Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 8
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River Chapel, ?nd Beitty'a Bridge, to HarraFa Store, Vi wils? nd teak, twioa a week to Lone CM^, and odm a week reeidae. i<4 <Wd?a Frliay at 1 p B Arrive it fl^rai'a Store next day by ? f ? i<eav? BvM'b Store every Thursdayat 0 ? m _ Arrive at 9; ring Garden r?t 4?J by 12 m, trip to Coo$ md b&uk 011 fcrfJl Froa^Loog 0-***, bv *"?*'? Oeek, to Ool Tin'i '"%irte. I?1 nilfi ud bark, once a week, f Lodc tw*>^ Saturiij at i b m Arrive at Oelvin'a Creek sa?e day by 18 m Leave Oolrin'e Creek Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Loaf Creek -me day by 6 p to. 6d?2 From Wi'm nifon- by Bontt'a Hill, Topaail f ound, Golden F.ace, 8Dead's Ferry, Aman's f tore. Onslow C H, and Catherine Lake, to Richland*, 70 miles and bach, one# a week Leave Wtlmington Friday at T a m Arrive at Rich'an di n*xt day by 7 p m iMve Riohlanda 8arday at 6 a m Arrive at Wilmiofton rext dav by i p m. 6621 Frcm Wilmington, by Upper Town Creek Bridge, to &initbville. SS mile* and back, twke a week. Leave Wilmington Tuesday as J Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at tmlthville a*ma days by ( p m Leave Smitbvl le Monday and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Wilmington same day? by 6 p m. Propoea'a fr steamboat ??rvloe will be consid ered, (omitting Upper Town Creek Bridge ) For route Wilnington to Savannah eee No. 6836. 6624 Frc m Or alow C II, by Ptney Gre^n *0 Swans i toro', ?4miles and btek, once a week. Leave onflow C U Sunday at ? a m Arrive a*. Rwa^abltV same dsy by 2 p m 1 ewv? ?war-ab re' .*<?urday at 6 a m Ar*:re at On>low C H sam* day? ty 12 m, orln tmj tc oon-.ect with sail to Rlcblande. btis> From Pwansboro'. by Hurste, to Oralow C B, 17 miles and bark, once a week. I eav- 8wa'aN-ro' Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Onslow C II same day by 1 p m Leave Onflow 0 H Monday at 8 p m at Swaneboro' ame day by 8 p m. It*1'. Fr. m E?auf rt to Sayrna, IS miles and beok, once a week. Lea*? Be&nfcrt Tuesday at 1 p in 4 Arrive at 8myvnasame dav by 6 p m Leav- Smyrna Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at Beanf >rt same day by IS m. 6627 Frcm Moseley Hall, by Jer'oho, to Etrabane, 20 mile* and bsck, once a week. Leave Moealey Hall Tuesday at i p m Arrive at Strahace same by 7 p m Leave ttra>">ne Tuesday at 6am Arrive at Moseley Hall same days by 19m 6628 From Kinstoa to Trenton, 21 mites and back, once a week Leave Kir at n W<dne*day at 6 b m Arrive at Trenton same day by 12 m L^aveTrert^n WodnBsday at 1 pm A rri ? - at Ki ton same day by 7 p m 66*9 From Newborn, by Polio, ksvi'le, to Trenton, miles anl b*ck, twice a w?ek Leave Newbtm Monday and Friiay at 7 a m A rrive at Trenton tame riayi by 8 j> m leave Trent <n Tueeday anu fcaturday ai. 7 a m A rrive at ft e* bern e^me days by 3 p m f.;jO Frm Newborn, by Cravutv lie aud Smyrna, to Beanfrrt, miles and bark, three t^mec a we k I. ave 5<?wbern Monday, Wrdnesday and Fri day at 9 a rn Arrive at B-<acft>rt ?me days by 7 p m Lra>*e 8*aofurt Tuesday, Tbcndsy and Satnr day at ft a m Arrive at Nee hern eeme days by 7 p m toJl Frcm Poliotk?vil!e, by Palo Ai o, to Swansbo ro'. 27 Uiiloa an l back, once a week Kate Pol'.ocksville Monday at 11 a m, on a'ri v?l of m^il from Newoern Ar.-tve at i?w*na^oty s?.m- day by 8 p m L* >e 8vat?.b;r:' lueadav at 6 a m Ar-ive at Pollccksville Rains day h2pm ?632 From P? l-Kkaville to Hjdn- t"a &2 miles and back, once every other week L?we Folloiksvilis evtrv other Fatu d ?y at 1 p m Ar i.e a; H ?dnota semedey by 7 p m Leive H on< t-? every other PatnrJay at 7 a m Ar iv- at Polkrk'V. le jam d.*y by 12 m ffi33 From Kio?.<>n. by 8anjy Poandat cn, to Pink Hill, 20 mil p a^d b<ek, orce a week I ea*e Hina'oti *a utday at 6a jn A Tive at link Hi 1 ram- day by 12 m L ave trick Hdl 'nturdav atl put A rrive at Kicstcn ?m" day by 8 p m 6o3t Fitm Wii iam'ton, by I" at ewjmp and Btth ?l, t> Gr^e v.lle, 28' mil** anl b*c!;, once a w^ek L?av- Williani- t n Wednesday at 7 aia Arr.v* at Gr??enviUe ?a*e d.y ty 6 p m L-ave *>r*e-ville Thuraday atTam Arrive %? \V>,li,.m-ton pams day by 6 pia Frv m Wjodville to Durant'aNeck, i ml lea and back. ? -?ice a week Leave Wood title Mondcy and Friday at 10>% a m Arrive at Dnraii.'aNeck feme day by 12 m Le*vf Duraiif s Neck Monday and 8^ a in Airive at Woodvilie came daya by lQQa m prcpoea a lor a third weeklj trip will bjconatd ?-r-d 6SS? Fr>.m GreenfUle, by Waxd'a Rtore, to Hunil ;oq to'l'i and ba k, oace a week Uan (ir*ewvitle kriday at 7 a in Arrive at li^miltcn sjim day by 6 p in Leave ii*n.:l'on Saturday at 7 am Arrive at o ernviLe m tr.? iay by i p in 6?37 frwia II ckarat wn, or iiidge Spring, Join sea*^ .VtiU, uad Cuxiiiie, toGrevovilla, 9C)% luLea ?au t a k, a w -eit L'ave Hooa-ra oeii Iharea?y at 7 a si Arrive at OruenviUe ea?..e day by 6p tu Leave Ur?. nvilie F:ida. at 7 a tu Arrive at lioox^nrtown auoi day by 6 p in 6628 Fr a Uoraeosa, by HatterM, Cape, and Kaai m* Kea*, to CLickamaooiaico, ? tuiie < and ba^e a we*K Biduere will state olstance and tclted&'e* of de putuT>s and arrivals (,839 rrt'tn il-^d tf Ba> lUv r to Jau^eS Potter's, on G'.oce (.'wt? I ianl, ? luilea and back, onoe a week Eidle's will state CuiAAya aaJ ichcdnie of iie uuturee at.d artiveLi 6C-fc> Fr m S >uth Creek lo Bay Kirar, 9 ia'.)ej an J back, ot>ce a week Leave South Lrtwk Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Be? 11 ver ?atu-? day by 11 a tu L*av? Lay Hire. Fdlay at 5 a m Arrive aw douta Crec % ?auis day by a ui 6G41 krum Currituck C.H , by Culrj ca and Poplar Brancii, to Poweli'a Point, 26 in.Lei and back, once aaeek Leav* Currituck C. H Friday at 12 m Arrive at Powe>l'e l'-iut a<uie day by 0 p u Lf^ve i'ow ell's Point 8aturdny at 8 a iu A-tive at L'arataek C. U. e*me day Ly 2 p m 5?42 From ^ >.eu'e Point, ty Na. g a Head, t* itoan oke la ?ud, Uj m..oa aud back, cuuv a week Le?ve Pcaeli'a Pil^t M ^^iay at 8 a iu \ntve at ^oanukj ia.acd s-iue d <y by 0 p ia LekVo &<>?noke Tuealay at e a a at toweil'a Feint a^me day by 6 p m 6c46 i r.iii Pungo Lr<*k to NorthC;?ek,9 mileaaAd back, cn e a werk Lcav? Pange Cieek TUoreday at 13 m Arrive j\ North C.oek a?me Oay by 3 p m L??v* :.or.h C:?*k Tnu'eday aitim ?t Ponao Creek a*Tie day by 12 m 5646 k mc, Creed'a Bridge to Knot's laland, 16 uUlea and b ck. once a w.-tk. Ixave Creel's Brijgo iionJay at 7 a m Arrive at itaott'a Island caiue day by 1? m L*ave kJDo. t'? Inland M^niay at 2 p m Arri'e a'? r eu'a Bridge aarua day by 7 l in 1647 t .om City by C?mden, Shlioli, Tc di?nt wn, sLko, ' orntuck C. II., Greentowu, Tail s < r?ck. North W^et hirer Bridge, Va.. Ku-kcry Gicuod, and Graet Br^lge, to Nor ft 'k, 70 mil?? aud bf-k, once a week. Le^ve iu .beth City Wednesday at 6 a m arrive at Norfolk neat day by 12 m ' L av<? Norfolk Thur day at 1 p m Arrive a: >.Ji?abeth C.ty nexi d.y by 8 p m 6)48 Fr?u .?ixou*on, by ^iwbi^ou Creek, to KlJia leth City, 15 mile& and back, three t'mea a week. Leave Nixonion Monday, Wedn aday and Fri day. at 8 a m at ltti^al<eth City aaine days by 12 m l>sve B1 j?t??th City i'onUay, tdue:day, an<^ K.iday at 2p in Arrive at Nlacnton aam^ <!aya by 6 p in 6640 From Middletr to Cape llatceraa, 30 m'lea and tack, onoe a week leave M.dllet'in baturday at 1 p m Arrive at Cape Hatteraa next day by 12 m Lt-ave Cap' Hatter a* SundLy at 1 p ui Arrive at MiddletJn next day by 11 a m A iiC Fiom Wa^h.ngton, by B^th Tungo CYtek, Pan ego. Leechvi le, slxlesrllle, Swan Quar ter, L>ke Cumf rt, lake Landing, a ad Mid dletown, to Fairflrld, 127 mile# and back, twice a *?-t to Bafh and on>>e a week resi due. L?eye Washington Thuraday at 7 a m arrive at Midd etown next -atardsv by 12 m, aud at Fa rfle.'d same day by 7 p in L?*v? Falrfie'.d Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Mid.letown aauie day by 12 in, and at ^ aahlngton next 1\ Innedn j by 6p m l^ave Wafhinxtoa ftaturdvy at 1 p m Arnv- at Bath a^me day by 6 p m L ave Bath I'^turday atTam Arrive at Waehin^ton t>?ina day by 12 m 6661 Frt/in Wa.-tiin(ttoo to J rw k', and thenm to Portsinouth. 85 mile* and bark, one* a week Leave WaatingU n Thursday at 5 p m Arrive at Ccrw-ole n^xt Saturday 1 p a Leave ' > raook? Saturday at 1J< p m Arrive at Port-month a- me day by t^pm L are Pertamouth Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Wa*h!Bgton next Wedneeday by 12 in Proposal* fcr eervi-e twioe a week by team boat w?d b? aoasider^d. fi54 From W^Ah.ngton to Campbell' Greet,?mllee a d back onoe a week Ridden will stats dutaare and schedule. ? U61 From Washington, by Bl?unt's Cr*ek. and Dutha.j'a Creek to South Crsek, 36 miles ??<> be ok, onoe fc we>k Leave Washington Thnrrdmj tttim Arrite at Durham's Creek pnme day by 2J<f p m And at tooth Creek same day by 6 p in Leave South Creek Friday at 9% a m Arrive at Durham's Creek #ara? day by 11X a m And at Washington fame day by 7Jf p m Pr posal" tD extend to Bay River are Invited (664 From Windsor, by Merry Fi'l, Ashland, Oolerain, Harrelb villa, and Pitch Lindiag, to Murreesboro', 61 niilee and back, twice a week. Leave Windsor Wednesday atd Saturday at 4 a xn Arrive at Vurfreesboro' sam? days by 11 p m Leave Murfreeaboro' Tueeday and Friday at 4 am ?... Arrive at Windier eame dayi by 11 p m 6646 From Murfreesboro', by rotecmai, Wcodland, and St. John, to Roxabia, 80 miles and back, once a week. Leave Murfreeaboro' Thursday at 6a m Arrive at Roxable >nme day by 4 p m Leavtf Roxable Friday at 11 a w Arrive a* Murfreeeboro' Fame day by 9 p m {856 From M.*rfre?>borr.'to hoykiu's Depot, 13mlle? and hack thre* times a week Leave Murfre*sbcro' Monday, Wednesday, and FiJayatll.ini Airive at Bcj kin's Depot Fame days by 3 p tn L*ave Boyk n's TV pot M)tday. Wednesday, an* Fri ay at 12 m Arrive at Ma freesboro' same davs by 3 p m Pr ;fca ? for three additional trips will te oon rid<rel, to bs run lo connection with mails from baUiah 6667 From Piyia^oti, by Wa<hi"gton and Swift Creek triv-fe, to IVtwl>,r?J,70 miles asd back, throe tim?^ a . Le. vs PI; mouth TueiJay, Thursday, ana Satnr day a*, i * m Arilve at Washington eame daya ly 11 a m And at Ni*b rn ?ame days by 10 p m Leav* New^m Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day a' 3 e m Aruv* at Washington same days by 12 m Ani at Plymouth same days by 9 pm. ?65S i rem Plymouth, by Union and Penppernong, to Columbia, 39 miles and back, twice a week. L?av? Plymouth Thursday and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Columbia same days by 4 p m Leave Columbia Friday and Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Plymouth tuua days by 6 p m. 5659 from Columbia to Fort Landing:, 20 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Goiumb a Friday at C a m Arrive at Fort Lanoicg same day by 12 m Leave Fort Landing Friday at 1 n m Arrive at Columbia same day by 7 p ni. 6660 From Columbia to Gum Neck, 20 miles and back, onoe a week. Leave Columbia every Friday atCam Arrive at Gum Ne~k *ame day by 13 m Leave Oum Meek Friday at 1 p in Arrive ??t Columti* -uae day by 7 p m L6C1 From Franklin Depot, by South vjuav, Gates Ferry, Winton. and f denton, to Plymouth, 108 miles ard back, thr.*e times a week Leave Franklin De^ot Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1^4 P in Arrive at P'ym?uth same d?ys by 11 p m Leave Plymouth Monday, v*Vjn>3dav. anl Fri day at'11% p m Arrivt ??. Franklin tepct tx'. day* by 10 a so. Prop' Fals lor three additional wtekiy tries are invited. 5662 From oate?ville to Gates Ferry, 3 miie3 and back, three time.-) a aetk Leave Uateeville Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 2 p m Arrive at Gates F-rry same day by 3 p m leive Gales Ferry Monday, Wedne^iav, and Fri Jay, after arrival of h-at Franklin L??pot, ?ay 5pm Arrive at Gatesviile saui- da vg by 6 p ri. 6663 From Fd-uton, by Hertford, Woc-uville, Rlisa btth City, Mibtonsvitie, Sc*th Mills, and Le*p Creek, Va, tolvorfolk, 77 mile* and ba<k, ihr e l.m a a week to Ji'.iiabeib City, and fix times residue f.ettve Ad^u on XVeday, ThurMay, and Setur day ?.t 8V>a ? m Arrive at t.usab- th City fame d>)ys by 1J^ p m Leave El z^belh City daily, except Sunday, at 7 a m Arrive at Norfolk sat?e d y. by 4 p m Le ve N rfo.k TiMsriay, Ihur'day, aud rfu'ur day, after the arrival from Laltimore, eav 10 a hi Arrive ut Tdenton iAmedars by ?2 night Leave >orlb k Monday, Wedne^ay, and Fri day, after arrival L'altimo.e. Fay at 10 a m Arrive at 1 lisabeth City a^ma daj s ly 6 p m. 5664 From JCoentcn, by Bal.aru's urid^e, Minton vi ie,Sunbury,G<?teaville, Buck'an I, Reynold* ton, h.nd ftomnrton, Va , ;o buff Ik, 71 inilei and back, once a we?k. Leave kdentou Thurtday at 4 a in Arrve at SutTalk next Uay by 4 p in Leave Suftvlk 'J u? saay at 11 a m Arriv? at kdeLtcu nwxt day h? 8 pm. 5?;66 From IUieigh, by N>ui;e, Forectvil?e, Pacific, Fraukilnton, Kittr^li, lis-ndersoa, itidgewav, Macon Depot. Litt-eton, Sptlng Hill, aud Oa-too. to W.l J -n. v? miles aad bsck, Ueilv Leav Kale /.h doily .it 6 am Arrive %t We-don s?mfc d?)S bv 11 l.I a m Leave Weldon daiiy at 'I p tn A-rive at l?*tei/h stune s; ? by 7 p m. 5666 From kaleiKii, Ly Marclny.-v.ile, A', Kyle's Laming, ani MMj'eii^rkn to Fry e.taviiie, t2 miins aud back, d<i!y. Leave Kaleirfi u^Ly at7J| p u# Arrive at Fa., ett^viile next days by ?. ^ a ?> Le^v- Fayettr-vi. n daily at 5 p xu Airive at U*. e^h i ext da>s by 5 a m. 56?7 From iU'.eigu, bv Ka<le Kyk, Wakeflald, Spr ng Iloj e ai.d Na?hv lie, to Wilson, 42 ?r< Le-t and b.ak, th:?- ti n? s a Week Lta\e Ualet^h ."ttiiiy, Wtdue.d-iy, and Fridav at 5 am Arrive at W ilevn i ame days by 8 p m Lt&va Wtlson Yntiuiy, XLursday, and Satur day at 6 a id Arrive at KsUi^h same days by 8 p m. 5663 Fiom Ualti/h, ty Htger's More, Fish Earn, ctsgvilli*, l ed Mountain,'s Mills, and Vau Hook's i tor?, to Koxbor-u^h, and Lack by Mount Till*r, Red Mouutain, lUund liill, isisvvUle, una Fiemitg'tn, to iCaieigh, " 56 n?ii?-b and b. ck, once a w?vk. I>aav? Kjl-i^h Friday at 3 p m Ar:ive at Jio*b< r.u^h text day bv 7 p in Leave Koxboro ^h Ihursday at 6 a a AriiV^ ^t Ka i.'^L next day by lu a m 6669 Kaiei.h, by il lly "prints, Ne*r IIiU, II-ywood, A'lclph, Iittsbro', S;?. l.a*re^re, M feu ley's Mn ?, K?-d Creek, F.auk.invii.e, Cedar Fa Is, A rou^h, CdTr-wry, Jiiiici't Mine, rpm ct.r, tilr. r Hill, C ttcn Or.v-. a> d Jersey, to ?ai i ury 1" r i".' and b rk, I -i- a we^k. I**. v- c-^ndav aLd W- d ;? at 5 a m Ar. Iv<3 a'. oaJiaLury u?xt daya b; 6 p in Leave isAirfbuiy eunday anu iVadi.e>dav at 7 a xn Arrive at Kal?is(h next davs by 7 p n>. 1070 i'i-om Iiit eton, ty Orov'e ilui and Areola to iUn^om'a bridge,21 miUs uui b?ck, on^e a j wevk. j Leave littleton Baturd=*} at ti a ra Arrive at RuaKini'! IsritJg. aan>e dav by 12 m l.-*ye R?nt^u's Bridge Saturday at'l p m Arrive at Littleton t-'acne d.?y by 7 p in. tail ?'r a Klrfgoway, Nutbus*i, Paliu-r's Ppring, }*?* 1amniany and Merrv Mount, to Uo.vway, ,qual to j7 miles and baok, twice a week. I>eave Kiigeway ;VednexIay aud Silu.dav at 7 am . Ar ive a' Kidgrwiy eame dayj by 7 p ui 5o72 irrrn Ridgeway r?y Lxciangeand Lvnafvilie, to ClarkkVille, \a., 2, miles and bacti, daily I.?ave Kidreway d?il> at 4 p ni Arme at C arXsiille same d .y by 6U i? m Irt-ave Claiksviile daily *t 6 a m Arrive at h.dgeway sauic uay by 10a m. 6673 From Henderson to Williainaboro, 9 miles and back, three tiaee a we?< Uava Genders n, Xuefeday, Thurbdav, and t-aturiay at 1 p in Arrive at tVlilimntbnro sam? days by 3 p m ^u^ayl'Vtr TU#Hj,y' lhurtd--v' and Arrive at lienderswu same days by 11 a m. Kc\tK>rouKh, L-aai-ii'g Mi ion, L turel Qrove and Kingg ) d, \ a , to t/anvil ?, 7? milea and back, hr?e tim.s a week, thrt* add! tivnai w ei>y rips :roin liender'-on to Oxfrid and bick. L av? llecd r*on dady, except 8un<iav, at 8 a in Arrive at < xford same days bv 11 a m Arrive at Dam ilie lu?sd?y, Taoryday, and Sat arduy at 6 a m Leave Danville Mou'Jay, WcdnsodaT, and Fridav at 5 p m Arrive *t Oxford ntu; davs bv 1 p id Le ve Oxford daily, ex*j>t siiuday, at 4 p m Arrive at H*odera?.n ?avie dayn bv 5 p xn 6676 Fr ^m F aoMlu en, by Wilt'o, J'rnokvUle Tal 1; h > Dial's Creek, hed Mo mta-i., and Cald well, to hi' saoro 63 mf'ei and Ita-', once a week. Ix-iir Frackiicton W dne-^uy ft 1 pm Arrive at D>al's Cre?-k um< day by 8 p ?a le*v? Dial's Crtek Thuraday at 6 a m A ?ve at Liiliaboro fimve di-y by 1 p m L eve lii)l.?b>ro Thurfd v a' 'i p m Arrive at Di.l's Creek nam: day by 9 p m Leave M?rs Creek Wednesday at 6 a ni arrive at Frauklintoa fame day by la m. 5676 In-m Fr-nkhnton. by Harris-^ X Koadt, to Ha'l'c h Reads, 18 mica end bak, onoe a w?*k ^ FrankUatm Saturday atlpm Arriv., at H ill's Roads rame day by 7 p m L*?ve H(aH\ ^ Koadi t'a urday at 6 a in Atrire at Frauklinton same day by l)i m. ?671 from Forre-tvdle, by New L'jtht, WIHon, Fairport, and Tab's Creek, to Ox lord.r37 mlle? and ?aek, rnre a week. Feave Forfntville Wednoaday at 6 a n Arrive at Oxtord samp day by 7 p m l<eara Cxfbrd Thursday at 6 a tc Arrive at ItMlWli ? me day by 7 p m M78 From Forest ville to Kellesvills 6 m las and b*ck, twice a Week. Leave Fore-tville M-iulay and Thursday at 11 am f Arrive at Rolletvfll* same flays by 1 p m Le*ve RolJe ville Monday and Thuisdav at S a m Air'Te at Forestville game day* by 10 a m. 6679 Firm Lyneeviile, by Wcodwcrtbs, by B:>vd toa,, > IS miles and back, three times* week. L*ave Lvnasvilie Monday Wednesday aud Fri day at 6 a m ~ Arrive t B ydton Fame day# by 11 a w l*ave Boyd ton Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 12 m - at ne?T Mme davs by ?U p m. 0680 from Warrenton to Shocoo Spring, 11 milee and back, once a week. I^hTe Warrentou Saturday at 12 ni Arrive at Shoco Spring lanic dav fcv 2K1 p w Leabe Scocco Spring Sattuday at 3>$ p ai Arrive at Warrenton ^ame day by e^'pia 5631 From Oxford, by Waterloo, Gregory's Mill, Alraham a Pi-in*, Saesafra* Fori. Browns Tille, and Young's >?; Road*, to Clarksville, \ a, 4'2 ui:l?*^ and back, one* \ week with an adrition?l weekly trip betw^n Clatk**vil:e t n 1 Brownar lie. Le*ve Oxford Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Ciark?ville same day by ^pu^ Leave C arksvill Friday at 5 a iii Arrive at Ox ord same day by 8 p m From Clar-sville to Brownsville an 1 back, be tween Sam and lpmou Monday. 6632 From Oxford by Tallybo, Dutchville, Knapp of Keeds, 8fagvill?, Orange Factory, South Lowell and Fuve Mills to Hl'l?boro, 48 miles and back, onoe a week to South Lowell and twice a week residue. Leave uxft. rd Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at lli'lsboro' same day by 7 p m Leave irillsboro' Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Ox'ord same day by 7 p m From nillftboro' to South tlill and bick, be tw?eu Sam and Ipn Monkey. 66:3 From Berea to Oak Hill, 11 mile* t,nd back, once a we- k Leave Rerea Friday at 1 p in Arrive at Oak 1*111 fame (Jay by 5 ;>m Leave Oak Will 1'riday at (3 am Arrive at Perea satr^ day by 12 m. 5684 From Lewell, u?nlab, St Charles 1 and Crenchrille to pock, -U miles aud ! back, ooise a weeK > Leave Nahunta Friday at 6 a m 1 Arrive at Kagle l'.ock wne day ly 0 p ui L avo Es-gle Heck Thursday st ^ a tu at Nahunta same day by t> p ui Proposcls for a second wecklv trip wulbe cju side red. 5C85 From Nuahville to Peach TretGivve, h snil*o an 1 bick, on?e ft week Leave N&si.ville Friday at 1 p u? Arrive at I'iacfa lie* Grove sam ? ?liy by 6 p m Leave feacb. ire Gr'.ve Friday ?Im<s Anive at Nashville Fame day by 12 m. 5636 Fr? m Wiltoa by Tranquility, Fish Dam and West Point to Prattsburg, 25 miles and back, cnce a we* 1: Leave Wilton Fridays it 9n m Arrive at I'rattsburg sain'- duvj bv ?) p m Leave Prattsburg Saturday ct9 a *m Arrive at Wilton same day by C p ia. 5687 From Averystoro' to Mcftc-ill'e Frrrv, 7 miles and ba. k, twice a week Leave AVery?b">ro' Wedn, -d*s ?i.i Saturday at 3 p ia Arrive at McNeill's Feny days by 6 p m Laave Mc^eiU'c Ferry Wednesday and gatur eay at 11 a m Arrive at Avery boro' ssme de^s by 1pm 5oS8 From Fayetteville b, Argy;e, luvejntfs, Sol emn Grove, New Qlle'.y, Clark's Mills, M*?e doula and iroy to fcwifc IpUnd, 78 m'.l?-8 and b&ck, Once a w<-ek I "are F?.yett'-ville Wednesday at 6 a m iiiiivi- at wift Island n> xt d y b 5pm Leave fewilt lslan l M( nday ?t 6 a m arrive at Fny.ttBVilb n^xt day by 5 p n. i?86? From F.yettevi.le by ! ittle, gt. I aul's, Lurjb rton, Flurieville and Le?f>rille to F?lr bluff 60 nulrs and back, fbree time# a we-.k Leiv-? Favetttvi le Eu>.day, Tuesday ani Thurs day at 0 p m Arrive t Fair Blnff neat days by p m I*av? l'ajr Bluff Monday, \\ edne^dav and Fri day tt pm Arrive at Fayettt ti^le tert days by 6 a in PropuS-?U lot '.bree a.'d.Lonal wetk'y trips are invited. W90 From Fayelttrille by Gray's Creek, Lobbin* vi.le, Proep-ct Hall, Lyon's Landing, tli/.a bttbtown, White's Creek, West Dr..ok aLd Black Kock to KotinMjn'j, 72 miles and l?a-*k, three times a wvtk Leave Fayetteville Mondiy, Wein^day and Friday it 5'/s a m Arriv- at r.tb'nfoi.'s ssiii&daysby 10^ pm L ave Kobiuson't Tuesday, Thursday am Satur day at S a ui Arrive at Fayetteville n*xt J? ly 1 ? ni 519r Fr.m Fayetteville by Luudirrecb, uilojol'a, CUw?rt ville, lAurinburgh Hpriigfl^id, Gib Fon's otore a?d "ilglit^-vil,.) to Cheraw, 75^ jrilesand bark,thte<; time.- a week lyav.* Faye:tevU e hunday,Tu-bd?; and Thurs day at 1 y m Arrive ui Cheraw u*xt d*ys ty 5 a m Ltave Cheraw >?OLda>, V\ edeesday a ^d Fridiv at 9 a m Arrive at Fayetteville next diy* by 1 a m ?<fe2 From Fayetteville by ;.-loc?er'e, Owensvllle, Clinton and Ppringvale to Warsaw, 40 milee and back, dally rxsept Sunday Leav Fayettevj.le daily,exc- pt Sunday, at p m Arrive at War aw next days by 1\' a m, In time to connect with the morning train down Leave Warsaw daily, ex.'-pt !*a?.ar.'a>, at 7 p m, after arrival of th-* tiling tram from the l\orth Arrive at Fayetteville ne? t days by Ca m Ptopo-nli for tri-weekiy tervi.-ns are invited. o6#3 Fr< ui Fay?ttevil e by Muuche?ter, Johuecn v ile, Johnstown, Ch .lm'.^v U.., Ca. .hi?e Gcll Re,<i-n, Good Spring, Smiirt L ?k A?V bor ', .New Ma kat, Hunt's I tor<?, AbN it's Craek acd Waughton to PuUm, 1*) mll*?^nl l?a"k. thr^e times a w?ek Leave Fayetteville Monday, Wednw?!u": nil I ri day ?t4pm Arr ye at Salem rext days by 2 n m Leave .Salem Tu-*d?y, Ihurday and ??lurday at 5 p m Arrive at Fayetteville next Jays by 3pm Propofa's for th.*ee addltirual'trips betwen Sa lem a>id the line of the Kallread, ?nd fordo e connexions wlthtlat line ar* invited. 6694 From FevatievU'e, ly 'Je'rebini>?? Blrckus Pe-e''et-,ani White tj KUsaUthiftiv^ 46 miles and back, cnce a week Leave Fa> ett??%ltie 'fte*ny at t? a m ArriveJ+t ? itabetht wn s 'me day by 7 a m Leave r ;is*?e ht wn Weir e?day at 6 a m Arrive ft Fay?t? Fam? day by 7 p m ?0*6 From Fayetteville. by Blue^ bridge M -Don aid's Mills, Bratick's Mil*. Jt0 k OroVe Cov iDRt n, Powell ton, Little Milk, Mangum, Du ma-'s Store, Mount Oilead. f lark'n tJreek Swiit I?lbnd, and MoRa>'s Mills, to Tr.-y ? miles and hack, on^e a week Bidders will slate distance aud acbedule of tfe pa*tur?M and arnvala Proposals fv.r a Fecotd weekly trip will be cen mder'd 5696 Fr m Fayetteville, by Kl^^Ourj-, lliutn'e Le vel, 8iimm?rrille, Null's < :e?t and Klunev a Creek, to Pa-elayrTille, 44 u,i P? three t<mee a week ' Lesve Fayetteville Monday, \VVda?Bjar FrkKy a? 6 a m " Arrive at Bar:lay?vire Fame dayH WHpn L?ave BarcUysvil e Tuesday, Thurs j*y^aud Sat urday at tj? m ^*yetteV?lle Mtr.c d ivg by 8 p m 5697 I r m (- arthage, by Pek'u, (Mcntg. very co.) to', In F^nnley tonr.ty, (A la-marle P. O., as suppoeed.) onco a w?f k and back ISidders will state dirSu'f n l tcbedule of do pwrtup-s and ar ivala ; al?o Interm dl^te i> >*i iff h * 6??3 From Troy to litlie^vlL*, ? miles snd buk ones h week fcfifiv/F.r TV,nL* ?tt; ,1Unc* rehe.lule i I aurlnlmrg to Kerkingham,2i mild? und back, twice a w^ek U,I?wL?u?DbVr*T"*'<iay ard Bafttrd.v ufter aA?VJ11 n "W frL0IU ' 'h,r} w, aev ?t 8 p n? L^v 'h* Roekingbam same Jars by 10 p ir ilTI * h ? "I 5700 Krmf, I f inbur/ Jays at 11 a n. T ?andallev lie, to .Mont 13 Dul?fl and back tw'ce % w?*?k 7aa?mUMfcr*Ch W dneB,la-v arHl 8?*urlayat Arrive at M -n p lier eatne ^ny? i v 11 n m 12 n? T,tl"U*r ^VedDeb<Jl3r aad Saturday at A-niAi'llV" Dun,<1ar%rh "Die days by 4 p m 6.01 fro-,, Wv.lU by M.ryVlle. C.-)devsvllle, m'H' *r,d Temper*nee II J, to Marion . n , JA ^ B'l-a and back ouoe a week <- ' * *( ? & or alter anivel ir m Fay?tteviii? 5702 Arrive St Ma- ion C H aem ds ? bv 9 n m L ave Mai ion C 11 H*tnrday at T a m Arnve a LaetviUe un? day by 7pm ' p^ruVi11-4, Kt^i hy l???brr Bridge, to i ?i I i? ?*d ^ack, ones a week L are Little Roek F.ah Mr.ti4By at 1 ? n Arnve at Ptiilvielpbus same daw fcv < D m a'T* **!&}*/' Tn? it 5 aV P ayn* t a^Little Rock Fish i?mi day by 12 m *708 From Loaberton, by Smith'e Bridge, to How e'l t!H?, 16 miles and b .ck. onc? a wp?k L?avu Lu^berton Monday st 7 a m Arrive at Howellyvills ^me di_ b_ u m I.eaT' Dowell?v:Ile Monday at 1 p m Rffti *** W Lumberton nam* day by 0 p m Lumberton. by PblWdelnhns, Bed ^ r??P?r HU1, Qmjenfdsle, . i * oi"' *,? T V' ,,6y?t0 Lumberton, ?qu?J to 87 m les and back, mo- a week Leave Lumberton Friday itSim ,m'Vire?t LunK-Ttoe, next day byflpm 6.06 From Elixabetltown. by Bryant's Swamp, Big Swamp and W?f,rn Prong, to 1 lixabet* town equalto 9.T.4 mil?a and b ck, one# a we?k r Leave Khxabeth'own Tuesday at 0 a m ? i? Ell*"b'thtown next day by t p m 6.00 From Gravelly HilLby B??tty'a Bridge, to Cain Turk, 28 mile* and b ck. once a week Leave Gravelly If iil Saturday at 9 a m Arrive at Cain Tnrk st me day by 5 p m L aTe Cain Turk Snrday at 6 a m .. Arrive at Gravelly Hill fame day by 1 p m 6'0/ from West Brcoka, by French Creak Church, to Cain luck, 20 m lea and back, onoe a week Leave West Brooka every Saturday at 0 a a Arrive at Cain Trek nmr day by IS m I.eave Cain Tuck Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at West Bro k? ? ame day by 7 p m 5708 From Clinton, by Pine Grow, Bennett's x ' Road*, Monk'a 8tore, Newton's Orova, ! Draimhan's Store, an 1 Averysboro', to Mr- I Neill a Ferry, and l ack, by Hnl<y's Store and i Boman'i & Roads, equal to 40 miles and back, once a week. Leave Clinton Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at McNeili's Ferry by 8 p m Leave McNeil I'd Ferry Thursday it 0 a m Arrive at Clinton same day by 8 a m Proposal* to omit McNeill's Ferry are invited 6709 From Elevation to gmithfield, 12 miles and b*ck, twiee a week. L*ave Kieoatr n Monday and Thursday at 7 am Arrive at km'thfield same days by 11 am Leave Smlthfield Monday and Thursday at 2 p m A rriv eat i levatian fame day by 0 p m 6710 from Johnsonville, by Harrington, Loo* Btr^t, ReHins's Store, Bryan's Store!?* Pocket, to Johnionville, equal to 23W mile* and back, once a week. Leay^ John* nville Tuesday at 11 a m Arrive at Johnsenville nest day by 2 n m rnm ,?JfIbar*'Ar *' ??'? 8tore> to chapel Uill, 14 miles and back, six timet a wetk t Leave Prattsburg daily, exeapt Sunday, at I Arrive at Chapel Hill same day by 12 m Leave Chapel Bill daily, except Sunday.'.at 4 am ^ Arrive. at Prsttsbor* sship day by Ha m Pli:p0Se.l? ti> <mit Trice's Store are invited. -712 From Morrbviile to Moringsville, 8 miles and back, once a weex. Leave Meriisville Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at Moringrville nmt day by 12 m Leave Moriiwsville Saturday at 7 a m Arrive *t Morriaville name day by 9 am 6713 Froiu Hillsboro, by Weet Orange, Cedar Grove, Ir>>-|M?oi Hit], Gordonlon, and Helster's ?toro, to Lessburg, 37 miles and hack, onoe a week. Leave Hillsboro' Thursdayat 6im Arribe at Le-sburg next day by 12 m Leave Leeil ur<< rridty at 1 p m Arrive at HilNboro i.ext dsy by~9a m 6714 Frrm', by Walnut drove and Van Hook's frto-e. toRoxboro', 21 miles and back, once a week. Leave Hillsboro' Tuesday at 0 a ui Arri e^at Koxbcro' same day by 4 p m 1 eave Moxboro' Wednesday %t 0 a ni Ar. ive at Hillsboro' seme a*y by 4 p ni 5716 From Hilleboro', by: Uawfleld, Meadow Creek, an 1 McDaniel?, to Pock Creek, 26U miles and bark, clc? a week Leave HilLboro' Thursday at 10 a m A rrive at Kock Cr'-e* fame day by 0pm Leave Kock Creek Wednesday at 10 a m Ar.ive at HilLboro' next day by 9 a m ? 6710 From Hillsboro' iO Leesburg, Casswell county, i ? mi es and back, once a week Bidders will state distance and fchtduli of tie pur tores and arrivolr. 6717 Fr- m Rock Creek, by Curtis's MiUs nnd Ter rein, to Graham, 1^ miles and back, ones a week. Leave Rock Cre-k Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Uratam same cay by 11 a m Leave 'iiaham t atuiday at 12 m Arrive at Rock (reek same daj by 4 f m 6718 From Graham, by Summer's Mill, to Monti cell o, 16miles and ba k, onoe a week. Leave Graham ;r urday at 7 a m Arrive at Monticilo same day by 12 m l.eav j Montis llo Saturday at 1 p m Arr v? at tl- ;> same day by 0 p m 6719 From Ma&< n Jlall. by Plea?ant 'jrove, Big Fal.s, Fawoett's !Hore, Wat^- nville, Mocr-a ville, ttoijy Point. Anderson's Store, High Towers, and Hucb.>n. to Leasburg, G2 miles and bark, once a week. Leave Mason tf all T1 uraday at 6 a m /rrive at Leasburg next day by 12 m Leav< lessburcr Fiiday at 1 p m Arrive at Mtscu Hall next day by 7 p m 57SO From Greei sl<cro?. by Monticello, Thompeon viile, Lenox Ca-tK hla e'-, I/ocost Hill, and \a ceyville, toHiuvUle, Va., 58 miles and back, Ureetlmes a week. Leave Greensboro Monday, Wedueidav, and Friday ut 1 p m Arrive *! Danville uext da*s by 1 a m Leave Lanville Tuesday, Thuimlay, and Satur- ! day a 9 p m. or aft^r arrival of mail from ' railroad Arrive at Greensboro' next dr.y by 9 a m 5.21 From' <.y Ilillstiaie, Monroeton, | Troublesome, Heideville, Hawlingsburg, Little ! Rock, and Graves, to Danville, Va., SI miles . and bark, tbtee time-- a week. Leave Oretn- boro' 1 uosday, Tburtday, and S?- ' turdsy at 1 p ni Arrive ?t D -nvili. ner! .lay by 1 a m Ltave Danville Hon Jay, Wednesday, and Fri day alter arriv.l from railroad, say at 9 p m I Arrive at Greenshoio' next da) s by 9 a m ?722 From Gr*axsbor ', b/ (iiliner's Store, Shaw's Mills, Clapp'a lJrlek Church, Holt's Store, ? II irt-horn, Ko k Cr?-ek Snow C mp. Sar dy i Grove, M^dlick, Cane Cre-k, Hsdley'a Mills, ! aud Pock Ke?,t, to Pittsboro', 06 miles and i back, ouce a nefk. L"av? Qreeuaboro' Friday, at 0 a m Arrive at Fittshcro' n xt day by 0 p m i^%ve t ittaboio' W< dne. day at 6 a m Arrive at Green-tboro' next day ty 0 p m. t723 From Gr?-i>8b'', by New Ga>den, Fri ndah'p, Keroersvi le, lftaupbtown, Sal^u, and Mid way, to L x n6ton,48 miba and bask,daily, ?x cept Sunday. Leave Green^ooro' daily, ex ept Ssndav, on ar rival nf Tn-il from Kaleigh, sav at 1 a m Arrive at Saleui same aye i y 8 a m Leave Saiem d uly, ex<art Sunday, at 9 p in Arrive at on next days by 2 a in LsaVe Lexiogton daily, cxcept S undav, on w rival of ma-l from Sabsbnry, sav at 2 p m Ar ive at Salein same dayP by 7pm Leave S?lMn daily, ex\^pt Sunoav, at 12 m Arnvs at Greea^boio' same days by 7 pm. 6724 J'rvm Gr^ei-?^oro', by Fentress," CeDtre, and ! Kew Sale it, to Asfcboro', 81 miles and back, otcea week !*iVe Gra^naboro' Saturday at ? a m Arrive a: A bbor-?'- .^une day by tt p m Le?\e A bhoi).' hr Jay at y a m Arrive at Greensboro' by 0 v m. 6725 Frtni Or?en-uoio', by Summsrflsil, to Madi st'i-, m>lt>s and back, rnee a weak Leave ttrevusboro' Saturday at 8 a in Arrive at Mats >n aame day by 6 p m LtaVe Maoiaon Sunday at 8 a in ! Airive it Grweus^oro' same d^y by a p m. 67Vt?:i Froiu Jamestown, ly Hunt's Store, Normal College,*. Fair GruVe, l^t Oiauga, ! New Market, New Sal m, S*ndv Cr^ek,Troy's S'oia, 1/ng's Mills. Patterson's Store, Snow * uinp Clover O.ctaard, Luidley's Stora, Clover GM<it'U, Oak . abd ltork Spring, to Hill^buro', So iu les and tai k, twice a week to La Grauge, Mul ence aw ei rtadue. l?aVi> Jiiui'ituwa 1 ue day at 6 a m Arrive at Hills', oro' Thursday by 11 a m L ave Hillsboro' Thursday at 12 m Arrive a'. Jsmostown Saturday by 6 p m Leave Jauieiiown Friday at; a m , Airire at Ivt Oranue rame day by 10 a ui % Leave Li Gracge Friday at 10^ am ? * Arrive at Juuestowo same day by 1 p m. f 6725 From Jamestown, by Wes'.m nia er, to Deap liiver, 8 in lei an 1 back, cnce a week. 4 L ave Jamestown Saturday at 11 a m Ai rive at Deep Riv -r same day by 2 p in ; Le ve Deep liiver Saturday at 2? p iu Air'.ve at Jamestown same day by b}? p m. 67i# F.oju l n on Institote, by Fair Grove, to Mid war, 25 ni les and b?ck, once a week. Leave Union Institute Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Midway ?me d?y by 4 p m Leave Midway Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Ut iou Institute same day by 4 p m. 5729 From Lcxirgton, by Fulton, to Mock*viile, thewv by Cjunty line, Ccnl Spring, and Oak ! Fore't, io Stat-svil.'e, 50 milee and back, ! twice a week to Moeksvilie, and once a wtek 1 residue. Ia??ve I/exington Tuesday at 7 a m Arrive at Mojkaville rauie day by 1 p m, and at S'ateev 1 e next day by 12 in Leave sville Wednesday at 1 p m Arrive at Lexington next dry by 6 p m From Lerin^ton to Mo ksvilieand back betaeen 6am and 7pm Priday. 6730 From Lexiogton, by Fair Grove, Sden, Hoo vet's Hill, and Sawyersville, to Ashboro', 41 mile-i nnd back, or.c? a week. Leave Lexirgton YYsdne-day at 7 a m Arrive at Ashlmc' tune day by 7 p m L.ave Ash boro' Tbursday at 9 a m Arrive at Lexingt n same day by 9 p m. 6731 From Salisbury, by Miranda, Spring Grovs, l eep Weil, Mount Meurne, Bentttrs Foid, Catawba ?priogs. Vesuvius Furnaoe, Spring Mil Forge, Lincoln too, White P ne, Buffalo Iraper Mill, Shelby C H, Ffllmore, Mootes imTvJ /l ' rdto?. ?. f Hib, Chimney *cek, ani Fair Tiew, t" Ashe TlU*, 146 mde? and bark, three tm-i a ?mK I Leav? Sajubory Monday, Wednesday, ard Fri ' day at9 am l Ar-lva at A?fcvill? nett day* by 11 at ni*b? ^ Aahvllle Monday, WkIm day and FrVlty Afrit* at artkknty, Wrdn~JtT, Frk ar. and ' Surdij by 5 a na. Proposal fur separate schedule. brtw*** fan* bury *nl L'ncptfitri!, auJ i.^Vw n an J Aabevtlle will bsoor nM- rrU ? th ? view to Ben dng L\ro%tffh mails tu C i ?tt Prcmo- 1 a*l* ft>r tfcre* additional trip* will *],<> ta con aider* d, Mpfc'ally on that peit of route b* *w*#l1 Llneclntnn and Aebev Ji?. t,92 Frcjca Sfcliibury, by Moeksrtlle, Smith's Grwe* end Fanniwgton, to Huatsvilla, 4u mile* and keek. onoca ??k to Mcekarll!* and twkw a ? week residue t ?ra SaiUbury Friday at 9 a m Atriv* at HunUville na? day by 9 p m Leav* UdDt'nll# Tbrr?day at 6 a m Arrive at h*Ji?bur* ram* day by 7 p tu Fro? ItunterUle to Moeksvllle and back be tweeai dam and 8pm Toe-day. Proposals for more freqnett trtna on whole route are Invitod: alto proposal to w mmenoe ?-o ?t Mcekrille. i?* No. 9734. ?;S3 Vronj da sburT. by Oowacevill*, Statcsrllla. Poplar Grave, banker Hill, Newton 0 H. and Drowning Or.-t-k, to M ry an town, Hi mile* and back, twioe a week. Leave Salisbury Moaday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive s*ue data br 9 p 10 Leave New en Tuesday kndSa.ui Jay at 4 a m Arrive at Morfcantown fame <lm by 12 m Leave Mergantown Morday and Kridnv at 9 ft m 1 t Arriv*at Stnfwvi'Usame day* b, Opm 1a m 0 Tue-day an J Saturday at 4 j Arrive at Salisbury sac e day* by 12 m * third w<?kly trip are invito i J 5,54 From Fall*urr, N C, by Mock^vi >, IUmi.trn I villa, Joneariile, Island Fcrd, Mat* Road, t JndturLle, Roaring Q?d, Ga, civil, and In' dependence, to We bevill-, 1*5 mi es and btok, one* a week. * I^aTertaliabjry Monday at 4 a m Arrive at Wytbeville Wednealav by 10 n m Lave Wythevlll* Monday at 4 a ra Arrive at .Salisbury Aedne^day bv 10 l m ( Prep *ala to divide the root* at HauipiorvUI* will be oon id* red; ?Iho proposale f->r a second weekly trip on each div sion, via; between ' Saiaburvand Ham pion ville. and Hamnton Viiie au'j W>tbev1!'e FiJltrg to stat* *pe ciB-ally the diat?Dce* and anycSloeson t gu not here naiuei. 6'5i 8*a*i,ur7- hi' J'ofkville, Gold UiH, Kea I dail a fctore, Alb?mtria, Norwood, Oeiar II^L raroilna t'axali O li g*. Waieaboro, J-ua.'. Creek ?.ni Mcrven, U> Che:iw, 86 m)le? scd back, via CbaaterhV'd C 11 ianealo: Mor Y?u. L-*ve *alU>bary Mcndcy, Wtduesday, and Fa day at 9 a m Arrive at t^luraw next daya by si p m LeivaCheraw Monday, Woln^Jay, and Friday ut 3 a m Ax Ive at Salisbury n*:.t daya by t- ui 5736 F. om baliibury, by Cr/%n Ohurcb ar.d Klut'a Tan Yard, to ?J unt tleasai-t, IV mil*i anj back 01 ct- a w?ek. Leave Salisbury Friday at 12 u Anife at Mount Pleasant oaae day by 0 0 tu Leave Mount P.'caaict Friday at ft a m Arrive at ^aiislury r?mii day by 11 a m. S787 Fivm Salisbury, by Thoma: Woods, Mount i Vemon, t?ai Fore?t New Insil.Uu* Farley's Stoxe Pritchara's Store, and Huntington Creek, to Wilkekborough, 66 milts atd U.ek, once a Wfek. Leave Sa.i bury Wednesday itfam ? Arrive kt Wilkt?rbor<>u *h relt day by 11 a m I Leave Wiikrabcrourfh Ihorxday at 1 p m Arrive a? Sill bury nex* day by 6 p m. I ,-noI7Cp0*^lcr BK'r* ,r?yu^ni t-rij-* are invito. 1 6108 rrmC uc#rdv bv Ot* i^wn, Pack's and IUv^ Usoi. Collage. Mono- Mourns, C.ddle ? Cr?ek atd b..clt by Mill Hill, tqaai 0 la ? t miles an 1 l-ack. once a w??k. Le?.v t.ot,rord Tfe. day a' a a ui Arnve a: Mt Mourae * me day by li m Leav<; Alt Mourne Tuesday at a n u? Arriv? r.tC n o.d etma aay by 8 p u? 67!W l'rout Oonoori, by liirtlaiid, Weieh'a M<l.s Pionatr Mbl-, Morri?on's Tauy^xd, Clear 0reek, Oak Grt te, anu Cobu.n'a rtcie, ti 1 Monroe |(J H, 36 miiea and U^ck, coce a we-k. Leave Conocrd Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Monioe *ame Jay by 6 u Ltave Mouror Thur d?ya 6 a ta Arrive b Conooid sameUay bv 5 p m. 6740 From C noord. bjr Moant Pleasant, to B. el t ? M lb?, ;G Miie? a^d back, once a woek. < Con?ord Monday at* am Airivc . 1 li Ft'a Mi.Is tam^ d*y by 12 m 1 eava Bon.' Mil's M- ncay at 1 p m Arnte at Concord e>.meaay b7 6 pm. 6T41 From t ha lotto, by Mirt'lodak', Hopewell, Cowan's Ford. Htou / Point, \v. odlawn, and Tiit<:*e^a, t. BaiUt'ii Ford, 4? q Ui and bacfc, once a week Leavacharloit*T?rday at 6 am Arrive ?t B- a tie's Ford same tlav by 8 p m 1 eave UeatUe'a Ford Mondayatbarn Arrive a* Cti^r o't^ *aiaa day l>y C p m. a.iV Iium Ihailctv**, Ly fH-ele's Credit, Sonth Point, 8'i.w-svitJe. tr;.?:iiuB und Catawba Cre- k, to Ihaiiat, .0 mile.: a?d Wack. rn e a week. Lmto thukti* l r day at 6 urn Arrive at t.*al!?s acnu< day by 11 r. m Leave b?i;aa Saturday at 6 a in Arriv* Chario.t? 1 a^<* day by p u, 5743 1 rota Charlotte, >jy Alexaadriai a, David sou ColW.^a, ai^ur.t Monroe, and F*ilu>wn, tj 8tat< eviUa, 4l>h nnie? and back, iwioe a ww>K. Ieu^e CUaiiottf Weui. .day aLd taturdav at 5 am . Arriva at alalesviUe came days bv 4 p m Uv? Ktateiviile Tu*tday ana Friday at 5a m Arriv* at Ouilotto save jaje 4 p m. FitpofaU to axtocd by T*yloravilis and L 'ukr, to Jcaattoro', Tt*nn^ will bs oon?'.acr%d ? 1 i be? >0. b7VlJ 6744 From Ch-rlctCe, ?.y Pharon, liempfcill's ^u>i?, PtoVdU?i?*, a ul w . d'e store, OkkvilU, Men ro, , W.-'keravi la, Jacksonhaui, Ltnca.toi C li, Plausaiit Hili, llaLgitig Rccu, and 1 l?t Kock, to Cimden, 94 mil s and buck, thre? tiui*a a werk. Arthur GrirrV, on Pott r'e boj-d, u> Le eui1 rated on return trip to Char lotto. (H'mph;li'e to te m<.v.-d to pnbii 1 read) L#a\a Cba^otte M<cday, W.d caday, and F.i d y at 6 a iu Arriva at Cuno->n Lext d?y I y 6 p m Leave Camden Monday, \Vedn?d?y. and Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Charlotte next daya ? y 8 p m. 5746 Fmii Charlotte, by AdamVa Htore, Mountain Is and, and Forty's, to Liacolntoa, 3J mil s I and back, tix limss a aeek Gr-ttaga Il.'ine to b- mppli-d tw ce a week trom F -rn-y'a, and Mountain ItUna irom Adama'sbtore. L- are Cha. lotto d?ily, except 12 m Arriva at Lin :olntou aaoie day b) 7 p ui Leave Llnoe'nton daiiy, ex.wpt Sunday, at lo p m Arr ve at Charioite *? \t day ly 5 a n. 5746 Kiosi M^oioe, by W.nchee'er, to WV.fcvile, 11 n-iWs .tLd back, cace a week. L-ave". r.i rw Fiidny at 4 p m AriiV'<:i V\? Jt vi' e fameday by 7 T in L?*nv V\ t>'j yi.l* F id.iy at 12m Arm .? a' Si. 1 rie a oe da\ bv 3pm 6747 FrLc-i Pkt.Vli-, Lv Plfe ant Valley, g.c, B 1 air. a- ? Ouretor ? more,to Lama tar C 11..U miie?an*( back, twice a week Leava Pii^Hi* Mocda, a; d Friday ai 8am Arrive at Lun a-ter C. II rama days by 0 p ui Leave Lancaster O. H Thursday at a a m ArriVd at Piuevili* same davs ty t> p m. 574S From Gourd Vine, bv M.'gan's MUla, and Lome's Lewi, to Oak Grew, 16 miira anc' bai k rnce a w?k Leave Cour i Vine Wedtejdry at 7 % a u Arrive at OakG.ovetaa e day by 18 m Ltava Oak Grove \V*dneeuay at 2 p m Arrive at tiourd Vine teme av by 7 p m 6749 From Haywud, by Mar.ha** Viu-yard, and Cha;k Level, to Noithin^ton, li? mlUe and back one* a w<*k. Leave Havwcod Monday at 7 a m ' Arriva at Northmzton Mime day by 1 p m Leave KorUait.gton aicr da/ at 2 p m Arrive at Haywo0.i sama day by 8 p ui; 6760 From Hajwocd, by Tiadtr'a HiU, Harkney'e Crcaa Roads, an i Grove, te Green Level 'li mi'e- and tack rn<v a week. Leave Uaywool Thursday at 6 a iu At rive a: Gieeu I eveld iy by 12 m Leave Ore-- Level "hur day at lp m Arrive at Hayw >td aameday b}6pui. 5751 Fr m Plttsboro', by Pedlar** H.lLQulf Milii, Watson's Bridge, and Cent ev Ue. to Carthage, and ba^k by Pharr'^ Mils nrd Prospe.ity, icstwd of OntrevJU, equal to 40 mile* and back, once a we?-k. Leave Pitiaboro*Thursday aM2a Arrive at Cartha*..- n-xt dav by 12 m Leave Oarfhafe Friday at l'p m Arrive at Pitfsbor n*-xtday by 12 m. ^T0111. ;o*, by Heaurucnt, Goldstonr, BraKh creek, Biffa.o Fo*d, Moffett'a Mills, Brower's Mill* android Region, to Caledonia 67 mil *^ad ba k, 1 nr* a ?eek. Leave Plttsboro' Tkuraday at 9 a m Arrive at Calel^nia next day by 4 pm l*ave r ahdonia Satoruay at. am Arrive a. Pi tsb^ro' next day by 4 p m 6T6S From Aahhorough. by Mc%'.?s Mills, YVaddeU'* Ferry, and Brown's Mills, to Pio*p*rity, >0 , ml as and back, onr? a week Loava AaLbprough Friday at 7 ? m Arrive at Pr. ap-rity fame day by 5 p m Lea > a Prorperi y Thur>day at 7 a m Arrive at Ashborcuzh same day by 6p m 6764 From Aahbomugh. by SclenceHill, Il lfa St re, Sa'vm Churoh, Al'.en Skein's, LanlUr'i> MiTls Dix Mills, and Burney's Mills, to Troy, and I (tfk by Mn'ar-b ?? 4bm<i'i mi . Pm'i Mil In. at J Woiu llouae, equal to 41)4 milea ?Bit be k CM a??k U*t? Aak br^ufh Wadneaday it Jim Arrive at 1 roy aeme day by 7 p m Lear* Trry 1 ue?dav at * a m Arrive a- A'bbrroufh nm day by I pan VK From Wed-fhwo* by White's Stor*. White Hill, Lane'? creek, Beaver T am to Bfobar* Koa'a oreak, Jenkln's Store. Oo#M Viu i, Hammond'* Store and IHamoad Hlli to Wadeebotv', ? quel to M mflaa and K* A, uaoe a ?-?k Leave Wad-abovo' Saturday at 8 a m Arrive a Wi >> ro' next day by 6 p m ITM From Wedeeboro' by Laneaboro' Mod roe r H. Cobtra'i Store, RtoVeaa'e Mlllt, OtT<lb NW 4. .?*. * ? ?d ??mafa Neet toilette. ? %km a?t back, once a week w Leave WaifMifTo' ftatu*dav ?t 12 m Arrive at Cbartotto next day by f p m L are Chariot* Moada rat 6 ,m Arrive at W?d?*b<m' nextdav br if ? 1747 Wadeeboro* bv ?e a*d P D toDvatl1! Store, 1? aa,, P**?J Uare Wedeeboro Saturday at" . m Arriy, a Dunxa^e 8w,??**? h? If ln Lav. D.<ma?'? Stow Satui(U) it 1 a i i rnve at Wat?lio.o' aame dabv a ? - A.Ib **rl" b7 Eftrd'a Mill^ Mcr*a? Mill*, Love* Laval an J Oarn.i,. ??S^. ' aT,d m-rT1 bv KvwlaadrUL." tc 3: miles and lactone. aw.e^ UW' IanVe Al>uitrl? W "^nwdiir ?t ?> c , Arrite atFlearereak aext Jar by t p B Leav* u *r ?r*ek Tharait.v it fU u Z -?a4!' " V.*lb '"?Ha next day by 1 p n, 6 frntn Alheirarle to Harjft lala^J,' back, orr-v a we?k - ^ *n'1 L*aveAio?iaa.l- Thurarfara lOJrf a m A.r.v. at sw.ft |.;u)j aame day bv I B ? 1/amrt- Hwt.t Ulan I Thar, day at 7? m At live at A Ibamarle ?am < dav br lo * t ram (Vta* by Utewaru'tawn KoeVfnrf m ljoca^ny'e Ktore acd Bear k^b^t?' ToaaWa Mills, 3i mi Ira a ad back, ouo, Loav* Chora w Tbumlar at 7 a m AtTii* ** MBDo8;vki< "J,,j day by e Ltara MoDorald'a M<lla Fri ay at a , ~ rbrraJT f<t?' day by : r ^ "" m? ><*' o srUj.?? .s.^.0(1 ^8-^. L??ra Tro> Thursday at C p i(k Arrlra at Hali?bur> acit dar by 6 p ffl Lw?r? 8alaW> Hatardav a'tft a m w Arrive st Tioy Moi day by y a in 1 " ^ Kaid Cra^k by FrukliDTltla Mount, Tr Stora to b> d?!?k v/?,?0* rqaal to llmllraatd bt< * mlla^ Laav? He id eraak Friday at 18 tn Arrive a( K*?d rrv?k aamc da\ in*. 763 F r&m by Summer Said an J (Ww rji Laava UillMala Mend* v at 7 a ui Arrive a' Its aeravillr Uma d*? br 12 m l eava K?n?nvl I# Met dav at I u n, -^riTe^ d?, we,,. uft4 ?rrmRalJeviU#bv l^waoiv,l?? a?-?* V> ?'Ha 1.1 ,L | , ^..k.. tLd JTi: .Tt LaarrHfld viUfTaacday at 10a u Arn^a st Blackvel.'a same dav by a i> ui Laave Hi ckw.llV Theaday at J p m Arrive at Kfldtvilleaauia dav trT a ?> Leare Koidaville Satoriay at i% ? Arriveet Uara nvilte fatuedar bv 2 u b I'*'V? Lawacnv.lU SaturiM at .t ? m A-rire at Kridtv Jle earn* d'aT bv I Tn. 766 From Gr,vee by l;ayfi*id, ^a<ou wt D?a K.VH, t v.? B?, ,fd ?* a; I- are#liraVi? 4?Nay at 11 a in A- rive A L ??k*?#-vili.-aame Jav bvOn u> l.rare L^ahearlsia TuerU?rat7am _Arrive &t UraveHsame day bvt>pui T67 From Madiwrn l.y H a. Wa-d'a, Martlaa ''? - Kiln, Caubu y, IWm,nt ? Cwca^to Wythav.lla, Mr0m*, W mJc. Ifd leave Mtdiaou Tu?; Jav at 7 a m Arrive at VVythe\ill. n? xt Tburedar bv li . Uavtf V\ vtlieaille Thuradav at 1 r m Arrive at M<diaon next Saturday bv w n t>. .? Ajr.viita. Peter*a cr-ak, Colwrvilie, Frandaeo ? ^T.. or,?k to Mouct Airy, 57 mil,, xaa kaok, oue! A ^ tM K Laay? Madiaon Tuesday atlpo Arrive at Mount Airv c?-xt day by 6 c m la-are Mount Airy Mondtv at J a m Arrive at Ma iirou next day bv 19 n Idfl From Wentwoith by E?K ? F.U? to Uakivliu 10 mil?a and bnc*. thi^e t m^aa w*rk U;v- VVentaor h Mot day, VV??n?d4r ,?a rH. ssaru- ?r ??? -*??<?' Jii At Arrive at {^ak?iite aame d^rs by W p m Arrive at Wmtworth name day* bv 2 n m >770 ?romSvl? Win?.oD. O VJt,wn, Lthan ,. V. .y ^'u' 0m 8cr?rkc> Fiat*>o?i, Mount Airy. Uoo-1 faLur, \a, Hillavii:,, Cranbarrv 1 laii^a aLd Jacksot's Fe.rv, to Wyibvi lie Oiilea and lark, tbroe t'c:^ a we?k. ' l^ave 8a:ain Mi u :ay, We<ln?<aiay and Fridar after a r.tal ot Grc*nat<ro' tail, ia. attfam A nve at W> tb. niie next day* bv 2 t> a Wythavii.e Monday, \Wjnaed?r and r riday at 4 a m Arrive at fa.em next day by 9 a m I77i From f alexa, by Muddv ??*w, t i?moilMl,u Pan.ber rraek, HunUville, Yadkin rllJe Uairptcnvilie, New C,aUe, brier rrJk Wilka^boro Eeidiw River, H ilbar, and bouth 1 ork, to Jeffurvun, miiea anJ back' three Leave Calern Hoikday, Wedne?1ar and F'ridav *Wiral of 6rwu<lvro' n>tii aav at v a ni Arrive at lefl^ n next dar. by ? p* day iuorr>m*,?nd*Jr' " ,'(| AeriTe^f ^i*10 *'xt Vv o^natday, Friday an 1 Saturday by 9 a m ' 1 rom Jefferson, Kf North I otK, Taylonvu.'a, TeiiU^ laudoia, i?a?^r> Frrry, ffa.abatb *?B< Mapj;y \ A.l?y, and i;iu? Ptum, to J,>n-s boro, .j u?!.o.i i>avt. threw tin.?*? a we k ^?ay itS^'uk* tiUL^' ^ eOaeMay auJ Fr? A rive it JmwtU<r?' next uaia by Ha m ^Tati^an?0 t?un<1*7' W?<?eday uJ F.i. r??"***- ^?va bv 10 a tn OcniuioiowD, .?. - u* Fle^nant 1 *\mU 1 ??eiii?ortb, 13 beidav ilJ?, b* nuira and hi. a, tru?e timeii a aeek. ^Vu.^1"1" Jay, Wed see ley and Fiiday at iv pu Arrive at Ktidt v^Iencxt da a by 6 p in Lr.i\e lULJiviiie \londay. U ednefcUy at t Fri U?y alter arrival of I>anvi ie mail, aay at 2 a m Arrive at Fa:em sanse daya by 6 p m Frt-pooa a to emlcaoe L?akeavil!a and end route at banvilU are Invited, ?n-itting l ieaaai.t vl!.*?, W entworth and KeidaviUe {.774 From JJa em by W.^keratown, Whito Poal, flakaly, Madison, ttroiannville, tideway, and Tavlortville, to Martin^viila, OS milee and back, once a week. Leave iUlein WeJnefday at 10 a m Arrive at Mtitic^vilte next day br 6 n ui I e^ve Ma.tinevil(e Frida> at 6 a in Arrive at Sa'am next day bv 8pm S775 Frrtn German wn. by \Vileou'8 Store, Laa bury, Re j Shoala, Martln'a Laiue Kiln, Culfa ville. and Avo. to 1 atrjck C. a., M mil a. aril Wk, cn> a week. Luava tttrmantown Tuesday at o a m Arrive at Patrick C. H. ,am* day Ly 6 p u Le ave Patrick II. W edneaJay at 6 a m ,_.,A,,7ive ?i format town same <Jay by fl p ? . .0 Mount Airy, by Uay iiack, Scull ( ami* Judesvi.le, and Glade creeU, to Gap rivlL '| miUa and baA, once a v?e< k Leave M< utt/lry Tne^Jy at* fc m An ive at Gau Civil da< by ti u m LaaveGap ?*i 1 Monday at7 a m Arrive at Mount / iry wuai day b; (p d Propo: a s to extend c\er j7W to Jaiuaon are iniited> 6777 From Huut^ville, by Red PlatoN Laai rem', and Foibusb, to Repnbue, it mllee aid Uak, oneea vre-k. Leave Iluctaviile Saturday at 6 a m An ire at Republic aame dav by 2pm Le?ve Republic Saturda*- at 2% p m Arrive at HuntoviPe ume daj I. * p m 6n8 Frwm Han.ptrnviHe, by Ziou, *? raWa MUM, N'ewIIc'i^, M unt rli^ah,an-l Liberty Hall, to Stateuville nnd back, by Liberty Hail. Snow rreck, Fo?t Oak, New Institute, \VU lua.?"urg. and Eagle M'lla, equal to 34 mllea ead laek.. rnoe a week. Lnavn baui; u uville Friday at 7 a m Arriv* ?t Hta ??rille&am?< d:.y by 7 p m L*av?> Sutt,-<.vi>!e Fat a: Jay at 7 a m Arrive at Hampton ville aame day by T p m 6779 From Uampt^nvillef by Jon>aylll? to Walnut lane. 18 uulea and twice'a week to Jou-eville, un l once a w?*k residua ?un>1? 1q< a'ao Bwan Pcud ora week Leave Hamptonvlile Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Wainut Lareeame day b* 12 m leave Wa nut Lana Monday it 1 a m Arrive at Hamptonviila aame day bv 8 o m Leave Hamptonvilla F.lJay at 8 a m Arylwat Jcnesvi.b name day by 11 a m Jonravlile Friday at p m ,,^riM Hampton ville aame day by 4 p m P'oai Hamp coviUa, b, Oak Level and Lov.. a iwk b"'n',?29 mil* *nd o?-? L^v# Ham tot ville Ruadav at 4 p ta trm"? Tn k",b *** ?'*'? day by 1 p m [***? Wilke.-boro' Moni?y at 2p m Arrive at Hamptonvilia ueit day by S a Ui. i772

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