Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TH1 SXPA1AT1Q* *T WILLI** MITH. wrote no vitiw when ray heart ?u broken, Mo melting stanzas of subdued despair, . I ashed no silken trem as parting token. Bat hid m\ fact upon her bosom latr. ? >n her pale lip*, mv last d? vowing kisses Were like a sentenced victim s seal of death; As 'mid invisible demon-' enwousJiisses. We nnngled life and thought and sense and brea'h * I left her with a solemn. sa<l fmogh ng. The word* of hope fell idl\ from tongue, As in some palace I romanced of living. Beyond the sea?, .md whispered "We are youflg " Ye?, we were waug. bar shadow-winged du aster Had mocked the mighty impulse of our souls: Courage is vain, when vulgar j?re d h master, Nor beauty's m i<i<_ sallen h:tte controls ? AH, all was wrecked! I viewed my empty coffer#. The ruined temple ol my fortunes eyed, Then pictured fancy the old world's mesas scof fers. Then blazed erect the phcrnix-crest of pride! I would not linger there to lYet and borrow. In the ca d clime where men are slaves o? go! I, Where wealth to geniii* mutters '-call to morrow.'' Where cowards flourish, pioneering the b Id! '?Soul ol my soul' we part, I go to battle; It may be that 1 never more shall hear The silver sound of thy sweet girlish prattle, Nor ga?e into thy brown eyes soft wnd dear. It may be that our glorious youth is rnded. And that the world has conquered us at l.uti Vet lia? our late with joy been vaguely blended. Nor all our days by clouds have been o'ereasr: I will return ?if that tt c\ be no fables Of folden *anda upon the Western shore ? 1 will return to overthrow >ou Bable'a Dull pride, vain pomps, and long tyrannic lore. 1 will reveng' !?but cease, thou torrent bitter, To flow for wrongs untold! When youth is gone When love and hope are dear, it will be fitter That I should cadi on Nemesis alone ! Farewell, m\ hope' uiv life's sweet consolation ! It' nev? r d *>m?d on earth to m? et again? Emhracfee 'in >1 tii?? mystic shadow nation, We ye: may ay, "We have uot loved in vain Conviction of a Duilht.?At New Orleans Juan Fages has been found guil ty of manslaughter with a recommenda tion to mercy, for killing Pedro Taster in a duel. The prisoner is about 40yem* of age, and has a family. The Louisiana Courier says? "This is the first time in the annals of Louisiana that a conviction for duelling ha* taking place, although thd statutes making the slaying of a man in a duel murder are coeval with the constitution of the state. It is true this duel wa> fought under the most atrocious circum s ances, and in the most murderous man ner. Nevertheless, we hail this verdicl as an impor ant legal precedent, and a. an evidence of a healthy states of public opinion." The duel, it appears, was fought witL knives, the parties were equal in physi cal power, and when one objected to the knife of the other, the latter offered and actually did exchange knives, and with the weapon of his antagonist slew him. Conscientious Jcrtmin.?Two of thi jurors who were sworn to decide in tht case of the U. S. district court vs. Sher man M. Booth for aiding and abetting in the escape ol the slave Glover, at Mil waukee, Wisconsin, on the 11th of March, 1854, have adopted and published the fol lowing resolutios:? Resolved, That while we feel ourselves bound by a solemn oath to perform s most painful duty, in declaring the de fendant guilty of the above charge, ani. thus making him liable to the penalties of a most cruel aad odious law, yet, at tlx the same time, in so doing, we declart that he performed a most noble, benevo lent and humane act, and we thus recorc our condemnation of the fugitive slav< law, and earnestly commend him to tb< clemency of the court. MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS Name. Leave For Day*. Canada Boston Liverpool....Jan. J Pacific Liverpool...New York...Jan 1 Union Havre..Ntw York Jan. 1 Atlantic Liverpool.. .New York...Jan. 2 0*7-The California steamers leave New York oi the 5Ui and 2nth ol each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Wlliardt* Ho it?h t. !ij c. wiriifj G C Baldwin. NY J Ma ri. do W A Platenius. do H II Drayton. Ill J W Geary. Pa J B Parker, do C V sharpies*, do E \\ Vail, NY J T Atkinson, Md J R Ludlow, i'a Dr C D Smith, NY J La\v?ou, L'.->Cri T Read i lady, Pa Mrs Rf id, do L Sh tw, jr. Mass Mis- Pungle. NY C Donohue. do T J Barkmau, do S Bantice St lady, do W I V Geduy, do J H Col ton, do 8 VV Cercine & lady. NJ Col M I Cohen, Md B Summer, Mass J C Fletcher, SA J Torry, NY F Gritiings, ?fo S T Butter worth, do Mr Donobue, do Sntlostal HaUl-i. n. willa*o. J lit nderson. M l R Percy, do <1 M iii?l<tui*s, Tea I?r Wa\iie k lady, Ga Mrs K? oler. rto II W Stair. NY L Morris, do II " Whallon, do C Kimmerly W C Lawsoo, Pa J W Rtv>wn,do S VV V\ hit.iker, NC W K McComas. Va J A Md J B GHston, V Y G A AHw r & lady, do E S Niehois fc lady, do Dr VV Helm. Va Tt H Carter, do H Neilson. larfv fc child, DC ? 'apt J Armstrong, Navy T h E*leston, SC A, NY T U Wells, do Browm' (total M Ravinoi d. NY fc J Vail, do 11 C VVbitmarsb, Md J Rennet a lady. Mo fc \\ Dirnock. NY T Carpenter, do P Thorner, do C A Maitland. do W P Top lor. Va J Washington, do J K Stark, Pa L Racer, no J Keichline, do E K Snap-on, do R K dimpsiii, do B J Suin*t'ellow, Md W 1' B. rrv. Va Mrs Haiisltrough fc child, do Mis*. Mansfield, do J Mansfield, do W II Russell, Mo A Majors, do T Berry, Md W Ci Berry, do J W Cram, do E J Cohen, do D Ciark, do W D Clark, do S VV Ctde, NC J S Newman, Ind ?J Hern, Md T II Hodges, do J F Wilson, do it L Blood, Pa C? ! Kane, Md J II Duvall, do VV H Gatchell, do R Sumner. M iss A V Hanks a ladv. Pa >ii8s S F Bank*, do E A Banks, do D P Kimball and sister. Mass Mrs Sadler, Va ?i. r. fc h. crows, R P Knowland, Va A ? J an v riu. fcng B VV Pendleton. Md Col S Hillen. ji, do C Moon, Pa VV Tatnall Del Maj P Frit*, Pa F Redly, do J S Vane, do R B Taylor, Va J A DeCouicey. Kv ' A F Perry, O J Morgan, SI G Hoi and. Tex E M A'burUMi. Mass V C Goodway, NY VV I) VVarwiek, Va D J Bainer, do A C Ferris, NY R Hans'.roiifh. Mo I n.Mad SUiti Hotel?a. i. ma- khbt. G Standees, Ct R W Ryan. Md G Rust, Va G H Smoot, Ala J K Thompson, Va W K Brent. Md ? aniion lioiaaa, A. dlWTOS, TT Hill. Va S M Soller... N Y S Garland. CN X B Sutton. X V W I Sutton, do F Krdmani.. Pa VV I. \ V UC Smith, I'a M P Pfacnle, Md W P Jones lady, child fc se.rant. Vu T la R'ak'tnr re, do J K Rii hard* do I Barb ut .r, do J VV Vn^ie, ^ R H PlnppM, NY I M Maitin. 1?el J O Smith, Miss T W Tollman. Ala J K Snyder, Me li 11 lli-ttli fc lady W Idler, si y fc J Maniell, NY Alexandria, V?. paopRtcma. G VV Lewis, Va S T Stua t. do E C Marshall, do J W Hamilton, NJ ?; VV Groff, Md < 'ol J K Jones, N Y L Rnstett. Ct D Fiizhneh. Va A S Solomons, NY P IS Hume, Va V Loughborough, do Mi?s P..)?e, do I G smoot, DC I H Smoof, Va ?\ G NaJli do T Sieert*, ???. H L Gallahef. dv PROPOSALS FOBOTL FOl LIGHT HOU8S8 }? < iJkt Light Lloii-e Board, January 16, 1866 Sty HAT8 SEALED PR PlSALH will b-' re ceived at tbls until 1 o'clock pan , on Tbut> <l-?y, 4 he first ?iay ft February >866, for supplying the light hon e estalUishment with th# following lots or quantitis" of oil to be d liv*i<d al*ag*ide of tbe government tupply vessel at B ri?r,n. New York city, New Belfori, or hdgailowa. Maetachu'etta, at the r pti<*o ot tb? contractor. to be determined on at the t me cf aee> ptiog the bid. in ti ht, well made cask*, euitabl- for ab'PP'ng, in prime order, on or before the folio ring dates respectively, and alro at the re-1 speeuve punts nain-d on the lakea, vis: Lot No. 1. 8,000 (e'ght thousand) gallons best winter-strained or pressed sperm oil, and 22,000 (twenty-two thousand) gallens beet serin g atrain'd or pressed sperm oil. to be delivered , on the 1ft day of March, ^855 Lot So. 3. 14/>30 (fourteen thousand) gallons best winter ed ainej or pressed ?p?rm oil, ."ltd 16,000 (?:>*-en thousand) ?alion-> b st ipriog strain- ] ed Or i>rrp#>< d sperm oil, to be delivered on . th? let da/ cf May, 1856, as above Lot No. 3 1^,000 (eighteen th u and) gallons l>e?t winter atrained T pressed sperm cil, and 12 000 (twelve tboueitHi) gallons best ep'iog atraiued or pressed f-p ? m HI, to be delivered as above on the 1 t day cf June, 1656. FOR THE LAKK3. Lor No 4 7,600 (seven thoufatd five hucdred) gallons beet winter strained or preyed arerm oil, and 7,a?0 (seven thousand five hundred) gallons be?t ?prin^ ttrainol or press?d sperm oil, to be delivered at Buffalo, New York, to the pro per cffWr autlrized to rec-ive it, on the 15th day ot April. 1855, or immediately af ter the opsning of the Krit c;?mil 450 (foar hundred and fifty^ gallon** b-st wlntet* | ?trained or pressed sperm oil, and 450 (f >ur i U' dred and fif'y) ga> on? best spiing atiaiped or pressed sperm oil, to l.e delivered to the c Me-tor aodfopwrint^nd^ntof lights at Patt-bur^. New York, ou the 35th day ?f Ap-U, ISO's or immediately after the opening of ths Erie ran?l. All of the cil comprised in Lot No 4 to be deliv ered at the above mentioned places f >r the lights on -be akes moat lie in small iron-bound casks, in prime erder, free from leakage, containing from thirty to fifty g.i'loua each, and fix- from a 1 expense 1 to the United ajtat-*-; all the c<'Hts tor trausportatioi-, damage. a"d leakage Wins at the charges and rif'k oi the contractor or contractor--, a'id all tests and | inspection to be made prior to the transportation of the oil 1mm the contractor's warehouse, or other pla e of dejo-it. The several lo's of oil required to be delivered | a'^ngs d ? of the t uprly ves els ph:ill be so de'lverrd h- n th* sa d v *?-sel- ? hal be in ? ad ce s *o re ceive the ame. ?Ld in ca ? the supply vessels should | not be ready to rece ve the oil < u iha ('av^ herein specified ( jr the delivery, then the contra ting party wii. be atli erty'od 1-ver it to an authorised >?' th* i.uht hou?e establishcent a? ti'e p?cnt of de livery .vad sh ill b? ejt'tl-i to payment therefrr, wi'hm fiti-.-n dajs or ?uch de ivervl All he oil contracted for under theloregoing prono ^a';s t<? be suhje<-ted to usual tests of specific gravity, t?mperature at whieh it will remain limpid, by bur ning and such other means as may be thought proper by'.he per-on or persons to whom that duty m*y l>e igued by the Light-House Hoard. l>efore it will I*- acc'-pied The winter-strain<><i oi' to remain limp id at a temperature of 32 degrees of Farenheit or lower, and the s:>ring-?trained oil a* a temperatuia of 4?> iegrees of Fareuheit or lower. Proposal* wiil be rec-ived and considered for each lot separately. <t for tjit. whrde quantity reqiired, at the ption of th? b dd*-r. but no bid will b? enter tain i f ,r a lesi quantify than i? compri-ed in me of the severa'. l^t ? d^s gnate t Nos 1. 2,3, and 4. The 'ids must ?tat? explic 'y the k t orlut* p'op s?d for by the number or l umbers ihe quantity of e^ch ktnd cf ii in the lot or 'ots, aod the pri^e per gal !oa "f eaob qual. ty of oil. All bids must to* sealed, and endorsed "Proposals r'T Oil lor Light-Houses," and then placed in anoth er envelop-*, and dirw-ted to the Secretary of the '.igrht House Hoard. Washington, D. C. A U>n l, with security to the satisfoetion of the de i nrtment in & penalty equal t"? one-flfth the amount cf ?ach roatract maie und?r the f< regcing prcpo tJtLn, will be required < f each contractor,con Jitioned f r the fait.iful p.-rirrmance of each contract, to be execured wittin Un daya aftv* the u^cntaace of the bid The board, under th< authority of the department reserve the rij<ht to reject any 1'id, though it may be the lowest, fVim other coueiderations than its ?.mount. By order of the Board: THORNTON A. JENKINS, jao IS?StawtlstF b Secretary. IN YiaORATING CORDIAJi A PHENOMENON IN MEDICINE. HFALTn RIfiOTOK'D A^T> LIFE L^'G^l.'lNRD, by T;R MCRhE'R DTYIGOP-^TINj KL1XIH OR OOFDIAL.? At flr*t the proper ties attribated to Pro*. 1IORSjI"8 INVIOOnAIlNQ KL1XIK OR CORDIAL were deemedf?^olcu3. Th' public often dejeired, eouiUnoi bdtett the simple and 3abli.^e truths announced bv ths diaooTerer.? but facts, uo-ientabie fa^ts attested by witeeeees o) the bigb^at class and charact?r, are now triuxajb lng over ^>1 dcabta. INCREDULITY 18 rjVEil THROWN by a h?b of teetiaony which is perfectly Intsli' i >le. The R'.ixis remedies, in all ease', the deplorable eril? arising from s misuse or abus* oi tbe vtriout organs which make op the *7ond' -fnl machine called aan. It rsstoren to fall v^gor every d~llcate funo tlen <?nne(rte'l with that mysterious comp^anc agenry *?f matter nd m'nd, ne??ssar? to the re-pr9 dmetim <J \uman lift. To p-reoni of feeble tau**u lar^r*'n?, or deficient In vital prwer, It is rs*om mended as th" only m*ans of crramun',,at1ng that energy which is ne?e?s?ry to the proper enjevment of all the natural epy> ^t'.'es, pe well u the hlghei ment*! attributes. I ir b-nefici?; ef^f<?ts are not con fined t>. either ui T any r^e. The feeble girl the ailing wife, tl ' i!st?-?s, ernevated youth, tii* overworn man of i u-uners, the vi>*tta of nervous da nre&sion, the individual s-jiTering frcm general de btlity, or rroju the weakness of a ain/!? organ, will ali find imtn-diaU and permanent relief from th* u>e of icis i>r on parnble renovator. To those wIk have a pi-rdlapcaitic n to paralysis it will prove ? complete and ucfiiJing safeguard a^sinst that terri b e malady. There are many, perhaps, * ho have sr trilled with their conatitutioim, that they thin) themselves beyond the reach of medfeine. Let nc eren tba^e daapalr. The Elixir deala with dis?a<n a. it exists, without re^rtnoe to causes, and will not aly remove the disorder itself, but REBUILD THE BROKEN CONSTITUTION. The derangement* of the systrm, leading to ner vous ilaeaaes, and the torms of ner7ons disease It self, are so numerous that it wo all require a column to enumerate the maladies for which this prepare ration is a speeiflc. A few, however, may be enuine rated, via: neusaigta, tic d^lereaux, bea1ache,in^ir lent paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the hesrt sp ? OA a?f'''~tione, muscular debility, tremera, fatulenc, a pr.i king sens at i .n in the flei h, nsmbneee, tar pi-i Ity oi th ijrer, mental depreeaioo, w?akr.?-ie of th will, inlispo ition ta move, taintoees after exevis: broken sleep an i terrifying dreams, inability ?o rj' mam in one place : position, weakness of the pre. creative organ-, sexua lneoninetenry, melancholy monomania, lluor alb'ia, nking at the stomach, male irregularities, a chronic tendency to miscar riage. ema -iation. and all oomplainu growing out ot a free indulgence of the paadone, and ail barrennc^ that do?r* net proeMd from organic causes beyond the reach of medicine Whenever the organs to ba acted upon are free from malformation ors.rinura! liseases it is averreo that MORSrB 1MVIQOKAT1NO ELLXM& will replace weakness with strength, incapacity with emciency. irregularity with uniform and natural no avity. and this not only wtehout b.vaard of reaction, bat a happy on the Keneral or^anizattoD that all maladies, wherever thev begin, Anuk with the nervous system, and that the paraiiaation of the nerves or motion and -eolation i< physickl death. Bear in mind also, that for everv kind o! nervous disease As Eiixer Ourdial is the only reliable preparation known. CAUTION. Da. Moats'! Ixneoaansu Oorpial has been conn torfelt?t by some unprincipled pereons. In future, all the genuine Cordial will have tbe ?ropristor's fac simil? pasted over the oork of eaeh bottie, and the following words blown In the eIsss Dr., Hors?*s Iarlioratlag Cordial, O. II. RIWO, Proprietor, R.T, f^^e Cordial is put up highly concentrated, In put DOtuM. trie*,?IB pee bottle; two for $6; six for tia. C. 3. RING, Proprietor, 1M Broadway, New York. Sold by Druggists throughout tbe United Stttss. Ganadas, and west Indies AQMNTR. Washington?Z. D. OILYAV. Baltimore?8. 8 HAN(? Richmond?BENN ETT A BBEfUD. ?0?ertf NA Pi BEL'S Knsli th Rattles and Sieges in tbe^ Peninsula, I vol, Lon <mi. 1H."<4 Manual ot Field Operation, by Lt J?*rvis, Royal Ar tillery, 1 vol, IM5S The Y???nit Officer'h Companion, by Col Lord de Koa. 1 vol, 1861 Tli" War in Russia and ?iermanv in 1812-13, by Col ?'atheart, (kdled at Ink' riyan) 1 vol, map* anil diagnnis, 18.HI ^i\ Familiar l.eetures, by a Held officer, 1 vol, IV?1 general Wolfe's Instructi'>n<< to Young f>(ficers, 1 vol (out of print) 17BH Tlie Mediterranean, a Memoir, I' t^ical. His .irical. anrt Nautical^ bv Re ir Admiral Smvth I vol, IBM The Miscellaneous Literary Work* <?f Reneral Rnr j;ovue, '2 vols, (out of print) INih i' FRANCK TAYLOR. JOHN n. BUTfiMANN, IMPORTER A"ND D?AL1R IN WINE, BRAN dy, Clgsrs, 4c, , Pennavlvanla ?r?nue, south skto between 4% and Sixth strata, has received bis mil stock and af?rtment of the above, eonsiatlna in Ert of? adeira, 8hmy, Port of vatic*. gwdea, Champagne in qts and pts, different brands A grwt varisty of Rhine Wine, some of it apaik Mng Also, 8t Perry sparkling red and white Claret, at I rices from $S 60 per dosen to the highest or* der And namerona other kinds of Wiia Also, very superior Oognaa, pal* and dark: 8cbetf> ?? v?mRttIB' fine oli Whiakey, ??rdl4l?> *nd Havana Cigars. dec l?_ 2aw8w " PROPOSALS FOK MAIL BA08 P?8T OfEICE DEPARTMENT, January 12,1855. OEALED PROPOSALS will be received at litis O Department until ? o'clock a in., of the 23d of A|?fil next for furnishing for lour years from the 1st ?lay ot July next, in such quantities and at ouch times as may be required and ordered for the mail ? rvice,mail bags of the following description, to v. it ? Canvas Mnif Hugs. Size No. 1, (43 inches- in length, arH 62 inch* a ia circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and live-fold. t,'*e No. 2, (41 inches in length, and 48 inches iu | circumference,) to be i:<?i<!e of cotton cjinvruM, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first size of bags. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made ol cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces to thr yard of 22 inches width, and th cloth to be woven as above described. The. canvass bags of sizes No*. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficient number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths. All are to be well and disiinctlv marked " V. S. Mail," and to be numb, red according to the sizes above specified. Leather and Canvass Poitches. Size No. 1.48 in in length, and 6(1 in. circumferencc Size No. 2. 41 do do ?lo Size No. 3 36 do do 42 do Size No. 4. 36 ?fo do .16 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather pouches is to be made of g??od and substantia) bag-leailitr, well tanned, weigh mg tor Nos. 1 mid 2 not less than 8 ounces, and t.r the smaller sizta not less than 7 ounce* lu the ?ij. toot; the bottom and (lap to be of good skirting leather, well tauned, and Uie same to be well and strongly secured with the best iron rive s, well tinned. The canvass pouches are io be made of il nsely woven canvass, s as to resist water, or 1 I>'ast e(|ual to that of which the pouches now in the semce pre made. Leather and Canvass Hags, (in saddle bags form ) Size No. 1. Body 4* inches lone, and 4t inches in circumference at the widest parts ; end* or bottoms of s l it-, 14 by 26 incites ? No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 3G inches in eircti;.ir"reiicc at the widest parts ; ends or bottoms ot same, 12 by 24 inehi s Siz?* No 3. Bo ly 42 inches long, and 32 inc'ie? m eircumf* ih? widest part-; ends or bottoms ot same 10 by 20 incite? The leather horse mail bags are to be made of eood and substantial bag leather, well tanned, and weighing not less than 7 ounces to the square f<v?t, and the seam* to be well and strongly sewed ; < r, if rivetted, to be so dou? as not to cltale the horse or rider. The canvius horse mail bags are to be made of tlie same quality of fabric as the ;>ouche= above dc -cribed. Canvass and Litith r Drop If iter Pouches. (with side pockets.) >ize No. 4. 30 in in length, and 36 in circumference Size No. 5. 26 do do 2d do Canvas* Newspaper Muil Bags. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 02 inches in circumference,) to b& made ol cotton canvass, w. ighing at lea?t 15 ounce- to t'le yard of 22 inch, s width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five fold, and the bagtobe st> constructed as to hi locked and to have a handle at ?;acu end. Size No. 2. (41 niches lon^ and 48 inches m cir cumference,) to be ot the same material and man ner of construction with size No. 1. Prop sals for improvements in the construction of any ol the above-described m il-bags, or in the ma terials thereof, jre invite i; and the relative value and adaptation to the ervice a* well piice of such improvement will he considered in determin ing the lowest and best bidder. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with samples of each article |,jd tor, showing the construction, quality of materials, and workman ship proposed, and also with evidence of the com petency and ability of the bidder to execute the work according to contract. The specimen* must be delivered at the Depart ment on or before the 33d day . f April next, and will, in connexion with the proposals form the basts ot die contract. Specimens deposi ed by bidders which inay with saf<t\ aud convenience be used in the mail service *ill b- paid for at the rates pro posed by them. A decision on the bids will he made on or before the first day ol >|ay net t: and the bidder or bidders chosen will be required to enter into contract on or before the 15th day of lene next, with bond and sufficient sureties lor a taithful performance of the obligations as entered into. All the articles contracted for are to be delivered at the contractor's expense, nt Ronton, Massachu setts j New York and Bnfl'aJo, N. Y.; Philadelphia aud Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.: Washington, D Charleston S C.; Augu-ta,(;a.; Montgomery, Ala.; New Orleans, La ; Nashville, Tenn.; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio ; and !<i. Louis, Mo., in such quantities and at >uch times as the Depart ment may jcquire; and they are to be rigidly in spected before delivery, and none are to be received which shall be inferior to the specuneu* or stand anj b*gs. T? ' nable bidders to estimate the number of the different kinds of mail bigs which will probably be r quired, they are imormed that there were fur nished for the u<e of the Department, during tlK* year which ended 30 ii June last 2 135 leather pouches; 3 978 canvass pouches; 450 leather hor-e mail bags; 605 canvass horse mail bags ; and 17,11-J caiviss mail bi-js. The proposals should be endorsed " Proposals for Mail Bag*," and be addressed to the " Postmaster Demerol." JAMES CAMPBELL, jan l.> law I2w Postmaster General. VTORTH AMERICAN REVIEW for January Pr? Ethics, by Geo. Shar-wood ix and Hemp, their culture and manipulation 25 The Rose and the Ping, by Thackeray, illustrated man'ch Franeai^ des Etats L'nis pour 1* annee lo55 A Night in Buenos Ayres. a new drama, iu 5 acts Par!on and other Pencilling**, by Kirwiiii Humanity in the City, by R?tv. E. II. Chapin Sociology for the South, or tlie failure of Free Soci cty, by George Fitzhugh t amille, a novel, by Alexander Dumas. Jan 4 FRANCK TAYLOR. ROSENKRANZ pianos. J T"r \tyy two ,,r above unequalled in I ^ Struments direct from the Manu factory in Dresden, t.'crinany. Thesc^^22bBE Pianos havine both, after a "lor g seaWI^W^Rr and land voyage, arrived in perfect* ^ w \J W tune, afford another guarantee of their superiority m keeping IUnc. t heir beauty aud uJ.wei o' tone elicits the higheft encouiums from all th?i great musical critics of Europe. ? ^ HILBUrt & IIITZ, Music Depot, c.?r. Pa. av. 1 In, and D sis. jan o? tl H. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. arenue. between 9th and lt*A streets. Oners tor sale a Rttignificent assortment of d , |I,AV,?D JEWELRY, widdfna Hi?r? Ertrri"^' ??-al Rings Wedding Kings, Fob and Vest Chains Seals I <?rk e?. IVncil., T'himtil.'g, TnuMi?" * ' *"C'1 ?l.l ' j u 19 BR1 riSH STATESMEN Live- ? Russell, Paliiierston, Graham, Gladstone 1 vol, London, 1854 ' ' Thirty Years of Foreign Policy, a history of the Se cretaryrhips ot Aberdeen and Palmerston 1 vol, London 1855 raimerstoii, I Heedell's British TantT for 1854-5 wzvzjyxrrs"ibt YYjiUi,, Indusirial Exhibition, by d,>-' "" ?f do., by f'"AX Spe" Ofte', D.p,rtmCT, 2SLe,K's 9taJislie*l Companion for 1854 inent in 18> mP?nion from itscoinmence FHANCK TAYLOR. ' PlAMOS FOR SALE of Chicken,,f rind two oT'aH f,ori.four Pianr*, two offer low tor ea h ,"r .o^?^': S"',,,s' w""-"we moderate terms. ' " "oles, or will rent on New Music expected to morrow morning. ?? alio I*;,, avenue. 1>APER MtMS'J'EM-'R \ u~.?"~ moistening the leg ves ofa iw u''"'M,u ft,r age Stamps, Envelopes, and moisten' he fi l 0,t when counting bank hills. Also n !??i , other pui|?om*s. lI' f"rvan<)u< It will be found an itidispensihip initio ?? . ?*&?.?. ViSS Z\ZZ come into general use. '' miti tan IH TAYLOR * MA CRY, Jrt" 10 Agents for Wsytnngton. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. LATHAM'S LINK OF ?????!? will Alexandria at 4, 73i, and 9% h m, 1^4 and 3# p m. will leavf Washington at 6, 11, and 13 ? m., 3% and 7 pm. Seats can be secured at the Office, Fairfax st., and Newton's Mansion House ; in Washington, at Hall's Scgar Store an 1 Kirk wood House. This Line nm< regularly winter and summer for tke accommodation of the Public. Passengers called tor and taken to their residences if not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 cents ; all other regular trip* '25 cent*. Trunks extra. LATHAM fc COOK. jan 8?If 1 CHOHWBLL'S BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN "V NEW YORK BALTIMORE fc BOSTON, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily Irom Baltimore and NewYork, and twice a week from Boston to Biltiniore and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the busi ness men of the District of Columbia. The Agent* at either point will receive freight and eive a tbrouch bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates o< freight and no comiuissions charged. Application* fur freight promptly attended to by the following agents: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange PI >ce, Baltimore. H B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany st*., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jail 14?d3m Foot of India Wharf, Boston. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE ANl) OHIO RAILROAD. IMPROVED A^RANGEMKNT8 FOR TttAYEL! 1MrOKTANT CBASGKS OF8CHEDFVF!! f!J7THBE8SHC3 Th* late completion of th? SfCg Ohio Railroad betre?n Wheeling and Columbus. uniting as It dw, by ro short and direct a line, the Baltimore and uhio Railroad with all portions of the Wwt (and North aud Southwest,) glveR this r^ute greatly increased alvantag^s to tnrough travelers in that direction. On and aler >1 >NOAY, November 27, 1864, th? trains will be run as follows : FOR THROUGH PASSKNGFRS. Two last trains duly will run in each d'lecUon First?Tfce MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a m , instead ot 8 o'clock as heretofore, (except '?n Sunday,) an I arrivlne at Wheeling at 2 40 a. ro Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m . I instead of at 7 p. m., as here'ofor*, and rnnnl: g ] through to Wheeling ?n about 17 hours, rea?hii g there at lu26a m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, Syk-'sville, Monoorcy, Harper's I'-rrv, Mar'insburg, Kir John's Run, Cumberland, Piedmont, Rowle?burg. Newbttrg, ?ette-mar, Farm ingtao, Cameron and Moundsvdlie only, for wool and water and ireals. Both tk* -? trains mak? prompt and regular connection wih th? era of th Oectral Ohio Koai for Cambridg , Zan* svill.-, New ark, Columbus, CinMnnati, Louisville, T>sytm Sandusky, Toledi, Letroit. Indianapolis Chic?(r>. St l.?uis.etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore hy the Mail Ir^.'c; wi 1 re*c Cincinnati f-t dinr?r urxt day, while by the Fxpress Train they arr r? ?h?r. at 12 the next nighr, b?ing kept but one night or the route by eith?r train Passengers for the Northwest via Cleveland and ] ail intermediate points can mike a direct toonac ti n with h?> train*, upon th* C'eveland *cJ Pitts burn Railrord at all times when the Ohio is t .-win M?* fo" steamer" between Wheeling ard W?-li; ville, by leaving Baltimore in ibf Mad Train at 7 a. to Returning, the Trains Uave Wbeelirg as tollowc: The FXPRKS3 TR TN at 4 30 p m., reaching Fa; tiraore at 9.50 a. m. The MAIL TRAIN st 11.45 p m.. reachiug Baltimore at 7 p m 4VThrough tictets by b. at from Whee'ing for Cincinnati, Mudis^n Lou?svil!e, St. ' < uis and oih?r River Cities. ? i'i be sold at a 1 times when the stage of watpr ?ill admit. 99" Through ?ick??ts between Baltimore ard Wasuiag'on, and all the important dtits and town* j in th<? West, are sold at the TicSet Offices of the Cmpccy. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. THE MAIL TRAIN', leaving Camden Statioi wili take pspsengers f r all th* urual stapling place- ot the Road Returning, ihis train leaves Wheeling | at 11.46 miloixht. Cumb-rla^d at 10.16 a m ar d arrives at Baltimore at 7 p m. THE FREDERICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and ict*rmndiate tla-<s, wi'l s art at 4 p. m , daily, (except Bun 'ay-> ar iving in l"r?Uer ic'k at 7.40 Re'urnipg ?ili loavo Frednick at 0 a. m., arriving at Ealtimore at 1^.30, coon T!1K ELLTC >TT*S MILLS ACCOMMCD VT J.N will be ran daily, (-i^*pt Sunda"?.) as followi : Leave Caro-l-n Sta'i n at 0 a. m and 3 p. tn L?are KUioolt'a Mills at 7.30 a. m. and p. m. | WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: LEAVK dally, except Sunday, st C and f a m. ard 3 and 5 pm On Scnday nt 6 a m and 5 p ra. Leave Baitim re at and 9 am; asd 6 ard 3 p m. On Sunday at a m and 5 pm. The ccnneHi..u? with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad 1 for the Wt?t are by trains havicg at ft a in and 3 p n?. For Thiladclpliia and NeT York at 0, and 8V{ a m and 6 pm. For Annapolis at 8% a m and 6 p m. For Noriolk at 3 p m. T. H. PARSON8, Agent Particu ar attention is called to the Rule requir ing a responsible vouch-r for any person of color who m<>y wi h to pass ot r the road. dec 13?I tf 0RA5GE A1TD ALEXANDRIA RAILR1AD. On and after Tuesday, Not-1. 7, 1854, THE Cars !?ave Alexandria da'iy for Gordons vilie and intermediate talions at 7Jf o'clock, a. m., or< the arrival oi th* boa: from Washin^tcn, giving 8mple time for breakfast on board. Con necting at Manassas Junction with a tr?ic lor ?trs9 burg, at Warrenton J a rtion with a train for War ronton, and at Oordonsville with tha trains on the Virginia Central Railroad forRi* hmcnd,CbarK>t(es ville, end Staunton The cars leave Gordonsville daily for Alexardria and intermediate stations, at before 12, a. re., on the arrival of the trains o' the Virginia Central rail road from Riclimoad, CharlottesviMs, and Staunton THROUGH riOKETS. From Alexandria to Warrenton f'i 00 44 14 Gordcnsville 3 50 " " Charlottesville 4 ib " " Staunton 5 90 44 " Strasburg 3 60 " " Lynchburg d 76 44 ** Winuh-eUr 3 60 '? 44 Luray 4 26 44 M New Markrt 6 00 ?4 " Midi'uburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecticg with the stages at Ghari 'ttesTille, on Mondays, Wedaesdsy, a?id Fri days For Lura? an 1 New Msr>?*t connecting with lta? u ages at Uulpepe.,on Tuaedays,Thursdays, and tiat urdaj. For Winchester daily, connecting with the stages at PiedaiUfit For Mildleburg daily, connecting with the stage* at tbo Pluius. Per order: B BR0CKTCT, Agent uov 7?atf lOR MOUNT*^VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Fare round trip $1; from Alei sndrta 70 oenta -The 'illoMAS tX)i.LYtR lenvee W tahlngN ii at 9 an 1 Alexandria UJ-j o'clock. Ceai'hst lea?e the Capitol for tte boat at 33% o'clk fJoa^h fire ' 0 cents Pefon > a inning the Coache? will leave their real d?nee wirh G"0. J Tbos. I'arker Ket'reshiaent? ou the boa'. oct 28 -dtf SAM'L QKDN'Y, Capt THE NEW VOHK * LIVkHPUOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS? 1M1E SUIP8 COMPRISING TiliS LINK ARE . THE? ATLANTIC, Capt. West PACIFIC, Capt Nve, BALTIC, Capt. Comstoek, iD '1ATIC, Capt. Gralton. Thede fhi^s have been built by contract, exprrs: - ly for Governmtnt eervW; every c?ro Las been taken in their construction, as in the Engine* to insHre strength anl speed, and their accomuicvia tions for (.avengers are unequalled f>r e'eg.vnc^ and oomfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, in first cabin $1%) Second Cabin 70 Exclusive ul? of extra sixe state rooms 30u From Liverpool to New York ?30 and ?20. An ex' erienced surgeon attached to?ach rhlp. No bert^t can be seeured until paid tor. For freight or passage apply to BDWABD K. COLLINS k CO., W Wall street, Ne ? York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverpool. E. 6. ROBERTS k 00., 13 King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNROE A CO , 2<J Rue Notre I>ame des Yb toires, Pari*. OtX>. II DRAPER, Havre. The owners of tbe-e ships will not be accountable for gold, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prions itoues or oetals, unless bills o?' lading arc eigne i therefor, and the value therejf therein expre s d. nov 16?dly MY COURTSHIP ANHITSCON8EUUENCK3 by Henry Wikoff The History and Po<-try of Finger Rings, by Chae. Edwards The World a Workshop, hy Ewbank The New ?onaressioual Directory at TAYLOR & MAURY'S jan 15 Bookstore, near 1Mb i>t. PHILADELPHIA AOVfcRTlSEMENTS. 8HTDBH B WI2TB8 AT PHILADELPHIA. TOKIB V. 8I1DKH, la WlBM.atUu V former bid eetablish-d WSr* Sorr Of JACOB SKTDUL, Jr., No. 76 Walnnt etreet, four doer* b? low Fourth street. wber? onnntm'-n will be supplied wtth WIIfEP ted LI QUO MS on the moet Ksoomuo datina terms JACOB BIIDBR, Jr., Agent for be in pcrtatlan o1 FOKJUQN WUiES, 0?ee No. 7fl Wal ?at street, Philadelphia, where he is prepared tc reeelve orders for the special Importation of Wtsea, from various honeee In Bumpe, In qnsutitte* m a single do sen and upward*; and al?*M>Unt# for h ? ? >n. JOHN VAUG HAN ?XIDKR, the patronage r hi* ?fiends and fomer oactonars. V Ail Wine* ordered far Waahingtoa will be d? llferwd by Bxpr?v_frci qf freight. je 8?ly DOCTOR TOUE8SLF. TILE POOKJPT J580ULAPIU8: OR, EVERY ONI HIS OWN PHYSICIAN. The Fiftieth Edition, with One hundred Ingravlage showing Plr-aai ? and Mv 1 formations of the Haass J?y ?tem la every shape ard I form. To which Is addad a < mm Treatise oa the Pieiaaei oi ' "^3 ? Pemalas, heing of the hl*h S H&S 2mm^ Jm *et irapcrVn"* to marred "people, cr ' h ">ee c>nteni? plating tratriag*. By WM 10UNU, M. D. Let ao fathar be aabaiat 4 to precent a eopy of the JttGULAPlUS to his chl'.d mb ? It nay aare him tron at earlv grave. 'Let ao young mac or wrman enter in to the **????e*. obligations of married life without reading the POCBBT ^BCULAPIUH. Let no on? ?a!ferfni< from a hackaled Cough, Pain ia the 4d? reetfea? night?. nervous foe ling &, and the whole trail of Byspeptic rcusadoae, and siveu up by tbeix pbj -Icibn, be another moment* without consulting ft -K?CULAP1U3. Uave the married. or these aben to be married any impediment, r?ad this truly up? ful l>ook, as it hae beeu the mean? of sarlag thon - aad? of unJbrtmaate ereaturee from the very jaws <?! death. 4*~Any person aeadlog TWBNTY-IIVB CBNTt lacloe-d In a letter, will recdve one oopy of thl ?ork by mail, or fire copies will be eeat for One Do1 la*. Ad.'rew, (poet paid) DR. WM. YOUNO, No. 1*2 Bprnoe itwt, Philadelphia ?r t*_ ly AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LET THE HICK H K A R THE TKtTTH. Cattain Hinjamin.? Wherever known his le^ri mony will be ronelustvi-. But lest tbofte nhn d? not know the Captain >lionld be ec? pttoal, I?r. I>*w eon & Hro., with otbor- of'th? kM known and mof highly r?>pectabl< citizens ol baat<m, endorse in woudertul cure by Hampton's veqetablh tincture. Kas row, (XI. 4,ISM Mcstsr* Mortimer 4r Movhra^ : G?:ntleni?*n?J leel tt in> duly to y?u ^n<1 "be pub lie lo certify to the cd'ecu ol ilantpton'M Veg?tabl' Tinctuie. i was lor iuor?* th in five year? aborit>. under a di*ea*e of Chronic Kb< uinatiMii, and lb froat pnrt ol thai time I was so helplera that I h.n to be In l|N-d frt?m my bed and dressed in mv rloilu I becHine reitnc d to a nn re skrleton. All the m< r. iciaes I took done ui< no r>od, and I continued t grow worse I beard of Hampton's Tincture am* thought 1 would give it a trial. At this time I di not exfiect to !iv? one day after another. I did ro take it (the Tincture) for the Rheuiuati>in. but n a sho t tune I was w.-ll ? f that dis? aso. From tb. effects of your 1 incture and the help of G?>d I an now ueium; in good In alih. I wish all the ainictt^l to txv Hampton's Wgelabb Tincture, as I liavt- d .ne, with the same effect tha it has on Your obe.lient eenraut, Isaac Heijamix. We are acquainted with Laac Benjaiunt; sol.' him some of (lampion's Vegetable Tuictur*. nnii t>? deve the .bove statement correct. Dawson h Hro. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we ar confident til at the above statement is true and un e i age rated. J. A. JoBNsen, CR A RLKr ROBIMSOK. Cnll and eet {mmpliltis gratis, and see cures ?>' Cough, Bronchitis, Itheuinuiism, Ncuralna, l?y p'^psia. \ervonsnes? and General VVeaknA?. Ar ;< female medicine or lor delicate children we believ< it unequalled. Sold by MOKTl.MtR ?l MOYVRBAY, 140 Hall, more street, Baltimore; and ^04 Broadway, \. York Cha*. Siott 8i Co., J. R. Moore, IV IS. Ci.aRKF.. Cr.ARVE & Howlino, \V. Elliot,and li. McPhek son, Washington; al<o, by R. S. F. Cis?fl,George bnvn and C. O. Kerrt, Alexandria, and bv Dmi? gist^ ererywliere. jan f tr CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tha Graat Parlfler of tha Blood J Hot a Particle of Mercury In It! An Tjualubh Rwenr for Scrofula, King'* K*i. Rheumatu j, Ob-?tin*te Cutaneous Fmpticns P.iaple" or Pa?u!?s on the fac;, MotcheK, Boil^ C'Troui: Here Sjor, King IV'im or Tetter, fkal Howl, Kr!ar??aicnt and Pain of the Bo nee air Joints, Stubborn Ulcere, Syphilitic Disorder^ Lumbeco Spiaol 'Jompla nts, ani all the disens i arit:!',; from an ii^u iv.oua use of Mercury, Ins pru<l ii'-e in I If", or Impurity of tie H ood. I^IIIS ralna I* M dleine, ?? hich ha- beconi' r?l< br-ited for th-- number of -xtra rdinary cunt eff'cted through its AReacy, ta" In J jc,ed the propr eto'g. Kt the urg nt r. quest of their frl nds. to < tl it to th" public, which tb-y do with the utmo>t w a tiJencK in il6 TirtU" sr i wonderful curative pre; arti s Th?* fol'owing eerrificat-a, tel?ted irom i large number, are, Uowevtr, strouger Urr.imco thar. the m?r! wi/'-l cfthe proprietors; and are u> fn>a gentlemen we 1 *nown in th'lr ^o^'itief, tc of the highest re-pectablllty, mauy of th-m res dicj la the city of Richmond V ?. P HOYDKN, E-q? of the Exchange Hot*!, Rlrt na >?d, known i<T??r> wb?-re says he has seen 'he ieia-= ca le>i CAjtrta's ^pasifu MiXTCRX.alm nir.ere in over a h .nJre l <.ases, in nearly all the dua??e for wV ich it 1.- rci ommended, with the n.ost astou i?hiog'<jr good rc^mte He bays it is the most r* tra?rd ua:y medicine he haa ?rer seen. AQCK AND FKVKR?GREAT CUUF.?I h-re'.j certify that f?r tbiua yearn 1 had *gue ?ud PeTe of the n?'< t ti lent d'--:ription. T h?*d 8ereral Thv sicieni1, toak l?rg" i^uau i'les of W^inice, i.crcury and I bel eve ali the Tonics adr^rii^, bat ail wit I. out immanent relief. At last I tried Carter' >p al/-h Mixture, two bottirs of which eff-etuell -Li ed me, and I am happy to e*y I hare had ceiu e ohLl? or feTers flin^e. I oonatder it the beet Ton?? in this worli, and the only me<ll?me that *Tej reached my c^s?i. JOHN LONODKN. Bkavir Diwu. near Richmond, Ya. C. R LUCK, Seq., n<w in the dty of Richmond aol fur marj years in the i'ost Otflie, has sucl oijoiidencj in th* aatonlsbing efllca^y of Oart r't Sp nii-h Hixiur* that ha hhs bought upward* of & bcttles, which he b?s given away to the sfd cted.? Mr. Luck says he hv? never known It ta fail whei taXea noc rding to <li;eoHons. Dr. V11NOS-;, ? pra.-tie nz Phjrfrfun, ^n l fbrmerl> of the City Hotel, In the city of Birhm .-nd, says h? h .a witnessed ia a numb r of icstauces toe eilrcts ci Oarer's 8pam~h Mixture, which were mox* truly surprising He s^ys In a c?s? of OonMimptimi, de pen <-nt on the Ijiver, th? good fffec^s wers won deitul indeed. BAM DHL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker l Mc?t>*, RicUmond, waa curud cured of Liver Com pixiut of thr?K> \ eara staadiug, by the use d t?i b Ults ut barter's Spaui h Mixture. GREAT CURB Of KJUOFULA ?The Edilore ol the Richmond Ilopubii an h d a ee vant employed in tWeir press room, cu-ed of viob nt Scrofula, com b ned with Rheumatism, which entirely di'tblel blm from work. Two bottles rf Carters hp?n'eb Miiture ma'u a perfect eote of him, and the Edi x?r. in a public notice, ay they * cheerfully reeom men * it to aii who are aflltolad with any Jiseaae t'l the blood " eXILL ANOTllEa t URE OP 80R0PULA.?I had a very valuab> boy cured of *erofule by Cartei*. Spanish Mixture. I confider it truly a valuabl mcileine. JAME8 M. TAVl/>R, Conductor cn th? A P. and P. h. K. Co, Richmond, Va. SALT RHEUM 0/ TWENTY YEARS STANDIhO OUhBD Mr JOHN THOMPSON, reeidiw ia the eity of Richmond, w?s cureu by three battle* of Carter's ^pannrh kin ure, uf Salt <>heum, which he bad for asarljtwwat years aud which all the fhya.ciaar ofth?,eli.y> J(! not Cire Mr. Thoapeon ie a welI kscv a Xir ib. nt in the city ol Riohmondf aad hi b ?? t?i u-hab'e. Hit. ^ATrUElW, of Richaord had a (errant cured of lyphi is, in the worst form, by en-tar's Hj?.n:?h Silxture. Ue saya be ch-erfuliy r?K?m m-uds it, and oi mi iers it a very .nvaluuble me li cine KHTIN BURTON, commissioner of th- r?venue ?a * he ha'i -e?n the good effects o- Carter's hptnLih Miita-e in a number of riypbilitic caeee, and save tl is a perfect eure f< r that horrible diecaee. WM. O. HARWO*JD, at Richmond, cared of old Sor ami Ulnars, which disabledhita frem w? Iking To<>k a few bottles of Carter's 8panieh Mixture, and w.ts enaht d to walk without a crutch, in a short | ti._' ? p-taanen ly cured. I'rincipal Depot* at M WARD, CLOSE * foM No 88 M&idan l<an?. New York , T. W DYOTT A S0N>, No. 18S North Second tt pPh'tadelplia RKN VETT A BKKKS, No. 12a Main -treet, Rich moiid, Va. And for sale by Oil AHLK8 STOTT. Wai?h!ngt"B D. C; HENuY IV.E', Alexanaiia, and by Druggists e\ery where. ' m-e $1 per bottle, or aix bottles f.?r |S; Srp 2!?ly OBNRHYN ANDIBON*ANT?Ls?Hay be fa L a beautiful aasortmeot of theee ch?ap aad da raMe artlclu-, at thecoraarof Pennsylvania aveaoe aad Tsnth street, vrmx tte Wasblngt n yavipgi Beak. RALPH HAWKINS. norlS-'Otf uiTimi immure. n Jim lAU)Ka, ^BClLBMAm ^^?cHA*LW A BALDFRBTuN ST frb>? Ij HI. ueian ? firm ?i Gd. SMITH * CO? *1 ? Denier* la ALOOHOL. CAMPHENB. BTH* RIAL OIL, ko. Tie U ft. 0 ALT CRT STRUT, ap. potfte Water itwt, BALTIMORB, Md. M-ly IBDIAH DOCTOB. b a. hp men Offer* bit ProtoMloBft] as* ilm to lb* ritfrii of B? * t'.m^re. *T can enre all kinds cfCaaeerv?tafcal ->ut without join, or tb? -iee of any knife I cm -are all kit*? of Fits tix! hj-i rms, Rheumatic Falsa, O^Tifirartioe, Drcpey. I'yep?p*is, Piles, Fnfr, or WT other tbs L <du 'amlly or* nkM to. lie can "top VtMkiiOji from ths Laar* or Mom. nj distance firm the patent, by k bow tag th* MMt'i name. I: wu bora blind, end ba? itadM mtrtl r??tr under an Ir*Ur. boctor vbc ni iaot| tb* wild Indiat 'blrteen rwr. 1)1. SI'BNCEK btt Wj<r*d from Mr. Ba?kl?**a board nr Hen?, to Mo. 84, HANOVER STRUT, au? 11?tf baltimrre. Md. GREAT BARGAINS. C1ANFIKLT), DKOTHRR A 00., / 229 Baltthou Fmxrr, Batrtaona, Ma. Are deslroas of e'oaJag out a re*at port ten of the* praesnt Moot of slegant FANCY GOODS, Jewelry, Wstches, Clock#, fans, Optra Ola****, Tin?Iih Omm Wri ing Deska, lo* Pitchers, Vim, Broaia Ae-, prm peratrry to receiving their fail supply. Pin iJia??? will find ;re?t bar,a>na. ia| 4?tf NKW BOOK, PERIODICAL AND NEWSPAPER EST A HI. IS* RENT, WH. TAYLOR 4b CO., Corner of Baltxmort and Chmrl'i <trc?L BALTIMORE, Ma WM. TA TLCR 4 CO. bff l?aro to call tb* artew t<on of the reading people and aH ilaiHit ta Boot*, to their afw HOOK, I'KRJODICAI*, m4 NEWS PAPER ESTABLISHMENT, whore ou bo foe ad a large and general assortment of all ths late pope larpubUcationf of the day. Ttey also keep on hand a splendid assortment <*f plain and fancy STATIONERY of every dee-rip* ion. All order* thcnkfally reeeived and tiled with d* *pateh. and sent by return of the mail, express, er '??*?. or in any oth-r way tba perena crderiag Baj direct. Booksellers, New? Areata, Pellara, and a t othere supplied with any Book*, Magaalaee, stc., at tba loweet rates. Any Book pahM?hed la this oonatry mm ba bad by aaadlng toot order to as. WM. TAYLOR A 00, Our. r.?Jt1more and Obarlaa at*., Hi may 23?tf J. Ml CHAMBRMLAll'l Caaa?r> alal Callefa. /Fa 1ST, Ba' -.w*cre MtrteL Baittmtrt. Md TUB *rten?lb!c object of this lastltutiou k to place In '.he rea^h of lr Jlviinalr prop** abilities fnr 9it?lp!iig a tbrrc. u,;h and prarti^al m v-anHVe ?Aa jation. A rounc caa can her* obtain a racre oar i^ct knowledge of grnoral buflow matter* la a tm eeka thaii can b* aeq aired ta ar iusi j ycarela aay are eoncticg bcuaa The courae cf thi ly emV^are* louble-eatry book t*epin?, anl itr ailaptatlon to Tarlcna depart meat* of oeraeiepre a?d trad*. Me?ranTll* ealcrlatkw tauvrht accoMlnp to the rt??t arproeed njetbod*^? Pr*3ti?al Penmaaebip, oosrlplng rapidity nf exeee tion w'tt beauty of coaatructiea. Lecturee apon c ercantl^ law, upon eanooa isportaat lawaatli* b-?Me c %ny other prdBU rereeaary Tut a bock-ke-per or bu^c-cp aao to un<*er*taad. 7m* T5****?ary for a to -"lapletethe curee rarVi fro-r fir* to eight week* Th?re belcr ao eaoataea, arpUrarta caa eater at aay thne and attend both <Uv and e*eaing. Kxaxr. inatVnf are held at eta ted periods, and diploma* awarded to tbr e* wbc grada a:a. For term*, Ac., write and bare a drew I* r top warded by maiL frb A?ly I^ILVKRW ARE CAtiFTZLD. EROTPEE 4 CO, ? '49 Baltimore street, hare r o Lard and sr* ??tantly making new style* of P\|t*t Od?? aad T?a B*ta; 8il**r I'licbera; Wait<^?; Castor*; Go Met* Cup*. Spoorr. Fork*; Ioe 7oag*; CramHRvapene Pie, Ioe cream, and F>b Koiree; Bait Oilers; Eat ?*r Kt'tsj", Ac, af warranted filer I inf Suoer. je 22 ?tf Baidmore, Md. FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BVILDIV0 LMV< of 10 feet ar aaorr, ta ?ari u? pert* ot the City, aad <lec,-getowa. at i iea ptice*, and tcrmr to suit. LLOYD A 00. BVII. D 1 SI O KTOME, For eele, dellrembls st the Canal, or Wbarwss ia Wasbingt.ia. Gtorp t^wn, or Alexandria. LLOYD A 00. ifcth street, .-py TVeaMiry Departmeat. iW V- \r 0^)UGI1S, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Kelfef la Klwa Hlnntea. TFLERS COMPOUND GUM ARAR1C STRUT. rl>LK in^reasio^ demand for this most pieasant, I. ??fe, and eOiceeiou* remedy f<-r aM pulmonary die?a??e, na< enabled the pri >?W?r to r?-dooe the prioe ao a* to pla -e it within tb" i -arb of all rlasa-*. Its saper?ority orer rjo ' a.ntiU- preparattone is at te*?ed by many er.nirent; by^Haas who hees been ?ys witn<*>?ee ol t'.t eWca-y wt?en ilie orual re&e dip? hare tailed, also by ihoaeandof oar mast r* speciabie eftltros who have used it in their 'amilias both as preventive and cure with cerer fciling so** oer-e Lt the l*gt twenty yearc, during ehicb p^k-d with y?-rv tittle aid tram adrer??*ir>-. Ae , it ha rradua'ly spread reputation ' *er the whole Lateo.. la Ch?e* -.( re<-eut (Mdi L uf*is, H<*rteiteM, Ac., it gi*-ei- niSi*!Ute rclkf. ard gen rail) e ires in a d?y or two, without iute;!erinr with d'*t <t bunneaa, or resd^Hnp the sys'-'m more ea?cep'ible<t Oolde, ia chroric case*. Asthma, Wh-xtp ng Couah, Ooi^p, Ri onchi'it, Afacttont tf Uke bten?t, and Oajmaf *i n, it is always v-ry b-neflcial and ealdom fat ?, wh?n conm*n?*l ia time to jierfc"t a cure. Price 2^ and ce ats a bottle. Sold wh^leea e br Patterson A Nairn, 8totJ A Co, Ri igely A Oo. Alexandria by Pea! A Stevens, la GeTjetown by M-. rival **- TTLKKS jCMARARK CJilfDTDROPS, a similar comr'~i'<on to tha ebcT*, but ia a milder anl mere portaV.* t^rm; tbey act like a charm c? a troublesome lYugh, aad cl-ar the threat aad rcice; they contain nc> injurious drag, are particu larly reccrnmand?^l for children, freqaeuters of pub lic ?.s?em",,,i^s. public fp*ak>-rs. singers, Ac. PricelSJ^ and 96 oe*ts per box. Por sale at rarst Drug aad Candy Stores, oet IT?tf SOMETHING NEW. OPPOSITE Til IS MARKET OK PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE 4 doors belcw Kiath stxaet, in .t NKW CLOTHING STORE for Men snd Boys opened tbis day. DLCKER, (ne of the chaep*-*! Clothing Merchants in the N< rth. has determined to efferto the itian^ of Wafhiarton and rldnity, his e*oell?nt Clothing at the lowest Nottbarn pricwe, fc r cash only. There the POOH MAN ? 111 find Junt such a Clothiar nto e a* has l^ng been ?anted in Washington, ill* motto is cheap for ca-di, and one raica ?au. A good substautial woollen eat he will sell fr* 76; and heavy wio?er pant*, well lin?d. for $1 A and fir? roats. ore moat*, and reft*, io fn?p<>rtJcn Good wool ami ootton under hirts. b^itwy, glores, Ac-, cbea er thw the rbespest. aor 11?tf KIRVVAN ts WORKS? Pari li and uilu-r Pencilling-. 75c K-nuniMu ai liowe, Lcltcis to Chief JustKx Tanty 75c M< n and Ti*ii?e* a<? I ??w th^a m l)?rnpe 75t L?Mt?r- to C.slHip llughcii, in uiuidiu 40 cent?, |ep? ikl aatt Aiutiaan Piinci|Uta ou V.ititHial Pn>i?|H:rMy, * tliank-?ivi> g sermon, p ipir 10c JAY'S WORKS. AiiU>bi< griiphy and K'tnini-x-mcf* of thv Kev. Wnt Jay, with notes of distinguished contemporam* in j vain, *?-' M Feuuile Scnprure C'ha aetera. $1 .Morning and Lv?uuig F.i-r< i*c?. 2 ml*, *1 50 Fine edition of ihv Saute in 4 voJ? u5 Ciitistian Contemplated 40c GRAY A BALLAVTYXE, j*u 15 49 8 Hfventh street. NKW MUSIC JCST PLftLldlieo, "I do not isk to offer thee," a very preuy aaig, WM'ribed to Miss iiigdon, Portsmouth, Va. '?Tin Elves," being tx auulu. vaiiauunsoa Thou ait gone from iny gaze. ."We stood beneath the moon's bight rays," a beautiful ballad. respeetfuMy dedicated to M>*? Nan nie Maury. of Wa^hingum '?Souvenir," a brilliant Waltz, by Prof. Foertach, and dedicated to Mi*s Charlotte Davis, of Waaliing ton riiy. eHv Fairy Star Arid Sunbeam Scliotti* he*, Sparkling Waltx. Old Defender** Quickstep, at the Music, Pi ano, and Fancv Store of JOHN F. ELI.IS, 30fl Pa. avenue, between 9th i ad 20th sts. jan lO-tf MATHEMATICAL IBSTRUHEITTt \TKS 0. ANDERSON' has revived a large and lvl complseassortm?at of M?th<Haarlc<| 1 antra m. uts and Drawing Materia a of superior qn*Hty The Malh-iua't *1 lastramoats are chiefly ot Swim manuf ctary in <*aaea, aa wall aa 1? separate pfeoos ? Water colors aad oil colors Drawing papers of ev ery qaaiity. " A1 o. Studies In IHkWicg and Paint! ng da 8-U 916 o -<.n avenna

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