Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1855 Page 4
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::v; ning star. KY HiTIV* LANS. ? T 44 TUUnn CaiOLC hot." I.and of the foraat and the rock. (if dark blue lake and mighty river, ?>f tnoun'ain* reared alofi to mock, The storm's career and lightning's aliock? My own green laud forever. <i. never may a son of jhine, VV here'er hi* wandering step* incline, Forget the sky which beat above, His" childhood like a dream of love. I and of mv father*! if my name. Now humble, and unwed to fame, Hereafter burn upon the lip, A- one of those which may n<?t die. Linked in eternal fellowship. With vhioob pure, and strong, and high. If the wild dreams which quicken now Ti?? u. robbing pul*' of heart and brow, Hereafter take a real form, l.ik? specres. changed to being* wsirm, And over temples wan and gray, Tlie nunlike crown of glory shi-e? Thine l?e the bnrdV undying lay. The inunnur of his praise be thine. A Dkpaetei? Spirit Sending for his Tba-Kettle.?A sceptical investigator of spiritualism gives to the Boston Times the following chapter of his experience at a spiritual sitting in Pawtuckct.R. L, a lew days since: The medium was Mr. H.,. who had b?en an auctioneer. A few months pre vious previous an intemperate old man by the name of W., had died, lie had sold his effects, and himself bid off a cop* per tea-kettle for a few cents. And now, on calling for the spirits to respond, the 4 rips" came, and spelled out the name of old Mr. W. He was asked " if he wished to make any coinmuaication," and the answer was,44 Yes." So he pro ceeded and spelled out by raps, " I will take my tea-kettle!" The tea-kettle was then simmering on the cook-stove which stood in tin room ! And while the as tonished " medium'' heard its humming " response," and the message of old Mr. W., he became horribly frightened, and it was a long while before ne was con lent to sit down for the raps again. However, in the process of time this shock was partially forgotten, and Mr. JI's wife persuaded him to sit again for the "sounds." They had no sooner " formed the circle" than this same old W. announced hi'nself again, and rapped out by the alphabet, 41 11clll take my tea kiltle!" This was so perplexing to the medium that he refused to sit any more; and soon after, the tea-kettle aforesaid w-vs among the missing, and I do not know that it has been heard to simmer since. A Man Among thk Women.?A re markable trial came off lately in Orange county, in New York, wherein a man uamul ltingland was plaintiff, and cer Lam brethren of the Methodist persua sion were defendants The suit was in stituted by the plaintiff to recover damages from defendants for pitching lid plaintiff out of meeting. The facts uere these in brief: '? Ringland, in company with his wife and another female friend, went to an evening prayer-meeting at the Methodist Church at Gardentown, and took his seat in the rear of the room by the side of hi* wife and friend. Ancient customs in that church forbids males and females from sitting together during service, and .soon it was circulated through the con gregation that a man was among the women. " The plaintiff was requested to gc on the men's side, but he remained seat ?d. One of the trustees, after the plain tiii had explained that it was his won'l lo sit by his wife?consented that h< might keep his seat provided he would Uhave himself and keep quiet. Othei members, however, protested againsl such infraction of their time-honora ruie, and five of them insisted thnt th< plain till must * go to the other side,' oi go out of the church. The plaintiff wouk not leave the women, aad thereupon com menced a free fight. Two defendant: each grasped a leg, another two eacl seized an arm, and another carried th< head. The plaintiff squirmed and kicked the defendants tugged and pulled, th< men and women got thoroughly mixed uj the lights were extinguished, the stov< and pipe tumbled down, the plaintiff wai ? arried out feet foremost, and the dufen dants were decreed to pay $51 forassaul and battery. But the man stuck to tht women. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS Leave For Diyt. |T i i . \i.tiicJiciiter. .PSulibUiliiUia..Liverpool. Jui.Ti \tw York..Glasgow Jan. 2( N i.-ii Stai New lork..A*piuwall.. Jan. 2( Baiuc..... N-:w York.. Liverpool... Jan. ? li.w a Vtw York..Havana Jan. '21 12 r i! New York. .Bremen Jan- 21 ? isi?da OoMoa Liverpool....Jan. 31 ' I'iirta Liverpool....Boston Jan. t Vari'ic Liverpool...New York..Jan. 1! l'.iw? Havre..New York Jan. 1' AU.autic Liverpool.. .New York..Jan. 2" C^jh California teamen leave New York oi the *th and 5.IUI1 of each tuonth. AUUTA1J AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS tVlliards' fcje. aauu l.t Itsue, NY Mrs Topping, NY ?" u rtMhruoX. NY J Bigler, NY I: >1 Hawley, Cal S Ki.nbcrly, .V.d II li?'tis & lady, NY .J Clark it lad) J C Leonard, Pa J as Parker M><? T r Bra way. do Alfsrd Pox 'i lAkr- i. lady, Va G J* Howl and. NY H' Johnston. Ohio l)r J G ('and er, t al I. I. ? iuim, V I Hon T I) Elliot, Mass j B Gra>*o?, Co Mrs L D Wilmington I Hun \Y coeturacc, NY son Pa i' 1. Ilunn, M ?..* Major G lliucgold, U 8 / W T I nruk. NY 8 A l?odg? NY J H ? .tire, \a VV H Davidge, NY J II Trunbridge, I,'al H IrkwooU 11 osii ?j. n. a a. aianwooan 1. VY.tiv. M?? Mr a Mrs RirkfnH, N^ t- Ko-haitLon, NY C llaiiney. Mass A V\ Krnn? r. do I* 8 -rrel, Pa J- H Re?ter. pa N K Wolcott, Masj I if.' Rroohs, \IJ \V H Harding, Masi j\ >1 Wreim Kt v Saml Co*, NY I 1' W Ward, I .*? con Henry Hardeman, do -nl Panama T LGolfman, Mass \\ litkermm, i:I S H Williams, Va I atloaal llotnl?i. n. wn lard. ) K Antiunion, M.w, H Welsh, do j C Brinake, Pa J R l>tckn?on, Pa A V Frazer. I'S K S VV C Morrison, NY st Hull, Va J B Wilder, Ky ? : II Aomhue, Tfit f F Balch, Md Mr Bromley, Pa f P Button, Ala . B Miller, Md N F Potter. KI Judge I*rs, Pa C Fowler, NY ttronv ms' r. r. a m. noira. ? t .irr, Va Jos Morris, do .too li Kione, Md Cnl 8 Hoover, Pa VV.mhJ. do J 8 Martin k. familv, Pa 'V VWbb, Url Tho. Mitchell, NY 31 Webb, do J L Allen, do A W Goodwin, NY B Pa>ton, Va t ?<hii Vaiidertult, NY 8 Foster, Md J-. R Watson, Va 8 Kom, Pa BKanilon House, Altitudrla, Va. a. nkwton, raorairroR. i' H Flinn, NY Col F Jones, NJ J Ann*-ar, Pa J II Clower, Va > Crabrll Va T T Martin, Md J \1 lla.^ Md Col W II l?angerfi?-ld, di k A Chancellor, Va II M Marshall, Va J Hnmrr, do M P Placide, Md i< M 8miUi, NY KH Brady, Vn J on B Brown. Va A Pitman, do J if Keu z, Md John Malone, Va J B Breckcnridite & I, VaT 8 Hall, do < eo Franklin, Mass* N li Parien, do I A Dickens, Va . INVIGORATING CORDIAL A PHENOMENON M MEDICINE. HEALTH RESTORED AND Lin 11 LRNGTHBKBD, by DR. MORSSTS INVIGORATING ELIXIR OE CORDIAL.?At frst the proMr tie? ?ttrltrated to Pn?f. MORSS'8 INYIOOIATINn KLIXLR OB CORDIAL were deemed febnlc as. Tb* public often deoelved, mmId not beier* the staple and oub'Lme troths announced bv the dt*?*vfrer.? Bui facts, undeniable fkcts attested by w ib-r--??s o1 the h! .chest c.iasa aad character, ere row triumph ing over ell donbto. INCREDULITY IS OVER THROWN by a mass of testimony which la perfectly brulittble. 'Cat Buxia remedisa, In all ease'., the deplorable svlls arising from a misuse or eboss of tbe various organ* which make up the rrond'.'fsl machine called maa. It restores to full vtgor every delicate funo Men connected with that mysterious compound ?ncy of matter ?nd mind, neoeonarv to the r* pro tan ojf human life. To persons of feeble bum lar frame, or deSdent in vital power, It le rsocm mecded as th* only means of communicating that energy which Lj necessary to the prcper enjoyment of alfthe natural appct'es, as well as the liighe* mental attributes. It? beucflcial elTerta are not con fined to either *ex or to any s?e. T>.e feeble girl, the ailing wlfr, tbe listless, ern-rated youth, the overwore mat* ol Business, the lictim ofnrrvoua da pr"teidc, the Individual suffering from general de bility, or from the weakneja ef a single nr?83, wil! all find Immediate and percaanc.t relief from th< aw or this in jnmparable renovator. To tbo.oe who have a predisposition to paralysis It will provo a complete and unMllng safeguard that tirri ble malady. There are many, perhaps, who h*.re *o trifled with their constitution#, thai they tfcini th*ms.-lv?s beyon i the reach of medicine. Let net even thet-e despair. The Bilxir u.-als with di??a*^ as It exists, without reference to cauies, ar.d will r.ot :nly remove the disorder itself, but REBUILD III* BROKEN CONSTITUTION. The deran^emenu of the system, leading to ner vous ii?Htsee, and the forms of nervous dircaie it self, axe ec numerous that it would require a colurin to enumerate the maladies for which ibid propira ration is asp?ci!ic. A few, however, may boeaumo rated, vis: neuralgia, tic dolereaux, h?a!avhe, Incip ient paralysis, hyeUrla. palpitation of the heart, spi na' t ffe'*tionfl. muscular debility, trsm^rn, Satulc^se, a pre - ing sensation in the flesh, n imbness, torpid ity c! th liver, mental depression, wetness of the will, inilspi.'tion t? move, fain Lness altar exercise, broken sleep an ! terrifying dr?ams, inability ?o re main in one place i portion, weakn. .-s of tbo pro creative organs, aexu-1 Incompetency, melacobolr, monomaiiia,lluor albu?, ? nking at the stomach. /?> male lrr*grilariti*j, a chronic tendency to miscar riage, emaciation, and all complaints rrowin^ oct cl ? tree indulgence cf the pardons, and all barrennse^ that does tstprr.-v-d trom organic causes beyend the rea-h of medicine. Whenever the organs to be acted upen are free from malformation or strictnral diieasr i1t is averred that MORSE'S INVIGORATING KLIXEIl will replaee weakness with etrength, incepaclty with eflclency, irrrgularity with uniform and natural ac tivity, and this not only without h&kaxd of reaction, but with a happy effect on the general or?atiixati:n. 49*B?*ar in mind that ail maladies, wbeceverthev begin, flnuh with the nervous system, and that the paralisaiicn of tbe nerves or motion atid <-ec*atioii if physical death. Bear in mind al.-o, that for every kind of nervoos disease the mixer Cordial Is th* only reliable preparation known. CAUTION. Da. Moms's IsvisoaATiMQ Ccr.rLii his beaa eoca tsrfeited by some nnprincipi?d perron?. In future, all tho genuine Cordint will Lave the proprietor's fac simile pastel over the cork of each bottle, and the folio?lng wo rid blown In ike glaep Dr., Morae'e Iavlgoratiag C'urdlalt C. II. IIINU, Proprietor, ft.Y. The Ootdial Is put up highly conoentrated, In pint bottles. Pric^,?$3 per bottle; two tor : auc for (1'i. 0. H. kING. Proprietor, 1M Broadway, Vorfe. Bold by Dru^udsts throughont the United BiatM*, Panadas, and West Indies. AQSNTI* Washington?Z. D GIL^il*. Baltimore?8. 8. HANiL. Richmond?BKNNrtT t bJe?Rf. mar So? Offiok or Aaxv Cl thtw Uf? Ktuiftoi, 1 Pll LAbEJLl'Ul a, D#9. IM. lSjd. / SEALED PROPOaiLS will be recrlv.d at this until 10o'elocfe, a n,ol tha 31fit day of January neat, for furcichiug by contract the follow ing ar>ny aapp'.ie* and ma'erials, delivt rable at tha United States Clothing and E<inlpage L'ep-t, f^rhuy l kill Ar?#nal, in quamitlss a* rc-iuirrd, vis: 5,000 yard* 6-4 dark b.u? (indigo dyed) twilled tfotb, weighinsr 51 cnn?es per jard 5,000 yards 6-1 sky blue (lndigc dyed) twlilcd cloth, wei*hir.g 22 ounces p-r yard 10,000 army blankets w^-oi, gray, (with the letters U. S in bLick, four incbe* loa,:, in the center.) to be seven leet long ai-i five feet wide; each blanket to wt-i^U Cre ponrds 40,000 yds flannel, oottrn and wot l 80.000 u yA nnWca-ard d l.llng 60^000 " cotton duck,in w:de,w?:g; ing14^t* #,UU0 ** " 28^2 ?? ?? 1?J " 8,000 M ?? 50 " " ?2 < ?' 5,000 " " tO 44 ** lol,i44 8,000 44 44 24 41 44 1?-/A 44 10,1100 44 44 33 44 44 44 6,000 " blue flansel for lining great coats 4,000 dos>n pairs half stooklngs, 3 sis^-s, weighing 3 pounds per d >s ?n, cf go d sound wool, doubled and twisted yarn. Thtae knit by hanl preferred Brass scales, N.C. 3. serg. ccrp privs. Bronae 44 ,4 44 staples for coals (brase) Worste-i sa^h?3, crimsnn % and icch worsted la e,crims;n,gifeen, orange, rvd, sky blue, aad yellow Pompeos Felt cap bodies GLazed leitber, f?r viinrs and eLain-?ti&p4 Mornoci, for cap liui-igj Oil silk, for cap <vverK Blue serge, for coat linings Sowing :ilk. nd twial Linen tl>reads Drunu, complete ariilety and infantry ccrds head better and snare, snares sots, siin^s and sticks, pairs Drums Btfck carriige?; ti<es. U and C Bugles, with ?x ra Kk'>u'.h-pioc;-s, and trumpets Collin's axts, (felling) Axe and hatchet hn- ulea sp-xi*a Tin canUens, to hold three pints Bunting, red, whne, and blue Tent pules and pin?, sete f^r hospital, wail and otm> uoa tents Boiling rope, tent o- ri Gi>rrinon and r^cru^ting halliards Wooden tent bJtUn- *n J .-lip.? Bras * tpurn, pair* Blank boots and sta'ionery W<x, upp? r and sole leather. All of wliUh it is dvnlrabl'j 6hoiUd be of doma6tlc manufact ire, anl mus. conform, In all respects, to the stand ird pattern aeilei in Ihis tilh.e, where th -y can b? ?xi?miu?J. Bamvdn pat'.eras will be sent by mall, w th ?ny additional infjrmatiou upot the -uijact wblcii may be (trsired by manufiactursrs wishing t? oOtt pro posais. Ten per cent, cf th^ am:unt of *-ach delivery wl'l be rtUUi d unMl tha contract shfUl be c mpl'teil, wh'ch is to bs ioifeited to th" IJuiu-d t't\tos iu eate of defaleation on tbe part oi tbe ocntra<-tc>r in ful filling the terms and a ipulatiri.s cf the contract. About one-fourth of thea^ supplies will be required on or before tb<e flrat of July next, ard paymen's will be male for tk-?m as soon a? the orzt appropri ation by Congress cf funds for this brunch of tfce serviceia available; tbe remainder will b?. paid for on delivery. The privilege is reoerved of tacreatlng, by one third, the quantity of *11 the supplies ab^vs men tioned. Contracts a ill b? based upon accepted proposals, for the fwlBUicetit of which two r r mere securities will be required. B da are desired only from man ufacturers, or regular doalms in the articfe proposo-l to be furnish*!, and none will be respected cr con sidered from anv one who Is net known as a manu facturer or regular dealer In the desired supplies; which fact, or tbe reverse must be distinctly htited in ths bids offered, as well as the nap>ee and addrts* of the persona intended to be proposed as securities, In ease a contract is obtained Letters containing proc^als should be sndorsel: 44 Preposals for Army Supplies." G, II CROSMAN, Major and Quartermaster U. $. A. dec tl?eot3!Jan THE AMERICAN HPORTUMAV; containing hints to spurt-men, notes on sporting, and tne habits of the game birds and wild fowl of America ; by Elisha J. Lewis, M. I). With numeruns illus tration*. for sale at TAYLOR h MAURY'S Jan 3 Bookstore, near Mi st. TOILJSTiO APSu rB subscribers retu* n their thanks to ths!r nth msrous friends and customer* in the Dittrict and elsewhere for the patronage hitSerto extended to thsa, and bag leave to Inform them that in addi tion to their usual stock they are now man nurtur ing aad will have constantly on hand all kinds ol Toilet aad Fancy Soaps, to whieh they invito their attention. We warrant our Soaps equal to any made, and will sell on as reasonable terms as the same article ran be purchased in any of tbe North] era eittee. T. O. DONXOOHUB A BON. Georgetown Oct 25?8m* WM. M. M1KR1CK, Attorney at L*W| Ho. 3 H LOU JUAMA AVKXVL Will praatice in the Supreme Court of the United States aad the Courts of the Dis&iet of Columbia, due tfti? eotf IMPORTANT TO THE SICK. fl^IIK itttt erperieoc* am? well iuo*\i 1 J[ Prof. MoOmnww H? a wtffleMrt rnerantvto tbe pnblle that the following >i/>t of MedMpee, hatr been MnJt&iiUv u-d in hi- j?r? .tue t(,r h" la*. thirty year*. will fuilv sosfa-n bv their the valuable qualitiee attribute-i tm th#?. end prcrr to b? the heat Medioraee *??.- offeree to tue public. , I. Dr. McClintoclc's Pectoral Syrnip An InvalnsMe remedy for Bionrhitii, Oousunp tico, aud kit chroeric di*?a**e of the thm.t and lumps. In ail deep seated oomplaiate of the i uln>o naty or*ens it liu pro red the m t-t We, certeia, and rapid remedy ever employed in the extensiv* practice of Dr, McClintcck For any el thw> forms of Htmn*. lhn~U ff thea-eelves as t,'ougb, Tickling of the Throat, 8?use of Tightness in the Ihroat, Spitting ct LlooJ, Difloslt; of Breathing. Hoarse ness or Los* of Voice, and Hectic fever, its u?? will be attended with the happiest remits while it ia ple"ifi%nt to the palate and etrengtheni.a.j the wh:de system. It contains no laudanum cr of inn In W3Y ship?. Price $ per pint feottb*. II. Dr. MtCUnlock's CeLd cad Cough Mixture. An ?sllifcle e are for recent Goejhs, Tie*'log of the l'.roek, T.i;*htnea* of BrejUhinf, Ore up ia Chil dren, Ax It coataina no pr:parr.tion ct opium Prior 23 cents oer bcttle. III. Dr. McClintotk't Asthma ar.if Hoop ing Cough Remedy. A a almcrt Instantaneous relief for thess dial reas inj corapiaiutj. Takj is the fruit of fcvi irisenpe ex joiletiic, *nd fo AStocbhing In its eSects. Iso per 602 need suf?et a Oey lroiu Asthma or Ilccping tv?r?7h who will use it. Price 60 cent* per bottle. 17. Dr. McClintock't Diarrkwi Ccrdial cnc Cholera Prevrntiv:. A ptomptanvl c'.itiia cure for Diarrhea, I)y6*n teiy, aul Cholera Morbus ir. *11 ttft^es. A rare pre rentrvs of Afiatis Cbciera, -which no trsvtler or fatniiy shouJJ le without. Frka 25 and K> cente per bottle. V. Dr. bhCliiHocWs Tcr.i< Alltrativi Syrupy Jot sariMng the blood- The nout rc.-atrful po rlflsr eVri discover. For *11 Scrofulous direa^es, Skin dUeiS-*, Kropttow*, F. : ji, Fiiaple-;, Er> i>p?!afl, Ulof-ra, Sore T<egc. and all and Syphilitic oompUintc, tIt is r. mo?l czao'lcut Bpricg medi cine' perfr.ctly palutab'e, and t*>: cuilJren cr Ite m*le4. Pricc(plnt Bottles) $1. VI. Dr. MtClintock'i Dyspeptic Elixir. D/?p?pf>la, or d'3erd*rcd digestion* tsay be called the National Di leace of America. 113 ejn: ptoma are he^lache; Rid linepr; no.-Tou aess; low epirltf; dim n.isr of vision, Tith mot> c or ej>ocr.8 before the tyee; iiohiar oiihe nos-trils; dullnoae of h^hn^ aaJ nng ing in the ear*; oi^gre^afcie teste in the mouth; ccnatr'.ctlcu or R^iK^t t?bout the ct eat; dililculty of brrathiajr, of euffoci-tfon in lying down, or in ?aw?ndi?* stairr; palpitaUona, or nn-niy feelings about th-* heart; Irre^ui >.r or d??cieat ?|>pfti'-^ sense of sink n* at tho gt>maoh; acidity, heartburn pain cr fullne. s of the abdomen, and coetitcnesf t-omeof these fcymptoiaH always appear in Dyi-pej. aia; an J sometimes the same pstiect h?? ra ry of them et the %<s<> U/ae, or *t different ticif s. For uttacUug the e Protean .?ymptoms in their wat and Hcur<>e, Tis: deranged ooaoitioa of tn? di^??tive funo livne, the Dyspeptic Eli*ircc?-illi:=sbU the f^luablc in^rclionta whioh the Vegeta'u-e affords. T^i-u in connection w^th the V?g tacie Fnrjtttire Pillf, in CA30S where t:.crc is aach co^tiTe.Etwa, or with the Auti-Iiilions PiU<s vhe:? tie furctiona tf the lirer are irrejulirly liisehHr^rd, It will ba l'onnd a most eUvCtual maeuy. Piice (in piutl^ttlaa-jt1- j VII. Dr. McClintock's Rheumatic Mix ture. for Ictnna' a?e; a purely v^ijetable combination for the care of Fhsumatism, Ooat, tnd nil Mtxxral gic at> 1 Rheumatic Thii ism.dy l? offt rtd with the atia >?t conf! Jcnce. It ka<< beea used mcst extiau'Tciy, aal ia a? iier.r a Specific for Ilheucatic DisauKM aa the world hase^e" been. I iice pr Lot* tie 60 c?ut?. i VIII. Dr. McClintock's liktun^i. Lini merit. An Infallible outward application for the raiief cf ail rhciimatio < r ncorulgio puu?; sprulua, swelling;*, aii.T neck,stiffn's'6 of th'iioiuts, pwia- la the ihcul dars, bicS, cr l!fCiV. It afforis iameiiate relief from ehollc ani 5>ai?iS ic the s'orsiw'i mj.1 abdomen. As ? oounter iriit^nt it ii invaluable In at' ctiiti where an extorral tlunulmi. io needed. Fiice (per bottle^ tO C63U. IX. Dr. McClinioch's Anodjpu Mixturet Or Pain-Kztractor.os?d internaliy and, for the icrUiit raMef of ail pain?, Toothache, Head aohe, fho:b, m the Puce, Chilblains, JSVaral gin, "tc_e or Uruvel, &e^ Ac. l?o pain need be eu dare-i a acment by A -y p*r?oa who Kill Ui<e this Inralnable Ar.otyne. l'?ic?tuceou per bot-.Ue. X. Dr. MnOxiil^s f 'evir an J Agu* Specific. TL!j Iter beer? foi-ed an ii<ffel'iblfl ?, f'.^r tin: ?oon'E* ?f n,'Vf *^>nntrir?, eal for iateiiniU??at fetors. Wo traveller or t<v;deat in any a<u? ills trkt choui^ feil to profile them^clres with tula sure pr?7enti?e- Frio-{1 p?*r bottle. XI. Dr. AhClin'.oci's Vegetable Fu^ga live nils. For tb? relief of Constipation and Ite j- ii|ifui re suits, cnch eJ Headache, Diz*i"-f j <*??-* s, Pain?, and all the enutieirf'ed uudor th s *:DT?J-ji?tla klix '-" Frise 26 caate per boi. XII. Dr. McClinioci. s Pills, Tor Li>cr Coipplainta, and all forms of disea^M ?ris?ng from d??raagemeiit o! tin lirer, wUh fynip tomsfiachas El/.Jines?, lieada^be, ltina'.ng in tfcs f ar-, yollow furred iougue, pain in theli^ut >-houl<3er, arose of fullne?ii cr paia in the rightaide, disorderei nioiriioh or fcowfls, uefi :irnt action of the Lid^ey?, ct&y-cdoril atols, A?- The0e Fills, if taken in the incipient atagss cf Bilious and Yellow or otb?r FaTtra, w ll generally ward ofl t)?e attack. Frie 26 centi i ?r box. The tlx re Medicines iurv 1>* proc^r*d of ai' the principal I'mg^-.ta Apcth^rba in thb Dis trict, and oi J. L. IlMiKAW, Agent, Washington. g?p in?(Ira ~~ N0TIC3 TO CONIRACTORST Or me or alEia.:pouT>N Haoroad Coupaby, > QeetKet'-wn, l>. C.. l>ec. i6, 1856. / SEALV.D PROl'OSA 1.S for the grating, masonry, and bM ?g1ng cf foitr-tbr?e and h hilf (43k) milea ?d' th's road will b<^ receircd at the offirv ?t the oom^any uotil tLre? o'cltck p. in. cn tii* 16th day 01 February next. The ciapfi, profiles, plans, and specifica ioa-will be ready for insprct'on on and ef er the 5ifc d^y of Fehruvry. The Metrcpolitan Railroad is desi<ned to f xtend from the clUei cf Washington and Georgetown to thrf llaltimore and Ohio Iteilroad, by an ea-?v snd d ? rect route, co-:i'?cling with the latter r?ad eastrf the "Foint of Rock*," on I1? I'otomao river, and m<ikin^ ? sarisg cf distance on the tiret ciueiy mile* of the present travelled rou:e from the Capi tal to the Western and Kortbwestra Stetes of for ty-five miles. Procfrdingfiou the point of Intersect ien with tb? Baltimore and Ohio liaihoad the rout exU<nJ? to th? City r.f Frederick. auJ, pacing thn ugh therich eet agrlcul ural dirtrhta of Maryland, Urmiuateo in the City of IlagEr?town, whore it connate v>ith linen of rallroa-a", now in operatirn estending to Iierrisbarg, The Pennsy-vania Central Hailro'-d, Ac. The portion of the rond for whi h propca?ls are now iavit?-t extends flrota the westerly line ot the District of Col uHa (?% ia! es from Georgetown) to the city c f Frederick. l?r -poa^ls will b< received forth-? wcrk la se-.-tiocj of one mile each, or for the ?nJlre uieUuoe of 43^ miles. The work ia generally of a medium character for this part of tro country, with some heavy cu'ting ,in earth and rocli) and bribing; and ev?ry faeiiPy exists for prorecuting it vigorously and with eccm? roy at all s-aa'>ns ot h^ yrar. Tbc country is ele vated and rolling, well watered, and rtm&raabiy healthy. 1l* time c nditkin.-d for tha completion of the e >ntrac*a will be irom i ne to two >earu. Any turiher informal ion desired by persons pro posing fcr the wcrk will be turuUh^d et the oftlce, or fay be had b> adir<ssiu^ the Pr??ident of the company by letter piior to tbe day of letting. ' fcy order cf the Board ot Director* FKAVCItf D?)IXiK, President. K011U>b ntlCNOII. C'niid Ku^ioer. dec 'i3 -2awtFebo ?. H. DAVIDGE, AUoraay tad Cocai?llor>st>Lavri 1HT> COMMISSION UK OF DEEDS fOtt Tiitf 3TAT1S OF Virginia New York Maine Kentucky, New Jersey Illinois Loaiidana, Rfissisrdjtd Connecticut Manachuselts Maryland Pennsylvanls Florid* 9 snns.-iee Alabama Iowa C eorgla Oallfornla Arkansas 8. Carolina As., f:? Convayanoing in all its branches promptly an ? accurately executed. Oftoe, LouWaua avenue, opp. Fifth Btreet. oct 1&?dly MATHEMATICAL I5STBUMENTS. Mit8. G. ANUkRSON has re->?ived a large and complete assortment of MatlmnaScal Instru ments and Drawing Materia b of superior quality The Mathematical Instruments arechieily of Swiss manufactory in as well aa ii stparate pieces; Water oolors and oU colore. Drawing papers of ev ery quality. Alio, Studies in Drawing and Painting, dee 2i?tf SI76 Peon, avenue. COMMISSIONER OP DEEDS FOR New York, Texas, California, New Jereev, Louisiana, *Ii?M>ouri, Pennsylvania, Alabsma, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia, Michigan, Maine, Wifleomda, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other States. QEOHOE 0. THOMAS, ATTORNEY fOlC CLAIMS, AND SOTAUY PUBLIC, Washington Plac*, near Odd- Fellawsi Hall, 8VY1NTU HTRBKT, Wasaw^n, D^O. M* 1U-I? TRAVFLSKS' DIRECTORY. f AlHAM'i L1SK OV t win |o.,vc Alexandria at 4, T\{, nMIJ??KWMfSV p **? I* j're Washington at 6,11. auJ a 111., 3X and 7 p ni. _ Seals can b? Fecnrrd it tlK1 """* **?? unit Newton'* Mansion House ; tn VYasl ington, at Hall's Soytr Store an* Kirkwood House. This Line run* n*^iltrly winter ?uid MMMf for liift accommodation of the Public. Pat^nf -r* called lor and taken to their resdew < s if not too far. . FARE?For the fir?t trip up and la<t trip dowa, 50 cents ; all other regular trip* 25 eenl?. Trunks extra. LATHAM & COOK.' jnn S?tf FOR TIIE V EST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIkKOAD. IMPROVED AKRAN3*M*N*S FOE TUAVKM IMPORTANT Oil AS (IKS OFSCHKDl'DX! I 1 Ths 1st* completion ?f tb Ohio Railroad btt*e? Whaling and Columbus, rniting as it do*e, by so short aad dsroit a tin*, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portico* of tbe Wert (and North and Southwest,) gives thin route greatly increased advantage* to through travelers in that direction. On and efer MjNDAY, No*embor 2T, 1864, the trains wil'. be run as fdlova: FORT1IR0UQII PASSKNGER3. Two fest t~ain* daily wil' run in e*ch direction First?Tbe MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a a., Inatevl 0! 3 o'clock heretofore, (exespt on Sun iav,^ an! arriving ? t Wheeling at 2 40 a. m. Bcpon i ?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p in.. Instead of at 7 r?. n., as heretofore, and runniig through to Wheeiojr'n about 17 bcurP, reachlrg there ut 10 2? a. m. This train will step at Wash ingion Junction, Syk**ri)le, Monocscy, Harp** t F>rry, Mar Insburj:, >-ir John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowleebarg, New burg, Fetterman, Farm ingtea, Cameron and Moundsviiie only, for wood and water nnd luea^s. Both there trains make prompt and regular cor.ncction wi.h th? ctrs of the Cer.tial Ohio Roal for Cambridge, Zan?arllle, New ark, Columbus, Ciu'innati, Louisvill.\ Dayton, fcand.jsicv, Tol-ds Lntroit, IndlanapolU. Chicago, 8t Louis, etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by tbe M?.llTr*'r; wi 1 re?ov Ciccitcati f?r dinntr next day, while by ths Lsprers Train they arrive tfcere at 12 tbe next night, b< i-.g kepi but on* night on tbe route by either train Pas^ngers for tfce Northtfeat via Cleveland and all intermediate foirta can make a direct icnneo tion with ihe traiiM upon th? Cleveland and Pitta burg lta lrord at all times -urh-?-: the Ohio ia naviga ble U: atea-nrts between Wheeling ard W-llnrille. by leaving Baltimore in vb?* Ma i Train at 7 s. m. Feturriug, 'he Traius Iwre Wheeling as follewa: The EXPRESS TR UN at 4 30 p m., reacting Pal timore at 9.60 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 p. I m.. repchicg Baltimore 4! ji m AST-Through ticiet-i by b at fron Wheeling for Citcianati. M ;d!eu? L u frvllle, Ht. f cnla and otb?r River Cltie.?, * i 1 be po d ai a 1 times when thes'agr I of vratT " ill aljii'. Tlir.-ugh tick? ts belwetn Baltimore and Wa^niagton, and all the imoortant ci'.icu towns in the West, aru sold at ths Ticket OSlccs of the C 'mpazy. FOR WAY PABSEN^ERS. TIIE MAIL TRAIV, li-avin? Ctrnden 8t?tl-. 1 *iU take pAcasngere f<>r rd tbe u?ual stopj ing pla^e" on the Road Returning, this tr^in leaves Wheeling at 11.45 midnight, Cuinb r!ar.d at 1016 a. m? ar.?l arriveri at li.'.itiu^ re at 7 p ia. THE FREDERICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIS, for Frederick an l ict-imeli ?te t lac s, wiil s'art at 4 p. in , daily (<Mtc*pt Sun-iayt) afiiv ng in FraUer ick at 7.4") Ile'urnicg wHi leave Fred-ride at 6 a. in , arriving tt Taltiicore at 12.30, u-v>n. TriK ELLIC"?rr3 MfliTjS ACCOMMCDAT-ON i'l ba nu dv'ly. ('X"*pt R^nd i s ) follow a: Leave Cami* n f'ra inntfia tn ul S p pi L arc FU'CDtt's Mills at 7 30 a. m. and C-.S0 p. m. WASniS(iTON IiRANCU RAILROAD. TR4IN3 RUN A3 FOLLOWS: IEAVK daily. ex?w\t Sunday, at fi aad 6# a. m j p -vl 3 and 5 p ni. On Buoiay at 6 a ra sn 1 5 p m. l^&ve BaHla re at and 9 a ia; und 5 ar.l 8 p m. Oa 3uad?y at 4 V a pi pud 5 p m. Th? <y>nnecti -n* with ifaiUiuore A Ohio Railr ad for the West are ty trains leaving a: 6 a m and y p m. For 1 hiladeiphia and Nec Y^ik at 6, and 3'\ am and 6 p 111. For Anuspolle at 8\'x \ ro tnd f> p m. For Nor.oik at 3 p m. T. H. PARSONS, Agent Particu'ar attiSition is it.'.l?d to tbe Rule inquir ing r. re?ponrtb!e tou*Ut f-.r snj person of color who ra y *i h to paaa ov r the toad. dec 13?dtf ^ 0BAJTGE AND AI,EXATIDIlIi BAILE JAD On and aflvr Tuesday, Aov. 7, 1854, frnK Care T?*ve Alexandria da'ly for (Jorione i villa and interi*?d!ite tatlons at 7.^ o'clccS, a. m., on thrf arrival ol th-s l> from Wa^hin*t-;u. p;ivln^ ?a;!? time ft-r breakfast oa tcard. Crn n^.tii-g at Juucti.n with ? tr. in lor Btrae^ at War.-snvm .I'l rtii-o wit > e tnJn fjr War r?*iiu,n. en i nt tJordousvliie w-;h th?> tr?i"S rn tbe Virgirii C?strr.l Uaiiroai far Ri liricad,Charlotte; ?I15?, nnd Stauu'on TU* cars lca?i Gordr.nrvir.e dailv for Ale2AndiIf. aud int?:rmo.liat,J ttaiiors. r>t lA l?tfore 12. a. ia?, on tbe arriTal of the trains 0: the \ 2 girda Central r?ii read fro?n tiichmosd, Charl?tt?*sviU*, and ?taunU/0 T IROUOti TICKETS. From Alcz-\ndria to VVarrant^n f2 00 ? ** Oor '02Svi!Ie 3 50 ? m Char-ot teaville 4 'i& a " HtAiintuQ......m*. ... *, 5 r0 " ?? FtnMhois 8 60 ?? ? I.yocLburg............^- 6 7t? ?? ?? Wia;hrctir ? 8 6^> ** M Luray 4 2G ? a Ker Markit ' C3 a ? Mid ale burg - 25 For Lynchburg, ccmeeting with the et?:-;e-. f.t Ch arlotte#rll'.e, cn Mbc tnya, We-dacsiEy.', sad 7r: days For Lurry end Ne? Market, connecting aitf: thr s ages at CuJpeper.onluesdu^e/Iiiuredaj", and Sat urday. For Winchester d^ily, cor ne -'ing with the stance it Pi?d snoot For Mildly burg dai?", connccting with the stsgts at the Plains. Per order: W. D. BROCKETT, Ag^at nav Y?dtf TIIK SEW VURti Jt I?1 VkiitPOOL. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. rpiIE H1IIPS COVilliltJiSa THIS LINE ARB 1 Til E? ATLANTIC, C-pt. West PACIFIC. Cant.. Nve, BALTIC, Capt. Origtock, ADRIATIC, Cnpt. Ora?tn. lTiese ships have be^n built by oontm^t, expr?a - ly for Government eertW; every care baa been taken in their con^truvion, a a in ths Engines to ins-tra utrvngth aal ap^ed, and their aceoramoda tions .'or y^cngjra uro uaequalled for t-.egance and comfort. . Prre of paa?age from New York to Liverpool, in first eab!n I'pJJ Acc'iaJ Cabin J? Exclusive uye of extra aire su-e rooms 300 lr?m Liverpool t3 New York ?3:> a^d ?20. Aa experience! aurgeon attached to each i-hlp. No berth can V* aooared until paid for. For freight or paaaa?* apply to ED WARD K. COLLINS A CO., 66 Wall street. Ne k York. BROWN, SHIPLJCY A CO, Liverpool. E. G. RORERT3 A CO., 13 King'a Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE k CO, 26 Rua Notre Dame de8 Yi'toives, Paris. OEO. H. DRAPER, Uavre. The owners of tbe-'e ships will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, n>ecie, jewelry, precious ?tones or itttals, anless bills of ladiug are f-fgned therefor, and the value thereof thoreln expressed, nov Id?dly TO THE: Pi'Bl.lC. FIXED ItOVKS FOR THE WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA BOATS. The following are the hours of d? ^a?taiHS3S?aP"rtura cf the only reliable ste*m f/>rry boat plying betweea Alexandria and Washing* ton: The etaamer George Page will leave Washington daily, at 6V?, 8, 8J4,11!4, a m . 1, 3, 4*, p. m. Will leave Alexandria at 7^, afc, 10*4, a. m., l2Vi, m . 2, 4, i>%- P- m. liia oinaibuae8 will leave the corner ot Penney 1 viui? avenue and Seventh street, to connect wr.b the Boat, at 6,7%,9%, 11, a. ia., 12jfc?. m-, 2^. and V/i, p. m. IlisoDnibusea will oonnnc.t ?lth all cars arriving at, and departing from, Washington anil Alexan dria. GEORGE PAGE, nov 6 ? tt FOB MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Pare round trip $1; from Alex andra 76 cents?The THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washington at 9 and Alexandria at 9U o'clock. Coacb?? leave the Capitol for tbe bout at 8# o'clk. Coach fire '0 eenta. Persons wishing the Coaches will leave their resi dence with Geo. A Thos. Parker. IUft-eshments on the boa oct 28?dtf HAM'L GEDNVY, Capt DOUBLE, OR ORGAN MELODEANS. WE have in sttre cne of Goodman's patent doub'e-bmnked MKLODE4NS, containing two setts of keys, enabling tbe perfumers to give all ths diversified effect of a well built organ, produc ing the notes of tbe soit -at duliana to tbe sonor ou i t*>nes of an open diapason stop I'etscni detlraus of practising for an organ, or congregations in need of a good Instrument, at a reasonable price, can be suited by giving us eall at the pew Music Dep?t. dec 15? IULBUS A UITZ. ilLUMlU illElIUEKITS. J&88K HARDER, SCALE MAKES, , Poutheast corner ?f 'CHARTjr.?, A BALDRR8TON F-HEBT*, ?If Beltlroore. Wd. AICHARD n. Ml. >MUI ?. flUTEl. D. SMITH * CO., Muniactiriri \ T? Duller, in ALCOHOL, CAMFHRNE, ETHE* RIAL hil, Ac. No. ?4 S. CALVJCKT STREET. op perite Water street. r.ALTIMCRS, Md. tsar 21?ly CASH FOB BSO BOBS. \* T ' "kh nurehaee UB*edis6H? * Imge bob V f brr cf likely YOc Mi N KOUOKS, mr tl>e New Orl^TiJ Otrlft, K>r which we *iP pay the Ligheet prfje'. All p?racEP barton Slaing for a.iie, will 6?d It to tb?lr ad*antig* by calltag nn va, at OCT offlc*, No. '2 C*_vi\m ft'e?t, Baltitiort. MdM ft>mer? Iy occupied by J. 8. j>?t/un. Liberal eomidMiont paI I flu intimation- All oommucinticct prompt \j atfeen ie-11p. >*?3 2T?3 r J. M. WILSON A 0. H. BUM IjrlTlT. H D00T0S. K. a. SFSNCSB OT?r. kl? trxTic - to the eltixer.r of Bnl tiume. I cat corf all kind' o- Canoe r*?take then :ut a i tout jaln, or the u*? cf any kel#e I cm -ire ell licda of Fits and 8p? bCf, Rheumatic fain* CV-ffiiTMptioa, lirojry, I'yspojfia, Pi1'** Palty, oi ?n? other ni!r-ei ?t th? hm?an amily are ruhject to. ?Je* can s>t<"p Klerdln* from the Lnng* or Noes, an* lL'Uiic* fiom tbe patent, by knowing the rat^nri n*r.i?. 1 was torn blind, and haj studied never*' y.*?r? cr.-itr an Indian Dor tor who vac among the ?!1i Italian- thirteen yearf. DR. fil'KNCCR haa removed from Mr. Buckley't 3ah i Dg liou to No. S4, HANOVER STREET, tng 11?tf 1'aJttrccr*, Md. GREAT BARGAINS. ( lANflELt*, KROiUKR k 00., V. ' 22' liALtixokx Mktn, Rujruioaa, Md. Are desirous cf c osing out a gTeat portion of tbeii present Bto*k r,f elgant FAX^V GOODS, Jewelry, vV*lch?, Clocks. ' *n?, Opera Glwef, Dressing Caae* Wri iu? IVsks, Ice Pitchers, Yw?eis Bronte* Jte., pr* parstory to leosivlng their fall supply. Purchaser! will find i^reat bar-alns. aug 4?tf IW HOOK, PERIODICAL AND NX WSI'APSX TA BL1SHMINT. W?. TATLOll CO., Comer of CaUiMcrt c?<? Charter rtrttt, LALT1MORK, Ma. WM. TAYLOR 4 CO. beg 1^t? to call th? atten ticn of the r%*din? people and v-J d?aUng in Cook*, to tfceir ueir BOOK, t'KRIQDICAL, and NEWS PAPER ESTABLISHMENT, *her? be fcunc ? larKf and general ai-errtnient of ail the late pope i?r vublizations ot the day. Ihey a'fo kerp on hand a i>vlendid aawrtirent o' pUIs acu t&iiry ST/^ION'EKY of cverr deaiription All crders thankfully received and filled with de Bitch, and (tent by return of the mail, express, oi rr in ecy othtr wsy the person orderirg mar direct. BcaktoUerr, Newe Agents, Pedlars, and all other with any Looki, Magazines, etc., at th' ioe^l i Kte% Ary Eook published in tbU country oaa b? ha V tending vour oid?r to ua. WM. TAYLOR k 00^ Cor. Baltimore and Charlee rts-, Baltimore, ML is?tf N ). K.S CSA91S^m <Kti9>S Commer cial Coll>2?. I?c. 13T. Z?iZitfw?rc itrttt. Md. ' S'HIS c-^?uf.lblc r.v.Jfct of thi? institution is toplae* 5 is? t'.r? reach of IndindciJs proper facilities foi dt*k!a| a tliorocgb end prtitVail cterrantlie edn iati;i. A ycun? m?n ean here oblsua a more cor 'ect too eiedge t>f/eneral hnabMSS mstterp in s fe? tlc*n b; aeqeired in *?? ^?.uy j ? ar? in anj ?c o xariting hf-use. Theoonr?of rtuJy embracm doulKentry bo<k iee^-lftg, ar. l its adaptation ;o rariofs de[wrtmeno nf C3rr-K?*r*ie iid tr%de. Msrcanti'e calculation 'aurbtae-ordipj tf? "ie m<>?t s-prov?J oeLb^lr.? J-raiiie^l ?etuait;;sMp, er-mLiniu^ rapidity cf flecu de n villi i-eauty cf coiEtruct'an. Lectures npot law, upon Tarlous iiJf ort?nt m??'rajtll? lr.^ilc TUi.iy otlir.r pt iut3 uec?^e?ry ttt a ^-'k-kr?:>*r rr bc^Intfg men to nnO'rstasd. Tin?? r.,s*-,*ry tor n r.Indent to ccrr.j'etetfcecourse rarie* rein C v- to eight vrsets. Th?-re beicg no Taction ?pr>h'a?iti can enter *t any time ard attend bott lr.r and ersuinr. CTamiQktica<> are beld at statec periods, snd uiploiupe a-s^rdad u> th&e- who grsdv air. 7c v t-srctf', Au, write aud haTe a circular for vxrityl by mail. fob 4?ly C?IL,VKH\VAUE. ^ CAKnZT.T), r.ROTHER d CO^ &'*9 Paltimire Ktrr-et. have on hand a:?.d are rot. stsntly niiklne nevr et/]-s of Hirer Cofiee acd T? Silver Pitcher*; Wtdterc; C?stors; Gf bletf <>ap- ; rpson- ; Fcrke; 1 e Tcu/s: Ororah bcriorrr Tie, I~o cr-itm, sud Ils!l Kcives; gait Cellars; Bet '-r Kti'vop. i.% f warranted Ktrit-cj XUvzr. J^22?tf Baltimore, Md. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL hUlLDINQ IOTS cf 10 feet cr raor.', h rarlou? parts ot tha Oiiy. aod G*n-getown, ?' bw prices, and term- to suit. LLol'D A CO. BUILDING STOJfE, For <c.'n, df iireruMe tt the Canal, or Wharree b ^ar-faingtop, Qeorrct wn, or A iexandria. L1.0YD A 00. 15th street, epp Treesnr/ BeparUaent. It tf ? 1* COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, ivel:ef In i?'lve Mlnatdf. TYLER S CO il POUND GUV ARABIC SYR tt rilHlfi iiiC.*eaj?in? demand for this meet pieaaant 1 eufpj r.rjt efficacious remedy for all pulmonarj dls* ass;, has enabled the pr^i rietcr t? r*dnce thi price e-: a3 to pi* ?e it wilhic the rea'h of el' classes It* *iiper';ori:y over eiixk* eiinlla- preparations is at tested by canny eminent ihyraei^ns Trho have ey? wito??--ses of its etS'.a-y when Uie or-aal rriue dies hsre f:?sled; also by tfceu-aadof jar m'?t r* ejve'stole citizens *ho ht#e ns-d it in their ^aiiliei both aa preventive *nd cure ^vith never failing sue eess f r the Urt ts-nty ye^rs, during whioh period With vry littie aid from advtrrlajji^. Ac., it ha gradually ppreal reputa ion over the wh?>?e Union Iu Ci. -es"of reject CbIds. Ccugl t, tioa-ttiietz. tfc., it gi*efi imaie-liate rtJi^f, ard gen rally curea ia a d?j or two, withcut interfering vith d:ri fir basinefe, oi rev d?Hng the system mere susceptible ot Colde, it. chroric c;ims, AtCitia. TThoop Cough, CrtMp Cronrhiiis. ?/ the L:.fjt, arvt Corav-np tion, it if *iways very b-neacit*!. and Eel-cm &i!e when oommeaotd In lime to perfect a curs. Price 'I'- aed ?0 certs h bottle. So!d wli;!??i e by Pattcreon h !7aL*r. Slot! A Co. B1 lg<-ly & Co. Aloxtniria by l'eel A Stevens. In Qeoraretcwn b? Mr. Ciwel. TTLKIVS CUM ARABIC GANDY DROPS, m Bixailar oomr^'jen to tbe above, but in a milder and iner* portil'e lorn; they act like t charm or a troublesome Cou^h, and clear the throat and voioe; they conUin m injurious drug, ere particu lirSy .-eooEiaended for children, frequenters of pub lie tncemMies, public F.p^aktr? pinge-f, Ac Price and 35 ceols per bc-x. for ?Aie at rsoxt Drug and Candy Stores, cct 17?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPPOblTH THE MARKET ON PKNNSYLYA NIA AVI5MJE 4 doors View Ninth street, h a NEW CIjOTHINO STORE for Men and Boys. oren*d this day. DfeCKEH,' ne of tbs chekpee> Clothing ilercha'?l8 in ib? North. ba< determine] to effer to Hie citiateus of Wsehington and viciai y, his excellent Cl"tliingat the Uweat Northern prioeis for cash only. 1 here the POOR MAN will find jnst saeh a Clothing Storo a* has l-~ng beer wanted iu Washington. His motto is cheap foi ca^b, and cki prici oxiy. A good Hubotan^ial wcx>ll*n coat he will sell foi t'2 7S; and heavy winter pants, well lined, for $1 2fc, hu-L flee coat?, oren?:?ls, and vests, ia proportion. Good wool and cotton undershirts, h-wiery, gloves, Ac., cheaper th ?u the cheapest. nov 11?tf KIRWAN'S WOIIK6 Parish and other Pencilling.-, 75c Rt.iuanism at Home, Letters to Chief Justice Tauet 75c " 1 Men and Tilings as [ saw litem in Europe 75c Letters to Bishop Hughes, in muslin 40 cents, paper ?0 cents American Principles on National Prosperity, a tliankssiving permon, pap? r 10c JAY'rf WORKS. Autobiography and Reminiscence* ofih? Rev. IVm Jay, Willi notes of di^iinguLslied contemporaries in 2 vols, $*2 50 Female Scriprure Cha'acters, ?1 Moriung and Evening Exercises, 2 vols, ?1 50 Fine edition of the Same in 4 vols ?.o Christian Contemplated 40c GRAY &. BALLANTYNE, jan 15 4# 8 Seventh street. \TKW MUfelO i% JUST FUBL1SIIED, ??I do not ask to offer thee," a very preity ??(, ] inbcnhed to .Miss liigdon, Portsmouth, Va. "The Elves," being beautiful variations ou Tltou art gone froi'n my gnze. ?\Ve sto;)d Ix'neath the moon's baght rays," a beaiiufel ballad, respcetfu'ly dedicated to Miss Nan nie Maury, of Washington. "Souveuir," a brilliant Waltz, by Prof. Foerlsch, and dedicated to Miss Charlotte Davis, ??f Wanhing ton city. Fairy Star and Siinb, am Sehottisches, Sparkling Waltz, Old Defender's Quickstep, at th* Mueic, Pi ano, and Fancy Slore of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Po. avenue, l>?tween 9di and 20th rts. jan 10?tl PHILADELPHIA ADVtKi.^ 8ICIDER8 WIIsBa AT PHILADELPHIA. J OH* V. II lirKF , Dwier h WIbm. ?t tht foratt old f UM b? x Vn JX<?t of JAC^i Sit ID KB, Jr., Na To Wn^t fntr deon U lew Fourth rtreet, *hr-. * -??xiruw -rt will be seppIUfl with WLSiJi ua LJQUOMt cn th* BortiM(XB> detici; terms. JACOB ISID?B. Jr | Agent tcr b* iff. portatlen of FVRKJGy K7AT?, off. re Ko.76 W.i ?at street, rblled-Ipbia, *b?r? be hpwpirMti receive order* lot tbe sped*! inT^rtaticn of V. ice??, Ac^ from various hon??# h> Fnrrpa, ?e wnautftfe asicgle dos*p audopwrrds; *ne aleoaoiielts lot SnnTjOim TAUGHAN flMfttt, tl? putroaafe ?; his mreJf and former enetaBiers. %? A!1 Wines ordered fcr Washington will be It li^ered by Kiprm /rtr ^ f+fjpkL j? I?iy ooctoii TomiiLr. Till POCKET JE80QLAPIUS: 0*, BVBUY ON* PI? OTTN PETSICIA'L Tt* FinJrth luittcxuwi'b Ob* fcsndrei Bngrar'.a; ? ihewtof I>to*3M *ni M? 1 f ?rt'i'jwi of the H?in?n System lu everv ph?v h- d Kvrm. To whki* i* added * of 1 sauces. being of tbe Li* h <stinpar'jLB'vito tian'.'J p?n>, cr those cintem fltfttM varrHg". fly WM. TOUNO, W. I?. L?t m ftttitt k? *^YtTT r ,1 |o MPiait > oo??y *4 tV A.-VJLIiAPIUg to his eh'..J It as; s?v* ! 'm from on Wf'T grave. Let no r c-;; . - voc.nn eu ?t In to tcs seer#: ebUrabttiS ef n:rrr?<l 1K? wl^b'-t mdiaj tfce POCKFT mrn I.APTV9. Lot tt? on* from a h?-kt>i G. nsfb, Pa?n It tb? ?id?, re?i'?88 !.i$kta, nar. ou* :oe.x % fidth*whe!*tr<q of Pynprplic Kr.uKMi, ?- * n?? u op by their pi": dcian, b* r.r -thcr m;>s..-.nt, v.. hoct cox-mlang th* JCKTT7T, AFTCB. Qit? (Lt usnlel ot tbGM UOfat to 1* married nay *a|>ed*r>-:it, r-*i this truly use. fd! book,e* It bar beei the *???"** cf saving thoc ? in J of ub Jut time** ctoa1 trw flroaa Oe eeryJ*w* vf Isatb. ff-Air |(Kcb fsadi' 2 I'-VLItTF-riTTJ CEI-TB onel'jwd lr a letter, wi 1 r:. ?ivo ouo copy ot ?? work bj kaC, or fire 00; v lU I ma; lor Jac I' j. Ur. AddzMB, (post pold) T>tt. TTM. TOUy?, Mo. 113 B;rooe rirtet, M?ll?^f-' ;blx. ?|U"lf _ AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. L*T THE SICK HClR TlIK T*rrn. Caftain ("t NjAMis.?Whenever known bi< lr '1 inony Mill l?* c?Nidu? Hut ivot those whn < t not know the Captain olinuM b?- Kfptieiil, l?r. r> ? ???n & Bro., withottutr-ol (lit) t?i*et known an<1 ino-t higtily respectable citizens oi' Ha.'t< a, eiidonte I1.1 wonderful cure by HAMPTON"'S VRGCTABIJl TINTTTRS. Haftox, (VI. 4. IKS1. Meters. Mortimer \ Mott Waii: GentletiH U?I frel !t my liuiy to >r?u and th?* put' lie to certify to the ellecu ?*4 llxiuptiMi'a Vrp 1 Tincture. I was for niorr* liuu &\c years 2al?wi \, under a di-^a?e of ( Chemsiatmn. and t! ? <re*t part of that tiM I was s?? that I I i to be h*l|?'il my l?e? Ami dr?- <*d in my <?!'>!.i.? ( beciin?' rt ilucnl to a nj?-re ?-kH?-ton. All th? m< I icines I tj.W dune ??<? n?. r>?od, and I continued 1 ? ?row worse. 1 hear J of 1? l'iaetur<' ^ ?..l thought I woid-l give it a Irui. At (hi* nme I din aot e*j?ect to liv? one dr.y n't?;r a. .Ui r. I tiid ?? t take it (tim Tinrtnp > fiw V V.I,. ?hiuIi<ni, I a slion time I Mas well ?*f tuat diwue. From 1:. effects of your tincture and the lie]pof G<?1 I . now ?<*iui:g in good lienltb. I wi.?h all tlie atflivted to try llr rn|<ton"i V?plii Tincture, as I have d ;t.e, with t??e MBa'? ffeel t!.?' it ha? on Vour obodiciit oenant, Lsaxt We ate acc|U%i.i::*d wi;h I-aac Itenjatiuri: ?>.'j Wat vome of Hunp(r*'s Vefrtalli- Tincture, and I* ?ieve the .bore statement ccrre.?. i)AH>nw k Rr-. From smr knowledge offaptain lt nj inun we ; CdiifiJi iit tint ihn iilwc staVtiirnt i< true anJ h exagetated. J. A. Jonv>nn, CHARI.K4 RoNiKKOK. and get pam|>hiet^ cr.uu, and see cure* Cougli, Hruneliiti^, Kbeutnau.?a?, NearsUa, l?> pepnta, NervouKneacs and General iVuakueV. A- 1 lemitle medicine or lor d. lieate childrta vvi U!- vi it unequalled. Sold by MOITIMt B i< MOWBRAY. 140 P . i, more xtreet, Baltimore; ami Broadway. N. \ <?!* Cna8. 8vott L Co.. J. B. .Msoke, l?. B. Curxr, Clap.s t k. Bowlinm, W. Cli iot, tnd H. Merti. .. son, Washington; also, by K. s?. I". CiK<fc.inGeo.v. town, and C. C. Beruy, Alcmndia, and by Lrtt* gtcL< everywhere. jan H?U CARTKk\S~ SPANISH MIXTURE. TlJ? Great Purifier or tit* Blooj: Not a Particle of Morcary In It! An Ii?Kiu.rDi.? Rmni for 8--orul?, Kie -'.i Fri , Eheunatin-e, Ot>&ii3at- Cn*vn^.MS Kmp'S V axpUi or Pu<tule? . -a tr.? t-.ic bW>t?*be% lt< .1 , Chr ?tji: pore llyas, I'lrj; Wr - r.r -jr Heal. Ki.Urge aeo' au-1 f?*>i pf the ?.<i.nk J Joiatp, Btubbora L . .. 3 L>;^r(J?-.'--, Lu-n'-Af o 8ptn\l Cf ip;!a *'zt ia: iJi ti.c Jl?!ar - vhhgtaiaB IcJtSlioM s*t if H - ire, . pru.t nre in life, cr lai, cri*7 of tve Blood. rIII3 rcloarl* M dicioe, vbirh bs"> e*% tr^ted for th- turn' er rf xt-?"!i-aary rtr rJjctal through its ?g?acy, haa indi pi? prok r. ?tor?, at tbe urg lit rt-^ue^t rf tkfir frtfrdr, to cZ r :t to the public, which tij-y a a ;be usM r .? ddeccs in its Tircu-sand roode.Jul curative pr? >rti s The f&Ho cia.*; certiacat ?, : electtd :r? j 1 irg? number, are, brweTrr, nt or-g-r t ;t!m:'.T 'ban the mare wo'1 cf t^e p cpri^ors; an J tr? irons g?n:lt;men Wi'.l kn >?a in th?-ir 'cv;t;. aril A th? highest M"p?:t*b',lity, ra&cy cf thfin i m tbe city of It.cnmor.d. Vo. S. r.OVDZN, K*^?of tbe Fx-bance Hot*l, Ri v tao'd, ki own everywhere say* he h v ?f?-B 1 he Kri :cine ca'led Carti k's spiitsu *'-iXT^e,almjnu f 1 in ever a handr.^i cant, ;.i cj^riy t.l th? duo?- ? for wi lebit l > resonna^ ;i led, ni^i the n.oet -<icu i^blegiy g^ rem't* R? fxjn it Is themc&t?i' craard.&try BMd.doe he he: -vrr r'ec. AOUS AND FKVJS3.?GREAT v_irtP.?I fce??by oerlify that lbr thie^ y^n-* t h:.l *t*ie and F.-rrr of th? D-vt vi^l-?ot deacrp: ou. I fcii r? rc ?J i'bT ?ncieu^, taok l?rg- qunn./Jt* rf Quiriae, Jterrc-j, and I bei ?ve all t'aa T ni;^ tJ/rrtred, buta.. eu.. out permanent rflief. At U-t I triad C*'t '? .^ui'll Mixture, tvj botllsa ot *h;oL effretii. !y u me, and I an Lappv to 6iy I lui\e Lad c?-it 'f shi:i- rr fever* r.noe. 1 ccao'ider It the letl If uic in ti?l* world, aavl tbe os!y is?df?jEe tr** ** r reached my oaee. JORX LONODSN. Baavku Lircn, near Iticumrnd, Va. C. B. LUCK, K??i , now in the c\ty of Riebn:AsJ ?nd Lr m?ny y*D in th.' P??t, Lae o,?nfiJeno^ in th? a<t>>nishin^ ei5?ry of Cart r Sp ui&h Mlatur<. that h? ties bought upwtrd* cf ot D-ttlts, which he has giriu away to th? a'2 cted ? Sir. Lack ??rs be ha? ktc^t ku.wn it ta tali (ki taken according to diiections. Dr. MIXQE, a pr^tt; -:r.? Phjsi_i?.a, ani So>rtfle- > of the City Hotel, in i!:e ; iiy of hi hmonl, -. j has aitnoeied lu a nu"aS'r ?>f Iriilacct <i* f7 i-t Caret's tpan'sh Miitjr?, which were cioi* tru'v surprising. U? nys la t g**? cf O. nrumptk n, i Cnd'tt cn t!i? ljiv?, tiis j,i.d ?ff j3ts wer; a >? rful indeel. SAMUEL H. DriNEC.1, of the 5ru of Driaa-? 4 Mctrii, Biehmnl, wm oi?1 ruto< of Liver C 1 plaint of thr-- ?.ear:- starting, ly the usee' tn battles of Oart-r's Span, h S'i*tui-\ QRE\T CURB Of SCROFULA.?The >?' tha iiichmoni Kefuh'l an h d t s. rant eiapli ?! in tkeir prunu rooc, ruer J ot vi? Unt gepcfula. ? b nrd with Xhaumatuic}. ?hkh eaiiwly Uisat J bim frora work. Tao bott!^ cf C arter's Fpar. ? Jlixture made a perfect csr*of biro, *ni the K* - t?r? in a pu'.lic notice, fay th^y 4cheerfully re<* <a mead it to all who are aKlicrsfi with any ?J??m ???. f the b'ood ? STILL ANOTIIK'd ( USE OP SOilOPULA.?I hid a very valuab'e boy cu*~1 of fcsrafula by Carter ? Spanish Mix.uro. I c &*M*r lt truly a vaiu* ' < ntti-Ljcine. J\Hh?? >i. '(A^ L'Jt, Conductor on ?ue B F. and P. K. K. Co, Kkhmoud, Va. 8ALT BI1EUM OF TWENTY YEARS BTANDlV' CukKD Mr. JOHN TllCMl'SON, reeidmf in the citj Richmond, w*s curei by three b::tiM cf Cirt- '. Spaniali Mixture, of gait Rh.--.ra, which he h'd i aea'ly rrmaty years, and which all tb? physld* - oith>>?M9 t*uld not cure Mr. Th mwiiM v. I kaov fe ant in th* city of 1U fcmondf anl Li ? builkM "arkable. WH, X.SlATniLK*!?, cf Ki.hmond had a fervent cured of ihrphi.M, in the woret form, by Cart<-. < Ppan'ch Mixture. He ri?ji he cb -trfolly reo. m mends it, and ooueiders it a vtrj inTkluable u. *. clue. EDWIN BURTON, coinTsi--Inner of the rtvenu ?, ?ays b* bai se?a the go:^l effect* of Carter's ^paui di Mixture in a number ot>rphi|itic oaesa, and it b a perf?ct cure f r that horrible ai^as*. WM. 6- TIARWO-JD, ?f Bichmuad, cured of old S^res tad Uieer<>, wh ch dlsabltri Liu> L(-m walkia.' Took ufcw bottle? of Oarer's Spanish Mixture, at-i wai aaaMad to walk without a crutch, in a efc rt dm* pafsanen ly cured. Principal Depot* at M. WARD, CLOSE A Oo? t o. 8ft MhI'Jmd Lana, New York. T. w DTOrr A SJNi, No. 182 North Second ?t, Philadelphia BENNETT A BEESS, No. 125 V*in street, EkL mocd, Va. And for sale by P!IAMLP?" STOTT. Wa?hinz*- c D. C; HENuY PaEL, Aiexaunis, and by Drug* everywhere. I rW $1 pm bottle, or six botUrs fjr U( **p 21?ly PBNRirYN AND1 RON V A M 1'tL.i?>Uy te- ?-?o a beautiful tat .1 tmeot of tlieae chaap aui du rable article*, at therornnof PenceylTaaiaaveau* and Trath street, over "t?* 'Wanhin^ton bavin,* Bank. RALPH HASKLNr. uov Id?eotf

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