Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune, May 30, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Chicago Daily Tribune dated May 30, 1876 Page 1
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VOLUME 30. FINANCIAL (inconrouAntn). 131 & 123 l>earhorn-Bt., Chicago. Txwns negotiated with dispatch on Real Estate tn rhtMCO. and Improved suburbs, nt lowest rnrrcnt 8. CORNING .JUDD. President, r 'p. nOLI.TSTEU, Gen’l Manager. HENRY J. Secretary. MORTGAGE LOANS At current rates, on Chicago properly. J. REED, New York. JOHN H. AVER - ?, ir,!» I.nSnlle-pt., Chicago. ~~7 PER CENT. \Tp Will lonn $23,000 to SIOO,OOO on business nrmtrrtv nt SEVEN. On hand to limn ntO. SKOU, RtW’Si.tino. S'J.noo; at h, s**.ooo, S2.nno. 8 ’ SCUPPER A.MASON. lOT-HIU l)oaHii)rn-sl._ TO RUNT. DesiraMe Dices TO BENT I3ST THE TRIBUNE BUILDIN6. INQUIRE OP WILLIAM 0. DOW, Boom 10, Tribune Building. •/ ZOLfflß Mixes easily with starch, either hot or cold, gives on extra stlffnos, beautiful polish, and pearly whiteness to the fabric. Follow directions and we guarantee It to do n» represented. Auk your drug gist and grocer for ZOLIN K. STONE ,t rn.. 131 I.nke-Pt. OCEAN STEAMNUH’S. ONLY DIUIX'Fi.INR'fo FUANCE.-flie General Trnr.sntlauilc Gc.uipuiiy’s >tnll Ktcanim l»ci}«cn New York nail Havre. railing at Plymouth (G. h.) forth* landing of piifsrngßm, 't lie splenilldypswls on this fs s.Tlle nnite for the Continent (rahlm* provided with rleetrlc l.elh) will sail from Pier No. HU, North l.lycr, is follows: SAINT I.AUHKNT. I.Hchesncz. Saturday, lime a. 3 r- m.i FRANCE, Tnidrlle. .Saturday. .Hut 10. Ha. in.: •PhllKllU'). Diturc, Saturday, Juno 17, I p. “price of passage In gold (Including wine): First tahln. rim to BJ‘Jo. according to accommodation rrrnnd. #7J; third eoldn. ¥4O. Return tickets nt re. ilm-L-d rates, t.tecrngc. B«. with superior acromtnn ini Inns. Including wine, bedding, and utensils, wlllmui extra chnri;c. Steamers marked thus • do not earn steerage passenger*. LOUm Ageiit. r>. llrnartivny. N. V. \V. F. WHITE, No. 07 Clark-st., comer Randolph. Agent for Chicago. North German Lloyd. Hie simmers of till* Company will Mil every Ratiir day from Hrcinon I’lrr, foot of Tlilrd-H.. Ilohokcn Hairs of pwwnssc—From Now York 10 Honfliumpton London. Havre. and Hitmen. Una c:\ltlu, «l‘»n seeim rntiln. fro. poll); sucrose, S3O riirn;nry. or rawuißii apply to OLLIUCIIS * ML. 2 Bowling Cirren. New \ or!:. Great Western Steamship Line. From Sew York to NrlMoJ (Knclandl <llrcct. FOMF.HSCT. Wemcrn Wcdnewlay, .Jiino7. AHAttOS, Byinmi* Saturday. Jnnu-Jt Cnliln pawner. f7O; Intermediate, stri; fiteernue,fan, r/unniloii tU'kcl". $120; frepald Sternum crrtlllefite*. fil. Apple to WM. F. WHITE, 07 CUrk-Bt.. Michigan Central llallroiul. White Star Mail Line. To ami from Europe and America. Itatee am low as hv any other Aret-clnee Line. Office. 120 Enat Kamlnlph-H., Chicago. ALFUED LAOEUOHKS, (Jemiral Weatcm Agent. Draft* on Ureat Ilrltala sad Ireland. CUNAEL MAIL LINE. Railing three timed a week to ami from Urltlnh r«rld. Lowcat I’ricen. Apply at Company'* Ofilco, northwest corn* Clark and Handolph-st*., Chicago. I*. 11. HU VEKNET. ficneral Western AgonL. KllininEK KESOKTN. CONGRESS HALL, Saratoga Sjriags, H. Y, Thin elegant hotel, po»*fo#«hUik the advantage of being altuated between and adjoining the celebrated I'ongretm ami liuthorn Spring, Ih now open for the reception of Client*. _ TERMS FOIt JUNE. 9 n .l PER WEEK. Thoroughly renovated with additional hatha eluj’CtH. new furniture, and other extensive 1m nrovemcnl". It will be found, by llunm In eenrch o health and pleiinure, Iho moat complete and con vemcnt, unwell an tho moat delightful of Bimin*“ luilela, lIATIIOKN ft COOKU, IVourlctory. WEST END HOTEL, LONG BBANCH. This Hotel, with largo additions and Improve* ments, consisting of {SEVENTY KINtiLK KuDMS fur gentlemen, on additional tlliiljxn*room, a Hot nod Cold Sea-'Water nothing Establishment, etc., WILL OPEN EARLY IN JUNE. Applications for rooms con bo mode at the ofllce oil). 51. HILDHETH. fiS llroudway. N. Y., oral the Hotel. pkesiujuy & luldheth. _ HTOCICIBOLUDHK' JIUKTINIIS, CBICAGO iIORTHWESTM RAILWAY* April 24. 18711. The Annual Meeting of the Stockholder* and bondholder* of thin Company, for the election of Directors, pursuant to law, and for the transaction Of other business, will be heldut the ofilcu of the Company in Chicago, on Thursday, the Ist of Juno nest, at 1 p. m. . bondholders will authenticate their right to vote by presenting their voting bunds ut the ullico of the Company, No. 52 Wull-sl., Now York, for regia* (ration, on or before the Ist of Ray proximo. AI.UEHT KEEP, President. M. L. SYKEri. .In,. Secretary. IIUUOAXKINAL. \rALE COLLEGE—In response to urgent re quests, an examination for admission to th Cnderpradnute Academical Deportment and th KheMleld Sclentlllc School of Yule College will h held in Chicago, beginningon Friday morning, .Inn 110, m p o’clock. The plscc of the examination wi be announced In the city papers of June 20. Pr further information, address the Secretary of Yal College, New Haven, Conn. MIBB ADBY IX. JOHNSON (Late Principal of Bradford Academy) will reci into her Home, 100 Charles-st., UosUm, Mass, limited number of young Indies, to be under Immediate care ana Instruction In all the loam ef an English Education. Superior opportunl afforded for the study of the higher English brut f». the Ancient and Modern Languages. Music, Painting. Special attention given to the heultl Pupils. Miss Johnson refers by permission to P K C. ilurtlett. Chicago Theological Seminary. riIILAUGM>U!t advi:utisi:ii"«n. cextelllboaulxg and louoisg MHB. J. HAMILTON THOMAS, (Formerly bookseller utid publisher). Term* I per day. i;M4 C'hestnut-at., I*llll, ADELHII A. Cara to the Exhibition paaa the dour. V I isil'lV \l><J TO PHM.ADKLPinA-AIVOM » lk>l I v/IXO modatlun* for o.u**. aeo rooms lirfore imytng for them. No charge byugeuev, racept for porteiuue. Keep cheek*. t»r»»m i>il y delivered. lIINTT-.NNIAI, bODOISO AND V.OAUD -IN<» AHUNOV, 717 tiimoiu »1.. Philadelphia. I*.«. ( d.NTbN.NIAb I.ODtilMl-UDOSIS-ACCOM>H»DA- Vy Uou for gentlemen hulgeralu newly Ailed-up private room*. Apply ul A. I.UT/.'d furniture warvruums, Ul booth Eleveiilh-al., Philadelphia. _____ 1 ILK A BANT DOOMS, WITH UOAHD. NKA It CKN -1 tenalal EihllUlou. can be tenured at Ul beat Mad* uoa-su RAILROAD*. IMPORTANT AIIWESIT. Tilt.- tiny tho FOIiT WAYSB * PF.XNSYI.- VANIA RAILROAD will reduce passenger rates to points as follows: New York SIO.OO. I’liiladclplim - - - ■ 14.40. Tnko tho mule which Is the CHEAPEST and 13." MILES TUB SIIOUTKaT to tho CENTENNIAL GROUNDS. llCHlfiil CENTRAL I E. Reductions in Passenger Rates. Chicago to Boston $17.00 Chicago to New York 10.00 Chicago to Niagara Falls.. 152.00 Chicago to Buffalo 112.00 Ana Still Tim's Mors to Mow. Rurchaso Tickets at 07 Clark-st., and Central Depot, foot of Lake-st. HENRY C. WENTWORTH, Gon. Pass. & Tiokot A’gt, LAKE SHORE j±i srr> Michigan Southern Railway. IPORTAH EEDUCTM In Passenger Raton by tho Lake Bhoro & Michigan Southern Railway, to toke effect Tuesday,May3o. NcwYork,slo; Boston, sl7; Buffalo, sl2. For fUU information call nt tho Company’s Olllco, 04 and 00 Olark-st., Sherman House Block; Union Oillcoa in tho Pnlmor House and Grand Pa cific Hotel; and at Twonty-socond-st. Sta tion, and in Depot Office on Von Buron-ot. F. E. MORSE, G. W.P.Ag’t. TIITIBI I.OCEtS. TO Ml (Telegram. 1 “WAsniMiTOS, D. C.. May "3. 1870. ‘Yale Lock Manufacturing Company, Stamford, Conn.: . , ‘•The United States Patent Ofllw has granted on the reissue of the Littlle Thmy-Lork pah ait. ’his is a controlling patent In thne-locka, and all sera of the Bargcnl time-lock arc liableto you -for afrlngcmcut. MARCUS 8, HOPKINS. N. ll.—ln consequence of tho sending and pub- Islilngof tho alwvc telegram a *»*U for libel was immcnccd May 30, 1870, ogalnst sahl Marcus 8. Hopkins by John E. Norris, Esq., nnd Judge J. J. Coombs, attorneys for the makers of - the SARGENT TIME-LOCK: the plaintiffs alleging tho closing statement of Hkj telegram tob efalteaiul tnallcioni*, nnd intended to injure them in their business by deterring persons from buying llsolr llmo-lodm. “A word to the wise,” etc. SARGENT, GREEKLEAF & BROOKS, 25 Randolph-at., Olrioago, 111. COAL.. For tho present, and until further notice, wo offer Tie LeMfili Valley Coal Co.’s COAL At tho following prices por ton of 2,000 lbs., eoroenod and delivered: LAUGH KGO H97.n0 S.IIAM, EGG 7.00 UANGE.. «-«0 CHESTNUT 7.7 A BEST HUIKK HHjlj B.'UO FOR CASH ONLY. E. L. HEDSTROM & CO., X. AY. Cor. Adams nml Marliid-sla. CENIStAL NOTICES, Discount on City Taxes. THE SAFEST INVESTMENT FOR YOHJI MONEY lb IN YOU It OWN TAXES, eNncciiilly' wlii'ii you can get a HANDSOME DISCOUNT. The Cily of Clitrnfro will, at any time before .June 1. Ih7<l, borrow from permita owing City Heal K«U te Tiixck for the year lrt7. r > Urn amount of such taxi;a, allowing two (til pnroenl dlucount. and after .lime 1. nml prior to .Inly 1, JS7O. allowlmr one and one In,lf (Dj) per cent dlm;ount, and will bone voucher* therefor which may bo uaed at onco, or hold until tho owner in prepared to payblaoUiur * a ?ly*or«lcr of the Mayor and Finance Committee. Apply to S. b. HAYES. Comptroller. 41 Honm City Hall. NATIONAL PAINT 013. Sell bettor point for lesa money than con l»o fur nished by any other house In tbu United Staton. Prepared ready for use. Send for samples. 10(1 I)i*!irborn*st., (W 2 Btnte*t<t. PIANOS. PIANOS bent. ”1 /f\(fh Splendid Upright. Square, and Orand 1 Pianos to rent, mid rent deducted If pur* ‘ “ l ' l ' LYON & ITEALY, State and Moaroo-eta, Chicago, hIMmXSHI.V.S GOODS. GUNS, FISHING TACKLE, ETC, At B. E. BATON’S, B 3 State-st. I’STAHUSHKI) IHKL watku emu:* KENOSHA WATER CURE, KENOSHA. Wls. Decently enlarged and Improwd. Kina lake view and good boating Summers re* tnarknbly cool, and climate delightful. Chronic Diseases; Disease* of Netvous {System. Par circn. lurs, terms, etc., address N. A. 1 ENM)\ Ell, M. P . Pliyslclun.or E. PENNOYEU, Proprietor. DVKINU A.VII UI.r.A.MX(i. "lIAWLS Of every description cleaned to look like new, and nt short notice. Al.'il. SCIIWAUZ, 100 So. Clark. laHUllmiK and -*d:.\t. Madl-on-ita. OKI. l AMtS. tWILSON i EVENDEN, JhA OIL TANKS ii£SS\{ SHIPPING CANS, PuccalW U 47 48 Waal Lake Biroel, • OIIZOAaO. tiJLAtilwrVv aasa wasafawatia. THE COUNCIL. of an Extraordinary Better from Hr. Hayes. He Claims to Bo Comptroller, and Proceeds to Criti cise Things. The AJdcrmcn Decline to Hc ccdvo tho Inoorrcctly- Sigucd Paper. Tho Finance Co'ninittea Submit a Plan in Eoferenoo to Oortifl catcs of Indebtedness. F. 11. MYF.nS, O. I’. *T. A. Tho Bach-Tft:ces Pledged for Their Redemption—Pro visinps for Stamp ing Timm. The Aid of Our Bankers to Be Invoked if Holders Object to the Solieme. The Measure Adopted After Some Fructles.s Efforts at Delay. Favorable Beport on tho Petition for Crogier’s Bestoration—Side walk Inspectors. HATES’ COMMUNICATION, >.M) WHAT WAS DONE WITH IT. The n Riilur weekly meeting of the City Conn* «il was field lasi night, Mayor Hoync In the choir. Kvery Alderman was in his place, with the cx> jeptlon of Aid. I.oddlng, and there was u large i uuiiuiico of citizens. TIME OP MEETING. Sot ao amendments wore made in the minutes of th/e last meeting, and Aid. Throop moved to rcco naldcr the action of tho Connell In adopting ruh in for the guidance of the body. Curried. /lid. Throop moved that Rule No. 1 be so an fended as to change the time of holding the regular racctingr. from 7:30 Monday evenings to 8 in the afternoon. After some discussion, Aid. Thompson pnlntct out that an ordinance was necessary to make ih change. The motion was then referred to the.Tudlclary Committee, with instructions to present an ordinance cm the subject. Aid. While called up and moved tho passage of tho ordinance hi regard to the paving of Ful ton street from Sangamon to Ada. Aid. Smith sold water-mains were to he laid on tho street, ami he would move that the work be deferred until sixty days after this Improve ment wns effected. Aid. Thompson moved that the Board of Pub lic Works be directed to advcrtlfiu for proposals for this work, and let it to the lowest bidder. The amendments were accepted by the mover, and the ordinance passed os amended. Tho Clerk read the following communication: To //w Honorable the Common Council of the City of Chicago: I received to-day from New York thin fcltnr, which, with my reply by telegraph, I submit to yonr honornblo body: “Ton Amktucas UxntANon Bank. Nrw Voiik, May'll, INTO. —A’. S. Huyen, K*<}., Chicarjo, 111. My Dkaii Sm: 1 deeply regret to hoar from you to-day of the position of alfalrs In Chicago. . . . I have directed our bookkeeper to forward your account, requested, and shall be glad to receive your licnt counsel an to the course it in advisable ‘for on and other holders of Chicago certlflcatcn to pursue. ••In order to elicit snine expression of tho pur pose of Vhe parties In possession of the city oiitnor lly, I Ivave addressed a letter to-day to the • Comp troller of the City of Chicago’ (Impersonally), ask ing v/hat In to be done la respect to tho obligations Already matured aim to ibono duo June 1; also slating that U In of vital Importance for the credit tvf the city that I should he ofllclally Informed, an fin agent, what course In to he taken with Itfl cred itors. I hope to get from some one In possession of authority u definite reply. I can only add that a continued default will ulloct tho credit, not of tho city alone, but of every corporation and busi ness man within it. Ah public debt throughout the country has taken the form of city obligations, the i default of so prominent A place as Chicago has Im , mensi!significance, ton degree commensurate with I its Intrinsic Importance And to he apprehended ef fect upon others. In this aspect or the ca«e ttio responsibility of delay or hesitation in continuing the negotiation of the certificates on heretofore, and the vigorous collection of tuxes mid their im plication to tho reduction of the floating debt, will fall heovlly upon thoso who permit It. Unplug that tho City of Chicago may he spared such a dis grace, 1 remain, dear sir. yours truly, * • (.» ttotioK 8. C.'ok, President.” I have replied by telegraph as follows: ••1 believe this city will provide honorably for 1 its paper, notwithstanding the present unfortunate complications. 1 understand Uln now almost cer tain that tho case between Mr. Colvin and Mr. Boyne will he heard by the Circuit Court Wednes day, and decided without unnecessary delay. Jt Is not impoinihle that both parties may abide hy t;hal decision. My own connection with tho financed of the city may therefore cease within a few days. My plan Is, acting under the ordinances of the City Council, to place on tho market, by advertisement, corllftcntes or revenue warrants chargeable to tho funds represented hy the outstanding certificates, and drawn against tho proper proportion and jiart of tho uncollected taxes of lH7.i, And prbr years, ami payable out of said luxes Juno I. 1K77, with Interest nt 7 per cent per annum at IhoOlty Treasury, to ho sold at a rate not exceeding Bl>er cent per annum, which lathe limit fixed by the ordinance, of which you have a copy, and to ap ply the proceeds to the payment of tho existing loans with Interest. Other revenue-warrants for loans to meet the July Interest will In like man ner he drawn, payable out of tho tax levy for 1*7(1, and offered for salo. This, of course, Is sublet lott possible repeal of the ordinance, and to the contingency of my ceasing to act for tho city. Does this plan meet the approval of yourself i.nrt other holders of ottr paper In Now \ork. and M ill they not hold the paper of the city without pro test until It can be consummated? ••S. 8. llavks, Comptroller. ■” I hove rend certain resolutions adopted hy a nutt ing this morning, upon tho report of a committee, which, l umliTstand, are to ho ottered In tho City ('(•illicit. JThe resolutions are given In tho renort of the conference.) It is not to bo expected that persons unacquaint ed with the finances of the city wouhl be üblo to prepare a perfect plan of administration. It is my duty to inform you of several fatal ob jections to tho scheme proposed: 1. The Incoming luxes will bo loft In tho Treasury for long periods of lime without Interest. •J. By pledging all tho back taxes of 1870 <md prior years for tho certificates of Indebtedness, and July and January Interest, tho policemen, tire, men, school-teachers, and other creditors of tho city who hold none of tho certificates of Indebted ness, will )* robbed of the funds appropriated and being collected for their payment. ;i. Thu laws of the Htato uuthorlxq collecting of ficers of the towns and county to accept nothing nut mono/ for (axes, and therefore the city him no Cower to make tho certificates receivable for all the ark (axes. In fart, the present County Treasurer ItC* frequently refused to receive any eortllkalosor orders of the city in ttui manner promised, al though requested by thu Comptroller to do so. Uu spuclfully submitted, ti. 8. Hatch, Comptroller. Aid. Cullcrlon—Under what order of business tbit foimmmlcallou reudf Tho Elerk—lloports of city officer*. Altl. Oullorton -Then. Mr. President, I move the communication be not received. Aid. bengacher explained that ho wan about to make a motion under the Impression that the order wax ilni*hc>t, hut gave way to allow tho continual* cation to be read. Aid. Cnllortim—lf I understand tho Clerk and the presiding officer correctly, the order of report* of city officer* ww concluded, and Aid. l,cn«acher then got tho door and asked consent to Introduce a revolution. I made the remark that wo had passed the order of buaiueaa fur receiving report* and nunmUDlcatloiia. and, aa a member of the Coun* cii, Ido nut propose to receive that aa a report from a city officer. I think, upon reflection, that CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 30, 187 G. •PAVING FOI.TON STREET. HIIAI.L IT 1»B UKUBIVBUi the Clark will see that It Is not received under the head of “city officers.” Aid. Thompson—l would suggest to the Alder man that. liiMtnnch os the document has been read, U might as well go to the Finance Commit tee. 1 would make that as a motion. AM. Cullerton—l should certainly object to the motion to refer. Aid. Pearsons—l shall second the motion tbntlbe commonlcatlon be not received. Aid. Cullerton—Docs theClialr entertain tho mo lioh ? The Chairman—Yes, sir. . , AM. Cullerton—l am somewhat surprised at Mr. Hayes sending In such ft tommunlcallon. ftftcr taking the trouble of distributing this speech to the pnblie (holding op one of the printed slips of myex* card to the public). If the gentlemen take occasion to read that through, and If they nay at tention to the document which has been read, they will find that they differ widely. I hold that It Is tlie duty of this Council not to receive the commu nication. With due respect to Mr. Hayes, whol«a warm personal friend of mine. I certainly must give my opinion that the introduction of this document at this stage of the proceedings In nothingel-c but buncombe. This is the same Ithe card to the public]. It Is true the motion not tn receive should in-carefully considered. Probably the document might Im’ received end placed on file, or even re ferred. If a motion Is made to refer, I don't know hut on consideration I will withdraw my motion: and If the gentleman desires its reference I shall move Its reference to another committee, for the purpose of discussing and reaching thin speech of AM. Thompson—l then move to refer to the Com mlliw on Finance. AM. rnllcrton—l move to refer to tho Committee on Judiciary. . , . Aid. Gilbert—lnasmuch as Mr. Hayes has been removed, tho communication cannot on from a city officer. I would like to ask. Mr. President. If the cornmnmcallon is received from a city officer? The Chairman—l cannot slate that, hut It Is Irafore the hou-e. ami a motion Is pending to refer to thu Committee on Finance. Aid. Gilbert—lf he Is a city officer we acknowl edge It hy referring It; but if the communication is from a private the rufcrcncu would be no rernpnltion. .... AM. Hildreth—l util Mr. Ilsyoft* successor is qualified Is not he the Comptroller? Aid. Gilbert—Mr. Hayes was Cimiptroßer until such time ns His Honor removed Idm nnd appoint ed his successor. Aid. Pearsons—l don’t wish IhM communication to bo referred to the Finance Committee, for as a member of that Committee I have LOST ALL IIESPBCT FOll A COMPTnOLLEU who has held the office for two or three years and ha- left the employes of the city wlthonl their money. (Applause.] If the gentleman has float cd for the last three or four month:* upon the cred ulous and grasping men of thu East certifiejited against the City of Chicago, and these men actual ly knew that those certificates were questionable ns to Umlr legality—if he could do that and get all the money be chose—why, I a«k. did he not pay the employes of Urn city? That Is the question. (Applause.] I have no confidence In any in mi, be Im- Comptroller or not. who would allow such a stale of things to come down to this Administration as Is coming down to ns at the present time. We now owe to otir em ployes a million of money; andthi* Finance Onm mit’toe ami this Council are Isinnd by sacred obli-, gallons to pay them every dollar In greenbacks and not certificates. This Finance Committee Is working for that very cud. and I* going to ac complish It. It has done my son] good, —it has let light In. gentlemen.—to see the bankers and mcr chdptsof Chicago ready to respond to the call of this Administration for money at any time we may make It. (Applause.] Further along In the even ing Ills qnl cprobnble there will bo an opportuni ty for mo to make eomo further reounrks on this question. It Is a question that I foul deeply on. I cannot express my feeling- on this subject. The employed of the city must he paid. (Applause.] Ald.'Lcugacbcr—Aid. Pearsons, you arc speak ing of a BP.rUET n.RnOR OH OWOAKKATIOH of tlio Finance Committee wUlch I d«*n'l Fnoi anvlliUiK «f. lam a member of tbe Committee but 1 don't know imy eerret pledge<nrorcantxni.ion Aid. Pearson*—Are you a member of the Flnanc c. "°AM ni V.cnjrnflii'r— lf I could bo initialed In It, I should be very Kind to lie Invited. Aid. I’rnrefinH—We have endeavored In every manner to Ret yon to meet with in*, and huvu worked hard for that end, nnd I am vorv worry that you liavo not lieen with u* hi conenflalilon. niKhtandday, forthclaet two woeka. [Laughter.) Aid. Lengacher—l have received but one mil lee. and Hint wne two bourn after ths Committee had mot. [Laughter. J DBMOOTIIBNM. Aid. Hildreth—l Imvo only one word to pay. These arc painful limes. It affects the hearts of men and tries thdr sou*, etc. I am sorry to see gentlemen so deeply affected here to-night, espe cially when there Is an opportunity for gculhimen to became enlightened om the subjects that appear before the Council, and 1 must say I am a Mttip bit pained: ray heart In somewhat grieved. I feel sad fora moment to think that any gentleman of this Council should attempt to criticise the acts of the Comptroller, Mr. Hayes, for the naylng of employ es of the City of Chicago. I would like to ask the Finance Committee if tl»‘y. in their profound wis dom, sre able to pay otf the employes individually out of thdr own purses. If bo. Chicago will feel grateful that she has euch a Finance Committee. If they arc not able to pay the employes cer tainly they could not call upon Mr. Hayes without the people paying In thdr taxes, to pay the employes. Then I would soy one word for informa tion. and that Is this: the employes of the City of Chicago would have been paid long ago. only for the very fact of the question arising, brought up and agitated by the newspapers, ami only for the present trouble no gentleman's heart would have btedni it does here to-night. But, the delay will very soon be overcome, and then tide heart-bleed ing will he done with. Aid. Briggs—lf in order. I have some resolutions from the Finance Committee. Aid, Hilbert—l move the communication from Mr. Hayes bo not received. Aid. tdieridan—l second the motion, on the ground that Mr. Hayes la not the Comptroller of the dtv, and has not l»ocn since the removal by your Honor, one week ago. lie signs himself Comptroller. Ills disposition to bold on to the olhec during the past week, thus embarrassing the affair* of the corporation, seems to me to l« one of I the strangest affairs In connection with the whole trouble. 1 think, with Aid. Hilbert, the COMMUNICATION CANNOT nE RRCBIVED In the present form, without offering mi tndlpnlly lo yourself and this Council, I’craunally I hove nhfch regard for Mr. llayea, but In my present views 1 ci-rtnlnly cannot bo a parly to any aelf atultlflcation. . Alii. Sweeney—l would like In ask tho gentleman If Mr. llnye* 1" not Comptroller until tho oilier gentleman qualifies. Aid. Sheridan—No, air. Aid. Sweeney—Hv what authority? Aid. Sheridan—lly Iho power of the Mayor he wna removed a week ago. ..... Aid. Sweenev— Haa the other man qualified? Aid. Sheridan—That make* no difference. There la mi eh a thing a* an Interregnum. Thin Is not the find time U haa occurred. Aid. Sweeney—l suppose not. Aid. Sheridan—There haa been an Interregnum for the pa«t week. ... .... Aid. I.engneher—W ith all due reaped to the arte* eesaorof Si S. Ilayes whom you have appointed. 1 would like to iwk If the charier does not say that tho Comptroller ahull servo until Ida accounts ar« accented and the new Comptroller qualifies. 1 tliluk he la tho Comptroller until Mr. Derlckaon haa given Ida bond and I* thereby qualified. I think he la treated with 111-feellng. Why can tide paper not be received and referred to tho appropriate Committee? Aid. cidlcrton—Wlllyoupoint oulyour authority forvouraaaertlona? . ...... Aid. Leneaehor—Kxccpt he haa tiled Ida bond ami haa qualified hr la not Comptroller. To whom ahal) Mr. Have* turn over Ida hooka? To a man who ban never furnished any bonda? To a man who cannot conduct bln own financial affairs? Aid. (HUM*rt—See. 1 of the Mayor's act Rive* tho power to the Mayor to remove an ofllccr, and aay* the Mayor may appoint any snltatdn person to dis charge the duties of the office until his successor la appointed and qualified. It don’t sav that after an onlrer haa been removed he Is to hold over until Ida aucces-or la appointed. _ Aid. Sweeney—Has the Mayor given Mr. Derick son possession of tlie office? Aid. Hilbert—That don’t make any difference at Aid. Sweeney—lt makes u great deal of differ- ence. It seems to me. . .. .. Aid. Hilbert—lt don’t say that Iho person dis charged shall Iw held over. Mr. Derlcksou was named last Monday evening, and he takes posses sion of Iho olllre, .. . Aid. Cullurton—l moved that this be not re ceived. I was taken by surprise that such a com munication should como in. However, lam not now of the opinion that It should not he received, ami t favor tho substitute by Aid. Hilbert. Thu gentlemen from the Seventh (Aid. Hildreth) has made a reference that Mr. Hayes would have paid (he employes of the city some time ago had not this question arisen, (submit to the gentleman and his friends whether Mr. Hayes has not had, ■ since last November or December, an opportunity of paying a portion of these men at least. I will submit If it (> not true that the moneys paid by the taxpayers into the Treasury have UONB TO NBW YOUK FOU TUB FATMBNT OF CUKTIPICATBA that had matured. 1 would submit to the penile* iuuii If It la mil a fact that it haa been the hulilt of a larpw portion. if nut all. of the poorer classes and the mldillu classes invariably to pay their tax* r». and If It I* not also a fact that that money was trnnsferri'd from the City Treasury to Sew York, instead of Its soltic to the payment of those men! Aid. Hildreth—Too thin. Aid. (’ullerton—The gentleman in the rear says It's too tiiln. it Is itimply the difference of opinion that exist* tn-dav, and It I* the difference of upin* hm that wus the eansn of Mr. Hayes' rentoval; and 1 desire to say that that communication was sub mitted for no other tmrnoau than buncombe. Aid. I'carsons-lnum. Aid. Cnllcrtou—The removal of Mr. Hayes haa taken effect. There is no question about IbaL Now, Ur. Hayes. In a part of bia speech that is delivered to the public,—l presume tint was written before this, or othorwUw bo would have «cea the mistake,— aayat “1. Recnose tho Mayor’s act, and the removal clause In tho general law of 1K72. are prohatdy un constitutional, and their methods of procedure arc against the common law and common right. ”2. Because, even under these acts, I conld not bo removed, except upon charges disqualifying me front office. and upon which I had a right to he heard before It could take effect. •• 3. Because the net of removal never was at tempted at all. but was falsely reported to the os seninly of Aldermen, and only on tho following Wednesday a document was written and dated back to antedate the inciting of Conndlmen, and left at my office to offonl » legal basis for tho protended removal twodny* before; and “4. Because Mr. lloyne was not Mayor of Chi cago by lawful election. or In fact, and had not the power to displace me by a removal or by the ap pointment of a successor, whether to (111 a vacancy, If there be a vacancy, or otherwise.” If the gentleman was nut so hot-headed ho would not feel so sore. lam surprised at u gentleman of Mr. Hayes* Intelligence submitting such a docu ment to the public. It Is un Insult to this body and to the community. Aid. Lengacher—To a few of them. AM. Cullerton—Vcs. The act under which Mr. Hayes was removed tinder was approved April U), IHf.'i. If ho hail taken the trouble to quote the truth. 1 would have taken no exceptions, but I do lake exception to Um receiving by the legislative body of ibis city of ft document like this, particu larly when It Is signed by “H. S. Hayes. Comp troller. " I wonder why fir did not sign this speech “H. S. Hayes, Comptroller.” Now. Ihojie that the document will not he received. 1 don't believe It ought to be. I believe tint hi- speech with refer ence to the poor man Is entirely out of place, and 1 believe If Is the duly of the legislative authority of this city, a- soon us the ouestlou ran be determined In the courts, to see that th employes of the city shall he paid. I hope that the decision of the court/* will be u final one, nnd I he lleve it for the best Interests of the city that It should so l>e agreed upon. I don’t believe that Mr. Colvin, should he he unsuccessful, would at tempt to occupy the chair, it would be useless for him to do so. The credit of the city would bo worse than while he was Mayor. Mr. Colvin as Mayor, ami Mr. Hayes »s Comptroller, with the Council with then:, had an opportunity of preserv ing the credit of the city. wnr dids t rnnr do it! Simply because the cttpitallet* of this city and the bnslness-mcn had lout nil confidence In Mr. Col vin's administration. That I* the reason, to a great extent, why Mr. Hayes was compelled logo Ka«t to borrow money. You mav as well look at this question as it is. Mr. Colvin, nhonld UiecourP* restore him to power, would bo in a worse condition than he was for month* prior to these questions arising. Yonr Honor will he declared the legal Mnvor, I have no doubt, and it Is a question for the court-, bronchi up bvMr. Colvin, who asks von why yon are Mayor. The courts will settle it right away. I have no doubt that, if thi- question was loft entirely out of the courts, the capitalists mill everybody would recommend the legislative authority to par the employes, and even If this thing Is not decided in a week the employes will be paid. 1 believe and hope this matter will he ended after the decision of Urn Court, It matters not which wav It goes, and 1 hope that communication will not bn received. It is Improper to receive It, Inasmuch as Mr. Hayes signs himself Comptroller. He lias been removed under the act of lo'.'j. and that settles it. Aid. Hildreth—l hope it will he referred. It matters not whether he slims himself Comptroller or noL If such a document could I*j put In the breast* of a great many of the gentlemen who characterize the acts of Mr. Hayes, I tell yon they would spunk more Intelligently on the financial condition of this city than they do at the present time. There 1* not u gentleman In this Council that is aide to discuss the question of our finances equal with Mr. Hayes. You may differ with him In policy, hut ns this question has been probed* e.n»l von are going to the Isjttom of It, you find that It Is one of the patent facts that It Is an utter Impossi bility to do away with this certificate business. Yon'have characterized them ns Illegal pieces ol paper floating around for the purpose of s.vlndllnt the public, and now the regime is to indorse by t stamp procedure these certificates that an; Illegal, and by stamping these facts on them we will make them legal. 1 And everything cheeks up beautiful- Iv In the Comptroller's office. Everything is foum correct, except In the City Collector a ollice. Aid. McAulcy—A point of order. Tlie gentlcmar Is discussing things not pertinent to the Issue. Tin* Chairman-Confine yourself to the question. Aid. Hildreth—Yes, but Inasmuch as Aid. Culler ton ran so faraway, I thought it was a sort of r free school, and I would go in on Hie tame road. Some nay the communication is AN INSULT TO TIMS COUNCIL I don’t believe Mr. Hayes would Insult any gen tleman In thin Council or in Chicago. When m**n talk of hln Insulting them, they talk of something I have never yet heard placed at Mr. Hayes' door. Wlion you wish lo characterize hit* acts as Comp troller, any qcntleionn In thin Council that attempt* It In tiring with n gun that is not of a callbns sulll dent to reach the mark. That communicuJinn I hope may t»o Kent to Committee*, unci I think Committee Ik the appropriate one. Aid. Thrcmp—l don't ri*e to take up lime In th Connell. We have *pcnt an hour here on th foolish qneKtion of the reference which we eon’ have disposed of In two minute*. I hope thcthli will he referred, for the reason that there are no h. dividual* In onr comnmnlty that are no low hut whnt they have the right to present a communica tion to nil* Council. Aid. Ciillertnu—l have no objection* to It* ref erence If it was not signed **S. S. Uuycs, Comp troller." Aid. Throop—There Is 100 much pamUhiconnect ed with this whole transaction. 1 hope to see U al layed. and then we will ko to work. A lot of boys would have settled the question long mm. hrl it po to the Finance Committee, and I move it t*o to them. Aid. Cullcrton—Does not the gentleman nmle stand that the receiving of tin- communlciUh signed “N. S. Haves. Comptroller." Is ACKNOWLEDGING* MU. HATCH AS COMITUOLMJI Aid. Throop— I think he Is Comptroller until an other man Is appointed. [Applause. | We can'i j!et him nwav from there until some man la quail lied to take his place. Aid. Cullrrton—He Is reipovcd. is he not* Aid. Throop—lie don’t seem to be. [ Apnlawe.' Aid. Stewart—l don’t want to vole Inconsistently, It? our record* it is plain and straight that till Comptroller Is removed under the .Mayor’s act which is clear and unequivocal. After that another person Is appointed to take blsplnce After that, this cs-Comidrollor brings in u comum ideation slcnlnc hlmseli as Comptrnller. I ekin' want to rccoznlxc him us Comptroller any longer until the Court recommends him, and It would up pear ridiculous to receive communications firon mm as Comptroller when 1 don’t believe he Is. The previous question was ordered on Aid. GII ben's substitute that the communication bo NOT ItBCKIVnt). and the suhitltntc being put was carried by yeas •,*(). mvaltl. The following Is the vole: i'ru*— Aid. IVamm*, McAuley, Mallard, Jiorg, (Hlbcrt, Stewart. Sheridan, C’ullerton. Sur lier, Lawler. Ileldler, Van Osdel. Smith, (trigs*, Hmvleigh, Cleveland, Uaumgartcn, Waldo, Hirer, Klrk-ffO. A'tip*—Aid. Aldrich. Thompson, Sommer, lilt dreth, O’llrleii. White, Thrnop. llynu. Nielsen, Lenguchcr, Lliisculiarlh. Murphy, Sweeney—lit. THE EIXAXCIAE QUESTION KCaOMrrtosft or tub committbc. Aid. Briggs ottered the following resolutions, mid moved their piw?age: Wiibukas, There arc certificates of Indebtedness now outstanding against the city, ami noon to be come due, for the payment of which there an; no Immediate ca«h means available; Now. for the purpose of defining the position of the i lly ttouTninent In reference thereto, and to provide fur the payment thereof, bell lifsoh fil. That we recognize the obligation of this city to pay nil outstanding certificates Issued against the appropriations of former yean", upon which money lias been loaned and charged to the credit of the city upon Hie Comptroller’* book*. And that, for the purpose of retiring *aldeeeilH cate*, wc do hereby pledge all taxes now remaining uncollected of the tuxes of the years 1H72. H7JI, and (H 74. a* well as the taxes levied for the year IK7.'*, except so much thereof us maybe rcuu.ircd to pay the accruing interest ujton the funded debt of the city up to the Ist of January, 1H77. amount* lug to about ftgtU.OOO, ami also except eutlldenl to pay all arrears of wages and salaries up to A !),vlo/Vc(f, , /«rfAer, That all said taxes shall be collected as speedily os may be. and set apart In the Treasury n< a separate fund to draw agruust for that piirpose:nnd that annually, oroflener, the Comptroller shall pay mu to each certificate liolder his pro-rata share of said land so held uml collected, until all said ceitill* cate indebtedness shall l*c paid, with Interest; and that in case of any detlcit or balance remaining no* collected or unpaid at the end of throe years from the date hereof, such balance shall bo paid out of the Treasury from such sum as may bo raised and appropriated for that purpose. J{f*otrtU, further , That In order to specifically validate all said certificates, ami schedule uml classify them ou the Comptroller’s boohs, the Comptroller shall prepare a suitable stamp or dev Ice ami stamp each of said certificates; uml that the holders thereof Is* required to present the same, and that the words and tlgures shall be stamped thereon. ” payable out of Iho taxes of •*.’), *74, and '7.'», ami on or about Iho Ist day of June, 1K71I”; provided that In all cases the Interest ou such certificates shall bo paid out of said fund semi-nnuually: and provided further that all said certificates shall be receivable by the* city for pay* muni of iho back-luxes of said years, after sulll cienl money haa been received for tbo payment of employes and interest us above provided. Jletolretl, That the Comptroller tor City (Jerk) of the city be requested lost once call hi all of said certificates now outstanding, and that the holders of the same be requested to cxleudlhe time of pay ment of the same fur a period of one. two, or three years, and that, on presentation of the same, said Comptroller (or CUy Clerk) be authorised to in dorse on them a proper Indorsement, agreeing to pay the same lu one, two, and three yearn, with In terest ul 7 per Cent, payable semi-annually; and, further, that the said Comptroller (or Uly Clerk) shall Uko Immediate steps to ascertain whether the holders of the certificates maturing on Iho Ist day of June next, or any timo thereafter, will con sent to the arrangement; and tf they will not, then ttullba linkers and bnsiuwa men of UuscUybe requested to subscribe a sufficient amount of money to pay and (aka up said certificates so ma« luring on or about the let day of June, anti that said certificate- be ihtn Indorsed In the same way and manner above sc’, .forth, and made payable In one. two. end three years, with Interest nt "percent, payable •eml-nnnunlly. and transferred to said parties. which certificates shall bo receiva ble by the city for all bad: taxes, except as above provfdcd. At.D. imtdOß I wish to say a few word* upon them. Those resolutions have been under consideration some time with the Finance Committee, and 1 will say that ther occ Indorsed with olmost entire ununiirdtv. Wo were n«surcd by bankers In New York, tfhohotd large amounts of there certificates, nnd they signified that something of Ibis kind would Ira entirely sat isfactory. One banker here who haw a large amount signifies his satisfaction. We are übo assured by some prominent merchants that there will be no trouble in raising a million dollars if those resolutions are parsed. I won't take up any time now, but I am In favor of the resolutions. LET us HB I*KBCt»B. AM. Cullerton—ls that thu report uf the Com- littce on Finance? AM. Briggs—Yes. sir, and the resolutions. AM. Cullerton-It comes as a report. AM. Hlldrcth-l dislike very much to make any motion that Is going to stop this work, tills glorious work, of pelting at the bottom of this question. But, inasmuch os I have not seen this mirtier before. I fed ns though I would like to look In to It. and 1 shall move that It be laid over and nnbtishcd. AM. Bw< enoy—l second tho motion. Aid. White—As I understand it. thH l« a resolu tion and not a reputt. Hus the Committee signed AM. Briggs—Yes, It comes from thu Committee n Finance. Aid. Illblreth —ls It signed? Aid. Briggs—No. sir. AM. Whit**—Then I move It bo referred to the Committee on Judiciary. It is not ft tvporl. Ills a communWation. AM. McAuh-v—lt 1* Intended as a report ot the Committee on Finance. The simple fo*:t that they have not sign* dlt dues not do any Itnrm. They can corrert it now hv signing it. AM. Briggs—l offer these resolutions from the Finance Committee, and nu/ve their adoption and passage. The Chairman—That I* tho motion, sir, nnd that resolution is now before the house, an I nucier utaiiil It. AM. Cullerton—l simply ro«e for tho purpose of sotting this right. If It can lie done under tho cir cumstances. The statement of some AJdcmetu that this l» not a report, as then- was nothing nn thu subject referred to the Comnlttcc, ts entirely wrong. That portion of Ills Hiumr's message re lating to thu finances of the ell r certainly weu* to the Finance Committee : ami tint, together i/llh the present financial condition of the city to-disr, is the reason that (his report emanates from that Committee. UlllllMils Aid. White—Do you hold It to he a report In the liKcnce of a Committee signing l i. Aid. Cullerton—lf the gentle nan Isderfrcnmof avlng the financial difficulties rf the city-settled, u will not lake adrantageof anytJitngof this sort. I insider It n report of the Fintim >.■ Committee upon i«- statement of the gentleman who prw.enti-u It. The Chuirmnn—lt would be perfectly in order >r (hi* Committee to wltbdra rt the n.-purt and ave It signed. Aid. White—l shall make no objection to that, merely want It brought pn »pcrly before llui House. After further discussion. tho zcsolutlons were tl withdrawn temporarily. Snb-tetjuenllv Aid. llrlgzs offer ed the resolutions above described In Hie shape of o report from thti Finance Committee, and a«ked tb nlr passage. MOKE FOIOIAI.TII ». Aid. Cullcrton—'They now come in tbe ahapqvm a upon of a committee. Tin; Clerk-Yes. sir. Aid. Cullerton—Will yoa please/ read the com nenccment? Tiie Clerk read—“To the Mayt r and Aldermen of tiie Citv nf Chicago In Common Cotm.-H Assem bled: We ask the pas-age of the f allowing.” Aid. Cullerton—ls seems to nieilie report ought to he umunded by inserting the word* “Your Committee on Finance." Tiie Chairman—lt Is signed by tbe ‘Committee, Aid. Cullcrton—l desire to amend t’jc report, and I move those words be inscrU-d. AM. Hildreth—l should like to know bow the Council i* going to amend the report of u com mittee. Aid. Cullcrton—lt has always ’been in order to do so. The Chairman—lf there 1* no objection the amendment will be made with the consent of tbe Committee. Aid. Cullerton—l desire to atm >ml It by motion. Aid. lirtegs—! am quite sure that “Finance Commltt’-c" Ison the report. Aid. Cullcrton—Then I movo the passage of the resolutions, and upon that 1 'move the previous question. Aid. Hildreth—You cannot do that. It The Chairman—Thu previous quoslluu has been called. Aid. Hildreth—l shall hold tint under the char ter and the rules that Lhu motion was not projicrly made. Tills is a matter of great Importance, and wants to be passed legally. We don't want to he blundered Into the ptuoagu of an ordlnnnre raising so much money. Tho very passage of It lu this way would be Illegal. Aid. Cullerton—l gu »s* It i* not illegal. Aid. Hildreth—Well, let us see one of th the Financ Tile Chairman-Was the passage of the resolu tions recorded? Aid. Cnllcrton—Yes. Tin* Chairman—And the previous question was called? Aid.* Culkrton—Yes, sir; and it Is entirely la order. The Chairman—l wanUlo understand the condi tion of things. Was the previous question called for when the resolution was moved? Aid. Ciillerlon—Yes. Aid. Hildreth—Let me state the matter u It Is. The Alderman Is up to the tricks that 1 myself ptuv, and knowing them so we]], I cun explain them. The point Is this: A gentleman takes the door and nmuv the passage of the ordinance, and no Alderman rises In his real »nd seconds tin* mo tion. lie virtually seeonib- ids own motion, and upon that calls the prevliMnwjuestloD. That is con tra rv to mtr rules. AfiL Cullcrton—'Will tin: gentleman give way for a questionT Aid. Hildreth—Kot This is certainly out of order. Mr. President. The motion even to pan* the ordinance Is not fairly before the house, as no person ro-e from his sent and seconded it. I now second Unit motion of Aid. Cullorton’s for the purpose of getting it fairly before the nousc. Aid. Cullerton—A point of order. The previous question is not debatable. The Chairman—l have not understood that the previous question was called after the passage of the resolution was seconded. The dUcus-lon proceeded further In this strain, and Aid. Cullerton ultimately got tho door and once mure moved the previous question. Aid. Hildreth—lf this Is to go I want the Clerk to write down my protest right away. I Aid. Cullerton—A point of order. Tho previous question is called. The Chairman—Tho question la, Shall the main question now lie pul? Aid. Hildreth—Mr. President The Chairman-Call the yeas and nays, Mr. Aid*. Sommer—l would like to know whether it has not been moved to refer this report to a com mittee. The Chairman—lt has not been so moved. Aid. Hildreth—Hut I insist upon lu reference, ant! will stale that under The chairman—The provisos question has been called. Call Hie yeas and nays. AM. Sommer-1 want to know exactly what we are voting upon, yon know. Hefurc the previous question is culled any member has certainly Hie right to suy whether it should be eu ordered or nut, and I hold that It should not. The I'halrmuii— Will tin* allow me to Mato that when the previous question is called there cun be no debate Ahi. Sommer— Uulo till says that. The Chairman—Call the yens ami nays. The Clerk did us directed, and the previous question wua ordered by u vote of UO yeas to 4 nays. rtOHTIKO FOR A REFERENCE. Aid. Hildreth—l now mow and insist upon the reference of the resolution. Tito Chairman—The main question Is now to bo taken, in accordance with the vote. The vote of the limine must now be taken on the passage of the resolutions. Aid. Hildreth—Mr. President. The Chairman—Yes, Mr. Aid. Hlldrelh-At the request of any two Alder men present a report of (ills kind can be referred. 1 reqne»t it fur one. Aid. While and Sointner-And I foranolhor. The Chairman—You cannot have it. Ihe Conn* ell culled for the previous question and voted it. Call the yeas and nays. ...... The roll-call was then proceeded with, buldar *nAhb Thompson sald-As a question of privilege, I usk the unanimous consent of (he Council, if the Aldermen desire to discuss (his matter, to grant them the opportunity. I have no desire to make any remarks, but this l« mi exceedingly Important mailer, and I very much doubt (tie propriety of pressing it In this manner. I think Inis is due to any one who desires to discuss the question', and SO fur as 1 nm concerned 1 have no objection. Tin* Chairman—lf this is withdrawn. Aid. CuMerton—lt cannot )w withdrawn now. Aid. Thompson—lf It cannot bo withdrawn, then I shall not press it. It might bo deuu by uuaul mous consent. Tho Chairman—ls unanimous consent given f Aid. Cnllerton -1 object. The roll then pioceeued until was reached, who on a question of privilege said: Tills seems to mu to Ihs going a little too fast. 1 have never seen it hut that when two members Aid. Cullertua—This in out of order. The Chairman—Proceed with the vole. Aid. White did not respond to his name, and, when (he cull was completed, Aid. Cullerlon Insisted upon bla voting or being formally excused. On motion, the Alderman was excused. The result was then announced as follows: J’<os— Dcarsoui, McAulcy, bollard, Rosenberg, PRICE FIVE CENTS. Aldrich, Thompson, Gilbert, Stewart, Sheridto* Cnllerton, Kcrncr, Lawler, neldler. van OsdeL Smith, Uriggs, Throop, Ilawlclch. Cleveland, Wheeler, Haumcarten. Nleson, Waldo, Llnaon* bnrth. linger. Kirk -'JO. A'-ij/r—Sommer. Hildreth. O'Drlcn, Ttyan, Lon tradinr, Mnrpliy, Sweeney—7. While—l. Aid. Hildreth— I reqnest the Clerk to make a record of tho fact that AM. White, Summer, 1111* (Ireth— Aid. Callcrton—Point of order. Thcro Is no qtie-tlon heforo Ihchouso. Aid. Hlldrnth—l am stating n qncsllon at thU moment. If the gentleman will allow me. The Chairman—Tho next committee Is In order. MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS* AM. Lcngachcr offered it resolution providing for tho dosing of Urn dty offices 10-dny in honor of those who had fallen In lighting for the unity and stability of the Government, and requesting tiio Mayor to issue a proclamation for the dosing of places of business to allow all who wished to participate in the ceremonies. AM. Sheridan otTcrcd an amendment to tho effect that all heads of Departments should dose Ihdr respective offices if by so doing they did not interfere with the public welfare. The amendment was accepted and passctL Aid. Hildreth offered the following, which, after a short discussion aa to Its reference, was referred to the Committee »n Finance: Wnr.urAS. Tim i-Ily of Chdaigo Is the owner in fee simple of :i large umoimt of real property olhei than that whi« h I* known as the Lakiw-’ronl, ami which property I- wholly unproductive; ami WtiEUKA*. The pre-ent financial emharra' incuts of the City of Chicago nro snehaa imp' tiudy demand the sale ami disposal of nil • ' ’ mnnuratlve property bcdoiiyin;,' loiuld city. jj ov therefore. be- 11 r,ow HfKolrtil, Tbit the Finance Committee It l« hereby, directed to prepare a lift ' S t i\ Vw unproductive re-al estate. executing property known as tho Laku-Vront Immcdlute slop* to advertise the f * f or .-i- nr to sell or dispose of same upon t* p Vp . . ...’ * that can b« obulned for cash. „ f(r( i t 7» n renll?*', once anfficinnt money out of wh!ch d { * e , laborer* ami employes of so t< j c j (y 1 ' uu 11 wcusxnii, i., IACE ‘. An onllnnnce provldb j-» f or (,y, c vacation of Wet iter place was receive jf rom U|e |j oflrt j of j, uW Works, through Al,j. Throop, and passed by tl Council. A petition tv rca ,j f rom Thomas Pardee prayln for the nppo.ntment of City Collector If It was de li-rminerl ,ti continue tho otllcc. Deferred to Hi Committee on Judiciary. sTiinnT-ci.nANtNn. Aid. Throop moved that the work of cleanin'.’ th ttreeta and alley* and ditches of the city be discoi tiuued. and that tho duly of framing unordinam with u view to economy In the department be n ferred to a (special committee. On motion nf Aid. Ityan lhl« was referred to t! Joint Comuiillcc of Street* and Alley* of the thr< divisions. COMPIUMINO ArPOINTMR?tT3. Aid. Sheridan offered tbe following: Wukukas, There seems to be a doubt In t* minds of *ome of the personsappoioted by Ids Uni or, Mayor Iloync, to discharge the duties and «: creise the powers of the officers removed by bln and whose places they were respectively appoint! to fill, unless confirmed by tho Council; thurefon AWofrsf/. That vre confirm and approve nil a[ poinlmetils made by Mayor Horne to this time. An Alderman—l move to refer to the CommitU on Judiciary. Aid. Sheridan—lt seems to me that, for the sal of tho good government of the city, this ought go through to-night. There are doubts in tl minds of some person* appointed to discharge tl duties of tho officer* remored a* to the legality) their appointments, owing to two constrnctiot pul upon Severn! passages In the Mayor’s act. Oi Is Unit, when Hie Mayor makes uu appointmen he submits it to the Council. That is tbe way which tbe Iztw Department and I understand 1 Hut In cases of removal there Is another pmvisioi by which any suitable person ran 1« appointed discharge the dalles or tho officer removed. T! doubts come in between these two seemingly co dieting portion* of the law. Thu resolution iso fered for the purpose of removing the doubts fro tbe minds of parties who have been appointed offices. Tiie resolution was referred to the Committee Judiciary. CnBOIRK. Tho Clerk read the following, which was la over for publication: ••Your Committee to whom was referred the p tltlon of I*. Kellogg. John V. Furwell & Co C. 51. Hrndenion A Co., llnmsey Pros. «t (V and many others of our citizen* and tnx-payei would respectfully report that wo havegivent matter careful consideration. and believe that t gentlemen and (Irma signing said petition are e titled to have their prayer favorably considere We further report that we hnvo conferred wi nmnycilUens lint Mr. Cregler. during hlsservi of twenty •three years, haa faithfully performed 1 duty, and that no charge ban ever been mu which affects his character ne to competency, or 1 integrity. Yonr Committee find that Mr. Trautman, formerly on assistant at tin* works, now In charge. Although an honest, faithful m in the duties of au assistant engineer, yonr Co: mltteearcof the opinion that he does not pusst the executive ability nor the willingness to co tinue at the head of to responsible a position, a in view of the above facts would recommend tl the prayer of the petitioners !*• granted, and tl Mr. I). C. Cregler bo and Is hereby reinstated Chief-Engineer of the Pumping Department of i Water-Works of the city.” DEUICKSON’S HOND. The bond of Comptroller Diehard P. Derick* was tiled nud referred to the Judiciary CommUl< It Is signed by A. M. Hillings. J. r. Hope, A. Calloway, and (>. D. Green. The bond la in : penal sum of SIDd.tHV). Aid. Cleveland presented the report of the Co miltee on Schools, recommending the sale of r Inin school property in Town Jl7, being 10U ac of land near Sharpshooters’ Park, at filUO per ae to Thomas Scanlon ami Sylvester Hanlon, ns r oimnended by the Hoard of Education. I. over and ordered published under the rules. 1 same Committee also recommended that (he le of James Hounsavel) to certain school propei on State street be extended fur the term of i years. Aid. While moved to adjourn, which was wT drawn In order Hint the reports of the Commltt on Streets and Alleys might he pre«euled. ADVll'g ntOM lIOSTON. The following dispatch was read by the Cl Clerk: Huston, Mass., Mar dO, 1870. 7*o Ihf Jfonn ahlf Common Council *f/iun : Pay your certl cates at maturity at any rust, better sacrlli something now than violate solemn promises honest labor, and lose credit never to be restore Httnwv, A Co., Hauliers. Deferred to the Finance CommUtec. SIDKWAI.K INSPKCTOIIS. The Committee on Police reported In favor the abolition of the ofllfe of Sidewalk Inspectoi that their pav stop with the present month, a that Hie pofic- force was conqietenl to perfoi ttie duties of these BUpernumcrarics. Tho Coi mlttee al-o reported in favor of u strict enfon men! of the ordinance In relation to licenses, an having had the order for tho removal of Mnrsl Goodell under advisement, recommended that it p'aced on tile. The report of tho Committee w concurred In. Aid. Aldrich announced the call for a spec meeting at J o'clock Thursday afternoon, the c In-lng signed by Aid. Cullerton, Gilbert, a Thompson. A I*KOTCBT. The Special Committee to whom wfs referred petition of Patrick Murray, contesting the elect of Aid. Smith, reported that they lied then petition careful consideration, uud recomincni that it be placed on Hie. The report was coocui in. On motion of Aid. Sommer, (be Council thei jourued. FUUIT IN ILLINOIS. Special DUpalch to lie Tribune. SvitiNnpißU), 111., May k’P.— I The following, first of the series of crop-reports compiled fi reports to tho State Department of AgrlcuiU was Issued to-day, and contains much inlereai authentic information of fruit-prospects. ' present report Is devoted exclusively to the coi tlon of Ihu various kinds of fruit. Apples mal good average showing. Denches indicate a ful otl of nearly .10 per cent. Dears in the uggre; indicate a decrease of nearly lit) per cent. I’li about the same as pears. Cherries promhe ful showing a fulling off of about 14 per cent from average. Strawberries are nearly un to the a« age production, o decrease of only (I per cent ft the average being noted. Raspberries sud lla berries make about the timo snowing as straw I rles. liooscberricsand currants It is estimated l fall off, respectively, IQ and 11 percent from average yield. The table boa been complied from report* m from seventy counties. While tho average of counties reported Is given as above, some of counties show us high as ’>o per cunt above fori years, especially in apples; and the peach pi pect In many counties U remarkably good. WJUTB ■ JUDGE TIPTON. Special Dispatch lo 7%s Tribune. llloouisoton, lib, May UO.— Thomas Tipton, Judge of the Circuit Court, sud Reput un candidate for Congreo* from (his district very seriously sick. The lion. O. T. Reeves, blooming ton, occupies the bench. nncouATiON day. sm.b op cmr phopuity. TENTH WARD ELECTION CASE. CROPS.

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