Newspaper of Evening Star, February 2, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 2, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. TO A CAOXD KAGLX. Bird ol the sun, *nd Alpine cloud. Why dreop* thy ?M* form? Tb? than-Vr o'er rt?e ratUe* 'oud, Aad calln thee to the storm. Bird of the gale, wh^re is the fire That IH thy mouarrb eye,? Thy giant strength that sought the far Pavilions of the ?ky? Proud mountain bird, thy flight is o'er. There's blood upon Uiy pluuie; The light nine beckons thee aloft. But fate ba* -4W thy doom, And rvtKIr * ' *iare done the deed. Frtnf ?m v k the Wow, Ob Pre. x ? ai tbou must hltfd. Chains \ ?? .y i fo*. Bold bird! thy proper sphere .h wher War's crimson burners ware; The emblem ? f our liberty. The honored o. the brave. Thy form ou- coiu au?i flag should grace. Tiny nam* our watchword he. Each bero> henrt thy '-pride of flart."'' Proud type of Victory! A Mator as is a Mayor ? Mayor Wood of New York is indefatigable in his efforts to make New York a model city. The Sun says: The bone-boiling establishments art nearly all broken ap by the order of the Mayor, lie is also going to examine in to the condition of the milk-making es tablishments in the upper part of the city, and ascertain who makes good milk and who bad. An improvement with regard to street cleaning is contemplated, in which machinery, it is alleged, will do the business effectually. ITavk Charjty foe thb Poor.?Rich men and rich ladies, whom God has merciful'y blessed with the good things of this world, hare mercy upon the poor, for they are your fellow beings. They tori and struggle in ihe tough battle of life. They toil long and struggle hard to ga;n a scanty supply of food for them selves and their little ores. Tliey art rough looking, but k:.nd-hear;5d one to another. They have sym]>athetic hearts like our own, with this diilerence, that wc, *o far placad above and beyond t^eni by ihe voice of Fashion, do not so readi ly give from our abundance as they do to their comrades from the dry crusts whirh they have begged Pt our gates. Have charity, then?have compassion upon the poor who are about you! Who knows how soon the wheel of fortune may turn round and crush <1$ in its ceaseless mo lion? As high as we stand to-day, we may be brought low and suffering to-mor row; therefore, to-day, have charity for the poor ' " Thi London Times.?As for the fierce onslaught upon Lord Raglan, common report explains it by saying that Mr. Russell, the special correspondent of the Times, received major's rations bv order of Sir C. Trevylian?that Lord Kaglan, absurdly angry thereat, (having a mar tinet's horror of the press.) wrote to the Duke of Newcastle to know by whose authority this was done?that, without waiting for a replv from London, his lordship stopped the rations, and re quested Mr. Russell to leave the camp? and that, thereon, " our special corre spondent" mended his pen, added gall to his ink, and incontinently did ?? walk into" Loid Raglan, who regrets by this time, I dare say, that he meddled with the sen be. A man and woman, who kept a disreputable house in Herman, Maine, a few days since were drummed out oi town by the indignant citizens. All the inmates of the house, with their goods and chatties, were placed on sleds, and, ac 00 m pan led by drums, fifes, and banners, and about one hundred men. they were conveyed without the limits of the town. We would recommend this plan to inhabitants of other localities, as being easy and safe withal, and with a suffi cient dash of bun cr in it to make the performances lau-'rsiing. MOVEMENTS otfOUE L? STEAMERS. Sam*. Leap* For Dmy*. Union Havre New York,, Jan. 17 Auaauc Liverpool....New York.. Jan. 27 Union New York Havre Pcb. 10 Africa Boston Liverpool. Peb. 14 Atlaat'c New York...Liverpool..Feb. -21 City Manchester. .Liverpool... Philadelphia.Feb 14 8t. Louie Havre New York...Feb. 14 (fc^Tbe California steamers leave New York 011 the 5th and iiQth of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. H iliards' Ho.el?a -a. kjc. whufi. P B Dorrance, Me I' J Henningaen, NY C C Leeds, do C Luting? do A J Smith, Army Z L Kohjxaon. NY l> C Trimble, Md Mr Gettee, Del Z U Benter A lady, Pa W W Zung Yunde, NY J W Lark, do W B Mac lay, do Miss Mac lay, do T B Dicker-on, do J Stanlv k ladv, Md V K Kimball, O J W Boyd, Vn A 8 Hewitt. NY R Suga A lady, do 1 N DuBarney, Pa Mrs DjBarny, d-i W Whitney a lady, do A Martin a la-'y. do A B Eddy. Afttiy A Gill, do S Dos Bar es, ? A P P Oru, do ? atl?Hal Hotel ?. wiLuaaa. Le R Holt, Ga R M Vail, NY A D L"?w, do H M Moore, do T B*in-y, do T B Florence, Pa D C Digges, M J H D Palmer J C Acheaoa, Va J Lynch, NY D B Hernial., Oregon W E Faber, Rl Mr Wayward. Md H J Rofers, do M H Falls, do E 11 Cart? ncr, do C Elliot, M W F Lec.NY J J Pike, do J Janney, Va H P Smith. Pa V Brent, Md P 8.. rJ?, do R P Spalding a lady, O M5*s Turner, do R Al>-*and'T. do A Corner, Mass L Day, O IS H Burritt. do r, B Wilson. Md L D Gould, NI J L IVnneck a lady, P* B G Harris a ladv, Md 8 Bickford. uo L H Webb, O Hon H B Payn* , do H V Wilson, do R Parks, do J But , Pa W E ^"inford, It G C Go?don, Del J N Pomerv, NY T Peter, NA W H Chandler, Ut J D Burten. Mass Brcwai* r. a x. Blow*. W J Buchanan, Md J Howard, do J t'assMrd. do J T Joa?s. 41a E McDean, Cal E T Throp, Mich A R Gtlmoft- HI R A Gtloorv, do W H Mrad, WC lh Godey a lady, Pa J Barbour, Ya J e Barb <ur. do A M Barbour, do A W Grog a ladv, do J Y Menme, do T B Masei, do D T Warren, NY J C Talbot, do B F Dudley, do F B 1 arpentsr, do * , ?/ ? - ? a *-? * Mr? Rnrhaxus uiui family, P Julien, do 1I0 ? J J Blaneu, La F Halle t a lady, SJ 8 C Chase. Me C Staples, do V R Froet, do M N Wiee. Ky G Hare a ladv J Wymaa, NY W Bool ware, Y.t 8 ft Paadolfh, do T J Stokes, Pa H PiM|uet, do C Pequeno. do Cal T Julien, do A f^?ck-l, do R S De Ccyn ft lady, do Miss A Pieroe,do G W Hillary, Md M S Hummer, do Mad^DDray aitd servant '8 Cutuse. do J M Kneaas, do A F Kgfsro. Eugl'd G D Mercer, Md S R Steele. Va. , ? T Youag, do T Pequeae a 3 ladies, do W Thomas, O P A Torwa . Md Hon A Plummer, Pa A P etou, NY J H Leglev, do B Hherlv. do C H Garbutl. NY C G Sharp, de L'atted ItatM Hotel?k 1. atcun. G r Hughes. Mo s Johaean, Mass H a r?eH, NY j p Wskefleld, T? J White, O j Jenkins ? Andrews, Pa Q 8 Kilfors. NY WRBelbv .Md J Tyler/Ya I PROPOSALS FOR rXJKKISHIHG PAPER FOB FUBLIC FRIHriHG OrriCF 9cfKiii!rr*?ii>r*T friuc Washington, January 25,lc55 N pnr?u*nee nf the provisions of the act entitled, ? " An act to provide for executing the pu lie printing, ' kc . approved Au*u?t 2?, prono-;; ? will i?e received a? thm office .hi the C a p itol, a mil Wednesday, the 28th day ofJ^rrhn^[' at 12 o'clock m., for tnrniehini the foU?*r"'i 1uan titiex and descriptions ol writing J? fc 500 reams, weighing 28 pounds per ream, and mea surra* 19 by int hes . 3 ioo reaius, weighing 26 pounds per ream, and nu a sunng 18 by 95 iochee 100 reams, wcighingyt pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 28 inches 340 reams, wnthin? K pound? per ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 incbe 400 renin*, weighing 12 pounds per renm, and mea moling 19 by 18 inches %I1 these papers to be made of the best materials, and finished in the best manner and tree from adul teration- A contract will be entered into for ?np plvmg th.- qaantitie* stated, at such times as the public "crvice may require but the privilege is re ??rved of ordering a ereafer quantity of either kin<?. should a greatr r quantity be required, at such times and in such quantities a? may be deemed necessary. S implex of each kind of paper must accompany each bid, and all prrj>oral* and samples mtul be transmitted to this office, free of postage or ot ler expense Each proposal must be icned l?y the individual or fi di making it, and mu*t -:pecif> the price act pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each de*lipfion nf pit per. All the paper must be delivered at such place or places as mav be designated in W'a?lnn.ton city; in good or ?rr, tree of all and every extra charge or ex penre, ami subject to the inspection, count, weight and measurement of the Pupeuntendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank form* for proposals will I** furnished at tbi* offce to p rsons app'ying ftw them ; and none will tie taken into consideration unless substantially agreeing therewith. . Bo. ds with approved securities will be required; and the supplying of an inferior article, or a tailu't to supply the quantity required at any tlm will I* crnaijcred a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furnish with bis propo se i-' satifla^torv evidence of his ability to execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. . , . 1 Proposals wilt be addressed to the "Superintend ent of ih" Public Printing, Capitol of the United Stat*9, Washington, and endorsed "Proposals for Supply,?g PV ' A c mu,kn< Superintendent of the Public Printing, jan 29?eotd "nottoc to contractors. Office or MrtaopouTix Kaoroa* roupajty, 1 Georgetown, I'. C.. &??. 28. 1&55. J SKATED k'R P08AuS for tbe grvtlug. masonry, and b-idgiag of /orty-tfrree and a hs3f (43*] l mile* of this >0 id will be. received at the office c-1 I th? company until three oVccfc p. m. ci> tt. ? lott day oi Feoru*ry n*xt. "En* uiav-.t, pr? filea, p'ana, and specifics Ion* will he ready for inspection ot and af? r the 5ti. day ol F.bru ry. The Metropolitan Railroad Is dengn'd to extend fr m 'he cities 11 Washington and Gerrgrtcwu tc th? Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,by an eas^ and d rect route c? jn?ctln? with the la ter r ^ad eaot < 1 ti e "i'oint of Lock-,"' on the Potomac river, and maklne a raving cf distance on the first 1 luetj luite* of lb; vreaent travelled route iri D the Cnpi tal to the Western and Northwes'era Siates of for ty-five mi'.ee. Proceeding ftocsAhe point of intersecti-m with t? t Bsltunore and Gma K?i!road the rout er.t?nis 11 the City cf frelen-k, and, p?w?sia< through the rich I -vt a?rri3uKurai districts ot Maryland, t?*rmiuat?* ic the city of HsgTstown, wher? It *itl I int.. of railroale, now in opwati. n eitendiug tc Hsrrisburg, :he Pennsylvania Central BaOroid, Ac The p rtkm of the rotd for whkh propc^sis a.-i Diw invito extends from tfcs westerly lice ol th? District oi Columbia (3% ou es from Georgetown, to -?e city of Pred*nc*. Pr possls srill he received for the work in aacticni of one mile each, or for the entire distanoe of 43)? milt- . . The work i? eeneral'y of a medium character foi this rart of t"? oountry. with eome heavy cutting in earih \nd rcck? and bridving; and Jtvery CiiHtj exists for proeecming it vi^oreusly and with eecno iny at ail e-aa^oa of he year. The country lsele vated and rolling, well watered, and remarkably healthy. 14w? time e^ndir''n?d for tbe eoapletion of th? o ntric'? wtri be from <ne to two year*. Any funb?r Snfirmstien desired by persons pro po?*.n^ tor the w^rk wi'l be turr.'ahed at the cifflr-. or "-ay >?s uad b. adlressia* tbe P-eeident of tb? ompanj by l???t*r prior to *he dsy of letting. By order cf the Ho*rd ot Directors PtlAVCIsJ DrtOOB. Pre-<idenf. BDMU. D fliENCIl. Chief Englueer. dei- 20 aawtF?*b5 m VIG0MTING GORDLil A FHEHOMESON IN MEDICINE, TJ1ALTH RWTOREU AND LIF1 XI L1HGTB1NKD, l:y DR. MOR*5,8 INVIGORATI^O ILUIB OR OOKD'AIi.?At f.r^t the proper ties i'u:bu>J t ?ro:. U0R??'S I 'ViGOPAllNC Ki.IXTR <.4:t CORDIAL were d?medfabulous. Th? public ort 'a de>f>^ved? tomli rvA Wiew the tfraph and sul-lime ?.r jtv? aniwuD'-ed bv the dincover-r ? Iti fart', un^en'ahle fact* atterted by wlt^eeues o t*u? h!eV?t claw and ooara-.?r, ar* cow triumph int ever s!i iouLta. INCHKDULITT IB OV*R TurVJWN by a dhi cf t^ttmony which la i-erfeetl] trrasleteMe. Ti.o It ntra reir ?-"e->, Jn all eaae'ljthe deplorabli evO aeiJ*J#g frci. traiiu. 'nt abuse of tbe variotn organ - wr !?fc make up tbe-ro'id'- >f*l machine oallK ?i?n. It restores to full v gor every delimite luno Men connected with that mysterious eomponnc ? reoey of matter nu Bind, neoeeRary to the re jjt* dttcfrvn'/ V.mca Tc ^?ereonfl of '?eble muaou lar frame, or df?cleot In vital power, It U> rscon mende>l w tbe only means of cocmnnlwting tha en?r^y wMeh U iiece--"arj to tt*e proper enjoyment of ail the natural appet tes, a? well as the highe; mental a'trlbutee. its b*uefl?i*l effects are not eoo fined U? either aex or to any age. The feeble gir! the alliDg wife, the listleee, em?rated youth, th< overworn man ot t :islcr?s,the victim cf nervous de presston, the individual cuB?r!ng from general de DVUy, or from the weskcees of a single organ, will a'.: find lcaci'-l!tt? and permaivnt relief from thi of this inoomparable renc valor. To thoee whe have a pmlieposltion to paralysis It will prove a oomplete and unfiaiiing safeguard upainst that terri ble malady. There are many, permkps, who have at trifiel with their constitution*, that they think thsmclvee beyond the reach of medicine. Let no1 evea these lespair. The Kllxlr deals with dlseaae at It exists, without reference to oaoaea, and will nol only remove the disorder itself, but RZBUILD TUB BHOKRN OONBTITUTIOM. The derangements ot the system, leading to ner vt-U'i 11 senses, and the forms of nervous disease It tmli, are so numerous that it would require a oolumt tc enumerate tha maladies for which this prepare ration is a specific. A few, however, may beenume rated, vis: neutalgia, tic dolereaux, be?1ache, Incip lent paralysis, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, spK n& affections, muscular debility, tremars, fiatulenc* a pnc&ing sensation in the fieah, numbness, tarpid Ity of th Uver, mental depression, weaknees of th will, inlisp-v-ition te move, faintcese after exercise, broken t-ieep an l terrifying dreams, inability to ra main in one piaoe - i position, weakness of the pro creative organs, sexual Incompetency, melanabolv, monomania, floor aibua, s nking at tbe stomach, fe male lrregalaritto, a chronic tendency to miscar riage. emaciation, and all complaints growing out of a free indulgence of the pasrions, and all barrenness that doee net pr aeed trom organs causes beyond the fvb ef medicine. Whenever the organs to be acted upon are free from malformation ur stnotural dlseaass it to avsrrec that M0&BTB IMTIOORATINQ IL1XHR will replaoe weakness with strength, incapacity with efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural ac tivity, acd this not enly toKbout haiard of reaction, but with a happy elbot on tha general organisation. 4^B?ar in mind that all maladies, wherever they begin, finish with the nervous system, and that the paralisation of the nerves or motion and sensation is physical death. Bear in mind also, that tor every bnd oi nervous disease the Klixar Ocrdlal to the only reliable ] CAUTIOI. Da. Moan*t Umuonanso Ooaaux has terfsited by same unprincipled person*. In future, all tha genuine Cordial will have the nrtotor's fee simile pee ted over the cork of each e, aad the tailoring words bkwn In the glass Dr.| Horie't ?avl|or?tiai| Cordial. G. IX. HI MO, Proprietor, M.Y. j (MU to put up highly concentrated, in ytetbsaftsa. PrH-M p? bottle-two for $6; Ax for $13. 0. H. SING, Proprietor, 1M Broadway, How York. Bold by Drugstoto throughout the Untied Btato* Otnnda*, and West Indies. A aim Waohlngton? I. D. GIL HAM. Baltimore?B. 8. HANtA. Richmond?BK 'N ITT # U1KR, mar 10?aaff MY COURTSHIP AND IT8CONSEQUENCES by Henry Wikef The History and Poetry of Puigor Rings, by Chas. XV Afd? The World a Workaltop, by Ewbanlt The New i'ongreeeinnal Directory at TAYLOR k MAURY'S J?? 13 Bookstore, near 9tb el. CHARLES WAL1ER S GENERAL AGENCY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICE, NO. ??? SEVENTH ST. orroorru cimi murr. U?ee hours from 9 to IS a. m., and from B to 5 p.m. ... jan 17?lm* JOHN n. BUTHMANN, IMrO^TRR AM) D*AL?R IN WlNl, BRAlf <?y, Cigars, Ae., Peur.s. ivanla avenue, south U (?M 4Jf and 0?*tb stresra, has reoetved bis fall gteek sad assortment of tbe a bore, consisting In P" rt f#? ~ Madeira, Sherry, Port of varlouj grades, Chamnaffn* 1b qts and ptg, different brand* A Sr**]inT^ri,ty of *tine Wine, some of It spa;k ATso, St. Perry sparkling ml nod whit* Claret, at t rloes from $8 60 per dotea to the highest or Anl nnmerous other kinds of Wine Also, very superior Cognac, pale and dark: Seheid* am Qin, Jamais Ruia. flu* old Whisker, Iriah Malt, Cordials, and Havana Cigars. de* 10?9aw8? PROPOSALS TO* KAIL BAGS Post Oratca Department, January 18, 18Vi. SCALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Department unui 9 o'clock a. m., of thj 23.1 of April next, for turn sbing for four years from ti^e l?t day of July neit, in such quantities and at well urnes as may be required and ordered lor tbe tuail service, mail bags of the following description, to Cavva* Mail Bugs. Site No. 1, (43 inches in length, an! 62 inchrs in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of27 inches width; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five fo'd. Aire No. 9, (41 inches *n length and 48 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvas-, weighing 16 ounces to the vard of27 inches width, and the clotli to be woven in cverv respect like that of the first sue of bag*. Size No. 3, (32 inches in length and 38 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, w?ighio? 10 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width, and tli ? cloth to be woven as above described* The canvass bags of sizes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficient number of eyelet hole*, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths. All are to be well and distinctly marked "(/. S. Mail," and to be numbered according to the sizei above specified. Leathnr and Canvass Pouches Size No. 1.48 in. in lenrth, and 80 in. circumference size No. 2. 41 do do 4$ ^ Size No. 3 36 do do 42 da Size No. 4. 36 do do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 28 do The body of the leather pouches is to be made of good aud substantial hag leather, well tanned, weigh | ing for Nos. 1 and 2 not l-*s than 8 oune-e, and for the smaller sizes not less than 7 ounces to the sq foot; the bottom aud flap to be of good tkirtinr leather, well tanned, and the saute to be well and strongly secured with the best iron rive *, well tinned. The canvass pouches are to be made of densely woven canvass, e as to resist water, or rt least equal to thai of which the pouches now in the serrke are made. Leather and Canvass Horse-mail Bags, (|q sadd'e bags form.) Size No. 1. B >dy 48 inches long, and 42 ii che? in circumference at the widest prrt.s ; ends or bottoms of n me, 14 by 2t> inches Size No. 2. Bo ly 44 inches long, and 36 inches in ci'c-uterence at the widest parts ; tnds or bottoms of same, 12 by 24 iuches S.ze No 3. Boiy 42 inches long, and 32 inches in circumU rence at ihv widest parts ; ends or bottoms of *a<ne 10 by 20 inches The leather horse mall bags arc to be made ol good and substantial ha* leather, well tanned, and weighing not less t.'ias 7 ou.ices to the square foot, and the seams to be well .-Mid stronglv sewed ; or if rivefed, t? be so done as not to chafe the horror rider. The canvass horse mail bags ate to be made of tlie same quality of fabric on the pouches above de scribed. Canvass and Leather Drop letter Pouches, (with eid? pocket?.) Size No. 4. 30 in. in length, and 38 in circumference Size No. 5. 2b do do an do Canvass Xcur*f^per Mail Ra?$. Size No. 1, (48 inches in length and 62 inches in cii cumtcrence,) to be made ol cotton canvass W'ighing at least 15 ounce* to the yard of 22 inches width; ihe yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and live fold, and the baz to he se constructed as to be looked and to have a handle at each end. Size No. 2, (41 incite* Iouh and 48 inches jn cir cumference,) to he of the same material and man~ ner of construction wall size No. 1. Prop -sals for improvements in the construction of any ol the abo ve described mail bags, or in the ma terials thereof, arc invite i; and the relative value and adaptation to the service as ftII as price of such improt meni will r,e considered in detertnin ing tht lowest n ml best b'd^er. No proposals will be considered if not accom panied with samples of each aruole bid for, showing the construction, quality of materials, and workman I ship proposed, and also w:tli evidence of the com peteney and ability ? ?f the bidder to execute the work according to contract. The specimens must be delivered at th? Depart ment on or before the 23d day cf April neit, and will in connexion with the pro, owl, form tbe basis Ol the contracts. Specimens deposred by bidders which may with safety and convenience he us?d in *'? he P?id for at the rates pn> posed by them. ^ A decision on the bids will be made on or before the first day of .May neit, and the bidder or bidders chosen will be required to enter into contract on or before the 15th day of lene next, with boud and ^f?C1Ent suretie? f,,r a 'aiUifal performance of the obligations as entered into. All the articles contracted for are to be delivered at the contractor's expanse, at Boston, Massachti anHY.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Ralumore, ,Md.: Washington D| C.; Charleston B.C.; AuzuM^Ga.; Montgomery Ala., New Orleans, La ; VulTHk Tenn ? I nnw. ville, Ky ; Cincinnati, Ohio; ai^fc Louis','Mo., in such quantities and at such timfea as the Denart inent mav require ; and tliey are to be rieidly in spected before delivery, and none are to he received wn?h shall be inferior to the specimens or stand urd bjg*. To enable bidders to estimate the number of tfie different kinds ol mail bags which will probably be required, they are informed that there were fur nished for the use of the Department, during the year which ended 30 h June Inst 2,135 leather pouches; 3^978 canvas* pouches; 150 leather horse mail bags; 60o canvass horse mail bin ; and 17 110 ca vaas mail bays. * ' The proposals should be endorsed 44 Proposal* tor Mail bagi," and bo addressed to the ? PoUrruuter General ? JAMES CAMPBELL, jan 15-lawl9w Postmaster General. ROSENKRAJNZ PIANOS. JUST received two of the above unequalled in strumeuu direct from the Mann ,n factory in Dresden, Germany. The?ei|fflBn Pianos having both, aAer a lorg -eaiP|^^Pff* and land voyage, arrived in perfect*/ ? W \J U tune, afford anotlier guarantee of their suoeiiorilv in keepiog in tune. Iheir beauty and power ot tone elicits the bighett eoconiums from all the great musical critics of Europe. MIL BUS fc HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av. 11th and D sts. an o-u Soi0Rl?TBuW PIAWOl FOR SALE r. T?W ^ve in *tnre f?ur Pianos, two of Chickering and two of Andre Steins, which we Si!" ?0'"1 notc''M??" ?? New Music expected to-morrow m-irning. ? . JOHN. P. ELLIS, jan4 306 Pa. avenue. ,KFKriD SEW TXAB PKM1S1S. I 1 ? J?" brmnchM Ot business oondnctwd In tbia yj eUy, Qrooerle?, perhaps, of all others afford tbe smallest profits, and should have the preference tor easn, and no one In th?t business can continue if hU customers are not prompt in settlement by short notes or cish. Detirou? of sloslng up for tbe pa<>t I ?arnestlv request all who are indebU4 to esfl aud settle wiihont delay. I will farther giy? . notice that all future bills whleh may be contracted with me must be mtd# with reference to, and with tbe dls'inct understand ing that thay are to be closed monthly, b? cash or notes at 30 days, w hlch I have prepare! for the pur pose, except ? och of my old easterners who have 11. *d^^T?tfr?mpt' Z P" KIN0 Jj"English Buttle* and Sieges in the 1 Peninsula, I vol, Loocofr; 1854 anual af Field Operation, by Lt Jervis, Royal Ar _u ullery, 1 vol, 18S8 v^ 1851 ^omPau'on> by Col Lord de The War in Russia and Germauy in 1812-13, by Col Cnthcart, (killed at Inkeiman) 1 vol, maps and diagrti'.is, 1850 ' 1 BIX Familiar Lecture*, by a field officer, 1 vol, 1851 General Wolfe's Instructions to Young Officers, 1 ?MoutofP?n0 1768 l he Mediterranean, a Memoir, P ifsteal, Historical, *KM Cal' f Atlrnlral ?n,.vthi 1 vol, The Miscellaneous Literary Works of General Bur - i^^e, 8 vols, (out of print) 1808 ian84 TRANCE TAYLOR. BRITISH STATESMEN.?Lira of Aberdeen Hnseell, Palmcrston, Graham, Gladetone, he.. 1 vol, London, 1854 ' Thirty Years of Foreign Policy, a history of the Se cretaryships of Aberdeen and Palmemon, 1 ?ol, London 1855 Beedell's British Tariff for 1854 5 Special Rep#rt to Parliament on the manufactures Wallis *CW Indusirial Exhibition, by Special Report to do., on the machinery of do., by Wbltworth Special Report to do, on the Raw Material* and Agriculture of do., by Wilson Special Report to do., on the Geological Department of do., by Lyell Banfield's Staustieal Companion for 1854 Wokmd^ooPopalation and Capital, 1 vol, London don 1854, cooMlete Set (scarce) of the British Almanac and Companion from its commence ment In 10% i*n 98 FRANCK TAYLOR. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. T athai'i Lira or ouiboisi I I J will te?*e Alexandria at 4, T\. ^nd 9# * m, \% and 3% p m. WU1 1 leave Washington at 6, ll, and IS a ai.. 3^ and 7 pm. Aeats can be secured at the 0?c*. Fnlrfhx and Newton's Mansion House ; in Washington, at Had hi Segnr Storr an-< Kirkwood tyuse. This Line mm regularly winter and tumuier tor ihe accommodation of ihe Public. Passengers called lor and taken to their residences if not too far. FARE?For the first trip up and last trip down, 50 ecu la; all other regular triple 95 cent*. Trunks extra. LATHAM fc COOK. jan 8?tf CROMWELL'* BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN HEW YORK BALTIMORE It D08T0.V, WILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore and NewYork. and twice a week from Bo?ton to n Utimorc and Baltimore to Boston. This line affords unequalled facilities to the btui ne.s men ol the District of < oiumbia. The Agents at either point will receive freight and give a through bill oi lading to Washington at the lowest rates oi freight and uo commissions charged. Application* for freight promptly attended to by the following ag?nt?: A. C. HALL, 58 Exchange PI ce, Baltimore. H. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sts., N. Y. JNO. W. SCHAN'K, Jan 14?d.Tm Fool of I ndia Wharf, Bonou. FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. HALT I MORE AN1) OHIO RAIbKOAD. IMPROVED ARRANQEMkNTS FOR TRAVRL1 IMPORTAyr CUANGMS Or-SCHMDITDMI JMu VBKI the late completion of the ^^Wr^B^SpHOentral Ohio Railroad betw?>n and Columbus. uniting, m it ?1o?a, by fo short and direct a Hue, tbs Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with all portions of the Wotl (an 1 North and Southwest) gives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers in that direction. M-NDAY, NoTember 27, 1854. the "liTii will be run an follows: FOK THROUGH PASSENG EES. Two fast trains daily wil' run in sack direction Flret?The UA1L TRAIN, leaving Camden Station at 7 a. m., instwad o: a o'clock as heretofore,{exoept on Sunday.) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m Second?The EXPRESS TRAIN, leaving at 5 p m . Instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and runnh g through to Wheeling In about 17 hcurs, reachlrg there at 10 26 a m. This train will stop at Wash ington Junction, Sykerville, Monooacy, Harper's *-rry, Martinaburg, Sir John's Run, dumberland, Piedmont Rowlertmrg, Newbnrg, Fettermar, Farm ington, Cameron and Moundsville only, for \?oo^ and wat?r and meals. Both theee trains mak< prompt and regular connection wi'h th? cars of th? Central Oh.o Hoad for Oambridg', Zan< stiUe, New ark, Columbus, Cln-innatl, Looisvlll-, Psytoa. >andceky, Toledo, Letroit, Indianapofie, Chiosro, St I<onis. etc. Passengers leaving Baltimore by the Mall Trvn; wi'l reset Cincinnati for dinner next day, whll? by the Rxprsea Train they arrive thrr* at 12 the next night, beiog kept but one nigh* on the route by eith-r train Passengers for the Northwest via Cleveland anu a I intermediate points can make a direct ? onaeo poo with he trains upon tha C'eveland and Pitts burg Railrord at all times when the Ohio is ra^lca ble for steamers between ? heeling ard WMlevifie, I by leaving Baltimore In the Mail Tram at 7 a. a. I1*? rr*lM 1mv? Wheeling as foliew*: The KXPRSSS TRAIN at 4 30 p mn reaching Bal timore at 9.50 a. m. The >1A1L TRAIN at 11.45 p. m.. reaching Baltimore at" p n ^^Tbrrujrh tickets by boat from Wheeling for "Indnnatf, Madison I-ou'rville, Bt. Louis a?d oth?r "Ivor Citiea, ?i'l be so'd at 11 times when the stage I of water ? ill admit. 1 Through tickets between Baltimore ?rd Waswngton, and all the important cities and town* la th? West, are sold at the Ticket Offices of the Company. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. THE MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station will take passenrefs for all the usual stopping places on the Road Returning, ihia train leave# VV heeling I at 11.45 midnight, Cumoerland at 10.15 a. m aod arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. ra. THE FRKDEKTCK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and hitrmodlate place-*, will s<art at I m , daily (exoept Bun-'ayt^) ar. ivng in Freder 40 Returning will leave Frederick at ? a. m arriving at Baltimore at 12 80. noon THE BLUCm-fl MILI-rt AOCOMMODAT.'ON will be run daily, (exo*pt Sundays,) as follows : Leave C*md*n 8(aU >n at 0 a m. and Ap.m Leare EU'citt'e Mill* a: 7.30 a. m. and 6.30 p. m. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILilOAD. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS: LEAVB daily, except Sunday, at 6 and 8k a. m. aod 3 and S p m. On Sunday at 0 a m and 5 pm. Leave Baltimore at 4^ and- 9 a m; and 5 and 8 On Sunday at 4* a m ar.l 5 pm. Tha connection* with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 4 a m and 3 pa. For Philadelphia and Haw York at ?, and 8'A a w and 6 pm. For Annapolis at a m and ft p m. For Norfolk at 8 p m. ? _ T. H. PARSONS, Agent Fartlcu ar attention Is cel'ed to the Rule reqnlr tag a reepensible voucher for any person of oolur who m"?y wi?h to (>ass ov r the road. dec 18?rttf 0EAJTQI AMD ALKXAUDBIA BAIIBOAO. | T?i On imi after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1864, Alexandria dally for Gordons villa and intanafdiite rtatlons ?t 7M o'clock, a. m., oa the arrival ot the boat from Washington i giving air t>e time for breakfast on board Con necting at Manaeaas Junctien with a train for Ptrae 6nrg, at Warrenton Ju ction with a train fir War | ronton, and at Gordansvlll- with the trains on th? Virginia Oantral Railroad for Richmond, Cbarlottea vllle, and diaunton The cars leave OordonsTille dally for AlexAndrt# and intermediate ftatione, at ?^b?fore 12. a. n?? on the artful of the trains o? the VlrgicUCentml rail road from Richmond, Charlott^TilW, snd SUunton T-IROUOH TICKMTS From Alexandria to Warrenton $2 00 . Oonionsvili*-.... 3 50 Charlottesville 4 J(6 I - Staunton b 90 M M Straaburg ? 3 50 m u Waahbarg 0 75 u Win oh ester 8 M 4. wtray*..*,....,.*,,,, 4 25 ? " New Market 6 00 M " Mlddlfburg a 26 For Lynchburg, ocnneotlng with the staires at dftyf *' CU We?lneeday?, and Fri-1 For Luray and Naw Market, oonnecting with the at Oulpoper, on Tuaadaya,Thurtdsv?, ami Sat at^So^00nn*ftin? *** the stegee at^ PUlMbU1* da,,/' ro,UM?t!n? the etagaa nJJTf?"J W ?- BR0C*BTT' Agsnt. 4 t> m , c ick at 7.4 FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. [ B'ara iv.und trip fl; from AJnx ?Ihe THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washington at 9 ami A^xandria at 9!>4 o'olo^k. Coaches leave the C?^itol for the boat at o'olk. Coach fiire ' Q otalp. Persona wistUng the CoachM will leave their real denoe with Oeo. ? Thoa. Parker. Refreshments on the boat. oct 28?dtf SAM'L OEDN'FY, Capt ? ? ' ? ? ??^^s>? ? ? ?*??* THE ?W YORK * LIVSAPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. , THE SHIPS OOMi'RISINO THIS LIKE ARE THB AULANTI0, Cant. West PACIFIC, Capt Nye, BALTIC, Capt Cematock, ADRIATIC, OralUm. These ships Lave bean built by eonttadt, ?%preat ly for Government service; every aafe bfts been taken In their oonstrautlon. as in th? anginas to insnra strength and speed, tad their a4ba*omoda tions for passengers are unequalled for eleganoe and oomfort. Price of passage from New \ork to Liverpool, in flret cabin eeeeeseee e??????*eee*???????? 41901 Second Cabin 70 | Exclusive use of extra else state rooms 800 From Liverpool to New York ?3U and ?20. 1 An experienoed surgeon attached to each ship. | No berth oan be secured until paid for. lor freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS k (XX, 58 Wall street Nee York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO, Liverpool. B. G. ROBERTS ft CO., IS King's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUNR0E ft OO , 96 Ens Notre Dame dee Tlctolrea. Paris. GEO H. DRAPER, Havaa. The Quaere of the?* ships will not be aoocuntahle for gold, silver, bullion, spede. predoue stones or metftls, unless bills ar lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expreeeed. pov 16?dly PAPER MOIPTENER.?A New Invention for uu>isunin? the leaves of a Copying Book, Post ?ge Stamps, Envelopes, and moisten tha Angers wnen counting bank bills. Also, usexul l?r various other put poses. It will be (oond nn la<hspensible article Iks trvn desk. It is perfectly simple and eheap, and ma come into genernl use. TAYLOR ft MAURY, )ftn If ? Agents tot Washington. PHTimirHfA AOVEBTTSFMENTS. amxEB'B wmas AT PHILADELPHIA. ron?>? viua,it thi aj fcran old eatabltohed Km Air* cf^df MtTTDER, Am No. T0 Walaat etroet, four doer* to lew Fourta street, where ooawwi i ri will be vnpp mli! with WINESv*A LIQVORS o* th? mort aeeexuno d?tiug (nw JACOB MN1DBB. Jr., ipat Ibr bi li of FOREIGN WIVES, 0?m Me. 7? WW net rtrwt, Philadelphia, where be to prepared U re order* for the spec rttcin order* for the special Importation Ac.. Item Tiricai hoim (? Europe, In auaattttos a iifo|h do sen end upwards; end alsosonetta for hh Bon, JOHN YALOIIAN SNIDKB, Ihr >?*??'? ?' hi# Monde end former < V All wtme ordered far Washington <pli be ?e Hveeed by Bonn Am *f frt*3ht 1*1?lj OOCTO* TOUKllLf. THI POCKJT jBSCULAPIUS: OB. IVHT OKI BIB OW* PHY8IGLAN. The Fiftieth Bdlttoa, wftb Ctoe bandied fofrtviaf* showing Disme- ? end Me.' formation* of the Hamea System In every shape and 15>m. To whfcm to added s I TV???a on the DImm o' Females, being of the high eat Importance to merrtor pooplo, or thnee contem plating r aTiag-. By ml. touni?, m. n. Let dc father to aafaairet to ?r<wt e ww c! MCULAPTT78 to hi* efc!\<? It may sere him from et early grave. L?t no yoaag men or woman eaaer ia to the aecTet obligation* of married life withoa' reading tbe POOKBT JS8CULAPIU8. Let ne on? suffering ftoa a hacknled Oough, Pain la the aid* restless ntohta, aervoaa foeMaga, end the whole trah of Byspeptic sensation*, and given ay by their pby Mciaa, be aaother moment, wtthoat consulting th JBKJULAPIU8. Have the married, or thoea ebon to ba married aay lmpodimoat, read thto truly a? fol book, aa it ha* beea the aani of saving tfcoa and* of unfortunate oreaturss from the very Jew* at AV person sending TWBNTY-FIVB CCTTl led In a letter, will receive one oopy of thi work by mail, oc Sve aapfee wUl he eeatfor One Do Address, (port paid) DB. WM. YOUNG, No. 1M Spraoe street, Phttadelpfc?a apU-ly AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LIT THI SICK HEAR Till TRUTH. Captain Crkja*in.? Wherever known hia runny will be conducive. But lest tho*?- who <fc not know the Captain should be sceptioal, Dr. Da* aon B Bro., with other* of the brat knonn nnd moe* hifhtr respectable ciuxens ef Baston, endorse hi wonderful cure by Hampton's ybqptable tinotubb. Kaston, Oct. 4.1854 Mtmrn- Mortimer 4' Mowbra\ : Gentlemen?I fee J it my July lo you and tbe pal lie ft ctruly to tiie eflVcU of Hampton'a VegtmU Tmcture. I wu for more Bnn five year* laborin. under a di*ea?e of Chronic Rheamaiiani, and Hi great part of that time 1 was no holpleee th it I hru' to bo helped from mr bod and dressed in my cloth > I became redoceu in a mere skeleton. All the med icuie* I took done me no good, and I continued t grow worse I hearJ of Hampton'* Tincture an<i thought I would give it a trial. At thto time I di< not cjtpert to liv? one day after another. I did no take it (the Tincture) for the Kheumatimi, hut ii a ahort time I waa well ? f that di*?-aae. From tin efTecta of your 1 inctun: and the help of G?d 1 an. now getting in good health. I wi?h al. the attlicted to try Hampton'* Vegrtnbi* Tincture, aa 1 have d ?no, with the unc effect tha. it ha* on Your obedient servant, Ia**c Bumihir, We. are acquainted with !?aac Benjamin; *o! him some of Hampt<>n'k Vegetable Tincture, and bt /ieve the ^l?ov<' etatemint correct. Dawson B Bro. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we ar confident Wiat the above etatement ie true ar.d un <ugeraied. J. A. Johnson, Charlrs Robinson. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures oi Cough, Broncliitw, Rheumatism, N*uraJ*ia, Dj> pep^ia, Nervousness and General Weakness. A" . remale medicine or for delicat? children we believ it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 Ba!n more street, Baltimore; Hod 304 Broadway, N. Yort Chas. Btott k Co., J. B. Moors, D B. Claris Clakbk k Bowuxo, W. Elliot, and H. McI'hcr aon, Wa-hington; alao, by R. 8. F. Cisskl. Georf? t wn, rrut C. C. Berrt, Aie*ar.dria, and 6> Drue gist* everywhere. Jar. 8?f CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tlia Oraat PmrlBar of tha Blood ' Wot a Particle of Koreury In It! Aa IWBAUini Rrani (or Borefbla, Klsg'a Bri' Bheumati. n, Obstinate Cutanooas Bmptlonr Pimple* <*r Po^ialee on the faoa, Blotcht?, Roil? C'aronk fere Byea, f Ing Worm or Tatter, S- al Heal, RBlarg^mout an<l Pain of the Boaaaai Jointa, ctubr.^rn Ulcors, 8/phIlltlc Disorder* Lumbago 8pln%l Onmpla'nte, an i all the dlseaa arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, In prud n<-e In Mfs, or Impurity of the B ond TIII8 valuable M dlcme, nhteh ha* become ?el#* brated for th* number of extraordinary euree eflert-d through it* agency, bar indaoad the propr eto>?. at tb? urg nt request of their frimds, to rffr, it to the public, w'nicS they do with the utmost ct fldeno* In ita virtues ai>d wonderfal cumtiva pro) art! ? Tbe following ofr*iB?t s, fei? ted Srom ' large number, are, h< wever stronger tes'loon than the mare wonl of tbe pee.p'letor*; and are al from gentleman wa'l known ia th*tr looe'liie#, an of tbe highest respectability, many of th-m rea diu? In tbe i-ity of Riebmo? d. Va. F. POYDKS, Beq., of tbe Kzchanre Hotel, Btob moTd, known everywhere aaye he ha* seea 'he Med icina called Carter's Ppajish Mixruai,adm n*atere In over a hundred eases, in nearly all the di^sst for aMchit is recommended, with the cost **t<- o ishingly good results He s%ys It is the most *i traarainary medlrlne he haa ever aeea. AOUK AND FBVBR?GREAT CURB?1 berebj 0""< fy that for tbiee yaara I had Ague and Fere? ol the mart violent deeorlption. I had several Pbv ?IcUns, took l*rge quan:lties of Quinlno, Mercury and I believe all the T^nioa advertised, but all with out permanent relief. At last I tried Carter1 dpantoh Mixture, two bottle* of which eff.'.taall; cured me, and I am happy to say T hare bad n?ilf chills or fevers slnoe. 1 oonskierU the best Ton; In tbis world, and the oaly me<ll>ine that tm reached my nana JOHN LONODBN. Bxavrr Dirou, noar Rlohmoad. Va. 0. B. LTJCK, Knq.f now la the olty af Richmond and for many year* ia tha Poet Offt ??, haa snoL onnbdsnoe In ths astonLshlng efloacy of Carter') Sp n'th Mixture, that hs ba* bought upwards of bottlaa, which he haa glvan away to the afl'etod.? Mr. Lack says ?.e ba* never known it to fall when taken according to directions. Dr. MINQB, a pr.tcl^'tw Physldkn, and formerly of tha Olty Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says ht haa witnessed in a number of lostanoestb* eft eta oi Car er"s Bpantab Muturu, which were m<wt truly surprising. He says la a oaaa of Consumption, da Bdrnt on the Liver, th* good affaots were won tal Indeed. 8AMXJBL M DKISKBR, of the firm of Drinker ? Morris, Rlohoond, was cured cured of Liver Com plaint of three y ears standing, by the use of tw< b'ttlea of Carter's Spaui h Mixture. ORB AT CURB Q> 80 KC FU LA.?Tbe Bdhors 01 tbe Richmond Republican h-d a servant eaglose) ia tkoir proas room, cured of vfotont Sarofoia, aoaa brvad with Rheomadam, which entirely tfoahtod nim from work. Two bottlaa of Carter's ipeatoh Mixture made a perfect en re of him, and Ike hit tor- In a public notice, say they **ahaei fnllj rroai meni it to all who are agists I with aay lUa of the blovi " ' 8T1LL ANOTHBB cuxa Of BOBOFULA.?I bad a v*ry valuable boy eared of taofula by Cart?>f Spanirih Mix litre. I oon*M?r It truly a valuable me-Uoiae. J A?tB8 M. TAYL^H, Conductor on thr R F. and P. R. Jt. Co., Richmond, Va. 8ALT RUBUM OF TWENTY YBAB8 8TANDIKQ CQUD Mr. JOHN TB0MP80N, redding in the dtv of Wchmo-d, wm cared by ihrm fftli ofoSrt 8paatoh Mix tare, of 8a tt Rheum, which he had for "?flFjJWty years, and which all th* phyaicUna o#the aouJd not our*. Mr. Thomoaoo is a wall 1imeu2 *rarkjriie ^ ^ Weh?on<lf ^ hk yy* ?* Blflhmoad had a servaai eured ef Svphiiia, in tha worst torn, by Carter't Spanlak Mixture. He eaya ba cheerfully reeom mends it, and ooasidars it a very invaluable moii C1DI. EDWIN BTTRTON, commtorioner of tha revenue, says he has seen tha good effoete of Carter'* Spanish Mixtare la a number or 8yphlHtic eaaea, and aays It to a Dcrfoet enre ft r that horrible dtoeaee. WM. ?. HABWOOD, ef Bictimoad. oared of old ?ore* eat Dleera, which disabled bis from welhiag. Took a flrw bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and was aaaMed to walk without a cratch, in a short time paemanen ly cured. ^FriSrii^D^to'aTM WABD,OLOBB A Co^ Ba. ***RSCWo.K#rth Uooni No. lik Main street, Rich "wfo^aaleby CHARLES BTOTT. Waahtagtoa, ?. 0| HBNkY PBBL, AlaaanmUj and by Prafgtoto -TX'Tp. hot tie, or kx bottles for $St ??p it?ly rkRHYN AND IBON MAhTBLt?May be aoea a baaatiiiil aaeoatmsuv of tha?s ohsaa and da of jena?ylvaami at ttta ctd Tsath street, war tke uimni imrrurinTS ? !?????! ? ?? 7d"liuTH * CO , 'KIiiiiLirS T. Dttkfl la ALOOBOL, OAMPHBffB, VTH?> llL OIL, Ae. V*. 84 R OAIYBBT ITUR, a* tfto Water atoeet, RALTIMORB. Mi. DIAI D00T01. ft. 8. May other illMt the btau '?? By are ? He ?M etrp Hlwthf tinrn tb? Laage ?r R??. omj "" from the^areat, by wild IbAui rtitrtin y?ar?. ***** DR. 8PRS0CR baa from Mr. Baebtofi Board ag Boaae, Id *?. S4, BANOTIR J5L2!=* New b< or, piri dicu ^A"z> jvi wsfxrzM nTAMLiaamn\ WPI. TAYLOR * OOn 0 ^ "baSSmoSC^ inf. TATLOM S CO. hag leave ti?lltb? attaa tloB?rtbtnaMBf MoaliMdtBiMltaKta to their w? BOOLfMAJOPKUL, u4 .VglTS PATMM ESTX BLl&HMKXT, fhtn tu be fcan4 ? large general aaeortmeat of all tba lit* papa' larpublloetioaa of the day. They aUr keep ob head plain and Ikney fT/.TlORR** rfWj BameiUliiu. AT rrdom thankfaliy rwwN -patch, tftd ?at bf rat arm of it*!*, or ta ?ay other way Um <Mt Botfkaellen, Newa _ JH tapplled with m; Books, Miflm, ate, it Any Book published Ib Ok by eeadiag year order to aa. WM. TAYLOR A 00, 1. Kl CRABBBRLA1R1 Ctaatr* afal Cftlltf*. JH. 1ST. ftAmm MnA fcrMwin, JM. rl eetoarfble object of this iaetftatton ie to plaae la the reach of tadlvidnals prey* faritKioe fee ->fctilrJng a thorough aad practical mercantile eda atfen. A young naa on bare obtala ? more ? .?act knowledge of geaeral baMt nob thfta can be acquired fa we otaating bow*. The ocuree of ctudy eakaw xeeplag, and ita adaptation to L f cebaecoe and trade. Mercantile , *ugbt arordlcg to the moat approved -~-? >avtiQa! Penmanship, eomt nlng rapidity of i ion with beenty of eoaatraettaa. Leetaiee leroantil# law, apoa vartoar Impor atoecte, beelde r any other potato -.... .. leok-keeper or busir-flca m?a to oafmtacd. 'eoeeeery for a etc denl to complete the ooarse rorn ftra to eight week*. Thar* beirg no rae?? Pflioaot* ao anV rat any time and at trad both tay and evening. Rxamlofttf^a* ara held at stated ptrioda, and diplomat awarded to thr? who grada vte. for terms, Ae., write ao4 baas a drealar tor toh^^r FOR POOR AND LABORING M*N.~ SMALL BUILDING LOTA of 10 fat at am, tm various part* ot tba Otty, aad Omcatova, al Wv prtoftft, and tornaa to ault. LLOYD A 00. BUILDIHG ITORB, TOr aalo. dolivqppbla at the Canal, or Wharroa la WftAlnfftoa. V ? n, or Alexandria LLOYD A CXX Uth atiaoi, opp Treaaacy Departaaat. ?T?-W OOUGilS, COLDS, H0ARS1NESS, Rallaf la Tlva Rlnaua. TTLKK S CO Mm FIT D GUM ARA H!C 8TBUT. 2IBB tnrraaaioK deanaad for thia Boot pl^aaat, . aafr, a ad ef*~*-i<>c? r?m*dj lor all pnlnoaary ?aaae, baa enahM the prorrtotar to rxdaaa tba ortoe aoMto plv-e It within the raaah of all etowwa. Ita aaporiortty orar anat atmlia- praparattoaa la aft tared by maay om^aent v-hyrici?n? who bar* t?aa ?ya wteiwaa of Ita efBra^r when tha nraal naa Ilea have failed; also by ihoa?and of ear moat ra pectabto elttoeae who have uaed It ta their a?lltaa *?oth a? pT'Tontira and rare with naaar toiling rui o*aa f'T the laat twenty ??are, dnrtag which period With Tory little aid trom adrertMaa. Ac , It ha R .dually rpr >ad r*pntaMon orer tba whole Cafon j oaM of recent Chili Co-jfKt, JfmtrKvn, <fc? It gt*ea imaiedlate relief, a*-d gea> rally rarea la a day or two, a it boot interfering with diet or bae(naa?, or readerlag tbe eyetem aiora aaaoepdbie of OoMa. hi chronic caeaa, jglaa, Wkmp*w$ C?t?A, Onp, BrrmcMMH, AJpctitnt of (Ac I?w?a, mmd Oaaawiaf taan, It la alwaya aery b mMR aad ealdoai fai ?, when onaaa^ ia tlae to pertoct a ova. ftlce t* and CO eecta ft bottle. 9old wboleeate by Pfttteraoa A Hatra. Ptott A 0% Rldgely A Op. Alexandria by Teal A gteaena. Ia Oeontetown by Mr. Oleeel TYLKttX OUM AMAMK OJUTDTDMOP* a aimilar rompoaitloa ta tba abova, bat la a aUlder aad mar* portable form; they act Uka a charm en a troobteaome Or ugh, aad dear tba throat aad rolce; they ocmlata ao injorlona drag, ara parttoa larly recommended for children ftaqaaatoa of pah awnblW, pobDe apeafcera, alagwra, Aa p^-? a cat > jb - Price 11^ and 96 cantf To* "ale at moat Drag and Oaady Btoraa. ? ? ww ana lavst A/1 Ug RU1 III LIIH, oet 17?tf ? SOMETHING NEW. OTWflTB TBIC MARKET 0!f PUNWRYLYA- , NIA AVBN'UR 4 doora below Klath atreK, U a NBW CLOTHING 8T0BB for Man aad Boy*, opened tbl* day. DBCKBR. <aa of tha eh^'p^e* Clothiag Mrrrhao'a in tha North, baa determtaal to offer to tha dttoent of Waahlafton and riaialty, hi* exoallent Clothing at the luweat Nortberc. prtoea, lb.- caab only. There the POOR MAI* eill ^nd jaat rach a dothlac Btore a* baa Irag been wanted In Waahington. Bia motto ia cheap for oa?b, and on run omit. A good ftubetantial wroQea eoat he will eell for |2 7ft; aad baary winter pante, wall Hnrd for fl 34, and fine eoaSa. orercoata, and recta, la proportion. Good wool and cotton under"hirta, heelary, glorea, Ac., cbaaoar than the cheapeat. aor 11?tf KIRWA%'-9 WORKB? r-iriah and other Pencilling*. ~bc Leiaai iam at Home, Leuera ta Chief Juatice Taney tbe Mm and Things as 1 aaw them >a Europe 75c Letter* to Bialtop Hugbea, in muahn 40 centK. papt r 20 cenu American Principle* on National Pro?j*rit?, a tbankacivira aeraion, paper 10e JAY'8 WORKsi. Autobiography and Remin?arrne? of the Rev. H'm Jay, with note* of dlatmaulahed conteinporanca in i vola, 50 Female Bcrtprune Charactera, fl Morning and Evening P.remae*, jO Fine ediuon of the Same In 4#oi* a5 Cbrtotian Contemplated 40c GRAY A BAlH.ANT\ NE. jaa IS 4#B 0erentb etrret. imw Miiio ' il JI'BT PlTBLlffffbD. *'1 do aot aak to e^r thee," a vary areqy ini|, aacrihail u> Mlaa Higdon, Portsmouth, Va. "Tba Elvea,'' being beautiful variation* on l"h?m art gone from my gaze. "We atood beoeath tbe moon "a b'tght ray?.'"? beantifXil ballad, reapectftilly dedicated tu Mi?* Nan nie Maory, of VVft^tlngton. '?ftoawantr." a bn'ltant Walu, by Prof. Foer?ech, and defeated lo Miaa Charlotie Dane, of Washing ton city. | Fairy Bur ?nd Bur.beam Bchot'i-che*. HparUime | Waha, Old Diflffcnder'a Qnickatep, at the Mmc, PI-f ano.and Pbtxfy Btore of JOHN P. ELLItf, 806 P?. BTenue, between 9th and 90th at?. Joe MATHEMATICAL I ITS HUTMENTS. MRS a ANDBR90X haa receired a large end -?-Piplelr *e*orf-n??3: of M?thama'ical Inatra meuta antf Drawing Materia a of taperlor qaallty. The Math>mattca! ina'.rumeateaaa chiefly of Barim maauf<ctory In ^aw, aa wall ? la atparate piece*; Water eolora and oi oc.ora. Drawing papera of ev ery qaallty. Alo, Studlea in Drawing and Painting. ? dee '& -f BT6 Pean arenne NEW STORK, NEW STORE. wIThoMAR DRLRANT^ao^fJuJ'^lTitll iu the atteattna ot tba pa bile to examine bia atoek of QOOM, which be haa op mod an Loaaiaaa aaenue between Sixth and Seraatb rtreeU.opp^H WMblngtoa, oonaisting of all <?~er*tl tteot ofTaaa, Imperial. Gun ponder, and Blaea 4 *** i af all aorta, which be eaa sawr asM vsrasst Ita: ?rn^il??^U,0ftd?* Tube, Matebea, i*ijmo ?au aad ftee for your?alree. nov R?3d A & N Y No. IS Bridge *?(, QomrgHou IB prepared to Amah Bakaa, Uwnim WtDDiaoa, Re., vMh everyUtiag iu ti liihm i? ??? ?^ "*'* . So-rtia the Oonfrc .... araui everyUilag ia the Don fee lionary line, in any part af tha Daatnct. at tbe eliort aet nou and oa tbe most reasonable terma. Jan 19?tf C- ATHOLfC BOOK8.? A large and varied aaeort men' of Caibolie War**, meluding Ht. Vino a* ^ Manual, Cbiuoaa'a Oaide, Qeaaa af l>avo?aa ; Da ^ any Btabop la plain and elegant binding*, at tba tow atoprteej^racefv^a^ Jaa M TAYLOR M MAURY'S Btb at.

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