Newspaper of Evening Star, February 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 6, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL ISTELLIGENCJS. A2lJLT-A,*1,TOTo*vCor*c,M ?The Board of dense a met the usual hoar last nieht a Hill in the chair g ' i frw" ^iow#r beard, making an id STOa? j?r / w "P*" * '(?efg, w ' ?lrat WaH '? *** for the relief of Wm Shorter; on. in reference tothe dam ?uUM?ed by the chaw, of gUeofpJ" ?**???, wwt of W.ioent? stre? Va-??*?. cs"y ^ twi?* ? wTprtTtii *??? 10 P*J an?* Scato. for certain printing. M amended first by this board AS tb? bj. the lo.or l.w.r board h.vtn. larittod An tK-^ ' H ^;.4rd Mrgned te thow ?>? ?"?Mon M'.i x^ulr of th* 'owr board la 2??U ii Y'. ^ ? fair' h* ooatended, 10 M Corporation that iar toor# thaB d,b* ^e flf1"*1 biM WM designed to cow. Mr 1 epper conceived that the original mis take was attributable in a measure to the er ror in th.a board, in patting their amendment *? pay w iliiam Thompson hit olaioa for print King oa this bill He oonceived that the proper ^r,' ** direct the original 11 of all amendments, and pan it in that shape r Mr Fi( spat rick urged the propriety of ad hering an i refusing the propo.aU conference oommittee Ihe conrso of the lower board on it, he thought, involved some purpose not yet Uianrested. There was nothing in the character of the Organ, in the extent of its circulation, or its claims to public oonfldenoe justified the pertinacity manifested by the lower board in its behalf. HrwJd #ctire,J with the last ?peaker. He rehearsad the bister/ of this bill, and concluded tbat ihe lower board s auiand ment was wholly UDjustifiabla, and thought 1 W boanl owe<i jt 40 themselves toi throw upon the lower board tho reeponsibil y..?-fy **"lns* the corporation on ae ,C5"il'pr#rw"'''??>? no1tlLqU<!ia ?D th* ?0ti0D t0 *dh?"> Yeas nT *? Bayly/Borrows. ritipstrics, Houston, and Hill?f Jay^-Messrs. Evans and Clark-1 C-th'aHniwV-V"1K pr?"?nt?^ th? potitieu of Catharine White for the remission of a fine D*:., VET presented tho petition of iJarnel Maginney for compensation for the breaking of his leg by the falling of tho iron boih're*?rred. <?"?*"?<"> " * ??th; Mr Pepper reported from the improvements oommittee, a reeolution directing the joint ????? t0 ^t,aDd 10 lb< ^tereft of Coi tionfn^l0" to nrge an aj.propria aPea from Tenth street TV est o the Penitentiary; agreed to Also, a bill authoruing setting curb stone and paving the footway on the south frcnt of ^re> %nd 9#4; pissed, Mr. Borrows reported baek from the im provements committee, the bill for the casual rerairsof streets in the First Ward; p-siedJ Mr. ivans reported back from the cam. el' Um cfefk*5Cfk th? bUI incre,uicg ^ ct iha clerk of the centre iuaxke* The Question being on the third reading ^on^VhT?. ?PP?p#d bill, on the g oncd that tt? enacmcai would pave the way ei^kVn'TK""? '-f 0,9 "'?nes of all the eth^ir i' . ?A ,hc clt* ' ra^^beU In this case tho Ss-jr r*!i ^ardi7 wa,m in hi* p,ace h* coul l*^ot plead Ions "orvice, or a rise in tho the co?tof iivirg sinoe ho took office. Mr. M ?poke at come length to show ihr injustice of t egr?a? ts*at!on now upon the oiusens of Washington. 8?mo limit, he insisted, mist JC i* MP?"** of the corporation Stwt???g?k n appropriate opportu nity to make the commencement. tv-V CTans ur8wi the passage ?-f tie bill. I be increase pruposeu wa* but $200. He was l??ril ^lw KUC.h 1 ffi'ft?f fhe corf oration. Beef had nsen to 15 conts a t jund, and ether a^oow-iri s of life in proportion, atr. Magruder moved to amend this bill by . g ? c ause increasing the .al*ry of the assis ant clerk of the Centre Market to $300 per annum, amendment agreed lo . ta?< The debate upon this bill was continued ia desultory remarks by Mersra. Ev*ns. Magr" %ir is2r?nU J 7' ?!p^r and M,rkj- When hiuL/ft rTT#d/urth*r ???"?Qd the bill by adding a olause taoreksing the salaries of all tho oeiks of the city markets fifty per OOBt. ' ' Mr. Hill arged that an increase of fifty p?r c.r,/or^aor ihem ? ?<? ?.ch el would vote few an increase of twenty per oent. Mr. Magrud.r modified his amendment by striking out fifty percent and inserting thirty three ar.d one-third p*r eent. Et^D8 *nd ??PP*r opposed the plan of patting ryders on this bill. The amendment was then adopted, yeas 8 pl&d; " "a":M "" ?"< Mr. Marks reported from the el&ims ooi . ? bill to remit the fins on Wm fchort ; p!,? Pr***Bted * petition (with bill) ? .J' * I,*rn,iirion to e oet a frame building in the bixth Ward. again,t a brick yS??- fVL* Sixth delegation Mr. Reed introduced a bill to grede ard pavel Fourteenth street west from I to Nonh Boundary street; pasted. The Mayor s lamination of Andrew J Lap. nor. to bb the book-keeper of the Corporation '? "??,ed' "** ?*" ti^r ?PF?'*.d action on this nomina. Hon anui the committee to emmice tbe state 1^* i?0,C Corporation cou'd report on Lis C noas, ai eviaced by bis wrrk Ha k^/atiHri,"1hfb"t?.t"* b?K>ks w#r* J*ry badly kept, and that the appointment ot the tax clerk was ^enoualy to be rtgrefad, if properly kept books were uesiiable He moved that tkts nommaUoa be arer for two noeks Ihe queeticn cn thi* motion was debated further by Meae>rs Peprer, Fvans, and Clarke against it. and Mns-s Marks, Baily ?.?! dor, and Borrows for it-Mr BaJly ariSw! that Mr Larner was the nomination of J pro "tiliolnj*"7' """ " ??Jor,Pio. Mr Evans replied to the remarks of Mr. B urging that as this nomination was that of the ZEwIa ??Ws imm#<li*u ?'*rk, he should be ?ilion Wfc0m h" choo#M in tbe po. Tbe question on the nomination was th.n ,ur?"? c'"?u ~Ih* Bo"d b "fesrasr-f"""- - ?>? fui?? ?f Mr Kuff from the oommittee of wavs and means, reported a bill for the relief of >cvut; paseed. ? Mr. I>un?anson. from the committee on claims, reported a bill for the relief of Wm D Aiken; paseed Also, from the same committee, a bill for the relief of II all A Bro ; passed *r J W Davis from toe commi tee on im reP?md * bill for the relief of u J r,; PM'?d Mr. Kasay. from the committee on Dolice "" j0'01 o, *" * -*'r, Tb^,* r^^nfrL*.bii,1 p,r ofVr* "? w-k'?i ??? ?' of., ckn .0.1 tool-boa*, fof ,h.oo" ^ ? tlite. "C''0? " C"". "i" _ "r- B*?ey stated that the architect iMr Raniett) whose plan was adopted for a new market house, w*s now in the city and ready o ac' in the matter. It woald be recollected that after the plan was adopted, Mr. It. left the city aad hu been absent siaee that tin*. The joint reeolution was approved on 18th of May, 1854, a d sinoe that time thara had been maa changes in thii Board whioh mad* it oaeaiaary to appoiat as additional member of ecismittee to act in conjunction with thf Major aud tka other Board. *he resolution ?a< in the followirr order: "That ajoint committee, oonaisting of two members of the Board of Common Ctuncil, and one member of the Board of Aldermen be appointed to eonfer with the Mayor in relation to the best meant to be devised Wr raising mohej fot th* pnrpoee jof bnllding the new market house." Mr Barr was then appointed the additional member of the committee. Tbe bill from the otber Board fot a gravel foot walk en Sixth street east; referred. Aleo, bill appropriating $116 4J for grading E street, from l5J to 15?h streeet? referred Mr Kali/ introduced a bill appropriating (100 for repairs to tbe Union engine; passed. The bill to pay for certain printing baring been returned from tbe Boara of Aldermen without concur, ing in the amendment and declining to appoint 4 comurt ee of confer ence, this B^ard reconsidered the rote by vriiioh they insisted on their amendment and asking a otmmi'tee of conference; and the question recurring ou its passage? Mr. Ruff mo red that it he laid on the table; agreed to. Mr. Donn then introduced a bill :o pay to dales A Seaton $646 42, for printing done; paved. Mr Donn al?o introduced a bill to amend the act approved June S, 1953, in relation to weighing hay, fodder, and straw; referred. Mr. Joseph W. Davis introduced an aet to amend an act entitltd " An aet to reorgan ise tbe police magistrates." This bill was under diseusaion when we left. Music ih ths Corsets? Poking SEAnr Sticks at Sam!?There was aspic; debate in the Aldermen's Chamber last night, on the nomination of Mr. L&rner to be the Mayor's clerk, rice Clark, removed. Messrs Magruder, .Bayly and Burrows pounded him (Sam) unmer cifully Mr. Magruder taade Ms onslaught of Messrs Brans and Pep t. Mr. Bayly his on what he deemed to be ?' >: incompetency of the Clerks to whom "Sam tad treated the Cor poration, and Mr Borr - his on the redoubta ble Sam himself Mr. iagruder held it to hare been unacooun'aele blindness on the Sart.of Mem*. Pep;cr and Brana that tbey id not appreciate the heinoufness of being a foreigner or a catholic when they held office under the locofocos, so famous for tickling fore'gnera and catholics with straws Mr Bayly intimated th?t the report of the inves tigating committee of which he is a member, will show that '-Sam'' had given elerks to the Corporation who had committed in the disobarge of their duties, hundreds of blunders of which boys of sixteen should be ashamed Mr. Borrows, waxing warm, pitched into "Sam" like a thon;and of brick, aiming to shake hiv> as a terrier shakes a rat ''Sam" said noth ing in reply?but, all around the ohamber, he locked on ntterable things. Stir Amojs ths Lodgkrs.?For several day? pas , an old hound haa been taking lodging* in the trial-room of the guard house. Last night, about the time the lodgers were applying for quarters, some one caught ;he hound and tied a pack of fire cracker* to his tail, and set fire to 'hem. The hound started? ihc crackers began to explode?and the lodg ers, frightened almost as badly as the deg, began to secure thomselvesfrom supposed dan ge; by leaping upon the benches, and travel, ing from <ide to aide of tho room Tbe soene was amusiug while it lasted, but the dog left in le*s than 2 40, and it is probable will not re.urn ag?in. ?? Mr Malo.iu Ratmoad ?This gentleman gires his long promised humorous readings from his own work, this evening, for the ben* efit of the great Macallisier. Many are most anxious to bear him. He is highly spoken of j by the prets on both sides of the A'laniij, and no d^ubt will command a crowded auditory. Qe is not only an accomplished gentleman, but a bold and dashing escalator, baving reccn'ly paid the great magician |20 000 for a tour through Canada and the British i'rov | incea lie secures a similar sum to this prince or magicians for a visit t?> several of our southern oities previous to the return of Macailister to Europe Go oariy if you ei pect to get a seat. A Nsw Rbstaurawt ?Mr Clement Rey nolds, formerly barkeeper at Willarda' iiotol, has letsod the heuse on Peaasylrania Avenue, betweeu 3d and 4j atreets. formerly known aa she "Metropolis Refectory," where he intends to keep on hand a fine supply of choice li. qours and ail the delieaoies of the season, which he will serve np at short notice. Mr. Reynolds'is favorably known ss one who understands his business. Tub Ball to-sight.?We trust that all oar citisens, without respect to party or orecd, re ligious and irreligious, will second tie efforts of Capt. Reese and bis noble Highlanders Company, in raising money to relieve tbe wants of the suffering poor of Washington. Those who do not dance or go to balls oan srnd the money to the Secretary whioh, ?"e are confident will be properly ditpoeei of. Already inaay of our first citizens have sent in iheir contributions. A Delightful Hop.?A charming enter tainment waa ;iven last evening, by (he lady guests at Mr" Smith's fashionable hous*), which was graced by a splendid array of the fashion anu beauty of Washington xhe sup per was admirably gotten up, and? ?? Tli* dance w< nt on ami Joy wa? unconflned, Tiiere ?a.? no *lerp nil mora ; thrre nun* and plra pure did ni^et To chaee tn?- glowing hour* with fifing feet."' Macallibtkr's Bercvit To-right?Every one will bo there, ol oouree? he is all the rage. He is beyond all his com.eeis?his feats are performed with a master's hand, at once bold, dashing, and effective. He takes the reason prisoner, and nia audiences are lost in wender and admiration. He bs? al ready appeared ssveral nights to Houses crowded to repletion, and we would advise him to have the hall enlarged to-night, if possible, (or assuredly it will be overflowed. Elictior.?At n regular meeting of Mount Vernon Club,the following tfiicsrs ^reelect ed for tbo euiuing term : President?J. Tfcos. Sincn , Vice President?Sam B Lewis ; R* cordiug Secretary?Cbas E. Orme ; Financia Seoreury?James H. Lewis; Trtasurer?Wm S 8cott ?? CoaracTioA.?In yesterday's paper we were in error in s ating that Capt Jamss Carberry waa elected i'reaidantof the Bank of Metropo lis. It should have been Cspt. Thomas Car berry. I Colrturfrit? ? Counterfeit five dollar note* on the Bank of Commerce at Baltimore are in circulation in this city. Watch RnTcnsa ?There were but three lodgers docketed last night?all discharged. Wm. Wiggins, out afler hours, dismissed; Riohard Streeks, bail fat court. BALTIMO&I COdER-rONDEICS. Baptismal Ceremony ? A S/ight Sectarian h>wuMt0m Advits (aiatis?'2'ht Mayor's Ap point mint t?OU Hunker Know Ao things ?Jb'i/r??i (Joid??*ir>gs of the Poor, 4rc. Baltimore, February 5, 1355. Quite an interesting ceremony took plaee last night in the Rev. Dr. Fuller s (Baptist) Church. The ordinanoe of baptism was ad ministered to Mrs. Wilson, a beautiful young widow, who resides in, and owns a splendid mansion at the oornsr of Wsshington and Mount Vernon Plaeet, near the Monument. She recently beeame oonrerted from Episco palian to Baptist faith. A large number cI her acquaintances and others were present tc witness the ceremony. Tbe night was in tensely cold At the appointed time, succeed ing certain preliminary arrangements, the young convert was lead into the bapti?uial rent, erected immediately under the pulpit, by the reverend divine. She was suitably oostumed, and looked more like the poet's i leal of an angel, than anything earthly. Nctiing oould he more beautiful aad impreesire than this divine ordi dados. A penitential halo appeared to envelop* the appear ibm of thia young Christian. The So rip tore injunction?"Rapent. and be baptlted," aeemed to impreea itaelf on ever j beholder. It waa throughout an ooeeaioa of peeaiiar ?oleasnitj afidbeauty I learn with regret that there he* keen a ?light ?ieunderftandiu* between the aembftrt of a new and very useful ehari tabid of benev olent institution reoently established in onr oitj. Tte association Wm designed to be lib era, founded upon the bfoad ,ba<U of bhrl* tian oharity, as entirely free itom ex?1o?iTe neaa or sectarianism Kpiaoopaliana, Presby terians, Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, Dni tenant, Universalis^. and all denominations Were intited to take part in the good work. Quite a large amount of money was raised by donations. The enterprise promised most hopefully. Finally sotne jealousy, that hate- j fnl green eyed monster of modern religious dogmas, crept into the good work, got poetess hn of some oi the leading spirits, and pro daoed discord This insinuatire reptile be guiled some few, who #ere penaaded to "J " Stand aside, we are nobler then thon." An tmeut$ ensued, which was well nigh exploding the whole affair The difficulty, however, was finally adjusted, and matters may now move on smoothly, resulting in great rood Would that professing Christians oould ap propriate aeere fully the importance of culti vating that heavenly gift, charity. I have ever been disposed to pity bigots in religion, who rail out against and anathema, tiie their neighbors, do matter of what de nomination. This example is too often tet by ministers themselves. When I go to ehuroh and beer a preictcr diverge from his legiti mate calling so much as to say harsh thingfof those who differ from bian in doctrinal points of theology?and differ honestly?I do rot submit to the iosults of such a man a second time. As the shepherd, so the shoep A bad example is apt to be imitated. If, therefore, ministers go astray, it is not strange to see their followers, who in a measure, submit to the moral guidance of these spiritual teach ers, do so likewise. Oh, that the gre*t moral wostd were mora charitable?more liberal?-we should then hare more religion, more benevo lence, and less bypo?ri?y Scoffers would in this oate be deprived of their strongest weapon Meyor Hinks will band in hia budget of ap point uents in a few days, though it is not yet tully complete. There are to be severs! ohang 4. The city colleetorship, I am told, will ia all probability be given to the Rev. John N. I Mr.Jiiton, of the Episoopal Church. If so, the leleo'iion is an admirable one, that gentleman being a Democrat and a oit'sen of sterling worth. John W Richardson (brother of B 11. of the Argus) it also likely to get an appoint ment. lie i* one of the most honest ana best men in Baltimore. - He has never been known to do an intoutional wrong, and never will. As 1 have heretofore said, most of the old Hunker Know Nothings of the John Wilmot school are much diia;poin'ed at being over looked or forgotten tfbat effect this will hare on subsequent movement remains to ba seen. We have had extremely oold weather. It is now o >ld enough to freeze the herns off a mnley ow that (*s Doesticks would say) never had any. The Spring Gardens is a perfect sheet of ioe, smooth as glasi, and hundreds are out skating. Our harbor is 'omewhat froken, but not enough to interrupt naviga tion. All the ice dealers have put up an abundant supply. There is untold suffering among the poor. Hundreds are resorting to the station houses for relief. Wood is $8 to $7 pe# ootd: coal alao high in proportion; flour $d 50 to JlO per barrel, and all elfe in proportion. This, with no money to buy at any price produces rather an unfavorable condition of affairs. Roderick. READY MADE CI.OTHINO FOB GBNTLKV KN AND U*-' Tombs' wemr manufactured with taataan4 elegance by NOAH WAI.SSIK k OO , nnder Browns' Hotel. Ttielr ?f>ak ambrarc th? Falltot or aui-toat O??rco*t, Dmu'ki, ?ba}>a<l ai.d aeclafpa; T ?1 *??, bl-tck au<t bine Cloth Drni (Vnu, Frock G>?U of all r*?tiloriabl? color*, Caoainmr, Haatuevo Sullen, ^Ich Talret Te?u?, Silks, *C., black ilo-?kiu Casntmer, ft*<1 Caaalirer, an 1 plain CasMmnr Pantnlooti*. Tot the youth ?Jack?t?, Tauta, Vast*. Ove#?*u, 4<\ Aa tn?jr ara tlialr own mannfactarera they are atiable<l and will tall at the ?erjr loweat prlcna. Slilri- of auperlar lit, Collars, Glover. Ties, Ac., ol late at/lea always on Iun1. dec M? *TJ?? SnttLlKOToii reotiTW all th?new )lo"Ve and New* p?J.?r? as fsit a* pnbltahcit. He la a;?hl for Harper'a and all trie other M?g?alueA, and onr reariera will always Ami ? large and sood saaci ttasnl of Blank Book* and Stationery hi* Hojkstore, 01?m Bail ling, cor Pa. sTenne and 4)t at. f?~r? WATCH W.?Menbar* of ContrMi and others "In ' want of a first raw timekeeper wun'd do wall ?o inaka a selaction at cure that their quality may be Uiornnjhly ics: ed before leaving the fity. M W. UAl.T A BRu'd assort moot was narer *t coicp)ete as at present, embracing evnry deacrlption, all warrauted, and at prl -es rert^ln't *? low ss i almilar artlolea can b? purchased for in any city in tbli country M. W. OaLT * BIO., ae?dtf Pa. avanaa between tUi and 10th ata HOriCE OF COPARTNERSHIP. wash mo row hall reitattraht, Comer Pennsylvania are nut and 6M U-, %ovth nAc. S~\ PETBR M. DUBANT, leare to say to hia grrfy^ ifaMy frit-rids and former cuatom- 4ESK.& era that he haa diaposot of JbHOmWfB hi* ert're interact in kti?? latu w>t%bliahm<*nt, under iha 3t. Charlo* Hotnl, ami to inform them * tint tie will h*rc*fi<T be tnnnd at th* abovo-naiiic.i u-s ti'irant, which will conducted itHtlei ih- joint iianafcementef RENTER & DHBANT. The firm h*| to allure their friend* ami the pulv 1 c genci&ll; tnit no exeriiona will he spared by tiietn to de*?-nre it contlnaanceof the f?vr?r n:i4 n? trinnge they h*ve hereti>f'?r? reeeirfl, and that their eatal.lfohment, f?rr order, eli anlin<*?, and at tet tic i to the wants of their visitor*, Biial! he nn*ur pa.swed In thi* or any other city. Their Larder will always he supplied with the moat choice Viands, Luxuries, ?nd Delicacies tbat the mnrket ca.i aflotd ; and their Bar wetl stacked with hflTPKfes of the most ftiTOi'te kinds snd beet qnnlift*'*. whether with a choice lot of Cigars of su perior t.taids. WILLIAM F. BRXTER, jan 31??-o0t PETER M. DUBANT. \ / U \n WORTH GOODS BELLING KT fU PRIME TOST ?Th.- ro^crfher lia*i.i? on bnn't n much larger amount of go< d-> than ia nt tlti< s>.a-*iHi, w II otTer his entire aroek at prime cost f> r cash only, without tl.o res f vation ot a atn;le article, r-om:n micuc on tha tt'lb iu'4*?it, knd continuing until he SOih February. The will b: fonnd rery complete, having been ? urcln?etl n>ost y f r cash at the Jaie peretip tory*a!< < in Philadi lptiin end New York, ar<I orlfrs rare nnluo<ineuU to cash buyers. K. W CARTER. Detw 7tb and *u., op,). Centre Market, jan 90?eo*iw " < ;rkat bargains. "ITt^lSlllNG to reduce my stock of Boot? nnd Vf Hhoe* in order to make room for xprini; cup piiex, 1 shall commence this day to sell ofl m; heavy tioo?!^ at greatly reduced prices. All in want H'a aancrior quality of Sh'?es at vary low prices, chii find them at D. R. Wall's Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Store, No. 34 M trket Spi c*, beT tween 7:h and Sth streets. D. R. VVALI.. feb 1?eo2w IBON HALL BOOT, SHOE, AND TRUNK TA li us 11M h NT JUST RECEIVED, and receiviue, a large supply of be?t qualitv TRAVELING M a ? TRI N'KS, CARPET EACH, 8tc.v which will Im; Mild low. I shall sell my stock of Winter^ Bl>t>TS Kiid SHOES on hand, which embraces ev ery article, at reduced prices; and as my slock ia large, Niy customers and the pu'.lic are requested to cail and examine. To those who know themselves indebted |0 ui<\ I would say that I desire prompt settlement. For the fiture I shall render my accounts monthly - this sys ?em having Wcoine necessary because ol the change in the credit system at the North. H. P. HOOVER, . feb 3?eoJt iron Hall, Pennsylvania avenue. HEW LIVKN ft COTTON OOODS. JUST received and wilt b? sold at fair low prices f?r ca*h; or to cur most prompt cU'lomcrs. We n.itue in the lot 35 pieces 5-4, V 4, 10 4, 19 4 bleached and brown Sheating Cottons, all of the bes. brands ISO do superior ble coed and brown Shirting Cottons from 6j^ to 18 cent* pr yard 75 do all pure Slit-ting Lineup ranging troin 31c to fl per yarj, which we know to be v>*ry cheap * 10 do tine Liueo Sheetings and Pillow case lin es? A larg* variety of Table Diapers, Rtenchei! X brown Tablecloths Daiua^k Napkins, Hackubtc and many other Tow elline*, Scotch and Rqasin Diipcrs, Cloth, Liocn aud cm ton Table Uov>.rs Witli many other desirable (Jooite which we de sire on-chasers to examine before making their ae lectiims. *j<" '>bas?rve that nil ai'icles sold at our estab lishment a-e warranted to prove as represented. cOLLEY k. SEARS, N-?. 549 Seventh st, 3 doors abow _i?p 90?eoQw Avenue Houje. HOWARD'S (J. 9. SUPREME COURT BE porta, vol 16, just revived by jen 3 FRANCE TAYLOR. For Bale and Bent. C*OR RENT OR EXCHANGE?F<?r Georgetown ir ?r ? ?mall and well cultivated Farm l?P?iifti counyr, Va. Enquire of J. OR.ME COfrhi?tf ?ta., No. ST. A.!^rTHE dB8>RAKLE PROPERTY 5^NwJM, and fronting on Fourth I lis > *T7 ? a'd* conUin?M ".ore .or le? IJM Squ*r? feet? improvements a fine ami new built two-story brick house. Title Indisputable For terms apply postage paid, to LOUIS IUKEr! Wash'ngton City. ft-b 6-2i? M*?. llBW^TTj Wtf. 419 Sitth nr~n, between Dand E, ha* three or four fine room* which she will rent with or without hoard, on rea aonah'e terms. feb 5?8r For rent?three twostory bhick Dwelling Uplines, with attic and basement. he itig Ni?a. 13, if, and 16, on Ohio avenue, bet. Hih streets WMt. Also, one small frame Dwelling on |?f Mween Hth and 1.1th streets went. For terms, lie., apply to Mr. JOSEPH ABROr, corner of E street north and 14th at. west. feb 5-Si* f^OR RENT OR SALE? THE BEAUTIFUL r residence of Col. Roberts, U 8. A., on George town Heights. Furnished or unfurnished. Pusses ?ion given immediately. Apply for terms at thi? of #?0j jan 31?lw For bale.?tre c<?od will and fix tares of Ihe tavern and boarding house, known a? the " Washington ar ? Raltimore Ho??*a,? situ ated on First rueet and ifar the Railroad D-pot. It will be sold in part, the pn chaser hnvbig the p ivil egc of lakinf a portion if lie wishes To any one with a small capital it is a good stand for hq?iwsm For particulars enquire on U.e premise*, jnn 31?lw* STORAGE ?Tho-?t: hiving Furniture, D.y Oo >d Groceries. fce to b<* ?to?ed, will fiud ample ae commodations in ti e large, airv. fine s*one paved and Dry Km, iuents under the rttar office corner Pa avenue and Blevrmh st. /nplv at the 9tnr jan 31?tf I^OR RENT? VOR OVE YEAR OR A TERM ofy ar*, the well 4:ttitttert. commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling Hons*, over the Music Store of Hillms & llitz. at the corner of Pa. avenue and 11th strew. It con!~I"s NVPnt^'ji room* wiihout the basement, in which the kitchen :s situated. This it a rare chdncc for a private tkm uy wishing a large hoilse on Pa. dvenne.orfor a per son desiring <he hest location in Washington for a large anJ well kept l?oardlng house, Po*?c?afon given immediately. Apply at this cfflce. jan 12?tf FOR RENT? Posses ion given immediately, a three story brick House and Store, No. 1 01 Kndje street, near the Varket Hon**, ontalnlng 10 rooms and kitchen, u peifrctly dry cellar, ca.mbte <>t holding 20 cordii of wood. Thia is a first rate stand for bmmess, particularly an the Fall* B-idg- is new in passable order. To a i"H>d tenant tliarmt wit, be rcadonab'e. Apply to T. O. DONNOGIH'E. Also, a very convenient Dwelliuji, rontnintng five rooms, kitchen and cellar, lately finished, situated on Lincan street, near Hick'a Cott?ge, one *' the most healthy and pleasentai' ir. Georgetow n. Apply as above. T. (jf p. Jan 24?2 w* T*f> LET?The large and commodious three-story Rrick Dwelling, No.Jiaj B street, between 2d and 3d streets. For terms enquire of E. S. FMITH, Agent of Adams' Express Co., Pn. avenue, between 2d and &1 atresia, j.ia o?colm |_|UMES FuR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily I X located Building Lots, 24 fe?.| front by 130 feet deep, on graded street*, can, until spring, lie hought at the excecdin<; low price of $75. payable .?3 oer month Title indiaputable. Union Land Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wanta ANTED?A WOMAN TO CO'?K AND f V wath in a sin ill family, where there i? no children. One well recornmende.1 will reeeive Lb eial wajes. Enquire at this ? ffice. feb 8-?t* WANTED A PITITAT.ON BY~A ~Y<HTNG W 'man t"> do t?ie cooking for a atnaM family Apply o:i yevemh afreet, between N and O, next door Q'ligl'y's. foh 5?1;* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG Wotnsn a* Chambermaid. B*st of referencu given. Apply on 7th,between N and O?!*., ntit to QuigleyV feb 6-It* IIJ ANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN to nurse one j ? f rhiid and wasli for a Miiall t'amdv. Inquire at Xo. 3e8 (i street. t?>b 3?3i* Boarding. ?A lady having taken the hand aoine Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row,on f street, beiw# en Cth and 7;n, can offer fine la ge rooms fhr families, either furnished or un.|imi<hed. Also, has rtom? forgeuticnten mncli larger than are facially appropriated to single persons. Table tH>Mrders ar>d permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable 'eftna- jan 29-2w* VA LLKKTIN KB in new and beautiful style wholesale and retail r.t feb 3?3t LAMMOND'S, 7th ?t. Black ^uavklki h at very low priccs "1 LAMMOND'S, 7th st. feb 3-3t GREAT INDUCEMENTS. JS. BLACKl'ORD, ttO Brittle bt., Georgetown, ? being desiroe' of reducing his block, i fferi to leiyers Ins larg-; a*sortinent ot ladtes and gentlemen s Gold Watches. Jewelry of the newc t styles and b<M quaiity, Silverware and Plaud Goods at very reduc d prices to suit the limes J. S. B. would respectfully tnvit.' all iu wart of aucli article.i to call a:ul ex iu.ine bis l a^-ort frh 3 ?lw S \LE?TWO NORTHERN LUMBER \\ agops and one Rockaway Also, laying in the woods abont twuniileafr>>m the City line? 104) cr rdi ?")ak Wood ?^6 evrds seaatmed l ine Wood 10J0 Che^tuut Post- uid Kails S'KH) Seasoned "tnd Wagon Spokes Enquire of J. R. McCLELLAV, No. 41 A ?rtreet north, Capitol Hill. trb 3?:?t? NOTICE. ( Tho Annual Meeting of the pWr.ah'rjton, Alexaodria, as J Mt Vernon Me* mboat ( >iup.tny will b" l:-!d at th? Room, o\-er G. 8t T. Parker's Store., on WLD\*I.< DAY, ihe 7th iusia :t. at 11 u ,u. P liictunl attendance of the stockholders is re qucued. TIDiS. PARKER, President. fei? 3 - 3t . II. SEMKEM, JEWELER, Mo. 330 fa. avenue, be;wecn and 101\ ifreelt., OfWs lor sal ? a magnificent asscrtment of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Gold Brricelets, Brea>tpins, Euriufs, S?-nl Ringa Wedding Rings, Fob and Veal Cliaiaa, Seals, Lock ets, Pineda, Tlumbles,Trinkets, etc All ancles are warranted us represented and aohi unusually low. j n 19 T CCONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. J The Gcograpical and Comincrcial Gazette?a monthly publication devoted to physical,com mercial, and political Ge<)graphy, edited by an a?sociation of practical and Scientific gen tlemen. Subrcription .$2 pet annum, single nnmb?r 25 e^nt*. Di.turn ell's Rhilway Guide for Jannnrv?p? er SW cents, with map. _Jan 13 FRANCK TAYLOR. THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR THE CURRENT YEAR. ME list is now open, and etery aubacriber ol will be eot tied to? I. An impresKioa ol a Plate, by J. T. Willmorc, A. R. A.,from the original picture by J. J. Cha lon, II. A., 44 A Water Party." II. A Volume containing thirty Wood Engravings illustrating subjects front Lord Ryron'a Poem of "Childe Harolde." And III. The chance of obtaining one of the prizes to be allotted at the general meeting in April, which will include? The right to select for himself a valuable work ol art from oue ot the public exhibitions. Siatuttes in bronre of he/Majesty on H. rsehack, by T. Thor neycroft. Copies in bronze, from a<i original Model in relief by R. Jefferson, of ,4 The Ertry of the Duke of WHIiiigton into Madrid Statuttes in porcelain ** Kl"an- Froof Impreasions of a large Lithograph. byT. H. Magaire, after the original picture by W P. Frith, R. A., <4 The Three B? wa," from Mo liere'a 44 B mrgeois Genulhomme." Honorary Secmtaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR Si MAURY, Booksellers. jan 24 British almanac and companion i<? 1H55, containing List* ot Parliament, of Royal H nweholds, Miniatry. Judiciary, Forei n Min l?tera, kc., in England, British Minis'err abroad, Military and Coioaial Gov-rnmen'j and peraonel; Imports, Expoiu, Taxes, Da tiea, Revenue, Trade and Commerce for 1864 Chronicle of the H??*ion of Parliament lt<54, AbatracU of iuip >rt nt Parliiunentary Docu menu, and valutble article* on the Campaign, on the United State* Cen.-us, on the health ol Dwellings. Occupations of the people, Flue uiationa ot the Funds; Canals and Railroad*. Public Improvements, Chronology, and mrdi other useful and valuable matter, complett in one vol. FRANCE TAYLOR. jan 1ft?tf Attbtfcm gelee. ?jr S, C? HtQUlRk, AMtlov mi. TRCSTW8 SALE OF VALCABLK . wai wed Real Eniteon Pt-awriTwl* ivt'iu*. -By vir tu*' of a d?e d ,in mm, bearing rfnie the 4- i c?y of April, 1850. and recorded in Liber J. A. ?v So. 16, fidio* 431. kc., the robacriberwUI *eh at p?*t?e ale, nn MoltUAYf the lOil^ay of February, M55 at 4 o'clock p m . on itfe fw^iise*, pun of Lot So. 3, mi Reservation No. 19, ftoiitiflj 14 feet 8 n?c> ? on Pennaylvaaia avenue, and running nark 145 fr-1 0 inches to a 15 feet alley, with the *w?. n.ts, which consist of a weU and substantially Uult tws story brick houae, covering the whole depth of the lot. - _ The property w elifiMr ?ilinted on Pennsylvania avenue,between Second and Third street* wasl and adjoining the ofd Ralmad Depot, ami h a ni'O'l usi new lucmt on, and oner* t<> pei?on* dc*n?J? in vesting nn excellent opportatiity. Thu terms of sale will be : ?ine-third of the pur cha?e money iu caah.and the balance#n aif,twelve, eighteen. and twenty-four month*, for note* fc?r?'i interest 'rora 4>y of aale, secured by d?-ed of iniM U|?o?i tin* property. It the terms of ??le are n"t com plied with In si* day* after the aale, iht property will be refold, upon one week'* notice, at the rb-k and expense of the purchaser. All conveym.cirg ?t the expense of the purchaser. Till* indisputable. CHA8. ?. WALLACH. Tru?ee. J AH. C. McOUInB, Ian 29?3lt?kd? Auctioneer. Mott Bedell's Line. NEW YORK,ALEX JlXoRM,WASH: 'tTOX CITY, Jtb'D DISTRICT OF COI.U IKU PACKETS. 'rHTS LINE OF PACKET8 HAILS \T. EKLV 1 Irotn pier 14 W-1 Kr er, New York, am' oArnrr If nec<-?>-:??j. and ij? CM^irflflfthtMlua f lir**-' e!aas v. rfli: aev schr. A. r. Iieiic'l, Bedell. master N?-v acbr. .V ? * .??//. ? V Tredwell. Hel * Ann. I) . ffm. Oliv?*r, muter. 8c L T'olon', L. A. Fini'b. Whfr. ScN i'yofnwnde, -in-Chief, Wogl .m, ma- if. Greenie?y VVKwa, iTMbf. I'hi-se vessel* a-e all fast sailers, end the r laatera men of ex;*-ri<w la lit* lr*dc, rnd the 0 regu lar lir.c of Washington City packets. MOTT BE ELL, Wall street, N. Y. 8. 8. MASTERS * 8o\>. Alexandria. T*. THO\| *8 RILEY, feh 1?6m Washington ane t^.C. G OLD, 8ILYER, STEEL h. PLATED SPEC JT TACLEH to suit every age and ?.e, Rhiin; ^pec?, R R. Glas?c*, Eye! Protector*. Eve Glasses of all descrip ' tions, Readme GI*mc?, Gog?l?-a; fcc., Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and Col' filn.s-^s put i* frames at the shortest aotic?. Per*on* in want of glasses may >*?? iMiit ,?l tho-c which ibe eye a? H. BEMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet v.. 9tliand 10 h ?K. j;<n 20 SILVERWARE. a VF.RY pretty MXirtsent of Pilver ?'otf?e i?eU, i\ I'itchera, GoMct*, Cup -, Crmm*. and ail of Hp:?on* an.1 F??rka, and a variety ol Kaney fiib'i r ware, editable for tirc-cnt*, viz: Soup ??ni* '>>?it? r Ladl"*, Oritmb Scraper*, fi?h, pie ^nd cak?* Knivt. Crc?m and Surnr Spoons etc., is offered at :cw {at ccs. and warranter! ^terlrnr. H. 8EMKES, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 3;u and 10?j m. jan 19 '|>IIE FOREIGN OFFiCB LI^T, (Bnli?b> c??r 1. tectej to Aii??Kt 1854, this d?v r*'cei?td Iroui Ln dun. PkANCK TAYLOR. jnn 15 | No. .-.2?.] NOTICE OF THE DLSOONTINU \N-?E Of IK* L'mUd Stale* land office at Jeffrrtonxi/.'r, Viii rennei ar4 fFirmmat, Itidxane. T TNDEK tin; provtaioiia of U??- ?ecoiid sec Jon cf| the act of ('on yre B> approved Jun; If. 184f, which declares "tint whenever ;he quantity of .?uh lie la dfc remaining Uii?o!d in any land disuii t (.hail be rvduced to a nniul>er of aen s 'e?-. than o: ?? ^ull drcd fUnii?and. il s'hail be the duiy of t! e Sec leiary of the Trea?u.y to discontinue the ia:id office for ruch district; and if any land in mii? such duim t hliail remain u.nso'd at the time ' ? the liiHCOiitiiiuance u;* n lnnd r flic., the M.!?e ?b-!1 be ?ubject to sale at some one of the en ling .'au;? of ficcs im?t convenient to the district in wiy)- tlw laiul office-hnil have bmi di?cr?ntiiine 1, or' *.uch the Secretary of the Treasury ?.'!4il give ? and inasmuch as (he 7th *ecti?.n ot the act i r?pr ved 4tli September, 841, autiioiizi s the Secr?t f/ oi the Tr. amiry to co* tiuuc any land district in a ncli is situated th?: acat <if gr<vernni? ut >f any ca" o* tin Slates, notwithstanding the quantity of Ian j"^>ld in su< h di-tnet may not amount to m-?re .'.itr one hundred thousand acre*, when in his iih eoniuiimnce may be requited by public coi v?n:enc or in order in clo-^t the land system in mc . 5? at a convenient point under the provision* r ih> act on tint subject approved June 12, 184 >, a?? n?* m>mcA a* the dri/y a^ote rrytnred ha* l-e.r, eci lied upon the Se<-retary of th' Interior by "the cct to m - j tiihli'h the Home Ueporinmt,"' aporovid C M ret, 1849: Notice is accordingly hrreby given tha:.ia .iw of reporia fiom th- Itn i officer atJcrrxa li k. VlNCENiiEa, aml^\'i.NAMAC, that the vac, at I' id in each o' said dtFt-icta is re.luced below <mm l.tiPdre?* ? housan l acres, the S^^ret. ry of the Int ? i:r. rrith ihe npjn/yhcHon of the President, baa dir.-- i?d thai the land office* a: Jtrreasonvii.t.a. ViNCKRKKarMd Winamac; in the state of Indiana, be disc-nnii iu^I. and the lands remaining unsold at the tim* of the diHcontinaance be nndc auhjeci to i^alo at the laitd ' office at Indianapolis, the seat of govci?uj;-ni of I and Stale. remaining 'unaold, and iiapprcp<iat< d ? > law, and subject to j?r vate ? nlrf within tne limit-] o! the du-tricss no*v discontinued, wile s,i i? h subject to entiy as heretofore at those office., from the :lhte of the receipt of thH notice by th< rcg sier and receivers thereof, an<1 the land officer* a ">nt-1 an * e? will give public notice of the da/ on wh'ch ihey will be i>r?pared to receive arf'tcai-on* j for entries of an> sacii land- at their offir. . JOILN ?. ILSDN. . Commissioner ot* General La no Offce. Jancait 2T?. lSii. Jan 29?2awCw ? BOYS1 CL0TI1ING. ~ TIT"ALL ? STFPIIENS. Wholesale ai: Retail | ''!''ti.iiig aii: furn j-hing Merciiauts, ! i. mv n?e, n- \t door to Iron Uall, liav.! on ha. <i of| ilie la -est ami iaon varies! : eorurent? of 1E\DY ? Vl.'L i: i' CiiOTHlN'" in the in try, \vtikh i- innde up in ?very n\le, and caleu!? I to Mitt <11 tastes. Their Gooda a: m ile of ihr U:?( material- and by ib? L?*t wwki i r, aod wi ' 'jc diepo&ed of ? 13t? s t li icanaot fail t ? |.iea e. ] i'ns public are r< -p< ctlullv to cal' ."J e\ .unine tVe -..?ck. fei. :?tf ^TO f 1'5 IC.- VVhereas John K'>rfl" and ( lohne X^l KorlT. Ins ?vit'e, li e ap rn, under a dee , f >ep arstion, the puh'ic are hereby warsed n??r trv-t | the raid CntoJine on account of the ^ub?er:- - r, nu< is not responsible ft r any debts contractr ' yltrj and wid not rav the same. JOHN Kt ?:-F. feb 3 ' law3 ?* 'I HE QL'EliN'8 Regulations aud Order* f - r!u I. Aruiy complete to IK>4,2 vola, London Code Napoleon, literally iraii.-lated 1 vol, L'-'id'JU 1854 Fairboirs Dictionary cf T?nns of Art, 1 wi'. ! don,1854 The Microscope, IU History, construction, a:.c <<t> [heat.on, bv J. F??eg, 1 vol, .*>0 engia> in^s, I <ondon,1854 Hughes duties oi Jud?e Advocates 1 vol The Steam Engine, lor practical men, by riaii - n< Gu.ier, 1 vol, London 1854 The Fleam ftngine, in history and me "ban inn *?y Robert Scott Buru, 1 vol, London, 1854 Riehardk' Po^wlatitiu aud ( apiial, 1 v??l. L?'iv'rn. 18-4 FRAN?if Taylor. jan 20 THE AMERICAN SPORTSMAN; conta:nmg hints lo sporumen, noma on spoiling, aid f jc i Imbits of th-game birds and wild fowl of Aiiieiiea , J by Elisha J. Lewis, M. D. With numerous illm tra tions. For s.ilc at TAYLOR h. MAURY'S jan 3 Bookstore, tour 9tl- ct. WATCHES! WATCHES! IF YOIJ wish a warranted timekeeper, at a reasonable price, jou are innferf to and eiamine my selected atook1?; of fine English and Geneva Watches for ladiea :md genu. II. SRMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9tb and lOUi aN. jan 18?eoiMnr4 * "law partnership. SUPREME'*OUR P OF rilEUNITBO ST AT 7.8.1 ROBERT J. WALKKR and LOTTIS JVMN have formed a c partnership under the name of| "Walker and Janin," for the argument of c?f? in the Supreme rourt of the Caned Statea, at W -h ington city, whe e both will attend tbrougbont lb<> future sessions ol that court. They may b?i aildreeaed at Wnabinfton, N. York, I or New Orleans. jaw 19?er?3ui? REMOVAL. THE undersigned, manufacturer! of Wutr^n's Fire and Water Proof Competition RAring have removed their oflce from Tenth itreel ie. No. 510 Seventh atreet, below Odd Fn'lows' N .ll. w C. H. WARREN fc CO. Office boon fiom 11 to 12 o'clock a. m, feb 3??o3t* TELEGRAPHIC _ h; rtoly ft" :?>? K>h)h ?i?t Be-Flsotioa of ionaor ftmii Albawt, Feb 6 ?TT? lection far U. t ?Senator to-day, retultei ollows : i* hiati. boward. 18 Lhckinaou ?????? | T. Allen 2 Scattering IB BOPII Seward..**.. n Dickinson 14 Seymour it Hant * g Dix T Scattering...*. U Tbo Wither In Kew York. ?w York. Feb S ?thermometer here ranges from jero to toe degrew aboee, the weather clear, and ir mensc qaautiJee of drift iee fl >ating down iho barb. Tbe ferry boa'a bare much diften!ty in fort-Kg tbs.r way through. IKspa'obos from all parts of tbe ?uUe indi 1 oat) the coldest day of tho fawn, and in m toy plaaaa the thermometer kM not atr-od to low for twepty jeais In feme placet it baa ranged fram twenty to fo'ty degiew beiow ^ aero In the Eastern Stattc the i? reported '6 be n">*a moderate. Tho Wsatbor ia Fhiltdalptu, &e. rfULAEBLFHia, tab 6 - l'he th?naoMoiev stood, ttia morning at daylight, at 0 d^g. above ; at Po.taHlle, 9 dog jsluw aero Later foe? law Oreatt Ni? OaLRAwa. Feb. I? ike Mark*t.? The Cotton mariet is unchanged, with a mo derate dtmasd at previous rate/ tales of 4 000 balsa Airivtl af thoCabawba New Gblbais Feb. 3.?The Cabawba hat arrived rith Barana date* cf the 1st but the papert contain to news cf impirtanuo. Mrs Hayae, late Miaa Julia D?aa, ha? re tarred from Texsa. It it stated tao* ahe will cot reliooiUb tba rtage Baltimore Markrts Baltiboxb, Feb 0 ?Flour; sales of 700 barrel a of Hovard attest at $8 J>0. Citr Jdi' < is held at $b 37*?$8.25 offered. Wheat Uoa changed and ia held nt yesterday's rate*. Cam ia orcbar bat to Biles report?. Clover eead; saloe of 250 <.u*-hels at fT. Wow Torb l&arkets Kbw Tost Ftb 5 -Get'on is upward aud firm Flcar has B3 uj ward tondenoy acd fire; ?ales of 4,000 bblr. good Ohio at $8 HnS 17' . Southern it firm, ?ith sales of 1,000 bbl* a' $6 75*9 25. Wheit ia upward aad firrs; ?a>? of Southern wbite at $2 JO per bu*bel C vt is a trifle higher ; tales cf 16 390 )>a. b wV**e at $lal.Cl. Torfc ia apwurJaad firm Leef is nnchaogV, with a moderate demaae .! i r vnus rates. Lard it upwa/d sni firm. W ? ?tales of Ohio at A?s334:. Airrat io~ I :famy Bostos, Feb. ?.?-Pete. Lane of Pc':itj. s 07-e'a troupe, waa arret el tc-day for li*?.icy lie is charped w>tb Luting a firj* wif? 'hriiig ia Philadelphia anl a se* >fld iare ..'a ??*? Leld in $1,0 0 bail. Tote of Censiro Aftiast Senators Cbicaoo, Feb 5 - Resofiaeas roprober :?rg the course ol Sou "or* Doug!a? aai b iei - oa the reptul ot the Mia o u Ovmr . ? .tc parsed the ii.vse te day. Yat 37, no; - Jtsbmtka logisl&tart Chicago Feb 5.?We ere in re-" pt ?-?' O.ui-ba Citj <Ntor to tho 17 b uliui *U. l,ogisl'-f Ne?:ra ki asr^nhied f,n t ? 2? it aud reoo'ved ih?; Mcecage .f ictieg *3< ??? '? r CurursiDg-:. Bc!a Sous'? perc.aearj^ :xed on (&e 17tb t.j the oUoice if o(Bt* s rup po. *d to he tar'-r'b'e to the A Imiri- atton. lhe cutr'c of tbeOcTornor wc -li proi ?bly bo fostaiced. Ba.lroad Comnjua'c^tMa lv.t?fd?Vo'e on tin Conrromise Cbicaco, 111 , 3 ?The wetvy wind and iotecso e?>d ha* ?'oprtri ap c'l railroad oomsucicetioo <?. .K thta ci'j. asoeptiog that of the M;chigar S >?the?n ocd J^niral Last night on the Krok Isinrd l^ta>l Are loeeaio tirer wi h one rata ?er* tr>sea up ?rd one bundled and fitly j-asieu^trs were forced to pasK tbe f ight tu coo-equeuee, in the care on the prairie. K'o coxmucsa ioc bas been had with St. Louit. In the iluute of Kepr^entatire^i yesjarday, a resolution, ?ndcving bo Coatprwoi* Me*? ures ef I860, weje !oet a T>te of?Ayes 10, Naya 50 KOHA f>E i KIK * WALl Z, Coriro^-d b> llnue i K uroatachcr. our I'aIIm, rtr?iit*2tt<*<< to Mkf Ct >' ta J. Rrr?wn. I>v the umt eompo er, mo . [ot wdr *i the \tiuie H-P-hoi Hll.BI A B HIT/., feb 5 TO BCILDERS. PlOPOSAliS w*.'l t'' rM~? i\eH ?>? R?>1?-n Mille, . Arrhit'-ct, ? ? p' <?l I* It, v? >t I'humdif, tl??' of Fet>rti.*rv UbUnt. a J ?VhKk, tor the KRK< Tl?'Wf?F A FISrT ?'I.A .3 B'JII ? :> Q cu " -^ee? n ?rtii, F.xirtamUi u. httrii h ?lrcr.? w?xt. Tli* i? to ??? X f?*et frj?i? b; 'ft le'-t deep; t? Ik* thrw Morif>? | |j i h!h'v? tt ? l?a?- u - .L, !??*: c? an atii? or ta.r- f; a?, * to havr - email rfJt builUin;. of the t'v Jin miti tptcilratiMW will be exLitoted by ?r. Mill*. M?n. aK o every rie?rriptioc mkcni thi- tK*<<T elmraui r *nd all wo?k !r tb* riifir approrrd nn<' worai'iaulike !?is?.-*ii i: i> k> i" ti ui|iiet" . aid rrulr lor ?h!iv**n- t-y tb?- I t ?<s Aumst n?**i, <;? eb.ncr if p-?a rible. ' Fiymen a to In- uv*4e *? lb" work prorr? ?"r. and boiiit requi^d. will. 3p|?n<r?d weadl|r. Fw tbe !?nh ful compl: (fi^e tvi.fc the f-nc* of ihe contract. The fight i* r-vnud ?t !?eler(jr?f euc-B bid te me, be m<?<t a(?pn.eed, wl'?rh? r the lo?eet <ir sot. II tbe propoxate be aeai&d tlir-y will r ot be opened until ifi'T tint hr-u ab m n?me?f. febi?diHth SILVER PLATED W%R~L~ ptOMFLHTr. t'aflVe .S-ta, l>Mt.~/??, t'aka *ind Fruit V-' Ha<ke;f, on mhit* aeiil. Table, I *rt. and T-a and Farts OeWMe aad tuple p'ati-d on Aibem, U.e bt>t Hfb!?^*wte fi?r wi^ r. war rar.ted wnd ?oid by H ^RMKEN, No. 3S0 Pa. avenue, between Mb awl l?a *ta. jar. It . MUSIC FOB BALLS, FABTIM, ftr. L. F. W. VflBER RBSrrOTrULLV INFO&Ma UI? PRIMM awl! fonaer patree* that he en?t1oa?* to at ten. J U AL'.S, PARTI MA, Be., wi.b hta veU orgMia*} HANDef ac eatiOe Mrakdaaa U* ? ill tKtrodae? ell tbe new and fcehtona't.i Haste Au vwoaptiahed TUni t fam'shed If daeiied. SV Orders left ?t* k Hits' Mne e D?v A Janti^r'a, or Miller'r OnOte ktaery P?or?, o* at :nj reablMre, near Qea Hend?*eoaV h?r> Tatf, wiU me*< w.m r--ewet ?tfce*ton oor i?>?Sv BAIIIIi HOUSE OFTilBO AR0UE8S OewWe UrV+i Tfmwury. V>OMDB, Stocks end other eecuriu?e purchased JJ and aotd. Interest at the rate }f mi per neat pet am urn ai lowed on dtpoena arb< a left tor SI ?!ejw or _ NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT C31CK** ?IIAVE ih? dar rree ved ai.e open<*d a rr*e ? ?y ofCLOCKrt. WaTCRM, and JK.\El ?V od Ctorto from $1 .*3 to f :l, el! w?ir*ii?.t year. Aleo, gold and ?ilet-r M atcn*-t mi frer>t v t rietY, ailrer W?trhe? T<q K> s? ; rd< -ver Watober frwtn ?"J5 i? %i SO ? <id a ?rc?i a*?or n?. n of JewHry, al! ?*? ^blcb will to ee'.d cbejp? ? r. ? fuo<ta ?d"aanie Reality r*u he it tin* r Tho?e W??!.i|if to em p>wtl',vkf voeld to bey frrim ????, m 1 p.?. all mf Clorka in nr ? ? fore setling them. Call an I -ee for yonraelree, altheOoeh A Vitjh Emporium of J. JKOBUr^ON, 349 oppoaaia Aawwaa' tie ?? Jna 10? lm ^lssai)

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