Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1855 Page 1
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PU^LISIiftO 6VJLRY AFTERNOON, (ascmrt witdav,) At ih? 8*%r BnUJinf*, mrntr Pmwrj >wm>? R/fr*ntk ??'#?, , ?> WiLlt.liH A Nt PI, WiJl Sf rrfd to ?ir>?rrb?wi !? ikt d(hl of VVnah G-irjfiofr-M, A>nandria. iUltiaurrand 4*pb>V M *?? X A TD A QUARTRR CENTS, ptf? M? irrrkli rc the Ac nis. To aiaU wb?cxlb<Ta ito MtMrrtj.** vrt i? TrtRE* DOLLARS A!fD nrTT OKVTS* fw in admmet, TWO DOL LARS rof mx WOWTRS, and OMR DOLLAR fcw Til R RE HOTTHS. fcJM?!??.a cotiMoii can. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1855. NO. 651. ' f ? ? * ? ?i^aiagiagBgBaatfia nH,1. ; | " i u ? UNDERTAKES, Ac. CABINET MAKER A UNDERTAKER. THI onlervlgned wruld raapactftxllv infnira his Mends, aoqaalntancee, end the public ?ene?Ily feet B* Mil pnvttam to went* all order* la his Bm of hnsfitos ID *.be bert manner and it the ehort BKVil&lRfl neatly aad promptly executed FUISEAL9 attended to at U i til* shortest not km, and la the bMt i?. Mwyiewwt <n <Ae ~ MM ^fl WWTVMff i^WthfT ikful for past flavors, he would rsapectftally saiiolt, tkd will eadeavor to merit a oeattauanoe of fee seas. ANTHONY BUCIILY, Pa ? ? *., s. dde, totwtM Mk end 10th sfc. Mr. Martin's, Wo. 8M, 0 street, tkW boos* east ?<' Tth ?tr*wt Bar IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD rwprtfti'ly return my thuki to fee dtteeae of Washington and fta vicinity for their past pctmars id<1 say that owin* to the freqaeot oails in Um Undertaking branch of ay business. I bare been ioducad to diseontione the aanuibetiue of furniture, and tarn ay attention fully to the UVDBRTAKINQ. I have spared no pains to have rv*ry thin* that la requidt* to ay badness. aad I aa t h?r?to?a tally prepared to aeet any order after ? few aoaente aonoe. and I aseure thoee who aay Ci ae ? tall that I wiu spare no palae to carry out r orders to their entire satisfaction. JAM*? r. HARTBT, Wo. 41C. 7th St., between Q and B. N. Oal' j att?al*d to at all boon of the tkhi aar S-iy COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR Wow York, Tax as, California, New Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Kentucky, Mar} land, O'or^ia, Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other State*. exosez c thoma3. ATTORNEY FCR CLAIMS, AND ROTARY PUBLIC, fVmiktngto* FlM*. n*$r Odd-P*Uow*' Halt, HI VINT 11 STRawr, Wssinaaron, D.*U *?? IB - *? V. H. DATIDGli ~~~ Attoraiy am4 Coaaiallor-at>LaWi in COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR THI STATU 0V Virginia New Tork Maiae Kentucky, New Jersey Illinois * Louisiana, Mississippi Oonne?*Ueut Maeea-husoft Maryland PsaEsjlvania Florida T ?uB*see* Alabama Xowa G'Crgia California a-w g Carolina ? t? vatPiiiM S9?e A# Onve'raBeifcjt tn all Ita branches promptly aa 1 aeonrateiy executed. Oflloe, Louisiana areaoe, cpp. Fifth street. oct 10?dly PROF. &ROXESBKRG, TBACRRR AND TRANSLATOR OF ? odara L?a{n*|?e and Literature, B3 4*7 MRMSYlVAVlA A Vitus. OH M_tr R. H GILLriT, Ctinnllor at Law. Offloe ?ad rap'leooe Lu Franklin Row, eom?r oK an<1 Thirteenth straet ??? "(U^It Mm. SCIIONENBER?r Teacher of Piano aad Singing, .10.13 7 FIK5ITV7SSU ATBKUB rw* H?If WM. M. MERRICK, Attarnap at Law, *0. 38 I/>C 514!* A AV1WT*. Will praet'oe in the Htpnrme Court of the United States and the Cjnrts of theD strict cf 0olu.abia. <W iW-eolf I^VSNiNO 0L4?818 15 LANUUAQBS -PROF. j SOHONRNBXRQ ait mmp?noe reriewin^ Simii in LanTna^es on M?n<>iyr30th October, at hie reddence, 317 PeQn?jiTania a venue ?vt V -t/ Private Medical Treaties OK THI PHTM0L00I01L VIR<V Of MARRHOH, IT M B. L.A ?ROIX, M. D? A tflM.Yr ,V Y 860 Pages and 130 fl"? P'ain and Cckrad Lithc graphs and Plates. ?T Prlea saly 95 Csata. f| t free of poatage to all parts of the Cnion^R CUKAPK*T BOOK BTBB PUHLUUBi), end oontaininff nearly d ub'.e the qaeatity ot rea t\ag matter in tLat of the FirTY CSNT8 OR TOUiAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on ?he PHVSfOLO QY OP MARRIAGR, end the secret i ? brmitieeand iHordxr rf r?uth and matarl r, re niltin* fr^m exceeds, whirh deetroy the phTeicai and men tal powers, with ob*rr?tK>B3 on aarr a^e, lu uatiea *nl disqnaliflcation^. end th*ir remMi-e, with li'ho^raphe, iliustrann^ the anatomy and phya^l^y, and oieeaees ot the repro iaciee organs of both eexaa, their structure, naes and ru?ction*. A popular and romprohtn?iTe trea tise on the da:iee and casualtW A single and mar ried lifee-happy and fruitful ellianeaa, mode cf ee oarins thrca infeiieitoua aad tnfertlie onea- their ohrtaaoa and rem?ral?important hints to tfcrve eonteapiatin< matrimony, that will owrom ob )actions to it; none, hawevar. eboald take thia Im portant ftp wl hout first consulting its pegeo? ?.aaent?riea on the di?ee*ee aad medical tra^iant af from infancy to old ace, eaeb ^as^Baph taally illaatratod by beautiful lithographic platee? aervoaa lebtbty, its eau**a and cur*, hy a praoese at oace so simple, *ef? aad effect aal that aUure is lapoadble?rul>? for daily aana^*aent?an eaa?.y an 8p-*rmat/>rrh?? "ith practical oNwreatioiis on a aa**r, and m re su^ceaefu'. m ?de of tr*ata?ut?pre 'aadcnarv h ate oa the arils resulting from eapiri cal praetiae?an ae^ay on all dlsoisea arising from ladis re inn, with pUin and ?im?le ral-s by which all p>r?>as can cure themselves with-ml mercury? reaeJUee f>r th isa salf infllstal miseries aad Heap point?d h'p??e so unfortunately prevalent In the yauag It i* a trutnfnl advi er to the married aad thoee coateaplating marna?ce. Its para<al is par ticularly reoommend*d to prone entertaiolnst ae srat d>a9t* of th?lr physical conditijn, and who are eoneciou* of bovine has%rd*d the health, happinese and privi.ege< to which every human being is en titled to. Prl-' 36 eent< par copy, or live oopies for one dol lar. Mallei fires of postage to any part of the Uni ted State*. N. A?Those who prefer may "onsnltDr La Cxoix apou aay of the lt?essee up >n which his hnok treats ?dthrr 'Cramaily or by mail. Medicine sent to any part o* the Onion s'xorling to dlrecewtna, fiNj pecked aad carefnlly secured from all observation. Adires* Dr M. ? Li OKOlX,No 31 Me'.den Lane or Poet 0? ?? Box 673, Albany. N. T. Ofltoe open daily from 9 a a to 9 p a, and en Sunday fi >m 'i until 6 p a. gy OAoe Raaeved from No 66 Beaver sC, to 31 flaldea Laaa, Albany, Ji. Y. toe 7 DENTISTRY. SR. MTTNrtON respectfully sal a public attenttoa tr Ms new, pstsa., and QRSaTLY . ROYBU jeathod of eettiag Artifidal^ Teeth, with Continuous 'Inia?the very FdRFArriOSO/T 'B ART. Thisityle of Teeth has the fiUow advaatages uver all '"there via: Gil\T MTIVkNQTU, CLFANLINBSH, 0?M \ BBAliTY, iieiag vith Nature la these reepe^te. aad ?otns others excelling. Public in spec ?ton is reepectluily m lid tea. Pie: a cali and see spedaena CA0TT,.'M?Ni other Dentist In the District cf Qeiaatna h?s a right to aak* tnie style of T*etn. X. A? teeth c ?n*t, uu?n?i y healthy, plugged aad warrani-Hl for lite Ofiee and Aoua at No. 2M a street, near the oor> ner ef Psaa?wtraa'a avenue sad 14th streeC per TftANA-ALLBGaANY BATK AND BKLDKN Withers A Co.'s hote* purchased at the highest Daesrrcnt Money, Land Warrants, aad Tlrgtela Serip bought and sold. Drafts oa all tb* priae pal eittrs sold to suit pnr okgfata. fnsoai at a distaac* saniiogaa Trace AJUghanv aotos or /aad Warranto, aay rely upon reodting the bad reN?, anireaiftsn'a mad- b/ draft on aay s*ty ia the Union. HAMT T.*1 9. FAVT, Banket, ?' No Wl Penn* avenns. Good news* mow Ho*a?ji*st re , crivcd lt? coptea o( the uaove popnl^r eon# at Musi Depot of ' HfLIH^9 k HITS, ? I Corner Penna. iTfn?t and 110k **r*e?. ** jea U-tf OITIOIAL TasAStav DapAKTMirr, Jan. 3, I8S5. Notice h hereby given to the holders of the f?| lowing described storks of u?e United 8tates, that U)is department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, poruuna of those stocks, amounting ia the aarre gatc to $1,900,000, in uie manner and on the terms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: (a cane or any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given ia the order of time in which said stocks may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to the United Mute* by the partiea who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium on the at.** of the loei authorised by ihe act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, I'vas of 9^ per cent.; on Uie Mock of the loan au thorized b? the act. f IMS, redeemable 3Iat Decern ber, 1>?4, of 10 per cent., on the stock of the loans authorized by die acta of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the former on Hie 81st December, 1867, and the latter on 90th June, l*H, Qf 16 per cent.; and ?>n the stock of the loan a lorized by the act of 1830, and redeemable on tl 3|jt December, 1864 (commonly called the Ttx ia indemnity) six per cent 8. latere** on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1856, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, wuh the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day "a interest in addition. Payment (or said stocks will be mad? in draft? of the Treasurer of the United Stains, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, aa ?he parlies may dircct. But no ctrtiflcate will be entitled to the benelt of this nonce which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or bef >n the said 1st day of March next. ilBi,ltt , JAMES GUTHRIE. jan 4?dtMarl Secretary of Treasury. Dr. DUPOITCO'8 G3LDS* MONTHLY FILLS A BEMEDY f<T the cure of nil I\ Painful Obstructions and Female Irregularities arisin* from whatever cause rsMis-wSft" VE\P3> ?' OVER THI?TY Dikum of >??,? """""" ?f AH*? solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom they were prescribed by Dr. Duprwco with the most happy effects they ire now published to ? *?,.,hal a" females suffering troin the diseases peculiar to tlieir sex, may have the oonor jonity oi giving them a trial. These pills haw only *""" SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, a large proportion of which ? ? I"*'1 to '^ie, in different parts o| tn country , and letters art bein^ rcctived dally conulniuj the warmest expressions of grauiuda for um> The f im h'1Te ***'" der,Vc(' tmm ,h?* hTir oJIl following is an eitr.ict from a letter of a ady of high standing whojiaa authorized her name wi hm?nm,n',,U|,CSUe,, c?n?cnti*Ily to other ladies I 5 Z*? ~*? 'w ;^, ? l.rf ?nm in sriSSH3S=?aa s 1* rnlut i?t **" "?tlii??M pronpnnr#^ to be rvtpid bat u ?.)*?! reeort 1 ??nt for ? box. It r*re so mnrhI thst * eerond ?nd third *?r? nued, and I now h?r# the ire?t T0Z th,t mj h..ltta l. roa rnpj /I..woM^.l. h" l! T Com''leI,,,n replsrsd hy tLe and ?f ,h- pftla hJd fort t.u ?!m?? ?* mn'hf u wonM k? nn coni|mr1?vn with the htpplnnx recnllln* from their om." ,vV: B.~Th*' In?re?lienu of these pills are perfect ly H?a> ass in their medicinal operation on the most,e fema,(: eon titutionsTetas nre?!^ and torn iied by Dr. Duponco, their specific action ~0*' marr,ed, tadies should u?e them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is not at all prTan0> For reton as every ph-siefm knows, medicinea which act in ?onWa?K?e,he V,ery be,t ,h,,, for re ^Jlatura1' h??Jthy tone and functions of ihe system when so much impaired and deraneed as to ?ZS? h0"' - C"tul"!' '? J. DUPONCO, M. I), Proprietor, N. Y. *>y & Lairkkck, ?tott kCo., w. H. Gilmar, H. R. Hyi.vsstfh J B. Mooaa, First Ward; O. Brnwru Istnnd ; J.'f Callaii, I H Htojib, Seventh at.; 11 11 McI'iikbsom C.p.u.1 lh"; F Walih, v.',d. In SiSS?: blrJ!'* ?tlU2?i.JJ" K,,lweli- I" Ale?a?dria by ook k to., 1 rel k Hteveni. Fountain fc Co., and bv Drugging generally. jan 16-1,'?? HEAR THE WITNESS! n BIOHTSOU8 TEKDICT! RHEUMATIS.H, OOUUH, PAIN IN SIDE. 4c. WONDERFUL cure after ni year's suffering ?f I .Tiaryland' he m<>"t rc#I>wcl*We ctUaena of Prejudi-e and skepticism canl stand before the many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tine (W6< KinoALL'a Gaova, Montgomery Co., Md ,) "? ISM' ' Gentlemen?In 1844 I had what ir.y doctors called a violent and combined attack ol Chronic Rheuma usm and Gout, Irom which I was confined to my bed for three months. I had the verv best nhvsi a-ua, who tried other various remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not bavin* ViZi m"!! 122m*** or 1 b,,ca,ne much eawcl aied, my whole system a mass of disease, literally ?[M aking, from the crown of my he d to the sole ol my feet. 1 had to hobble about? most of the time h^!l ,?ei 10 ^ i?0** : al tu>e* "? helpless that I w^Ui '? mi! ***' ' wa" a^? ?filleted W'Ui a drradtul cough, great sliortneas ol brenth, sore throat, palpimuon of the heart, and pain in my tiM>lvr?ii i IT0-.4 "y cn by appetite S Lfh io '***'' *" hopes of being restored 1844 ? ia?'I*"1' c??J:,wueU ^ ?o suffer on from 1844 to 1 fv.o,;? prrvw| of mi years. At this time my daughter saw at tier graudmother'sa pamphlet, with HMwmis certificates of ewes made by Dr. l/amp ton ? \ egeLable 1 incture. ' knew <ome of those who certified to cures per formed on thenuelves and fneads. I was resolved to give It a tnal. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but my ^offerings were so great ibat 1 pro ??bo,UeL'n,i' tfron 1 had ^en the whole of it, I felt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle I was better^ than for the past six vsars, my appetite re tui ued?cuugh, pain in the side, sliortneas of breath aJJF I . ' co,?lJ"??d using this won derful medicine unul I had tak-n .even bottles, ac cording to.the directions; and I am happy to ?y ,hat restored me to perfect health, which has continued up to this time . -a pen.-I of rhr^e years 1 .m in the 65*h vear of Wt^-r JTT*?7d r^rdny 238 lbs. -ad I ,^-ver leit setter tn my life. f)nc nf my ncighlxirs was al * m)^f' WlUl ke. He | ha? t*er. reared b> the Tincture. / heard of ?!iV ' w *? ?^*fied this Tinctn-r, it tried, will speak for itswlf. My only object in de r* ?ywfien.igs and the way I obtained relief, is ?> imlaee tha iKIicM to ftv this Tincture, which has, under ti?e hidings ot Uod ?iona so mud! for me. Yours, respectfully. ^ HENRY GAITHBR. I Call aad get pamphlets gratia, and see curs of Cough, Bronchitis, Kheumausni, N- uralgia, Dya pepsin, Nervousness aad General Weakness. As a female ir -dictae or for didicate children we bolieve u aiw^uaHetf. fc aid by M ~ more street, Ch as. t Elliot, and H MrPHka by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, 140 Balli tieet, Baltimore, and >04 Broadway, N. York Stott fc Co., J. B. Mnoti, b. B. Clazkc, Clakkk fc Hewuso, W. Elliot, and H Mrpnk* so*, Washington; also, by R. S. F. Ci scl, George town ; and C. G- Hanar, Alexandria, aad 4y Drag. * 1 jan evarywhem. C' I'-OTIIIBIG MADE TO ORDER CHfAPER 1 Til \N EVER. ?in order to run ..ff the remain der of our large stock of Cloths, CaasiaKrec nr\ I Veatings we will at this Kama take measurt a-id make to r-*? ? " T ? tWentjj cet. (State* fcVewt) liimmi mrnuW GRAND BALL ^ FOE THE BEWEFIT OF THB POOR OF WA8HIHGTOU. I N announcing thin Ball the Managers would moat J. respectfully sute thai ii will be conducted in n riy?LU^KUC5St,ed by anjr here?f*?<'* given, and will be worthy Ot the good objcct for which it in intended. i.. rt wi" rfc"ve the liberal support of th? whole community, and that they will be ab.e to relieve the wants of tho^e that are now Buffering in our city. rlfZHnfO! tlklpUce*t the Assembly Ro-ms, Vi!^,IDAY' Pe^u??y6th. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR. xt ? n ^"V*er* on ?f Me Military. 2? ? o W J?nCT, Lt Col Reilly, f-L wm w lghtman' ""J R Key worth, SJiYrE*'7' 8ur* Wo**1. r?i( F fM^nn Ma^ T 8 ??noh00 (L*Pj ? ? Larnngton, Or Mr McC.illom, Capt P B Key, Capt Jamison, gg r \ a*!!' Fapt W kasaefle, n P ?iAoC^ trxman' U J Tucker, ?tpt iL.8lnith' Lt Feeny, Capt Bright, Lt J H Bird, rlZk?tn> Lt I H De B.lle, Capt O Bynie, Lt Beseres, Capt F H Sheekell, Lt P Otterback, Capt Jos Pe k, LUW Baden, kjiBnuon, LtJ Kelly, ' 5 p ?Ueen* Lt F Rei">' H ?. *1/?*' Lt E F Allen, H ^,.eLT.ait' LtG N'utzy, J*1 Lt Brown, Lt C W Flint. ' _ *???ger? on r,nr1 of ike CUit tn*. ? w it ToW?r*- L00!** ? Taylor J W Manry, Esq Via t>on?barty J D Hoovar W.HarLa.o, ' Aix-mSmCteMl ^tTrlwT ^ Dannln*ion Jh Adam. 8l1? H Rm ?! ? WJrt Tho* wwn Si"0'** K C Morgan J A Linton j uV . - ^ ** Hanahaw Joi Ualna L A'"' , ? J W Poraay Andrew Hancock 7pJo^?? T?*or^rr/ 1,8 roikMHrt t Jm O BarraM a Dick ana iwWi. " "rkwood R Jao Oartwri?ht a t Klrkb^ftar Ch?*i<J,"U',r W H *"? * ' ? White H ? C W|IM|.r 8 Lawla B Smith Dr Maynanl o A Jlllard T Dora T * Donoghna J J Jorra "??? ?lnU B * MMdJatou P A Roa JPPappar r. T Ball TWhaalar no 8 J 8*n?w*? j C McGnlra O C.^?' W J McCorwIf* n i. I?: Hi Wlllai4 R Htuart C 8 Wallarh W r Bayly Jaa Darka H Sweeney M Brown J C PiUDatrlrk ?'* K *a?ra.lar Dt Smoot J>?ack Taylor H P Franklin j H McB.alr. Ww Owen Vaapaclaa Kllla W B SpaUinc CTiaa Klomati R Coy la Ale* Lea Friwcli Moli ii n W H Thovaa Thotuaa Harry Major B B Frrnch, Treasurer. On tt.e part of the (Amjwny, Capt J Rer#e, Lt Baine, I.i Cone, O 8 Campbell, Lt Walker, UrMrGVV Flood, W Forsyth, Hecreiary. No spiritous liquors allowed in thebiii.ding. (Japr. "?re" ha* -Marantied p fufficient police force tonre Merre order. HaU and Caps to be left in the hat room. Milita ry hats will only be allowed in the hall jan 87?<ltb MEDICAL OFFICE. 'n ,d01' b> I)rs> dr?TIIER8 Hotith B Ht.,' for the cure of vene real diseaw* in all itH forme. It is dep'orablc co wit ntMst aomc of Uie ca.*e? that are pr? "ented to Dm. B. fc. G., where the disaaae ha* been driven into the system by quae * s wi h Mercury, to break out agnin in the form ot' ?pot<, and ulcers on the b idy or in the throat and nose. VVe^perforin extra br4te,c.rrin rro'u thM*'',o ,,n>8' ???<i om, Thi'? 1* *'rin* ca*t!i in to three wuek.?. n^rl? ^rv T" al ?Ur <>ffice PfWnptions from XnluL UZ P*}yiQC"ln I" "he Di?trict for private fa,M "? ,n"*' 'f Remember, If? s<?uth R I#lRnd jan 27 lm* PIANOS .'?PIANOS! YWTF. beg leave lo call the attention of the public ? V to our stock of Pianos now on hand, consisting of *uperb ftnwhet 7,^BS3Wsa and 6 <K>tave ro-ewood case ln-^^S. *irT struments from th?* world reaowned ? f J I manufactories of II llet, Davis & Co., Boston, and Knabe. ua> hle & Co., Haltnnnre, comprising in all tne I are- st, luont reliable and s<Ieet a.->sorUnent cvr offered in this city. Also, Stools. Covers, fcc Old Pianos taken in exchange. We will make reasonable di^eounts for cash, or sell on ume. JOHN F. El LIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth street. JHH all G1RKAT INDDCCJIBHT^ T CANFIELD. BROTHER Ik CO . aiJO Baltimore street, Baltimore, MJ., Offer to l.ujers, previous to taking their annual ac count ol >to,-k, a large atock of recent:y imported ? WATCHES, JEWELRY, 8ILVER n ARK, JiWa and Plated M, Clocki, Bronze*, f? <m?, Mum,-ol Boxes, Dresden China, <tc , AT PRI fl iDrinIJJ r T,,E T,MKS? wbrnbuT re G*1RD TO COST. jan 31?tr 255 Looking GIiims, 255 Or all sixes and quality, Itencb or German plata Fancy or plain Poitralt and Picture frames, unt or Tsney Colored. ^ and Ti'b?*C R??IB Monldinf' Marbl<> *?P Brackets Oomirtt ma le to order. Alae, all k<n(J? of old work ragilded with dlapatofa and on reasonable t rms by a., n J WASN?*, ^ .id , 5 P,< ?T?BU*? ?PT Kirkwood H?u* d#C tf UNION ACADEMY. Comer of FburUentk ft. and Aeto York aretitie. A?W ?"*? pnpils no be reeeived to make up t?? limited number. Applieatlen must be inatrnrtlon. and n<eau or Illustration arc sach as to insure rattsfactory pro l,.tboM ?uP,to *?>o at* punctual, regular and OD*dl?Ot. Clrcnlan at the Bookstores. d?c 30?am L. RICHARDS, Principal. . *? 'HHJJPS' coach FACTOBT, 47 7 Kighth at, adjoining Hal nay's Livery gtaL'.ea 'f lhfl?or*l!id trid* whioh a generons Fnobii' has bwtowed aoon me,l have boea com pwled to ereet a new and larger building for the ?n of "7, business. Hara I shall bs en abled to .-xecu'e all order* entrusted t? a* witi tyiliUes and dlapatofa. and I would resaect nmy soIirU a continuance o?Vhe publi 'a patronage. . 9?.rrif*"8 ,n l Wagcna, of th? moat modm sty e' . ??f b**t ?atenal#, and warranted to give s? us taction. repair* o! every 1 ascription punotually attended to. Pot sale, cheap, a second-hand Clarence Carriage, ??*? ?"? _ oecM-n^ RITI8H ALMANAC AND COMPANION ??? ' 1<JSS, containing J.isu of Varhament, of Royal H niseholds, Ministry, Judiciary, Foreign Min isters, kc , hi England, British Ministers abroad, Military and Colonial Governm"n'j and personal; Imports, Expottx, Tar**, Du ties, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1854, Chronicle of the Session of Parliament 18M, Abetraeta of important Parliamentary IW>on mcnts, and TalQ4ble artlcfeson theCamfaign, on the United States Census, on the health ol Dwellings. Or caput ions of tne people, Flue (nations or the Fands; Canals and Railriauls. PuWiC Improvements, chronology, and mvih other nari'n and valuable matter, compMf tu vol. FRANTK TAYL< ?R. jan 16?tf B , H. SBMRRN, JEWELER, '30 F?. avenue, bet warn 9tK and lOtA street*., Offer* fi>r sale a aMtgnidcent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, jj.. .. Braastfin", Ea/riuj:*, Seal Ring* Warding Riiig*, Fwb in.l Vest, Ch uus, Srals, i<ock *ts, Pencils, Ttiimbl^TrinUta. etc All acncles arc warranted aa represented and sol.i nafuaay low. . )ni9 POCKET and Cfcurto Dunes for 1866 for sale by J*? Mf | RANCH TAYLO*. EVENING STAR 8VKKSH FXIKVDJ. at frcdrric a. co*x?ks. "When apring the fl-l.ts in dreWd And fliuhed the wood* ? i!h mapio bud*. I spied a I ttle blue bird's nrst VV.thin a cedar'* branchy ntitd?. "lu old gray graw, jn!aid with hair. Tin; summer's .un ha I witiiered up. And autumn's acorns null were there. 1 hough snows had brimmed its tiny cup. *VV hat then ? 1 heard a pilgrim hymn; And half forgave ?he long neglect, When perched upon the threshold rim A litt e feathered architect. "And straw by straw the walls he wrowht. And hair by hair the rt'?or he spread A<>d when his Woe bird wife he brourht 1 hey slept within the nuptial bed. "Oh ! how I loved my prank tome gH?, ? h,na I love.l his help mate too; With jealous care I fe-tcad their nesr, And watched thein a? they saag or flew. '*? April passed; and gen tie May vv er t murmuring by with leaves and bees; And two amall blue winged chicks had they \v hen summer broadened on tlic tree. "Mv very- solitude had made That tiny household seem more sweet; And often to the bank I strayed ? f*? WJtch the needing* chirp and eat. "But when the palsied autumn came, And .hook the bough*, and beared tt>e * ood, n.?ree 0,e fra,h*'e<l brood could Name I hough void their puny wigwam su*?d; "For summer friends had come like these hike these the summer friends had flown* \\ hen Stormy wiiter stripped the trees They left the cold and me alone." THE 8T&AWBE1RY BOY. The following simple and unvarnished ?or7 ??tncUy true. It is given as a horticultural item, to illustrate the pro. grew m early life of a young horticul tunst in that particular branch of in dustry : Fourteen years ago last May, on Sat urday at noon, a boy called at'my dwell ing house to sell Rtrawberries. He was of a slender form, apparently aboM four teen yeys of age, with a bright and in telligent countenance. The fruit was beautiful and tempting, but I had bought I enough at market in the morning for dinner and for tea, and refused to buy any more. He observed that his straw berries had just been picked from tue vines, and would keep for the ^nday. I My wife was much pleased with his gin j tie and pleasant manners, and decided at once to purchase, and to engage a daily j supply from him for the season. Upon | inquiry, we learned, that, with his father and young brother, he cultivated vege tables and fruits to sell in the Cincinnati market, on a small place near Newport Kentucky; and that he had a taste for horticulture and books, and that no effort I was spared to improve his knowledge in both. In summer he tilled the soil?in I winter the mind. i1 or three years we were regularly I supplied by this boy, from the earliest to the latest period of the season, with I strawberries freshly gathered, of fine I quality, and at moderate prices ; he then I supplied us with raspberries in succes-1 sion. I The fourth year we missed him " on I his accustomed round;" and feared that! we should see him no more. My wife I felt a good deal disappointed and worried I about it. He was so iatelligent and obliging, so I gentle and engaging in his manners, that she had taken a great fancy to him. I Besides all this, where could we supply I our table with such fine strawberries I brought daily to the house? Various inquiries were made for him, but notb- I ing could be heard of him, Nie only knew his Christian name; the other, ifI she had ever heard it, had cscaped her memory. She recollected to h&ve ob-1 served an occasional hectic flush on his I cheek, and feared that the fell destroyer, consumption, had marked him for its own. Poor boy! she said, we shall never see him again. Years had passed away, and we had ceased to speak of him, whetf one day a young man of genteel appearance called at my store, and, presenting his hand, asked if I remembered him. In the hur ry and bustle of business life one forms so many acquaintances that it is not easy to recollect names and faces. I answered that I did not. He replied that when a I boy he used to supply us with straw ber ries, and he then inquired kindly for mv I wife and children. J y He stated, that by diligence in his hor ticultural pursuits he had saved some money, and was then interested in a small store in a neighboring town. I was de lighted to see him, and to hear of his prosperity, and gave him a cordial invi tation to my house, but he pleaded want I of time, and departed. On reaching I home in the evening, my wife was I much pleased to hear that her young l friend, the "Strawberry Boy," was living [ and well, but felt rather slighted at his not calling to see her. Two years ago, when I saw him again, ' he was comparatively rich, worth some $60,000 ; had married the daughter of a late distinguished lawyer, and had pur chased and was then residing in his fine I mansion in one of the citie* opposite our own. Occupied in business of public [ trust and responsibility, he lives respec-1 ted and esteemed by all his neighbors. He is well known to many of our citi-1 zens of Cincinnati. With all this pros perity, he has the good sense to remem-1 ber that he was once the " little Straw berry Boy," and no doubt he feels proud er of being the architect of his own for-1 tune, from that foundation, than if he had inherited ten times as much from his ancestors.?Horticulturist. I A Tall Nitrsb?Skven Fkbt Si* I Inches?A Majks Production. ? The I Maine giantess, Siiva Hardy, haa been engaged by Mr. Covert, to travel With his concert troupe. She is a native of | Wilton, in Franklin county, Me.?is seven feet si* inches in height?is rather I lean than lleshj, yet weieha three hun dred and thirty ponadt Taneeiflj lliii If J years of afe, a*d is still growing. She has heretofore maintained herself chiefly by service in the capacity of a nurfe* j I > ?- ?> da) | too having the reputation of being an excel ^t?hnL; ?^??ker health has not been good enough for ber to practice this vocation. Her mother is said to have oem* medium size, and bet father mil ?bo" ^' S,'e w? ? twin, tod at birth w iebed but three *nd ? half pounds. Her mate did not live. She has always been an "SW.T""" **"? ,nd ?ccu8torard Her figure js not erect Lltc , many tall people. .he sceras to Mire to mn^lk !er b? burning something more than ihe '? Grecian 8toop," which taller thaT*! n n"kinK bcr look '?? Her complexion is itS' , bluo> *Dd the ?ry modest ?''d expression of her countenance is said to be a (rue index to her charac ler. We are assured, that she nerer, as nurse, takw an infant in her arms, but fhT^Jli lt b" ^ Placing the head upon the end of her fingers, it? fh.\jf k towtrds the wrist, and with *?? * ?"*er elevated, she SZTXEfcSPfcj?4 ^""ble cradle-, ^T.i gi.,0<.her hMd being quite eoual oL'C * lenth of an inlaat. whhl ,?* ?*bl* to pass ordinary doors ?good deal, and it is i^OOI!T"ee ?h* usua'ly puis f thimble and other little articles upon the asmg over the door, instead of uEm 7 Iower object, as a table or desk. An amusing incident is told of her a?V? towwi*. and which is said to be strictly true: While she wa? passing through the kitchen of a farm of milk in each hand, her hair caught upon a frTm fT ,Ch ,pr0jeCted two or three inches from the ceil ing, &nd held her fast *he could neither stoop to set the pans down nor raise her hands to disengage her hair and was compelled to remain, until her cries brought other* to her assistance. Novel Concert between a Mors* ^ Canary Bird.?^"Rara Avis " in the Boston Traveler, gives the following account of a concert between a canarv bird and a mouse, which took place on the evening of the 19th of January. He wys? *? *a? still in my room, on the above-mentioned evening, mv atten tion was attracted by a sound within the walls exactly resembling the chirp of a young canary. This awoke my canarv who answered it from hi* perch. The chirp was repeated, and the bird replied. A regular bird conrersation followed each answering in tune, the unseer sing er increasing in loudness and clearness till the canary was clearly thrown into song, and imitating him in his trills and warbling, just about as closely as a youn* canary would imitate an old one. At this moment a regiment of rats, who seemed to have been collected round the spot made a stampede, and the invisible sing er was silenced for the night "My first thought was to refer this in tramural singing to a canary heard through the walls, but inquiring at the next door and finding that no canary was kept there, and hardly supposing that one oould exist between the walls, I was obliged to yield to the opinion of a lady prucDt, that it was a musical mouse she citing an instanceof the kind which had come to her knowledge in the family of a physician of this city, in which, after many attempts, the m>is tniisicus was cap tured* Only one other supposition ct iij be indulged, aud the improhabi? ct.* that the rats had earned off a hvc ry, and kept in confinement to eniov his song." J J WlKlFALL FOR A VAGRANT IX A WORE UousB.?About fifteen days since a wo man named Mary Ann Stewart was ar rested by the First District police as a drunken vagrant, wandering through the j streets without any visible means ofsup P??rtwand ?ecorder Bright sent her to the Work-House for thirty days. Tester day a man came into the Recorder's of fice and stated that he had been lookinr for this woman for more than three! months, and had only that morning heard by accident that she was in the) Work-House. He stated that some time since Mary Ann's grandmother died in Lngland, and left her a legacy of fourteen j hundred pounds sterling Nothing bad been heard of Mary Ann for a long time I before the death of her grandmother, and the executors wrote to this friend, em powering him to ascertain, if possible, her whereabouts, or if she was dead to send an an authenticated certificate of the fact. Upon this statement, and the promise to take her out of the city as soon as possi ble, the Recorder released her from the Work-House and sent her on her way re aring like one with a pocket full of rocks. Netc Orleans Picayune. A Judor of tm Right Strifr.?Jndge Worrell of Muscogee co., Oa., charged a jury reoently, to the great dismay of of rowdies, bullies and assassins, thus: "The object of the law is not revenge, but to deter others from the commission of crime. Until the administration of mv immediate predecessor the practioe of the court in tins circiut has boon to adminis ter the law, as far as practicable, in fa vor of the guilty. This practice is at an end. I am determined that for next four years the law shall be a terror to evil-doers. Hitherto life, and property have been insecure. It is now time hon est men should be protected in their rights." A Train Frozen in on trr Prairies. A dispatch From Chicago, (111.,) says* The train on the Chicago and Mississippi Railroad, with a large number of pas* smgsn. including- several members of ' T ? ?*"> P?irie en iriday. la neatly eight Att of fron. fteeaiag,?ad, roU?d st? expres? o*1 of.*J~?i?"m-t;rf oysters to pre ; ?d oi uiwt H ^ .avacwMn j TITE WBEKXYFTTH. mm . ?? CUH r*1 ( Tn a. ? Tweatv Aa *"?' . _ | I **?????? -*?????? ???icmikiU 1 ^ Cab?, uft| (>? ? the rflUMq| P*P*r. trier?y PomiArr.M ?k*Mtuacaata M ^ ? commiwa oftweaty par< T" ScrpRBiiioir or Ii>TMPilillri. Mayor Wood. o f N? York, to a i^ur l0 . member of (bo ikito Legal* ore tn a?wer to on interrogatory to regard to the efteieney of exiting lawa for too aapprataien of intern peraaoe aaya; -lif* *? of effioftcT of the P ^?sntsffaL-at ibo oziatiog lawa will do maeh to tatrrou intemperance This or,I In oor midit imiri to mo to rctalt rather from the aaoareenfion of |.ro*nt lava than from too charaeter of too L'iVr^rh'l'.*' , '! ;? ? Wl.r ?rtvr to mirako fo?blo edrainiatratiee enforoetaoBU for defec'a in too autatoa Thia mistake haa boon prod active of oonunaal aod Barer ? end ing legialeiiB. ap .n all tabjeota, nntil too book* are ao foil of tho lawa th-vt Deaa bat tbo moat ea'ate and atndioua law vara can tall what ia and what ia not U? Tbo Mayor aid* that bo ha? already re doood tho onmbor of hoatoa opoa on Sunday from J8 to OT.000. A* or Emtatb Abbbitbb roa Obogiho.?Pctor bwambarg ia too owaor of ? houM and lot to tbla oity, aod ho al*o nbu another building which h* roloU to several *ru Hm icdfrcB 'honhorooairoiaB anoant of' ommj quarterly mora than auffiHent to maleJ1 1 a * uVUr* Ho alao J**'* Gonaidorablo aum of aoaev mrl* f? a.. !>??. o?. tm..STSiTlil P * ? P'ywji caaaa to tha Overaoer and ob ? Binod fuel bat a abort time ainoo and boob ?aIiT0?d apr,lo\ion' Ur Herbert toot o* eaaion to mora thoroughly investigate bia un? for wLoi ho ascertained ihat bo waa on owner of real estate. Being thoroughly r >nvin?ed ?f thia, ho caaaed a warrant t? hi> wtood for bia armt, which retailed 1b hia bo ilfaVSSrtl t??T* Juni0# Col#- *hon ho acknowledged hia ownership of prcoertr, and npon refunding to the Oteraeer ofthe Poor tho value of too ooal obtained under tbo falae plea of cbaritj, be waa let off by payiB* tho coat of tbo oooj-t ? AlU <f Jmvmj K Ron a a Catbolic Sraviarics ?Tho Catholia Almanac for 1854 giro tbe following aUtintua of tha Koman Catholic Chureb iu toe L'aitea .** *re 7 Arcbbi'bopa, 3.1 Biahopa, 2 \ ioara Apoetol-.e, I 7M Prieara. and 1 811 Chorohea. ?bowiag tbe increase of tha m hV# b?*o * Biabopa, 129 1'riaata, and 112 Cburchea Ihere are al?o f.?8 mi*3ioBary Collegea. 1 IT Temala Aeademiea, j and S7 Tboi.logieal Semir.ariea. whieb lae'ad lag thoae who are atudjing abroad; are trato inj^up to the preiathood nearly T?l? joaBg 13* A ahrewd chap procured bimaalf. oar pet bag in band, at tbe n(Bce of a hotei in T . rk for the night and paid hia f?re In adrance Uta carpet bat **to old paper aad atonea which he emptied np>n the floor, Ailed toe i ?< with bed clo'.hea, and took hia dapartara ?? Btotj day bring* aoncething new" in the way of roguery DBHTiTrnos i* Phila delphia Americen saya: Fpm fact.* which hbve come to light, we are Inclined ?o tbto* the r umber of deatitaie per aone in the city to be over 25 000, a.? all the aocietary orgauiattiona hare many more ap plic?nta for relief than we previouly calcula ted. The greater portion nf thia poverty ia of foreign origin, a fact ehown beyood denial by aj tbe ?ta istica whi :h have been gathered. iy_SiDce the introdnction of the postage labela into Grea? Critnin for the prepayment of poataga. no: lea? than S50.fMH? 000 of tbe " heada ' hav* been iRBnafactu ed, told and obliter**"! MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Afcw. Ltatt for Vr*- "**** WewYort.. Jan. 17 AUabTic L:v?rp?>ii....New York..Jan. J7 ? "V" S- w V?rk Havr? Feb. 10 Africa K<at ?t . p, n. 14 U>MUC Sf w York...t.iv?-rp<?"i..Feb. 21 ? ?:?y Manrbeetw. .I.ivv-rpnnl... rhi'.a^Hpkiii.Fch 14 Ft. I.ouia Havre .New York...Feb. ]4 QtJ-TUe i.Woran ?reaai*r? have New York ou the ftli and itili uf ui'>nth. 1 9 > ^ ARRIVALS A'i PRINCIPAL HOTELS. W'ltarrfa* Ho al?n a k j c. eilUBa. ii II Gordon. Man J \ tocknll, Ct I' G Mo!onry a mi, XY D B Lewi*. RI Dr \V W And* r?on. WA K A Pi?icat a tad>, NY U T Kobm*. MJ B N Huntington a (adv. W M Yale#, Kv Uo J W hipp'e. NY IllVtyn.dn W H Wilxan, do M:>i Wavn, qo F La Koni yer, Ky A BJaiadcil, do R 8 Colliuit, Gt A I) F.aner. Mich J H I'Uckney. Md J rtbarp, NY I 11 Cuncan. Ma*? I>HL redoa, do G Halden, NY J T Greene, jr, W J Horn, do VV Il^Miaman. do W H Williww, da ? aftlaaaai Klatal?a. a. wiLLaaa. R 8 Buplea, Pa B M Preeaom, NY G Alt*erti?oii. do \V H Triplett, Va B .M.uhewa. do JC t*tau?iae, do Mr Muer, NY P P Frazier, do C J Cambrel log. do G Ti/una B lady. Man W A Col inn, do Miaa C CWgood, NC Mias Hil!, d . C H Cartrall. O T C Pall, KH C J Sharp, do J B Lamatifr, Pa Mn H P Bro..k., Md J At wood, do W A Vaaee, Va Mm Banter, Va F M vera, do Mih Herper, d ? WD Oaik, Md OB F uJltf. Me D t larka, do f Filton, M?*? TO Pan, NH Mr' A Blackinan R I. i^ihr-rt, NY J 6quire It lady, NY M F Carter, Va S "d. "?P* 3 W I>?ncom?*. R W W Bowie, do Cana Miaa V Wann*. do J Hall, Mo J Haauxt, Baiavia T W Taeoeaev, Pa Miea I. E H?*aion. do T Cattraan. La ?!^R L Ueaion, do J O m?anon.Md V\ E Heaton. da IT Ma< a, d<> Miaa M Worthing.*. Md 1 J HalliOav. Md D B Hall, da F Hume. d<? Col Bwifi, Pa VV Orey, do J A Annatmnf, Md i Nelson, do K G Periae, do B B Grain*. RI r Pratt, do Mr Mua, Va II A Pierce, Pa ?rawaa1 fletel?r. r. It I. eaewa. A D Bank*, Va OK Car iwm aid faaulf, K L Haboer, do Cal J Peublw, La R S tr**, da L Hopaoa, NY IV R Mrs Baundera. NC T Maiwefl. Pa K Edwards. \ a C! Ilatbet, Va J K Richardaoa 8ro?l"d L Jotenaoa. Mirb J J?*aey, Jr, Va ? Monre, NY H HudnaH. do W Duval Md ? ? '? r, do A S Wilaoc, Pa J L Kemper, do W Graham, do B F, Md kt H Tiilit , do T W McMohun, NY ?amaAem Beaaa, Aleiandrla, V*. a. acwTon, raoraiiToa. Vb EC Marat?M. Va ^.F?BroVfh' WV ? w E B PowelT. Va W P Creaaea. Pa J Bar boar, do J F Coxrt. d-> A Uaimlioa, Md L C Bliaaan. Va ^ W Graf ?i lady, Va J JJdnmtou, d C E T)Ier, do A, B do Mr Kemp, do ? -> Higaora Dormj, do Hon HAW iae?Vo '^sesbt J U flrtwK'B* > ? l.?<r m * V*'a!W,V? U ^ L,*n Ufir,k?.^KV III' f?diaMkia G L ?a M?f?? aooi:

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