Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. L0CAL INTELLIGENCE. SCIMCB ard IT. Mission -Lecture before the 1oung Men i Christian Association last night at the Smithsonian Institute, by Dr L H Steiner . ' 3 He commenced by speaking of the value of truth, the March made for it by true s'uients and the suoeets thej met with, compared with the liuht found by superficial observers He thought the term science sadly misapplied when given to the art of a Hyer and a Sul livan, or to the useful or any other arts for these arte are the truths of science practical iaed for use Science ects as the vivifyirg ?gent, the idea which requires mechanical ap pliances to adopt it to our wants; but thoegh thoee appliances are wanting for ages, yet this idea is not lees real though ideal, because it is an emanation from trath itself. At last the idea becomes actualiied by means of talent is applied to a practical purpose, and becomes the basis of a useful art Thns it is seen that sconce is rather the mother than the elder sis ter of the useful arts. The discovery of principles, and their appli cation long afterwards to some now indi?pen sable art. proves the axiom that "the discov ery of no scientific principle is to be consider ed of minor importance, although ages may intervene before its utility may be shown to the world." Science is that form of knowledge which seeks out the elementary principles of things eollecs the leading truths underlying all' other knowledge and is the basis of all the useful art: it is attractive to this utilitarian age. because it enables us to achieve results that can at once be applied to the uses of life It is also attractive because adapted to the inquisitive nature of the mind Labor is the lot of man. and science shows the way in which that labor can be performed to the best advantage. Science opens the way for the cultivation of I philosophy and poetry It furnishes the phi losopher with thore facts from which the in dicative method selects the prevailing spirit, and throwing ir into a finished and perfected form, rounds off our knowledge with the ivrn ?f?th iilh# P?*trJ?f science pre sents itself in all her varied forms ; alchemy paints and flavors the lily ; steam is the type of the age, the symbol of strength and gentle ness ; and a far better idea of vigor and en ergy than was presented by the aneient con ception ef the Titian poets ; see these poetic relation* in science, and are beginning to pre fer them to the eld personifications, as more beautiful and true. The mission of science is to aid man in ?olv iog all the physical problems which connect his relations to the world around him, and to be subservient to religion as a means cf sub itantiatmg and confirming the great truths which are embodied in the revealed word ? ST?.:;*** Pbi,090Ph7< ?*,p?fficially cultivated, leads from God; but when taken in large draughts leads to Him " The histo v >f science proves this, seen in the eases of geology and astronomy. Superficially viewed they have seemed to eome in contact with re ligion, upon further knowledge they agree with and eonfirm religious truth. Wo can safely ascribe the atta?ks on a newly discov ered science to ignorance of the science itself Further knowledge will show where the error lies. and the perfect accordance of science and Tsllgion. Sometimes the same apparent anti-religious position is assumed in the opening of a branch cf science. which may be seised on by the artful and turned so as to give scope to a Isititudmarian view with regard to religion taai result in the boldest infidelity. Then science, jealous of her own reputation for revercnce to religion, raises up one cf her own sons, equips with prop:r weapons, and sejds him to exterminate the traitors in her camp. He may come froiu the higher walks of life, but morelikvly f.em h humble station?frori the quarry, a. a Hugh Miller, a chosen knight f do battle for science in her glorious mission on earth By such means she strips infidelity of the robes it has stolen from her own abode and leaves it expostd in its true and naked deformity to the acorn of the world. Tna Win or Contributions.?In all next week contribution# will be received to the great exhibition of the products of the skill, taite. ingenuity, and industry of the Amer ican people, at tho Smithsonian Institution, iu this city. This exhibition, as we have here tofore remarked: has been gotten up by the Metropolitan Mechanic*" Institute under the management, of Mr lhrm;is C. Connolly su perintendent, and we are well assured that it will prove a display of great magnificence. >iot wnly the main hall of the edifice, but nearly the whole lower range, together with a portion of the upper part, will be devoted to the purposes of the exhibition At night on seme special occasions, the entire edifice will be brii.iantly illuminated, end even in some of the towers there will, at times, be colored and drummed lights Music will be well provided , the contributions of instruments are numerous and a band will always be present. Tfce machinery department will comprise a large number cf exceedingly interesting in ventions. and there will be ample steam power for tfcelr propulsion We shall marvel much if any portion of our feJlow-citiiens shall be found indifferent to this great enterprise It Is for the benefit of the whole public, and we regard its encouragement by all means in our power as the daty of every ci:isen A New CocNTEH/aiT. ? The Baltimore American of this morning says: "we were yesterday shown a counterfeit $5 note of the Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Frederick, Md . whieh so little resembles the genuine note that thee would be no danger of its being taken by those familiar with the is sues of the bank The counterfeit has a vig nette of the ooat rf arms of Pennsylvania, two horses rampau', Ac . with the motto "Virtue Liberty and Independence " On the left is a figure of a female holding a sheaf of wheat in her hand and oa the right a female head wreathed with grapes Thomas W Morgan :s gvten as Prandent. and W. Tjler as Cashier, whilst on the genuine the latter is President end the former C?whier. The genuine note is of very plain at nearanoe, with a centre via- ( nette of Xeptui.e and Amphithrite, with the tea and a vessel in the distance. There is ' also a small figure on the left of a female holding in her hands the soales of Justice whilst at her feet ia a portrait of Washington' Ihe paper of the counterfeit has a bluish tinge, wuilst that of the genuine Das a yellow tinge A number of theee notes have been in circulation in Baltimore for several weeks past. ^lLLaans Uors ?We understand that the regular mgkts for "parlor hope" at Wizards have been changed to other nights in the week, and there will be none there this evening We ltarn that this change is made to keep out, as lar as possible, the large ncmber of "out 'lders who attend the heps. tritkaut %nv\ta~ in such large numbers as to exclude the gueits ef the house. There can be no objec- > tion to those who c me by invitation and we ' ?re sore no gentleman or lady who have the ' l?Mt seaeo '[ propriety would attend without I being invited. Military Spirit?There is no city in the l Gicn, compared with the population of Wash er-f;on, that numbers su many citisen soldiers. Tbis martial character is not confined to the members themselves, for it animates the bosom 1 ** wall as the gentlemen We related in a former number the subscription rl,\i f towards the purchase of a banner aT (iCokrda Th'? day we have to na'um? gift of $10 oy a gen ^m r purpose. May prosperity attend them o(e?, ? mm ?avuu UBlCCr arrested a man named Wm Brown, who stands charged with assaulting and beating Harriet Nicholsou and breaking into her bed room while she was in bed. Brown was sent to jail for a further bearing, and yesterday vi^s hv aj ki cat I al; ?tter which he w s held :o bail in ?10i> for Lis appearance at the Crim^l tour.. A* Kprok?In our notice yesterday of the bell for the benefit of the poor, we inadver tantly mentioned the name cf Mr Thomas Yoctj. as 'be gentleman that bad so kindly given ?hr nee of ike Assembly Rch ms for that iurpcte. it aliculJ have been &r. JobnM. Hung Th* Sbvbwth Lbcttrb oh Vbobtatiow, waa delivered by Prof. Gray, on Monday night, at the Smithaonian, and >u devoted to the his tory of the Flower and the Fruit. He commenced by saying that all the or gans of the flower and fruit are is some wav robeement te the production the protect^ of the seed. The relatione between the blos som and vegetation was firat cooaidered A s branches are evolved from buds, ao are blos soms and leaf-buds, and flower-buda are often much alike in their earlier atagea 8om >times flower-buda are turnad into leaf buda The petals, Ae , are familiarly called the " Ieavea ot the bloMom, thua recognising an analogy between them and the ordinary Ieavea, and therefore between the whole flower end the branch Inconsequence of this. It waa next notloed i that flowers accord with branches in their pe tition ; flower buds Always arising from the ?sme point* that leaf-buds do, via: from the exils of the leaven, er the summit of the stem , or branches, giving origin to two modes of arrangement of flowers in oloaters, a simple ! 1 *w. answering to that which flxea the position i of the leave* and branches in vegetation, also 1 fixe* the position of every blossom, assigns to i ? ?ch cluster its shape and character, and in- 1 dicates the precise order in whieh the bios- ' soma are to expand i ! he struoture of these organs was explained; ] the petals, stamens, and platila ahown to be modifications of leaves, the whole flower there- 1 fore a sort of branch with a very short axis. The gradual and complete tranaition of leaves . of the calyx Into petala, and of petals into ? stamens waa shown in the bloaaom of the ! water-lily. J In illustration of the doctrine that all parts 1 of the flower answer to leaves on the branch, ! the various forma of the leaf were passed in review, showing that when any speoial offiae ' is to be fulfilled in the plant, nature does not create a new r-rgan. but adopts the ooinmon - organ, the leaf, and adapts it to tha office it is i to fill Thu* they are seen in the seed leaves, J in the tendrils of the pea and gonrd, and in * the bod scales, which, in mcst trees and J shrubs. closely enwrap and protect the tender , tips of the shoots in t' a winter, So, in the * blossom, they are leav< \dapted to still other \ conditions which comp< - the envelopes of the flower or appear as s nens. which contain the yellow fertilising i ?der called pollen; { while other leaves folt^d inwardly, and their 1 edges united, form pistils, the united margins ' of the transformed leaf bearing ovules, which after fertilization by the pollen applied to the atigma. have an embryo formed within, and thus become seeds. j _ The change takes place at a very early pe- t riod, when all the parts of the forming bud are nearly similar; but what answers to, and 1 might ba*e been developed as an actual leaf, 1 takes a different mode of development, and becomes a stamen or a pistil. A parallel ' case was mentioned in soology. The compar- ^ ative anatomist reoegnises the arm of man in ? the fore arm of the monkey, the fore leg of the cat, dog, ox. Ao , modified in the details to suit the peculiar conditions of each particular " animal ; and recognises it no leas in the fore limb of the bat, where it serves the purpose of ' a wing; in the two wir*gs of birds; in the fin ! like arm of whales and dolphins, and in the pectoral fin of the fish These are all homol ogous partB; so are all the organs of the flowor; and, havii.g no ona general came to embrace them all, the leaf, being the earliest and the most universal form, ia naturally taken as the type, and all the others regarded as modifications Toe lecturer then considered the symmetry of the flower, and the prevalence of the num bers 3 and 5?either the one or tha other of ) these numbers usually running through tha i whole blossom?and stated that the foundation t for this waa to be found in the arrangement of ' the leaves on tho stem, which was fixed in each spscies by a p-ecise mathematical law. ' He thea touched upon the disguisal of this symmetry in many blossoms by the union of various contiguous parts, and upun deviations I from symmetry through the abortion or sup- 1 pression of cortain parts this was illus- 1 tratcd by referring to cases where parts wbioh exist In the flower are suppressed in the fruit, as in the fruit of the beech and the acorn, 1 where only one seed is found at maturity, ' though there are always si x rudimentary seeds \ in each ; istil Only one of them grows and ripens; the other fire are abortive cr sup- ( pressed with perfect regularity. Several i gTades of simplified forms of the fl >wer were then exhibited, elaslng with the blossoms of the pine and apruce, as the most simple of tree flowers ; one kind of these flowers con- J ristin^ of a single stamen alone ; the other, i of a pistil alone; and this pistil being a flat scale or open reduced leaf, bearing a pair of I ovules or seeds on its inner face, directly ex- ( posed to the air, and to the pollen from the 1 stamens, which acts upon it directly. The aetion of the pollen and the formation J of the embryo was then briefly adverted to As the embryo is formed, the ovule beeomes a seed ; and the pistil, with whatever may be connected with it, becomes the fruit. Tha principal modifications of the fruit were then illustrated, beginning with the simple pod. , nut, or berry, or stone fruit, such as the ober ry and peach, ar.d passing te the more com plex fruits. such as raspberries, strawberries, tracing their analogies with the fruits of the rose, quince, apple, Ac., and closing with il lustrations of fruits which result from the union of a great many flowers in ona mars; such as those ot the mulberry, pine apple, bread-fruit, the flg. and mnny others. ^ krsek s Sitper.?Mos' of the readers of the Star remember tte case of Charles Wer ner. tried under the Corporation law. known as "the liquor law," upon which an appeal was taken to the Circuit Court. Upon the de ciiion of the Court, Mr. Werner made a bet with several friends, and losing the bet, be gained the suit Last night, he invited bis f i:nds to a supper at his house. He had pre pared everything in excellent style, with plen ty of it. A section of the National Crass Band was there, under the lead of Chas. Bergman, and of eour?e there was good music A lively company, good jokes, all helping to pass the evening merrily. We heard one of our old citiiens express the wish that Charley would always be as successful when he had bats on the isiue. Th* Sbcoro Grabi> Ball.?We learn that the proprietor of the National Hotel intends, on the evening of next Thursday week, to give his second grand ball and auppar. Extensive arrangements are being made to make this o le of the finest affairs of the kind that ever c^ae off in tbe Metropolitan oily. Tbb Wooprull Ann Sblpbb Casb ? Judg men* has not been rendered in this oaae, and le' hi jus ice deeido as ha will, it is con fl dciitly expected that an appeal will be takan from bis deoision, and tha case oarried belere tha Circuit Court Consequently some months will elapse before the case is settled. It is a teat case | A Nbw Fibb Compaby ?Wa learn that a number of young men held a meeting laat night, in the First Ward, to take the prelum > nary atepa toward the organisation of a new hoee company. Wa have not heard what measurea were adopted but we have no doubt of the suocess of the undertaking, as the young men of that ward are of the ' go-ahead'' sort. Tbb Abpbior Qiartbt Bard intend giving a concert at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Wednesday evening next. The lovers i f fine singing will have aa opportunity to enjoy a treat on this occasion, as this band are justly ranked among the best singers in our city. Hbllbx. thb Cokjubbr, baa engaged Iron Hall, wbieb he intends to fix up In a gorgeous manner, in which to give his wonderful exhi? bitions. ?? Criminal Court ?This Court adjourned this morning until Saturday. The jury in theea?e of McNaney is still out If they should agTaa. they will bring in a sealed verdict. Watch Rbtlrbs ? There were no oaaea for trial at the guard-house this morning. The streets were quiet, and the guards had but little tr. do but keep moving in order to be comfortable. T~7? WATCHK* -Hanbort of Co&fraM and oth?r? In I ?am of ? flrtt rat* tttBakaapar would do wall to mafca ? Ml action at one* that Uialr quality Bay b? Uioruajtiij .cat #d tafnra 1mt1u( tlva city * W. OALT k BBU'i a-aorl Divnt waa n?r?r a > complata aa at prcaaut, ambraclns mrtrj 6aarrtpttoa, all warranted, and at prto*? rartaln'y ??a 1 ? - ? ?tniiUr uticlti can ba uurchaaaU for lu an; city iu una acuuuy. M W. UALT A BKO , A* >s 4m fa. avast* hiwiw ttfe a?4 iaa *a fry A TEH'S CHKRRT PRCTOttAL.?For the rapid e*rs of Oaagha, Cold*. Ho?r??om, Bronchitis. Whooplng CVwigh, Asthma and Consumption, la unlveraally known m the beet remedy erer yet discovered lbr every variety of Pulmonary dlseaae. So wide la the field of its usefalneaa and eo nniaeeons Hie eases of tto oarea, that almost every eectiou ef the country abounds to peraona publicly known who have Wn reetored from alarming and even deeperato diseases of the lungs by Its use. When once tried Ita sapa rlorlty over every other medicine of Ita kind la too apparent to aaoapa obeervatlon, and where Ita virtues are known tka pnbllc no longw healuu what antldnu to employ for the dUtreselng an I dsngarons affections of the pulmonary or* (ana which are Incident to ear climate. By Ita timely nee many, nay almoat all attacks of dlaeaae upon the Linn or throat, are arreetod and thus are aaved many thonaauds ev ery yaar from a premature *rav?. No family abonld be with out It. and those who do neglect to provide themselves with ? rwufdy which wtrdi off this dtTiKoroiii cImi of will have ranee tn deplore H when It la too late. Proofh of the surprising efficacy of the Cherry Btactoral need not be given to the AmerloM people-they M, living proofs In every neighborhood Bat thoee who wish to read the state ments of thoee wboae whole health haa been restored aud wboae live* have bene eaved by iu use, will and them In my American A raanac which the afiou below named haa to tarnish fr?tU for ???rj nm ^Prepared by DB. J. 0. AtKB, Lowell, Mass , -Ami sold Z. D. OILMAB. Washington. O. *. UlfTHlfcl M, Georgetown. JA?. COOK * CO., Prsderlcfcsbsrg and by all Druggists everywhere. K-eoJm r~?? COSSI'MPTION AND 8PITTIK0 BLOOD.?Sea the c*rtlfloat* of Mr. Tnrn^r H Rams*?, for ni*nv year* proprietor of the Kay mar.' HoW, Fredericksburg, Va., and late of the Olty Hotel, Richmond, Va. Dr. John Mlnge, of the cliy of Klehmoud, thongh a regular phynlolau, and of course opposed to what he called quack medicines, waa obligel to aay that Its good effects in the caae >f Mr Ramsey, were wonderful Indeed He had been *1ven ap by aaveral phystcjaus ; had tried Host of the quack raalldnea. and waa on the verge of de roalr. aa well aa the grave, when ba tried Carter'! Spanish Mixture. We ruftr the public to a fuM and lengthy eertlflcate aronnd *i? boule, stating his enrs. *,*!iea advertisement Aaoram P ? ? ? i v ?.?Mr. WHITBHCRST haa.beaa iwardad another premium for hta superior Daguerraotypea. izhlbltod at the World'a Pair, lfaw York. It will be retnem >erad that Mr. W. received from the World'a Pair, London, wo medals tor his anrlvallad daguerreotypes of President rillmora and Cabinet, and Pan ti scopes of Niagara Palls, be ildea pramlu* at all the fairs at which b? haa exhibited for ?any years past. This speaks volumes In favor of hla gal la lea. Call and have year liken seats taken at Whltehurst's Sail*; ?j, near Pour and a-half street, Pennsylvania avenue, sep 1??tf RBADT WADB CXOTHINO POR OKNTLIVKN AND Youtha' wear manufactured with taste and elegance by ifOAH WALKKR k CO., nnder Browns' Hotel. Their et?eic irabrace the Palltot or Surtout Overcoat, Overaacks, shaped bud nerlagee; Talmas, black and bine Cloth Drees Costs, 'rock Oats of all faahlonable colors, Ctwslmer, Buslm-en lultes, clch Velvet Vests, Sllk?, Ac., bl?rk doeskin Cassitner, Igured Oaselmer, aud plain Caaslmer Pautaloons. Por the ronth?Jackets, Pants, Vests, Overcoats, *c. Aa they are hair own manufacturer* they are enabled and will sell at he very lowest prices, rthlrts of snperiar fit, Collars, Ulovea, riee, Ac., of lata styles always on hand. dec 3S? WJ?> Ssili imtox receives all thanaw Books and New* >apers aa tat aa published. Ha la agent for Harper's and all tie oth?r Magazines, and onr readera will always And a arge and food assortment of Blank Books and Stationery lis Bookstore, Odeon Building, cor Pa. aveune and at RARRIKD. Cnthe2td inst., by the Riv. Mr. Stanlwv, H. M. H McPHERSON to Mis* EDITH McPHERSON, laughter of U. H. MrPHERSON,of this city. On th* 23d inst ., at Foundry Paisonage, by Rev. B. P. Phelps. Mr. PAUL S. EVASS and Mi>s BMMA BROWN, both of Alexandria, Va. On the 2id inst , bv the Rev. Mr. H de?'*, GEO. ARNOLD to Mie9 LVIHA CHAMPION, all of IVaahing on. Wants. 1?7"ANTED?By a yonng man of indu?lriou*, so \\ ber and steady habits, a Situation in a groco y store?willing to devote all of his time and talents to his business. Address "J H M," ihrough City Post Oliice . jan 23?2t* WANTED?By a respectable Girl, a Situation to do nursing or chaniberwork. Apply to Bratly Ncvvnion, <?n II, between Sixth and skveuth *ts. jan 23?3t* WANTED?A g?od active colored Woman, to do eh tin ber work. Apyly o jan 22?3( C. W. HAVENNER. \\rAV99 WaGROliS.?ThwjbPCTibercM f Y all tines ia the sa&rtat buying SLAVK^. pay ag the ^ah prlc-M. Perbnvlng sftvi -r Fkle will call at 243 PR ATX 4TRH&T, 2*1 Imors, Md.,(,31?tter'# old stsu-i ) sUvsj? xr a csats per -Uy. feb 2?ly B. M .A W. L.CAMPBy.t!. Boarding. SIX GENTLEMEN cau be accoiuinodated with b >ard ai Mr< A. R. LOCKE. 459 T? nth strt-et, t>etweeii E and F. jan 22?3l* BOAKOIifil ?A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on f street, tetwien 6th and 7th, ran affer fine lafge rooms for ramilies, either furnished or unfurnished. Also, has room< forgentlemca much larger than arc gcaerally appropriated to ainttls persons. Tablr boarders and pt->miuw>nt or transient per eons will be accommodated on the most ri ?winahit; terms. jan 22?lw* JT. McDl'PFlE would respectfully infrrn a his friends and the public in general that he prepared to receive boarders at his old establishment in Pennsylvania avenue, near the west gate of the Capitol. The house has been closed for the last 4 months, for the purpose of making improvement* w th an ad dition io the building. It Is now in comfortable -*r dcr and would say to our old patrons and to all who may favor us with a call that here they wili find gix>d beds, pit asMit rooms, attentive servants, and dishes served up as th?y should .>e. jan 12?2w* SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assortment ?f Silver Coffee Sets, Tuchers, Goblet*, Cup>, Creams, and a'l kinds of S|H>ons jind Forks, and a variety ot F.tnev ."?.lvei ware, suitable for presents, via: Soup and Uysti r Ladles, Cruinb Scrapers, fi?h, pie and cake Knives. Creain and Su?nr Spoons, etc., is offered at low pi; ce*, and warranted sterling. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. !Hh and loth s.s. jan 19 AR N Y , ATo. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown, IS prepared to furnish Balls, Dinners, SoTksh Wp.odimos, &c., with everything iu the Confec tionary line, in any part af the District, at the shoti est noli -e, aud on the most reasonable terms, jan l'J?tf S LVER PLATED WARE. CiOMI'i.ETE Coffee SeU, Castors, Caku and Fruit l B<t -kets, Waiters on white metal, Table, Dew sert, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and Uiplc plated oi^Albata, the best substitute tor silver, war ranted aid Mild by H. SEMKEN No 330 I'a. avenue, l>etween 9th and lOu: its. jan 19 CHARLES WALTER'S GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. NO. 5?? SEVENTH ST. OPPOSITE < SNTRK MARKKT. 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S~KCOW?? ,'IAHO PI A BIOS FOR SALE OK REN r.? We have in ?tor? four Pianos, two of Chickling and two ot Andre Steins, which we off- r low for ca-h, or good notes, or will rent on uittd-iate terms. ?Vow .Ylu ic expected lo morrow morning. JOHN F ELLIS, jan 4 306 Pa. avenue. CCATHOLIC BOOKS.? A large and varied arsoit j uient of Ca'holic Works, including St. Vinctnl Mauual Chut ttan'a Guide, Gems of Devotion ; Do nay i-i.-<l>op in plain and plegtnt bindings; at the mw e.-t p ice, ^ust received at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S pis It Bookstore, neax 9tu su F F' For Bala and Pent F0HJ,rf'rirSr?RJlE2rr~*Tbe Lease, Good Will, p??rt.TLt n? a, *"Uun,m n?w|y ?nd h"nd "Jr" ri ^ A,#I*?dria V* Anpl? at this &2S5?* 0fRce' A,e<?<n?. Va. J? 1!!,"^^ fRoo,n' 60 by a fen, in second e, "? tic,4: *3T rfeat. nue^ jan 94-* 1^? whlfbi?* IfV* l-rick Home, bniM.T# ?-.^^Kin an,d "tlic and lhre? ?orv *><* building, with stable and pump in a larec vard con \T*ZZZZ^m>-?n 0 ?^n 3.1and 4* streets, adjoining the residence of Dr. J. F. Mav. . P^on pvon on tbe 1st of February. of J W f , !?' k f Expreaa Office, or of heiJT 7 1 ?fflce' Ej^iwa for the ! . jan 24?eo6t ^?^h-^r'litnr^l>K8Wl""!?n *,ven immediately, a three story brick IIo?i?*> nnd Store No AO Ut" M?rkM "ou~> turning ? , S ;1^ r^rJl "/ 1 ^cellar. capable of holding -0 . ords of wood. i? a fir?t rate stand iwSah'e. Apply lo * rod ,en,lnt ,h*re"1 wi,i A, _ T. P.- DOVNOOH1JR. rton?n'kit i!y con]"en,'*n' Dwelling, containing five rooms, kitchen an1 cellar, lately finished, nituHtel on Lingan street, near Ilick'a Cottage, on? af the moat healthy and pleascnt situations in 6eorget<>wn. Applv as above. T ,, n jan 24?2w* " F?r? new. convenient, and neat Dwelling, No. 165 West stieer, Georgetown, , containing eleven ro< ms, all well finished and of F007!"?'\L house j9 furnished with gas in near- 1 ly ali of the rooms of the first and aecond stories. A pump of the best water in tho District stands about ten yard* from tlio front of th^ houK. Posm^Mon given on or before the 1st of March next. For terms apply to T. W. SIMPSON, jan 23-3t (Int) No. 163 West st.. Gi ot'n. 'OR RENT?A fine commodious Store, anncri lent business stand. Also, Rooms, completely furnished, from $5 to $? per month. Meals, if desired, at S3 per week. Apply at No. 979 Seventh street north. jan 23?3t* I^OR RENT?Thr< e handsome furnished Room* I a. for rent. Kao^ room is private. The rent will be reasonable. They are s tuiited at the southed corner of D and 13th st*. JOHN WALTER jan 20-4t* DE^IRARLE BCSINESS STAND hMR RENT Gporietown?The desirable Store Roon No. 130, situate on Bridge street, fo-merly occupied by Myers k Bro., and at present by M> sani. Goddard X Co., is for rent. A* a dry goods stand ii is un surpassed. having sky light* in the re=?r. gr-od shelv ing, counters, drawers, gas fixture, 8tc- Poshes sion given on the first day of March next. For terms. I &?.y apply to E H. Wright, or the mib^rrib**''. jan 20?6t JAMES FULLALOVE. F<>R SALE-A small HOUSE, on I. ??., between Ninth and Tenth streets, No. 51 T. i'he lot is twenty feet front ind one hundred and twenty feet deep. Enquire at No. 515 I. uree t. Northern Liberties, just in the rear of McKendree Chan-I jan 19?6t* 1 For rent?for one year or" a term of y ars, the well witiiatrrl, commodious, wrll fimshed, and convenient dwelling Flou^e, orer the Music Store of liilbus & Hit*, at the corner of Pa. avenue and 11th street. It contains seventeen rooms without the l>aseinent, in which the kitchen is situated. This is a rare chance for a private fam ily wishing a large house on Pa. avetme.orfor a per son desiring the best location in Washington for a large and well kept boarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?tf HOMES FOR ALL.? Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fait fVon? by 130 feet deep, on graded street-, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable ?3 iter month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th ?t., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. A GENTLEMAN, WHO WILL BE AB^ENi tor some time from this city, has a first rate I Piano Forte, that li? will either rrnt or nell. |f ?o!<I * he wMl give rea.wnable time for the payment by giv ing good notes. The instrument has only been in use 12 mouths. Apply at this office. jan 11?2awtf I'O LET?The large and commodious three story I Brick Dwelling, No. 993 U street, between 2'1 and 3d streets. For terms enquire of E. S. SMITH. Age nt of Adams' Express Co., Pa. avenue, between 2d and 31 streets, jan 6?eolm I A It OK DWKLLINO-HOU.-'k. TO IBT-8ITU-, j atrd on th? e? t side cf t*?r?nth street one dor r | ah >ye I ?tr?et,aud only twosqua^ from the Puteut Officc. Ths bouM has been bnlit but a few y??rs, t?'i*r<* ?"^^mmodlovts,containing fourteen ro ms.! . ?i7k % 1*wl" Pointed and prepared, ard fitted wl h gas flxturcHj ha- a pump with excellent | ^at-r ia ths tard, ?nd c stern in the house,' bath rooms, kr; a large yard, with rtaMc ?nd c-ar riage house. Apply, next dew to the V.on?e, to nov 13 -eotf a. ROTn\\'gr.T*. ^VERY v AN THE OWNER <)F IMS HOME J S TEAD.?Having subdivided Square- No 015 938, nnd Square south of Square No. 915, in Lots averaging 20 feet front by 110 feet deep, I am now prepared to sell the same at prices ranging from .$6<l I to f 125, and upon very accommodating terms, say j three or five dollars per month until paid for. The above squares front Maryland avenue, betw. I 8th and 9.h st/eet* east, and are stKiated in the moet thriving part of Capitol Hill. I have also Lots in various sections of the city I (improved nnd unimproved) tint offer inducements to tfiOtf? desirous of making ii.vestments, or of ob taimag ? residence. GEO. F. DYER, Ofliee on D, near corner 10th street west, jan 6?d3w STORE FOR RENT?THE ELIGIBLY SITC atel Store on Pa. avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh sireets, lately occupied by us. HILBfJS ft. HITZ. Possession given iminediatelv. Eaijuira at our Music Depot, corner Pa. av. aim 11th street, jan S?if FURNITORE FO.: UK A ? with s handsomely furnish*)] beu?v, wishes to dl^ose of tho Furniture s? prira^e sale ia th? hou^e wM<-h is now cceupUd by him Th? Furniture is all nsw, cf tho first quality, and everything is com prised in the house nreejimry for hncse-Ve#ping Van1?r>m#!v. The furniture lc of black Walnut, ank th? nphoUtery in brocat dle. Any gentleman d?s<rous cf i>nus?>-k??spirg ?ill be ! enabled to suit himself cheaply with handsome fur niture, kiteben. parlor, ?nd chamber ; a new house if be destree, and in a delightful section of the city. I Payment made ea?y. Address HUBBARD through th? City Post Office, ?r No. 43 Generai I<snd Offlae. dee 29-tf [] ST'JRAQE.?Those hiring furniture, Dry Gf ods, Qroceriea, 4c., to be etorad, will find t>mple ao oonzaodnHona in the large, airy, flag-stone-pa red, and Jry Bs^mente und??r the Btar Offic*, corner Pa arsoue and Eleventh st. Apply at th? Star office, oct 26?if FOH UtNT Oil SXLKlTu.r MODKRN Four-story Briok Houte on Thirteenth st eet near ?, east side. The house is in good repair, dry cellars, and to a good te lant the rent wiil be low. Pofaeseion given on the 1st November A pply to oct 80?tf JA8. C. McOUlRE, Auc r. I CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. Vy The Geograpical and Commercial Garette?a monthly publication devoted to physical,com mercial, and political Geography, edited by an association of practical and Scientific gen tlemen. Bubrcription $2 pei annum, single number 25 cents. Dtsturnell's Rhilway Guide for Jannary?price 25 | cents, with map. jan 13 _ FRANCK TAYLOR. For balls, concerts, fcc?the main Hall of the Assembly Rooms on Louisiana ave nue is now vacant, and the undersigned is prepared to rent t for Balis, Concerts, or like purposes It is in order and known to he one of the best hal<s of the kind in the District. The hall is fitted foi gas light and the fixtures are in good order. For terms apply to JNO. M. YOUNG, Penna. avenue, near corner 4# street, jan 3?tf UNION ACADEMY. Ccrtvr of FtmrUenth it and yew Fork aeenue. Af KW ra re pupils oen be reoeived to make np th? llm'.'ed number. AppHoatien must he made soon. The discipline, instruction, and means of Illustration are such as to insure fatisfactory pro gres in those i u?iU who ate punctual, regular and obedient. Circuiais at the Bookstores. dtc 30?3m Z. RICHAEPg, Principal. NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT C0HCEBN. I HAVE this day received and opentd a great vari ety of CL0CK8, WATCHES, and JEWELRY. Good Clocks from 91 50 to $15, all warranted one year. Also, gold and silver Watches in great va riety, silver Witches from to $35 ; gold lever Watches from $25 to $1 50. and a great assortment of Jewelry, all of which will be sold cheaper: han good* of same quality can be bought in this city. Those wishing to get go#d Clocks would do well to buy from me, as I put all my Clocks in order be fore selling the a. Call an I sec for yourselves, at the Clock & Watch Emporium of J. ROBINSON, 340 opposite Browns' Hotel. Jan 10?1m (Intel) EV. SEPTIMUS TUSTIN'8 WORK.?The fourth edition of The Doubting Communicant j Encouraged, by Rsv. 8. Tustin, D. P., laic Chaplain of the United Stat4? Senate. Further supplies received a? I TAYLOR k MAURY'S | Jan 5 Bookstore, new Mi *l. ?action Bales. ?jr J. C. leOCIEK. Awettonaar. Furwiture and housfholr ejects at Auction?On WEDNESDAY nu rmr ( the 31 ?t instant, at 10 o'clock nt the ?torc of II. Liel>er Er, on Pa. avenue, near ',0ih street, opposite Wen srk'-t, I ?hall sell ;dl his ?>ck in trade and House bold Furniture, comprising? Mahogany Sots. Louage*, Rocker* Marble top Table*, mahogany Bureaus Cane and wood seat Chair*. Looking Gla*?t ? Bedstead*, mahogany Crib*, Easy Chairs Wash stands, Toilet Sets, Clocks Feather Bed". Foster* and Pillows 1*2 superior husk Mattresses Cottage Chamber Set Gilt frame Mantel Gla-s Carpets, Oilcloths, Mattings Crockery and Glassware Cooki 'g and oilier Stoves Kitchen Utensils. Sic. Abo, an excellent one horse Wagon. Terms: j$25 and under cash ; over that lum a cre.lit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily ? n dorsed, bearing interest. JAS. C. McOl'IRP. jan 34?d Auctioneer. CHOnWKI.L'X BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN *V NEW YORK BALTIMORE &, BOSTON, JBSEBWSSEL WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Raltuiiors nnd New York, and twice a week from Boston to R titimore and llaltimorc to Ronton. This line afford* unequalled facilities to the bnsi ne?s men of the District of Co'umbia. The Ag -n?e at cither point will receive fr< iglu a.iri give a through bill of lading to Wa-diincton at the lowest rate* oi freight and no commission* charged. Application* for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A C. HALL, 58 Exchange PHce, Baltimore. H. R CROMWELL, Comer Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jan 14?d3in Foot of Irylta Wharf, Boston. GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirit*, Latitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back, Indispo sition sud Incapacity for Study ami Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, L(i? of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sell Di trust. Dizziness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharge*, Pain in the Side, Aflfcctioi" of the Eyes, Pimples on the Face, tfeiual and other infirmities in inan. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact that these alarmingcomplaints may easily be removed without Medicine is, in tli s small tract, cli arly demonstrated ; ard the entm ly new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by no-ans of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself per ectiy, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. ffent to any address, gratis, and post free in a sealed envelope, by remitting jpost paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Li*p?nard street, New York. jan 17?3m rpHE FOREIGN OFFICE LIST, (British) cor X reeled to August 1854. this day received Irom London. FRANCE TAYLOR. jan 15 NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW for January Pro'essional Ethics, by Geo. Sharswood Flax and Hemp, their culture and manipulation?25 cent* The Rose and the Ring, by Thackeray, illustrated Almaitich Francats des Etats Unis pour I'annee 1855 A Night in Buenes Ay res. a new drama, in 5 acts Parish and other Pencilling*, by Kirwan Humanity in the City, by K*v. E. H. Cliapin Sociology for the South, or the failure of Free Soci ety, by George Fitzhugh Camille, a novel, by Alexander Dumas, jar". 4 FRANCE TAYLOR. UUMANITY IN THE CITY, by Rev. E. H. Chapiu; price :$1 Harper's Magazine (or January; price 25 ccnt* Life of II. Greeley, by J. Partou; price $1.25 Ruth Hall, by Fanny Fern; price .$1.25 A Winter Wreath of Summer Flowers, richly illus trated; price $3 Lives of the Queens of Scotland, by Agne* Strick land, complete in 4 vols; price ?1 each Agnes and Caroline, Francouia stories, by Abbottt price 50 rents each For sale by E. K. LUNDY, jan 1 No. 128 Bridge street, Georgetown. Ready made clothliu at re duced prices.?As the season is advanced we have determined to sell off the remaining portion ol our winter stock at greatly reduced prices tb' refore gentlemen wishing t<i comult economv in purehas ing fine Overcoats, Ta mas dress, frock and btisi ness Coats, black and fancy ? ''?-hnnere P .nts, Vtl vet, silk, satin and Merino Vests, Ln vrsl-irts and Drawers, and alt o tier rendv made Garments or tti.r quality will find our present variety to be as well as sorted as in the liegiuiiiug of :he season wi.h the a4 vantage of much lower price*. WALL k STEPHENS. 323 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. jan 12 (Sentinel fc. News) Vf V COURTSHIP AND ITS CONSEQUENCES Jjl by Henry VVikoff The History and Po try of Finger Rings, by Chas. Edward* The World a Workshop, by Ewbank The New Congressional Directory at TAYLOR fc MAURY'S Jan 15 Bookstore, near 9tli st. (SooD NEWS FROM HOME?JUST RE JT ceived 100 copies of the above popular *ong at the Music Deitoi of 1IILBUS k IIITZ, Corner Penna. avenue arid 11th street, jan 13- tf DAVIS'S POEMS ju>t received and for sale by ALEX. ADAMBON, Seventh st., opposite the Post < iflice. He is agent for all the Cheap Public .Iimis, Maga zines aiof Newspapers; Harper's,'s, Gra ham's Magazines and Lady's Rook ?t 50 a yei,r. London Illustrated News, Bell's Life,Tune*, Punch received by every steamer. The New V? rk !!? raid Times and Tribune receivod ?very night and deliv ered to subscribers. He keeps constantly on hn.d a large assortment of Blank Rooks, Pen* Ink, Pa per, Envelopes, Playing Cards, Visiting I'ards, Chil dren'* Toy Books, Primers, Knapp &. Righmiyer's Copy Books wholesale and retail, flic. jan 2?Tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 / XP all rties anl qtml *y, F.encb or 0? rman plate. Fancy or plain Portrait ?cd P.cture Framts, Gilt or Fancy Colored. Alto, Gilt Room Moulding, Marble top Brackets and Tables O>rnio*? tuade t* OTder. Alse, all k<n?* of old acrk regilded with 'liaj atrh and en reasonable t rn6 by J WAGNE.% 255 Pa. aTenue, opp. Klrkwoou ILuse. dec 2^?tf LAW PARTNERSHIP. UPRKMECOURT OF THEUNITED STATES. ,J ROREKT J. WALKER and LOUIS J^VIN have formed a c partnership under Hie name ot "Walker and Janin,"for the argument of c .?*?** in the Supreme Court of the United States, ai Wash ington city, wheie both will attend throughout the future sessions ot that court They may be addressed at Washington, N. York, or New Orleans. jan 19?eo3in* ? ? ? ^ ROSEN KR AN Z PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled in struuient* direct from the Manu factory in Dresden, Germany. Thesel Pianos having both, after a lo g sea* and land voyage, arrived in perfect'* tuna, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping iu tune, iheir beauty and power of tone elicits the higheri enconiuins from all the great musical critics of Europe. HILBUS &. HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D st*. jan 8 - tf PARTIES, S0IBKES, Ac. Having made arrangements^ A J ^IpnBBKSwhich insure a constant *np- \|y T^^^njWply of all new and fash onable*^? ? ? ? * European and American dance Mu sic, the undersigned is prepared to attend personally on above occasions. Orders left at Hilbus k Hitz' Music Depot, or my residence, on 14th street, one door above F. will be promptly attended to. J. E. SCHKEu, jan 13?2w Professor of Music T. H. PHILLIPS' COACH PACTOBT, 4TT Eighth st, adjoining Raln*y'j Livery Stab'.es CiWINQ to the increased trade which a geasrous F public has bestowed upon me, 1 have been com pelled to erect a new and larger building for the carrying on of say business. Here I shall hi en. abled to execute all orders entrusted t* me eifl s unnjuaiKu in Wl IU l-JIWJUW - , ? greater tan.titles sad dispat*. and I would resoert mfcy sol!eR a continuance (#tb? publl > patronage. Carrion * an 1 Wagons, of Ihi most mod rn sty.e, bmllt of 'bebo't m*terial.^, and watratted to ^ve satisfaction. i.fpairuol every ieeer'ption panciually attended to. For sa's, eheap, a second-hand Clarence Carriage, nearly new . M t6 - ?> APPLEI, POTATOES, Ac A ronerlr.t lot hourly *ip?ot?l to ar%lv? per sctoonne VII age O^m and Pearl, fur sale by M. MlDHlDtiE, dec 21?U Union Wharf, Alexandria, Va. TELEGRAPHIC. Kn>re-ly tor the Bally IUt Ceatineanee of B-.ilroU Kiots. Buffalo, Jaa tv , u borers on tke Buffalo, Brentford and inch railroad tr? ?till in pocaeuion of tho track at Cayuga. (') Canada Wool baa fully armed on* bundrW nnd fifty men Yesterday. the directors. witk fifty men, took ? train at Brant ford and cast through to Tort Brio, belag ablo tbua far to clear tbo traok, bat tb* dimelon beiag aa armed were obliged to beg permissive to re tarn to Brantford The sheriffs of tbe coartiei of !f I agar a, 11 al deman, and Brant, will taka fifty British aoldier and proceed to tbe wene of th? difi cultie?. to morrow, when it if expected tbe road will be re opened, and tbe laborera paid off and diaebarged. Aftec ibia U dwae no far ther difficulties need be apprehended Ibe examination of tbe man who killed Weimper. with thirteen other prisoners, waa concluded to day at Irort Erie. Ihe former la held to trial for wilfal murder, and the ithera aa ac;essories A violent storm continued for forty-eight hoars, but abated thia afternoon, ibe snow averages two feat in depth. Fire in Baltimore, 4c. Baltimore, Jan 24 ?A fire broke out this morning on Smith's wharf, destroying ia its progress 11 all A Loney's commission store, and partially destroying Stevenson s store. Loss considerable, but not yet known. There was a slight fall of enow this morn ing, but it is now clear. Shipwrerk su s of Cargo 1'aiLADBLPflU, Jan 24 ?Theschooner Ab bj Whitmore.trom Savann h to Philadelphia, loaded with cotton, went ashore on Sunday night, at Little Egg Harbor Inlet. One hundred bales were throws overboard, aad it ia probable that site may bo got off without roach injury Stat'ment of tho Boston Banks, &c Boards Jan 24.?The increase of specie in the banks of this city daring the week, ia $130,000. Increase of depositee $3*3.000. A heavy fall of snow commenced about T o'clock this morning, and stiil continues, without a prospect of abatement. Baltimore Aarket Baltimore, Jan. 24 ?Flour?No tales hare been reported this morning, but it is gener ally held at yesterday's prioes. Wheat?Stales of red at $1 90 a $2 and white at $1 V5 a $2. Corn?Sales at 83 a 86c for white, and 87 a a 88c. for yellow. Rye?Pennsylvania, sales at $1 25. TLere is considerable activity ia breadstuff* generally to-day. Wow Tork Markets New York, Jan. 24?Cot'on is upward and firmer Flour is easier, but not quotably lower; fales of 4 200 bbls good Ohio at $8,624 a$9; Southern is unchanged, with tales of 1,600 bbls Wneat?Salee at nominal prioes; white Michigan at $2 45. Corr is upward and firm : sales of 16.000 bushels Western mixed at 98: Pork?The market is firm, with tales of prime mess ?!2?0. Beef is unchanged, with a limited business. Lard is unchanged, with a moderate demand at previous rates Whisky Ohio, sales at 30o. The Cennectisut Bivor IIARTFORn, Ct , Jan 13 ?The Connecticut river broke up * his morning, owing to the storm of Monday. 8te&m Engine Explosion. New York, Jan. 23 ?Tbe ateam engine on the deck of tne ship Ureal Kepul>lk>. for hoist ing her cargo on hoard, exploded this after noon seriously injuring four men?two, It ia feared fatally. Tho ship sustained no dam ??? Bankers SEsperdec-- Fires. 4c. Pittsbcrc. Jaa 23?Messrs. Kamer 4 Kohm. bankers, hare suspended payment, but it ia believed to be only temporary. Th* extensive tannery of Messrs. Taggarts, at Allegheny City, was burn: yesterday. The loss is very heavy. Eobbory by Means of Chloroform RocHKSTan. N Y Jan 22?A woman was robbed in tbe cars of the Central lUilroad, a few miles ea*t of Rochester, on Saturdsy last. Chloroform wa< administered to her by an other female, and. while under its influence, the robbery was effeeted. Oa'e at Halifax? detention of the Asia. Halifax, Jan. 22. ?A frigthlul s'orm raged here during latter part of Thursday eight and Friday last, and it ia apprehended that serious disaster? have happened along the ooaet. The telepragh wires were badly broken Owing to the violenee of the storm. Capt. Lott. of the Asia, did not deem it advisable to put to sea until 6 o c'ock on Saturday morning, having been detained about 30 hours I istnrbance at McOoe's Lecture. Bostor, Jan. 22:?Thomas D'Arcy McOee delivered his lecture this evening, in Muaic Hall, on Washington's opinions of emigration and naturalisation. In tbe course of his lec ture, of kis remarks were construed by a few of the audienoe into a disrespect for the memo ry of Washington, and led to much confusion and some severe fighting in the hall The row was aoon quelled, and the disturbers ejeel ed frem tbe premises. BOYS' CLOTHIBG OF ALL QUALITIES WE h-ve j? t reo"ivel an Imi?di? M^ortment of Youtba', B^ya' an1! Children'* Clothing of new and fashionable design*, embracing a'l quail ties of? Orersoats ard Talmas from 00 to $10 00 Cioth, fr.<k, ant sack Coa's 8 00 8 00 Caariinere do 3 60 7 60 Oaasioet do 2 3 50 Cloth Roundabouts, all colon 8 00 fl 00 Do Jark?ta do 'i 4 60 School do do 1 60 8 00 black and Fancy Cassintere pant* 1 60 8 60 Ounant and Twe*d do 1 00 2 00 Clath eod CiumTt Verts 1 26 2 60 81 Ik and 8af in do 1 00 8 00 White aod colored Shirts 60 1 Undershirts and Drawers 37 1 60 Bata and Caps 26 1 60 Also, Suspenders, Hdkfc, Gloves, Hosiery. 4e.. Stc. making the moat aplradil array of Boy*' ClrthiDR, at lew prioea, to be found in this or any other city tn the country. ? WALL A STEPHEN?, Next door te the Iron Hall, Pa. aTenre, between 9th and 10th at*. dec 1?tf F1 USH-P1SH? The uadtrrtfoed has on hand, and ia daily re ceiving from the North aed East V'oa. 1, 2, 8, aad 4 Maokere). Alao. B.y of Pundy and Bank Codfish Which will be sold as lew aa o?n be ocdured from tbe North, ty M ELUIUJWIC, dec 2t??t Uni"a Wharf. Al-*??drtn. Va. PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. NEW and aeoo d hand PIANuB, of my m ?nd ceveral othrr fhr'ori?, are always U)|gJJ|| be had at my Piano Warworn, on ?nth st, between Pa. arena* and X at '?Id Hiaae? tak?n in exchange. Tuning alao attended to. P. C. RKICH*NBACn P 8 ?A lew Ttrj low pt c*d aee r-i hard Itaooe wi (26 for sal*. d?v 1?,g> Foreign 3Ht?if% I'nostfSing of tbe compoaiuons of Mar. l, Ttiaibvrg, Prudent, Owia, May**r, Vnaa, Wolleahaupt, Winkler, Krugt-f, 8pmiler, ?tc^a*. jan 13?tf ' WLBT* h ttflZ,

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