Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1855 Page 1
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TfTF KVEVINO 8TAR PCIBLISiJKL) EVERY AFT1RNOON, iMXOUn SUKDAY,) At ?M Stir Betiding*^ cor~n4r r?nnsyt*mrus ar-i??? <?fU Hl0vmtk rfriM, Mr WUJ,4fH * HOPE, Will >* erirrd to ?ab?rrib<T? n the eittea o< Wuk me: o*?, A>i*n.1ria, Baltimore and Phil? Ar\nu, ai SIX AND A yUARTIR CENTS, paya M'- we?k * w the Afvnia. To mail subscriber* the wWrKwi w THREE DOLLAR* AND rFI Y CENT* a y?-ar in advance. TWO DOL LAR* for SIX MONTHS, and ONI DOLLAB t>w THREE MONTHS. H BlW copim ow* cm. TNDfRTAKlSS, Ac. I CAB(NST MAKER Sb UNDERTAKER. r|i3^ nndarMgn-d would ra^pectftally infcrtn hto ) fr? ads. aocnairtanree, and th* pnblie K?neraHy that he ?ti" 9 itinc^f to exeru?a all orders in hie Ua* of i>usinew In *he ' *?t manner and at the abort ed notiie. ? nid'AlRISQ neatly and promptly exaented. VUllERAliS attended to at.?] fhe shortest notice. and h the begt' _ Banner. Hod^t yrttmrved m On mml firfttX iser, er-n in tkr w.-nwawt jpea/Aer. . e^nkfalfor pa?t fa Tore, be would r^apectftally eolieit, and will ?nd*aror to merit a continuance of the itm*. ANTHOHY BUOIILY, Pa. are , t. etde, between <Hh and 10th eta. Teeldaaee: Mr. Martin's, No 3M, D street. l ira be an* ?e?t of 7th ?&??;. wm IT?ly UNDERTAKER. W )OLD resoectfully re tarn my thanks to the etttsea* of Washington and it* rMnlty Iter their ?part patronage, and ay that owlo* to th* freqaeut ii the Undertaking brai ch of Biy >"ieini?se. I -jtr* b?sa indnoed to digoouticue the manufacture o< F?mi?-ire, and torn my attention folly to the {jXPKtiTlXTM'}. I hare spar-d no pain? to have tr'rr thi-^ that 1* requisite to ray bOFinesr., and I ea: ?hfr?f r' fnlly prepared to meet any order after ? f*w aoEnnt" notj-e, and1 aesure ih.Tee who may a tal! that I *U1 ?r>ar* no pains te carry ont ftCr ftJarj to their entir* safest action. JA'dE8F. HARY1T, No 413,7 ?'a at- between Q and H B. 9 ?0*' j attended t? at all bcvtc ol the algb' nar X? ly COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR Jiew York, Texas, California, New J t-ree?, 1/uisiaaa, Miaeoori, P?nu*> .Tenia, Ahbtoa, Kentucky, Mer.Woi, Georgia, Michigan, Main*. Wiecoofein, Ohio, and Miaur*oLa, Florida, other SlatM, GEORGE C THOMAS, A T l'OK AT/% Y t'Uli C LA I MS, AMD NOT A ICY PIBLIC, f/ttmgtoii Vine*, n*ar Odd-F'Uows' Hall, 4SYBNTL1 *THKBT, WaJlHWOTO?*. D.%a 19 -I* f. U. DAVTDGK, AltorRty wad Corsaeallor-a?-Ii?-r, aim C'UMMlSXIONKti OF DBEDS TOR THB 9TAVBB OF Ylr^ft<<a N?w York Mataie Kent c-lr, N?wJer?<?T Illinois Lonkbna, M<ereel>pi Oonnerticnt Maaee h ufl'i- Va:y!*o4 Penneyleaniv Florida 1 M'n-we iUtam Iowa ? "onria Oalifornia Arkan?v? ? CaroUnit Ae^ * Core^yer^r^ n ill ite bram bee promptly an Mrerat^ly es^uted. OfllLoaieiana aeenue, epp. Fifth street. ?ct '??dly pzor SLHuMtVBKHO, TWACH^B AND TBANSLATOB OF Modtra LanKnagtt aad Llteratura, to l2i?7 riDiHitTAitu \T*SCI. oetBV-tf R. H. QILLET, R??m?llor at Law? OH* nn?i r^iietice in Fraokiia Kow, comer p.' K ?a-l MrtMW etr? I ?<?* W?die ~Mm. SCIIONENBERG, Tear tier of Piano and Slaglng, xo. 83 7 paisskiyAiiia aeuoa. ort &?" WM. M. MfcKPlCK. Atteraiy at Law? no. 38 l HJUm atim l YTui j>r%at ? 'n th-. Sar^'??a),, Cnurt of the United Btat^eaod the Court* of the District of coiumbia. <tmf S - ?nl f EVEN'INO OLAB8U i-i LANGUAGES?PROP. 8C30N'KNBKRQ *Ul o->BBin<?nc*- renewing - rimw m Lanruage^ on MencSiT. 5*>rh October, at hifl re e, 267 PennfcyiTani* avea-ae oct??t: Private Medical Treaties OR Till ?li * BIOLOGICAL VIB?Y 07 MARBI AGB, BT 91 H I. A ( KOIX, N. D? Aimar, s r. - 2c 0 P*^i aod 130 Vtce Plain and Colored Li'ho f^ohs and Plates. ?T Price only 35 Cants H 4V!>nt tra? of p^etage V> ^11 parre of the Uriou"?B CnY.APE-T BOOK EVEB FCBLIill ET?. and containing n-*r!y d ub!e the quantity at r?a'irg matter in that of the FIJI* CENTS OR T.QLLAA PUBLICATIONS It tre;t"! en 'he i'IIYS'OL^ CYOF M ARKIAG K,??d the i^-ret l firmi;>- and <tl' order rf Truth and laatnri y, re I ?aUini ftom exocva, which I destroy thaphysical and mm tal po-rara, with obwrratwiM ?a marriag*-. iu datiee *na di-?iualifto?tu,nn, and thfi: ruB'.w; with lithograph*, lilnetrating the anatoQT a^d ^hveioiogy, ?cl <iir^at?i>of the repro iwift urg%a? of e<?x?-e, tb?jir Siructore, aeee anl fuic'.j-.n* A p^^u'.ar ao l '^cmrtsbtRsiT" trea tise ?a the datta ?ni cdsnatlira of aiagie ani mar rie>l life?happy and trut'i! allianfr:*, mode tf ?? oaring tb.m infelie't'.ue sn-l :af--rtil? onea- their ohriation ani r?tnoeal?important hint* to tho-e ooct?mplatm^ matrini ny, that will ov?roo?ie oh jaetione to it; ncoe. nbouli tnke thia im portant ?'ep wi bout fr*t conrnltinR Itr pag*#? ocmm.-at i:.wi on th? d<?< ??-e an ! medical treataieat of f^aa*l' ? fr? ca iofincy to <>11 a?e, ><ash case graph ically iiluatrated he h?4.ullfai liiLwgraphic vlatw? oar*one, i.* i>aui*s and cjr?, uy a pr<-o* atone aaeiuf-a, in ! .-I-c. ual that tailureia iapo?jb>?rui^b for daily maua^-isent?aa eM"?y on gpirmxtnrriHr* with pracii'-al o>'e?rrati"C': on a eaf-?r, and m >r.* ?u-- ????seful m 4e of tr^atm^nt?pre raoucnar? hm;* the e*ii4 reealtinK from eitjuri <?ai pr-?C3e*?4s ei iy on all Ofcr arieia^ froaa tod.4 rvlijm, w'th an-i <?iin?U rales by *bii-h all p*r?.a* can earv th without mwrcaty? ;f >r th>-s *e'.f iifli ted iu.soriee ard di??p pomte-i hopes ?o uaf ?r an-My pi?T*!?nt In ?hr young It I?a trutU/ul ad*i'er lo the married and tfcoee c>nteiapUti:?? taar?i?<?- it* p?ruial i? i?r ticularty ?*-on?aaeni'd to person* mtertaiDin/ ee cret d- a>u ot th? ir ph . i<aii -ood ti^n and wb?> nre ooue-i-'u ??i bmn? h?ivied the b-alth, happiix^e as I pneii^gei to which every bum?n beiag is en titled to. Pr;c? io cate rer c -p?, or c ?pi?s lor one dol lar. Maiiei Irci u. to *ny pait of the Uni ted @tat*?. N. B ?Th'w who pre ?r may consult Dr Li CaotX ?p^n aay ofthifdioe' ??? up- n which hit book treats either eroaily or by a?il. Medioine eant to aay part ef the Unn?n a.-oording t> Uiract' ?ia, aat?l> pa.'X ~i aKi ca.'tal!- eeeur^i i "m all cS^ervation. Addrv-i* Dr. M. ? LV CROIX. No .11 M?id-n Uae ct font u? e Box i>79. Alnany N Y. ?jr Office op n daily from 9 i m tj 9 p m and on Baaday fro-a il until 5pm tttmsTid No A6 Hearer et, to 31 IValdaia Lana, Albauy, N. Y. dee 7 _ DENTISTRY. I \R. MUNSoN re>|ectfully cal a public attention J." to bia n*w, pateat. and GREATLY y^ywa IMPHOYKO iu-tbcl of se'UnK ArtiSetal Xaeth, with Can^aui us Gum?'.be ttr^tJTTiT PtiiPfvTIONOr r?4B ART. Tbieatyie of Teeth has the toi'ow a>ieanK^*e oeer all others eia: 0Rd\T HTRhNGTH, CLnANLlNBbh, COM FORT, an I BBAUTY, eieinK wit!? Nature in tho e raapeet*, an<l 'om* o'b' r? ea^elllog. fubiic inxpe: tion is re^pecttully sclisitel. I'ie??s call and aee ?pe~im*ne. CAU rION?No other DentM In the Dlstrtct rf Ool imbia h?? % rljht to make tni?i atyle of T?^tn. R ? Teeth "institutional y healthy, pluggai nod warranted for iife. Offl ? ? an 1 h iu*a at No. i3S E street, near the cor Mr of Peaj'/lrni* areaaa and Uih street. ??or 12?tf TO INVENTORS. 21I1B ofSce of-Th* IoT*ntork' Protection National Unjoo" is on 7th street, the Bast for o of the Pntant OtiLw, an 1 is now ready to .ttcad to the bvioM ?f its members, namelj : in makiaf #xa"a'.nation* and soii -iting pt^aU, in. Iurento.e are in?itf?d to -all and get a eopy cf the Oon*tl"irk>t and By law*, snd w?>?re any interna tion will be /iron respe dag the Union. All letters ra baeinaa? lauet "?e drreeted to this o| ftce wh*re attention wi.l ba gi^TO ?mmediat?ly. A nwlai "hop M in connection with the ottte, us =v.. -1.? THE CATHOLIC ALMANAC lor lay>. J w ert*1 ***f eale *4 - 1 AY LOR It MA(rR V'8 ^ ^ Uook$wn, qcv 9U> m, ? : Wmty Slat VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JANUARY 30. 1855. NO. rat 1 * Drv DUPOHCCS 0OLD?H monthly fills, A SOVEREIGN REMEDY for the cure of ait Painful (>b*tnicticns and Female Irregularities arisin . from whatever cause. Wi by all r>rujcut* at It psr box, and will be a?tit eoafl H?ntl*lly by m*ll, on snclosinf $1 to "Dr. A. J. BAN WOLD, Wellington, D. C General Agent, by whom all order* Will b? Ailed at the proprietor's ptlcss. These Pills are tins result o( OVER THIRTY YltARS* EXPERIENCE in the treatment of the Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom tlicy were prescribed by Dr. Duponco with Uie most hippy effects. th?y arc now published to the world, so that all Females suffering from the diseases peculiar to their sex, may have the oppor tunity of giving them a trial. These pills have only bet-ii advertised to a limited cxteut for a little more ttnn a rear, vet ' SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, a large proportion of which has been seut by mail to ladies in different pacts ol the country ; and letters arte being received daily containing the warmest expressions of grstituds for the benefits which have been denvea from their use. The following is a4 extract from a letter of a lady of high standing who has authorized her uaine to be communicated confidentially to other ladies winhing to make inquiries respecting the modus operandi of the pills : ?'My aaaghter, now a?ce<t 11, waa for thrss year? painfully afflicted with obstruction* from wit Mi, at time*. Bli?? milterw! ?everely. We expended a large an? in physician*' fee*, but with r*ry trifling ani temporary r f. Her rnmpleslnn bo ? aiue tinted with a aaUow groeul*' le, and her whole ajrs tetn eo innch dtassasd that ahe w> mouiirsd to be rapid ly going Into consumption. At tb I saw yonr sdver tiaement in a New York paper, f laith waa very weak, but as a.laat reeort 1 aeot (or a bo> II gave ao mnch relief UmI a aecamd an I tblrd were aae<l. ..ud I now have the great pie taure of liifurmliig yon that uoy daughter'a health lit com pletely restored; her aallow com j''exlou Is replaced by the roay glow of hvaitb ; her gloomy mvUucholy, by that cheer ful buoyancy ofaplrlta, which ia uaual iu glrla of her age; and If the pllla had coat ten time* ?? much, It would be no comparieou wlUt the happlneaa revolting Iroin their n*a." N. B.?The ingredients of these pills are perfect ly harmless in their medicinal operation on the mo-t delicate female con titutions, yet as prepared and combined by Dr. Duponco, their specific action is such that married ladies should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is not at all indicated durins pregnancy. For the same reason, ] as every (?h sifian knows, medicine* which act in this way are the very best that can b^ used for re- | storing the natural, healthy tone and functions of tl??* system when so much impaired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For further particulars see di- 1 rections, kc. cent with each bo*. and Circulars to be had at the Druggists. J. DUPONCO, M. D , Pro,?rietor, N. Y. Sold in Washing'on bv Kidwell & Lairkkce, Stott kCo., W. h., S. K. Sylvester. J. H. Moore, First Ward; O. Boswell, Island ; J. F. Call ah, I II Stone, Seventh St.; II II McPherso* Capitol Hill; F Walsh, Navy Yard. In Georgetown by O. M. Lintlncuui, J. L. Kidwell. in Alexandn i by Cook k Co., Peel k Stevens, Fountain k Co.. and by Druggists generally. jan 16? lm* OFFICIAL Treasury Depart.meit, Jau. 3, 1845. Notice is hereby given to tlie holders of llie fo| lowing described stocks oi the United States, tiiat this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, portions of those stock*. amounting in the aggre gate to .jil^oy.lKH), in th'' manner *ml on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competiuon, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the order of tnue in which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned ?o the United Stales by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the leceipt whereof; a price will I* paid compounded of the bdlow lag particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each ceitificate, 9. A premium on the ati?ek of the loan authorized by the act of July, 1646. redeemable Novemtier U', 1866 of 2V? per cant.; on the slock of the loan an thonzt-d b/ the act ? I' 1842, redeemable 81st Decem ber, 18IM. of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans au'horiZfd by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem abl*:, the former on the 31st December, 1807, and the latter on 30th Jue, 1868, of 16 per cent.; an>< on llie stock of the loan authorised by llie act ot and redeemable on the 31st December, 186-1, (commonly callcd the Teiar indemnity) six |?er ccnt 8. Interest on the par of each certificate fr<tn tha 1st of January, 1&5, to Uie da'e of receipt and set Dement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day's Interest ill ' dditfon. Payment lor raid stocks will Ik; made hi d afts of ti>e Treasurer of the United States, on the a sistan* ireat'ircr at Bostou, New York, Or Philadelphia, as the parties may d'rect. Bet no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice w Inch sliall not be actually received al the Treasury tin >v Sefire the said 1st day of March not. JAMES GUTHRIE, j.m 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. HEAR TilE WITNESS! BIQHTEOUS TXBD1CT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH. PAIN IN SIDE, kc. WONUFKFUL cure after six year's suffering of oue of the most highly respectable citizens of Maryland. Prejudice and skepticism can't stand beiore the niany cures made by Ur.mpton's Yegcuhle Tinc ture. | Kxvuall's Crovr, Montgomery Co., Md ,) December 2,1864. ) Mevtri. Mortimrr if Mowbray : Gentlemen? In 1844 I had what try doctors called a violent and combined attack of Chrome Rheuma tism and Gout, Irom winch I waa confined to my bed tor three months. 1 had the very best physi clans, who tried other various remedies, none of J which gave me any permanent relief. Not having ea-e Horn pain day or mglit, I became much cinaci ated ; my whole system a mass of iliseas**, literally shaking, Qrom the crown of my he .d to the sole ot my feet. I had to liobble about? most of the time confined to the honse; at times so helpless that I had to be as*Med to my bed. I was also afflicted with a drradlul cough, great shortue** of breath, sore thmat, pcJpttatioii of the. heart, ami pain in my I side ao bad I eoul-i not lay on it. My appetite en tirely failed me. I rave lip all hopes ol being restored toheahit .tg*ui. I ? ontinued thus to sutler on from 1844 to 1830, a period of si* years. At this time my diughter saw at her grandmother's a pamphlet, with numerous certificates of cures made by Dr. II amp ton's Vegetable Tincture. 1 knew some of those who ccriilied to cures per-1 formed ou themselves and friends. I was resolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected; but my sufferings were so great lhat 1 pro cured one bottle, and, before 1 had taken the whole ot it, I felt much relief, which encouraged ine to Crsevere. After taking the second bottle I was tter than for the past six years, my app?lile re turned?cough, pain in the side, aliortness of breath kc-. nearly all gone. I continued using thi? won derful medicinc until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording to the directions; and I am happv to say Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restored me to perfect health, which has continues] up to this uine ?a period of three years. I am iu the 65th year of my ige. I weighed yest? rday 238 lbs. and I never felt better in my life, tine of iny neighbors w as al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, kc. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard of other cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, il tried, w ill speak for iUe If. My only object in de scribing to you my sufferings and the way I obtained relief, is to induce th? afflicted to try this Tincture, which has, under the blessings of God done so much for ine. Yours, respectfully. HENRY GAITHER. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cur? s of C? ugh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Dya pepsia, Nervousness and Geueral Weakness. As a female m-dicine or f.?r delicate children we believe it umnualleu. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Bahi more BaMmore. ind 304 Broadway, N. Yofk Chas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moorr, D. B. Ct aRRE, Clarke k Bowlino. W. Elliot, and H McPhrr soh, Washington ; al*?, by R. S. F. Ci a?L, George town; and C. C. Brrrv, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. jan 5 tr t1*'OTIIlNG MADE TO ORDER CHEAPER / THAN EVER-?In order to run off the remain der of our large slock of Clolha, Caaaimeres, and I Vestings we will at this season take measure and make to order Gentlemen's Garments of first quality I tweaty per rent, cheaper than our usually low pri ces. WALL Si STKPHRNS. I 3*44 Pa. av., next to Iron K*l' jan 11 isenuuel k News) MEDICAL NOTICE. ^ PROFESSOR THOMSON, from Buffalo, New York, ha* opened an offloe In Washlnf ton, D. C., No. 483 Eighth street, for the sapprcFsinn of quackery and lor the allevia tion of human suffering, l?> of fering to the unfortuuate af flicted with Private Disease, a >ure and safe method of cure, (founded on the solid had* of science and aoand philoso phy. Having practised in Europe, Asia, Africa and America for nearly 30 year?, during which time be made the treatment of syphilis in all its species, sta ges, ramifications, and phases throughout, a special ity, he feels confident that he discovered and pos sesses specific remedies for the cure of these com plaints which are unknown to the faculty asd that he has made perfect and perman nt curca of patients who had beeu under the treatment of sucli eminent men a* Ricord, Acton, Parker, and a host of others. The various complicated and distressing diseases incident to lemales confidentially treated, and with eminent success. < >1fice hours from past Ham to 12, and 'rom 2 to 10 p m. Evening visitors, observe the night sign. Office, 483 Eighth st, bet. Pa. avenue and D st. jan 16?2?* IMPORTANT TO TUK SICK. THB great e*perieuce and well krowa skill of Prof. McCuireocx is a sufficient guaranty to tbe public that the following list of Medicines, such as have been constantly used in his practice tor the last th'rty years, will fully sustain by their effects the valuable qualities attributed to them, and prove to be the best Medictues ever offered to the publk. /. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An Invsluable remedy far Bronchitis, Consump tion, and all chronic diseases of the throat and lungs. In all deep seated complaints of the Pnlvi oat/ organs it has proved the most safe, oertaln, and rapid remedy ever employed in the extensive practice of Dr, MoClintock For any of these forma of disease, showing tLsm?*lves as Cough, Tickling of the Throat, Ben'e of Tightness in the Throat, Spitting ol Blood, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarse ness or Lof i of Voice, and Ilectie Fever, its use will oe attended with the happiest results, while it is pleasant to the palate and strengthening to the wholesystem. It contains no 1 uiauam or ovinia In any eh*pe. Price $t per pint II. Dr. McC Unlock's Cdd emd Cough Mixture An infallible cure for recent Oswgbs, Tickling of the Throat, Tightness of Br aathlnf, Group In Chil d-en, Ac. It contains no preparation of opium. Price 25 cent? per bottle. HI. Dr. McCtinlock't Asthma and Hoof ing, Cough Remedy. t? aloct Ir-jUntaneows relief for these distress ing c ntplalnts. This Is the fruit of an Immense espsri-nos, and Is astonishing in its effect?. No per son need suffer a dsy frcm Asthma or Hooping Oough who will use it. Prloe 60 cents per bottle. lY. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhaa Cordial end Cholera Preventive. A pr -nipt and aertain eure for TMarrh^a, Dysen tery, *od Ohclera Morbus in all stages. A sure pre ventive of Ai'atie Chc'era, which no traveler or family ehoold br withes*. Tfr* ft and ?0 cents per b?tt?e. t. Dr. AleClintock's Ten 14 Alterative Syrup, Wot purifying the blo^. The mo*t w*?W pu rlfl?r ever dtofe'retsl. ??r ail SrrofuJona diseases, 6km dise vs. KrupUon*, Boils, Plmnles, Krysip?lju?, Ulcers, Sore I<vgs, and all Rheumatic and Syphilitic oomplaints, Ac. It Is a most excellent spring medi cine, perf".'tiy falatable, and safe for children or fa males. I'rlce(plnt Settles) f 1. VI. Dr. McClintoch's Dyspeptic Elixir. I>78p*p3ia, or dlsorderod dig**s'4k>n, taay be called the National Dl-m.:? of America. Its symptoms are healacbe; ^4dln?"e; nervon-ness; low spirits; dim ness cf vision, with motes or tp'cks before the eye*; itching of the nostrils; dullness of hearing and ring ing in tbe ears; di/wgreeebie tas*e in the mouth; constriction or ?sifthl *t>out the chest; difficulty of breathings nse of suffocation i? lying down, or in ascending stairs; ?.aipUtions, or uneasy feelings about the bsurt; Irregular or deficient appetite, sense of sink n?t at the stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or iuHnese of tb? at-.'omen. a??d eostiversee. Bom#oft* .*e r^CFtoiti always appear In Dyspep sia; and sometimes the same patient has m-ny of thou at the same time, or at different times, for attacking there Protean symptoms in their seat and soutce, vix: deranged condition of the digestive funo Hons, the Dyrpeptic Kli*ircomblnes all the valuable ingredients wbich the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Taken in fonae-jtlott with tbe Vegf teblfc Purgative Pills. In csfles Where thefs is ipuch sdeHveriess, or jrltli the AnU-DiliOus Pills, wbere the functions of the liter are irrs.-ulsrly discharged, It will be found a most effectuni remedy. Price (in pint bottle*.) $1. VII. Dr. McC Unlock s Rheumatic Mix? tun. for interna! nse; a purely vegetable combination .or the core of Kheupiatism, Onut, and all Neural gic and Rheumatic l-:seas?a. This remedy i? offered with th* utmo t cocfldonos. It na? been used most extensively, and .a ar near a 8?>9ciflc for Ilheumatic Diaeas- ? aa t&e world has ever seen. Price per bot tle 60 cents. >111. Dr. McClintock's Rheumatic Lini men i, An Infallible ontward application for the relief of Ul rhem~iU- uenralgio palu'*, sprains, swellings, <tlff n?^V, <rr> o? thejviht*, pains in the shoul lers, b.-cfc,' r Hubf. It affords iirmediate r lief (roach*!.' ?. >d rains in the stomach and abdomen. As a ecui-t< r irritant, it Is invaluable In all case# irh're an external m.i;anlant Is needed. Price (per bottle) ?0 ce.nls. IX. Dr. McCliutnck'i Anodyiu Mixtxtr?, Or Pain- latra tor. used internally and externally, (or U;s lnctaat relief of ail pains. Toothache, Head ache, Oholie, Ague in the faoe, Ohilblains, Neural* tis, Stone or tirarel, Ac. No pain need be duied amcsr.eut by a iy person who will use this invaluable Auodyna. Prioe to cents per bottUe. X. Di. Mr.civJock's Fever and Agut Spirit*. This bar been found an fnfallible speolfic for this scourgt of new ocuntriee, and intermittent hvers. No traveller or resident la any ague dis trict afaouH tail to provide tbemMlvaa with this sure preventive- Pries $1 per bottle. 11. Dr. McCUnlock1 s Vegetable Purga tive PiUs, for the relief of Constipation and Its painful re tults, such as Headache, Diaaineas, Sick HUimaeh, Pains, and all the symptoms eoumerate-1 under the - Dyspeptic Zlixir." Prloe 26 cants par box. XII. Dr. McClintock's Pills, For Liver Complaints, and all forms of disease# arising from derangement of the liver, with symp toms 6ucb as Diniussa, Headache, Ringing in the Ears yellow furred to ague, pain in the right shoulder, sense of fullness or pain in the right si<U. disordered stomach or bowels, deficient action of the kidneys clay oolored stools, Ac. These Pills, if taken In Uie insipient stagoa of Bilious and Yellow or otter Fevers, w'll generaUy ward off the attaok. Price Q0Qt? 1 DOS* The abt ve Medlines may be procured of all the Drinoipal Drugglats and Apothecaries in this Die and of jT UxMiLiW, Agent, Wa^ington. sep 1??to RKADV MA.DK CLUTHItiA AT RE duced price*.?As the season is advanced we have det?*riuiued to sell off the remaining portion ot our winter stock at greatly reduced prices, therefore gentlemen wishing U? consult economy in purchaa ing tine Overcoats, Talmas dress, frock and bum nose Coats, black and fancy Cashmere Pants, Vel vet, silk, satin and Merino Ves's, Undershirts aad Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments office duality will find our present variety to be ??? **' " a*j sorted as in llie beginning of the season wi.b the nd ^ s|.Ep|IENS 399 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. jan 12 (Sentinel fc News) Rev. *?EpriMua tustin's work.?The fourth eJiuou of The Doubung Comuiuiiicant Encouraged, bv K?v. 8. TusUn, D. D., late Chaplain ol the Unii?*d States Senate. t unfc" ^ TAYLOR k ?AU?Va jjy, 5 BooMore, near 9th st. Foreign mumc? Conristing of the c??mf?o>ifions of Si?xt, Tbalt?ei?, Prudent, Uitia, Mayer, Voss, VVoiftihsupi, VN inkier, ... LB^mrz. />()OD NEW8 FROM HOME.?JlJflT RE VJT ceived 1UU comes of the alwve popular song *1 Uif Mu^ic Depot ot lill.ltl'fi &. HIT'/, T Awr P? uaa. avci.**- and lltli areet jan 13?U iisiiitfiTtiiiiijs' grand ball BENEFIT OFTHR POOR OP washuvotoh. I ?Ec5ul?f ,ho would mort X ret-pi cUully state thai u will be conducted in a style unsurpassed by any heretofore given, and will SrHtfSW 0bieCt f?r Wh'<*11 intended. ..nortrft'" eff0rt wUI r, cely? th? liberal support of the who e community, and that they will assjvsriw"n"J?"'???? T???OAV,'pM~'?n,l'C R0,nw' Tickets ONE DOLLAR. u . ? **n?*ers o? port ?/tte Military, Maj Gen W Jones, Lt Col ReiJJv ?L%nuRC"^?> R Keyworth, ^ori Morgan, ' ^.apl n ? ^mrnn?ton? Qr Mr McCullom, Capt PB Key, Capt Jamison, ?*'* /. \ I"1' <*Pt W Lassellc, Capt G A Kcliwarzinan, Lt J Tucker, Capt J L Smith, Lt Feeny, ??pt?ni,,t? Lt J II Bird, h J"wer?, Lt J tl De Bille, Capt () Byrne, Lt Be#ere*$ Capt F tt Sheckell, Lt P Otterback, Capt Joe Pe.k, Lt J W Baden, LtJSntton, Lt J K -lly, Lt E F Queen, Lt F Reilly, LlCP Wroe, Ll E F Allen, ^Wah, LtGNutry. !jt ' ^t Browii> Lt C W Flint. ' u ... Managers on part of the Citizen*. J W IT-?"V* " Oo*1* H Taylor wUltJ^lili' . ? 5? Dougherty J D Hoover W W aJiSTn rn"nl! Archibald Campbell CDannington Ju Adams Sll?HHm 4"? u wJrt T,,0? ***"?"?? w wVL k ?*?*? e C Mcr*au i*p porcor?n H W B.ll J A Ltn,?u J U ?JE.I i Jo* Uales wVw!',, , ??J,J J* F'?raey Andrew Hai.. ock 7Pr^!i? T ?"*Trr* H " Polklnhoro ?*" O Berrett A Dickens KW^l'lM ? Hl'1 J M Kirkw?.?t ??? Tl m Jao Cartwrlglit A T Ktckhofler H ul?ft!*urr ^?,Hope A J H White RSmm C Wheeler g LewU w? n I1 M>?> n?rd o A Jtllard WT Dore T 8 I>onoftia?, j j jorc+ JuoKonl. B K Mi'ldletou p A Hr>e J P Pepper E K Bell E Wheeler /i - ??JneT 9unner J C McOnlre Ji 8 l.ideon, C H Calrsrt w J McOormlek r- ?"w *i10t w HA Wtllard ? B Stuart WrB.y.y J?? Clarke L ,M Mlown J C KlUp*trick fi I eudleto" Dr W B Mn^ruJer Dr Smuit ??-?? y,?r ?* ?* Fr?uklln J H MrBUIr, (i"en Te?p*H*n EUla WKSjaldlng Chaa Kloiuaii K C< yle * Major B B French, Treasurer. ? On the part of the Company. Capt J Reese, Lt Bairn*, I'1 2?:|& ? 8 Campbell, Lt Walker, Ur Mr G W Floo l. W For^ytli, Secretary. Hats and Cap* to be left in the hat room. .Milita ry hat* wi'l only be allowed in ;he hall. jttji 27?dtb PROPOSALS POE PUBLISHING PAPER fOR THE PUBLIC PRUTTIIIO Ornci SurKKtNTCNDBNT Pnuc pRiirri5u, W.mhington, January kJ5,18."?5. IN pursuance of tlie provisions of the act entitled, "An act to provide for execiitinc the pu lie printing," fcc., approved August 'i6, 1852, sealed proposal* u ill lie received at this olficc, in the Cap itol. until Wednesday, the 28ih day of March next, at 12 o'clock m., for iurnishing the' followiiiK quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to ?it: K.SOO reams, weiglune pounds |>w ream, and mea buring i'J by jl> iuchea 3,100 reams, weighing Jfi pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 100 reams, weighing '21 pounds per ream, and mea suring 16 by 22 niche* 340 reams, weighing 22 pounds per ream, an J mea suring 1? by 1? itiche 40-) reams, weighing 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inches All these papers to be made of the be?t materials, and lini?hed in the best manner and tree from adul teration A contract will be entered into for sup plying Uie qaanuiies stated, at such times as the public service may r?quire but the privilege i? re served of ordering a greater quantity of either kin I, should a greater quantity be required, at such limes and in such quantities as may be deemed necessary. Htmples of each kind of paper must accompany ??ach bid, and all proposals and samples mii.t be transmitted to this office, free of postage or otier eipensc Eaeh proposal must b" -ianed by the individual or fi m making it, and must specify the price per |?iund, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of (taper. All the paper must be delivered ?t such place or places as may be designated in Waehin:ton city; in good omer, free of all and every e*lra charge or e* penM:, and subject to Uie insp?clion, count, weight and measurement of the Bupeiinteiide^t, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for them ; and none will be taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. Boous with approved securities wil! be required; and the supplying of an inferior article, or a failuie to supply the quantity required at any timj will be considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furnish with Ins propo sals satisfactory evidence of his ability to execute, it, Ji'id any proposal unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent of the Public Printing, Capitol of the Cnited States, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supplying Paper. > A G SEAMAN, Superintendent of the Public Printing, jan 90?eotd GRATIS! JUST PUBLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MEDICINE! AFHW words on ths Rational Treatment, with out Medicine, of Spermatorrhea, or Local Weakness, Nervous Debili ty, Low Spirits, Lassitude, Weak ness of the Limbs and Back, Indispo-1 ?ition and Incapacity for Study and< Labor, Dullness or Apprehension, Loss of Memory, aversion to Society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sell Distrust, Dizziness, Head Ache, luvoluntary Discharges, Paiu In the Side, Affection of th ? Eyes, inplen on the Face, Sexual and other infirmities In man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. R. I)E LANEV. 1 ne important fact that these alarming complaints may easily be removed without Medicine is, in to* small tract, eb arly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which ev ery one is enabled to cure himself per ectly, and at the least r-usBihle cost, avoiding thereby all the ad vertised nostrums of the day. Sent to any address, gratis, and post free in a waled envelope, by remitting (post paid) two post age stamps to Dr. B. DELANEY, No. 17 Lispsnard street, New York. jan i7-_3m rpKANS-ALLKGLlANY BANK AND 8ILDJSN X Withers A Co.'a Motes purchased at ths highest f4Wls Unonrrent Money, Land Warrants, and Virgin a Scrip bought and sold. Drafts on all the principal cities told to suit pur CHAMPA. Persons at a distance nndirgme Trans-Alleghany nntee or I?nd Warrants, may rely upon receiving ths bset rat**, and remittances mid* by draft on aay city in th? Union. HAViioTON Q. FANT, Banker, dec 9?8m No 433 Penna avenue. B ALMANAC AND COMPANION l<? ?i ' C?!u.l?'niiJ0 {'?*** Parliament, of Royal Households, Ministry. Judiciary, Foreign Min u'er"' England, British Minister* .inroad, Military and Colonial Government and personel; Imports, Expoits, Taxes, Du ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1854, Chronicle of the Session of Parliament 1854, Abstracts of important Parliamentary Dcjm ments, and valuable articles on theCnmpaign, onthe United States Census, on the health ol Dwellings. Occupations af the people, Fluc tuatHWthe Funds; Canals and Railroads, 1 uwie Improvements, Chronology, and mrch oilier useful and valuable matter, complete iu one vol. FRANCK TAYLOR, nn 16?tf CCATHOLIC BOOKS.? A large and varied assort / meut oi Catholic Works, inclutling S?. Vincent Manual Chilian's Guide, Gems of Devotion ; Do nay Bisnou in plain and elegant bindings, at the low est p ice, Just received at TAYLOR k MAURY'S Jl!?_ Bookstore, near tfth st. I BOW'S RKVIEW FOR JANUARY, jiisl I ' puh i*Ik d and for gale. Subscription &> per Maum. - riAJfQJt TA*LOJU . EVKNING STAR. A HATIVE AMERICA*. [From the New York Musical Gazette.] Americans are an independent, self-re liant people, fond of judging for them selves. There is no doubt of this. We had an instance of it yesterday. A gen tleman, evidently from the rural districts, uncontaminated by the vicious refine liWnts of any large city, railed at the establishment of Mason Brothers, and inquired for the 44 new singing book,"' giving the / in the last syllable its full sound. 44 i hearn tell its considerable good, but I'm in the habit of judgin' for myself, I am " The book was presented. Our friend in the felt hat and homespun looked at it carefully on one side, then on the other ; then on each end, and each side. At last, with due deliberation, he opened it, and read the title page. Next he turned to the record of copy right en try, and read that. So he went on. page by page, through the elements, fie was evidently about to examine the work for himself. Through the elements he went, paragraph by paragraph. An hour passed. The clerk had long since turned to other employments, but still the same deliber ate turning of the leaves. At last our friend reached the music. Here he bid the book carefully down upon a pile of paper, keeping it open by the aid of other books placed upon each eud. Diving his arm into oue of his capacious packets, he drew therefrom an instrument of mu sic?even a veritable Ji/e. After a care ful adjustment of its parts, be applied it to his lips, and commenced playing the air of the first tune. This finished, he went at the second; then to the third, the fourth, the fifth, and so on in regular succession. It is true that our friend had not yet arrived at great skill on his fav orite instrument He did not always ? we might perhaps say often?produce the right tones, and quite frequently he was oblivious of time. Nevertheless the in tent was there, and certainly, according to his ability, he was faithful. No tune, and no part of any tune, was omitted. Hours rolled on. Customers came and went. Boxes and books were packed up and sent off. Yet amid the clatter of hammers, the calls of clerks and porters, and the rolling of carriages in the street, still the life held on its way ?4 toot, toot, j toot-ti, toot, toot, too-o o." They went to dinner and returned. The fifer was still there; evening apprcached, and yet he went not. At length the hour for closing arrived. The clerks were too well bred to show any signs of mirth, but broad grins in sly corners and behind piles of books, gave some vent to their feelings. At last one addressed him : 44 Wc wish to close for the night now, Mr.'* 44 Oh, you do, do you?" was the re sponse. 44 Wall, I'm in the habit cf judgin' things for myself; and I don't like to make up my mind too sudden. You see I can't tell about a singin' book without tryin' all the parts. I ain't got through the treble yet, but I 11 call again in the mornin' and go through the other parts.'' We like perseverance, wc like indc-, pendent judgment, but that fife was not to be borne another day. An expedient occurred. A book was presented, and our friend left with many thanks, and the promise that when he had thoroughly examined it, we should have his written opinion. FaNXT FERN* DACiLFRREOTYPED.?She is full forty, is Fanny. Sports curls like a girl of seventeen. They are auburn? poetically so. Has a keen, flashing eye. Nose between Grecian and Roman, rath er thin and rather good looking. Cheeks with a good deal?quite too much?co loring. Comes of rouge. Bad taste, but no of business ours. Lips well turned, and indicative of firmness rather than of? suear. Chin handsomely chiseled. Whole countenance betokens a woman of spirit and high nature generally. Form fine Chest a model. Not surpassed. Carriage graceful and stately.?Kather tall, and emphatically geateel. Pretty foot. An kle to match. Hand small. Likes to show it. Dresses in the cut-and-dash school. Fond of ribbons, laces, milli nery, &c., generally. Talks rapidly. Is witty and brilliant? Cutting and lashful. Proud as Lucifer. Foud of fun. Hates most of her relations. Treats her father and Mat, almost brutefully. Has three as pretty girl* as ever wore curls. Is Eroud of them, and justly. Is heartless. \ a flirt, Lives in clover. Is worth $20,000. Got by pen and ink. When passing the street takes eight eyes out of ten. On the whole, wonderful woman is Fanny.?Boston Dispatch. New Yobk Herald.?A corresp nd eat of a Virginia paper leads us into the recent sudden change in this infamous paper of its sentiments with regard to the Know Nothings: 44 You may have noticed recently, says! the writer, that the ^ew York Herald has been rigged out in 41\now Nothing' costume, and has become one of the staunchest advocates of the order. It will be remembered that the Know Nothings last summer had no more de nunciatory opponent than the Herald. It not onlv denounced them editorially, but copied articles against their organi zation from all the leading papers that spoke out against the movement. Thi> sudden change of tune, it is rumored here (in Washington) is the result of a bargain struck between Mr. Hudson, the head man at the Herald office, and the head of the Grand* Council in New York city. The terms of the bargain are, that in consideration of the suia of f10,000 paid, cash in hand, the Herald is to enlist under the Know Nothing banner, and fight valorously through the next presidential campaign. This, of course, has not been done without the privity of Mr. Bennett [Alabama Stale Qaz, THE WEEKLY STAR. TUtfaaUj an4 NfVi.itrul-tKtU tag i |tnmi fimQ ?r nwim ?Uit| ilku ? ?WW 1 n~t~i Ill I mi III | M Tel MHI? 4 ? I ? ? I . ? ? ? ? ? I ? ? ? ? . ? ft II Twenty 4m - ?? Kf- Oill, mVltlABLT !? iHlKI. fCf' flmgir dplw (m wr*p[*rM c*?? be & Uw counter, nna.?4i?iHjr after (fee mm ai um paper. Price?tiui cim. romumu who act aa amenta will be alnwe a comniiMinn of twenty per cent. LE8IILAT1VI COIRtfPlIO* It is a melancholy thing to observe to what an extent the practice of corrupt tng and cajoling legislative bodies is carl ned on in this country by men who still PwSe7eJ tt iS re^arded M * respoct able standing in society. In a notice of a volume of law reports, which appears in this sheet, we hare made some extracts from an account ? rouble case of this sort, in lo4o, a \ irginiau of the name of Mar with' Air ei AU arrangement Minister rn i*"6 ,MUa?' fo: ^erly our Minister to London, and at that time President of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail ^t,frfn?vany, t0 ?bUiD rr?m thc legis lature of \ irgmia alaw granting the oom fhnoS "g Way throu?h Virginia to ^ n )h'0,riTer' . Marslialf was to sur round the members of the l.egi^lature with respectable and influential agents. ' who were to operate on their "kind and sociable dispositions." Nothing *im pro^r was to be done, of ccm? not; but a great deal of uumey was to be used Marsha!1 stipulating that he should re ceive $50,000 for his services. The "ca*h of h.*y? * ?Wn exP*n**. ^d those of his subordinate agents, was expected >?. - ? , ^ll, th* *S?nu ^ere to be well paid: the bids for obtaining the desired right of way were to be high: the na lie were to be secret'y applied. The Rai road Company, or rather its Presi dent, was to know but one agent m the tv whn U'" " 10 * VVgUW. d.pi? t>. who was u, employ such instruments out lS5neil?# *S ? UUght choose With whVt iL g Pnnapals know who or what they were. 1 he President of the hismey^Ly WaS l? 8'Te U,C m0nc.v and Ehut In short, the commission which Mar shall received was an open warrant for all sorts of corruption, provided the na ture of it was not made known to his employers. The immorality of the pro ceeding was so gross that 'the court re lumed to enforce the contract. Ihe decision of the court was given about a year since, in December 1K53. >V e have eopied certain of thc d cumenw, which will t* found of a very cunous na ture, and wl tch will reveal to out ixmd crs the nature of the machinery by which the passage of bills favorable to the in terests of individuals is procured in Con gress and elsewhere. We fear, however, I n . TP6 ^*S?a tbe on,7 ?'luionitioi; imparted by the decision of the court will | be this?that they must make sure of | these paymenLs for tlcir services bJoro ? hand?JV. 1. Even Jtg Pot. To Ladies Awxwardlt Situatxd.? aditor of the Englishwoman's Do mestic Magazine warrants the efficacy of either of the following methods of reply ing to gentlemen wheu they ik>d th? question: r 1. Especially recommended to blonds : Pause, sigh very soft, then open yoor eyes with a good deal of wonder (of course you have been trying to make if out, and can't,) look your lover in the face and say, - What?what can you msaa, dear Alfred ?" If the last words are spoken with a little tremble, so much the better. 2. Very suitable for brunettes. Give a start, flash a glance at the questioner; turn aside, be unable to speak your emo tion; one hand pressed high upon your bosom will express this eflcctually. o. Safe in the hands of anybody, and generally considered a clincher: Burst in to tears, covering your face with your hands. If you can't cry, droop your head upon the inquisitor s shoulder, and murmur, "Oh, William!" 4. For "merry grigs'' and nice little girls, it is enough to say "No."'?shake their shoulders, and look pretty. The Four Points ?The four points to which Russia is said to have at length agn/ed. as the basis of new negotiations, are tbe following : 1 The abolition of the Protectorate of Russia over the Dinubiau Principalities, and the privileges of these provinces placed under the collective guarantee of tbe collective powers. 2. The free navigation of the mouths of the Danube secured according to thc principles established by the Congress of Vienna. 3 The revision of the treaty of 13th July, 1X41, 44 in the interest in the bal ance of power in Europe." 4. The abandonment by Russia of her claim to exercise an official protectorate over the Christian subjects of the Porte, (to whatever nte they might belong.) in consideration of the powers giving their mutual assistance to obtain from the Sultan a confirmation and observaroe of the religious privileges of all Christian communities." ?7* Neal Dow's new liquor bill, now before the special committee of the Maiae legislature, mflicts for the first offence of selling liquor fifty dollars and costs and four months imprisonment, the second fifty dollars and six months, the third one hundred dollars and one year.' Per sons intoxicated must disclose where they got their liquor or go to the bouse of correction. Express, railroad and steamboat agents will be liable to fine and imprisonment for conveying liquars to or from those not licensed; aud no ac tion is to lie against any officer for sei sing and destroying liquors where tbe warrant issues from a competent court. VZT A Jerse) man was very sick, and was not expected to recover. His friends got around his bed. and one of them says: "John, do you feel willing to die?" John made an effort to give his views on the subject, and answered with his feeble voice?441?think? I'd rather stay where I'm?better acquainted." 27 Straug, the Moimon Prophet of Beaver Island, has made a move iu the Michigan Legislature to admit colored citizens to the right of suffrage. Strang saya, "on looking for a man, he looks not iu the face to see the color of the skin. but to Utt wul."

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