Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1855 Page 4
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[oorr *???? r*on a trrn.a atwr ] MeDoa cga, ?%& Doable Cabio#, U Grifln 38 nulae? ikMk ml. Leave Cov ; jton a Arrive KGdln ? m? ifbySpn ^ : Iy?ve??rifS. Tr??al y mi ? a*n Arrlv- M c *1 ogt >o hud* days by 8 ? m 6414 From Lytb '??# ny flat bo k, to Wblte tfoaa 14 allX And DUO ? *Mk Lmt* Ly tat aia Frx^a/ at 7 ? m Arr v* at W H u->a day by 12 m ' U?t? WMt Moaw Friday a! 1 p m Ar'ive at L-iaom* 'UM day by 3pm 84'4 Frcm Lyt iotU co milea acd baek on^ ?tut - Lmt* Lytn-DiaTi nUjtt7am . Arrive at Boekbri^je aame days by 0 a m. ' i L?y ttn^b.-id^^ \aaday at 10 a m Arrfra at LytMai, d?ya by IS m - "T-."?*" iUTll 07 Lim ?*d? FromStora Ma-nt la, by fallow River and Bwaet W itw to La?rt*4.c ville, 20 miiaa and back, rt' nm?> *? week I^ata Sto^a Mountain, d*lly, exoapt Sunday, ?t 7 A a Arrive a* La?r?c^*rlQb rame day* by 11 a a Leave Laa jrast'tlj daily,except Sunday, at 1* Arrive at f toue ? lunula name darn by 4 pm ?417 from 8t ue il< antaln, by finckneyvilie, to Wnraaa !* at. ? eni t>a?k,ooee a we*k Lt>t? Sto ie Mcnutain S.turdqy at 1 p m Arrive at #ir?? sane day b; T p m. UtT? ??(?* i vtorlay at ft a m Am*? at i*toaa ^coaaia nam* day by i2 m 8418 From I <eatur, by Panthor,ville, lucker'a Caiin, .tad dl'Ubrilfa, o Mrl>onough, *7 milea ail tac> ope* a vvk Leave Uroemr f iday at 8 a m Arrive at Mcdoi jiuu aa me day by 6 p m Leave %cDn:.e?> b Saturday at 9 a m A rrire at Wtf moM day Ly 6 pm 04 9 b> 3P"ng- to ?audy Hide, 10 mil*, and *ck. oree a t^k. Uave Mcfrucvo batur-ay at b a a Amve at Raaij Hid^e nam? day by 11 a m l*ar* faaur Kt go Sator'ay at 12 m Arrtra at Enough ?dm day by 3 p m. 642) from Ma?onrrah to Jcaa?b ro% 14 mile- and back%?la Um* a w*k; T Lr*r? McO:nooib ?-aily, except sandty, at 8 am Arri?e at Jr??aU ro a.m? day* by 12 m Lo?ra Joa? b.TS dfcJy, exc?pt Sa'o<Liy,at 1 p ro Arriceat McD i? >ijjh ?Hine d'y by 5 p m ?4Si Fr< m Ws?o\Pfto?, by i?anbur/, ! rtertbur<. Caittoi xi t, g C , and iaba non, to A.. brtiV^C R 3m'Us aDdba.k, twice a wa k l*av# Wi Mrgtou Tif#d?r, and Saturday at >* m * Arrive at b!> > iHo C U tat dayf by 9p u Lear* tvl'?<Ja U H Mond<y and Fri-lar at 8 a at A-rive at Wa?hiufUn tame daya by 6 p m i'lDposa ? ici <*ily a r.i-e ar? inrltel, w'th a ?lew to or.-1 rj tfte^reit Nor hern and South ern m*i;a, at a cp ed of not l*?a than & ncle* an heir. ?4i2 Frcm ?%rt.Ic?t?a,by Xalkrysrllle, FLhdam. and Indli? UiU, ii Elbrrton, 31 mil<?. aud btck, OMw 1 ?MK l^are V-'aaLi' gtcn Friday at 9 a m Arrive a EIV.uid ume Jt; by f p m. h??ei bfrtoi Saturday a- V a m Arrive it Uatbington ??me day by <J p m ?423 From ^ioe U> C- ntrar lie, 12 mi e* and back, *nr? a week. L-are ? v Jt??ton IVMay at 1 p m *- Arrive at Oeoir -riiie a m" dai ty 6 p m !*? .v* t>o* <sr>' 4 Fri thy at 8 e m Arf?v^ a Wa?h.^,u>u ran d.?y by m 0124 Fr m Uay ri l^, bj Uata tl ?|ncoin. ton, 1 j3 lf-i ?tJ<j back, t ?ice a week ^am P y*T Tu^di4J' SB(1 Tbur^*y, at H Arri?a ?: Liiioaton ^*m? Javuby 3 po Lea?a L^yiot-n Tuwlay and fourrday at 6 am Anrire a'.K*jeriil?BAii:- da; a by 10 a m W2^ From I ala^- a, by Toiat Peter, R.?e , Albert 1^ Mar loay.Colu Ha:er,.MouUr.deo *v?r<r-..-a S i'.,Hvrk MilU. ani MounU n c-er-k, c A .1 trwb C B, ?i m le? and bacx twice a *'?e?i l^>-tve Leucjctoa Turtdav and Friday at' a m Arrive a* Aiberb a aazne day a by ? p ? Leave Kl- *rtm V'edceailar acd fatnrday at 5 am Arriv? at Aa.Jer^ a C H muc da>> bv 9 p b, Ai i?r*oc C H Tut* da/ aod Fndar at 6 A ID Arrive ?t Bib?>rtr>* same days by 9pm L aye >n W lre?J.yaid ataadar at 9 am Affile 1' ?- *iot n rao* Jar byS^j ?42C Frrm LaxiudV. to L x T?gi0E'"D pot 3 mtlea ?? 4 >a k, .v?lr? 'itiw a we- k leav- L x. ?f.a a .l?y, except ?u..cay, a "1 a ma dl| t '* * Arr?ve at ia-tin^oa Bejot-'i t Jav^brRl an and 2 p r> L *v.L.Iivaal?f).l..i ;1 aSunday, at 9 an- ? ?si > p 11 Arive.ti fi'f'v> "mat'rlOamand 4pm ?427 ^oinA^b n?. bj ?:>.*? b-i, flar n ^ ny 3rove. Maya.ill Jt, Pop a-J?pn <<s, Uu,h-? burg ?ea IV?<*. , to Oiarkavil'.e. Bi m,!,, aad back .'BCe a eek Letve At- ? To >a '-y a' 0 a m Arrive at "Ta'ksri next day by 6pm L?ave Ciarfnl.e \i, .r-day at 0 a m Arrive at A aea? next day by fl p m ?if# Fr m Ath n* by efferaoa. Pr>nd Fork and ?W c -tvi.Je, 40 ra!!e? aad ba-k ibree iaue twa.:., *' U*Ij a 'd^a *o 7a"'imT' TkBrsl*7 and Satur at Ga.QwJT1.! sa a daya by 2pm L:ar?aaiuM .U* y "daj, tVedaeaday an J Fri day at 9 a Ti Amie at At *eia ^ daya by 6 p a Frcm Atb>. "oy 0?me>aviiia and Madiaon Simoga. t. Can aviii., ;8 milea aad back, tbre<- tixa? a ???*? ^ ^11'A.'^311 r'a'? 'y. TburaJa/ and Fatcr ?tij IC " I U Amv? at Ca u^avi e same daya by 7 o m Leave C?ra..nUs donday, W.dueeday and r rtaay at 0 a m Arr.vr at A'.Aan* a na day by 7 ? m ?4J0 Fr?m Aih na, by Pianter'a Mand, <? Fort i ^ 3i:U- i od bark, coop a wa^k L-m*a Athtns Tua- iiy ?; 8 ? m ArriveM F rt l.asc. ?r a>un * day by 0 pm L?are Fort ',<aat Wadoerday at"? a m Arrive at Aih?ns ram^ da> by 6 p m ?481 From Ma wta ..finga, by Frank in Sprinza, Bowers e ani Ho al ay'a Str re, *2 milea ?..1 ba* once a wee*. L*ave M d -! n 'p- in/a Tueaday at 9 a m * Arr.v? at I raJoj':' 3 tore aainetiay by 8 no Laava Ueo, ?y a it re Wednesday attain "f<rCL Spriuga aaosa dav by 3 pa Midd-h j-r an ? H i ii1,eorta, t . Aiien dale, 44 tail*:; tr i back onr? a week Lease Vay.vUe T ortday at 3 p m Arrive at Ai.erda- ? nex tfa bj 1pm Leave Al e-tale Friday ?t IJ p m Arrive a: > ajtvH1 i n xt day br i p a ?43S Pnm Oila-tvll . War Hiil, ^maaill., Uada^n trvl Wa-nnt HiHt to Carnerrllie. :s? mileaandsak a-iaifk LeaveQain-^rri b ?'rtdar at 6 am Amve at C .'aeir,.:e time day by 6 p m Leave Carawi^ iat jrlay at fi a m Arrive at Geia* vi ie aeiai day by fl p m 6444 From taali New Bridge aad Ai raria. to Dahlot #<a, 2> miU8 and back, three time* a week. Leave GainaaviUe Monday, Wed- eaJay and r ridiy a. 7 a u Arnvea* D?b.">ne?ra aame daya by 2 p m L*a*e Dah.'nr^ Cue-d,y, Inuraday aad Sat urtiay it Ipa Ani.e at &a.DM>viii? -ame daya by 9 pm ?434 From Oata*?si! e, by Crreaville, Smltbri la, Barretto-illa Huh Tower, Bo?rd TreaT F>rt Buffloirton, Canton, Fo*ter Mill4,an' U?LgOal. ta Ktowa1!, d8 milMt aad baeK. one* a week I*ava Oaii nvlll - Taeaday at I p m Airiwaat r*Awxh next day by T p m l^ave Kto /ah R nday at 6 a ? Amve at Galoarr u? o-xt day by IS m 6434 Oa:-a?r?iX by Dn*M> treat, toClarka ville, 80 ts ej .ad back, three tiaea a week lamOaia-afij* Dufisy, Tha eday and Sat urday at 4 s> a Arrive at I 'aitevnle aaae daya by 11 pa L^ave ClarVsv Tae'day, Thareday aad .gat urJay at e m irrtre atSaice^'dle ant day by 2 p m ?487 Pr*m Oair- av?Ue, by Arro, to Folkaviila 18 ailee acd back, oQoe a ? ek Leale Osipean la Fritay at 1 p a Arrive at f lhas iLe aame day by 7 p m Leave P It rifle Friday af ? a m Arrtra at C ?iiern le aame day by 12 m Prom Car e vilV. oy Ba'd Spring aad Urartu to JatT re 3C miieaand back, oace a week l eave Cart ??vi.'t r'aturday |t|ip Ar?tve at J- fl^rton same day br 6 p o Laevi Jefi^ m Ti' lay at 8 a m p " at t tri ae i. ie same day by 6 p a From Mix :ey??jf?0ra tb Walton'i Wrd and back, onej % wa?k ^?ebedaia" ' * * (i'1*are an(l propoae a 9440 IJ*2J'^^^P^.^OaAJhtawn, Skatatb, #ir^c*?t, korgaan.a, Ho4firm?a, HI?rr (.CT, fh.','7Z?, B?.h%Z7. l to Bantoa, 83 mtfcs aad a k. 'is ? week Leav?Dah!m -r% Tn aday at 0a m Arrive at B? atoo n. xt tbnrad<y br II m Leave *ea?c 1 ban? ay at 1 p m Arrtra at T hoi?aga aext Satorday by?(m 8441 From Dah eta te ft nad HW. 18 mi^ea and taca,c*io week Leave Di! ^<an? S? t <i#ay at 1 p a Arrive at ^ ~und Di.t aame day ay 8 p a Leave Roan'' ftl' hrnrday at 8 a a Arrive a* iHvi. tegs ame day by It a ?442 From Uakkw. a, by imioakla C a Una a, Prlnoe Idward.Ca t oay, JJhJar, Talll Crak, and Cooaawatt?, u> iptmg Pjaoe, 02 alt*# acd back, unoea ?etk Lea we Dab ui ea Wad taeday at 5 a a Arrive atSpnaa FWa next d^y brlpa Leave Spriaa PTac? r * - A - rive at DaUcaaga '/.a 11 A443 from Canton, by Rail Oround, * _ ,.?od J uno, to Dahjonega. io miles and Ml otkv a week L*??? OmiUhi '-?rrilaqr tl *> a m Arrive at Dahlou ga *aft<f d%y by 6 p a Lea? <; L'khl- ceg* t riuev a: fl ? in >rriv* a* "*atoj Mae asy tf 6 p m 6444 Pr iu. Jefferaon, by JoVn tia. drdpb'aand Cains, to Cum mi rig and hack one" a v eek *f BidIsr? win *tate the di^Uooc and propose a ^ehtfule 8446 Trim fcpr-ng PJac?, by Od?r TMk^e (o Dal ton, 12 mile# and bxk. three Umr? a *wk Lmri Spr ng Place M mdaj^'Welnealey, ?d and Fr day at 8 i m Arrive at batten same day* by If m L*tr? Dal ton Monday, Wedaeeday and Friday aM p m Arrive at Spring PJaoe same dayt by 4 p a 4444 From Blalrrrllle by Chcastoe, Loudevllle. and Plea-ant 1'etreat. to Dahlonega, 34 mil** and back, one* a week l?av? Dlairrri'le Monday at 0 a m Arrlv.- at Tablonoga same day by fl p m I, <*t? Dakl nega ruesday at fl a m Arrive at BlairsvHle sara* d ?y by 6 p m A417 F.em Blairsville, by Young Cane, to Morgan ten, 20 railea and bark, twit* a week Le .ve Blalrevllle Tuesday and Friday attain Arriv? at Morgan'n? same days by i2m I* are M n;*oton Moniay and Friday at 1 p a Arrive a* Blair Till? fame days by 7 p m 6448 Fr. m Clayi n to Blairsrille, 40 mi>? and back once a week l*> ive C lav on Wednesday at fl a m Arrive at Blaimille same day by 7 p m Lear? B a'nv 1 e Thursday it 6 a in Arr. ve at Clayt >n * am i da> by 7 p m 6449 From Mergantown to 3!urphy, 5.C. and back one* a v *>ek Bidders * 111 state d etarce and yropore a ecbed n!e fl460 From Ball fJround tc Eilajay and back, one* a w?\ Bidders ?iU state the distance and propose a | * sc'ieldle 9*51 Proa Mor^anton, by BlueRldre, White Patk, Ei'qjay, Talking Rock, Fairmonnt and Pine L g, to Ca,9ville, 60 miles aud back, twioc a Twk I?ave Mrrpaaton Tuesday and Friday at 1 p a Arrive a t)aasv?ll?- n^xt days by fl p u L ave Ca-t v 11 Monday and Ihnrsday at fl a in at Mor^auton next Cays by 12 m 4452 Pram T un* Cane, by Skcinah, Stock IL1I, TekeneUy, and Cart cay, to Talking Rock, 42 miles aaa bi-.rk, cnee a w^ek I<e?v?,' Can? W^d. c day at 7 a m Ariive at T .liking Rock s ?me day by 8 p m l<eiv? ia k Ruck Tuesday at 5 a in Arriv? at Young Cane Mmeulav by C p a 6453 from Jiap r to Caeev.lle aad baca, onre a w<r?k BiJd*u w 11 at at? tbe distance and propose a whedu^e 5*54 Frun Lawrenc villa, by C*ia'8 ami HcgMo?n tain, to Oaln-?vilie, al miles and back, three <lme4 a we k Le*ve Ijiwrenieville Monday, W edtosday and Friday at 12 m Arrive at G ineeville am- dayp by 5 p m l^eave Guinetvil e TuesOaj, Ihuraday and rfat? nrday at I a m Arrive at L wrenc ^ville ,4?mo daya by 11 am A465 From Lawrenr?vi*le, by Cbinquepin Qr:v?, Unburn, Mulberry, ard Varcis tc Jefferson, 30 miles an! blc k, once a week L?ave Lawrenc- ville Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Jefferson fame day by 0 p a Leave .'efferson Saturday at 8 a a - Arrive at Ltwre^ceville sasie day by fl p m (5456 Fr in Lawrencev lie. by 3awann*?, Sbelton villa, l>avei Creek, (Juminirg, and Lew.ston, to Migh Tow?r, 36 miles and back, twice a w-ek to Stie!t>nv.lle, and once r week the m? idue Leave L?*r?ceviil* Tuesniay and at 6 a in Arrive at >ae tonville sam* day* by 11 a a l?a?e bh't'onviHe Tueeday and SaturJay at 1 p m Arrive a'. Lawrenceville fame days by fl p m Leave rbelionviil- Friday at 12 m Arrive at lligb Tower tame day by 7 p m Leave High Tower talurday at 6 a m Ariive at ^beltoiivllleaime day by m C457 From M >unt Youab, by Leo. BkittV ^oantaia. aed Prlkvilie, to Popiar Spring, 'I aiiea and bar k, once a week. Leave Mouat Yonah Saturday at 5 a a Ariive at Po lar Spring saae day oy 1 p a L?ave 1 Of.lar dpriug S iturday at .pm Arrive at Moaiit Yonah taae day by 'Jpm fl 155 Prom Atlanta, by Ultoy,handtowD, Campbell tan, Dark Ooi-ner, Villa Rlea, and Hiokorj Level, to Carr >llt 'n, 60 milee and back, three times a week. Leave Atlanta Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at m ArriT? kt CVrollton next da^s by 6 p a Lea*e Carroliton Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 9 a a Arrive at At anta next days by 2 p m 1'roposals to tun by Flint Hill and t?and Hill, rmic ing Hick ry Level.a-* invited. ?46W From Marietta, bj Roawell, l>ebanon, Farm hou?e. Big ere k, Cuaming, Co*l Mountain, Cio--sville, an1 Au aria, to Dahlonega, 64 miles and back, three times a week. L#?ve Marietta Monday, Welnesday end Fri day at 9 a m Arrive at Cumming same davs by 7 pa Le?ve - umming Tuesday, Thursday, and Batnr day at 7 a m Arr ve at Dahlonega sane days by 3 p m L*av? Dahlonega M-?td?y, Wednesday, and Fri day at 8 a a Arrive at Ou in n s?me days by 6 p m Leave Cum i n^ 't u. fday, Thursday, and Satur day at fl a in AmteatM r. ? -a : ni ? ^r;s by p m ?4t0 Fiom yar ? ta; ?, ^un''a} and Woodstock, to Canton, it m les uu back,three time* a *re?k. Leave Mariett. Tu^^ley . Thurtday and Satur day at 7 a in at Can on -*ame days by 1 p a Leave Canton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 a a Arrive at Marietta same days by 1 p a 64CI Fiora Marietta, by Powder Springs, ta Salt ttprinz', 17 mils* a?d b>c^,tw)cwa week. L?ave Marietta Tuesday and Friday at 7 a a Arrive at .Salt ?prin>r? same days by 12 in Leave salt Pp rings Tuned ay and Friday at 1pm Arrive at Marietta same davs by 6 p a 6462 Fr^m Marietta, by Loec Mountain, to Dallas, 18 tailes and back, onee a week. Leave Marietta Wednealiy at 1 p m ArriYr at D .lias 'ame day by 7 p m Leave Dallaa Wedne??lay at 7 a m Arrive at Marietta same day by p m 0403 From Cartersviile, by Stilrebo'r to Van Wert, J8 mil s an l back, twice a week. Leave Cartersviile Tuesday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Van Wert .ame days by 6pm Leave Van Wert Monday aau Thursday at 9am Arrivu at Cartersviile same days by 6 p a 6464 Prom Casaville, by Little Pra rl?, Bonora, Red bud, Free Bridge, and IJolly creek, to Bpricg PL<**, 30 miles and back,ojic? a week. L?aVe Cas*>viile Saturday at fla m Airive at spring Piace ?ame day by fl p a Leave Spring I lace Friday atOain Arrive at Casaville * imc day by fl p a 6465 Frem Kingaton to Rome, 18 3-5 miles and back, six times a week. Leave JL^igtiton daily, except Sunday, at 8 a a ariive at Home same days by 9^ a m Leave Rums lai y, except Sunday at 5 a m Arrive at Kingstoa j*me day* by 7| a m psM6 From Resaca, by Sugar \ alley, Yi lanou, La fayette, and I'ond Spring, to Frick'a Gap, 39 miles and back, once a week. Ltave heaaca Friday at fl a a Arrive at Frick'atiap same day by 7 p m Leave Prick'* Gap Saturday at 6 a m _ Arrive at Ke*>eea same day by 7 p m 6467 Fiom Ring,, old, by Woods station, tolafay ette, 24 mi >-s and back, tw ee a week. Leave Ringgold Mouuay pnd Thursday at 1 pa Arrive at Lafayette same days by 8 p m Leave Lafayette Monday andlhurxday at 5 a m Arrivoat Ringgold same days by 12 m 6468 From C'battau- oga,T**nn.,by Rossville,Ga , to Fnek's Gap, 24 ni'??e and back,once a weok. Leave Chattanooga Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Prick's Gap Mime day y fl p a Lovve Prick's Gap Tuesday at 8 a a atCkattanoog* same day by 6pm 846? Froa Chattanooga, Teun-. to Head of McLe aato ? Cave, Gw, and ba- k, once a week Biditew wili state the distance, and propose a ?Hwulf 6470 Froa Lateyette by Pook Spring and Snow Hill to Roesville, 22 miles and back, once a week ]v ? lieave Lafayette Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Roecvi le saae day by 18 a Loave Hoasvilie Tuesday at 1 p a Arrive at Laiayetta saas day by 8 p a S471 F om La'ayette by Chestnut Plata to Gordon's Springs, 9 milee and back, onoe a weak Leave Lafayette Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Gordon's Springs same day by 9 a a L-ave Gordon's Spring* Satur 'ay at lo a in Arrive at Lafayette same day Inlpm ? 6472 Fna Boae by Armucbee, Dirt town, Monn Hickory, Summerville and Tri< n Factory to Li&yette 42 miles and back, twice a week L*ave Rome Monday and Thwr.-dayatft a m Arrive at Lafayette tea- days by i p a Leave Lafayette Wednesday an J Friday a' 5 a a Arrive at Rome isme days by 7 p m 6178 Flora Rom* by Tana's Valley and La* Greek to Cedartown, 90 alia and back, thr^a times ? week Ua? Boae Monday, Wednvsdsy ani Friday ittpa Arrive at Oedartown rime days by 10 p a L ave C-sdartown Monday, Wedne day and Fri day at 6 a a Arrive at Boae saae days by IS m 6474 Froa Roae by Tboaas's Mills, Cedar Creek. Qeeola, Ala , and Howeh's Oroa Roads to Cen tra, 40 a lee and back, onoe a week la*'* R me Friday at 6 a a 4j?tva at Qaotre saaedaf by7 p a Leave Centre Saturday at *aa , Et Koai' *?* day by 7 p a ''I ?478 From Cedartovn to PumpUakill, 9 mflag aad ^?&rt^ov?Jriday at 9p a Arrive at Fnmpkinpili saae day br 6 p a J *476 by L,n* *n<1 Oedn L**wt fahc?4a Friday at 8 a a> T Arrivefct BfVer Town same day by 12 m ~ Lmti Rive* Town Fiidayatl p ia Atitw at Palmetto un? day by 7 p in 64?? Pm? Newnan by Soluda to KJdroo, 13 milaa and back, twic? a week L?ax"Newn*n Wednesday and Pat order at 11 am Arr. ve at Kidrom same days by t p m Leate KUten ^fedaeaday Mid Saturday at T Aarivsat Kewnaa aame daye by It a a 6471 From Newnan by Lodi. Ruttierfcrd, Bowen ville and Tall Piae to Carroll tea, 27 Milaa and berk, one * a week I.taveNewnan Saturday at 8a m Arrive at Carrollton umc day by 6 p m L*ave Oerrollton Friday at 8 a m Art t? at Neenaa aame day by 6p m| 84T9 Froaa Newtvn by Wiilow Grove and Oorlath to Ai?hbury,90 mil** a?d back, twioea w?*k Tieara Newaen Tuesday and FrWn at 6 a m Arrive at Asbury sane day* by It m Leave Aebary Tuesiay and Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Newnan same days by 7 p m 0 80 Froa Neman by Rio and Knon Grove to Franklin, 71 miles and bark, onoe a *(ek l/?ava Newnan Tfednwlay at 6 a Arrive at Franklin mine day by 1? m Lews Franklin Wednsdsy at 1 p,m Arrive at New a?n ssm-*dfty by 7 pita 8181 From Newann by Paris, Location and Har alien to Eri\ 2d mi es and b? k, onr? a w^k L are Newnan Sa'ur lay at 8 a m Arrive at Krin um> d :y by 6 p in Leave r rin Friday atSam Arrive at Newnan s*m* day by 6 p m 6192 ?ram La Grange byCNral'a Mills, Coohran'a Cress Roeda, Hamilton and Oa-tula to Ool am bus, 46 mil-s and ba k, daily l,*av? La Grange da lyat a m Arrive at ColuniVus iam* dtya by p m L">ave Co Jam bun daily at 8 a m Arrive at La Unrg' ,?m' day t by 8 p in 6133 From La Grange by Vwnon. - ntiorh, Wehad kei, Ala.. Rick Mi In and iioau ke to W?h1o wee, ?6 mile i and tar?k, or.cj a week L?ave La ur*nge Tn^-day at 1 p in Arrive at Weedowe* Dext day by 6 p m Leave We*dowe?Thured y at 8 a m Arri.e at Li Grange text day by 11 a m 6184 From La Orange by Ilcu-ton to Ffankiln, 21 mile* and tack, twice a week L-a7e La Grange Tu sday and3atuiday at 1pm A-r ve atFraoklinoame days by 7 p m lieave Frmkl'ii Tu"s !ay and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at La 'iraiige aain- daya bi 12 m 6!85 From Villa lUea to Van IV. rt, 21 in.lea ??<) bark, once a wn k L*ave Vil a Rice Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Van Wert aame day by 12 m L?ave Van W?rt Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Villa Rica same day by 7 p m 64S8 Frm Villa Pica, by Pumpkin Vine and Dal lea, to liuatrville, 20 miles and bark, once a we^k. Leave Villa Rica Mcnl*y at 6 a m Arr ve at HanLivIlla fame day by 12 m Leave Huntsvilie Monday at 1 p m Arrive at Villa ttic* same day by 7 p in f4S7 From Villa Rica, by Burnt ?i?od, Ooppir Hill, Tallapoosa, - ak Lm?I, Ala., and Rabbit Town, to Jacksonville, 00 mile* and back, o ce a week. Likve Villa Rica Wednesday at 8 a m Arrive at Jacktonv lie next day by 6pm Le'.ve Jacksonville Friday at 8 a m Anitr a' Villa bica next d<y by 6 p m 64 8 From Vifla Rim by Loeg Leaf and Ehoa, to 0 lartDwn, 82 mi:?s and ba k, onc? a week. Le>ve Villa Rica Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Oednrtown ante day by 6 p m * Leav-i UeJartown Tue-dty at 7 a m Arrive at Villa Rica ?ani* day by ti p m 0489 From Villa Rica io Flint Ilill, 6mile4ardl ack, on e a week L?ave Villa hica Wednanday at 10 a m Arrive at Flint Hill tam> day by 12m Leave Flint Ilill Wednevlay a? 7 a m Arrive at VilU H-a day by 9 a m 6490 From Catro'lt'tt, Yy Laurel Hill and Union Milla, to Praokl n, 87 milea ana back, 0Uv? a week L^are Carroll :on Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Frankl'.n aiot J .y by 6pm Leave Franklin Thanday at 6*a m Arrirf at Oarrnlltnn ?ani* rlny by 6 p m 6491 From Oreenvill-. by Far<rer'?, White Solphur Ppringa, Kin&'? (lap, and Goodm n'a Cross Roada, to Cochran's Crors Roads, 24 milM and back, twioe a we k Leave Greenville Wednesday and Saturday at & a m Arrive at Cnebran's Crw Reads sane days by 12 m Leave Cochran's Cross Road* Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Grreavilie (ame days by 8 p m Gi92 From Greenville to Warm Spring*. 12 mile* and be?k, twioe a we?k in June July, and August, and once a w?.k uie roskiue of .lie year. Fnm lrt June to 81x< Awjutt. Leave Greeaviile Wed iesday and Sa'nrdav at 11| am Arrive at Warm ^prin?s 'ame days by 2 p m Leave Warm springs Wrdnwday aod Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Greenville same days by 11 a m From Itt September to 3lrt May. Leave Granville gatur.lay ?t 8 a m Acrive at Warm Fpringf same day by 11 a m Leave Warm Pprlogs 8aturd*y at 11| a m Arrive at Gr?*nvl!Ie saint- day by 2 p m (493 Frsm Greenville, by Woodbury and Mag<la> lena, to Pl?a?aat (1111,27 mil sand back, cnc? a week Iaara Oreenvill* Frilay at 8 a m Arnve at l'leaaaat (Mil same day b; 6pm Luve Pleasant llil< <<a.urd*y at 8 a m Arrive at Greenvil e same da. by 6 p m 6494 From Jon' s's ililln, by Kocky Mount, to Holly, 1 i m>l-a and baok on ea week lyave Jonee> M lie fa.ut Jay j?? Sam Arrive at Holly a*me Jay by 12 m Leave Holly i>vur 'ay at 1 p m Arrive at Jone?'* M.Pg same day by 5 p m 0405 From PI*a*ant Hill, by B<?Uerue, HluflVp inga, W?ve'ly Hall, and ?llerivil!e, to Columbus, 40 m'les and bn*k. t*i-e a we?k Leave Pleasant Hfll Weduesdav and Saturday ?t 7 a m Arrive at Coluin' u? scm< days ly 5pm L?ave Columbus Tu< ?Jay an t Friday at 7 a m Arrive at Pi-a?\nt Hl'I game dajs by' 5pm t?400 Frvm Kuoivi.'lo by Hopewell, to Ru srllrille 13 mil a and b.ok, ? ncea week Leave Kooxvi le tatorlay at 8 am Arrive at i usfeWv.'ile fame day by 12 m Leave Ru?a*llville Saturday at 2p m Arriv* at Rn? svil!e *ame dey by 6pm 6497 From Knoxtilie to Hammock' Gr^ve, Cullo deii. and WsjnmmsT 1?, to Tbrtaastou, *2^ miksnd b ck, twice a we?k UnRn IjemPtCnoxvill'- Men Jay and Friday a'9 a m Arrive atTb'?nia?ioii(amedays by 6 p m Leave Thomas on Tuoiday and Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Knoxville same days by 4 p m 6:98 Frem Knoxrjlle, by Hickory Gni-e, Hootens Till-, Ctrson^ville, Pratisburg, and Centra, to Talbotton, 37 mll?%aad back, once a week Leave Ksoivillc Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Talbott n rsme day by 7 p m Leave Talbotton Thursday at 6 a m Arriv; at Knoiville ?amt_' day by 7 p m ?499 From*, by C ttw? Mill, Ja?es?own, Fannaha rhee, LuVpkin, ^nthbort, and Cot ton Ilill, to Fort Qain?s, 79 mile* and back, three times a week Laave Oolumhna Tuesday, Thursday and Btt?r> day,at 4am Arrive at Fort Ga'n^s same ?avs by 12 i.iglit Leave Fort Gam.?-? Monday, Wedneaday and Fri day, at 4 a m Arrive at Columbus same day* by 12 night 6500 From Colnmbu*, by Fiedmonv, Mulbrrry Grove, Mountain Hill, and t? hitarville, to Wevt Print, 38 mlV. mad ba"k'twice a week Leave C<>lai! uus Tu*rdsy and FHday, at 6 a m Arrlre at W -t Point sane day^ny 6 p.m L are West Po!nt Weln-slay fnd Saturday at 6am \ Arrive at Colambus ?aoc day*"by 6pm 6501 From Fort Gaines, by Blskely Tine Ridge, Ftsam Mill, and Arryie, to Chatt*hoo?hee, Fla, 78 milea and ba:k, twice a week Leave Fort Ga'nrs Wedne?d?y and Faturday at lpm Arrive at Chatt\hou3h*e next d*ys by 8 p m Leave Chattahoochee Tuerday and Friday at 6 am Arrive at Fort Gaines nrxt day* by 12 m Far Utt of pmtmat'er* in Georgia authorised U car~ tifji to the nijhci-ncy e>f guarantort, tee - Inttruc A " ann+roL FLORIDA. Bidden are requested to examine carefully the in ttructitm, forms of proposal rfc., attached to this advertisement. 6b01 From Charlesu u, S C, by Jacksonfille, Fla' Mandarin, Magnolia MUU, Mlddlebvrg, Pi-o iata, and Orange Milla, tu I'.latka, COO milea and back, twiek a ee*k Lmvw CharWton Tueeddyaud Saturday at 8 pm Arrive at Jao?iJ<.nviil* n*xi daya by 12 m Leave Jacksonville Wednesday and Sunday at 12 m Arrive at PlUfka next daya by 8 a M Leave Pilatka Monuay and Thuraday at 8 a m Arrive at Jaekaoayllla next daya by 3 a m Leave JaokMi*villa Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Cba'Jeftcn nei t daya by 10 a m Bide to ax ten*! to Welekaare inviud 8802 From Jaakaonviii*, by Barber's, Alligator, L'ttle River, Mlaeial Springa, Ooluabua, Cladiaon, Sandy Ford, and Montieello, to aUabaarea, 192 mile# and baok, twiee a Leave J aokaonvilla Sunday aal Wedneaday at T in Arrive at Tellahaa ee la 48 ko^ by 7 p m Leave Tallahaasee faaday aad Wednesday at 8 am . Arrive ti Jaekaouvllle In 41 hour a, by I ? m i 0903 Prom St Augutine to Ploolata, 18 Bill* ud Leave Ft Augustine funlayaud Wrlneidey at 'cUaulMa ' ', ?? Antra at Pfeoiata nne day by 1 p m u4 5 ?? Leave Ptoolata Monday and Thursday ill I ? and 11 m Arrive at 8t Auguitine same day* by 11 a lb an 16 p m 0804 Prom niatka, by Orange Springs, Oraage Laka, Silser ?prloc, Ocala, Camp Isard, A> Sana, Pietoevfll-, Melendes, and Port Tay ?, to Tampa, IN miles a ad back, twice a week I*%ve Pilatka Monday and Tharaday at 7 a m , Arrive at Tampa next Wednesday and Satur day by 4 p m l#an Tampa Monday and Thursday at 8 a m Arrive at Piiatkanaxt Wednesday and Satur day by 10 p m ] Proposals t .< omtt Silver Fprfng will ba coa siderei. 0806 From Pi'atki, by Welaka. Volnrta, and Kn terpr se>, to Mr lion villa 130 miles and back, once a week. In steam taaf L?ave P1U ka Monday at S a m Arrive at Mtllonvlila next day by 11 a m I?avt> Mellonvllle Tuetday at 1 pm Arrive at Pilatka next day by 3 pm Itido to commence at Walakaaro invited 6800 From Xntcipriae to New Smyrna, 30 mil en and back, once a week Leave F.nto:p ise Tu-sday ct 8 a m Arrive at New Smyrna same day by 8 p m Leave New Smyrna Monday at 0am Arrive at Unterpriae tame day by 6 p m 0 07 from New Smjrna to Indian Bivar, 180 miles ar?d bank, twice a mon th Laiv*New Smyrna on the lit and 3d Wednes davs of etch m ath Arrive at Indian fcivcr in 6 days L*ava Indian River on the 2d and 4th Satur days of each mcn'b Arrive at New Smyrna in fix days ?809 from indiao River, by Jupiter, to Miami, 138 . miles and baok, once a month Leave Indian Kiver oa the ft Friday of each month Arrive at M'ami in 0 d?ys L-ave M'aml un theSd Friday of each month Arrive at Indian Hirer in 6days 0809 From Key Wert to Miami, 200 miles and back, once a month Leave Key Wast on tha 8th of each month Arr ve at Miami by the 18th Leave Miami ou the lvtb of aach month Arrive at Key Wect by the 94th 0810 From NewnansvJle by Port Clark, Waea heotie, Micanopy, Flemfngtnn, and Newton, to Ocala, 87 miles and back. twioe a werk, supplying Wacahootie only oa tte return ir'p on Friday, ani omitting Mioanopy on that trip Leave Newnanville Wednesday and Sunday at 7 am Arrfvt at Ocala next days by 10 a a ' Leave Ocala Thursday anl Monday at 9 p ra Arrive at .Newnanivllle next days by 8pm ?811 Prom Neirnan-vila, by Bllisvllle and Provi , dttoioe, to Alligator, 40 miles and back, twice a week Leave Newnansvilla Thursday and Saturday at 9 am Arrireat Alligator ram*days by 8 p m Leave Alienator Tuesday and P idey at 0 a m Arrive at Newnansvilie same days by 5 p m t>812 From Newnansvilie. by 8t Louis, to New River, '22 mi las and back, once a wsek Leave Newnanrvdle Thursday at 1 p m Arrive at New River earn* day by 8 p m Leave New River Thursday at 5 a m Arrive at Newnansvilie same day by 12 m 6818 Frmi Newnansvilie. by Tn-deoug^o, San a Fe, Clay Ltnoint, Wacuaara, and Lotg Poad. to Atsena Otie, 116 milesaad bark, once a week Leave Newnansvil'e Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Atsena Otie next Saturday by 8 m Leave Afena Otie Saturday at 11 a tp " Arrive at Newnansvilie next Tuesday by 8 pm 0814 F; m Newnm-villo, by fort Pa-lee, to Mid dleburg, 60 mil** and baok. onoe a weak Leave Ne?naosTille Wedntrday at 18 m Arrive at Mlddieburg n?xt day by 6 pm L?ave Mildieltu'-g Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Nawnaosvllte mxt day by 11 a m Bidi f>r semi weekly servics will be con sidered 0*16 From New River to Middleburg, 30 mile.- and bad., once a week I-eive New River Wednesday at 7 a m Arriv- at Hiddleburg same day by 7 p m Leave Middleburg Thursda> at 7 a m Arriv d at New River same day by 7 p m 0910 ^Vtm lar/'s Feriy to Fort Harlee and bark, onee a week Pidders will sta'e the distance and propose a soh'duls of departures anl arrivals 0817 from Alligator, by Durham and Olustee, to New Biv?r,46 miles and baok, once a week Lsave Alligator Friday at 0am Arrive at New River came day by 10 p m Leave New River Saturday af 6 a m Arriva at Alligatcr nmo day by 10 p m 0818 From Alligator, by Suwannee Shoals, to Blount's Perry, 80 miles and ba-k, once a waek Leave Alligator Friday at 5 a m Arrive at Bloun's Ferry same day by 0 p m Leavs Blount'? Ferry Saturday at 0 a m Arrive at Alligator rase day by 0 p m 0819 From Alligator, by White Springs. Jasper, Btllevilie Jenniags, Ch*rry Lake, Havbur^. and Clifton, to Montic-llo, 90 allies an back onoe a week L-ava AJigator Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Montic?llo next Wednesday by 9 p m Leave M nticello at 0 am Arrive at Alligator next Saturday by 1 p m Bids for semi weekly service will be considered 0?30 From Orange Springs, by Morrison's Mills and Port Craue, to Mitancpy, 28 mile3 and back, twice a week L*ave Orange Springs Tuesday and Friday at 4 a m Arrive at Mhanopy same days by 1pm Lsavu Mican. py TueVJay a-.d Friday at 8 p m Arrive at Orange Springs same days by 10 p m 0821 FroinO a la, by Long stamp, to A iam*ville 30 miles and back, once a week Leave Ocala fatnr lay at 0 a m Amve at Adamevills rame day by 0 p m Leave Adam villa* Friday at 0 a m Arrive at Ocala aame day by 6 p m G924 From Adam^vnie, by Pine Borru)b and Lake Griffin, to F.rt Uutier, 60 miles aid ba^k. "once a we?k Ixave A'lam.Tille Friday at 3 p in Arrive at Forr Butler next day by 7 p m Lrare Furt Botler TbUi -<day at 8 a in Arrive at Adammlle u< it day by l'i m 6883 Frcm Aug??ta o Hcmora^ra, 13 mile* aad baok. twice a week Leave Ai<goe*ta Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Homoeasra tame days by 18 m Leave Ucmorasea Wedresday and Sa urday at 8pm Arriva at Augusta tame days by 0 p m 6884 From Melende*, by Cedar Tre?, to Fort Dade, 21 miles and taok, once a week. Leave MeiendeiSaturday atlpm Arrive at Fort Dade fame day by 8 p m L'ave Fort Dale Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at >1? lendes same day by 18 m f.816 From Pieroeville, by Sprinttfield, to Oay Port, 16 miles anl back, once a wrek. litave Pierceville Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Bay Port same day by 12 m Leave Bay Port Satu.-day at 1 p m Arrive at P?ercevil e same day by 7 p m 68i0 From liomo.?as*a, by Crystal River, to L:ag Pond, 40 miles and back once a week. Laave liomoaas a Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Long Poad next day by Op b Leave Long Pond Thuriday at 0 a m Arrlre at Homofa^sa next day ty 12 m Bids 10 extend to Clay Landing will be eontid arad 0827 From Tampa to Manatee, 4S ml!es and back, once a wet k L?ave Tampa Thursday at 6a m Arrive at Manatee next day b> 18 m Leave Manatee Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Tampa neit day by 6 p m 0828 From Tampa to Old Tampa Bay, 30 miieAnd ba~k, onoe a Week Leave Tampa Monday at 8a m Arrive at Old Tampa Bay same day by 0 p m Leave Old Tampa Bay Tuesday at 0 a m Arrive at Tampa same day by 0 p m 0899 From Tamps, by Kennedy's Store, to lob* puckesasae, 30 miles and back, onee a week. Leave Tampa Thursday atlam Arrive at lchehuckera?ga sam* day by 6 p m Las re Ichrpucke. a sa Wedne day at 7 a m Arrivs at l'ampa cams day ty 0 p m ? ?880 From Iehepackesassa te J-rnigaa, 12 milss and back, once a week. Laava Ich'pucktsaaaa Friday at 0 a m Arrive at Jernigan next day by 18 m Leave Jernigao Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at I.hepuckas aaa next day by 0 p m 6831 From Melloivllle to Jeruigaa, 90 miiee bank, ones a week. Leave Mellonviile Tuesday at 12 m Arrive at Jernigan sama day by 8 p m Laava Jernigan Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at MrUoavilia aame day by 4 p as 8839 From Tallaha see, hy hewport. to 8t Marks, 83 miles and back,thrratimag a week. Leave Tallahassee Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at7 am Arrive at Bt Marks same daya by 1 p m Leave fct Marks Tuesday, Thursday, and 8atur. . dayat7am Arriva at Tallahassee sama days by 1 p at ?868 From Taliahssees, by Mieoaukie, to Bunker's Hill, 88 milrs and twic< a week. boa re Tallahassee Monday avd Wednesday ai t a m Arriva at Banker's Hill same days by I p m Uava Banker s Hill Tneeday and Thwaiay at? Arrive at TaDahaseoe same daya by 8nm 0831 Fr m Tallaharsoe to Waukeenab, 18 miles aad back. twk? a week, ' laava Ta'laha^ee Monday and Wedaeadaj a| 8 Atfivs at Waakeenah same days by It m 1 *" ' I-nTejrattfaamali Monday uA Wednesday at Arrive at Tanahassss same days by 7 p m j MtS From T?IU haase*.^^ Ben had' n. Shell Point, onesa week. ? ma Anlri at Walker out dav by IS m -y ?*1 * ? . Arrive at Tallahi'?e neat day bv ? n at *?* Fro? Tallahassee, by Moms B aslsv's, on tb, , Ttfagee river, to IWHj'Tllh, ud beck, nn Bidden will state the Tlrtanm it| t MJ7 fvoaaftiUepioa to Fiabolloways *4 ?ilea aa* back, onoe ? WMk Leave atll'eploe Mood* J at 5 a ?> Arrive at Flnho'lowBT taat d?r by It to Lnt( Flnholloway Monday at 1 p ? Arrive at Ptl.'lepica iwr oar bv 8 a m 0*88 From Madiaon, by Charles Mills, Cfcerlaa Ferry. Md New Boetca, to Clay Landi-rg, M mile* aad bank, oaoe a week Lmti Malison Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Clay Lai ding neat Wain?day by 9 p m L-ave Clay Landtag Tfcnraday at 7 a m Arrive at Madiaon next Sstnrday by tpa 9839 from Madison. by Hamburg and Clifton, to Urovereville, Ga^ 30 laile* ir bark, oa? a ? weak L^ave Madiaon Monday itGam Arrive at Groveraviile came day by 0 p in Leave Onrrer?ville Tuesday at 9 a m Arrive at Madisrm aama day by 6 p m 9840 From Wautaeneh by teaeley, Mo?e<v Hall and mil lap oa to Maliaoa, 32 a;l<M atd bark, T o m*r-k Waukeraah Ihuraday at 6 a a Arrlva at Medlionuaa day by Ipn Leave Malls n Friday a> 0 a m Arrive at Waukeenah uaa day by fi p m 6*41 From Qulocy to Obat'abtxohea, tl mil*? ant back, ttiraa ttmu a v tk L-ave Qulnev Mjndar, Wadnaaday and Frkla-. at7 am Arrive at Chattahooobe riime days by 12 m Leave CatUboocbee Tueaday, Thursday and Fatarday at 7 a in Arrive at Qalncy came daya Vy It m Bids to oommencw at Tallahasaeare Invited ?848 From Banbri I fa. Oa , by Cbaltahtoohe Fl\ Ocbesea. West Wintoa Ri1ley*vtlle, Rcko?V 4 Bluff, lola and Fort Uadsien to Ape!.vhi<**v la, 206 miles and back, three tuxes a we?k from the 15th October to Ittu June of sad year, and twica a weak tae residue, iu flr.t class rt-ambrats, witi the privilege of u4uk two bor/e coaches from B&inori-lg* to Chatta booeka when the river le too low far n ?vlea tion. 8 From 15M October to 1 bth June. Leave Ba nbridg* Tue?day, Thnnday and Sat u day at S p m Arrive at Apalachioola next Wedawday and *iday a. 4 p m, and N? 'ay at 11 a in Leare A alaelicMa t uadsv, Tue-d.y and Thursday at 5 a m Arrrv?> at Baiabriige next daya by ^ in FVon 15th June to lUh October. L?*a*? Bainbiidge Tnoidav and Pa*nrd?y at 2 P* Atnve m* Apalach'eola next daya by 4 p m. Lra?? ApalacMocla Monday at 10 jl m, and Wedn-aday at 10 p m Axrlv . at Baiahridge next Tuesday by 11 am, and Iburad-y by 10 p m 8843 Fn?m Chit aboo-ha^, by Maritnna, Crowell Campbellton. 0*n?va, Ala. And*r<?oa> Mili, Flv, Oent?rllIe, Almirtat*. Milton, ?nd 1"r klttovn, to P?neaooU, tOO miles ana b?ck twi-w a week Leaee Ckattaboo-tae Taa'day and Saturday ?t 8pm Arrive at P?>ns?eola next Friday and Tuafdi\ by 4 p m Leave I'ensacoU Ta<sday and Friday at ? a m Arrirs at Ch ?ttahoorhve next Tbumlty auU cunday by ft p in 6844 From A pals hcoU, ly rhattahocht*, to Co iumtus, Oa. and back, oo'<! a weet. ?i id?ra will atate *.Le d>tanoe, nam* ictarme diate offlct*, aud pnp*so ? schedule 9845 from iia l.nna by Orange bill. Vmoo, Dojg?aa?Tjlle, and Knox Uchee Anna 64 mil's and bark, once a week L ave MariancaTbdrsday at 6a m \ Arrive at Uchee *nna next day by 6/^m Live Lohai- Anna Tuaalay at 6 a m Arrive a' Marianne next day by 7 p m H.da <or semi *?ekl> avrvke will be onnaid?rrd. 0849 From Wwel Wintoa, by A^pen Orcre. to Ab Spring, 'J2 miles ani back, once a week Leive R'wt Wl jtoo Monday at K a ra Arrive at Aba 8t rirg aime day hy 12 m L-ave Abe Spring Mocd y at ipm Arive at W-at Wintou day by 8 p m 9847 Fnm Vernon to8t Andrew's V*y, 45 miiee anl bar'', once a week Laave Ve<" on frilay at 0 a Q Arrive at ?>, Andrew> Bay aame day by 8 p m L*ave 8t Andrew's Bay Saturday at 6am Arrive at Vernon same dav bv 8 p m ^849 From Milton, by Coon Hill, Netbensvllle. Ala , and Port Jrawfr rd, to rpa ta, 70 miu. and back, one* a week I.fave Mil:ou tVedu*sday at 6 a ai Arrive at 8p?r.a n*x'. dayby Cpm Leave Cpatta Friday at Gam Arrive at Mil'on next day by 6 pm 0849 From Mi ton, by Eaat hlTfr au j Alaqua, W Ucr ee Anna. 8V nllea and baek once a we. k L*ave Milton Wedneeday at 6 a m Arrive at Uoh?e Anna uexi Friday by 10 p m Leave Uchee Anna Sa'ur.lay at 6 a m Ar.ive at Milton next Monday by 6p m Bids fcr semi weekly serv?oe will be considered 0810 From Panaac^la by Biak?ly, Ala., to Mcbila, 57 milefl and back, d?ily L ave P?na?co!a dai,y at ltm Arrive at M-b le n?xt dav by 0 a m Leave Mobile daily at 7 a ? Arrive at Peiiaextta next days by 24 a m 9S61 From Pe&*a<xU to Warricgtoi, 9 milea and beck dai'y L*ave Penavcola daily at 3i a m Arrive at Warrington same day by <4 a m Leave Warrington dally at 7 a m ' Arrive at Pecra<*da aame day t>y 10 a m 6852 From New Oreaia Lt, by PenaMola. Fla., Afp.llavhucla, ^t Marks, Oedar Key., Turn pi. aud Man.tie, to Key West, 1,000 ojle* and baok, twice a month, in ateamboite Uave New Or ears on tbelOth aad24ibtfeach month Arrive at K*v Weat on the S^th and 4th Lwve K?y Weat on the 10th acd U4 h of eaeh month Arrive Xew OrU ans on the 20th aad 4th Fur list of postiiastcrtin Florida uut ntn^d to cert* see " In*true R/r lot of post THutcrtin Florida out n fy to the tuficunry of guarantor*, tiont"' anrux-<t INSTRUCTIONS Form of a propowl where no ehmngt from- odvr'it*? \ me*t it contemplated by the bidder. I. ? of ?, oounty of . State at , pr.po?e to oonvay tbe mail* fr*n Ja y 1 1855 to June30, 1859, on route No ?. Ir m?^? to , agreaaMy to the adver .isement of th? I'ostmaater Ueo?ral, dated January la, 1856, and by the ft Hewing m de of cour yance, tIh fcr the annual sum of dollars This prop-<?ul is made with fall knowledge of the di?tanwo> hs route, tbe weight of tbe mail to be carried, and all other particulars in reference to the ( routa and service, and alto ?fter full exairinairn of the icstru tlons and requirements attached to t^e advettiaru-nt. Dated [Pigned.] fbrm of a Guaranty. The ucd -raigned. reading at , 8tate of , ui dertake that, If th - foregoing bid tbr carrying tht mail* on route No. be a cep el by the f oet mu> ter Uea-ral, the b.dd*r shail, prior t.> the lat day cf July, 1846, or aa aoon tbercat er as may b , enter into the rcautr.d obligation to perform the aenloa proposed, with fod and suffic^ect turetiea. Tola we do wtth a ful knowled.enf the obliga tions anl liabilities luumed by ^uarantora und-r the 27th section of the act of of Julvt. 1834 Dated I8igned by two guarantora.] Fbrm of OrrhJIcaie. Tbe unltrsianed, of , Rtate of??, eertifles und?r his <^ath o' office, that ha is acquainted with the ab va guarantors, aad knows them to ba me a ef prt perty, and able to maks good their guaranty Dated ? [Signed.] The suffloieney of guarantora on proposals may ba certified by a judge o' a onrt ol reoor J, and by poat aiasters at tha toliow ng p> t ofltoea, aad n? othert: Iu th? Elite of VIKIiMA, postmasters of offices at the oourt house or oounty seat of each oounty; and at Ayletta, Berktly Springs, berryville, Beth any, Big li'k, Br'dgeport, Browasbnrg, Buckhan no a, Christ iaasbaeg, Olarisvllle, Columbia, 1-an villa, Kaa villa, Imory, Fairx ount,Falmouth,Farm ville, Frederi 'ksbiirg, Front Boyal, OardousrLla Qreigt villa, Ou a "do te, Harper's Ferry, H?rria> n burg, Uowatdsri le, Kanawha Salice, Lexington Mlddleborg, Ljuchburg, Morgan to* n, Newbern, New Market, Naatowr, Stephersbarg. North Moun tain, ftak Crjve, OKI Point Comfort, Pattonekurg, Peter*barR, 8?l"?. SoottsvU e, 8hephardstx>wi., Unirn, Dniver?ltv of Virginia, Cp -ervi le, Warsaw, Waterfutd Wayoaaberv', Weaton, White Bulpbi Spr.aga Also, Baltimore, Cuaaberland. Frederick, aad Ha> Ktown, Md.; Union town aad Waahlngton. Pa-, inuvlila, Tann^ Washington and Oeorgetowu, D.0. In tbe Mato of WORTH CAROLINA, postmasters ef ofkaa at tha aeurt howsa aa amir seat of each a^unty j aad at Ohapd Hill, Uavidsea College, Ba t&ld layattaviils, Franlllnton, Oaatoa, flkidsbaro* raensborA U#nd-raon, Kenaesville, Milton, N?. freest3ro,' Oxford, Sa'am, 9c tland Neck, Wil'iama tan, Tanaayvil'e. in the State of SOOTH CAROLINA, po^naatera ofoMts at tha e^ar ^feon*a or feat ef J ua tea of each1 district, aad at Aiken. Bennett* vile, Bttftopriile, ? Wackavilto, Cba ?iw.ft.k abary, Oonwaj boro\Tue Vest Corner Oia ampvii t.QranUevilla, Hamburg, Mar's Blaff, Pendleton, *o4?ty HDlT Ita'eburg, T* MB*: In tha Stato of OBOROIA, pMattm a# afceea tndVt AdlteitJ"rTbuyTAtSnk ^ ?wh*DM*r" ... * iCy fjv'ni.*. a.i bl ?Ill*, 0*1 honn, Carters vlll*. Oadarfwa, Callodsn Vraa kiln, ^rfoajasa! hmrllle, In*nn ^rip**. Joae*bmt>\ KnrfxvlD*, I MtiUtm, Hlfbttt, Orf< rd. rvateid. Pahn Mo, Pond tow*, Rfcwboro', Btrati lww<l, W* Mary**, Social Clrel*, Stea* outiiktuiMn . <s foarkville, fMMl Bill, vllln El a. Witm.t, Wa'nesTille, Wort Print, Wrightsbaro'; a?*o Chal tano*f a aad In vo^ Tram; 0**ta, Weedo *n, ud Jacksonville. A'a. In th* Stat# of FLORIDA, postmasters of dkn at th? ntrt tom or ronatyaeat of #ach araaty; aad at Amataehteola, MWrtcpy, Ballvin* Oamn baUtawa, Jasper, J*aatafa, Naadaria, Mo*,* Mall, Newport N*a Prayma, Pir? ra.T?mpa Uofc*Aaua, Ocala, PllaUa. Qaiacy, Warriagtoo. to le monyrmMi M fV er'm! Uu Depariwtmt m*f i I. Seven mi antes are iHovtd to ?t* oflloa, when not otherwise spei the maUa, but oa railroad wd _ th*r?> is to be no mora delay than it exchange or th* mall ho**. I On route* where the mode of conveyance alaitx af It, the special amenta of the Department, al*o C* o?ce Mank*. mail Nacs. lock* and keys, are to convey-d without extra share* 6. <>u rail read and steamboat Um, Prttiah aad Canada mail*. whan offered are to be cenvyed with out additional pay; alao. the rout* agents of th? De partment, for whose exclusive use while Unrolling 61 th the mail*, a commodious car, or apartment in te centre of a ear. properly lighted, warmed, and forai?b*d. ard adapts) to the convenient assortment aad due security of the mails, ia to he provided by the contractor, under the directive of the Depart ment. 4. No pnT will be made for tripe not performed; and for each of such onMou not satisfactorily ex plained three time* the pay of the trip may ha deducted. For arrival* an for behind time as to break connexion with depending mail*, aad not ?uffi<nently ?sx '.imvI, one-fourth of the compensation for the trip ia aultfect to forfeiture D?doctioa may also be or lcrwd for a grade of performance in tenor to that specified in the contract. For repeated delinuttenctes of the kind herein specified, enlarged r-enaltics, pro portioned to the nature thereof and the Importance of the mail. mar be made i. For leaving behind or throwing off the mails or aiy portion of them for the admission of paaarngera, or for being concerned in aeUing us or running an -xpres* conveying commercial intelligence ahead of the mail, a quarter's pay may be dedaoted. 4. Fine* will he impoaed. unless the delinquency ^e promptly and satbrfectorlly explained by eertiil eates of postmaster*. or the affidavits of other cred itable persens, for failing to arrira in contract time % for neglecting to take the mail from, or deliver it into, a post office; suffering U (nwiag either to the insuitnblcnessof the place or manner of carrying it) tr> be injured, destroyed. robbe?l, or lost; and for tvfu*ing. after demand, to convey th? mail as fre quently a? the contractor rnna, or la concerned la running, a coach, car, or steamboat on a roatr. 7. The Postmaster General may annul the eon tract for repeated failures to xun agreeably to contract; for disobeyingthe poet offioe laws, or the inatrue tions of the Department; for refusing to discharge ? carrier when require! by the Department to do so; for vdming the contract without the assent of the Postmaster General; for running an express aa afore said; or for transporting persons or package* con 'eyinp mailable matter out of the mail. 8. The Postmaster 'General may order aa increaae f ?rrw f.n a route by allowing there*.r a pro rata increase on the contract pay. He may change he schedule of arrival* and departure*, without inn-ease of pay, wnvilcd he doee not curtail the tmouut of runninr time. He may alao order an increase of epued, be allowing, withia the reetric ions of the law. a pro rata tn<-reaae of pay for the *d<lition<tl Ftock or carriera, if any. The oontractor nay, however, in th" ca?e of incraiae < f a(<e?d, re ?inquish the contract by jrivin* proaipt notice to the Jepartment that h?* prefersdoin<r ao to rarrying tb* ?rder into effiutt. Tlie Pnrtiwt^r flee?r*l may alao turtail or die>'ontinue tlie service, at pre rata do- 1 creiwe ??f pay. allowing one month'* titm com ^enaatlon on the amount di-fcneod with, whenever :n hie opinion the public intere??tf do not require the ume, or in c?ae he deeirt"- fo*upersede it by a differ ent ermde of trnnfiportation. 9 Payments will be ms-1? f ?r the iwrrlee l>r collec tions from, or drafts on poatmarti re. or other*iae, after the expiration of each quarter??ay in Febru ary. May, Au^urUaad Norvmber. 10. The d:stanoe* are given according to the beet ?nformati-in; but no iicreaeed pay will be allowed ?bould tbey be greater than advertised, if the pointa o he *uppll-.i be corr-ctly stated Bidder* must in orai them/wlvee on this point. II. The Poetinaster Oeaenl i< ; ruhibited by lav from knowingly making a cor.'ract for the tran*i>or atlcn of the mail* with any person who chall hare ??ntereii into, or propo?*d to enter Into, any combina tion to prevent the making <-f any hid for a mail contract by any other person or oersona. or who ?ball have made any agreement, or shall have given ?t perform?d, or proiaiae<i to give or perform, any on*idera.tion whatever, or to do or not tj do anv ?hing whatever, in order t-? induce any other pere^n >r person* not to bid for a mail contract. Particular ittention is called to the 2*th ^teetfon of the act of 8-J6, prohibiting 'Combinations to prevent bidding. 14. A bid received after time, yix: 3pm oftbe ltnh April, 1965, or witlioat the guaranty required by iaw, or that combine* eeverai routes in one auns iif ?ompensation. cannot be considered in competition with a regular proposal reasonable in amount. 13. Bidders should, in all cases, first propoee for ervice strictly according to the advertisement, and hen. if they deeij*. i*j*trat'l:i for different servior; And if the T'<i%dar Md be tin lowest offered for the idvertised service, the other : "ds may be conaaiered; if the alterations prujoewd at rerxunmendid by the r>ostmast*rs and ciuten." interested, or if they shall ? ppear manifestly right and proper. II There t<hauld be but <"4?e route hid for in a aropoeal. 15. The route, the service, the yaar'y pay, the lame and residence of the bidder, eiid tbote af each ueinbiT of a firm, where a company offers, should lie distinctly stated, alao the m>jde of convey^ftce. If a higher mode than horseback be intended. Tb* ?orda "with doe celerity, certainty, and secarity,n inserted to indicate the mod? ef c^nveyanca, will institute a u ttir bid." 10. Bidders are -e?jue?tel to r*\ as far a* practi cable, t^e p'm'ed f 'rn of p opteai furairhed bv the tap ?rtmcnt, to wiite au; in fu 1 the rum of their Wd?, atd to re'ain cipies of tb?m No a'ter-d bids can be consid"red, and nc bids ooce mbmi'ted can withdrawn. Bach li'd must be guaranteed by tec reaponsible e-son? Ueneral gva an*?e? cannat be almttted. 17. The Lid fhoald be sealed: sup rscribed " Mall Proposals, Stata of .*? addressed to the Sec ond Assistant Postmaster Gen?r*l,*' Coa ra-t?"ffiee, md sant by mail, not by, or to, au tg nt, and po.t asrters will net enclose proprsals ^er lett re t-f any <?nd) ia their quarterl; returns 1?. The contracts are to be executed and returned to i.h? Department by or before tlie 1st of July. 1856, but the service miiit b < c inmencedon the mall day next &f>er tha* date, whether 'he c ntracts ?x? cutelornot No p op-sit:on for tran ter* wdl he coasi 'e*ed u-<til th? contract are '-xe-ut d In due firm and received at the department; aid hen so xaasfers will be slowed unless grod and ruff debt masons therefor are given, to be d tar mined by the department. 19. Postmasters at offices oa or near railroads, but more than eighty rods frqm a station, will imme diately after the 10th of April next, report their egact distsnne from the nearest station, and bow they are otherwise supplied with the mail, to enable the Postm.ister Ueneral to direct a mail BMWrenger supply from the 1st af July next -J. Section 18 of an act of Congrees, approved March 3, 1845. provides that oontxacu for the trans potation of the mail aball be let,44 in every case to the lowest bidder tendering sufficient guaranties for faithful performance, without other reference to the mod* of such transportation than may be neces sary to provide for the due celerity, certainty, and security of such transportation." Under this law a n*w description of bids has been received. It does aot specify a mode of oonveyaaoe. but engages to take the entire mall each trip with celerity, oertain ty, aad security, using the terms of the law. These bids are styled, from the manner in which tbey *rw designated on the books of th* Oej*rtment, **s#<ir and they will b< construed as providing for th* eatire mail, hamrtfr lory, and irtsfivr may I* tot mt'ls of Oinr+ytmcf n'cttsary to intwrt tit " Ccl'rtfy, certainty, and tfcvrity." In all cms where the loweat grade of service ia believed to lie sufficient, the lowest hid will be accep ted. If duly guarantied, in preference to a " star1 or specific bid. When the lowest bid Is not a star bid. and specifics e:tber wo mod* or an > n<ui"jiiat/ mode of conveyance, It will not he accepted, but set aside tor a specific bid proposing the uecessai y service. When lh? bid does not specify a mode of con. veyauce, al-o, when it proposes to carry "according t > the advertisement," but without such specification it will be considered as a proposal for horseback ser vice. 2t. A modi flea* ion of a bid. in any of its rrsi uMal term*, is tantamount to a new bid. aad cannot tw received, ao as to interfere with regular competition, after the lau hour set for receiving bids. 22. Poatuiarlers are to be carv/ul not to certify the sufficiency of guarantors or su'etifl* without knowing that tbey are persons of sufficient respon sibility ; and all bidder*, guarantors, and sureties ai* distinctly notified that oa a failure to enter int or perform the contract* for the service proposed for in the accepted bid* t*efT ^ will be en f reed against them. The -ontracts will be suhrtaat Wly la the form* heretofore used in this DeparU'imi, rarept ia th* respects particularly mentisa*d in th*** tastruo tiouA; and on all railroad and steamboat routes th* contractors will be required to deliver the mails into the "o*t offices at th* cods of the routes and iato nil , ??*dlate post offices, not more than eighty rods from th* railr*ad or Umdlw. t ocmtn^on Persrma knm at th* WV^tmaali imist> *(MUy with ? dtesa, pr ?-ur* of u-nr kuficieury sub stantiaUy in the forma ab*v* prescribed. The oar t-flcAteg of sufficiency mart be signed by a po*tma? mr, *t one of TV* ^larnt b*for? named. or a badge of a court of reoord. ? i 1 Postmasters at th* eads of routes oa which they think the present mod* of oonv*y*nr* inadequate, will weigh th* mail *ach trip for fix guccwsire weeks ?? toatoa, ahd thr** weeks on other roufea and report tM raaalt by Mth Awrt). 1U.S. r 'e

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