Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1855 Page 2
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KV i:v fX(i ' AtAR^ l:- ? ?*J- \"** * " * A?ll|>QTOff ~tTT: - ^.- ? - - - ?? -T?6J* ?? MONDAY ftFTEK^ODlt ry ?9 hPIRIf OF THS Bf^JTWO FBFS8. The r+j>4cos over the ptui^i of the French Spoliation bill, and con'alas tcnch interesting information ftem tnnay quarters of tit* globe ' " ? ? i The I ?/?m is o'eHghted not only with the plans of Captain Meig? and Architect Walter for the coi ftrucMm. rentlllaHon, heating 1" , ?f the extension of the Capitol, but, also with ?he recent speech of Senator James explain ing them The "ame paper doe# n't regard the last news from Europe ss evidence that peace is soon to take place and without much farther fighting. Boon's Postical Woaas ?Gray A Bullae tine. Seventh street, have laid upon oar table a new and excellent edition of the Poetical Works of Thomas Hood Hold's production* are too well krown to need any commendation from as. IW The Christian inquirer, a Unitarian pa per insists that in view of the low salaries of the clergy they mast either abstain from mar riage. or divide their time between their pa nsh and saealar employments The bridge over Rack Island at Dixon, Illinois, which is one of the most expensive structure* on the line of the Illinois Central Railroad Company, has been carried away bv a freshet, whieh has ateo cnu.-ed an inundation of the surrounding coantry. ty* During the year 1844 no fewer than 73 887 [""tn tied in London ont of a popu I lation otmillions and a half; 4,785 more than 4h<| daring the disastrous cholera year 1*49 Baaxux u? E.iglamd ?All the Englijh pa pers. ftem the London Times down^^rd, are in fall blan on Bvnum s auicbbgrnphy. A? ^ general thing they d> not regard Bamum a/ * saint, though Ihey are ready to admit th t he is some pumpkins a# a show man. PKK.192V4L. .... Hon. llenry A Wise will speak at Alexandria, Va on Saturday next, the 3d of February. Other g?n'ieo.*n will spe ?k at the sime time The tact of Mr. Wisa b?;rg uor ?f **o*t eloquent stump orators in the Union will drsw large number* of all parties to hear htm. .... Llise ivembie, wife of Thomas Kemblc, of :he theatrisal profession, and who wss for several year eonneoted with the Baltimore Mu?oum company, died in Sew Orleans on the 18ib inst. .... Mi-'s hmiline Keating, recently ac quitted at Pit's urg for a chage of larceny, has instituted aiais tor bandar against ^over-ii of hei accusers .... The following is an extract of a letter . from the U. 6. Embawy at Pari?, dated at ;h j latest moment before the sailing ot the Pacicc : J * Mr. Mason s general health is improving; but ] 1 aia told (for no one is allowed to sej b m) ? thai hij side is stil! paral>sed, and hid mitd c-ccaaiuaaily wauders. I fsar that Ltt will never be himself again. : .... R. B. Randolph, who pulled General! Jacason - nose, is figuring considerably in the KichinoLd papers .... Daring Air Mason s illness. Mr Paitt. secretary of legation has assumed the du.iei change d and has buen du!y re cognised in that capacity by the French win isterol foreign affaire ???? Mise Coutta, alias Mies Gyles, doern't attract much attention In Boston. 5he is dis appointed ....Judge Lord Robertson died at E-lin bury on ihe 9th, in an apoplectic it. .... John W. Bryce. Esy , a forcib'?j writer, who, we learn, is a candidate for the cle:k=klp i of the aext House of Representatives replie to lion Henry A W Ue i letter on Know Motbingi*m. Prehaps it may help aim to tho posi ion t? which ht aapires. .... Rev. A. C. Thompson, an oithodex clergyman in Roxbury, baa wiittan and pub liahed a took oa"tbe better land," er the future stale of it.e righ'bous. They pass, he believes, immediately into glory; they go through a change which sibjeetively is greater than .hat of regenerate, they are greeted by annals who, previously unseen, hare min istered to ihem; friend) will recognise one another; the Savi.ur, wearing the rituie form and body which he had here, will welcome thena Tha author thiuks that there are at this mcment fourteen thousand millions in heaven who were infanta when they wen; there, the resui reotiou of the body is believed in by the author, also the doctrine of a grct judgment day .... The Lowell eloping couple are Francis Baldwin, son of Colonel Baldwin, of Billerica and M*e. Baooe. wife of oae of the be.t young men in Lowell. Baldwin when be left Biller tea s iid he waa going to ? neighboring town ot buiineja, and would return in two days. Mrs >o left on pretence tba' she was go to visit ter fa her, who also lives in Biller Baldwin leavee a wife highly reepeotad I and b?loved. wi h two little ehildren, alaoti without the meana ot support Mrs Bacou had no children. Baldwin borrowed mouey of his father and acquaintances to the amount ti one or tw<> tbouaand dollars, and tried ia diH-rect places to gee more Uui, s Annanjinar.?On Saturday last, Hon. Mike \N alsh, of New York, offered the following amendment to the French opolia tion bill in which we think there ia as much truth as peetry : An act to joeeeesfuljy aoconipliah the fid* loft iog otjeeis : First-fo enable .undry un scrnpuloua aod grasping oompaniea, gp?cula ? and brokers to atill funher aggrandise ^ei.eelws\n he aaereligiouely aaaume.1 name k MDd 0l'PLan' *>J preying ap0B whose heiplaa^ness aud aecemitias. they have aJresdy amasa. ^ foriunes Secondly?To re planish tbe purses and brighten the mercena ry hopesof the several agent*, lobbyers, Ac , of ? <*sbfngt?n. who are personally interested n its patiBgg; end also to embolden thoee modest and ewnsoieuuoue worthies to renewed and ineieased effustc to dunlcte the national treasury so effec ua!ly j? to nereaf:er preclude the poMibi ity oi its t unii e>er again reach mg one inch above low water mark. (Excee *>*? a ugh ter ) lbere was at least one man who hnd moral eourage enough to sastain it by his vole Bai??.Y._Ih# Philadelphia nxen tbas utters the sentiments of n largo portion of the people of Pennsylvania: l?*^ that there was more eorrupuon mine Legislature of Penn sylvania, b o u, *OJ bodycompobe j of thfl 22 XtV 01 ,jQ fSTIr Gojf earth, behave siprtsxd ou? >. .ij .Omi r.p..trtlT, ?,r h.",i?V?n b?sed upod cireumaULcea- that came knowledge VV ? sDow ihat there areuieu n?w in theLegislaturefrom Pialadalphia who biw. repeatedly been bribed to d* acts which u5y l the surface of thinp, they were apparent opp?wing Tbette can be bribed to do anythiu* short of murder, and are restrained from tkis only ?broagh fear of the law. They are the sneaking, skulking, cowardly poltroons which infe?t every community, who will say rof. wor is, end smi'e inyourlnoe, while tbey eurry the poisoned daggar under the folds &f their cloaxs sou-e of theae we have known to be Dribod t-.'t\<re they had seats in the Legisla ture ar;J kivs heard them charged wftntLo ?ame offence since they added greeter dissrnee v 'hat body by their present ? U ? I riszrworoi few? a^d gossip. Judicary ^?form in thfl district of Colum bia?Tha amendment! to the District Judi ciary Reform Bill reported by Uie Senate judiciary committee, nffec' in a sen >ui>?y. If '^oirda not destroy. the entire plan <r?his most salutary bill. The judiciary ct mssitt< e h*ve recommended that the bill ?o'aaiifcied< ^y^ttliilg out the first section, whicnabol uhet the present court*, and hare so altered other provisions of the bill as to acoommoda'e them to the present infirm system. By these amendments, all five of the present judges ?re retained; Ky tbe House bill, only three jadge* are provided for the whole system Aoeord ng to tho amendmentr two Judges are retained to perform duties that aro ob viously superfluous One of these has no duty whatever to perform, and the other, tho j.dge of the Orphans' Const, is to retain his present jurisdiction and duties, which by the plan of the House bill, fere to be performed "7 ibe judge of the Equity Court, to which ?uch jurisdiction and duiios properly apper tain So that tho roUiniig v: this court is wholly unnecessary ; and us it is to oonunoe aco?rding to ita present plan, unchanged in any reepeet, this will be felt by all our ctti sens as a great evil, to uy nothing of the faei that here are two judge? kept np without any necessity or oooasion for their duties, at an expense to the Treasury ; and by these amend -' ments the Equity Oonrts. will have little or nothing to do This office will be almost a sinecure. Agein, the misfortune of these amendments will shortly appear, when it is reoollected that by the House bill, the reforms in practice, the rules of court, and the reduction of fees I aad cost* of liiigation, that now press ?o heavily on the goverument and the people, were to be made by the new judgos created bi tbat bill. If theee amendments prevail, the present judges, who are tho implacable foes of all innovation, and who are iuimioal to every [ provision of the bill, are charged with this duty, which they are likely to tlight, from the Otporience of the past, it bsing easiest to dis charge it by wholly neglecting it. Ail the lrssons of legal reform everywhere teaoh this. Men must be got to carry out. with proper spirit, new reforms. The officers who?e fee: are to be retrenched, are of courso "?he near friends and dependants of the present jud^ce, by whom some ot them hare b*on ap I pointed, and all of whom, lighting in a com mon cause, have opposed, with unflaggiog tea! and interest, the progress of this bill through ail its stages, and a* it would seem from present indications, with a success that their relations to the subject could never for a moment have reasonably promised it is wsll known to the profession that some years ego the Supreme Court of the United S ated provided an admirable system of rules i>r the government of the inferior coarts in cquiry casts; and yet, our Circait Court ha? e.or refused to adopt them^and held on to its o#n old and obsolets practice. Although the fc?preme Court has, in mors than one case considering that those rules did apply to this oart, reversed their decisions for not conform ing in the oorduct of the case; to the practice a.: i rovided by it. We ?onfes< that wo shall despair of seeing the benefit* of this so much needed reform curriel out under the auspices of the present judge*. Duties of Government Officers.?It is well known that the number of claims upon Gov-' ernment for all kinds of services have rapidly multiplied within a fe-.v years pa*t; and it is equally well known that all who oppose their allowance are held up to the people as "un reusoaabie,'' as 'hard and unfeeling," if not positively unjun, men. The Hon. John Letch er, haying officially to pass upon many sach olaimi, hai been peculiarly subjected to such imputations. Now, he is a man as fond of doing obliging things to bis fellow man as any one elfe. trh'n h?. ikmkitkat he tsan rightful. <y do so; but he has honesty enough to say no when duty so Counsels him To show the reasons whioh govern his action, and let peo ple see that he does not reject claims from a mere caprice, or whim, and also to show his ideas of tbe doty of the officer* of the United States, we publish his report upon a claim of Joseph D. Ward?an old, faithful and capable e'erk. As this olaim was the first of many that wore rejected, the principles which governed in all were fully set furth tot the ocasiderstion of the House in the report upon this on?, and accounts lor our selection of thia particular report; we may add tho forther reason iha we consider tbe claim ae one of the stsougest of the el at*, and h*ie\a the claimant is a ants think their claims just, and most of them 01.1b. r*otad. Tbe following u U? r?port of Mr. Utcb.r 10 1 ? *ui ciumtit it ft gentleman who would not a sert a olaim which he did not think jus., by the by, ali claim which we refer: sala-i**, lead, in a nation largo a? our*, to treat abuees#?ud uMmm ly to gros* favoritism? Special law*. tdJPWnedlcases of supposed hardship, would fradu:ill> conduct to result* equally pernicious t<j the gevertmion; and to Ike pe"p'e.? >, 4 o"#pittee rec^qtm^n l to the Hou^e He nla i?<f sUrffieeslngiela ive, executive, aii l jedictipi, bel>okel i&U> aud made jist and adoqu ite; (br such salaries will command the pr per services of wen who will admioi.-ter our government with effi ciency, ecoTomy, and liberality. But they o nno4 recommend rpscial additional allowances of money to pub lic officers by ipcial laws Quite as many would I* wrongfully omitted. by entering upon the business of special legislation, fs would be rightfully included It is deemed best to labor to make the salaries just, and than ?U extra allowance* to bo one. Resolved, That the piayer of the petition be not granted. Justices of tho P. ace for the Sietriot of Co lumbia?Perceiving sundry distant papers caught in the trap of & recent Invidious pub lication concerning the religious beliefof seme of the juetioea of the paai3 for this TOstric*, lately re-appointed by the Presideut end cor-, fcr&ed by the Senate, we have to say that ac ooiding to the b'rue hook, the official register, there are fifty five gentlemen holdingcommis sions as justices in tbi-i District; and, further, that but six of them are Catholics. The com missions of all these cix happened to expire at the same time, though the original appoint ments of all of them were in different years, we believe. Some as far back as twenty or twenty-five years, and none of them as recent ly as the inoomingo^ the present Administra tion. All of them ere useful and deservedly respectable citisens, and we rejoice that the President proved too enlightened to proscribe them because their religious views are differ ent from his A Forthcoming Proclamation. ? We are inclined to believe, from the signs in the offi cial horison, that an Fxecutive proclamation will soon be issued, warning all citisens of the Uuited States against the infraction of our neutrality laws by participating in armed ex peditions to settle in Central America. The xdvertuement of a Mr. Bushrod W Frobel for volunteers for tho Kinney expedition, teems to be taken to be the basis (or the ex pected official paper The proclamation in qua- ion informs the required colonics that tUey are expected to bold "themselves in readiness to serve for the protection of the Government about to be established,'' Ac. As according to the reading of the (Government of the United States there is no portion of Cen tral America without a legitimate government, dr jure at least, the idea of an expedition from thin oonntry to establish a government there is supposed to be judged by th* authorities here to be an infraction of the United States neutrality laws. The Territorial Judge Quwaoa ? Perceiy ? ing that more or less of onr cotemp raries who are notoriously hostile to tho present Ad ministration, arc endeavo.iog to make capital against the President by misrepresenting ftc s involved in the oa?e of Aaron Goolrich (late chief justice of Minnesota Territory) vs. James Guthrie, Secretary of the Treasury, we remind tho pnblic that Goodrich removed hy President Fillmore, ratber than by the present Executive. Tbeir whole partisan case, there fore, falls to the ground By the hy, we find in the Buffalo AUvrtis- r, Mr. Fillmore's im mediate organ, the following 0 omenta upon tho interesting quesiion of tho right of the President to remove the jndges of United S ates territorial courts, .vhioh we understand to have been by Mr. F himself, or J udge Hall, who was a momber cf the Fillmore Cabinet, it will be recollected when Goodrich was re moved To our mind, they involved an irre fragible defence of tne constitutionality of his aot: '?A ca.:e involving important considerations i of public law wa? yesterday argued iu tLe supreme Court i'be relator. Aaron Good rivh, was appointed Chief Justice of Minne aota for the term ol lour years, which would I have expired regularly on March !9, 185:* On October 21, 1851. af er being in office for a littio longer than two years, he was removed ty President Fillmore, and Jerome Fuller was appointed iu bis plaoe. He thereupon communicated to the President his in'emii.n a<id readiness t > diwha-g-a the duties of his office the expiration cf hit term. Tho relator petitioned tho Circuit Court of the district for a mandamus commandiug tne Sec retary of tbe Treasury, Mr Guthrie to pay him the amount ot bis silary from the time of bit temoval till the expiration of his term. Tne Cireu' Court refused the writ, and the case was brought to the Supreme Court by writ of error.' " fhe decision of this case will depend mainly on tbe question whether the territorial courts form a pait of the Federal Judioi&y We think it very clear that they do not. Tbe federal courts contemplated by the Constitu tion. are not In'enrfed 10 be of concurrent ju n<dieiion with tLe courts of tha individual States. They are tribunals for the adjudica tion of a different class of oases. Tbe State couits are for the I< cal administration of jus tice, while the fedefwt-courts are intended for 'he trial of esses arising under the Constitu tion and laws of tbe United States They are 40 distinot in their objects aud organisation (bat it is impossible to confound them. Witb ' ibis dWiinctiou in view, if we turn our atten tion to the territories, and inquire which 0 ass ol duties belongs to their courts, the anower is ?*"y- They aie evidently intended for the local administration of juatice; intended to perform the same functions during the condi tion of territorial minority, that will af: r w\rds be discharged by the State courts when the territory shall have acquired political manhood. They do not, then, form a part of the Federal Judiciary, uer of any permanent I system, but are merely a part of a temporary staging, intended for ihesupport of civil order, until the ereotion of a permanent edifice. '? It is conoeded that the President has no power to remove judg :s in any of the Federal courts; for, by the terms ot the Constitution they hold their offices during good behavior, and if they are guilty of malversation in office they oan be deposed by impediment. But r* 8ct ^0T *^e organisation ?* * Territory prescribes a limited period of service for the judges shows that the oourts over whioh they preside are not a part of tbe national judiciary, ail whose judges hold for , ? ^ condition of good behavior. If a ter ritorial judge is guilty of malversation in of n e, there must, of course, be some means of deposing him He is a mere local officer, and cannot be Impeached by the national House of representatives; he is not amenable to the territorial legislature, whose powers cannot be extended beyond the limits defined by statute; and unless be i* removable by the President, corruption would be no bar to his oontinuance In office We have no doubt that the deois on ot the Supreme Court, in this oase, will be of such a nature as to sustain the Action of the late President." The War of tho Swiss .?Meters. Editor* ; Though I by no means subscribe to everything in your paper, yet it is qoite as indispeneible to me as my evening meal; and I can bnt ad mi e the bold independence by which its ootmc has always been characterised. Tonr paragraph, on Saturday, on " The War of the Swisj:' gratified many of your readers. Des pite all the hue and cry of the Know Nothings, the most venomous fuel of this Administration naye been foreignerj ifcu natio but two; I will giro two more, though I oould supply a do sen : one is the conductor of the New York > v* & i' k .? Crusader, an unnaturalized Italian, who failed to secure an office; the other *o un naturalised Frenchman who 4id manage to get one, bm. for the beat of all reasons. lost it-snd#t|? f*?i<?' <*!* of whose letter* to Ike >"ew York, JI)*w*>crat you hive al ready h?4 caoee t? BrtiM. wonder, as you intin&e, lhat ?fHm is abeut," when we hare such ungrateful dog? as art < ?>?** foreign - ers 8tnoo| us. Mora anon. A hbric a. January 29, 1855. From Havana.?We are again in pooession o? letters from Havana to the 23d inatant, which ooaimt the advioea frrem that quartdl last published in the Siar. Wear*, therefore, now daily expecting to hear of a aarioua out break on the inland. A Consul Acknowledged ?The President has issued an exwquator to Fraaois A. Hoffman, of Chicago, as oonsul for Brunswiok and Lunen burg, for the Stale of Illinois The Current Operations of the Treasury Department?On Saturday, the 27th of Jan. there ware of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of tha Department? For paying Treasury debts $109 458 75 For the Custuml 36 596 32 For coveringinto the Treasury from missel 'aneout sources 5t? 00 For the War Department 10,273 27 For repaying in the War Depart ment......... 4.973 27 Fort e fcteriov Department..... 9,393 41 . <s* CONGRKSNIO.IAL. In the House, on Saturday, after wa went to press, various amendments were offered t<~ the French Spoliations bill in oommittee of the Whole on the State of the Union, all of which were rejeoted after discussion in fiva minute speeches. The oommittee then nwe, and ihe bill having been reported back to the House they concurred in the amendment adopted in committee some days since The said bill was then passed,?yeas 110 nays 7?; as follows: J ' Yeas-Messrs Aberorombie, Aiken. Willis Allen, Appleton, Thomas H Bayly, Ball. Banks, Belcher, Bell, Bennett, Benton, Bliss. BrHge^, Brooks, Campbell, Carpenter, Ca ruthers, Chamberlain, Chandler, Cllngman. Cook, Corwin, Croeker. Cnllom, Cutting. Thoj Davis, DeWitt, Di:k. Dickinson, Disney, Ed mands, Thomas D. Elliot, Everhart, Farley, Fenton, Flagler, Florence, Franklin, Fuller Gamble, Giddings, Goodrioh, Goodwin. Hast ings, Haven, Hill, Howe, Hunt, Ingersoli, J Glancy Jones, Keitt, Kerr, Kitteridge. Knox! Latham, Lyen, MiCullooh, Macdonald, Mo Dougall, Mace, Macy, Matteson, Mauric*, I Maxwell, May, Mecham, Middleswarth, Mor j ?an, Norton, Packer, Parker. Peck, Peokhatn. | Pennington, Phillips, Pratt, Preston, Purye ir, Ready, Beese, Riddle, Bobbins. Rogers. Rus sell, Sabin, Seymour, Shower, Bimmons, Fred erick P. Stanton, Richard H. Stanton, Hestor L S?even.<, Straub, John L. Taylor, Teller ! Thurston, Trout, Upbam, Vansant, Wade Walbridge, Walker, Elihu B. Wa^ Israel Washburn, Wells, John Wentworth, Tappan Wentworth, Westbrook, Wheeler, \*tes and Zollicoffer?110. Nays?Messrs James C. Allen, David J. Bailey, Barksdale. Barry Benton, Bugg Cas kie, Cbastain. 'Jhrisman, Cobb, Colquiu, Cox, | Crai^e, John G. Davis, Dawson, Dunbar. Dun ham, Eastman. Eddy. John M. Elliott, Ellison, I English E herige, Faulkner, Goode, Green wood, Hamilton. Aaron Harlan, Andrew J. Harlan, Sampson W. Harris, Wiley P Harris, Hendricks Heun, Hibbard, Hi I Iyer, Houston, Johnson, Daniel T. Jones. George W Jor.e*, Roland 'ones, Kidwell, Hurts. L?tnb Letoher, i Lewis, Lilly, Lindsley, McMuliin, McQueen, t-mith Miller, Millson, Morrison, Murray, Nichols Noble, Orr, John Perkins. Powell, Thomas Ritchey, Ruffin, Sapp, Seward, Shan non, Shaw, ^ingletnn, Skelton. Samuol A. Smith, Wm. R. Smith, George W. Smyth, Au di ew Stuart, David Stnart John J Tavior, Walsh, Warren, Daaiel B. Wright, and Jlen driek B. Wright?76. Proceeding* of Tw-Day. In the Senate, an Executive message rrng read, covering Professor H?sford's analysis of j grano, which was laid on the table, and or dered to be printed Petitions, 4c., were then introduced and roferred Mr. Douglas introduced a bill to make the law ot February ltt, 1?50, extend ?o all Terri tories us well as to Oregon; passed. Mr. D also reported a hill from the Com mittee on Territories for the relief of the sec ret .iy of Minnesota Territory; passed. Many bills were then reportea to take their several nlaces on the calender Mr Badger introdaced a resolution to pay the Intelligencer, Union and Sentinel, Wash ington newspapers, $4 50 per column for their publication of th6 debates acd proceeding to this Congress. After debate between Mr. Badger for It. and Messrs. Dodge, Fitipatrick and Adams against it, on motion of Mr. Adam.-, it was laid on the table. In the House, the Speaker before them tha joint res >lutions of the Pennsylvania Leeisls. lure in favor of having the Government sard an expedition to the Arctic seas to search for that of Dr Kane; laid on the table and ori dvred to be printed. 1 Mr. Chandler asked leave to move te take up the Senate s bill to that end; but objection made, leave was not granted. And then, after some time speut in endea voring to determine what business to take up next, on motion of Mr Jones, of Tenneue* the special order?territorial business -was' postponed for one hour. The Speaker next announced the business in order to be the cansideration of the pend log motion of Mr Breckinridge, to suspend the rules to enable bim to introduce a re'olu th? Senate bill appropriating $6 500 000, to pay the outstanding debs ( of Texas, a speeiai order for l uesday or next week : rules were suspended, and res olution adopted Oa motion of Mr. Chandler, the rules were suspended and the Senates bill authorising the Secretly ot the Treasury to send an ex* pedition to the arotic seas in search of the pa'?d Kane, was taken up and A Double Execution In Kentucky The Cincinnati Commercial has a long ac count of the execution of Stephen Short and Wm. Hanning, for murder, at Greenupsburg, Ky , last Friday. They were both, aocording to tho Commercial, worthless drunken fellows, and each had a large family. The same paper gives the following speeches and incidents at the gallows : Short rose and said?"I want all of you to take warning by me. See what whisky and bad women has brought me to. I have beea h*ngiD6 *>rapes myself, and thought it was great fun, but I never thought Id be hung myself. This is the work of Capt. Whisky. I an, willing to die for the life of the man that I took. Talk of pleasure?I have tried all kinds of it?about shanties drunk and everywhere else?but I have nad more real pleasure up in that old jail than ever before in all my life; and ohains on my !avj 1chfi.ns at 'hat * j?8t took off ttis old coat, and whipped Satan clean out fair I ve made my eleotion sure, I think [Some f nVnV ,eK0r2WduCall%d out? '<If y?u ar? ">?, i . ** much danger for the rest us. ] I am perfectly willing to die. 1 he man von hive got in jail for aiding me is Fh Jf^SZ "jnoeent, and ought to be let go; but that Blair deserves all that I've got I Blair was the man who told him to shoot J lie was as much to blame as I was " Some one inquiras-"Are you willing to die, Steve Said he, "Yes! I ha e this world ?*n he eoncinued. with an air that was nearly exulting, "and I'm coin* to leave it; I'Ube in Paradise before sundown Now, farewell! farewell! meet me in the other world. I want to see you all in Heaven." An old man, somewhat drunk, pressed upon him. Short seid. "Whiskey brought tee to this; I expect you along In a lew dsys!" Hanning, then, quaking in every limb, got ap tod said?"I haven't got anything against any man in tba world, and hope nobody's got anything against ma ?ow^' Short repe*te4 this remark- Large numbers of his aoaaaintanees crowded about, shaking ha*<is with him and askiag qoaations, nntil the last moment. 11a kuew all hla old friends and eao^aaged ami Ins aaJ wo ds of good will with them nuAfce wk\ .9 eap we* drawn down over his fare, lb steed up firmly u the wagon waa driven away, and said that inatint, very distinctly?1'fare# el I! all my friends'" when the fatal noote checked his ntteranee. HP lha Ohio Hquor Law haa been sustain ed by the unanimous decision of the Bsprfs Govt ef that State on all its points. ? !?<??? I i ? B. U. (H. F.) C. A ?The member* of Potomac Ctrrh? Wo. B. V. (H. P.) V, A., a meetly reqeeaWd to attend Um remlnt onv.H anon on TUE"!)^! EVENING. Jen. 3a. Bun new of frttt im, ortance to th? Circle wilt he broagbt op for consider* ion. JNrt.G. DUDLEY. C. W. W. H. C JORD\N, H. 8. K. jati 29 2t* M ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS !? YOU arc hereby requested to met-1 at your new ar morv, corner Pa. armuf and Thirteenth eta., ?n TUESDAY EVENING, the ?th instant, at 7 o'clock. The member* arc requested to be punctual s* there in businees of importance to be transacted. By order of Capt. Byrne : jan 29?2t THOS. RKIGG8, Q. 8. NOTICE?THE TRU8TEE8 OK THE Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church (Rev. John F. Cook. l'a*tor,) being pressed to mart their obligation* hi liquidating the debt due na ih-ir new house of worship, have been indued, at con sideraMe expanse, to eujnure the rttict i of (tf celebrated Mm E. T. GREEN F.EID, Um Bla? a Sw aw. as ahe is termed, originally of Natchez. Vis Msaippi, to give two or three CONCERTS H>r the 4*enem of said Church during Uie ensuing week. (?4 the evening-of her appearance due notice will br given,) at 7 ^ o'clock. Tickets 50 cents each. Reserved -eat* engu*i <i at the Church on the day of each Conceit, belwcei. tue hours of 11 and 2 o'clock, $1 each. The friends and benevolent ere re?pecilully in vited to patronize the same Ticket* to be had at the fol'owtnf Rook 8iori?, Taylor fc. Vlaury's, Ellis', Dans', aud Frenck Tay tor's. W?l. SLADE, Jan 27?St Chairman of Board of Trustee*. !f OT1CK ? Thrre will He a meetm. of the rt*ldcnt and non rend ut member - of the Phiiotiemic Society at Georgetown College i TUESDAY, January 90th, at 3Jf o'clock p. m . f> I lie purpo- e ?fit quiring Into the wjpedirnc* of eel < biating, in >iny next, the landing of the Marylan ' Pilgrims. By rr olution ol the Society : }an 26-3t R C. COMBS, Cor. See. fc-^L^Cc;0*'l, ''Eti URE FOR THE BEN i rtt of the Young Catholics' Fneud Sociel> of Georseinwn, by Prutosoi Alkiakder . ?f Louieiaaa, at Forrc t Hall. Ge -rgeimvii, ? u Tue? 1 y Evening, January 30;h, at ~o'clock. :-ut. ject: "The Arts of Sluuary and Architecture 1 At ens." Tickets 'ii een> ; to be had at the principal bw? and rtrui store.-, And a the door of the hail on Ui evening of the lecture. jan M-FMkTu, Ji Mayor's Orrtcr, January 29. 1855 J UE MEMBERS OF THE CITY COTSCIi I ?nd others interested in the subject, are invite to attend an exhibition of the St am Fir* Engine. at the City Ha f Tilia EVENING at 4;o?clock. A B. Latta, E q , of Cincinnati, the inventor, being ei his wny to Uie city of Boston with tuis luaclum, he, kind>y consented to afford our citizens and other an opportunity to witness its treat u ilitv JOHN T. TOWER rt, ian 29 - It Mayer. LOST?ON SATURDAY, the27th ieeurtTaW bead bag, blue and red, on 7th, between Pcui avenue and I ?t. It contained about e.i6. \n> p"r on finrima the sxnic, and leaving it at the office will be liberally rewarded. jan :9-lt* FOUXI)?AT T H E PR ESI I)ENT'8~I.E VEE o: Fnday nisht las', a Gold Breastpin, ennt^tnio hair. Th?- owner can har*- the fame bv r-mv ii'_ pro^iertv and paying f r this adverti** voni. a< tl. counter of the -tar office. jau 29? 3t ]~^n?: l.OST?8TRAYED OR STOLEN'>K ,> 310 Virginia avenue, Island.aliver* C'lond Pointer Pt'PPY, unusually tall a id ?liw. wl ite brea t, b:iving on a nteel collar. Any information leading to Ins re-" c 'very, o mine from finder, ic^eiver.or <h ei*. v. ill b. tew.irned. J. B PI E ANT^. jan 29 -2t" Treasury Depinir.^n' =51 ONE CENT REWAKP. RAN AWAY from the >nbscriber on the 7th in*t EKNSI* I.EI TIG. The said boy u my apprcn tice, be is nhout 17 years of age. I hereby warn al persons from employing or 111 au> way harborii.i htm on my account. GFO. lilENZELING. Jan 29-It* \ lUPID'Jl HEVniltMHTkHS?Coinir V > and S^iitnncntal Valentines, wholeeale and re tail, at L.\MMOND"8, 7th n. jan 9-3t IiXr P S ! H A R P S . J. F. BROWNE Would inform Ins Iritnds th"t he is now 111 Wa*h ingt' n and In.- ?> me fine H 'x HPS, \T H1LBU8 fc HITZ' MU8IC STORE Will be happy to atten I l>J any orders lie may re ceive, at their store or at HO UivOWMh' HOI'gL. jan 29?ut* A SPLENDID RAFFLE OF FURNITURE will take place as soon a.- 20?' chances are t<<ken, at No. 1 Pa. avenue, be tween 17th and l^lh streets. 515 Pn*??=?T.ckeu $1 each. 1 (. ne Walnut Jenny Lind Bcd?t ail #25 Oi 2 do do Writing Cabinet. 20 U 3 do do ninrblr top C.ntre Table.... 17 C< 4 do M ihoganv do do ... 16 Ot ft do Walrui Et;igire 15 UP to do Mahogany do 12 7 d" Walnut do 12 20 8 Ha f dozen Jenny l.ind Chairs IS 0? 9 One Walnut Bookstand 12 <* 10 HaKdozen Gilt back Cane seat Chair-.... 12 0i' 11 One Mnsic 8taft 12 W 12 do Wrork rtiand 12 0 12 Half ucaen Maple Canr seat Chairs U Ot 14 do I m lUtion Roaew<j?d Chairs.... 9 W 15 One sinjie Walnut Bedetend 'J 0< 16 do Refreshment 1 able 9 00 17 One pair Recept oil Chairs. 6 Ot 16 do do do 6 Ot 19 do do do 6 0> 90 do Bookstand 5 0t 21 do Arm Chair 2 1 do do s: 23 do Chili's Rocker 1 11 34 do do I Ot 25 do d > 1 0t $2j0 0t The pubhc it requeued to call and aee the Furui ture at niv Store, No. 182 Pennsylvania avenue', between ltth am! lKth >u. Fir>t Ward. JOSEPH GAWLER, Cabinet Maker. Positively no chances drawn for uwd paid. Due norise will be given when the rufile will take p'ac? jan 29 IXo. 520.j NOTICE OF THE DISCONTINUANCE Oftke United States land ofVe at Jetftrtonrtil*. I'm retines and H^inamai, Indtcnn. T ' NDER the provisio. s of the second section ot the act of Congress, approved June 12, 1840 which declares'Hh-.t whenever the quantity ot pub tto la- d? remaining unsold in any land district shall be reduced to a nuaaher of acrea less than one huu d-ed th >usand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury to di-continue the lana office for such district ; and if any land in an> aucb di>tru't shall remain unsold at the time of t'? discontinuance of a land office, the aame shall be subject to bale at lOtne one of the existing land 01 decs m<*t convenient to the district in which th< iand office shall have been dtseomtnaed, of wbic> tlii Secretary of Uie Trea-ury aha I give noticc;'" and ii.a-much aa the 7th section of the act approved l;li Sept tuber, S41, authorizes the Sccret ry ol the Treasury to co tinue any laud district in whrcb is situated the seat ot government >f any one 01 ti < States, notwithstanding tlie quantity ot land unsold in soeh district may not amount to more than one hundred thousand acres, when in hia opinion such continuance may be reoutred by pobltc conven eac ? or in order to close the land system in snch State at a convenient |.omt under the provi?ions of the act Ob that subject approved June 19, 1M0, and tees /1 uJl at the duty above reipared has been devolved upon tke Secretory oftke Interior by "tke act to es' h the Home Department,'- approved 3i M.trcb, 1819. Notice is accordingly hereby given that, in view of reports from th- lan-l officer, at Jarriaso* viLia, Vimckhwes, and Winahac, that the vacant land in each ol said dut.icts is reduced below one hundred thousan.1 acres, the Secretary of the Interior, with the approbation of the President, haa directed that the land officasat JarraasoaviLLS, ViwcamiBS and Wimamac; in the Htato of Indiana, be discontinued, ?tiid the lande remaining nasold at the tune 1 f the discontinuance be made subject to sale at the land office at iRDtANAPOUS, the seat of government of r-aid State. Lands remain me >eeoUt, and uapfropnaied b> Inw, and subject to pr.vaie entry within the limits 01 thediatricis now discontinued, will cease to be subject to entry as heretofore at those offices, from tlie date of the receipt of thi* notice by the reg sters ?nd leceivera thereof, and the land officers at Inoi axaFous will give public notice of the day on \\h ch they will be prepared tn receive applications f>* entries of any snch land at their office. JOHN ? 1LBON. Commiarioner of General Land ?ffice. JaNTlaftT 25,1695. Jau 29?2aw6w Amusement* ? ??** BUV ? O*. | PlRlLff. <. A*r>Liit?, Thimmm Amtin. fines *? Mot ?*trr, Stouxwv, and % |e < orpsde BaHe V tiniM.I.Wft National, tbkatrb. I(r THE ROC/SET SISTER* ri*? '?rft* ri/lA ECEA7.V0 the Ballet of GISELLE. or TIN- ItaMtrW WiIIm*. Gi*e|1e . M tU "artlian Ts cucoludt- with tha Pantomime of . rRif *r,tv n?rnin. jan 9H ?It (? faLeii thnNt who never laugh their In. deplore. Andthow who lanrh nn? laugh thr more ** A new, joyous, mmI airth uispinnt ?? ? tiinr?i will short y be ( ven in Miis eity k\ M ALOW ?J RAYMOHD, The CU?S?l*d ilMMTMl. Lsctwre#,a*4 IUmmmJ of Irtah Life and Manner*, called AN HOUR IN IRELAND AMD OTHKR LANDS. Taken train h.? dfcetch Bonk. aireadv girrn bt him in Europe and America, over OWK TH0l(tA%0 NlttBVft CO">?ut* ; nf Anecd u>s, Son,., Stone* of the r*M antry, Recollections of Ire'and. Burke, Urat l**>; Wellington, OVoniwli, Sheneaa <?old-uiitli, Lever, flood, Sbiel, Lady Morgan, Knowl**, Rc. , . . Jr*"*" Who have riven Is fin tit a Wor/4, and vuutt a Nation Int. 7*h''nillr,fn, *,ul P,act; w,u '* *??'? chro??cM. Jhii 28?3t? SOIREES MAGIQUCS. ~ MEMO IB OF THE OIEAT MAGICIAN, M AC ALLI8TBR, THE WOSDtLR OF THE JWM! Tiua extraordinary IVofesaor of the I'ahalMtir Art. u. imaged by MB M 4LONE RAVMoND, fLec Mirer, Humorist, and author of -II urs Hi Inland and other Lands.") to appearm nil lit* Nn. romtntK ttoiuki* Nt ODD rr.ClAJWB' HALL, far hi uights, cotnmenrtnc on MO^DJtT KVBft* l*G, January? h, IS55 and followii^ Mr. Malone Raymond havinr, ?ome tiiK ?arr, Wilnifit'd on the Coninii'i.( of Europ< , tv etuaor ."*9 .1"^ w,MM,*,rtul pr1onnane?*? uf thia highly cit?*;d IWe**orof the Magir Art reeentlv tm rdiwMr services through ihe ebiel cities .7cnnr *.1a, tor wrrral per'ortnanee*: and ??? gr-nr ??? n,? attraction, ihat he continued t? cn?wd the hone** uiauy weeks in nirre?A*. realizing to Ixm^lf a < tear pnirtt of wore than ftOOOO A large Mim it secured l-im to vis t W < for a few evening*, and from the high and deserved r> puution ahu h precedes |Um, the flail doubt, PC filled to repiftion dunnc hu rtay. Tbi->Lreat and Fortunate Macuian wa* born in tj?e land of Robeti bum*, but tu ead* ywutli \iatt?4 ll?e ( "Btin-nt of Kuropc, wb-rr fo eonie mmn pmmt P. hil" |f*ctJ-^d the art ot fonjuration and Mifbty IIarte, and ha* acquired nwt nnl\ T??t wealth, but ? He nifli"! jnof renown ib hit irtmic frtu of Vfit'?BWncy. MAU'ME MACALLI8TEB an, ?'T birth, educated in Fan*, in whtch city tin? \oun; Magician firat saw ilie Lady, and won her If art and hand. She i? highly b rn and po-u>^f<red of railed taj. nt> and necounritabweaU au?l km become an able and dextero?i? ae^tatant m ker huabaad in hi? bewitd in* and bewildering feat* ol.\ecfoj*ncv. lb ? are both rtilJ >oun? Re centiy in Spa n, the p^rtonnanr* of the Winnrd and hia lady w.-re the leadi'i faslii >n a whole seaaon. Madame Macailiater ia a dangbter of one o. Napoleon'? moat oe ebrated officers, di URnidiH In tnn y of the Km^ror'a battles. Her Majeety, th? Uusen, had a aplendid Pavilion '^d fortb^m in hsr Palace at Madnd. where ineir nip.ltv fuiU wen honored by the hnnik? and plaudit ot the enun. Bovai lloueebotd. aa well a? b* crowds of the Spanish Nobility and Uentrv Sev eral Splendid I lamoi.d- nere |treaented to t? e Wiz ard by Her Maj??*y on these neenxuna. ItaU, Pranre, Germanv, Portugal. Cuba. I nit?d States, *c., imve lefii vi<uted by ibw ar ftr>. the difler ?"it laitwri - of which countries they speak flu* nt Iv. and have universally won golden opinion* aa wHi .1s folden favor* in each. Mapcian !? accompanied bv J. M. WKdT <>>, E?q., hi* Secretary, and attended by Serxanta and numerous As*i*tarit? Pnoes ot Admission?Reserved seat* M cent? J Pfl-? t? reserved *eat* only for cliddren under twelve years. Gem ral admission for all an? gR ce;its. ^ lb>or* open at ~y^?eomme.tee at e oH l?^:k. Tickets can be had at the Jo. 02 'lie evetune. jan 5K?3t* * S9IBHAK'S FATEJIT FCCX1T 6PI1IT LEVEL And plcmb attachment Tti ^ui'are. Thi* level may be u?ed in conneti' ii with a "feet or other true square a* a I'-vHIng and siuiutv i?? instrument the ba.<e line of the square beina the level or horizontil line. It may le detnehsd tmin tlie --rjuare and u??^l separately a* a isvei. or earriel in ih?' |?oek?t. no* taking up more room than a penknife, tbnrel.y obviating I he necewity ot car rying aliout the cumbersome pluml< and level now in use. The artic e may lie examined and ita advantage further explained upon application to ELVANS k I'HnMPSON, Afent* for V\'a?hington C*y, N<i pa. ave , h*tw. and lOth'ats . jan 2T?3t M IMP<JRTANr TO LADIES. 1HACEHV, of New Vork will L remain a few dax? .it Mn? M -le,'. JOS Pa. avenne. north aide, near 10th etr? ? t, for the purpose Ot teaching Mr. 8. T. Tajlor"-1 jreai itii|?ro\emsnt for cutting and making la i~' dre-*e? La?i:e* are respectfully invited to give h?r a cell, and if disposed take take a lining with run and hav? the matter demonstrated vour own satisfaction. MRS. BftkCKNKY, 'tn 37?I w* 407 8r<?adn a%. V Y. RICH JEWELRY. JL'^T received the latent style" of Diatmnd, Pearl Mosaic. Liva, and Cameo Bracelet, Brioches, and S rrnigs iu tets. IHamond. Buby. Emerald, Sigti?-t and pure Gold Wedding Rj igs. <Jold and Pearl Necklace*, Locket*. ThimWes. Pencil*, kc. i'rcctoas Stone* aei 111 the m^t elegant manner, a 1 Jewelry Work of whatever description eiecuisd in 1 he biglicst stvlt of the art. M. W. GALT k DRO., _ 394 Pa a v., bet 9ih and 10th *ta. jan 27?6t (Int,Union.Newi-60 TTNDERSHIRTS AJfl) DRAWERS. Our amort rneiit of w*ni SHIRTS and DRAWLRS s now cos plete. and ha- been replenished within the past week. Prices moderate and uniform, at STEVENS'S jnn 27?3t Salesroom. Brown ' Hotel. SILVERWARE. C*OLID SIVER TEA SETS. PIPCHLRS. Go? leta, Cup-, Ca-tors. Wa tcrt, fco. Silver Sp e?ns, Fork*, Ladle* and Napkin Ring*. Silver l'casert, Pie, Cake, Pi.h and lee Crews Knivt a. Sugar, Preserve, felly. Olive and Egf S|s>oas. Aiparaeu- Salad, asugar and Ice Tong?. Crumb Scraper*, fcc. The nbose we have of ? verv patters, all at our own manufacture and warranted pure stiver. Onder? r*ken for every description of nch Hil*e? ware. ?tich ns p<ibiic testimonial*, he., and atrKily executed artri nn\ dotgn. hswever elahorate. M. W. GALT A BUO-. No. 3U4 Pennsxlvania a?enue, between Ninth and Tenth rta J?i| J'-bt^ [lntel.l'nionk.New J SHIRTS MADE TOORDER.- We nrc makinf the b?ti and best fitting Shirt* uh <*ur., aim warranting them in sll cs*? - to St., Jll STEVENS'S Snlea room jan >i7?at Brown*' Hotel. CIGARS-CIGARS ^?IGABS.\ II a** received ten thousand more of those chotcB Havnua CIG AR4, of th** t'oueha brand. A dif ere'it aiticle from those recafly received and t4* lered K?r ?ale by other hnuae" in tVia eny. Gentle men are tequ' -ted to call and eaamme my atock. RO'iT. D. TWEEDY. Gr>cer, corrw r Pa. avraue and 19th aireet. south aWe. jan 97?6t SPECTACLES. GOLD. Silve , fine Kreel ai d P'aied SPECTA CLES. EYEGLAS8ES.kc.of all frena*?,with perifocal, periscoptc as I p?raho|x Ulaasss. A long experience give* n* peculiar advantages in aaiact int gtasao* adapted to th? eve* ot wearers. M. W. GALTkBRO., 394 Pa. avenue, bet. 9Ui and Ikth atreeta. J?p ?7?fit (IntH ,Un?rnRNewa.] WATCHED. ^-XTRA heavy fine Gold Masic HunHne Watehea j Pocket Chronometrra, Ladi> *' main/j _ and enamfiled do , studded whh Diamond* and Pearls. Also, Tinieketpir* t?f every 1.tiier de^criptlun. all warranted, and otfer<-d at as low ratea a* nimlar article* caa he pu for in any city in this country. m. w. galt * ran . . ^ _ **?? avenue, Ih twe( n 9th and 10th a?. 1 [ Intel ,UnioaikNews.) GLEN WOOD CEMETERY^ THL Rule* and Reculatioas, and the act af incur _ P ration ot the Client* ood Cemetei y have barn pubVhed ui a neal pamphlet I arm. Any oue ?ag 1 copy can receive it at the office of the tery or at the Counter of the Star ..flirt jan fi? lm E TTOWARD'S C. 8. SI PRI ME COI RT JJL ports, vol 16. )aat ree tved hv * )"3 FRASCK TAYf.OR.

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