Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 3
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local intelligence. Raw. Mr Brooke's Lectori or thr Tbr mil POWK* or THB POfl, AT GrORCKTOW*, in rkplt to Fatrrb 34aottirr ?Forrett Hall Georgetown, wu crowded last night to listen to the lecture of Rer Mr. Brooko. of the M E Church. m reply to Rev Bernard Maguire.on Temporal Power of the Pop*." Father Maguire wu one of the audienoe The loc Jaror eoainaDced by saying he had notrolun tee ed neither had he been pressed into ser t*h ?VDV,t,*tl!#n hkd {rt*]7 ?ccefted,in fi? ki! d0 som# ?errice to the ei n?^2r?n ~ ?onntry [ Applause J FJiPSlf W ,hC IHjin'8 P"??ted by ..u .^^ co???ncing with the state In^h had n#T*r b*ea '*oght n the Romish Church " that the Pore had cT.K JETT/l1** tbe ?he oitit ? r glren itto h,m ;" "d he tio . f ** jr m th9iT mo8t wniDent w s to prore directly the oontrary ' to .tht ?Iection of the earlier Pones by the people he agreed with Father Ma*uire ? hut aa Gregory the Great, whom ho so much ?nloguod, Mr. Brooke thought him far ?potleM. and instead of our owing to him the Miration of cmlisstion. we owe to him the destruction of many works of art. *f'w" t0 lh? Quotations from the infidel Gibbon?who would have delighted in thiow th? fali trH8 r#,igion b* ;? "if??Mr. B passages from that au thor diametrically opposite in character to !w* TT J reverend father, and stated that a false impression had been created by him as to the opinions of Gibbon. dWeU on the power of arbitra tion. girea in one case, from which a preoe fn,.w" "??t>l?beJ for lh. p., dcv to inl?. far. i. but. ?atl.? From thit he we.tto the power of excommunication, speaking of the character of that power, ard showing f* >m the language of the bulls themselres, that the power to dethrone monarchs and absolre sub J**!* WM considered inherent in the Fore The examples of Gregory VII. and VI so -,0 b* Mr Magmre. and IIod ?r. Chandler, in his late speech in Congress ^?*fi?jIeplQWe ^e gross immorality ill?* 50 gteat thmt h0 C0Hl<l hardly advert to it in the presence of women Henrv 7u* ?2*>IB?Bntcated, came to Rome. and in the midst of winter stood for three days bare footed at the door of the palaoe. knocking in ram in which Gregory su closeted with ths Countess Matilda These Popes were all too u Z.S1.l*r? v' ba\ *** a11 liked *heir Matildas. [L-tughter and applause 1 liut, it is said, although the Connects left iL tovj?in her ,OT", that it was gintual lore she entertained towards him not Uidporai09 "" PoP? B fowor i. On the fourth day, Henry was absolved and his crown returned to him, with the inacrip tion on it of a verse of the import that it bad been taken away and then restored by the power of the reigning pontiff Dees this not asaail the truth of the holy father s statement respecting the temporal power of the Pops being confined to Italy ? c?*j?m mel f*?*rtiun that tbe "Romish where there had at one time been several c aimants for the papal chair; cases of one Jh??. "f '* "Dd hi8 marder<?r ^kirg the ill^f d,Mgreements of their various coun lJh contradictory dogmas being issued in van. u, and lhe ditiagreement of tho Irithth?0.* k'b? ' lm?''?ula'e Conception ' with the teachings ot the early fathers He met the duarowals of the 'temporal K.T . !bo"n ,n Ta"ous letters fr?m Bubops to the Pope, and the P?re to the readlB<5 8i,uiUr doc??eitS de opposite, and arrogating to th-s ,UU,0m* -k.n.r.r Then he declared the true obioct of the hol? father", lecture to be to throw d?t ,?n the 1^. ? t ' Cover tb? Cftt with m. fli so ? to hide her claws, while he (Mr. u ) shoull ry to strip the cat of that covering rhat ber claw, might hm seen | Treiuendoo. ipplaafe f true Catholics are bound fcrtt fh,. vuy <?'>PtriDe Church iray forth, that allegiance to Rome disqualifies a cnontrt tlr ?holding allegiance to any other >nntry. that in case of disagreement between our countiy and a Catholi7country. Rom^S pi,?rTJ? Wtald '"ie "ith ,bB l??er,7a.. did St | ii ^ reK,ment ?n the Mexican war I Ha then read the oaihs of the cardinals bishops pnes:s, and Jesuits?all 0f whioh mad* it obligatory on the ewearer to do his utmost to pat down all heretical powers and *o persecute berets, a?d then !n the most imrressive manner denied tbe po,,ibiiitT 0f iothoVity * Ca,hol,c t0 any other than Romish <?|W Sp?ke af l5C mucb ^nnte<1 t nirersi- ' ty ofb-Iamanca and stated that the a ithori a.s univer.i.y noariy stopped Columbus tx purauing hi- enterprise; i.e reid trom B"iilb*^r*of 'he day condemning b? Ueroe tot,1,?h and visionary in the ex He said tha;. he did net know ? " Sam,' 1 'Sau;-' lie garden ot Kdec; wncn the . j i * ? .??* wv UlU Ii VI Z.X. but he thought ke knew his history "?am was born in ibe gar Jen oi ? ? - (.iucu oi r. iet; wucn the world was deluged ha roie out the flood with Noah in tbe ark; he was present at the build ing bt the tower ot Babel; he wandered with the children of Israel in the wilderness; he was with .Miriam in (he inspi.ed song ard dauce he blew the loudest ram s-horn trurn Set when the wails of Jenoho fell; be clothed obn the Baptist, and was with him on the hanks of the river; he held up the chains ot Paul when he reasoned of rignteousnes* and judgment to come before Agrippa. He had a bard t>me with the Popes and the Inquisition, but it whe who pointed tbe young Lwtber to tLe dust-corered Bible on the neglected shelves of the old monastery; he brought that BitJe with hiui acroes the ocean, in the y.?} flower ; ue laid the corner stone of tbe first Protestant church in the colonies; and it was be who so s.irred up the old and tha young, (he rich and poor, high and low in the oppressed colonics, that even the moun toin boys knew that *'Sam wat about." Ilronendous and loig continue! appl.iu-e ] He ir*rf?dR'-ed Patrick Henry to the nation in tbe Virginia House of Burgesses wb^n he, wish his soul oreiflowibg with the pure.n pat riotism, and his voice olothed with the power of thunder, gave utterance to those immortai word*, stnl echoing in our ears?-? Crtt-s w?? lit*rty or give hi* Death The orator took his seat in the mid?t of a tremendous storm of applause, lev. French J" S Evans was loudly called on, and at last said: Fallow oiuaena?I thank you tm this kind greeting, ana t ?ko it as a sign of your regard tor the cause in which i am laboring. The i eloquent speaker has said he is not (personally acquainted with "Sam " I advise him to, male hia ao>^aaintancc on the first opportu nity, Trb Wooprlll Sri.orn Casks ?Ihose rases hare attracted eonnderable attention from our titiaens generally; and many hare been very anxious to know the decision of Juftiee Goddard. The decision in the fir?t ease was not rendered, because three others, Messrs Withers Bayne and Latham, were waiting a bear rg lhe case is now ended, so far es the Jnstiee ia ooaoerned, who has given judgment in faror of Mr Woodhull for the amount of the note, with eosts and in terest from December 18, 1*54, when the note was protected for nonpayment. We are in firmed that Messrs Delden, Withers, Bayne, ?ad Latham. h%re given notice of their inten< lion to appeal totne Circuit Court. Di told his Lote ?Peter Bartley met one of tho?e y>ung women commonly known as "fallen angel*,"' wending her derious way throngh the streets. horn Peter is amorous? rery?and " lore at first sight'' overcoming Peter's prudenoe. he seised her roughly; the damsel, unused to rarh rough wooing, and not wishing U trouble the "gentle guardians of the night," collared Peter, and walked him off to the guard house, lhe Can tain treated bias kindly, (era him some good advice, and Peter departed to his nrtuous home. f Cbktrr .Vatket ?The prices of prorisions in this market are about the same as we have reported The ??ppiy was very fine, with the exception of aome few articles of do great im rortance Wood continues to be brought in y our reigbbor* of Maryland and Virginia *rd u i i. rrbcied rspidly ty enr cttliena. as fley g? it ct?i?;*r f;otn tb? w?gci;? tb?B **471m. Tbb Lbctubb at Columbia Hall.?The leoture of M. C Family, Esq , delivered on Thursday evening before the members of the Columbia Fire Company, (a notice of whioh was crowded out yesterday,) attracted a noatr oui and intelligent auditory. Among those preMnt we noticed the amiable and acoom plished patroneM of the Company, (Mrs. Pen dleton,) Conial-Qeneral Hits Alderman J C Fits patrick, Robert Milk, Esq., Dr. H. W. Miller, Dr. F. S. Walsh, and ether prominent oitisena The lecturer was introduced to the audience by the esteemed President of the Company. Capt James A Tait, who stated that Mr Farrelly had kindly yielded to the invitation to lecture, although tendered but two days previously The theme selected was, ?4 George Washington and his Com patriots and, although a great part of the lecture was extemporaneously delivered, it was a finished and masterly effort Nothing oould have been more chaste, beautiful, and eloquent than the portrayal of the coble char?cteristios and brilliant deeds of Putnaja, Starke, Greene 'Vayne, La Payette, Montgomery. De, Jefferson, Henry, Franklin, aiid other hcraes and sages of the Revolution. The contrast presented between Washington and N?po leen?the republican and the Corsican?was really grand and sublime Each antithe;ical sentence glowed with beautiful imagery, nnd was rapturously applauded. Indeed, every sentiment of the lecturer met with a warm response from the audience j and, for upwards of an hour and a h^If, he enchained their at tention. We never saw a ncore delighted assemblage At the close of the leoture Messrs Grennup, Hill, and Hughes, of the Amphton Quartette Band, entertained the com pany with some beautiful songs, executed in fine style? among them, "There's room enough for all." and u Washington's TJrave," being in admirable keeping with the exce'lent sen timents of the lecture. [COHMUNICATBT) | The H Strket Brii>oe ?Editora. I regret the neeeasity of again troubling you upon a subject whioh ought never to have troubled anybody, but t' * utter indifference manifested by our city a "*oritiea towards re. pairing H street bridge nands publi istion, as well as severe condenc ion. This bridge was broken and rendered impassable for car riages la<t Juiy. After a deUy of four wuutki, an appropriation of $300 was mnde for repairing it. This was lost November, and the bridge is tot yet mended. The only means of crossing the branoh is by fording it, and that is now accomplished only with the utmost difficulty and danger. The road is so cut up with ru s and full of holes that it has become necessary for perrons to walk over the bridge rather than risk a capsiie in the bran3h. Hiaht traveling is abandoned, un less compelled by dire necossity An accident occurred in its vicinity, a few nights sinoe. by which a buggy, containing two ladies and a gentleman, was smashed; a horse threwa in the ditch with a wagon on top of him, and but for this accident he would undoubtedly have been killed by attemp ing to cross the brid;e Is there no remedy for this evil?no means of Abating this nuisanceAppeal by person ani letter have been made to the Mayor in vain. The neglect is shameful and disgrace ful, and receives, as it deserves, most unqual ified censure. Please show ui? a remedy, and oblige yours, truly, An American. Washington, January 25, 1865. Dodge's Concerts ?The renowned Ossian E. Dodge, with his talented quartette band, make their first appearance before a Washing ton audience on Monday night, at Carusi s Saloon. Ihese anger* have met with great ?>ucce*e wherever they have been, whioh ia the bes* evidence of their real merits French, German, and Italian singera, who p>uied forth their sweet notes in a language mos: of us do not understand, have met with success in Washington, and we see no reason why the mirth making Dodge, and his excellent troupe of native artist*, wh sc full voice strike the key of the heart in our own rocther tongue, sh <uld not meet with auccefi also. Robert Heller, the great neeromanc er, i opens his I'tlace of Knchan'ment to-night, at ' Iron Liall, f*?r which groat preparations have j been made for the comfort and luxury of the ' au-Sienco. We presume it will be almoat neelle-s for us to add that a brilliant specta I cle has been prepared, and no doubl the hous? will be filled early. We would therefore say j toou- friends secure your seats as early as practicable. Military Parade ? Notwitatanding the severity of the weathor last night, our ^tree's were enlivened by the martial tnu>!c and handaouie procession of the Marion Guards, tCapt. bhekell ) They were out ft>r exercise and drill, and though but a short time or-1 ganiied, they exhibited a proficiency in mili tary movements which showed that they had been well disciplined Oi'R Imp '?Last evening it will bo re membered, we issued a slip containing im portant news from 'he scat of war. in our absence, our witty -devil" *e? himself to work on the types, and appended the follow ing: 4 The verv Latest.?We learn that the Cear want home last light, and beat his wife with the brooms'ick." which, no doubt, he received from his relative boiow The National To Niont.?The Kousset ballet troupe eommence their performances in our city t-> night, at the National Theatre. We assure persona now in this city, who have not yet seen this compiny, that they are at tr.e head of their profe?fion. Caroline Uou.'? fet is one of the moat graceful dancera living; while Corby, the comedian of the troupe, can not be excelled. False Alarm ?About two o'clock this morning aome persona started up Pennsylvania avenue from near Sixth stieet, crying fire The alarm spread, and in a few momenta bella were ringing, and firemen running to their stations considerable effirt to learn the cau?e of the alarm, we have given it up aa a bad job. and concluded that it was raised by seme fellow who wanted a run to warm him self. Ma? ai.libter " La Diahle-??n Monday night nest a crowd will, no doubt visit Odd Fellows Hall to witness the wonderful fea's of' the Wisard Maoallister. He has astonished the people wherever he has been by bis clever tricks, and will, no doubt, call out large nam bers to see him while with us. Mr G?i? Lester of Kentucky, if now in W?shio*t? n, will hear of a relative who, hav ing arrived in this city, desires to find him. He vwiil pie ise call, without delay, on Mr. Watt, superintendent of the grounds around the President's mansion. Watcb Returns.?James Weaver, assault ing his fsmily, iail; Musty King, drunk and disorderly, workhou<e 90 dayr, Peter Bart ley, assaulting a female, dismissed ?lORtETOW* COa&XBFOVDHOB. Jjseture of Mr. Brookr?Citu Councils? Weather?The Aiwroachmg liUetisn? The Poo r?Mi rkfts. Georgetown. Jan 27. 1856. At Forrest Hall, last night, there was a crowded audience to hear the leoture of Rev Mr Brooke, in reply to Rev. Mr. Maguire. Without attempting a synopsis of the leoture, we would remark that the contestants seem to be very well matohed, and of each it may be a aid "Plato, thou reasoneat well." We aup pose all partiea are well aatisfied with the demonstrations made; they ocoupy about the same position and opinion in relation to the snbjeot under discussion that they did before the controversy commenced. One good, how ever, is ;ure to result from it, if no other: the two lectures will yield some $350 whioh will be expended for the benefit of the needy and distressed. A Targe number of the clergy of Washington and our city was upon the stand, and others in the a dienoe, among them Fa ther Maguire The very best order was ob served, and the lecture was lis'ed to through out with marked attention by the entire au ditory. Oui City Councils were not la soasion last night The weather with us has again b cm piercing cold. Last night was as cold as any tf not the ooldeet of ihe season L*r?? q**n ?itif? of ice floating ab-?ot our barH.-j ihjs morning, and sue'.her nigh' such as the i*s', wui mkum iwh 11 im m tiA?itf?fat. Oar eoaiof municipal election imbi to caoae not tb? slightest exoltement m yet; all bands team to be lying dormant, prebably nursing their wrath to ke?p it warm, until the ?onlest oomes on We rogret to learn that tha Female Union , Benevolent Society stands greatly in nead of funds to oarry on their labors of lore and charity among the poor and destitute of our city. This i? the more to ba regretted from the faot that the contract for supplying tha poor with wood, out of the Coroaran fond, does not eall for the delivery of any during tha month of February. This, wa believe, is tha most difioult month in winter for tbe poor to obtain fuel, and unless our people are sensi bly alive to the importance of the matter, we fear that before the olose of winter there will be much suffering among them. The floar and grain marka* continue* in a feverish and unsettled state. Neither buyers or tellers appear to know what course would be best to pursue?consequently there is but little doing in the former, and that little is onfined mainly to the home trade The light stock on hand, and tha probability of naviga tion upon oar canal beingeloeed again, is likj Ij, we imsgine. to prevent it from going much below present prices, whatever ohangas may oce ir elsewhere It is held this morning at $8 75, aad higher as in quality Prime red wheat is bringing $1 90, and white $1.95 a $2. * Spectator. ALIXAHDRIA C0BRX8P0WDEJIC1. Alexandria, Jan. 26, 1855. Snow?birr?Potomac Navigation (Jomju%? ny?Amxisrment*?Ma'l?Sun Ftre Com pany. The snow still continues to descend, and from present appearances, we will have sleigh beils jingling merrily through our streets to morrow. Yesterday about noon, a frame carpenter shop, near the intersection of Duke and Alfred streets, caught fire, and despite the iremen's vigorous efforts, burni to the ground. The lots, very slight, falld upon the owners. Sev eral tenements in the vicinity were at times in great danger, but the vigilanoe of our firemen die not suffer the flames to spread. Tbe steamboat oompany for the Potomac trade, has deferred its organization another week At the meeting last Wednesday even ing, a large amount of stock was taken, and with the help of those likely to be benefitted in Maryland aad Virginia, it is hoped the design of the oompany will speedily be consummated To-night the inimitable Boon children per form at Liberty Hall, and on to morrow Mr. Tyrrell aad lady again appear at the theatre (laorge Barnwell, Perfection, and Black-Eyed Susan form the admirable programme, which we doubt not will be exhibited te the satisfac tion of the audience. The first morning mail to Wathing'on, leaves Alexandria at 10, and is opened in Washington ton about noon. Would it do any one harm if it left Alexandria at 8} and opened in Washing ton about 10 ? If not, we know some it would benefit very muoh. Our friends of the Sua, as will be seen by their advertisement in another column, pro pose uniting in the firemen's j rocession at Philadelphia next May. We learn that the major portion of its members are connected wiih the " Philadelphia Association." Ami. How lmesome the fire si ie where there is no newspaper' Ask the reader of the latest cow?, the usesul lessons, and witty sayings of the newep&per--a?k him iU value. Let him be deprived o it a few wselts. and then ask him to put an estimate upon it. Will he say that two or three dollars are too much ' No, ha will esteem it one of his greatest treasures, and value it accordingly. Whatever looks like persecution for re ligion's s ke binds men mora strongly to their croeds and to their religious teachers. The layman and the priest become united by a common sen?e of wrong and a common ani mosity to those whom they regard as their op pressors. Large quantities of cranberries are f>und on the chores of Puget's Sound, in Washington Territory, aud are shipped to San Francisco. n?T=? READY MAIlK CLOTHING FOB OKXTI.Ek'KN ASI) Youths' w??r ir.nntiNrtiirf! with t??io*n<4 l.jr NOA H W A I.K KR A CO., on?!?r Browns' Hotel. Their stork tmbrn^* Un Pslitotor Kartonl Overcoat, Onr??rk?, ?iul ; Ttlimta. M-nk ami blue Cloth Drf?* font*, Kr-wk r..?u of all color?, Camlmer, Bu>lnnu Suite*, ?lTet V?*i?, Silk*, *c., bU' k <l'>fl*kin Caiuiiintr, a<ure<t C???lm?r, nn<l plain Oamtimer Pantaloon*. Fur the youth?Jaiketo, Pante, Vest*, Overcoat* Ak they are Mr own man ufarturer* they are entbl*o an>l will ?ell at tl?e rery low< -t i>ricea. rthlrt" of anperiar lit. Collar*, Ulovea, Tie*, kc., of late *tylea always an hand. dsc 20? [V WATCHK*.?Mimber? of Conjtrex ? I'.i- r* "iu tt?' w*n? of a flr?t rat" timekeeper Would <!? well make a ^election al oB' ? that llielr ?|iialtty may be thoroughly te?t <?i b?fore leaving the <-ity. M. W. KAI.T A HUM'S a"#?rt meut was ne\er *3 complete at prewnl, eiiit.rm iiiK ? very description, all w arrm u.I, an<l .it priret . ??rtaiu'y ?* lowii ?iniUar article* ?n?u be pin-h????l for In any city In ttwa <-< nntry. JS. W. HALT A BkO.. jan '2f>??ltf I'a. avenue betwevii 9th and lotfi ?U HAaitiicn. ? hi the ijili instant. hv th?* Rev. Mr. Israel, Mr. JAMES II S ERR IN. Esq., to Mi*!" ARRABELLA FAGAN, both of this city. * On llo* *25lh instant, by the R. v John C. Smith. HICHAKfi CRUIT, Esq.. to Miss MAKY ANN CREAGER, botli of Georjtetown. UIKD mi, liicioili inbuilt, Mrs. ELIZABETH II. NEW MAN, relict oi ilir Utc <'ol. Francis Newman, of M tryland. Wants WANTEIl?A CLERK IN \ I?RIG STnRE, One who has come kiinwlfdp' of the busi nejs i* required. AddreM "Ilruggwt," Washington IK C. jan'27 lffAi rS NEOUOKS.-Thee ibeerlberear Vf all times in the narket Ouyint; 8LAVJE8. pay leg tbe hl(cb?nt cnah price*. Fersonc having Slave for *al* win pt?,^ eall at U1 PRATT 8TRBKT, Bal timore. old stand ) Slaves taken on board at 26 eeats yer day. f#b3?ly B.M.A W. L. CAMPB1LL. Boarding. BOARD1MO.?MRS. HALL having taken one of those delii;litiully situated Houses, Phil lip's Row. marble front, Mnn*aeliUselO- avniue, l?e (ween fitti and 7ih sirfetn, h?e I ir^c rooms either turmshed cr unfurnished, tor families. Also, can nccoinmodate a few single gentlemen with pleasant rooms. T ble and transient boarders accomniorfa l ed. Terms moderate. jan 2s 3t* BOAKIMNt* ?A lady having taken ttie hand some liwelliup, No. 3 Union Row. on P street, tx-tween 6tli and 7ih, ean offer fine la'g?- rooms for famdief. either furnished <?r umuriiL-hrd. Also, bas rooms for gentlemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table hoarders and permanent or transient per w?n* will be accommodated on the iflo*t reaamiable ternie. jan 32?lw* H AIR CLOTH. Just received a heavy supply of Hair Pealing ( of every width, which we offer at reduced rates. Also, enamelled and p'am figured Canvass,an ei cellent and durable substitute for Seating, at prices uncommonly low. ELVANS h THOMPSON, No. 3?6 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10t:i eU. jan $5?3t (Intel Si Organ) HEIFFOR'S AH M V RAZORS.?Gil christ's, Lecouire. and Wade fc Butcher's Ha too, just received and lor ?ale at low prtce?. Also, an extensive ot Pocket and Ta ble Cat erv. FiLVANS k. THOMPSON, No. 346 Pa- ave., bet. 9ih and lOili sis. jan 26?3t (IntelkOrgau) BAJIKUia HOUSX OF FAI&O A SOURSI, Oppoute United Stntn 7Vr?.tury. HONf)S, Stocks and Other securities purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of six jn r rent per annum al lowed on deposits when left lor ifO day* or longer, jan *21?fi'ii (>OOD NEWS from Hf>MR? JUST RE T reived 1ft# rnptm of ih?* above popular al the .Mum - Ik-put ui HILBIJS k IIITZi Corner I'cttiia- and 11th strei i. jail Id?If / 1ATHOL1C lOOKS?.A large and varied a*sort \ } ni? !?t of Cit'.boUc Works, meliiding Xt. Viucml 11101^3' Chri.nan's Gmd^j fleoi# of t tvo'}f>t? : ly ^Uhnp ir plain and el? ^nl ij'i ili? ? ^1 ir^v o?. i. ia.v, .ust received hi TAn.OR A MAlTKY -S im M AMU W* i For Bale and Pent h?OL*W CAM,niuhl ? n, MAOUIRE'S Hat Store, W*,, CM b, b? bit k,.d, S?S?^Tc?;<* tUx'V" " '"?""*<*?<'* Km JSSiT l^OR 8U,E?LOTS No*. 0,6 and * a .T No. <121 nrith ihe improvements Which"!!!* two two-story Ira in.' houses both, under rent ThI Lota are wi ll endowed Mid are in the square 'a.,,, ly north ol the residence of the |4U. CnntJiinWnl Kn?by and part on Eighth street eas?, an.! I.iii a f,.w yards Irom Hie Avenie, alnng which the ommbu -e, !Tr3oS&. Ad""" T- *? I - Jm" ->?o< K rven immediately. a L three story brick House and Store. \? ini Bridge street near the Market |fou*e,, untsinii., m room* and kitchen. :i pe-fectly drvellar can-ihlf- ,,i holding 90 cords of Jod. This "a fir" Uan2 tor twine**, particularly as the Falls Rr?|g. is now rl^r^!L ?" , To ? tenant the rem will |? 1 reMonah p. Apply in T. O. nONNOGIII'K. I *r>l\rSy co"v?'n,>Vn, containing (he rooms, kitchen and cellar, lately (inched, situate I on Lingan -street, near Hick's Oottaffe, one of the moat healthy and plea?enf situations in Georgetown Apply as above. t Tb n 1 Ian 94-2w* * ?* l^'ir KENT?F()" (>NE YEAR UK A TERM A. , V arj' 've" *?*"***"?<, commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling House, over the Music Store of Hilbus h Hit*, at the corner of Pa. ?._uu.Me '' contains seventeen frSfuaS u ,n which the kitchwi J? ?<tUHted. This u. a rare chance for a private ffcm ily wishing a large hou.e on Pa. avenue, or for a per ""J"'""' "if ^st ,oralion Washington for a large and well kept hoarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jao 13?tf fO? ALL.-Beautifully and healthily located Building Lou, 24 feu front by |:ju feet I .:?ep <>? graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at tli?- exceeding low pric- ol$75, payable *3 J,., mouth Title indisputable. '' 3 * ^ Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellow*' Hall, jan 9 bin JOHN FOX. Secretary. | CTORE FOR RKVT?THE ELIGIBLY SITU I :.j ?t7l Mlor,! on **"? avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, lately occupied by n*. D . HILBUS fc IIITZ. Pos-eseioii given immediately. Enquire at our Music Depot, corner Pa. av. and lllh street. jan J ?ti FJV5Ki!I??an..ti,-e ovvner ok "is iiomi: J HI LAD.?Having subdivided Squares No. 913 i aoo, and Square south of Square No. 'JI5, in Lot. *craglng20fcctlrontby 110 feet deep. I am now a? ranging from *? t ?l-o, and upon very accommodating terms, say thiee or five dollars per month until paid tor. "1"*? f"??t Maryland avui.p, betw. Hth and 9 h sweets east, and are situated in the most thriving pan of Capitol Hill. I have also Lots in various eectious of the city .riiPf"V<!i "l,d ,,n"nPr"v'd) that offer inducements to yiore desirous of making investments, or of ob tainmg a residence. GEO. F. OVER .. ? ^5^* on D' n#ar con'" itHh street weM. j?n o?dow OR 9ALB?THIS MODKRN I near Z ?eSS7 ? !Ioubc ton Thirteenth sti 6ide. The houae is in rood ronsir h r? oellsra, and to a good te lant the rent wjll he 'lo^ enonlrtNoTemb?r *rply to I <x?t 30?3m JA8.C. McQUlRg, Aac?r. ^#I'?**? Spokaa, Hprlng. *. ?A complete stock of i/oarli Trim I mings and Blacksmith's t;oods for sale bv v. n ELVANS k THOMPSON, Sr -f Pa ave ? hH??v??'n 9th and 10th st? I jan 25 -3t (IiitelfcOrgaw) Otntleatn are Ton Ready 1 FUKR..L.*,,i,?, HALL SHOOTING gallery BILLIARD SALOON RESTAURANT, ' C itrert, between 6^ and ~>th stx. T'K Wj" nfn!!H1 'TM ?? order * "y J L. Evans. Philadelphia. The Billiard R.k.i,, is furnished wuh Tablts ol the most npprov.-d style, by VV. J. Sharp. \. Y. In the Restaurant gentlemen will In- al jan?-,;V,^NkHAYWARD MY COURTSHIP k ITS CONSEQIENCFS hy Wikoff. P?w.. ?] 25, t>CES, Slavery m a New Ligbi and its Grand Results, by a , .. Citizen of Georgetown. Price 12'i cts. A Nislit m Buenos Ayr.s, a new drama in five acts, L. a V a 'tlE' " of Georgetown. Price 12U cts. 1 le !*cour, by VV. Gilmore Si mm* ; .*1.25 Ida May ; $1 25 Putnam's Magazine for F. bruary; 25 cents Ridlou's New Monthly i?T February; 10 els ? .odej'S Ladies Bo.?k for February; rts For sale l.y E K. LUNDV, jan 25?tf Bridge street, Georgetown. (1UT MAILS. J Wrought and Horse Nails.?Builder's Hard ware, 1 srpenter's Goods, fcc., at 39B Pennsylvania aveme EL VANS Sl THOMPSON, ... .. , .. Istween 9th and I0ih sis. jan . 1 - .1 (Lit?-|jiOrgan) W CLOSING OCT. STILL GREA-KR RBDUCTI0H IR DRY m 0C0DI! M. L V. ILLI A.MS, GE >KGETo\Y\, ILL sel the remaining stock of DumeMir* such as ? New York Mills. Warnessetta, Cotingum and otiiei of the most approved make of Blench*d'l'oi ton at cost, of which I have ag.Ki.l as^ortiiiti t ou hand, and also Irish Li.iens. Scotch Huckcl.aek and Riu-ia Diapers. Hosierv in great variety, su h l.adien' GeBi|e men's, Mines' an 1 Roys' llo?e and ^ h.-se'at P"me The ladies ar?- respectfully invited 10 call early if they want an assortment. And a general a^ortm. nt of jrt.ods which 1 will sell utfhoul rejcrence to eoH ! as I am determined to eioseout the stock previous to March l?t 1 jan 25 3t NAPliCB.'ll Enslish Battles and Sieg. s in the Peninsula, I vol, London. 1*54 I Manual nf field Operation, by Lt Jervis, Roval Ar | tillery. 1 vol, 1*52 The Young Officer's Companion, by Col Lord de Kos, 1 vol, 1851 The War in Russia and Germany in If 12-13, b\ Col Cathcart, (killed at lukertnan) 1 vol. maps Hii'l diagrams, lb50 Six Familiar Lectures, by a field officer, 1 vol, 1H5I General Wolfe's Instructions to Young Officers 1 uv*'' (<"?t of print) 1768 i he Mediterranean, a Memoir. P ysical. Hi^'orical. ?P54 > y RCIt ^myth, I vol, I 1 he Miscellaneous Literary Works 01" Gem ral Bnr 1 Royne, 2 vols, (out of print) Ir08 J8" -1 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE Illustrated Composition Book, coata nuig di rections, subjects and Blank leaves lor compo 14 ,lon? w''h heautiful original illustrations I his Itook enables I he pupil to choose riihjects and arrange and write compositions with Hut little aid from the teacher, and to pr* serve them in a neat and permanent form. Becker's Ornamental Penmanglup. a series ot aua lytibal ane finished AlphaH?-ts of plain and ornamen tal P"'?t, German text old English, church text, 1 I ound Hand, Italian and German Epistolary Text, 8LC ? f The Universal Stair Builder, illustrated l?v 29 plates, bv R A. Cupper, Architect. * 1 New Books, b v the author of The Retrospect 1 .. 7i',C V'i!8** J,""tnr? rt,e Village Observer, and the Village Church Yard Hours of Otirisuan Devotion, by Dr A 1'holurk Twenty Pictures from Switzerland,sketched from I nature, then arranged and finished by R? v. Ce?ar 31 a 1 an, ij.u. Rem Jin* of the R. v. Wm. Howels. by Rev. VV R I GRAY k BALLAlfTVNE, jan 24-Jt 498 Seventh st PA&TLES, SOIBEEST^^ Having made airangeoteuU v 1/ pVHIHIHB which insure a constant sup W J tf ?\f JP'yotall new and fashionab e^V^ European and Amencan dance Mu sic, the undersigned i? prepared 10 attend personally on abo -e occasions. * ' (irders lert at Ililhas & Hitz' Music Depot, or my residence, on Hth street, one door above F, will be promptly "(tended to. j. E. SCHEeL. jaa 13 2w Professor of M -sic. BRiTIAu SJ,ATE3MEV._Lives of Aberde.nJ Riu^ell, Palinerston, Graham, Gladstone, kc., 1 vol, London, 1854 Thi-ty Tears of Foreign Policy, a hittory of the Se cretaryships of Aberdeen and PaTmerston, 1 vol. Loudon 1855 1 Bee dell's British Tariff for 1854 5 Special Report to Parliament on the manufactures Vork Industrial Exhibition, by Special Report to do., on the machinery of do., by Whttworih I Special Report to do , on the Raw Materials and I Agriculture of do., by Wilson Special Rcjmui to do , 011 the Geological Department or no . by Lyell BarneUl'b Staiisocal Companion tor lhcl Rickard's on Population and Capital, 1 vol, London don 1854, complete Pet (scared) of the. BnUsti Almanac and Companion from its com me n e> ment in lt*?e I FRANCE TAYI f?R 1 )Ot JvL i una <411 'ftc Diaijt ? for Ip^j ,t<r -J. fey ?rMT fMNOjt TAVLQ#/. Auction Piioi Great * attractive sale of ch' ut A WD VALUABLE BOOK* AT ACCTION. Commencing on FRIDAY EVENING, January 46th, 1R55, at 4T4 Pa. arw?i?e, at 7 o clock each evening. i i Stock all new and perfret, direct from New York | Trade Sales, comprising the choicwwt and best >r I looted assortment, Foreifn and Domestic, ever of fered in the market, consisting of School. Clawcai. Law, Medical, and Wr**e?Mneous Bo<?fc*, In every depar.m<?nt of litlvature. Bibles, Piajer Book*. Blank Book*, k,r., a great varitjr Annual* and Holiday Pre enu fo' IW5 Agricultural Works, ?ome MdUKltnl author*, :ti'< new and popular works in print. Amer'can and F.n ftiah Gold and Steel Pen* of extra quality l>iarie?, Pocket Memorandum*. Porimoiira es fc< The above *tnck will In* open for eianiuilim', and offered at auction every evening until lie rnw e stock shili be disposed of. The **le* of thi* eTten*ire and magnificent mo. k will H? coni:?i-ted by Mr. J. W. Rhode*. late of X York, and offer* unusual facilities for oldaitiinf Book* at a price to suit the time*. jan 46 1 w* By J. C. HcOlllRKi Aaciloarrr. fJURNPTURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECT* ?'it Auctiog ? On WFDNESDAY morning. th? 31st in#1a*t, at 10 o'clock, at the store of H. Lmbor cer, on P?. avenue, near -0'h >-treet, opp >?iie Wc>4 Mark t. I shall sell all hi* stock in trade and House h? Id Furniture, comprising? Mahogany Sofa, Lounges, Rocker* Marble top Tabli**, innhogany Burraus Cane and wood seat (Thalrs, LookingOIsmi i Bedsteads. mahogany Crib., Easy Chair* Wa*h?tand*. Toilet Sr>ts, Clocks Feather Bed.-, Bolster* and Pillows 12 superior hu?k Mattresse* Cottage rhimber Set Gilt frame M ntel Gla-? Carpet*. Oilcloths, Mattings ? 'rocken and Glassware t'ooki g and other Stoves Kitchen Utensils, fc.c. AI*o, nn excellent on# horse Wagon. Terms: Ji'i and under cash; e\er thai mm a credit of WO and 90 days, for notes sau-Uetorily en dorsed, b? anng interest. J AS. C. McUI'IRH, jan '24?d Auctioneer. KBW LIVEN ft C0TT0I 60008. JUST received and will be ><>1(1 at fair low price* f?r cash; or to < ur most prompt customer*. We name in the lot US pieces 6 4, 0 4, 10 4, 12-4 bleached and brown l-he? 11<>s Cotton^, all of the best brand* 150 do aiipeiior We -ched and brown Shirting Cott<?ns fioni to lb cents |* r jard 75 do all pure SliLung Linens, ranging from 31c to ?1 per yard, wlti :la we kaow to be very cheap 10 dn fiue Linen Sheetings and Pillow ca?e Im eas A larg variety of Tabic Diapers, Bleached Ji brown Table Cloths Daiuask Napkins, Hackubac and many other Tow ellings, Scotch and Russia Diapers, Cloth, Linen and otton Table Covers With many oUi?r de?irable (roods whieh we de sire purchaser* to eiamnie before making their se lections. observe that all abides sold at our estab lishment are warranted to prove as represent-d. lOl.LEY k SCARS, No. 54*4 Seventh si, 3 doors above jan 20?eoiiw Avenue House.. D^VIS'd pOF.MSjast received and f.?r sale by ALEX. A DAMSON, Seventh st., opposite the Po-I Office. He is agent for aP the Cheap Publications, Mac a tines and Newspapers; Harper'-, Putnam's, Gn? ham's Magazines ami Lady's Book at *2 50 a >?. r. Lon<lou Illustrated New*, Bell'* Life,T'liie , Punch received bv every ?teamer. The New York Heald Time* and Tribune reecivod every night and deliv ered to mbscrihers. He keep* constantly on h?nd a large assortment ofBlank Hook". Pens. Ink, Pa per, Envelopes, Playin* Card*, Visiting ?'ards, Chil dren's Toy Books, Primers, Knapp it Riglnmyrt'e Copy Book* wholesale and retail, kc. j an 4?I til BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH?" Healthy gums, and a sweet breath. All who are desirous of obtaining these bene fits, should ufe 7.RRM tELERRATED TOOTH-WASIL This delicious article etniibiues so many merHorions qualities, that it has now be come a standard fti\*orite with the eitiz* us of New Y<?rk. Philadelphia and Ba tiniore. Dentists pre *crlbe it in tlieir practiee most successfully, and from every source the most flattering laudations an awarded it. Inflamed and bleeding gum? are immediately ben ??fitted by its u*e; it* acti?n ii|ioii them is mild, soothing and effective. It cleanses the tri-Ui s?. thi roughly, that they are made to rival pearl in whiteness, and diffuses through tin* moutli such a ?lelichtfiil freshness, that the breath is rendered ei f|iiit-itely sweet. It dislnfe -t* all tho?e hnptirities whieh tend to produee decay and a rnnw tjuence, wiien these .ire reufnveJ, the teeth must alway? re main sound. It i< u*ed and reconiuiended bv all tlie ennnen' Dentist - in New York, Philadelphia, Raltni ore, and ofher cities where ii ha< be n introduerd. All should give it a trial. - Prepared only liy FRANCIS ZF.RMAN, Diiityi t and <Vieini?t, Ninih and Catharine streets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Dmr-ist-- everywher.*, at 25 cents per Imitle. \V. II. GILLMMV, jan 17?3m Ayent f>ir VYa*luii?toii City. /1oVGRESSH?\ VI. DIRECTORY. The Geo?ra|?iea> and < '<? Gazeue^-a monthlv putdieatHm devoted to (divsical, eoin mereial, and i*dit?eal <?eo?raphy, edited bv an :???*.*ciation of practical and Scientific joie tleilien Snbreripiioii pel aiiiiuin, -mcle number -J't "ents. DisturnellV Rinlway tluiile lor January? pr?ce L?T> crnu, with imp jan 13 FIAWCk I AVI.?iR._ UNION ACADEMY. ( omrr of Fhur'.*r*th tt. and Nrw Vnrk ar. i, w. AFKW m re pupils can be receired to make uf the limited nviniwr. Atphcation ranst be rnnile soon. The disciplioe, instruction, snl men. of illustrsiion are sueb as to iusure rati&factory pro gres la those tuplls who aie punctual, regular and obedhot. Circular* at the Bookstore* d?c .10?."m Z. RICHARDS, Principal. TI1E ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN hX>R THE CURRES'T YtU1R. THKIistis now open, and every rul-wnlsr ot $5.50 will ent tied to? I. An impressiox of a Plate, by J. T- Willm??re A. R. A.,from the oririaal picture b> J. J. Clia Ion, R- A., "A Water Party " II. A Volume containing thirt) Wood E -gt^vings illustrating subjects from Lord Byron's Poem ot" " Childc Harolde." And III. The chanceol obtaiinng one oi the pri/.e? to he allotted at the general meetiig in April which will include? The r glit to select f<?r himself a valuable work ot nrt from one ol the public evhibiuon*. Statuttes in bronxe of her Majesty on Horseback, by T. Tle>r ueycroft. Copies in brot re, from an or.ginsl Model in relief by R Jefferson, ??f ??The E> try of the Duke ol' Wellington into Madrid Statuttes in pore-lain or piirian. Pn of Impression* of a large Litln? raob byT. II. Magnire, after the original picture by W P. Frith, R. A.. "^The Tliree R? ws," Irom Mo here's u B mrgeois Gentrlhomme." Honorary Secretarie* for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR k MAURY, Bookseller*. jan 24 HEW AND IlTEEFBTUrO I BOM CH TV A JUST received, a ict ?if Gunpowder, Ini|>eriaL Young Hy*on, Touchong and Oolong Teas, m half and quarter chests, of lat importation-. Also, a lot of pinnc Ritytfid J va Coffee-, which we will sell by the ha; I^Bfr jhan they can be pur chased in Washington. Cash buyers will find it to their advantage to give ue a call. - HALL & IIENNING, Wholesale and Retail Dealeis, Nn. ft 10 Seventh ?t. 3 doors below jan 23 - eo3t < ?dd Fel.'onHall. T. H. PHILLIP8' 00ACH FACT0KY, " 47 f Kigbtb st ,adjolniug hatn-j's Livery .-tab's* OWINO to the inerea*ed trids ?M? a generous publl has bestowed upon m*, I have be-r com piled to erecta new and larger bull in?< for th? e rrylug en of mt business. Fl?r* I shaJl bs su1 abled to zecu'e all ord*rs entrusted t m? wlfti greatrr tac IIHes and dispa'^uand I wculd res out ? fWly solWI a coutlnnance *wn?e pubH *s pat on?^ Oirri'g-s aul Wagons, of th* m^st mod rn sty e, built of ths beet mater als, and warranted tc xlve satisfaction. ? ..epairsot avery l*sctiptlon puneteally attenlwf to. Por sals, cheap, a second-hand Clarance Carriage, nearly new ac2?-U HTsEMKKNy JEWELER, iWa. 380 Pa. aienur, kttween Wk and HVA *(r<*/<., Offers Ibr sale a magnificent as-^rtment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Brace'et*, Breastpin-, Earrings, Seal Rings Weddiug Ring4, Fob and Yesi Chains, Seals, IaIi cts, Pencils. Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All article* are warranted as represented and s< Id unusuaMy low. j n 1H GLEN WOOD CEMETERY. THE Rules and Regulations, and the act ef met poration of the Glenwuod CtaRery have been published in a neat pamphlet lor?. Any one w ich mg a copy e<n receiv it at the otfirr <?t i|(. Ceme tery or at ihn t>unier of the S ai oft-e. jan ti? 1 ru SICOHDHARD PIANOS Ftll BALK OR REN P.?We haws in store fear Piaivs. iw*> of Chiekenng and two t*f Andre Stem-, whwh we '4Tei lnv for r? h or eood nctev, or will irat m? .leraie te?i?? ?V. H Mu'i? ttiiieciad to nit?i?.w -n ? > it'* F LLLle, 990 ?fti ?r?.'i?i TELEGRAPHIC. Kij rtttij fir St Hily Bnaiif !Ut it . N?w Oauaant, Jaa. n -1, attempt Mm been made i, U4.eity fcy tk? aeeoeiated pm. * *? ~?l?aitnrt in the P* ng aftcat 1? contuquenee of which there mook ?Mita^eat ?ou thu eralt T? l.... km b?. ))?]., M .ku* were unaaimoeely adopted agaiuttU; r*iuc t .vn. Thieiljiifaiiof pritttn. An ad drees bat bMB publitbed by tba Uaiou eaatiouiM ibair fellow craftsmen in all portion* of tha t cited Statu to bevare of falM representa. ti^ns, and warning them to heep away from the eitjr for the present, as there are large numbers now idle among them. The greataet exoitement prevail! La teat ttoh Tazaa New OrLeant Jaa 25 ?The Orisaba has arrived with date* from Jfexioo of tha 19th. The papers report several tarntttft 1 attacks bj the O T erca ent troope upon tha insurgeat foreet The ratolutioe it said ta be crushed in Ojeea The formal occupying of the Meeil la valley by tha United Statet authorities to alto announced by the Mextoaa papers Fir* in Hartford HaRiroRi?,Jan 27 -Thetobaceowarebouee and manufactory of Ira Baxter, (lata Fuller A Burnbsm s) war destroyed by fire latt night. The loet in ttockt it reported at $10,000, and the building at $2,^00. The insurance on tha whole, 5,000. Election in Louisiana Naw '.'RLEars, Jan. 26 ?Mr Slidell hat been re fleeted to the U. 6 Senate Motn.a, Jan 26?The marriage of Julu Dean to Dr. Hayuet. of South Carolina. ha? been oontummated Baltimore Market Baltimore Jan 27-Flour-Sales of bOO bble. Howard ttreet at $8 50. Wheat U ready, salet of 3,000 bushel*, white at ?1 90a|2 red at Sl-Maf] 05. Corn?Sales of 16,000 busht white at 84a86c , yellow at 85a07c. Hew Orleans Markets New Orleans, Jaa 26 ?Cottoo htt de clined i , tbe talet of Monday and Tuesday ware 12 000 bale* middling at 7 Jahc Death of an Xx-ftaoator Boston, Jan 27 ? Hoa. Luther Severance, of Augusta, Maine, died on Thursday last. Departure of the Barmann Naw York, Jan 27 ?Tha Hermann sailed this morning with thirty-five pattengert and $23,000 in apeoie Weather in Few York New Tost. Jaa 27?We had a heavy gale latt night; to-dty ii is clear and caid. Weatk?r in Ogdensbarg O&penkbi'rg, J .in 27.?A funou* snow storm has been raging bere for thirty six hours Hew York Markets New York. Jan. 27 ?Cotton icuiaine firm and unchanged Flour ia unchanged with a moderate demand at previous rates Southern is dull, with talec of 1 200 barrels at $8 75 affr 12J Wheat is upward and firm Corn? firm and wi h an upward tendency. Pork is upward and firm Beef it unchanged with a moderate demand at previous rates Lard is downward and dull?stle* at $9 I2?afl0. Whisky?tales of Ohio at 34fs*J5c Hew York Felines Ai.bixt, Jan 2f? ?The Democratic Bard Shell Committee, at tbeir meeting laat night, resolved to ?tand by their principle* Tbey consider tbe recent election a* no t?t, but clearly et'abiitbing tbe fact of a want of con iidence tn the adnnni.-t'ation. The committee ttroLgly endorse Daniel S. Dickintcn. 7h- Saidmian Criminals New York. Jan 26 - Order* ba*e been re ceived bere frou. Watbicgton, by Mayor Wood, dt: o>'lii g tbe reiture of tbe Sardinian frigate eipeoted here witb a large number of crimi nalt uu board, at sooa aa she arrive* anl de tain ber until an investigation i? had G1 OLD t*lI,VEIL, STEEL R PLATED SPEC f TACLES t?? -uil cv? i> U dmg S|htis, K. R GUn^h, l'!",j Protector.-. Rye (Jla-y- ?>t' all di scnji lion", Kcaiiiii|( Cogglea; fcc., - ? Parabol.i, rcnfiival, Ci?C4Ve, ?'nnv?i. and ('iiNfd *5l i~ -+f |>*it i i lram<-? at tin- -horu-M inrtjce. ill want of gU?*e* may (m- Mirr to git thoar H|iich (m ii> (it lli?- eye at II. SKWKEVS, No. 330 Pa avenue, betw. SHIi and HHIi ?i?.. jan 'JO SILVER PLATED WARE~" PLE TK t uffee ts-ts, t*Asior?,I'ak? Unit Ha-kt-t*, Waiters on wlnte uicUl, Tahlf, IK> <wrt. and T?-a ??no?iii? and Fork., doul?r?> and l<Ut<-d on Albau, tbe be?! *uli-uiut?* lor Mlv? r. v*ar rdiit^'d and fnld by M. ^EMKF.N Xo 330 Pa. avniu", tx tween Mh and I'U.i at?. jan IJI SILVERWARE AVI-RY pr* lty anaortneni ot 8?lvrr t'nfrf f*et?, Pitrb?^K. HoMrt*, Cup , Cr'-un". and all kmda of S|mkhix and Korka. and a variety ol Fancy Silver war**. TOifaMe for pre^ento. via : Soup and <>yal?T Lad)?, i ? uii.t Hrraper*, A?ti, |mc and < ak< Kinwa, Crc?ni and flpewtia, etc., is oflen d at low |?i cea, and warranted iHerting. H- SEHKEN. Ko. 330 I'a. avenue, bet. 0th and lUih aa. 10 CHARLES WALTERS GENERAL AGENCY ANI? INTELLIGENCE UTFICE, NO. &5* SEVENTH ST. nrrotiTi < CMTiifc. aaaaiT. <>6icc bour? fnnii 9 to 1*2 a. hi . <tnd from 2 ?o 3 p. ui. jan 17 - lui* notiueT TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COICEBH. I HAVE tbu d#4 received and opened a grrat vari ity of CLOCKS, WATCHES, and JE?N LLBV. Good Ooclm from fl 30 to fli, all warraitud one year. Alao, eold and Mlver V\ ai? b? in great va ru-ty, ?lver VVaich?i? frotn if to $3i> , fid lever Watcher from fiB to fl 50 and a frrat aaeortment of Jewelry, all of v>luch will be arid cbea|ier tRa- . goo<l? ot namr quality can be boufbt in tbi* oty. Tltoae m i!<hinc to gel ?o?<| Dock* would do* well to buy fWim me. aa I put all my Clock* in order be fore aelling the a. Call an t >ee for yourvelvct,. at the < 'lock k Watcb Emporium of J. ROBINBON 340 opposite Browna' HouJ. jan 10? lm (Intel) PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. NXW and aaeo d band PI AWoB, of my ew? and ?everai oth'r factortea, are always lo^eim >e had at mv liano Warerocm, oa ?nth tt, between fa. avenue and B it. * f * * " 91d Plana* tak*n tn exehaafa. Tuning alto attended tn. F. 0. BBTCHBNRACH P 8 ?A taw very low pr ead eec~nd baod Planot rom |<i for aale. dre i?Sm ABNT, So B# hridft rtrret, O*orgetotti, 11* |>repared to lumi<di Ban a. Dtwxvaa, So-r l aa Wibmmw, R.C., witb everytiiutg in ibe Con fee tonarv line^ in any part ef Ihe Diatnct at the ?lio*t ?t iKMi^e, iiud oa tbe uKwt reasonable u rma. jan 19? tf nE B'>n"S RCVIEW fx?R JANCtR . ?uat pub laRtd Slid IU tide. Sub-< h^u h" per uiuum. fKAWCK TA\?.?'B. pOBRMN MIMIC? r Con*i"Hnf of th* c<>mpoail?ona of ThalWra. Prudent. G >ria, ifar??, Y?", " 'eoRiwjH, * \v luktei, Hrufur, BUiitlei. etc, etc . JM?-If BBJWdfc WT*

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