Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. UHkJI . , Written under tk* Fla% of the Cafitri. BY AN ANtllCtV CATHOLIC rttt*?T. They my I do not love the#, Flag of my nam. land; Whose meteor tolds above uie. To the free breeie expand ; Thv broad stripe* proudly rtreauiiog. And thy stars ?o brightly gleaming. They ?ay I would forsake thee, Should some dark crisis lotfew; That, recreant. I should make thee Crouch to a foreign Power. Sedurod by license ample, On thee, blest flag, to trample. They say that bolta ?F thunder ' Cast in the forge of Rome, May rise ai.d bring thee under, Flag of my uativc home ; And wish one blow dissever My heart froai ittee forever. False are the words tn~y utter; Ungenerous their biand; \nd rash the oaths they mutter. Flag of my native land ; While still, in hope, above me Thou wavest?and I love thee. God's is try love's first duty, To whose name __ Be praise, lor all thy beauty Thy grandeur and thy fame ; But ever have 1 reckoned Thine, native flag, my second. Woe to the foe or stranger, Wh ? sacreligious hand Would touch time, or endanger, Flag of my native land ; Thoncli sora?* would fain discard me, Miae ihouid be raised to guard thee. Tbea wave. th<iu tintiol banner*, Aud ui thy genial shade Let creeds, O pinions, manners. Promiscuou?ly be laid; And there, all discoid ended, Our heart.* and souls be Wended. Stream on, stream on, before us, Thou labarum of light, While in one general chorus. ?)nr vo'vs to thee we plight; t nfe thfHi to thee??never, My aauva flag Lore ver. Mechanics.?The following beautiful extract is from Bulwer's celebrated play, entitled the -'Carpenter of Rouen." It is a high compliment to mechanics. "What hare they not don* ? Have thej not opened the secret chambers oi the mighty ceep, and extracted its treasures and made the raging billows their hig>i ways, on which they ride as on a tame<: steed ( Are not the elements of fire anci wa^er chained to the crank, and the me chaaic's bidding compelled to turn it Have not the mechanics opened the bow els of the earth, and made its product? contribute to our wants? The forked light ning is their plaything, and they rid< triumphant on the wings of mighty wine To the wise they ara floodgates of know ledge, and Kings tad Queens are deco rated bp their hand work. He who madi the universe was a great mechanic.' 1) Spring Chickens. ?A corresponden of the 44 Old North State," (Elizabet City, N. C.) writing from Louisiana says: *? The weather is very warm?pea* lettuce, Ac., up and growing finel) Spring chickens are Jarge enough to fry. Spring chickens in January ? Just t think of it! (IT" On Thursday, a young womar aged about 20 years, preferred a aharg before Mayor Wood, o! New York, char^ ing a Methodist minister, living in All< gheny county, with having effected he rum, and then brought her to New Yor and had an abortion produced by tw quack physicians, one of which has bet arrested, and all the parties implicate will be speedily brought to justice. Adview from different parts of Canac expreaa strong fears that the unusual mil< aecs of the muod, and the abtenoe of snoi will have a* injurious effect upon the autuu ?own grain. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMER San>e. L*at for Dm. y?. ' *n.?da ? Boston? ? ? ? ? aLiv^rpool,...Jan. Pacific Liverpool...Nnw York..Jan. Union Havre..New York Jan. Atlantic ..Liverpool....New York...Jan. OC^ The California steamers Wav?; New York Uie 5th and 20th of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTEL WuiardC Hotel ? a. A kiC. WILLAKB. D B Kelly, Pa W In^e. ral Cap'. G W Fraeer, NY T U t.ibb ?. Md C H L'ondtt, NJ a Allen, NY R Lemmun, jr, and lady, J N Chester, do Md Mr Gibbon, do T Duvall, do RE Bobbins, do J 8 Griffith, do BC Willis, Pla Mi?s Harper, do JR Shepard, NY W Newbury NY I>r W W Anderson. Am R B Heath, Va C Brown a family 8 N Salomon, NY B T Chandler, Navy E N ShtlWB, Ct J H Holman, DC W H Webb, NY W Brogden,jr, Md 8 D TUden. do J Duvall, do Mr? Danlorth a maid, do G C l>ora.n. Navy Mr Lyou do J M Hieid, Va J Love,T*x F E H Bird sail, NY Mat W Wade, Pa Mr* Birdsalt, do H Bari.ard, Ct J 1) Sbotwood, do ? Hotel?a. d. wiu.aa?. R A McGibbon*, Ala W Price Fa Mn W B Clarke R rhonip-on, jr, do G J Young, Pa T f K?J\fCU J M Le#Jle ill; l ? 'j CCfiiwwn NY ~ 8 V TaJcott, do Mim M \ CrosMii, Ky E M Kichaid. Pa f,araJ> Army W M Dantifnac and son, W T Km*, DC .?Vt a P Voorhiea, NY V, r n' k ' Ct T J Pa i hSTUh D,ck^n. do vn T 8a* llwd, Ala DrC Mills NC J J Walker'do K T rtaUliU . tV Woodward, Md a n J B Boberu, do W * ? r,n', T T R ??w-on. Pa )V 2*??' *? CO. J Love J tObCn, .Mil S Rnhhin? d. D C bigg a, do to| j D Iiiwj,,. HJ D. J Pmdar NY- B G Har^Tr8' {v FW?" n *v,. W F Bro"k'- NY mSmmh^u *" nroW?e? Hotoi-T. f. a *. nova, ? *d J * Carliale, Va vi r ? ,W' Y J B vv'laon, O Ji Ga M Ruffio, do W8I m'"]' lT ? Y 'S site, weeywer, \a w M Taawail, Va w ~ ?in""n, Kv J Pattoa. O m j P^toa, o E t-a,oa#ou M 8ewcB, Md A sJZZm**1" H^I-? ?? UCUH. TJPa^'aadfaauly, ?SSSJ ? Ala ' kt!!i,P^, I, LJr^' ^ 2 I i? H V C H?nry, Maaa EL Km to* J7SSS, V. Mrs Crenwell, NY J u Toeker N v , !7.rrm', *? J y Pat erf rtn J 8 Cooper, La 1 Alexaadrla, Va. uv/w *. mwtoh, raorairroa. 2 WT- K N Dulaaev, Va j 2 ?frar!;v* w c ^ C G " ' a 1 W McJIhaaer, do 8 chU*' A Wartury, do 4 A " " H L "?"rter, do P80P03 VLS FOE OIL FOR LIGHT H0U8KI I * <'?' ?? r- . * T**AtCBT DlPAUTMUCT, } C flirt Light Hou?e BettrL V January ^6, 1*M') SIP^RtTB SEALED PROPOSALS wi'l b- re- ! stived at tbis e nr.tii loV'ek p.m , onThure- ] day, fhe fft dayt Pibruary 1865, fir supplying the HgbMwa e e-tabUshment with the following tot# or quantitis-' of oil, to ba d lfver~d ofthe g^ve.nmeut rnpply vessel at Bcstcn, New Tort city, New Bedford, or Eigaitowu. Mas.acha-etts, at the opilan ct the contractor, to be determined on at the t me of accepting the b!d, in ti ht,well made carts, daitahl f* Shipping. In prlmo ord?r, on or before the following dates reap ctivelv, and also at the re spective pcints nam?d on the lakfSj via: Lot No. 1. 8,000 (w'gbt thousand) gallons best winter strained or presced sperm oil, and 22 000 ('wenty-two thousand) gallons b->st srring strained or preened opera oil to be delivered | on the 1* t day of March, 1865 Lot No. 2. 14. 'WO (fourteen thousand) gallons best winter Ft>ained or pressed fpenn oil, ajd 141,000 (sixteen thousand) pallon-' b st wpring strain ed or pressed sperm oil, to 1h? delivered on the l?t day of May, 1855, as above Lot No. 3 18,000(eighteen thousand) gallons beat winter strained rr prepaid sperm < il, and 12,000 ;? twelve thousand) gallons beet sp- ing strait: ed rr pressed spetm nil, to be delivered aiabove on tbe l't day of June, 1855. i'JK THK LAKE.1. I .OT i\ 0 4 7,500 (st-ven thousand Eve hrutdred) gallons beet winter sprained or pieced sreim oil, and 7,6(0 (seven'housaud Ave hundred) ga'loi?B b?t tp*in* ?trained or press*d sp"rm oil, to be delivered at Pufftlo, New York, to the prr. per cffWr authorize.! to rective it, on the 15th day ot April. 1855, or imm*diate!y af ter the openiLg of th? Erie canal 450 (four hundred and fifty) gallons best winter* j strained or pressed sperm oil, and 450 (f uir r utdred end liry) gui ons beet spring sti i?if ed or prepsM sperni oil, to Le delivered to 'he collector aud * uperiutendrfotof lights at P.att*bur*, Mew York, on (he 15th day ef Ap il, 185i, or imm diately after the opening of th? Erie eansl. AH of tt? oil comprited in Lot No 4 to be deliv ered at the above mentioned places f>r (he light* oa rha ak?s. must t>e in small iron-bound casks, in primo order, tree from leakage, containing from thirty to fifty gallons each, from allexp^nee t?? the Unite.! itate*; all the costs for transportation, damage, and leakage beiti; at tbe charges and riek of tbe roniraeUT or contractors, .aid all tests and inspection to lie made prior to the transportation of the oil from the oontra< tor's warehouse, or other pla^e of deposit. " , ( Ttie several lo's of oil reqnir- d to be delivsfed ?longs'd*? of the rvp;ly vessels fhall be no delivered wh n th< sa d veM-ii ? hnl be in ;vl'ne e to re celve the ame, and in ca e the supply veaeels should not be realy to receive the oil on the day* here'n specified tor the delivery, thin the coutra ting party wi-t be a liberty ted live- it to an auth-rii'-d ajent ot ch-? I:, bt heme earablishnsent at tKt ro?nt of de livery, aid sb iU bs ei>titl>*l to pavm?nt thereftr, vri'hin fltl-en days of ucb de'iverv. A1 he oil contra, tod for uuder the lorecoing prepc ?i <? to be sul^ecbMl to u^ual tests of Bpecjiu gravity, temperature at ahich it will remain limpid, by bur ning and such other means as may be thought proper by the person or pers' ns to whom that dnty may bi assigned by the Light-House Board, Ivfore it will be accepted The winter-strained oi' to remain limp id a: a temperature of 32 degrees of Farenheit or lower, and t'le srriog-^traiueu oil at a temperature ot 40 degrees of Farenheit or lower. Proposals will be revived and c"msHer?d for -aeb Ht s? pa. ately, -r forth* whole qua "titv r?qnired. at the ' pti jn of th* b-dler, bat n?> bid wlli b ? enter tain a f r a Je?s quantity than is con;pri ed in ?'* of the s^vera' 1 t d*? s giiatel Ncs 1.2 3, and 4. The Mds mast f-'at' expUc ly the lot or lots prop sed fbr by the n :mber or iiumbers, thi quantity of each kind of ?. ii in the lot or lots, aad the price per gal lon of ea h quality of oil. All bids miijt be sealed, and endorsed "Proposals for Oil ior Light-Houses," and then placed in anoth er envelope, and direrted to the Secretary of the Light liouse Hoard, Washington, P. C. A bond, with security to the eatis^Sictior cf the de pur'beut in a j enal'y equal t"> one-fifth tbe amount cf ?a:h lO.ruci male under >he fcregc ing prr pe tals, will be required 'f each contractor, con 2ition?d f r the faitiful periormacce of each contract, to be ex*-u*ed witbiii ten days after the aec?ptaice cf thf bid. The board, uuder the authority of the department, reserves the right to reject any bid, though itnnay b? the lo*< ust, fr>m other confid"rations than its rmount. By order of tbe Light House Board: THORNTON A. JENKINS, jan 18?3tawt!stP.-b Secretary, l IV IN VIGORATINO CORDIAL A PHENOMENON IN MS DIC IN ft. ^ALTH RESTORED AND LTFI LKNOTHMNKD, by i>R. MOSSS'8 INVIGORATEfe ELIXIR OB CORDIAL.?At first the proper ties attribr.t.*! to Pro'. MOR8T9 INTIOOltATTNfi ELIXIR OR CORDIAL were deemedfabolcu. Th< pubdc oftsa deoei?ed, zjuid not believt the dmpU and sub'ilme trntha naacsoetd bv the dJs~over*r.? l ui fact', undeniable fk^ts attested by witneeaea o the h'.^h-it claau and character, are now triumph inz wet all doobta. INORLDOLItV 18 OYlRr THROW S by a mass of testimony which la perfectly Irrasistarde. Ti* ?"?r? remedies, in all caaet, the deplorabli evils arising from amiruseor abuse of the varioni organs which make up the to*v1^ *f?l saaoLine callM man. It resttres to full v.gor tiny ielkate fnne tton connected with that rayateriaus compouci ageney of matter and mind, neoeasary to the re pre dmeticn huwum Itfe. To persons of feeble muucu isr frame, or deficient in vital power, It if reoom mended as the only means of coir, munseating thn energy which l?t nueenr-ry to the pr< per enjoymen ot all the natural appetiiea, as well as the highei mental attributes. It? beneficial effect* are not oon ?uel to either sex or to any age. The f^ble gin the ailing wif?, the listlew. eraevated yonth, th< cvarworu man of twuloenj, the victim of nervaus de pie"Hi"c, the iiidindttal luSericg from general de M'ity, o, the weakness ot a single organ, wil aii fln<! i:nmediate and percnaDeiit relic; from th< at e of lhL> ir.eomparable renovator. To those wb( a predisposition to paralysis it mill prove ? complete ilcI unfailing faiegoard ^^inst that ierri ble malady. 7hete are many, perrfcpi , have m trifled with their, that 'ney titink themaelvea beyond the reach of me licine. Let nc even tbeee despair. The Klixir deals with diaeaaea It exisU, without reference to causes, and will no -.aly remove the disorder itself, but RsBUiLD THE BROKEN OON8TITDTION. The derangements of the system, leading to net vous tlaeases, and the forma of nervous disease it relf, are so numerous that it would require a columi lo enumerate the maladies for which thb peeper* ration Is a specific. A few, however, may be ennme rated, vis: neuralgia, tic lolereaux, fa?*4ecbe,lneip lent parelysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, npi na' affections, m use ular dobi hty. tremers, fiatul snoe a pricking eenaation in the flesh, n><mbnu?s, torp*1 ity ot th liver, mental depwssi< <n, weakness of tb will, lcd>p ?> ition ta move, tsintnuss alter exorcise broken sleep an i terrif) iny dreane, inability to re main In one plaoe r position, weakn?>ee of the pro creative organs, sexual incompetency, melaivtoolr monomania, fiaor albus, nking i-t fl)? stomaeh, fe male Irreg jlaritiss, a chronic tendency to miscsr riage, emaciation, and all complaint* growing out m a free induliience of the passions, and all bairerne-" Uxat does netproeesd trom organic causes boyend ths reach of me?Hcine. Whenever the organs to be acted upon are fre* from malformation or strietural diseases it it averred that MORBS'8 INVIGORATING ELIXER vDl replace weaknens with strength, incapacity with eAciency.irregularity with uniform and natural so 27! 7,-.u ^ not oniy hasaad of reaction, but with a happy a Seat oa the general organisation Si-Bear inmirdthat all maladlee,whereverthej begin, gnuA with the nervous system, and that thf parallzation of the nerves or motion and "enaction If physical death. Bear in mind also, that for every kind of nervous disease the Sllxer Cordial if the only reliable preparation known. CACTIOM. Da. Mows'?Ircaoaasura Ocadiai has been coun tortMted by some unprincipled pers- oa. In future, aU the ^anuiae Cardial will bave the nwprietorV Se simile paned over the cork of each bottle, and the ;ello *iag words blc .n in the gia<s Dr., M oraa*a Inrl(orattnfO?rdlal, C. H. RIHO, Proprietor, N.T. 4^ The Oordisl is put up highly concentrated, !n pint bottlee. Prtoe,?ft per bottle; two lbr $5; six for $12. 0. H. RING, Proprietor, 1W Froadway, New York. Bold by Druggists throughout the United Ptatee. Panadas, and West Indies. AGENTO, Washington??. D. GUHAJI. Baltimore?8. 8. UANC& ii-Jimoi.1?EFNN ?4TT A IMUR5. Mar St>??otf EV. PEPTIMUi TUSTIN'S WORK?The l? fourth ediuoo of The Doubling Communicant couraged, by Rt?v. 8. Tu-tin, D. I? , late Chaplain ot the Umted Btatm denaie. Further suppftaa received at TAYLOR k MAHIY'S Jan 5 Bn4tg0wv, mu 9th sL JI'HT IMPORTED DIRECT PROM bHEFFIELD a Urge assortment of Joeeph Rodger* h So:iN rel-Kntrd TshU KMIV'ES and POKK8 RAZORS, SCI ;3UR3, Pen ar.d Pock-t KMV'EtS, which I ani Gpared to Oder at wtioleeale or retail ns law aa snv ise in the Ignited States. E. h Lt'NDY. ;ai) l>< No. JUS Ufid|e st, (ieor|#tuwn. JOHN p. BUTHMANH, JtfPOXTBR and DZALKIl IN WINK, BRAN dy, Cigars Ac- Pennsylvania avenue, south Hide tween i% and Sixth street*, hu reoeivod his full stock and assortment of the above, consisting in Brt of? adetr*. Cherry, Port offarioui grades, Champagne in qts and pte, different brands A grant vari ty of Rhine Wine, some Of it spa:k llng Also, St Perry sparkling red and white Claret, at t rices from $4 SO per doses to the high eat or der And niineroM other kinds of Wine Also, Yery superior Cognac, pale arddurk: Scheid* am Gin, Jamais Hum. floe oil Whiskey, Irish Malt, Cordial*, and Havana Cigars. dec 19 2aw8w PROPOSALS pfU MAIL BAGS. PoaT Ofeice Department, January 12,1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at tins Department until 9 o'clock a. ui., of the 23d of April next, for furnishing for four years from the 1-t day of July next, in ouch quantities and at such as may be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bag-! of the following description, to wit: Canvas Mail B?gs. Size No. 1, (43 inche* in length, an > 62 inches in circumference,) to be mnd" of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width ; the yarn <if the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five fold. Size No.2, ^41 inches in length, and 48 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvas-, weighing 16 ounoes to the yard of 27 inches width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first site of bags. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, wsighiD? 10 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width, and tH ? cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bags of sires Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficient number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths. AH are to be well and distinctly marked " U. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. Leather and Ca?iva*s Powe/tes. Sizu No. 1.48 in. in length, and 60 in. circumference Size No. 2. 41 do d? 48 do Size No. 3. 36 do do 42 do Sixe No. 4. 36 <'o do J6 do Size No. 5. 26 do do '2d do The body of the l*?ther pottchee is to be made of good and substantial bag leather, well tanned, weigh iitg for Nos. 1 and 2 not less than 8 oune #, and fcr the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounc? s to the sq. foot; the bottom and flap to lie of good skirting leather, well tanned, and the same to be well and stro igly secured with the beet iron nve s, well tinned- The canvass pouches arc to be made of densely woven canvass, s > ns to resist water, or ?t lea?t equal t'? that of which the pouches now in the service are made. and Con tax a Horse-mail B*gsy (in - gadd'e bagd form.) Size No. I. B'*iy 4S inches long, and 42 indies in circu nftrence at the widest part* ; ends or bottoms oi s me, 14 by 20 inches Siy No. 2. Body 44 inches long, nnd 36 inc hes in circumference at the widest parts ; ends ur bottoms of same, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3." Bojy 42 inches long, and 32 incites in circuuif' rence at the widest part-; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mail bags are to be made of good and substantial bug leather, well tunned, - lid weighing uot le^s than 7 ounces to the square fo<?t, and the Beams to be well an I strongly sewed ; ??r, if rivetti J, to be so done as not to chate the hoiee or rider. The canvass horse mail bags are to be made of tlie same quality of fabric as the pouchc* altovc de scribed. Canvass and Letth'r Drop letter Pouches, (with side pcketB.) Sixe No. 4. 30 in. in length,and 36 in circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do Canmm Mail Bap*. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 iucliw in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, w lulling at lea*t 15 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width ; the yam of the f.ibric to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and the bar to be e? constructed as to bt locked, and to have a handl4 at eac.. end. ^ize N*. 2. (41 incites lone and 4o inches m cir ?MinitttrcMc,) to *)e of the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Prop sals lor improvement-in the construction ol any of the altove described m ill bags, or in tile Bta tenals thereof, are invite i; and the relative valor end adaptation to the .?*-rvice ns well as price ol such improvement will be considered in deturrniu ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accoiu paiiied with samples oicach article bid lor, showing the construction, quality oi materials, and workman ship proposed, and aleo with evidence of the com l?eteney and ability of the bidder to execute the work 11 acconting to contract. The specimens inust be delivered at the Depart ment on or before the 23J day - f Anni next- am will, in connexion with the pro^oeals form the basi< of the contracts. Specimens deposi-ed by biddvn which may with safety and convenience be used ir the mail service will be paid for at the rates pro j?osed by them. A decision on the bids will be made oil or belon 11 the first day of .May next, and the bidder or bidden choeen will be required to enter into contract on oi before the 15th day of Jcue next, with bond am sufficient sureties for a faithful performance of tin obligations as entered into. All the articles conuac ed for are to be delivcrct at the contractor's expense, at Boston, Ma.-sachu setts; New Yor!: and Buffalo, N. Y.; I'hlladelphi: ai il Pittsburgh, I'a.; Baltimore, Md.: Washington r> C.; Charleston B.C.; Augusta, Ga.; Montgomery Ala.; New Orleans, La ; N^hville, Tenn.; Louis 11 viile, Ky.; Cincinnati, Oliio; and St. Louis, Mo., u " such quantities and at such times us the Depart ment mav require; and they are to be ngidlv m speeted before delivery, and none are to be receive) which shall be inferior to ihe specimen?? or stand ard b:,gs. To enable bidders to estimate the number of th* different kinds of luaii bag-< which will probably b< required, they are iniornied that there were fur nisfied tor the use of the Department, during thi year which ended 30 h June 2,135 leathe p uches .? 3 978 canvas- pouches; 4:>0 leather horse mail bags; 605 canvass horse mail bags ; and 17,111 caevass mail ba^s. The propolis should be endorsed Proposals Jo M.til Hugs," :ind be addressed to the u Postmaste Oeneru 1." JAMES CAMPBELL, fan 15?l iwl2w Postmaster General. EXPECTED NEW YEAB PRESENTS. OF all the branches of bu?ine->e conducted in tbh city, Gr' <vrie?, perh-ips, of a'.l others afford thi smallest profits, and *hou. I hare the preference fox cash, a'<d no one In th?t business can continue i his customers are not pro?noi in set'-l--m-nt by thor notes or e^sh. Desirous of closing up for the past, 1 earnestly request all who are indebted to call auC settle wl bout delay. I will further nive n. tice that all future billi which may be ocntracted with me must be m^d< with refer'oce to, aud with the dis inct uudem&nd ing that 'h<y are to M 3'o?ed mmthly, by cash oi cites at .'3d day , -*hirh I h ive t?rej:%rol for the pur piee, except * uch ef ray old cuet^ners who have ti w^yabeen prompt. Z. M. P. KINO. _ dec 17?tf . - NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. OrriCE or M*ra :?outa* Kailhoas Company, \ OcorKfttown, D. C . Dec. 36, 1856. f SEALED PRwPOHAI 8 t r ilie grading, masonry and bridging of Jorty three and a lulf (4SM, miles nf this rosd vrill be received at the office el the company urtil three o'clcck p. m. on the 1Mb day oi February ntxt. The maps, profiles, plans, aad specific* ioni will be ready for la^p.ct'en ca and af er the 6th dav oi Febru?ry. The Metropolitan Railroad is designed to extend firom 'he cities of Washiugtnn and Oerrg^town te the Baltimore and Ohio lUilr ad, by an ear.* mdd rect route, connecting with tha 'a ter r -ad eas'. s I the "Point of Bock*," on the Potomac river, and making a saving rf distance on 'he first ninety miles ef the preeeut tr*vell>*d route ftf m the Capi tal to the Western anu Northwea'crn States of for ty-five miles. Proceeding from the point of in tersest ien with tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad the root- extends to the City ef Frederick, and, posting through the rich est agricultural districts of Maryland, terminates in the city of Uagemtown, where it oonnocts with lines of railroads, now in c|>eration extending to Harrisborg, the Pennsylvania Central Railrosd, Ac The perUon of the road for which 'propenm are now inviOM extends from the westerly line of ?he District of Oolumida mine from Georgetown) to the dty of Frederick. Proposal* will b * reoeived for the wr r k in sections of one mile each, or for the entire distance of 43# ?Ilea The work Is generally of a medium oharacter for this part of the country, with some heavy cutting in earth and rook) atid bridging; and every family exists for proteeullng it vigorously and with econo my at all s*aaons of he yrar. The country is etc vated and rolling, well watered, and remarkably healthy. The lime c.nditk.n-d for the somplction of the contracts will b? linn cna to two yours. Any furth. r information desired by persons pro posing tor the wf rk Will be luruiub^d at the o?oe, or ??-ay b? ho4b.i oddrrtsiug Use President of the company by lo'ter prior to the day of letting, iiy order cf the Uo<ri oi DireoU-rs. FTvANCW DoDQE, PrweidenL KDMUtD FRtNCU, Chic# Jtogiuosr. dee 20 **%tFeb5 PAPER MOISTEN LB A New invention for ?oicumnc the leaves of a Copying Book. Post tHnmpe, Envelopes, and moisten the fingers wi'en counting bank hills. Also, useful for various Other parpoeee. It will be found an indirpensible article for eror. desk. It is perfectly simple and cheap, and must come into gen*ta) uae TAYLOR k MAURY, * Agents for VVMbin(UNi> TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Lathams like or will le?ve Alexandria at 4, 7*?, and 9Jtf * m, 1}^ and 3Jf p m. will leave Washington atO, 11, aud 12 a in., and 7 pm. Scats can be secured ;u Uie Oiicc, Fairfax fct., aud Newton's Mansion Hone ; in Washirgtnn, at Hall's Segar Store an i Kirkwood House. This Line nin< regularly winter and tumtner fin the accommodation of the Public. Passengers called for and taken to their residence* if not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents; ail other regular uip- 25 cnuu. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK. Jan 8?tf CHOM WBIL'K BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN ^ NEW YORK BALTIMORE & BOSTON, WILL di*pntcb a Steamer daily from Baltimore and New York, and twice a wtek from Bo?ton to Biltimore and Baltimore to Bo* ton. This line affords unequalled facilities to the bu-i ness oon of the District of (Columbia. Tlic Agents at either point will receive freicht and give a through bill of lading to Wasliinrton at the lowest rates o< freight and no commission* charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange PI ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington rind Albany st?., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jan 14:?d3in Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE ANO OHIO RAIhROAJD. IMPROVED ARRANQEMKNTg FOR TRAVKM IMPORTANT CHANGKS 0FSCHEDUDE! J nt". mil HI in Ihe lat>* completion cf th? 5PP traI Ohio R&ilroad betweor Wheeling and Co'umbui, uniting. as It does, bv ahort and direct a line, the Baltimore and Ohio Kailr ai with all portions of the Wagt (and North and Southwest,) fives this route greatly increase? alvants?e* to thresh traveler* In that direction. On and afer MONDAY, November 27, 1854, the trains "will b? run as follows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS. Two fast trains daily v.-ill run in each direction FLret?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a m., Instead of 8 o'clock u heretofore, fexoept on Sun lay,) an J arriving st Wheeling at 2 40 a. m 8-cond - The KXI'RSSfi TRATN, leaving at 5 p m , ] iaat?*.d of at 7 p. rn? as htretofore, and rnuniug through to Whee iug *n about 17 fcrurs, reaehli g ther- it 10 26 a. m. This train wiM step at Wash ingtcn Junction, 3yke*vllle, Monncscy, nr.rr"?'s P-rry, Martinsbtirg, "ir John's Run. Cumberland, Piedmont, ?.*w!e?burg, Newburg, iettennan. Farm ingt.e, Cameron and Moandsvflle only, for wool and Water aud meals. B?th tfceie trains oak* prompt and regular eonnsction wirh th* o?r? o 1 th> ?entral Ohio Koai for Cambridge Zan?sville, Kew ark, Columbus, Cin-lcnati, I<ouisv111\ t>*}tr>n 3andtH*y, Tol?d\ Letroit, Indianapolis, CJucaeo, St Tools,etc. Pa"*engere leaving Baltimore t-y ins Mall l'fa'n; wil reac* Cincinnati l?r dim- r n? xt d*v, rhile by the Kxrre^" Train they arr v ? ther. at la the next nigh .b?iug Kept but one Light on the route by either train PftSK'ngers for tb? Ncrihwest via Cleva!at.d tni a'l io'ermediate vol' ts ear* in ^e a direct corner Men with he train- upon th? Cleveland and P'.trs bur/ liadrord at ali times wh?? iW* Ohio is raviga fi?? sVajn??r? bet.w>*?n Wheeling ard Weilflville, ; by :?jnving Call inu re In the Ma i ^"raln at 7 a. o I Peturring. the Trains leave Wheeling aa follewp; The fcXPRI- 88 TRvINat430p m-, reaching nai I tltnore ?t ?.50 a. m. Th? Jtf AIL TRAIN at 11.45 j>. ? m. prac'.Lg Ba. Ma?orc tt 7 p n ?^?Thr'-uah fie,?et" by 1> at from Wheeling ft">r | Oinci <n?ti, Mad's^r Ldu sTille, Bt. l<ui? and o"h? r , i River 01tie?, ? i'l he so'd at a 1 times when lhei"age | J of ??at' r ill aisit. 49" Throukh tickets between Baltimore a> d WK^nlngton, and all the imrort?nt citi's and towns j In the West, are sold at the Ticket Odlces of .the Ojmpccy. 1 FOR WAY P*8BKN 'ER8 TDE MAI1, TRAIN, leafing Oamlen StatfOT wl!l take passeaic^rs f r ?>1 the u^ual stopping pla Of or. the Road Returning, ihia train leav<s W heeling at 11.46 m Inlgf t. Cumfcerlacd ai 10.16 a- m-. ai. arrives at Baltimore at 7 p m. TBK FRKDKItlOK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and intermediate pla^s, will s'arr a: 4 p. m , daily, (exrept Sui^ay-) ar.iv'ng in Fr"t?r V-k at 7.49 Returning w ill leave Freleriek at 9 a. m., arriving at Paitimore at l'i 30, noon TUB ELLICOTTa .MILLS ACCOM MOD AT ON will l?? r'in daily, (?X'?pt 8unda> s ) im follows; Leave Camd>n 8ta i u at 6 a m anH 8pm Ltave KlUcoU's Mills at 7.30 a. m. and ?.30 )? m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RON A8 VOLL'^S: IKAVk daily, except Sunday, at 6 and 6)i a ra J a d 3 and 6 pm. Ob 3aniay at 5 a m an: 6 pm. I^ave Baltlm .re at 4yA and 9 am; &?<1 6 asd 8 p m. On Sunday at 4^ a mand 5 pm. The connection* with Baltimore k Ohio Ral!r<-a* for the West are by trains leaving at 0 a m and 3 P i? Pt?r Philadelphia and Nbtt Yoik at 5, and 8X a ie and G p ui. Por Ann.ip u> 6J4 a m and 6 pm. For Noriolk at 8 p m. T. H. PARSONS, A pert Particu ar attention is oalled to the Ru'e requlr ing a responi-.ble voucher for any person el c-dor wht m"y wi>h to pass ov r the road. dec 13?<Jtf. 0RA5QE AKD ALEXANDRIA EAII K'-AD, On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854. THE Cara !eave Alexandria daily for Gordwnn ville end Intermediate rtations at 7 % o'clock, . a. m., on tae r.rrival of Uie boat from Waahin^tmi, | giving ample time for breakfast on board. Con necting at Manaseas Junction with a train for Btraa burg, at Warrenton Ju ction witr. a tr?*n for War renton, and at OordctMville with the tr.kins rn the Virginia CantrM Railroad for Richmond,Charlct<?? vilie, aud bUunton The cart leave GordnnsviUe dally for Alexardria and intermediate 'tatiouB, at Vi before IS, a. m,. on the arrival of the trains o' the Virginia Central rail road from Richmond, Charlottesvill?, and Staunton THROUGH TICKETS. From Alexandria to Vf arrenton $2 00 ** " Oor Jonsrille 3 60 M * Charlotteevllle 4 26 44 " gtaunton....... 6 90 *'? " Btraeburg 3 60 ? * - M U U M " * Luray 4 2b M 44 New Markr-t o 00 m m Lynchburg fl 76 Wlneb*^ter S 60 Mid lleburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with the Ftagee at Oharlr t -*?ille, on Mondays, Wednesday*, and Fri days For Lurny and New Vark^t eornocting with the s ages at Culpeper,cnTu?6days,ThurtdajE,a&d Sat urday. For Winchester daily, connecting with the 'taget at llodmont For Middicburg daily, connecting with the stagea at the Plains. Per order: W. B. BR0C1LKTT, Agent nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ? On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. ^Fare round trip Si; from Alex mu'uU 76 ^ents?Ihe THoMA* COLLY kli loaves Washtogton at 9 and Alexandria at 9*4 o'clock. CwiiM leave th.- Capitol ior tLe boat at 8^ o'clk. Coach ft re *0 oenb>. Persons wishing the 0oach?s will leave their reel dmvw with Geo. ? Tboe. Parker. lUfreihm<Hite ou the boa'~ oot 28?dtf _ 8AM'L GEDNVY. Capt THE NEW YORK * LIVERPOOL UNITED STATtitS MAIL STEAMERS. THK*aiP8 COMPRISING THIS LINE ARE Tn*? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC. Capt. Nj e, BaLTIv, Capt. Comat'wk, ADRIATIC, Capt. Grafton. These ship* have been built by ooutract, expi\*s - | ly for Government service; eTery car# hae be^n I taken iu their oonsiruoaon, ae in the Sn^iuea to Insure ttren-rth and speed, and their aocrmmoda tions for ^asrongera are untiquaUed for e'egano | and comfoit. Price of passage from New York to Lhrerp<x?!, in flrat cabin - .$190 See nd Cabin 70 exclusive use of extra site state rooms S00 From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An experienced surgeon attacbed to each ;h)p. No berth can be secured until paid for. For freight ofr passage apply to IfiWARD K COLLINS * CO., 46 Wall street, Ne * York* BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverpool. 1. 0. ROBERTS * CO., IS King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A OO, 26 Rue Notre Deme 4e? Tl. totres, Paris. GEO. H DKAHKR, Havre. The owner* of tbe*-e ehlp.? will not be accountable far gold, silver, billion, specie, Jewelrv, precious stone* or metels, unless bills of lading ere tinned thtirefr r, ani the value the:er<f therein express-d. nrrr 16?dly MY COU&T8HIP AND ITd CONSEQUENCES by Henry Wikoff Tbe History and Poetry of Finger Rings, by Chas. j Edwards The World a Workshop, by Ewbank The New Congressional Directory at TAFLOR ft MAUKVSr jgo 16 Buokatore, near Mi w. ?anHm fHILAMimiA JOVfiniStVIENTS. BVISBB B WXjSEB at PHIL ADKLPHlJt. JOIII T. MJT1DC B t Desler in Vines, at th. former oM ?kkM-d Wrr+ ?:m* of J AC 01 Ft*IDEM, Jr* No. TO Wainat *'???. ? ut doom be low Fourth street. where stmmmTi wi.i be *epp4W with WINEf end LIQUOMS o? the nasi '?ocm< d^ACC^S*IDKRj4r.,AK?nt for he lm torUUoB of FORKIGN WIITKS, OBc* No. 78 * al FOt street, Philadelphia, wh?t be * reeelve ord?r* for tl?e rperiell mpor tat *>n of Winea Ac., from various boueee Id Barcp* In iu>Mm. o* a single dotes aad onwards; end also *oJ?t/ for h* Son/JOHS YAUfiHA* Kill)*** the patronage * hie friendp and former customers. . . V Ail Wines ordered for Washington will be de llvered by Express frm ef freight. J* 8 *7 DOCTOR fOl'EIILF. THE POOKXT JKSCULAPrU8: OR, KVICKY ONI HIS OWN PHYSICIAN. The fiftieth Edition, wilt One hundred BngreviBf ? showing We.-sw ? aad h?k' fnraatiors of tbe Huwl 8y<un ia e very shape w < f^r?. To which if added ? l Treatise on the Diwaaes ? *em?le?, being of the bifh eat !apcttu<w to marrle people, ct 'h-ae f*ntrji ? plating ravage. By WM. YOUNtt, M. D. Let a?) Talker be aai?a3?C to present a ee?y ol tt' ^BSCULAPIUE to htf rhJ i m^m It may aeve bin from a? early trtaTe. T*t ee yoaa; u?an or w:man ecter It to tl>? e?rret obligations of married life wlthon* r^na tbe POCKET iESCULAPIUFl. Let no ot sufferlr^ from a hackaied Cough, Pain la the sMs restless eights, nervous feelings, end the whole trail ofByspepUe renaOiona, and given up by their sician. be another moment, without consulting th *?rULAPF78. Hare the married, or those abon' to be taairieJ any impediment, read this truly n** fa! book, *r it ban been the mean? of earing thou ? and? rf unfortunate creatures from the very jaws ?l '?ath. JSp- Any person sending TWRNTT-FIVB CBNTt eaetoead In a letter, will receive one oopjo* ?V work by mail, or fire oopiee will be cent for One I*. l%Ad<*HM, (poat paid) PB. WM. YWJNfl, No. IMBprt* street, Philadelphia ?c 1|~ 1* AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LiTT thk hick hear thi trcth. Cai-tain Benjamin.?Wherever kuown his tesu mony will be conclusive. But lest thoae n ho d* not kwm the Captain should bet?epOcal, Or. IM? wn fc Kr<>., with othoranf the b?.-9t knouw and mo highly respectable citixene of liaston. endorse hi wonderful cure by Hampton's yeoitablk tinctukk KiiTOD, <_Vrt. 4,1HM. Afcwri Mortimer 4r Mo:W?rav ?* Genilemen? i feel it my duty to you and the |>?l lie tn rtruly to the efl-x-U of Hainptoti's V?r wW Tincture. I was fur mo& than fiv? years :abotiP: under a disease of Chronic Rheaniatism, and th great part ?f that tinic . was so helpleM th^t I ha. t" be helped from m> bed and dressed in nty ehain I bfC?me r?'duced to a mere skeleton. AM the me?l femes I took done me no gr>od, and I continued t ^row * or?e I he.ird of Himpl'aV Tinc^nre aiw' thouai'tt 1 would give it a trial. At this time I dn I not ctpcct to livs one day after another. I did in take it (the Tincture) fr>r the Rheumatism, but u a shoit time I was well ? f that disease. From t!? effccts of your I inctnre and the help of G?>d I ait now getting in go?>.| h hltli. I wi.-h alt the afflicted to try Hampton'* V. e.-tabl< Tincture, a* I have d me, with the satue effect thai it baa on Yuur obeuicut servant, Isaac BKJrtAMis. We are actjutinted with Isaac Benjamin; soli h><u ^.?iue uf Hampton^ Vegetable Tincture, and U <i? ve the ..hove stat' itirut correct. Dawson A Bno. Prom our knowledge of Cnptxiii Benjamin we ar confident Uiat the above statement i.- true and un cxag?riited. J. A. John>o*>, Charlss Robikshn. Call aud get pamphlet* gratis, and flee cure- ?. C-ongli, ttroBchitw, KUeumatu-ni, N?uruU-ia, l?>s p<-pfia, Neivousness and General v\ eakne*>. As ? female medicine or for delicatc children we klicti it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER A MOW BR \ Y, HO Haiti i more street, Baltunoie; and 30-i Broadwav, N'. Vors Ciias. Stott k Co., J. B. Moo a*. l> K. Ci tRii Clarke k Howlino. W. Klliot, ;uid H. M< I'hkk aon, Washington; also, by K. fi- F. Cissel,Georpe town, and C. C. BtRR*, Alexandria, and by Druf gists everywhere. jau 8?tr n iDTFR'C SPANISH MIXTURE. Tht Oraat Parifler af th? iiiood Hot t Particle of Mercury In It! An intiLLCBLl Rsmbot tot Scrofnla, King's Krl Kheuai.txsa. Otxti^*t? Outan^ous Kmrtione finylwor PtiT'!uiea on tbe faci, Biotchet, Boii Ohroui-8o?e Kyet, ? ing Worm nr TeitT, i<-al Ileal. JL'nlarg?;neot and Pain of the B: ie? at i Joints Stubborn Ulcers, 8^ phi./ic l>i?erderf Luaibne* Spinal Compla nts, an I all tbe d!*?-,s ? sriai'-R from an InjuMrionr use of Mer* ur , tin pru- -ne? In lJ>, or Imparity ci the Blood. IUn* valua' 1* M dlcina. v hieh b?' beeoms f*l? Icsted fcr th- number o# ?*tra rd-nary coit 1 Hf'Ctud *hrau?,ri!'-? ??r?aey, fca< i?J -'e-ri the prcpr #to'? at tha urj ut MiaiKt of th?i: friends, to ( fl it to ike puoik, tii'.ch ih-y do *ita '.be utmost col ?11??lcs In its Tjrtu-s ard wcnderfttl curative pro; er?i 8 Tha fbllovlnc eerliflcat**, ?el >eted fr>-ok : !hvg-? nambor, n*e, hoirerer, atrong^r t*e imon than tlie m-re wo-a of tha proprietors; *ud ?r*< al frotn gsn'lamen w- 1 known in th-ir 'o.-a itiea, *n. of lh* highest respectability, many oi ;n-m re- din* in the oity of Richmo. d, Va. F itOYDIN, k>s<i? of tha Fxchanga Hotel. Bicl m >td, known av?rywb??#a asysha hasseeu 'h? leiue ^a'leu Caaraa's ..pajcisu M:xtckz a imiuista-e ia over a h"?ndr>i .?Aea, in nearly all the dite'et feu ?Me.hlt U recommended, with the coat astcn ishlog-y good rrmita. He aaya it is tbe moat ?x tra?-d.nary medicine he haa ?v?r aeeo. AO UK AND FKVER?GRBAT CCRK.?I hsreVj oertify that for thae? years I bad 4?ue *o?t P?v? of th* mo>t vii lent description. ' had acveral l:h\ siTi ^na, took l?rge Quan'itiea of Quioina, Karcaiy aud I bel eva all tha Tr-aics i^drerused, but ail wia out permanent, relief. At last I t-ied Carter' finish Mixture, two bottle* of which efl-ctiall.. ou ed m?, and 1 happ- to aay I have h*d r.Ht> e chills or fevers ahice. I consider it the beet Took In this world, and tha only i3?d'"ne that ?-v*i reached my oaae. JOHN LONODi^. Bkavxr Litou, 'jear Riobmoad, Ya. C. B. LUCK, K^q., now In the city of Richaona and fcr many years in the Hoat Ofltae, has aucJ. oonhd*acj in tbt aatouishia^ efflos y of Carter' 8p aiih Mixture that ha baa bou^h". U| *anL- of h-tUwi, which he his ^ivin away to ;b? sJB -;ted.? Mr. Luck ssys V h*J> f.erer known tt tJ flail when takan acc -rding to directions. Dr. MINOR, a rrictiaiiu Physiiian, and formarlj of the City Hotel, In the city of Richmond, says he hm witneaaed in a number of inatamoeatb* efl eta ol Oarer's ?pant*h Ml'tnre, which were moat traly surprising. He a?ys la a case of Ocmuropcion, de Sndrnt on the Liver, th? good aflaout wers won rful indeed. 8AVUUL M. DRINK K-t, of the firm of Drinker A Morrla, Richmond, wae cured cured of Liver Ccui Eiaint of tfcree vtars atanrlfng. by the use of tw* rttlee of Carter'a Bpani h Mixture. GREAT CURE Of SCROPL'I.A ?The Editor* ol the Richmond Rej-ubHcan h d a ae rant employed in tbeir preaa roomf cured of viol?nt 8crofuia, com b nad with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled aim from work. Two bottles cf Carters cpaniah Mixture mado a perfect cura of hie*, and the EJi Lor ia a pabli- notice,. ay thay '-cheerfully wooa mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease ol the blooa " bTILL ANOTHER t URE r?f SCROFUL A ?1 bad a T-ry valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's dpsnivh Mixture I oonsldcr it tznly a valuable medicine. JA UES M. TAVI/tR, Ccndastor on the ii F. and P. R. K. Co., Richmond, Va SALT KULEUjI OF TWENTY YEAA8 STANDIXO CUAXD Mr. JOHN THOMPtJON, residing in the city of Richmond, wsa cared by thr?e bottlee of Carter's ^ptniah Mlx'ura, of Salt Uhntua, which he had fbt ??a?ly tuaatv yaara and which all the phys^iaBa orth?t wild not eure. Mr. Tbompaoli ia a wall kaa*?ia3."5i?n. in theoitj of Richmondf and his Is iulH% 14 - a k- blc. WM. At-lTl'HIWS, of Fichmo- d ha-i a servant cured ef Hynhl'la, In tha worst form, by Ca tert ^pan'pfc Mixture. He aaya he ch-erfully reeom m? uda tt, and oonniuers it a very invaluable nieli cine. EDWIN BURTON, oommistdonor of the rtvenue, ' a he has c?wa the good effect of Carter'a rptnieb Mixture ia a rumber of dyphr'tic caaas, an* aaya it is m reifaet eurt. f r that horrible dlaeaae. >. M. Q. HARWOOD, ef Riciimona. cared of oM 8 ?? a sad Uleers, wh eh disabled his tram w-iking. Txkalrr bottles of Carter'a Spanish Mixture, and whs eoaMtd to walk witAoat a crutch, in a short tlc>e pviaaanen ly cured. I. incipal L'apots at U. WARD, CLOSE A CoM No. 88 t;fcJdou Lan?- New York. T. W DVOIT A St>N?, No. 1? North Seoond at., Ph ladelpl ia BKNNETT A Bb^HB, No. 12ft Mala etreat, Rich mttd, Va. And for sale by nHAPLKS STOTT. Washington, p. C; HEN tY PAAL-, Aiaxauaiia, aud by Druggiata evry where. i ioa $1 per bottle, or ilx bottlaa fjr $5; seo 81? ly TNRHYN ANDIRON MANTEL'"?May be aasa a ba-tntifut aaeortmant ef these cheap and Pa rable artiMe*, at ttmeora?rof PerfbaylvaJa aveaa aad Tenth street, ovae the Waahlagtoa Rawing _ HALMt MA^KLNA BOT 1&?eoir uiTiim uraraiirc. M JBIBB IARDKI. I SCALE MAKE B, fcathsast oorom of ^^^OBARLBF A BALDRRBTON RTLBJFT^ MK-ly Baltln*r?t Hd. RICWAftP ? W. /I P. SMITH * CO., Mtnkt It, Dealers la ALOOHOL, CAMPHBB RIAL OIL, Ac. No. M B. CAI YBRT I postte Water street, BALTIMO&B, Hd ?-ly ISDIAS DOCIOB. E 0 SPSS CI1 00m uU ProtassUaal sei >hi> c thf ettteaas sf fiacre. T can euro *1: kind* of Caaoers?taket] >ot frtthoct jtlB. er tie of an? knife. I eaa -gn til kadi rf Fitr sr. J F7 *rn> s, Rheumatic Paias, Or**Hsj*km, Ti fty?T?u? ok Peiey, ?* it) ether allmeBt the V i '.'MB <amlly s^e ?nb}eet ta. He -an stop p??*dins tro? the Lnn or how, ac? 1W**rt> ir-'Pi She r?<- *-?t. by k ?<?*tag tbe patieat*e wne r rw lore bliri*, baa etadWd everal r**ra r an In'Wn Doctor who via amoag the wild Indian thirteen years. DR. Sl'KNCRR ha* removed from Mr. Baekley*s (kardng Hou-?, to No. 84, HANOTKR BTBBBT, II?u faldmcr*. MA GREAT BARGAINS. 1 lANFlSLr-, iJlvOTHRR A 00., \ / 229 Maifmou ?T*irr, FiLtmou, Mr. Are desirous cf elosiag out aJp**t portion of their ^nwi't stock of elegant PANCi GOODS, Jewelry, *"nUhesu Clock*. lan?, Opera OIwn. Drassta _ n ing Desk*. iee Pitcher*, Vases, Bronsae < .?aratory to receiving their fall sapply. Pai rill find ;reet l>ar>;aiBa. aug 4?tf NSW BOOK, nUUODlOAL AND NE+ SPAPKR h>TARLJSBMMJfft WM. TAYLOR * CO., CKmriet rtri< BALT1M< KB, Ma. 1nr. TATLOM 4 CO. bag 1-ave to call the attM don of the reeding perplr and all Yee I lag In Books, v their bow BOOK, PERIODICAL, and NEWS PAPER ESTABLISHMENT, wb*r* eaa be frond 1 larg* ant: general aaeoirment of all Mm late pops prpublfrattoo* cf the day. Tbey a.eo keep oa band a splendid ssaiHuieat of lain and f?ory ?T/..TIOKBhF of every desoiptiea. All C! d>r thank/oily reo?>ed aad BUed with de ?patch, &n 1 sent b> retura of the mail, express, or a?e, or La acy other way the p r?oB ordering Bay Bint LookeellTe. News A r?o'.s. F?- Hare, aad a'l ether a ?applied with aay Boekx, Kaffartnec, etc-, at (Ma ' *.W"?n rates. Aay Book pabliahed la thic ooaatry eaa be Ba4 ?7 eeadiac J cur otUer to oa. WM. TAT I/OR A 00, Oct. TWtiaore aad Obarlea ata., Baltlnore, Hi ?ay V3?tf T, X! CRABBRRLAI t!al rolU] Nt- 11T. 3,\iwrt Urrrt,, 'PUS c-.wuifb!' fv;*t of ttl- laatltadoa la 10| I ia lli? rt?1i t/Uproper Ja-iMtl** N )* t?lnfcc * tt"nvc A ani p-*c*'i*al m r*?ti?e eda ?aiioB. A yonng rran am here cbtah> a more aor ..>ct k^ow^edp^ of feoe;-*i ba^naaa atitori la ? few i p<kf thaa eaa be aaq. trr-J ir ax saay ycartlm aay ?ne eoaaliaj bcuae. T^ie eonre* of sKdy emfcracee doable aatry bark* taping, at i It adip.-.'V.n to rarlcja departiaaats ,{ "CEic-rc" aod tr?-*^. Merc?r.^l* ee'ex'atloM ?ccrirdln,? tc fte r-c?t ap;r-Tcd E'thod*.? ractioal PeniC' Bsblp, cocbh^ng r?T>'dity of ?tec?. r:oi? with beauty of ornetrar'tea. T.eetrw* apna j ?r;aat]le law. apoc raiiooe inp< rtaat irerraatlto u^je^tr. beMda maay other p- iata Decenary for a vwk-keejtr or ba^.Bfa? tuaa tc or.derFtaBd. Tim* ? w?*ry for a student to cocpletethe cortf earlaa ? -u. fire tc eight weeka. There beir.j no raeatUa, c*n ecter at ear the" ai>d a*teed iav and eren'of. FxaialBatkc? ar* held at pertoda, asd diploma awarded to th ee a he yrada ?te. For terms. Ac., write en<! bare a Arralar fer> warded by malt f?b 4?ly LllliVIRWAlU ^ CAS FIELD. BR01BER 4 OP, ?29 Bultim .re ^tr^et, h*T- j LaaJ and *T+ tantly nrnklcg aew etrl^e of Hb< Or-See tB*! T?? ?^et?; Pl'^er f*ltche-?; Walt-rs; Caatora; Ocvleia ^upe; 8pocn? ; Fork*; W Ttaif; Cran-b fesraper^ [ie, loe "t-mb, aad Fish K^iT??: Salt OelUra ; Bab ?r KlItm, Ac.^ ef warraat^d SUt '>mvt SiitMT. j * 22 -tf Ba!Un>~re, Md. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMAT L BCILniNO'l/M -' of 10 fret ?r norr. ti Tari uf pa-^a of tbe Olty, aad O^i getowa. al !.? prl-ea aad terais to nult. LLOYD A 00. llllLDmu STOMK, For dale, deferable at the Caaal, or Wharvee la Waahiugton. Georgntowa, or Aleiasdna. LLOYD A Oft. I6tb etr??t, opp Trearary DepariiaeaC U ? -Ir OOUGIIS, COLDS, HOARSEN E88, Belief la Vlwa Minutes. TY7.F.RS COMPOCND OUM ARABIC STRUT. 'IUli? ?r reaaine derruisd for tbie mr*t pleeeaat, 1 >afe, aad eSca-i -ne rcned> t rail puimoaary lLrtaaet, ha* enable I th? pr^vrjetor to rrdaoe the price ao as to plaoe it wi'bib h ? r -acbcfall claeeee. Ito saperkrity crer r!*v=t r a. '?? orf!*\-atTooe b> ab 'wred '<y atn.j " r? b;-e l*c? haee tee* ?ye witD?. :?ee of ita eP^ai wben tUe ueael rema tire have tali ad; also by thMaaad of oar moat re ?pec table cltiaetj- who 'tere aerd it ia tbeir ami) tea bo h aApr?reuur* aad care with rever feillag aoc oee-i f>r the !aet tw?atT yeara, dariag which period With rerv little aid from aJr<r*Ma(, Ac , It hs <ra>laa'ly epreal reputa \ >a rr-r tbe whr'a Tritea. In >?!Wi of rece'at (bldt Ccugt>*. Hnartti*4t, A- H gt?eaiiaa>?.tiaU relief a?d gca rally carea ia a day or two, without trteifer'n^ with d<?-t <>r bnstreaa, or rr^deriag the eje'.?u rors aaKvptil^e ot Co'df, ia ehrctk cases, AtOima, Whoop ng CsmaK, vroup, OroHcki'it, AfflcclicKt cj the and r<^?rum^ 'X n, it is always rrry b n?ficial ard eellom talis, wLen ecn?rjen~rd ia '!me to p? rfc t s ewe. Prioe 2*> aad &0 esota s bottle. Sold wholeaale by l*ati?r?a A Na'ra Stott A 0r?, RJ i<ely A Oo. Aleraaorla by Peel A 1'eTaaa. la ?cr^etowB by Mr.Cieesl AS" 71L?E'u OUM A RABIC CJNLTDROPS, a similar eomrorfr^ to the above, bat ia a milder and mere portable fcru:; they act like a charm oa a troaMeeome Ooogh, sad dear the threat sad refcw; th*y ooat&la a-> iajariona drag, are parttaa larly reooramended for children, freqaectera of pub lic aeeemLJea, public speakers ainfera, Ac Trioe 12^ and S6 oaats per box. For sale at aoct aud Candy Btoref. oat IT?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPPOSITE TFIK MARKET OX Pfc^WPYLTA NIA AVKNCR 4 doors Iwdow Ninth etreet, Is a NEW CLOTMINO 8T0KE for M n and Boys, opened this day. DRCKEK, < ae of the cbeape?( Uljthing Merchants in th- X rth ha" d< tarmined to ( ffer to the i-itUena of WaKhiastca and vicinity, hi4 excellent Cl^'b'n^iit the iowait Northern prioea, 'or ^aah only. There the POOR MAN will find ja?t such a Clctblnc More a* has frag beea wnnted tn Washington. His motto te cheap fee oa-<h, and 'in riucs oklt. A (pod sube'aatUl woollea aost be will asll fer |2 TI; and heavy winter panta, well lioed for $1 2b, and flee ooata, overooata, aad ve?is, ia preporttoa. Q<od wool and c^ton under hirts h-vury, glows, Ac... eh? a er th m tbe cheapeat. n.rv 11?tf KIRWAN'h* WORKS? Psrirli and other Pencilling*. '10c Rmnnnism at Home, Leuert 10 Cliief Jueuct; 1'aaey ?ie Men and Things as I ean- I'lem in Europe 75c L?t<?r^ to B:?tiop Hugbe?, in inu lin 40 cent#, paper 90 e?-nta American Principle* on National Prosp?nty, a tiiank?eivij!t nw. amn. j'^per 10c J4V ?!l WOKK4. Autobiogiapliy and |{?iitiiMecenc?-a of the Bev. Wmi Jav, with note# at <Ji4tni(Ui?bed cortr]npi>ransa in 2 vole, t'2 50 Fisuale Scriprurc L'ha soter*, ^1 Morning and Evening Exercise*. 4 wit *1 <10 Fine edition of the Sam< in 4 vols ?5 t li. latian Conteinplsted 40c UBAY fc BALLANTVM2, jaa SS8 Seventh ecreet. N kW MC>IC JtTST FUBLI9HED, ??I do not ask to offer thee," s eery pre?ty stag, inK'nbe.l to Mim Higdon, Portsmouth, Vs. '"The Elvea," being besutifsl vsnattoaa on TMou an gone from my gaze. ?'We stood beuealb iht uoou'a blight raya,"a l.eauuful ballad. rcapocUully dedicated lo Miaa Nan nie Maury, ol Wa*l.iiigw>n. ? SoBvenir,'?s bn liant Walt*. b\ Prof. Poertsch, and dedicated to Miss Charlotte Davis, of Waahmff ton city. /wy Bur sad (Unbtam Sclkotti*clie*, Sparkling YTaltx, Old Defender's Quicksu.p, st tht Music, Pl aso, and Fancy Store of JOHN P. EL!. 18, 306 Pa. avenue, between 9tli tad 90th eto. jna lO?U M MATHEMATICAL IVSIfiUMSBTf KB 0. ANOfRJOX baa raoeivad a lane sad ifl complete sMortmsit of Math^matic*! laatra u?at> and Drawing Materia * of sap?ri">r qnaltty. The Math mati-al InaTu^ent# a-? eh--tt? of Swiss maeuf.etery ta -as-a, aa wall a* I ^ s-parat* p*?n?s; Water eotota sad oil oolori Dtrw.a^ paper* ???ev ery qoa-ty. Alo, BtudUs is Prswlst sn-1 Painting ?70 hU ltNU

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