Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A -?HINGTON PIT Y : THURlDAI AVTSEHOOH January 25 gpIBIT OF TH1 MOB.11HO PRESS The Union's leader is devoted to Know Notbingism, to ehoir that the order nut be standing in Virginia en positions directly the revere* of thoee on which it steads in Mas* sachusetts. The seme journal, making the late anti-Know Nothing charge of Judge Jamee M. Potter, of Pennsylvania, its text, urges that the Jury-box be protected from the influence of secret associations. The InttUigtnctr annoanoes that the Sen ate's jadiciary committee reported back the distriot juliciary reform bill yesterday, (after we went to pre?.J saying : ??The Judiciary Committee of the Senate, through Mr. Touoey, yesterday reported back, with amendments, the bill 44 to re-organise th? courts in the District of Columbia and to reform and improve the laws thereof " The amendments ere important. The first one strike* oat the first section, which proposed to repeal so mnch of formsr acts as oreated the circuit court, the district oourt, the orphans' oourt and the criminal eourt. The section establishing a court of common pleas is re tained, but the court is to be held by the junior associate justice of the circuit court, ihe court ot equity is to ba held by tbe senior associate justice of the court. The section e? tablishin? e court of ap;>eals is retained, with an unimportant amendment. The 18th section, providing for the appointment of new jadges for the term of ten years, and limiting tbe office to persons above sixty years of age, is pro posed to bo stricken out, thereby leaving tbe present jadges in office and not the tenure. The 10th section, so far as it provides for the preparation of a code of laws fur this Distriot, is retained, but the clause requiring the oode to be submitted to tbe paople is pro posed to be stricken out. Thus it will ba seen that the Judiciary Committee of the Senate are not disposed to legislate the present judges out of office " "ilAuilt, T0K M-iRTVK, OR PASSIOS AID Rbauty," a tale a the North and South, is the tit e of a new romance by Mrs. Msrion II. Stevens, sent us by Franck Taylor. We have examined this work, and find it eqaal to aty of the productions of the really talented au thoress The plot i? good, the style terse, ar.d the largasge strong It is jast such a book as to enchain the reader ?o that it wl'l not be laid down until finished. PBBMmi,, .... A letter fr.m Dr. Etgelow. Minister 2i^V.*^,DgJb7sicitr 1 p""s, De.j 31, aays. Jad,<e Mason has an effuiion in o left sV/e u Ih* P?ra,y?i- of th* lex. si Je arm, and Jag has baea complete It ?nowi ghtly leas. Thehemorra*. feeder to have ?;een considerable. and the attack em inenU, renoas lie i. now in a very .a"f?. * entertain many hopes. ....The non. Henry W. UiHiard is an Inofrt a'lV ind8P*n'Jent candidate for Gov ernor ot Alabama in the oolomas of the Al3 iJdiJofM^HlPi10!8 i8ud0D' mth the .euge ot Mr tf 1 fli%rd. who ?ili rerv scon ?md. tSZnl pt?iTiL/his vie*8 on th# ?*? jeots now at l-sue 1C referent to State policy" .... A Washington letter wri er aays: Col lien ton :s in a spnsxn on account of the almoet certain defeat of bis favorite reject 7 r a railroad to the Paoific On uis subisct ha wsa to-day heard to remark "The {??$! MtHurt ?Sir> U defanct tfru|o d'fuHgor ? to ?et rid of, > yes, sir, defunct, in 'he abstract' Congreas has killed it, sir-killed it ! ThJ. are the most Btult;fled body in tbe world sir rir m? Il f*"'r * fojI' a" of them rrru ^ solitary and alone, air' lllJ* them sir, I woJid ffrnJ. ,r tb* roli' of tb* House (from erpH%&, out)-yes, sir ere'J mother's son of fberf^ir!" J .... It is *aid that Mayor Wood, of New ;^r^eipt of sundry Rnonymoas let ters, threatening personal violence, if he Per sist in carrying certain measures sjraimt the gambling houses and place, of prfstitudon d?rml ?* i*"* *att?r b*Te ar'?*dy been in "d l01n* others are marked out d? ?ot deter? man nice a?x. Hood from doing his duty. .... The K. N. Sute Convention Las been called to meet again at Manchester. N. H to nominate a candidate tor governor in plaoe of *r- Moore, who is found ineligible. .... Allison Nelson has been chosen mayor cLd?""' Gk"'"' nm K?<* .... Daniel Tracy, brother of the represea "j "? ?""<> .... Th. Libr.rj AkocUUoo of .bI.i.,i/t|b*Sn,irT.Dl,.d Tb"?"H Ben too -'Iver 1'itcher and Fairer Se^LVh*U ^r^wledgiaeat of their obliga , reC*Lt ldCtur? before them pres^erity " mi>aif*st9d in *?** .... Mark W. iaard. the new Governor of l. twice b**n P-esidcnt cf the ^ikan^as fcenate and once Speaker of the Douee of Kepreaentatives of that State where be ha* resided for twen'v-four veara ' H. <? ....i,.ofK?,.cky, he?ght*n * pivIieer> b*in? ov*r "5* feet in .... Ex Governor Bigler, of Pennsylvania, is in tlis City .toppirg at WUlard's Uo^el Ue looks remarkably well ut ....lion Henry K Oliver, formerly adju Unt general of Massachusetts, in a wriit'n article sustains the current opinion that the of the Irish eompanie" wnt con trary to constitution and law .... The Washington correspondent of the Nsw \ ork Post, says: -r ., !;? d*PT'lntJ rec,l7ed b/ 'he la<t s:eam tLe ^iate Department represent Mr Ma son,.our Minister to France, to be in a critical condition from his recent paralytic stroke j.nd leave but lutle'ground far the hope that he may resume his duties The circumltancis Treceding the occurrence are, that he went to the Lmperor s levee on the 2ttth of December and though considerably fatigued by the fes tivities of the day, took part in a whist party in the ?venitg. by which he was engaged till two o clock in the morning. On retiring he was suddenly disabled by tie paraly^hioh now threatens bu life. In this connection, I may mention the painful intelligence which arrived alao by the last steamer, that Mr John A I'll, ot New iork, wbo was exnccted \L**\ d hJ ^;U0D'ia time detalred in Rome, .there his son,a *rad ua;e s< me years since of Columbia College is snflenng fiom pulmonary consumption, from which, it is feared, he cannot recover ' J* lea/n tb4t Mr. J. Bryca, formerly editor of the New \ ork Sun, ia now in this gty making ..-tire efforts amongst the Know No'.hing members of the Home to secure their votes for the office of Clerk ot the House He X"b? MreafftjlT1. b^ M.r Kell7. ^ho is elected to serve in the next Congress. .... It is said that the Gran J Council of Vii Oi?m wb?. it ?aid, met in Alexandria ca iharsday night last, nomin ?*?*???* tb??' Preferenee for Hon. James r. Strother as the candidate of the or der for Governor of the Old Dominion Mr. . trother, upon being questioned as to the oor reetnes* ot the report, replied -Idon t know." ?... Mr Kankin, a member of the Canadian biU off#reJ to the British govern of 1000 riflemen for service in the Crimea. .... An Amerioan tenor singer, named hlVS in ? receot nu,B The Return of the U. 8. Brig Bainbridge to the United Stater-The return of this tn rol to New York, from her station on the oomc of Brail], wo presume to hoTe been at this time wholly unexpected bj the Oorerament ?WO. Ramora not long since reached as of a disagreement between the Commodore of tbo Braail ooaat squadron and the gallant com mander of the Bainbridge, Lieut Charlea Q. (Alvarado) Hunter, owing to the refusal of the former to ordar the Bainbridge to Paraguay, where American citixers and their interests W?-e represented to bo in great trouble, owin* to political difficulties occurring there "We ore inclined to think that when the whole matter cornea out, it will bo found that the Bainbridgea commander teok the responsibil. ity of cutting his cruise ahort and returning to report himself directly to the Department, without awaiting orders from the Commodore of the squadron to that effect. We are not as jot in possession of all the information on the subject, which wo desire to obtain before com menting at length on it. Spoliation ?IV o shall await the action of the House upon the spoliation bill with no little ouriosity. The Democratic party, it will be remembered, are interminable preaoh j ere, before the people, of retrenchment, re form, economy. Ae., never tailing to make tba charge that their opponents are the party of extravagance, looseness, and want of due care in appropriating the money of the tax.payors fhe present Congreea, so largely Democratic, came into being on their professions of a de termination to reform the many existing ?base* in the U3e of the public money. Yet, so far, the majority aeoin to be bent on gettirg rid cf tho surplus in the Treasury, by hook or by crook, as it were Money seems to burn their pockets notwithstanding the vchemence of their original protesta'i-.ns to the oontrary. It can h?rily bs that there is a member so ignorant as net to know that the whole tribe of leocbes, against whom they are ao much in the hibit &f inveighing in the Hall, are rest ing all their prospects of turning the tax col lecting power of the Government into a rcve nue-producing machine for their benefit, upon precedent which it is desired that Cjngrc3? should set by the enacimcnt of this Erst of the series of spoliations of the treasury, now be ing so vehemently urged. In all quarters of Waahington, thoso who are notorious for get ting up and being otherwise connected with getting through appropriations of c,ue?tionable propriety, are speculating already, in the chancea for various schemes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, the en otment of all which is to hang on the precedents the House is expected to set perhaps this after noun. The Smithsonian Institution.?We made sta'ements, on the day before yesterday, with referene tc the management of tho Smith sonian institution which we have sinoe be come satisfied are wrong, and therefore hasten to correct them, lu the first place, wo said that the advertisements of their lectures had been withdrawn from the St tr, on the etrongtb of .ailing to see them a* heretofore in our col umns ?jn inquiry of the proper person in our eftco, we find tha' they were left out of the Star owing to a mistake of one of our em ployeei, and not to an order from the mar.a gora of the Institution We are also aa.a-ed by the party in the Institution who buscLargp of the periodicals taken there that our infor mation that the publications received by them which had opposed the present management had been discontinue;!, is g-ievously wrong, no such event having transpired; and, further, the number of the CkrUian Extmin'r, cat of whi;h the article of thirty pages cgainst the present conduct of the Invitation was cut got upas their periodical table by mistake, it being an extra copy, which was cut to enable him to fll? the article in question in a acrap hook in which all articles on the subject a<e prcserved the regular number of the periodical in ques Hon being in its pro; or place, umnutilatcd In the mat'er of the lecture of Mrs. Willard, we are told that she delivered an address in the nstitution s hall at the request of the Fo male Teache,,,' Society of Washington, and not tt that of the Regents or their secretary. Who hid merely granted to that association the privilege of uJrg the Institution's hall Ail those facts put a very different face in deed, upon the thing* of which we wrote a day or two since Our olject being but to se cure justice in tba solution of the pending cor.tijvertj about the management of tLe In svitu'.ion, we very cheerfully tbua oorrcet the orroi.? into which we were betrayed. I he ?oubwal of Patents -The petition of the Legislature of New York against the ro newal of the McCormick A Hussey reaping machine patents and all others, has not, we thmk, damaged the prospect for favorable'ac tion by Cong read on the prayers of all patentees. We know nr,thing of the merits of their claims to the favorable consideration of the National Legislature, and, therwforo, have nothing to tay with reference to these particular cases liit we do know that a huge gang of specu l^ors in patent rights have their head and front in Washington during the sessions of CVrgrets, and arc ??t the bottom of all the State legislation against the extension of patents which is laid before Congress, as though embracing views of parties entitled to respwjt, bcc-iuse they are expressed only after investigation, and simply to subserve the pub intertat only. Champagne and oysters procure such legislation; and accordingly me morials, auch a* that to which we refer above, are not worth the paper on which they are written Now, it is well known that, ?? a gen eral thing, we have been opposed to the ex tension of patents by Congress-certainly Tn every case where we have seen what we be lieve to be improper means nsod to procure such legislation Yet, not believing that all such applications are of one and the same character, we eincerely regret to see tbo Leg. islature of a great State cast themselves head long into the toils of gangs of speculators to the great injury of those who ask the renewal of patents which should be granted It is very certain that inventors rarely themselves reap the reward of their labors during the first term for which their patents are granted, being obliged to part with ?hat wonld other wise be their profits, in efiorts to bring their Inventions into general use. Frequently their nominal emoluments from the extensions granted by the Patent Office go in the same way, leaving them wholly at tho mercy of Congress for a further extension, out of which they m*y reap some substantial profil fr?m their very long and trying labors The case of the patent for making felt cloth, extended ar the last session of Congrers, was a striking illustration of wbaHre mean Hi# proof vti i 11 i ???? ? * olear thai the parties had benefited society, and bed not reaped heavy gains from the ben efits they had oonferred on the oommunity, and it was bnt just in Congress to give them the opportunity of obtaining something sub stantial from their labors. We do not remem ber who those parties were, yet it gratified us exceedingly to see them so liberally and justly dealt by. Similar cases will always be arising, and while we shall do our best to aid Congre? in avoiding those whioh should not be sab jects for their favorable action, we trust thai we may always be able r> to discriminate, as that we will do nd injustice to those whc present oases for the action of the National Legislature, whioh really deserve their favor able action. Foreign Police.?Under this head the New York tixpress says: " The Herald is magnifying some private letters of A. Dudly Mann (written in 1853, whioh without any sort of remorse, though ev i lently stolen, it ushers before the world.] into the ohart of foreign programme of the Ad ministration ! The letters m-iy or may not be genuine, {fur thieves would forge, if neces sary,)? bat if genuine, they are but the senti ments of a private individual, before he be came Assistant Secretary of State, and are te more the administration chart than the like sentiments of any other like man, at a like time. The substance of the letters is, Mr Mann's desire to figure in lierne, (Switser. land,) as the fearer of his ratified (Swi?si trea ty,?his belief that Louis Napoieoa was desir ous of picking a quarrel with the United States, and his urging, therefore, Congress to put ten milli-ms at the dipo??l of the Pieiident to be ready for any thing li i* iJso advised, that our miuisera abroad abandon the court dreci and wear black coats \vi*.h eagles buttons on them, Ac. Because the ten million* wceirkeii for, and the court dress forbidden, ths Herald reasons, Mr. Main ii in ths foreign part ol our administration! Mr Maan has doubtless, learnt a good deal more in the Sta*e Depart ment than he knew before tie wont there, and, if he wrote the letters, has. in soire repeats, become a changed man.'' The liin this article, go*s to shoe the folly of essaying to hold tbe President and Secretary of State answerable for ths private views of any gentleman, it matten not what may be the position to which b? may have afterwards been advanced. We have nothing to add, either in expoeun of the Herald's mendacity in this case, or bj way of illustrating the extreme idleness o! its effort thus to make capital against tbe ad ministration. This fish story, all about Mr. Mann's being the originator of the Administration's foreign policy is, by the by, worthy ol the sr,uroi from which it emanate*, and of that journal alone. It will be remembered that evei since Bennett was refused the French mission, the editorial columns of the II6 r at J h*v? been devoted to tho work ci 'iitrf?rtieniitim the acts of tho AdiuicisUa ion Not a day has since passed without the appearance it ?hat paper of s-iue delibcr&:ely concocted f-ilsehood agaiirt t'.* Administration, and it is also known that its stories, one and all, have beei, proved to have been in mutactured out of whole cloth In the last year and a half the iitrafd bas earned ths reputation ol bdDgable to tell more auJ more monstrouc falsehoods in one week, than any other 'fast" journal was ever able to tell in a twelve month. Such, and puoh only, has been the reputation m:ule by tbe New ^ork Htrald in that time Tho Sasswood Pap^r.?We have bofore ns a specimen of printing paper frtm bass wood sbavi-gs planed hy beardtlee's m-ushlne, tho patent right of which for the District of Colum bia, id in the hands of our enter; rising fellow citizen-. Messrs Fitzharh <fc A. Coyle, Jr The specimen is fully equalTo any cthar printing paper wo ever saw, and the stock appears to be tougher than almo t any otder The only question now to be solved is how much does it cost to get up such a material ? We stated a day or two since that Mr. "oardlec say? hs ean make it for half the co t of paper made from rag*. Since, we have been informed by an extorsive manufacturer ol paper from rags, that this i? a mistake, Mr. D. not having yet succeeded in cheapening the article. We await the solution of this problem with great anxisty, inasmuch as we are perhaps more heavily interested in it than any others in the Union, south of iJaltimore. Capt. Gibson.?This gentleman favors us with the following letter concerning bis case To the Editors of the, Star ; Gentlemen? In rclati >n to the letter which appeared in your paper of yesterday, purporting to havo been wriiteu by me to a certain Excellency, I have to remark that I am now in communica tion with the Government in referenoe to that paper and other matters in connection with its recent tranrmission to Congress, which will shortly be before the public, and present an entirely different aspect of the afi'air Very respectfully, Walter M Gibson. Washington, Jan 24, 1*'?5 I he hlarine Hospitals and Custom Houses The proposals for building the marine hospital at Vicksburg have bceu received at tbe Trea.*. ury Department. The contract will be declared in a few days, and the work will becommenced as soon as the season will permit, 'lhe bids for the building of the Ri^haond custom huuee, the Portland custom-house and marine hos pital have been called for, and tie or<iitract8 for their construction are expeoted tu be de clared off soon enough to permit the work on all of them to be vigorously pushed next sea son. The Bill before the Home ?We are inclined to believe, from what we heard in the House to-day, that the final question on the French spoliations bill will not be takea before Satur. day next, if not Monday next. Ths Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 24th of Jan , there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $jS2 0< For paying Treasury debts 2,4Wt) 03 For the Customs ?''' For the War Department 1,H37 30 For repaying in the War Depart ment ...? . 1 ,S-v7 FortaeNavy Department 32,117 8i| For tie Interior Department.?*.. 57,609 37 CONGBKNhlO.liL. In the Senate, yesterday, alter we weut to press, Mr Daws n, from the Committee for the District of Columbia, to whom was referred the bill from tho iiooseof Representa ives au thoriziug the corporate authorities of George town to impose additional taxes, and for other purposes, reported it with an amendment, and recommended its passage. Mr. D , from the same committee, reported a bill in relation to the Alexandria and Wash ington Railroad Company, authorising the es tablishment of a steam-ferry across tbe Poto mac river opposite tho city of Washington ; whieh was read, and passed to a second read ing. Mr. I), asked for its immediate consid eration ; which was agreed to. Mr Douglas suggested' that an amendment be made to the bill prohibiting iherailroal company from crossing the streets of W shing ton on a level. Mr. D*w?oa Mid that His bill bad co thing to do with that matter; it merely authorised tbe establishment of a steam-ferry, since tba oonpany had baen denied tha privilege cf crossing tha L^ng Bridge. Oa motion by Mr. Stuart, tha further con ai deration of tha bill was postponed no til tc morrow. Mr Toucey, from tha committee on tha ju diciary, to whom was referred the bill from tha Hoaaa of Representatives in relation to tha reorganisation of tha ooarta of the Diatrict of Columbia, reported tha aame with oertain an endmenta. Mr. Brown, fro n the Committaa on tha Dis triot of Columbia, to whom was rafe red tha bill from tha House of Representatives grant* trg oertain additional powera to tha corpora tion of Washington. raportad It back with aa amendment Mr B , from tha aame oommittaa, submitted an adrerse report on tha patition of tha widow of Daniel McNarama. After other reports were made and disposed of, the army appropriation bill waa taken up, and wai discussed, on amendments, by Maaara. Shields, Kuak, Johnson, Hunter, Caa*, Jonea, and Badger, uttil they adjoarned, without disposing of the bill. In tha House. (in Committee of tha Whole on the state of the Union,) at the ooncluaion of tha apeeoh of Mr. Benton against tha French Spoliation bill, Mr. Disney addressed the com mittee in favor of the said bill. Mr. Chamberlain addressed tha oommittaa againat interference on the part of this Gov ernment in the ourrcnt European war. Mr Orr moved to amend tha bill by striking out its first seotion. The committee then rose, and tba Uause shortly afterwards adjourned. Pr*ci-eding* of T?-Day. Ia the Senate, to-day, after sundry depar tmental communications were read and refer red, Messrs James Allen Seward, Foot, and Stuart reported private billa, which having been committed? : Mr Cbaae introduced a bill to improve tba Ohio river; referred. Mr. Cooper introduced bis ioint resolution to prevent pAuper and criminal emigration to the United States, of which he had given pre ' viou? notico, and addressed the Senate at length in its favor, not having concluded when we went to press. In the Houss, to-lay, after sundry depart i mental estimates wore laid before the H?u*e , by tha Speaker, and appropriately referred, and a few reports were made and committed, ' they went into committee, (Mr. Seymour in the chair,) and taking np tho French spolia I tions bill again, Mr. Orr addressed the com r mittes at lecgih againet this measure r Later from Texas We have received the New Orleans Delta of the 17th inrt^nt, wfcieh says : By the arrival this morning, of the s'eim 1 ship Mexico, we have Galveston date] to tha ? 14th. [ llravy rains have ftllen ifl the interior, aud . the iuaila a e very irregular. The Prairie Blade has the name ol Jutnos i 11. tUyim.nd at the hoad of its columns, iu a ? oandida'e for Governor. P The Texas Hangers hare all been mustered into tho service of the United States The companies commanded by Captains Walkers, 1 Henry and TraTis, have been sent to Fort [ Clarke. Those coniminded by Captain Boggs, , Piishugh an I Rodgers have been Bent to Fort Chadburne * For tha { ast six or seven weeks, says tha Nueces Valley, the waters of Corpus Christi, Nueoes, Arausis. Copano, and other bays be p. tween this and Matagorda, have been so low ' as almost entirely to cut off communica'ion 1 with the New Orleans ?nd Saluria mail steamers This his proved rather a serious inconvenience to our citizens The San Antonio Ledger has been compelWd 1 to suspend publication Tor a short time, for the want of paper. it baa been understood that Col. Yo k.w. < f liuntsville. has been engaged for some years on a history of Texas, the first volums of which is said to be in press now. A Coot. Fii.ut.?A grand royal mainer co.k fight came ofi in New York on Mondoy even. i'ig, in the presence of about five hundred of ?? tie faLcy," for $500 a side. Nearly ell the principal fighting met in the city were It is ? iid that there were also several police officers in the crowd. The tickets cf admission wete $1 each Twenty nine cocks were put up by the Troy party backed up by Morrissev, who won from $3 00) to $5,003. An equal number of birds were i u" up bv their opponents from Brooklyn, ba:ked by McNulty. These pro fessional ?'entleiuen were engaged from 9 P M , .Monday, to 7 A M., Thursday morning, in their favorite pastime, betting and swearing, drinkin/ andc mmeating upon the chances of their favorite bird). The cocks had long steel spurs attached to their betU, and nineteen of themjwere killed outright by "gaffing'' alone An English fi^ht man presided over the game, und there were two judges and four refereos. Large .sums of money were lost aad won on the results of the fighting The Troy party were entirely successful, whereupon their Brooklyn brethren bewailed and cursed their luck. Uf,?. Wn-soif, or Massachusetts.?The New York Tnbtint, in noticing the result of the vote in the Massachusetts Hou-e of Dele gates for U. S Senator, says: " We did not expect ever to rejoioe over the election of a Know Nothing, but as on that head, it was Hobson's choice this time, we >lo rejoice that the Senator elect from Mascachu setts is one who?as the hatred aud ineffective malice of slave catching llunkerism assures us?will never be found unfaithful to tho cause of human freedom " The N. Y. Evening Post, another abolition print, says : " I- Gon. Wilson should receive, as is now probable, the oommission of United States Senator, we have no fear of bis proving un sound on the slavery question, under w bat cver circumstances it may arise in Congress ' Manassa Gap Railroad?This road is now under contract the whole distance from Stras burg to Harrisonburg. Rockingham, we learn from the Register, has generously oontributed $200 000 to tbe improvement. The following gentlemen have obtained contracta on the Ma nama Gap Railroad between Woodstock and Harrisonburg: Messrs. Gallaher. McElroy, and Steers, from Woodstock to Timberville; Messrs. Sbands and Morrisy, seven sections, and Mr. O'Neale two sections, in Rockingham. The contractors are gentlemen of experienoe and energy. LlTA manufacturing firm in Boston has just completed a quantity of machinery for the Cuban government, to be used in a school for practical engineers and machinists Cuban planters are now dependent on the I'nittd States for tbe 1 ibor of this class of artisans nrin the Massachusetts House of Repie tentative*, on Monday lust, it was moved that the Judiciary Committee inquire into the ex pediency of requiring all Roman Catholics, on being naturalised, to renounce all al!e* giunce to tbe Pope of Rome, as a temporal Prince. k fcy Nobody would suppose, on a first thought, that more money is annually expended in the United States for oigars than for all theoom mon 'cbools in the Union ; and yet it is found to be a faot. I"? Tbe Wilmington (N. C) Journal denies that the result of the recent election in that city was in any respeot a Know Nothing vic tory, as has been claimed throughout the country. rw tie Illinois Senate has passed resolu tions instructing the membtTS oi Congress ago in: t a change of the naturalisation laws. BP" In 1854, 24.450 Belgian emigrants left Antwerp for the United States; "they came to our shores on board ninety-five ships QfThe charter election at Wheeling. Ya , earn* off on Monday laat, at which the whola K. N. tbket *ii triumphantly elected bj haodi aie majorities. loetal ? announce ??their friends and the public fenera'ly that tbey will c,ve a Grand Fane* Drew Ball on February 19.h, at the Washw.r a Aaaembly Room- ' " For further particulars see future a lv? M<~-ineni J B. WALLING. Pr. H. 8. LITCHFIELD, Secretary Jan 85- lt? fMt Grand Ca llioa ' art* ?kS Of tba Tcrpalrhart Cisb - r * members of tiie Terpsichore Club mmt re-p.-etiuil\ announce to their numerous friends that they wiU ftve their first Grand C -ulbm Party at Columbia Hall. C.piioT niTI, on MOXD \YEVfVrVG. F- h-u ary^w.. 1955. ? )tn ^ ir LECTCRk .-*. C. FARRELI.Y, E?j., S-* Wl" deliver a lecture at Columbia Hall, Caiii M Hill, on THL'B^DAY EVLNINC, the35th Inst., at e o'clock. Subject: "George Washington and hit Cotempo tanee.,? The pubi c ?rp nviu-il to attend. Lecture free. ian 34?-A M-?*op?ltta? Btachaatca* In _k < a ttute Lttln ti The litlh Lecture of Prut E^pev will ke dclir. red Mta<- Institute Rooius, o?vr<U.u<l T. Pir^i'i Store, I*, avenue, oa FRIDAY EVFVING uext. 17th instant, m o'clock. Sublet: 4,Ti.? Momoon an.: van. u, other Phe ll'MU-Bh." Thr public &i? respectfully ia\iai Lecture Ire.-. '*11 P M PBAHSMW. K. , . See. tan 24-0, 1 h? V*tb* A nuual Ball of IDs J-i* <**- ??t? Waihlunou t |ub wiU *? giv.n at Forrest Hal', Gecrg?;o*ii, Y. j .,.u\ 1.'. h. | 1P Th?* id. mb'ra ot th? Club pleig.- tlfu. n at a* ?*??? *? eapeuee will be spar :.| n -,W- u OI tJiC lifhl P.talU lif the lit'Sioil. f?r gt&u*culara see future adveru- mwiit. jan vl -6t HA1K CJ.OTlf. * Jusf received a heavy su(.H> .?t Hair ftearui.< or every width, which we offer at reduced rate* Also, enam lie I an.! p'ain figured <"anva-*.an ?i cellent an I durable sul?utuie for Seatirc, at ori ?.s uncommonly low. V -?a? n KF'VAVa * THOMPSON, 3?6 Pa- ?*'??"?, hetw. 9th and 10rh sti ia>l ?3t (Int'l SiOrgan; HKIFPOR'S AM?T~RAZORgr^;fl ChristV, L>'co?tre. and Wade & Butcher's ra zorjust received and for sale at low price*. Alao, an extensive Rsrortmeri ?.t Pocket and Ta ble t'uttcrv. KI.VANS h TKOMPSON', Vo. 396 Pa. .ave., Iiet. Ojj, >nt| ,0|^ jan Jo?3: (Iut?-l3iOnra:i) ^pokri, ?rrln|ta * A xlea ?A complete ?to k ? l' Coach Trina muigs nut; JILickmii tli'n t;ood? tor |,v v ?<?? ? EL VAN'S Si THOMPSON', ,N? Ph. ave., between 9ili and iDtli au. jan ~io - 3t (IntelSii >rgan) COT If AILS. 7 \Vrou?ln and Ilorae N'aiU.?Builder's Hard ware. Carpcnt< r'o Goods, kc., at 396 Pennsylvania avenue, ELVWS k THOMPSON', ^ between 9tb and 10th st-. jau ii-3l (Intel St( >rean) Gentlemen are You Ready* FOP. rxfox If ALL SHOOTING GALLERY BILLIARD SAI.IM>\ 4. BESTACRAVT, C ttrert, bHirem W/i and tlh .f>. nr* of** quality, ma.le to o.-,|er by J. E. lAdiK. Pkula !?*!j>fi:n. The Billiard Room is furnished with .?T the mo*? approved M>ie. ?.y \y. j. siia.p. y. In the Restaurant gentlemen will he sap plied at the s.Ktrtest notice t\ith ^unerior ??YSTEKS G %ME ?ind a'l other delicacies ot th" reason jan 25 lfrW,LLSOV & 11 VYU"V??>- ^,'r . national theatre * Be-opening of thii Ilegint Egtablighment THE ROUSSET BlSTi R8 Are |tapp> i<? inform the cit zena oi 'Vt hiniina that they have taKen the National Theatre f.-r a short eeaaon. and will re-open on 8ATril!>AY KVESrilfO, Jan'y 17, On which occttiion will be performed the Grand Pal let of (JISELLE; Or, tok daxcikq willies. Ill wt.fMi M'llea Caroline. Theresin*. AdHaiJe. ?I lie Cli-mriiiiBe. M. Router, V|r. Corby, >1. S/ol losy, slid a large C ?rpe de Baile: wdl appear To . onclude wit.'i the Comic Pantomune of ROBERT MACAIRE. jan '*)?2t DR\WriTG.BOOM ENTERTAISMEUT ! OSS! AN'S BARDS, t'nde* the direct.on of OSSTAN E. DODGE. I.are E.htor and Proprietor of ? I topee's I.itciury . Museum," U ill ,five one oi their Fashionable Drawing Ro.,ui In WASHINGTON, on MONDAY Y YEN 1*0, Jan 29, at CARUSrs SALOON The com; any is compose.] of the following emi nent talent: J. G. CL AKK. Teno'. B. B. BMLEV, Alto, K. KRLI.EY, Baritone, GKO. MORGAN. Ua-?o f?SS!AX E. DOlM.i:, Mu ical Dirtctor and Heltne ? ^ a?cr. Forming a whicl.,1 r inmi-r, \arntt>. ri:y oijoat, bud nu<ical skill, -taad unri *" A i.eriea if not iu Uie World. Cards oi Admission TWENTY l lVE t KN i-t. Daors open a C'J o'clock?Cnncen to commence J.?S5 3, " ?"*'?"?' ??<?> MV* COfJflTSHIP & ITS CONPEQl'FNCK-i I by Wi!.- if. Price $1 15, " ' Slavery in a Ne? Light and its Grand R. <-ti:t- |.? H . v , JZ'n' <7''"r-'',own- I'rice 1-lUcu.. A Night in Buenos Ayr.-s,a new dr.inia m fire acts .... nlS a ' It,Een ot George.own. Price |?}i. ... lln-. con?, by VV. Gi'more Simni*; #1 Ida May , <1 25 Putnam ? Magazine for F. bruarv; -ii ci uts Ball. u's hrw Monthly for Fibmart-; 10 , j f.od'? : r Book for F. hi nary; ct? For tale l.j, E. K. LIJNDY, no. 198 Prid^e street, GiorgetoMn. Goilf Fo jan ?' it CLOSING OUT. 8TILL GREA KR REDUCTION IN DRY GOODS ! M. L. WILLIAMS, GE iRGETOWN, "11TILL sel the remaining *tock of DomeM.cs, f w surn ? 'I Ml,U? Wnnnwtte. C? ingto.i, and othei of the most approved make of Bh acln-d t ot onVsirf^'n/T'' ? WJtich ' bhve agoodass.utn.ej t j 2ni u. ii * Linens. Scotch Huckaback, and Rusua Diapers. Hosiery in ?reat variety, ,m'h a Ladies', Gertie meny Misses' anJ Boys' Hose and \ hose at prun. rhJJ,i,!?? ar*" r,'sPeo,rw,l> vitrd to call early it I they want an a?sortuient. sen ifJodH witich I wilM relereincet?cotl.' as I am determined to close <wit the stock previous to March 1-t. j An ? Jf ["?V. ^>l1 evening, January ttd~a ie rtr^i 'ii ^ u ^ ,we,!" 18t*? and ltst.ii streets BANKING HOUSE OF PAIRO ft NOURER, OyyOitte United Stair* Treatury. B?am?MMdtOCk" *ndolh,,r ?c?riue* inrchaseu rb T^ATCUES! WATCUtS! I . ^ wish a war i an ted 1 timekeeper, at a rea^nahle % pnee, you are invited to call. and eiainine my selected ?to, k' fine Ln^iish and Geneva Watches for ladies an< r "? HKJMKHf, j*o. 330 Pa. av., between 9:!i and 10th si* jan lft?eoUHar4 RICHWARZK'I O* 8TKR DKPOT ? Corner Eletenth anA kl afreet*. f (Irden lor superior OVSTkiRS left all ibis place before 10 o'cl'k la the mean ing, will be delivered before 2oVlo<k p. in. Al*>, ore arrargemenu made to send Ovsters m uiy quantity in the country, pa?ke.l up it, air-tign . , jans so that tliey will keep good Vt at Ica.n eJl. I 1 Pi kled Oy.tif* always on hand. , . |an 18?eo9i?? I ' nOOD NEWS FROM HOME. JI'HT ItF' 1 ...; HILBUS k niTZ jan 13^tf ?M"r tm** tvw,<e and 11U> -Wet. Amusement?. GRAND CONCUR r BY TilE rilLlilllllt SOCIETY In a\i of the tk* Indies* Union Benevolent Sort* ty. for tke W/l of tk* Poor 0f Woskmgton Till* Concert will be given M CiRl ST? M LOOS, nn THI'KBDAV KVBHIBiU im*, ib? IVb instant, at half pa?t 7 o'clock. The programme MMNI of Solos, l>n?*t*. TrtO?, Uimtntn. i 4hitum? Irani wmc m the ????* cHe bra-ed Opera*. Romberg's Cantata. "The Po%*i <* Bon?." Morning, the 4<Tramp Ch? ???,'' by Bi?nop, ?tc. lie, MRS. FRANKLIN will mux her erfrfc aud Lcbo Song, wi h oUltgaln Out*' -wcoin|?aiiiinfnt. Professor Toerlsch will (?reside at ft?? pi Si*"' ^?fte. Th?- Pano to be used an thii om?k? ha? a kindly luan? d by JOHN P. El.1.14. Penn. ivruu*. Tickets SO cents?o be had at th? priMi^il ?<? sic and bnok*tore?, and at the irx* on the evening of the co'-^t. Jmn <8?4t ODD FELLOWS' HALL FRIDAY ?V?BI10, J 4HCARY 26 1?V? Kw.l ?. ran?f Musical Jubilse of the mil iiuTmi un. QK.O M. HILL, TIIO<>> k.UKWSETT, FftAKKLISI PRTITT, B C. Oi\Kflifel P, A^iKtrd br Mwr*. . GEO. W TAVLOl, T1IOS. PTONP, Jl Llt S KCi'K.abd uUi<r^ TUP AMPIHOXH m??-t r?-s|?fctfollj ann m ^ce lo their fiiends and thr public pftifraBv that tbeH f.r.t GRAND CONCER1 ??r VOCAL Ml -??0 w II tak? p*ace at <~*d.t rdlwv *' llwlt Fridav eve n ng n?-xt,%Ui in??ant, nn ?hv h oen??no tl??T will pees nt a piotranime ? if?? ?nte?e?t, iNtr?4srin| the full Troupe, in all th*-;? wi^l at* 4 amount of talent. \? this is <mr #?f C"?i cert in Washing ton, we tTl??t iltnt th>* pr ?ent apj?e.?l f* tllf p'e? en.* oft nr Iri^nilv wd| mi he in urn. Cs rds ofate'dxn 2r* ??nt?. whicli ran be had at the hotels. aiutic stores, kc. Doors >?pt-r< "t f>and conceit It cow me ~??? at | 7*. >au H-Ji M ACAILIST BR, THE <.RU \T w i z n x>9 HIS ARRIVED. Dt.?)l'T ttl? KRIGIITK5 EDI I WJLL. WAN ? HIS M MilC \V \M? IN A NIGHT OR TIVO. jan 93?J.* THE GREAT MARBLE STATUE or THE DYING GLADIATOK, On erAthitton at MOKUISOX S BVh.U IN(i, 4i *tre?f, near Pa, avenvr, Daily from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. ADIITTAICK *5 uBSTl. JOHN S. HOLLINGSHF.AD. Agenl. jan 10?tf THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAS FOR THL Cl'HJtEXT VE.1H. * TI1E list i* now '>pen, and ertry ?nb?criber of ?5Vi will be i t tli <1 to? I. An impressio* of a Plate, by J. T. ITiilnmrr, A. R. A.,fr>tn the original ptctun by J. J. Cha lon. R. A., '? A Water Party " II. A Volume containing thirty Wood l><i ttMtgi illustrating subject" fraai L??td llyron's p.??-ni of " Chililr Hifild'1." And III. The chancc ol obtaiiunc one of th? price* to l?e allotted at thr- feneral meeuac hi April, w hiih will include? Thy.ght to se'eet for lifm!*lt i ?n'tiaWe work >f art from one of the public exhibitions. Htatutt.-* in braase of ber Majesty Ah Horxehack, by T. Tl??.r nevcroft. Cop e? in liror /.?*, fr .?m nn nrnml M??d? l in relief by R Jeff*r?oii, ?? Tlif E> try ol' the I Mike of Wellington into Madiid Siatoties hi porcelain or parian. I'rxf ltni>re?Moiu of a larfe Litho.rnph. tiyT. II. Maguu*, after tbe uii'mal picture |>v VV . P. frith. I: % -Th.- Till. r. XV.-' irMu M-? liert'".^ '? B >urg<"oi> 0>-tttillf>niiiie.M Moi.oiiirj- Cec etaritH for WurhinKtoii, Mr^>. TAVT-OR 9l M AURV, Book?eM? r* jo? -*4 'I'HE Hlu-UHteti 0?tii|KH.ition lti>ok, conta n n? ui X recti?* . -iihjeci. and Blank leavee lor c?m|>j * lioc, bfjMUiful ..rifinril iMu^trauo-.^ Tin- !>??? k ??i..t??ie? the pupil to clioo^ ?uhieci. and arrane** aint v?rite ohii|m>*u:i>i^ uiUi tut Intl. lid fioni the leadter. :uu1 to pt*s?-rv? tUiu in a nrii an1 permanent l<?rm. BerHer*s< iinamentsl;liip. aseties of ana lytilml anc finished AlpliaUef of T'i.nn ai.u ornamen lal print. German te\t old i'ltpll-h. church tert. I ound Hand, Italian ind Ocrmau KjHstolarv lett, fcc. The I'mversal Stair Builder, illu-lrnted by plates, hr R A. Oupper, Architect. New Bookfs, by th?- author ol I'lio Retrospect The Village Past? r, The \ iibire? ?tx*rver. and the Village Church Yar.1 Hour^ of Christian Devotion, by l?r A Tholuck T?re?ty Pictures trom Switzerland,sketched from nature, then arranged and finished by Krv C?-tor, D.D. Remains of the Kev. Wra. Hnwel*, by R? v. VV. H. Moore. GRAY BM.I.ANTVVE. jan 24?'M Sevt-ntb ?t. NAPI KK'M English Battle* and Si?-e?- n the Penln.-uls, I vol. Lou.on. Manual of Pield Operation, by M J?*r\ i<. H.> il \i till*-ry, I vol, 1P5! The Young Office-'* Conizat ion, hy Co! I.ord ,l? Roe, 1 vol. lKr0 The War in Russia and Genua- y in 1612-13. by Cwl Cathcait, vkilled at Inkermoa) 1 vol. tnap? au 1 diaerams. 1tC<0 Six Panniiar l.e< tuie?, by a fi?-ld ortic< r. 1 nl, I - il iicn? Wolfe*, lnMiuction? to Youug oflicers, I ml (Ktl ol prmt) 17(v< The Mediterranean, a Mein'ir. P \?ical, Hf'tNico*. anfi Nautical, by Rear Admiral Sm'.th. 1 vol, IK'4 Tin Max'elluneou* Lilerart Woiks of Centra! tur (iniit, ?? vols, (out oi print, lrsue jau24 rUAXi R TAYI.OR. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES IN order to make room fi?r S|>rinf? Good*, I iiMe determined to offer all kinds oi WmiIm Comb now on hand, at great!v re<lu? ed pn.-es lur ca>li, and would name in t>art tli- following e?tra bni^kius: ' Plain d? Lainv,6 cent*; Figured and PImiaiI ? 1.nines, it) ceiiu, worth 11; plain, :.ll nool, D I.suns, 31 cent.-, worth 50; lifored Hkd p'a>ii D> l.aim-s, :tl cents, worth 50; fine Aip ;<*a l.'i c m-. \\ wriii ia. black silk 25 cenu, wulhSII; "luu imitiasit* oi a>* lames at hall'price , vard sintiw l'i, worth 25: black an i umu caln?li? -ni?, sorib 10, wooll* n IbunH 12 c< nts ; b4ank<-ts 25 per nt less than they have U en Mid Ihia >easoa. %H?o leas ?imere 50 cent*, oi i^.n*,? *i; ?rry g>?>J ea*s? ne's 18 ct*>; line lutv*U f., ei.u ; boys* edk iw k<<t iiaudk'-rchn fs 12 ct>; gintlewno'eiik baedkfr,*b ?!? r!5 cents; chiMrens' < -xuioiU ti ct? ; ladi? ?' \? ?t* 62 ccnt,. worm lull; inli*iuer.-" unilonlihlf ']'? ?in*, yard h ld> lileailieii .itid Uiib<< .?? Ii?- I ? orti.n ll^rlil, bleached obfM ut 10 cents. t?< rth 1*'.^ Fine Klioting 5% ccni-. line bk ached inU-l ii F2 cen'-f W' ttti IV, caiiion rl.uiiitd 8 cenu-, I ?n~' gray ai.o black lambs w<*>i ho?e very cheap, black and coi'ir d U>> e ami ball Iiom; C cents, geutlemen'i yarn ha i if<4?? ? ,rits, ladies black kid cl.?vfs 25;, worth W, ecltUmen's white and colored kid gloves 50c, WMth #1, gi-ntlemeri's lined burl in gloves 12c., worth 2.S l'?nj nutlet sleeves 6 and 12c, ChemiM tu 18c, cam in h ibuMciog Dlo. origina; coat 42 patent leather I.fits C ceuts. lu my Boot and i'Uoe Department I have a large and well asso'ted i4<>ck, which I am disposed to sell exceedingly cheap, ladies g.vti-rs 87 and $ 1, ladies' kid bo'it#7.->, wo th 1 25 ladies' patent leather bus kin*. 6 J cents, worth 100, misses colored gaiters 6* and 75 cents, worth 100. misses slippers 25e. gentle men's boots 1 50 worth 2 50. boys boots 75 ami 87c. children"n shoes in eudlc.-s varn ty r< ry cheap. This is n rare opportunity of of taming go d goods at very low prices, and I would invite any in ?ani of the above articles to eiajuiae my ?tock h, b?ro making their purchases. R B. IIALI*, No. 3 7 3 Seventh et., 4th do.* above I. jan 19?lw* C<Ol.n SPECTACLES LOST.-Wos lost betw. J the Indian Office and 20th street. First Ward, on the 17th instant, a pair ol Gold gpootaeU s, red morocco case, with owner's muue. The hi der Hill be suilabl) rewarded by l.:aviii? thcin with the un dersigned at the Indian Office. jan 23-31* IIENRY BETTINGER. V^W BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR SALE. 1* ^ Bunry, recently made, hut little ased and, in excellent order, (V\ auon's hi .ke) and a g. <h1 -ft o< llarnci* nearly new, will t>e sold very lo?\ Mr cash. Apply at the Star office. jan 93?3t notice! ~ TO ALL WHO* IT MAY C0KCEBK IIIAV E this day received and opened a great vari ety of CLOCKS, W tTCHFS, and JE?\ ELKY. l?oo>I Clock* from f 1 50 to >15, all warranted one Also, gold and silver Watches ia great va riety, silver Watches from )W" to O.V) ; gold lever kVatcln ? Irem *25 to !yl .'?0, and a ereat assortment >f Jewelry, all or Which will Ik- sold cheaper than foods m .auto qnaiit) can be bonfht in this city. wbdiirtg to g?-t good Clo. k? uoold do well io hiiv fri>iu me, as I put all my Clocks in order be f<?e s* ihng Ihe r. Call ui 1 ?ee fw yourselves, at ibe Clock k War li E^n|K^Mt?oi' J. ROBINSON, 349 oppw?iie Browns' Hotfl. jan 10?jm (Intal) OWARIVd CJ. 8 Bl'PhLME COURT Rk rem, vol 1C, jm received bj J*nj F?A!tC^ ^AVLQt. U

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