Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 6
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* Fleetwood Aeodemy, and Miller** T*r?rn, to T?77^hAnc <*-, 6miiefl ud bock, twice a Leave Richmond Tuesday and Friday at 8a m Antra at Tappahannick' same 4aya by p m Leave Tappahaanock Wed&esday and Snwrday at 4 a m Arrive at Richmond same dare by 7 p m. 4M3 From Tappahannock, by Dunnsv He, Centre Croee, Hontague'e, Jamaica, Church View, Crbonno, Saluda. Glenn'a, and New Upton, to Glouoeeter 0 H, 67 miles and bock, twioe a VHfc Leave To p(?hannock Wednesday and Saturday at 4a m Arrive at Glouoestw 0 H next days by 10 a m Leave Gloucester 0 U Hoc day and Thursday at 11 a m Arrive at Tappahannock next daya by 4 p m. 4948 From Baloda, by Locust Hill and frm Shade to Sandy Bo .torn, 19 mile* aad bock, twl.-e 1 week. Leave Saluda Monday and Thursday at 12 m ?V ?Arrive at Sandy Bottom aame daya by 4 p m Leave Sandy Bottom .Monday and Ihuraiay ft! Oam Arrive at Saluda same days by 11 a m. 49&4 From Tappahannock to Warsaw, 8 mike one biek, twice a week. Leave ^appahanncck Tuesday aad Friday at i p m Arrive at Warsaw aame daya by 6 p m Leave Warsaw Tuesday and Friday at 6]^ p m Arrive at Tappabannock aame daya by v p m. 4905 From FtUr.burg, by innwidjie O 11, Wyo latnj, Sturgeonville, Burnt villa, Lrfrwisvilte Forkaville, South Hill, Lombard/ Grave, Ce darso, and Bwvdton, to Raadoipa Maeou Col l-VS 90^4 m'J?a and back, tbree timw a vfcek. L*ave Petersburg Tuesday, Thursday, u^tat urday at ? a u Arrive at Randolph Macon Collage aame dayi by 9 p m Leave Randolph Macon College Monday, Wad aeaday, aad Jfcday at 6 a m Arrive at Fetersbnrg aame daya by 9 p n. #91) From Ckriouaville, by baoiareet, Rochelle, Mad ikon 0 li-, l rigler* villa, Marks villa, and Alma % to New Market, UJ miles and back, three time a week to M&jlsoa U. 11., and twice a weal reJdne Leave Gorlonsville, Friday, and Satui day at 9 p m Arrive at Madison C. II. came daya by 8 p m Leave Jdadi?>n C. U. Tuesday, Thursday, &n< Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at Gordonsvill* famo day* by 12 m Leave Madifiou 0. tl. gun lay anl Ihurs-Jay at I a 111 Arrive at N?w Market rauie Jays by 7 p in Leave New Market Monday and Friday at t a 111 Arrive at Madison C. Q. rarne days by 7 p m Fmpo.ais for trl-weekly u?ryioe on whute rout* w >11 be ronndered 4wi4 I run Charlottesville, by North 6arden, Gir land's, Coveavilie, Cak Lawn, Loving t jb, Ret 3d Us, New QU'gow, Amherst (J. H , aud Coc Veil, Uj Lynchburg, 04 lu.les aud back, thrv \iaioa a weok l^ave Charlotteavilie iiotiiu} , Wida^uny, *Ui FYiday aiSpia Arrive at Loving*ton ealae days by 10 p in Le.ivo Lovingfctou XUeAlay, XXiu. >iay, .uid gal urday at b a m ArriTe at Lyucnbnrg .am.) days by 13 m Lotive Lyucnburg Monday, V> oiceedny, and Fri day at 6 a in Arrive ut CoeesvLi* ealie days by 3 p m Le?ve Oc>vo?vllie,, aud Satui day at 7 a m Arrive at CLarkttoevill* r&me daya by 10 a m 491a From t.iuuioiu?ville, by Uydraulic Mill , Far Wjsviile, aui Iroe Lnion, to jiilllubU>n, ^ m.lee anl back, ouce a wetrk Leave Cfcsrwtu?.-ville ta'.uruay ut 1 p m> or a?'U arrival of care frum Riebuivnd Arrive at Mill Ion eame day by 7 p ui Leave iliuu^Wa tatarday aiiiam arrive at ?narluWeevllie ?an)r day by li m 4elO Fr^m Charlotte v,ll?. by Oj\or? l'rilgw, t fcvi'oville, ^1 nuk-i acd ba.k, tbr?-o tiaie? i week. Le??-? Cfcariottesville Xce-jday, 1 uur*Jay, an, Saturday al G a m Arrive at ecuttmlle fame days by 11 am jL?*. e bcottsvi^e Weinescay, * ridsy, stid Tun Cay at 1 p m Arrive at tnariw'taevi-k ranw days by 8 p m 4^17 t roai Ureei.woc4 Lo^ot, by Avon, Greenfield liocs Fisti, asd ilvunt L-^rab, to Lovui^tton t*,e~i e, by Variety iiiliji. to Ty? Rjtjt Wart tV rnikea and back, ta L? a vr*?k L?iv e Greenw^ud Lepot M edneacav and F&tui day at 1 p m at Luviogftos fame days by 8 p a Le*v.. Lovt^gs.on Monday and Iburtday at II a m Arrive ?t Tye I'.iver Warehoue, bam? d?y? by ] p in Leave Tye Barer Worehvtue Mcnday aalThuri day at 3 p m Airtve at Lovrngst^i f *mo'days by S p ta Leave L^ving.-tvu V< ?Ji^ day and Saturday at < a m Arrive at Greenwood Crpot same daya by 12 m 4918 From tireeuwuoi Lepot, by Bateaville, Nort] Garden and Garland'a, to gcottsvillo, S)> imlea anl back, twice a week Ltave Greenwx>i IXpet WoJEeaday aud l\k!a at t p m Arrive at tcolfviHo fam? day? by 9 p m Leav^ ^cottaviUe hU Saturday at a lit Arrive at CreeiwocU IVpot ran^ days by i p m 4919 Frca Mo^hum's RiVcr, by Mcremau^ River to Brown's Cove, 9 imli* aud ta k, cnoe 1 week Leave Mech-im's Rlvw Saturday at 2 p si Aak? at Brewu's Cora same day by ui Leave Brown'* Cove Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at Much urn's River same day by 12 m 49*30 From kufl^Io tiap. bv Craigavill*, B-jii's Valley 1-anther Uap, Milloro' Cpringa, and ft'aa' Creek, to CUlton *orfce, 43 mi lea and bad cnce a weea L?ave L utiaw GapThurwlay at 7 a m Arrive at CUftun Forge same day by 7pm L are Clifton Forge Frieay at 7 a 1a arrive a'. Huflalo Uap ean# cay by 7 p m i*rvp.;? >jj? for a tecozd weekly trip are lnvlt*d 4e*il lrorn White fcolphur tsprin;a, by AatLony' CVeex anl Rat^^-'s tiepose, to Mountui Grove, 3?J mii oree a week Lmv? Wluie SuJ^^P'Bpringa Ihorsday at a u Anive at Mountain Grove 6ame day by 6pm Leave Mountain Qrove Friday at # a m Art lie at White dulphur Spiings tame day by p m *922 1 A? LewLburg, by Marsba^kville, Blue S11 j.* jr bf rings, Racky h;ll; and Bowyer's Knot tu la> ei utviUe, 53 miled and back, once 1 week Leat . Leviilcr^ Tbcreday at 9 a ui Arrive at FayotteViU-? noil day by 13 lu Leave Fayet.evilie Friday at 3 p m Arrive at Lewi*burg neat day by 0 p m 4933 troau Lewiabarg, by Browu&ville, krankfoij Maykvllle. Fall ng rpriug, Little Level, Aead erny, la^biUa, and 11:1) Volnt, to lluntersvUl? Ci uxilex and back, twice a week. Leave Lewisburg Monday and Thursday at a m Active at Hunttrtvllle next day at 11 a m , Lrave UunteravUle Tueaday aad Friday at p m Arrive at LewUburg next days by S p m. I'io^o ale to ?i.d at Marlin'a Bottoni, instead < Munt-r.viile, are invited. 4904 Fr^m Hist* rrville, by Foantaln Grov, to Bit O. ? , *5 milee and back, twice a we?k. Leave Hnat^rsville Tuaoity and Friday at \ Pin I Arrive at Bath C. H. ?m? day by 8 p tu " Ltave Bath C. H. Wedneeday'and Saturday at i a m Arrive at Huct<>rsville aum day bv 12 m. 4931 Fr^m Mayevillo, by SrrstfS, to Cliatnnville.O! the Jam-s Kir?r and RaLawha T'l-npike, 1: mil** and back, onre a wr ek. Leave Maysville Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at ClRteuvtlle aame day by !1 a m w i ?ave Cltatonvtlle Saturday at 18 m ~ Arrive at Mayrville same day by 3 p m. 4930 Fivm MayaviBe by Cherry Bottom, to Erwns viJle. 14 mfl?f and back, '-no* a week. Leave M*y*viU4 Mtadsy at I a n Arrive at BrownMrtlle nue day by 11 a m Leave Brownsville Mocday at 12 ui Arrive at Mayrville earn* day fcy 4 p ra. ?v?T From Clintinville, by bij Clear Creek, ftm* lllQ, and fowler's Knob, to Nicholas C. H., 4! mil* and ba:k. once a week. Leave ClintcnviUe Thursday at 5 a u Arrive at NULuIm 0. H. satus dty by 9 p m Leave Nicb- 'm 0. H. Friday at 0 a m at QiBtonvilM eaiue day bv 9 p m. from MeaooW nmtf, by Blue Sulphur Springs Palestine, and Kgypt, to Red 8nlphur Sprlnga, 89 miles and bock, cnoe a week. Leeve Meadow Fluff Saturday at Oa m Arrive at lied Sulphur ?pringa same day by { p ru Lea^e F.ed Sulphur Springs Friday at 6 a m Arrive ai Meadow Bluff same day by 0 d m. 4V29 I rem *ount?'n Ccve, by CHfvy, to KfeeltVi Cross Ian?i, 14 miles and back once a week. Laave Mountain C<?veMonday at 13 m Arrive at Keesl?r's Croee I^xnes same day by 4 p m L??ve KeoeVr's Croa? Lsn<? M -nday at 7 a in Arrive at Mountain Cove day by 11 a m. 4930 From Oaol?y FridjTS by Cotton ttfu, Fsyette villo, Loop. Raleigh U. H, Shady Springs, jampinn^Jranch, Fnck 1iFtrry, a?d Mouth of ? - H^a to Bod Sulphw Springs, 7T gwiw ^ tistfk. enoe a week. I^ave Oanley Bridge Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Red Sulphur Fpringa next day by e Leave Red Sulphur Springs londav at S a m Arrive at Gauiey Bri-Lja next day by Jim Bix more hewr mnnlng time, from 1st October to lit April, will b? given, li required. Proposal* for a ?wor<l week'y trip >r* igvlttd. 4081 IJriaa MkkolMa U, by tatetn Cra-k, Jerrya Fork, Twenty-Mile Cr??k, Roun 1 Tree Fork, l*etberwcod. Flk *1t r. sal Bi r fatdy, to Clenden Run, 60 mila? asd back, o, c? a wtfk. Leave Nicbol*a C. H. lhuraday at T a in Arrive at deaden Bit* r*xt djv by 12 m l*ave ClenO iPun 1 rW'.y at l" p m Arrive at ttkholis 0. H. next .Jay by 7 p m 4032 From Kanawha a H, by JemtCs Ford. ?nd Cl?nd^nli), to Walton, tb?nce by Koxalana, Ilenrie's Forte, Araoldabnrg, and ?t"er Creek, to Gl?cnvill?, 75 miles and bark, onw a wwk. Leave Kanawha C. M. Tuetdiy at 5 a m ArriTe at Gl*nrvillp next day by 7 p m L?*ve Glenav lie Iburrday at 6 a n. Arrive at Kanawha C. H. next day by 7 p m. 4983 From Kanawba C. H , by Pocotaligo, ?i?on vilie, and Hsmmack, tj Ja:kson G. H., id mils* ac<l bark, odm a week. Lmk Kua*ba 0. li Wednesday at 4 a m A rrive at Jaek?on C. H. same day by 8 p m Leave Jacksou U H. Tuesday at 4 a m Arrive at Kanawha C. H. same day by 8 p m. 4934 From Kanaxta 0. tf., by Saua Creek, Peytaaa, Bal lard-tv ill e, Hewittvllie, and ChapmaBsviUe, to Lo,an 0. U., ?4 rnlee and ba.k, once a we?k. Leave Kanawha C. II. TuetJay and Fri Jay at 1 p m Arrive at Logan 0. H. ntxt day by 8 p m Leav* Lrgan 0. U. Monday and 'Ihurtday at 4 am Arriva at Kanawha C. H. next day by 1* m. 4956 From Pettrsburg, by Prince Ueorg* c. II , Gareyevilie, Brandon Cunrcb, Oaoin Point, Spring Grove, fcurry C 11., Baron's Castle. BurweliW'ay, Smithfield. Cedar Fields, and Chuckacuck, to Suffdk, 82 miles and Wk, thr^e time a wet k. L?ave Peters!: urg Monday. Wtdne?.dey and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at ?uffclk next d?y-t by 11 a m Leave Suffolk Monday,, and Friday at 12 m Arrive at Petersburg next davs by 8 p m 4957 From l'eteraburg to City Poj?t, 12 nrles and back, daily, except Sunday. Leav* Petersburg di!ly, except Susday, ai 81$ a m Arrive at City Point htme days by ? m Leave Llty 1-omt daily, exx-pt bund y, at 1# p m Aj rivrt a? Petersburg came days by 2,? p m 4W8 From Petersburg, by Templeton, Newville, LitUeton, F?rm*rd' Urove, A-scmooah k, aid VI kfville, to Jerusalem, and back by Ecer', PeruM, ( rs* n Levol, barleysourg, Blackwatfr, and UlIoq Grove to Peterslrtirg, iqual to 65 ml.of- and hack; and fr m Petersburg to U titan Orove, .\ewvi.l?, Blackwater, BalLytburg, Green L'Vtl, berlu, and Bowers toJerufal.mi, a?d back by Yicksville, Aa.amoonick, Farmers or'Jve, Littleton, Newville, and Templeton, to Petersburg, equal to 65 miles and tack Ljavo Petersburg v;? Ttmpieton Wednesday, and via Union Crove tatur'ay at 6 a m Arrive at Jerusalun next daya liy 11 a *n Leave Jertualrm via Boweri I'nor dav. and via Vick>'ViUe M or day at 54 p m Arrive at Petersburg next days by 8 p m 4<53 From Stony Creek<*, by Perb.Tin's More, ana C. ni.m'<! ? e 1.;, to tus tx (J. U i?i mil-sfi ?.cd ta:k. tw c.' h week Leave f>trcy Cretk War. hi ufte W?di?e ,)ox ,'fa\ Saturday at 10 a m, (after the arriial ti tb? care from l'et?i*iii:rg ) Arrite at Su** x C. Ii > dayg by 2 p m L-avsSoeaex C. il., aid ,^u:m-day at 3 p m ArriTe at StoTjy Creek Warehoucs rame dav ! v 7 f m J 3 4060 Fri m Jarr?tt'e, ly Poplar M 'jiit to 5 m ky Cr diiiary, 25 m 1?? and taik t*?t6 a week. Leave Jarr??.?? Wcdjf .day aiid . atuiday at 1 p m Arrive at tmcky Ordinary rauu dnvs by 8 r. m Leave SLicky Ord nary \Vf due'itnv ;iod in' uidav a: 6 a m 1 Arriva at Jarret'a ram? d?y<> by 1J m *rrra Ei k-fvrd, by Itylatjj pot, Gieen Pla-as, N. C , d Srunmiit. to Gfc,t ?r,20 nil^.s au i rack, rfai y L-av^ 111 -luterd da'lv a' 9}$ p m, (hfUr anlval ot uia 1 from rj ) Arrive at Of strn s?me dnvr ty 1CJ-' p ui Leave Ga?ion daily t?t 10< p m Arrive at Ilicksforfi (J-vr. at li rjight 4SMJ-2 >>? m liicknfr.rd to P:rr,v K.^ua, m miies .tt,d (% k, twice a v, e-k Leave llickeford W?d?-? ;-:av and ??.*? irOny at 9 a ia A?rive at S'rnv ??i?w days b> lii m L.ave btony Miinnt iTedii^dfcj and J'ttorday at 6 a m at Uici'f rd da^ hj a rj 496J Irrm Uick-.Vrd, ly * ' ''fswroville, acd'J *o >.s.. M h- ? iOiml-9 and back, r* ;r-?? - #.,.v Lea? ? Uiikuoti >?,dr.f *. v v i Fatitrlsy tt"C a iu Arrive at Frank^'n D?.p t ? air.e d?ys by i [ u L-avt 1 rankl.c Lepot Tuu.d.?.j Frtda. at ? ? m Arrive at Hick'ford t?m* days \t 5 p 4964 Frcm Bfydtown, by Kardoiph M? an Coliefre to 0 arksvili?, 12 rtuland tao'r, tlireo tiiaes a ?eek Leave Boydtown Mundsy, WrJresdav, and ?ri da;" a- y a ni Arr'i at C'arKflvilJj? ?am. ilayp Ly m L ave Clarksv lteTrwdav, TL'jr,dar,ar.d Satui daw^2 p m A1 r''U' P-oydtorrn r: uj ?lay bv 6 n m Ir p"? frr ,erri.-9 ways cu* the fame day* will be crcpidtr* d. 49C5 Frcm Clarke ilia, by V,'h LLck W. 1 nut, aiil t meg* to Cunnin^baui'd S'oro, 36 Lirii'j an 1 ' vk. tviie a *t k. Lt-ave Clarksvjll* Tuesi ay ana Friday at 7 a m Arrive a. Cutiiun^ham't Ktfre rau.e daya bj 7 p m Leave Cunninpbam's f toro Weine day and Jat urlay at7 am Arrive at Clark iv:lle=%tr.e day3 by 7 p m 49C6 Frcm CUrk^ville, by White Ucqm tnd Lla* Wing, to iioxbf-ro', 32 mi!?*j and ba .k, once a wet k L?av* CUrksviUe Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Hoxboro', t>tme tiny by 6 p m Leave lioxboro' 'ihur^dty at 6 a m Arrive at Clarkivlll- iay by 6 p 121 4367 Fr->m lA* veT>ceville tr Buintville 8 m\les and ba?.k turee t4m? : a we^k. I>?ave La*r n ?v 11-, Mi nds?y. WeaDesday, anl i riday at \ a m Arrive tt mut.j lay; bv 0 a m Leave rurutv.lle Tueaday, Thur'dey, and Pat nr Jey at) p in Arrive at Lsweoceville tame days Lv 3pm 40 C? Frcm Pinw;doie C. by Rite hi ?r lib. to Good wvnsville, 14 mllo'an'i baek, . nee a we. k. Iieave ! inwidlieC- II. Tuesday stl2 m at Oo?idwyn?v.r9 FUCis day by 4 p m Leave Goo.'.wynf ?il!e Tue* iey at 7 a m Arrive at Dinwidlie C. U. fame day by 11am Proposals for an additional ir pp 1 w?k va ill be oonsiJerel. 4068 Fr. m Lawrenr?ville,by White H uns, Gbolson ville, gnmmit, Gr?en PUine, Pleat ant Oaks, and Powollton, to I.awrducevllle, rqualto SO miles and back, ard fn.m Lawreoceville, by Powelitjn, l'l*a abt 0lx3, b/een l lains, Horn m'.t, Gho sonvi'le, and W hite l'Ja'n?, tj Law* frncevllle, equ.-.l t > ao iniley a/id back Leave Lawrenceviil^ -*1* vVldte Pkius every Wednesday, and via Pow.ditou Friday at 7 am Arrive at LawrtnceviMo Thurelay atd Situxd-v by 5 p m | 4670 From Korkfrtjlle, by Thd r.-r's Ftore, Blenond Gr??e, sni Cnchcon's Ft re, to Forksville tqnal to 20 miles and bark, twic* a week. Lfe&ve Fcrkaviile 51ondey and Fr.ur.y at 7 a m Lt;'.i:rn to Forkrviile s.- me djys by 7 p ra 49TI ircm PcrtsmcutS to Ilarirofe'e V?verD, 14 mile* ar.d back, once a weik Ietave Pert mr.uti Tno^i iy at 2 p m Air?ve ht liar^rovcV j'uvern san.e uay by 5 pan 1 Ltave IlargrovfV Tuvirn Tuc-oluy at" 9 a m Arrive at PrrUmouth ?.iuue Uwv by 12 m. 197^ Frcm Ptr^mouth, by Suffolk, C-rr.viile. Franklin D'pjt, Morpby'a Lftnt. Newtcxn's l??p t, B. ykin'* D*pit, K?anchvillo, Meherin L^p^t, MarK?retsv;iie, Spatcprd, and Garey> burg, to We Hon. 8U miles au<J back, daily. ?**.?Pcrt*Inouth on ?"W?1 of boat from Ba.timrre, pay at 9 a m Arrive at Weld .n sune days by U p m Lewe Weldon dailv -*t 3 p m at Port mouth fame .Jays by T n m 62UUte t0 UOl> ^ *13dFactory LiU s<m No. 4973 Fr m Nr rfolk, by Oil Point rt, to Balti mrre, 200 miles and b^k, daily, except Sun day, Ir.'m 15tU y irch to I t Lu-iembcr an i tri-weukly the residue of the year. 16;A March. 10 lit lMccm.lT I/*ve Ncrfclk daily, exoep* riunday, on arrival fft,m We'don, ray at 7 p m Arrive at Baiiijicre next d-y lv 9 a m Leave Baltiinrre daily, excen: Poudsy, at 7 p m Arrlre at Norfo!k a- xt dav ny 9 a m Tri we k'y ?-rri e t." bt. i.aricroied in cajne t' >*c trsci Ner b.L, Tuesday, t hnr div, acd t?a*ur d?.y, and Ealtimcre 5iond?y, Wednesday, and 1 Frul?y. Pr p-^.lsfor tlrea additional tr'ps frcm 1st beomber tr 15th March are ii.vneJ. 4974 >rom Norfolk to New York, 303 miles and Na:x. r.nce a week,in steamboats. L'-ave NorK Ik VVedneedar at 11 a in Arrive at New Vork next diy by 5 p m Leave New York Saturday ttl p n. Arrixg at Nor'olk next J?y by 10 p m. i 4976 From Norfolk, by Ilarnpt.H, to Old Point Comfort, 18 DiU*?i and 1 ack daily, except gui lay. Leave Norfblk daily, exe.-pt 8nndsy, flam from 1st March to let I>**riber, and 8 a 16 , from 1st Bec?jib?r to let &larch. Arrive at 014 Point O>mrort same days by 11 ? tJi^st March to (ft December, anl 1 n m, 1st Pwamber (9 lat MvvU L'ave 0 d Poin t Oemfcrt dally. except iunday lpm, 1st M arch to 1st December, aud 8 p m, 1st December to 1st March Arrive at Norfolk asme doya 8*4 p m, l?t Warelf to 1st December, and 7 P m lit D'c mber to 1st March. 497# From Norfolk tv&iHtthews ? H, ?0 milM and bnok, t?!?? a ?ek. in * tsam boats. Leave Norfolk W*6net lay and Saturday at 8 a ? t ~ Arrive at H*tth?wB C II same da? by 12 m Leave Mattue We 0 II Wednesday and Satur day at 10 a m Arrive it Norfolk parae-days by 7 p m. 4977 From Norfolk, >y K?mp?vilie, London Bridge, and rrincesa Ann C B, Blossom 11111,to Land of Promise, equal to 86 mile: and back, twice a we, k. Leave Norfolk Tueslay and Friday at 1 p ra Arrive at Princes Ann C ii same days by 6 p m L^ve Princess Ann 0 H Tnaaiay and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Norfolk came darn by 11 a q Leave PriDcess Ann 0 H Wednesday at 6 am ArriTe at L?nd of Promipe name day by 11 a m Ad3 retnrn to Prinoees Ann 0 H same days by 2pm 4978 From Norfolk to Churchland, 7 mile*, and back, twice a week. Leave Norfo'k Tuesday and Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Churchland same days by 6 p m Lrave Church'and Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Norfolk same days by 1 p m 4979 Froia Norfolk, by Cherry fetrne. to Eastville, 67 mL'c? and bark, twice a week, in steam boats fo Ch?rry Stone. L.'&tj Norfolk nedn-sday ar<d Paturdey at 6 p m, let March to 1st I>?reinbcr, and Sam, IeI December to lat March Arrive at Efc"tvVle Bvtae days by 1 p p, let Mur^h to 1st Pwmbir, and 4 p m, 1st De cfiuVr to 1st Marq^. Leave Eastviile ttednesday and Saturday at 7 a m, 1st March to 1st December, and 8 f m, I t December to l?t March Airiva at Norfolk ancn ds^* by 4 p m, let Marsh to st Dec* tiit-cr, sc j * p m, 1st De cember to let Marth. Proposals for tii weekly eerriee (Monday, Wed is- day, and Saturday) sre invited. 4980 From Ch?*try Stone, by Scavicw and Bayview, to Cai>tville. 8 miles tack, iwloe a week. L nve Ch-rry S'.ona Tuesday an.1 Friday at 11 a m Arr ve at C?rcviIlo smie days bv 2 p m L?ave Caf?tiile Tue.'day and Friday &t 7 a m Arrive at Cherry btone fcainj days by loa ra 4-S81 F-om Onaneo<k,by iluntiui? > redi, Guillord, M? singer, a -d TemptsraaotvilIe, to Cnicco teu^ue, 28 tniles and ba<k, t*ie* a week. Leave Onaceock IVedne-day and Saturday at 5 a n AifU? at rhincocengue tame days by 12 in Leave Chincoteagu>-. Wednesday end Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Onaneock same days by 10 p m. 4>S2 From Acc*ni.v.k C Ii, by Locusiville, to >U uj.t, 9 miles and b> ck, twice a week. L-ave Aceomiuk 0 H jru.iday and V.Vdttceday at 2 p in A'.tive at Lne-jti Mount "me tJajj by 4 p in Lrava Ji ^uiit ?und?y aaa We^r.^eJ'jy at II am Air?>t! f Aeooiuaek 0 II same <ia\s by 1 p in 40^* From>s Ann-, Md., by New town, W* fcr in, a:U New ohnrcb, t". llcrntowu, So mile? ar.d ><atk, twjr;> \ we?-k. Le*vs Piiu'.i. * A<_n;- i uc^dav uud Friday at 6 a m \rr,v? at Ilorat ?s<5 fay - l.y 1 p ta L*--.a lloraU'Wn hit.rAay t>. i I'bitrsday at 1 V ra Aniv; at l'unoef*. Au^e <.uir? 5ayf by S m. 49SI From Laltim r^, \id, by f uagcteague, to Y rkto*n, SiCK"r miL h uii- fciil, once it w?-tk I.'i.v L'filtim i? idOi.d?y at 4 p in Atrivc et 1'ungo.eaqu^ nnxt ciity fcy 7 a m A:riv t Y-rkta 'i a. iy a* 3pu I.~av > \ ..r?ctown 'ibur^d.y at 5 ju L-*K\e Pfc'*<?ot? a>pie i y ?.i J j. ra Arrive at li. I'?. tore i?st d>-y ty 7 a in. 4V55 From Old I'o.nt Com crt ><? U^npton, Z luilt j nua Ltu-k. blx tiui p a ueek. L av> O.u Pciat < ??lort dally, exept tUTida>, at 7 a in Aait# at > . ?tw> <-,.y by Sam Le^ve If ii nipt i j .'.k v,.xe?pr S.ciity, at 6 an Arri%o??t id ''oin? t s? iue day by 7 a iu. 19so i'roJi llanvto.i, ? - tiblfwpy llcnsc and Co<sk!e town, lo Yorli.o..u, '2t ini4e? >md ba. 'i, ttri?e a Week. L^ave liiuai't'c \V(dat?iay and ?!n ? ur.lay ei t a m Ariira a? Yorktorn n '.e ?!...? Ly 12 ti I/e' re Voritona Vi edn?" au t?i?urday at 1 p m Amr* at II?mptrT? runs cays l>y ti p r.. 4087 Fr^m York.own t > H'arsiwk u II la ioi]?? ^.;d ber.T>., twice a w-tk LoavA Yoiktoan fcrtur Uy at 7 a m Arriv *?. Warwick C II e '.madpy by U a j L-aTt! Wara.ek O H Saturday at l'i m Arrire at Yf r<ct<.na i> m- ^?y by 4 p ni. 48S3 Frr-m York own, >y Hay'.i 5to e, Hickcry Ff-rk, Ql-u *-ter C ii, Nor.J* Kn4. nod Cobb's Ctetk, to Matthews C H, 36 in:l : ?n ilack, twice h w*ek. ' L^ave Y'orktown lLor?Ji v t;.' ^..tuij.j at 7 a <n Arri?n at Matth?-wj C ii -ame d?>8 by 6 p rn Wvn Matthtw^ C II Th'.">l?y ?? ,? ;'auirdar at 7 a m Arrive at Yorktown pam^ ilfifi bv & p m ! 1959 From William-bate, by lircvu L udin*, lo Y'? rktown, 16 rniien end hix tiinea a j w? k. Leu.v? WiiliiEjaburii deily, ?"c<?p: ::uuday, at S a m Arr. e atCrcve I^ndin.* vun^ dav by 10 a m ( Leave Grove Lauding daily, ex^'ut ^undav. nt 2pm Arrive at Williamsburg emu* Ouy bv 4 p lc Leave Yorktr.wn Monday, Wedretday, and Fri day at 8 a m Arrite at Grove Lmdingfame dav* by 10 a ra L ave Gr^v. Landing .M .ud^y, Wednesday,and J-'riJay at 2 p ra Arrive at Yorktown aaino days by 5 p m Fr^pcals for tri weekly service between York t wuand'V.k 'h Landing, acd eix tiaies bs tw^n WillUwubu.g and CVke'p Landing, fcr* ii.l'al. Aiso. vrop'walM frr tr? weekly ?er vi .? between Yorkt-wn trd Williamsburg. ( 4090 Fr<"m ewiuevirl to Cburlea City C! 11,^4'^ mile^ and bec^t, t? ire a we?k. Ltave Swineyard VVeduiedty aDd Friday at 11 a ra Arrive at-Char'n City C H fP4Ee davs by 19 m L*ave Chsrl^s City C II Wednesdey'md FtiJay at 8 a m A_riv? et -Sficryard Pame d.-ys by 9 a m. 4991 From Swin^rd to Waddlt'e Stoie. 9 mi'ee and back, occe r week. Ls^va Jwir^yar I KryJay at il a m Airive it W?ddle'? Sti re f-ame day ty 2 p m L< uve Waddle's 8ior? Friday at 7 e m Arrive tt tf-wineysrl Kam? d >y by 10 & m. 4992 Frcm New Keut C ii tn Cbaiba ciiy C ?f, 15^ m l?s and >?a?-k, once a w?rk, Leave Ne* Kent C li Ff turday at 2 p m Arriv Rt Charles Ci'y C II by 7 p hi 1 eave CharlfB CUy C H Suturdav at 8 a m Arrn u at b'ew Kent C II by 1 p ra. For I pperron's ttore s*e ^oi<l 4903 From Mayfl^id to pmit id-.M, 13 m\i,a aT.j ba k, once a week. I^eave Mayfle'd Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at: mithtieli saioe day by 11 a m Leave Smithfield Saturday at \Z m Arrive at Muyttld same day by bp m 4994 F.oin Fleetwood Academy, by ^ruington, Wal krrton, Steven"?villCarlton's Store, King ani Queen C. 11 , Littl* Hvmouth, Shackel ford, Plaiuview, and Wo d'sK U adSjtoGloa ces'.er C. H , 6if mil * and back twice a week Leave Fleetwood Ac;i?i?mv Tu*day and Fridav at 2 p m (after arrival ?.f Pichmond mail) Arrive at G1 ucetter C. II the next d^s by 7 p m Le ive Gloucester C. I!. Sunuay and TLureday at 7am Arrive at Fla. twood Acad?my rsit days by 1 p ZD 4995 From AyLtfs, by Aoqninton, Piping Tree Fer ry, Rumford Acalrmy, and Kir p William 0. 11, to Lanesrillc, 20 miles and back, twicc i wet-k. Leave Ayletta Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at 1 anenvMle fame dayA v(ipiu L.ave L?n-svil:e Tuesday aud r.iJay at fi a la jiiaVK?Iir* at Ayl-tti ty 11 a m " From Leenburg, X.y GioresvIJlH and Fotomae r^a2*,?, ? Po"nt of ? ^ "dies and ! Lack, da: y, eictpt fnaday Leave T^phurxr da>lr. exempt Sundav, at 8 a m ! i^rriVlpa^ ? ,hyckj dava by 11 a in l~*\t Point cf Bocks da ly, e*c^: t Sunday, at IS j jnoA^- a.t L*t"bortS Paws Cars by S n m Il^wT ^v bj" Wat' Vkeatland, JaliSS0'-'~ ? 3 ^ 3' , ?, 1" Harp-r's Fecry, t/J. t fnd bt"k'tiu" x a wtek ' T1"u,,<i*!' ?nd P"ur An ir^ at Ua'per'g Fer?y the taain days bv 10k am - days by 10* LVT*"r^'?Per,I To:fltXv, Thursday, and . ? unlay (aft >r arrival of fan from Baltimoie) fay l p m ' aotiQAe lTe "J r?ne days by 7 p m dk?? b>' UuglMJiv lie, CirclevlUe, Phdouiont, ldoomCtld, and Unison, to Middle burg, and from Middbburg, by Mouutville, ??! ! acti ^*kl*n<la, to L?ff.burg, r l*-k. twioe a week. L i^ttburg V and Saturday at 5 am ^rnJ'^';^Jv1*bu.r? Faao ''are by 12 m L^avt Middieborg Wednesday and Saturday at lpm aooo\rriT* L^aburi ??me days by 8 p m 4990 From Lov-tUmll* to Pairy, miles and back three times a week; and Lou lovettfffole, by HoeysvlUa, Bollngton, Merrkivi'le. Wheatland to Lovettrville, equal to 10 miles and tack, three time* a west. I#ave fuetday, Thunday and Sat urday at 1.} ? a m Arriv* at Ban'j tame dan by 11 % a m Leave Larry Tu.aday, ihursday and Fat aria J at * p m Arrive at Ltvrtfatill* rams days by 8 p m Lfave Lovef tsville Tuesday. Thursday and Sat urday at 3* p m J' s Arrive at Marrirfvill* Minn days by p m Return to iile ?am? davs >rr tify p m 6000 From Aldie, by Mountvilie and Phil'omont. to Bnltk^n-vUle, 1? mile* aud back, one* a week L<avn A.die Mondays at 1 p m Arrive at Bnksker Till* tam? days by 6 p m L are en'ckersvLle Moi day* at 7 a m Arrive at Aldie game days by 12 m Prop>?als for tri-*-e?kly service )y the fcllowina pchedal are Invited: L'are ^ld?? Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 p m, after the arriral of nail from Alexan dra Arrive at Snicker*ville same daya by 7 p m Leave SnlckersYille lue.cUv, Than Jay and Sat urday at 4> a m Arrive at Aldle the fams days by 0 a m, or in Cms lo connect with the for Altxandr'a, 6001 From Winchester, ty Stephenson's Depot, W.iie8T*Jl?, Brucoton, Summit Point. town, and Ilalltcwn to Ilarper's Ferry, 32 mile* and.back, dally, exo*pt Sunday L?ave WiuAeater daily, exo?p. Sundays, at 9 a m Arrive a* Harper's Terry ^ns days in time for cars for Bai;imore, say by 13 m L'ave Ilarp t's Fury da^)y, ?xctpt Sundav, at l^pm Arrivt at WIt;ch?jtar fama days by 4 p m 5002 F'Oin ^ Nwrtoa, tephensburg, Middl-ta^e. SdfSmg, Tom's Brook, WoC*' " den burg, SlWrut Jacksoo, New Mac w'1' , E,.h L*'on' tAC'J Springs, Melboee, liarrironfcurg Mount Crawford, Burke a Will, Mount Sidney, anl Clin*'# MJll, to Staunton, 93 miles and l ack, da ly, ex>pt Sunday L*ave Winchester diuiy, exc.p: Sunday, at p m Airive at Woodstock fame daya by 9% p m I/-a?e Wcodnork c'aily, exeept tfuedays, at 4 a tn Arrive at f taunton same dayB by 2 p m L?are Staunton daily, except Sunday, at 4am Arrive at Winchester fame days by 8 p m 5003 F) on Staunton, by Mint Spring, Greenville. Steel's Tamn, Oaniella, Fa'rSili, Timber Ridge. L r.irtrtcn, barsniers, Waekty'a Mills, and latiorubwK, to Fin-astl-, eo miles and Wck, eix t:ra?s a we^k. to Lexington, and three ti r es a week tie r?-Idue of the route L?ave S aun'oi tfaily, exoept Sunday, at 4V? p m Arrive a* Lexington same days by 11 p m Arrlre at Finoaetle Ta&day, Thursday and Sat urday by 6 a m L ave *ir.-?wti? Monduy, Wednesday and Fri day at 4 * si Le*v< I^xiLgton daily, except Sunday, at 3 p m Arrive at Stauu on e*mn days by 10 p m Proposal* !or f?ix trips a werk on tkewhcl? rnutf, a:vl alo f.r extending to StonerV Store, am irv;te>l. Al-.o, proposals to ran tLree trips by Mirt ^prir.g, Ureenri L?, Ac and thre.' by V lMeburg, UrownSkjcrar, Ac , to I eiin^'Un a id back M04 From flr*envlie. I. Middl?-brook, BrowusburK ftt.d Ce-iar t'io?o Mill", to Timber Itidge, 'lit n.iles am bv-k, ihtee times a we< k I. rtv.i Ote?n^i le, Monday, Wednesday and. Fri day at C a tn Airive t fimh^r fume day* by 1 p m l.?avv> T:mb*r Uid^<j Tu-miay, Ihursday, and Saturday at 0 a in Arrive at Gre-nrill same dj?y3 by 1 p m 6C0 > Frctn Tincaa!*, by Tinker Knob, Catawba and to lil&ckiburg, 40 milfs and bacli one? a week T,*.ive Fit.cfi-tle Bn4u'day at 4 a m Arrive a* D'^-k'bcrg <-atn<? day by 9 p in Leave Biar'-inbur^ Friday ut 4 a in Arrive *t Fiictatle tam-; d^.y ly 9 p m 6;-93 tr.ra S'lneastle. .1 jprtion fctore and Rich l'al?th, t.i Ccviarrlou, IS uti]^ and back, once a we< k. Lc^ve Fin ;*-*W- at ti a in Airive et '? i -?!:ii;ton pkiui Joy hy 1 p bj L?ive Cm ing'on Monday at i p m /.rriv?? ?f \ U owtle u^xt day by I2m I'mpo^als f ;r nior# fr?qu?ut tupe nra Invited iW V. 'Ci Fin a. br Ciii/b Cr-ek, New Cattle Sln*u^^ ? rt.\, Midway, biniaoitevllle, Leve Gr.n, Mat-ksburg, Pembroke, Pevrbbuig iiollJ* i n, te^ht Kirer, Prinae ten, lMaartt?n?, Kprin^viile, Tazewell c n. Knobb, Ti i.fMiif, Brlta^t Mills, tlk Gsrici, t' ? If! , L.'Liaiiou, Gihonsvilie, DickinJoisv , Grassy cr??k, Oiborn's fnrd Stony exf-k, ,.Bd P.j? eo?e, to P?itrn?ville. ta'l??p. t*i-:c a s -e'e. I.eave Fin^.tii- "7.JoefJi-v fil "''iiuriNy st B a Di Arrive at Va. vsvl-'a next 2don3ny ar 1 Thursday Lv ? v r Leave i'auonsv^ < LedneMay and fatojJsy at Gam Airive at rmcix^9 Ptsi 51- n :*y cnl Tliurs-'ay by J f E. Propo?*u tor trl weekly r^rv:c? a- Irritcl; the bidder tc ezpe>*i(-d ecLedul'.' ??.08 Froiat'harb by llippon, to Boirytilla, lfi hu i t'ack. si \ tits# j a we. k. Leave Chart ,:?wa dally, exc?ft Sucdt r. *t 2 p ci Arrive at L' nyviiU Pane Jays by 6 p m Laave Beiiyvl"i dally, exaept Sunday, it f>K am ' * Arrive at CWlr .:<jwn paroedays bv 9^ i m WUtf FroiaCharlv?t'?wn to Kabletown, ti iniJes and ba !!, ? :x ! nn-p a r?oi, L.hv CliPil ??t'-% a daily, exccpt Sunday, at 2 p in Arrive at Kab'-.-tow i rAinfl days by 4 p m Leave KableUnvn deily, eicf-pt Sund*y. at 4 p m Arrive at Choice! wn Fame days by fl p m. 5010 From K? rneysTjlle to Sheili?rdstcwB, b rnHes and ba<k, daity, ex<>?pt Sunday, and from Keroeysvllle, by L ?town, to MUdl-wuy, 9 nulee snd ba'k. tl.r.e limes a we#>k. Leave Ker.uyivii.o uaily, except Sunday, at 3 p 1U Arrive at Sheph*rJstown sam? day by 5pm Leave SLepberdftown daily, except Soniay, at 0am Arrive at K rcev^viile same day bv 11 a m Leave Kerney*vi!le Tuesday, Thurtda", and Saturdoy at 8 p m Arrive at Middlnway fia?ne (k>ys by 6 p m lieave Middles ay liuaday, Tbursdtiv, tnd Sat urday atBam Arrive at Keroeyaville same days by 11 a m proposals tor three additional ?woekly trips be tween Kerneysviile and Nidulway are In vite*! ?011 From Sh?ph*rd.<-town, by Sharpsburj ^tfd)and Keedyville. to Bonnslcro', 10 miles and taoK tbre- tini?a a week, with three addition*.! 1 we? >iy trips from SLepherd?town to Sharps I burp, (Md.) j Leave Shepheid'town Morday, Wwdnaedsy. and FtiJav at 4^ p m i Arrive at Lo- nsboio' same days by 7^ p m Let-.-ye boon^boro' Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0 a m A.rive at S.^epherdatown same days by 9 a m Lsave Shepherdftoan Tueaday, lliuraday, and Saturday at i)% p m Arrive at Sharppburg same days by 6 p m Leave Sharp>burg Tueaday, TLursdav, and Sat urday at 8 a m. Arrive at Bhepherdstown seme daya by 0 a m 5012 From Mldlletown, by Portsmouth, to Front J'oyal, 18 miles and bac>r, once a week. Leave Middltlown Wednesday at t> a m Arrive at Front Roval same day by 9 a m Leave F.ont Royal Wednesday at 11 a m Arrive at Mlddletown *am? dav by 2 p m. 5013 From Woodstock, by Columbia Furnace, and host River, to Saier'3 Run, 30 miles and bnck, t nee a we?-k. L* ave Wcodt-tof k Tues 'ay at 7 a m Arrive at Bak -rj? Run same day by 6 p m Leave Raker's Run Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Woodstock same day by 6 p m. 4014 Erom Mountain Falls, by Gravel Spring, Pad dy's Mill*, Van Buren Furnace, and Loranzo vil'e, to codstock, 23 mile* and back, once a week. Leave Mountain Fills Friday at 8 am Arrive at Wocd't^k same day by 5 pa Ijeave Wood-took Saturday tit 8 a m Arrive at Monr.t^la Faila same day by 5 p m 5015 From New Mar Ire i, by Tlmbervllle, Bowman'a Mills, R ckOsp Dcvesville, Da.?huraville. Ly man's Run. cj?d Btrbeetown, by Loner 's creek, 55 miles and back t nee a week. l.eave Luney*e rr*> k Tut edsy at 7 a m Arrive atN?w Market next day by 12 m Leave Naw Market Wedne;?d*y at 1 p m Arrive at Luney*acre:k next day by 7 pm. ft?.'ld From Hf rrirMiburg, by Cross Keys, Rockland Mills, and Mount Wo idJan, to fort Republt). SO miles and back,<>nr>ea week. I^eav* llarilsor.burg 1 hurMay at 8 a m Arrive at Pert Republic same day by 12 m L*aVk Port Republic ThuriJsy atipm Arrive at Harrisonburg same day by 7 p m Prop mIb for sem^ackly cerviee &rg i#vlted; a'so, to extend over 6020 to Waynesboro. 6017 From Iluirisonl urg, by Green Mount, Edom, Bovma-j's Mills, Hrock'a Gap, Broadway De pot, and Tlmbervllle, to New Market, SO m'les and buck, onee awe*k. Leave llarrl&onbnrg Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at f?ew Market came day by T pm Leav? New Mark t Sunday at 8 a m Arrive at llarr eon burp tame day tyTpm 4018 From Harrison burg, by Dayton, Bridgewater, M?-<ry ere k, Mount Solon, Parnassus, ana Long Gltd i, to Staunton, 32 miles and hack, twice ? vetk, with a third w?ek!y trip to Mount Solon acd back, between 7 am an!4 pm. Leave Ilarrifioviburg Monday and Wedncaday at 7 a u? A rrfr? at E ;*untm Mm# day* by 6 p m Leave Staunton T need ay tod Thursday M 9 ?? Arrive at ^nlmbait uwdiyitj 7 p ia &C19 I ?? n rr bj Keealeton. M< G?hev> vILt, Co^iT, V?|^Wd McMuHaD'i Mill*, ff. ttipiiri. e, >6 mJai and back, oaje a week. Leave i('r:i ulur * uerday at f * m Arrivo at ? unrfii ta mid* day bv 7 p m idB Le irt Rtm vlLe V ecneu4ay at & a a Arrive atUarr'Knbui* ?amaday by 9 p m" FrrpOMrtf for ae aldltl i al Wmkly trip to "don rad'? Store ar* invited. 4020 From Tort Republic, by Mctnt Meridian, New Hope. and II?rmltage, to W?>y;.eabor?*, 10 mTlee and back, twice a week. Leave Fort Republic Tueeday i a J F'. iday at 6 am Arrive at Waynaaboro' eame day* by 12 m Leave Wayn^boro' Tuesday end Friday at 2 p m or tfter arrival of cars from Richmond Arrive a* Pert Kopublteeam* daya by 7 pa Fnp>mlsfar tii-we?kly eervioe are invited. ?021 Fr^u L*-xi*tcton, by Fancy 1HL1 end Natural Fridge, to Qilmer'o Mills, i& mil< a and back, t*toe a weak. Leav? Lexington We^neulry and Sn'nrday at 7 a ra Arrive at Natural Fridge #am? Java by 12m L?ave Natural Bri 'ge Wednesday and Paturday at 1 pro Arrive at Ltxlngton wmodays by 6 p m Proposals for tri-weekly se: v;c<?.ar* iunited. ?022 Frota L xlngton, by Zander's B'ote, to Balcony Full*. 16 mtiea atd b-v*k, iwlc* a week. L*ve L?x'nrt->n Tu?tdav arvj Ftilay at 7 am Arrive at Balcony Fal's s m? dava by 12 m Le*vo B.alcoty Fa;'.- TueVay and Fr Jay at 7 a m Arrive at Lex "nftf or - d?yo fcv?S pin Prr.p.galB for triweekly f>? rv'ce era invited. 6023 Fro:.i L*xtnir?o?, by Kerr'a Creek. Alum &i rin??, a -d Milboro 9pr'nv?, to bath Alum, ??. iai!e< anl back, oace a w?vk. L? ive Lexington fcfalurttay at 5 a a Arrive at liath Aluui *ac:e dny by ! p m Leavn Bath Alu-n Paturday al 2 p m Arrive at Lexington next T'ay by 8 a m. Proposals fur daily fervioe duricj watering so? Eon are invited. 6021 rr m CollierefowD, by Dranes Shop, tlrrffalo Crock, to Patton>buig, 80 milej cud back, once a week. Leave Colli?r.-t.->v.n Tu?s'*y at 10 a ra Arrive at 1'aiton^bur^ fam* dav by 6pm Leave Pattonsbur* Wednesday at 8am Arive at Collk-r^to* n 6->me day by 9 p m. 6025 Fr^m Lexington.! y Coli.-r*tt wp, yU the Tain pike Ro?d anJ Cow Pasture tofliftoa Fo'ge, 35 mies and hack, once a Leavu Ltxi^gtcu Tur.? lay at 6 a m Arrive at Clifton Fo.-|r" eame day by C p m Leave Clifton Fr rge ednr?day at 6 u ra Arrive at Lexington same day'by 6pm P:oio?tl8 for a e^cond wwfcly trip ara invite). 6026 Frt ii Fhan^bti to Giingaiy, i uitlca and back, ouce a wevk. % Leive Shnndba! Monday a t 0 a m Arrive at G?ing?iy natiie day by 10^' a m Leave dietary Monday at 11 a in Arr'.vo a# ciiangbai .?aaic cay ! y l! m. 6027 From (ierar1?owu, by >iul Creek, Larke ville, and Ar lea, t > Mai tiusburj, 17 tulles a ad back, t?i-?> a wuo't. L*?ve Gcntrastcwn Wednesday and Patjrday at 7am Arrive at V-.rtin'ibnrg tam# da^a by 12 m Lwave Martinslurg Weiae day and iiaturday at 3pm Arrive at Gnrarditown fanse daya by 8 pm. 6028 from Jcuos Spring, by fcbnnglal, to Unger'a Ptore, 14 mil.^s and tark, cneo a w??ek. Leave Jor.4* tprin.* Muaday at 7 a ui Arri?e at Ungar a ^toiv rein? day by 11 am Leave linker's St'.re Monday at 12 ui Arrive at Jones tprir g rame day by 4 pm. 6020 From Winchester to Whito Fall, 8 m krf and ba''k., twice a week. Le^vo W iuchester Mon lay and Tbnr&Iay at 4 p ui Arrive*, t V!*h:f? Uall samo days by 6 p m L?vive V. h te liali Monday and Thocaday at 1 p m Arrive at VVJnc^e?ter F?me days by 3 p m. 6'i3d From Winchi>?tir. ly JtiOotil Vuro u Tauni-ry, Ceiar cre?;k and Mountain I alia, Wanb?u* villa, Bakc*r> itun, ?nj Fab us to Mociebcid, 65 mi lea a^d ' acR, twice a w?flk Leave Winch** r 1 uesdny aud Friday at 1 p u Arrive at >i<*?n : ^'d text day* by 8 p m Leivo Mor.reflelu Monday and TtiUrj-d^y at 6 am Arrive at Wincbe'tcr imx days by 1* m Prop"- ai? to omit Mount Noroon Tanrerv arv I jnr.l^d; aWo tt em brae? Tapuu ^pring^-. fWl Fr- ui W.rctester lo Capou >prii 5?,i3 nurf anJ 1-a^k. dai y. V I'oi.e t r daily at 4 a m i.n.w "t r.'n\,ov. Springs fume daya by 12 m L a ?? C -;j is S'nr!ut? 'aily at I p m Ar' v?-< at - iu heater ffee-- uaya by 0 pm. Kuk'i Frytii AVinche ".-r, by Pa H. Creek Valley, Ca pon I?r'dg9, La ;^i l:o k.and 1-leaunt Lale, t > ?'fiji.n' y, 43 nule-? aai back, three tiiiiub a vevk. lieue Winchester Monday, Wednc-sliy, and Fri day at 4 a m Arrive at oirnty -an*, days by 2 p m lAave lioainey Xoodday, Thjrs'sy, and tatur day at 10 ??. n Arrive i.t iu^borter sam? day by 9\ p m. tO.'ii Ir^n; Itrfnnoy, ' y r. 'iliiijt ju, l?id,{ekili?, and .k?w Cr ?k, to Crt^k t, 3) mites tnl b^ck, tbreft w?tt !*??? lb tun-7 Tuwslay, fhurecvj ?..d thtar dwy nt7sn Ariiveai Aef Crack r?jot tun d;.ya by 3 p m Lnav^ V -sv Crtc't T-pet MonJiy, Wedne.iay aud fetidly at 7 a ta Arrive at. Kcmcey day; by 8 pm. 60S I From R? mr.ey, by f^rcl'.-?i'.? a -d M<XW?fit-ld to L^nncyV C:?hj-, 3S aiil"? aui luck, three times a week Le?ve Koran?y Tuc-a-iiy, Th-jr?daj aud fstcr- 1 day at 4 a in Arrive at LoneyN Cre?k rorno day* ly 4 p ra Leave Luu.y's Creek Mouc'ay, WtdneKjay and 1 Friday at 1 am Arrivt it P.. rntiey ram? dsya vy 8 p m Proptv.,!? t r th:ee additional trips to Moorfleld I arc Itivltud. 6036 Fri in iumiK-v, I v ?prin^f^Jj Frankfort 1 to Pattvisou Cie.k J'e^ot, Ivj-^ iall?s and tLck, air times a weak L?a\e Pcmi ey daily, except San day, at 4 a m ' Arrh;- it ! .liu-ro u C.e?k Depot by 9am Leave P??tt?.r:c.n C re^k I tpot at 6 p ni or after ?rrivai ot u.ail hxui j^-cutimur*) Arrive at bemney fame days by 10 p m 6036 From Miliwujd, by 7. uite Po?t, to Silldal*, 10 rail<j? and back, 3 tim&i a w?k to W hite Pa t, and twice a woik the tc.i 'u? U?vo Millwcod Monday, \\tJu?jday and Fri day at t}~j a m Air v? at VA tiit< 1 ui shiuo U:iys by 10 a in, and at Mi^ldale Monday SLd bv 1^ m L?avu Mlll.aa'e Mo; 'i?y .a. d t ri lay ?t I p ui,auJ White boat ?\lou v?y, riii-*df'V iaj Friday at 614 a 111 ArriVo at Miilv. ooJ ?>tru? daya by 3 a m Pi op of al for tri weekly ttrvic* on whole route wiil it coaaidvn-1. 6037 From .Millwood to L\ rry v lie, 8 milej aud hack, once a ?iek Leave Millwood Tcesday at 4 p m Arrive at BerryvJie iam-5 day by 6 p m Leave Borry v^lie e.cUy at i p ui Arrive at MilUool fiuiio ay by 3 p m Pr j] oealu for aid I'OLal trips will be oocfiJerel. | 5038 From Waterloo by Clif.'. Mills to Orieaa. 12 I miles ana ba k, tniee tluiej a week Leave Waterli>> Tc? day, Thursday and Satur day a 2^ p m Ariive at Grlean 6ame days by 4J^ p m Leave Orban Tuesday, Thursday and Saturd*^ at 12 m Arrive at Waterloo same days by 2 p ni 6039 Fram Mali on C 11., by bapidan, Grave's MID* a..d Criglotsvilli to Ma^Lou C. U., e^ual to 13J^ m les and tack, twice a week Leave Si adit on C. 11. MoLday aud Wednaaday at 6am Arrive at Madison C IT. fame daya Ly 6 p m 6040 From Luray to Vaileyabuig, t mile.} and back, once a we* k Letve Luray Thursday nt 12 m Arrive at Valleyaburg same diy by 2 p m L?eve Vall'ysbcrg Thnr -my at 9 a m Arrive at Luray by J1 a m 6041 Frrm Lur^y, ' y Hop- Mills, Cedar Point, Over all^, Brnb"-r.vUle, and H*ci' aoghs, to Frout Royal, 30 m lie and bick, ouce a w^ek. L^ave Lui ay day at 8 a m Airiv at Front Koynl mine <*ay by 6 p ra Le^ve Front Kryal Mon'Liy at 8 a m Arrive at Luray name dav by 6 p m. Prcp?als tor tri weekly ferries sre invited; bid der to prepoea ?. hedule. 6042 From Lur.y by L ay Meadow, HcmsyviUf, Orove Hill, Sh-n-ndrah Iron Wtn-ka, Waner lie, and Conrad * fctrre, to McGaLeysville 83 mile , on*e a week and back. Leave Lur.-y : v aday at 7 .? m Arrive at McG ehey>v*lle ?ame day by 5 p m Leave M^Gah*y? id^ Wedne-d^y at 7 a m Arrive at Luray earn - day by 6pm ca?oP?OPO",48, to erJ at * bt: re rre invi'ed. o043 From Mocrefleli, by Ho card's Lick, Barbari vi'ld, Orkney 8p*$-s, ess M--?^ti, k> Mocnt JwkioL, 45^ miloj and back, twict a week to Howard'e Lick aal otce a we k raal due. . LoayeMoareflel!Tnefdayat7am Arrive at Mount Jack*on next day by 12 m lit-ave Mount J a "k-on We>im*day at 1 p m Arrive at \Ioo*?3 11 text day by 6 p m 6044 From Moore5eli, by Durher. ville. Sweedlhi, Hill, Oak Flat. Sug r Orore, aid Palo AHr?, to Mc Doweli, 73^ m l i and beck, cnoe a weelL Leave Moorefleld'. ae.-d iy at t p m Arrive at McPowe.l Thursday by 19 m Leave McPowel) Tburaday at 1 p m arrive st Mocrefitld next ttaturiay by 8p m. ! 5046 Fn m Luosy'a Creek, by Upter Iract, to Frank lin, 32 mttea an J b?ck, twwe ? woek. Leave Lun*\ '? (V*k Tuaedav and (Starter at 6 p m Arriya at Frankiia >ntdmWlUB liinFrMldli *?VJi>??d*y *od ^aturtnyatty ? Arrive at Loner** Creek rert <?ay bv T a BL MM From Uprar Trvt, by Month of Hv P'r1! M|] *. ?r 4 Mr not frudoa, to Crab Bot tom. 60 mil** ud hark oaee ? wi^k Leave Up**r Tract Wedae eda v at 1 p m Arrive at Crab Pottcm nrit 4av bv 7 p a Lit art Crab Beth m Friday at? i? m Arrive at UpperTract eeitdav bv 12m. 5047 It- w Caper Bridgets Hook'a 3ii 1? 6 miltaad beck.etxe* ?>k. Leave C?d o BriJfa Friday at 4 p m Arrfveat Hock*e Millar awe day by ikbu L?ave Htv k'a Mflla Frl ley at 1 p m -Afriv*??c*P?a Brtd?? taoia day by V? p m. 6048 Fmm Capon Er dfe by Old t tnaa. to Bloom* ry.? mile* end back. aa< from Orld atr^m w jjf ^ *?d back, twe? a L?*a Oapor Brf<?g?. WOnad*r and Patorfey at A^'^n.1*r%rri*rl<>f "?iJtam Rrmray ? 3 fvu ?. m,7 ^ <**? by 21 m ki t urn t*Cold girMun by 4 p m; to frbrlb Utrrr Mil la daya. *-*Pn Br^ta by 10 p m ?>?? M40 From Capon Brtdp. by Dir^, pu- Mfc*, Oa* and North River Me*?og U<??Xfl NMi ?0 miln and birk. once a week leave C?j>-n Rridge Monday at ? a in Arrive at Fabiut at me dav oytpm L*ava Fabiua Tueeday at I a m Arr r? at Cap >n Bri >g? nmi day by 4 p m 3050 Irctn Ba^k Creek Valley, by U?gh TMr, Y?l lew fnringH, and CSpoo fp iu.t, to Wardena vf'le. Si r.nand bark. cnee a *<wk I/-eve Bark Cre*k V?ll*y Fr day at ? a m Arrive at Wa:d<^i?viUa cnn? dav by 6 p w Lave WardoneriJU Saturday at" 4 a m Arrive at B!a*k creek \aiby tama day by 12 n. 6061 From H<M(a>-v;!le. br Tomahavk Spricff to JiU?' *rritC- 6>a and bark, twice a w *>k to i m tj^ragi. and once a week residue. I. are Hedge villi W?JnceJay an 1 Saturday at 1 Ar.iv* at TumaJ:a?k spring* ram* daya bv 4 k p m, and Arrive at Jooaa'a Fpring* Saturday 4pm Le*v? Jv.n?^V tpring at 9k a m ^atur ay Lav* Tomahawk Spring W,du??day and Sat urday li.>| a m ArrlTe at be-'g.^lle ram? daye ly 12 m 60C2 From N ?th Moautain, by Clear hpr u? Md ai d Cl?y Lirtc llall, to Mt-rcvrxburr, Pa. ? niU?? and ha. k, once a v??k. Pi? p ^al? to F|>ocij^, di-tancv and frbednl* ?f d?*? pi Urcf and aniTal*. 6065 ?'Mn Mariiiahura, by Hainranlla, and Fall iBK Wtten, to WilltkBuport, Md^ 12 mil** a?id hack, twice a week 1/ nr?? Maitin-'turg 4aJ/ at 12 m Arrive at Williamapr.rt ^ame dava by J p m Lmt* WillUmop-wt datly at 7 a a ????.A?rtve *1 Martlnaburu fame day* by 10 a u From Back cr?ek \allcT, by Oameeboro and AJJton". Mill., to Uuck'.H Ko.i^ - m ? awn back, o??ee a *? ?k. Bidders will i-taie dutinceand cbaduV or d?. partuiva and arrirala. 6055 Frcm B-rk?l-y iprinr* t> Valley ifflk. In Morgan county, _ ntlas and back, on? a Blduere will gfre di?t?noa and ach<dulf ?^d? prrture* and arrivi N. 6054 From Berk*! y Spring* to Wallina Villa on Heepy crtck, in Morgan ocun y, ? u,!^ ,n<| r?a. k, once ? wk. Blddcra willj.ife du anca at J rchadale of de pirture and arrival*. 5C'57 1 roui Berkley Springs, by ^mith'a X Hoalv tuL1^1* t*ck* onCj< n Li v* Berktev Sir nzr Mm 'ay at 2 r tu ArriTe aa^nkUud tame daj by 0 n m L- are ^1 <rd M?.r day a; l* a in Amrwfct ierkUy 9;.nng* earn* dar bri 2 m MM lr<m Kcw ( r^k i*.pot, by Lawr-lt.^ and . rf*-l,T d. to Luc*y a creek, %J auiea ai.d b ck, omv a wtek L*axeNew tret k l>eprt Thur-day at 6a m Arrive at Lsiu-y s frak r.<un? d?v by T p in Litre Lun<ry'? rtak Wadaewdar'at 6a ni Arriv? at New vr^tk tivpoi mima day by f P Dl 5C6* Fr. m F-ferman, by rranvtown, Bridrpor* Uiirktbar^, l^ynclday-Ue, >tw i?alem, iJe^! eya Kun, Weat Union, Orwiw ^d. B^cnrburu brt-rniola, Oro?e rreak and ht.Hwell, to la^ ker-bur^, 1C4 m lee, rtx time* a w^k aud b*.-k iettrntaa to Ckrket.urr, ana tl?. a tin e ? a w#?-h icd I vk tba wdw L?ate >?ttennan daily, ez^apt Haada^, at SHg a m r i ajon the aim al of ?a^t-rn mail Aii;v? at naik,bnn; fame day# by S r in L"^? C}Yt't urf? Mcr d y. W airead.^ an t Fr* day at 2? p m Arrive it l'.rkerebarg next dava by R m Leave Ci.rksburgM^day.Wcdn^dav and F.b day at 2U i> ra Arrive at 1 a.kerxburf cext deya by 12 u, Men lay, Wednesday and IridiyaOam * Arrivo at Hark brrg ccxt ,'aya by tU k ra Leave (lark bmg daily, exorj t Bnniay, at 3 a is Arnveat tman Mine d^y by ? a tu 1 rvr. mLs ttr m t'eryice on vbula nrj? vMUt\-T 1 '\e jt^J e h^duU. an, inrlUd. 6 Fr m Bt M-rr r-, by Petmebor i. to hft.-hie C. C., "I B.I-'t J l-ark, t.f-c Uui<w a weak Leu ry's lue-j^y, Ttur:day and tatu. d?y at i a in Amveit Kit L * C. H.rame ("a"; by 8 p m Lea r litrhje V. U. Moadav, Wrdna>d?v and r i iday at 7 a u Arri.-e at St. M*ry;a F?m day* bv 8pm t0<51 1-tora K*c-oou, by KvanevilU to FeilTwwlIle 9 mil 3?nd ba k, tbree tlmea a w^ * l*>av? Haroova Motdiy, Weduardav *nd Friday at 9 a m ' Kt. Ire at F*llow-riM ? same .lava by 12 m L.ave FtDoweviLe Matidny, Tl edr r?d?? and FrL day it 1pm ATi *?oro? a*mf day.- by 4 p m 5C6^ Frcm Tuarelton, by K'npv.<<d, Albright, MuJ dy creek \ alley Boiet i ru ?t.n Mill*, %Di Brandon\iile to gom-rfj Id,. l a., 42 mUer and bmi It, tLre?^P a w*4*fc I^ava Tunnel:, n Tu^day, TT craday ami ?ata.^ wv it 5 n m ATr'V<* jit Som*rfjpIJ if to* divf by 9 p xn L*mv? trmerti Id Monday, Wedacrd^/ a.4 Frf. day at 6 am Arrive at l'cucvlton aamr da^* bv 9 p m Brwpc*fc.L f r t ;ree ajutb nal ?etkl> trina to K-ngaotd in* iovi>d. * WC3 From itvc'or n. by Fpringdnie, to OlaJeMIlak 12 in l?fi an i k, on^e tL wptIl Le*v^ ba<v ooa bttuiday at 7 a m Arrive atCLd-'-Viile nm? dav by 11 a m L*aTeGLil(>Tille aaturlry at 1 p m Arrive at Ka-foounued.y by 5 p m f 0o4 tr<.m Silt Lick F^U?, Ly Cerntau Itottlement, ?. t?t?rn Fur 1 I iliur. iv, r rd l*ew li.t' re?t. to Lr?dBwU?,50 udi** ?ad U k, t*;ce a waek :o Lernian rcttl.-unia acd ones a waA and b.c k tLv tVSid 39 L??veS.n Lick F*l:? l"<rjr.e-d?v and tfa .ardar at 9 a m * Aitivg at Ocrman fotrloccent anaae dava by 12 m ' ' ' eava Saitl.intfat Weln aUj and Fat urdayat 2 pui at .Salt Li k Tillifrn*days bv 6pm U?VH Girainn feitUmettTbiirjday ki 5 a D arrive at L# t-yt^-r med.yb? 8a n l.uavt? Lu&d^yilW I'rjday at 6 aui AriiVrt at Ocriaaa fcottlrmea; saint day by I r ta ' 60CS IV,u EvfcUsvilUj by Nestcrviile and GLiy Creek, to 1': illtppa, il nul-aaud btck, cue# a v?sek L*N.T^?yan?%iil9 Thuradsy at Sam Arrive Lt Bhillippa *amc day by $ p m L ave rfeillippa Wejucedsy at 9 a m Arrive ?? Lvaurville tame day by t p m 50?C From Kin^wood, by l>e k,-r'.cr^-k and Fprlna. dalo, to Morgan town, 31 milei and kwk; cno? ta *w?k. lave Kintwr*>l F.t .'r 'ay at 6 a m Arrive at Mordant, an Fame day by 12 m Leave Morjantian Fatur.ay at 1 p m at Kin^w^cd eamt day by 7 p at. 6067 From Falrmc unt, by M:U FalU and Worthing, tan, to bijinDito:, 14 milci aud back, onr? a weak. Leave Falrmrant Wodna^dav at 6 am at ffclnnfton day by 12 m L?s^ve Shimiotoa Wedne d*v"?t 1pm Arrive at Fa rmoant ?aa?? day by (5 p m ^^I'roposak l.-r a fecond week.y tr p ar? Invited, owa from rai moat, by lUvesville. Mcralith'a Tav* ern, HbJie Day, Aru.tuville. Fawrel Point, Mriigaiitown. Ullngtcn, Fb war.'e Toan,Frlda Vale, Ice's F^-rry, tpriiig IliU Furtiaoa. Pa Faiitbfl?4d, and Murris'a h Koidn, to Unkai towa. 47 miles and back, a!x tlm? a w<?ek, ab throating on the ea*t and *rt*t ai ae cf tha river between Fairmont inJ Mor^autown. Leave Fa'rmont Ha;ly. .-uaday, altar ar rival of c*rs from t.-ust, Mr 1pm Arrive at Morgraniown*' dars by T p m, and at Union own next o?y? by 12 m ' I^jave Cni ntcwa dai y, axrept Pnn4a>, at 1 Arriva at Morjyrtown d-y, by 8 p m Leave Wpantowa daily, ex tpt gunliay, at 6 A SI Arrive at Fairmott name darg by 12 m tVp.rnV pro.y?l, for wrri^ Utvr^n Fal: mont Mcr^autown and L'nVat town wi 1 Ni coneidered. Grky*# Flat B^enet av ii#, Jak?'i Kun ani i w^k UTlUe 23 "d back, on~? Uave BarrackrriUe "rturtay at 11 a m Ar<V9 at ElackaiiUa came dav by 7 p m Leare Chckav.lle gunlay at "ti a m Arrive at Barra kaviJe laa. day by 2 p m Prrpo.iaU fi r mow nqnant trip* kre tnvltad. ISu tMyi^top. V Blnganwn and " - LumWp rt, 16 aflea and baA.^lls

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