Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune, March 29, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Chicago Tribune dated March 29, 1867 Page 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest News hy Ocean Telegraph. Ex-Governor Eyre, of Ja maica, Under Arrest. The British Government Guar aitccs a Bailroid Loan to Canada. Greece Asks for the Intervention of the Great Powers in Behalf of Candia. FROM WASHINGTON. Yesterday’s Congressional Proceedings. Ylie Adjournment Question Still Unsettled. Hie Eight Hour Bill Defeated in the Senate. Blair's nomination as Minister to Austria Dejected by the Senate. FROM MEXICO. Spanish Troops Enlisting in the irmy of Maximilian. RECONSTRUCTION. Dow General Sheridan’s Initial Order is Received. Organization of the Republican Party in North Carolina. Outlines of the Platform Adopted. FROM EUROPR. bt ocean telegraph. Great Britain. London, March 23. ASEEST OP XX-T.OVtUNOE XTEE. Ex-Governor Byre, cf Jamaica, has been ar rested, and is now under examination. London, March 23—Evening. CANADIAN EAILEOAD LOAN. Government, It Is understood, proposes to guarantee tbe Canadian Railroad Loan. Tbc Eastern Question. London, March 2S—Evening. -GBEECE APPEALS TO TUI LEADING EUEOPEAN rowans. Tbe Grecian Government has asked the leading powers of Europe to intervene for the prevention of fuitncr bloodshed in Candia. Latest Foreign markets. FINANCIAL. London. March 23—Noon. Consol?, ; Erie. SS* ; Dlmoii Central. 73k; Five- Twernc*, 7U<. At Frankfort and Pari?, bonds 773 and respec tively. Losdojt, M&rcfa 53—2 p. m. Cor.foh declined hi- American secanllea firm price: imcbtoced. Fua-SEFOET. March 23—Ermlng. rolled Slates bonds doted at 77K. London, March 2S—Evening. Five-Twenties. 73; Illinois Central, 7S>s; Erle.SSi'. Litxepool, March 2S—Nooa. Cottm—Opens qniet ar d steady at yesterday's prices. Salts probably IC.OCC bales. Bnaditnfle—Dnb and cenerally cacbwgel at yes* erday’g prices. provisoes—Finn acd unchanged, except lard, which U dull and declined 3 pence. American, 50s per cwt. Prt dace—Uncharged. London, March 29—Noon. Clover Be?d—Declined l sbllUns. Quoted at 5k per cwu LivmpooL, March I?—Evening. Cotton—Dull and declined Kd. Sales tail considera bly e) ort cfooou estimate. Lite spool. March 28—Evening- Gotten closed dull acd heavy at a decline on£d since scon cn American. Closing qnotatloi.B for middling upland*. ISMd * middling Orleans, Uxd. Sales to-day 10.0 X bales, Breadstuff*— Nominally unchanged. Amerlcm lard, SOB per cat. Tal'ow its Cd per cwt for American. Produce—lt active ard heavy. Aches—pots Sis pe: cwt, Lln-eed oil £l9 per cwt. retroleom—Refined is 7d per gallon lor standard white. FEOSt fTASHUSGTOJf. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, March 23. KTTTP CANAL ABOUND THE FALLS OP THE OHIO. Both Houses of Congress to-day passed a joint resolution providing for the necessary survey for sebip canal around the Falls of tbe Ohio River. Tbe resolution directs tbe Secretary to cause sur veys, with plans and estimates of tbe cost, to be made by as officer of tbe Engineer [Corps, for a ship canal suitable for military, naval end com mercial purposes, around tbe Falls, on the In diana (-tie, and to canse said officer, also, to esti mate the expenses of completing the Louisville and Portland Canal, on tbe Kentucky side, ac cording to the present plan. The expenses of these surveys arc to be defrayed from existing ap propriations. Tbe report will be laid before Con gress at tbe next session far decision, whether Ihe old shall be completed or a new one made. Qovrnuon tatxs made a brief speech in the Senate this atternoon, in which he announced himself unalterably for universal suffrage, not merely In the South, but in Illinois and throughout the North. He said he cbonid not cease bis labor in that direction till every dozen of Illinois, whether black or white, lias the right to vole. OOTO AND INDIANA WAB CLAIMS. The House reached the Senate bill providing for the appointment of a Commission to settle cer tain war claims of Ohio and Indiana this after noon, and alter ordering the main question ad journed, with the understanding that a vote on its passage shall be taken to-morrow morning. TUB LINCOLN MONUMENT ASSOCIATION SILL went to the President to-day for his signature. ItconsUtutea thirty gentlemen a body corporate for the purpose of| erecting a monument in Wash . legion, commemorative of the issuance of the emancipation proclamation. They have power to collect money, own and coutrol property, appoint officers, dx. AH property owned by them Is ex empt from taxation. BEcrari BUSINESS. The Executive session of the Senate to-day was about two hours long. Nearly two hundred nom inations were acted upon. General Slocum was summarily rejected lor the Nava! Officer In New York. About one hundred and forty nominations yet remain on the Looks of the Senate, most of which wilt tie acted upon to-morrow. * Tne nomi nations sent In to-day were wholly military. A3JODUN2IEST QUESTION. Both branches of Congress labored heavily with tbe adjournment question for two or three home this altenioon, and finally succeeded in getting it to a Conference Committee. The Senate gave way to the House in the mot'er of the snmmer question, and agreed tomeet In July, by 25u» 14. Tbe House g*ve way to the Senate in tbe matter of allowing Messrs. Wale and Colfax to order lieic-assembUug.and the work oi the Conference Committee will not, therefore, be very difficult. They will meet to-morrow morning and prob ably agree u adjourn on Saturday till the early parted July, and then, unless otherwise ord.-red, till December. - PAT OP POSTAL EOUTE AGENTS. - ■'■irhc Postmaster General has decided to in- the pay of route agents throughout the coanhy twenty per cent. DESEUTZUS SEIN STATED. The resolution of Governor Boctwell rcqnesit ir.g the President to furnish mtormatiou concern ing deserters reinstated, either to Congress or the Judiciary Committee, doling the recess, has reference to a large number of eases where de serters have been pardoned and received hack pay and allowances on condition that they would vein tor a Johnson candidate. EXPOUNDED KEPOUTS. Reports denying that General Grant and Secre tary felantoi have declared themselves caraertly op;>otca to an adjournment till December, are wholly without foundation. Both these officiate have expressed decided opinions aaoinst such an adjournment. Secretary Stanton has been upon the floor ol ibc Senate for two days lu succession while the subject was under debate. near noun srsTrai. The Dome pa-eed, and the Senate came within two votes ol passing, this afternoon, the bill maxing eight hours a legal day's work in Gov ernment cgtablithmrutfi. E ELI O' OP lUOS-CLAD COKTUACTOnS. The bill appropriiUug 5179,003 for the relief of the contractors of the iron-clad Comanche went through the House thl* aitcrnoon. The Govern ment retains the hull of the vessel. • The Senate has yet to act on the measure. GENERAL BOSZCUANS* BCCCEfiSOn. The President has accepted General Rosecrans’ resignation as Brigadier General In the Regular Army, and nominated Lovell H. Rousseau lo fill the vacancy. CBCXB-SEEKECB. The crowd of office-seekers grows larger every day, and completely blocks the balls of the Senate during the session of that body. SETAirrusz or conauxssnsa. The certainty that Congress will adjourn on Saturday led many member* to pack up and start tor homo to-night. CONTIUItATIOKB. WAf-niKGTOK, March SS.—The Senate confirmed the following: numuxiUri—R. M. Goods peed, Ligonicr, Ind.; Henry C. March, Nnnco, Ind.; E. Uirth, Oshkosh; Hugh C. KUtct, Allegheny P<u; L. C. Garrictw, Macon, 111.! J, B. Lowry, Dan* Title, West Virginia; Jas. Ulnney, Idaho City* Idaho: L. T.Dyer, Salem, Oregon; J. B. Mas* hetry, Newark. Ohio: J. J. Done lass, Waynes, vjlle, Oslo; Marla L. Hood, Hosst Versos, Ohio; Wm. 11. Hooper, Tima, O.; Mrs. Belle Locker. Je£ereon City, Mo.; Jno. R Slack, Decorah, Iowa; James. A. tichsrlz,Uarahaltows, Iowa; Henry Brown, Anderson. Ind,; H. W. Gnstnic, St- Joseph, Mich, ; Phineas Grover, AUilon. Mich ; Albert M. Patterson, Crestline; Jas. Foreman, Corry. Pa,; Chandler Forth Bat tle Cnek. Mich.; Whitney Jones, Lansing. Mich,; H B. Adams. Coldwa'er ; E. T. Smith. Gallon. Ohio; S. Perrin, Clyde. Onlo; Jas. D. Mickey. Foatetit; I).Crew,cailtavillc, 111.; H. Norton, Polo. 111. ;A. F. Miller, Galra, III. ; J. L Wright, Naperville, ul ; Morgan Walker, Sidney, Ohio; W. S. New on, Gallipoli*, Ohio. United Starei Attorney— Franklin Dickinson, Northern District ol Ohio. , United Stales 2laretial-C. E. Yost, District of Nebraska. . , , Jfazal Storekeeper—C. A. Morse, Mare Island, California. Pension Agents—3&mts M. Bice, Qnincy. Illi nois; D. X. Simpson, Dea Moines, Iowa; Henry Barnes, Detroit, Michigan. Register of Cte Land Office— John Keely, Bos bnry. Oregon. „ „ „ 1 Collectors of Internal Revenue— B. C. Gann, Filth District, Michigan; G. O. Erskine, First District. Wisconsin; BcmardSwarte, Second Dis trict. Missouri: John F. Wildman, Eleventh Dis trict, Indiana Attestors of Internal Revenue— J. Blags, Elcr entb District, Illinois; John U. Fox, Second District, Mlssonri; 0. Thompson Grloley. Third UMnct, Micbisan; Alexander H. Morrison, Sec ond Dlilrlct, Michigan; Levi Bacoaf, Fifth Dis trict, Michigan; Q. Q. Whitman, Sixth District, Illinois . _ VnV-ed States Surveyor— General Phlneas W. Hitchcock. „ , „ Receiver of Public Money— Stewart Goodsell, DesMolncs, lowa- „ „ . 'Jerriforial Secretary— James Tatis, Montana. Consul— James B, Low, of California, at Te hncntcpcc. DEJECTIONS. Tbc following were rejected; Foreign Minister— Front r. Blair, Minister to Austria- Xaval Ogieo'— H. W. Slocum, Naval Officer, of New York. foetmattert—lrslns LattelU Macon City, Mo.; D. W. Pedon, Sbeloyville. 111.; B. F. McCormick, Waverly, Iowa; W. C. llei“hari:er, Fort MadUon, Iowa; M. Asman. Falrbnrc, 111.: J, F. Johnson, Seymour, led.; W. Stark, Aurora. Ind.; Fielding It. Roberta, Carrolton. 111.: H. V. Sullivan, Quincy, HI.; J. B. Wolf, Clinton, III.: L, D. frersason, Clarksburg. West Virginia: Walter Drew, Wankegan, HL; A. C. Russo'], Danville, Pa.: Elian T. Lowe, Wil liamsport, Pa.; W. D. Williams, Rock Island. 111.; A. ilcKcar. Towanda, Fa.; £. Saunders, Saginaw, Mich.; B. H. Lindsey, Boi-e City, Idaho; W. T. Culbertson, Alliance, Obto; Thoa. S. Bard well, karion, lowa. Assessors of Internal Sezen'ie. —W. Carlin, Tenth District, Illinois;'W. K. Hum, Forty-first Division; L.D Etwin, Eighth District, Miasoari; Chas. H. Richmond, .Third Difl.nct. AJlchUran; Wa. S. Maynard, Second District, Michigan. Ct-llctlors of Customs.— D. R, Austin, District or Miami, Ohio. BOOTH'S ZtIABT. It is asserted by some of Boiler's friends that the eighteen pages spoliated from Booth’s diary contained evidence regarding the preparations for the assassination, and the reasons tor the aban donment of the abduction plot. The fact is, how. ever, that all the evidence goes to show that It Is now in precisely the condition in which it was when taken from Booth's bod;. Detective Baker once affeced a ktmnlcage of tne contents of these missing cages, bol, when bronebt to a pointed examination, could remember noth'ng that he had read. . _ NILITAET TRANBFEES. Wa-uinctok. March 23.—Brevet Major H. C, Parry, Assistant Pnrecon. is transferred from the Department of the Hast to the Department of the Plate. Brevet lieutenant Colocel C. G. Bartlett, thirtieth infantry, is ordered So jam this regiment in the Department of the Platte. Captain J. F. Rogers, military storekeeper. Is assigned to duty at Sr. Louis. Captain N. D. A. B«w*cr. military storekeeper, is assigned to det; In the Division of the Pacific. Captain H. Lieber, military store keeper, is assigned to datyat i'ort Union, New Mexico. DiSUS AJTATES. Washington, March 28.—Special Icdlan Com mit-bioner Bogy had an interesting interview with tbe >ioox Dakota Indians this forenoon, in the council chamber of tbc Indian Department, upon the subject of the application of their treaty funds, lion. N. G. Taylor, tbc new Commissioner of In dian Affairs, woe present, bnt took no part in the proceedings, not yet Laving formally entered upon bis duties. Washington, Msrch 28.—Hon. N. G. Taylor, tbc new Commiselomr of Indian Affairs will en ter upon the discharge of his duties on Monday. Charles E.| Mis. for many years Chief Clerk of the Bureau, will be retained In that capacity. nn.T.ArFBOTED. Washington. March 2S.—The President bos ap proved the bill providing that from and after i uwday last wrapping paper made of wood, com stalks or any other material shall be exempt trom the Internal Revenue tax. that every note of any banking association. State bank or banker or association, shall pay a tax often per centum on the amount of notes of any town, city or munici pal corporation paid out by them alter the Ist day of May, 1667, to be collected In the mode and mannerln which the tax on notes of State banks Is collided: that from and alter the passage of this act, ladders made wholly of wood shall be exempt from tbe internal tax. TEE DIPEACIINEST QUESTION. New Yobs, March 23.—The New York Timet' Washington special save: “The Judiciary Com mittee of tbe House have temporarily suspended the examination of impeachment witnesses, but will resume their labors about the Ist of Mav, when, whether Congress is m session or not, all ot its members have been notified to be here by its chairman,” The EfratfT* Washington special says: “As to tbc impeachment matter, tbe oldest member of the Judiciary Committee, noth in parliamentary experience and in years, has said within the last twenty-four hours that tbc committee will notify all persons to bnng forward their evidence, end intimated that there were none each before tbe committee at present, and this seems to be Ur: opinion of ail who have the most intimate rela tions with the chairman of that committee.” COSGBESSIOSAL PBOCEEDDfGS. WABnnroTOir, March 23. SENATE. 1l:e ntalr submitted tbe resolutions of theße :nUican Convention of Maryland* which were read ard referred to tbe Judiciary Committee. 'i be bill which passed the Uotxse yeaterdav to am«nd the wool taclff, passed with a slight am- iidmcnL Ihc joint resolution relative to the transpor •a ion of troops tic tbe Isthmus to the Pacific patted rhe House resolution authorizing the construe con and operation of two dredge boats at the inomb of the Mississippi passed. Tbe hill to confirm the sale of land made by tbe retries Tax Commissioner in Sooth Carolina :o persons in the army and navy and marine corps, passed. The Senate atrrecd to a Conference Commitee on 'he Senate contingent oefleieuer Mil. On motion of Mr. TRUMBULL, the Senate pro ceeded to the consideration of tbe resolution for adjournment. After debate, an amendment offered by Ur. EDMUNDS was adopted for adjournment on Sat urday to the first Wednesday in July, and then, nnlcse otherwise orcered, nne die, by a vote of 25 to 14. Jhe proposition as amended passed, and was relumed to tbe House. ibe House bill for the monthlypayment of sala ries in Congress passed. The till lor the surveys for a ehip canal around 'he Folia of the Ohio on the Indiana sloe, and to estimate the expense of wioeumg and'deepening tbe Portland Canal, passed. Mr. SPRAGUE called np tbe bill to fix tbe time icr the Bankrupt Law to go into effect at tbe Ist ot June, which bad been referred to the Judiciary Committee and reported adversely. Mr. CON NESS moved to strike out the proviso a hat. nothing In the act ehail pc construed to in validate any conveyance made in good fsitb prior to the taking effect of this act. Feeding discussion, the Senate went into Ex ecutive session. At 5:90 the doors re-opcocd. A message was received from the Douse, an* nocLdng Its action on the adjournment question, the Senate insisted on its amendment, and agreed to a Committee of Conference. Adjourned. HOUSE. The SPEAKER presented resolutions of the Maryland Republican Convention. Mr. FERNANDO WOOD remarked that he had in Ins poaseeeton the proceedings of an indigna tion meeting recently held in New York, In refer ence to the refusal oi the Republicans in Die Leg islature to grant suffrage to colored people, and asked whether, if seat to the Speaker, it would be submitted to the House. Ibe SPEAKER declined to anticipate the ques tion of order. Mr. THOMAS spoke in support of the Maryland resolutions, utterly denying that there was a re publican government in Maryland. It was an en gine of Infamous tyranny and oppression which no tree people should submit to. Be believed Congress had power and should pass an enabling act giving eqnal law to the people of Maryland. Mr- ELDuXDGE characterized this claim as rooi-B Irons. Mr. BROOKS argued that the same inequality of representation complained ot in Maryland existed in Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, etc,and that a real republican government existed in no '-laic, in Tennessee and Missouri there was no more republicanism than existed under the Pacha i f Egypt or the Snltan of Turkey. The Senate of the United States was a body existing In nttcr de fiance of all republican forms of government, for Nebraska bad eqnal representation there with lllint is, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The preposition of the gentleman from Maryland would amount to a subversion of the whole r-truc.nrcot the Government and a consolidation oi despotism of the worst kind. Mr. ROBINSON denied that the Constitution gave any such power to Congress. Alter farther debate the resolutions were re cried to the Judiciary Committee. Varices propositions, looking to an adjourn ment of Congress, were introduced, the House dually agreeing to adjourn at three o'clock to morrow, until the SID of June. Mr. INGERSOLLintroduced a joint resolution propping an amendment to the Constitution of ’he United s-a’cs, providing that all male citizens over twenty-one years, having the qualifications ot t lectors ci the most numerous branch ot the Slate Lt glela’ore In their several Stales, shall be oniMcd io vote at all elections without disquali fication on account of race or color or previous condition. IL-ferred to tbc Judiciary Committee. Mr. HINfIUAM introduced u joint resolution snibonzingihe Secretary ot the Navy to furnish hamporiation for provisions to be sent from flal::more to Wilmington, N. C., for relief of the desutnte people m the South. Mr. BROO.MALLintroduced a joint resolution for raisins the rates of duties on imports. Refer red to Committee on Ways and Means. Mr MILLER asked leave to introduce a bill to repeal the bankruptcy law. Mr CHANDLER objected. Mr LOGAN introduced a lot rcsolntion rela tive to contracts for building the iron-dad Cacmt-cbc, which was amended by granting the contactors flTii-OCO for their losses. Adopted. I'.e SPEAKER announced the Select Commit tee on southern Railroads as Messrs. McClure, Mctctr,* Washburn of iud_, Chandler and Saw yer. Mr. PANES introduced a bill making eight hours a day's work for all laborers, workmen or mechanics employed by or on behalf of the Gov ernment of the United States. Passed. The Senate amendment to the adjournment res olution was disagieed to—3o to 70—and a Commit tee of Conference asked. The Senate amendment to the Dense joint reso lution lor dredge boats at the month of the Mis sissippi were concurred in: also, the Senate amendment to the Donee resolution to amend the Woe] Tariff Act. It puts lastings of mobalr cloth on the free list; also, tne Senate amendment in ictvmice to the compensation and mileage of members of Congress. The Senate bill for sponsion to Captain Richard Bnsteed, Jr,, of the Chicago Light Artillery, wae passed: also the Senate biilior the relief of Ad miral Paulding. The Senate bill to reimburse the Stale* of In diana and Ohio, for moneyr expended for the Uni ted States in enrolling, equipping and provision ing militia to aid is suppressing the rebellion was debated without action. .Adjourned. FROM MILWAUKEE. Vessel sale*— Attempted Suicide. (Special Despatch lo the Chicago Tribnac.j Milwaukee, March 2S. The bark BL Lawrence has been sold to Charles E. Chase lor 525,000; rmd the schooner Southwest to Mr. VTm. Dea, for *29,000. The weather is bcamiinl and the snow fast dis appearing. Milwaukee, March 27.—Frederick Leltheiscr, a German resident, attempted to commit suicide, between nine and ten o’clock last evening, ills family heard him peon ding at the back door of the house at No. 339 Huron street, and upon open ing (he door. found him unable to speak, with a frightful gash across his throat. His razor was. (pljUttA# YOL. XX. Rf'crvarde found lying near th* dour. Dr, Har.thctt was railed in and dressed the wound. It is thought that the cut will prove fatal. leUheiecr is about slxty-foor years of act** and is a man of intemperate habits. He bad been drinking during the day, and ft U supposed that he vas under the influence of liquor when as at tempted to take bis own life. FEOM SPBIKGFIELD. Spline—Political—Cleric ot tbe Supreme Court—Judge of the supreme Court- Attempt to Break Jail) Arc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SFBiKGFtELD. March S 3. Tbe first day for weeks giving any promise of the near approach of spring has just closed, and its effect on the aspect ot men and things is truly wonderful. A few more each days will again open communication with the'country, and re duce the famine prices that have rnled for weeks. To-night the Union voters of Springfield are called upon to nominate a municipal ticket for tbe suffrages oftheparty at (he spring election. Al most every third man t? a candidate. It Is confi dently predicted that there will bo an nnoanally lartrc number of sick men in town to-morrow morning. Captm Jolins H. Tyndale, son of our excellent Secretary of State, was endorsed and recom mended last evening by the Springfield Dost of tee G. A. R., for the position ol Clerk of the Su preme Court of the Second Grand Division of ibis State, which will he vacant on the first Monday in June next. Mr. Tyndale is a highly Intelligent voting mac, tolerably conversant with jurispru dence; a good soldier, end would, doubtless, make a good Judicial Clerk. A Judge of tbe fame Division Is also to be elected. There does not seem to be any established usage lor bring ing candidates for these offices before the people, utd it is hereby suggested to the members of tne Slate Central Committee residing in the Divi sion, that they call snch a Convention, a* the posi tions have been occupied for tbe past twelve yean by Democrats. Tbe Union parly Is now unques tionably strong enough to redeem the district. A bold attempt was made this morning by the inmates of tbe County Jail to effect an escape. While Mr. Hurdle, tbe turnkey, was engaged la tpecflng tbe cells, one of (be prisoners, named Crock Dank, a powerful ruffian, who has been indicted for horse stealing, struct him a violent blow on the head, which knocked him do an. A scuffle then ensued tn which all the prisonen took pari against the turnkey. Five would havo effected sn escape, bad it not been for the timely interference ot Captain Allen, Deputy Sheriff! who soon quieted tbe disturbance, and placed all the prisoners in irons. Mr. Hurdle was seri ously Injured by tbe blow. FROM ST. LOUIS. A ITlnddlc In municipal Politics—A murder In Camp—An Unreulstlne soldier Killed by Bis Superior Of ficer* (Special Despatch to the Ci Icago Tribune.^ St. Louts, March 23. The Conservatives arc dif gas t ed with their nomi nees, and offers were freely made to the Radicals this morning to get a people's ticket, composed of Radicals and Conservatives. The popnlatlon at Jefferson Barracks were in tensely excited yesterday b; the folia wing cause: A soldier named Mullen, private in the Third Regular Artillery, bad a fight with a comrade. Tbe *alter went to the Captain of bis company, Utnry Mclneli, and made a complaint. TfacCap t in sent the soldier to tel) Mullen to come to bis quarters, and the messenger soon returned, saying that Mullen bad refused to come, and had used some opprobrious epithet. The Cap tain immediately went to the soldiers' Quarters, and finding Mullen, said: “I'm going to see if you will obey my orders." striking him in the lace as he spoke. Mullen fell over bis bunk, and as be raised up Captain M. struck him again in tbe face, knocking him over, and this was repeat ed a third time, although Mullen offered no resist ance. Af'er tbc third blow the Cnpialu ordered t ome soldiers to throw some water upon Mullen's face and take him to the guard bouse, but when tbc order was obeyed Mnlien was found to be un conscious. and be died before the surgeon could reach the spot. Several messages were scut to this city for the Coroner, one to the Mayor, and one to tbe Police Commissioners, and Dr. SpriglhaUer received a note trom General Sherman, reques'iog him to proceed to tbe barracks and take full cognizance of the affair, according to law. The Coroner Im mediately went to the place and summoned a jury, who returned a verdict that tbe deceased. John Mullen, came to his death by blows inflicted by his superior officer. Captain H.-ury Melne'l, and tbe Coroner having this morning made affi davit to the fact. a warrant for tbe arrest of Cap tain Mclneli was issued by tbe Court ol Criminal Coi rection. and placed in the bands ol the County Marshal, who will doubtless cause it to be exe cuted to-day. FEOM LOUISVILLE. Bold for Trial—Counterfeiter Arrested —Tbc (Jay monument Inauguration Postponed. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Loctbviiix. March 23. J. B. Bowman, newspaper publisher, who shot the man last Sunday for insulting his daughter, gave ball In 120,000 to-day lo answer. Cooper, tbc roan shot, will, if is said, not pioserute, but ?eek personal satisfaction. A Jrcaanry note counterfeiter, named Rosin. Saum. was arrested in a bagnio playing with dvc gentlemen, some time since, and gave ball. Ro sinbanm went South, when intelligence was re ceived ibav be was dead. His mother went into mourning, and Rosenbaum thought the aOair had blown over. Be returned and was arrested. Locisttlle, March 23.—The Inauguration of the Ciav monument whl cot take place till about tie middle of May, owing to tbe non-arrival of t?e pedestal Rom New York. No formal Invltitioas have aa yet been extended. FItOJI LAWEESCE. Political—Severe Winter—Large Nam* her of Cattle Dying from Starvation— Sufliacet Ac, \ rpeclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] La whence, Kansas, March S 3. City officers were put in nomination last night, alter a prolonged contest. Thomas B. Eldrlflge, license candidate, was nominated on tbe fifteenth ballot, in Leavenworth tne Democrats have nom inated a straight party ticket A large number of cattle have died in various poris of the States recently, in consequence of tbe bcvt re weather and lack of feed. So cold weather os tbe present has never been known m Kansas. It has greatly moderated within the last three days. *ihc suffrage question la beginning to bs agi tated ibrongboot'be State. The proposition to amend the Constitution allowing negroes to vote w«: undwubtealy lie adopted; to allow women to vote, rejected. An attempt i* being made to carry Icmalo suffrage through on the ptooabUlty of im partial manhood suffrage. FBO3I KEOKUK. Railroad Accident—Three Puiwncen Svnoaaly loj area—A Jiamber of Others Slightly. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Keokuk. lowa, March 25. The train leaving Dei Moines for this city this morning met with a serious accident two miles westof Otmmwa, caused by the breaking of a rail. Both passenger cars, containing about eighty persons, were thrown down an embank* meet twelve feet high. Three of the passengers were seriously bruised. The most of them were more or les‘ bruised. Medical services were ren dered to those needing surgical attention at Ottumwa. The engine and baggage car passed over the break, dragging the coaches In their fall forty feet beyond tee defective rail. The officers ot tne train escaped injury. A brakeman had a leg broken. FROM KASHTILLE. Proposition to Invito Negroes to Parti* cipate In Political Affairs, Nashville, March S3.—Leading Conserva tives propose that colored voters be in vited to participate in political meetings, and send delegates to the Convention which meets in this city next month, to nominate a candidate for Governor. The proposition was encouragingly received, and will probably be adopted. The colored voters arc invited to send repre sentatives to the Republican Congressional Con vention called to meet at Nashville on tbc iGth oi May next. John Trible, who has an nounced himself as a candidate, will doubt less he nominated. It is not known who the Con servatives will tun. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. VPlucs Confiscated - Nevada LegLsla tore, Ac, San Fbancisco, March 28.—1 n the suit of the United States against three hundred and sixty r-evtu cases of wine, Maury claimant. Judge Hoffman, yesterday, entered a decree confiscating 'he wine for under-valuation. , A resolution declaring sympathy with Ireland, and asking Government to recognize that country's belligerent i Ighte, has been adopted in •he Nevada Senate. The Supreme Court of Nevada, In tbc case of Nouree against Clarke, for possession' of the office of Attorney General of the Slate, has de cided in favor ot the defendant. FROM CANADA. Bond Bobbers Come to Terms—Xbe Rtw Confederation—WrliMor Election of members of Parliament. Mostdeal, March 25.—The Royil Insurance bond robbers have come to terms with the Insur ance company, and bi en released from jail. Writs for election to the several Parliaments •-vill be issued on the arrival of Hon. John A. McDonald. Advices are received that the Nova Scotian Parliament has endorsed the action of the Con federation delegates by a large majority. FROM COLUMBUS, OHIO. Suicide metropolitan Police BUI Passed. Columbus, Ohio. March 23.—G. Roberts, an old and respected cl'lzen, and for many years a drug gist in this cl«j, was tonnd this evening hanging by the neck to n bed post, dead, lie has for some umo past exhibited sign 1 * of insanity. The Columbus Metropolitan Police Dill, for the beniCl ul Colombns. Dayton and Ohio, passed to-day, and is now a law. MEXICO. Spanish Soldier* Enlisted for ITlnxl xnillaii’s Army—lUlramon’s Procla mation Declaring a War of Extermi nation—Prisoners Shot* New Youe, March 28.—Letters from Havana to the 2Ctb met., state that the imperial Mexican Consul at Havana in enlisting Spanish soldiers to defend Maximilian’s canee at Vera Crus. They arc offered a bounty of|2Uand SI a day. They lano at Vera Cruz. About SOO men have been en listed and were to soil on the 22d. on the Spanish steamer Paris. It is said the agreement was en tered upon by the Archbishop La Oosloda, on the part of Maximilian with the Spanish authorities in Cuba. New Orleans, March SS.—Rio Grande date? to the 23d arc received. J here ore no new features In the Mexican position. It is said that the Liberals have cal the ecque dnet supplying Queretoro with water. General Mlramon has issued a nroclamation de ciding a war of extermination. Tne followin'-Is the doting paragraph: “Soldieus: The gauntlet baa been thrown to ns for duel to the death. Let os do our cowardly enemy tbe honor to pick it up, hut listen to the voice of the unfortunate General Osala, who m 1858, said *Woc to tbe vanquished.’” Vera Cntz papers eayProfirlo Diaz has only 3,000 men, and 1* almost besieged at Hnmiata. He ordered the shooting of Mr. Franco, tbe Imperial Commissary, and several other pris oners. The garrison at the capital is sold to number 12JDC0men. Puebla correspondence states that the Imperial garrison at Pnebla is at least G,UOO. General Berriozabal made certain merchants of Malomoma pay 130,000 on the SSd. EECOSSTKUCTIOX. How General Sheridan’M Initial Order is Received—Organization of the Re publican Party In North Carolina— Its Platform. New York. March 28.—The New York Tribune's special says: “General Sheridan’s Order No. 5, just out, sweeping tram office the rioters. Attorney Genera) Herron, Mayor Munroe and Judge Abell, and substituting pood and loval men, thrills the Unionist-* with Joy and the nnlilflera with dismay. Tbe Grand Army and Butler organizations,repre senting live thousand voters, recommended H. C. Warmouth for Mayor, but be declined, and a second agreement failing, tbe choice remained with General Sheridan. Such changes arc thought to revive the chances of tbe campaign, as the city may carry tne State.” ItALEion, Match 28.—The Republican party of Not th Carolina was organized to-day. Tine Con vention numbered 130 delegates, and an organiza tion was effected on the fundamental grounds of Onion, liberty and Equality. RALnoH. March 23.—The Union Convention of while*, ana blacks, after a two days’session, has sojourned. They adopted aomo Republican reso lutions, and eulogize that party la the overthrow of the rebellion, and say it should command the respect of every candid man; that Congress is entitled to the thanks of (he world tor their constant devotion to tin man rights, as in the Declaration of Independence; cordially accepts the reconstruc tion plan, and rejoices that the dogmatical side is overthrown; avows supreme allegiance to the Government.not States,with a reservation: en dorses tbe Civil Rights Dili and impartial suffrage without property qualification or distinction of color; praises Mr. Lincoln,professes universal adnnrationjof and demands free discussion, and Dee speech on public matters; pledges the teoDEce ol the national credit; invites all political permaslons to unite with them in behalf#! the principles avowed. Fiby-three counties were represented by half whites and half'negroes. The Convention was harmonious IB; Mall.l General Sheridan's order, making official an* nouncement that the Military Bill Is In fail opera* Uor. la Ixmisiana, of which a synopsis was given by telegraph, is as follows : IIZADQUARTEHS PITTH MILITANT DISTEIOT, I Wew Oulxans, La., March 19,15G7. f General Oneees No. L—l. The act of Con gress entitled “An act to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel States" having been official; trauEmitlcd to the undersigned in an order from the Headquarters of the Arm;, which assigns him to the command ot the Filth Militai; District created by that ad, consisting of the States of Louisiana and Texas, he hereby as* : nmtfl command of the same. S. According to (be provisions of tbc sixth sec tion of Die act of Congress above cited, the pres ent State and Municipal Governments in tbe States of I oulsiana and Texas are hereby declared to he provisional only, andsubject to bo abolish ed. modified, controlled or enoereeded. S No general removals from office will be made unices the present incumbents fail to carry out tbe provisions of the law, or impede the reorganiza tion. or unless a delay in reorganizing should nc cessitale a cbange...Pending the reorganization, it is desirable and Intended to create as little dis turbance In tbe machinery ot Ihevarious branches oi tbe Provisional Governments as possible, con sistent with the law of Congress ana its success ful execution, but this condition is dependent on the disposition shown by the people, and upon <he length of time required for reorganization. 4. The States of Louisiana and Texas will re tainjtheir present militarvdesignations,viz., “Dis uict of Louisiana," and “District of Terms." Xhe officers tu command of each will continue to exercise all their military powers ana dalles as heretofore, and will, in addition, carry out all the provisions of the law within their respective com* c.auds, except tho-e whlch'socdflcally require the action of the Military District Commander, and except in cases ol removals from and appoint ments lo office. P. 11. Sheridan. ~ Major General Commanding. Official: Geobqe Lee,First Lieutenant Tweuty um United States Infantry, Acting Assistant Au At a public meeting held in Jacksonville, Fla., on tie -Hh instant, the following platform was adorned: litechtd. That we have become bona fide citi zens of tbe State of Florida and the United States. That there Is no distinction between tbe vbitc and tbe black man on political matters That we now have a right to the ballot box, and not only a right to the ballot, but', likewise the light to select the men that we choose to fill the offices; therefore vc think ills our duty to select ouch men as Lave been tree to the Union. oM,u mvu u uatc uveu uuc iu uit; UUVJU. Ilctolvtd, That we. as a body, will support a Union ticket; we will support so man that has ever been in tha Confederate service, voluntarily. fiaohfd. That we will stick lo each other In occ body—that we will stand united as one -that •vc will not be influenced by auy man to cast a vote. AVsofrnf, That we will not split onr ticket, but vote the whole ticket Sew York Republican State Convcn- tlon* Albany. March 29.—A Republican Slate Con vention will bo held at Syracuse on the lOthof April to select delegates at large lor support in tbe election on AprilUi, for members of the Con* ttUuiional Convention. Duel on tlio Tapis. Memphis, March 23.—A duel is on ihe 'ap\* be tween two Mississippi editors. One oftheparties left, on tbe R. E. Lee, last evening, to meet the other at Mtlllken’a Bend, on Saturday. A. Whole Family Drowned. Cohxwail, C. W„ March 23.—Yesterday a man, ’da wife and children, while crossing the St. Law rence River in a sleigh, broke through the ice and drowned. SI. Louis Banking flonso Failure, St. Lock, March 28.—Tho banking bouse of 51. Runyan &, Co. tailed to-day. Liabilities re ported not large. BTW A IT imuTUEKB Advertising Ag’u ISO llenrberu.Hl., receive advertisement* Tor nil tbe leading papers tbroaghoat the United States and Canadas. <Kcncral 'Notice s. NINTH WARD. CORRESPONDENCE. Chicago, March 26, ISC7. To 6. B. Williams, Xsq., Ko. 430 Fulton stmt: DeacSib: We. the nodcrslgced citizens and legal tou is in iheKlnth Wardcl the city of Chicago, baring confidence In your character and ability to buy repre sent (be imeietu ot tbe people In said ward, would re spectfully request you to become a candidate lor Alder man therefrom at tbe approaching election. A.A.Rankin, Ji E. P. CroLklte, H. Wltbedr. J- C. Kean, Carl F. W. Jann, Ezra J. Warner, M. A. Hoyna, w. it. Anderson, O. Cronlitc, Cbarle* E. Culver, Douglas Ely, A.l>. (teed, M. Q.Macill, J. Howards Fay. Joel S. page, John Klrksby, G. □. wider, M.D. Buchanan, A. U. Miller, W. W. Winder, O. P. Curran, E. Xl, Denlton, E. Reynolds, PMI. A. Uoyne, Martin Bycraon, James Webb, Wm. Osborne, James Hollingsworth, c. M. Tat ler, K. T. Clone, S. W. Uawsoo, Latlircp Wight, O. Erlcuoo. And many others. REPXiY, Chicago, March 77,1SCT. Messrs. A. A. nankin. O. Cronklte, R.T. Crane, Martin ityerson, J. Edwards Fay, and others: Gentlemen: lour lavor ot the 28tu lest., desiring me to become a candidate Ibr Alderman from the Nlctb Ward, te before me. la repiy, I would say that I amnopoHltclau,bnttbat I take great Intern t In tbe pretest and future of our city at farce, and especially of that portion la whlcb wc arc residents and ccslre to do what I may be able for Its best interests. I am wllllne that my name bo used as you desire, subject to tbe decision of the nom inating Convention, and thinking you for tbs confi dence expressed in your communication, I remain. Yours, respectfully, S. B. WILLIAMS. JJOAUD OF TRADE. SPECIAL - NOTICE. Tin Annual Election for President. First and Second Vice Presidents, live Directors, five Members of the Committee of Arbitration, and fire Members of the Committee of Appeals, will le bela on JIOSDAY, April Ist, 1867, Between the hours cl 10 a. m. and 3 p. m. By order of the Board. JNO. F. BEATY, Secretary, Elder amaxfield 1»9 Klnzlc-st . MANUFACTURES CIDER TINEGAR. Highest price paid for SOU K CIDER. T>OQOETS! ITiANTc !—Don't forget li we have onened a permanent Depot for the sale of Plants and Flowers, at 36 ClarK-sL, under the Sbetmsn House. This will save my triends tbe Double ot colnc out to tbo grounds. Catalogues cm appllca *luo. Fine Roses out this morning. EDGAR SANDERS. fHillinetg. PARISIAN MODES. 2,000 SETTS OF Elegant Imported Patterns ,ID6T RECEIVED. for Ladles’, Childrens* and Misses’ Spring and Bummer Styles. AUo, TATTERS HATS. All novtllles to be found in Europe or this country, la the above stock. The Trade supplied at Less prices than In New York. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Address all oiders, HIIIB. D. A. JACKSON. 3 4*2 Lake-sU Chicago. ffiSantcii r£o ARCHITECTS. A first-class Draughtsman Can And steady employment by itunodlnti application to E. BURLING & (to,, lltf LaSaile-it. rpENOR SINGER WA-NTED For a Quartette Choir—one who has bad ‘‘ipcrlaro aid can read music at sight. Address, giving quahfl cations and references.” CHOIR, P.O. Bax 244. fflasontc Notices. 1\ ,f*A SONIC—The regular quarterly IVI meeting ol the Directors cf the West Chicago Masonic Benevolent Association will lake place at Clevelatd Lodge Hal), Monday, April Ist, So’cket p mH for tne eiecuon oi officers * secretary. CHICAGO. FRIDAY. MARCH 29. 1867. 3Lifc Insurance. GOOD AS AN INVESTMENT. A correspondent from Louisville, Ky- furnishes an Instance admirably adpaUd to show tlie value of Life Insurance. Be says: "Lewis A. Civil!, Es<j„ of this city, died at Baltimore, Ud., January Bm, 1867. On tbe 15th day of February, 1534, Ur. Clvill purtected a pol icy ot insurance on las life, with tbeLowsvine Agency of the Mutual Llie Insurance Company, of New Tort, for the sum of $5,000, paying an annual premium of SW.IO. fils policy was kept up for thirteen years, dur ing which period he had paid out in premiums the total mm of fi.3S9.CO. Bla policy now stands with cash dividend credits, amounting to $1,899.32 payable with the policy, being a return to bla family tor every dollar of premiums he had paid; and nearly dfty per cent in addition, or equal to an annual dividend of 118 perc-nt to hl« fttml y, on bla investment." Certainly no other invests.cut could have been better. Yes it Could! Had Ur. Clvill Insured in the* MUTUAL BENEFIT" of Newark, N.J., and paid $557 53more, (on the basis ol 40 per cent dividend), his policy would have been good lor SIO,OOO, being $3,100.63 mere than the Mutual Lite paid. Or. ontbe dividend o!50 per cent in the "Mutual Benefit," (as in the past five years), Mr. Clvill’a hairs would have received SIO,OOO on the some amount of premium be paid tho " Mutual Life" lor $6£99-St l mak- log « deducting interest on the four post mortem dividends till paid), f3.M1.19. Which was the best? CLIMB, LAYTON & CO, AGENTS Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. 128 TTasliinsfon-st., Chicago, Tvailroatr (Cuihc. rj'O ADVERTISERS IN BALDWIN’S FREE R. R. GUIDE. He Second Edition of this Railroad Guide was prom lied ns by the printer on the sth of March, and upon this representation 1 went West to establish lacllttles for Its distribution over the most remote section of the West, It will be seen by the correspondence below that It was not nntll late in the month when It was Issued. This will cause the third Issne to appear May Ist, eo that the advertisers shall have the fall benefit ol the month’s circulation. Arrangements have been made which will warrant Its distribution on all roads out of this as well as at all Western connections, and we shall spare no expense in maldogltthebcstmedl tun to advertise In ever betbre offered. Chicago, Match 31st, 1567. To whom It may concern: I gave Messrs. Baldwin & Co. to understand the Msrcb Edition cf their Free Railroad Guide should be out promptly on the 6th Instant. Circumstances con nected with emp'oyes, etc-, prevented me in getting it oat bciore the iSth. Messrs. Baldwin A Co. were ab sent trom the city, and 1 regret that I was not able to make my agreement good, and that they are at loss tbrcughlt. I shall now make inch arrangements as will avoid any repetition of lateness of the issue. GEO. a. FERGUS. O if Alta, Nebraska, March Bth, 1667. G. 6. Baldwin, Esq.. Cblcago. Ill,: Toor proposition U this day at band, and we will dls tribnlc yonr Free Ka’lroad Guise over the Union Pa* clflc n.Uroau; a'so,totbe boalness booses of Omaha. Yours, very truly, BARLOW, BROS. & CO. X3T We have also msde arrangements (br Its dlslri button at ail points In the West, as we have on each road oat of tbit city. UespecUolly, 60^ G. S. BALDWIN & GO., 119 Monroc-st,, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. jFurnlsljmg OSoohs KING, KELLOGG & CO. 24 & 26 Lako-st., JOBBERS OF REIDf-MlDl CLOTHING AND GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, Have opened to the Trade the largest stock in their line to he found in the West, to which they invite the attention of Merchants. JJEN’S FURNISHING GOODS AT COST! Wl, P. CHURCH & CO., 113 CLARK-BT. JLectures. QUOSBY’S OPERA HOUSE. WENDELL PHILLIPS TOLL LECTURE ON “Street Life in Europe,” SUNDAY EVENING, Mar oil 31st., For the Benefit of the Free Hospital for Women and Children, Commencing nt o'clock. Tickets 60 cent?. Including Reserved Scats—for sale cn SATURDAY between the hoars of 9 ana 4, and on the afternorn and evening of SUNDAY, at tho Ticket Office of Crosby’s Opera House. financial. JQOCAL STOCKS, Forth Bide City Sail way Company? Sooth Side City Bail way Company? Chicago Tco Company, merchants' Union Express Company* FOR SALE BY QUI3IBY & HAWLEY, Brokers, No. 7 Reynolds* Block, Dearborn-st. JBTJSI3VESS PAPER Negotiated by QCIMBY & HAWLEY, Brokers. No. 7 Reynolds' Block, Dearborn-st. Michigan southern & north ern INDIANA B. R. CO. No. ih William Sthtet. ) __ , . New Took, March 15,1857.) The annual election lor Directors of this Company will be held at the Ccmpanj’s office In Toledo, Ohio, op Wedneidar, the 74th day ol April next at coon. The polls wiU remain open until 3p. m. The Stock Transfer Books will be closed on the 30th lest at 3 p. m- and reopened on the ath proximo at 10 a. m. I>. 1». BABUYDT. Secretary. Instruction. M Ueia MUSIC A Lady having ten year.* experience la New York, detires pupil, for Plano acdGuitar. Terms *ls per 24 lessons Address “MUsIC," tMO Fulum-at. TXTABASH COLLEGE, CRAW VV - FOEDSVILLE, INDIANA—The Summer Term will commence on Tn.sday Morning. April 3od, 1567. The facilities for pursuing literary, classical and scientific courses of story. a>cso ample ai to Invite patronage of sonng men seeking an education, and ol the pnbiic at large. A. THOMSON, March 2UL Treasurer of Wabash College ffieto publications. JDST PUBLISHED. NEW EDITION, REVISED AND ENLARGED. WELLS’ Every Han His Own Lawyer, AND BUSINESS FORM BOOK. - A complete Guide In all matters of Law. and Busi ness Negotiations lor every bute In the Onion. With Legal Forms, and full Instructions lor Proceed ing, without Legal assistance, la Salts and Business transactions cl ereiy d&cilptlon. Together with the different State Laws concerning the Collection of Debts, Property exempt from Execu- Urn, l.un Lawj.Usury. License to bed Goods, Quailfl cations of voters. Limitation of Actions, etc. Al o, the General Bankrupt Law.wlth torms and full Instructions to enable bankrupts and creditors to take full benefit of the Act without legal assistance. Also. Pent ion Laws, wltb full instructions and torms to enable the Discharged Soldier or StUur to procure Back Pay, Pensions, Bounties, and all war claims. Also, patent Laws with full instructions to invent ors. Also. Excise Laws. Stamp Duties, Post Ofice and Custom House Regulations, the whole acilor of tho Government in relation to BeconstrocUou, and tho Freedmeu, Constitution of the United States, with Amendments, state beats, wltb descriptions, etc. Ihiswoik, prepared some years ago, was received with great favor by the public, attaining a larger sale, it ts believed, than any work ot the kind ever publish ed- Lapse cf time bos brought material changes in the statute* olmany of the States; the war has not only al tered the Social condition ol some ot them, but has in troduced tliclntemaifievenna System, National Bangs, now Post Office and Custom Bouse Regulations, Amendments to tne Constitution of the United Slates, Em*tclpaUon of Slaves, General Bankrupt Law, etc. The subject ot i fusion, Bounties and War Claims, baa also assumed a new and greatly Increased import ance Tbefenumeronschanges have led the publisher to make a new and thoroughly revised edition, t conduc ing the whole work, with special reference to making the work complete and reliable, without regard to ex pense. So critical and thorough ha* been this revision, that the most Implicit reliance can be placed npon the work, os authority on all the subjects ol wnlch It treats. Over two hundred and flity pages of new matter have been added, to meet the requirements of the times. The utility of such a work no one will question. The sale af hundreds of thousands ol copies of the former editions, ana the constant demand lor It have settled that point. The professional tr an. the farmer, the me chanic, the maDiH*cr Q rer, lua solder. ILe sailor, eacu Tfqulres a Convenient, comprehensive and rellaole work which will enable him to draw np any instru ment In writing that mav bo required. In a legal form, which will lornisb such legal Information as Is called for in the various avocations si life, a book that every body can understand, and that will enable every man or woman to be bis or her own lawyer. - There lb no class of the commuhity, mala or female, wbc have, or expect to have, any property, or who have any rights or privileges which require protection. who will not be greatly benefited and advantaged b? the poasession 01 this book. It wilt save them money, save them trouble, save them time, save them litiga tion and lawyers' fees, and give them Information nobody can afford to be witnont. lamo., ®0 pages. Price, handsomely bound, $3.00. OT Sect postpaid on receipt of price. A good, reliable agent wanted in every town In the United state*. Address B£NJ. W. HITCHCOCK, Publisher, 14 Chamoers-st, Mew York, Or, G. B. BALDWIN, 121 Monroe-eL. Chicago, 111. syPapers giving this advertisement a conspicuous Insertion will metre a copy of the work. J^OTICE! The New Orleans Republican Solicits the patronage of aU loyal men in the North who have business interests In the South. Having been selected by the Cleik of the House ol Representatives under the law ol Corprcs* passed March 3d, 1867, as the paper for printing all the Lavs and Trfaties, and ail the Federal advertisements with in the State ol Louisiana, it will be the best advertising medium In the Southwest, reaching a larger number of business men than any other paper. Address s. L. brown A CU-, Mew Orleans, La. HEMET HOWLAND, Agent ?t|arhtuarc. JJAUDWARE AND CUTLERY. Hurd, Prescott & Do., 175 Loke-st-, Chicago, The attention of close buyer* Is invited to our com pletc stock of AMERICAN AND ENGLISH HARDWARE, Especially adapted to theCountryTrada. We offer also a full assortment of Coo pens’, rauclilniat*’ and Carpenters’ Tools, American Table Cutlery and Builders’ Hardware. Also, Woiteubolm'f Pocaet Cutlery. Spear 4 Jackson's Saws. Joseph Rodgers & son's Scissors and Razors, Stubbs & Rotherj's Flics, etc. We would atp*oai:y call attention to onr prices and assortment ol HARVEST TOOLS Of all kinds, InelodlngMlLLAßD'S, BATCHELLCR’S and those manuiactared at Jackson. Mich. Wo also k«cp constantly on band full numbers ol SCHOEM BERGER'S JUNIATA NAILS. Wo would be plumed to give Ericsson any of the above goods. Orders by mail carefully and promptly Oiled. C. P. nUSD. ZD WARD PBXSCOTT. 8. BBINTSALL. fflttsical Instruments VARIETY OP SECOND-HAND ORGANS, Some of item nearly dot, liken in exchange (or the Burden Organs I Will be Bold at a great redaction |rom the regnUr price*, or rented, allowing the rent to apply towards payment. LYON & MEALY, General Agents lor the Bordett Organs, Cor. Clark & Washington-sts., Chicago. Express Companies. H E MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITAL - - $30,000,000. Owned and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers. CAKUIEy BY EXPRESS. Money. Talon, bleu, Freight unit Parcels, over more than 111,000 miles oi £*preH* Line, at Jam and liberal rules, witch Hillionß yearly to Ex« press Shipper*, nod can bemndepernmnem only by their liberal patronose. This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Nos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-st E.ZS. COOPSH Agent. •Ecansportation. FOR RACINE AND MILWAUKEE, AND PORTS NORTH OF MILWAUKEE. Steamer SEABIRD WILL LEAVE This, Friday Morning, at 0 o’clock. Office and Dock cast ol Rashit. Bridge. A. E. GOODRICH. FOR MANISTEE.—The A 1 schooner “ADVANCE.” now lying at Chapman’* I) ck-, will sail Saturday next, at C o’clock p. m. For Dclctu or passage apply at the office ol D. Chapman A Co., 220 Santa Water-st. D. CHAPMAN A CO. Chicago, March '/!, 1367. (Eoal. p OAL. H. N. HOLT, Commission Dealer and Shipper ot COAL! And Metals. Orders filled for LEHIGH sad other Coal at nlncrs’prices. Ofllcc No. C,« New York. Dissolution. Notice op dissolution.— Tec firm of Olmsted. Jones & To. hare thU day sold all ll.cir interest In business carried on by them at No. 179 Lake-fit., to BUCHANAN. CARPENTER & CO.. who ore anthot trod to collect and pay all the indebted nest due to or by os. and said firm ol Olmsted, Jones & Co. is this day dissolved. We mo.-l ciieeifatiy iecom meedthe new Arm to all car customers, and ask for then acontlcnatce ol the patronage so be stowed on 09. HIRAM R. OLMBTKD, RICHARD W. JONES, OWEN LAVRLLB, Chicago, March 77,1567. C. H. CARPENTER. COPARTNERS!! 11*. We, the undersigned, have this aay formed a partner ship under the style of BUCH ANAN, CARFEMEU * CO., for the purpose ol carrying on tbe Wholesale Coach and Saddlery Hardware tmsln c ss, and have par ebas-d all the stock and Interest nf the late firm of Olimtcr, Jones A Co- at No. 179 Lake-sL, and are to collect and pay all Indebtedness due to and bvsald firm. JOHN S. BUCHANAN, CHARLES fL CARFESTER, A.M. PUILFOT. T’HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO- X FORE exlstlncnnder Uis firm name of SMITH & PLOWS, u this day dissolved by mu'.nal consent, ffn. J. Flows having disposed of his Interest to C. tt. SMITH, who will continue the boslncea under the firm name of C. R. SMITH & CO., And who will pay all Indebtedness nt the late firm, and la alcue authorized to collect all bills due th» late Orm. fi. SMITH. Chicago. March 37.15C7. W. J. FLOWS. (Eijinaume. Albert itgk, Importer of and Dealer In China, Glass and Qneensware, CUTLERY. BRITANNIA AND PLATED WARE. 21‘J Randolph-*!. Chicago. Skating. YY’EaT side RINK. GRAND MASQUERADE On SATURDAY EVENING. Masßenfree. your names at the Office, moe Ice. Skating Day and Evening. business Oar Us. GANIARD BROS., Carpet Hassock Manufactory, 134 Sooth Clart st, Booms 4 and 6. A good assortment of all styles lor House and Church use. N. B.—Parties having rem nants of carpet on hand can have them made tbto Ha*socKs at a t-lfllng expense. Agents lor "fixaisiOß." Allordersltita* our rooms will be attended to wttn promptness. STURQES, M’ALLISTER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOB THE SALS OF Wool and Woollen Goods, Nos, 2, 4 and 6 Bnsh-st.« (North end Bash-st. Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWELL & BUSH (Successors to Bawson, Bartlett A C 0.,) BOOT AND SHOE JOBBERS, 3 O IjA££-9Tm CHICAGO. SEYMOUR, CARTER A CO., I Importers and Jobbers ol j Hosiery, Gloves, White Goods, NOTIONS. TWINES, Ac. No. 33 LAKE-ST. | Bole Agents tor Bigelow’s "STAR” Paper Collars. HOWE’S standard SCALES. Chicago Branch Office and Warehouse, 109 «fc SOX Baadolph*st* JAS. T. WHIPPLE. Agent for Bowk's Scats Cokpaht. Chicago lead and Oil Works, Cor.Cllntoa & Pulton-eta, West Side, E. W. BIxATOHFURD ds CO. Manulacturen of (.end Pipe, Linseed OH. Pheei, Boiled LUiseedOll. Bar and Pig Lead,Ground Oli Cane, jF" Cash paid for Flax Seed and Old Lead. L WILLAED FOX, WINDOW GLASS 3 0 3 Xj aeai-st. H. W. & J. M. WETHERELL, Importers and Wholesale Dealers In Millinery and Straw Goods, 90 & 08 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. 42 Walker*Bt.. Now York. WILLCOX &OIBBS’ MEWING la MACHINE. ; “tw ’scam l*Wstro'’ger and less; liable to rip In use or »ear, than, the lock-saich.” -["Judges’ Be* port," at the Grand Trial.; I WBend for theo%"Eer>orU’’andaatn*. pies of wonc,con 11 laming both kinds ot stitches, cni-tho same piece or goods. LrtOB|INELL*CO-GSQ. Agents, |1 33** L&sest., Chicago. Ohio Stone Ware, Buckingham and Yellow Ware. SCRANTON &. CO- Xl? & llOSorthTTatcr-st. fHE JOLIET MOUND COMP’Y, 3ATH BBZCHjFZHS BBZOX, Bowor Plpo and Drain Tiloa Office and Yard, after April Ist, 1367. Corner o( Polk and We?la«Bts.» Chi cago, Illinois. Real Estate. J.H. KEELER & CO., Real Estate Agents, 129 South Clark-st. □oases and Lots in all parts ol the City. ISRAFFLSN BROS. & HALL, 1 Bag Factory. I Seamless Bags, Gunnies, Burlaps, Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Plour Sacks, &c. 13 Booth Wolls-st., Chicago. M. TERHUNE, SHOW CASE, WABEHOOMS, Bfo. 235 Lab.o>st. WYLIE & ARMOUR, Oils, Faints, Glass, 121 South Water-st. AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY, Sole Agcsfs lor the celebrated Seth Thomas Clocks, CLOCKS U. SEOUL ATOHB 07 KTSST PESCBIPTIOX, Pfo.llsZia2EO«st. SMITH, BENHAM & AIKEN, • mrOETEBS OF Crockery and China, And Wholesale Dealers la , Carpet Warp, BatUnr.Cctton Yarn,Twine, Ac. 1511AKE-ST., CHICAGO. ; SICKELS, PRESTON & CO., { WHOLESALE HARDWARE, 1 ! Cutlery and Tinners’ Stock. I I 333 LAEE-ST., j j CHICAGO. | NOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS, Adams-st. Now Is the time to get a flm-c’ass TOP ' CGGY, ratced so that the top can beta ken olf In cue moment. No rattle. Also, Skeleton Wagons and SnlMes, Ot superior make. Repainting and Re pairing promptly and neatly done. TUUS. n. UUOW.N, Ascot. NEW STYLES LADIES’ SATCHELS. An IMMENSE STOCK and New Styles for 1907, at CBAS. A. TATLOR'S Ul SOUTH CLARK-aT., (Opposite Sherman House.) CHICAGO GLASS GILDING CO. All kinds and varieties of SIGN PAINTING. GLASS ADVERTISING TABLETS. RAILROAD BULLETIN BOARDS, Office and Store Shades made and lettered to order. FXiAGG & SBlfilfiSß, OSaiONUOE.ST , (Near the Post Office.) ! CHAS. A. KERFOOT, iFANCY SADDLERY, AUD Horse Clothing’, Ko«B7Bandolph»fit>, Chicago* NUMBER 292. patents. JJOaRDMAH’S Patent Wafer Elevator WITH NEW SELF-ACTING RATCHET. Manufactory at Fort Wayne, Indiana. One of the Beat nhd Cheapest Article* In Use for Uatstng Water from Wells and Cisterns They are especially serviceable In DEEP WELLS, and tued with either ROPE cr CHAIN. As no tubing cf wood. Iron or lead is Died, the water Is kept PORK. We want an Agent In every town and township in the United States, and we offer tee following INDUCE* To DlercbßOth Mechanics, Farmers and alannlactwrern. We will gtve a PATENT RIGHT DEED for aa undi vided half-interest in one or more townablps, la any port of the coon try not already taken, to an; party who will sell lor as within the year 1967, from « to si machines, according to the population, tor eaca town* ship so conveyed. Agents are znaklngflOO per month on their sales, be* sides securing the territorial right. Sample machlzea will be sent to any address oa tht receipt of the wholesale price. For prices, circulars and Information, address 8. R. BOAUDMAN A CO., Fort Wayne, Indiana. F.K. ORVis.and > Agents. CHICAGO, CHAS. K. WHITMAN, f 46 West Uke-at. "OATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors wbc L wish to Cake out Letters Patent are advised Sc counsel with UUNN & CO., Editors ol the Bclentllr American, who have prosecuted claims before tM Patent Office for nearly tweatyyears. Their America* and European Patent Agencyns the most ez*«neiTßD the world. Charges less than any otaer rellahls * K ifpamphlet, containing 101 l instmctlons to inysav on.&Hntgntu. Adtoa utraH a co, Real Estate. JJEAL ESTATE. FOR SALE AT THE REAL ESTATE OFFICE OF Clarke, Layton & Co. Thirty choice 60-loot lots la the Grove, south of the Chicago University, In the subdivision of the old Dutch Gardens. Also, thirty choice lots Just north of Egaa-av., In the Grove. The above property Is now for the first time offered to the public in lots, and It Is the-most ccslrable prop erty lor residences in South Chicago. Come quick it you want to purchase of first hands, and cheap. Also, several choice lots In the vicinity of tbe Chi cago University; for sale oa four years’ time—interest at 6 per cent. Also, fine Residence Lots on Lake, Warren, Fulton, Madison, Monroe and Adams-sta., Just wett of Union Park, at a bargain and on time. And, generally, Houses and Lots in all parts of the city. Ten new Cottages on the South Side, for sale on easy terms of payment. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 128 Waßhlnglon«flt, JfOR SALE—A VERY DESIRABLE Two-Story Frame House Brick Basement, with all modem Improvements, con sisting of Hot-Air Furnaces, Hot and Cold Water, Mar ble Marties, Speaking Tubes, Bath Room, with 10 years* leate of lot at a low rate. PRICE, SO,OOO. Terms easy. Inquire at 836 BTATE-ST. gj&atcljcs autt Jctoclrg. QFFICE OP ROBBINS & APPLETON, 182 Broadway, New Tort; Feb. 1, 1561. THE A3IERICM WATCH CO., OF WAZ.THABE, MASS., Give notice that they have appelated Messrs, N. Matson & Co., JEWEL LEBB, 117 LAKE-ST., THEIR SELLING AGENTS IN CHICAGO. Dealers and the pablle will find at all times In the hands of this firm a very large stock of the Company’s productions, to be sold as low as they can be bought in New Tort or Boston. BOBBINS 9t APFLSTOir, GENERAL AGENTS. Business ®atbs. J. W. POTTLE & CO., COMMISSION MBHCSANTS -IN— FLOUR, PROVISIONS, &c. 114 LaSaUe*st.j Chicago. Advances on Consignments. t3T~ Property bought and held on margins. UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Waabington-sta, CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both buying and seOlag Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margin*, end sold dW) In this or Eastern markets. BT Special rates 01 Commission made to thoae wkt tarnish their own money for largo purchases of prop erty to be held £or sale by us. P. L. Underwood, Ben. W. Under it— i gACON, ENNIS & CO:, (Successors to E. BACON & CO.J COMMISSION MERCHANTS —IN— FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., No. 146 LaSallc-st., Chicago. Liberal Advances mode on Consignments. Property Bought acd Soi l on margins. JQUFFIELD’ti Celebrated Hams, BBEASTABT BACON, Sugar-Cured ieef and Smoked Tongues. The Oldest Brand. Established In 1537. Very mild cored. For sale in an> quantity br IS. F. JACOBS & Cll, Commission Merchants, J6l South Water-st. gMOKJJD - MEATS; E. P.MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PORK, BEEF, LARD, SMOEED MEATS, ISO SOUTH WATEB-ST. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and Whitewood Inmber. Cilice and Yard, 304 Sooth Fr&nUlo-fiU bet. Yu Bares and Harmon. Chicago. P. O. Box 3336. CrßllU cat to ordcr._£] 19*10 a. nOLPES, JB. ZDMCNP PETDUTQg. Bentfetts* rpEETH. T?o EXTRA CHARGE tor Extracting Teeth WITH* qttt vatv, hytfce Mirons Oxide Gas, when ar* ttflclaJ cnee are Inserted. atTKEGO’B rVrititi Rooms. 73 South Clark-sL, Chicago. Jietr Teeth Inserted game day n« extracted Teeth extracted WITHOUT PAIS, BT THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Boom 3. IIS Dearbora*st,(TlmesßaildlßZ.) They o«e none butbesb and pore Nitrous Oxide or Laugh* IngOafl. ®o lient. cpO KENT— Offices in the Chamber of Commerce* Offices Kos. 10 and 12, on main door. Apply at Office No. 18. W 3 C CHAS. L. RAYMOND, Sec*f. Business (Earns. ■I. J.O. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, IXO Bandolph>Bt. Tooth Sztneted Without Pais to SI.OO, By the cm ol nitrons Oxide Gas. or Vi talized Air. Teeth Inserted oo Uie Vul canite or Babber Base tor #U to IS a set. IRVINE, JONES ft GO., (Saccuon to Gnret * Irvine,) WBOLBML* MITJM nr WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, Dress Trimming*, NTOTIONTS. (tO., 19 LIKB.ST. afrwtaJr*. WHITTEMORE, CARTER ft RROWN, Wholesale Dealers In HATS, CAP9,9III.I.TISKBY AND E»1 HAW GOODS*. A large clock tor spring tales, bandit at panic puces. and wlu be fold at rery low sstfignree. lift 13Lake-tL, Chicago. JOSEPH L. HALL ft CO., MAMXTAGTIjRIBS OP Hall's Patent Concrete, Sire and Burglar Proof SAFES, AMD Ticlor Combination Locks. 93 DEAEEOEN-ST. S. M. FASSETT, ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. tF~ Plctaree taken In dark u well as te pleasant weather. Gallery, 111 Sontli Clark-st. GREENLEE BROS. Manufacturers' Agents tor and Dealers In STEAM ENGINES, Circular Saws, Belling, WOOLLEN MACHUTEEY, And Supplies for Woollen Mills, Machln* ists’loois ot all kinds; also Wood Work* Itig Machinery. No. 33 DEABDOHN-ST. HALLOCK & WHEELER, ytxTTTimmi’ Aezsrs 70S EUBBER ASD LEATHER BELTIIVG, Rubber Goods, &c. 11X Randolph-st* SHIRTS MADE TO OBDEIL and warranted to give per fect SATISFACTION, WILSON BROTHERS 124 & 126 Rearborn-at. SPRING! STYLES. BENTS’DRESSIHTS, GENTS’ -BUSINESS HATS, YOUTHS’ DRESS AND SCHOOL EATS. Ail the latest and most laahionabie styles. BISHOP & BARNES, BANDS BROTHERS. BARSTOWS NEW Cooking Range, Cooking, Laundry and Tallon* STOVSS* Registers and Ventilators, 8 3 JIONROT3-ST., (Nearlyopposlte the 81LES, 8R0.&C0., Watches, Diamonds, JSWSLR7 AND SILVER GOODS. tW Agents for Rogers. Smith * Co.’s Plated Ware and U. 8. Clock 4 Brass Go. of Chicago. KIMBALL, STEVENS & COsj WHOLESALE, 64 and 66 MICniGAN-AV. PHILIP WADSWORTH & COeg ILiSTTACTUEBBa AND JOBBBES 07 CLOTHING, 34 ft 36 Lake-et. 95 Devonshire-st. Chicago, lix. Boston, Mass. i. J. M’BRATH, MASC7ACTTSIB AND IXFOCTKS 07 PAP£ft HANGINGS ASD TTODOTT SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Bandolph-st., CHICAGO ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calf Skins, 16 & 18 State-st., Chicago. Agents for Taylor’s Oak Belting. HIBBARD A SPENCER, IXPOBTZBS 07 Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 PIICniGAN.AY., CHICAGO. 261,000 WHEELER &WILSOH Sewing Machine: IN USE. The number Iscreasingl.OOO per week. ARTHUR FARRAR, 106 Lake-st., AeLforthe Northwest. M. D. WELLS AGO., BOOTS & SHOES, 38 CHICAGO. LUNT, PRESTON & KEAN, BAIfKEBg, 47 Clarb-st. 7«30a cxehaosed for new 3*Sos it oar eoanter. ita & College Scrip for sale. Lacd Warn WM. W. STRONB. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., p. o. doi aasa. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, i 6CCCXSSOCS TO BOWEN BROTHERS, Wholesale Cry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15,17,19 & 21 Randolpli-at. KAYDEN & LEATHER, CAEEIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 Cl I»ake»st, Chicago* HART, ASTEN & CO., XASTFACrtXZES OF FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BAGS, And Saga of Every Description* Paper Floor Sacks ot the Best Quality. 183 Booth Water-st* J. SABER & GO., Manufacturer! and Importers ot Musical Instruments and Slrin;s Also, Wholesale Dealers ta PIANOS & ORGANS. No. 600 Broadway, NBWTORK. N0«69 WnUsiMßrtt. CHICAGO gtocfc Subscriptions. J>RO9FM7TUB OP “Tfie Chicago Fibre & Paper fhi." Capital Stock - - $500,000. Fire Hundred Shane, SI,OOO Hath. This Compaayteas omb ortuteed Bader the flMtf wvi or lot bteie ot LSsote. lor Su mtoom el tssdw toctmteg on kinds ol PAPES, and preparing FIBER the WILD QiLAhN toned IB this viciuty in treat atenrvi—— »J£i T el 9J m « n » ettUtlM * neft the mreotjOßS, and toe several Patents tsssed to MB- HARRIsmN B. MBECH« of Tffrt Rtward*. New York. This Company ham purchased from Mr. Meeck aDoftlHsakl Patent* S tee tol.owing States. to-wlt: nilcoU, IndlaaaTlSS gan, Wlynr.iiln. lowa ted to metre A limited amount o( s*bscrtp*»M tatff Capital Stock. w * In inviting snbscriptioss to tkis stock, we state Uiat tee Company are now tee snot ot tee BATAVIA PAPER MTT.i^ Which are prodoring at tee preteit sae two (T> teat per day of prut paper. Tills Null has buildings and water power of snrßcMM capacity, already erected, and to coadltton to receive two (3) additional machines, winch hare been entered, and It la estimated can be pot In rnaning ordar on or betore tee drat day cl May next, watch will Increase tee capacity and rrednets cf the sa:d Mills to six (S> tons per day; tear, at tee present market pricey should yield to this Company a very MUsfkctory prefix. The future operations of tals Company contempiaßS teeerccUoo. orcocjolidatlug cf other mills with thetr enterprise, within tee present year, hsnlng me (no amonct cf their Stock, and which win probably ’-ktw tb«n double tee foregoing estimate aproductor Print. Manilla and Wrapping Paper*. This Company haring procured s charter from the Legislature of the State ofQlicoli, Increasing thelz capital to one mil'lon cf dollars, are bow reorganizing under their Charter privileges. The Stock Boots are ncwopentorenbeeluncnto the Stock, at tbs Offices of lire it*. DICKEKSCN A SHERMAN. 170 Eto dolt>tMt_ where all farther Information a# to the pd* enti, prespeetd, 4c~ will be given. In oar friends to sQhicrlDe to this Stock, we believe we are warranted in saying that this enter* prise promises an return of prc&ts, com* pared with any other manufacturing btuxMtf- hereto tore presented. THOMAS S. DICKEESOH, Prert, GIO.B.aiOSS. Vice Pie Vt. * (Formerly President Batavia Paper MID CO.) WM. HAN SB BOUGH, See*y. AGO. I. N. W. SHERMAN. Treasurer. a Challenge. fJO PAPER MANUFACTURERS. Hydrostatic vs. Pneumatic. A CHALLENGE! Whereas, the Hydrostatic Paper Company have pub lished that my Pneumatic Patents lor the treatmeatoC paper stock are Infringements of patents held by tha ' ‘•flydroitatlc Paper Company" tor accomplishing the same purpose by Hydrostatic pressure; and. whereas they calm to have obtained a reissue ot said hydro .statlc patents, Including as wel’, bydrodrssmlc ana pneumatic pi essure, and that u(d rduaeu valid uft antedates my said patents. Now. for tha purpose at settling this controversy, ana the right of the parties In the premises. I propose and agree to submit my tala pneumatic patent*, and all quesaes of right arising under the same, to the arbitrament ot three competent lawyers cf Chicago, ot which I will choose one. said Hydrostatic Company shall choose another, and those thus chosen shall tame a third, who shall constitute a. board ol arbitrators, who shall be empowered to hear and Determine all Questions ot Infringement; and t» that end 1 will assign in blank my pneumatic patents, and deliver the same to said board, and the Prwldsot of said Hydrostatic Paper Company, or seme person authorized by it, shall aaam ta blank said Hydrostatic Patents, or the reissue of the same, held by said Com pany, and shall deliver the same to said board of arbi trators; and the said board shall be empowered to hear and determine whether sail Pneumatic Patents are an infringement of the tights ot said Company, or whether said Hydrostatic Patents have been invalida ted by surrender and reissue of the same, and whether the said reUsned patents do not, in terms. Infringe my said patent or parents; and the said board shall he au thorized to deliver to the party whose rights are in fringed by either cf said patents, said infringing pat ents, to be the property of the party to whom they ore thus delivered, co ibe payment of the ecnsideratloa eg cne (ft) ooilar to the other parry, thus emitny all fur ther dispute between the said parties. H. S. 3TEECH. Fort Edwards. March 39. ISff7. 13aprr, 'J'fLh CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Co. Warehouse. DICKERSON & SHERMAN, COMMISSION PAPER DEALERS, dzalzes nr Paper Makers’ Findings, Chemicals, etc., 170 Ztandolph»st>) Chicago* We offer for sale to dealers and consumers 3.000 Bandies Mews and Print 38x43 2.000 do do do 24x38 1.300 do do do .22x33 2.300 do do do 33x37 3.000 do do do 27x41 1.300 do do do 28x44 2.300 da do do 30x43V 1,800 do do do 31x442 3.000 do do do 30x4*2 1.300 do do do 23x3$ 1.000 do do do 36x3$ feOO do do do 20x43 Extra sizes made to order cn short notice. Fsrnle at the lowest market prices for CASH. iSantts and 33anfters. JAS. TV, TUCKER & CO. ( AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 AND 5 RUE SCRIBE, PABIS, FRANCE, Boy and leH United States Securities, negotiate iw« on a&me. boy and sell Drafts ca America, l,<sae Casa Letters of Credit, and traaaact a General Coamissiow business. Also, have connected with their Barkis'* Boose an American Reading Boom. Steamer Offlre, American Registry. and a Pest Office, where all letters to their carts are delivered or tom anted as may be directed. AMERICAN CORRESPONDENTS. L. P. Horton A Co- 33 Wall-sL, New Tort. 7. W. Andrews. 61 state»t- Boston. Townsend, Wheleo A Co., Watnnt-su PhlladtfpbU. State Savings Instltntlou. Chicago. 111. Jj'XRST NATIONAL BANK. Corner of Late and Clark-sta. PAID IN CAPITAL. 31.000,000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn in sums to suit cn ail the principal European Cinea. LETTER« OF CREDIT Ifsued, available In ail pom of Europe. GOVERNMENT 00*03 Bought aid sold. 7-BOs conveited at market rate*. Sas’l M.NICKBBBON, Prest. F. I>. Geat. Vice Prr*t. C. B. Field. caahlar. Casa. J.Scnaprr.Aas’tO** l LANIER & CO., ISSUE LETTERS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available In all parts of Europe. NOS. Ity ft UP PINS> NEW TORE. Ctoines anb (Garbage. 'J'WmES, CORDAGE, ETC. ETC. GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN TWINES AND COBDAGS, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATEE-5T., CHICAGO. The largest and best assortment In the West of COTTON AND FLAX PUCK, all widths and weights MANILLA AND TARRED BEMP ROPE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS; GUNNIES. WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAB, PITCH. OAKUM; COAL TAR ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTOS, FLAX ASD HEHP TTTEfES Ot every description; Cotton, Flax, Paper and Jata Wrapping Twines; Bell and Sash Cords, Gill Nets and Seines, with every vailety of Seine and NettingTwme- ■sx„i Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F Ii A G S Of Silk cr Bunting, as per Army BegulaUouj, con* stantiy cn band and mads to order. j.s.Tccnat, ego, p. jEactiineiß. A MBS’ XJL Celebrated Portable and Stationary STBaH all sixes. Superior to an others. C. L. BICE & CO„ Chicago; SMITH A BIGOd. bt- Louis, Mo.; WM.K HOVijV, Milwaukee: JAMES JE.NKS, Detroit, averts. Call or send lor circular. 4 4 T)RICK MACHINE.” B DOUGLAS PATENT BRICIC M ACHINK. Office. Boom Ho. 3, 47 Clark-st., Chicago. QARD’B PATENT BBKE I«Ai.CH2K2. Office and manotactory S 3 Sooth JtSersijHl. For Infcmatloe and deacrlpUTe circular address & B. QABD, 83 Bomb JcffenoMS- taxons. CHICAGO. dfox Sale. r TO CAPITALISTS. _ _i ilawicm, March I. i®7- Havlng decided to relinquish biulzcss, we oUrr our estahltsbmeatfor sale. Our boose was- S&T ABZ*Z3BZ2D Ziff 1845, Has b*en in existence 31 years, aid is no * * safe, Urm ana pcftuanenl amt to “ft. 6 ** who are desirous of emhartmc m a PBOrlrAiiLß branch ol trade (wholesale aad J.balnr only) tUs pre sents a rare and valuable cptorxonlty. Our stork Is fall, embraces none but the staple goods, and ths business U In perfect rnnrlmr erder. n. BOSWOKTH Ss SON'S. Wholesale Druggists. Milwaukee, Wis. :ay. jrCEfr. JpLAX SEUD, FLAX SEED FOB SOWIKG, Choice and well screened. fi>r sale lor cash. Al<o.fiaa Ground Linseed Highest prtc? paid for FUx seed to crn‘h. at GOULD BltO’S Linseed Oil tTorta. 44 to 50 West Cbanca-st., between Van Bareaaat II am son. lage anß 35ar. TAB. UNDERWOOD. ■*"' RI AND BAB, ppOTiivc somon for al Clisutr •“ MomWr. ySSoLpSsT. nrCrct* Prea »tralntileac<l la one minute. (Consignments. A PPLEb Green Apples Apples— j\ erection, Ru«setb*, Pound-s It'd Wlatcr, Wtaa Saps, Ked stripe, Pipplas, Ac.. 4c , fcr talebv E. WHITE * CO., 141 South Water-lC PUTTER—Ohio Heserre Cutter-tow reTow extra table. In iu,all tn>s. recelvl* t tlalln D» expre-?. s. white * co, 141 fcatt

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