Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1855, Page 9

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1855 Page 9
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6781 F-o? WilkeabTro' by Lewis F?rk Sttiajfik " orncta we T*a*' Wlikfboro'Tuii'iy itltm Arrive at Bcm ?ame tlay by 7 p a L?vi Bono* Wsdnesday at 6 I n * m _ A W I ? ? a m Arrive it Wi hetbor?' nor day \ r 7pm 6785 From Wilk^boro* by KkviJle, Fort Defiance, Lano'r, and Copeahag**, to Mo-gan'oen, 40 m l?e aad beck, onr9 * wltb #n ,ddi. 1 HftB"itrt?frc,n WDkwtowP.lw and F*rt D 9ance, to Lenrtr, t3 mfiee ard b?ck by King's Crwk and Warrior Creek I.eave Wilkesboio' Monday it 9 a m Afrive at Mortaaoa next day by 12 m Leave Mor/anton Tuesday at 2 p m Arrifa at W'kasbor*? next day by 7 r m Leave YViikeeNm' Friday at 8 a m Arrive at L*nnir mm# day by 7 p m Lsnve Lfvr^r S?turday at 8 a n . , __Jrr*v* a* Wflkeaborn* Mm? day by 7 p m. ?.? Z"Lnhor&' hy H,i7 M-alow, Trap 0M1, *nd Potato Cwk, to Month of Wilson, 56 m>!es aa1 ba<-k, one a ?wk ' "*w W?lk*ib?ro' Thursday at 2 p m Arriva *' M>?th ofWilarna*itday by 9 pm L-ave M mth rvf Wiiaoa Wednesda\ at 6 a m Arrive at Wl k-sboro' wit day bv 1 p m Propoea's to commence at Brier Creek will be aaaMdetwd. ^ Frvm Jtfonon, by Hilton and Manly, to Mg MeaJcw, Ta., 26 miles and bark, ca-* a wa k Leave Jeff-reon TaMdty at 12 m Arrtra a' Big Meadow cert day by 11 a m Leave Mg M idew Wtdaaiay at 12 m Arrive at J?ffl?iscn next da* by 19m 6756 I'.-ob Jefferson tn Gap Creek, 12 milaa and bacl+ence a week Leave Jefferson M e<iav at 0 a m Arrive at tf?p Cr?K nw day fry 12 m Leave Gap Cr.vk M?sdayatlpm Arrive sat Jrff. r on Fame dav by 6 p m 6080 Frmn QapCivil.byA B. M Mi' au s, Flint TTIH Laurel i?prinv, and P?akiaod, to Jeffs, son. 25 mile* and back, once a week. I^a v- Gap Civil Thuraiay at 8 a m Arrive at Jeflnrsou Mine day by 6 j m L?a?e Jeffsr ?n Friday atltam at Gap Mmr day by 6 p m. *787 From Hay Mroi>a to Muiberry, i utiles ani back,onr? la two wsets Lave Hay ? Meadow every othrr Friday at 7 a m , A rive at Mialce-ry same day by 10 a m Leave Mulberry every other Friday at 11 a m Arrive at Hay Meadow same''ay by 2 p m *7ab From Rxkfrd, by Richmond U|ll and Mount beho. to YslklnvJle, 18 iuilea and back, twice a week. L-aia hockfo:dTue day and Saturday at 12 i Arr re at YadL nville um< days by 5 p m L**e T>4kinville Tu?> djy a ad Sa'arday at 6 am at KcckforJ iame days by 11 a m. ??89 l1 roia UtckUnL by Micam, S cny R dgv, Old Ri.-kmcnd, W'hkaia, and &nra^ Hal , to German town, 3d u^ies and ba-k, once a week. Leave BorW'ord Sunday at 6 a m Arrive at Grrmaitowu earn') day by 4pm Learn Q- rm tutowu Sit.r iay a' 6 a m Arrive at E ckford aau? day by 4 p m 67M From Hock'trd, by Dubwn acdRvk, tj Mcunt Ai y, i6 mil saad tack, otcs a week. L-ave Rtckford Friday at 8 a m A'rive at Mount A ry tam* day by 6pm L?are M eut Airy Saturday at.8 a m \rrive at Kock'ord fame day by 6 p m. 6791 From aloe v. He, by Htiay Point, Fancy ?'U .Taylor, vde Lt tie JRivar, Deal's Mil's, Lenoir, Pat*er?;n Blowing Bock, Forks o WaUoga, Valle Crucia, B^ac^ Cr<ek, Butler, lonn, tiog<et's Ferry. Elizabethtown. Hap y Valley, and Bine Horn to Jrnesboro'. 180 miles acd bark, on.e a week L- ave Sta'.esvjlle Tu.iday at 7 a m Arrive a* JonesVro' Saturday by 7 p m Leave Jo->erbo:o' Tue^Jay at 7 a m Arrive at SUUsrtllj n-xt Saturday by 7 p m. Fr .poeahfy,- a 6?<xnJ aeek'y trip a*e inv ted. 5^9-2 From *taWvil'e, by Amity H?ll, to M-ant D la, la mil-s an1 bd* k, cnee a week. L^ave S a sfill' ^a uiday at 1 p m Ar. it ? at Moant Ul'a same day by 6 p m L ave Mourt Clia ^aturJay .is 7 a m Arrive a Stiiesville ?ame "car by 12 m. *7W I? eui le b, F?ncy II 11, S odv P^int. and Ta> orsfilie, to VVilkeebon.', 37 mites and ba?k,once b we* k. Leav Statasvi 1. Saturday at 9 a m \xrive at WiJkeeb.To'^ame day by 0 p m Ltave WiKesbttro' Fr'.dar at 0 a m Arrive at S at st lie same day bv 6 pm. 5794 F.on StatesviLe, by Bet any Church, Rrcky t-'reek, fiew I Dal lute, \* ill'anu b jr*, ?ml Houatonv lie, to H<mp?aT01e, 30 mil-.* and ba?k, once % week Leava Statebvilla Wednesday itiam \rriv?? at Hamptrnv.Ue fame dsy by 0 p q Laav* Hiinptcavlll Thursday at 8 a m Arrirs ?.? 8 a'e vlile >am* day by 6 p m 6795 From B?attie'* Ford by Sheriff s r\rJ, Lrn< Island, and Lourance'a Mills to Barker, ana bacx by Lourance's Mils .Moen'ain Creek and Drj P'-ads, equal to 3l mile* and back, once a week L are Beaiue'a Ford Friday at 1 p m Arrtva at Banker Hilt next da* by 12 m L?av? Bunk r Hill Thura aj at 1 p m \r.|v? at Be a tie V F.ird n*xt day bv 12 m ?79? From Llrcolbn. br Ki liam's Mills, Early Grove, Xewfn C H, Flirt Bock, and Fisher's to Catawla View, 34 mil** and ta k, \.noe a waak Laava I. nooln'cn Friday a'. 4^ p m Am*? at Ca:a ? ba View next day by * p m Leavs Catawba View Tbu'aday at 0 p ra Arrive at Lineolaton next day hy 4pm 6797 F">m Lincoln ton, by S.-igWe Sore, Jaoo^'s Fork and WuH G ove, to Moifrautown, 83 mtks and Nick, twice a week L<ave Lloc?lnton S?nday and Thurrday a, 0 am A*r*ve at Morgnnt? wn *ame days hy >> p ra Lrav>? Morgan own Mocdayi and Fridays a' 6 a m ^^Nrrtve at L'ncolnton lame days by 0 p ?n M98 Fr-'tn L'n-olnton, by Nail Fa.tory. Dallas, <"a tawba Cirk, <'roarer's Creek, Bethe', and New Centre, to YorkviTl;,4d mile* and back, t*!se ?? w?ek Leave Linctl.t?a Monday and Fiiday, at 0 am A rive a' Yorkvi 1? ram * days by 7 p m L-nve Yorkville Tuesday and Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at Linenlnton ?am* davs by 7 p m 5799 Frrm .?*h?l?>y, by Stioe'a Skoal, F.rwirsvilla, O assy I'jnl, Limeetone Springs, S.C , Th?e> efy Fcrk Mwltrie and Harr'eace to Spart *?b?rg C H, 46 in ties and ba k once a w*?k. L*?ve Sha by W d iraday and Saturday at 6 a m Amva at Spartaaburg C. II. nn-' ('nys by 7 pa Leave Spartanbarg C 11 Tlianday and Sucdar at 0 a m A r va at Shelby ?ame days by 7 p m Fropwal< to end at LiU'*tona Sp ings are In vited 6690 Frem fllklhy, Ky Birch ttrv.lU. Sa dy Run Grwsy 1'ond, b C \M? o>ls, and t.'urrhena, to Spar?aihar< C H, 3S n lies and back, on??? a week Leave Shelby Thnrsdar at 6a m Arriva at Hpartanbarg C 11. snute day by 0 pm Leava Spartanburg C II Friday at 0 a m \?riv? at Sb-lbj samt day by 6 p in 6901 t in Shelby, ly Sw^iL-stown, New II )use, S C, Aaiio-b. and '"'ark's Fork, to Yorkvilla, ' *> miles and ba:k, tw'c# a *eek Ir? a\ a S*elb) Tuea^ays and Fridayat 0 a m \rrive at Yorkville !<atae days by 6pm leave Yoikvul* W?Wue.dsys an* Sattasfays a; 0am Arrive at dkalby same days hy 0 p m rrrp **e V?r a t'airu waeklr trip are invited (993 From Butberfordtrn by Saney F ains, Karlee villa, S. I", Gow?nsei.U. Mi lhurg, and Mil ford, to (treenville C H, 62 miles and beck, nac' a vet k Lrave Rath-rfordtAn Tbnrstfav at 0 a m A live at Greenvtll? t' H next day at 1 a m l/eave Greer.\1lle C H Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Rutherfiraton n-it day bv 7 pm 6S08 Fnm HotherArrdton by L-wanV Store, Dun cans i 'reek, Poikvi ie and Camp Call, t > Gar nar's Ford, 30 nilat >ui back. < n e a week Leava Hnthartrr Jtoa F. tday at 6 a m Arrive at (Garnet's Ford r asr day Ky 6 p m Lea\e Garnet s F id Thu tday dt 5 a m Arriv* at Rsth:ifjidUn eam? day by 0 p m 1694 Fscm Ku' h?rtordton, by CVp-r's G p and Mill'sGap to Cdneyvu:*, 21 mi'es ana back, ones a week L*av? Hu bet ford ten Tnesday at 6 a m Arrive at I lney vl.le rams day by 4 p m I -ave Idnry viU* Wtduesday at 8 a m Arr!v? at Ru hc.-tordton name ?iay by 4 p m M06 Frcm Ru<ht rfordton. by Fatlan s Home, Gold en Yall'V. Miner?viU<; ani Dvsortville, to Ma noo and back, by !?a*ar Hill ar>d Ce^ar Creak, sqnal to 64 milea and back, oucs a il l>eave Putlarierd on Tn?siay at 0 am Arrive at Mariou same day by ? p m Marion W*dn*s?i?j at 0 a m arrive at Ra'heifcrdton aame dy by 0 p m 6999 F?*>m Garner's F rd, by Doubt* Sara . Fit-roe vjle Mheiby, Mcdty Fo k, and Old Furnaoa, to Dsl as. and back by Urowder's Moantoin, Kind's M untsia, White P'aioe an 1 Cl>ng man, equal to 69 tail-a and back, once a w?ek L*ave Ganet'.' Ford Towlay at 6 a m Arrive at Dallas same day hy 0 p m lit ave Dallas Wedaeedaa^i 6am Arrive a Uarner'a F rdVme day by 6 p m 6907 Frrm Asb?*v lie, by ea'phar ^priQKs. Avery's cr<*dt Mi<l aiver, 6).l.?toa, C avtoaville, Ha Ttd* a'? Kiv r. C a they "a ereek. Cherryfleli, tlu? Baak N alley, and Oaor??toisn, to Casp ar's Valley, 76 miles tad baak, ?ii a weak. I L*av? Asht-viilx Jfnday a'6im -?-Aniveat Cas ?r's Tal ey nxcdaj hi 0 b a ? Eg** Cashes Valley af 6 a ? Aittveat Asbevflle tiext day by B p m. ? Proposals to divide this loute at Oathey's m?k t..t w'Hb. con.^Wrd. Fr?m asbevila, by filphur springs. Bon nee By creek, P geon River, Fork* of Pigeon, Wayne svil e, Pen, 3?rtfs ereek, Fra. kll\ Flf?u?h, Afjuone, Hfil Ten^wee, Vall?y towii, and Temot'a, te M?*fky, 118# m l?, twice a week L?t* A?bMillrflfendayandFriday itSia itritKf Murpbv WfdM*day acd Sunday by 7 pB I<*are Murphy Morday and 1 burrday a'6 a m Arrive at Aab?ri:i? Weda-sday and Saturday by 7pm (809 Fudbj Asbevtlla, by Turkey ereek FacdyMush. Spring creek Fl ee ereek, Orab Tree, Jona tbaa's creek, and Balsoai M uctain, to VYavoesviHe, miles and back, oa?-? a week. L ave Aihrv ill# Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Wayaeev-lla next day by 8 p m If are VVayne*ilh- YYedneeday at tta m At rive at A-<beTill? n?-*f day by 8 d m 5840 F^em AsLe* lie by F;? cr ek, Gilbert's, Ivy B ad. Ball c wk, W aluu' er?ek, Jewell H'lf lt diaa Gap, Double Springs, Gava .en's, Big k"*r*l,eulpk?* Bpriap, AU, Love's, a?d 13 "** *U" *P iaL", 56 mi.naand hack, once a weak. Leave AshaviUa Motday at ? a ra i [?'iV LimJ stoaa Spri >ir* next day by 6 p a Leave Lima ,(?, Springs WidMdi/at8 a m ?11 u U1*M,idil' ^ 8 Pc ^"M?rS"to??-byBiiidlstowB,M un'ain i~. %> and Cut a, to Kutherford ton, 39 m 1m and back, twice a wrek. Leave Morgantown Wednesdays and Saturdays a o n q # Arrive at Ruthstlbrdton same daygby 7pm 1 ?ave Kutberfbrd ton Tufs Jays and Fridays at 5 ii m ' ..._ArTlr,J*?Morgantown 'ame days by 7 p m nS? n! ?*Ml?w*tnr, Marion OH, Old Firt, and Pwanano, to Asheville, 59 miles am back twieaa week. *v' v orsautown Puacay and Wednesday at 1 ? bi Arrive at Ashevi'l? mm* days by 9pm Leave Asbrrille Sunday a-<1 Thursday at 2 a m , '1T "A rgaitowu Mim' davsby 8 p m. WIS From Morgantown, by Liavi'lfe river, NtrLh Cove, Grassy creek. Young* Bak-rsville, and Barnesvi ???, 47 mile? and b;ck, Leave Morgautown Tr lav at 6am Arr.veatburnesviller ? xtdsy by 12 m Leave Burnesviile W. t .esday atlp m t0l/?lTl',l?M<>^^*Btow,1 "xt d*y by 6p ?. Prtm Morgantcwa, ly Perktnsril e, C lletts viUe, Glnb?, A alie Oucia, fcugar Orcv^, Ho n , M-r^ti Mill, and Elk C rcss Road s tr .Jefferson, 79 miias aad baok,cn<-ea week L?>ave Morgan own (aturdaytat 6am Ar ive at Jeffer on next day by 6 p m L^ave J Gt-rson Thuikday at 6 a m ,-,/?riV# M<*!t"town nex day by 6 pm. L*no,r? by Lovelady, Catawba View, and . rg> t?^TaJrI r"T 1 ?? *Qd b^ck l?y ^? 'e^V"r * MU1*?tj 1 ">wr, equal to 3. miles and back, cncaa week. Leave Lenoir Thur day at 7 a m Ar.ive at Tajrlors?ille same day by 7 p ni LeaveTaylorsvil'e \V.dce.daya:8 am Anive at Lenoir same day by 4 pm. ^?BMr^WT.iI1?' b>' B ok, Jack's creek, Ked IIill, Bu Rtvt creek, aad Lim s'one C?ve Xenn., to BluabetLUwn fcO miKs a. d ba k once a week. Leave BurasvilleTbu'Klay at Cam Arrive at Hizab?thtown mxrdav by 12 m Leave kl zabethti wn Friday at l'p ni Arrive a Bari^ville nrxtday by 6nm ?17 l>om Bu-n?.?ville, by P?U rreek, rKypt, aid Raa)?eytjwn, to Loagmi.Vs, Te;n , 34 mibs acd back, or ee a week L#*ve Burr esville Tuesday a4 6 a m Artive at Loi g- ire's same day by 6pm Ji^aTe Longmire's Wednesday at 6 a m Arrlue at fcurnwvdle <n? day by 6 p m W.8 From Bum sriLe, by Bald creek, Paint Gap, ivy, Oowrat 8t?ck?i!Je. and Keem s creek to Asheville 43 m'b? acd back, a week l-ave Borne-vii|> Morday and Thursday at 6 a tt Arrlv- at Ashrville <imHr.?bv? p m J1 eave A*h* villi 1 u?rday ai il Fi'idar at 6 a m An ive ?t Bur nesvill ^ same days bv 6 p m >819 From Marivn, by Blaetj Moui'tain, Ston- Moun tain, anl kdn?\ viIIm, o HeiHerxonv.lks 42 miles aad back, orce a w?ek. L- ave Marion Wednesday at rt a m Arrive at H^ndereonville n?xt day by 11am L?ave H-uders nv lie Tfanrs.jay at S p m Arrive at Marion next dav bv 6 p m. ^-*0 Prcm t?agar Grove, by So1y and Irade Te; n to TayloroVilla, iO miles atd ba k, once a week. La, ve Sugar Grove Fr.dav at 6 a m Af.i\e at 1 ay lor., vi lie same day by 1 p m L ave I ayl<>rsvilie Friday a' lj p m tc,.A?riv'5 at,tS gar Grove DMt t ay '?y 10 a nr. >*il Frcm Cedar Creek, by WJ)ite Bcck and Bic L?urel, t ? Ivy, 84 miles and b ci, cnce a back. Le*ve i^dar Creek Tue?dav at tt a m Arrive at Ivy rame day by 6 p ra Leave Ivy Monday at 6 a m Arrive at CeJar Creek same day by fl p m. Frum Pa r.t Hock, by Cau> and Bridgepn", to Newport, I eun., 21 mil s aud ba;k, once a week Leave Paint Ro:k Satarday at 12 m Arrive at Newport same day by 6 p m Liave Newport Sunday at 7 a m Arrive at Paint Rook saiue day by 1 p m ?28 From Ivy, by Clay, FI g Pond. T-nn? Clear Branch, a d 1 diao Creek, to L^ngmire e, J enn , miles aod ba-!k, enc^ a week. L av 3 Ivy Saturday a. 7 a m Ariive at L .ngmire'o rame day bv 6 p m Leave Longmixe's Sunday at 7 a "m Arrive at Ivy . awe day by 6 p m. , t W24 From Ivy, by Gabriel's Creek and Bull C' esk, to Waluut Cr^uk, 12{ unlet and ba. k, rn?a week. ' Uave ivy Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Walnu. Criek tame day by 12 m Leave W'a'tiut Creek Sjtar4ay af 1 p m Arrive at Ivy same day by 6 pm. >825 From G-assy Creek, hy Ch 1'evi.le, Yellow Mountain, Cranberry Forge, Kcao M un tain. Tcan , and Dog Hiver Cove, to Klisa beta ton, Tenn., 50 miles and ba k, once a week. L?ave Grassy C.e*k eve-y Wednesisv at 6 a m Arrive at VHs^bttbtr.wn next dav by *12 m l/*ave BI lab-thton Tnursdsy at 1 p m Arrive at Gras.y Creek n xt day by 8 p m W 6 from Franklin, by Clayton, Ga., aud Tljer, to CUrksvilie, f?0 miles acd b^ck, twice a week. I^vtve 1 ranklin 1 uesday and Friday 1 p a Arrive at CI .rksvill# next days by 6 p m 1. av? CU. ksville Monday and Tnur. day at 6 am Arrive at Franklin next days b.^12 m i?*7 From Fraaklin, by C wee and' Alarka, t> Cbil bewee, Wf miles and back, once a weea. L av? Krtukhu Thursday at 0 a m Arrive at Chilhowee next Saturday by 12 m Leave CUitbow** M inday at 1 p m A'riv# at FraakLa next W-^tnenday by 6 p m. Fr.m Tartletow i, by Kiosey's Store, llewas eee Copper Minee Piorc vilie, v.h?wtnut Gap, and rtan'a Locab, Ga , to kl jab, 48 ailee and hack, once a week. L*ave Turtletown Monday at 3 p m A'rive at Klijah next day by 9pm L?ave Juijib Wednetday at tt a in Arrive a furtlelewn neit day by 10 a ui. 'Ka> * * MV*,arPby, by Ivy, Ixig, to Bl..irsvi!Ie, H miles aad back, once a week. l?Htvn Murphy Tue day at 1 p ra Anive at b air vi le eame day by 7 p m Leave l*lair?vi le Tuesday at tt a iu 1 < , ^ A.?iVe u n>hy Hme day by 12 m lr ?.. >lu No<Ua, Bailin. Hot lloase, I kd m and ba *ta Luceh. to Bii ah, Ga, 49 ni ir *o back, once a w,?k L av Jluipay Friday a'. 5 a m Arrive at klijah same day by b p m Leave llgah Saturday at 4 a m A rrive at Murpby fame day by 8 p m. 5831 From ^ua>latowo, by Jonatba^'s Creek, to ? ayneeviUe, 20 miles and back, oaoe a weak. ' L*ave (iualiat'.>wn M >uday at 5 a m Arrive at Wayn^hviiie uni - day bv 12 m I^rtye Wayneeviile Mond y at t p in Arrive at Qua lat wn ta>u> day by 8 p ?. bbii Fr <m Qua la town, by Governor's Island, SlI ' Aiarka, and fort Mmtg mery, to Val 'ey Towr, 47 mile* and ba k, once a wtek. I^stve Quallat- wn Tueslay a; 1 p m Arrive at Yaileytcwa next day by 7 p m Leave \alleyt,,wa Taursday at tt a m Arrive at Quallatown next day by li ni. 6833 From Greeuvi 1?, S C^ by Jonee Gap and Da- ! v.decn's River, to llendersonvilla, N C. 43 1 miles and back once a week. l*iv<j GreeuviU- Friday at(iaui Arrive at IIanderM>iivJle same day by 8 p in L^ave ll*ndt rsonvdle Saturday at 6 a m > j Arrive at Green viils tame iay by 8 p m 58 I Fri m filaircV lie by MsLol.a, Brasstrwn, F?>rt Henbree acd Tusquitoe to Aouone, 86 miles, once a week Leave BlairfVille Tuerday at 1 p m Arrive at Fort flrmbree same day by f p m l*?v- Fort Bembree M)ud<y at 7 a' a Amve at Aquone same day by 12 m I L?-?? ? Aquone Monday at 1 pm ? Arrlv.* at Fort Ilumt'ree same dav by 6 p m Lews Fort Hombr. e Tue day it 7 a m Arrive at Blalravi lis sam? day by 12 m 5(35 Fr?m Cashers Valley to Ciaytoa, Ga, ? mi'es anl btc\, ones a week Bidders will sta*a distance and schedule ef de r art u r es ard arrivals. M96 From WiL..?nrton to 9?vaBnah. Ga, 190 miles and b?ek, daLy.ln steamers Leave Wdmiugton dally at 7 am Arrive atBavanaah malt day bg Sam n Leave fluiDuh daily at 8 p m B wxt bj iU m,. Ar /u( of p?t muien m North Gere#** au'Wiwi I f* cert/y to Uu tttjjtaiam-y ^ ;*arofWori w '?/?? rirwctaowj" wanestd. WaMoo ?o Wllalacto* S^*k f? *?le1?b to Cbar,w "... V*|** ?" Jotia?b?.ri? T?nn....... Sallabory to AlbrtlM Throagh Ml* Xo MIS MM ifIMM tVTl and ?T7J| *777 to >TU ?Tlt : ?7H to Ml* UrtuohM IW to MM ?711 to I7? MT* to M* SOUTH CAROLINA. Biddert are rrti?ett<d to emam4m* carefully tkt m ? ^U<Xl^U' fnrmt VPr0P?**L> ?*?, attached U Ms odvertUewient 0Oq1 Prom Columbia by Hope Station. Alatoa, Po ?aria, Prosperity, Newberry C. H, Cbappoll's Bridge, Dryeon's Mill*. Ninetyeii. New Mar ket GrwnwrjDjL Mt. Iidl, Doaaldeonvil #, H<* ?sy Petb, Bntoo, WilUamaton and Golden Grove to Gre?nvi la C. H., \4t% mllw and Wok, iU liiN a n*k, with branches from llodges to Abbeville llj mil*#, and from Bel ton to 4nd*r on C. H., 10 miles Leave Columbia daily, exoept fia^lar, at 6 Arrive at Greenville C. H tame day* by i f? '' Sfci Leave Greenville C. H. daily, exoept Sunday^s* ti n Arrive at Colombiaearn* day* by 4 p m Leare Hodges daily, exsept Sunday, at 1% Aiilve at Abbeville C. Q. eame day by Sp t AbkeTi^# *-? H. daily, exoept Sunday, at "i ? m " Arrive at Hcdgrs same day by 8W a m Laave Bel ton daily, except Sunday, at 3 p m Amy# At Anderson C. 11. n me dnj by 4 p n leave Andersou C. H. dally, exoept Sundiy. at oan Arrive at B-lton tame day by 7 a m ?003 FVomC.-lwhiabj Leve\ bi.igeway, Pimpaon*, U inngbojo', BlackiUck, Coruwall Turnout HfMff1* CHSi- C- 11 ? Smitb'a Turn Out, Vil' m 1 Flnsvi le to Char, 117 mile* and back, six times a week Lsav* C.-lumb a daAy, except Sunday, at T a id A rriv* at Charlotte tame day* by 4i p m Lav* Charlotte dally, exept, at 7 a m Arrive at C <lumbia same d*yp by 4' n m 6003 From Columbia by Lexlngioa C 11, Lessvilte Bidge ard Lotto io Edgefield C, II, 67 miles and l ack, thr? Mmes a week Leave Columbia, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day at 6 a m Arr.v* at Edrefleld same day* by 8 p m Leav ? Edgefitli Monday, Wednesday and Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at Columbia same days by 11 p m Projoeals for daUv service are invited, eom meodng at RlsRsville, with expedilel acted ulo and adequate mntg of rinv^ya-jre ibr the whole g'eat northern and s utb?rn mail, at a 'P""1?1 ?"l1** At# miles an hour 5001 Frem Columbia by Plemant Spring Counts ville and Talk's X Bo^ds t0 CalkV Ferry i7 miles ?od ba'-k, oace a week L-ave Go)u<sbi? rfaturdir atT a m Arrive at Calk's Ferry Faroe dav by 3 i> m leave Calk's Ferry Friday at 9 a m Arrive a? Columbia same day by b p m K)06 From Columbia by Oakyllle'to Rockvllle 20 m'N and back once a w?ek L?ave Columbia Siturday at 1 p m Arrive at R<n;kril!e sai>e day by 7 p m I/ear* Borkville Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at ColumMa same dav by 12 m k)0fl From Cam Jen by Statesburg "to AUnrfiester 28 m'le> and bacV, daily I/tive O rodeo daliy at 8 a m Arrive at Manchester same day by 2 p m Lsav i Maocfcest- r daily at 8 a m Arrive at Camfen same dav by 2 p m 5007 From Camden to 111 let'* Ferry, 20 Biles and baek once ? week Leave Catrden Katu'day at 12 m Arrive at Tiller's Ferry same d?y by 4 p m Leav* Ti let's Ferry Priday at 4 p in Arrive at Camden next day bv 11 a m ?C8 F ->m Camden, by Jame* Htiile'a, Elm Grove CJayborn's Ptore. I'llm-'te Butler, Tryon, Dudley. ?la kman's Store, B'acVman'* Uold M ne, Wild Cat, and Well Pond, to Monroe, 55 mlies and tack, once a week. le.y# Ct m<lra Weinesdey at 9 a m Arrive st Monr?~e next day by 2 p m I eare Monrce M nday at 10 a m Arriv? a' Camien next day by 3 p m K309 Fr.'m Camden, by Bee Trea and Longtown, to Pi-lceway, 25* miles and back, oace a virk. Lehre Camdeu Friday at 12 m Arrive at Bii'geway next day by 9 a m Leav* BiJgaway Ihu'Slay at 2 p m Arrive at ('amden next day by 11 a m I'ropos* s t"> end it Bee Tre* are invited >010 From M 'iiche^er %3 Fulton, 9 milee andbnek, thre? lime* a week Leave Manchester M n.lay, Wcdetdsy and Fri d-y at 8 * m Arrive at Fulton ssme daya by 10 a m Leave Fulton Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11 10(/fr * m Arrive at Manche ter fame dare by 1 p m >011 From King villa, by Manchester, 8umterv?lle, Mayesville, Lynchbirr, Timmansville, Flo ence, Gib-onV H< ad, Marion C II., Little Per Dee River, Fleydaviile, F?ir Bluff. Cerro Gordo, Pracock's Store, Whltosrille, and Hobiosoh's, to Wilmiogtc n, 171 miles anl back, d-ily Leave Jiin**ville daily at 7^ a m and i^pm i Arrive at Wllmiagtondail; by 3 p m and 'i a m 0 Leav > Wilmington daily at 7 a m and 8pm 1 Arrive at Kingtville daily by 4 pm and 6'^ am 1012 From Kiofsville, by Fort Motte,St Matthews, Orangeburg C. U. Jaoais^n Br .nefcvil'e, Midwav, fcamb rg. Graham a Turnon?, uurk v:lle, Wellcrton, White Fotd, Wnodward, Aik^n, Ba'h. anil Hamburg, t*> Augusta, Oa , 117 miles a: d b*ck, twice dally, ?ith branrIl ea - l?t, Fr<m * harleston, by Summerville, Ridge ville. Elm v.lie lnebnet#, St G?-org -* and Reeves*lll?s to Brrnthville, 04 mill sand back twice daily 2d, From Columbia, by Hopkins T"rncut. and Cadsden. to 27 m le* and biok, tw ee daily 3d. Fr. m Camden, by Bodkins Fepot, States bu g Manchester, and Wateree, to Kinge v.l'e, 39 miles and back, daiiy Leav* Kiog'vllle daily at 4 p m and 7% a m Arrive a* A agusta by 12 oi ht and 3 p m T fire ?irrus'a daily at 12 night and 8am Afi re at Klng^ville by 7 a m and 3pm Lr vuCharleston daily at 7> mand4pm Arrive at Braochville dai'y by 10 a m and 8pm Leavt B ait hville dally at 4 am and 12 m Ar.tve atChnrles'on daily by 7 a in and 3pm leave C lambla daily at 5^ a m and 2pm Arriva at hiogavllle daily by 7 am and 3# p m Leave Kingaville daily at 7 % am and 3^ p m Arrive at (Alumina daiiy by 9 a m and 6pm l>eave Camlea daily at 6 a in Arrive at Kingavi.le daily by ~\? a m Leave K-aa- ville dai y at pm Arrive at Camden dally by 4 p m 5014 From Sumpterville, by Mechanicsville and Mill Giove, to liiahopville. 23 milt s and back, twiie a week. Le .ve ?umptei ville Monday and Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at BirbopvlFe *' me days by 7pm Leave Biahopville Monday and 1 hursday at 6 a m Arrive at S^mterville at me d ys at 12 m i014 From Cumterville, by Bradleyyille, Black River, Salem, >-an?ly Grove, Kingstrre, and Indlantown. to Johaaonrille, 76 miles acd back, onc? a *e?k Leave Burnt- rtllle Wedneaday at 6 a m Arrive at Johnson ville next dav by 4 p m Leave J' hn'onvil e Friday at 6 a m Anive at Sumterville next day by 4 p m 6010 P'om SnmtarTillp. by Fr'vateer, Pa ksville, Friend* hip, and Wrijbt's Bluff, to Clarendon, 38 miles ati! back, by Brewington, and Plow d?t'* Mills tc Sumtrrville, '0 miles, twice a wsek. L*?~e Sum'ervllle Monday and Thursday at 0 am Airi*e at C'srendon same days by 0 p m Leave Clarendon Tuesday and Friday at 0 ? m Arrive st SumtTville -am? days by 6 p m 6017 Prrm Florence, by Darlington C. II., and So e'ety llill, to Cheraw, 39 milrs and baok, dally. Le?ve Florence daily (on arrival of ears) ssy at 11 p m Amva at Chetaw Beit day by 7 a m Leave Chrraw dai'y at ? p m Arrive at Florence next day by 2 a m A018 Prom Marion C H, by Ca* Fish, Gum Swamp Beelyt' ewk, !<tttl? R-v-k, Heiktrk, Browns ville, Parnawii ; anl C io, t? H-nnettsville, 07 ml'es and back Orceaweek. Leave Mark* C H Tburslay at H am Arrive at Pennett v.lie rex' day by 6 p m I,?ave B?nnetttvi)'e t^afnrdav at ?i am ^rrivw ?t Marlon r H n?xt day by 12 m. 0019 Fr mM?r|oa<" H by Allen's Brid a, Camp b-ll's Bridg*, and ^e<l#e, to Little Root, 20 mil* and back once a week Letva Marion C H Toe-day at 11 urn Arrive Little Ro-V same day bv 8 p m L*av? L'ttI-Rook Wednesday a* C a m Ar ive at Marion f' H saw* r av by J p m 0020 From Marion V it hy G W Wjodbury'*, Brit * t>n '* Csntenarv. a?d labrrjacle, 'o Mn low V H, equal to 'J& miles an 1 back, cnc; ? w ek. li'ave Marion C H Wad* ? day ar 6 a m Arrive st Ma-iou C II next say by 12 m. i Mtl Prom Lywefctmrg, by 9hUok, Bethlahsm, and o' i New Z on, to Sandy Groee, n miles an t y.. ? once a week, b^ T?jlcr'? insuat of Bhi L*eve LvMlibarir Thoniir ?* 6 p n \ rive at Seedy Gr?e* ?o( t?r by 12 m !'?**? "?*ly 9for? Fr>d?f at (ii p m A-rtte at Lynhbarg ??? day by 8 p ?. 609 Fr m dw.ft Cr?ek te Hart* Till*, I roles and bwk, twlea a WMk. wV?iL.nyk 9mt*7 *"1 F?*y ** Arrive at Hartaville n tUyTby J l.-ave Ilartsviile Tuesday and Friday at'?a ? Arrlw at Swift Creek na< days by 11 a m. 6023 From BtthopviUn, by Mount Kloo and Swift Creek, la Dmrttufton 0 II, S? B||M and back, twice a mrk Lea re I tshopvtll* Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Darlington C U same dayo by 1? m Leave Darlington C H Tuesday and F.iday at 1 P? / Arrive at Swift Creek Fame daya bv 3 p m And at Bishopville same days by ti p m. 6024 From BenncttsvUle to Cheraw, 14 mile* and back, nx times a week. Leave Benneteviile daily, except Snndvy. at 1 pm t ^ pm Arrive at Cheraw mme day* by 5 pm Leave Cberaw daily on snivel of mail fro* rail road, aay 7am U*F*V MMM, Arrive at ttenaettsville, except Sunday, micic dav? by 11 a m pg 6036 From Wen nets vi lie fc> Beaver Dam. 10 mile* and back, onoe a weak mg|| Leave Bennettaville Saturdayi at 7 a m Arrive at Reaver Dam *ame dar bv 10 a m I^aVe Beaver Dam Saturday* at 10% a m Arrive et Bennettsville same day by 1% p m 6024 Firm Jeffrey's Creek to K?d Bluff. 7 mile* and back, once a week Leave Jeffrey1* Creek Saturday at 7 a m A'rive at Red B'.nff same day by Pa m Leave Re-i HI off Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at Jeffrey V ('re?-k ntie day by 12 m 6027 From Jeffrey * Ore k. by Willow Cr*ek Ander *on'e Bridge, Frieudfield and Natural Grave, to I ynch'* Lake, ao mile* and bark, mce a W0*k. Leave Jeffrey'* Creek Thursday at 7 a m A rive a' Lynrh n Lake fame day by 12 m Leave Lynch's Lake Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at Jeffrey *Creek same day by 6|> m. fl0?8 F o? Pinevilie. by Murray'* Ferry. King* tree. Camp Ridg*. 1 ynch'* Luke, ) fllngham, and Tan'* Bay, to Darlington 0 H, 'Qh mile* and back, on e a week. Leave Pinevilie Wednesday .after arrival of mail from < "barleston i *alo^ a m Arrive atDarii ugtna C li next day by 10 p m , 1-eave Dar'ingtenC ii Monday at 6 a a Arrive at PlneviUe next day by 6 pm. Proposals to commence at L> nch'a Lake, in ease oft xtending No. 604S are invited. J029 From Black Mingo, by Cooper's 8 tore: tn Roy** Branch. and 'hen along U.e Boggy Swamp road to Kingptree,? mile, anl back, once a waak Bdder* will state di4anc> aud schedule of de jnr ure* and arrivals 5030 From Lynch'* Lake, to Taylor'*, 16 mile* and back, once a wek Leave Lynch's take Saturday at 7am Arrive at Tavler's same day by li m Leave Tayloi's Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Lynch's l?ke*ame day by 6 p n?. Proposals to extend to Mc'Intoah will beoonsid ?-red. W31 From Kdgefie'.d C H,by Duntonsvill*, to l<ong mire's Store. IS mile* and back, twice a week Leave Rdgefield C II Tuesday and Thursday at 4 am Arrive at Ijongmlr '* Store same days bv 12 m L av* Lomrmirs's Store T irsiay and lhur?da\ at H p hi Arrive at hdgefi-ldr II ^am< daysbv 8pm iOW From Lexing'on C II by Uocky \V?U*f Calk's Ferry, and Saluda Mills, to Pio*|>erity, 18 miles and bark, onoe a w*ek. I<eave Islington Tburslav at 3 p m Arrive at I'roep'rity n-xt day by 1 p m 1/ ave l'ro*periiy Friday at 2 p m A rive at l^exington nntday by 1pm 1038 Ltximrton to Williamrou'* Mills,^5 mi'e* and bark, once a week. 1,-aveLexicig onThors ay at4 pm Arrive at Williamson'* Mills nextday by 11 m I. ave William on'* M lis Thursday a' 7am Arriv- at L#xingU>a -am?' a> by 3 pm. 084 From l/ee?ville, by lloilow Cr.el^ticruianvil'e, Mount WiiMng, OaUa< d' Perry * >5 K ad?, Colemau'c X Hoad?, Chappell's Bridge, and Va"chan?vilie, to Spriug Grove, 671 ^ mi'e* aod back.oi -** a week. I^eave Lwnville 1 burn ay, after arrival from ? 'olttm'ia.aay at 3pm Arrive nt Spr ng Urov? ne~ t day by 8pm I* ave Spring Grove We In- sday at ?>am Aaive ;it Iieeeville next day by 12 m. l'njpoeals'o omit Mount Wiliitg and Oak'anl a-einv.t d 03i From L?e*v.lle, by Ste*-man>, Wil.inmson'* M il*, anl Bull Swamp, to Oiang^burg C II. i>2 mJi^aAJtaA^nce a w??k. I/ wve a 8am Arr ve at Onlng ourg C II next day by 12m U?veOranf burg C H Wedne day at;{ p ni Airive at L e?villennxtday bjCpm 03t 8? Ma'thew'* to i oplar, l?J milcf ani back, twice a week. Leave Si Ma'tbewV Tuesday and "at unlay at 12 m Arrive at Poplar rame day* h- S p m I/eave Pop'ar Tueeday aod Saturday *t 0am Arrive a -t Matthew'* *?me day bv 1' a m. 087 F ont OrargeS. rg C H by M <'ant*vi:i? and Whi'eCape, to Vance'* Ferry, ;? miles aad back.o^ceaweck L ave Oran^. hurgC H Friday at 10 a m Arr ve at Vane's Fei rv 'Sine day by 8 p m I>eave Va"ce'* P'-m Batur ?ay at 7 a m Arrlv- at 0;an^ebur<r C H am*day by 3pm 03% Protv Orangeburg C II, by ? aham'* Turnout, Plackv'lle, WiUi*ton, and Aiken, to Augu*ti, Ga, n il**and beck tbive time< a week Pit.poeals to commeno* at RingrvII'.e will b? conridT-d; als.>, J rcpoeal* for daily rervice, with a view to eoiveymg gr?af mad at a *pe*d of not le*i tl an 5 mile* an hcur 1039 From Kiogsvlll*, by Orargebnrg C. II, or the most direct practice le road, to Cfearl??toi>, *a* 100 mil -s and back, daily. I eave Kinzevilte dally at 7 a in Arrive at Charleston ne 11 days by 6 a m 1 eave Charleston ally at, 6 p m arrive at Kinxsvilie next day* l?y 2 p rs ?41 From Charl tton, by B^autvrt Po.d'e I aid ing, Hilton lead, Hluffton, toSavtnnnh Ga , ? 160 Biilee and >**ck, once a week. Lenve Charleston Friday at 7 a in Arrive at favannxh next day by 8 p m Leevn Savannah Sunday at 8>4 p m An;Vi- a: t'barle*ton Tuesday by 4pm Propo<K s fir tri-wrekly aad nl<o for daily ler vioe with expedited schedule, will be '-on ?- ridered 012 From Charleston, by Sa^ annab, (Jeorgia and Key We?t, Florida, to li*van?, in L'uba, 670 mll?)*, t? ce a month and bick, in steam ship*. Le^ve Charleston *n the 4tk and '9th cl facb month Arrive at Havana by the 8ih and 231 o.'the *ame month, connecting wi'.h the steamer fiom Havana to Aspinwall Leave Havana on the 10th and 25th of each tuontb, after arrival of the ste-uner Loin A* pin wall Arrive at Charleston by the 11th and 29th of the *ame month. ?043 From Charlsston, by Haddrel!'*, to 4bK>rge town. ?>3 mil** aud back, six tun* s h week. LeaveCbarli*ton daily,except Sund-y, at 3 p in Aseiv# at Oeorgetowu neit day* by 7 a m Ltave Georgetown dally, excert Sun lay. at 5 p m Airive at Charleston next d*y? by 9a m ProposeU for daily service wilt b? c nsidered J044 From Charleston, Vy Walter Vro' and Barn wel C H, (or by the mcs' direct practicable stageeoad ) to Augusta. G?., say 1(0 miles and back, daily I eave Chat]"<ton daily at 9 s m Arrive at Augusta n?x? day by S pm Leave Augusta dally at 6 p m Arrive nt Cha- lest ^n next day by U at night IfrcuUs to August a and Savannah maybe ran in common to Blue ^?uee er other in termediate point, proposals fur commencing this ro?it? at sn*h point wfll be rnsid red. 5041 From Charleston, by Mount nol'y. Monk's Center, and Bl-ek Oak, to Plnev.lle, 61 miles and back, twice a week Leave Charleston Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Ar ive at Pinevilie next ^aya by 9am Leave Pinevilie Wednesday and Saturday at 1 P m Arrive at Charleston next days by 2 a m Propoaais for daily service extended by Kings t ee, Lynch'* Lake, Ae^J? Mar* Bluff,witb expedited schedule, will be considered. <9>e R02T and <W28) 6046 Prom Charleston, by Rantoal'*, Adamn'sRun, Aabepoo Ferry, Blue ll?u?, Salt Ket-her's Bridge, Pce:>Uligo, Cooaawhstchie, aud Gilli ?onvi'lf, to Grabamrviile, 87 mile* and back, three time* a week Lrare Charleston Tuenlay, TLur*day a'd Sat urday at 6 a m in sammer, and 7 a m Id w ? ter t>eaH>n Arrive at tlilliennviHe next Monday, Wednes day and Friday by 1 p m Arrive at Graham-vi l? name days by 4 p m Leav? Grahamiville Tuesday, Thursday; and Saturday at 7 a m Arrive at Charleston next Monday, Wednesday aad Friday by ? p m 1 roposais fir daily re v'.ee through to |ava? ?ah, with expedited schedule, are lnvlt*d 6047 From Kidge\ill?, by Boadviile snd Holly 'till* to Vance's Ferry, 46 miles an d back, twice a week Leave Ridgevllls Tvetd <y aod SatarJay at 10 ' a m Arrive ?( Vance's Fen j tarns days ty 6 p Leave tease's ferry Tuesday and Batttidaff at ? P ? . i a w t> 64 6? 6 6( et 0 G* 61 Arrive it BMgevllie n?i? day? by IC| * ? Profoali frr dti'j m*lr? ?it?i *J from ?m?n t? ^erlfy a erfcelnle of __w irrinla and tiBr _ 8048 r?S?T b7^b' to Mills. U miles ud bark, onre a wt>k 4 I"*** Willi# toa getardey atlpa ?- Argive ?t Jordan'* Miila Mat ia>b?|aB Leave Jordan's Still* Saturday at I a w Arrive at Willi* Ion am <*ay by IS in 0040 Fan* St. George'* to Walterboro', 20i mtlee ami back, tLrae time* a we4h Lm? W.0??|1 Tanadar, Tbnredaj *n4 Sstnr day, (alter arrival of mail from Cfcarleeton.) ?ay at ? p ? Arrive at Wiltar>ro' auw dsys by t p m Leave Walterboro' Monday, WednenL y and Friday ai 6 a bi Arr ve at .ct. G* rge's ?stne day# It 11 ? m 0060 Prom H'aitarboro' to Bln? House, 19 nHl** and beak. three time* n week Leave \Va!U>rbcro' Alouiay, HajDdlay, and Friday at0a m Arriva at *lqe Hoaaa eame d.ys fv 4 f a Leave Blue If.use Tn-sjey, Thursday and flat urday at 9 a ra Afriva at Waltrrbon/ eame days ty 4 p m Proposals for weekly mi via* ara isvitod ?051 From B'aokville to Barnwell C H, 10 mile* and back, aiz tin a a week Lav? Black villa daily, except luiday, at 4 p ? Arrive at Barnwell (J H aame day by T p ui Leave Barnwell daily, except Sund*-., at b a m Arrive at B ackvMta ??me daya by 8 n m 1063 Froaa Graham'* luxnouU by Duumnsx i'la, Huford ? Bridge. AugleyT Branch, <lr< >afl?>id Beech bran-h, l.a wtoi.*.lle, Ft-rj, BotUni, and Bobertfvilie, to OilfyonVwle. 81 mil** acd back, take a weak ?uforiTr Br dge, and cikd a week it" id a*. Leave Grah?m> Toi nout W*daeed?T .it 1 j. ?n Arrive at Qi'liaoi, vill* next Friday by :o a a Leave ull.i onvllie after atriv*! irom Pooetaiigo, *a> lpm Atriva at Graham'* turnout next day by 1 p ? Leave U a ham a Turnt ut Saturday at 7 a a?< Arrive at Bo furl's Uiidgv **uu day ty 18 m L*av? Buf ru'? Bridge Mturday at 1 p ra t at tiribam * Turnout > am* day I > C p in 3063 in in (iiaimuV T. ruout, b> Ko<*y Swsiap, Kite-hinge Mil's, Kdiato, anj Bd,*to Mil e, io L tt's 07 tiail-e and La<4t, on-** a wi ek liaave Urahan'i lu uout Frkay at ti a ui Airive > t I. 'tt a next day b/ 7 p m L.?av ? Litl's Tueed. y at 6 p ra Arrive at ? Graham a Turnout ThursJay |.y 7 P m 1054 1 r in Aikrn, by Tinkers ? reek and Daul>ar t- n to Lower iluee Kuna, 4a auiei and baok, onoe a e-et 1/^ave Aiken Tharedaya at 7 a n? Arrive at L/)wei Thr?^ Buna neit day bv lif ai 1-eave Liwar 11^?? Kuna Friday itilpia AiriNe at Aiketfiwt day ly ' p m OW Frvm Aikrn, l-y'Merritt'* bridgr in l S?wy, r*? Mills, to L eavilla, Iti mitra and br.ek, n,f ? a weak Leave Aiken Tuesday at 3 p m Arr ve .it L-anille next day by 10 a m l<eav - lj*??vilie Mr n<!.-iy at 4 | in Arrive at Aiien next uay by p in From Augusta. (??., I#y ?v*< L Island, SiH -r U?n, ft. C. Four Mile Bran<-h( rpee?lwell, Tbrve Kuiu>, Krwinton, Ming's Crerk, DniiM ton, Brigbion. nnd Bobartaville, to CiBlieoa ville. niib-i nod bark, twice e w< *k. Lrave Augusta Monday and Thurhday at 6 a m Arrive at Uiliixraville next V\ ml Bead ev nad Sat urday by 11am Leave (iilliaonvllle M( mUy and W ttieAday at lpm Arrive at Augusta VVedoe^lay nn J Frklay at t p m Troposalf to leave tiillieonville ,>?tiir 1st in stead ut Monday,and arrive at AucuMa Men Cay inst- ad of WediKadav, are in>ite<l. Ui" From Augusta, t>a . by Hamburg, S. F<tge tield C. 11.. hlton, Meeting street, and Hrvpv Cieek, to Mnty ftix IV-pot, 0? mile* and ba? k, thnv lia>e<s week. I/rave Auguau, Monday, WeJawdoy, and Fri day at b a m Airne ut Ninety Six 1 epat ane da - ? '>y 7 p m Leave Nmty t^?x i>?-pot iut e-iaj, laursdsy, and Saturday at j a in at AnKU>ta same day* by 8 ] m. 958 from Ai^'usta, t;*., b/ ^ua^er Spring*, \food lawn. t>. Ho* ky I'ond, i'ark'e r?t??re, Cairo, .MipMon, Bordeux. V\ iiaington, rnd Blount Cwmel, to l ' tihouii'.- Mills, sb mile* ?nd ba^k, twire a wwk. Leave Augusta M<-ndsv ;md 1 hursdnj :it ti a m Arrive at Calliuun's Mills next day* bv 11 a iu Ltave Calhoun's Mill* Tu-^lay and Friday at 3 p m Arrive at A?:sm>ta next days by 8 p ni.^ )ttf Fern Hamburg, by IV-v^rty iiill, Ira Irland, Collier's, Cold Spring, and > eho'otb. to Lengmirc a tftore, ZV mile* and 1 :e-k once a wr?k. Leave Hamburg Frilay at o a m Arrive Hi Lnnpmire'e Store Fam*- day by t j m U-ave Longmire's Store SaturdH.v at 0 n m Arrive at iianiburg ume day by ?i p ui.. *jo From i! smburg to Augurta, \ mile, twiej a e day. Hours to be arranged by i<>stmitft> rs at Ilam b.rg and Auru ta. "61 From Sleepy i r<ek. by fhoanix, to New Mar ket, 18 miles and back, twice a week. Leav^ Sleepy Creek Monday and Fri-lsy at 9 a m Arnvo at New Mar et ?ame days by 3pm Leave New Mark t Monday acd Friday at 4 g p m Arrive at Sleepy coek same days by 9 p m. Wl From Barnwell C H., by 11 Idle Pond, Allen- 1 dale, and Smyrna, to King's Cr-efc 30 milos nnd back, once a week. LeavwBarnweit C. H. Wedne d y at 7 a m Arrive at Kiug's Creak at m* days by 4 f m Iieave King's Cr.-rk Thur.-day at 7 a m Arrive at t>artiw?-ll C 11. tame dayr t>y 4 p ui. 1 g Xtt From focoulijpi, by Hickoiy Hill, to VN hipi?y | gwamp, mil e aud bask. on<v a week. Leave 1 '< Totaligo Friday* at 8 p ra Arrive ai Vt hippy Swamp next day by S i m l/e&ve Whippy Swi>uip Friday at 6 a m Arrive at F<wobtli;o ?aoie day by 1?^ ra. ;t)4 From Ad&ui'a Huu to Kdieto l.-land, 17 miles ani back, a week. L*ave Adaai i Kun Monday and VVeine?day at f, 6am Arrive at Kuirto la and s>me day by '1 a ni Lr?ve Kdisto Is and Monday and ednr*i*y at lpm Arrive at Adams's Ron same day by ti p m )66 From Bobert*vil:r, by Sular'n Feriy. to (?uy toa, (on Cwntral K-ulrmd, Ga.,) 23 mile- and t ark, oner a week. L*nve Boberisvitle SatnrJay at 11| ?"* m Arrive utliuyt >u ?aai< day by p m lamve Ouyton Sat or lav at a in. (after arrival of earn fr< m eavanrahi Arrive at Robert:vilie same day by > J p ui l'rojora'ti f.^r a sei^nd wevkly tMp ar?- Invito 1 )G6 FioaGillisonville by Horse (*hll A M Uutt a, B. L. Willin^hnm'*, and Hill, to Boevh B;an< h, 'M in Irs and heck, odiv k wei.k. L?*vc <jiiki?oii\ iile Th radny at 8 a m Arrive at Beech Brareh Mime day l y j j ui Leave Beech Branch Friday at 8 a m Vrnve at Q llisonw1ll? ^ame day by & p iu. Ooi From Graham* ill* to Blufftoo, JS taile* and Uc>, once a w???k L ave Grabam villa I'ce^lay at Ca m Atrivr at Bluflton tauie day by 12 m Leave Hluffion \N'ed< e-<day at 0 a m Arrive a'. Grahf*ui\ die won day by 12 m. OOS From B<*niif<Ttto l*orota!igo. 21 in In*and l<ack tbre^ t me a week. Leave P? ?iifort Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- j dar at 4 a ra Arrive at Poe ta'Uo fame day? by 9 a m l^eave I'oro'aligo MonJay, V\ ednee lay, and Fri day at 11 a m Arrivr at Beaufort pame dayi by 4 p n?. 060 From Geor* town, by China Grove. Black M.n go, Johne'Miville, l.ynrh'* Creek Fliutville, Jeffrey's Creik. Mar's Blufl, anl Mer'-bMit'* Blnff, to DarUcgton C. H , 81 mil?e and 1 ack. three times a weak Le?vr Georgetown >louday, Wednetday, tnd Friday at 8 a ? Arrive at Daibng'on C. H ne?t devely 12 m Leavr Darlington C. H. Monday, VSTelne?day, and Friday at ? a m Arrive at fle rge'awn next days bv 10 a m Prop<ea!slo end at Mar's B.uff are inv.te.1; a eo, p opo?a!s for daily *?virv. wKh ?iyud'< nt?-i a bed ale, in order locinv.j the Chir ?;? ton ma-Is 1070 Fron. Ge'rgetown, by TaobanLa. tuekrvHle, Onway'oro. and Uogwo d Ne-k, to Lilts Eiver. *7 miles and bnik, onr- * w^k Leave He"rg? town Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at Little Biv?r next day by 8 p m I?-?ve Uttie Biver Friday at 5 a m Arrive st tie rgetewn r?xt day by 9 4 D 1071 l-'rcm L ttle '!iv?r. by rthalloMe. Ij Imithville, 41 mile- and ba'k. once a v?ek I/?tve Little Kiv.-r Monday et 4 ? ra Arrive at Smttbv lie next day by 10 a ta t L^ave imithville Tue day n^ 2 y ni Arrive at I ittt-- Biver r.ext day by o p m JOT? Fro* Little 1 fv^r bv Piieway and Iron Hill Orosf Hindi ti Whltnsvflle. 41 aiiles asd Itaek, one? a we?k ' I>ave little Itlvfr Tussdxy m ? a ? A'Hve ?t Whit-eville same day by 8 |rm "Tjesvr White ville \Ve?tn?^lay it Aa n ? Arrivr -vt Little Kiver aaraed*y by 8pm DOTS Frsa Csawavbcru*. by Big ewnmp. tt Bleu ton's Crew Roa^s. I rinee'e Store, an I Bwemp, to Fa r Bluff, 39 miles and ba~k. three time? a week Leave Conwayboro', Monday, \\Vlnea!ay, and Friday at 6J a ra Air \>a* Tair 111 ff ?s?e days ly f'J pa Leave Fair 11 off Tu<"J*y, Tbur-dty, and asy rmlay at t i a m Arrive at Omwaybftro seme dave by |i n m 6074 Frrm Indtantown, by Sti??4^t?rv>ville, to LyMto# l#ka, (Guahaa's Cro? Cnada,) 14| nr " IHt ?e ^ ndlaatown Frvltj at 1 r m ivrW at Lencka Uk? bv ft p m . ^^saSststngs ^ ????SmSSTJ?^'Z^'* ?"* Ferry to Tnlrfj ftr in k n??H, i! b?u> --?* ^b?iV "t?cp ivwl ?a?ve Klrjptm Thrr" ritTp? ** Ar*U? M lnrty-<?o?tt> Horn* in( day ?,y j| ? if|M Laava TMrty-tirft mfk1 Wtmra Ha to Ma a? 7 , m Ajrtv* ?l Ki?? tr?? na^t d?y by 12 m W ? . ? Fn-? Kiiiiptf** by WiHlaai Mr?f?'n. ak>?< **' Road, tn QtcTfetowp. 44 atu ?wl W-k, one., w*?k ? . . ?VT? KjPPtr- at 5 a m , .fL"^rrHn^e dtT by 8 r m V*wOw*Hpw? f atur-tay atta? Imveaf JSu.**tre mm* ?u ?,. 6 r 0077 .T owi#n> omr,. ?.??. in PeckbaaHV TUs and r?j,r u j 40 ' ?*** ,l%rk- oWv a V(?k t?aVe nianeboro' Frk'ay at 13 re . A reive at I ewu villa uit day bj 2 r ni Lave Lewieville Tbu adav at * ? Arri*? at Wiinahora' i*.lt ^ j(> 1p ? m ?ru nwUtotad at Ba?Uaia.>iIU .r*it>iiM UTI From Wtaii.abnrr.', by ?-?? k p^,,., ?'V-.U,re' ?***?*? >1.1,1, BallaeJlvilie, (roayv U-, Fwk l%?, ,?d M?u?t Tabor, to PUck??yv?le, ', i back, o*r?* a w?ek Leave H innabam' Friday at f a m Arrive at Pirekney ville ?ext da> by f r m l?av* PinckneyvJle WmJ?'?2?v at ft a m A rriva at Wianalwro' nextdty by 6 p m ?P7? Froia Wiani bora', by r.lMd-'nV On *,. Rtv-kr k'ornt, and Long fttr.*, ta l*o< *Mer C. U 39 mil a and back u?r? a w?? Leave V ittBulx .v'Fatii ' day at t ? cT Arrve at (imn ti i C ft. *am? 4,.r bv * r m Leava IafMWr C. H. Fr d*jr at f> a ci ,/rris* at> cant da* ty j t ia WW Prntit Cb'?t?r C. II. t? Lvry^iillr, Pprlru? Ir. aiid faathrt.,-viiJ*. u? VorUvill.-. -ia; a?U*? and back, ?u timra a w.?k l^aw Cl.?r?-i C. 11. daily, n<^j?t Sunday, at 1 p ID Arriv,* at YotkviU* mnir day bj ^ p M ?>*y? Y-t-kv lb* dail), *tc?n f "uaJa... at 7 c m At i\y?* At 01 C. |{. kiuiif \lmy ^^ * 1 ? uj Wl Frrm l'h??:*r 1'. II. t?. 0*dar rt,!,', ?/) Bl]^ aod ta?ck. ?Bf? a k I*-av,- C^?**t?r C. 11 > attualay at 1 p m Anriv? a* <"?dar Fbfr 1? nana* day >n- 7 ? m I-hivo Codar 1 ^a'ut lay uh i ra' / ri i?? at Cb-tf <- U mip^ d?> by 12 ai P -vaa a *4- a ?.o>ud w?-kly'tri|. aiii ?a coa ridans# ?to<*2 l Ch??t?rC II. to Haton K'up^, t aim.? Mill, at l T<ia?\iU?. to Fiorkorrvilie. ai l ba*k by Tt>m*riilt and tiaod< rsviila, t- iaal ta 22 lotl ? ? n>l hark, ??<* a mnk. Laarr C. 11. ha'urUay .itdau Arriv at Pfdcknayaul* *are?> .i*y by 1 m I ?ar? Pincknr> Till* Katunta* at 'I |i m Arrir* at Cii^rUr C u aaaa day by 6 i tu 80^3 Fr<-m CVc'^r f H., by t>r*al lliU., i?1 lu?t..n K<wr?, to L'ak n%il>,.% feiit* tod t ack, on- ? a ilk. I "ay? * b?rt?r< II Tburaday at ^ a it, Afri*f ?t Utiioi \i| ? nainf day b> 4 i u I rav?? Friday at K a u Arrive at ? he t r C\ H.?am? .Uy b?- 4 p m. I rof^ n ? lor a ?"? n<l ?^kl\ trip ir? iQ?it>^i Wi4 Fr< b l.anra?t#r < II. by Flint hid*.-. Uirkorr Head, Jeff i*.n. Pine 'J rt-e. aid Ht ? roghan". to t beatt-rfrlu <' 11, itii-a and l*ck, >n ? a va?k L ?v* lan^'t? r C U Thureriay at 4 a in A-riw at ( r>eeterft?ld ?' U i-am ? day by 10 p m I ?-aTe < tiwUrfi id t' II Fiiday ,t 4 i m Arriv* at !.ao'?*tcr C II aw day by lo p Ut M5 I'mm 1,?iir:w?'<-r C R, by Lao?f< rrt. Wallace, l^wiarllle, and ha Orat gc, to CtieK?-r C II, 4*i ?: c? ,na ba-k, oooe, trek. I^a\a I* i II Saturday atdam Arrive at (Jbeet-r t U ??fiie out >.v 7 p m Leave beat* r < ' U Friday at b a ui Arrive at lanraKt* r t" 11 same d;iy 7 p tu | Pr*'? auli lor a Ken.nd warklr Irii. are ii.vit?d. ?OHft | iom t'inrkney Title, by Utartola. to Uovd'-yi ville, '.I ini fti and Iwk, (>nte a a <*k L'u*e Pii f kney vi lelatuiday at 2 j ia ArriTv at liowdeytville aaine day by I p m Leav? Ooadejrville haturdar at 11k jd Arriw ;;t PiD<-kn?y\-f 1??>n? day by 1pm. Frcu. < .rttwfiiV Tiun ?.ut. by 7<'s ft? re, to Iliixiea'ot'd, .7 miler and back, twice a *(?1 Leave t'onvtll'i Turn-out Tuefday and Fudar at 12 Hi Arrive at TIa>ievn< d Mitre day* by 4 p m leave Ilazla Tu<?day sud Friday at 7 a m Arrive at <"oriiwe!r* Inrr, tnt nar.v day a ly 1L a in V!9 From To*kril!e, by Allium rree%', mo, P< uth P<4't, S t,'. Woo?llawn, r'ottaite Home. Chron icle, and Ve uriiia Fnroace, to Neaton, t? aiile* aul lack, once a week. Liave Vort ville Fr.d-y ,t 5 a m Arrive a? Naaicn ne*t <Jay by v p as Leav * Keaton \V?^lreHh.y at ? a m Arriv* a' Yorkv;lie ttrit dav by K p iu Oft* Fr m Vorkytt e, by Malraxina, Bu i .-kV creek, PiiickncyTille. Wount Tabrr, Uuionv tik, aud ' ro*a K?ya, to ''n*5 Anchor, Iti mlti aod I a<-k. t? Ice a week L*ave Yorkvii e v0uday and Tbni?Jar at 6 a m Arriv* at I'roaa Archer n^xt davs hy 1 j m Leave foa# Anchor T> ea-Jay'and Friday at 1 p rn A'rive at TorktlM*- next 4-w by t' p re. 000 From I orkville. by Tfr?.n, ktMn?>r*-r\ ili?. Fork Hill, Naucu Ford, t'"aJe*? Tavern. I and^brd, Loap Ptrft. Pry cr? k, Rnaaell Pla e. Liberty Iiill. and Red Bill, to t.'amder, uu!<4 auii beck, two a week Leave Y- rkrilla ; uefdae and Friday at o a ta Arrire at Camden n? xt daya by 9 p m Leave Cemden TueMay and Frtdsv at ft a m Arrive at TorkTiJ'e n? xt daya br {> p ro 0?1 From Ynrk'.ilJe, brClay Hitl baftaktmre. and White Hall, to Charlotte, N C, ol aa-tea and Iwck, tw|c-a we?k. Tear* Yorkvii!- Tu-a<l?y and Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Charlotte ram* daya by ' p m I^ave tharlvtte \Vrdread;ty and euturday at 7 a m A-rtva at To.k*ill? ?amedays by p m I'ropoa^la fir w fkly aerrw* will' ?nfider.'d. <K?2 From TyrkTllle, by Ilie^ory tJrow. ^uitth'a Ponl, Vvtlkiwvflle, Draytona\1'le. Liiue t'u-ne i?r''nca. Thi'-kerv Ford, Moultrie, and llu?-ri c?n?-, tr Kj nrtaulnirir C II, 60 mlWoand ta-... o?ce a wee*. Leav Yorkville Patonlay at 1 p m Arrive at 'partrmbwrp 0 II n?xt 4nv hv ? p u? I^ (?p-rtanbur? C H Friday at e a ai Arrive at Yorkvill- r,-*t dav br 12 m I rojrjaaU for Miai w?<ekly, aod al?o toe tri week ly Mrvioe. with eipcditod acltedu'*'. will t? conaide'wL ")8 From Yorkvilla, by Hickory lirove, llariaoav, Hoydton, <.b?rok?e Iron Worka, Cooperavilb, 1 rty |r>DeviUa. laiu- su-ne Spriii, ?,Clarkaville, Cowpea% Arrow VVo>l, f injcn iile, and ?ach Hon Hill, to KarUaville, 7ft uiilif and back, aujplvinjc Clark * Fork, oti return tri , ..n^-e a weeX. Leave Ycrkville Monday at It a in Axriva at Ear e?viiU aext <iay by 4 p tn 1 eaye | arle,viil*> WVdn?M>day at ft a m Arrive at 1 ?wkvllle n?-xt day by 4pm >oM I luiu Y<m kvilla, b- Mn-k>lliU, ll^j? aril,Gew <i?y?vi"?, Packotet Mill,, aud lliv i^ vll e, to Spanaobur^C H. 40 and U k, on<* a v?'k I.ejiVt Yorkville Fiiilay at ;> a m Arr ve at r*par a.buri C 11 wue dav by 8 p m 1. 'iv.i /ptrtanburK C il Tkurait* at w a in A'nvi at York vibe name Ja) by t? f di ?08i Frun ftp* rtncburv- C II, ly Fkiout <Jro%e, 5!Ii:v,!K f'r >wavi|!e, l\'<odrar. Par av wood, iJ iuu'fciii Shoala, and Scu?? own, to latu r?-i?e ( II 44 in lea aud ba<-k, once a week L'ave part*i>t?uix C II Vkiuxln at 2pm Arrive at l.wrcna ?; 11 next day bv 7 pm L ave laareiia C II Saturday at 7 a tn Arrive at fpariatturf C II n?it day by li B1 Pr? poeil i for aa?i-waakly. and al ?, for Tri lyaexvioe ,-heduie, are invi t d. omitting Walnut tin ve, MillviMe, and Ciovaville >096 Frcui >pait?nl.urg C II, b' Pa.ii*^-n?. t'oul t?-.*a Fori, and Puck's Creek, fo Fin*' re ville, 1 < Uiller> and t?i k, uec, a a?ek leav? ^partaLburg c II^ Lnr^Javr at 6 a rn Arrive at l u#er- v ille lame <av by 12 :n 1/oaya IW.r* 1 > Ihuraday at 1 p m Arrive at rpat :anburn C II a?i>t? day l y ?> pm KX>7 Fr >bi Spartanburg <" II, by M< unT Zioa. N? w Proapect, Caanoa'e tU-re, Berle*ville, llorea Craex,?nd Try on tc U nlerwn viUe, 07 mllea an I brfk, one# a w-ek Laava i-pyrt>Bburg <' II iha.aday at 7 a ui Arrive at llMidrrasnviila next day by 1^ iu L*Ve H?-ndri^onviMe Fr day at 1 p iii Arrive at S^ari.tnburg t llbext Jay by ? p m Pr^p.aal- K>r earn' weekly, and alao |^>: tri week ly aervic-, Witu ?xpedited fcVdwIe, will bo con-He e-1; K M, J>r p >ealr for aerCee, by a . ?n<>? <lir?ct route (to U? apecibeii if tLere ba ^ ^-1^, tr IT, ty I oiling Spring, i ^ , wr,v **> ?'??? Koada, (at J. hn iliia a.) and Poorffrri, (on Rr?d lUvar ) tJ Rather for dtr>n, X. c 85 niilee \nd back, on?? a w ek !>*ave Spai-ualarg f H Thur* f?y \t 7 , in Ar iv?i ?? Ku'hetf rdt n Kame day by 7 p n L^vv KutV rfoidtc n F.i lev at ?> a re Arrivs at Spar'anborf C if ran.*- -lay by 7 p ia 009(1 F>xiu # uflrUtwa, by Plea?anr Mound, Ycaig 8'ora. * eatr?-vi'.le, i*t. n^vil'e. * a?hvii> acd Pool: vilie, to Spaitaabarf C H, 3V anlaa and back, one* a week L ave *- um toan Saturday, a^?v arriv ^I from Vuuau* I'll > ay at 7 a m Arrive at ^parttnturaf H day by 7 p m l.eav# &i?er??nlurg C H at 4 a m Arriv-> at S ulBet.wn Mate dav by i p m, or in tiia>> lor iuaiI '? Uui. of f II, on tW?i Propctala to end at Poolavllle are lifted in oaM of improving ?0M

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