Newspaper of Evening Star, February 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 5, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligence. Tva Mbbtijiu m Alixaidiu, Va.?Ac eerding to advertisement, there wu a very . meeting in Alexandria on Saturday Bight, to hear Hon Henry A. Wiae After those present were called to order, (in Liberty Hell) Col. Shat introduced to the audience the ?' bold and fearless Henry A. Wise of Ao eomack" Mr Wisb. taking the stand, laid : Fellow-citisens? I moat crave yonr indul Knee. for 1 em weak in body. I have, in the it 31 deya. appeared before the public 15 timet, and have apoken from 45 to 00 honra. My lurgi are lacerated, and every muacle ia ^aore from this continued exertion * therefore. I muat throw myself ob your kindness, end request you to be aiient that 1 may apeak at ? The laat time I appeared before yoe, Alex I andria waa a part of the District, now ahe ia 1 within the bounds of the Old Dominion; thank | God for that! Then the goose ate the green grass in your streets; now your city has as ^ sumed the true business air that should belong the eity where Washington traded, to the P'eity nearest to tomb of the Father of bis ooun try 1 come before you now, not in my own name, but as the nominee of the great Demo cratic party, for the highest office in your gift. 1 e?>me in the name of the Democracy ot Virginia; 1 some thrice endorsed by the De mocracy. fi at as elector then as a representa tive hi Congress, and now as their candidate for the office of Governor. If any Democrat chosee not to vote for me because I hare not invariably voted for the regular nominee, let him stand on the ground that 1 have, let him stand un principle, and then if he oannot vote lor me. be will do the very act for which he condemns me?he will decline to vote for the regular nominee of the party. If any Whig hare will not vote for me. because I have not, in his opinion, been consistent, let him not go in the night to a secret political meeting, lest he be guilty of the ehtrge ha lays at my door, lapplause, and much noise in the background | Though I c<>me from a party, I don't oome to address a party; I come to the people of Vir ginia [Applause | What are the considerations that should govern ihe votes of the people of Virginia for Oovemor ? There ares'X things to be thought of; the publie credit, commerce, agriculture, manufactures, mining, and public instruction. Mr Wise now parsed in rapid review the state of the public credit of Virginia, and the need that it should be placed on higher ground; that its present condition was si dishonor to the State, ?nd he promised that if elected Gov ernor. he should recommend taxation heavy enough to raise the credit of the State to the position it should occupy. It should be done, -and he would tax the people till they groaned ^ to do it, if need be. lie then spoke of the con ^K^ition of the public works of the State, but ualf finished, and consequently of but little use comparatively, and said that if elected he a should useeveryendeavortohavethoseworksof Primary importance finished, so as no longer to e a charge to the State, but instead, a profit; and that ss fast as one was finished ha should wish to commence another, and so on until all were completed before any more werecom ? Bid. lie then spoke of the condition of agricul ture in the State, where the more land a man owned the poorer he was; where the landlord skinned the tenant, and the tenant the land; where, instead of owning fat oattle on a thou sand hills, they had to chase the stump tailed steer through the bushes; where the nigger held tbe plough and his owner know no more of scientific farming than his slave. The Nbowels ol ihe mountains are filled with iron, <*>PP?r gyp^uai. ooal, kc , there are enough waterfills in Virginia to set to music the power to clothe tne world; but yoe haven't dug coal enough to warm yourselves, nor woven enough coarso cotton to clothe your slave# ; commerce has sailed avay fioui you. though you have harbors and roadsteads enough to oontain the navies of the world. ? You have relied entirely on the one power of agriculture?and tuck agriculture ! But you have all these undeveloped resources still; and. if you will use them, jou o in surpass m New York as far as New l'ork has heretofore iurjafced Virginia. What. ?hen. is the duty . - of the husbands of the daughters of Virginia ' ,Y?.u can vote against me?j.?u can crush me; though a bumble man I am too proud to beg yon to vote for me; but I would kneel lo you bumble aj a little child?1 would Leg you, on my*. with uplifted hands to vote for those measures which will raise cur own State from the dust, and give her the place she de serves in the Union. Give her oummerce, and she will soon have mining, manufactures, and real agriculture. Then she will want but one " thing more. > He now spoke of it? great want of public k instruc ion in the State. Us did not want an ABC, double-rule of-three, Pe'er-Par/##, Yankee plan of schools, but the Jefferson tem? that system that would cause an equality between citisens. He pronounced a beautiful eulogy on Thomas Jefferson, saying a patriot could kneel at his, (which styles him the writer of the Declaration of Indepen dence, the founder of the University of Vir ginia and tbe framer of the laws of religious freedom in Virginia ) and politically worship at that shrine Virginia greatly needed ? betty system of instruction, and the State Oiothe^ should bear the expense of oducating > -her children But especially she needed an agricultural school, where planters could send tneir ous to learn "oust and come to," learn m agricultural chemistry, and not political, but doui?;rie economy, so that they can take care ot lha plantations and slaves left them by their * father*. If I am elected Governor, my earnest endeavors shall centre toward raising our p??:ie credit, our commerce, manufa tures, mi sing, agriculture, and publie works to the P'-** they should oocupy. Are not these points of sufficient interest to cover all ? But I see yo'- wish to hear my opinions of federal poli ces. and you shall. federal politics have hurt Virginia more all combined causes, except brandy znd Bawds Ahe has given to the Union her Waaii inm o, her Jefferson, her Madison, and the . re<t of the galaxy of bright aud particular stars; but where is, who is the great in*n wfcoiu Virginia has raised to care for herself ? 1 tell you we have given too much attention lo tbe affairs of the nation, and too little to those of our own State, liiehmond, instead of attending to her own ?ff*irs. attends to those of Washington, where God knowa there are enough to attend to all that can possibly be broacLed | Laughter ) A He now gave a rapid view of his opinions on * national matters, approving the graduating land law of 1787; sing his sanction to the course of Jackson, Tyler and Pierce in inter nal improvements, and thought the tariff ahould receive attention. Inter-State rela tions of slavery he now spoke of. Jle had passed through much <iiscus*iun on this sub > "Joel with the " old man eloquent," (John Q Adams ) who had vauntingly told him that tbe pulpi'a would thunder, the schools would i teach, and the people would pray, till slavery bad not oD!y been abolished from the District of Columbia, but throughout the United States. Mseh mo.?e of this prophecy has come to pass tbaa Mr Adams would have supposed possi ble ; tbe pulpits of the north have thunaered. the spools have taught, the people have 0. till the slave trade has been abolished m ths District; how soon the rest will be ful fil lad me cannot tell, unless some means are Lake i to prevent it. J* tatserted that California had been eut off - fro* , the slave State ot Texas, that a Briga general had oalled a convention to adopt * M>'e Constitution, and had given the elec franchise to Chins men. Spaniards. French ao , by proclamation from the camp of a "*-iding army of the United States, and had ?tfc-red the Free Soil State of California into tfe* mion in this way; and whan the cry of was raised, ths Union was said in danger. We compromised, and the SagtL received to paeify her, what' tk* right tu eat. 4 runaway nxggtrs f and this was all the retira the (South aad, for the transfer of the Sttre of California from slave to the free P*-*er. Ua ?tcw spoke of the various attempts to en force ,0 Fugitive Slave Law; of the Christi Murder; the Barns rendition from Bostor, , ' -?ompanying circumstances aad expenses Ik '> United States and to individuals; of j. * Tyrt taken in it by the Boston and New clergy, and then read a sermon de. d in Boston on the 4th of June, ISM, from which he asserted there vu proof pod tiro that tho preach or know of tho formation and strength of tho Kdow Nothing party, and that Know Nothingism waa bat another and more potent and insidiovs form of Abo lition Urn. Tho rest of hie speech wai devoted to the moet catting. scathing and saroastio argu (cents, and denunciations against the Know Nothing party, of whioh he deolaroi bo knew the hietory from " A to iaeard; that ho know all their sigua, paaa-worda, oyphera, gripe, Ao ; and that the workinge of the party baa been derived from an organisation of the working men of England againat the capi talist*. had been sent by the English abolitiot ists to the New England clergy, ae the beet means to spread abolitionism; and that by tho potent appeals it made to the prejndioes of the unthinking, it met with unprecedented success So far as oar limits will allow, wo will give the ideas he cxpreesed; bat it ii bo* yond the power of pen to give tho features nod looks with which ho oxpraaaod hia scorn and loathing of the earse of tho Now England clergy, whom he styled preachers of Christian politics, and those who had taken part in this new part}; hypocrites, perverting tho sacred name of religion to oloak their ambition, and had made it a tool to reach the temporal power they aiw striving for, and for the pos session of which they oondemn and proscribe tho Pope Old Masaachasoits, too, had once but one " ism1' within her bordera?that waa Puritan ism; it waa that iam that canaed the sterile Plymouth rocks to bear tho most glorious fruit the world bad ever seen; it waa that Um that made her people rich, learned, prosperous, and religious; and with that ism guiding her marched onwards as the twin sister of Virginia through the dark times that " tried men's soul?, with the same paeewords between them, the same object in view, and at last assisted her to gain the glorious prise for which they were mutually contending But in these lat ter days that good old ism had given place to Ceiversaliam, Unitarianism. Abolitionism,and a multitude of other isms equally iLjurious to both moral and politioal p.oaperity; she has now strayed from tho path in which she trav eled with Virginia; the isms bad formed a fu sion. and cow the Old Bay State has beoome the standard bearer of these commingled isms, and flings to the winds the banner of Know Noihingiam He spoke of Absalom, hia trea son and the departure of David from his oity, accompanied only by a foreigner; he apoke of La Fayette, De Kalb?of the servioea whioh tho Catholici of France render us in our struggle for independence, and said that the native born Arnold waa the Absalom of America; while but for the foreign aid we received in that struggle no one can tell what the result would have been lie then reviewed the lato message of Gov. Gardner, of Masaaohuaetts, and read passages, which ho proved, recommended amxlgama (ton, and asked if Virginia could give that the grip; also passages that recommended that a law should be passed prohibiting voting on the part of any one who oeuld not read and write, and asked if Virginia could give that the grip. [Laughter] Other passages recom mending the election of a Senator opposed to the Nebraska bill; rocommenJing the applies, tion ef habeas corpus to the trial of fugitive slaves, and that sick foreigners should be turned out of the hospitals and sent in the pest-house emigrant ships back to Liverpool. The Kaow Nothing Legislature of Massachn. setta has just elected one of the most virulent leaders of the Abolition parly to the linited States Senate He read from a Boston paper, handed him that evening, an acoount of the speech of Hob. A. Barlln, gave before the Bos ton Mercantile Association, on "slavery and its remedies," in whioh Air. B. u*ed strong Abolition language, and after which, Mr. Wil son, the Senator elect, was called up, and en. dersed the language used by Mr B., and said that he should always be fenpd on the side of freedom (i. e , abolitionism) ih the Senate, and that no power eould daunt him. He then read an extraot from the Woroeater (Matt.) Journal, which be showed was the organ of Gov. Gardner, denouncing the Amer ican Organ, published in Washington oity, as pro slavery, and saying that however the south might view it, the north did not recog nise it aa the organ of the national Know Nothing party. He said that by meana of abolitionism the Know Nothings had oarried nine free "oil Hates, but they could not openly bring the same machinery to bear in the aouth, there fore they had appealed to :be religious foel itg, the hatred of foreign influence, the big otry and the egrarian;?m of the 204th How, he aaked, was this done? The meana were simple. It was done by kicking up a hell of a fuss about the Pope. The Pope who ia so poor that there are none to de him reverence?the Pope, whom Louis Napoleon, even while en gaged in the seigs of Sebastopel, must have a guard of markets to protect, this poor feoble old man was the bugbear raised by the aboli tionists to cause the aouth to join with them. The Pope is nothing; what we have to fear ia the assumption ot Pope's here. We must fear those clergymen who lenve the spiritual and ?^ume the direction of temporal power; who, to gain tneir join dark lantern political associations who act tho njpo^rite. I Cries of good! good ! Cheers at one end of the and hiaees at the other. J If the ministers of my church were to at tempt the assumption of su^h power, 1 would stand, like Patrick Henry, between the minis ter and the people. [Voioe?' I'm with you ") But the worst point in tho hypocrisy of the Know Nothings ia, that men among them who belong to no church, who say no prayers, who never before have cared for any faith, now turn up the whites of their eyes, for fear the Pope will shut up the Bible tbey have never opened. It would be well for them to join the Catholic Church which believes in tho Trini ty. j Cries of "Good! Good!"] He now read from what he said was the blue book of the Know Nothings, a passage stating that none could be admitted into the order without they believed in one Supreme Being, and from this he asserted that the reli. gious belief of the Know Nothings was linita rianism, aa nothing waa said of the Trinity in the blue book He then gave, what he called, cyphers of the crder, and read the title page o? the blue book, he had before cited, in the oypher, and then translated it as meaning " The Blue Book of the Supreme Order of tho Star Spangled Banner of the Spirit of *76." Ho also read a list of names purporting to be those of officers of the Grand Council of the Order, among which waa the name of ?? Williamson, of Alexandria, as one, and T. P. Hilton, of Wash ington, aa another. [Here he waa interrupted by a tremendoua uproar of cheers, hisses, shouts, and three cheers for " iam," after which qaiet waa again restored ] lie said ihey also appealed to the broken down Whig party, and to prove this he spoke iJk^xtracis fioin the Alexandria Gasette, wnich advised a fusion with the Know Noth ings, because the Whigs were tired of ''stand ing up to the rack without fodder." (Laugh ter ] Tbey alao appeal to the agrarian ele ment, which ia the moet dangerous point they have touohed in Virginia; its effects are seen in the petitions of the white mechanics, who have asked the Legislature that elave labor shall not be employed in the navy yards. He now spoke of the cry against foreigners, and again referred to the history of Absolem; tho help we bad received from Catholio for eigners in the Revolution; of Charles Carrol of Carrolton, whom he called a Catholic rep resentative from a Catholio provinoe; and of the Magna Charta, drawn up by a Catholic Archbishop. He said ho had not come there to praise the Catholic religion, but to tell his torieai truths, ?nd he begged the Virginians, while they abhored the rolioy ?f the Catholio eharch. not to oat-Herod Herod, or out-Jesuit the Jesaits by aniting with a political associ ation that wen! beyond tho Jesaits themselves in evil doing. He did not hate tho Know Nothings for seorocv; ho was a member of a secret order himself, ho was k brother Mason! Bat, said he, I hate the means used to carry out the ends whioh are meaner, lower, beser, and worse than the Catholics ever attempted to put into operation. He now apoke of the assertion of the New York Herald, that it waa arranged in New York that he should be defeated, and the course of the Herald in sending a reporter to chroniole the words of the domestic atuj?p of Virginia. He now ati^matised Bennett aa "a croes-ey ed, whining minion of polities, who kad made himself a millionaire by blaok mail, whose he would not admit into his family, because it was indecent " Buf, said he,if yoa put me down, if jou put clave power down, then will follow a social anJ political revola tion Thay hare swept the North, they bar* nine Governors, they elaim a mejoritj in the nut House of Representative*, and are trying to get a majority in the United State* Senate. If I am a lee ted Governor, when I am sworn to uphold the Confutation of the State, I will remembor that the power it placed in my handa to eall ont the militia to qnell insurrec tion and invasion. I respect the Constitution: I won Id give my life-blood, if needed to sup port fttate rights and State sovereignty; I promise yon to bear and forbear, bnt when driven to the last extremity, rather than suffer dishonor, I will draw the sword, a-d by all the gods of State and country, if I am forced te draw it, I swear I will flesh it ere it u re turned to the seabbard ! And I fear I shall bo forced to use it on those already in on ? State. Citizens, there are Abolitionists among us; but those out of the State shall feel it too. | Great sensation 1 The way to prevent this is to go to work. Take a lesson from the Know Nothings?form ?igilanoe committees, but be sure there are no sneaking Know Nothings put on that service; but let every man do his dnty and we are safe. I have stumped the Eastern part of the State, and. in spite of their vaunting, I defy them to defeat me. [Great applause ] I will orush them, or they shall oruah me; I will charge bayonet on them, and drive the sneak ing aowards from bush to brake, or they shtil defeat me, and with me the slave demoeraoy of Virginia. But I am confident we shall have our old majority, aud I shall not be satisfied with that. [Great applause.) I shall oontinoe to oonduot ihe eanvass with all the energy I can, though my hea!th is rapidly Tailing, using no means unbecoming a gentleman; but sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, I will do my duty?[great applause]?aud if Koma must fall, ( fall with her. The hall was orowded to its utmost capacity; persons were standing in every place where a foothold could be obtained. The audience were very attentive for a meeting of the kind, and treated the distinguished speaker with due re?pect, though there must have been many of the " dark lantern party1' there Mr Wise spoke for three hours and a quarter, then said he had not half finished what he wished to say, but he had trespassed on the patienoe of bis hearers already too long. Just before the meeting commeno*d, the comfort able sitting room of the Mansion House re minded us muoh of the post office of the House. There were some tweaty M. C's crowded around the fire, discusaing the topics of the day with all the noise and confusion seeu at the post office, and to oomplete the scene, Mr. P. M. Jotinson was stirring round as busy as ever. All these gentlemen were present and stayed during the speech, together with several Senator!. Funbral of Joan W. Maury, Esq.?Tnis mournful ceremony took place yesterday Pre vious thereto, the public were admitted to view the corpse at his late residence, on C street. The throng of persons anxious to take a last look of the relic of this good citizen was im mense. including Senators. Members of Con gross, and a majority of our mo?t influential oitisens, as well as a large number of those moving in an humbler sphere, all ac uated with the same noble sentiment of affection and respect in whioh he was held by them At half past 3 the oorpse was oarried to Trinity Church, whioh on our entrance we found filled to its utmost capacity. It waa preceded there to by the Rev. Mr. Cummings, and on its ar rival the entire congregatiou arose from their seats, the clergyman, while moving up the oentre aisle, reading appropriate portions of Soripture. The coffin having boon placed on tressels, the minister took his place at the reading desk and offered op several prayers appointed by the church for the dead, after whioh a portion of Seriptnre was read by him, which was followed by an anthem sung by the choir in beautiful style At its oonoluaion the reverend gentleman ascended the pulpit and delivered a moat fervid and eloquent discourse from this tpxtin the Psalms: " Remember how short my time is, wheivfoio h?;st thou made all men in vain " After sotting forth the ex cellent traits of character of the deceased, combining christian faith and the practice of christian virtues, he showed that the text was not applicable to him, as he was not "made in vain." It was truly a masterly effort, moving the vast congregation to tears Ihe service having terminated, the b^dy was placed in th? hearse, followed by the immense assemblage. There could not have beeu leas than 100 car riages, all of which were toon filled, and a large crowd followed on foot The pall bear ers were Col. W. Seaton, P Force. W. W. Cochran, J. C. Rives, it. Smith, J M. Car lyle. J. Gideon, and Geo Parker. On reach ing the Congressional burwiug ground, where, at his own request, be desired to be deposited, the Rev. Mr. Cumiuings offered up a most fer vent prayer, after which the vast assemblage moved slowly away. A small silver plate, with the following inscription, was affixed to the coffin: ? Born May 8, 180V; died February 3, 18&4." Ibjja it will be rven, in the prime of life and fulness of usefulness has been taken from us one of our most valued citisens Uis relatives cannot bnt feel the most acute sorrow and sadness of heart. His acquaint ances mourn his logs, and the poor will deplore bis absence, for in bim they have lost a friend ??d bonefactor. The eoffin was plain mahog any, agreeably to his direction, covered with handsome black cloth, and silver mounted, and was made by Samuel Kirby, of this city. Rav. Mr Maouirb'8 Charity Srrmon ? Tub Youho Catiiouoh' Fhikxd Socibty?We had the pleasure of bearing yesterday the very eloquent and impressive discourse pronounced in St. Peter's Church, Capitol Hill, by the distinguished President of Georgetown CoU lege, in aid of the charitable purposes for the accomplishment of which the Sooiety above named was organised. We are glad to hear that the powerful and thrilling appeal of the reverend gentleman was liberally respondod to by the large eongregation in attendance, among whom we observed seyeral members of Congress and other gentlemen of distinction. We shall not mar the beauty of the sermon by attempting to give a synopsis. We will mere ly state that it was an affMting picture of the gloomy and diatrearing condition of the poor, relieved and brightened by the glowing por traiture of heaven-born Charity. Flinty and unfbe)ing, indeed, must have been the heart that throbbed pot in sympathy?stem and tearless the eye that was not incistoned by pity?cold and unfriendly the band that was notoutstretohed in mercy, to sava the '-ragged urchins of the streets,'' by providing them not only with f>od and clothing, but with moral and intellectual culture. Suoh are the truly Christian and charitable objects f>r whioh the Yonng Catholics' Friend Sooiety was established, and happy are we to know that under its fostering patronage upwards of eighty poor little ohildrcn are now pursuing the paths of virtue and knowledge, who, bnt for it, might be wandering on the broad ave nues of orime and ignoranoe. Naw Obgak.?Mr. Henry Erben, of New York, so well and favorably known throughout the United States, has just completedjand put up a sweet-toned organ of fourteen stops, in F street Presbyterian oburoh The instru ment is pronounced to bo a most superior one, having a new stop, called the gamba, not pos sessed by any other organ in the city. This step gives a rich, smooth, reedy tone, highly pleasing, and mingling most admirably with the other stops. We had prepared an extend ed notice?the crowded stato of our columns forees, however, us to be brief, and we will therefore recommend our readers to visit the churoh next Sabbath, where they will not only hear fine mnsio, but a corresponding sermon. Madams Macallistbr.?The accomplished wife and able assistant of the great magician, at Odd Fellows' Hall, takes her benefit to night. Macallister will perform a eboiee se lection of his truly astounding experiments, and Madame Macallister will, for the last time, perform her great original feat of the u^rial Saspension," whioh has caused such aa uni verse* aensation. As the Hall has been Ailed to overflowing on all ordinary nights, wo look for such a rare and brilliant assemblage to night as Washington alor.e can give, as a mark ed oomplimeut to the "Wlsards Page." A Casb for Court.?Wm Umberfield, Wm. Garner and Michael Murphy, attaeked a gen tleman ia the First Ward, on last Saturday night, and demanded eight oentt from him. The gentleman refused aid they began to beat him Tne three were arrested and tent to jail; and we are informed that while the oflloer was making the arrest, ha was cut by one of thasa who had aiharp implement with him. Ibox Hai.l?Hbllbr. tbb Grbat Nbcbo mabcbr ?This most extraordinary gent as it M? is hU aeoond week at Iron Hall, mad the interest Html to be increasing with every new performance. The mystery of 14 Second Sight" li in reality the most inexplicable of any necro mantic or other feat* we hare ever aeen That a magieian well skilled oould pasale oar brains for a few momeats, is qaite natural, hat that a 700th eoald be made to see throagh half doaen woollen wrappers, and at a distance of thirty or forty feet read the initials oat of a gold ring, or the aaate frem an envelope, seems quite incredible; jet do not be astounded when we nay we hare seen him do it a dosen times in one performance. Ibis is really worth seoing, and no person should let the opportunity pass without seeing it. Paul Joubr's Cobcbrt, at Carol's, on Saturday evening, gave the greatest delight to a large and fashionable audience. The gems of the evening were the instrumental pieoes, that or th? great little artist, Paul Ju lien, on his favorite instrument, the violin, and the playing of August Goekel on the piano, both of whom were welcomed with rap tures of applause Altogether, ths concert was one that will be long remembered. Wabhibgtox Hall Rustacuaut ?We do not heeitate to say that there are few restau rants in this oity that in point of real oom fort to its guests ezeels this establishment. The liquors kept in its bar are the pares! and beet, and of the ehoieest brands and vintage. Their viands eonaist of all the delieaeies of | the'season, and served up in a manner to suit the palate of the most fastidious. Hons Cojucmptioh ?To give our readers ou idea of the amount of business done at the hotels ol Washington during the session ot Congress we will state that there was con sumed at Willard's "West End Hotel," alone, during the month of January. 29.760 eggs. 405 turkeys, 1210 gallons of milk, 3509 pounds of butter and everything else i n the eating line in proportion. ??? Pashiomablc Assembly.?We have every I reason to believe that the ball which is to j come off at Willard's Hotel on Wednesday 1 next will bo the grandest affair of the I kind that ever oome off at Washington. The most ample preparations are being made to | make it a truly brilliant affair. | HlOnLAKDBRS' BaLL FOR THS BbNKVIT OF tbb Poor ?'Ve learn that the managers of I this ball are progressing finely in their efforts to dispose of tickets and collect funds for the benefit of the suffering poor of our oity Among] others President Pierce has presented the managers with a check for $20, accompanied by a neat note wishing theia sccooss in their laudable undertaking. Elbctio*.?At the meeting of the Northern Liberties Fire Company, held on Friday evening last, Mr. Samuel P. Robinson was elected Vice President, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr Butler. A SuGflBSTion ?During the ensuing fair, would not Mr. Vanderwerken, find it profita ble to put three or four omnibuses to run over the bridge to the Smithsonian Institute Tbera are thousands of persons that will visit our city during its existence, and num'?ers of our own eitisens would gladly avail themselves of the accommodation. Ri?t.? On Saturday night a riot occurred at Nailor's stable be'ween several persons who had a diSoulty about a horse which had been there at liverv. Two of tfye parties, Joseph Whitney and Robert Walling wore arrested, and were held to bail for Oourt by Justice Clark. Elbctio* -We learn that the Board of I Directors ot the Bank of Metropolis, this! morning elected Captnin James Carberry Prejidei t of the BaiiK in place of John W. Maury, deceased. Drowned ?Yesterday morning a little boy, a son of Mr Davidson, wai skating on the ice near the long bridge, the ice broke and the little fellow was drowned before assistance oould roach hiaa. Watch Rktiirxs.?Saturday night Curtis] Rathban; vagrant; workhouse 30 days There were four lodgers in; all of them were dis charged. fcuuday the journal was blank fl?0*1*STOW* COfcBBSfOHDKHCE. Singular unci Serious Accident?Lec'ure? DisappoinlHi'Hj, \c. Gborqktown, Feb. 5, 1&?5. A serious and singular acoident happened to Mr. Joseph Hunt, carpenter, on Saturday lrst, at the bone snd plaster mill of Mr. Mor gan, eaused by the explosion of an old gun. barrel, which had been used about the place] for different purposes for some time past. ,AI? though cautioned about uiing it at the time, he nevertheless thrust the breach into the fire, thinking there was no load in it when an explosion took place, sending the whole charge into bis right arm. Dr. Snyder was sent for, and rendered all the assistanoe in bis power; after which he was conveyed home, and we | learn this morning that he is doing as well as | oould be expected. Prof. Steiner will deliver a lecture in the Methodist church this evening on the Mission of Scionoe. Tbo lecture is free. Rev. Mr Steele was yesterday announced to preach in the Methodist church in the even ing, and at the appointed time large congre gation had assembled to boar him. After] waiting until their patience was exhauated, and no preacher making his appearance, they dismissed, sadly disappointed Owing to the severity of the westher, and s;aroity of wheat, our mills are all as silent as | moure traps Navigation upon our river and canal being] still closed, there is but little doing in the I flour or grain markets. Small salea of the j former to homt trade at $8 75 for good stand ard brands. Wheat $l,90a$l,94 for red, ond $l,95a$2 for white. Spectator. YALLKKTINKH iu new and beautiful style wholesale ami retail it feb 3-3t _LMONO'S, 7tli n. BLACK UliAClCLICTS at v?rv low prices I it LAMMOND'S, ?ih at. feb 3-3t GREAT INDUCEMENTS. J9. BLACKFORD, 99 Bridge st., Georgetown, | a being desiroei ol" reducing bus stock, offers to tiuyern hiolarge a-oxiruiieiit of ladies aud gentlemen s I Gold Watches, Jewelry of th<> newest styles and best quality, Silverware and Hated Goods at very reduced price* to suit the times. J. S. B. would respectfully invito ali in want of| such articles to call and eiamine his large assort ment. feh 3?lw NOTICE*?1 hereby forewarn any person or persons from purchasing from Jaines MagUire, a slave woman called NELL, belonging to the es tate of the late John NowLnd, my father, as I have j an equal claim in said woman Nell. I aino caution any per.-on or persons from buying, without my consent, from James Maguire, lot No. 37, square 1000, wit 11 the improvements thereon, sit- ] uateti near tlie Navy Yard, as it was sold by my late husband. John Judge, oubject to my dower, lebi?3t* M.C. JUDGE. For sale?two northern lumbkrI Wagons and one Rockaway. Also, laying in the woods about two miles from ] the City line? 100 cords Oak Wood 56 cerds seasoned Pine Wood 1000 Chestuut Posts and Rails .*>000 Seasoned Cart and Wagon Spokes Enquire of J. R. McCLELLAN, No. 47 A street I north, Capitol Hill. feb 3?3t* NOTICE. The Annual Meeting of the | I Washington, Alexandria, aad Mt Vernon f teaiubonl Company will be held a' the Room, over G. fcT. Parker's Store, 00 WE0NE8 DAY, tfee 7tfc instant, at 11 a m. Punctual attendance of the stock holder? is rje- I quested. THOS. PARKER, KresideM. feb 3-3t Q. SEMKEN, JEWELER, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bHwem 9tA and lOtA drretl., Offers for *al? a ntagnilicent assortment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Bracelets, Breastpins, Earrings, Seal Rings Wedding Kims, Fob and Veal Chaiaa, Seals, Lock ets, Pencils, Thimbles, Trinkets, etc All ar'icles are warranted as represented and sold unusually low. J n 10 POCKET andUuarto Diaries for lB5f? lor wile by jau 0?U * RANCH TAYLOR. For 6ale tnd Pent MBit HBWETT, No. 473 Sixth str-et, between Hand E. hn? three or four fine 100ms which she will rem with or without board, on tea ?enable term*. frb 5?3t* TH^OR RENT?THREE TWtVSTORY BRICK F Dwelling House*, with attic and basement, be iag Nos. 19, 14, and 16, on Ohm avenue, bet. 14tb streets went. Also, on*- mim 11 frame Dwelling on D, between 14th and 15th streets west. Far terms, kc., apply to Mr. JOSEPH ABBOT, comer of E street north and 14th st. west. feb 5?3i? FOR RENT?A large three Mary bnak Ho*?e, with basement and attic and three norv back building, with stable and puuip in alarce jrarii. con taming nineteen mom*, on 0 sreet, between 3J and 4* streets; adjoining the residence of Dr. J. F. Mav. Possession given ..n the 1st ot February Inquire ot i J. P. Parraa, at Adam* k C?'s Express Office, or of J. W. Hicks, City Post Office, Executors for the heirs. jan 84-ffi6i For rent or sale.?hie beautiful residence ot Col. Roberts, U 8. A., en Ge.wge town Heights. Furnished or unfurnished. P jntr sion given immediately. Apply for terms at this of fice- jan 31?lw For sale ?the good will and fix turas of the uveru and boarding houac, known as the " Washington nnd Baltimore Horn*,*' situ ated on First straet and near the Railroad Depot. |i will be sold in part,the purchaser havhtf the privil ege of taking a portion if be wishes Ta any one with a ?imsII capital it is a good stand for business. For pAfliettlars enquire on the premises. jan 31?lw* STORAGE.?Those having Furniture. Dry Ooods j Groceries, fee., to be stored, will tied ample ar cnminodatKMis m the large, airy, ffag s.oAe paved nnd Dry Basements under the ritar office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jau 31?tf ? T?OR RENT? FOR ONE YEAR OR A TERM I of y ars, the well situated, commodious, well Unified, and convenient dwelling House, over the Music Store of Hillm* A. Hitx. at ihe coiner nl Ps avenue and 11th ?treat. It contains seventeen rooms without the l>as?mu- t, m which tlw kli?h?? id situated. This u a rare chance for a private fam ily wishing a large bouse on Pa. avenue, rrfor a per son desiring the Le*i location m W ashmgion for a larg.t and well kept boarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jan 19?tf I^OH RENT?Posses ion givwt immediately, a . three story brick House and Store, No. J 61 Bridge street, near th* Market House, ? oat.ilning 10 rooms and kitchen, ?? pcfectlv dry cellar, capable ot holding 90 cords of wood. This is * flrr't rale stand for busmesa, particulatly as the Falls Bu.lg- is now in payable order. To a good tenant thereut wiM b? remsouah'e. Apply to T. O. DONNOOtflTE. Also, a very convenient Dwelling containing Ave roonu, kitehsn and cellar, lately finished, situated on street, near Hick's Cottage, one if the most heHlthy and pi ease nt situations in Georp town. Apply as altove. T. o. D. jan 94?2w* HOMES FOR ALL.?Beauurul'y and healthily located Hnilding Lots, *4 fe*t front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at tlie exceeding low price ot %75, payable ?3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JiHIN FOX, Secretary. Wants. N I ED?BY A MIDDLE At;ED WOMAN Tf Ift I* from the New Bnjlatid States, a situa tion as eithi r liou-ekeeper or cook in a (irivate tain ily. Any one wanting can leave their addres at the counter < f this office. Mi 5? It 1ITANTED-A YOUNG WOM AN to nurse one Tv child and wash ft r a unall family, Inquire at No. (? street. feb 3?3t* Mo-EY TO LEMD.-9400 TO $300 AT ] to 90 days or longer. Ad Iress throuzh City Post Office (post (laid) until 8th iu?tant, giving full dartii ulurs of eft'er, " Ticonderoga." feb a 3t? WANTED-A CLERK IN A DRUG STORE, J t ?ue who has some knowledge r?f the husi ness is required. Addrer* u druggist." Washington D. C. jan ?7 sn tt > ???awp? Boarding. BO A RDRVU ? A lady having taken ?he hand N?ne Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row,on f street, betwien Oth and 7th, can offer fine large rooms for families, either furiushed or unlurnishfd. Also, has rooms for gentlemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table hoarders and permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the uetst leasouable terms. jan 29?lw* Auction 8ales. {By J.C. McGUIKK, Amctloaeer. rpRUSTEK'S SALE OF VALUABLE Improved L R,-*l Estate on Pennsylvania avenue.? By vir I tu<! of a deed in trust, hearing date the 4th cay ofl Apiil, I860, and recorded in I.liter J. A. S.. Wo. 15, folios 431, kc., the subscriber will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 19 h day of February, iaVi, st 4 o'clock p m . on the premises, pan of Lot No. 3, m Reservation No. 19. fronting 16 feet 8 inch's on Pennsylvania avenue, an.I nimiing back 105 f<*? t 6 I inches to a l.'i feet alley, wifli lite impr vemeiits, which consist of a well and aiiltstantiailv built tw o story Inn k house, covering the whole depth ?f the lot. The (iniperty is eligibly situated on Pennsylvania I avenut-,between Second and Thirdstre. is west, and adjoining the old Ra Irnad l)c|iot, and is a gtiod busi ness location, and offers to pet sons desirous of in vesting an excellent opportunity. The terms of sale will be : tine third of the pur- [ chase money in cash, and the balance in six, twelve, | eighteen, and twei.ty-four eiontfu-, for notes bearuiK interest fiom day of sale, s?'ciired by deed of trust upon the property. Il the terms of sale arc pot com plied with in six days after t||t> kale, the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the tisk and expense oi" the purchaser. All eonveyaucing { at the expense of the purchaser. Title indisputahli. CHAS. S. WALLACR. Trustee. JA9. C. MetUIKE, jan 29? 3tavvSids Auctioneer. By J. C. MeOUIIlIC, Auctioneer. Trustee s sale of desirable build ING LOT ON THE ISLAND ? On .MONDAY afternoon, February 5tli, at 4 o'clock, ?n the preuii ses, by virtue of ^ deed of treat from ttcO. and wu'e, dated January ltfth. 1854. and recorded in Liber J A. S , No. 71. fidios .'ttt, 33?, h.c., oue of] the land record* fer Washington coonty, the >ub >criber will sell Lot No. 2. in Equate No. 38*, front ing 25 feet on south F street, between 9:h and 0th streets west, runnins bark 125 leet to a wide alley. Term* i ash. JOSEPH C. ISAAC, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIKE, jau 2? eofcds Auvtiopeer. &t!> Mott Bedell's line. SKtV YORIC.JILKXJtSDRM, H'ASNISQTOVI CITY, .iSD DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA P JiCKETS. 'rills LINE OF PAfkET.t'SAILS WEEKLY | [ frc>tn pier 14 E.'i?t Kiver, New York.aud nfti-ner if necessary, and are composed of the following first class vessels: *cw sclir. A- V. Hcjt'i, Bedell, uia-ter. New M-hr. AfoU Btdell, A. V. Tmlwell. .Pcbr. .inn D , Win. Oliver, mister. Sell', f'olant, L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Cotnmender in-Chief. Wogl >m, uiasier. Schr. Greenuxjy, Wilson, master. These vessels are all fast sailer*, and tha maatets I men of experience in the trade, sn 1 the only regu-1 lar line ol Washington t^ty t?a< kets. MOTT BE ELL, Wall street. N. Y. S. S. MASTERS k SONS, Alexandra, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?Dm Washington and D. 6. Gold, silver, steel * plated spec TACLES to suit every "g* e>e. Riding Specs. R. R. Ola-s?v, Eye Protectors, Eye Glasses of all deecrip tiona, Reading Glassos. Goggles; kc.. Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, t 'onvex, and Colored Glassea put in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in want of glasses may be sure to gel those which benefit lite eye a? H. SEMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa- avenue, b?t'w. 9th and 10th sta. jan 90 SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty a?sort netii of Silver Coffee Sels, Pitchers, tioidets, Cup , Creains, .ind all kinds of Spoons and Forka, and a variety of Faney Silver ware, suitable for presents, viz: Soup aad t?yvt?T Ladles, Crumb Scrapers, fish, pie and cake Knives. Cream and Sugar Spoons, etc., is off. ied at low |sti ees, and warranted sterling. ' H BEMKEN, No. 330 I'a. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th s,a. jan 19 GLENWOOD CEMETERY. THE Rules and Regulations, and the act ef mo* pt ration of tha Gienw??od Cemetery have km,.. published in a neat pamphlet form. Auy one wish ing a copy can rectivc it at the office of the Ceme tery or at the Couuter of the Star office. ? ' jan 6?1 in rr\HE FOREIGN OfFICE I.MT, (Britiali) cor I lected to August 1*54, this day reeeivM iron? Loadm. FRANCK TAYLOR jan 15 TELEGRAPHIC Kil-wly far tally Inaiig list Tha Weather at the Berth *nd lut Xtw Youc, Feb 5 ?The muw Ml ebo?t two inoheS h?r? iMt Bight, bnt the sky is ?ow clear Bosia*, Feb 5.?A alight now fell bore laft night. Qobbbc, Feb 6?Thi wttUw b <lMru4 excessively oeld. The tbmoMttr bm bow stands ?t 32 degreea below tero; at Montreal, 22 degrees below sero. Philidblpbia. Feb. 5.?We experienced e sl'giil fall of scow here this morning bat tbe weather ie now dear. At Pittsburg oavigati>o ia still suspended; tue ?either is cloudy and cold, with every af? pearitne of enow. Fire ia flew York >i?* Yobe, Feb. 4.?Two bniidiBge ad { tbe bao building were nearly de etrojrci by fire this morning Tbe loss ia Terr b-V Tb? S? ta ^ ger Death of a late X. R. Romlnte for Governor. Coaroao Feb 5 -The Ret. John Moore the late Know Nothing nominee for tioTocnor of tbia Seate, died sudden'y thia morning. Baltimore Markets B,tiiMeBB."Feb 4 -Flour ia firm, at $8 60 for Howard street. Wheat-sales of 2 000 bushel ?t red at 91 Vo*J2, white at Si VSa|2 04. Corn- a lec of 24.000 buahela white at h5a87f eenia yellow at Ma*) ceuU mixed Sia?4 etr. lew York Market* New Y?hk, Keb 4 -Cotton ia unchanged Flour ia unchanged and in moderate demand, salei of 2 0(0 barrels; Southern 1200 barrels! Wh?at is downward, and the market u dull aoutaern red at $2 l?. Corn is upward, and the uirkot firm?yellow at $l, with sales of tf.OCj buaheis Pork is npwa.dand fi m; Aieee ?t $i2 iO Beef ia dull with a downward ten dency Lird is unchanged. and limited bus* nee* doing W hi*ky? aalea of Ohio at J3 eta Two Persons Irowncd while Skatiig PbilADBLFBia, Feb. S ?Thia afternoon, aa ?? party were skating on the Sohttylkill river, ebeve > airmoat, the iee gave way. and Earle ? bOiBD, a druggist on the oorner of Broad and Spiuee, and Miaa Russell, hia wife's aiator wee drowned At the time the accident oc cured he was abating aleng and nushing Miss KTS?a;i on a sled. A large orowd were pre :eu:, and saw the aecident, but were unable r?Li?r M'''tMee ?? time to sere them. ln? bdies have been recovered Fire in Louistilltt. Lor.feviLLB. Feb J?A fire broke out in the room ?f hiUa hiakeah, tbe aetress, last evening. attheOalt Houee, completely destroy ing two rooms Tbe damage by lire aiid water is estimated at 000 or $h Ooo. The wardr be of Miu Makeah was entirely Oot sumei. Tfce weather has moderated, and boats are arming and departing daily. 1 _ ? TO BUILDERS. I *k,,*'^*ALK will he received by Robert MilU, 1 .. lV ? apt ot Hill, until Thursday, U'ioS:,i ,,,f Fl,bnur> ?? 3 n'cloek, for the EEC- 1 ion Up A FHHTCLAM* KfTILIKKO o?. II ->u?et nortli, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth Mi et? was. The House is lo t?e :? feet front by 16 leet deep ; t*' tbree ?lurieK high ih< hattement, bmilM an kbi? or famt; mid to have a kuiall aide t.uiidinj. D. iwii fti of the whole, tiufetlier wiili aneciBratMNM Will bs exhibited hv Mr. Mill" Mnenal* o ever)* de-^c.iptioa to tie of the lux rliaracter, and all work finirh'.d lu tbe mik?t approved mid workmanlike r ? tbe whole to b<' <teii(iiet<Ml and ready foi delivery by the l?t of August ueit or no ner if pit. eitl?. Payment* to be uiade a* the work piucitwr*, mat bond required, with approved ?ei umv, l??r the laitli fn* c.mplitn *e with the trr? of the etwtraet. Tp? ri/fit i.? remrved of vclectiiig auvh hid as may le most approved, whether the lowe?t or not. Il ibe propoaat* lw sealed they Will not lie op.Mie.l until Hti< r the hour ah >ve nmued. feha?diHtli SILVER PLATED WARE. 1 'OJJPLITB ' ?tire Ret?, t'a?torn, Cake and Fiu* Hrfokatw, Waiters on white trteul. Table, s?*rt, .tii'I Tea Spoons and Forks, double ami pUtrd fii Albata, the !>?:?t tub<*litute tor aiW?*r war ranted nod ?o)d by II. 8EMKCV So. 330 Pa. avenue, between bih and lOlj sis. j in IV MUSIC FOB BALL8, PARTIES, *C. L. F. W. WEBER 1 > CSI tCTHJLLY INrOUMS HI^ KK1 KNI?8 ill IV fotter patron* that he e >nimuea to alteiMi UA IJ.rt, PAHTIK^, 4c., with hu w?J orgaiiiu 1 IMND * aeiaalitr Musician* Hn aLl introduce all tb? aew aad fcahkmabl i Music Al ?03oapll?h?d Ptani t turn sh?d if d>Mirr4.. ear '>nUn left at rnibus a Uitr* Music Ivpo.*, ??uUer*a, er Miller's Confectionery Storea, or at my fisiJriiu-, DB r?..n (Imderaon'o. kaiy Yard, will Biert ?'tU praiapt atten'ion aor tb-Ja BAKKIRO HOUSE OF FAIRO * H0UR8I, OyfrtsiU I \tlt d Slate* 7Vrti*ury. BONUS, Suj. k* andoth?-tr ?ecurittea pen based and sold. Ii. ? rest at thu rate of ?i( |e t cuul per vinniin at Sow tl oil deposit* when lett lur .11 days ot louder. jr.t- 24 - tint PT iNOS FOR SALE OR KENT. NtW ?nd aec^rd hat-a.PI AN'ifi, of by own and tevaral otb.r la'^oriea, are alwaya ti>^9ta| ue L?d it my riuio Warero m, on ?l?fTTTT1 -nth st . l<eter:*o Pa. avecun and k ac ??la 1'i.inot tkk. n in t scii?n^?. Tti^iaq also aitead^i t^j. r, O. KM:cMBNBiU(f P i - A l?* Vti? *<>v pr zmX aec: i d band 1'ianee ' w if aaie. dee 1?i?n BEAUTIFUL WIUTE TEETH. 1 | EAI.THY AMU A UVVKtT RREATV. | J Ail Wht) *Tr d> snout of oiMaililliy tin*e be??e (iis p ?.nld net- '/.UK VI tl!^ iT.l.UUR \TK4? TO' ?1 il-WA^II. This delicto.^ a/M^le < H(i.l.n.?o an mat > meritorious qualities, lust U lias low be. Mine a stindard fuvMite with tlie eiuaeus ot N<-w Y? *k, I'si'^vlpliM jail ba'uniore. Iiiwtisii pre arr l-e it m Uieu practiec uioet succeastnlly, aud frcin - A-ry aouree the must flauenng lawdaiioii* art* awardei it. 1/iAii'iied aud bleeding ijoihs are iMini><diately hen ? fitf'd by it-s nse; in< acU<m upon them m inuu, NO<nh:i e aad eflincuve. It cleaute-s tbe teeWi so th r ujidy, that tlmy are ina<ie to rival pearl in *iotene4S, and diffusa ihr< u?h (lie uiouth surli a lUtift Tful fteidiiitee, lltat tbe br* atb u rendered ea qui Ittly sweet. It diaiufe u all thoae luipuritn * win-b i<*nd to produee decay and as a conseqimnee, wiim Uies?- arc reyn.ved, the treth tuust always re ma'u siued. It is -t-ed and re<*ome)wid<d by all the emuieet Iirriin^ ie New York, Philadelphia, Baltie'ore, ai?d <Hhei cities whare it faa* be e ietn*diiced. All aiio'ilJ kive it a trial Pie^ared ouly by PIANrlfl ZkRMAX, l>rugsi"t am! < h<-eiiat, Wiutb and ('albarina streets, Pbile lelph a. ar.d sold by all Uroerta*" evsrv where, at lib ?ent.* |e-i Uolua. w. U. till.L.MAN, an >7 Jie Agent for VVubiiiftoo CUy. I NOTICE. T: ALL WHOM IT HAT COVCERV. HAVE this day received a?d opened a rroai vari ety oft'L^rKi*. WAT?:HE?t, and IKlYEUT. _ j Oloi ks liow fl 30 to f 15, all warranted omo ye;:r. Alao, gold and nlver M'atehne in freat va riety, silver Watcbea fn>ui fit* to ; fold lever Wan iow from to ?1 50 and a greet assortment of Jevelry, all ?' wbicb will be sold cheaper tbaa g tods of qaality can be b<niflit in this city Th -ae wishing to f?M f<>*d Ooeka would do well U> buy from me, as 1 put all my (;!<?eka in order be fore anting tbem. Call 4ne see f??r your*elret, atib* r*f??ck k. Wat? h Biupcwmof J. aoBINtfuW, 340 opposite Browe*' Hotel. Jui. 10? la (le*H) , \irHO'i? WtUIN 1855, 1 pocket volume JJ 1? d'? Parliamentary Companion for l?65, I |KkWt volume Rtriti?ii Army List for 1&5S * ut all Navy List d ? Tha Plinetary Worlds, Uielr 1'>ip<v(ripliy aed, Te!e?tfopio Appearances, by J. bi^er, I 'ambndfe. Obeervatory, I vol * ^ hlarkw.shI's Almanac lor 1855 imported by last ateamer by feb 2 FRANCK TAVI.OE | rmVAKI??rf IT. A. 8I'PRK.ME CtlUKT RE, I 1 p*irt<, vd 16. je?t ree ive?l by jab 3 FttANCR TAYLOR.

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