on South Clark street near Harrison, and that, while so loafing, they annoy ladles by ogling them, blowing tobacco smoko Into their faces, ana making derogatory remarks about them as they pass,—alt of which actions annoy decent and respectable ciUectis, and tend to cast disrepute on the locality and business bouses. MONTANUB. Bishop McLaren lectured to a small anrtlcnec at Farwell Hall last night upon the Ufa and heresies ofMonlanus. . . . . . He rcvlevcd the career of tho Montanlsts, who considered themselves a spiritual aristocracy, and E retended to an exclnslvo spirituality that soon rooght about a separation in the Chnrch. Tho genius of Montanlsm was self-willed and fanatic, and soon arrayed Itself against the Chnrch. Mon tanns raised bis voice against the organic law of the Church, and scattered It to tho winds, pre ferring the oracles that came through the organ of his own emotions to the prophecies of the estab lished Church, and sabetftnted for the Trinity tho blasphemy, "In the name of tho Father, Son, and —Montanas.** Ho set up the Church of the Spirit against the Spirit of the Church. Thelawofaelf-dcfense required tho Chnrch to relievo Itself of Montanas, and ho wan excom municated. He had originated the quarrel, and had heed the author of the division in the Church, and the Chnrch turned on him. Then came the laxity and carnality that necessarily follow a reac tion. Then came a separation In the Montamst Church. One split arose from the use of cheese in the Sacrament, and another for the reason that a part of the worship woe the placing of the finger by the side of the noec. But, notwithstanding these troubles, the sect existed for 400 years, when It passed away, but did not die. The Bishop closed with an eloquent enumeration rf evils that have sprung from Montanlsm, and was near lily applauded. _ •MAKION H. BOVEB. TUB EXPLOITS OF A rniLIHTHKOPIST. Almost every one ha* hcsni of Marlon U. Bovce, the self-constituted philanthropist and humani tarian, who ha* for -year* stamped the country against all anch inhaman deeds as capital punish ment. But not every ono Has beard how Morion 11. Bovee accumulates wealth. Perhaps Chicago can stand a little light upon the subject. At any rate certain citizens within its odorous precincts believe they can, and this is the way they say they will dolt. They nsusally obey the Scriptural injunction that “vengeance fa Mine," but if ever Bovce returns to this town, they will surely forget themselves and have him in spected and suitably punished. Some six months ago a one-armed letter-carrier named Peter Uahcl, who had delivered mall with the utmost punctuality for nearly a decade In the district Immediately east of Union Park. was arrested for robbing the malls. Ills trial followed, and after an oble defense by Florence McCarthy ho was only sentenced to the County Jail for six months, three months of which ho has now served. Pend ing his trial Marvin Bovce's brother, thekeeperof the bar under the Bishop Court Hotel, went on Mabel's bond, end In this way Marvin became ac- Jtislnted with him, and had his sympathies aroused or the poor unfortunate. Ho volunteered to exer cise his Influence with the President for a pardon, prdvlding Ilabel’s friends would pay his expenses. Saloon-keeper Boveo headed such a sub scription with & $lO note; Dr. A. C. 8011, keeper of a/* drug-store at the eofner of Madison and Sheldon streets, followed with a sjmilat amount, and Albert Willey, Aid. A. G, Throop. Judge mlo, and a number of others contributed $5 each, Many of these wer* induced to contribute upon the fatso representations rondo by Bovce, to the effect that Hanoi bad been sent to the Penitentiary for three years. Bovce wound up his list with Mr. B. M. Wilcox, a lumber roer. chant residing at No. 440 Washington street. Sir. Wilcox refused to give at first, but on second con sideration consented to give a ticket to Washing ton, if Bovce would give him $lO to boot. The latter consented, and gave a check upon a One horse bonk, with the understanding that Wilcox was not to present it for several days. Bovce then skipped, and upon reaching New York sent a note couched in rather rough language for a debtor, asking Mr. Wilcox to keep that check as a part of bis assets, leaving It to bo Inferred that It would be a very good thing to band down as an heir-loom. He never had a cent in the hank, and probably never hoped to. How much Bores netted in this transaction is not accurately known, but It certain ly bought him a now suit of clothes which bo need ed badly the last time be was here. This philan thropist ia now in Connecticut teaching the people how to cheat the hangman out of his business. OXjD PEOPIjE’S home. THIRD ANNUAL MBBTINO. The third annual mooting of tbe Board of Mana gers of tbe Old People’s Home was held at that in stitution, comer of Indiana avenue aud Thirty ninth streets, yesterday afternoon. The Homo Is one of the most valuable public In stitutions lo the Western country, and Is sustained by tbe Joint efforts of the friends of tbe Inmates andTrusteesand Managers. Tbe present floe brick building is a model of neatness ihd order, and la beautifully and healthfully situated. It waa con etmeted by tbo Relief and Aid Society In March, 1874, and was opened Not. 25 of tbo same year, with nineteen Inmates. Mrs. Morton, Secretary, read tbo third annual teportof the Board. At the beginning of tbo year there were fifty-two Inmates In the Home, and since that time nine have been admitted. Two, Mrs. Hodgson and bliss McChesncy, have died. . Ono of tbe managers. Hr*. J. J. Borland, has died since tbe last annual meeting. At the last regular meeting a vote of thanks was returned to Mrs. TutbillKlng, who sot apart, Nov. 6, 1876, a permanent fund of 54,000, the Interest of which alone should bo used for ten years, pay able semi-annually, at 8 per ceut after May u, 1870. The thanks of the managers were returned to th« Rev. Messrs. Ryder, Cheney, Tiffany, Collyor, llerford, Sunderland, Mitchell, and Van Dorcn, Mr. Morton and the students of the Chicago Uni versity, and other Christian gentlemen, for their Interest in the spiritual welfare of the inmatea, both on the Sabbath and at the weekly prayer meeting*. Acknowledgment of the gratuitous medical ser vices of Dr. P. A. Emmons was rendered iu the r *Klas Isabella Harvey still continues to act faith fully as Matrou. FIH.KCBS. Tbe Solicitor's (Mrs. h. P. Parkes’) report show ed that $3,723 la cash had been collected, and SB7O la merchandise. At tht beginning of the rear there was o cash balance In the treasury of 51.H00.73; In tho hands of the Supply Committee, $182.03; received dur ing the year, 87,370.41; making a total amount of $0,418.77. The expense* were $8,403.73, leaving a balance of $1,011.02. The report Included a long list of cash donations. .The Board sdopud the report wlthoutdlecusslon. Airs. U. W. Raymond slated, for Information, that the average cost of maintaining each Inmate woa $l5O per year, and the total running expenses last year $10,222. * * The Director! of the Relief and Aid Society, hav ing vent an order lo prepare a room for an old lady without making application In accordance with the rules of the Board of Managers, the Chairman of the Admission Committee was instructed to Inform them that it waa the sentiment of the Managers that the Relief Society Directors should live up to the rules. That action was rescinded, and a Com mittee, consisting of Mesdamea Gibbs, Raymond. Morton, Brown, and Tiffany, appointed lo consult with the Relief and Aid Society on the admission of applicants from that sonrou. orriOßua The following Is a list of tbe Board of Managers, as elected fur this year: Mesdames 8. T. Atwater, 14. B. Brown, A. E. Bishop, K. J. Colby, D. A. Jones, IL 11. Bingham, Joslah Stiles, J. il. Swan, G. C. Morton. 0. 11. Tiffany, B. It Ball, 11. M. Rockwell, j. T. Temple. A. T. Uall, U. W. Ray mond, A. Gibbs, Marshall Field, William Chis holm, Henry Uoyt, IL W. Fuller, O. C. Peck, B. p. Moulton, William Cooper. 11. 11. Taylor. Tbe officer! of the Board for the ensuing year an: President, Ure. A, Gibbet Vice-President, Mrs. O. 11. Tiffany; Treasurer, Mrs. D. A. Jones; Secretary, Mrs. J. 11. Swan; Assistant Secretary, Mrs. IL IL Bingham. Tbe Trnateeeror 1876 are A. B. Bishop, B. W. Raymond, N. & Bouton; forlK77: W. 11, Ryder, 11. IL Taylor. J. L. James. The President of the * Trustees uJ- L. James; Vice-President, p. A. Jones; Secretary, N. B. Bouton; Treasurer, B.W. Raymond. The meeting then adjourned. BOARD OP HEALTH. lIOTBB ACJUOWLIDOID. The Board of Uealth held Ha regular meeting yesterday afternooaa at the Board rooms, all (he members present, Hr. McYUkar In the choir. rlrenv r l,Uw of »*Tor Hoyns wss ukim np Of Mr Oolrtm. On motion of Mu- “oorc, Ihs SscrstsiT structed U reply to n "W. notlfjin* Him 'IIS IS WsrmslS' OOMtlon I* In doubt 0)0 Ki l .,riin Of tlio ConocK. smH.HI oboyXrnto> fro re) B.nJ tsrj omcor, recommending the pro.hlbltlon or tin Rale of oysters. On motion of Dr. Millar, tho communication was referred to tho Sanitary Com mittee, with Instrnctlone to draft an ordinance and submit It to tha Board. A FAULTY BILT* A fdbLli usury. A bill was received from the Honso of Correc tion Department for construction of roads, lowers, end other Improvements around the small-pox hospital. The bill amounted to >2,001.35. Mr. Moore characterixed it as a swindle, and said he would never vote for IU payment. Mr. McDer mott epoko in favor of payment, claiming that an appropriation Itfid been made for it, and that It was only, taking It out of one city department and paring ft htto another. Mr. Moore ealtl that made no difference; U warn steal anyhow, for auch work could not have bceni done In the wav described. He went through the Homs of the W’lt,. and said that more laborers bed been charged t!»rr there were prisoners. He called attention to the teem of OM% days* work for one day, when there were not so many men available. Mr. McDermott, from Uk> Finance Committee, then reported the bill renommending its payment. Mr. Moore moved to lay the report, so far as the bill was concerned, on the table. Mr. McDermott opposed l&e motion, going over the same ground as before. IT a woe supported by Dr. Don Miller and the President, who contended that It was merely a matter of bookkeeping and a transfer of accounts without tho passage of any money. The vote on the motion to lay on the table result ed as follows: Yeas—Moobo, Mnnnhclmrr, and Golgor—3. Nays—McVlckar, McDermott. Miller— 3. The Chairman declared the motion lost. Mr. Moore moved the adoption of the report, which carried the payment of too bill. Yens—Me- Vlcknr, McDermott, and Miller—3; nsya, Moore. Mannholmer, and Geiger—3. It was declared The other bilta wore then separated, and tho rest Dr. M^ler"then moved that the bill of $3,001.33 ho referred back to the Committee. Carried. TUB MORTUABT REI’ORT for the week was submitted, showing 110 deaths. Under 1 year or age, 33; consumption, 12; con vulsions, 14. THE BCAVBNOCR CONTRACT. A commnnlcallon from tho Law Department, an nouncing that Judge Farwell bad granted an In junction restraining the carrying: out tho contract for scavenger work with Dunne £ Scanlon, on tho f -rounds of the difference between Dunne * Scan bn’s bid and that of other bidders; and because the contract wss for a larger araonnt than that au thorized by the appropriation. Since (ho Board could not let the contract on any of the bids, ho suggested that the Board rcadvortlsc for bidders. The communication was received and filed. Dr. Miller moved that teams bo advertised for and the work done under tho direction of the Board. Mr. Hook reported that twenty-four teams were now engaged at an expense of sllO per day. In answer to a question he said that thlrty-flvo teams would bo necessary, If a dumping ground could be Dr. Milter withdrew hla motion, and Mr. Mc- Dermott moved that tho contract be rondvertlsed for the rest of the fiscal year, and that It be given to the lowest responsible bidder. The Secretary reported about $12,000 loft of the appropriation, and that It would last about three months. , , Mr. Moore moved to refer tho matter (o a special committee to be composed of lllllcc, UcVlckac, McDermott, and Merrill. Carried. Adjourned. TUB COUNTY-BIJIX/DING. The prisoners who have been Indicted in the last few weeks will be arraigned to-day. The Sheriff yesterday conveyed Patrick Guerin and Joseph Dolan, two of the prisoners who re cently escaped from Jail, to the Penitentiary. 11. n. Miller, the Magistrate-elect of the Town of Norwood Park, received his commission yester day. and Is now a full-fledged “Judge of the law and the evidence." In the Pfrang mnrder case yesterday the defend ing, George Latnpe and Henry and Christ Borgen hausen, were discharged on a writ of habeas corpus, the tMO former giving bonds in $5,000 each, and [bo latter In SI,OOO. The Sheriff, in view of the recent lall-escape, has Issued orders to his subordinate* which cannot fail to contribute to the safety of prisoners. Hereafter the doors of the Jail will bu attended so that it will be impossible for an escape to be effected wltbont col lusion between the oOlccr* of the Jail and the pris oners. The arrangement looks very much like locking the stable after (lie horses have been stolon, bit at the same time It Is commendable. Dr. Wilder, the resurrectionist, will bo dis charged to-morrow, having served his three months sentence in the County Jail. Ho hopes, however, to bo discharged to-day through a pardon from the Governor. He say* that his pardon wo* signed by Beveridge ecvoral'days ago, Tint bos not yet reached the Jail. Ho feels anxious in the matter and to relievo himself of any stigma. If Tie can come out on a pardon ho thicks ha will bo vindicated, and the mistake he has mode ia that his application had not Upon made earlier. TUG GRAND JURY. The Grand Jar? yesterday morning took np as Us first business a complaint against the parties who reccntlyjescapcd from Jail, and found several true bills, but whether for robbery in taking the keys of the colls from the turnkey, or for aiding and abet ting In lull-breaking. Is not known. Under this head Jailer Doyle came In fqr his share of fame, a true bill being found against him for the Interest he took in showing the gamblerlllenncrhaiiaeU around the city at night when he was a prisoner in the Jail. Numerous other complaints were made during the day, and among others one against a Mr. Willard, for perjury, by the Superintendent of the new Hos pital. Before the lost Jury Willard swore that ibis official had been taking contract* from tbe county, etc., while in its employ, which is denied, and the denial was backed by lengthy affidavits and the long-spun stories of several of the complainant's friends. No bill has been found, however, as yet. After adjourning, the jury returned a batch of Indictments Into Court, but none of those above named. To-day the work of Investigation will bo resiftned, subpmnaa having yesterday been issued for some of the attaches of the Insane Asylum and contractors on the new hospital. It Is now calculated that the jury will adjourn Satur day. provided the cases which have accumulated on the docket iu the last week arc cleared up by that time. , THE CITY-HAIX. Water-rents yesterday wore $4,105. Tbe Board of Public Works Issued an estimate of $7,507 yesterday to Fitzslmons <b Connell for work on tbe Fullerton avenue conduit. The cry for ‘•bread" for the hungry wives and' children of tbe city's laborers has commenced. Several have been asking for orders for groceries and the necessaries of life. The old packing-house, No. 200 Division street, was yesterday ordered tom down by tbe Inspectors. Mike Bailey says that there are about a dozen old rookeries in town that he is on the watch for, which will be demolished. Marshal Ooodcll has prepared a comparative table of tbe expenses for gas for the police force. The table shows during the five moptbs bo has been a pnbltc officer tbo gas bills have been leu by $712 than they were during the correspond ing period of last year. Mayor Boyne has appointed as his Secretary Mr. G. W. Wheeler, who entered on the duties of bis office ycsturilsy. Mr. Colvin's Secretary, Mr. J. Sc Cleveland, still holds on, and it is a ques tion as to which ouo will be entitled to the com- Kisalion (or the duties as allowed by tbe Council, o courts will decide. Tbe City Clerk's assistants yesterday began the arduous work Imposed upon them by iho Connell. It will consist of taunting up old records and books ond straightening up and Investigating neglected branches of Iho CUy Government. It will occupy several weeks, and Mr. Buts may congratulate himself that he retained the services of old and experienced employes; otherwise the task before him would be almost hopeless. A reporter spoke to one of the Board of Public Worke yesterday and asked If a reply would bo made to tbe published statement that there woe an appearance of crookedness In relation to tbe con tracts and expenses for the foundations for the eu goes of the west Bide Pumping-works, ami was formed that no reply would bo made. If a com mittee of the council chose to Investi gate the matter, the Board would be' only . too glad to have It -done, far the bill for extras against which something was sold was only allowed after the sanction of tbe Comp troller and the Finance Committee of the old Council. U was also stated that the extra expenses were unavoidably Incurred by the necessity for placing the foundations deeper than was calculated upon, In order that solid rock might be reached. There are no new developments In the George Von Ilolleu case. Nothing can be done till tbe amount and data of tbe defalcation are known. At present there can be no reliable estimate, though it Is said that George confided to a friend that be was short Just $84,000. When the books ars straightened oat and this knowledge obtained, anattemptwill be made by Clty-AttoruoyTuthlll to extradite the fugitive and bring him back. Should that be accomplished a further effort wlllbe made to ascertain the names and whereabouts of tbe parties who swindled VonUollen out of the city money, and proceedings will be brought against them. The criminal Is supposed to be still In Canada, but fur what reason, other than that Marsha) tioodel) Is sure he took the sleeping-car on tbe the 0:15 u. m. Michigan Central train. Is not known. CRIMINAL. The residence of P. L. Fake, No. 430 Michigan avenue, was entered and robbed last Monday of a number of small articles. James Miller, colored. Is locked op at the Arm ory, charged with stealing some hats from Mrs. 8. 8. Balden’* mlllluerysloro, No. 305SoulhClark IreeL J. I* Puller complained to Justice Mecch that B. P. Wiggins committed the crime of larceny as THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE: WEDNESDAY. MAY 17. 1876. bailee. Wiggins waa therefore arrested and held to ball (n bond* of S4OO for appearance Mar 17- Albei t itmmonde and William Slossen, two very tioor sacak-thieves. were yesterday heldln 1500 tall to Ihe- Criminal Court by Justice Scnlly for ste«Ungs3s worth of goods from E. F. Price, of No. IBJAndld street. Tceterdov burglars entered thehonee of William Beeves, N,o. 2.14 West Adams street, and ran sacked It f n'm parlor to attic. The occnpanU re farmed in tit ie to enrprlae them at their work, and tftey scnmprt "od off, carrying with them only one or two of the packages they bad packed np as be ing worth atci ding. About 3 o’ch »ck yesterday morning an unknown negro smasher 1 ft window in St'' 1 -’* furnishing store In (he Ot *and Pacific Hotel, an !, seising a stock of clean underclothes, roan v speedy de parture, A Pit ’kerton dummy followed in hot pursuit, ami reo overod all tho goods, hat tailed to capturo the p!l fercr. DomPcdroorßo ssTweed, It Isnot known which If either, is locked up at the West Madlson-Streel Station, charged wt'th an assault with Intent to kill. Tho individual is a JnllyJack tar who went on a enree yesterday. and entered the nalnt-ehop of J.. C. Tanner, No. fid South Clinton street, for the purpose of taking »sn ooxo. A small boy protest ed, *ftuf wasat oncesll enced by a pint of lamp bhok emptied Into his eyes and cars. Mr. Tanner, tile oroQrtetor, retumh >g, promptly elected the In truder. lie returuedan onwllh a bowie-knife, and plunged It deep into tho proprietor’s right arm for informing him that he co nld not stay there all sum mer if be wanted to doeo-. Patrick Evans and his bettor half. Ellen, were yesterday held by Justice Sumtncrflcld In SSOO to the Criminal Court, for tt*te purpose of having a more full trial upon tin accusation of doing malicious mischief. The .Evane family resided In n cottage at No. 53 Garibaldi street, owned by John Orcou, of Kentucky. Tho lattnr’s agent fn this city baa had eonißdorabSo trouble in collecting his rent, and, tollmans a more prompt collection, took a mortgage upon tho house, and, having no better success, ejected tho tenants. Whereupon Ibo Evans family returned to the house, and totally demolished it, claiming in defense tbr.t the agent bad exacted the mortgage f rom them without their .knowledge or consent. ANNOUNCEMENTS. The mile sociable of tbo Ladles* AM Society of Trinity Episcopal Chnrch will bo bold this evening at tho chapel, corner Michigan avenue and Twenty sixth street. Prof. W. N. Hallman, of Milwaukee, will deliver a lecture on FrooboPa.system of education, at the Athcnrcum lecture room, No. 03 Washington street, to-morrow at 4 o'clock p. tn. Admission, 25 cents. Miss MnryE. Brown's lecture, alluded to Sun day, will bo delivered at 3 o'clock this afternoon In tho parlors of the New England Cburcto. Ills to ho hoped that there will be the Interest expressed which tho merit of tho lecture and tho object for which It Is given ought to elicit. Tho first of a series of lectures, combined with vneal and (nstrnmcntal concerts, under tho aus pices of Johanna Lodge U. O. T. 8., No. 0, will take place at tho Beethoven Society rooms this evening. The programme will be as follows: Dec lare of i)f. J. C. Fuchs on * * The Influence of Jew ish Women on German Culture,” actor which Messrs. Wolfeohn. Lewis, and Eichbcim will play the Beethoven trio in D, op. 70; Llsit's “Con certo PnthotlqMC,” by Messrs. Dvrcnfarth and Ju lius Fuchs. Miss Jessica Haskell will elng an aria from “Don Juan,” and tho “Jewel Song” from “Faust." These entertainment* promise to be both Instructlvo-and entertaining. BXJBUIIBAN. LAKE VIEW. ■The' Board of‘Trustecs met Monday; present, the full Board. On motion, the Supervisor woe Instructed to pay to Glennon & Bee' the order of the Vorgenncs Ma chine Company of) $1,810.07. Th* Superintendent of the Water-Works report ed os follows for the week ending May 15: Total pxllona water put oped, 031,452; fuel consumed, 11,080 pounds; cost of fuel, $32.16; cost of oil and waste, $2.30. The following bonds wore presented and ap proved by the Board; A. S. Gurnee, Superintend ent of Water-Works, $5,000; Oscar Charles, Col lector of Special A-vscssmcnts, $10,000; Robert Grlfllth, Peter Wolf, D. J. Rock, and George Hanslein, plcanbcrs; amount of bond, $5,000 each. The Superintendent of the Water-Works report ed that he had appointed J. D. Wills First Assist ant Engineer at a salary of $55 per month, and George B. Garnco- as night-watchman and engin eer at a salary of S3B per month, and, on motion, said report wo* received and appointment* ap proved. The Supervisor was instructed to take the neces sary steps,by law for the confirmation of the as sessment for the improvement of the Diagonal road, os there are some parties who do not pro pose to build their road before compelled to.* It was ordered that tho Town-Clerk notify tho Roseblll and Evanston Gravel Road Company to clean the ditch on the north side of Booth street between the railroad and Green Bay road, and to enlarge tho culvert crossing their road at the cross ing of the Chicago A Milwaukee Division of the Northwestern Railroad, so a* to Improve the drain age on South street. Ordinances were adopted for. the following pur poses: That In nil cases where parties are convict ed for violation of any town ordinance whore a tine and costa are imposed, bo shall be confined in the town calaboose until such fine and costa are paid, or be discharged by doe process of law: that all R lumbers' licenses be fixed at the sum of $25: that le Supervisor bo authorized to advertise for addi tional pumps and machinery to provide a du fiitcate set of small pumps in easeof accident to the arger set, thereby cutting off tho supply of water. On motion, the Supervisor was instrnt vd to ad vertise (n accordance with tho ordlnancu for three weeks for said pumps, Ac. On motion, adjourned to Monday, May 22. COUR.-JOUR. JUBILEE. Louisville, Ey., May 10.—'The inauguration of the new Courier-Journal Building took place this afternoon- The ceremonies attending the inauguration and unveiling of the statue of George D. Prentice, which graces the principal facade of the building, wore very Imposing. The streets in front of tbo office on Fourth avenue and Green street, and for half a block behind, were densely packed with people, the city having poured out about its entire population, and the win dows of Masonic Temple and ail adjacent buildings within seeing and hearing distance wore filled with ladles. An extraordinary Interest In tbe ceremo nies was manifested by the people, many dls tlngntnbod persons. Including Gov. McCreary and the Hon. J. B. Beck, being present. The pro -sramme of the inaugural exercises was as follows: . unfurling tbe flag; 2. music by the Great West ern Star Band of twenty-five nieces; 3. prayer by Dr. K. 11. Humphrey; 4. address by Dr. T. L. Boll; 5, tbe unveiling of the statue by George D. Prentice tbo younger, and tbe coronation of the etatue by Mrs. Clarence Prentice; 0, the Prentice ronnlera, by Willis Hays; 7, an original poem by 1). M. Swohe; Esq., recited by Colin Alfrlnd, E*q.; music by tbe band. In the evening the display of fireworks from the balcony of the building waa witnessed by an im mense concourse of people. To-morrow a Cen tennial edition of the paper will be Issued. It will be a double sheet, and the largest dally ever pub lished lu tbe Hpltcd States. 1. 0. 0. F. Bt. Louis, May 10.—The thirty-seventh annual session of the Grand Lodge of Odd-Fellows of Missouri met here to-day, a large representation being present Reports of officers show a very prosperous condition of the Order, that individual character Is being perfected, and that tbe whole Or der Is raised to a higher standard. A lares number of new lodges have been Instituted during the year. The contributing members number over 12,000; revenue, $0,000: total relief paid, ? 35,000; money in the treasury, $44,000; amount □vestments, $505,000; total assets, $350,000, THE OHIO MINERS. CtnvßLANn, 0., May 10. —Everything is qnlet In the mining region of the Tuscarawas Valley, and the Indications arc that the strike Is about ended. Some of the old minors are resuming to work at the reduced price unmolested, and It Is understood that the main body of etrlkers have offered to return to work at the price fixed by the operators. The olferwlll probably be accepted. Tbe militia is still stationed In the vicinity of Maoslllon, where there Is very IIUIo If any excitement or lean of trouble with tbu strikers. THE GREAT SILVER QUESTION, Tho people wont silver to tbe abstract, ami bills, too, anil will not refuse even gold; bat a)>ove all, they-want to know *ll about the principle of automatism, which the Wlllcox & Gibbs Sawing Machine Company have applied with such wonderful .results to their beautiful machine. Thu Company’s address In this city la £OO and 20£ Wabash avenue. DIAMONDS. Mr. A. 11. Miller, the leading Jeweler of Chica go, who Is selling off bis entire stock of fine Jew elry, has been Induced to catalogue his collection of diamonds and offer them at nnreserved auction sale at bis elegant store, G 1 Washington street, commencing this morning at 11 o’clock, and con tinuing to-morrow at the same hour. The cata logue embraces nil lota, weight and description of each lot marked In plain figures. Purchasers need not wait for regular order of catalogue. At any time during the sale any article called for will b« put np and sold, positively without limit or re serve. Mr. Miller has provided chairs for conven ience o? ladles. This Is tbu first sale of tho kind that baa ever taken place in this country, and an opportunity to purchase diamonds at your own price. Ur. J. 11. French, the popular Jewelry auctioneer, will conduct tbe sate. GLEN FLORA, THE GREAT DIURETIC WATER, by glass or gallon, at Bock* Haynes's drag-store. HOMEOPATHIC. ji Annual Meeting of the Illinois. Medical Association. j Address of President BUtclioU—l A Uomarkable Bug. 1 111-Health of Illegitimate Children—(ton dltion of the Half-Orphan Asylum. The Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association commenced Its twenty-second annual session In tho lecture-room of tho Methodist Clmrch Block* yesterday morning at 10 o’clock. Tho following physicians were present: Drs. J. 8. Mitchell, A. Miller, G. D. Beebe, A. E. Small, W. Dan* forth, R. Ludlnm, W. J. llawkcs, H. C. 0. Melssler, D. A. Colton, F. 8. Iloyne, Cliorlca Vilas, L. C. L. Orosvenor, T. C. Duncan, Frank Duncan, Mrs. Sarah Wlsner, W. H. WoodyaW, 11. M. Hobart, J. Langridge, Chicago; E. Far* sons, Kewanec; 11. M. Bascom, Ottawa; 11. P. Hedges, Chicago; W. S. Johnson, Hyde Park; J. It Kipp ax, Maywood; W. C. Barker, Wauke gan; M. M. Eaton, Peoria; R. D. McCleary, Monmouth; W. 11. Burt, J. Keck, Chicago; L. Pratt, Wheaton; A. 0. Beebe, Chicago; Miss Warren, Suporlo, Kan.; William W. Collins, Albion, Mich.; Williams, J. P. Talcott, Sheldon Leavitt, Chicago; M. 0. Brubaker, Pittsfield; R. N. Tookcr, Dr. Fulsom, J. E. Gilman, George E. Halsey, O. W Hilton, Edward Row son, Mrs. Levaraway, H. W. Robey, Chicago; Mrs. Coe, Elmore; G. A. Corning, Marseilles; C. N. Hazleton, Wilmington; F. L. Pclro, Emily Spark, Helen J. Underwood, Maria J. Hughes, Louise C. Purlngton, Chicago; J. B. Gully, Geneva; W. T. Ralston, W. A. Wood ward, H. B. Fellows, Chicago; C. D. Fairbanks, i Englewood. Dr. J. 8. Mitchell, of this city, the President, called the meeting to order, Dr. T. C. Duucau acting as Secretary. ' Dr. J. Harris Miller opened the proceedings with prayer, after which the Secretory read tho minutes of the lost annual session, which were approved. ANNUAL ADDRESS. After a call of committee* tho President read bis annual address. In It he tendered the So ciety thanks for the honor and trust reposed In him, ond welcomed tho delegates to tho city. Of course the address would havo been Incomplete If the Centennial had not been alluded to, and also tho growth of homeopathy In the United States, and, In fact, In all parts of tho civilized world. The first meeting of tho Association was held In Peoria In 1854, at which thirty mem herd were present, and of which Dr. E. A. Gilbert, of Dubuque, was President. Tho address was fall of reminiscences of (he old physicians of tho Homeopathic School, and to tho Society was of exceeding interest. ' In Chicago are supported a Medical College ond two Homeopathic newspapers, ond Illinois was only exceeded in numerical strength by New York. A more thorough organization was recommended by the President, in order to further their cause. The sneers of tho Allopathic School woro alluded to, and it was stated that the persecution of Ho meopathy had drawn to It sympathy and more friends. It could stand criticism and investlgatlon, and would come out tho purer for the ordeal. The Presldcnteuggortcd that each Bureau select Its own Chairman, and that each get tho report of observations of individual members. Medical education and Journalism should be more discussed, end thus raise the plane of their medical Journals. There were about 400 Homeopathic physicians la this State, about 200 of whon* were mem bers of the Association, though not so many appeared on tho rolls. The fostering of* local societies was recommended. Tho address was received with applause, and a vote of thanks was tendered tho President for his able effort. C. 11. Vilas. M. D.. and Mrs. 3. B. Wiener, M. D, were duly elected members of tbe Association. A Committee on President's Address, to consider Its recommendations, was chosen, as' follows: Drs. Duncan, Beebe, and Eaton. , . Ai Dra. Hoyne and Bascom were appointed the Auditing Committee. REPORTS. Dr. T. C. Dnnean, editor of tho Knifed Slalea Medical Invetliaalor, Chicago, reported on the ad vancements in this department of medical science, lie first called attention to tho effects of tbe genns eplderalcus, or a remote, deep, and wide-extend ing Influence npon children and their diseases. Tills Influence was more potont than any of the great epidemics, like cholera, or even the lesser epidemics, like scarlet fever. It Interfered with the development of children. He thought this duo largely to the presence of cosmic dust. It was singular that there was a marked periodicity of severity. These stages of severity bad certain years and cycles recurring after many years. Tbe had effect of this epidemic Influence upon off spring was corroborated by a communication from Dr. Baer, of Richmond. One cause of diarrhea Dr. D. attributed to the presence of too much lactic acid in tbe system, which was curable by calcarca. Tho last point presented was tbe effect of different regimes upon the development and diseases of children. In a healthy child tho alkaline elements predominate; In new countries tl»e some elements predominate: hence tho vigor of children In new countries. Prolonged cultivation renders tbe soli sandy (acid), the grains starchy, fruits add. etc. The starchy food was transferred rapidly Into acid, and hence retarded development of bone and muscle In tbe child. This ho believed accounted In a great measure for the physical degeneracy of the American people. We could retard this degen eracy In the west by insisting on our people and’ children taking more olkallne food, and especially water, which was loaded with the alkaline elo ments. A discussion followed the reading of the report, participated In by Drs. Deebo, Colton, Eaton (Pe oria), Hedges, Darker, Small, and others. Dr. Dnnean cloning the argument, after which the re port was adopted. F. 11. Poster. M. D., and A. H. Hobard, M. D., were elected members. EXTRACTING A BUG, Dr. Duncan read a communication from Dr. A. W. Jones, of Clarinda, la., giving the history of u very interesting case which came under his treat ment. It whs that of a child which had been troubled for two years with convulsions, and from whose nostril was Anally extracted a huge para site, somewhat larger than a sheen-tick. The bug was exhibited, ami had a doable sting. The following is Prof. Peabody's description of “002 Adahs Street, Chicago, April 3.— Dr. T. 0. Duneon— Mr Dbau Hint The larva which you left with mo on the 7th Inst., purporting to have been ejected from a child's bead. In, without doubt, Uic larva of a species of llotopKllus, of the family of the Syrphldte, of the order of the Dip tera. The fully developed Image Is a fly. The larvae of this genus are peculiar In the Jong tall, of which the hair-Ilke outer part is retractable, tele scoping Into the slender, fleshy continuation of the body. This long tail is the breathing appara tus, adapting the creatnre to a life in shallow water, the tip of the tall being ai the surface. A brief abstract of experiments upon these larvai may be found In the English translation of Flguler'a ‘lnsect World.*pp. 67and68. “The remarkable ami questionable point In re gard to this specimen la that It should have oc curred In a locality so notably unlike Its usual place of living as the interior of a child's head. The analogies of science would discredit the Idea that It could have lived In such a place. The first Soint to bo settled, and that upon only the most irect, circumstantial, and positive testimony of a credible witness, is that tbo insect was ejected as claimed. Is the chain of evidence thoroughly re liable* Was the attending physician present when this larva wue elected* Until the fact can be thoroughly established, the specimen fails to have the sclentlflo value claimed for It. 1 Inclose an exact drawing of It when lost alive, April 8. lam, youra very truly. 8. H. I’babodt,” Tbo description and history of the cose attracted Seat attention. After the reading of the report e Association adjourned till 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon. Tho mooting roaosembled about 3 o’clock, with the President, Dr. Mitchell, In the chair. At that time there was quite an attendance of lady-phy elclane, who took a marked Interest in the proceed* U £bo farther dlacamrion of the UIBBABB9 OB CHILDREN was taken up, when Dr. D. A. Colton, of Chicago, read a paper on the "Relative Condition of LegUi* mate ana Illegitimate Children." In It be held that children bom out of wedlock were not usually healthy, because they wore mainly tire offspring of dissipated and abandoned women, and that they were subject to the diseases by which their dissipated parents bad been afflicted. Statistics showed that mure than 12H pur cent of illegitimate children died daring the first year than of legitimate. And during the first month of •their existence this was greatly exceeded. The legitimate offspring of wealthy parents were gen* erully more healthful, showing that care and eur roundings had something to do with the longevity of children. The diseases which Illegitimate chll* dren were heir to were mostly of a syphilitic character. The paper tended to ehow that the on* )y means of preventing Illegitimate children was by men and women obeying God’e laws, and living In harmony and love, existing by labor, physical and mental. Discussion* upon the paper followed, participat ed lu by Drs. Duncan, Eaton, and others. Dr. Eaton said that Uoccurred to him iballtmsde a difference where an illegitimate child was bom, whether In Chicago, or In the Gennan settlement out on the prairie. The latter, ho held, would be a Sood, strong child, especially If the mother was a uxora German girl. There was a difference be* tween an illegitimate and premature birth. Dr. Colton discussed the matter at soma length, and showed that the fewer wild oaU a young man •owed In early life, the better it was for him. TUB BUREAU Of BUROBUT was then taken op. Dr. B. Parsons, of Kewaose, read a paper on tbo "Influence of the Mind Over Surgical as Well os Other DUeaaoe." In which be showed that the mind of the patient had a great deal of Influence over the phys ical condition. The bite of a rabid dog caused a great distress of mind, though the injury was slight in itself. And oftentimes, when a dog not rabid bit a person, be died of hydrophobia, caused by mental oread. Ue held that not nearly all the cumol hydrophobia were actually caused by the bite of don. - For dogs themselves, when bitten by each other, did not often die. It was the thinking over and the dread of the rtlsease caused by the bite of a dog which might rabid, which often produced hydrophobia. A man dreamed that he was bitten in tho brenal by a snake, and was so Im pressed with the idea that a sore formed in the place and tho man dkd. Another dreamed that a nail was driven into his head. A pain eamo there, and he was so Impressed with the hallucination that be became delirious and died. He held that fear killed more than actual disease, on account of the power of the mind over the body. Ho drew some peculiar contrasts, and showed that a hopefn) man, though the weaker, was more likely to survive a serious Injury, than the strong man, who became disheartened. He cure some very Interesting cases which came under his own observation. , . , Tho paper was strongly against allopathic doses, and an argument In favor of the little sugar-pills, but also held that hygiene should enter largely into figure, as well as electricity and magnetism. Con fidence of the patient'worked tho greatest cores, yet. the mtffllclne got the credit, while medicine itined more than it cured. Dr. Prott Iwllcvcd that medicines would euro In smite of the mental Influence of tho patient, yet ho thought It waa better to get a patient hopeful be fioro administering medicine, if possible. Dr. Duncan beta that the Knowledge the physi cian had of the curative power of medicine made h im confident and hopeful of success. Dr. T. ,T. Merrlmoman, of Alcdo, presented a r< iper on “ Apis Melllfica In Intermittent Fevers. ” I .was discussed by Drs. Duncan, Beebe, Hale, H edges, Woodward, Ilawkcs, Johnson, and Col tcoi. I)r. A. Miller, of this city, read an able paper ©o “TTjo Nature and Source of Solar Heat, ana Its Ap Disease." The article was quite ex hf mstlre, and the subject was ably discussed. Dr. S. P. Hedges presented the annual report of the Chicago KORSBRT AND HALF-ORPHAN ASYLUM for tbo year ending May is The average attendance during the year was 120, All under 14 years of age. The medical staff con sists of Dr. 9. P. Hedges, Riirgcon-in-Chlef; Dr. 8. C. Grosvenor, associate physician: Dr. W. IL IVoodyalt, eve and car surgeon; Dr. T. W, Milter, surgeon. There has been but one death during tbe O and the health of the children has been mil* ygood, though there were a few cases of se- Tore bowel affections, In strong contrast with former years. The affections of air passages and catarrhal diseases wore more prevalent and severe. The feature to which most attention was catted was that, by a proper regulation of diet and proper hygienic regulations, many, even most. children’s diseases of the Intestinal tract might be prevented. The diet In the Asylum was of a mixed character, and included meat! coarse bread, fruit, fresh and dried, nice, soups, etc. For young children the proper foods needed to be as carefully chosen os the remedies; no one kind of food answered for all children. The report was received. Ut. M. M. Eaton moved that a Committee, eon statlncof the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, be chosen for tho purpose of preparing a suitable certificate of membership. Carried. The Association than adjourned till 10 o'clock this morning. RAILROADS. THE lULIKOIS LAW. Special Dispatch to The TH&une. Decatur, 111., May 10,—In tho great railroad suit to-day, tho Commienloners introduced Mr. driest and Mr. Sawyer to prove what rates they were charged for freights on wheat and flax-eccd, and then showed that these were above their nchcdulo-ratcs. They also introduced Attorneys Buckingham and Lake to prove that'they were charged over 4 cents per mile passonger tariff In stead of 3 cents, tho schedule rate. Tho defense then offered to prove, by over a thousand pages of depositions, of tho cost of their road for construction, equipping, running expenses, etc., and thus show Hint their rates were very reasonable ones, to tho Introduction of all of which the Com missioners' attorneys objected as irrevelant, and the afternoon has been spent in tho argument, and it will bo continued to-morrow. NARROW-GAUGE EXTENSION. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Dcs Moines, la., May 10.— Several projects nro up for extending tho narrow-gauge road running .from this city to Ames, in somo direction north •ward. One la to Waterloo via Eldoia and Grundy •County. Another Is to lowa Palls, Aldcn, and lltamnton. Both ore feasible and desirable routes, and tho country is rich. Delegations from each thave been hero to qpnfer with (bo Company, who will make the beet toms posniblc. One thing Is -certain, the toad will bo pnehod somewhere soon,. and tho route with the largest purse and tho most enterprise will get it. It remains for tho people to say how much they want the road. Tho best inter ests of the Company, however, would incline them do a northeastern connection. A BANKRUPT CONCERN. Bt. Louis, Mo., May 10.—Col. D. H. Armstrong, one of tbe Receivers of tho Atlantic A Pacific Rail- Tond, was before tpe State Board of Equalization yesterday, and made a statement regarding that goad. lie said the bonded debt Is 817, .150,040. Tho amount of gold Interest 8071.180; currency Interest, 8110,000. The Company cannot pay the next July Interest on tho first mortgage bonus of 87,500.000. Wlthess would notglvo 10 cents on tho dollar of the bonded debt, and the road would not be able to nay Interest on it till extended to tho Pacific coast. It hardly nays the running expenses, and, in Ids opinion, will nave to be sola out in Oc tober next. E., B. &INI. Special Dispatch to The Tribune. Jones, Master in Chancery of the Circuit Court of tbo United States Southern District of Illinois, to-' day sold at auction under a decree of the Conti the Lafayette, Bloomington & Mississippi Railroad, a leased line of the Toledo, Wahash & Western, for adebt of $1,446,241.01 with interest. It was Bought by Mr. John T. Martin, on behalf of the Bondholders, for the sum of 8500,000.' PIANOS, organs, sheet music, music books, violins, guitars, Brass and Gorman-silver band instruments, flutes, clarionets, banjos, tambourines, drums, accord cons, concertinas, dulcimers, etc., at the Root & Son’s Music Co., No. 150 State street. LACE CURTAIN CLEANING. Looe curtains of oil kinds are done up elegantly this spring by Cook & McLain, the dyers. All orders sent to 80 Dearborn street, 03 or 201 West Madison street, will receive prompt attention. WHEN WE SAY THE NEW “EMPRESS RANGE" is the best range in tbo market, we know what we are talking about. We have dealt In ranges twenty four yearn. Found only at Dalton's Kitchen Fur mlturo House, 103 State street. MAKING OVER OLD MATTRESSES. , Housekeepers little know how nicely linger, Jenkins & Faxon, No. 331 State street, make over .nearly all kinds of old mattresses, and, too, at •what little cost. They sell bedding at reduced j price# now. CONSIDERABLE COMPLAINING IS DONE by furniture dealers at the extreme tow prices IHolton & Hildreth, Nos. 225 and 227 State street, tare making on nil kinds of furniture, for cash '.buyers are profiting try lu lIIUTIBS* KIRK—At 200 South Jeffcrson-st, Chicago, on tlbo 16th Inst., Airs. James Kirk, of a son. Wick and Glasgow, Scotland, papers please •copy. IfIARItIAGEM. KELLEY—MEIIAOAN—May 10. by the Rev. P. •Conway, at Bt. Patrick's Church. Mr. Frank Kolley andUn. <lauo MuUngati,*both o( Chicago. DEATUS. MANNING—At his residence, 217 Illlnola-at. of consumption. William E. Manning, aged 38 yearn. Short services will be held at the house this afternoon. May 17, ats o’clock, after which the “•body will be taken to the 0., C. &I. C. depot, comer Clinton and Canal-sts. Ills remains will be taken to Plqna, 0,, for interment. WEST—Suddenly of heortdisease, at 7:30 a. m., Tuesday. Samuel C. West, senior member of the Arm of West, McGsrry & Co., aged CD years. Notice of funeral hereafter* HACKKTT—At his residence No. 0 Dcach-st., Mr. Edward Duckett, aged 65 year*. From Caro. County Tipperary, Ireland. Funeral to toke place Wednesday, May 17, by cant to Calvary Cemetery. York papers please copy. XOILETINE. REWARD! «WILL HR PAID fortho apprehension of DELADANTA, who, It Is supposed, left tome time elnce for parts unknown. The übove reward will bo paid by the proper authori ties, they being Informed that he Is the party who ordered (he walls and fences about tho city alsflg nred by painting upon the same "TOILETINE FOU Tins COMPLEXION," in violation of the law protecting natural scenery. The public will, by (ending assistance In this case, largely old In bringing to Justice tbs chief offender, who, doubt* lees, Is executing similar schemes in other cities, and thus make an example for bis Imitators. « City commissioners. SODA OIUOKEHK, ONE DOLLAR Bays 15 pounds Best Soda Crackers M HICUOW. (IS Ks«ft lUtiMitl. > 1 FOB sale BY all dealers m 101 Jull vijlilixll STAXIONEBY. For tbo oonvonlonoo of thoso who may wish to try thorn, a SAMPLE CARD, Containing ono oaoh of th* FIFTEEN NUMBERS of those Fans, will ht sent by mail on receipt of T W EWTY-FIVB CENTS. IVISON, 11LAKEMAS, TAYLOR & CO„ 138 & 140 Grnnd-st., Now Yorlt. POI.ITIOAI. ANItOUIVCEnIUIVXS. BBVENTH WARD, The regular weekly meeting of the Seventh Ward Republican Club will he held this evening at Mark* man's Jlall, 381 Dine Island avenue, for the Irons* action of Important business. A full attendance of members Is desired. Applications for member* .ship will bo received. A. Ouaham, Prce't. EIGHTH WABD, The Republican Club of the Eighth Word meet this evening at No. fiO nine Island avenne. The business to bo transacted la of sufllclcnt Importance to Induce all the Republicans of the ward to attend. UINTH WABD, There will ho a meeting of the Ninth Ward Re* pnbllcan Club at Parker's Hall, on tho northeast corner of West Madison and Hoisted streets, this evening at 8 o'clock, for tho purposoof nominating a ticket of delegates for the County Convention. All Republicans of the ward are Invited to attend and participate In the meeting. W»t. H. TiioMrsow. Pree't TENTH WABD, There will be a meeting of the Tenth Ward Re* pnbllcan Gub at Rocker's Hotel, No. 181 West Lake street, thin evening at 8 o'clock, to select delegates to the County Convention. All members .are requested to bo present II. D. .Tinwwnoe, Bct'y. rOGBTEENTH WABD. A meeting of the citizens will bo bold this even* Ing at 274 Milwaukee avenue. In tho basement Aid. Ranmgnrten will be present . WARD. A meeting of the Seventeenth Ward Now Repub lican Club will bo held at the Hall, corner of Chi cago avenne and Sedgwick street, tnla evening. AUCTION SALES. By RLI SON, 1-OMJ3UOY & CO., Auctioneers 84 ,nd 80 Randolph-Bt. Closing Art Sales ojstl-s? 70 PAINTINOS of the Entire Catalogue. Many of the Choioest Works. Sale This Morning at 10 o'clock, Lust Sale—Afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, AT OTO STORES, 84 and 83 Randolph-st. NOTE,—Many of the finest works on the Cata logue, and they must be dosed out without limit or reserve. ELISON, POMEROY & CO., Auctioneers. No. 661 State-st, TWay Morning, May 18, at 10 o'cloclc, Chattel Mortgage Sale Entire Household Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Crockery, Glassware, Stores, and offocta of a dwelling of 10 rooms. Sale peremptory. ELISON. POMEROY & CO.. Auctioneers. ASSIGNEE’S SALE. At anctlon, two splendid carriages. At onr auction rooms, 84 and 80 Ilandolph-Bt., Thun* day. May 18, at 12 o’clock noon, one largo family carriage, rando by Miner & Stevens, Broadway, N, Y., cost 81,r>00; one Coan & Ten Broeke car* riago, with polo and thills, complete, SI,OOO. These carriages are nearly now, in flrst*rnto con* dltlon; are too very best makes and roost fash* lonable styles. They are positively to bo sold to the highest bidder.for cash. Carriages will bo on exhibition at our store on morning of sale. Sold by order of Assignee. ELISON. POMEROY A CO.. Auctioneers. By WM. A. BUXTJEKS & CO., Auctioneers, 118 and 120 Wobanh-av. I)UTTERS A CO.’S REGULAR HALE, Weflnesiay morning, May 17, at 9:30 o’clock. At 118 & ISO Waboah-av. ,N. K, cor.Modleon-Bt., 200 PACKAGES ASSORTED GLASSWARE. WHITE GBAHITB WAKE, In Packages and Open Lola. Yellow ana Bocldiigliain Ware, carpels, nne Table cntlery. RUTTERS k CO.’S REGULAR TRADE SALE STAPLE&FANCY DRY GOODS, HegularMafle ClotMng.FnrnlsliJMr Bools, Notions, Edgings, Embroideries, Hosiery, Gloves, Hate, Gaps, Boots and Shoos. 'AIiSO BIMW GOODS, THURSDAY MORNING, May 18, at 0 MO o’clock, at their Anctioo Rooms, 118 and 120 Wabaeh-av, A COLLECTION OF Fine Steel Engravings, "Water Colors, and Paintings, -A.T -A/CJCTIOItT. Friday morning, liny 10, at 10 o’clock, atonr salesroom, 118 and 120 Wabasb«ov. 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May 18, at 0:30 o'clock. JAS. P. McNAMARA A CO.. Anctloneera. OONreOTIONKRY* A ■ aimsCELEDHATED throughout I■IIIt 11 11# lI.C Unlan-giprcu.d la >ll . STEEL PENS. STEEL PENS NEW PUBLICATIONS. Just Published. i Her ml Beantlfal SalM-SiM Song bool GOOD HEWS I GOOD NEWSI flfl/Yn WPWfI f by R. M. Mclntosh, and UUUD ah WOI the content* contributed by GOOD NEWS I posers. ni * Roth ronslc and words are /i Ar\T\ v 11 ttm ■ new, fresh, and attractive. GOOD NEWS I “Sunny Shore," “To Ca* GOOD NEWS I wsar n GOOD NEWS I Price of Good Nows, 3.1 c. Reduction for quanll* tics. Mailed post-free for retail price. Revised, greatly enlarged, and Improved now edition of OAXIMINA COLLEQENBIAI ’ Tills magnificent book baa been revised andlm* proved, the songs of many new colleges added, and,- besides being tho most comprehensive collec tion of Students'Hongs, containing those of all the Colleges extant It is one of the most attractive books for u*j In parties and all Informal social “sings." Price In cloth, {>1.00; gilt $4.00. Keep In remembrance RIVING WATERS. Un excelled aa a book for Praise Meetings, etc. 30c. OLIVER, DITSOW & CO., Boston, LYOIT & HEALY, Chicago. GUESS PEAS. ONE DOLLAR BUTS EIGHT CARS GREER FEAS At niCKROX’S. 118 Emt Hadlannut. RAILROAD TIRIE TABLE. AERIVAI AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. Rrptanatlon Htftrtnce Saturday FX eepttd. *fanoday excepted. I Monday excepted. |Af rlveSundayatSiOOa. ra. JDally, 7 v 1 OHIOAOO & NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY, Ticket OlUceo, 03 Clark-«. (Sherman House) and 73 Conal-Btrcct.. corner Madlaon-at., and at the depola. (iPactfle PMt*l>fn« *l0:80a. m. • 3:40p. m. onubiiijue payEx.TlaCllnWn,*lO:3oa. m. • 3:40 p. m. oUntoique NlKhtEx.rlr.Cl'loo,M 1 :oo p. m. 1 0:30 a. m, oOmalia Maltt Bxprau m. 1 0:30 a, m. aFrcoport & Dulnujue Express * 0:1B a. ro. 1 3:80 n. m. oFmport ft Dubnouß Express • n:aop. m. • 0:15 a. m. 6M wuukce Fart Mali (dally),} 7:80 a. m. } 4:00 p. m. sMUwonkc« Kxpresa 1*10:00 a. m. 1 7:30 n. m. 6M wnnjcoo Pawenßcr....... a* 8:00 p. m. *10:25 a. m. BMilraiikce Passenger (dolly) }ll:00p. m. } 5:00 a. m. EaprcM.... '* 0:33a. m. * 7:00p.m. {-SI. Paul A Minneapolis Ex...,*lo:POa. m. *4:oop. m. 6SI. Paul A Winona Express., t 0:45 p. m. t 7:00 a. m. ftMarquotio Express ,*iO:oop. m. • 8:«0a. ra. aOcncva Lake Express • 4:00p. m. *10:43a. m. ftOcncvoLatee Express '*4;43p.m. * 7:00p.m. llepot com"' ' ~~ o—Depot comeroTWells and Ktnrle-Tts. k—Depot corner of Canal and Klmle-lts. MICEIOAN CENTRAL EAILBOAD. Depot, fool of Lako-iu. and foot of Twcntr-ieoandfl Tl«'kct*omcc. fIT ClarV-it.. aouttieou comer of JUa» dolph, and at I’altner Itauu. Mall (via Main and Air Line)... Day Kxpreas Kalamatoo Accommodation.. Atlantic Express (dally} Night Express Omnd JiinMa* and Jftukeoon, Morning Express Night Kxpreas t Saturday Ex. * Sunday Kx. * Monday Ex. (Daily. OHIOAOO, ALTON 4 81. LOUIS ml OHIOAOO, . KANSAS'CIir 4 DBRVEB BHOBT LINES. Union Depot, West fildn, neap Madlsomst. bride®. Ticket Otflces: At Depot, and 13i Itandulph-st. | Leave. Ridiu City 4 Denver Fast Ex. >1 fit. Loulsd-fiprlncfleld Kx • fit. Louis, fiprlmtneld 4 Tcxaa. 4 J'corlo Day Express • Peoria. Keokuk 4 Hurllnkton. * Clilo#ffo4 Paducah It. Kireatop, Lacon, Wash'ton Kx.i*l Joliet4Dwlglit Accommdafn* LAKE SIMM & MOHIQAH BODTHEEU, Arrive. Man, ▼tvMotn Lino o:<o*. m. T:oop. nu special «. y. kxp«m 0:00*. m. •:000. ra. Atlantic Kxprew. dally. a: 13 p. to. »:oo *. m. Coiehonr Accommodation.... snop.m. imo*. m. Night KzprcM iio:2op. rfj. fta:4o«. m. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & BT, PAUL BAILED AD, Union Uepot, conicr Maaiion and Canal-sU. Ticket Office, ra South Clnrk-it., opposite Sherman Oouto, and at Depot. Milwaukee Express Wisconsin * Minnesota Thro’i Day Express *10:000. m. Wisconsin, lowa, and MlnnO'l sow Express ,* 9:03 p. m. Wisconsin* Minnesota Thro' Eight Express t 0:43 p. m. AM tralm run via Milwaukee. Tickets for Bt, Paul ana MlnneftpolU are good either rla M&dlaon and Prairie du Chleo, or via Watertown. La Crosae, and Winona. HUKOIB OEHTJUL RAILBOAD. Depot, foot of Lake-st. and foot of Twcntr-iecond-tt. Ticket Office, |2l Itandolpb-n., near Clark. St. Louts Bspress.. Hi. Lonts Fast Line Cairo * New Orloana*Kt.'i!l!!!| Cairo Night Kx Springfield, I'eorla 4 Keokuk' Springfield Night Kxprcw,....' I’oorla and Keokuk Kxpreaa. ..i Dubuque 4 Sioux CltjrKx Dubuque A Sioux CllyKx Oilman Paaaengcr ! OHIOAQO, BUULKQTON & QDIHOI EiILBOIU Depot*, foot of Lake-iu. Indlana-av., aod Sixteenth* at,, and Canal and Slxtecnth-aU, Ticket Office*. 69 Clark-at., and at depot*. | Leave. | Arrive. Man tad Express ...U 7:30 a. m.> 7:40d. in. Ottawa and BircatorPaesoni{'r*7:3o a. 01. • 7:40d. m. Itockfonl, Dubuque A Sioux l I .Clt/ • 0:30*. ro.t* : Pacino Fast Lino, for Omaha. *10:00*. in. l * Kansas CUr, Leavenworth, I Atchison A St. Joseph Exp. *10:00*. m.l* Aurora Passenger • 3:15p, m.l* Meudot*. Ottawa A fitrealor ( . Posaengor • (:30p. m.i* 0:05*. ra. AuroraPossenger • n:aop. m. ,*0;00*. tn. Aurora Passenger (Sunday)... m.l tn;io*.m. pubuaue &ttlmixCity Kxp.... • 0:35 p. tn.:* 7:00a, ra. Pacific Night hxp. for Omaha tlO:(X)p. m. t 7:10*. in. Kansas city, Leavenworth, Atchison A Bt. Joseph Exn.. f 10:00 p. m.'t 7:10 a. m. Downer’s Grovo Accommod'n Mitoo*. m. * 3:avp. tn. Downer's Grove Accomraixl'n * 1:45 p. in. ,* 9:25 p. m. Downer's Grove Arcounnod'o * n:35 n. in. ,* 0:45 *, m. Texas Bxprew *10:00p. m.'t 7:40 p. m. • Ex. Sunday. t Ex. Saturday. I Ex. Monday. eeie Aim oeToaqo uhb. Ticket Office*. 8.1 Clark-rt-, Palmer Uoum. Grand Pacific, and at depot, lua Mlclilsan-ar., corner Uadi* aon. Train* leare from Kipoittlon Building. Day KxpreM-Pulliuaa Draw* Ing-Hoorn Sleeping Car*, (o . Kew York without change.. B:6oft. m. 8:10ft. ffl. Atlantic Kzrrcw Pullman ' Palace Drawing-Room Sleep lug Cara and Hotel Cara a:O9 Only Hue running the hotel cars to Nov York. PmBBOBO.IT. WATHEA OHIOAHO RAHWAY. Day Express [« Foclfle Express...... '( Local Passenger—Fast Ma11....i| Fan Line ; Mail •Bunder excepted. |Dally, tSaturday 1 Monday excepted. BALTIMORE 6 OHIO R*tt,p/uti Trains leers from rear of Exposition HulMlng and foot vrs Depot corner Madlsoa-st. and Mlchlgta-av. city omce, 63 Clark-st*. corner of Washington. Aocommodatioo. Day Express Fmt Express.... IDsliy. •Dally, Sundays excepted. OHIOAQO, BOOK IBLAfiB * PAOlriO RAILROAD. Depot, comer of Vso Uuren and Bhemao-sls. Tlckal odes. Oraad Psctflo Bold Omaba.Lesvonw'thAAtcbßx *1 Peru Accommodation • Wight Expreaa ffl LOBBTBIIB. ONE DOLLAR Bays 7 1-poand cans Best Lobster. « suxsmau mi juntwert. Arrive. Leave. Leare. Arrive, • fi.OOa. ra. • 7:30p. m. • o.ooa. m. • flioop. nu • H.oop. m. *to:2osM m. 4 s.isp. 8:oos. m. ro.oop. m.|i*o;Ma. m. o.ooa. ra. • 7:30p.m. It o.oop. m.l* 0:30a. m. Arrive. '12:30 p.m. • • D:ooa. m. • 1 moo p, m. « ■ 0:00a. tn.l* 1 0:00 p. m. ' 0:00a. m. '13:30p. m. ' 3:00p. m. 3:40 p. m 7:50 p. id. 7:401. m. . 7:50 p.m. i* 7:40a.m. [• 7:80 p. m. I* 3:40 p. m. I* 0:20 a. tn. Leave. | Leave. | .1* 8:23 a. m. Arrive. 7:30 p. m. 4:oo p. in. '11:00 ft. m. 1 7:00 a. m. Lcsre. Arrlre. 8:40*. m. 8:3.% p. m. 9 8:40 a. m. * e:i% p. m. I 8,40 a. m. * 8:33 p. m. t 8:1% p. m. * 0:30*. m..« 0:1% p. ni,* ftilflp. m. * fl:4Sp. m. 7:30 a. ou fl:46p. m. 7:30 a, m. S:3op. ID. 7:30 a. nu 7.30 a. ID. 4130 p, to. 7:ooa. in. 0:33 a. pi. aitop. m. 4:oo p. m. coop m. 7:Ma. m. Leave. Arrive. BilO p. m. Leave' Arrive. 7:oo p. m. O:Mt a. m. BKrta. m. 8:00 a. ou SiOOp. m. ' 9:00 a. m.l* snap. tn.U 3:00 p. r|(i:oop. * 6:03 a. m.l* •xcspied. Arrive. Leave. • 7:405, m. • aiiop. m. •8:13 s. m. l 8:10s. tn. 1 S:O0p, m.l* 8:10p. <U> Arrive. Leave. '10:00a. D. * 4:00 p. m. ' »;00p, m. * 9:soa. m. noioou. a. t csss. P-.

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