Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1855 Page 2
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i.:y j:\ lng stak. V. Ar [ J t TUE?~\? AFTER "I*!! Janiuiy 30. m ? - ? i . _ . _ a OCT3" The Urge and convenient dwelling on the corner of Pennsylvania avouuc and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately- For terms ap ply at the Star office. FPU 11 Ok THE BUJtNlNtt PH?88. The Initlhg nt*r it to-day full of new* froB Europe, of great interest indeed Tbe Union. denies that the Administration have made the nnmbtr atd character of for eign appointment* in the Department! here, that have been charged on them; and de votee a eolnmn to tbe re election of Sanator Slidell. Illegal Mail Oaixirr ?We learn that Noah E Smith, the efficient mail agent, seir-d apon some two hundred letters In the pow iion of Adams k Co's Express agent, wbi!? crossing the Isthmus, between this point ani California. It is said that tho express com panies are in the babit of carrying largenum hen of letter* outside the mail, which they deliver in California, collecting postage for the same, to the injury < f the Post Office De partment There is a heavy penalty attached to this infiingement of the law, and we see no reason why it should rot be enforced. Haw Music ?John F Ellis, No. 305 Penn ajlvania averne has ser.t us the following new mutic: Mountain Qui -kstep, by Lewis Baehr. Clover Oil' P.dka, by Quincy. Li m i Polka, by Carlo Gola. Benediot* Walta, by our talented young townsman, Proi. i'oa tach, end dedicated to Miss Adele B Clare, of this city. A charming ooni oaition. 44 lie wept to leave ber side," a very pretty song, arrange! by Colman. " I know a sly rook," a lively song, by Clogs den. Our readers will always find at Mr. EliU'e th? latoet and most fashionable music Da Bow's Review for February i? a* h:\rd It is a capital number. Its statistical inform ation is valuable to all parts of the onntry, wtiich entitles it to a wide circulation. ty A 1 idy writes in the New York Mirror that love is more a matter of the stomach that the heart; and that what many consider affec tion is merely hunger. Ncr?NBKi*v lid R*ma.? Catholic Schools The ^ItssaoliujeU* Houso of Representatives has instructed ius commit* ee on tbe judiciary to ooosider tbe expediency of reportirg a bill 1 milting contents and nunneries, and Roman cauoiio schools, as open and free to pabl:c visitation acd inspection, as Prcstestant insti tstmu." WASHi5tffOS NEWS A*D OOSSI? lha Central American Expedition.?This enterprise it s'rikes us will never leave the shores of the United States. No matter how many profession may have been made of e design for peaceful occupation under a ' good title," it is apparent to us that a " good title' has never boen held, and that a*4 peaceful occupation " is not contemplated, for the very simple reason that suoh an occupation is im possible. The grant under which the authors of the Kkme claim, is as follows: The Father of the present Mosquito King, in Oonsideratien of services, real or imaginary, granted to two British selects named Sheppard. and Stan islsus Daly, also a British sucject. a tract of land then considered valueless, amounting to about 20.000,000 of acres. That the then King 'so cabled) wu drunk when he m<tde the grant is to be inferred from the fact that he was Lever known to be sober. After the title had been granted, the Sheppards applied to the British Government for a confirmation of it. That Government, after having examined all the circumstances conneced with the grant, not only refused to conQ'm, hut for mally repudiated it. The grantee* never en tered into possession of it; and after the aoeession or the present King, cue of his first acts was to annul the " Sheppard and Ha!y grant. This occnrr.d e rne years since, and without eppesi Ion on tbepsrtof tbe grantees. Nicaragua, who has never abandoned fcer claim or jurisdiction over the territory em braced in the grant, has never reeognised. but always protested, and still protests, not only agaies* the validity of the grant, bat also against the affirmed sovereignty of tbe Mos quito King. Her claim of sovereignty and | jurisdiction over this territory baa been rteic reeognised, formally, by the United States Government, and our Government still ad here* to this recognition 'i he olaim of the expeditionists is then de med l>y the Mosquito King? by GreatB itain? by the Lnited States, and by Nicaragua?and yet, in the face of the proce.-ts of all, and cach of tbe;e GovernmeLU, the assiguees of the grsntee* contend tLat their title is good and their intantion is peaceful occupation ! It this is truly their design, why is it that so many young gentlemen are figuring around with military commissions in the proposed army ? it u simply absurd to contend that the object of the expeditionists is peaoeful They must mean, if they mean anything, to act on tbe principle of * let him take who haa tbe power, and let him hold who can " Now, this a wanton violation of our neutrality laws, that must provoke the interference of tbe luted States Government to pet an end to this expedition, if it beoomea at all formidable. V e have said that we believed it (the pro* posed expedition) will never leave the United Stmes; because we believe?first, that the Central / meriean Land and Mining Company have ho means to oarry out filibustering in ter. ti?nf against a neighboring and friendly power; secondly, beoause no sensible man can be found to embark, a* a mere subordinate adventuier. in au enterprise so wild and profit less; and, thirdly, because this Government must, in obedience to its duties, interfere, if necessary, to prevent so unnecessary and in human an assault on the sovereign rights cf a neighboring Power. The 'act that each adventurer who joint in this crusade against the liberties and sove reignty if e friendly nation, is required to pay thirty-five dollars for the privilege, is of itself sufficient to show that the money necer sary to carry out the benevolent designs of the expeditionists has yet to be raised That the expedition will he speedily sbaa doned we have not the slightest doubt. Tbe id , to a reflecting Blind, Is madness, that they should without means an i almost without men eater into a combat with Or eat B r itain, the United States, Nicaragua, Costa Risa, ! and the Mosquito K ng, (ujder whom they j claim title,) to say nothing of the Transit C"mp?nj, who have nitio steamship* foartecn steam b^ata, fiv? hundred emplojeap ud $4 000.000 of capital! It would seem that nothin* pow if ceeee ary to be s?fd on thiffcubjiirt, that basso much, recently, occupied the public mind; ''nd we should not have ?;?id thus maob, had we not believed the public to be deceived both as to the title of the e -mpany, to the lsnd they claim, and their ability to oeoapy it Were the question one between the expedi tionists and the feeble power ef Nicaragua, or t he feebler Mosqaito King, their hopes of saocess might be justified, however much might be said against their humanity, and '.heir violation of national rights. Bat as the question is between the company and four guvrMm^nrs, (ineluding their own.) Baying nothing of the Mosqaito King and the Transit Company, we forbear to discas* it farther Ths ristrict Jadiciarj Ke orm Bill -Ih the amendments proposed to this bill the Senate the people are not to ba con sulted. That is, they are to have no right to vote on adopting the code of laws to be provided for their government The noble consideration shown by the House towards the sovereign rights of our people is thas wholly reversed. We eannot but protest mo3t eolsmnly, aa we do, sgaitst this cruel and anti-republican proscription We belied the concession of the House, in this Respect, towards our disfranchised, unrepro ??en'ed people with infinite pleasure We saw in It the dawn of ou; freedom?the cleir light of our republican firs; principles let in fortLe first time upon us, and now that our hopes have been thos lighted up, is tho darkness ol i a gloomy despotism again to be thr wn over as7 We appeal from this injustice?to tho sover ei^n States of this Union?against such an tot. We remind them that we dwell herein tho heart of a froe government, at the eentre of its intelligence and in the midst of the daily practical administration t>f its lepubli ran p inciples. And especially do we appeal to our mother State of Maryland against this crjing irjus'ico. We call on her to see that the premise is fulfilled by the United States upon which alone she consented to oede awaj her territory and to part with a portion of her people We refer to the act of Maryland rat ifying the cession, in which the rights of our people are guarded by the provision that the Congress should provide for us the improved institatieus of a free and prosperous govern ment We appeal further to the Fathers of the Constitution, and invoke the benefits of thei' construction of that great ch??>* *o far an .: was to apply to our condition; we invoi.o .no wisdom of James Madison, in bis declaration " that the people of this Mstrtet will have their voice in the election of Crror?,m<jnt whioh is to preside over tb*"V * w?*nici pal legislature, fo; local f. rived from their own free suffra, , * >V. -f curse. be allowed to lhem.', And hnally, w? must, expreee ??:: profound regret that the Judiciary Coianittee of the Senate has seen fit also to strike out that ad mirable provision of the House bill whioh is in these words: " And the tnid oode shall be constructed ac cording to a simple method, and be expressed iu language concise and plain, and a* far as pv8?ible, be made level to the unde-staudin^ of a pe son of ordinary intelligenoo and edu cation." Will the Senate?can any Senator?be will ing to condemn such a provision as this' If sv, let our laws be forever hereafter as they have have been?a sealed book before the eje- of he people. Lot the laws of the Medes and Persians be ours It ruight as well be so, tiide^s the laws which are togovern us be such as W?s can understand. In suoh event, let some Caligula arise, and order that thete laws b? hung upon the pillars of the Senate ohamber. so high that none oan read them, and yet oon dvmn to condign punishment whoever may violate their provisions A Check ia an unexpected Quarter ?We earn on authority on which we plaoe confi dence, that the officer in command of the British Squadron in the Carribean Sea, bai been instructed by his Ministir at this point, ,n?t to permit any portion o- the proposed ex pedition from this country for an armed oc cupation of the Muiquito Coast, to land on the shores of Central America. Tho ground of these orders mu?t be that Mr. Crampton looks upon the enterprise as involving an infraction of the (so called) Musquito King's territorial rights or right* of sovereignty. The instruc tioas to wbieh we refer above went out by the la?t steauier from New York destined for San Joan del Norte. Whati in the Wind?A large party of New York " Soft" politicians is now in W aah lngton as follows, vi? : Ex Governor Seymour John Cochrane, surveyor of the port of New York; L O. Fowler, postmaster; L. B. Shep. ard, ex-district attorney of New Yo*fc ; 8 J. Xilden, Esq ; Col j. Addison Thomas, attor ney i>f board of claims in London; John A Kennedy, Eeq ; Hon W ?. Luilow, ex Speaker New York Assembly ; John E Dsve lm, Esq ; Philip J. Joaohimson, Esq , assistant United States district attorney of New York, and Hon. Preeton King, ex-member of Con. grees The qutd nunc* seem to be of opinion that the presence of Mr Joachimson in Washing ton at this time is indicative that Mr. Dudley Mann may soon take the place of Mr Mason in Paris Our belief, however, is, that this is nothing more than a joke-'em-some story. Hon. Hairy A. Wisss Ex pec ad Speech, we learn, is to oome of on Satarday night next in Liberty Hall, Alexandria. The hall will accommodate 800 persons only, so we fear that many in this city who desire greatly to hear him, will be disappointed. A steamboat, however, will be on hand to carry down from Washington and bring back (on the same night) all who desire to make the effort to be in his audience. A Nary Officer Fiimiised We learn that yesterday, the President dismissed from the Navy of the United States. Lieut Charles G Hunter, late in command of the IT. 8. brig-of war Bainbridge. His offence against the rulee of the service was in recently bringiug his ship home from her station in the Bragil coast squadron, without orders, as wai explained in the Star a few days since. A Mistake.?We app. abend that there is rot the lesst truth in the story current among fie diplomatic eorpe, which oharges adia tiaguiihod New York city "soft" now here r' Itgging" to obtain tha poeition vacated by the virtual resignation of Mr. Dan'l. E Sickles. The soft gentleman in question was a distin gaiahed member of Mr. Collector Bronson's 'happy familyn before the latter found out just where he flood politically. Indicta&eit of a Tension Paper Forfer ? At thirftceat llrm of the United States Court al Alb*ay, ft. ?., seven bills of indictment Wore found against Anderson B. Graham, (whose arrest we noticed some time since,) of that State, for forging bounty land applica tions. Above forty fjrgeries were disoovered The Current Operation! of the Treasury Dtpar?OBt^)n yesterday, the 29tb of Jan . there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? ?* * For the redemption of stook $6,ftS9 83 For paying Treasury debts 11.478 U6 For tho Customs 39 123 72 ''or the War Department. 12 .17$ 81 For tho Navy Department. 41,948 S3 >'or t'-e Interior Department,.. . 7.710 73 For repaying in tho Interior De partment 1,722 60 In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the Army Appropriation bill was taken up, snd after Mr. Hunter ha<! submitted a substitute for the measure reported by the Senate's military committee, Mr. Houston ad dressed the Senate at length against the bill, and was replied to by Mr. Jones Of Tennessee, ere they adjourned. In the HOttie, sendry resolutions of inquiry and bill3 were introduced and disposed o . On motion of Mr. Orr, a Senate jwint resolu. t'on granting additions compensati on to the clerk^ of the census bureau, was taken up and passed On motion of Mr. Stanton of Tennessoe, the 7th of February neat wu set apart for the consideration of bills of a public charaoter to pirted by the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Booock moved to set apart the 1st and 3d of February next for the consideration (f the naval committee's public bills : not agreed to. Mr. Bocock, after a few remarks in explan ation of the pressing necessity of disposing of the bill' in question promptly, asked to be ex cused from further service upon the naval at. fairs committee. Messrs. Breckinridge, Phillips, and others, opposed that suggestion ; and it was not agreed to Vaiious reports from committees were next made? After which the House went into committee on territorial business. (Air. i'helps in the chai..) wherein the fi llowing bills and joint resolutions were acted upon : A bill to enable the people of Oregon Terri tory to form n constitution and State govern ment, and for the admission of such estate in'o the Union; which was subsequently reportod to the House and passed A ioint resolution msking an appropriation for the purchase of territorial libraries; which was amended, on the motion of Mr. Riohard "jn, so aa to include the Territories of Ne braska and Kansas, and which was subsequent ly reported to the House and passed A j lint resolution authorising the account ing offioers of the treasury to adjust the ex penses of a board of commissioners ap pointed by the territorial a.-oeuibiy of Utah to prepare a code of laws; which was subse quently reported to the Hou&e, with the re commendation that it do not pass, an 1 laid on ? he table. A bill for the erection of a fort on or near th; Pemoina river, in the Territory of Min nesota; which, on motion of Mr. Whitfield, wee so ameB iud as to add an appropriation of $10,' 00 tor the establishment of military posts in the Territories of Kansas and Nebraska, and which was subsequently reported to the House and passed The House then adjourned Proceeding* of Te^Dujr. In the Senate, to-day, after receiving and disposing of petitions, reports, Ac , Mr Johnson introduced a resolution asking the President to inform tho Senate why the f ;nds appropriated for paying iheexpenses of the U 8. District Courts of the West h id not been forwarded to their respective destine* tions. Mr. J. addressed the Senate at some length against the manner in whioh the Departments bad managed the appropriations in question, and urging the adoption of his resolution Mr Gwin coincided in much that had been said by Mr. Johnson. This resolution was laid aside and the army bill taken up, when? Mr. Fitspatriok addressed the Senate tt length in favor of the proposition in the bill for the employment of 500 Indians in the mil itary service of the United States, and in re ply to the remarks of Mr. Houston, delivered yesterday. In the House, after the reading and refer ence of an Executive message, recommending a modification of certain treaties with Kansas Indians, on motion of Mr. Davis, of Ind., thsy t>ok up the bill to incorporate the St. Joseph s Male Orphan Asylum of the Die rict of Co lumbia; whioh was p'.??ed. Sundr> private bills were ne<* introduced, or reported, and roferred The House then went into committee on ter ritorial bu*in?ss, and it being moved to take up the construction of a magnetic telegraph between Missouri ane the Pacific Ocean, that motion was not fin illy disposed of when we went to press. I'EK^O-VAL. .... Some one writing from this point to the New York Commercial Advertiser, who ap pea *8 to understand the ropes, says : ' As to Massachusetts, there is a rumor here that Mr. iianks will finally be taken up That oheice would, however, deprive the Know N othing* of tho next House of Representatives of their most promising caLdidate for the Speakership. It is generally considered here that Mr. reward will certainly be re-eleot<d from your Sta'e. A sharp contest is going on ** Harrisburg for the ?uocecsion to the sea; of Mr. Cooper, who is now a candidate him seif with some prospeot of t-uaoe-s The stand whioh he has taken in support of the Ameri can party will not hurt him at Harrisbnrg. Gen. Cameron appears to be his most formid. able opponent, but some new man may be taken up. ? ?. .Kossuth is out in the English papers en* deavoring to make England repudiate " the four parts" of peace. Ko?suth is eloquent, but selfish and unsound. .... Gov. Wright, of Indiana, expects on a visit to him, at Indianapolis, on the 22d of February, Governors Johnson, of Tennessee ; Powell, of Kentuoky ; Medill, of Ohio, and Mat'eaon, of Illinois. .... The Hon. Mr. Inge, formerly member ?Af, U i8 Hon,e of Representatives from Alabama, but nowl.S. District Attorney for California, is in Washington. BALTIMORE CO?.RBir?0*DE!f CE Ths F'tnek Spoliation?Baltimore Claim ants?Captain John uexier and others False Rumor about the Belvidere?A truly fortunate Editor, and no Mistake?'ike Knew Nothing??Business. Baltimorb, January 29, 1856. The passage of the French Spoliation bill has brought gladness, and, doubtless, tome degree of wealth, to quite a number of our our citisens. This, however, will depend upon future action of the Senate and of the President. Amongst the principal and largest claimants in Baltimore, is Captain John Lts ter, a gsntloman who fought bravely during the last war with England, and distinguished himself for gallant conduct at the battle of North Point, wtare he bore aloft the star spangled banner, where bullets flew thiok and fast, and death and danger hovered all around. Mr- Lester is a distant relative of ex-Presi dent Tyler, was in earlydays a personal friend ot the lamented Gen. Hamilton, and still an ardent admirer of that great man. Ho has held ot&ee hero under the General Govern* , ment, and is a gentleman, in all respoots, much esteemed. His title, I am told, is indis putable; and his money will one to him quite opportunely, provided the bill to$)ia?s I a law. There are also among us many heirs of ori ginal claimants who Will come in for a hand some share of the mm appropriated Of thase I may mention Mr. Henry B. Hirvey. a !?n krown tnerchmt, of tho fimaf Harvey, Oar-on A Co. His claim is la tha neighbor ijfrdUf $300 000. Capt De L* Roche, form erly of B al timbre, but Odw a rati?ioat of Geo gt tawa, 1). C, is also entitled to a handsome ?(aim Among others wh> assert their title to a portion of the spoils is Mr. De La Oeur. Be is already somewhat excited on the sub ject, and fancies himself almost a millionaire. There ara others, d?soenJen<s of original claimants, who are in very bumble Circum stances, to whom this bill will give quit? a liberal amount. Two of three of oar iasa rance companies are likewise among those en tilled to indemnity. Several persons also hold claims which they purchased for a mere trifls.. A very handsome proportion of the five millions, whan distributed pro rata, will find Its way to Baltimore, through Boston. 1 believe, comes in for the lsrgtst oompara Ive slioe. There is mueh anxiety tokaow, w hotber or not President Pierce will lign it. Hope bids all fntorested to believe most implicitly that he will. This appears to bo the prat ail eng sentiment and desire of all. A rumor prevailed to-day, which eaused much anxie'y, to the effect that the superb steamer Belvidere, running between Balti more and Richmond, had been des royod by fire, off Plnrube Point, on the Chesapeake, last Sa'urday evening, with probably all ou board C%pt. Russol, of the steamer Louis iana, who arrived from Norfolk, dissipatod all apprehensions by reporting that he saw the B Ividere, nobly ploughing tho wares some fifty miles below the place where she was rep resented to have boon burnt. Also, that the fire disoovered, giving rise to the alarm, was caused by the burning of a barn, stable, or some other building on short. I mentioned in my last letter a rumor that a certain editor of a southern literary period ical, who at present is publishing bis work in this city, having been burnt out not long ago at Columbia. South Carolina, was fortunate last week in drawing a prise of $20,000 in one of our lotteries. I am now credibly informed that there is no doubt of the fact After re ceiving the money, ho presented the vendor with $800, and put the remainder in his pock et. This shows that editors are not without the palo of Fortune's smiles It is decidedly comfortable to have such a sum showered into oues lap these btrisgont times. May he live long to enjoy it. There is nothing very special going on just now amongst the Know Nothings. Municipal affairs are settling down to a more regular routine, but the pressureforoffice is unabated Business presents no new aspect, except that merchants are preparing tor the spring trade, especially the dry goods dcrlers Receipts of flour are beginning to increase. There were about 3.000 barrels oome in to day, the la-gost amount reoeived any one day for ten months past. Tho tendency of prices is downward. Rodbrick. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Weather?Council Proceedings?The 'tricafs and Speech?Sermons?Boon Children. ALUXA5DKIA, Jan. 23, 1855. To day, the sun is shining out, every now, and then, from behind broken cloud*, its beams alternating wi'h occasional gu*ts of snow. Ibo strocts arc decidedly sloppy, ex ceedingly inconvenient to light slippers, and dangerous to polished boots On Friday evening, our City Council met? pretty good attendance in each Board;?$500 were appropriated to turcbase a let for the new Star engine house; the applica'ien of the Hydranlion Company for more ground ad joining their pre-ent engine-house was refused; $15 appropriate in favor of the soup-hou^e; Benjamin Hallowell authorised to construct a flagging opposite his dwelling on Washing ton Btreet; the committee on finance were in structed to report salaries for the city officers for the coming municipsl year, and the city's assent given to oertain assignments of leases by W H. A G. D. Fowle to the Pioneer Mills Company The Councils then adjourned Our lheatre at Washington Hall, grows in popular favor On the evening of Saturday, after George Barawell, Perfection, or the M*i<i of Munster, waa repeated, mnch to the satis faction of the audienoo, Mrs. Tyrrel as Kate O'Brien, and Mr Stewart as Sam, made decide 1 hi s. In Black Eved Susan, Mr. Tyrrel as William was much applauded, and at the close of the 1st act came in front of the curtain apologised for previous short comings, whieh he attributed to the inferior manner in which he had been supported by the Dramatic com pany, eulogised the lessees, and promised bet ter things, asked the patronage of the audience of the Boon Children, bowed and retired Mr Stewart, as usual, was inimitable in two comic ditties On the same evening the Boon Children gave an entertainment at Libetty Hall Yesterday, Rev. Mr. Boyle, of Washington delivered most eloquent discourses in tho morning aud afternoon, at St. Mary's (Catho lic) Church. The pulpits of the other ohurches were filled by their pastors The i-oon Children, the petit favori'es of the public, are at Washington Hall. Airr. eSOHOKTOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Protracted Meeting?-CoHt* mptibl ft C'irdutt ?benevolent Association?Card of Mr. Dodge?Arrival of ttrig?Ijecture of Pro fessor Dimity?Markets. Georgetown. Jan. 80, 1855. A protracted meeting is now in progress at the Methodist Protestant Chnrch in charge of the Rev. Mr. Sutherland. Meetings aro held every evening for preaching and other reli gious exercises, and quite an encouraging state of religious revival is manifest among the membership Mr. Sutherland has seeureu the assistance of considerable ministerial aid for future meetings this week, amon $ whom are Mr. Reese, who proaches this evening; Mr Brooke, on Thursday; and Mr. Steel, in Friday. On last Friday a large number of bills were posted about our streets, advertising the lec ture by Prof. Diraitry betore the Young Cath olic's Friend Society, this evening, at Forrest Hall. During the night some sonmp either torn them down or completely dcfacod them Such conduct exhibits e videnoes of heathenism, and the best punishment wou'd be to cut off his ears and nail them up in place of the torn bills. Bad news for the lovers of beef?for the artiole has advanoed from 12? to 15 cents per pound for the oboico outs. Tho weather, with us, continues very cold. Our river and caBal aro both frossn over again. A benevolent gentleman of our city has oonceived the plan, and is trying to get up a society by which the poor can take care of themselves during sickness or other times of distress The previsions of the sooiety re quire every member to pay into the treasury one cent per day or three dollars a year. Sev eral influential gentlemen have already signed their names as members, and we hope many others will do likewise Among those who have signed are Drs Snyder and Linthicnm, Justice FearEon and Mr Hughes, editor of tho Advocate. A paper, explanatory of the de signs of the sooiety, can be found at the office of the Georgetown Advocate. A card appears in the Advocate, this morn* ing, from K. P. Dodge. Esq , who has been nominated as a candidate tor Mayor of our eity at the coming election, from which we ex tract the following : 44 Repeated questions in relation to it induce me to say that my consent f to bo a candidate] was only an affirmative answer to tho question, 'Will you serve if elected?' I do not seek this or any other effice. It is sufficient honor for me to bo thought worthy of one. If eleoted to this it will be without any agency of mine." The brig Fidelia, Captain Hi-.ks, of the Messrs Dodge's line, has arrived from New Orleans with a cargo of fine sugars to tho above named house. Don't forget the lecture of Prof. Dimitry at Forrest Hall this evening The subject for th< ooonion is a very instructive, as wall as pleas ing one, and from the known reputation of the lecturer as an eloquent speaker, ail who at tend will bo riehly rewarded. Flour, this morning, is held at $8.75 foi standard brand p. Rod wheat $190. white, $l.V5a$2. SractAToa. ECTURE.-DR. N C FOWLE will I dclivar a lecture at i 'nlamhit Hall. Capi u?t Hill, on THCTR8DAY EVENING, February Ut. 8 o'clock. ??:: "Tbe Elements of our country/' ?ab tt: fcr h > public arc u.?ited to attend. Lecture free. THE F?AkTB ANNIVERSARY n? tb* F. utidery Sabbath Hchool Mt?*i nary Socwqr, win be celebrated THIS EVENING, the 30th Instant. Appropriate and interesting t I'leiMit by the chddren ol tbe Sabbath S "hool and others, will be introduced. A collection will be taken ep for the furtherance of Missionary effh t. Tbenublic are respectfully invited to attend. jan 30?11* WASHINGTON ENCAMPMENT ??.?. | Knights Templars, will aMnoMe WPi NESDAY EVENING, at tbe new Mamnic Hall, c<-vn?r Mi ami frmwU, at ? o'etoek. A |>UM' UMi aUeadaace is < By or.ler m the G. C\ jan 30?tt WM. J. RHKES, ler. THE JOURNEYMEN STONE CfJT l* ?' Third Annual Ball will take place at the Assembly R toin?. Louisiana avenue, on MON DAY EVENING. February 19th, 1M5. Further particulars w.Il be given hereafter, jan 30?It* |j a, ATTENTION, 1 H H are here''>' Til Ijl uiory, coruer Pa il ill wu TUESDAY L Lecture* k*for? lk? MUtro polltan Wfacli. Inarltwte PROF. WHITAKER will deliver a course ofl er tures before tbe Metropolifan Mechanics' Institute, j commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING iiexi 31st instant, at tbe Institute Room*, over Geo. and T. Parker's Store, Pa. avenue, at 7jf o'clock. Subject: Tbe Art* of the Bible, illustrated by nu rmrous drawings. The fltst lecture will compris* Building. Brick making, Agrieuiture, Mill", fc-c. The public are respectfully iuvited. Lecture free. By order: P. M. PEARSON, Eec. Sec. jan 30?3t (Int) NOTICE?THE MEMBERS OF THI. Philadelphia Association*' of tbe Sun Fire Company, are requested to m* et at their Hal on Saturday evening, at 7 o'clock, and avery Satii' day evening until further notice, foe the purpose rt forwarding their arrangements to visit PMadelphii in May next. Persons desirous of joining, arc rr quested to send in tbair names. Alexandria, Va.,?jan 27?eo4t B. U. (H. F) C. A?The member* o Potomac Circle No. S-198 B. U. (H. F.) C. | A., are a mestly requested to attend the rerulai coo vocation on TUESDAY EVENING, Jan. 30 Bus ne^s of great nn ortance to tbe Circle will l? brought up for considera ion. JN ?. G. DUDLEY, C. W. W. H. C JORDAN, H. 8. K. jan Sft?it* ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS !?YOI t?ed to meet at your new ar avi nu?- and Thirteenth tU. n TUESDAY EVENING, the 30th instant at 7 o'clock. The member* are requested to be punctual Si- j there i- busiii'-ss of importance to be transacted. By order of Capt. B>rne : jan 29 -2t THOS. BRIGGS, O. 8. SECOND LECTURE FOR THE BEN eflt of the Young Catholics* Frienu Soc.* \ of Georgetown, by Professor Aliundu Dixitr of Louisiana, at Forrest Hall, Georgetown,on Tucs d-y Evening, January 30ih, at 7jJ o'clock. Pul> ject: "The Arts of Sta.uary and A.chitecture it At' en?." Tickets 25 cen <?; to be had at the principal boot and drag stores, and a the door of the ha'l on ?h* evening of the lecture. jan 26?FMfcTu, 3t FOUND?A GENTLEM AN 8 CLOAK, whkI the owner can l.ave by calling at French's Bi - 1 ard Saloon and paying for this advertisement, jan 30?3t* LOST?This morning, a promissory note, date in June last, at ninety day?, for $3U, and draw by Jerry T. Mudd. in favor of lames H. Slirceve. a d by hitn endorsed to Edward J. Dorse?. It i pi t ma urity, but bave with ati order on Grorg .Mudd. Tbe finder will be liberally rewarded b leaving it either with Jaui<>s 11. 8hreeves, nt corn- ? of 7ib and I streets, or Edward J. Dors?y, Varylait avenue. jan 30?2t* IO^T?0>t Saturday, a small Scotch Terri? j HI.UT, with Ion* whue hair, Mark mark* o both ears, and blown marks on Iter back. An??> i lo the name of ??v ic." Whoever brings her to Jn F. Cram:tt"ii, Esq.; British Mini-ter, on ll< ights < ? Georgetown, y i I be suitab.v rewardr-d. jan 30?3i* CIOFFEE CHEAP, SUGAR CHEAPER, AMI j TEA CHEAPEST, and everything else at tin very lowest prices. Fo' bargains caB on JOS. W. DAVIS, j :u30 - It* ''orner of 9th and E streets. Miss ?. T. Greenfield, COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE Has arrived and will give a GRAND CONCERI THIS (TUESDAt) EVENING. J?n-30. lbSo. F.>r the Benefit of th? Fifteenth stieet Presbj teiiai. Church. D >or.? open at 7 exercises to commence at 7^ o'clock, to which the friends generally are respect fully invitoU to attend. PROGRAM ME-PART I. 1. Solu on the Piano. 2. Swe tly o'er my aensoa stealing. Sung by Miss E. T. Greenfield, arranged by Bishop 3. ln-truni! ntnl 4- f a'uta La Fr.incc, sung by Mi s E. T. Greenfield. Lodn 5 Solo. _____ . part 2. 1. Solo or Duett on Piano 2. Sound the Trumpet, sung by Miss Green field. Hayden 3. In-t-um-ilia! 4. Like the glo >iu of l ight retiring, sung by Miss Greenfield, arranged by Bi<h< i 5 Salo. Tick*t? 50 ci?nts, at the door. Reserved ?eat? %1 to be bad at the Church between II and 2 o'clock Al-o a! the bo ikthirei of Messrs. Tayloi k Maury Davis, Ellis, and Fran -k Taylor, Ph. avenue, jau 30 IRON HALL. THE "SEER" HAS COME! R O B E R THE LL E R Th?- great and unapproachable NECROMANCER AND PROFESSOR OF DIABLERIE. Will have the lionor to open iiis iuimvnse cabinet o Wonders THIS KVk.IH.MO. Mr. HELLbK is author of ne;uly all o< ln? per foruianceat, and n? Hie only per^n living to wlnon i known the grettt in> M<^ry of HKCbkDSIGHTS pkici or ADHiastoN. To Hall ij cents Dress Circle 37* " Orchestra Seats 50 " Seat? may be secured from 10 a in to 4 p in, at the effi :e. without extra charge. Polite and attentive ushers will be in attendance jan 30?tt' GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC THE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re spectfully inlorin 'he citiaens ot Washington tliat tbey intend to give a B II oo WKLNKSD* Y, Feb 14. 1855, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY hOOMS. I T. e Company plodge themselves ta u?>e every ex ertion to give the utmost sati faction to tho^e wbo | may lion?r the Corps with their presence. Refreshments will be furtiisheo by an experienced caterer. The military are requested to appear in full ue? f >rm. No hats or cap* allowed in th? Ball Room eicept those worn by the military. Tickets ONE DOLLAR to b? had of tbe Com mittee and at the door on tbe night of the ball. Committee on Imitation and Reception. Capt E t ( curing ton, Httrfitm W B Bu t, Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, L Will aw. Lieut Kelley, J Marceron, Sgt Power, Ham Butt, jan 33 - euQw&?ib A BOOK THAT EVERY THINKING KAN should leal, and one of the most convincing proofs a^aiiitt tha errors of Rouiani-ni ever pub lished The End of Controversy Controverted, by the Right Rev John 11. h< pkins, D. D., Bishop of Ver u ut Loyola and Jesuitism in its Rud ments, by Isaac Taylor Delineation of Roman Catholicism, drawn from the aulheuUc and acknowledged standards of tbe Church of llttme, by Rev. Cha?. Elliott, D.D. The History of Romanism, by John Dowling, D.D. Komanisiii compared with the Bible Old Christianity agauist Pa^l Novelties, by Ou?ely The Vanatioii- ot Popery, by S. Edgar, D.D. 1 he Mystery Solved, or Ireland's Mi*eri??? Grand Cause and Cure, by Rav . E. Dill ih>mc against Uic Bible, aad the Bible agaiast Hoina by Win S Pluuimer, D. D. Our Country, Its Danger and Doty, by lUv. A Lips comb. Par aale ky GRAY It 1ALLANTYNE. ;an 30?3t 498 Seventh ?. POCKET and Quarto Diaries for lb55 lot aale b] jan 8?tf t RANCK TAYLOR. Amusement* VATIOIiL THUTir. 11 THE *Ol'i,*ET SISTFJW. MT? C?aottat Taitiim. Anti.?inr Cimh Tiwr, Mow. Co - it. #?< ?*rrv, ^i?n/wr, t large Co/pa 4m Battel. V. Uiaa:?. L-ade. THIS El'KXIXQ the Ball't of Robert mac Ante. To be !<Mowed bf the dlvertiaem? n* of I.EH MH.I.lia, Aft r which the Spantoh dance o( LA IOTA ARRAGOKAISE To conclude with * DK CHAH'MEAlf jan 90? It ? ??Let thoac who n-ver laugh their In. 4ep*nrr. And thoae w hoalwav* laugh no* laugh the " A new, joyou*, and mirth in-pinn* entertainment wtll *hortty be (tw tii tbw rttr he MALOIB RATMOHD, The eelntirmtod Humm-t. Lecturer, ani lllunrator of Irlah Lift and Manner*. called AN HOUR IN IRELAND AMD OTHER LANDS. Taken fgmi hi* Sketch Rook, already given, by hua in Europe and America, over OShC THOCIAID RlORVII Counatmg of Anecdote*, r*ong?, Amrw* of the Pa? an try. Recollection* of Ireland, Barke, Grat tan, Wellington, Ot'onnell, Sheriena <rt>ld*mith, Lever, Plnnd, Shiel, Lady Morgan. Kaowhw, he. beiafi who have (firm L*gkt to a Wit Id, and ?aii a Netiom lit*. The Ume and plac< will be dote rhmaieM. j... *-*? SOIREES MAG1QUCS. MEMOIR OP THE GREAT MAGICIAff, MAC1LLI8THH, THE WONDER OF THE AGM! Thin i xtraordinarv Pr>te**..r of the Gabaliat*. .Aft. i? engaged by MR. MtI.ONE RAYMOND. (Lec turer, Humorut. and author of "Hmn m Ireland and other Land*.") to appear in all his NeeroaiajjUc Wonder*, ut ODD FELLOWS' HALL, for mi night*. rouimenciuf on MONDAY BTRI* i tO| January 2Vth, 1855, and following evening*. Mr. M*?one Raymond having, *ome time puice, witu^wi on the Continent of Europe, t ie extraor ilinary an.l wonderful performances of this bignlv tfitted Prf<fa?jnr of the Magic Art recently e?g*g?<1 his valuable aenice* ilimuih the chief citie* or i?nn ada, for ?even I performance*: and ?? great waa hn attraction, that lie continued to < rowd the ho? ea many week* in *uccen*?on. reaiizin* to himeelf a ihtr profit of more Uian $40 000 A larpe mm i* aecurrd him to ri* t Washington ;or a few -vi iinifn, and from the high and d? WWM reputation which precede* him. the llall will, no ilouht, be filled to repletion dariac bis *tar. Thi* Great and F.i-lunaie Magician wi* bom m the lai:d of Roh< rt Burn*, I Kit ia early >outi laatod the Conliifnt of Europe, where for *ome year' pa*t lie has i?ra( Used the art of Conjuration and Mighty Marie, and ha* acquired not only va*t wea'th. hot ihe higher pr?f?>*ioiial renown in hi? am* ic feat* of Ntcromancy. MADMF. MAC A LEISTER I* an Italian by birth. educated in Pari*, in which city the Youns Magician firm **w the Lady, and won her heart and ban 1. She i* highly b?ni and po*?? a*ed of varied talent* and accomplishment*, and has become an aide and deiteron* aan.tant to her huaband in hi* bewitct ing and lien ildmnf teats of NecroM'*ncy. Th v are both rtill ycung- Be cently in Spn<n, the performance of ihe tVisarfl and hi* lady were the (en tire laaJnou of a wfeote aeaaon. Ma<!ame Macailister in a daughter of one of N'apoleon'* mo*tce ehratcrf officer*, d TinfUMto?d in ma'? of the J>ni?eror's battles Her Maj?*ty, the Uueen. had a t|<'endid Paeiliou en-cted frtr tfi?*m in her Palace at Mailnd. wher' their nifi.lty frata wen honored by the j-nule* .?nd plaudit oi the entire Royal Household, a* well a- by crowd* of the Span:*h Nobihty and Gentry. S?v eral Splendid I lamond* were presented to tte Wiz ard by ller Maje*tv on the*e occai-iona. Italy. Franee, Germany. Portugal. Cuba. Cnited Suw?. he., have been Tinned by the*e ar i*te*, the differ ent lancuape* of which countries th>-y apeak fluent ly, and ha\*e unive<?.illy won ^oid^n opinion* a? well a* coljen favor# in each. The Magician is accooip'uiied by J. SI. WKiT ' ?N, E-ij., hi* Hecretarv, and attended b\ J^rvants nnd numcronn A**i*tant*. Pnce* of AdmiMlon.?Revived wal*-V> cent*? Half pnee 'o re.-wved eeat* only for children urrl- r twelve year*. Gwnctal adiu^mon for all ago 45 ??en to. Doors open at ~14?commence at 8 oVtock Ticket* can be had nt the door on the evening. jan 36 ?fit* ? HARPS! HARPS. /. F. BROWNE Would in:ortn hu friend^ that he i* mm in Wa*h ui(ton and ha* .?lm? fine AT H1LBCS h HITZ' MU8IC t*TO?IF. Will be happy to attend lo any order* he ma> re ceivf, at their More or at 110 BKOWAfc* HOTVL. iau A SPLENDID RAFFLE OF FURNFfl'RE will take place as ?oon a* 950 chance* are taken, at No. 1 R4 Pa. avenue, be tween lTtli and ISth Greets. 43 Pr:**o?Ticket* ft each. 1 One Walnut Jenny Lind Red-t ad. Jaas 00 'J do do Writing Cai-inet 25 po 3 do do mnrble t?p C utre TuMe..~ 17 00 4 do Mahogany do do ... 16 ??) 5 do Walrut Etagere 15 no 6 do Mahogany do is M 7 do Walnut do 12 25 8 Ha'f dozen Jenny Liud Chair* 12 00 9 One Walnut Bookstand...?.......,... .... 12 00 10 Half dozen Gilt b?ck Cane seat Chair*..- IS ??# 11 One Music St-tnd 12 00 12 do Work Htand 12 00 12 Half dozen Mapl* Pun* seat Chair* 9 00 14 do Imitation Roeewood Chair*.... 9 (M 15 One *ingle Waltyit R? d*tend 9 00 16 do Refr?-shment Table 9 mi 17 One pair Recept on Chairs 6 00 18 do do do 6 00 19 do do do - , ( oo 20 do Bookstand 5 00 21 do Arm Chair...? 2 b 22 do do 2 .Vi 23 do Child V Rocker 1 75 24 do do 1 00 25 do d? l oo c ^ fiV) 00 The public hi requested to call and ace the Fumi tore at my t?tore, No. 184 Pennsylvania mnti' tietween 17th and iBth ?to.. Pirn Ward JOSEPH G A WLER, Cabinet Maker. Positively no chanc ea drawn for until paid. Dut noJce will be given when the raffile will take nlii-t Jan 29?3< UPID'8 HBAD<^UAKTKRI.?Ceaue / and Sentimental Valentine*, wnoleaale u>d re Ui'.at LAMMONIVP, 7th at iaa ' 8H1&M11T8 PATEITI FCCKET SPIBIT LEV EL And plcmb attachment Tc?!?QUARr. This level may be u*cd in connenon Willi ? Nteel or other true square a* a leveling and piunih in in*lrumeiit the ba*e line of the aquart' being ihe level or honzoota! line. It way t? deta< b??i from the square and ut^d separately a* a level.? ^ c;irrie i in ihe |N>cket, not lakieg up more room ibaa a |teukni:?, thereby ob. laung tlie necoeHv ?if car ry ing about the ?.umbenionH- plumb and level mm in uae. The anicic may l?e examined and ito advantsft fartlirr explained upon application to EL VANS h. I'HtlMPSON. Agents for Wa-hmgton City, No. 34A Pa. ave , betw. 5th and 10th Ms. jan 97?3t IMPORTANT TO LADIES. MR4. HKACKRKV, of New York ? II remain a few days at Mi.** Morlej'*, 304 P* avenue, uortli aide, near tOtti atrcet, tor the purp*' of teaching Mr. S. T. Taylor'* great improvement for cutting and making la tie*' dresac*. Ladie* are ra*pectfully invited to rive her a rail, and if di.<po*? d take take a limn; with you an4 have tli? matter demonstrated \-mir own aatislactior. MRS RRACKNEY, jan 27?1?? 407 Bn.adaay, K. V. s RICH jewelry! 1UST raeeived the latent i^yleaot Iham nd, Pea Moaaic, Lava, and Camoo Bracelets, Brooch? ind Earrings in set* Diamond, Rubv. Emerald. Sign, t and pure Got Wedcm^ Rings. Gold and Pearl Necklace*. I.ocket*, Thimble*, P< ncilt, he. Preclou* Store* set in the most ele^nt manner, a i.^ Jewelry Work of wtiatever desenpttou executed in the highest btyle of the art. M. W. GALT k BRO , 34# Pa av., bet 9th and 10th ?!?. jan 27 ?6t (lnM'nioa.New><ti UNDEUSIU RTS AND DR \WERS.- Our amon ment of warm SHIRTS and DRAWERS is now con plete. and No* been replenished wiUuu the pan week. Prices Moderate and un form, at STEVENS'S jan 27? 3t Salesroom. Urowaa' Hotel. TyMywi iinig< r siolen prom ? 310 V it gin in avenue. Inland, a livery colored Poinier PUPPY, unu>uaily and .-hm. white breast, having ? collar. Aay information leading i cover)-, coaung from finder, teceivei or ihwt. will be rewarded. J. B. PLFASANTS, ;cn 'J* ? at* Trea*ur> and.aliv< ? suaJlj ml yW -aaneel /nn> lg to hi* re "??Mb HOWARD'S u. t. SUPREME COURT RE port*, vo4 16, J tut received by j?3 P*A?Clt TATldUR.

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