Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1855 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1855. NO. 654. THF FYF YTAT} * PUBMSII/.I* s:\FRV (ixoarv ? ? At t\4 i* (Or/.iif'f^wytn m ? "? i-r4 Fio?-?*t4 tt T ? ???,%<;(%* lltPI, i VV til h. to ?nh?cr tv*? *? Ut> eiMa-fl '?r WsiV Pt?41a 4cit>?H. -tt ?IX V ?!> A Qt'AKTlti CBWT.-4, pmf ??? n?. To wail ml?crt>>en il>? ?u!? fytwv ..'ire i* THREE DOLLAR8 AND FIFTY t;~Nf.s t rM< m TWO DOU LAfed ft?r 81X MONTHS, ud OIWB DOLLAl Jar THIPR *()NTII8. Copim on Cur*. r\ - * . Jm - UNDCKT*KEB3. te. OA BIN SIT MAKEK A UNDERTAKER. 2a I ux.<lo t*ued ??u!4 n*pt*.tfal]j iaforia hfc friend*. x^Mhdmii, and th- peh)V. g-nanilr t he ?t!il c^-ttlaoM ti exoeote all crier* in hv Una of bu_i>?*? !u tb? bet *s4rr?r i?.i at tLs fclort Mt nrtW. &KPAIR1IQ n**t2yvt)i pronpt-y eraectBd WSKilALV ittindd tc it ?' the * ho ratiR*. ud (e the b??t1 Btaa?r ft. ivi yr **r?xi in (hi WJ ! perfm( rxr, to I St v/u^Mut k ftK^okfal for j?u?t favora, h? wo aid r-opeotfally Bolk-it, ku<l *111 ??lt4TnT to rwtt s mtnuiM ?f IhiMB'. ANTHONY hUORLT, P v awe, ?. aid#, botweon tfth ud l?>th ?to. KmUwm: Ifr. ?iir'-ifi'i. Wo. 3W. D ctrsot. tilrd boaM ewt ?? Ttb itrwt nir IT?ly UNDIRTA KER. I WOULD r?Bp?etfaUj return ray thanka to tbi citlteo') of Washington and it? rieinity for thai* part patrocwa, anlay that "in* to the froqaent <3mX\i to the Oadertaking branch of my bnainiM, I hove bMi* Ib-Iik-aJ to diaoontinua the maaalhetura of fnrr.Uure. **vl torn my attention folly to the UNUBRTARlNil. th?ye ?par*d no point to hove arery thins r '??* to roquioite to mj buain?M, and I am theretor* fu'ly pr-pare-l to a?ot mj or4?r aftej ? few amx w ootv*. ud I mro thM< who buj Ce ne a *%I1 tha* 1 will rpare no pain* t? carry out k orierr to tH?tr entire ?at?ftfeetton. J AMW8 P. HART IT. No 410, 7th at., betweon tf and R. I. B.?QaL l attanded to it *11 honr* of the night mar t- !? COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New Tort, Texas, California, New Louisiana, Mieeouri, Pvnnsylrani^ Ahbtma, Kentucky, Maryland O-argia, Michigan, Malue, Wi#nnrin, Ohio, and Minnesota. Pkorida, other 8'ataa. GEORGE 0 THOMAS, ATTORNKT FOR CLAIMS, AND KOrAllV Pt'BLin, W*?kliirtoit, Mar Odd- Hrltowi' HtUl, BiVUXril 9TRKVT. Wian^.ry*. D*a ?n* 1? *? F. H. DAVfDGS, ) am COM MISS ION KR Of DtibVS fOR TQK ST A lit- Of Virginia Nov Ycik * Miino Keata^r, Sew J?rmr I'.ilucU IhMmb, ML?t ?h! ipi - CK> i.-'?rt'.;Qt MawecLu>)tU Varr'and P?cuaytTBnla Florid* 9 Wbresoe AUhaoa Iowa ? w *f1a Qalifartila Arkau>4i c C?ro<i-..n 1? ir. \W Su prccsptly ani nKsrateir fs?"-'u'. avenso, Cfp. Ififth r%reet oot l* -f'f rjor stiioNnsukRG, TlAC i .li AND T&ANbLATDk OP Modim liftugutfei nu<l Lttiruturi, so 257 runnuMa irnii. oct T? l' R. n. GILLST, CiHutdlor at L. a w ? Mm *a! rv<iJf9<v in ?rankli:i Row, earner o! K and Tl:irtwalh *tr^t ' ??? 'if??ll' Mm. SCilONluNBfclRG. Tetshtr of t*tatt<> auil Si ?n. 4 ">7 pcnisTWAjru itikcl ?! r*?tf ? WM. M. MtfKslCK, Attorniy at i. ? w , no. 3 8 ujc si\t\ AVUMts. ? Will pr* ?'.?? in toe Sqkw -A%uxt M Xh* United Btatee end* Cotrta of lite I> of volocibia. ?Ine -?n* i I^TUSIN ; CU<??' : < i A .*<iU AG?g ?P.iOf. J SCKO.t h <8^ rt'j ?i'! tt.2?.iisL:_a reri?<jrinf eU?*?* in UkjL'^ti.' t.u Mr?iM>ty.k ?0th October, at I h? rOT*d? ?=?. id'- !'?au?Ti f*cl-?v. Jiufl ori ?i?v Private Modicai Tr^atiaa on thb FiiY.-IGLOJICAL VIKW Of MAKRIAUJS, ?t n U. I.A/CHOIX. 31. urt ALBASY S Y BOO and 130 H' ? r-U'c >aii Colcrol Utho graphs 4j" i'rlcc only 49 C?nta. tre" of pjrtageto nil par'a if the Union~#& CnSAPB-T DOOR EVER rUHL.r-.HICl, <uj ccn:ain1r>g n^irty d ut> tjf '4i!<a.ity ot r-alirjr sxat'wr in that of th? FIH V CKNT^ OK 10LLAR PVBllCO IONS. Tt 'rr%*j u h?> PIIT8'0</> OY OP MARRIAOT, ?ni th? ?e^iaCl'firntitit-eaMl auorder r f y? a til an J c;%turi-j, re fr? la exc^B-e, whwb deatrr.y tr.ephvrirxl k. dxu.n ta! power*, with ob *rr*tioti* is nurt iu Outfos *?. 1 l:a|aa!s.flottti< n*, m?d tL ?tr rvaaediet; with li h>.*mph?, illustrating the an?truiT a*4 pbyaiology, ai>4 o> the r?pr> 4uctir.* or^?iu of b??th e^xeo, tb?>r atnaetui*-, usep aaJ fui<et!ua<i. A popu'ar and iijosprebt u?iTe tre> tiBe on dtr J Jim* *o<l c%e jalti?s of eiu^i? :.nd mar rind lit*?}>mppy and trutt:a Blli^noes, < f &#? ear(D< then iufciiciboa* *i? l ii.f rti! ? cr.ej?l!,cir ob?iau^A ? r?BBoral?'linuorui'tt !u*fj to tbf? ocntetu; witrinoay, t^*t wii! ov-roc-.e tb Jxtious Vtiioim, haw^ver. *hou!d (ako this l;a portaiit * cp vri >iout ixH o>nt)uiUug iu t nbi'tUit^cc tiir dwt^mil meiic.' t:ii> n?nl o. t i-tfiu* y ti* >?? ! a", ?*+ b ? ?k. Kr?pl> icaMy V.^-itrAjJ Lt bn?tiful titLo^r^hi-- ?>M?? ?eno?MI'ty,iti cau.v <?, hy a i>roce?> at one>? e>riui Ja. ?;V*ol?r :u -.l Uiiurab iu^cada e ? ratrs for liuly la-rn^f-ac*::?i.n rn -y on sp -ridaU?rrh<*a with practi :U o' ?^rr^ jooB on a aaf^r, ?nd m >r?? 8U?'"??8f!il si' i? of tfitn-Lt?pre oaati. o?ry b oa or. th- c* iU r>*nl fror: evpiri e?i practice??n e? ay aa ?! ?>."-? tmlag ;r x IndiBTaion, w'.^ pltia ?"1 rutoe Ly wl L h all pxrwbit o?u cur? UMMtine *i iti>a( itw.ary? Niu?ii*< l>r tbjw i?lf tu&teM inivri* &m! Ui ap points I lt>fM ti uuf>r anii?ly f-r? vn.ent la lh< you.ig It ?< d tr>it!>fu! ai?? or i?> tt.? narrii'l *r? l tla ~nut - njl ifir| nirrii ~ Its ptraml 1j par t\ >u' %rtj ii-vna?j' H I'd t> p r?-i? f B'.^rteinloj? am er?t .1 ij't- ?>?' th:'?r f>h? .:? .?? *oai'ti-n, and who ire 0 u ? un>i b i*l-/ b.?(he hftlth, hfc;.pinM* tli i/MI M to wLic!l BWfJ lma;Tl b^ill^ IB on uumi P?l*? : iU w ?>p/, :r 5. o ijie.? !'ircne !ol i*r. d atii irr- o* inwt^" '..muj part of the tini U?lHUt : . N. n.? ?> whi pr? Ki ut?> coa: s.*ti}r La Vou u,. a aa* of in* .?i *>m*d up >u ?? i.icti vL-. book t cr*v r.tu-jr ??n#?|iy or by uail. NediiMMntt& iDj p^ct if tft? U?x>n a^.rliu^ t> lirectio in, <.?.?(? a il car-<jllf Becurrd f-r.a ail 0U?rva:i<>u. AXi -? u LAO^UXX,X. :i MJien ? ar Post l.!?x ?'*, < ;mi?. S. T. 6^ 'X".-:?wp?a dcif .roui 'J a a t j ft p ai, u 4 ci. Kanday V1 a J until ipn. Mm- > n ?? tt*iai>*?.i t ..a S' ? SG Bum ?L, to 31 MbUib Laa?t A.,b? i. 4*e 0 K N T J 81 ftl. 1 \R. 51JN ' ?X :-**pwsru;lj iai ? fuh'Ij *;ten'ie I / ta !?? aw, ????at, ?i> 1 J ii>- < - i.f I?IPlu?V- ? J~ : Avt.tkiU ' taetii, V.iii *?.:ti. : JJ la*C?ti?? ??r/ t-'-J Piurt'jnjxxj/t ^ur. Thtoatjia of Tw??i h?4 ?U? t'ji'oa vItau'. .4^t oyer ^'1 otb?ra tIb: OKUtT ?, OLXtNUNT^, tMM PORT, ao4 USALTf, w.ta N iti- ein th^ a | reapaota, nad ?oin* o'.h-re 1'uUic tn^^o ttca U rotpic .al'.y a>li-1. Pis*.* ^11 a?d *?o spediaone. CAUTION?No othar Uvu'iat i^ th* DMrlat of | Ooluufcr* !la< ri^bt tn m%\? tn!t ?.;!? of Ttaib. pf. B ? r?a*h c3B-'itutioa*l<y h?al*hy, plugged tui Wirr*nt?l for life. Ofl!->e aod h^aiB ?t Ko. "iOi K afreet, vir t^a cor oar of P?<7i<uSi avB?n> aai Hi <tr-*t; BOT U-?tl I r |1Ra S--V-A LL1W M A JIT \SD 1^ Withor* A Oo.'a NoUm p^xch^t *t th.? h^^e^rj ffatea Unc:TTtfut Mo&-yt L\uJ "tVaninte, aa>l Virgin'ij Scrip bought a.-J *iiX I>ri''-s on all tha ,r*uc pa! clti^ aold U ral: par ehaa?r? Parionj i & cLsfaoc ? Mn 11 t. ru - Thj* AVi *ghany oot?H or Land Wirr>nta. may raiy up >a rec^vit/ the Wwt w> *a; reuiittanfea nude by drait o.: ? nv at/ In Iu1 Uninn 7 HAHIM'JV 0. f*VT, Bunker, dae'i?<iaa No i32 Pwaaa ivejcr GCKH? NKVVjJ PROM HOJAK.?JUST RK mveii 100 copii t of Me boovh popular eoag Jl the Mumc Dtpot uf HILBUri <t fllTZ, tVirn<*r Tcnna. avcaue and 11th atr??L )Ml3-tf - OFFICIAL Trsabvky DirAMmrr, Ju. 3,ia*s. Notice is hereby given to the holder* of the fo| lowing Ascribed stocks r* the United States, thr.t thi* department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the l.t March ueit, portion of those atoek., amounting u. U>* aggre gate to fl ,#00,000, in the manuer and on the terms hereinafter nentooned, to wit: In enm of any contingent compeddon, within the amount stated, preferenoe will he give* w the order oft i?te in whieft said stocks may be offered The certificate, dnly assigned to the United 8tates by the parties whs are to receive the amount thereof, must I* transmitted to this department; upon the whereof; a ,trier wiN l>* paid compounded of the loiiowing particular*: 1. Tlie par value or ainouut specified la each certificate 8. A pr.wuuui ou the stock of the loan authorised by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 13, ia56 P* cent.; on the stoak of Ue loan au thonzed by the act. f IMJ, redeemable 31sl Decern ber, 1NB, ot 10 per cent.; on the stock of the Inane hutlioris-d by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem abl. , tin. former on the 3l?t December, 1867, and the latter on dun. June, 1868, ot 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loan a^riaed by the act ol 1850, and redeemable on tlu^Ut December, 1864, (ciMuiiMHily e idled the Tfina indemnity) au per cent 8. (merest oa the par of each certificate from ibe 1st of January, 1856, to the date ot receipt and set t ement at the Treasury, witii Uie allowance (lor the money to reach Uie owner) of one day's interest in : ildkiun. Payment liir said stocks will be mads in d afts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or PhUadelphia, as the parties may direct. Hat n > certificate will lie entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or b?-f ?r? Uie said 1st day of March next. . - , M . JAMEa <"nniiiE, jan ??dt.Marl Secretary of Trt ttury. IjADIES, try Dr. D3P01TC0,SG0LD2ir MONTHLY PILLS A mVURION REMEDY for the cure of al! F"n" *r,! ,he '?'??lit ol OVEU THIRTY S^^pCE?0" the mos luppy effects. they are now published to d'^ ^ i/uli-.r'!1 r' "ufr,""*l "01.1 the diseases1 peculiar to tSetr *eg, may have ibe onhor I"!"1''* *v,n* These pill* have ,'iily Ur n a ear Tet * lL"1' ,:Xlenl ,iu' * little more SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES aave alr??ady been soid, a larjje proportion if which has been sent |,y to it| (1itr,ri>nt p.irts ol j":f,lry ; ;lR"1 letters ;ir? being received daily c?mdt.iig the w .rHient expressions of grstituds tor H rSt*?? h*ve l*"n "vr,v^^ use. 1 In fdlowin- is ;y| extract from a letter of a L * standing who has authorized her name to be communicated confidentially to other ladi.-s * n* ?o mike inquiries respecting the .nodu* Operandi of the pdl-: M ????rtfy. W? expended a Urge aom fu phjtJcUnft*but wlih wtry trifling mud temporary raha/ UmrSlTmni-w? \ > tiu*ed with . M|..w^r Juy.,h hue, "l u'.^T t?w ?o much <11??A^1 -?t she w ?? iri/nonuend to b? rdpfd ly job.- lulo p..u.utijpii?il. At u?m 1 ,aw ?our k?Fiutut lu ? Now Yarn r,.p*r u, f.Uh w J ? b*?!tti h?r (loomr uifUuchoi/, ot ||?t cheer. fui bai.jMcjr ef.pirlU, which Is uousl In rlrl. Vr h-. ?ad If the pill, c"i t^n ^ eutupartoou with n.e happlneM rwulMng from tiiMr n?o " N. H?Theingredientoof thes^- pids axe p. r feet a <jrTTLE?S r" me,,ic,"i,, ''peration on the most d. l.caie female eon tituti-ns. yet as ,,reja/.ui aiwJ toifcWd by Dr. Duponco, their sprcilicaai-^i 1* wicli rtiat married Indite ^h^u.d umj Uhmu Willi pro;jt r firec?iutio?. Udeed, their use is at lII u.die,ie.l during pregnancy/ For the ?me U-on a. evwy puywean knows, medicines which act in Urn, way are the very best that can be used for r"! stoniii the n-.tural, healthy tone and function, of the ?j??em when so mmh impaired and deranred as to result in barrenness. For further particulars see di t'"b J. DUPONCO, M. D , Pro;*ietor, N. Y. ^ bjf K,DW,?'t- LxT'RkNti, 4tCo., TV. ?? Oilman, S. li. Svlvbstkk J B. Mooei, Fust VVaid; U. Miiswicll, Island ; J.'f. rl^ii ii Av'S^entb ?t.; H II McI'iisrsox aL' VValsu, Navy Yard. In C.-orgetown kY ?' L,nf,|,c?"n, J- L. Kidwell. In Alexai;dna by ?>o* & Co., Peel ft Stevens, Fountain & Co., and y P^'Sg^tsgenerall). Jan 16?1,?? hear the witness* KIGHTK0U3 VEKniCT! RHEUMATISM, COUt.'U, FAIN |JV SIDE, *c. W'ONiiEltFIIL cure alter rix year's suffering ol ?iar>l ?nd ,"*h,y 'W^ctable ciUxe.ui ol rn judiie and skepticism can't stand before n,e lure* by Hampton's Vegetable Tine Kai?ii4LL*s tiaova, Montgomery Md ir w December 2, 1854. f l/rssr?. Mortimer 4" Mowbray ? Ue...le?eu_ln 1844 I ha i wl.atty d.Hrt. rs called a vsJ.-nt and eomUned attack ol Chronic Rhcnma usfii and t.out, iroin winch I was couiined to my U-il lor three months. I had the verv be.t nlivsi eijas ?v,it) tiled other various remedies, none of wlu. li tav? me any permanent rtdief. Not havimr e .re t.??, day .,r night, 1 became muoh rmaci aied . my whole ay-iicui a mass of disease, li'erally speak,,1C, the crown of my he .d to the sole ol y 'KVL ' ,lAii to hobble about?most of the nme confined to the Imnse; at times so helpless tha> I w '? ",r ' Wa* bl*? fWicied w,Ui a dreadlul cough, gieat shortness of breath, *'Z "?'Uie heart,and |W?, B;y' -de * bud I . ?>ul.i not lay uii it. Uy appetite eo 0 lo-Ju, hopeaof being restored Lu t. .??'! " UiU,, to from , " , V *' ?' l'H>1^ y^'?- At this time my ll"* "uv/ *L h' -" C'^admoUier'sa pamphlet, with ?nmerou- cerufit ate- ot cures made by Dr. l/aini> t'Mi s Vegetable 1 uicturc. I km w <ni;ie ot th-we wiio ceoifiud to cun?s ter ."nn? d on themsolves and friends. I was revived ^ !l " tr ' '"lormed my doctor of it. He i.ijecteJ ; hut my sufferings were *> great hat 1 un> f,s"1 >"? in. Ot it, I l?!t much relief, which encouraged me to Kv^ thai. I rTlUkl"* ,hC "ecand botllc 1 iMttir than tor the put six y^.ars, my appetite re 1 ?,i^r|,MI* I' pa'" .lhe S"le' '***?<?** of b.-ea-l, d U I KOn"-. . 1 ionl'?u-< ??-"is this won d-r.ul medieme uniiI I had tak' ii seven tattles, ae c>irdiiig to ihi? ihic. tioim; ailll , am |.;1 " ,o USEfh* v*,i,ai ?o p r ?.t li. aJUi wlm a has coutiniM'd up to this time - .^""Vw^r.1"?,n ?t'."Sof my ag^. 1 yesterday 23b lbs. *t,d I never ^."tler in uiy hie. (Hie ol my neighbors was al so affecu d, like tuyself, with KlieamansMi fce M* has alM. been r.-tor.-d by the Tincture. / heard of other cases; but I aui satisfied this Tincture it trwd, will speak for it-rtf. My o?!y object in de M-ribiiig to vou mv and the way I obtained r-ltcl. m to induce the d to try thu Tincture, for tne ' of Ood dune so much Yours, respectfully, Lm . HENBY GAITIFER. t all and get pamphlets gratis, and sett cures of t>?U4h, llrouchius, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dvs ?>?psia, Nerrousuwhs and Ueneral Weakoe.s. As a f'luaie m"dicine or 1* dehcjte childrsn we believe it uu' quailed. Sold by MORTIMER k MOVVB.TAY, 140 Ba!ti i?>re stiect, Haltunore, and 3l)4 Broadway, N. York Cmas. Stott & Co., J. B. Mooat, Is. 11. Claiks. '*A*K?k ^, \V. Elliot, and II McPnga ?on, \\ asbington ; also, by R. S. F. Ct skl, George . town; and C. C. Hgaar, Alexandria, and by Drog gt-ts everywhere. jan A -tr | f I'-riTl'i^S MAI,K T<? ORDER CIIE.\PEh ^ ' E\ kIR.? In order to run off the remain 5* our lik'^ * ?ck ot Cloths, Cashmeres, am: , ' I T* WT "Ji" 11 ?h.s season uke measure and taie. U Genu m -n's G?rtnenu of first quality tnentj per ceut. theapcr thsa our dually low pri ?"** W.ALL v SThl'HEK'S, . .. 8?# Fs. ?v.. n?st to Iron Rill. ( jaa 11 (Sennit <t News) 1 ?iMP0KTANT T0 THK sick. I ?* ??ii<m??a sun Ot bdkiiT^k ? |g ? ?affluent guaranty to tU STII^L following list of Medkrfn#*, roeh M 1mtfcTrtI 4n hta practice tor th? the *i!iL oUy "UHUin bT their effect* th? TaluabU qnalttiea at tribute.I to tb?m, ud p?bi M?1Wlw* ei.r offarw! Co thv /. Z)r. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An invaluable remedy for Hronehitia, Con?ump Uon, aad *11 chronic disease of the throat and if?" * ????tod cmplainte of th? Pulmo o*ty organs It baa proved the m. *t aate, oertain, ~r er*f amP'or*! in the n>Drir? P?'h^ *?cNntoofc ior any of the* forms HfSSE*"^^ Cough, Tickling al'^f .?!m ?*"" of Ti?btn?w i?the 1 bromt, H. jAWffloait/ ?' Rr?at*lng, lioorse L.I0^ Tnd ll"?'ie its U* Will 5w?t2l??^ , J"?Pr??t rerolt*. while it i? pleasant to the palate and strengthening to the whole ay atem. It contains no l:i?diu!Ba or oplut, 1? *ny ?hip*. Prioe $ l per pint battle. II. Dr. McCliiUctk't CM uKd Couth Mixture ^ th^^UK'??refor/T*nt Tickling of tb?Throat,T,ghln?j8of Breathing, Oroap in CLU iii ' ? oontaina no pxparatMB of r-pioo. rrka U cents par bottle. " HI. Dr. MtClmlock's Astknui ay.J Hoof ing Cough Rsmedy. An almost ioatintan*oui relief f. r these ?j's'rve. taioowpUinU Thbi i. the fruit of an imu.anee ?xpef!ea<*, auu la astouiehsug in ita efTacis. No ver *>o nowi a afar a day from Aathma or If ,opU,; Oju<h who *l!l o? it. 1'rice SO <*.?U p?: bottle. IV. l)r. MeClinieck't Duurhm-i Coniid and Cholera Prtventiv*. A prompt and certain ccru for DiarrUa*. Draen tary, and Cholera Morbus in ?U iticrt. A eore ire *;<;?= fiUBiiy ?h,.Tiid be witCont. Prlea 2i and Si cents p?f ktlli. V. Dt. i'JkCk.'i'o-i'j Tonic Altuaiivi Syrup, For purirvi^t; tue llcod. tba oi.w: p^.frfol du rtflw -Ter j.scc r-r^l f .r , M .^erof Joaj J. -ht SU'J **>?*?? Rmptioas, M il,, pia,.d*, Kr>-,. Uloa^ Store and all Rhjijjaat'.c an-l ?r. biiit3 coaipc.nLj. Mr. It in ? most e^e?ii-t:t spring m?di CiM, penally r.%iatu:>i?. ana -afe Vol c'ul- !r. :i r.r fa maliir. Priue(pint iVitiler; j], VI. Dr. McClintocx's Iiyiptoiit Klixir. DyMpfr^flU or disorder.*! di|tw. iuu,' n?y be e.-Mrd the Nau.mai UWa-^of im- nc? Icn<yni!.t?>iii?a!a baaditobs g;ddiu*u, uerrc ?- t aa; low spirits diin nam of *^?on, with moUt r.r rp^k8 before th* rjrn^ofthe no^trila; uulio-w of t^arin/ an*J rluc Ing in :hn e*ra; diaatrr. utle fact.- in Ur uouUi. wincri-tioc or we^bt abnvt tLe co?er; Jifllcuttv of br*%t.. t,g: ???*** ol au&>o.?tiou !u lying down. v? >a ral^thti n?s or w.-^-y M>Cra about *he heirt irregnl-.r ?r d. f.. i -ul ?p^tii* ajn*! o rttnk n? ?t tfc* ?<)???!,; HsJ.jUy: b?artburn; pain or laSfna i of the ?bdenu. .. and coativmmm. *>U3e5?^--r "ys^ptoia- ^pear in I>? p-j *{?? iK^Ustiiurtii che *?nie put?<?&t ha.<< u nv cf ?.n?in it f')s ?'.lj ,3 Jm<-, o: at. diffrreut tin.?e. Fr.r ?tta<.k'..?jj the -j I'r-jieiio "ycjptu.siu iu tL^ir ju??; i,rd source, vil: derati^ * 1 coaditl ?u of tb^dj^tlve lunc '?ons, th? Dysprr.Mc vliiircomhli.?Mal! the e^luaSJa !nared:anb? *hkh ibe e Kingdom nfTorai. iwk'iin r uwietiou with a* v,K ubT- ^ir-.tire'lona-w where lb-re is ootlirer ew,, rr with the A iii-IMiou- IMIh, wh-rk LL- furctioii? - t the ?th i'? irrerfciarly di^l. ;t will be found ? in;*! <?fTrrt!i.i) r? UJ.xiT. frfc# (la piut VII. ih. Aic'Jlinlock j Uiuwiuitic Mix iurt. for itbenal oca; a purely vegf-!a>>!a torobinnr'on xr ?b?rar? of i:b?*..a?atiBi3, G ???, and >11 Ne.xrel <1: t i i ULeuoiatio U- j. 'fbk i- i j^riy !? ntf'-rtd ?!tk tbr at??.-?-1 .-Ou'i lax. ?? : . fca, 1,,^ moat ext. u. ,?.y, :ir. i ?a &.? o>?r a S,.c*SL f?. IUieuuij'Jc Di.uaeea as tbe u^r'ti seen. I 4|jj tot* r. W r?nt?*. r ' Vr. ZAt Unlock $ likeumjiu Liui An '.?fai;lbU outwer.i *p; li.-stlcii f. r u-.r reliei of .?? rc<u,amt,r - n.uralgie j.a -felting-, ?Uir ?ucrc-tr ufli. lo-.^v , p*'.,7 v.*|I e"'* V",V Cr 1; , i- ?T? ri. IQth d.i ?&i Mtu ?r, t-,?#r,., t , A* * zz\ nUt Uril?.r.? ;i|, lh w 'Xl": ,r !,c! ;? ? ?ck* (|rr bjtt't; 3w tvnts. " A 1 . 7t. f .liHtK,"!, t'l i'a-n-Sxtr* tnr.u.^: .^.teriall/and a^r-.uiW Rrth^tu.treiief.-f adjiaiam lV,tl;ach?. ?;*?'* Vujw i-.. f?oa, CbUblaluH, Kama;. gia, L.D.-.i <>; ^r. No pa n a*tvi bo c-. 1KUu*r<'a; "y ' / f?r> a *ii'- w:!i 1'."^ lh:? ioralu^b.e Anc-ij ne. Prtcf io < #i.c* yr.t L< Ittia. X. Dr. JUcCiMtciX's Pto+r ana Agvt Sytu/ic. ILl/' hat> bxin r-u.?J an iaftU'* l? ^?cift<5 for ihie MjOist cs n>vr a.-i for irte:a?jtUi.t foiT'-rM. Ho Livelier or r^i ir-ut in any atue dia trict <ho Ji to tfoiide theu; cWs? vtiih u?iaaura prevfuUfo- 1'rjy Jl por t- vLle. XJ. l'l. MiC'tUdlXC i i tilt Ft!Is, ^ 6 l"or ti?*! r?i?f of ijctis'pniion en J fra ^<u%] re *uita, mch $a Ifrviu h*, !;i:a:neo^, ?iek fctoma- t:. rajna, and all the ?>;upU.n;j enutna.ale-i uo-i. ! the D/i?'ptptic Wlrir. ? Price cuuU per box. Xll. Dr. McClinto&.'t I'ills, | t'j>t liver Oanplaiuts, an 1 all .Vr;?e t.f Uv^ee aiu4ufa- fr-a d-rac^Muoi'i of ti.j livr, witb ??ut. town sod. i.-. Inaaiaa*;. Laa^1,-. i,. t le **f?,yc^ ;? It.ired(Oiigai,p*iniu inerL/'ii "hou1 j^r <*?* paiu ?? fight eJ*, dunt i9re?j Jwoicucii ?r t??vala, d^fi 'isut actr.n of the kidueya oUj < I'-r. d ?i.:n;!a. Aa. P. eee P'lle, If taV>n !t the !oa.^iex.t t t?^?rt of ?iilK x<t tud /aiicv or other Ifnrers, wMl gutnually ward off tha aitaok. Prire to ceutd | ?r i?>x ? lbe abt re \.^-i;cm4a tuay be pr><juretf of all the priiiTip*] ^rogi/Liu- ani Apolh^xvrkt ia tuia Litr trict, wim oi J. L. Lii>iiuv, A^rnt, VV^^inittOD. 9?|f ?-??O GHAT IS ! JI,\ST PUULitillblt: A \'EVV DlriCOVEKV IN mkuicixl: A f'KW wcrdaon Ui^ National Tr.-rttin. nt, wiUi XX out Mfdici'.e, ot Sp., or lineal Wi-akiusK, NcrviHu !>. I>iii /%. ' ty, Low HiiiriN, Latitude, W.-ax- W*/? in se ol tha Limtw snd llacK. ailion and incapai n> for Study iWiidai hubur, Uullni-MS rtf Apprrh.-nxioii, f.o^a t.| Mnimrv "veraiiiD t'? S-o?ioty. Low of, T,i?U.iy; nl.h US?' ' *"? "' l l Acl"'> '"voluntary niKoharges, P.nn m th?* fiid^, .Air-ction ufth*k innian" "" U,C * JUid ?t.'ie: loAnmuw | fL|(>M THE i'KLM II OF I>R. u. DK I.AXFV Tlie nuporUMit fact Ui.-ac cm jaii.U any easily be remove.l wiib ,ut M? rtiei,w w, j? u , and the entirl'ly ntw and higlily succec-siul tr?atiui!iit, us adoutcd bv Um author, fully ^plaiued, by lliea.i of wlMcb ev ery one bt enabled tu cure Uiiii4el('perfectly, a .d at ,ea? ?!,!. uv.>,j,n.r toereby al l lb. ad wrtisad noatrutdj ot'Uie day. a IklCADV MAiJK CLiOTftlftO AT UK Imvedewriniiiejfus. ilotrtlf rcnwinmg iKrrti'.ii of ootr w,utcr no,k at greatly re.luee-J price-,T rlHre gentlcuirii willing to coutull ceoiioiuy ui liurchaa n"'?,?w!WM.TTf",:" <"?? f~c* J- k?S J T ' *ok ?u"1 lu,"'y P.IUU, Vei DrawHrt Sd'all o1. Merin? VC^' ;U|(| r rt ,y l*ll,Je W*f???uU of (iite quality will find our pre.-<?...t variety to be a* well aa * f IM tl,? h?gianing oftbe sea?ou the ad vactage ot much lower prices. * STEPHENS. in,, io 4 Pa- *v,,"uef ??*t to Inm Hail. I'1" (SiTitmpl 3l IVewa) >KPTI.MUS TUSTIV'S WOUK.?The Fi.eJru'^ .' h nn "L Th,; Cwnmnnicant it ii? n i * ttev* 8- ,UiU". !>? !>?? hit.- i.'!:a:4a?u of the Dntied ^latw fccaate. 1 r artlier eupplles received at 5 Taylor & maury?8 _ _ Boolmtore, near 9ih at. m - . TO LNYENTOKii I u?S'H -f' T:r.X->rcjktf n' Pf-t?vtton National i J C. .v Patau .j*.*, aaj S? no* isa^v to *tUud " -'u ['.."?"t. !pVfc? r?^p*tiag tL# Uubn. Aii ???Uj.a un l^Kiets aii:8t V* <llrect?d to thk ol A ?Lcf to la ooas?cI<cu wpj? tJia 'utt*. here ai??teh -an be ?*M?n order at the shostj; ^ TaCLAVI^h, BALLS, See. UN Pi: EC ED Is NT ED A TTK ACTION. GRAND FANCY DRESS BALL or THK ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB. 'IMIE members ot lite Club respectfu ly announce I ??n their fri?-ii'Is and tin- public generally ihnt their Second Grand Ball of the season will lake plncc at the Washington Assembly Rooms, HUK? DAY, Feb. 19th. All necessary arrangements have been mn.le so as to injure to all who may honor them Willi iheir presence an evening of t-xi{iii iie pleasure. Apart from the novelty ot this ball (which will lie the first Fane* Dress Ball given in Washington lot many yearn) they would inform their friends and the public that tlw |ir<-eeeda of the hall will be devoted to ihsir new Library, which in already progressing finely Celebrated Cotillon Mu?ic lias been eng.iged for the occasion. Refreshments will be furnished by an oiperienced cat* rer. Tickets .Jl?admitting a gentleman ami ladies, to be had of the Managers and :it the door on the eve ning of the ball. Manager! on part of the Citizen*. % Hon F v StHtitoi), Teiui Walter Lenox. E-q lion R II Stiinion, Ky RtcliM Wallach, Esq Hon T B Flor. nee, I\t Col Bairett Capt Tyler Dr Hake B B Fren-Hi, Esq Jas A Itiown, Esq M-inager* an part 0/Ike Club. Ri'-hard Ev*tif, v G IV kam!Hcr, II S Litchfield, II t*iy I udley, J Smitlilet, G F Adams, F G icst. W,? || Ualton, Jos B Walling. Wm Williams, I. A'tdetson, Daniel Driscol. felt 3,7,14 & 17 MEDICAL O tFLCE. IISTABl ISIIKD in 1651, by Dm. BROTHER* &GRAY,17J> Sotilii B st, for jag:>77r/7 T>. ~rr?. the ? tire of vene Jiii.l.A* lue ? lire 01 vent; I'lblM r#?il diseases in all , l!ikp-w iti firntts. It iJ AL. deplorable 10 wit- W' J' ? ne*s some of the ' ? <v?S>. ~ ? ... eases tltHt are pre- ^ . sented to Drs. B. / - ' & G., where thet#^ 1IU4 u*e has b';en d r i.v e 11 into the system b.- quae* * ki h Mercury, to break < ut again in the fornuot spot-, and ulcers on the b *ly or 111 the throat and nose. W ejx'rforui exna ordinary cases in from Utree to ilv^ days, arid old, iriM-trMrtted, lingering cases in two to three week*. There can he j-een at our office i?re?criptk?!H from nearly every physician in tha District for ptivate 1 diseases, which have failed K) cure and at lasl ap plied to lis tor relief. 1 Remember, 170 South B street, Island. jai^27__lin* / 1 UBAV INDUCkinKsTi. *-J CANFlELD BROTHER & CO . 3a ? Mali, more tirt-et, baton ore.'Md., , Oil^r to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac-1 ci tint ol stock, a large <4<>ck of nxenty imported 1 g..j?ds, -uch as WATCHES. JEVKLRY, SILVER ?\ ARK, JilkaU and Pl.Ue.i G,ioJi. CiotAi, Hrontet V te$, Miuicid Bora, Dresden C/itna, <Ar , AT PKI T,,R TIMES, WITHOUT RE G^IHD TO COST. jan3I?tr 255 Looking Glasses, 255 Oi* a!i ani^jiiul y, ?.eaebor Qi rcnun plate, *h:ip/ or I' iUnit kill f Cture Prunes, Qilt or y?i!:?y C?i.cre1. Al-o, (lilt Room -?Iarblo U>b Bracket and 1 Cv>r?.c ? mndo or l,Tr II.*. nl: k.'rM.'a of old *ut\ rr-iKLJ with ils^tch ic 1 vc ad>ouftb!H I r;j? hv J Hik'.lNfc.-t, 5*55 Pi *???ouo, Ki.-kr-.<.hI II tue tf UNION aUADKMY. Ci rttr of i-burUenth s'. a *l Aftc JV> JL c.v< >.tw. 4 Fk.%\ li' l> JlupilH MB l)< Ki.t'Vi' i to lx .4*iC0 t'p i"l_ C-5 limited tuiabcr. A piis?*n.i ?r.u.>t ?e . <? >t. The li e plioe, lnalru tiut.. -1? I u.oju!' o- il!i: >t -Hti u WT* s ;ch 91- to injure aiista t- r> j,f.? K.-'-s iu tiioae . Uj?i!s w2i- ate t-:._i.tua!, regi-h r and oiodt- ct. Circulars at tho bookfitor-.-s !,c Z. RICH j.Rj)B. 1'rir.ctpal. T. H. PfllLLIPO' COiiCn FAC10KY, 411 E^hUj st, ??Jj inin^ r.hlu-y'a Livery riUb'cs OH i.*ti to tlio in.'; ir whioit p. ^euerotta ) ibis b:uf ?e.' lo *'uJ tl- .-i? tu *, i lj .fa 1 eT. cvtu* pwlei t;> :i a T.c?* an.I latter bull-<i' g | jf ?j,. o on ol ?. l>-!ines3. il re I s-.ial; l,* ?u ? xrt.u ? ^!1 v*tru?-i.'J ?? av. wi?, ?i r i. 'jes njtii uisptt i*51. Ao?i r w< rSJ 'i I- i tu?-. H.llel" .1 .-untinusn V <r ft; ? i uhli V j at ?ruge. (.RrrKg-n i:;i Wf|(i n*. ol ?h ? m-^st uio i iii sty e, ot :he b>f>t ia-ier t.1 ?, an-1 * rant!-?l to iv? ?;? !Sfa< li ?!! ^ Oi *fe y Itfur.pSm [?uuduf :;> *ttoi?d?i2 t*ji Vh m9 li?yip, * iiin*] Cil.irei.c,* t!&rri?.r'f n-%r:, x . M.. _ ,, PIANOS l-PIANOS! \\ji ? ave to ??all t|i? attrntion ol t!,? public f V to ottr stock ol Plaints now mi -T)r j ,_ tiand, consisting ol sup-ib linishe' 7,^*i 8!^ and f? octave ro?e\v<MHl case in-fclj stniNieriis from the world-renowned V ? * I manufactories of II liei, Davi-. it Co., liostou, and Kn;ihe, tiaehle at Co., HalUamre, ri>in; ri.-in^ in all the largest, most relmltle and s? leet assortment ever (?llered in this city. Also, Stools. Covers, tie. Old Pianos taken in exehanee. W<- will make reasonable i-i^eonnis lor cash, or sell on lime. JOHN F. ELLIS, No. 300 Pa. avenue m ar Tenth Mrei t. jati 31 I'ulltd State* Patent Ofilcc, ? W^Mitaio.s, Ja?. S> Oh" Ci* petition r,f Cit'RLfS 1>/vexp m and Al B8KT KkIDGBI, Of liridg?p< rt, MaS; fc i Ufl lt>, I pray tax for the ext>r.; i'-.u ot a p.teut ^it.nttd to ? hem on the *lth of >'?y, Ife A?, "or laij.rr.'ve j:tnt in ti t luuvner ol . ?tri:et i g > arriag?k co I a' to ea e ln? 1 ?L? =x? >tioa ol toe bt-di-s ti er^of, lor B-'Y.'j )' u:C 'ActL Uifc Cl|,"liilon r.f sul-i Intent which tf.krfij plajo on the t:h U/ 0.'May, eighteen h indrtii and fitty U*e It ii ('rderej, thit th?? r.?'<| petition b* htarOi ai the Patent Ofiloe en Mouany, the &fc| my of Aprii, I next, at 12 o'clo<l<,m.; and all persons are notiti-o to appear aud thciw cauae, if ituy they have, vnj said petition ou^bt not to be granted. Persons oppusin^ the extension nre required to file in tbe Patent Olfiee th?ir objwflous, sptwialiy s-t forth in writing, at least twenty dxys before the d?j of hearing; ail testimony tiled by ?ither party to be ased at the said hearing inuct be inken and trnr.p- | mitted in accordance with the rules of tbia Ofiloe which will be furnished on application. The te. tiaouy iu the cinn will h<* clope.1 on the | 13th *i>rit; d? positions and other papers relied 0( oti ad te.'tinjc.y muit U< liicdin th.' oUiee on cr be fore the ia-'rnin/ of that day; the argument*, i: a:.y ?itLln te<> days then-alter. (>riienHl. s'rM). that this notice be published it: tha ] (Jniou, Int. iiigtneer and Evening flar, '.V a^iWn^.c^i. I>. 0., Peunayivur iati, Philadelphia, l'a. Se4er titi< AJi-rican. N-w York: and the To;t, lo t--n, Mit^s. once h week for tnree ?u.-ci-ssire weeks previous tc the d Vl of April next, the day of hearing. CHARhKri MASON, f'OUiUti^iou. r of Stents. P. <J.?Kditor? cfthe above papers will please e^-r. and send their bills to the l'at?ait Offloc.-, with a > per containing this notice fe>> j?73* 'VTAf'IlCH'S English Rallies and Sieges in the I 1* Peninsula, I vol, London, 1854 Manual of Field Operation, by Lt Jems, Rim al Ar tillery, i vol, 1852 The Young Officer's Companion, by Coi Lord de Ros, I vol, 1851 The War 111 Ruesia and Cenna- y in 1813-13, by Col Cathcart, (killed at Iukerman) 1 vol, maps and diagram*, 18f?0 Six Faiuiiiar Lectures, by a field officer, 1 vol, 1851 General Wolfe's lnsiruc;ions 10 Young Officers, 1 vol (out of pi int) 17C8 The Mediterranean, a Mem ir, P >sieal, His.orical,| and Nautical, by Rear Admiral Sm\th, 1 vol, 1854 * 1 The Miscellaneous Lileraj y Works of General Bur goyne, U vols, (out of print) 18U8 jan 24 tUANCK TAYLOIL ^HE AMERICAN 8PORT8M AN ; containing m_ hints to spomraen, notes on sporting, and U.t | habits of th' game birds and wild fowi of America ; by Eiisha J. Lewis, M. D. With numerous til us trattan*. For sale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S jan 3 Bookstore, near 9th st. 1 KV N 1 N(t STAR. LUtT or FAT&lTrs a,M? Pa,,mt OJS? frrtk, MC wiMuuting F??,Har,c 1 d5j_ Mek burn up that tiaU: 9 ' ' li'!|thnB^nund ?2njVnin Wnght, of Hudson, Mich.? For improvement in smut machmcs. Y?* v vd i' S' Burah?m- of N.W ,, * . * ??*or improvements in dou ble acting torce pump*. John II. Bleodgood, of New York, N.i I.-Kor improvement in manufacturing seamless felt goo<ls &| David N. B. Coffin, jr., of Lyon, Ma?s. tor improved daguerreotype holder. Netson B. Carpenter and John 1 owore, . of New ^ork, N. Y.?For improved lift' ing lack for moving rail cars. Richard Doering, sr., of Louisville, Ky. ror current water wheels. Geo. W. GeisendorfT, of Indianapolis, Ind., and Jacob C. GeisendorfF, of Cin cinnati, Ohio.? For improvements in axle box rollers. John S. Griffiths, of Huntingdon. Pa. tor unproved corn and cob crusher. F. b. Bunt and Ellis, Nordvke, of cloth Wt Ind -r?r ??P"?ed *?? Birdsill Holly, of ,Seneca Falls, N. Y. tor improvement in elliptical rotarv pump. 3 Daniel Ilaldouian, of Morgantown, va. ? ror unproved burglars alarm. Alpheus Kimball, of Fitchburg, Mass. ro?ad-lmrrOVe<1 machine for repairing S. E. Pettee, of F jxburough, Mass. tor improvement iiv pressing hats and bonnets. . Ro,l,t,..A; Smith and Juo. Hart,,,an, J ?? of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improved street sweeping machine. Wm. Mt. Storm, of Ne* York, N. i- ror improvement in steam genera vUtOi Joel Weigle, of Swan Station, Pa. mill ,Uapr0Vwi cruahino *r>d grinding Wm. B. Carpenter, of New York, N. Y**~F(,r improvement in the combined choir and crib for children. John Cochrane, of Baltimore, Md ror improvement in locomotive trucks V. P. Corbet, of Ccrbetsville, N. Y.? * or improvement in constructing ships and other vessel.?. 1 Thos. Champion, of Washington, D. boilersr ,mprovement in making sieam Henr) Glynn, of Kaltiinore, Md.?For improvement in the manufacture of paper James A. Gray, of Albany, N. Y? for improved sounding board for piano iortes. James II. Maydole und AlLert W. Morse, of Eaton, N. Y.?For improve ment in ^rtu.s harvesters. Isaac M. Singer, of New York, N. Y. for improvement in sewing machines. Janus A. Taylor, of Alden, N. Y.? for improvement ?p mop hea'Js. Isaiah M. Williams, of Blanchester, Uhio.? For improvement in butter work 6CS. Cyrenus Wheeler, Jr., of Venice, N. i. - ror improvement in grain and grass harvesters L. \\. Fiske, of Louisville, improvement in compositions lor bleaeh mg and stuffing leather. . k* W. Fiske, of Louisville, Ky.?For improvement in working liming vats in tanneries. Karen Webster, of Ogdensbnrg, N. ?For improvement in churns. George P. Ketcham, of Bedford, Ind? ror improvement in mechanism for re taining cars upon the track. Ke-isstu.?Jordan L. Mott, of Mott llavtn, N. Y.?For improvement in the mode of constructing a combined caMron and furnace, for the use of agriculturists and others. Patenied December 1,1840. Extended December 1, 1854. Additional Improvements. ? J. G. Mac farlane, of Perry County, Pa.?For im provement in seed planters. Patented March 14, 1854. DKlllI OF SKWOB A OLIHA We have announced the decease of this gentleman in this city, on Wednesday last, lie was in the 43d year of his age. W e iind the following brief biographical sketch of him in the Charleston Courier: lie was born in the cily of Guatemala in 1812, and acquired lnseaily education in Philadelphia. Ilia father, Pedio Mo lina, was born at Guatemala in 1777, and is the first political writer who ed ited a periodical advocatiug constitu tional principles before the liberty of his country, in Central America. He is, also, oue of the most constant leaders of the liberal parly, a strenuous supporter of reforms and free institutions, for the establishment of which he has laborct during a long and active public life. Having such a father, and the advanta ges of an enlightened Ameucan educa tion, it is not surprising that the subject of our present sketch field several politi cal offices in his native country, having been chief clerk of the department of finances of the Federation, Secretary of the State of Guatemala, member of the Legislature of the same, secretary of the State of Salvador, and Governor of a dis trict in the la*t mentioned State. He always belonged to the Liberal and Un ionist party, and assisted General Mara zin in his efforts to maintain the Federa tion ; but fortuue having decided against them, aud Molina and his father took refuse in Costa Rica, where they met with a hospitable reception. Pelipe Mo lino, however, disapproved of any fur ther hostile movements ou the part of the Federalists, and declined taking any part in their attempts to recover power, lie, consequently, left bis country, and sp?nt two years in Chili and Peru, engaged in commercial pursuits. In 1843 he re turned, and settled down in Costa Rica but took no part in politics until 1848! when be wag appointed Enroy Extraor ! or f THE WEE&LY STAR. fttf* tti T 1 ? *? ? . Ml ??? ? ? II II 9 ? * V ? ? ? ? ? ?????> >?4^ #Qh ('ua. ufiiitiu m 4?tu?a. *!???.? eopNw to wrapper* gu kc pruc?rv? a UaremHHir, tmti stately nfln tfee mm* of t>>? p*ix*? Price?Twaee cum. i>?aXlttT(U who act aa u ki> Ml W a CHUMMe?t?l of r? dimiT to Nic?r*gn?. n? *U igby. lnently sent m tho name character to Kngland, France, Spain, Rnm*, and the lianseatic towns, all of which countries he visited for the purpose 0f securing by treaties the international relations be tween theaj and Uie Rej ublic of Costa Rica, and far other imp>rtant object*. VV ith a similar comtmsMon he was ac credited U> this (aovernment aad negoti ated a treaty of ainity, commerce and navigation, which was ratified on both ,7* Mr. Molina was also an author as rarl? ? d,plo,nati,it' *n<* F'ublishwl, in >ar.ous languages, skotches of Costa Ri ca and reports resecting the boundary ?nd navigation questions between that Republic and Nicaragua-among the ttrst, the most complete, is his "Bos q'ujo do Costa Kica," in Spanish 1JJ UltBT AND out oy Ukirf Of what a hideous progeny of ill debt tho father! What meaVnjUs, whit invasions on self-respect, what car? what double-dtaling ! Ilow, in due sea son, it will carve the frank, open face into wrinkles; how, l.kc a knife W stab the honest heart. And then its transformations! liow it has been known to change a goodly face into a mask of V* WuRh lhe <,dan'n^ custom" of debt, has the true man become a call ous trickster! A freedom from deU and whai nourishing sweetness may be found in cold water; what tooth^omenfws in a drj crusi; whar ambrosial nourish mcut in a hard egg ! Be s .re of it. he who dmes out of debt, though b? meal lh biscuit and an onion, dines in ??The Apollo. And then for raiment: what warmth in a thieadbare coat, if the tail or s receipt be in the pocket; what Tv nan purple in the faded waistcoat' the veat nut owed for; how glossy the well wem hat, if it cover not the aching head of a debtor ! Next the horoe-s weets, the out door lecreation of the free mm The street-door falls not a knell on his heart, the foot on the hiaircase, thouirh he iiv* on the third, **Kh, ?? his anatomy; at tho rap of his door he can crow -come in," and his pulse still beat healthfully, his heart unk nown hi* bowels, bee him abroad. How con fldential.y, yet how pleasantly he takes the street; how he returns look for look with any passenger; how he saunters; how, meeting an acquaintance, lie stands and gvsMpg ! But, then, this man know, not debt; debt, that casts a drug into the ncuest wine; that makes the food of the gods unwholesome, indigestible; that sprinkles the banquets of a Luculluswith askes, aud drops soot in the soup of a*i emperor; debt, that, like the moth makes valueless furs and velvets, enclosing the wearer in a festering prison, (the ehirt of Nessno was a shirt not paid for;) debt that writes upon frescoed walls the hand writing of the attorney; that put* a voice of terror in the knocker; that makes th? heart quake at the haunted fireside: debt, Uie invisible demon that walks abixtad v?ith a man, now quickening his steps now making him look on all sides like a hunted beast, aud now bringing to his face the ashy hue of death, as the uncon scious passenger looks glancingly upon haul Poverty is a a bitter draught, >et may, and sometimes with advantage ba gulped down. * though the drinker make wry faces, there may, after all, U * wholesome goodies in ilie cup. But debt, however covetously it be offered, in tlie cup of a Syren, and the wine, spired aud delicious though it be, in j>oison. The man out of debt, though with a fl*w in hi* jerkin, a crack in his shoe-leather, aud a hole in hi* hat, is still the son of liberty, free as the .singing lark above him; but the debtor, I (tough clothed in the utmost b. avery, what is he but a serf on a holiday?a slave to lie reclaimed at any instant by hie owner, the creditor? My M>a, if poor, see wine in tlie running spring; let thy mouth water at a last week s roll; and acknowledge a white washed garret tho fittest housing-placc for a gentleman ; do this and flee debt. So shall thy heart be at peace, and the sheriff be confounded. -Dtm^las lerold. UNPAEALLaLKDl'ASSIMONr.?Monsieur Vaudeville was one of the most remark able men in^'aris for his avarice. In the year 1735, he was worth one million sterling. At the age of 72 he contract^ a fever, which obliged him to send, for the first time in his life, for a surgeon to bleed him, who, asking him teupeuce for the operation, was dismissed. He sent for an apothecary, but he was a? high in his demand. lie sent for a barber, who at leDgth agreed to undertake the opera tion for three pence a time. ?? But," said the stingy old fellow, - how often will it be requisite to bleed ?" ?* Three times.' answered the barber. "And what quautitv of blood do you intend to take i ? Aoout eight ounces," was the answer. 41 That will be nmepcnce ; too much, too much,' said the miser : *' I have determined to adopt a cheaper way; take the whole quautity you do*ign to tffke at three times at one, and it will save me sixpence." This being insisted upon, he lo*t twenty-four ounces of blood, wliich caused his death in a few iays, and he left his immense pronertv to the King. V V* y E7- -Young man, do you believe in a future state ?'r ??In course I does, and what's more I ntend to enter it as soon as Betsy gets ler wedding things ready !'r Yon mistake me. Do yoa believe in i future 6tate \>f rewards and punish* Tients ? ' * Most assuredly. If I should cut mugs *"ith a red-headed weman, J should ex Kct my hat indented by the first cistern [K>le she could lay her hands on." '?Go to, young man, you are incorrigi ble. Goto.'* "Go two ! If it wasn't the law flgin bigamx, darned if I wouldn't go a doseu. But who supposed, deacon, that a man of four years Would give such advice to a person just starting in life." This took the deacon down.

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