Newspaper of Evening Star, January 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 26, 1855 Page 1
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TTTR KYKXTNTJ STAR 1 PUBUIltro ItVtRY AITSKNOOB.i (nawrt unrDAT,) Ai the Star Buitdingt, earner fnnu^wwu tfA F!*T>??tk ?frssf, Mj wu.ltcn * BOPI, tfUf H -? ry-r1 to aabiTibrr* the eW*a of Wash . to0ea,C"Wft.e?ra, Alexandria, Baltiiaorrand Phil*, eelphta, -it SIX AND A QL'AKTMR CBNT8, psya ?*? tJ>r Agcnta. To mtfl subscribers th? aih~rnr'i r r?c? ?? THREB DOLLARS AMD FIFTY C?m t year ia erfiaaas, TWO DOL LARS r?r *IX MONTHS, and OlfB DOLLAR Kx THKKI MONTHS. tp-diiwu corni oiti CMWf. UNDERTAKERS, Ac. CABINET MAKER A UNDERTAKER. tn<erslgn*d won Id respectfully Inform his JL Mpnd?. acquaintance?, and the public generally that he atiU^jcntinooa to exeoute all orders la ha line of bofiuu in Uu tact auurud ?t the short oat notice KKPAI HIMO neatly and promptly executed PUIERALS attended to at the shortest aotiee, aad ta the heel1 Banner. BkHai preserved to (A* wkeet perfect ner, nri in the warmest weather. *.a*nkful for part favors, ho would reepectfully o?4Mt, and will endeavor to merit ? continuance oi tho same. ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. ars a. side, betweea 9th and 10th ft*. Reeldeaoe: Mr. Martin's, No. 38d, D itwt, t?trd j bona* met ot 7th rtmt mar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD respectfully fa tarn my thanks to tho oitlsens of Washington and ita vicinity for their part patronage, and say that owin* to the frequent oallo in the Undertaking branch of my buaineto, I hare been induced to discontinue tho manufacture of Fa mitt re, and turn my attention fully to the UNDERTAKING. I have * pared no psdna to hare every thing that is requisite to my business, and 1 am therefor* folly prepared to moot any order after a few moments noti-e, and I assure thoee who may give m? a call that I will spare no paina ta carry oat &*?r ordsra to their entire saturfaction. J AM 18 F. HARVEY, No 410, 7th aL, between O and B. IV. B.?<%? i attended to at ail hoars of the night ?arft-ly PROF. SCHOSKyBKRQ, TEACHER AND TRANSLATOR OF Laaguacoi and Literature, no. io7 pmrstitakia AVnrui. wt O?tf R. H. GILLET, Coaaiellor at baw* 0? *? and r^pidonce to franklin Row, corner 0/ K aad Thirteenth afreet no* 3H?I)1t Mm. SCU0NENBER3, Teacher of Piano aud Itaglag, ?0. AST PaWS SILT AMI A AVKKUB. eet n?tf Private Medical Treaties 0K*THI P1IYPIOLOGICAL VIEW OF MARRIAGE, IT fl. B. LA CKOIX, M. D? ji i*Ba yy .v i' 360 Pages and 130 fine Plain and Colored Litho graphs and Plates. 9W Price aaly 95 Ceata. *U free of postage to all par's of the UuioiV$R CHE*.PE-T BOOK EVER PL'BLlbUKP, ?nd containing nearly d ub'e the quantity ol rea-ilng matter in that of :he FlfT* CENTS OR DOLLAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats on the PHYSIOLO GY Of MARRIAGE, and the ?seret i ? flrmlties and disorder of >outh aad maturity, 'ulting from excess*#, which destroy the physical and men tal powers, with observations on marria?", its duties and disqualification*. sod their remedieo; with U'hographs, illustrating the ^anatomy aad physiology, and d Leases of the repro ductive organa of both sexee, their structure, uses and functions. A popular and comprehensive trea tise oa the dutie* an 1 casualties of siugle and mar ried life?happy and t-jrtful alliance*. mode <f se curing them -info icit-is and infertile one*? tlelr obriaaon aad remrrin ? imoortant hints to thi-e ooatempia*.:ng matriui-ay, that will overcome ob jeetions to it; none, however, should take this im portant s'ep wl'hout Cr-t consulting ita pages? eemtaeaiariee on the dJie*e?? and medical treatiaent of fcaaiee from infancy to old a-te, each case graph iealiy illustrate-! by beantiful lithographic (iatee? nervosa debility, ita cau^*e and ?* ire, hy a proceaa at oaoe so simple, afe and '{fT* ual. that tnvare is impoeoible?rnUe for daily mar.?,<?nnwnt?an ees <y on 9p rmatorrhaea with practical ohoerv^tions on a aafsr, and mire nKcewfu' m dr of tr-atment?pre tionary hint* ?t th* evils resulting from empiri cal practiee?an ee*ay on all diseaaea arising from iadirrei m, with plain and ?imple rules hy which all persons can eure Themselves without mercury? rem*llae Ibr thoee self Inflicted miseries and disap pointed hipee so unfortunately prevalent in the young It i? a trutlful adviser to the married and ] thoee contemplating marriage. Its parusal is par ticuiarly reoommend'd to persons ?nterta<nlng ae eret doubts of their physical condition, and who are eonock>u< of having has\rded the health, happineaa aad prlvilegei to which every human being is en titled to. Prioe ii centa per oopy, or flv? copies for one dol lar. Mallei fr?:? of postage to any part of the Uni ted Btetee. N. B.?Th^ee who pre'er may ooosultDr LaCsoiz upon any of th? diseaaee upon which hij book treats either personally or by mail. Medioine t?ent to any part of the Union aroorling to direct'ona, saf*l> packed and carefully secured f? om all ob?arvaf jn. | Addraaa Dr. M. B. LA CROIX, No 31 Maidrn Une or Poet OfRee Box 579, Albany, N. Y. 9*f~ OOc? open daily from 9 a m to 9 p m, and on Sunday from a until 5 pm. 'Jffl e Removed from No 66 Beaver at, to 31 Haldea Laae, Albany, N. Y. dec 7 DENTISTRY. SR. MONHON respectfully oal s pnbUc attention to his new, patent, and GitRATLY ROVED method of setting Artificial/ Teeth, with Continuous Gam?the very PERFECTION OFT <RAKT. Thiastyle of Teeth haa the follow advantages overall others Tia: 0K1AT 8TKENGTU, CLEANLINESS, OOM- , FORT, and RIAUTY, vieing with Nature ia the?o reepecta, aad aome others excelling. Public ins pec tton a reapeetfully soiiciteX Please call and see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist ia the District of Columbia has a right to make tbio style of Teeth. N. B.? Teeth ? institutionally healthy, plugged and warranted tor life. 09e? aad house at No. 298 R street, near the cor ner vf Peaasylvaaia avenue and 14th street. aov 15?tf Valted Statea Patent Ofllce, WAaaia<iT05, Jan. 11, 1466. ON the petition of Louisa Cots, of Worc?ster, Massachuset'.s, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 10th day rf April, 1*11, for an improvement in ' Screw Wren^hee," for seven vears froui the expiratic n of the said pat eat, which takes D'aoe on the ldtt day ot April, 1*66? It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent OfRc- on Monday, the 2d day of April, 1956 at 1J o'clock m ; and all persons are notified to ap pear aad show cause, if any they have, why said pe tition ought not to be granted. Parson* oppoaimr the extension are required tc file ia the Patent Office their otyection*, ?peoN^ set forth in writing, at l^aat twenty days before the day of hearin ;; ail te?timoay fiUd by either party to be used at the said hearing must b? taken aad trana mitted in ac -'rianoe with the rules of the offiot, which will be furnished on appllratiin. The testimony in the ease will be closed on the 22dot March, 1&5V; depositions sud other (<apenre lied en as tentimoay, must be fi'ed in the office on or before the morning of that day; the arguments, it any, within ten days thereafter. Order*-d, also, that this notice be published ia the Union, InU-lltg-ncer and EveningStsr, Washington, D. C-; Ev?niug srgus, Philadelphia, Pa.; Scientific American, New Y?>rk; and Pe*t, Boston, Mass., on'-e a week for Ifiree succescive weeks previous to the id day of April a*xt. th- day of hearing. CH&RLKd MAiON, Onmnji?wloner of Patents. P ?.?Editors of the ab >v* pap<*rs will please copy and s?od their Mils to the Patrnt Ofllce. with a pa per containing this aotne. j ta I'i?lew3w TO INVENTORS. rpiR otone 0fT?ie lavenU r?' Protection Nati nai I Laioa" w ou ith street, opposite tho East Por* (too of the Pat eat Ottoe, and la now ready tr attend 1 to the bastne?t of iu memoera, namely : ia making ?camlaattoa* and aoiiclUa^ patents, Ac Inventors are ianted to sail aad get a oopy of tho teo?teauoa an I By Uwa, aad where any in (or ma (ton will he given respiting the Uaioa. Ail letters oa bunna-s must as direoted to this of tee, where attention eill be glv^n immediately. A n?od-l shop a In *>aa?ctio? with the o?-o, Where model/ "an be ceaie to order at the shorttst 0E.AYTON, t| in?if Prea-loot I. F. w. V. GOOD NEWS. Wg have th s r? <-?>v. d a tre h supply of I flae Parter il-<e e and P?a-I Inlaid UOOD8, such as Work Boie?. Lb ks, id <Meea, Por e Mon- I ?atoa, Pt-rt Eoii- ?, Ac Notai'h* auding the freat: mah mad* epoa ear st-re durinr tho las' weak, we have yet some vary fias Goods leit, to which no ia vlt* the attention of thoee d-wtring New Years' Lr-^a's JOUM F. BLUB, No. a Oft Pa. ttocos, bet 9th aad 10th ata. dec *7 YOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C.f FRIDAY, Dr. DUFOVCPS GOLD ?JI MONTHLY PILLS, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure rfan Painfnl Obstructions and Female Irregularities ansinx from whatever can*. , rlue* eaaaarfrg n tr;vK " *?? - YEARS' 'kII'J'BI OVER THIRTY | ^ t,\?hf?.K>"C't*l'on m?*"7 Intelligent Ladies fur n.emnit *7 Were <Pr<f#erib?d hy Dr. Duponco with the Host happy effects, thty are now nubliiihi>fi tn;/.,,';v?w,"n,"cd . . . SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES h^V K^lrr *Tn "0"> a ,arIe proportion of which ?^&^*?fes?S Si^nr^mfn",k7,e<1 confi?l?ntially to other %EL5iEtur*" wpectiB?,he =si|sss^ 17 coi.c ..." r^Tptto. ,hir^/ v^u.n.?10 ^ r;"d sr-v * "? Tork^rth;. ft5,V wJ , cswr,q ? ner nullov romp ?? ,?j j* rMni&rari k. ?i,. roajr glow ofhMllh har >l<w?. !, . , '"P'^?" 6/ th? nil baoy?oc> .,f^Dlrit. wf -ucholf, Dj that ckser I? ? B?The ingredient* of these pills are perfect n.rJ?A^TL,,S !?" "l*'r 'ned'einil operation on the most delicate female con titutions, yet as prepared and combined by Dr. Duponco. their specific action 8UCh t'lat married ladies should use them with proper precam.on. Indeed, their use is net a7all as everv i h"""* pregnancy- For the same reason, as evirj ph sician know-*, medicines which act in this way are the very best that can be used for re ?v^lm ?h natural- healthy tone and functions of the 22^ \ *? m,lch ""P8'"* ?"<1 <1**ranged as to ^*Tenness. For funher particulars see di ETKJ,Mb; "ch b,>,? ?'??'?" ?? J. DUPON'CO, M. D , Proprietor, N. Y. kVVa w,n*;T by K?w?u. * Laorbkce, Stott kCo., W. rl. Oilman, S. R. Sylvestkr J B. Moorb, First Ward; O. Boswrli., Inland ; J.*F. r*D.t'ol H M P W 8*iet,lh "*i ? " Mc1'hm.OM L'l? M . ?. AL?H' Navy Yard 1,1 Georgetown ?JkrnPUr,,l;JJI" Kidwt II. In Alexandria hv (nTa? n" .. Steven*> fountain & Co., and l>> Druggists generally. jan 16-lm* 0F7I0IAL T"t,r|T Dxpa*t*ii?t, Jan. 3, IMS. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any tune between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portions of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to $1,900,000, in th" manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given m the order or time in which -taid stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United States by the parries who are to receive the amount thereof, mu-t be transmitted to this department; upon the rec.ipt whereof; a price w ill be paul compounded of | the following particulars: 1. The pir value or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authorized by the act ot July, 1*46, redeemable November 12, 18^ of 9% per caot-i on the stock of the loan an Uiorized by the act f 1642, redeemable 31st Decem ber, l?tJ2, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, tbc former on tbc 31st December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 1868, of 10 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of 1850, and redeemable on Uie 31st December, 1*4, (commonly called the Texan indemnity) six per cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st i>l January, 1853, to the date of receipt and set t'einent at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor [ the money to reach the uwii;i) of one day's interest in rddiUoii. Payment lor said stocks will be made in dralls of | the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treaaurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. Hut no certificate will be entitled to Uie benefit of | this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bef>re the said 1st day of March next. JAMES GUTHRIE, jut 4 dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. HEAR THE WITNESS! ?? RIGHTEOUS VERDICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN IN SIDE. kc. WONIJEKFUL cure after rix year's suffering of .waryl nT iU'' lu*',ly '"Potable citizens of Prejudiv-'iTand skepticism cant stand before the lure ^ CUfes lua<Jc b> Haiupton'? Vegetable Tiac KaaoALL'e Gaova, Montgomery Co., Md ,) mg __ December 8, 1864. i Afc*st?. Mortiuirr J|r Mowbray : Gentlemen?In 1844 I had what icy doctors called a vioieut and combined attack ot Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, from which I was confined to my bed for three months. 1 had the verv best phvsi ciaris, who tried other various remedies, none of I which gave me any permanent relief. Not haviii" ecwe from pain day or night, i becainc much emaci ated , my whole system a mass ol disease, literatiy speaking, from the crown of iny head to the sole of I my feet. I had to hobble about?moat of the Uiae confined to the house; at times so helpless that I bad to be assisted to my bed. I was also afflicted wuh a dreadful cough, great shortness of breath sore threat, palpitation of the heart, aad pain ia my side ?, b?d I couM not lay oa it. My appeute er? tirely failed me. I gave up allbopesol being restored to health again. | couunued thus to suffer on from 1844 to 1NV), a of six years. At this time my daughter haw ai her grandmother's a pamphlet, with numerous certifieaies of cures made by Dr. Hamp ton's Vegetable Tincture. I knew some of those who certified to curcs per formed on themselves and friends. 1 was resolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but my sufferings were so great I hat 1 pro cured one bottls, and, before I had taken the whole of it, 1 telt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle 1 was better than for the past six years, my appetite re turned?cough, pam in the side, shortness of breath a CJ ,7 *?ne- I continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven Unties, ac H?.rll!?UIl^r-,,ecti0ll"; *nd 1 am happy to say ampton s Tincture, and that alone restored me to Wh'Ch hM co,,t,,,a,^ "P lo this time , * ' l<lf/e years. I am in the 65th year of my age. I weighed yeat< rday 238 lbs., aad I never felt better^in my life. One ot my neighbors wa* al so affected, like myself with Rheumatism, kc. He has also been restored by the Tincture, f heard of other cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, if tried, will "peak for u*?lf. My only object in de scribing to you ray suffering* and the way I obtained relief, is to in iuce the afflicted to try this Tincture which has, under the blessings of God done so much lor me. Yours, respectfully, I1ENRY GAITHBR. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see eures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys Efp?ia, Nervounnes* and General Weakness. As a male inedieme or for delicate children we bolieve it unequalled. S*ld by MORTIMER It MOWBRAY, 140 Balti 1 more sneet, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Cbas. Hrorr k Co., J. B. Moorb, 1?. B. Clar*b, Clarke k Bowliso, W. Elliot, and II. Mc.PHaa soa, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci skl, George town; and C. C. (Jerry, Alexandria, and by Drug gmis everywhere. ja? 5 M ADE TO OKDF.R CHEAPEft I HAN EV ER.? In order to run oti tis: remain oer of our ?|0<>|t ((| ,.,u|1jn 1 .'Rsaimeres, and f'-jingi we will at this sea?oii take measure aaJ make to order Gentlemen's Garments of firsi quility twenty per cent, cheaper than oqr usually low pri ce#- WALL k STEPHENS, . ? * J* ??*t u> Iron Hall. - . *1 (Sentinel k News) IMPORTANT TO THE SICK. rpHI great ekperienos and well known skill of L Prof- McOuWroca ii ? sufficient rurutj to lb* public that the following list of Meaiaines, such as have been constantly used in hla practice lor tfaa las: thirty jean, will fully sustain by their effeets the valuable analities attributed to then, and prove to b* the best Medicines ever offered to the pnblte. /. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable remedy far Bronchitis, Consump tion, and all chronic diseases of the throat and lungs. In all deep seated complaints of the Pulmo uaty organs it has proved the m^st safe, certain, and rapid remedy ever employed in the extensive practice of Dr. UoClintock. For any of these forms of disease, showing themselves as Cough, Tickling of the Throat. Sense of Tightness in ths Throat, Spitting ot Blood, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarae neee or Loss of Voice, and Hectic fever, its use will be attended with the happiest results, while it is pleasant to the palate and strengthening to ths whole system. It oontains no I'liksnw or opium In any shape. Price $1 per pint kettle. II. Dr. McClintock's CtU md Cough Mixture. An infallible cure for recent OMghs, Tickling of the Throat, Tightness of Breathing, Group tn Gnil 4r*n, Ac. It oontains no preparation of opium Prioe M cents per bottle. III. Dr. McClintock's Asthma and Hoop ing Cough Remedy. An almost Instantaneous relief for these distress ing complaints. This is the fruit of an immense experience, and is astonishing In its effects. Wo per son need suffer a day from Asthma or Hooping Oaagh who will use it. Price 60 oents per bottle. 17. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhm Cordial and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and certain cnre for Diarrhm, Dysen tery, and Cholera Morbus in all stages. A sure pre ventive of Ariatio Cholera, which no traveler or family should be without. Prioe II and 60 cents per bottle. V. Dr. Mc Clint nek's Tonit Alterative Syrup, Wot purifying the blood. The most powerful pu rifier ever discovered. for til Scrofulous diseases, Skin diseases, Eruptions, Bells, Pimples, Krysir?las, Ulcers, Sore Legs, and all Rheumatic and Sy philitlc complaints, Ac. It is a moet excellent spring medi cine, perfectly palatable, and safe for children or fe males. Price (pint Bottles) fl. VI. Dr. McClintock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspepsia, or disordered digestion, may be called che National Disease of America. Its symptoms are headache; giddiness; nervousness; low spirits; dim nees of vision, with motes or specks before the even; Itching of the nostrils; dullness of hearing and ring ing in the ears; disagreeable taste in the mouth; wnfltrictfon or weight about the chest; difficulty of breathing; s*nse of suffocation in lying down, or in ascending stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings about the heart; Irregular or deficient appetite; sense of slnk'ng at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or fullness of the abdomen, and cosiivenese. 8ome of these symptoms always appear In Dynpep si a; and sometimes the same patient has many of them at the Bame time, or at different times. Por attacking thene Protean symptoms in their seat and souroe, via: deranged condition of the digestive func tions, the Dyspeptic Klinir combines all the valuable Ingredients which the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Tak?n In connection with the Veritable Purgative Pills, in cases wh-Te th?re is mu -h costiveness, or with the Anti-Billons Pills, where the Amotions of the liver are Irregularly discharged, It will be found a moet effectual remedy. Price (In pint bottles.) $1. VII. Dr. McClintock's Rheumatic Mix ture. for Internal use; a purely vegetable combination for the cur* of Uhenmatiam, Oont, and all Neural gic and Rheumatic Diseases. This remedy la offered with the utmost confidence. It has been used most exUnsively, and is as near a Specific for Rheumatic Dl?*?ses a* the world h is ever seen. Price per bot tle 60 cents. VllL Dr. McClintock's Rheumatic Lint mmt, An Icfelllble outward application for the relief cf all rheumatic or neuralgic pains; sprains, swellings, stiff neek, stiff net s of thcioiuis, pains in the shoul ders, back, or limb. It affords let mediate relief from ahollc and pains !s the s'omach and abdomen. As a oeunter irritant, it Is invaluable tn all case# where an external stimulant la needed. Prioe (pet bottle) 60 cents. IX. Dr. McClintock's Anodyne Mixture, Or Pain-Extractor,used Internally and externally, for the Instant relief of allpsias, Toothache, Head ache, Obollc, Ague m the face. Chilblains, Neural gia, Stons or ii ravel, Ac., Ae. No pain need be ei> dured a moment by my person who will nse this Invaluable Anolyne. Price ?0 cants per botttle. X. Dr. McClintock's Fever and Ague Specific. This has been found an lnftilllble specific for 'his aoourga of new countries, and for inter uii tent fevers. No traveller or reddent in any ague dis trict should tail to provide themselves with this sure preventive- Prioe $1 per bottle. XI. Dr. McClintock's Vegetable Purga tive PUls, for the relief of Constipation and Its painful re sults, such as Headache, Dissiness, Sick Stomach, Pains, and all the symptoms enumerated under the "Dyspeptic Elixir." Price 26 oants por box. XII. Dr. McClintock's Pills, Per Liver Complaints, and all forms of diseases arising from derangement of the liver, with Kyop tome 4u~h a? Disiinees, Headache, Ringing in the Ear*, yellow furred tongue, pain in the right shoulder, isnrieof f ill ieoHor pain in the right side, disordered stomach or N-wels, deficient action of the kidneys, oiay-oolore4 i too Is, Ac. These Pills, if taken in the insdpient stages of Bilious and Yellow or other Fevers, w'll generally ward off the attack. Prioe 36 oents |?r box. The alxve Medici nee may be procured of all the principal Druggist and Apothecaries in this Dis trict, and of J. L. UairaaAW, Agent, Washington, aep 18 to COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New York, Texas, California, New Jersev, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, <l?crgia, Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other States. QEOEQE 0. THOMAS, ATTORNHY FUR CLAIMS, AND fcOTAKY PUBLIC, Washington Place., n*mr Odd- Fellows' Halt, SEVENTH 8TRJCBT, WasuwJW D/0. IOI 1? ?lv NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW for January Pro'essional Ethics, by Geo. Shar-wood Flax and Hemp, their culture and manipulation?25 certs The Rose and the Ring, by Thackeray, illustrated Almainch Francois des Etats Unis pour I' annee 1855 A Night in Buenos Ayres. a new drama, in 5 acts Parish and other Pencilling*, by Kirwan Humanity in the City, by Rev. E. H. Chanin Sociology for the South, or the failure of Free Soci ety, by George Fitzhugh Camille, a novel, by Alexander Pumas, jan 4 FRANCK TAYLOR. RKADY MADE CLOTHIRO AT RE duced prices.?As the season is advanced ws have determined to sell off the remaining portion of our winter stock at greatly redueed prices, therefore gentlemen wishing to consult economy in purchas ing tine Overcoats, Talmas dress, frock ami busi ne?s Coals, black and fancy Cnshuiert! I'.uits, Vel vet, silk, satin and Mermo Vest**, Und'-rthirts and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments of fine quality will find our present variety to lie as well as sorted as in the beginning of the season the ad vantage of much lower prices. WALL it STEPHENS. 399 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall, jan 13 (Sentinel fc News) B KITISIl ALMANAC AND COMPANION !i* ls55, containing Lieu of Parliament, of Royal 11 Hjneholds, Ministry, Judiciary, Forei/n Min isters, &.c , in England, British Milliliters abroad, Military and Colonial Gov. minentJ and pefsnntH; Import--, Hxpoits, Taxes, liu ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for lSi>4, Chronicle of the Session of Parliament If54, Abstracts of important Parliamentary Docu ments, and valuable articles on ilie Campaign, on the United States Ccn-us, ou the health ol Dwelling^ Occupations of the poo.ile, Fluc tu tti ois of the Funds; Canals and R iilroails, Prtioie Iniiwovements.? Itronoiugy and ino?h other u*fn1 and valuaMi- in tuer,'e<miplei? in one * 4. FK \NCK T.\YL<?U. ? jaaio-u THE CATHOLIC ALMANAC for ic.VV Just putrlish'd and for sale at TAYLOR Ii MAURY'S )sm .1 Bookstore, nwai tfth st. BALLS, Ac. HO! FOB IHl JIOHTIWOALKS. FIRST ANNUAL BALL mtu in cm. 'pHE members of this Club take pleasure in an J. nouncing to their friend* and the public gene rally that their first Annual Ball will take plait at Temperance Hall, on HON DAY, January '29th, 1653b Every exertion will be made by the Club to give satisfaction to all who may honor them with their presence. ? superior Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. The Refreshments are placed in the hands of an experienced caterer. No hats or caps allowed in the room except those worn by Clubs. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be had of any of the Managers and at the door on the evening of the ball. MANAGERS: J A Butler, C E Tretler, W H Sweeny C M Murphcy, A H Hill, M B Gordon, I Morricc, H Bowen. Committee on Reception* C M Murphey, C E Tretler, A H Hill, W II Sweeny. Floor Manager*. J A Butler, I Mornce, C E Tretler. jan 15?so7t* GRATIS ! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! ? FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with J\. out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back, Indispo-i sition and Incapacity for Study and' Labor, Dullness of Apprehension, Loss ot Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Soli' Distrust, Dizziness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, Pain In the Side, Affection of tli ? Ryes, Pimples on the Pace, Sexual and other infirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANEY. The important fact that these alarming complaint* may easily be removed without Medicine is, in this small tract, dearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, luliy explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in n sealed envelope, bv remitting (postpaid) two po-t age stamps to Dr. B. DE LANEY, No. 17 Li*p?nard street, New York. jan 17?3?n ROSENKRANZ PIANOS. Jl'ST received two of the above unequalled in stniments direct from the Manu-^**|^^T^ factory in Dresden, Germany. Thesefl^^^BBBI Pianos having both, after a lot g sert^T and land voyage, arrived in perfect* B W If ? tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority in keeping in tune. Their beauty and power ot tone elicits the highest enconiums from all 'lie great musical critics of Europe. H1LBCS k HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and I) sts. jan 8 - tf MEDICAL NOTICE. PROFESSOR THOMSf ?N, from Buffalo. New York. Ii;is opened an office in Washing ton, D. C., No. 4S3 Eighth street, tor the suppress e>n o| quackery and for tin? allevia tion of human suffering, by of fering to the unfortunate al flieied with Private Disease, a [sure and safe method <?t cure, [founded on the solid bast* oi 'science and sound philoso pliy. Having practised in Europe, Asia. Attica and America for nearly 30 years, during which time he made the treatment of syphilis in all iis species, sta gvs. ramifications, and phases throughout, a special ity, lie feels confident that he discovered and pos scsses specific remedies for the cure of these com plaints which are unknown to the faculty, aid that he has made perfect and perman nt cures of patients who had been under the treatment of such eminent men as Ricord, Acton, Parker, and a host of others. The various complicated and distressing diseases incident to teniale* confidentially treated, and with eminent success. Office hours from % past 8 a in to 1*2, and rrom *2 to 10 p m. Evening?visitors, observe the night sign. Office, 483 Eighth st , bet. Pa. avenue and I> st. jan 16?ii* * T O' Oilfc Withers A Co.'a Notes purchased at the hfglest r*tes. Oncurrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virginia 8 :rip bought and aold. Drafts on all the principal cities aold to salt pur chasers. Persons at adistanc ' senlivgme Trans.Alleghany antes or Land Warrants, may rely apon receiving the best ret-;?, snd remittances mads by draft on any city in the Union. HAMILTON Q. FA N'T, Banker, dec 0?3m No 431 Penna avenue. rpilE GREAT JOURNEY : A pilgrimage through X the Valley of Tears, to Mount Zion, by the au thor of the "Words of Jesus" Follow Jesus, by the author of Come to Jeens The Fountain of Living Waters, by Theo. Irving The Dales in Newport, by Leila Lee Flower Fables, by Louisa M. Albott EasUord, or Household Sketches, by W. Brooke The Pictorial Catechism of the M. E. Church Minutes of the Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 1854. GR\Y k BALLANTYNE, jan 4 408 Leventh street. SK1ILL1NGTON has received the official Congressional Directory, containing a list ot Members, Committees of both Houses, Supreme Couit, Residence of Public Officers and Foreign Di plomauc Agents at the seat of government. Also, a list of United States Ministers, Consuls, fee., resid ing in foreign countries. Extraordinary publication- Chevalier WikofTs Courtship and its Consequences is expected to day All the new book* published received immediate ly afterwards and fur sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4J{ st. and Pa. ave. jan 13?if 255 Looking Glasses, 255 I? all rises anl quality, Fiench or German plate, fancy or plain Portrait and i'leture Frames, or Fancy Colored. Also, Qilt Room Moulding, Marble top Brackets and Tables. Oorniovs made to order. Alse, all kinds of old work regilded with dispatch and on reasonable t rms by J. WAG N ICR, 54 5 5 Pa. avenas, opp. Kirk wood 11* use. dec as?tf NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lvuitiana avenue, opporttt the Bank of WathmgUm MR. TH0MA8 D&LEAN Y res}ecfully invites the attention ot the public to examine his steel of GOODS, which he has cp*ned on Lousiest avenue bit veen fiix'h and Seventh street!,opposite the Bank ot Washington, consisting of all descrip. tions of Teas, Ac., Imperial. Gunpowder, and Black Tea; Win s au4 Liquors, of all sorts, which he can sell at ths lowest prices for sash or approved paper. Besides all the necessaries for Grocery Business, via: Br-oinn, buckets, Ced?r Tubs, Matches, fcc^ Ac. Please call aaJ ses for yourselves. cot 29?3m MUSIC FOB BALLS, PARTIES. Ac L. F. W. WEBER RESPECTFULLY INFORMS HI* FRIRNDS and former patrens that he continues to attend BALLS, PARTIES, Ac., with his well organise! BAND ef scientiBc Musicians He a ill Introduce all the new and fcahionabl Music An accomplished PlanUt furnished if desired. Orders left at Hiibus k Hit*' Musle Depot, Gautier's, or Miller's Confectionery Stores, or at my residence, near Gen Henderson's, Navy Yard, will meet with promjrt attention. no* M -wll LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUl'REMECOURT OF THE UNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKER and LOCI9 J.^NIN hsve formed a c partnership under the name of "Walker and Janin," for the argument of cam s in l ie Supreme t ourt ot the United Stales, at Wash liHion city, wliete both will att> ml throughout the fuilire sessions ot iliat court The> m?v be addressed at Wai-hingtoa, N. York, C! Orli an* jan If?eo3m* rpHE FOREIGN OFFICE LIST, (Bnhaii) ror X rected to Augmt 1854. this day receive.! iipm London. FRANCE TAYLOR, jan 15 evening star. LETT IS PROM AH OLD Llin MOW. VOTH1HO Th. following Utter i. Mld t? har. been written by an old line K. N., a member of the Massachusetts Legisla ture, to hia son. It ia ihe best Uung of I the kind we hare jet seen on this sub ject: Boston, Jan. 16, 1855. So* Jomr: I hart too much legisla tive work to oome home on Saturday "id { wrmld?so yoa muh mind the farm. I hare managed to get on a good many committees, so as to become popular by haring my name printed oftener in the papers and I man age to say something occasionally and I ha\e seen my name 3 times in the daly i fmenctn Pnncipels is looking up some here m Boston and we are going to discord all fongn eliments in our govern "F h&Te thc Wn gES? OTerkw'th so,ue other color be-1 Jhlnt oP&niS? ^r0^n- 1 don'* like any i hVk JTJh J ? S?vernor m?de a lick at.the foreign malitia and disband ea al the company*. (don't use mu more British Oil for your deefness, for i j have thrown away that box of Russia I t?al ve your mother put in my trunk to rub my rumstick leg with, use American physic it is the best.) We are going to I have the latin lmgo taken of the stati coat of armes, and put your plain yankee cnglish in its place. We are going a head I tell you, and i make a clean swoop of every' thine of foreign extraction. f |ia? place of amusement excepting the live i juflaloo which is a regular native, he looks very much like a hairy cow. Speak ing of cows reminds me of our Durham bull1 you may sell hiin to Wade the butch er, he is of foreign extraction. A friend ] asked me to go to the Athaneum and see the library and pictures but I was told j !i? Ij pictures arc painted b? he old meters as they are called-an'd these besides many or the books are in fongn languages, .so it is contrary te the snint Or nrinf?inlAc i . I ? w . ? ? - ... wuu?i y l? uie spint or principles to visit such a place. i J^r8ri,n8,tI0,See,Ba?vard's ?r<*< paint g of 'be Holy land which is making some stir but a native artist told me iti was mostly painUd with Venetian red Dutch pink and Naples yellow while all the skies were Prussian blue, too much of the fongn element to be interesting to me By the way speaking of paint hav e the front blinds which I had painted with I French green last fall painttdsome other color other than I mentioned above. Stop the Zions Herald and take the Yan kee privateer in its place. Give my Mar seills vest to dick the plowman and tell nim to stone Jip the scotch terrier off the farm and to kill that Maltese cat. from your affectionate father Tn* Pirate and tub Dove The fol lowing anecdote is related by Audubon, the celebrated traveler and ornithologist: A man, who was once a pirate, as sured me that several times, whilst at certain wells dug in the burning shellv sands of a well known key, which must be here nameless, the soft and melan choly notes of the doves awoke in his breast feelings which had long slumbered, melted his heart to repentance, and cau?(d i turn to linger at the spot ia a state of mind which he onlv who compares that] wretchedness of guilt within him with the holiness of former innoceece, can truly feel. lie said he never left the place without increased fears of futurity associated as he was, although I believe I y force, with a band of the most des perate villains that ever annoyed thel r lorida coast. So deeply moved was be by the notes of any bird, and especially those of a dove, the only soothing sounds he ever heard during his life of horrors, that through these plaintiff notes, and them alone, he was induced to escape from his vessel, abandon his turbulent companions, and return to a family de ploring his absence. After paying a hasty visit to those wells, and listening once more to the cooings of the Zenaida1 dove, he poured out his soul in supplica tion for mercy, and once more bccame what one has said to be noblest work of honest man- 1118 escape was effected amid difficulties and dangers, but no danger seemed to him comparable with the danger of living in violation of I human and divine laws; and he now lives in peace in the midst of his friends. D0J8TICI8 GOES OH A TAEOH R. CU&SIO*. [F.odi Uie iMrnit Advertiser.j t rom Doesticks last effusion, we make I the following extract. The production, as a whole, is hardly up to the tone of I some of its previous ones: New York, Jan. 15, 1854. * * # * Uere thel target companies are eomposed of all sorts of people?tire companies, express companies, policemen, gangs of men from all kinds of mammoth shops, for wher ever thirty or forty men work in one shop, they form themselves into a mili tary-company, and once or twice a year go to Hoboken, and shoot for whisky and other prizes. When they want to make a full turn-out, the places of any missing members are filled by extemporaneous volunteers. It was in this capacity that I proposed to go. In these companies, there are always more officers than men,., and more epaulets than muskets?always I a big band of music, and two darkies to carry the target. As to their marching, no two ever step together, and they al ways put a tall man by the side of a short one, so as to have the average length of steps come right. Thev go forth in the morning in high spirits,' and return at night surly, dusty, discontent ed, dilapidated and drunk. An the tar get is always carried in triumph through the streets, and afterwards exhibited in the dnil-r?om, the darkey invariably THE WEEKLY 8TAR. ?tftfl* *?*?> 9* n~ ?*. .r.?rr: ? - T?l 4l ??? in* W 4*1 m m ?' , ? % ? ? ?? ^ Twwty mni>hm*? 19- Cam, mAiitii! ui ,?**ao?. fp- Sinflr copioa (*? ? the eouM?r, paper. Form i ???Mrih? carries an augur with him, with which explosive weapon all the beet shots are made. Every member has a whisky bot tle id his cartridge box, or a brand y flask in his kuapsack. , As a general thing, thtj turn their toes in, and are bandy legged? they carry their pns over their shouldars at all conceivable angles, and so little do they know about fire-anns that probably, if called upan to load their muskets i? a hurry, two out of three would put their cartridges into their brceche* pockets, and 6tick their percus sion caps on the ends of their ramrods. When they tire a salute, and mean all to shoot together, the report is so near si multaneous that a stranger would think they were firing minute-guns. They al ways select for judges of the shooting the men who will give the most whisky and make the shortest speeche s As these excursions come off just before the elec tion, the candidates for office generally pay for the prizes, and bear the expenses of a reporter for the press to puff the com pany. The judges carry out the rewards in the morning, tied up in brown paper, and the soldiers wear them back at night round their necks. Six or eight men, called pioneers, march in front with muffs on their heads, leather aprons tied round their waists, and theoretical axes in their hands, which could never, by any possibility, be made to cut anything. The officers walk between the platoons, flourishing their dandy swords, their at tention being pretty equally divided in keeping the men in line, keeping the lit tle boys out of the line, keeping their un accustomed white gloves on. and trying to keep step with the music. In single tile the men march like a flock of geeee, on their winding way to the mill-pond? and six or eight abreast, they go with the regularity of a crowd of school beys, (.fleeting a masterly but hurried retreat from somebody's melon patch. In order to make them form a straight line, it ia necessary to back them up against a brick block, or make them stand between the tracks of a railroad. ' S'ioh was the company of which I be came a member for a brief and eventfal time. Its cognomen was 44 The Lager Bier American Volunteers and Native Empire City Shillelagh Guards," being C3mpo?ed of Irish, Dutch, Spaniards, and Sandwich Islanders?the onlv Americans In the company being the colored target bearer, and the undersigned. Thr Th;rr and thb Mocsa?Capt. Basil Hall in his 44 Fragments of voyages and travels," gives the following interest ing asedote of a tiger kept at the British Residency at t alcutta: 44 But what on noyed him far more than our poking him with a stick or tantalizing him with with pieces of beef or legs of mutton, was iD trducing a mouse m his cage. No fine lady ever exhibited more terror at the sight of spider, than this magnificent ro yal tiger betrayed on seeing the mouse, i >ur mischievous plan was to tie the little animal by a string to the end cf a long l>ole, and thrust it close to the tiger's nose. That moment he jammed himself into a corner, aud stood trembling and roariog in such an octasy of fear that we were always obliged to desist, in pity to the poor brute. Sometime we insisted upon h s passing over the s>pot where the unconscious little inuuse ran backward aud forwards. For a long time, we could not get him to move; till at length, I be lieve by the help of a squib, we obliged him to start: but instead of pacing lei surely across his den, or making a ietour to avoid the object of his alarm, he gen eraly took kind of dying leaps so high as nearly to bring his back in contact with the roof of the cage." Photographic Criminals ?The gov ernor of Bristol jsul (England) writes as follows to the papers: 44 Lach prison sliould have its gallery of criminal portraits ; nay, I have al ready such means of reference in my own establishment. I keep a large book with an alphabetical index, in which I paste an engraving, if I may use the term, of eveiy portrait taken by me ; beside this I preserve, in a ca.?e fitted with grooves, and numbers to correspond with iny book, the negative plates from which those engravings are made. If the gov ernor of another jail writes to me con cerning any prisoner whom I cannot rec ognize by name, I apply to him for a de scription, and if it accords with either of my j?on raits, I take an impression from my negative plate, and forward it to him, thus enabling him to see whether the suspected party has or has not been in custody. I am also equally sure you are right in your belief that 4 That the fail ure of all his hopes, to escape detection and recognition, may induce maoy a criminal to begin the new year with the conviction that it would be less trouble some and more profitable to become an honest man.' In confirmation of your riews, I may state that only a abort time i.nce a notorious offender said to me. while conveying h;m to Wakefield. 41 lever would have been found in your jail f I had known that you took the por .raits of prisonera. ?7?A puritanical visage and a sanc imonious air are frequently the mere dis guises of a depraved heart. True Chris tianity teaches cheerfulness, and peace, uid good will to all men, and those who jbserve its rules will tind them the only ;ui4e to true happiness here, ami eter lal bliss hereafter. But there are a class >f people who make the garb of saaetity i mask to conceal their wickedness. The luperficial world terms them good citi E'_*n8 because they visit church regularly fcnd contribute to some foreigu charity. But if the curtain was drawn aside you would in many instance? behold them in their true colors. Domestic tyrants, luke warm in conjugal love, harsh to tlieiV children, spurning the Nggar fn m their do rs?, and inereilmin exaciirg pay meuts fiom the j oor debtor. Vet such inen with a devout air and sanctified looks, irs looked upon with reverence, and es iwMiHfd as patterns of piety and boiiDtH

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