Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1855 Page 1
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THP FVRVTNO STAR PCBLISIIKP FTKRT AFTERNOON. '"Trr?f fi^KTUY,) 41 tJu StT tat usr I'tjwjjlv+ai* J"?r y? V'-vtr.ik It "MX, By WMI.Un 4 HOPE, IVill b? ?rr tr f* i*cr bm to Vte oiliee o: Wash - - a, Alexandria, Baltimore an J Pbila ?H|.\ 4 ND A QUARTKR CBNTB, paya W?w - kit mt'if ^nifc To mail mkserlbra tba su^ecriru-n prier U TIIRE8 DOLLARS AND rifTY CENTS t year in adwmm, TWO DOU LAR-I fat SIX WONTHS, and ON* DOLLAB Car TF1H3B ?*OVTH8. Qp?diiraii coma on eawr. _ ' UNDERTAKERS, ftc. CABINET MAKPJR & UNDERTAKER. T3< ?ndttstgucd would respectfully Inform his Men.' *, acqnaintaa-sa, and the public grnT+tlj that be rtili ooattaa?? So execute all orders la hi One of bu?.n -via Jm b<*t a* nut; and at the thort an: notice j EXPAIK1IG aaatly and promptly ex eon tad.' rUMIcn.ALS attend?d to at ?M -> ! the ab'r*'it o^v.' ?*. and In the bast msi? aaaoer. yr tatrort im t&s mist fir fed r*r, apr? ?w '.V viarmtil <etmh*r. , ? o*ciu.l tor t*-"t farora, he wonld solir*. an 1 *?>' mdsnTor to mrrit a onatjnnanos of | tin nos ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. ?Te^ a. 4 J*, betwaon 9th and l Oth its. , flmii lewse: Mr. Martin's. No. 886, D street, t M boas* *m: of ?th ctreeA. mar 17?ly COFFIN WAJIEROOM, Ac. t?U J WILLIAM PLANT A 00, CN DMRTAKKR S?'evidence 418 S?t- , snth street, between fl and H s?r??t?. Interments procured in any groundor cometer*. Coffins, Cape, Shraodv Carria*;*3, Hearre, and every article fcr | interments of tn- b-wt quality furnished at short notice, oq U? nut r*_ oaai la t?rm-, and at all , bonr* of th* D'.r it. U>tv!ng the exclusive rigfct r.f | Cramp ? Patent Corpus Preserver, we guarantee to beep tbe d-ad for any length of time. oc 11?tf UNDffBTAKBU. IWCriD ri";**tfullj return nay thanfcsto tba el*.. ? of T't ? ,ir ?trn and itr vicirlty for thai* ] past p?. ani <ay thnt owing to the freqaent ealLs in the Os^er'akic^ t^^nch of r>y basiiteas, I hare be^j talaoei to dL"-atir wa tM nannftkrtnra of Tara^nrj, anl tcm my attention ful'?y to the . UNDB&TAiLINd. I bare ?pered n-> ?ai?>a to hare | aTeif th'.a* thati" r^qui-Htrto tot buei :??"?, a ad I a*n there'ore full j pr?r a^*d to m---*. an/ otds? alter a few aotj e aud I s*-me ttoee wba may Srerae ? rtll that I will sf*r? no raia> '? cnt ?S? > th*i- ?nt'.r,* nttficibg. JAM.^ ?. HAR*Tir. No <1^, Tth ?t-, lietwe6n O eal H. N. B.?Cal i aiVeclei */> ?t til ii??f -f tb? r.'-ht ?i?le Private Modicad Treaties 03 Till VI ? ;V CI MAURI \01, >T H H. LA f'ilOIX- U. D,, ALU A XT, X Y. 8S0 Pac* a>l iN Ki-" flxia ..cJ Cc.ore?i Litho | cr?pb-< xni Piatt s. If- Trie* only 33 Canta. *i? 0~5'u* fre 'f p>?ta-et)?V. par'a cf theUal-Mi"^ CUiiPB-T TOOK ETKB PUBLI^iiKI', *n>i containing n?*?rly d ub ? the quantity of rfa'.ifl^ cn"ar in that of the i FIPl'* CKNTo OR COLLAR] PI BLIC.4TIOMS It tieat* f n the "HYS? 0LO | OY Ok' MAKKIA' ? K, ?ud the secret l? flrmitle^aad Juord?*r of ft/Uth aod maiori^, re I *uitin? fr m exovB-e, wbich deeuor tb- pb>?.cal and tarn tai cowera, with oh err*t.ora | ?n mar? a^, iU -utie *nJ d!?-jualificaticcs, and their ram* ?!???: with li.hograph', iJustrating the anatom-r a- d p"iyaiolD<7, and of the repro inctlre orgVia at bHh tb-ir etructui*. uaes and faecu^n-j. AmIkM<1 <x>mpreh?aBiTe trea ts on the d -u* nui .MU*lti-a of siugle an l mar riwl life? happr aad tcuittut allianoea, mode ( f w sur>of them iafeiictton* and ir.f-it'!^ cuea?their' obriati >n anl reinoral? imi?irtant hlcta to the e | eontemptatin< mauimrby, ti nt ?r'U o>vr<^ome ob jeetk>iu bo it; ocne, tawe*rr. should take this iim portant a ep wi hout Snt cccnulUng ita pages? a mm?atari<? on the diaeiaee and med ?1 treatment | of fen^loa t ia infim-y to "U a ?, each case graph ically il ustrated by beautiful U trgraphic plates? nerroas 'lebirty, i*j causes andcira, hy ? proctM at onct; j>o siwpla, <a5- and effectn^l that tatlnre is lmpoeaible?rulee for laily m%na?*ia>?ut?ao ewy on 3p ?rm>*t'>rrh?*m wiih pr^ctV *1 o servatiina on a ?ifsr, and m re ?u -esefu. ui-xleof tr>atme?it?pre oauu n?r< h uts ot ths e>iU ceeulUag from ?cipiri eal praclic^?an essiT on ali tikwi aririe^ irom j iadijrre i?a, pUin an l <>im{>'.i> rul*s by wLioh all per-oaa **n cur- tn^m-elv^s without mercury? | remedl^' for thoee elf inflict* 1 misoriee acd dicap point-* 1 v unfjr>un.Uijr pr?*v<?>tt ia the | young It i? a tratafnl alri-er to tbe married and those eoatemp'.atiiig marriaz". IU purw-al is par-1 tieula'ly reoomai'nl 4 to p*r ooj ?at?r<a:ni?g se erat louHi of th*i? payslcal cood ti .n, and who are eonaoion' of h triog hasard'd tl>? health, happit-es and privilege; to which every bum?n bring is en titled to. Pr|? IS c-ati ;>?r copy, ,r firrt ?^pies Ibr oce dol lar. Maiiel tr<-* of post^?* to any part of the Uni ted States. 5. B.?Thos^ who prater ruy 0>0ru ? Dr LaCsotz u> >n any of tbe ?i-?aeee up u #t>ioa ki book treats either er- n?i v or by mail. M'?licine cent to say part ?f t':s Uaiua a>-ooriing t) direcro >?, aaf?i> ' pack*! a.i 1 car?f ill? securrj f-orn ail objerratlon. Aiireee Or M. ?. La CHOIX. No 21 Mnidsn Une or Poat LMh ? Box *79, Aidant. N. T. Ofllc* ati-n laiiy frcm 9 a m tj 9 p ta, aad cn j Sanday from i until 6 p in. ?#- )W e Htmov ?t f-.->m No CC lUarar St., to 31 ttnldan Lane, Albany, N. Y. 4ee T fROr. SCHOSKSUKRG, T1ACUBB AND TRAN9LAT0B 07 floderta Languagci tad L.lteraturat 10.237 PK-tssriTAwia atctic*. act 33?tf JL'ST KKCKl VICI?, per Schooner Paaliaa, TW.) HUNDRKD AND KINK TOtfB WIN d 4 d LAKb 10It. L. J. MrDDLBTON, OS^e ao ?'de F, next t"> cmer 12th (t, D?pot oomer 20th and ? its. w fit. nor 14 (Nat Iut. Union, and Men inel.) DENTISTRY. T~\B. MONri jN respectfully oai a public attention I J to his n-w, patent, and QRliATLY IXP&OVKE) method of ?=? ling Teeth, with <tont;nuoie Jam?the very P P<KPdCT10N OPT 'B ART. Taint?Is of Teeth baa the follow advanUtea ail ether* r%: Oai\r BTttitNOril, OLSaNLINiWS, COM PORT, and BRAUTY. ttsic^ witii Natur? in tho?e rerpects, au J i-oiue o'hers exe?lliig. Paolic inspeo Hon ia rejpe-Hfu^y a?UJt^A. I'tease cal. and ??* ^MluaM. 0Anri<?N?No other Dentist in the D!*tri:t of Oola~it>ia baa i<gat to male this stylo of Teeth. N. B ? Twih ou-OtulioQil'y healthy, ptagg??d and earranuxi for lift. 0?c j and hou^e at No. 294 ft *tr*et, near tba cor ner of t'ena'/tra^U avenua an 1 ltth street. ?o? LB?t f A CHANCE FOR PRINTERS. THESE PBES3?3 AND A FONT OF B0UE GKOIS TYPE FOE BhLV. WALLACH A H >PK c3er for sale, at fh* of if Im Suir. ?n* M AC (f I K E PRa^A, tipwbie of yrintig t,0>>0 .'sap e-^ions per beux, a^Hf aedi'i-a sh-'t, Bth sr*^> AT cmos, re gister iag in tha m el par foal aunut;. 0n? MKIH L M 54f f I (n -r?l order.ani < ue F.KJLS C\P R \ M Vlli The?? pr???s* will he ?-Jd low. A'*., an-* frat of 'toUJGKOIS Tf JK, weigh lngab>ut^M p->a?j 1<, but little nard, for .-ale on reasonabls term? nrri -tiif AHEAD OF ALCj COMPETITORS. JUof w ire! one of Nelll. TLrop A Oo.V first pre mium P.anos, a lifleaUd ias'raveut ia tone and beauty of workmanship. Call and examine f"r yonrae.rea Neill, uuropA CuN Plan * reocircd the Uist pr?Lai'jm a*, tie 'atsexhibit cu uf the Maryland Institute oe- r ?11 competibjr*. jUr \\ HILB03 A niT7., Ag??nU SUPEkToR 1LVRPS. WB have thn <iay r*'* ??i arrry superior toned UARP, fion tlu celebrated 1 anciin tcanu^ hctv^n lK)i?*ry, waj re?*ircd the highest pre mlnia for ti.rae at th<* greit exuiVitiou in L nloa, 1U1. Pereons devirons cf purrhasing, ty giriig ns a eall have tbe oppor.unity lo ot.ta o one of tbe ab ve narirailel .us'iuiuratf. Ill Lit'JH A HITZ, M u-i>- i.Mpot,cor. Pa. arenue. 11th and D i'j. <w uu OOMMLSSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New Tort, T-xae, California, N? w Jcreee, L->utaianv Mlasouri, Pennsylranln, AWnma, K-ntacky, Maryland, O-o^ia. Michigan, JJf*"*' . *"?ndn, Ohio, and Mlnneeota, ?iorkl?, other States. OYOEGZ C THOMAS, ATTORNEY ton CLAIMS, AND NOTARY PlBLir, Wukinrton Pl.iee, **-ar Odd- b'>l 'oi?s' 11*11 UBVBNTU JiTKKBT. Wis.unWVo^, vfo. ' M> in R. H. (ilLLE'L, Casaitllor at Law, Office and rqptdonoe in Franklin Bow, eorner af B and Thirteenth Mast -ar ' VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JANUARY 25. 1855. NO. 644. Dr. DUPOIfOCB GOLDZJT MOKTHLT PILIX A 8OVEREI0W REMEDY for the cure of^l J\ Painful Obstructions and Female Irregularities arisinc from whatever cause. vKS5. anuSloTt'S. ^KT>u?y Diseases of Females. treatment of the wfth X^*5lSiU lLFrCZi^^^0^ tunity of giving them a trial ' ThL ? ?P?)0r b%v- ?|IiL^y?^A,l thousand boxes jjjj ^vsviis; nES,*UES the country; and letter, are b*i^re3Ud2i? "*?? JTJ1* following is an extract from a letter of a k- standing who has authorised her name wijTmaL^f'1 COnfide"^?y toothe/ESS':!?^?SrEf?^ !"? ?" much Iik??jmh1 o??t ?h, wmI . w^?l* 'T?" la/Kr^Sr"1' Tour *lnw or health hTi 7 CO?P'**,0& >? rtpltetd by the ful bn..>?ury oV.p^riU wL **'?*,tl>,'7- "T th?? ch?wr ?u4 tf 2J?aul3l 'V'^ of >*r mp*r 1 ? oa ?lth ,b. k^p,.^ ZVAZ? M. H?The ingredients of ||llir njus are ,~rr?>et r u\eir wedk-j 5^- ??? moot delicate female con titutions vet a* nrt-naroH speciQc acu,,n swm tnnt married ladies should use them with frr:, ^ **>?Mt arii indicated during pregnancy. For the same reason as every ph sician knows, medicines which act in this way are the very best that can be tied for r^ J'V"* IJ,f naturB|. lieaJthy tone and functions of the ^ysieini_whcn so much impaired and deranged as to u,t m ^""Tenness. For further particular! see dl saws- ssst255=1 J DUPONCO, If. D , Proprietor, N. Y. Swirl kdl'wTr by Kid*e,l * Lac*b?c?, i> v? J.' * ? 8. K. bTLVKHTKR J 1 . Mookk, First Ward; O. Bohwsll, Isi:>nd ; J.'p* amtol h!h"k w * Z?mth!r1' U " McPHaaaoa L n if AL",,'ISav> Yar"1- f" Georgetown ^rook Jr'n p"'?^^1^ K,Jwe"- J" Alexandria ty 1.^"^,it OFZICIAL Trkasi ry Dbpammikt, Jan. 3, 1855. .Notice is hereby giveu to the holders of the fo| lowu.g described stocks of the United States, that tins department is prepured to purchase, at any uine between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portK ns ot those stock*, amounting in the aggre gate lo 41,900,000, in Uie manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wil: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated , preference will be given in the order ot time in which *iij stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly as^oed to the United State* by the panes who arc to receive tlie amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whertul; a price *d| be puid compounded of j the following particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each Certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorize^ by the act of July, 184G, redeemable November 19, 1836 of 4if par c#n,.; on the stock of the loan au thonzed hr the act ,.f IMS, redeemable 31st Decem ber, I8W, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorised by the acts of 1M7 and 1848, and redeem able, the former 011 the 31st December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the Joan authorised by the act of 1?0, and redeemable on the 31st Deceinbcr, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Jutere*I on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (tor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in rddition. . Ps>n:ent lor said stock* will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United 8tates, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct But ao certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this nouce which ihall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bef ir* the said 1st day of March next. t* 4 ~i u 1 JAMES GUTHRIE, jan 4 dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. HEAR TUE WITNESS'" RIGHTEOUS VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIM IN HIDE, be. WONDERFUL cure after rix year's suffering of .-nary I and' re8PcCtaWe citisena of Prejudice and skepticism can't atand before the ma^iy cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tiuc Kshdall's Grovs, Montgomery Co., Md ,) . December 9, 1864. ' f Me*tr$. Mortimer f Moxrhray Gentlemeii?In 1844 1 had whatnr.y doctoni called a violent and comNned attack of Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, from which I was confined to my bed for three months. I had the verv be.t physi who lned oth" vanous remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not havini a.e'd nit ^ y ?r n'ght' ' lH>CH,ne n,uc1', ated , my whofe syntem a mass of disease, literally sp?*aking, from the crown of my he d to the sole of my fee t I had to Imbble about-most of Ui?t,me *? 2iieW t??I bad to be ansMted to mr bed. I was al?o afflicted wtli a dreadful cough, great shortness of breath sore thrsat, palpiuuou of the heart, aad pain in inv rSv^^ COUl,d n?l 'ay ?n "? by appetite JZ tirefy failed me. I gave up all hopes of being restored contmued thus to suffer on from 1?44 to 1850. a period of kis years. At thin time my d .lighter ?t,v at her grandmother'aa pamphlet, with numerous certificates of cures made by Dr. Hamt> ton's VegeMide Tincture. 1 knew tutue im thoce who cenified to cures per formed <mi themselves and friends. I wa? reaolved U? live it a trial. 1 informed my doetor of it. He objected ; out my sufferings were so great 1 hat 1 pro cured one bottle, and, before I had taken the whole of it, I felt much relief, which encouraged me lo persevere. After taking the second bottle I was better than tor the past six years, my appetite re turned-cough, pain in the aide, shortness of breath a J VKa,'?r ?ooe- 1 continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven tattles ac cording to the directions; and I am happy to say Hampton a Tincture, and that alone restored me to perfect health, which has continued up to this time ?a period of thrrie years. I am in the 65th year of *<r: I weighed yerttrday 238 lbs., aad I never felt better in uiy life, (hie of my neighbor? was al affected, like myself with Rheumatism, &c. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard of other cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, if for lUMfir. My only object in dc scribing to you my nufferiugs and the way I obtained relief, is to in.luce the aiRicted to try this Tinciurc, which has, under the Nestings of God done so much tor me. Yours, respectfully. HENRY GAITHER. Call and get (lomplilets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, NervouMiesf and General Weakness. As a female medicine or f<>r delicate cluldren we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more sticet, Baltimore, and >>4 Broadway, N. York Chai. Siott Co., J. B. Moors, D. B. Claris, Clanks i. liowuns, W. Elliot, and H. M< Phkr ?o*, Washington!; also, by R. S. F. Ci ssl, George town; nnd C. C. Hassv, AleAandria, and by Drug gi?t? everywhere. jan 5?tr CI LOTH ING MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER J 1'HaN EVER. ?In order to ruu oil the remain der of our large stock of Cloths, -Cassimeres, and Vesting* we will at this season take measure and make to order G-ntl men't Garments of first quality twenty per cent, cheaper thau our usually low pri ces. W ALL a. 8TEPHENS, 39S Pa. av., negt to Iron Ball. 11 (Sanonal k Ne^ra; GOOD NEWS. ~\XT1 have this morning received a fte=h supply ol ? T fine Papter Mac he and Pearl Inlaid ?CODS, such as Work Boxes, Desks, Cud Oases, Pocte Wen naiee, Pert Follcs, Ac. Notwithstanding the great ru?h made upon our store during the last week, we have yet some racy floe QooJs left, to whkh wa in *ite tha attention of thou dwirici New Years' preaenia. JOHN P. KLMtf, No. 300 Pd. avenue, bet. 8:h an! 10th sts. dec r? Lkmons.? 25 b-xed prima LEMON0, ia flora and for M. KI.DRIDQK, dec 21?tf Union Whart Alexandria, Va. CAKES FOR CHRISTMAS. r|^lIK aabacriber has a large and varied assort J_ mane of Cake* and Pa'try fortheChistmas Hol idays. B^pecial attention ia called to the quality aa well u to tha variety of the supply. Plumb, Pound, Jelly, Sponge an l Tea Oak* Ml ace, Apple, Cranberry and other Pastries con stantly ou hand. Fresh Br>ad, Biscuit, Banna, and Husk every even ing in time for tea. The publk are invited to call and examin? hsfora purchasing elsewhere. CtIA3 W. HAVENNER, C *1x001, between 4U and 2ixth tlreets. dec 20?tf TO INVENTORS. TIIS offlr* of "The Inv-ntor*' Protection National Union" is on 7 th ftreet, oppo?ite the East Por tico of tha Patent OS^e, and is now ready to attend to the bu8icefis of its mtubera, uamelv : In roaki'ig ?xaminalionc and soliciting patents, kn. Inventors are invite! to -all and p t a copy of tha PoaTtjMition and By lsws. and where my informa tion will be Kir en respecting the I nion. All lett?r3 on fcusiue-w must \-e dlre^:i?i to this ol flee, vhera attention si ill be given icanmiiateSy. A model ahoy la in connection with the ofllee, vhere mr-Ieb can be raale t^ c^ler ?t the hortest aotice. T. 0 CLAYTON, ay 10?ly P. W. P. British almanac and companion i? 1H55, containing Lists of Parliament, of Royal H >uaehold?, .Ministry, Judiciary, Foreign Min lftere, lie., in England, British Ministers abroad, Military and Colonial Govt nmi' n'j and peraont-l; Import*, Ripoits, Taxes, Da ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1F54, Chronicle of the Sea-ion of Parliament 1P54, Abstracts of important Parliamentary Docu ment, and valuable articles on the Campaign, on the United States Census, en the health ol Dwellings, Occupations of the, Fluc tuations of the Funds; Canals and Railroads, Public Improvements, (-limnology, and mreh other useful and valuable matter, complete in one vol. FKANCK TAYLOR, jan 16?tf IMPORTANT TO TIIS SICK. rpilB gr*at experience and well known skill of 1 Prof MoCuitroox is a bufiid?m guaranty to tLe put lie that the following list of JdedUnne?, such as cava been oonstactlv uped in his practice tor the last thirty yeata, will fully sustain by th^ir effect* the valuable qualities attributed tc th?n, and pr^ve to be the be?t Medicines e>er offered to the public. /. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An Invaluable remedy for Bronchitis, Oonsuop tion, and all chronic diseases of the throat an! 'angs. In all dsep seated complaints of the naty organs it has proved the m >st safe, certain, And rapii reme ly ever employed in the extensive practice of Dr, McClintoca For any of these forms of llse*^e, showing themselves aa Cough, Tickling of tha Threat, Sense of Tightness in the Throat, Spitting ot Blood, Difficulty of Breatnlng, Hoarse ness or Loea of Vcica, and Hectic fever, its u?e will b? attend*! with the happiest results, while it is ^'.eaeant to the palate and rtr?ngtfcenlng to the vholeaystecx. It contains so laudanum or opium in aay shape. Pri<* $1 per pint fcotiSe II. Dr, MiCiintocii't Ctld cx/i Cougk Mixiur*. An infalliblefor re ?nt Oc-n^lt", Tickling ot the Thrcit, Tightness of BrcaiKug, Croup in Chil dren, It contains no prtpaittica ci opium Prioe 25 e'etrs prr botue. III. Dr. MiClintocA's Asthma '"'s.i Hoot ing Cough Remedy. An almost in^tantaneoua roliaf fnr ?h??o ui rea? in { complaints. Tliia is tbe fruit cf ^.n niv^ise axperi?n?a, ani ia astonb-hic? ia it* effxie. No p?*r ?oj n suffer a d*7 from Asthma or Hocplnit "on j'i v'uo will net it. Price SO ?s?nta per bottl IV. Dr. McClinietL's Diarrheal Cot dial andCk !f>\i Preventive. A prorspt and certain cure for DUr:ha?a, Dysen tery, and Cho'sra Morbus in all stages. A sure pre ventir* of Abatis Chol?ra, which no tr?v?l*r or Camily sl?-.uldbe with^t. F ice ii au l 10 rent* per bottle. F. Dr. McClintock's Tana AiUrativt Syrup, far parifvlna the blool. 1 he ucst powerful pn> riflsr ever discovered- P"r all atTofnloLs diteafe?, 8x1 a disMCe?, Kruptioas, Boils, Pimples, Erysipelas, Ulcere, Sore Ix ga, and all Rlie;.rufctV; and Syrhilitic j wmplaints, Ac. It is a most excellent sprrng medi cine, perfectly palatable, and a-f? for children or fe m-.les. Price(pint Bottles) |1. VI. Dr. McClintock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspepsia, or disordered digestion, may be called the National Disea<se of Ara-nca. Itasynii U>m* tire headache; giddiness; csrvju ness; low spirits; dim aeas of viirion, with mot^s or specks before the eyes; itching of the nostrils; doiln->a of hearing and ring ing in the ears; disagreeable ts"te in tbe mouth; oonjtriction or weight about the chest; difficulty of breaUiing; eense of suffocation in lyiog down, or In ascend!r 7 vtaira; palpiUtious, or uu?a.iy feelitgs about th<* heart; irregular or deflcieut appetite; sense of at the st- niacU aoidity; L^artbnm; pain or ta'Ineea of the abdomoo, and coetiv^-aeee. dome of there symptoms always appear in Dyrpep* da; and somrtimes the same patient has tn?uy of them at ths same time, or at different times. For ?Hacking these Protean symptoms In their s?at and sonroe, via: derauged condition of the digest) vefuno ions, the Dyapeptie Slisircombine^ all the valuable ingredients which the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Tak*a in connection r.itU the Vez. table Purgative Pilla, in Cases where there is au h cr stiveness, or with Uie Anti-Bilious Pill"? whera tbe turetions ol the liver are Irregularly discharged, It will Us found a moat effectual remedy. Prbe (in piutlottie<i.)fl. VII. Dr. McClintock's Rkturm*.it Mix ture. For internal use; a purely vegetable combination <br tUe cure of Rheumatism, 0 >ut, and all Neural gic and Rheumatic Dlaeaaea. This remedy Is offered with the utmost confilenoe. I'. ha* t^en used most extensively, and is as near a 8pe<-iflo for Rheumatic Diseases as the world has eve aeca Price per bot tle 60 cents. VIII. Dr. MiCiintosit 1 RJuumatU Lini ment, An inlkUible outward app'losticn for the relief of all rheumatic 1* neuralgic pa'.i., sprains, swellings, stiff neck, stiffneM of th ? icinti, paina in the shoul lere, back, cr limb'. It affords Immediate r lief from chollc and psina in the Svomach and abdomen. Aa a oonuter irritant, It is invaluab e In all t^ee wh-re an external stimnlant is neod'd. Pilce (per bottle) SO oeata. IX. Dr. JMtCliiUoik'i An'jdy.u Mixture, Or Pain*Ixtrar tor,uf^J Intsmally ac^ extsvnclly, (br the ia. taut reHef tf allpai::?, To-)thachc, flcad aohe, Chol'o, igue in the Face. Chilblains, Neural gia, Stone or (Jrovel, Ao., Ac. No pain need be en dured ? moment by a ij person wno will u*e this invaluable Anc iyie. Pi ice M cents per botttie. J. Dr. McClintock's Fever and Ague SpecijU. Tl'la tea been ft-c^d an inlallible speetflc fr.r this eocurge ol new coor.trio?, and for ir:teimittent fsvers. No traveller or resident In any ague did triot shonU Lul to provide themselves with tliissure preventive Price fl per bottle. Xi. Dr. McClintock's Vegetable Purga tive Pills, For ths relief of Constipation and its palniui re suite, such as Headaclir, Dis&lnees, Sick Stomach, P&iua, and all the symptoms enumcra'ei und*t th? -Dyspeptic Mllxir." Price 24 cants per box. XII. Dr. McClintock's Pills, For Liver Complaints, and all forms of diseases arising from derangement of the liver, aith symp toms such as Diaainsss, Headache, P.i^ging in the ?.yallow furred tongue, pain in the right shoulder. m of fullness or pain in the right side, disordered sense 01 ruunew 01 p*iu >u mo stomach or bowels, defl Meat action of the kidnevs, a-eolored stoois, Ac. ThA?e Pills, if taken in ths pient stages of Bilious and Yellow or other Fevera,si ' 1 generally ward off the attack. Prioe 26 cents jar box. The ah? va Medicines may be procured ot all the principal Druggists and Apothecaries In this D!s triet, and of J. L. Hmaaaw, Agent, Wuhington. MP If Mm. SCHONENBERG, Taaeher of Piano and |Ib|UI|i ?0. S5T rtsxaTtranu uwtVS. BALLS, fltc. FIRST ANNUAL BALL CI TBI MERRY BACHELORS. THE MERRY BACHELORS announce to their numerous frienda that they are still in the bliss ful state of Baclielorho <1, and baing deatrom of coo tributing their share to the joy of mankind, they will on ieavor to do ao at their FIRST BALL to take place at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NAVY YARD, JANUARY US, 1859. On the part of the citizens of Washington. R WaJ'ach, J as Thompson, J as L Barl?our, B F Moraall, J p Peppar, P J Stevens, B Charlton. E E White, VV Harris A B Norton, Thoa Lloyd, Committee on part of the Fifth H'aid Bachelor*' CM. 8 W McN'amee J V Bryan Jaa Martin A C Grenup F Sage J McNamce T Goldsmith, J Coleman, Thoa Dwyer Isaac Beers If Safe G E Durham Committee on part of the citizen* of H'cuhington co., D. C. Jaa Barry, Wm Sanderson, T Bartley. Dan Barry, Committee on prrrt of the citizen* of ^lemndrin, Vn. J A Shinn, W B Brocket?, J A Walters, E A Rvther. Committee on part of the ri/fscMS of Prince fVeorre's co , Mil. J no T Naylor, Jno Mannini.', A C Ben!). FLOOR DIRECTORS. Val Connor, Frank Triay, O Sanderson, Jn? Cram*. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Lemuel Gaddis, Jno Clark, Win Gaddis, Win Hodge, Adam Gaddis, Henry Queen. Thos J Harrison. Ticket*ONE DOLLAR?-ndnrtttin? a gentleman and ladies; to be had or the Executive Committee. No Hat* or Caps allowed iu the room, jan 16?TuThSkd4t* "hoi FOR TR2 SIGHTINGALIS FIRST ANNUAL BALL OP THE flMIE numbers of thin Club take pleasure in aii r^ir an,l 'he public genr rally that their Am Annual Ball win take place at J ?wpenutcc Hall, oi, MONDAY, January tfJtli, Kvery exertion will be made bv the Club to give prSnte0'' l? a" Wh? u,ay l,0"or ti,c'r occasion r'?r C?t'"0" ',a< ,,oc" for the JiieSdis; i"*cn ?" "k <"??? JS ewsr,o"" ""i" "">? ' <?/? l*>U.AIt-to to ha< of ?,v or the irdi *' door on evening of the i?r, , MANAGERS : J A Butler c E Treiler, W l| Fweeny f. M Murphf? X II Hill \t it I Morrice, 7' f, M H '?"rdo"' Committee oh Reception. V w 1!Vllr(',"'r, C E Tretler, A H Hill, W H Sweeny. /?Voor A/ana^'i'). I A Butler, I Morrice, C E Trcllei. jan 15?eo7t* MEDICAL NOTIOR. PROFESSOR THOMS< ?N,, iroin Butlalo, New York. ha* opened an office in Washing ton, D. C., No. 483 Eighth street, for the suppression of quackery and for t|ie allevw ktinii ol htimaii suffering, byot j living to tin- iiuf,irturiate at (dieted with Private Invade,a. sure and ?afe tnwtli-xl of cure founded ou thew>lid basis of science and sound puihnto pny. Having practised in Euro,*, A?j, Aiim nea f.,r nriy :?} years, dunng which nun ?,o made the treatment of syphilis m all iia specie*, sia g?cs, raiiiiticatious, ami phases throughout, a special Ity, he feels confident that lie discovert and nos s.-sse. specific reme.Jie* for the cure of tc<-?e com ? plainU) which are unknown to the faculty, aid that lie has made perfect and perman nt cures of pati?T h? Who l-nd been under the treatment ofnuch ??mineut ' men as Ricord, Actou, I'arker, and a host ol others. 1 he various complicated , n.l distres?in(; dl-casex incident to lemales couhdcnually treated, and with eminent cucceni. office hours from past 8 a m to 12, and from i? to 10 p in. Evening visitors, observe the nigla sign. Office, 4 83 Eighth st , bet. Pa. avenue and D ?t. jan !6? a?? BANK AND HKi.DEN 1 WiHiers A Co.'s purcha??d at the hipbest r?t?a. Unourrcnt Mon?y, Land Warrant?, and Vir-in'a S rrlp bouxht and told. Urate on all the principal citi** gold tc suit rap. "?haner*. * Persona a: adisfane^eeniiDgme Trans Alifghanv nntes or '.and Warrants, may rsly up<^n receiving the beet rat**, and remittance mada by draft ou any city in the Union. HAMILTON O. FANT, Banker, ^tc ? No 43ii P?nna avenue. fPHE GREAT JtJURNEY : A pilgrimage il.rough 1 tii? Valley of Tears, to Mount Zion, by the au thor of the "Words of Jesus" Follow Jesus, by the author of Come to Jesus The Fountain of Living Waters, by Theo. Irving The Dales in Newport, by Leila Lee Flower Kablea,by Louisa M. Albott EasU'ord, or HousehoW Sketches, by W. Brooke The Pictorial Cateclasiu of the M. E. Church Minutes of the Annual Conference of the Methoui?t Episcopal Church for 1CM. <;RAY & BALLANTYNE, Jan ?* 408 Leventh street. SIllLLiNCiTON has received the official Congressional Directory, cotilaii in* a lt?t ot Menibe-s, Committees o: both Honsc-a, Snpr.-me Couu, Residence of Public Officeis and Foreiuu Di plomatie Agents at the seat ol government. Also a list of United States Minivers, Coneulx. &e., resi'd lux m torciKn countries. nJ?ilrJ1"riJi".a7 publication- Chevalier WikofTs urtahip and fti Consequenca is expected to dav lv aiv'r^uTi*- i?r" PuVlisl,ed 'eceived immediate iy aitcrwarils and fnr sale at ... SHILLINOTOV'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4% at. ami Pa. ave. jan 13?u NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lmtiiiana avenue, oppotiU the Bank of Washington MR. THOMAS DKLKANY respeotfuilj invite* oSoftKi Khtpub,ic 10 f>xamiE? or UtKrDB, which h<? ha? rp^ned on Lonsi*nA ?'onBU: !r ?* wD 8vilth anJ iJ*T*nth street*, opposite the B*n!i "t W;isbi!!gton, conMsting of all d??crip. Te*- w^u9i!Biii'i|mp!r^^>'auapowd"r^ *ud nUK,,, I"' *lu,' ar^ Llquore, oi ah iort?. whk?i he can PulMjm Ztl'Th* priC"S fjr e",!l or *PPr0Ted paper. B?fidua a l the u^oeaeAries for Gro-ery Busineas. Ac'1 Tubfi' >Ktche.7S5 *c- ??d ai? for yourtelvea. hot xr?jib Ju UlRECT SHEmiED I u . ot Joaepli R.idgr r.s & Son'* SCI^ORS P n i^^i'p and FOK^> RAZORS, SCISSORS, Pen and Pocket KNIVES, which I a:n prep.ued to oher at wholesale or retail as low as anv house in the United States. y 13 No. la8 Bridge at, Gewgetown. MUSIC FOR BALLS, PAKTIES, kc L. F. W. WEBER R for^nY^' IN,r0nMS HI* FRIRNI^ n,d BALLS PArIir^"* b' ??>tiuue?to attend MMic"'1 ,n ro<luce ",l new aid faihionabl NICHOLAS CAf.T.A v ?aS5K5L0f public * 5413 * "trMt ?trth T^Sst^nuhh.VL'0 ALMANAC for 1855. X Just published and lor aah> at TAYLOR It MAURY'S ^ Book*tort, near 9U> it. EVENING STAR. STOST OF A HOB1IBLX TEAGKDT?IVB DKH OT A HUIBAJVD (Kroin Markensiet (Toronto) 6mmu.J I think it was in tbe year 1839, that a physician, whose name need not be repeated here, tied from below Quebec to \ ertnont, where he was speedily ar rested on a charge of foul and cruel murder, alleged to have been by him committed on a seigniory near the St. Lawrence. lie was accused of having taken the life of an estimable gentleman, a young man and wealthy seignior, the' father of two fine children, at the insti gation of their mother, then under 24 years of age; a woman of refined man ners, good education, remarkable beau ty, and aristocratic family connections. The only question mooted in the Ver mont tribunals was, whether the law of nations, in the absence of a special treaty, authorized Mate authorities to seize persons taking refuse within their territories and deliver them overt? a for eign powtr to be tried fo'rtefe. The re publican courts decided that it did not. The physician was, of course, released, and when Governor Van Ness became Collector of Customs at the port of New \ork, I urged him to relate all the cir cumstances be could recollect, including the law points. The memoranda I still preserve ^ Many year* elapsed- I returned to Canada and to public life, and beiog on business in Quebec, requested persons of advanced years and undoubted veracity, residing in and near the pla<-c where the murder was committed, to narrate the facts just as they occuired Well may we exclaim, " truth is more wonderful than fiction." Mrs. was on a visit to Quebec, whore she inct with Dr. , whom it is said, she had been acquainted with before her marriage ; they agreed that her affectionate h'sband should be poi soned ; a servant woman, who had been long upon the seigniory under its feudal chiefs, was sorely tempted to go down to and administer poison to her master, and she went; stopped at the manor house ; gave him enough of the poison in beer to sicken, but not to kill; relented: returnfd to her mistress at Quebec, and said she could not find it iu her heart to farther injure the seignior ; her conscience would not permit; she could not do it. All this took place during the winter of l?o-. Dr. and the lady were of course displeased with her, and they finally concluded that he must go dowu himself and do their ireadful work ; he accord ingly crossed the St Lawrcuce; travel ing along in his cariole to , where he called upon the seignior, asking him to take a drive with him in the cariole: aud they went to the barn of a farm not far distant, to see some cattle, where the Doctor suddenly struck the seignior on the head with the butt end of hia heavy pistol till he became sen el ess; the mur derer then dragged hiin ba^k t"> the carri ole, laid him in the bottom of it, put the robes on him, and then sat in it with his feet upon his body. From theDce Dr. drove to the beach; intended to bu ry his victim iathe ice; on the way, how ever, the seignior recovered his sense so far as to scream and moan faintly. Some of the habitant met the carriole, and ask ed what the Doctor bad got in his carn age; who replied 41 a pig he had brought and was taking home, and which he kept under his feet to prevent his es cape." At the beach the butchery was com pleted, but the murderer had so mangled the body that the blood ran down from hfe carriole, and left a red track or streak upon the snow, extending for a great dis tance from the spot where the corpse was hid, buried under huge pieces of ice, on the south shore of the great River of Can ada. Terror speedily took hold of the strong man?he felt the whole guilt of his dread ful position, and putting his horse to its full speed, reached Point Levi at two o'clock the next moniiug, where he stopped at a poor man s house, and asked the wife to let him lay down and rest ou a bed, but not to touch his sleigh and lobes, as he had just come from a medical operation, the blood from which had been spilt on the furs. He thus rest ed until four, and then rose and made his way to Vermont, it having been ar ranged between him and the wife of the innocent and very estimable gentleman he had slain, that she was soon to follow him to a place agreed on. She, however, wrote him first, and he replied that he never wished to see or hear from her again ; and I believe. he i.ever did.? Whether he yet lives 1 have not ascer tained. Ilis brother belonged to the church, and was at that time a teacher of youth, cheerful, pious acd well be loved. From the of that flight he never again held up hiHiead among men but speedily drooped and died of a broken heart. There was a great excitement in those days, at .Qucbec ; the young seignior's body was, of course, soon found, being readily traced by the train of blood upon the beach and road ; the worthy gentle man had been at onee missed and very diligently searched for. 's looks had actually filled h*r with such extreme terror that she did i lot even dare to wake up her husband, but' allowed the stran ger to rest as he had desired, too much afraid to venture to propound any lead ing questions. The servant woLtan, on her return from , knowing of the foul murder that had takeu place, told in Quebec to many persons who it -was that had tent her down, and for what purpose she had been sent. A public trial was soon to have taken place, but che, being the main witness was at once ^fot rid of; certain soldiers were hired to entice her to a house of public enter tainment, where a not war purposely got up, and it was coutnytd that she wip bey en to death TflE WREKLT STAlt. 1 M* u*a??ci r*a)lf Mi MiJiwui ????.? '*? ? put.1 ?u1mt 1 ?*%nmTii+ ii??m ba toad la Mk? to p?bha?o4 M MUHl*. '^WT,pm Tw ?- ... ... IN ^.... ? ? ? . 11i?is ''I Cms, umiuKT i* *?va?e? 99~ ***? cofkm (la ru ba mmrj ? the eouater, tmwin^f f*y aftri tbe ui <h. Prrt-rilH rnm. Poanu.?T*?* mt\u an 4> *?ik(i win Ik ii??t ? ??ttmm <)( iwraiy |? r ccai. in iha quarrel. Whether the two infants * ere then at , or sojourning up at Quebec with their barbarous mother I am not informed. The newspapers of Canada and the United States were at oae tlme fitted with the details of this horrible story, and it was publicly Raid the connexions of the seignioress did not .lr* *"/ trial- 1 presume they did not. ahe soon maimed again. it still alive, and asked leave, not long sinoe to return to the manor house of her youth, but wss plainly told by then Hirers that if she ventiired to do so, the inhabitants would assemble and stone her out of the 411 ^ ^?miiu *, ' ^us ^"barouslv murdered ifad' bThi."t*-0tL,0,n*' *eU?,: we'i liked by his neighbors; esteemed as a good man and generous proprietor; and was very weal thy. II. dolled oil h" s cruel and treacherous bride: he actually idolized her. Some even affirm that she ^taofcid to Dr. before marry ing thanch Canadian gentleman, whom bhe wedded for his weafcht to please her parents. Even is affirmed, she is a fine looking woman; but smgularlv courageous and deep in love must that man must have been who ventured upon such a partner for life's long joom*y. Several carious incidents are related at Quebec as to evidence taken and evidence not taken, and the way this foul deed wss finally hushed up. bm I shall not burden this brief narrative with them. Much do we hear of nobility of soul and eleva tion of sentiment: but fVom the davs in T jCj ,ing ,d on,cred the man ha hot of battle in order that he be there butchered, down to the terrible St J^wrence tragedy of 1K>9, human na ture has ever been ungovernable and treacherous -religion in some times has stayed its cruelties?but all history proves that ?? the heari of mau is deceit ful ?" thing*, and desperately W lvlvCU ? STARTLING iXPOSUBJi OF M0RM0*?I6M -r ,/ , , Cn,f AG?' J*n?*ry 1G. 1855. lo Ik* L Utor of th* li?sto? I)ai/y Time?: Allow me to trouble you with these few lines, which I wish you to insert in yoar I>aily Times. My object is this : I have been for the last ten vcars a firm ?>eliever in the doctrine of the Latter Day faints, or rather Monnonism. My pa rents became followers of the celebrated Joe Smith in an early day, and emigrated to Jsauvoo. After tlie death of Smith and his brother, we wire driven from thence. 1 he society split. There were two who wished to take their leader's place, and stand at the head of the church, but could not agree. Therefore they separated. Colonel White and his followers, that is, such as believed jn him, went to lexas. and are living in peace and pros perity. Colonel White is a worthy man com[?ared with our g?-cat, or rather noto rious, Brigham Young, notwithstanding he has been for the last three years my lawful husband, that is, according to their own laws and rules. But for the last twelve months, 1 have seen enough to satisfy me: for what I don't know about Monnonism is not worth knowing. They have secret plot* and objects that they mean to accomplish. Thev censure the government for not protecting them in all their hellish works. For all this they mean to have satisfaction. My object in writing this is to warn my female friends to be ware of the false prophets who are daily sent out from the <xreat Salt Lake City to deceive the peo ple. It is my intention to travel through the United States, and visit all the prin cipal citics, and lecture on this great and important subject, to caution all young people who should be so unfortunate as to be ltd into the ungodly trap. Be ware ! In Boston, I shall deliver my first lec ture, as that is my native city. I have ?nn;K0U!!? Udy inc?mpany, who also left the Mormons with me. She has re nounced the doctrines, and will help me in my lectures. We shall both be present, and show Mormouism in its true colors, which you never have had in your enlightened State. Had it been repre sented in its true light, and its object told, there would not have been a follow, er left sweet New England to join such a set of impostcrs, for I can call them nothing else, knowing them to be such. If there should be any elders or follow ers of Mormouism, 1 hope they will come to the lectures, and dispute what we thcjr c"' W* and shall fetch documents to prove our as sertionP> ?rWe sha11 ** thfre in a lew weeks. We are at present staying with In ends, and as soon as we are retreshed from the journey, we shall start for Bos 'c !8 two m?mhs since we left the Salt Lake City. you shall hear from me again, with more particulars. But no more at present from your hum ble servants, Mfcs. Saiuji Youkg, Miss Eliza Williams. (The above comes to us from a respon sible source. The ladies mentioned have been the victims of Moimonism, and are prepared to expose the mysteries of the creed in a light which will doubtless startle the entire community. Prepare for wonderful revelations.?Ed. Boil on Tunes.) Wiui ihi Litter ??The qaestion it answered by a poet thus happily: W'lwi >a a lettcii L*l affrcuon tell !_ A lon-ut thai ?|ieak* lor ihoac w-Lu .iL-hh j.,ji A adejj, |??fllMC uuere^e ? ? V would iu vain dtn\ ? \ nrrt I" !>"d.t> hfr ' C'T pmn. " * A nrrrt ol fprlm* Mrp|? h M f rom beart lo In art F?nn* ?o em**x \,kr aH clTwn ? S* 22?? of I he brain ? ThJ S / *l ?nC*- lhrou?h ???">*r,i h?||. ,ttrub ?? by a drop ol ink. ID^ Boy, you seem to be quite smart, altogether too smart for this school. Can you tell me bow many six black beans *re ?' -Yes, sir, half a <Uen- * ?'Well?how many are ha If sdosen wthte beans?' 'Six,' 'Tremendous smart boy! Now tell me how many white beans there are in six black ones?' Half* dosen,^ you ihnm.1

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