Newspaper of Evening Star, February 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 1, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W % <U INUTON CIT Y : I THURSDAY AFTXWOOX February 1. (?7? The Urge and convenient dwelling on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. - ??i^???0 ? ? Kuticc to Scmcej??r?.? Subscribers to the Star, wbo do not get their papers regular ly, will confer a favor on the proprietor! by leaving luf.,ra%<ion of the fact at the Star counting row in SPI&XT OF THE MOKS1NG PKXftS. The Union conceives that Know Nothing ism in its tendene tea look* to a anion of church and State, and mourus in advance over the ?vil tendencies of such a state of thing! in thia country The lnt?iiigencet thinks it will be impossi ble lor Congress to consummate anj thing in eonnec ioo with a change in the tariff daring the balance of thia session, and adds, in an other paragraph : '?There are now bat twenty-seven working days of tue session ef Congress left, and th? buemeaa unfinished is of large amount in both Hocses Unless there be great economy ol time, brief speaches, ani unflagging industry, much of the work already done will be lost ir retrievably, for the bills left on the ealendei will fsll with the close of the session lJow many anxious hearts are now throbbing with commingled hoped and feaia ! Who but those wbo far years have been waiting in the rotun do for taruy juatioe can appreciate the pang* which another disappointment will bring Paul J allien ! Concert. Paul Jullien, the youthful musical prodigy, visits Washington on Saturday next for the purpose of favoring oar eitiiena with one ol his charming concerts He wi:l be sasisted bj several distinguished artistes; but the sweet s ends drawn oat by the bow of the wonderful little Paul will be the great attraction of the concert To our notion his equal, ugo and avery thing else considered, has never yet ap peared before the public. As the concert on Saturday evening will positively ba the only one given in Washing ton, we expect the saloon will be erowded on that occasion The State of the Union. ^ d have received from the enterprising house of Tajlor & Maury, publishers and Lockseilera in this city, a large and bandaomc volume wi h the above caption, which is reallj what it purports to be?a Documentary His tory of Grvernment, Bxecutive Affairs, botb Foreign aud Domesuc. for the year 1*4. Ii contaiac? 1 Messags cf the President. > 2. Report ol the Secretary uf the Treasury upon the finances. 3 Report of the Secretary of War upon military affairs 4. Report of the secretary of the Navy upci naval affairs 4. Report of the Poitmaaier General. 6 Report of the Secretary of the interior accompanied by these very iinportan <t?mmunicaiion* of heads of bureaus namely : 1. Report of the Commiatioter of Pablii Buildings. 2 Report of the Commissioner < f I'ublU Lands 3. Report of Commissioner of Pensions. 7. The special message of ihe President it explanation of his views upon the sub ject of Internal Improvements, a. Abstract of the Report of the Supciic tendent ot the Coast Survey, prepare*, by Prof. Bache 9 The act orgatising tha Territories cl Nebraska and Kansas lt> Chapter on Foreign Affairs giving a! the documents upon the several topici bailed in the President's me**sg? ? l>enmark and Sound Duties; Ailairs ir Central America; Bombardment ol Gr?>town ; !*pain ; Treaty with Rus eia. with Mexico, ani tLc celebrated Reciprocity Treaty with Great Britain 11. Ajpecdix, exhibiting reports of heads oJ bureaus. ?3. TLis last contains, also, Siatements of Ex ZttTi of Receipts and Expenditures, Public Debt 'Jocnage Exports and imparts, Comparative Tariffs. Operationa ol the Mint, Commerce and Navigation, Exploration of tbe is'hmua ly Lieutenant Strain of the Navy, and very many other authentic documenta ol lead n.,te, but of geceral interest. A fall in dex ii added to the a ark. V\ e have named thepi^cipal subjects of the volume because it be?t itymratea its value hat is tcattered through several congress ional documenta is here pi%entod in one. The book is not leas tasteful in Vs Style than excellent in ita design and eroevtion. it should be in the hands of all. %> - VjT~ The contract for advertising ihe uncall ed for letters in the New York Poet Offiae baa bean given to the iierald, U having estab liahed, to the Poetmaatar a satisfaction, claim of having ihe largest city circulation any of tha papers Iy Tha receipts of tha Executive Commit taa. appointed by the Town Meeting at Phila delphia for the Relief of the Suffering Poor amount at tha present time to upwards o; eighteen thousand dollars iy He New Orleans Picayune sa\s thai coal mines of good quality for domestic and gas making purposes, and inexhaustible, hav< been dieccvered on the Miss saippi river seventy-five miles above Memphis. The work ing of the mines had already been commenced In? Sraaaerw of Ex?la*i> ? A modem writer says that in all the elements of real ro?.r l, twic, ? ? ib. *u 10 Ibis, ?h?n kbe bumblaj ibt Oral Napoleon. ry fne Mayor ot Boston has effectually suppressed Sunday liquor traffio in that city But one sh*p was reported open last Sabbath IT" M?>re than Iv nth) persons are under re strain! aa lunatics in Tugland and Wales l>aao Heads.?Tha Louisville (Ky.,) Times aaya : " We believe that railroad corporations are tha only bodies, soulless or otherwise, thai ever ranked editors as dead-heads. It is ax indignity to the profession, and wo hope it will ba mat with proper resentment The newspaper press is at present mora burdened with dead heads than any other enterprise ex tant The most burdensome and troublesome of these dead-heads are railroad corporations. Frm a preliminary survey of a railroad up to i's completion, Uie en'ire press contiguous U> the line commence advertising ihe pr<j?ct IB the editorial column? *' * ASHrHGTOW HXWS AMD GOSSIP. A Fearfil AnUfonlit for Mr. H*r>ry A WIm -It seems that the reporter fur the New orlt HfaiU, who caricatured for that journal the Petersburg speech of Mr. Wi**, vestured after that gentleman in Charlottesville when recently addressed the pe pie there, and publishes in the Herald still another wretched oazieature of that spooeh. There are points in the person*] controversy, which the ll?r aid, funnily eoofgh, seeks to fasten upon Mr. W ise, whioh should be known to the pubTtp as stated by theTHends or that gentle man. and which, we may not Inappropriately add. *t Is very clear he himself regards as be ing worthy of hardly as much attention at his hands as would be the pertinacious buziiog of a fly around his nose. That the Star's readers may get at the gist of this controversy, as be fore remarked, we herewith append the Rich mond htr juirer's last notice of it, substituting respectful terms fcr the epithets and personal disrespect to which the editor treats the repor ter, whose personal bearing in this cft? we hare to say, has not been such as to warrant them: h 11 ItV of the New York Herald ut en'l,l?d in the present canvass in ^tate, *nd that its column* are daily filled with denunciations of Mr WUe and the Dem ocratic party of Virginia, are facts with which the public are sufficiently familiar. Hut, per * ?8 Dot 80 w#n kno*n to the good people of this Commonwealth, that the politicians of New \ork, of wbi?h the Herald is the corrupt instrument and the mercenary mouthpiece have dupatched hi'her an agent to follow Mr i>e through the State, an*) to misrepresent hi* speeches and traduce his character The individual deputed for this w. rk made his first appearance ia Peteraburg, but in coose quence ol >n occurrence to which we shall hereafter advert, he threw up hid commission S '? Wrbin*tOD K?Priuianded no doubt by his employers for hi/ingloriou< flight from the field, and encouraged by the stipend, ho re-collected all his shattered energies, and encountered Mr . ?V ise again in the town of Charlottesville In the couae of his speech at that , lace. Mr Wise dlsclos*! the faot, that he was dogged through the btate bv an emis?ary from New *ork, ani he detailed the circumstances of hi* interview with him in Petersburg The w.!he "uiitery WM to such a pitch, that the cry arose ?'put him out ,k jmt Aim out," and but for the inter potion of Mr. Wi?, h, b.v. Zl? thrust from the house. Now mark his subse quent conduct. Thu-sday. the day after this occurreEoe. Mr. Wise left CharloftesviHo to fulfil an appointment in Greene. Satuidav a a^ta?Kin thl W hie.P?P?r of Charlottes ?me with the subscription of Ethan Allen which represents that 6aid?Efh*n Allen is the unlucky envoy from the Herald office In th s card, Mr "Ethan Allen" informe the people of \irginia, that Henry A Wise had spoken falsely and had done other naughty things unbecoming a gentleman ! Protesting that it is not our purpose to betray the least respect for Mr. " L.han Allen " or cousidera tion for his word, we will state. that so far as his narrative of the interview with Mr. Wise .? p.:.r.burg-a which the writer ... pre*! ent impugns the courtesy or honor of Mr ThltV^ lfl,wllf,ulLJ and "Viciously false! ?4?t ? gentleman were i epelled but Wi,h Paleness lA i? uL ^,OB 0 Lu Pre,eiJ0? in the meet ing at I oterrburg. was every way proper and legitimate, will be attested by ihe auditory without distinction of party yet be .^uys he took the allusion as an insult, and de ?p'aK at1ioa- to which Mr. Wise l]'1^ that he had no apology to offer.'" And there the matter was left; so that, a cord ng to his own statement, he q ietly submitted to an insult, aggravated by a refusal of atone J- ,-D0.t. truethat he demanded an explanation. He came into Mr. Wise s room, after the specch, not with a strai^htfor hm Iwk ?rer?n,pt0ry ?emaDd of satisfaction, out with the purpose of arsrtnug and dmvut ing about the mat t?r He betrayed a feelinr oe*sion*fr!vm^U *n&-M ,anxielJ so me con oession from Mr Wise, but h? manifested no resentment and no disposition to cxact repar wL?5o nVr of which he complains. , ? ? net mean to say that Mr. "Ethan Al lea is not a ioau of spirit; the hectoring tone of his card in tue t-harlottcjville Advocate ad monishM us of ttc cunecquenccs of any such imputation; but we do affiTm that his d/meln or in I etersl urg wts not so defiant and belli cose as he would have the world believe n L 'El.1?kD A,!#u incurs no hazard in blackguarding Mr. Wise There was no u? in his running out of the State, beforo th. publiuati.m ot bis mauifesto It doei not f<?l , k- of ChArlottesvilIe waa, e 1 to .Ject birn trom their presence, that gentlemen will resent his scurrilous publica tions .Vr. M. will hardly be diverted firm the cat*** by this Parthian arrow from him The Army and Navy -From present ap pearances, Cong as* will do nothing in the balance ef the current session In tho way of increusiug the efficiency of the.^e two so im portant branches of tba pubiio service. We need not cxpitiate upon the pre:?inir necessity for prompt and efficient legislation on both the^e matters, as it is admittei by every member, and has been urged by tho differ ent administrations in power in tho course of the last seven years 'ihe condition of tht fiontier, too, telH the tale in language that must sink deep into the minjs of all our fel low citizens who are blessed with hearts to feel for the sufferings of those who oannot be protected by the administrative branch cf the Government, only because Congress have lit tie time to p operly dispose of real business in thoir spells of relaxation between their pe rides on b. bbies. At present we ?ee but very little prospect for ibe e ?nsum motion of any real businesi whatever tnis s-esi.n, except under the rerew of the previous question, and with. say. half the members al most wholly ignorant of what is to be the ?Ptoaponaibili j of Government for acts of it! Authorised Agent*. ? In settling cases wherein such questions arise, we hear that the Government accounting officers bold that a contract between a vendor and tbe Govern ment is complete and binding, when it is con eluded by the authorized agent of the latter; and that the vendor is not accountable for the faithful expenditure, by thj agent, of the property purchased But when an officer travels go* of tbe line of his duty, anl makes illegal and unauthorised purchases, he be comes individually responsible to the vendor, who should, before parting with hi? property, ascertain th* scope and extent of the agent's powers to act for his principal. Nor will the Government recognire a claim for payment for property eold to an assumed agent, not authorised, uoless it be proved that tbe pro perty was actually used for Government par poses The Lockwood famphlet ?We have re ceived the following communication upon the Lockwood pamphlet, the appearance of which bae produced no little excitement in naval citclea ot Washington, and we present it to our readers with the single remark that tie fact that pamphleteer, who is a naval surgeon, in recommending the dismissal of all the offi cers of the service except //?.? oim clan, re miods us amazingly of the shoemaker who iufcisted that there is nothing so suitable for fortifioations as prunella: The Navy ??' Can w s have a Marine Mili tia !" is the title of a pamphlet in circulation in this city, which 1 have just rtai with great interest. The writer propoees a plan for th* [*et of their respective votes. reorganisation of l&e nary quits novel in ilt feature, and 00 petfeotlynmpl? and practical that I am earpriMd it hM never been suggested before. gklle opens the subject by exposing the evils of the existing system, and justly denounces the " mystery which is thrown around its de tails by an interested eonsarvatism." He then discusses the laws for the government of the navy?the slow rate of promotion?the neces sity of some change in this respect?and pro. eeeds to the detail* of his own most admirable plan, whiwh, for the sake of convenience, are stated in the form of a legislative net, of whioh the following is a very concise sketch : Seotien one provides for aanalling, in three months after the passage of the act, the com missions of all captains, eommauders, lieu tenants, passed midshipmen, and masters in the navy, and for commissioning, on the same day, fifteen commanders, eighty-fire captains, and one buodred commanders, with a propot t ion Ate cumber ot the junior grades, limiting the number of future eppointuients and pro motions to ths amount of employment whioh can be given to offi -ers. Section two arranges the < fficers Into five classes, limits commissions to specific terms, from one to five yearn, according lo class, and provides for the future appointment or promo tion of one half of each gride by rtr.rno)i by their brother officers; the other half to be nominated by the President in the uiual way. Section three provides that when officers are commissioned to till a vacancy by the expira tion of tbeir own form ol service, tbey shall preserve their former rank. When promo tions by election ure made, rank thall be taken in the order ot the largest majorities. Other details in regaul to promotions and appoint ments are fe'tled by this section iu a manner at once stn&ingly simple, and in every way calculated to promote efficiency and harmony among military man. Section lour authorises the Secretary of the Navy to give permanent furloughs to all com missioned officer*, named in the first section, who may obtain employment in the nurcantile marine, and to lurnisb ships no commanded "with one great gun fully rigged and equipped, and the necestary small arm:, ammunition, Ac , for every tons of said ship, together with suoh instruments, books and charts as the Secretary of the Navy may direct and as may be neoessary to instruct the crew of suoh mer chant shin in tho art of maritime warfare and extend further the benefits of nautical ?cienceand authorises the officers com mending paid ships to wear the pendants, flags, ensigns, and uniforms of their navel rank, and when in the ports of the United Stases to re oeivoall the usual naval courtesies, distinctions, lo. Seamen serving on board ships so com manded to be entitled to the benefits of the naval pension 1-*wj Section fiive determines the pay of the vari I ou3 grades Section six provides for a new grade to be known as mates. Sect'on seven limits the cumber of midship men to 460, and provides for their selection by a board of examiners, who shall hoid a session in each Sute where vacancies exist. Ea< member of Congress shall als) be entitled to nominate a " volunteer midshipman," who shall be received at the Naval Academy ucder the same regulations as for midshipmen, but without, pay. sod who, when graduated, may compete with midshipmen for promotion. lhe above is but an outline of the plan prj posed. but a sufficient one, it is hoped, to at tract to it the attention el' persons interested in naval reforms The author meets the ob jection tba* merchants might be rcluctint to enter into arrangements which would possibly interfere with the legitimate objects of com merce, by the remark, that a bittery would not add much to the d aft of a ship, and that this could be counterbalanced by the proffer of other advantages, such as attaching a quar ter gunner and an apprentice to each gun at (he expense of the Government. To keep the jdan as simple as possible, the medical officarp, pursers, and other grades of efficers usually termed non combatant, ure n >t to be included in the system, though the writer intimates that it mny perhaps be found advantageoos, in carrying into execution not to omit them. It is batdly necessary to distant upon the advantages of the proposed system, lor they are too manifest cot to be seen at * glance Our merchant ships would be at i>M*e nverted by it into ves?e's-of-war, competent l merely to their own protection, but to the a.,Jsrtion of the rights of the nation wherever they go, and indue tit?e, as the writer remarks, ? would be displayed under circumstances calculated to excite the admiration of the world i will only add, that I sinrerely hope the author of this ] lan, who prefixes the, initials of J. A L to his pamphlet, will give the country and the navy the benefit of any further views he may form upon r subject so full of interest and importcuco. The United States Store-ship Belief, Ac ? Tbc Navy Departm?nt have advices of the sale arrival of the store-ship Relief at Kio, after a passage of seventy five dayj t'rom New York with stores for the Brazil coast squad ron. 'lhe appreheDSion<TThat had a-i cn, on account of her long passage, are thus happily dispelled The Unite! State* war ihij s independence. John Adams, and Savaun?b Mete nil 'u port at Rio on the 13th ol December, the date ot the Department's last advice from theu Nothing being said in the letters concerning the health of those on these ships, it ii inter red that all has gone well on them. Aa Auditor Dead? Oar readers, we are sure wit! all deeply re ;ret lhe demise of the venerable Stephen Pl*a?anton. Esq , Filth Auditor of the Treasury which tcok place at his residence in this oity last night, lie was one of the very oldest officers in the strvioe of the Government, having eome to Washington from Philadelphia, in the public service when theQovernaient's headquarter.; were removed to the former from the latter city. Ths Current Operations of the Treasury Department.? On yesterday, the 31st of Jan there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts 26,331 16 For the Customs 2 113 04 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 1.821 21 For the War Department 17 000 00 For the Navy Department 22.000 00 For the Interior Department 'j,324 32 rON?KR**IOX%l<. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Pearce and Mr Cass followed Mr. Bayard in defence of the father of the latter against, what thoy conceived to be aspersions apon his memory, embraced in the works of Jefferson, published by order of Congress. Mr. Hunter and Mr. Mason addressed the Senate in reply, holding that Mr. Jefferson fully believed the truth of what he had writ ten with reference to the elder Mr. Bayard The army appropriation bill was tben dis cussed on proposed amendments by Messrs. Houston. Dodge of Iowa, Mallcry, and others, until tbey adjourned. In the Honte, territorial bills were dis cussed in Committee of the Whole on the state of tho Union, after went to press, by Messrs. Richardson, Beuton and others. The bills matured in committee, with the exception of the bill for the construction of a telegraph line to the Pacific, the bill to ex tend the sessions of the legislative assembly ef the Territory of Utah to a term not exceed ing forty days, and tho bill to amend an act reducing and defining the boundaries of the military reserve at St. Peter's river, in the Territory of Minnesota, were severally read a third time aud passed, after the Committee rose. On motion, the House then adjourned. PreceidiaK* of 'U In the Senate, to day, after the presents tion of petitions, reports, Ae., Mr. Dawson in troduced a bill to incorporate the Wood Ga? Company of the District of Columbia ; re ferred. Mr. Seward submitted a plan from Hon. H. Baldwin, of New York, for abolishing slavery in the Distriet of Columbia, without diminish ing the valM of the slaves in the Distriot to the holders thereof Mr. Dodge, of Wisconsin, called np the bill for the construction of the proposed Milwan kie Custom House and appropriating $83,000 to that end; passed. After some unimportant business was dis posed of. Mr. CUytnn woved to take up the French Spoliation bill. Messrs Hunter, Brodhead, Bayard, and Rusk opposed the motion; not agreed to? yeas 30, nays 29. The army appropriation bill was then taken np, and Mr Cass wss speaking in favor of Mr. Shield's amendment when we went to presi. In the House, Mr. Houston rising to a priv ileged question, after explanation, offered a resolution embracing an explanation of an er ror in making up the journal of the last ses sion, wherein ho was erroneously represented as having reported from the Ways and Means Committee the bill of that session, for the al teration of the tariff, instead of Mr Houston, to whom the paternity of that measure wsi due; agreed to. The regular order of business being ealled for, the Speaker announced the regular order of business to be the consideration of the Pa cific subterranean telegraph bill, which had beon reported back from the Committee of the Whole on tho state of the Union with the enacting clause stricken out. Mr. Richard*on gave notice that in case the House refused to ooncur in the amendment, he proposed to offer a substitute for the bill grant inp but the right of way for the construction of the proposed telegraph. The report of the committee was then non concurred in. Mr Richardson then proposed his subiti tute, indicated above, giving simply a right of way two hundred feet wide, in std of the con struction of the proposed line of subterranean telograph : which was adopted Tbe said bill as thus amended was then pa?8ed?yea* 1.0, nays 50. ?... Horace Greeley, writing from Albany, says: ?'If good faith and honor have nst utterly fled from among men?that is, from among legislators?Gov Seward will have at least ten majority in the Assembly over all others, and will have in the Senate a majority uot only of the votes cast, but of the whole num ber of Senators chosen. Consequently there will no joint ballet, becauso there will be no cull for any?the two House* agreeing to their nominations on the first ballot. I think, therefore, that Gov. Seward will be declared the Senator elect for another term before two ; o'clock of Tuesday next.'' .... lion. Junius Hillyer, of Ga., in a card in the Washington Union of this date, declines a re-election to the next Congress. .... Tbe Boston Courier, in notioing Gen Wilson who is just elected to the U. S. Sennte from Massachusetts says : "Ho does nut renounce one iota of the ultra Abolition principles which he haa been in culcating throughout his political oareer, and by which he has approached his present emi nence, but he adopts certain vague ideas, which may be holden by men of any party, and sends them forth as the sum and substance of his conversion to Americanism." .... A Washington letter says: A few days ago?it is so rumored?a chal lenge was tendered to Hon. William Smith. (Extra Billy.) from a chivalrio editor, who hails from the Old Dominion. The challenge was to mortal combat, brt eventually termi nated in coffee without the pistols. .... Daniel Ullmanis making Know Noth ing speeches in Western New York. .... Senator Irish , of New York, it said to be in very poor health, and will be oompelied to vacate his scat in the Senate for, probably, the remainder of the eeoeioa. lie is expected to t>ail for Havana in a few days, in the hope uf obtaining relief. .... John McMahcn Holland, Esq., formerly of Annapolis. Md., has been unanimously chosen clerk of tbe Legislature of Minnesota. ....Brigham Young, say accounts from Utah, lately discovered that a favorite negru had been oarrying love missives from some ol the "Ueutiles'te tbe members cf the Ex-Gover nor's harem, ard darkey had to travel t'other side of Jordan to escape the Lincb law ol Bri^haiu. .... Sam Houston, it is said, has been ad vised not to deliver one of tbe an'i-slaverj course of lec'urcs in Boston, as it might be detrimental to bis interest as a oandidate foi the Presidency. ....J.Murray Kush, son of Hon. Richard Rush, has been n >miaitcd by the Philadel phia Democracy to till the vucanoy in th? Pennsylvania Senate, occasioned by the deatL of Levi Foulkrod, E?q. He is an eloquenl speaker and popular with the masses. .... Tho Philadelphia North American, it noticing the Hon Caleb Lyon, of Lyonsdale, Net? York, La;s : 1' Mr Lyou is a genius, eccentric and origi nal; uuiiing poetry and literature with poli ties and stump ora'ory. He received tbe de greo of L L D. from thecollego ot Montreal, L. C , and was one of the Secretaries of thi Convention tor f arming the constitution and devising the State Seal of California. He fooght his nay between the parties to the As sembly and Sena'e of New York, at 30 years of age, and was a member of Congress at 32. This implies powers of a high order. Hear ing an appeal of the Rev D'. Brainerd, hit townsman, for the poor, in Pine street church, last Sabbath week. Mr Lyon offered, benevo leu tly, to coma from Washington, and lectur< for the suffering The subject, and the orator a e pledgee of a full house tonight, as Mr Lyon's recent travels from Palestine to Bal buck. Palmjra, Ac , Ac , will enable him t< give life and spirit to his sketches of ?' Woinet in the East " .... Of Alvorado Hunter the New York Sui suggests:?"As the English Baltic fleet wil need an encrgeti; commander in the spring t< capturo, that the English Govern ment spare no effort to secure the services ol our ill treated naval hero. Or, perhaps hi *ould rather fight against England ; and. it that case, the Czar shou d at once offer him ; command. Hunter is just the man for Nicho las, and we strongly recommend him to th( Autccrat's favorable notice." .... The telegraphic marriage of Miss Julii Dean, we see, is doubted, by the Boston Times Her nuptials with Dr Hayne are said to havi taken place at Mobile, on the 24th instant "whereas (says the Times,) Miss Dean had lef New Orleans, for Galveston, Texas, some day before that date."' ^NOTICE.?'THE MEMBERS OF THI 1" Philadelphia Association" of the Sui Fire Company, are requited to mew at their llall on Saiiirrtav evening, at 7 o'clock, and every Satur day evening until fnriher notice, for the purpose o foiwarding their arrangements to visit Philadelphia in May next. Persons desirous of joining, are re i|<iesied to send in their names. Alexandria, Va., - jan 21?eo4t ^?^LECTIJKE.?PR. N C TOWLE wil deliver a lecture at t.'olambia Hall, Capi tol Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, February 1st at 8 o'cloc k. Subject: "The Elements of our country." The public are invited to attend. Lecture free, jan M a*--~zLectures before tbe M?tru> pollian Mech. Institute. PK< >P. WIIITAKER will deliver a course of Uc lures before the Metropolitan Mechanic*' Institute commencing ?>u WEDNESDAY EVENING next 31ut instant, at the Institute Rooms, over Geo. ar.c T. Parker's Store, Pa. avenue, at o'clock. Subject: The Arts of the Dible, illustrated by nu nitrous drawings. The first lecture will eoinpris ? Building, Brie I making, Agrieulture, Mill-, &c. The public arc respectfully invited. Lecture free By order: P. M. PEARSON, Rec. Sec. jail 30?3t (let) Mrs. bronauoh has several uool Room* tor rent. No. 40/1 F street ?econt door from Seventh. feb 1?It* LOST?This morning, between the City Poet Of fice and Miss Janney's. corner of Sth street ant Loui.-iana avenue, a pair of Gold Spectacles, in i long morocco case, inndh worn. Whoever ma; find them will be suitably rewarded by !eavin| them at the othoe of the Evening Star Office, feb I?3t LOST?ON WEDNESDAY, the 31*t Januarv. woe place between Laiayette Square and Pit teantb street and Pa. avenue, or tn an omnibus be tween 16th and 4V?*treets, a lady** gold Breastpin, terpentine fonu. The tinder will receive the thanks of the loser and a suitable reward by leaving ihe I pin at room No. 98, Secreta y of the Treasury's Office, or at the Star office. feh 1? 3i LADY'S NUR-E?MRS. BUTLER INFORMS informs the ladies that she ha* refunded to the city, and is ready to go out a nursing She can be found on Louisiana avenue, near Sixth *t ret. ftb 1?3t ? ? ! GUAVA JKLLT? from the factory <?| Oovta Si Co., Havana. in V< lb and 1 k boxes For salt by SIIEKELL BROTHERS. No. 40| apposite tfte Centre Maiket. feb l-3t BEAMS!?BEANS! I UST received a prime lot of new White Beans ' for iiunttnv and aonp. Also, a lot of Black Eved Pea*. For ?nle at C. B. RICE'S Butler and Provision Store, 03 High street, Georgetown, D. C. feb 1?It c KANUE1LKY 8AUCK, douie.Jc pre _ |>arcd. For aale by SHRKF.I.I. BROTHERS. No. 40, oppo.-iie the Centre Market. feb 1?3c GREAT BARGAINS. WISHING to reduce my Hock af Boh* and Shoes in order to muke room lur spring sup eics, I shall commence this day to sell off ni> heavy ooda at greatly reduced prlc??*. Ail in waul of a superior quality of Shoe* at ver> low price*, can find them ;?t D. R. Wall'* Root, Shoe, and Trunk Store, No. 34 Market Sp:c ?, he tween 7ih and 8th street*. D. R. WALL. ? feb I ?co2w PKPPRR CVRKD FAMILY HAMS Alij, the Lewis sugar-cured Hams i.>r sale by SHKKELL BROIIHEU.-1. No. 40, opposite the Centre Market, fib l-3l 1 IS "OLUTION 0* C BSHIP 1MIK copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, i* llus day dw-ol v?d by mutual consent. Charles Ha*kius, who will continue the business, is authorized to settle the accounts and a ? l? nd to the Unfinished b?l*ine*? of the late firm. J. H. ARAMS, Ja. feb 1 ?ec3t CHARLEd HAS KINS. <" IIA HL1C? HA?K1NS, Architect. (Pa. aienue, between Tenth, and Flet eiUh ttreeti,) Washington, d. c. WILL continue to furnUh Plana, (.'atari working Drawing*, and apecifications ol building* ot every description, and alo to superintend their erec tion. feb I -dtf BlTTTn.ll. CHKKSIC COOFISU, kc 67 kegs superior Cosbcn Butter 110 hoses do do Chcff?e 3,(KM) I be Codfish 80 boxes bunch and layer Raisins S cases Canton Ginger 1,200 Ihs soft shell Alin nds iOO do Palm Nuts COO do Pecan Nut* S5 bushels Ground Nuts liK) dozen Babbit'? Yeast Powder 20 boxes Soap Powder V) hags old Java Coffee 60 packages fresh Tea Jtif received from New York by Cromwell's Line anlmr sale by MURRAY St ^F.MMEsf. feb 1-Tt HAflPFR'S MAUAZIWK for February for sale at Sill ISLINGTON'S Bookstore. Avtllion, by the author ol The and Aga tha's Husband Turn Crosby anil ins Friends, by the author ot Han dy Andy P.rilthwaiir's Retrospect, part and for January GraliHtn'.-i Magazine and Uodc)"* I. dy's Book l? r February I)e Bow's Review for January and P. binary Ruth llall, Wikoff'f Courtship News Roy, Lamp!) ;hter Wide Wije World. Fu ge IKon^s Heartsease, Htir of Redcliff-* All the new bo >k- published received immediate ly afterward- and for sale at Hill ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4# st. and Pa. ave Front which p'ace he w II Hipply all orders for any b<>ok pnMt-hed in advance of all others, at pub Itsher's prices. feb I lit CAHuirS SALOON. Respectfullv announces that he will give . A Grand Concert ox SA il'ltUAYEVKSnG, Fab 3,1855 And positively hit only appearance in Wash inglOH, Upon which occasion he will he assisted by the fol lowing eminent *rt'?t? SiGNOR \ M ARTINI D'OKMY, Prima Contralto, trom the Opera Houses id Beilin MadriParis, an I New Yoik ; the first appearance. SIGNOR CUTURI, Late puncij al baritone, of the Gri.-i & Mario tr?>up< ?his first appearance here. AUGUST GOCKEI., Pianist to the Emperor of Austria. HROGRAM.ME-.pAaT i. 1. Solo, Piano, "Variations dc Bravura," com |K>sed and executed b\ AUGUST GOCKEL. ?2. Duet o?from Don Juan. "La ci dar^m," Mozart By Signor? D'ORM Y and Signor CI* I'l'RI. 3. Solo, \'iolin?Grand Fantxia, from La Fa vorita, Alard PAUL JULIEN. 1. Aria?From II Giurumento Mercadante SIGNOR A i)T>RM Y. 5. Romanza? From Macbeth :... Verdi fltJNOR CUTl'RL b. Solo, Violin?The Witches' Dance Paganito PAUL JULIEN. part it. 7. Piana Forte?'llic NhiuJ Qtifi a. Concert Polka Goc ktl ALiGCS I G H'KEL 8. National Malody--^"Hungarian Song." SIGNOKA D'ORMV. 'J. Solo, Vio in?Grand ran'asia t'ap:ie Yieuv Tem; s PAUL JULIEN. 10. Aria?From Maria di Rudenz SIGNOR CI 1 URL 11. 1'iano Forte?"P<?lichinella," Bi.rierque.,Go. ke' AUGUST uOCKEL. 1>2. Brind>si; "II Seoreto," for Con tail ?, (from Lucrezii Boruia Donizetti S1GNORA D'ORM Y. Tickets 50 cents -for sale at the principal hotels and mu-ic stores. 15. served scats ?1 lor sale at Davis's Music Store vvl.ere a diagram ol the hall can be feen Alco, tick? I.: to lie had at all Music Stores and Hotels. IHJ- The Piano used ou tliia occasion >< from the factory ot Mr. Wiu. Gat ble. feb 1 Miss E. T. Greenfield, COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE Has arrived and will erve her THIRD GRAXH CONCERT THIS (TIIURSDA ?) EVEN ING, Feb. 1, 1855 For the Benefit of the Fifteenth street Presbyierim Church. Dmra open at 7 exercises to cotnnp ncc r?t 7.^ o'clock, to winch the friends generally are lespect fully invited to attend. PROGRAMME-PART I. 1. Solo on the Piano. '2. Cradle Song Sung by Miss Greenfield. 3. Instrumental 4. Hofy Beauty, Child of Nature, fiom I.uciezia Borgit, ^ung by Miss Greenfield. 5. Instrumental. part 4. 1. Solo, Piano 2. Tis ihs Last Rose of Sum ner Sung bv Miss Grecnfetd. 3. Instrumental. 4. Saint a La France ; by speclal requegt. 5. S?*lo. Tickcis .ri0 cents, at the do'?r. Reserved seats (I to be had at the Church between 11 and 2 o'clock Also at the bo ?kstores ot Messrs. Taylor k. Maury Davis, Ellis, mid Fran k Taylor, P;?. avenue, feh 1 Mott Bedell's T.ine. \EH' YORK, ALEXANDRIA. WASMNOTOS CITY, Abb IHSTRICT Of COLUMBIA PACKETS ^rillS LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY 1. from pter 14 Last River. New York, and otVner if necciitKiry, and are composed of the following firtt clase vessels: Atw schr. A. U. BedeU, Bedell, mn-ter. New schr. Mott Btdell, A. V. TredWell. Schr. Ann U.} Wm. Oliver, master. Self. I'olunt, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. C4iiHinaud*r in-Chief, Wogl ji, toa?ler. Schr. Green wag, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailers, and the master men of experience iu the trade, mi l the only regu lar luic of Wa.liincton City pa< keu. MOTT BE ELL. t, Wan itrwt. N. Y. S. S. MASTERS k SOS*, Alrxaudiia, Vs. THOMAS RILEY, feb I?but Washington and D. C. Amusements JTATIONAL TRB4TRB. I THE ROUSSET 8I8TERS. ?lie C?*oUKt. Trumimi. Adclaidc, Clcmim Tint, Mob*. Ccbt. Rot-sanr, )>iolu>*t, iml ? large Corps de Rillrt. V. Grin*, Leader THIS r.rRyiNG the Ballet of 8 ^THANIKI.; ok. thi rtiriri or mrri. Sathaniel - - M*Ue Carolina. To conclude with the touchable pantomime of rtWAc. Rook' of Salbaniel to be i ad at tbe door? - prn* 13X ceni?. fcb I - It THANKSGIVING DINNER, With otber cbotc* piece*. ?UJ be mmi M the THIRD AND LAST CONCERT OP OSSIAN'S BARDS, THCRRDAT RVKH1IO, Feb |k, AT CARUSI'8 SALOON. TICKETS TVIRTT-riTI CIKTI iiii 3i?at* MAGIC, MIRTH AND MYSTERY* AT IRON HALL. ROBERT HELLER'S WORLD OP ROIICRVCIAH W OIDIRltl And incomprehcn*ible mystery of SECOND SIGHT. Con tant change of Performance every ? rening. rRtre or *nm**io>. Jo HaII pe,.,. Dress Circle jt ^ ?? Orchestra Seat* Ms? ?? Seat* may be securej from lu i m to 4 p m, at the ortiee, without extra charge. Polite and attentive ushers will I* in attendance. jan 31?tf "Let tho?e who never laugh tlicir l?K deplore. And tho?e who always laugh no* l-iuglithe mor.-." A ii?w, joyous, arid mirth-inspiring euiertaintnei t will >-liortiv l?e given in this citv hv MALOH E RAYMOND, The celebrated Lecturer, and ll<u?u?i.? ot Life and Manners, called AS HOUR IX IRELAND AMD OTHER LANDS. Taken fr >m bin Sketch Book, already gtv? n by bus in Europe and America, over ON hi THOU?A*l> K IOI1TH I Constating ol Anecdote*, Song*, Stone* of the Peas antry, Recollection* of Iretand, Burke, (Jrat tan. Wellington, O'Conn#II, Sheridan t*dd?inith, Lever, Flood, Sbiel, Lady Morgan, Knowle*, kc. being* who have given Light to a World, and matte a Nation live The time and place will he duly chronicled jan 99?4i* SOIREES MAG1QUES. MEMOIR OF THE GREAT MAGICIAN, MAC ALLI8TFB, THE WONDER OF THE JttiR' Thi* extraordinary Profess ^r of the Cabalistic Art, i? engaged by MR. MALONB RAYMOND, (Lec turer, Humorist, and author of "II >ure in Irelan.i and other Land*.") to appear in all hi* Necroiniiitb* Wonder-, ut OI)!l FELLOWS' IIALL, f.?r mi nghts, commencing on MONDAY KVKN l.?Oi January99th, 1?55, and following evening*. Mr. M.ilone Raymond having, *otue time since, witn-.-sed on the Continent of Europe, fie eitraor dmary and wunderful performances of thi* highly uiited Profe*?or of the Magic Art recently engaged Ins valuable servicca through ihr chief citie* of Can ada, for several performances: and so great wu bis attraction, that he continued M crowd the bousen many weeks in aicrewana. realizing to humeli a i lear profit of more than #40,000 A large sum is secured him to vi* t Washington for a lew evening*, and from the logti and deiierved reputation which precede* bim, the Hall will, imi doubt, be filled to repletion during bis May. This Groat an.1 Fo<tunate Magician was born in the land of Robert Burn*, tnit in early youth vis^m the Continent of Europe, where lor some years pa?t he has practised the art of Conjuration and Mighty Matic, and has acquired not < Si!> va?t wealth, but the highe*' professional rer?own in In* artistic teat* of Necromancy. M AD ME M ACALLfc<TEK Is an Italian Ity birth, rdncatid in Pan*, in which otj' \ oiin< Magician first saw the Lady, and won wr heart aini hand. She is highly b rn and po>s#^sed ol taiied talent* and a< complishment*, and ha* become an able and de*terou? assistant to her hiiehan.l hi his b? and b. uildering teat? of NecroM KiH y. Tb? y are l?,iii *t(|i \?Unp Re cently in Spa u, the performance of the Wizud and hi* lail\ were the leading taabioa ??t? n whole season. M tdame Maeallistcr is a daughter ol o >e of % a pole-iii "s mostoe>brated olliceis, di linguished in ma"y of the Enpror's battle* llei Mac -tv. t ie t^ui en. l-al a splendid Pavilion erected foi in her Palace at Madrid, wherr their uighil* icats were honored by the smile* and plaudil oi tiic entit. Roral Household, as well a- by crowds oi the Spanish Nobility and Uentry. Sev eral Splendid l iamouds were presented to the Wiz ard by Her Majestv on these occasion*. Italy, France, Germany, Portugal. Cuba, Cnit.-d Sute*, &.C., have been visited by these ar t*tes, the differ ent lantinee* ol which countries they speak fluent ly. and have universally won golden opinion* a* well a* golden favors in each. The Magician is accompanied l?v J. M. VA'EJT ON, Esq., Iii* Secietarv. and attended bv Servant* and numerous Assistants. Ptice* of Admisaion.?Iieserveil seat* 50 cent*. Half price to reserved seats only for children under twelve year*. Central admission for all ages SB cent*. Doors rpen at ?V{?commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* can be had at the <"oor on the evening, jan -x?er rOST?AT THE PRESIDENT'S LEVEE <?N j Friday, January ^6, ii FUR TIPPE IT. Five doliai* wili be paid tor iu return to the Stwre of hu hugh Coyle, 7th *t. jan 31-3t* TO JEWELERS ?Tb^ jeweler in Washington City, with * bout an epe glaso, ? t in gold, was lelt some ten da\* ago, b> a centleiuan, lor the pur pose of having a spring mended, w dl please send it to Willards' Ho'.el, Room \o. 73. together Hith bis l.lll. jan 31?3i* POR R4LI?At great bargains, a ino?t durtr f aide stock of elegant Fan y Goods? Jew.div, Watches, Clock* Fan*, Opera (ilasses. Bronze firujnientk Dres-ing Cases, Writing De>k< Rich t'hina Vase* A d millions of other articles that we ate Je-irou to sell during the pic*ent ?ca*>>n, at eitr? niely low pricts, lor cadi T. DASTIANNEI.I St CO. B?0 Pa. avenup, under Browtu' Hotel, jan 31?3t GHRAT IMDirCBnKVTS, CANFIEI.D. BROTHER Si C?? . 440 Halt'nutrt Urrrt, Kattimore, Mil , OR. r to buyer*, preiiou? to taking iheir annual ac count ol stock, a large sio< k of r? <-ent'y imported f.kods, su. h a" WATCHES, JEtVELRV, SILVER WARE, Jliulj and Pintei Qv9.h, Clockt, bronze*, IVtei. M i>i> al Hoics, Dreden China, dx . AT PRI CES TO SUIT THE TIMES. M ITHOL'T RlB QjihU TO COST. jan 31 ?it SILVER PLATE. I^EA Ware, p'.a'ed ou white uiKal, e\tia heavy, warranted, mostly made l>> In ion 6i Son, Shel field, chased and engraved, einbc**ed si>le. Also, Pitcher Gobli-u, French ami Euglish ?i>l? Castors. Vagnificent Liquor Stand* Table. Dessert and Tea Spmn* and Foik?, war ranted quality Fish Knives and Forks, Ice Cre im Spoons Crumb Scrapers, Salad Tongs, Egg ?'ups We have also a complete u??ortineiit of be*i qual ity English Silver plated Waiter* from A to 'tt, war ran ed quality. We can a sure purchaser* that no suui'ar *tyle and quality of Goodacan l?e puicha-ed iu New Yoik wholesale, at the ?ame low price* w? i.tter Uient now. Our object is to realize cash, for the stock ol good* we have on hand i* too large. T. BASTIANELLI & CO., 310 Pa. avenue, under Browns' Hotel jan 31?3t "pianos !-PIAN0sT 1]L* E beg leave to call the attention of the public ff to our stock of Piano* now on hand, consisting of superb finishe ? 7,JS^SM| and 6 octave rosewood case oiruments from the wr?rld renowned ' * ? \l ? manufactories ol' II-Pet, Davi* k Co., Boston, and. Kunbe. Garble N Co., Balumor*, comprising in all the largest, most reliable and select assortment evei offered in this city. Also. Stool*. Cover*, kc. Old Piano* taken in exchange. We will make reasonable discount* for ca?h, o. ?ell on lime. JOHN F- F.LLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, ticar Troili sire, t. jan 31 F^OUND? A GENTLEMAN 8 CLOAK, whicH the owner can liave by calling at French's Bil liard S. loon and paying Tor ibi* a?lverti*ement. jar. 3<)?3?* CIGARS?CIGARS?OIGAKS. 1i ave received ten thousand more ol those choice Havana ol tin; t'oucha brand. A dU eret t article from thi** recently received and of i?rcj fur sale by other hou*r* In tbia city. Gentle men are requested to call and eiamine my atock. ROBT. D. TWEEDY, Grtn er, corner Pa. avenue and Ltib street, s<Mlb -ide. jan 97?6t

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