Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1855 Page 2
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i* ? ? * - ? r v* f' - * * f * \ O 1 ? ? I lN i i * V ? \ . V A ?** iT<^ ? ?? k TUEBuVi rPTSH.*')-1. T.branry 6. 3^7* The large ?nd convenient dwelling oa the corner of Pennsylvania avenne and Eleventh street is for rent. Posses sion given immediately. For terms ap ply at the Star office. Notice to Svb*cxibbrs.? Subscribers to the Star, who do Dot get their papers ragular )j, will 0infer a favor on tha proprietors by leavir~ information of tfco fact at the Sta* eennting -00m. VPir.IT 0S THE MOSNIIQ P&EBS. Tbe Union this morning regard* the raccat opeoch of Senator Wila >a. 01 Mart , as proct that K".o? NothingUm at the north is simply abolition) sir. The In:'llif*nr*r r?j?!i? that General Cess yesterday added the weight of his in flu aaca agairst tbe generally received doctrine of obeiience to instruction*, to whl?'h tbe Democratic party usuaPy profea such veae meat allegienee 1 he Caneorl To Night ^fe learn ib?.t the tickjts fcr Hos? De Vries' eoncert, which cornea off to sight, sold rapid); this morning. giving every exhibition of a fall and fashionable h< u<e We advise all wbo love good singing to go "to bis concert. Koe? Do Viiaa' "Casta Diva" is alone worth tb? price of admitsion. ^ASPl*nrofl JI2VS AND G08SIP. The Proposed Central American rxpe<L tion -.Wriibjunding tho Union', difdaim of d iking "by author ty," in ju^tlfyi^. aiding, and abetting tbe proposed Centra. American expedition, in i s U*ut of 6liIlda> morning, it stiikes as that its views will at oo<e be heralded by the oppjeiiiou press a< preof positive ot the Administration's coil piiwty in tbe scheme. As we do not believt that the Gove. Mnebt of the United State, arc ia any way, either directly or Indirectly, iden tifl id with it, aul as w? conceive that the prevalence of a diflereM cpiuon will aerve ft bring the Administration unjustly into disre pute with those who value Integrity 0f pur l-ate on the part ot the American Government, we are induced, to day. to publish what strikes U2 as the re:?l fac-? iav?ived a? follow* : As the Umimn allege, tha Nicaragua Ac c*?ory Transit Company is*oppoeod to the sobmuie. 1 hia comply ia composed of mtr chiats and ether citiuna of Sew York, wbo i-^e nine sieaui ehifs and fourteen steam boa'a, and miHl?nj ofoaj it?l engaged in l.-e .egtiiuikte ^usine?a of transporting A mm c?a aitisens, t?r tk? most part, anl their specie, to azd troro California and acroi; the Nicaragua isthuud ia tao way. They hive transported hundreds of thousands thus, with ia the last Are yearB. and where one carnali ty, in the w*y of d- *k,,. or robber- ?f aptatcng r ov. .. . niiraus i?oe has oc curred, one hu .acV. carnalities ha*, nc toriowalj iak*u 1 ?ua 11 "??nara-. iftbmu? route Their *ucc?. ia th:s respect baa bo... pre-tiMneut. and of greit public importance, and it is praiaew.ntht in them to daaire to pre ?true the con-ummiMaa tf a seheia* wbleh they thmk likely to ead In liaiag the Nica ragua isthrme rou'o wi:h ruira .d*rs atd bar ditti, sach &r up to very recently notorious't iiiOiievl tbe Panatea i^tbicns. f-> 1 heir statement on the aibjeot, the;- say v ~ ^.. who really kn-w anything f th ^oan *ry proposed to be olenissd by the t'jr tra^ American expedition, are aware ia correct ) that -he Isibmas is wholly unsuited to tbe ag rieui ural haoi s of North Americans, ani tkat nnlew amp * provisioas far years are ear riod by the a*|?dUioa, i.s members must ei ther siarve or reb; and further, that a? the natives a,e the prores: of the poor, and pro du??e no more than snfficieas tc iieep them ?elvb.' irom starvation, tbe expedition, to pre serte bv?iy and soul togf ther, will be oompellcd to seek to prey on their pas.engers and specie froigbts. slo used ?o be done on the 1'anamn rou'e These will donbtles strike rjM mind?a meu as perfectly justiSable reasons for their opposition to the sobeme. ;Ve thi^t that our jp^bbor it uafortuuat* ia Mjing: ^ the **J" taat U U ra?K?^rJ that the re^en. oppyat .on t-j tae toloairation scheme ,a s^:nbuto.i to the i-.*a?nce of the b. weil foT/?7 Whe,L- r ,b:' iou ot wel. tomdad or net we shall not Icl loin qare, but we ?ia take occiian remark that, in our opinion, th<* claim* ?f that 0 moa t?ve receiveu qaite aa much couiideratiou of Is.e as they are entitled to ^ud that its in WOold t>e qu:?e as mueh promoted 03 aatlmicig to pruvoke too much investigation." Now the only go^arnm"ntal ? ccnaideration or late, ! wbieo, by any powible perrersion of lacts, can be chirgcd to this company's ao oeuat by tbe most vi. uJent enemy of the Ad ministration, ia the sffair of the Cyane at San Juan del Norte. Beth the Union and our dateiided that aet, ?i one of high public nacsssity?one demanded by tbe paramennt obligation upon the Uaited States Government to project, against or*ani?vd banditti and oaJaws, the safety 01 tho Amcr oms journey log to and fro bat ween our Atlantic a?d I acl ic coaata across tbe Nicaraga.n l.lbaus The Administration may fairly exelaim, ?i tu Brut4 ' on reading the Ukh*, virtual chacge of front with reference to that affair ?ppaiently involved in 'be paragraph quuted above The Union seems to bold that unless Nic aragua can prvve the IllibMtenng character of the proposed expedition, she can, under no state oi the case, eali on tbe Government of the laitod states to prevent its sailing Te thia we have to say. that tha United States haa repeatedly of late pot a stop to fiilibuster ing exp?au,ou, lroga our Y#i in BO caee have t*., had at hand proof sufficient to procure a couvieUon for a violation of our AMiUality laws. Bach prosao.tions have boan ?Wi-uted, so far, a< acta of jastice to Govern ia.n* amply able to pr?^t th. ? . =011, Which is nev ib. ease with Niear -f ua which faat, aaiM. w. 4r. ceived in the gentlemen now charged aitb ad maisterwg oar public affairs, wiii lanira that no efforts of theirs will be left untried to pr* Teat a violation of bar rigbta uader tha pre text of colon isiag from the United States territory ^pretended to hare been bought from Ue Mo-quito King, who bad ne right to dis pose of it, as this Ooverament bss always maintained. Oar neighbor takes eepaelal p&ias to dladain aay knowledge in tha mat.e. -a. embrarad in tha official publications on tha subject. Wa, however, d* know mora in Uie premiaae; ani ! Chat additional information eau-es as to pro ' against the scheme, as being Hkeiy to eed 1 fe *ri?T?at injury to ?he pf ,he 0om ?nnfc?Mon tbe A'Wio S?at?s and California by ?he Nicaragua r? ute, and in the violent sosilire of tbe terriory of N,r+rof?? fcy Ampins claiming to holi under a g*ant frorr lbs Mnaqni o ving nhleb even that jaiS'n g? r^ote-tp to be void T*e know thai i a: t't>oa ^f thtf schecae recoutly proclaimed ?'TroBJfh t!^ column* of Ibc Baltimore Argns that oce of the purpose.* of the expedition was to get possevion *f tho Nicaragua isth uu? route ?bo*w referred to. We Know th?* rfflcee- en'if.ed ia tbe affair, are calling th.oigh .ho newspapers i)r volunteers U> sa-vo ia tbe ,vklitury sorvice of the expeil tion ior >ne year. We know tba a pledge ol i bedieaoe to tho military bead of tbe expedi tion, as Again at the authority of any other g-verr.nrent o- pawer whatever, been ad ministers^ , W e know that the display of anus, making their quaitert look like a fall grown arsenal: referred to njt long dace in the telegraphic Corretpoadeuoe *f tlia New York TrUme,/uu o?her foundation thaa ;he me-e.Josire of man ure ators of arms :o gat the epi&iun of ar expert rsto their relative merits as alleged ia the newspapers in oxplanaiion of the fact above kUied. Because we know that yester day *f erncon, there ?a< to hare bean, ou th? ou.t>kirt of tbif city, atrial of arms prepara tory to ordering a large number for thia ex peditir.n While wa know, further, that aomo tijio s:noe an order for two hundred patent r:flej fur this expedition waa ac ually given lVe knov. in addition to what we state above, that the perc?n: who are being enlist ed ^re for the m'.'at part by no means agricnU turslicif, but ^oung mon of the cities?precise ly such tr ware engaged to filibuster against Cuba?the vary ia>t men in the worid to b? able to get a living by agricultural labor, oven if tl?e Nicaraguan isthmus waa not, as it is, entirely overgrown with a tropica! forest of which one man by working rai'bfully for a year, might, ?f he survived the fever, put onr ?crc :U a cultivable condition Knowing all these cirouenstaroes. though we have not heard a v ember Oi the Administration say a word on the subject, nor have we heard of 'he ex p enioi of an opinion by one of them upon it. we still adhere to the belief that a* these facis cannot fail shortly t?> beoome patent to tbe world, they will not permit any such expedi tion as we concelva thts to be, to leave the United States. ^ The Union, we must again remind the reader, base&iu deolamation to the oontrary as we do ours, wholly on unofficial testimony Now, cf late i's aymp ithiea and opiriens have manifestly b-en otherwise than in aeoordance with those of the Administration. While, as all the world knows, the President was firmlj and openly eppoaed to th? French spoliation bill, the Union was doing its beat to compass i s enactment. In its number before ua we Col copied a long communication, designed to effect he full rebanishment of the Memphis Suvj Yard; ye' it ia well known that the te*d of the Navy Department has substan tia.'^ declared to Congress that no good end cou<d be att.iinei by its being kept up as tbe communication in question proposes The Preaidant is known to have been oppose! to P^'fic Railroad bill, which the Union advocated We mention these facte, only by way *?f showing that, of late, the Union't opinions on Governmental matters here are not to be relied on as implicitly as wbon it was in the haVt of reading the views of the Democratic National Administration, and thoeo of the raajori'y of the Democratic pirty Congress. We seriously doubt, under thc?e c'rcu^iatances, whether its opiniens of wha1 i~%y hapren here in time to come, are really worth mu?h more than oura For the sake of the future of the great Dem o:ra ic pnrty of the ooun'ry. we (the senior eli or of the Star,) long for the arrival of the t me wher. a disolation of the official connec tion of Col. John W. lomey with the govern nent witl enable h?m to assume tbe duty of guarding the Union s halm off the breakers on to which that Journal eeemi Jist now bam Ou dashi-.g tbe interest with tin protreli o of w),iob U is ohsrged; it beiDg evidont, to our apprefceaaloo, that tho present policy of the Union oncnot by any means be hla The Texas Bonds Question.?To-day being set for the oonsideration, in the House, of the bill appropriating $8 500,009 to pay the debts of 'ho Republio of Texas, wo proeeo?l to give the Sii '* reauer- some Hea of the fa-ts involved in thia prypo^itkn and its true oharaeter Tie Congress of the United States, in settling tho Texas boundary question, agreed to give Texas $10,000,000, one half of which wa^ duly paid tj her, and the remainder reaerved, as by a provision in the law, for tbe payment of the outitanuing bonds of tho Texan Republio It was also agreed that the Unitea States ahould pa' interest on thia aura until they pay it to the bond holders, which is to be dene wiien they and Texas agree as i? its divisions amorg them They have not yet agreed, most of tbe ben J holders refusing to submit to the method of sealing that Texas propose s and therefore decline executing toiler the re lease the United States law requires. They olub togetaer. however, and c^me to Congress, asking th^t $%,*03,000 shall be paid instead of the $j,000,000 ; whioh first mentioned sum is supposed to be sufficient to enable Texas to pay nearly all her debUs at par. The question is, is there a shadow of liabil ity ou the part of the United States to pay more than the five millions originally agreed to be paid, and interest on it to the time when paid? The plea of the bond holders is, that by the aot of annexation they were deprived of the security of the revenues of Texas from oustoms This is shear nonsense. Texas never had a dollar of revenue with whioh to pay the inter est ol these bonds; aad had ebe remained in dependent of us. she never would have had any such revenue sufficient to that end. The ac t of annexation, instead of impoverishing her, has gradually relieved her from the state of *otual and notorious bankruptcy in whioh she then was, and has given value to her means of herself paying her creditors the balance of her debt. That is. it has made her eitiiens prosperous, and haa caused the de mand for her publio lauds which has made them worth something, instead of being prae tically worthless, as heretofore. It has, in truth, made her able easily to pay the differ ence wbieh she, not the United States, is bound to do, if these demands are just. United States receive, through the annexation, but about $40,000 per annum in d'JUes collected in Tsxas-the iaterest ou one million dollars. Yet they have agreed to Fiy fire million,, and interest, wheaever ***** *** w*th her oreditors how they -?-9 to be pa:d. Now, in losing tbe $60,000 ?cr annum, (not a dollar of which c<hld they have touched until after the expenses of the 1 adopend?nt m?rnue-!t wore paid,) tb?i Iloes was small, in teed Ye: they demand ou that aooount, to be paid from tho National rieasury every farthing they olaim as due from Texas, though tho la'ter, In sealing their olairas, pronoaooad much of them improper to be paid at par. They say that the General Government is unjast towards tbetn In de clining, so far, U pay mora than five mlilioLS, ?nd intereet to date, though for the balance ihey have still tha obligations of a substantial and thriving State, instead of a barren pledge of preoarious revenues for the payment of the whale. Now seriously, there is not tha least jut ice in this olaim against the Genera! Ojvern ment for Increased compensation. The oaly plausible pretext we hava aver heard urged for tho proposed gratuitous paynent to these parties of two millions of the money of the tax payers of the United States, is that ihere is a surplus in the Treasury, and it might as well be circulated among the people as hoard ?d by tbe General G overnment! We have seen that reason Substantially sat forth iff an argument in favor ot tha enaotment of tha bill as it stands 'Ihe General Government, it strikes u? have ;>aid sufficient already on account of Tex*a, without stepping forward to make persons holding her bonds (many of which did n<-t cost more than ten cents on the dollar to theii present holders) a present of two millions oi dollars at a dash, which no one pretends is due in law or equity from the United States to them. There would be much more justice in their giviog the United States two millions of dollars in return for tbe substantial wealth? ability to pay her debts?which has been con ferred on Texas by the annexation. As, with* out that, they *over would havo realised the first dollar of their claims. Mo one disputes the obligation to pay the five millions agreed to be paid. .Many are willing to pay interest to date, because it is nominated iu tho bond, though the General Ujverninent is by no moans reiponsible for its accumulation, innsmuch as it has always oeen ready to pay up whenever called on so to do?the delay being against its wish and under U* pro'est We regard the Idea of de manding the payment of $3 000,0 ;i) extra from the i'ederal Treasury only \>j way of making the psaoe between Texas and h?-r creditors, as perhaps the saost monstrous and flagrant ex ample of a disposition to empty the National Treasury by hook or by erook, in the shorten possible time, tha< was ever devised in an American legislative b.dy, as full of 6uoh preoeder.ts aa American legislation has become in the last decade. Tha Vote ou tha Anri-Ki.ow Nothing Be silutioas, in the Idous? yesterday, was no teat o* the views of members upon the Know Noth ing question We heard more than a dozen weil known staunch opponents of Know Noth ingiam declare t&at they voted against the suspensijn of the rules f r the admission of the resolution of Mr. Witie, bee u?a its con sideration, while leading to no practical rosults whatever, would oocupy tbe time of the Ho?se now ao necessary to he huabanded, if they would dispose properly in the remainder of the session of a tithe of the business de manding tha attention of Congross. The Search for tho SI jop-af-wur Albany. Advices have reach* d Washington from the U. S war steamer Fulton, now on a cruise in the West Indies in search of the missing sl<M>p-of-war Albany The Fulton was at Cane Huyti on the 15'h u!t. No intelligence had been obtained of the search, though the Ful tcn had visited Nassau, San Salvador, and St. Mathews town, to that aad Nothing was known of her at Tuik'a Island. It was clear that she was not wreokou near either of tbe Cnhamaa. On the 15th alt. tbe Fulton was *i have weighed anchor to continnoher search proceeding through the Mono passage, and thence to the Ia!and of St. Thomaa, for coal. Cffiotri for tho Proposed Foar Aew Begi. msnts ?It seems to be understood in office, hunting circlea cf this city, that there is a buffioisnt number of gentlemen already apply ing for commissions in the four proposed new rngiments, to fill up the rank* of one of fcbem. An Army Officer Beslgted.?In Lieutenant Ihos S. Knott, cf 2d artillery. ha? resigned His resignation has been accepted, to take effect on tbe 20th last. Ihe Current Op9i?tion.s of the Treasury Dapartnesot.?Cn jeatcrday, tbe 5th of Feb. there -vore of Treasury Warrants entered on the books cf the Department? F?r the redemption of stock $5,477 43 For tbe payment of Treasury debt* 535 43 F ?r tho Customs 903 ^3 Forooveriiig into tlie Ireaauryfrom miscellaneous sources 5,163 5<j Covered into tbe Treasury from Landa ... 217,257 38 r or covering into tae ireas :ry from customs..... 1,530,887 02 For the W ar Department 282 17 Forropaying in the War Depart ment.. 282 1 7 For the Interior Department 4,400 45 coxo KEanioftA l. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Brodhtad's bounty land bill was taken up discussed till a late hour, cud w?s passed?yeas SO, nays 15. And then, after referring some thirty Houte bill# the French spoliation bill was made a special order for to-morrow (to day ; Mr. Gwin introduced a bill to establish a semi monthly line of steamships from San Francisco to Puget's Sound Shortly afterwards they adjourned. In the House, the rules were suspended for the purpose of considering oertain private bills, which were passed. Mr Witte moved to suspend tbe rules to consider a series of resolutions condemning Know Noihingism; not agreed to?yeas 104 nays 78. Mr. Letcher then oalled up his pending question of privilege, and offered resolutions, as follows : "K'solvrd, That the Speaker of this House be dirooted to revoke the privilege under which W. B- Chase holds a reporter s desk on "this floor, and that said W. B. Chase bo ex cluded from tbe hall. "Rfsolved, That the Speaker do issue his warrant, directed to the Sergeant-at.Arms at tending this House, commanding him to take into custody, wherever to be found, the body of W. B. Chase, and the same in his custody tokeep, subject to the further order and direc^ tion of the House." These resolutions were dissussed at length by Messrs. Latcher, Bayly, Zollicoffer, Eigji ton, Olds, Preston, and Peokham, when the teoond resolution was referred to the Judiciary Committee, and the first was passed. Pending the question on a motion to reoon sider the vote by whioh it was passed, thev adjourned. Pr*credis|i ef T? -l>njr. In the Senate, to,-day, several private bills were passed. Mr. Butler made a report from the seleet committee on the Smithsonian In stitution, which was ordered to be printed without reading. 1 Mr. Toacey reported from the committee on the judiciary, a hill to establish an U S. cir cuit onurt in California It waa moved to make the salary of the judges thereof $6,000 per annum, whioh amendment was debated by Messrs. Ktnar'. Pettit and Johnaon, before we went to proa. In the House, by a vote of 81 aye* to 41 noes, they laid on the table Mr. Peckham's pending metion to reoonsider the vote by whioh ton regulation directing the exclusion of Wb B. Chase, a reporter, from the hall. The bill to remodel the diplomatic and con sular systems of the United States was taken op and debated by Mr. Perkina, of Louisiana in its favor. The Honse then went into a Committee of the Wh9le on the state of the Union, (Mr Jlendrifcks in the okair.) wherein the special order, the bill to pa; the debts of the Ex-He publio of Texas, was taken up. Mr Smith, of Tennessee, asked and obtained leave to print a specch on Know Nothingism Mr. Breokingridge was addressing the com mittee in favor of this bill when we went to pre??. PKB901Y4I.. .... Mrs. Rush of Philadelphia, known as the 'Queen millionaire of the Quaker oity," gave an entertainment last week whioh puts our Washington millionaires completely in the shads. It is said the entertainment oost about $20,000, and that 2000 invitations were sent oat .... "X Obsorver Sphynx" treats the rea ders of the Herald in yesterday's i?sue of that paper, to another dish ef alien malignity. A portion of whioh resembles "X" in the Sun of this morning .... The Minnesota Democrat contains a report of the trial of (lov. Gorman,'f that territory, charged with assaulting and beating Frank Collins, an auctioneer. The jury, it appears, failed to agree oa a verdict, and were discharged. .... The telegraph informs us that Qov. Pollock of Pennsylvania has made the follow ing appointment? : Thomas J. Power, of Beaver oouuty, (E. N. dem ,) Adjetant General of the State. Christian Myers, of Clarion county. N whig,) Whisky Inspector of Philadel phia. C. L. Magee, (E. N. whig) Inspeotor of Weights and Measures for Allegheny county Mr. Cuip, (E N whig,) Flour Inspector for Pittsburg .... A man named Samuel S Chappell, of Poeu?ylvania, aged about 55 years, and by occupation a booh and laoe pedier, was er rested by the Marshal of Montgomery, A'a , and taken to Savannah. Georgia charged wi?h stealing a negro girl, the property of J. W. Sandiford, h>q , of the latter place The girl was dressed in men's clothing, but promptly gave her name when questioned. Chappell acknowledges that this is not his first com mission of the orime of whioh he stands com mitted. .... At a recent interview between Colonel Macypenny, Commissioner of Indian affairs, and the Six Nations, Col M, wat adopted into one of the tribes, acd formally Invested with the title of Uow-w-w gun-e-so, or Paoi fioator. .... The New York Tribune endorses the !Jon. Charles Darke?, who has been elected U. 8 Senator from Wisconsin for six years from March next, as an "old fashioned aboli tionist, a thorough land reformer, and Chrii tian philanthropist " Durkee is said to be a K N. eSQRftlTOWH C0RBES10HDK3CI. Ghoroxtown, Feb. 6, 1855. The dwellings of Mr. S Cropley and Wm llerron. was entered last night by berglars. The villains pushed their search in the dwell ing of Mr Herron into his bed chamber, and stole from his pantaloons pocket, while Mr. 11 was asleep, some $80, besides some notes of value. At the houae of Mr. Cropley, a j female inmate happened to he awake, and i hearing them alarmed the family, when the ? villains flod without obtaining any booty We j learn that they also went to seme other p'aces, J from whicn they were frightened by the in* ? mates of the bouses. Our citizens, one and ' all. would do well to be on the alert i From the efforts which h^e been, and are 1 yet to be made on behalf of the deitinto poor . of our city, wo begin to have strong hopes j that thero will be but little suffering am- n>r | them during tho remainder of the winter ; Wo are informed that a lecture is expected in a fow days from a talented oitiien of Boston, a writer of celebrity, and withal a speaker of no ordinary ability. The time, place, name of the le turer and subject, will be announoed hereafter. The leoture of Professor Steiner tfefore the Young Men's Christian Aaseciation, last night, was highly interesting in its character The andienoe, considering the extreme cold wea ther, was quite iar/e, and one and all appear ed to be perfectly delighted with the produc tion of the learned speaker. The report in the Baltimore Sun of this morning that the arm of Mr. Joseph ifunt was blown off is wholly incorrect. Pars of the flesh, it is troe, is badly injured, but no bones were broken, and no doubt* exist but the whole arm will, uude* the skilful treatment of Dr. Snyder, be restored to perfeo' ?o?niness. SPKfTATOU. ,LA?T CII A i?CIC TO SEE THE MARVELLOUS ORANGE TKEE. THK CORNUCOPIA, LuKT Or T7Im BLOONKR8 I TO-NIGHT, AT IRON HAf.L. (eh 3?It >THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET ing of the Franklin Fir* Company will be held on WEDNK8L.AY EVEXINC, the 7t"h in*?. The electien ot' officer* for the en-fiing yaar will talto place. G. R.CROSSFIELD, As"t Sec. feb 6??t >T IE PRESBYTERY OF THE Dis trict of Columbia will meet in the Fir*t Pre?hyteria-.i CUnrch, 4^ street, WEDNESDAY EVENING, ihe <th instant, at7o'clock,lor ihe pur l>ose of OrJsining ami List tiling Rav. T. N. Hab kki.1., pantor elect ol the Western PrcMiyterian Church nf tills city. The .Ordination sermon wili be preached by Hey. Mr. Nobis ; the charge to the people will be deliv ered by Rev. J. N. Danlortli; the charge to the pas tor by Rev. Byron Sunderland. The public is cordially invited. frb G?2t ,,TI!E WASHINGTON CITY YOUNG '.Men'* Christian Association wit! cele brate it* third Anniversary at the Smithsonian In stitution THIS (Tucaday) EVENING, the 6th in stant, at 7% o'clock. The addreM will be delivered by the Rev. Jaa. A. Duncan. The public is cordially invited. feb 6 - It I. H ALL .MOORE, Rec. 8ec. vT KOTtCK ?ARMORY OF PRESI DENT'S MOUNTED GUARD?The r-f /BP) ular monthly meeting of the Corps will be L " M>hnld TUESDAY, the 6th instant, at 7^ o'clock. Punctual attendance from every member 18 desirous, a* business of vital importance for the prosperity of ttre Company require* a full meeting. All persons desirous of joining the corps will have an opportunity of *o doing at this meeting. By order : JNO. II. McCUTCHEN, Secretary. J. PECK, Captaid. feb 3?3t* L~"bsT.^ON-THE 4?h IN3TAN r, BETWEEN St John's Church and the comer ol F a hi IBth street*, a gold Bracelet, with locket attached. By leaving it at thin office t|ie finder will be liberally rewarded. fob 6?Ji* INDIA OOMB8.?Tust received a nupply of India Rubber, tuck, side, puff, dread ing and children's Long Combs and for nale at feb 6?31 LAM.MOND'8, 7th st. YALKMTINICS, Comic and Seat menial, at wholesale and retail at feb 6?3t LAMMOND'8, 7th St. COWS AND CALVES. I WILL offer for s le at the Market Hotiae Yard on Satarday morning next, live eupeiior young Cow* and Calv. a of Devon and Ayrshire blood, feb 6?3l* L. BEEILEY. CCOMBINED ATTRACTION FuRTHIS NIGHT j only, tor the benefit of the ftu-tamed Necro mancer, Macalltster. O.'d Pelloas' Hall Tuesday, evening, February 6th, on which occastou, ia addi tion to the new and brilliant wonder* and abound ing feau of thia great Magician, Malone Raymond, the popular Humorist. Lectur -r, aiift author of "An Hour ia Ireland and other Landa," will make bis tir*t and only appearance in mirth-inspiring Read ings from his admirable work, giveu by him, in Eu rope, United State*, Canada, fcc., over one thous and nights. Madame Macallister will appear as the Wixard's Page; ihe whole forming oni of the most novel and attractive programmes ever offered to public notice. Prices aa before. feb 6-It* m YOOHft LADLE*' CUBICAL II8TITUT1, J?*. ? Indiana actmie. IH E second term of the pr-scnt scholastic year has just eomaencM. A few more boar inr and day p >;tto cm be acc-mmodsted. a STEPHEN 0. MIllCK.A M, _ Principal is. A. TYSON ft SISTERS* 'EMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, O/i F, /?ci.eren 1 Hh and 13tA ttrert*. Wmtkingon, 1HK tecond term of tin* institution ?ammmct on Wednesday, the 7th of the preiw n ? month, and will expire on the 1st day of July nea*. Circulars may hp had at the piiiicipal bookat<1-% iu the city or at fne seminary. feb 6 At GENTLKMKN:?In vesterday's psper I ftod e sard from u James Maguire. f.'mrdian.'' in'an ??Hr one tinned M- O. Juuse. among oth? r things He says: " My lawyer (Mr. Bradley) told hun mt mother'* father dud insolvent, therefore could hold no property in this woman, who was hi* (my motherV father s) at his death, then she belongs not to Mrs. 'ttdge or the undersigned." Knowing that the w? man ?? bt lo fed not to him or Mrs. Judge." why did he go before Justice Clark and swear on th?- H?l> Erangelv that the woman did belong lo him. Let me ask ehich is true, Ms oath or his card? H? says, also, thru the woman was "formal)" taken po*fi selon of by Mrs. Judge, and nay have mat the fat# against which the public ware cautioned to look out for him. Such is not the case, us he knows she camiat be sold. It i?to keep on. of his clutches that aha is out of the way. The least he say* about the guardianship of ihe daughter of F P. Wood, will he better for him. If he has been n faithful guardian let him prove it?but not by Mch oaths *t tint sw? ? bafore 'ustice Cla k. JOHN M. JCuGE. feb 6 It* NEW POLKA. JUST published and for sale at UIL BUS * HIT7.' Music Depot, the TUNER'S POLKA, Composed and dedicated to Jacob Hiliiu*. E-q . bT J- E*puta, embellished with a beautilul and cor rect likeneas of the veieian tuner. Price 35 cents. The trade supplied on very liberal term-. fnb 6?tf IVY WALTZ. COMPOSED and dedicated to Mis* M. J. Tah'e-, by Prof A. F. Little, jo?t published and lor sah **?_. hilbus k urfz's Music r>s|M>t. Price cents. (,-t) (! CUMBERLAND COAL. TL MP and fine COAL delivered to any pa* t of the * Dis-trict low for cash. Apply through the post office or at th<* lumber yard of the .nhscrihers. I< and 'Jo'h streets, near the National Observatory. feb 6?4 <>3t II. N. k J W. EASUY. BUTTER!?BUTTER! RARE chance for hotels and hoarding house keei ?r*.?K< reived this day per consignment, la e.isks very superior Orange county Butter, which we ?hall sell on reasonable terms. Also, 10,000 pure Hahana Cigars. Terms caa'i. , R H- JEWELLE k CO., fob 6 *** 3 IT Pa. avenue. VAi ENTINES. fTTE hare this morning received the Hrgest and TV niost varied assortment of Valentines ev? i before offered in thu city, consisting of cve?v stvl? unisb and priee to suit il! kinds ? f people cf all arc ' sexes and conduits, all of which we will run off a! such prices as suit tUe times. JOHN F. ELLIS, iSOB Pa avenue, near corner Tenth streets, feb 6?u' \A/ THUS vhdkriiobkd jB^Hcn by infotina th? citizens of Waah - ington that he will attnsid to the laving ? ? t of new and the repairing cfold gardens. JI?o, tie pruning of shrubs, graperies, etc. Charges mod. Ordcra left at Mr. Nairn's, Druggist, corner P? avenue rnd ?th street, and the grocery store of M . V i'L*' ^ap*10' Hill, will be promptly atieedci t". feb 6?eo it* O. Si H AD. THE LATE MR. MEADE'S PICTURE* rr?. F?R !>' a?0 CHANCE X AT EACH. ratzi no.1 "St. Thomas of Viil nueva. giving Alms to |2j Poor." a copy of Murillo, by one of hi. pU|>iU a,., touched by that greai artist ?id to be eq-tal to ih o.igii;al, coat ?4,000. rrii* 2. " The adoration of the 'A nte Men of the Eim ? ^ geuu ne Murillo; cost $3,00J. mzit 3 ?? Head of our Saviour," hy Corraggio; coat JJ1.D0< FRtra 4. *1 000 ?f ,ht"' B,C!,sed Virlin'" by Carref-io; Co^ Mr. S. A. MATLAOK is authorize I to re^ej*,. siihvcripnon^ m this city, of whom tickets m?y ohialne.t, ..r ot M: asrs. TAYLOU k MAC11Y. All money received on account of the R .fflc wil b? deposited m II.nk until tha drawing takes place, which will be duly announced. From the National Intelligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observe.' In several dist\at papers, contained in their Wash t . op coiTespondence. l\ e are glad to sec that ?ne-nUT of the family is willing to dispose of a nan ? r Lie rare collection of the Ute Richard W. Mea i?, during his long residence in Spain, hal oppor tunnies, which his opulence enabled hint to indulge for selecting many ot the finest painting* in Spain thai treasure-house of pictorial richea. The di? turhed state ol the c-untry at she lime, m<.reovei. made it favorable tor obtaining man) gem* of a which would otherwise n< ver have been purchasr From the Boston Chronicle. CM" D'D?vRKt or AaT -Peveral chef iWrr? of Muriljo, Correggio, mid other mast- ra, which ssi> U J"!1,' h?a'n ',ur,n* reVl ''"'??nary times u* the late R. v^ M-adc. have elicited the adinira ir>; 0 connoiwurs during the past week in the RoIUn^o ot iiif? < They are to b* ijifiiio^ed tur th benefit of a dau hter rf Mr Meade, residing In Nrw ' ' * r ?P? ortunity has been giv> n to ih* 1 uhlu^ lor an exainination. ' 6?tf pianos FiiiT Sale "and ijire. T'HE subscriber has always on hand a largessso t I nient and American I'l-^ctf^ ANOS from veiy the best manufaciureranrV^ which he offers for sale at lower prices than can he purchased in tha District of Colombia, and iin the most accommodating terms. All Piaro. pnrcra.-ed from mc are warranted to give satisiac tion. ? Pianos hire.t out hy ?Jie month, quarter, or rear on rea^enaSle terms. * ' t'ld Piano& taken in exchange. B- REISS, Professor of Music, l. - fourteenth and Fnt.-antli strewn, leb 6?Jin* BOOIS, SHOFS AND GAITERS. T J- PORRt^T. ??? Pa. avenna, n. snle 1 ? between 12lh and 13th street*, keeps cons'ant ly on l.aii i a very fine asaostmcnt of Ladies and G.nt's Boots, Shoes and Uaiter* of hi?j own make, of the best material and w^rk manahip. JAMES ANDERSON Cutter and Titter. For sale, Judgment agaiukt Lewis Cass Fo-syth. of Michigan, <mployee at the Capitol, for twe,,ix nullaiaend lhir:;-<cven centa. feb 6 tf ^SUPERIOR PLATED GOODS. HE subscriber wauld in\ite es ec al attention t?. ni? extenaive assortiu-'jit of superior qualitv fiated CoimI^, consisting of? Tea Set-, Wattera, Butler Coolera Salad Stands. Castors, Cake Baskets Forks, Spoons. Ladles, Sail Stands . Cobleta, Tea Kettles anu Coffee Urna. All of whu h are warranted to be of the best nual ity.and at greatly reduced prices. C. W. BOTELER, %- *. o . ],ou* Furniahing Store, f . ? 318? I,on Hall, and S?9 D straet. feb 6 ? lw NEWS FOR THE million: k PLANT bave taken the , ei kn?Tn confec?on?ry exiaWiah r'l' ,'n ?? Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel ows' Uall where they will be most happy to receive their friend, and the public generally. V\ e will keep consta tly on hand a choice aelec Uon of a I kind? of CONFECTIONERY al^kmds ei'er* fore'*n and do,rw,tc FRUITS, of Wc hope br a atrict attenUon lo buatness to wil tli approbation of iheir friends, and merit a liberal 2fCn Centrally. N. B. Balls. Parties, and Families suppled on tha c? no^ ? *"d ton feb6-tf RYDER k PLANT. roR ladies onlyT DR. DUPONCO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS 1.. . IXFJILL1BLE! ,eir 0P?ratioii for the cure of all painful ob whatever cause"1" irrr?ttl*rit'e? h"ve tried in Washington and found to woik like a charm. Those having an* doubts ou the subject will, on application to the general bgeot, be referred to peranns in Wnshingum or undoubted veracity, who know that rhev all ihei are recommended to be. For the name and address of the general agent and a list of he Dragg sts who have the pills for aale see tjie long advertisement in another column, feb 6?eo3l* I IJAV1M IOLP OUR. LtaBKR XI Yard to Messrs. John B. Ward k Brother we wou'd solicit for ihem the patronage of our former customers. THOMAS k DYE1L HAVING PURCHASED Or MESSRS THOU AS k DYER their entire stock, we shaM sonim^. the bu'iness both at the corner of Si?th and H Twelfth and Canal street.. W? h,? nlll^ large and well seasoned stock of I n?,?L " ? wSe Pine of II ri.i, yHToSt hLT ing, and Silling, Laths, Pal'ngt, and ^D k?S JfSL' "??t and coach maker's Lumber ftb FT(JS. B. ward k BtO. cunrani m Amusement*. IRON HALL. POl'K SlUflT* IORI or ROBERT HEILER'S C-rii unhfVil of Firm night of tkr MARVELLOUS ORANGE TREE! By rr?jue?t. the great DKl'M OF TBK NPlBITN. Owing to tbe incnvini excitement attending tbo fx'ifwmxncc iif SECOND SIOaT, That wonderful feat wRl he continued until further Mtiei. ? ? ? rnn op abhiimor. To !1 ill .85 cents l>re*s t'irele rrjg " QtdMil !"*?!* M ?* nay be secure! (ram 10 ? in to 4 p m, at lbs offi without extra change. Polite *n<l attentive u?liers will be ta attendance, fob o-4t FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. Mil- T. M TVUtl.l., Mpfiottntf i ? a well telnetej company, will open at tbc above tlall on WEDNE HAY EVENING. f>h uar> 7tb. Tii' performance wHI commence with THE MAIL) Or CIOHMEY. After which. Mm AN\IE LCI) WIG and Miss IDA FIELDING in then clsbraud Comic Smsing by Mr. HEVRY 8TIWRT. To conclude wub tbe rovriiu farce of TOE SP&CTRE BRIi/EGROOM. Admission 4.*.?. i.u. < >mnibuss*s wul t>e in attendance to convey viaj ilora to Wjaliiafm. feb 6?-9l CAEUST8 SALOON. FOR OSE WIOttT U?tT I Madame Rosa De Vriee AMD RKR OTERA TROUPE wii.l aiva a ur.ixd nroirii. prntital avd nrr.n *Ttr cowtTMrr OX TCESDjtr EVEXISG, FEBRUARY G-'A. On which occasion the follow in? treat combination of Artists, will appear, in eonteiion Willi MAD. ROSA DE VRIE* Prima Ifonnn of the Italian Ojwra Company. SIGNOR morino. Prima Baritone, irorn the Han Carlo, of \?pin, and the Havana Company. SIGNOR MARTIN LAZARE, The cc'ebtated Pianist and Corapoi* r, a id Profes tcr from the Conservatoire oi I'-ris, and who was decorated with 0tie Legion wf Honor, and received a Gold Med I from the King ot Holland, a* first Pianist . and Composer of tbe king % doin. and 8IGNOR PASSARILLA. Tli?> elections for the Concert will contain the geuisofthe . Opera' of Norma, Daughter of the Regunmt, La Favorita, Lucre tia B- rfia. The Pri'phi't, B rber of Seville, La ttomnamhu'n, Don Giovanna, and Lombarih. MARTIN LAZARE, Conductor and Director. The ptice of admi**ion Km b?en lucd at "\K HOLLAR to all parts ot the Hall. Ku extra cbaige for seemed scats. TTie rale ot Seats will commence on Monday morning, at 9 o'-lock, at the Music Store ot It Da vn, Pennsylvania avenue, where a diagram of the hall may be a?-en. With every admisson ticket wi.'l be given a Cer tificate bearing tbe number corresponding to tbe seat. T ie certiucate ha* to remain in the band of the original holder, and establishes the ownership oi the seat. {fi^ The programme, containing lull particulars of Uie piece* to be sung, uiav be had at the Mums W* Concert to commence at 8 o'cik jwciHr. feb 2?t?l DISSOLUTION THE partnership of Barron * <?rme is this r'av dissolve 1 by mutual consent. Al! accounts due the conccrn niu*t be paid t? H. Barron, be being au ttioriacd to close the of the firm. HENRY RARROX, Februnry 3, 1855. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully retpest all those indebted to the concern to conn- forward and settle their bilU by the 6lli of March, as it is very important to him to have I lie business closed by that time. Alt account* left over at that time will bei?ut into the hands of an < fflc^r for collection. All ac couuu due by the concern will please he presented for payment as so?.n a* poss.blf, as I a n ready at any time to meet the ?nine. HENRY BARRON. P. 8.?The undersigned would respectfully say to all the customers of the late Arm. and the public generally, that there will always be kept a stock of Wo >d and Coal at the old stand, Green street. and soficits a share of public patronage. Relieving it to It be-t lor both and seller, he ha* determined to make the term* ca-h. or on short time t? punctual customers. TIIOS. ORME. Agent. feb 5? NOTICE. TflE copartnership of Walter Ha-per k Co . was this ?lsy dissolved by mutual fW?*at All per son* indtb'.ed to sai^ firm will please make payment to Walter Harper, who u (taty authorised to ??-ttl? th? business. WALTER HARPER. February 1, J85.V B. F. GARDNER. ACARD ?In making Uie above announcement WALTER HARPFiR woald take oeea.ion to return his sincere thanks to his friends and pair ns for pas' favor*. He would also inform them thatf r the next thirty days (or until he c|*ens his first sup ply of Sj*ring goods) he will r'ispoM of his present s'ock of beautiful Silk--. Laces. Embroideries. Even ing Diessos, Cloaks, tshawls, M<*rino??s, Cashmere*, and all other G >od$ on hand at greatly reduccd prices. As it is all-important to him to settle up the busi ne * of the late firm as soon a* |>oss hie, he would take it as a special favor if all perst.ns indebted would, within the next thirty or sixty days, tquare up by cash or notes at short dates. feh 5?3t X REWARD.?STRAYED AW\Y ON THE *J afternoon of the 1st, a yellow setter PUPPY, 4 or 5 months old. lie is marked with a small streak of white between the eyes, a ? mall streak on the back of the neck, also, nnder the throat, and all fonr feet spotted with aiuail yellow *->otte .'torn the first joints ot" the foot; aswers to the name of M ilos. I will give the afsn?> reward to whoever wri'l liriag him to my festdene?* on Eighth street, north of the Patent Office, No. 433, or at the Star offiee. feb 5?3i* WM. T. 8TEA ART. A CARD. rr*HE undersigned ha? purchased the lease of the L oatahlishnient known as the '? Meuopoiia Re fectory," situated on Pennsylvania avenue, between 4X a""1 3d streeta,adjoining lack?on Had, which be respectfully informs his fiiends and the public, he will open in a few day* as a RESTAI'R \NT, where visiters can b? supplied with refreshments at all lioura, of a sup rior quality and in good style. The house is undergoing a thorouth u novation, teing newly painted and papered, and will have spa cicus and well furnished dining and supper rooms. I he Bar (nnder iny own immediate direction) sill he furnished with Wines, Brandies, Scotch and English Ales, Lon 'on Porter, Havana Cigars, Re., 8tc., ot the very l?est brands. CLEYF.NT REYNOLDS, feb 5-4t* late of Wiliarda1 Hotel. ' T NOTICE. HE umtarsigned resp^ctfulfy announce to ths public ffiat he is ready now to sell his PATENT REPEATING PISTOLS, or to take contracts for making the same. Tooae wisning to see me, can have an interview between tlie hours of 3 and 7 p. m. A full 'explanation will be given *?? or by my legal agent, A B. Siroustiton. rlease addraM J. W. Brow n, U. 8. Hot.I, Washiuaton, D C. J. W. BROWN. TThs ResL-ter of New Haven, Co?a., will please copy.] fcb t?tw* 718*CLUII0N0f C?-PA*iHt.R6KIpT_ . 1HE co-pant ership heretofure existing between the undi>rs!i:n?d, is lhu> day dissolved by mutual consent. Charles Hatkins, who will continue tbe business, is autlKKiaed to settle the accounts and al t nd to the unfinished business of tbe late J. H. ADAMS, J a. feb 1 ?eo3t CHARLES HA8R1W8. ('I1ARLK* HilKtkl, A rcbttact. (Pa. avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh ttreeU,) WaSHtHOTOM, D. C. WILL continue to furnish Plana, detail working Drawing*, and specifications o> buitdinga of every descripuon,and also to superintend iheir erec tion. tab 1?atf MY COURTSHIP k ITS CON8EftUE\CE8, byWikoff. Price. |l 85. Slavery m a New Light aml iu Giand Results, by a Citizen of Gtmgnmwa. Price ISJ4 cts. A A Ntglit in Buenos Ayrss, a new drama in five acts, by a Citizen of Gooffctowa. Price 19W eta, Tbe Scout, by W. Oitaaore Siaun* ; $1 2J? Ida May; $1 25 Putnam's Magaxme for February; 35 cenu BalfouVNew Monthly for Febrwary ; 10 eta Oodey 1 Ladies Book for February; <5 cts. / For aale by ?. K. LlTNDY, If*. 198 Bridge street, Georfe?own. jan 35?if POCKET and Qmito Diaries for 18S6 for sale by jaa &?tf ULANCK TAYLOR

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