Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligence. Laciraa onBaariL.?The lecture on Brsiil by Rev Mr Fletcher, at the Smithsonian on Wednesday night, wm the ritheft treat of the Mr. P. commenced by siying that Brasil wm fir at trodden by Piroaon, who thought he bed foend Indie. In January, 1531, De Sure discovered en opening in the ooast, and >al!ed it Rio de Janiero, the River of January, and though the opening wu afterwards found to be that ef a bar, the name along to it and ?till remain*. The city iteelf it also knows by the iaae title through the oommeroial world. Thua the country fell into tbe bands of the Portugueee. they drove away, by perfo ration, all thoee French Hugenota sent out by Admiral de Caligny. and finally expelled the Dutch, though not until they had retained possession fnr thirty yean After that BrasU became the great colony of Portugal, and was subject to almost as many restrictions as Ja pan. Foreign vessels herdly being ellowed to refit there, and none to land. When the French descended upon Lisbon, tbe royal family escaped on board a man cf war, and directed their oourte towards Bran1, and there they held their oourt for e lone time Then exolasireneas wm thrown off, are the commeroe of the world invited. On tbe return of Don Jehn to Portugal, be left his youngest son. I>on Pedro, es viceroy; but he seen imbibed the Breailian idens of freedom, and wee ordered hi me for tiial, but refused to go, and finally, after an almost bloodless revolution, was placed on the throne m con atitutioral emperor. The preaent government oonaiats of Don Pedro II, the Emperor, who stands at the head; end m the counter is subdivided into twenty one different provintM, each one has its Gov ernor. who is appointed by the Emperor, but eeeh provinoe absolves it* Legislature of both houses?the RepresentativM being directly eleoted by the people, but the Senators ap pointed from among three of the nobility, who are nominated by the people. Tbie nc. bility iaereeted from any elass, abd patents are given m reward for scientific merit, war like achievements, or humane exploits; but those letters expire with the holder; nobility there ia cot hereditary. Their courts are much like ours, except that a majority of tha jury can render a verdict, aad their justices of the peace are eleoted by the people, and the district judges appointed by tbe Emperor. Brazil hu the largest extent of any coun tries, except Russia, China and tne United States; hu a mild, equal climate; abounds in the most delicious f.uits and fragrant flow ers ; and ia oalled by the Bresiliaus the " Pa radise of the Estrih " In 1808, the first printing press was started there. Of course it wm then a Court preM. but wm enjaL?it>ated by the revolution, and at this time is -is freo as oars. [Mr F. here showed one of the daily papers of Rio de Jeniero. about the size of the Intelligencer, ecu coapm ing favorably with it in matter and typography Tbe Mtabii-hed religion of the country is Roman tatho.ic, but they ere very tolerant; it is an article of their constitution that other reots shall be ellowed to worship anywuere, exoept in temp er which they define to be houses wi'h steeples anu bells. As a mission ary, Mr F never met with insult or hinder- | a nee from them; their religion does not item ! so deep m in many Catholic countries; theii chu;ch?j have been staled the ball rocm and theatre. Their post-cfflce regulations are singular. All tbe letters from any foreign oountry. or from any province, axe kept together. On calling tor a tetter, you must tell the provinoe or oountry from wbioh you expect it, when all the letters from that part will be handed to you, and from them you must select your own. Though every letter ia handled by many persons, there are seldom any thefts. I He spoke of the royal family as having tbe j best royel blood in their veins, being related to nearly every reigning family ot Europe, i Tbe Emperor "stands head and shouldrrs above the crowd," both in body and mind; is one inch shorter than our Oen Soott. His consori is generally beloved for her kindness of heart and benevolence. Their oommerce is immsnse?halt the ooffee of the world is raised by them; they export muoh dye and cabinet wood ; in fMt 'heir re sources are boundless, though as vet not fully developed. The manners of the people are very polite, and from them ladies receive Mpecial atten tion They are passionately fond of music, and have made great proficiency in the study, as well as modern languages With these two exeeptiocs, ss a general thing, their learning is superficial. Mr. F. is a resident missionary to Brazil, and e turns there soon to resume his labors. One hint be gave oar South Caroline tea oul* tivatore, about the way it was done in Brazil; the Emperor had imported cuttings of the tea pleat from China, and natives from the inte rior of that country to tend them; now they raise a great deal of tea. He thinhs the rea son we have not been m^re suocessful is that we beve attempted to raise tbe plant lrom the seed instead of from the cuttings He promised on his return to Braiil, to send seme cutti- gs to the Patent OCce lot distribu tion. 11 our ministers abroad, both religious and diplomatic, tollow the examples set by Messrs. Mar?h and Fletcher--one, late minister to Turkey, the other missionary to Brasil?we s'isll Je able to obtain the most authentic in formation concerning countries of whioh we are now comparatively ignorant. Hanosomb Ektkrtainmbht?The members of 'he Franklin Fire Company. lMt evening gave a handsome entertainment to Major Fritz, Major Thorp and Col. Vance, the Com mittee deputed by the Fire Department of Philadelphia to present a stone to the National Mocument Association, at Hamelin'a restau rant. Tbe supper wm set out in fine style, refleeting credit upon the caterer and the judg ment of tbe committee in their selection of a host. On this ccoMion appropriate and truly eloquent speeches, that would have greced the halls of Congress, were delivered by Mssrs. Frits, Carrigan, Thorp and Sweet. Songs were sunt end aneodotM told that ?? brought down tne house," by Messrs Sweet, Wright, Carrigan, Thorp, Garev and others Muob credit is due CbM J Caafield, Esq , President of the Franklin, for the manner in wbioh he presided on tbis occasion. Dm ing the evening Major Frits presented to tbe Franklin Fire Company a lithographic engraving of the inscription and design or tbe stone sent here te be plaoed in the National Monument by the Philadelphia Fire Depart ment. The design in the centre ot the stone is a hose carriage, a reel, and a hook and lad dor wagon, handso.n4ly engraved, the whole surrounded by the following inscription : "Presented by the fire Department of Philadelphia, 1855. Engine Companies ? Hibernia, Northern Liberties, Vigilant, Delaware, Harmony, Reli. ance Anistance, America. Diligent, Kensing ton, Franklin, WMhington, (of Frankford,) Humane, Waahircton, Friendship, Columbia, Hope. Philadelphia. Weccacoe, Good Will, Deeatur, United States, Fellowship (of Ger mantoiic) Good Intent, Globe, Fairmount, Southwark, Mechanic, Western * Hose Companies?Philadelphia, Good In tent, Resolution. Humane, Perseveranoe, hep tane, Hope, Colombia, Southwark, WMhing ton, Pbceni*. Diligent, United States. Niagara, Northern Liberties. America, William Penn, Reheat Morris, independence Pennsylvania, Lafayette, Marion, Schuylkill, Good Will, Western, Moyamensing, Franklin, Wecoacoe, Kensington, Shifiler, Fairmount Ringoid. Hook and Ladder Companies?Empire and Relief r Committee of Superintendence-P. C. Ell maker, F Reilly, S. Floyd, J. S. Vance, and Wm E Smith * The several gentlemen who were the guests ef the evening were made honoraty life mem bers ef the I ranklin. At a late hour the eompaay separated with three eheers aad a "tiger r-r-r" for the gUMts of the evening, mine host, end the firemen ol the Uaien Tear nan's Association. ? The Common Cowneil having gives the ase of their sham bar to tbe Columbian Association of Teachers, the firlt meeting will be held on Saturday at 4 o'clock, p. m , and there will be a lecture by Z. Rishard# Gband Ball for tii Bmnr or tub j Poo* -Wi oaderttand the Committee of Ar rupmMti of th* Wwhlo|ton HitUindtn, 0?pt John Rmn, who propoM firing ft WI for th* benefit of the poor of thlt eity, oa the 6th indent, ere aaing their utmost eadeevora to make it one of the mosi attractive effeira of the season, at the mm time to edd u mioh to the relief of the distressed u possible. Their exert iona so fer here proved highly suocesa fel. Mr John M Young the owner of the Assembly Building, hee kindly volunteeied the free ote of his hell for the oocesioa. Mr. John Certwrigbt, the gentlemanly Superin tendent of the Washington Qea Works, al. thoogo intending to leave the eity shortly, oa ?yonnt of receiving a more lacratiTe situa tion, will light the ball oa the evening of the bell at his own pergonal expense After the returns are all In frem the different managers, and others having tiokets for sale, a fall re port of the prooeeds will be given to the pnbJto. It now lays with a noble and generous com munity to sustain them in their most praise worthy undertaking, and ere glad to atate that several of our moet influential citizens I have entered in with a tree philanthropic spirit. We annex several notes received sa a I specimen : Washikotoh, Jan 29, 1856 Mr. Gales presents his respects to Mr For-! syth, Secretary of the Washington High landers, and aeknowledes the reoeipt from him of Ave ball tickets to a ball, to be given for the benefit of the poor, and has the pleasure to enclose to him five dollars for the same Wasbibgtoh, Feb. 1, 1855. bir: I have received the note enclosing two tickets for the ball of the Wsshington Highlanders, whioh you did me the honor to send me, end now return the same, enclosed herein, in order that they may be dispoeed of to persons desiring to ettend the ball, whioh will not be in my power. I send also about the price of the tickete? name'y, $2 50. Respeotfolly, jours, <to , __ _ J. G. Tottbh. Mr. Forsyth, See'y Wash'n Highlanders. Wasbi.iotok, Feb. 1,1855. t'apt. John Kef ie : i oer favor of the 24th ultimo was rooeived, tr t for the enclosed five I tiokets, please receive he amount herewith aent?$5 For your ? oess in this laudable enterprise, and for the prosperity of the com pany under your commacd. accept the bestl wish of Yours, respectfully, Job* F Coy^b. Washimoto*, Feb 1,1855. Sir : Yours of the 29th ultimo wes duly re ceived, oontaining five tickets for the Wash ington Highlanders' ball. Enclosed you will find $5 for the same. With my best regerds for you and your eompo~<y, hoping yoa mey meet with a lavorable return for jour praise worthy labora on this oooasioc, I remain, truly, your obedient, Ricbaro Wat.lai a To Cept. John Reese, Wash n Uighlonders. We learn, in addition, that tbeRuasian min ister, Mods Stockel, has written to the Secre tary acknowledging the receipt of five tickets, and forwarded to him the price thereof?fire | dollars?and also added, that in all can when called upon, he was ready and willing to contribute to the suffering poor. Pensox* SB5TEBCBD DdBIKG TDK I, ATE Tbbb or the Criminal Cocrt ?Dan 1 Smith, Esq , our County Jailor, furniahea the follow ing lilt of persons sentenced to the Peniten t arj and County Jail, during the Ute term of the Criminal Curt. It appears thut four teen persons bare been sentenced to the pen itentiary, and thirty-two to the oounty jail: PMITK5TIABT. Stephen F Lucas, obtaining money under false pretences, 4 years. Geo Simms, (negro) repe, 15 years. James Thomas, alias Lenning, (negro) lar ceny, 2 years and 6 months Wm Woodward, (negro) larceny, 2 years and 8 months * John Simonds, larceny, 1 year. William Parker, (negro) laroeny, I year and 6 months. Augustus Price, (negro) larceny, 1 year and 8 months. El'tabeth Hamilton. (negress^ arson, 3 years. Kitty Matthews, (negress) larceny, 1 year and 8 months Moses Brown, (negro) larceny, 1 year John Kelly, larceny, 1 year and 8 months. Ches O'Donnell, counterfeiting, 4 years. Geo. Shenig, arson, 4 years. Geo. Berns, arson, 4 years coirrTT JAIL. Wm. Cropsey, assault and battery, 3 months. Frances Wheeler, (negress) potit leroeny, 1 year Martha Hall, (negresa) laroeny, 1 year. Michael Welch, laroeny, 9 months Wm James, (negro) larceny, 5 months. Henrietta Ingraham, (negres<) larceny, 10 mon'ha Isaiah Contee, (negro) larceny. 7 months. Ed L Johnson, (negro) larceny, 8 months. Geo. Handy, (negro) larceny, fl months. Lewis Harris, larceey, 6 months. James Butler, (negro) larceny, 8 months. John Ogleton, (negro) larceny. 4 months. Jemos O'flulliran, larceny, 6 months I?eao B Crook, larceny, 8 months. Wm Baker, riot, 1 year William Umborfleld, riot, 1 month and 2 weeks. Thomaa Hanson, (negro) assault and battery, 1 month Mordecai Carpenter, (negro) assanlt snd battery, 1 month. James Turner, (negro) larceny, 8 months Charles Finnegan, assault end battery, 3 months. John Mosine, assault and battery, 3months. Thomas Ratoliffe, assault and battery, 3 months. W. S. A1 bean, assault and battery, 8 months. Peter Brooks, (negro) essault and battery, 1 week. M Redy, aasault and battery, 2 weeks. William O'Brien, assault and battery, 2 weeks W Murphy, assault and battery, 2 weeks. Solomon Hubbard, assault. 3 months. H Dennison, indeoent exposure, 8 months. K Johnson, (negtees) assault, 6 months. Dennis MoGee, assault, 1 week. Oca Neighbors or Gborbbtowb will have ea opportunity on Saturday night of enjoyinf a rich treat ?t Forrest Hall, in being eaeble< to witness Messrs Thomas A Co's interesting exhibition of Dissolving Views. We ere in formed that they possess a most extensive variety of beautiful illuminated paintings, representing attractive views in this and other countries ; besides a large number of comical design* aimI movable figures, that cannot fail to interest ard please the juvenile portion of the community, aa well as those or maturer age. Nothing low or vulgar, we are assure!, will be exhibited, but every thing presented will be of a character to aatiafy the most fes ' tidiou beholder - The representation ei the | diiaolving views is one of the most extraordi nary and pleasing exhibitions that can be presented, and we therefore trust that the ! people of Georgetown will aooord a liberal patronage to Thomas A Co. Mr. Robert Handy, and other popalar artists, will lend their raluable aid on the oooasion. Tbb Black Swaii.?We had an opportunity, last evening, of listening to the perfoimancee of this colored lady, who has oelebrity as e I singer. She oertainly is a remarkable pei. I former; hea a wonderful voioe, over whioh she has great oont-ol. We ere not disposed to say with aome others that she throws all other | singers we have heard in the shade; but we will do her justice by saying she is superior to many. "Holy Beauty Child of Nature," from Laeretia Borgia, was sung very flnely, snd without apparent effort. * Comiu thro1 the Rye" was rendered beaatifully. "I Know that my Redeemer liveth" was executed muoh better than we ever heard it In order to show the compass of her voioe she aung a solo bari tone, that astonished several firm basso's who were preeent. She performs again to-night, end will, we learn, ta few weeks will give V concert in tome large hall ia oar eity. HBLLBB, TBB WOBBBBTtJL NBCBOMABCBB ? This extraordinary xaea is rapidly iooreesing ia popularity with the people of Weshingtoa Those who have witnessed his astounding Jeat of seooad sight, seem to be determined not to give it ia ead a sseead and third visit fol Iowa. His foam are new aaft original with himself, and fer superior to anything of the kind we have before witnessed Go early and secure year seat Columbia Hall ? Another of these delight fol and intelleo'ual reunion*, which km ren dered this hall 10 vastly beneficial and aai versally popular, took plaoe within its echo ing walls lad night A largo, respeo table, aad highly in'elligent andienoe?among thorn many* of the softer tax. whoao brilliant 0701 flashed evidence of iotollootnality? convened for tho purpose of hearing a loo to re from tho lipa of Dr. N C Towle. At eight o'olook tho learned gentlemen appeared, and forthwith entered apon tho subject of hia discourse, "Tho Elements of our Country." For an wards of an hoar he entertained tho assemb lage with a eonsiderable display of historical knowledge and general information, first glan cing at the relative positions of the allied armies in the blood stained Crimea; then re verting to our own eolonial history, upon which his expressed views betokened both re search and judgment?judgment tinged some what with strong but nevertheless allowable Sredilootions; and finally win ling up with the eolaration of independence in 1776 The entire leotare was listened to with profound and respeotful attention. No sooner had the lecturer taken his seat, than that admirable and musical quartette? the Amphion vocalists?came forward, and both by individual exeellenoes and unsar {lassabie 00rjoint exertions, c-owned the do ights of a truly happy evening May many suoh pleasurable scenes be re peated and enooursged in this venerable "Hall"?this temple of the taleats and the mutes on the "old Columbian," alias the new Parnassian Hill. (COMMUKICATBD. 4i Taa Sons or Stbam."?" Render unto Caesar the things that are Ctesar's"?and edi tors should credit to authors where credit is due I make this remark from the fact that in the Amerioan Organ, of the 29ih ult., "The Song of Steam" is given ?? txtevso without paternity. If the editors of the Organ will turn to the twenty-fourth page of Cutter's Poems, they will aoqnaint themselves with the author of those verses, which so happily fill a space in their paper. Those statins, however, whioh have been read and admired in two hemispheres, are so generally known to be from tbe pen of Capt. U W. Cutter that it is soaroely neceesary to subscribe to them a nativity or a name, for tbe sun is known to be the sun wherever he shines. I am glad to know a second volume will be soon ready from the same fertile souroe. Yours, ?4., S. Da, Fa [We are too crowded to-day to insert the beautiiul song in question. Our readers will remember it, however, as being the same which was published in the Star som? months ago. with the proper credit ?Ens ] T? \ "Tub Last Libk is Brobkh."?We under stand tb?t Mr. Thomas J. Clarke, Clerk to bis honor the Mayor, has been removed from that position, and that Mr. N. D Larner has been appointed in his ttead. Mr. Clarke occupied the place under Mr. Maury, and was known as an efficient and obliging officer He had remained at the post up to 'his time?a soli* tary monument of the clemency of the present munioipal authorities The outside pressure, however, has at length prevailed, and the last vestige of Mauryism is ruthlessly swept away. Philharmonic Socibtt ? In oonsequence of the engagement of Carusi's Saloon t a the evening eet apart for the repetition of the Philharmonic's concert, the Board of Mana agers have oonoluded to postpone it for two or three weeks. In the interim the programme will be so changed as to make it more attrac tiTe, if that were possible, than the original We hope, therefore, tbe numerous friends of the society will keep the object in view, and when the announcement shall be made, sus tain them as their efforts deserve Tax Ballbt?Sathaniel was again raptur ously reoeived at tbe National Theatre, last night, by a discriminating audience It is to be repeated this evening, and should be wit. eeased by all. We have repeatedly called publio attention 10 the wonders and beauties of this grand ballet spectacle, and have there fore to-day to say only that no one should Tail to witness it who oan appreciate very fine ballet danoing. "DAnCB ALL HieBT TILL BROAO DAT LIGHT." The yoang beaux, of the oolored population had a ball at Nailor's Stables last night, and had their own fun of coarse. We like to see them happy, enjoying all the privileges al lowed them But we hear they had a fight, for variety, whioh is oontrary to law That sport must be stopped; otherwise the city gov ernors will put an end to the dances. Thb Rot'SSBTS.?On to-morrow evening, these admirable dancers make their last ap pearanoe in our city. We sincerely trust that they will have a good house. It will be long before we have such a troupe of finished artists with us again. ?? Fabht Fan*.?Mr. Rhodes, of 474 Pennsyl vania avenue, assures us that he received this morning, by express, two hundred copies of Ruth Hall, so that all can now be supplied with this rare work Orders for any Amerioan or English works can be left with him and ob tained at the lowest possible price. Tbrpsichorb Club ?At the last meeting of this olub of young gentlemen the fallowing J named members were elected officers for the ensuing term: President, Maroellus Marceron, Vice President, Stephen McNamee; Secretary, P. S. Ecnis; Treasurer, R. E. Thompson. Mac.vllistbr drew a crowded house last nigh>; numbers were unable to gain admit tance The performances of this gentleman are truly wonderful On to-morrow evening he gives his last performance. Watch Ramus?Mary Allen, drunk in the street; fine and oosts. Thos Davis, drunk and disorderly; oosts and security. Charles Lasardi, do , do. BAKHIKD, On tiie 31ar ultimo, by Rev. Mr. Boyle, ALEXAN DER J. DALLAS, U. 8. Marine, to FRANCES V. MAS1, daughter of S. Mas', E?q., of thia city. D1KD. On Thursday, the 1st instant, liia excellency, S? nor Don FELIPE MOLINA. Miniater of Costa Rica, Guatemala an<l Salvador. (XJ- The funeral will take place on Saturday, the 3d instant, at II o'clock a. m. The coitege will leave the residence of the deceased, corner of Fif teenth and G at* , north, and proceed to St. Mathewa Church, where the body will be dep ?*it?d. SILVER PLATE. ~ rpEA Ware, placed on white rietal, extra heavy, 1 warranted, mostly made liy Dixon It Son, Shef field, chn?ed and engraved, embossed style. Aino, Pitcher Goblets, French and English style Castors. Magnificent Liquor Stands Table, Deaaert and Tea Spoona and Forks, war ranted quality Fish Knives and Forks, Ice Cream Spoons Crumb Scrapers, Salad Tongs, Egg Cups We have alae a complete assortment of best qual ity Euglish Silver plated Waiters from 8 to 33, war ranted quality. We can a-sure purchasers that no simi'ar style and quality of Goods can be purchased in New York wholesale, at the same low prices we offer them now. Our object Is to realize cash, for the stock of goods we have on hand is too large. T. BASTIANRLLI fc CO., 3T0 Pa. avenue, under Browns' Hotel, jan 31 ?3t CIGARS?CIGARS-^CIGARS7 It ave received Kn th uisand more ot those choice Havana CIGARS, of tho Concha brand. A dif crent article from tlH>se recently received and of fered for sale by other houses in tV is city. Gentle men are requested to call and cxamiae mv stock. ROUT. D. TWEEDY, Grocer, corner Pa. aveaue and 13lb street, south side, jan a?-6t "important to ladies. Mr*. HfLA.CK.aitY, of New York will remain a few days at Mim Morley's, 309 Pa. avenue, north side, near 10th street, for the purpore of teaching Mr. S. T. Taylor's great improvement ' for cutting and making lalies' drewca. Ladies are r< spectfully invited to give her a call, and if di?pn?ed take take a lining with jou and have tbe aaauer demonstrated U? your own satisfaction. MRS. BRACKNEY, jan *7?1w? 4Qf Broadway N. Y. SILVER PLATED WARE. COMPLETE ColTV* Seta, ('a?tor*,Cak* ami Fruta Baskets, Waiters on wbi|e metal, Table, D<** aert, and Tea Spoons and Porks, double aad Uij le plated on Albata, the best substitute for ailver. war ranted aad sold by H. SEMKEN No. 330 Pa. aveaue, between 9th aad lOta sis. jan 19 For Bait and Pint TO RE XT OR FOR PALE?A SMALL AND convenient tirMinn?d funi' Hmim, nearly new, containing six rooms, situated no M nrff[,f(n. 457. n*ar 1 liirteenih street. Euquire at N<?. 487 Eighth streat, or of I. T. FALES, at the Patent Of fibe. jan 31?3|* For rent or sale.?the beautiful >twdenc? of Col. Rohe.u, U S. A., en Oenrpe ? town Height*. Furnished nr unfurnished. To*#**!* sion giv< n immediately. Apply for term* at tins of fice. jan 31?Iw For hale.?the good will and fix tore* of the tavern and boarding-hous<>, known aa the 44 Washington and Baltimore Hon*," situ ated on Fin* street and near the Railroad Hp pot. It will be cold in part, the pu chaser havjhg the p-ivil of taking a portion if he wishes To any one witli ? small capital it is a good stand for business. For particular* enquire on the premier*, jan 31?lw* STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Good* Groceries, Itc., to he stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flag atone paved, and Dry Bawmenti under the >tar office, comer Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office. jan 31?tf For rent?for one year or a term of y am, the well situated, commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling House, overt be Music Store of Hilbas k Hits, at tbe coruer of Pa. avenue and 11th street. It contain seventeen rooms without the basement, in which the kitchen is situated. This it a rare chance for a private fani ily wishing a large houne on Pa. avenue, or for a per sou desiring <he heat location in Washington for a large and well kept boarding house. Pot-sosion given immediately. Apply at this office. jaa 19?tf FOR RENT? Posses ion given immediately, a three story brick House and Store, No. 101 Bridge street, near th- Varket House, containing 10 rooms and kitchen, :i perfectly dry cellar, capable of holding 20 cords of wood. This is a first ititc stand for business, particularly an Uie Falls Biidg is now in passable order. To a good tenant the rent will be reasonable. Apply to T. O. DONNOGHUE. Also, a very convenient Dwelling, containing five rooms, kitchen and cellar, lately finished, situated on Lingan street, near Hick's Cottajre, one *f the most healthy and pJeaoent situations in Georgetown. Applv as above. T. O. D. Jan 84?2w? FOR RENT?A large three story brick Houne, with basement and attic and three story back building, with stable and pump in a large yard, con taining nineteen room", on C sireet, between 34 and 4# street*; adjoining the residence of Dr. J. F. May. Possession given on the 1st of February. Inquire of J. P. Pepper, at Adam* k Oo's Express Offiee, or of J. W. Hicks, City Post Office, Exocutors for the heirs. jan 24?eo6t T'O LET?The large and commodious three-story Brick Dwelling, No. 38S B street, between 2d and 3d streets. For terms enquire of E. 8. SMITH, Agent of Adams' Express Co., Pa. avenue, between 2d an.l 3,1 streets, jan fi?eolm HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healtiiily located Building Lou, 24 feit front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, he bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Want a WANTED?FY A YOUNG MAN OF IN dustrious. s* ber and steady habit*, a situation in a grocery store, willing to d*v >te all of his time and talents ;o Lis huwness. Good references jiven if required. Apply to ,4M H J," thrcugti City Post Office. feb 2^-2t* WANTED -BY A RE8PECTABI.E YOUNG Woman, a situation aa seamstress; has no ob jection to do chamtcr work. Plen?e callat5Sl4 F street, l>etween Fourteenth and Fifteenth, feb 2 ? 11 * For hire?a capable oolored girl; (a sla\e) about 14 years of age. Apply Int No 40S Thirteenth street, corner of E, door on E st. feb 2?It* MO*EY TO LEND ?9400 TO $500 AT 30 to 90 days or longer. Address through City Post Office (post paid) until 8th instant, giving full darticulars of offer, " Ticonderoga." feb 2 3t* WANTED-BY A YOUNG AND HEALTHY Scotch Woman, a Situation in n private fam ily a? wet nurse. She is a very good Shirt maker. Inquire at No. SB 5 Twelfth street west. f? b 1?3i* WANTED-A CLERK IN A DRCG STORE, One who has some knowledge of Uie t>usi nes* is required. Address "I)rugg??t," Washington D. C. jan 27 WAITS MEQROB9,?Thss bscrlbsrear? sll times In the market tmjtng SLAYBS. pay lag tbe highest ?eh prices. P-rson# having flarei for sale wltl pie,,* call at 342 PRATT STRKBT, Bal timore, Md..(81atter'r o'.d stand ) Slaves taken on board at '46 osnts per day. fsb2?ly B.M.B W. L.CAMPB1LL. Boarding. B' lOAKDWU ?A lady having taken the liand I some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on f street, between 6lh and 7th, can offer fine rooms for families, either furnished or unlurni-hed. Also, has rooms for gentlemen much larger than an* generally appropriated to i-ui^ie persons. Table ltoar<l<T* and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the mo*t reasonable terms. jan 29?lw* My courtship & its consequences, by Wikoff. Price ?125, Slavery in a New Light and its Grand Results, by a Citizen of Georgetown. Price 12'^ cts. A Night in Buenos Ayres,a new dram* in five arts, by a Citizen of Georgetown. Price 12}f ct*. The Scout, by W. Gi more Sinim<; *1.25 Ida May; $1 25 Putnam's Magazine for February; 25 cents Ballou's New Monthly for F> bruary ; 10 cts GodeyV Ladies Book for February; 25 cts. For sale by E. K. LUNDY, Ne. 1518 Bridge street, Geoi^etnwu. jan 25?tf music rom balls, fastix87<^T L. F. W. WEBER RESPICTFULLY INFORMS HIS FRIKND6 and former patrsns that be continues to attend BALLS, PARTIKS, Be., with bis well organise BAND of aeientlftc Musicians. He *111 introduce ail tbe new and fashlonabl Musie An anoomplished Pianist fnrn'shed if dssirsd. Orders left at IDibos A Hits' Mnsie Dt-pot, dauUerV, or Miller's Confectionery Stores, or at my residence, near Gen. Henderson's, Navy Yard, wil. meet with prompt attention. nov 28?2m RICH JEWELRY. JUST received the latest styles of Diammd, Pearl , Mosaic, l<ava, and Cameo Bracelets, Brooches, ] and Earrings in pet*. Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Signet and pure Gold Wedding Rings. , Gold an<l Pearl Necklaces, Lockets, Thimbles, | Pencils, tic. Precious Stones set in the most elegant manner, and Jewelry Work of whatever description executed in llie highest style of the art. M. W. GALT k BRO., 394 Pa av., bet. 9th and 10th st*. jan 27?6t (Int,Uuion,Newi4t) BASKING H0USS0F FAI&0 * H0UBSE, OppoHt* United State* 7Vsarury. BONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum al lowed on deposits when left for 30 days or longer, jan 24?6m PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. N*W and second hand PIANOS, of my awn and severs' other factories, are Always lowjgte be had at my Piano Wnrsroem, on anth St., between Pa. avenue and B at. wld Pianos taken In exchange. Tuning also attended to. V. 0. .REICHBffRACH P. 8.?A few very low pr'oed second band Pianos rom $tt for sale. dee 1?ta WATCHES. Extr A heavy fine Gold Magic Hunting Watchcs Pocket Chronometers, Ladies' plninC and enamelled do , studded with Diamond* i and Pearls. Also, Timekeepers of everyl other devcripuoa, all wwranted, and offered at as low rates as similar articles can be purchased | for in any city in this country. M. W. GALT k bro., Pa. aveuue, betwe n 9th and 10th sts. jan 27?6^ [Intel,UnionkNews.] FOK SAL V?At great bargains, a most desii| I able stock of elegant Fancy Goods ? Jewelnr, Watches, Clocks Fans, Opera Glasses, Btonxe Ornaments Dressing Cases, Writing Desks Rich China Vases And millions of other srticles thai we arc desirous to sell during the prefent season, at extremely low prices, for cash T. BASTIANNRLI k CO. ?10 Pa. avenne, under Browns* Hotel. jan 31?3i , . ,. : ; THE FOREIGN OFFICE LWT, (British) cor rected to Attgnst ISM. this day received trota London. f RANCB TAYLOB. jan 15 T **F J? O. MeOUIRB, EUETEE'S SALE OP V ALFA RLE Improved _ Real Ertate on Pennsylvania jrr?uf -B* vir IB.- of a deed !? tnm, bearing datP me 4:h of Ann!, 1850 recorded in Liber J. A. No. IIS. Mm* 431, kc., Hie subscriber will sell at public *ale, on MONDAY, the 19?h <!?> of February, 185.', at 4 o'clock p m . on the premises. part of Lot No. 3. in Rwtvation No. 12, fronting 16 fret 8 laches on Pennsylvania avenue, and ninnint back 1ft'. ff I 6 inch** to a 15 feet aJley, with the impr vemcnts, which consist of a well and substantially built two *tory brick house, covering the whole depth of the The property i? eligibly situated on Psnnsylvsnia avenue,between Second and Third streets ?H, and adjoining toe old Rti.road liejmt ind is a nixxi lm*i ness location, and offer# to penults Je<ir>iu. ot in v^jy *n excellent opportunity The term* of nie will be : One tl M >? t: pp money ia cash, and the tialancc' ?? elve, euhteen. and twenty-four months, for Bv. j ttcarinc mter? *t Ironi day of talr, secured by deed of trust Bpon the property. Ii the term* ofsale are not com .'iik u1'1 after tlie sale, the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the iisk and I expense of the purchaser. All convevam ing at tli" expense Of the purchaser. Tide indisputable. CHA8. S. WALLACR, Trustee, o. .... JAS. C. McGUIEE. jan 29?3tawkds Auctioneer. '? C. OaOriBK, Anetloator. Trusteed pale of desirable blild INO LOT ON THE ISLAND.-On MONDAY afternoon, February 5th, at 4 oMock, on the premi ses, by virtue of a deed ot tri:?.t from Geo. TT??n a* 4tid wife. dated January 16th. lKil. and recorded in Liber J A. 8 , No. 71. folio* 3,tt, Xii. kc., one of the land reconl* f*r Wa?lnngtoii count), the sub criber will sell Lot No. 2, in .Square No 38S, front ing 25 feet?hi south F street, between tf<h and Hhh strrnis west, ruunine bark 125 i*e| to a wide alley. Tcnucvh. JOSEPH C. ISAAC, Tru-tee. J Ad. C. McGUIRE, Jan 2?rokds Auctioneer. By E. 3. WRIGHT, Awotlonoor, OoortstawB. INTENSIVE AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF !i Dry Go- d<.?On MONDAY neit, t$e 5tb o Febuary, at 10 o'clock a. ni., (to be continued from iiay to day until closed out,) I rhall sell, with out reserve, at the store of M. L. Williams. No, 120 Bridge street, his entire stock of fresh Dry Goods, consistent of? Super and fine Cloths, all colors Sup?* Merino and Silk Vestinc* Ca?*imere?, Ca-sin< ts. Tweeds, Drillings t'ollenad's, Ducks, lie. Super While and colored Flannels Heavy Woollen Goods fot servants Dress Goods in Silks, Merinos, De Limes. Alpaca", Poplins, Ginghams, Prints, lie. Plaid and striped t'ottons, Tickings Checks, Brown aed Bleached Cottons Osnaburg*, Burlaps, Puper Irish Linens Diapers, Napkins, Blankets and Raises Super Linen, Silk and Cotton Hdkfr, Carpeting Silk, Woollen and Cotton Hosiery Gloves and Suspenders A large variety of Shawls, Einbroi Jrrios Laces, Inserting*. Lawns. Muslitis Rich and plain Bonnet Ribbons Sewing Silka, Spool Cottons. Threads Buttons, Tapes, Pins, Need I as Essences for the Toilet, Comb?, Rruahes. lie. Forming together the most desirable stock of Goods ever offered at Auction. Terms: All sums of and under $25 cash ; over Jp?5 and under a credit of 30 days; over $50 ;.sd under .f?5. 60 day*; over $75 nnd under *100,W days; and over $100 a credit ol four month" tor'lp prov-vl endorsed note*, hearing intere-t. EDWARD S. WBIGHT, Jm 30?td Auctioneer. Great k attractive sale of chop e AND VALUABLE BOOKS AT AUCTION Commencing on FRIDAY EVENING, January 26th, Pi53. at 474 Pa. avenue, (Fitzgerald's Mock,) at 7 o'clock each evetmif. Stock all new and peiteet, direct frotr New York Trade S*les. eomprismi the choicest ana best se lected a<sortinent, Foreign and Do'ne-tic, eve.r of fwred in the market, consisting of School, Classical, Law, Medical, anil Miscellaneous Books, in every department of literature. Bibles, Prajer Rooks, Blank Book*, lie., a great ?amy Annuals and Holiday Pre ents frv 1Rj5 Agricultural Works, m>me 50 different autbors, all now nnd popular works in print, American and En gliah Gold and Steel Pens of extra quality Hianes. Pocket Memorandum*, Porimonnaies kc The above stock will b? open lor examination, and offered at auction every evening until he entire stock shall be disposed of. The rales of tins extensive and magnificent stock will be conducted by Mr. J. W. Rhodes, late of N. York, and offers unusual facilities for obtaining Books at a price to suit the time*. jan 26?IV* HOriCK OF C0PAKT1IEB8UIP WASHING roil HALL RESTAUB AlfT, Corner Pinntylinnia ueertiK arui 6/A *t., youth ride 0^ PETER M. DCBANT, C\^Mbe(i< leave to say to hi friends and former cu<tom ers that he has disposed of his ent're interest in his late establishment, ??in?cr the St. Charles Hotel, and to inform them tliat he will hereafter be found at the abov? named Res taurant, which will be conducted under the joint management of BENTER Ii DCBANT. The firm beg to assure their friends and the pule lie generally thst no exertion" wtll be spared by then to deserve a continuance of the favor and pa tronage tVy hive heretofore received, and that their estaUishinetit, for order, cl^anltne-s, and at tention to the want* of their visitors, shall be un*ar pav-ed in thi-* or any other city. Their Lanier wi.? ilway.- I- supplied wi?h the most choice Viands, Luxuries, ,.nd Dtli"Bi-ie> that the market c;.n afford ; and their Bar v '! r'eckod with beverages ot the ino^l favorite \in.l a .i ?>est qualities, together with a choice lot ot Or ir >.f su perior brands. WILLIAM F. RENTER, jan 31?eo6t PETER M. DUBANT. SILVERWARE. SOLID SIVER TEA SETS, PIPCHERf, G"'t leu, Cup-i, Castors, Walters, lie. Silver Spoons, Forks, Ladles and Napkin Rimr*. Silver Iiesoert, Pie, Cake, Pi h and Ice Cream Knives. Sugar, Preserve, lelly, Olive and Egg Spoons. Asparagus, ?alad, Sugar and Icc Tong', Crumb Scrapers, kc. The vboae we have of ?very pattern, all of our own manufacture and warTtuled pure silver. Orders raken for every description of rich Silver ware, such as public testimonials, lie., and strictly executed after any de?ign, however elaborate. M. W. GALT k BRO., No. 334 I'ennsx Ivanta avenue, between Ninth and Tenth su. jan 27?6t [Intel.I'nionkNew* ] I'HE QUEEN'S Regulations and Orders tor the Army complete to Ie54, 2 vola, London Code Napoleon, literally translated 1 vol, Loudai 1854 Fairholt's Dictionary of Terms of Art, 1 vol, Lon don, 1854 The Microscope, Its History, construction, and ap Cication, by J. F<>gg, 1 vol, 500 engravings, ondnn,1S54 Hnghes Luties of Judge Advocates 1 vol The Steam Engine, for practical men, by Han-i nn?i Gener, I vol, London 1854 The irteain Engine, its history and mechanism '?> Robert Scott Burn, 1 vol, London, lt^M Richards' Po|>ulation and Capital, 1 yol. London. 18'4 FRAN?* TAYLOR. jan 20 SPECTACLES. GOLO, Silver, fine Steel and Plated SPECTA CLES, EYErJLA8?1E8,fce.of all focuses,with perifocal, periocopie and n^raboln Glasses. A long experience gives us peculiar advantages in select ing glasses adapted to the eve* of wearers. M. W. GALTkBRO., 394 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streets. Jan 27?6t f Intel .UnlcnkNews.] Gold, silver, steel k plated spec TACLES to suit every sge and< e>?, Riding Specs, R. R. Gla*se?, Eye. Protectors, Eye Glasses of all descrip tions, Reading Glasses, Goggles ; kc.. Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, 1'onvex, and Colored Glasses pot in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in want of glasses may I*' sure to those which benefit the rye ar H. SEMKKN-S, No. 330 Pa- avenue, b?tw. VHh and 10th sts. jan M CCONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ) The Geogramcal and Commercial Gazette?a monthly putdiealiou devoted to physical, com merciai, and political Geography, edited by an association of practical nad Scientifie gen tlemen- Subrcnption $3 pei annum, single uumbsr 25 'jents. DisturnoU's lUn!wa> Guide tor Jannar; ? prce 2^ cents, witii map. jan 13 FRANCE TAYLOR. SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assortment of Silver Toffee Sets, Pitchers, Goblet*, Cop?, Creams, and all kinds of Spoons and Forks, and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for presents, via: Soup and Oyster Ladles, Grunt Scrapers fish, pie and cake Knlvr^ Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., ia offered at low pti coo, and warranted sterling. H. SEttKEW, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. ?th anrfltnh sjb. jan 19 . GLEN WOOD CEMETERY. TIE Rules nnd Reflations and the act of In cor porauon of tko Glenwood Cemetery have bom published fn a seat pamphlet for? Any o?e wish ing a enpy can reels* it at the office of ths Oemo tery or at the Oaanter of the 9tar office. jan 6?lm ~ TELEGRAPHIC. Ei; Italy ?r at Mlly Imlw ?? Arrival of tb* Black Warrior Now Tom. Fob 2 ?TV? Blook Warrior arrived this morning witL Hinat date* of iha 28 th Th* itoutir Faleoo was atill la port bat she ?ii ixp?cud to Mil for Nov Tork on the 29tb. The Block Warrior bring* no news of importance Senatorial Iloction in Haw Tork ALaanr, Feb. 2 ?The whigs last night held o legislative eancus bom. tbo reeelt of whiab vu that Senator Seward reeeived tha nomi naMon for Senator for tbo aext term bj ? wo%m of seventy-foar, to six tailoring Sinking of a Itaamer and FioSabls loos *f Ul? New OabBADS, Fab 1Tbo steamer Ellin sunk last waak at Finn Point bond, n few miles below Memphis, aad it it foorod that thirty lives have bona loot. Baltimore Harkots Baltihoeb, Fab 2 ?Floor ia bold at IS bO for Howard street, aad City Mills at 26, no ?ales; tha market is eery slack Wheat? On'j 2,' 00 buahels of red in market; sales at fl 9ft Corn?Sales of T.000 bushels. jallow at 88o , white at &3a8Se Gate?2,000 bnahel* offered; tales qu. ted at M)a54o Rye?Only SO bushels were offered. bat no hnsinesa trans acted Clover Seed $0 S0a$6 75. Repnblioaa Senatorial II mine t too Naw Tork, Fab 2?Tbo Republicans on Wednesday nominated Charted Durkee as their candidats for Senator. D. slmction of a Ceart-loaao by Fir* PaiLAPBLraia, Feb. 2 ?Tbe oourtbouse at Freehold, Monmouth eoantj, N J , wea burnt to the gronn-i thia m rning The surrounding building a escaped Vow Tork Markou New Took, Feb 2.?Cotton firm and up ward. Floor ia downwnrd aad dall; sales of 8,000 bbls good Okie at $& 75a9 18|. fcouth ern is heavy ; sales of 1,200 bbls Corn is up ward and firm ; white aad yellow at 98e Perk is downward and doll Beef is dull, witk a destining tendency Lard Is naohanged with a limited buainess at previous rates. Whisky ?Ohio $3c. Transaction* in Stocks Naw Tobk, Feb. 1 ?Steoka are better and money ia unchanged; aalea at tha Seeoad Board of C'evelnn<l and Toledo Railroad 01 ; Erie 46|; Cleveland Columbus and Cineinuati Railroad 9M: Reading 72; Cumberland 36*. Baca. CaiaLiaTOH. Jan 80 ?Ia the the three mile raee to-day bctwaea the horsss Nat Blick sod Garret Davis, the former won. Death of Biahop Cspars Charlssvom, Ju <1.?Bishop Capera. aa ami nant divine of the Methodist Episcopal Chareh South, is dead ^ Senatorial illactioaa Cnicaeo Fab 1.?The Wiaeoaaiu Legisla tare met in j ?int Convention on Taeeday and Wednesday to a I act a United States Senator, but no choiee wae made. The balloting was raaamed again to day. The Illinois Legialature is still without a quorum in jiint Convention IX??. .V> J NOTICE OF TtlE DlM'OTnKr aNCE Oj thr ( niU/i>? (ami office at Jrtjei tonrUie. P\n ? rnnrt and Win*mm* . Indiana. T T VDER Ihr i>f<iv,FKifMi #f the second *< etion o| I the act of I??mgre?#, approved June 12, If JO, n Inch didarea "th.t whenever the quantity ol pub tic la d? r< maining unsold In any land diatrict shall k?; retluctNi to a numt**r of'acre* If* uian one hun dred thousand, it thai I be the duty of tJie See retary of the Treasury to di continue the land office t??r such district ; and tf any land in any Fiirh district Khali remain unsold *? Uie nine of the discontinuance of a lan?1 < ffio ', the Mm* shall be subject to <Uest ?Kim'* one of the existing land ol lice* in"*! convenient to the district in which the land offline -liali have beer discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Tr?ii?ury ah ill fire notice ;** and inasmu< h a* the 7th ? ciM>n of the act approve* 4th Sept ?nl?er, ?M1, (MkoruM the .Secret rv ?d" the Treasury to <-o tmu- aa> land dirtru t in wh;eli i? situated the seat (4 fvifwn'at if any one of the States, notwithft:in<linc the quantity of laud unaold iu such Ui.-trici may not *niount to more than one hundred thousand a? r?-?, when in bu opinion aurb eawfiuuanoe nitybe requited by puMic convemene or in <>r.Kr to dwr the land system in rich Stats at a coiivi until point under the provision. <?i the aci on that imbjM-t approved June 12, 1M*.', ami l.ikA o? the duty ahorc rt^utreJ ka* been rfrerrfred uf<on the Secretary 9j tkf Interior by ??tke art to e* tffMi'h the Home Drj>arli*ci<tt"< approved 3i March, 1642: Notice i? aecordmgfy hereby given that, in visw of report* from ill" l?at ofliccr at Jar?Ka!,o>\tLLB> VincEitXiK, and tVntiAC, that the vacant land in each of said disH'-i* u reduced below one huudrtd thousan i acrea, the Secretory of tie Interior, with the mpi*obat*on of tAe /'resident. b?f directed that the land office* at'JcrraaaoNVtixs. Viar en*ra and WinaM4C; in the State of Indiana, be discontinued, and the lania remaining un*Md at the time of the di? ontinuance be made eubject to aale at the land office at InDiAKtroue, the Mat of governweut of aaid State. I,au4? lejua.nmg'.unsold, and uap^ropnated by law, and subject in pr vatt entry within tne limits of the diauicis now discontinued, wi'l cea^* lobe subject to entry aa heretofore at th<?ae office*, from the dale of the receipt of thia nouce bv the rag etera and recetvera thereot, and tbc land officer* at I*bi a5*roLia will give public nouee of the day on wh ch they will be ;>r?parad to receive applications fur entries of' any aucb laitd- at their offit e. J(?HN ?. JLSOV ComnusMoner of Oantral Land JaRVaSV IAU. Jan siawOw BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. UEALTIIY *?tTMS, AND A IWKT HRRATB. Ail Who :tre dexuoua of obtaining tliwe bene fita, a'xiuld u- ZER MAW' S CEI.fcHK M ED TOGTH-WA-H. Thia delicioua article comblnea *o many meritorious qualities, that it haa now be come a *tmdard favnnte with the chiaens of New York, Tiiiiadeiplua and Ba tunore. I?eiiti*-a pre ?cribe it in their practice moot aucceaefully, and from every source the moat Haltering laudations are awarded iu Inflamed and bleeding gutna are immediately l<en f fitted by st>* n?e; it* act en upon iVm i? mild, ?notInns and effective. It eleaoaoa the te.-th ?o thoroughly, that they are made ui rival j?eurl in whiti*iie<a, and diffuae* through the mouth ?uch a delightful fre?hneae, that Uie breath i* rerdcr.-d e* qtlirilely aweet. It diainfejta all thoae impurities which tend to produce decay, and a* a conaequence, when iheae are reuiovnd, the teeth mu* always re yymin nOUnd. ^ It ia used and recommended by all ?hr eminent Dentist* in New York, Philadelphia, I.altimore, and other ciltoa where it haa bc.n introduced. All should give it a trial. ,, Prepared onlv by HAWf^W XBtMAN, I nk<ipt and tSemi-t, Ninth and Catharia- street*, ptma delnhia, at?d *old by all lhn<r?aa es. rywhare, at ?5 erau per bottle. w. M. <*ILLM \N, jan 17?3tn Afent aahtnr"n Cny. NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT HAT COKCEBW. Ill AVE tin* day received and opene.i a rraat ?art <ty of f 'l Orfct*. WAT^HBS, and 'BvVFLOs. I rood Clock* irotn |1 30 in |I5, aO n.-rranted <>o? year. Also, gold and ailver Watcbs# in great va ricty, ailver Watches from ft* K> ?35 , g"'?l ^ Watclies from f5|6 to fl 90 and a greai of Jevretry, all <? which will be snl?l cheaper than goods of aame quality can he bought ia thia o?ty. Thoe. wiahtng to get gond Oot^ha would do well to buy from me, as 1 put aM mr tlock* in order be fure selling the >>. w Call unit see f.n >?hwm *tcb Vini^.riaini rtf J* ?UDlWDVli, Emporium o-posite Browns' lloui. jan 10?lia T~~HE~A~MERICAN Bforro*AN ; containing ^l?dKa J. Lewia, M. D. With numerou- illus^ 'TT^Ieat TAYI^Mt a WAIT*V-rt j,,, 3 Book?to?e, near *tb St. HOlVARD'a P. ? fll'PEE*tE COI RT RE ^ ""XXk TAVI.O* P??i ]*?

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