Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY AJTmWOOJr February 5 The large and convenient dwelling on the corner of Pennsylvania avenae and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. Noticb to Scbscbibbbs.?Subscribers to the Star, who do not get their paper* regular ly, will oonfer a favor on the proprietor* bj leaving information of the feet at the Star counting-room. SPIRIT OF THX MOSSING FRI8S. The Intelligencer, discussing the French Spoliation bill, says: "Daring the discussion in theHouee of Rep reeentatives there seemed to be tome misap prehension as to the amounts likely to be paid to insurers or underwriters We have under stood that the underwriter simply stands in the place of the original owner or the confis eated vessel, and is not in the position of a speculator. In abort, commerce oould not be safely carried on without this ajatem of un derwriting No owner of a Teasel would riak it to carry out the cargo of other peraons with out insurance, and therefore, insread of these inatitutiona being a clog to commerce, they are indispensable te its success." Now it atrikea as that the Intelligencer is somewhat mistaken in the character of the insurance referred to. Thej were war rieke, taken at 30 to 50 per centum premium. The insurances were amply paid by the premiums receiTed on the vessels escaping capture lor their losses on those captured. Earing thus l>een paid, the bill in question proposes to pay them again in full for auch losses. The Union discusses the Central Amerioan expedition question, insisting that there ia nothing fi'.Iioustering in its character, and that Nicaragua has no right to demand its suppression by the GoTernment of the United States. The editor is alao of opinion that it will not be ao suppressed, but says that he has no official inform aion wbateTer, on that head. Boea De Vries. This very accomplished ladygires a concort in this city to-morrow night at Oarusi'a Sa loon. She is accompanied by aereral diatin guiahed artistes. Thia lady is, beyond doubt, one of the very beat Tocalists liring. Uer real merits alone have given her a fame that money and inordinate puffing have given others To show the impression she makeaupon her hear ers, we give the following from that strong minded woman, Jane G. Swisahelm, to the editor of the Pittsburg Commercial Journal: Mr. Kidule ? Permit me to say with what sineere pleasure I listened to Madame de Vries first concert. Uer face and figure are so par ticulary fine, that to me, who have an especial fancy for looking at handeome people, it is a rich enjoyment to ait aod look at her. .Her robust health ia an example worth imitation, and the rich, fall masio of her middle notes is so suggestive ot sound lungs, that 1 wiah every woman could look at, and liaten to her It did oceur to me, to regret that I did not know what she was saying, and so have I often felt while listening to the morning and evening oonoerts a; home, where birda, criketa, katy dids, waterfalls and soft winds make up the orchestra Music like thia makes me a child again, and if I talk about Madame de Vries. I sn*il say something childish, for she looks like I ? queen and ainga like an angel, and I have been in love with her over head and ears ever since I heard her Norma The gentlemen asaistants Sid their parta well, and those who love music ahould hear her this evening Jajb G. Swissbbl*. iHB K N. CaJDIOATI FOB PlESiriHT ? "Old Sam ' must look to hia laurels or they will pale on his brow. Sotic one, in the Bal timore Clipper, recommends the lion. Wm. R. Smith, cf Alabama, as the K N. candidate for the Presidency, saying: "Mr. Smith is the very man to lead the great Native American family to success." Viuery: Which family? The K. N.s or the Smith's? rp* The Superintendent of Lamps in Boston has aubatituted 1 ufc> fluid lampa in place of those formerly fed by oil. The change has been made in of the high price of oil. and the difficulty of getting it to burn ali Bight durin ? the cold weather, ihe experi ment thua far, aince the 1st of Jayary, has proved suecessful. 1hs \ ibcixia K. N. Camoidatb fob Gov bbsok A writer from this cily says the K. N. candidate in Virginia will be either Wm C. Rives or J. F. Strother. The wbiga will make no nomination. Mr. Rives name was presented by the Virginia delegates, at the Cincinnati convention, as a candidate for the Presidency, and. should he be eUcted Gover nor ot \ irginia, he will very probably become the presidential candidate of the new party in Cueas an ?but few of the reading public are aware how continually an editor 1s called upon to advise hia patrons on every subject, from politics to the breed of cattle. Through the whole range of eur duties none has per plexed us more than to tell our readers what to take for a cure when they are sick. Hither to thia has been a severe trial to all our akiU, but it will not be hereafter. We have been taking, and have aeen the evidence from othera that have taken Doct. Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic l'ills They need but a alight trial to convince the moat sceptical how f*r they are superior to the other medicinea we have bad in use They have one single prop erty of great importanoe to the sick and that; is they cure ?Boston Herald. Ckbatimo all Roc?The Boston Times sums op the amount of foreign intelligence as follows: "Austria is cheating the Allies, Prussia is cheating Austria, and Russia is chesting them HT Know Nothingism has reached Kansas; the two \apera there have taken aides on the subject, the Pioneer far, and the Herald against it. A Yoi'no Fobt.?In to-day'a issue will be found a poem, complimentary of Alexander Dimitry, E-q ? written by a youth aixuen years of age. It is an early exhibition of genius Of regular Baptiat periodical in the! United States, there are 38 weekly newspa pers, 15 monthly publicationa, and two quar terly review There also 36 Baptiat Collegea and 10 Theological institutions. Cbolkba at Athbss.?A letter from Rev l)r Jamas King to the New York Observer, under date of Dee. 26, 1634, says: "The chole ra seems now to have ceased its ravages, and the people who fled are returning. From the best information I can get, there were awept away by the cholera, in the ahort space of | about one month and a half, in this city, up wards of fifteen hundred persons, probably nearly two thousand, and this, too, notwith standing about two-thirds of the inhabitants had fled It has, indsed, been an awful visi tation ' WAfHIHOTOH 1TKWI AJID GOSSIP. Captain Gibson-Ths "flirt ' ?In an arti ?!? on Wednesday last, in relation to this matter, wo itatod that wo woro desired by Mr. Gibson, among other things, to say tbat tho 1 otter "imputed to him as having been ad* dressed to the Governor General of tbe Dutob East Indies, is a false and garbled statement of a memorial addressed to the Governor;" and also that tbe Secretary of State was gnilty of "bad faith and hostility towards him du ring tho prosecution of this ease since its com moot." We hare since then taken oooasion to refresh our memory concerning the facts in volved in bis case and its history. As these two points are, aocording to his own showing, all tbat now remains of his case, we propose briefly to eontrast these grave oharges with admissions made by him, or of which he was cognisant, of a directly contradictory charac ter, which, to say the least of it, require ex planation. On the 5th of Maroh, 1854, (see Ex. doc , H. R., No. 16, p. 24.) Mr. Belmont writes Mr. Maroy from the Hague, enclosing a letter from Mr. Van Hall, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Mr. B., dated February 25, "acoom panied by copies and translations of the dif* ferent documents communicated to me at the same time." One of these documents was the letter whioh Gibson was accused of having written to the Native Sultan of Djambi, and on which the proceedings against him were based, promising, among other thing*, if pos sible, to "exterminate the Dutch"?dated February 4, 1852; and the other was the let tar dated February 25, 1852, being the one addressed to the Governor General of the In dies, missing from the files of the State De partment, and of which the President trans mitted a copy to Congress, furnished by the Dutch Minister here, in which Gibson admits that he wrote a letter to a native Prinoe of "inflamatory contents,'' Ac., begs for clemency, makes "no defence," and asks for a '-speedy trial." He now pronounces tbe first letter a "forgery," and the second one, which substan tially admits its genuineness, he charges to be a "false and garbled statement," Ac. The despatoh of Mr. Belmont enclosing these let ters, and also enclosing the letter of Mr. Van Hall, the Datoh Minister, to him, in which his attention is called to this latter letter of Gib sou, is numbered 16. On the 3d of Jane, 1854, (see page 89 of document referred to,) Mr. Marcy writes to Mr. Belmont that Capt. Gibson has " been per mitted to peruse your No. 16, and the docu ments which accompanied it;" that he has " reviewed the subject of his claim in a lotter dated the 2<'.h ult., whioh you will reoeive herewith;" and that, "conceiting that he may be serviceable to you in the prosecution of this claim, he has determined to proceed as expe ditiously as possible to the Hague and that he is charged with " this communication," Ac Mr. Gibson must of eourse be supposed to have arrived at the Hague about the 20th of June, probably before. On the 4th of July thereafter, (see page 103 of document referred to.) Mr. Belmont, in a letter to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs^ acknowledges the receipt of his letter of the 29th of June, in which he stares at length the objections to Gibson's claim and encloses an other copy (see page 102) of the missing letter, in whioh, says the Dutch Minister, "in an hum ble manner he (Gibson) completely confesses his fault." In the reply, dated the 4th of July, to this letter of the Dutch Minister Van Hall, (see pages 111 and 112 of document,) Mr. Belmont refers to and quote* from the missing penitential letter of Gibson, and does not inti mate a doubt of its authenticity and perfect genuineness. iLdeed, ho admits it, for he says, (page 112,) alluding to this letter, " be had addressed a similar and more lengthy commu nication to the Governor General, under date of the 18th of February," giving a " history of his whole life," Ao. Mr. Gibson went to tbe Hague to be " ser viceable to Mr. Belmont, and ho claims to have assisted in the preparation of Mr. Bel mont's letter of the 4th of July to Mr. Van Hall, and of course knew its contents. As it confesses the genuineness of the missing letter, it would seem to be too late for Mr. Gibson, now that that letter has become the hinge upon which the whole matter is made to turn, to charge that it is a " false and garbled state ment of a memorial" to the Governor General. As to the oharge that the Secretary of State has been guilty of " bad faith and hostility" towards him during the prosecution cf this case, since its commencement," it is contra dicted and completely disposed of by the fol lowing passage in his letter to the Secretary of State of the 2d ultimo, and published in the New York Herald of the 20th ult. After disavowing any suspicion on his part that the Secretary of State, in espousing and pressing his claim on the Dutch Government had been at all influenced by tho representa tions of his enemies in relation to his private and personal character, he adds : " I have deemed it proper to make the fore going allusions to clear myself from the impu tation of having listened to insinuations attrib uting the delay which has occurred in the action of tbe Government on uiy case, sinoe its final peremptory demand upon tho Dutch Government was rejected, to hesitation on the part of the Government in reference to consid erations fully weighed before negotiations were opened at the Hague. Such an insinu ation would til requite the vigor with which L ,r J* I)fPartm*nt has pressed, in my be half, the peaceful means of diplomacyAc. But there is a controlling question, at the very threshold of Gibton's case, to which we have, as yet, seen no allusion in any of the published documents. In the sentenoe of condemnation by the 41 High Court of Netherland Indies," (see p. 39 of doeument referred to,) Gibson is referred to as follows: " Walter M. Gibson, 29 years old, born at Court Daw, in the County or Northumberland, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, having re cently resided at Pendleton, in South Carolina, I aited States of North America, master and owner of tbe schooner Flirt, under American colors " As Gibson no where denies this proof of his nativity, and does not attempt to show his naturalisation here, the fair inference ia that he is not an Amerioan citisen, and is not enti tled to the protection of our government. As tb-s. if true, is fatal to any claim upon our government for reparation of alleged injuries ?nd losses, it would seem to be incumbent on him to disprove this necessary inference, and show that be has not, in this respect, played tbe part ef an impostor ; and tbe Government having exhausted the "peaceful means of dip k>maey," that should Congress, as he new mo destly proposes, authorise reprisals upon the commerce of Holland ! in satisfaction of bis in juries, it should not ultimately turn out tbat this ultima ratio was resorted to for the re dress of the alleged wrongs, not of an Ameri can citisen, but of a British subject. An Old ftooifcaek in a Hew Drew - A Wash ington correspondent in the New YorkHerald of Saturday attribute, to the Attorney Gene, ral an interest in the Niearaguan Transit Company. Thi. i? wheUy untrne. Thatgea tleman has not, and never had, any intereet, pecuniary or otherwise, in that eaterprise He vu originally oonfounded with Judge Cashing of Indiana, a director of the oompany, who for some time put has had the manage ment of its affairs in Nioaragua, where he is residing in its service. The last stories in thisoonneotion, however, hare a malicious pnTpose, being designed te break the force of publio indignation against those who are laboring to generate the un-' founded impression that the Administration have been aiders and abettors of the proposed filibustering scheme against the territory of Nicaragua. The Hew Pension Proposition?We hear that the House Committee on Military Affairs have instructed their chairman to report a bill granting pensions to all indigent persons who served the United States in the War of 1812, framed on the principles of the bill of 1818, granting pensions to revolutionary sol diers which owes its existence to the executive recommendation of President Madison. Tho:? who are to be benefitted by this matter, are really deeply .indebted to the persevering labors of the Hon Mr. Smith, of Tennessee, who brought forward the proposition, and has labors with earnestness and ability in season, to impress the minds of his fellow members with the necessity for its enaotment. Though it may not become law ere the close of the present session, we think that its author has fairly suoceeded in placing it on the high road to a triumph next winter. The Vacant Fifth Auditoiship ? Our im impreesion is, that the Hon. Moses Macdonald, of Maine, is to be the new Fifth Auditor of the Treasury. We may be mistaken in this opinion, yet we think so. Spoliation.?Up to this time we have re frained from expressing an opinion of our own upon the probabilities of a veto of the French Spoliation bill. The signs in that direction are, however, so very decided as to render us satisfied that it is to eome. The Current Operations of the Treasury [Department.?-On Saturday, the 3d of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the payment of Treasury debts $45.72a SO For the Customs..... 10916 54 For covering into the Treasury from cjstoms..... 105.010 00 ror the ar Department 55.544 27 For repaying in the War Depart ment \ 570 27 For the Interior Department 228,251 22 CONOBltmiOlVAL. In the Bouse, on Saturday, after we went to press, the bill to extend tho patent for re peating fire arms, of Samuel Colt, was taken up in Committee of the Whole on the Private Calender, and discussed by Mr Letcher against it, and Messrs. Pratt, Campbell and LJgarton for it, until the Committee rose, and the Hou?e adjourned. Pr*ce< riinga mf To-Day. In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Stuart presented resolutions of the Legislature of Michigan against slavery. Whereupon Mr. Cass addressed the Senate ? avowing his disapproval of them, and showing teat tbore was no obligation on the part of a Senator to sustain any such declaratory re solves of his fluctuating constituent body. Mr. Stuart substantially endorsed the posi tions of Mr. Cass as those approved by him sell ; resolutions laid on the table. . V arioas memorials were then proeeated and diapoe.d of. Mr. Gwin urged the Senate to tnke up tbo ?le.1,p??,*!1,ord?r for th'? day?tho Pacific ivatlro^a bill, Mr. Brodhead urged the Senate to take ud the bounty land bill. Mr. Slidell urged that the bill for the irn ?nn:of 800111 Paw ?f th? MiMi8?pp>. uki?gufi ,he F"nch j ho (question was put on taking up the special! order, and it was not agreed to. In the House, after disposing of Executive department communications, the pending re M' SUatoD, or T.oo., .0 Wednesday next, the 7th instant, for the Son- 1 sideration of publio bills from the Judiciary Committee, was amended by the addition of a clause, setting apart the 15th instant for the consideration of public bills from the Naval Affairs Committee. The question was agreed to?yeas 128, nays *r; Hillyer moved to suspend the rules, to enable him to move to discharge the commit tee of the whale from the further considera tion of the bill for the relief of the Point Feli ciana railroad company, and the Georgia railroad and banking company, refunding re leasing duties paid by them on certain iron ra!i? Mtu y '*'d down. Rules suspended The committee of the whole being dischare bl.11'^ WM the third time, and then the said bill was passed. a i'KKMONAIi. .... Miss J. M. Davenport, the celebrated actress, sails to-day from New York for Cali-i forma. She is at the head of her profession, and will no doubt be well paid for her visit to land of gold .... The Albany Knickerbocker in notioing the recent special Senatorial eleotion in one of the districts in New York in which the K N.'s triumphed says : "The Kev. Mr. Good win, the new Senator frem the Livingston and Ontario District, has been known all through his district as one of the most deeided anti slavery men in the State. He has made more abolition speeches, than would shingle a meet ing house. He is even more ultra than Seward lie differs with the Senator of New York on and t^ejP0ointrrUoo<lwin ifl down on the Irish This is the man in whose eleotion the Bal timore Patriot, and other southern papers we could name, exceedingly rejoiced. .... It is said that John B. Miller, of New York, has been nominated to the Senate, to be secretary of legation to Peru, in place of James C. Marriot, resigned .... Captain Wm. S. Laooste, a native of Fredericksburg, and for about forty years a fn'P-??81?' and shipping agent ^Norfolk, died in the latter city on Tueri iy Signor Lorini and Mdme. Whiting Lorini, are singing with the Grisi and Mario troupe at Boston. .... The New York Sun in noticing the of Gen Wilson to the U. 8. Senate from Mas sachusetts says: He controlled the maohinery not only of the freesoil, but of the Know Nothing puity and with the consummate art of a Talleyrand or a Metternich, he succeeded in using both in the lurtherance of his own ambitious ends The oocsoieatious freesoilers look upon General Wilson as an Arnold. The Ameriean party will find that it bal warmed*into life a nper who will turn and sting it, perhaps even unto' death. .... Col. Butler, who oommanded the 5tb regiment of the Massachusetts militia whioh he refused to disband when ordered to do so by Governor Gardner, has had his commission revoked by the Governor. ? ?. ? The ehance of electing an anti-Douglss man to the Senate of the United States, from Illinois, does not appear to be to good as might be wished. So says the abolition editor of the New Tork Evming Pott. .... The Beeton Post sayi : Henry Wileon aavs he la in favor of abolish' ing slavery in the District of Colombia?of re pealing the Nebraska hill, and the fugitive ?lave bill, and the inter-state si are tralBe. .... Elder Knapp, the celebrated Baptist Divine, baptised between 40 and 50 people at Penn Tan, Gates county, New York, last week, the fruit of his preaohing there. .... John Rowan, Esq., declines being con sidered as a Democratic candidate for Gover nor, for the reaaon that hia wife ia a Catholic, and that the prospects of his party might be jeoparded by running. Mr Rowan, however, expressed great pridu that he has no oonnec tion with Know Nothingism, and takes occa sion to oppose the principles of the secret po lical organisation. He further says: "I trust that I entertain a proper respect for all religioua denominations, although I be long to no Churob; and God forbid that I ever may belong to one ao wanting in charity as to advocate proscription for opinion sake." .... Henry C. Pratt ia the K. N. candidate for Senator in the county of Philadelphia, in opposition to J. Murray Kuah, the Democratic nominee. Opiba Obsckritibs !?Grisi and Mario are singing the Don Giovanni, at Boston, just now. Whereupon the prude of the Post there takes it upon himself to aay: "One word as 'o the libretto of the opera. The cl&ssioists pretend that the whole work is a moral one aa it abowa the final destruc tion of the evil principle. In thia view almoat anything may be ezcuaed, if it have a decent termination, but we think that the final des cent of Don Giovanni, amid blue and green light*, in company with a white washed ohor iater, is scarcely sufficient to nndo the impres sion of all the pleasant and successful villany that has preceded it. Don Giovanni and the Beggar's Opera are the two broadest pieces now admitted upon the English and Amerioan stage. The former, it is true, is given in a foreign tongue, and to many of the audience, doubtless its indecent alluaiona, its exception , able jokes, and its vile incidents are unintel ligible. But it it bad?bad in tone as well as in details ?and we have often marvelled that it is ro great a favorite, even with all to won derful naiic. As an opera to sec, the interest injured by the number of its principal oharao ters The Don and bis servant act wickedly and talk wiokedly throughout. The virtuous people are the viotims of the Don, and as for Zarlina, one oannot respect a woman who is seduoed from her husband on her wedding day. We oommend the libretto to the atten tive perusal of those who do not now under atand that it is almost one mass of fifth, given io Italian." sOO AND SIB The Blooming and Fruitful " ORANGE TREK,' TO-NIGHT, AT IKON HALL, feb 3?It C , AT THE REGULAR MONTHLY . meeting of the Northern Liberties' Fire ornpany held at their Engine House February 3d, 185.">, the fallowing resolution was passed: Retail ed, That Mr. Alexander Furtner be expelled from and published as a defaulter to this Company. JNO. J. PEABODV, feb 5?It Sec. prr> tern. 5s?THE REV. JOHN CHAMBERS, of Phil ?OS adelphia, will preach THIS (Monday) EVENING, at 7jf o clock, in the Fourth Presbyte nan Church, Ninth street. it aj-^^THE WASHINGTON CITY YOUNG Men's Christian Association will cele brate it* third Anniversary at the Smithsonian In stitution TO-MORROW (Tuesday) EVENING, the 6th instant, at 7^ o'clock. The address will be delivered by the Rev. Jas. A. Duncan. The puMic is cordially invited. feb 5?It I. HALL MOOKE, Rec. Sec. jLEt'TURE FOR THE BENEFIT OF the Young Catholics' Friend Society.?A lecture will be delivered at Odd Fellows' Hail, on WEDNESDAY, the 7th instant, at 7% o'clock by Professor Ai.exahder Dimitry, of Louisiana, for the benefit of the Youn# Catholics' Friend Society. Subject: '"The relations of hanuony between man and creation." Tickets 95 cents each?to be had at the principal book and drug stores in Washington and Geo'town. ffb.i?>?M8i.W V a HOTICK ?ARMORV OF PRESI ML DENT'S MOUNTED GUARD.?The r?g djt ?lar monthly meeting of the Corps will be ?T held TUESDAY, the 6th instant, at 7"^ o'cl?>ck. Punctual attendance from every member is desirous, as business of vital importance for the prosperity of the Coin|?any requires a full meeting. All persons desirous of Joining the corps will have an opportunity of so doing at this meeting. By order : JNO. II. McCUTCHEN, Secretary. J. PECK, Ctptaid. feb 3?3i? gf-T^NOTICE?THE MEMBERS OF THE " Philadelphia Association" of the Shn Fire Company, are requested to meet at thrtr Half, on Saturday evening, a? 7 o'clock, and every 8atur? 1 day evening until further notice, for the puipooe of forwarding their arrangements to visit Philadelphia in May next. Persons desirous of joining, are re quesied to send in their names. Alexandria, Va.,-jan 27?< o4t GO AND SEE THE WONDERFUL "DRUM OF THE SPIRITS" TO-NIGHT, AT IKOlf HALL. feb 5?It SOMETHING NEW. ANEW Store, consisting entirely of new and lre*li Goods, has lately been opened on corner of Tenth and L streets, where the proprietor will be glad to ?ee his old and new friends. All in want of COFFEES, SUOARS, TEAS, and other articles in the Grocery line will please give me a call, as I am determined to sell as cheap as, if not cheaper, than can be sold elsewhere. Now 011 hand a choice lot of Tobacco and Segars. A. H. MOUNTZ, M sonic Hall, corner tOth and E streets, feb 5 eo3t* ROSA DP. VRIES WALTZ, Composed by Hans Kt uiuiuacher. Our Polka, dedicated to Miss Emma J. Brown, by the saints composer, published and for sale st the Music Depot of HILBUS & HITZ. Jeb 5 REWARD ?STRAYED AWAY ON THE tJpcJ afternoon of the 1st, a yellow setter PUPPY, 4 or 5 months old. He is marked with a small streak of white between the eyes, a-mall streak on the back of the neck, also, under the throat, and all fonr feet spotted with small yellow spotts fiom the first joints of the foot; onswers to the name of Milos. I will give the above reward to whoever will bring him to my residence on Eighth street, north of the Patent Office, No. 433, or at the Star office. feb 5?3t* WM. T. 8TEWART. A CARD. FIMIE undersigned has purchased the lease of the 1 establishment known aa the " Metropolis Re fectory," situated on Pennsylvania avenue, between 4% and 3d streets, adjoining Jackson Hall, which he respectfully informs his friends and the public, he will open in a few days as a RESTAURANT, where visiters can be supplied with refreshments at all hours, of .1 superior quality and in good style. The house is undergoing a thorough renovation, being newly painted and papered, and will have spa cious and well famished dining and supper rooms. The Bar (under my own immediate direction) will be furnished with Wines, Brandies, Scotch and English Ales, London Porter, Havana Cigars, fee., &.c., ot the very best brands. CLEMENT REYNOLDS, feb 5?4t# * late of Willards' Hotel. GO AID 8KB THE GREAT FEAT OF THE Cornucopia 1 TO NIGHT AT IRON HALL. feb 5-It EDITORS STAR:?Gkxtlkxkn : I see a card, signed M. C. Judge in your paper of this after noon, cautioning the public from buying of me a nfgro woman named Nelly, as she claimed the same. This claim is now set up tor the first time after the lapse of some 90 years possession by my late wife. It was not until the Monday after her death did I or any one else supoose any person had a claim en said woman. My lawyer (Mr. Bradley) informs me that John Nolan, long before he died was insolvent, therefore could hold no property of this woman, who was bis at his death, then she belongs not to Mrs. Judge or the undersigned. The square 1000. claimed by Mrs. Judge, is mortgaged ;o F. F. Wood for $1,000, and as the guardian of his child I am in duty liound to defend her rights. Mrs Judge not only re ceived the third, but all the rent arising from ibis property for many years, at the entreaties of my wife, her sister. 1 will cheerfully surreudernot only Nelly, but all other interests I may have so soon as the claims of myself and ward shall be adjudicated I The woman was formal y taken possession of by Mrs. M. E. Judge, and since then has iot been heard of by me, and may probably have met the flue that the public are cautioned to look out for on mv Dart , , , , JAMES MAGUIBE, ^ feb 5?It Guardian. mm WHIT* MKBGRIt POTATOES. A lot of prUM White Merer Potatoes, In baft, ia exceHent order, are for sale low, far cuh. Apply to - F. H. SAGE, ^ at. north, near 2d si., Oapfeol Hill. feb 5?It* DISSOLUTION. 1'HB partnership of Barron It Orme ia thia day dissolved by mutual conaeat. All account* due the concern must be paid to H. Barron, be being aa tboriaed to close the buaineaa of the Arm. HENRY BARRON, February 3, 1855. TUOfl. ORME. The underaigaed would reapectfully request all tboee indebted to the concern to come forward and aettle their billa by the 6th of March, iw it is very important to him to have the buaineaa Hoeed by that time. All accounts left over at that uom will be pat into the handa of an officer for collection. All ac counts due by the concern will please be presented tor payment as noon aa pon Me, aa I aa ready at any tune to meet the same. . HENRY BARRON. P. 8. The undersigned would reapectAilly aay to all the cuatomera of the late Arm, and the public generally that there will alwaya be kept a stock of Wojd and Coal at the old aund, Green atreet, and solicits a share of public patronage. Believing it to btf be?t for both buyer and aeller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual CtbT-' THOS. ORME, Agent. NOTICE. " THE copartnership of Walter Harper ft. Ca., was thia dty dissolved by mutual consent. All per tons indebted to aaid firm will plcaae make payment to Walter Harper, who ia duly authorized to aettle the buaineaa WALTER HARPER, February 1, J855. B. F. GARDNER. ACwJrTm'u1!?.n5!l.,,,e above announcement HARPER would take occasion to return his aincere thanks to hia frienda and natrsn* i . j He wou,d a,8? inform them that fur the next thirty days (or until he opens hia first sup ply of awing goods) he will dispose of hia Dresent stock of beautiful Silks, Laces^n 8hawlM, Merinoes, Cashmeres, and all other Goods on hand at greatly reduced pnCr8? Aa it ia all important to him to aettle up the huai "V ^the ,a,e firn? " *>on as possible, he weuld ? ?PT,al ^vor if .|| ^r^ns indebted nn next t,rty <* ?'rty square op by cash or note* at short dates. feb 5?3t THE STONB CUTTERS' BALL. THE THIRD^ITOAL BALL or the nnimui sim emus WILL TAKI PLACE AT THE WASHIHQTON ASSEMBLY BOOMS, On Louisiana arwur, between 4 X and Sixth $treett TUESDAY EVENING. F?b. 13, 1855 TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. THE Committee wiah respectfully to atate that due regard haa been paid to the comforts re quisite to make this, their Third Annual Ball, as at tractive as poasible, and they feel assured that their present arrangements will give equal satisfaction to their friends aa any of the preceding onea. The i.ommiuee wish jfurther to atate that although this Annual re union is intended for the amusement oi the Stone Cutteis and such frienda aa may honor them with their presence, mill the proceeds will be given for some charitable object. Committee of Management. Edward Mead, 8 T Larcotnhe, Tho* Powers, Ne,| M Kechnie, Jno Walker % JM McWilMams, ^atnek Mullen, Jeremiah Sullivan. Owen Quigly, Jo* Patki-on, T DHahinter. Daniel Sull.van, Jno Didlot, Jno Donnelly, Thoa McGratli, p J McHeury, ChaaHwoard, Matthew Filer, Dennis Horgan, Owen McArdle, Andrew Bain, Wm H Mullen, N McDononjh. Edwd Don Ion, Job M Kelly, Jno McElroy. Robt Foster, Committee of Reception. ?"? T Angel, Michael Casaidy, V\ m Halley, ctias Edmunds, Alex Patterson, Rich'd Middleton, i Robt Ballantine, Timothy Shields Jno Brady, Cbaa Scr.vens. ' Floor Managers. Geo Hastings, Robt G Stockdale. Jno Frayne, Chaa Edmunds. Robert G Stockdale, Chairman. Jno Friyne, Treasurer, Jno J Shee, Secretary. No hata, capa or overcoats allowed in the ball ro"m- feb 5,10,ft 12* NOTICE. undated respectfully announce* to the REP^ATIEM# n?T tn"" h18 PATENT PISTOLS, or to take contracts for making the same. Tuose wianing to see me, can have an interview between the hour* of a anil 7 r. m. A lull explanattou will be g.ven by me or bv my legal agent, A B. Strouehtou. Please address J. W. Brown, U. S. Hotel, Washington, D C. [The Register of New Haven,J'c^n.fwill^leaae c?Py? J feb a?5w NOTICE OP COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned haviug associated llitm-elves under th? firm of "Hutcheaaoa ft Munro ? for trie purpose of carrying on the FANCY BUSINESS in all ita vanoua departments, and having taken the new store next to Harper's, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, wi.l open on Monday, the 5th instant, a large and desirable stock of goods in the above line. We hope by our endeavors to please all who mav favor ua with their custom, and by a strict attenuou to business to mem a thare of the confidence and patronage of the public. JOSEPH HUTCHENSON, p * iat o , JAilE8 8 MUNRO. r. ?.?we will also, hi connexion with the above open on the 1st March an entire new and fashion able stock of Spring Millinery?riband*, bonnets, flowers, ftc. This department will be under the charge of Miss S. J. THOMPSON. feb 2-3t LI880LTTTI0N OF C7-PABI If RBSHIP I .? 00-partnership heretofore exiating between 1 the undersigned, is Ihu day diaaoived by mutual consent. Charles liaskins, who will continue the business. is authorised to settle the accounts and at tind to the unfinished businesa of the late firm ... J. H. ADAMS. Jr. feb 1 ?eo3t CHARLES H/isKINS. CHARLES HABKISI, Architect. ( "a- Mu>een Tenth and Eleventh +reeU ) W WASHINGTON, d. c. ILL continue to furnish Plaua, detail workint Drawings, and specifications of buildlnes <3 every description, and also to auperintend their erec feb 1?dtf MYLC^R^H'P k ,T" CONSEQUENCES, by Wikoff. Price $1.85, ' Slavery in a New Light ard ita Grand Resulta. by a . ? ^Ulx'n of Georgetown. Price I2U cu. A Night in Buenos Ayres, a new drama in five acta. ? by a Litiaen of Georgetown. Price 12W cts 1 he Scout, by VV. Gilmoru Simms; 51.25 Ida May; fl.95 * Puutam a Magazine for February; 25 centa Ballou'a New Monthly for February ; 10 cts Godev's Ladies Book far February; 26 cts. For #ale by E. K. LUNDY, jan 25?tf Bridge street, Geoifetown. /CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ~ v The Geograpical and Commercial Gazeue u monthly puidicaUon devoted to physical,com mercial, and political Geography, edited by an asaociation of practical and Scienufic gen tlemen. SubrenpUon $2 pei annum, aincle number 25 centa. ? Diaturnell's Rhitway Guide tor Jaonar.?pnee 25 cenu, with map. J*1118 FRANOK TAYLOt. THB AKT UNION OP LONDON^ Tplah ? the CURRENT vbjir. HE lut ia now open, and every aubaenber 01 #5.50 will be entiled to- 7"*?i>er ol LA VTTt'.if ? P,ate' by J* T- Willmore, ^R. A.^from theongtaal picture by J. j. cha ,,lo"? A., " A Water Party." "saSSSt^^sfsts The right to select for himaelf a valuable ? ? ... art from one of the public exhibition. ^ A-t 44 The Three B< w?," fraan Me litre s B Htrgeois Gentilhomiue." ft,r ^ ashing ton, Meaars TAYLOR ft MAURY. Book-hem * ' SIRS IV8URAKCE CO MP AIT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, ' Chartered by Congrett, OFFERS to tlie citiaeua of tlie District the safeat and cheapest mcana of inaurance against leaa by lire on all deacriptiona of property, aa mav he anexamlaaUon of the charter ainl by lawa. Applicauoaa for insurance can be made to ihe un designed ? at the offlee of John Yaa Riawick 7th SSixggzssaa.? ^ Managers-Thoma?\lagden^lUlyMa'Wwd"^Dr F. Howard, J. C. McKelden,'jS.?TaJ Ib2rt2 jia'af-Jol'm1 aDd *'0 KaMr7- ' Amusements. IRON HALL. vocr mights mornn ROBERT HELLER'S Cf?l unheard of First wht of the MARVELLOUSORANGE TREE' By request, tbe great BII7M OP Til dPIBITI. Owing to the increasing excitement attending the " of SECOND SIGHT, That wonderful feat will be continued until fi notice. PUCI OP ADU1SBIOS. To Hall - Drew Circle J7Jf " orchestra Seats St ? Seats may be wrwcd from 10 a m to 4 p m, at tbe office, without extra charge. Polite and attentive uaber* will be in feb 5?4t , Grand Extra Wifht at 04d FaUm' HaU! roa tub aairarrr or ? adams MACALLllTKIf On Which occaaiou the renowned MACALLtST c R, Will introduce f-till greater feata from hia magmfi cent Temple of Magic, astounding to the beholder New and dazzling Experiments. Delusions unpre cedented, and brilliant Mysteries, aucb aa can a Ion* be accooipiiahed by tbi* gifted DESCENDANT OP THK MAGIC. Madame Macallister will for Um last time, by re quest, perform tier great original feat of SLEEPING IN THE AIR. Come early?hundred* are uiable every night to obtain admission. To morrow (Tuesday) MALONE RAYMOND appearj. feb S?It* NATIONAL THEATRE. " POSITIVELY THE LAST EIGHT Caaapllmewtarjr Basalt. WiiatmiToii, Feb. 9, 18S5. IADIE8: Having understood that it ia y. ur in j tention to clow tour performance m tbia city, it ia our wiali, before yonr leaving ua. to offer you a testimonial benefit a* a mark of our high esteem for your privnte virtue* and of our .admiration of yonr transcendent talent aa artistes. Ifthia sli.-uid meet Willi your approbation, we would suggest MONDAY EVENING, February 5,h, aa a proper time for your benefit. Accept, ladies, the be^t wuhc* of tbe undersigned for your wellare in whatever clime* it may chance fortune to take you. Your < beriicnt Kervanta, J D Hoover A Murry P B Key A Walch J T Tower* Johu F Carter O E P Hayar.l A G Allen Wm I) Vinton C W Flint Thoa E Martin Gee Greenleaf A H < 'ro*n AM B Ipahur E M Tidball C H Winder Alet K Sin ran W R Chase Henry Robinaon Charles W Blair W David?*' J P J M cClery Wm H Davidge II 8 Glen II A Willard To Mile Caroline, Thercfiine, Adelaide, and Clem entine Routwet. Wabuiwotow, February 2,18S5. GurrMlfax : We accept your kuid offer cf a lea timomal benefit for Monday next, February S, wiUi feeling* whicli words cannot expreaa. We have ex perienced kindness in the capital of thia great coun try which will not be forgotten by ha. Although we may be called upon ui vlait other climea, real as sured, gentlemen, that oar hearts will remain with you. Accept, gentlemen, llie thank* nnd host wishes for vour welfare prosperity of your obedient ser vanta, CAROLINE ROITSSET. THERE*! NE Rt HTS81CT, ADELAIDE ROUSSET. CLEMENTINE ROL'rtKET. To Meaara. J. T. Towers, P. B. Key, I. D. Hoover, fcc., kc. ?OMDAY EVKNIIU, Ftbruary 5th, Will be performed the Grand Ballet of LA BAYADERE; OR, THE MAID OF CASHMERE. Zoloe M'lle Caroline M'llea Thereaine, Adelaide, and Clementine, Mr. Corby, Mr. Roua?et, Mr. Szolloey, in all the principal characters. To conclude with the laughable pantomime of JEANNETTE AND JRANNOT. In which the whole Troupe will appear. feb 3? 'Let those wiio never laugh their lot deplore, And those who always laugh now laugh the more." A new, joyous, an.I mirth-inspiring ent??ttainmeu*? will shortly be gix'en iu this city by MALOWB RAYMOND, The celebrated Humorist, Lecturer, and II' dstrator of Irish Lile and Manners, called AN HOUR IN IRELAND AND OTHER LANDS . Taken from his 8ketch Book, alrer.-jy given by hia in Europe and Ainerir . over ORE THUUIAbD MIUflTBt Consisting of Anecdotes, Son storms of the Peas antry, Recollecnoua of I ;?iand, Kurke. Grat tan, Wellington, O'Connell, Sliendan Goldsmith, Lffer, Flood, Hhiel, Lady Morgan, Knowles, Ac. bein?s who have given Light to a World, and vuute a Nation lit*. Tbe ume an j place will be duly chronicled, (eb 3?9t* CARUSnS SALOON. FOR OBI? W1QHT OWL.T I Madame Rosa De Vries AND Hta OPERA TROUPE WILL ttlVK A GRAND niNH AL FENTITAI. AND OPERATIC CONCERT ON TUESDAY FA'EMSU, FEBRUARY (Uh On which occasion the followiag great combination of Artists, will appear, in connexion with MAD, ROSA DE VRIES, Prima noHfia" of the Italian Opera Company. 6IGNOR MORINO, Prima Baritone, from the 8an Carlo, of Naples, aud the Havana Company. SIGNOR MARTIN LAZARE, The celebrated Pianist and Composer, ana Profes sor from the Conservatoire of Pans, and who was decorated with the Lecion of Honor, and received a Gold Medsl from the King of Holland, as fire*t Pianist and Composer ef the king dom, ami SIGNOR PA84ARILLA. Tbe selections for tU? Concert will contain the ceius of the Operas of Norma, Daughter of the Regimeat, La Favorita, Lucretia Borgia, The Prophet, Barber of Seville, La ttomnambula, Don Gioeanna, and Loinbardi. MARTIN LAZARE, Conductor and Director. The price of admiasion has been fixed at ONE?: DOLLAR to all parts of tha Hall. No extra chaige for seemed seats. Tbe sale of Beats will commence on Monday morning, at 9 o'clock, at flie Music Store of K. Da vis, Pennsylvania avenue, where a diagram of tbe hall may be seen. With every admission ticket will be given a cer tificate bearing the mimtier corresponding to the seat. The certificate has to remain in tbe hand of the original bolder, and establishes the ownership ol the ?? 0(?- The programme, containing full particulars of tbe piecea to be sung, may be bad at the Musi3 Stores. Con cert to commence at 6 o'elk precisely. BOYS' CLOTHING. WALL k STEPHENS, Wholesale and Retail Clothing and furaiahing Merchants, Pa. ave nue, next door to Iron Hall, have on hand one of the largest and most varied assortments of READY-MADE BOYS' CI.OTHING in the country, which is made up ia every style, and calculated in suit all tastes. Their Goods are Made of the best Materials and by the beat workmen, end will be disposed of at rates 1 toal cannot foil to please. Tha public are respectfully invited 10 call and ex Bine the slock. feb R?tf OTIC It.?Whereas John KorfT and CaraWns _ . KorfT, his wife, live apart, under a dead of sep aration, the public are hereby warned not to trust the said Caroline on aecount of the subscriber, and is not responsible for any debts contracted by her and will not ray tbe same. JOHN KoRFF. feb 5? lawSw* N'

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