Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1855 Page 3
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KVKNING STAR. Lvr A I. iy T E L J, Hi ENCE. 1*\irrKA?? K COSVBSTIO!* LAST NlfcHT.? Rev E P Phelps called the convention to order, and Mr. Isrnel opened services with prayer; after which the Secretary read the mm ae The President then wished to be ezotued _ from serving on tha committee to represent tha interests of the convention before tha District Committee in Congrese aa ba had not tha time to attend to it Mr. A. X. Harrington tben obtained the floor, and a*ked the President if he was a Son of Temperance7 [Answer. ?'No Wall, air. I wi.-h to know why the Catholic clergy a ere not invited to join in this oonrention ? W by the Protestant clergy alona were invited? Since Ueorge Savage, tba main pillar of tam per.isce in tha District, was whippad away _ from the door of Temperance Hall, temper * ance had gone down with Mr J. A. Wiae here interrupted the speaker, when the Chairman called both to order, i stating that there was nothing before the meet ing; bat, on motion, Mr. Harrington was al lowed to speak fifteen minutes, and proceeded as follows: Yes. air, t*mperance has gone dowa in the District Since the Cat holies have been ignr ininionsly fl gged from the matting, a new * state of things has taken place; car beloved city has bean given up to lasciviousness, and drunkenness Las reigned predominant. Sir the reason I say this is, that I love ja?tiee I am not a Catholic; I was born acd raised a Meth dist The reason of this great cbaug" is tha; a secret society has sprung op in our mid*t, devastating our fair land, turning brother against brother, father against son, and husband against a wife; and this is what has killed tsmperance in our land. Mr Wise then claimed the floor, and. cn oaoti. c, was allowed ten minutes. He said : Sir. something of more importance than thu mere quoarion of temperance is rot only agi tating the District, but the country; and. so far from separating relatives, it will bring tl em eloeer together, and prevent intervention l et ween them by meddlesome Caibolies. The .?oateiuent that Catholics have been flogged away from the door of the Divisiwns is untrue. Thoae of them who attempted eavee iroppicg on the meetings of American citiiecs were de servedly kicked out But no Catholics have k>?*n driven fn m the Divisious of the Sons of Tenjperanca. All. at one tiire. give notice that their *y%r\tual hud told them that this was a secret aj.?ociation, to wh;?h no truo Catholic should belong and that they had withdrawn in a body on that account It Mr. U is a Protestant his speech dou't ohew it; ar.d I believe, if he is not a Catholic now he will a*>n be found in their ratks. Mr Harrington wished to reply, but was called to order by the president; when? Col Robertson. with bis little, bris ling, bald bead sbiniog. and beaded with the per. f pi ration engendered by his stern resolve to battle on the side of " Truth" his speech be fore bim on numberless sheets of foolscap, fc ar?*e. acd after an appropriate hemicg and haw-cg. turned up his cuffs, raised himself on tip-toe. and ?xpatiated as foMo*s : Mr President, this movement has caused my heart to swell within me. By our action in this assembled congress we shall induce our National Congress to adopt measure* sub versive of the drunkecne*c now rampant in, our mtdet. and will give our name-> to the vrvat American catioc. from the Atlantic to the Pacific, asfriends of truth and justice i?ir. I have tamed from my arduon* labors that I might give my voice in favor of this vhilunthropio movement; and te prove my duinterested sincerity, 1 have seen several members of Congress ob the subjsct, and have obtained their sanction of 'he subjeot we have in consideration. Yes, sir. even more. I have ?*en ?<ue member who has drawn up a bill embodying all ike provisions of the Maine law which he is about to introduce in erJer u? further our glorious project. Sir. he sub uiitted it to my inspection, (here he com menced tumbling among his voluminous MSS ) ? and I will give Hev D t lleeie here moved that as there no reasonable expectation of doing any thirg toward accomplishing tha object of the convention, tba: the meeting aJjourc suit die. "Ihe (VI< ne' again tried to get the floor; bat tbe President decided the motion to adjourn c< t de? ateuble But after a motion to recon aider, Mr Harrington gained the 11,or, and said: Sir. I agree with our reverend friend, that nothing can be accomplished in this conven tion 1 here was once a time when none bat tea-ieianee aen could become Sots of Tem perance; but low they wish to do things op taster, and have turned cut those who are the mnin pillars of the order, and in their s^ead have taken in rum sellers. rowdies, and every j one who applies for adrni tance Col Robertson now was allowed to continue . his address Sir. I don't app ove of this idea of adjourn- t ing thus. Wky. sir. if we don't pus eotne | resolutions Congress will havo nothing to ' work on [ Her*- be was reminded that appio priaie resolutions had been passed at the last meeting } I know that, sir; but the resolu tioLs I wart | used ar? of a different charac ter [Laughter ] Why, sir. if ve adjourn now, after al! the advertising we have done to call this rnertitg together, it will be called a perfect fits!* out. [tireat laughter. J Ike president called him to order; and, with a show of offended dignity he took Mis seat. lhe question was now callwd f-r, ai d the meeting a<lj>urced. iexfcrai.ce Hail deserves thu name, we tbii>k To prevent the from becom ing belted by discussion, a large hole in the wall i- left open to eool them off; and for fear of u{ holding the liquor tra?o thiy put notb it g but water in the gas metre-, and conse quently iu cold weather their lights are rather dim - Tui Ball Last N our. at the Assembly Kooms. given by the Highlanders for tho ben efit of the poor of Washington, wa* iu??re crowded than any other similar entertainment we ever attended her- The stall was repre sented by Colonel Riley. Majors Koyworth, it aeon. C 8. Wallach. and ethers, and all the volunteer comj anits of the city and some from a distance were nun erously and agree ably iepro.euttu, indeed The array of ladies ? many of tbem young, beautiiul. and fasci nating, created a furor on the part of the young a.en who attended and was all that could base been desired J be supper, too,furnished by Narden and C Celuiubus. two renowned caterers on such occasions, wa^ a capital ore 'lbey danced >s merry folks rarely dance un til 5 a m Nothing disturbed the harmony or tbe pleasure of tbe occasion. The High landers. the hosts of the evening, vtcio in fine feather indeed striving with entire sucaets to make everybody happy. We should judo that this so commendable enterprise of that company of volunteers, has netted for the re lief of the suffering poor of W ashington per haps $1.000--a most asoeptablc offering on the altar of true Christian charity in ?uch weather as the present. Madams Rosa DbVsies Cos* bkt ?Our| citixer s have rarely had such a treat afforded tbem as was presented last eveniugatCarusi's Saloon, was evidenced in their appre ciatiou of tbe different perlormers by repeated applause. Madame DeYnes superb and mel low roice fell upon the ear ?i b delight, and thrilled each heart witb rapture, ilcr execa tion of the different pieces which she iang on this occasion, stamped her as one of tbe great est living vocalists Tbe other perlormers uc quitted themselves very creditably, and tbe entire concert gave unmi-takable satisfaction to s numerous and fashionable audience CoMPLiMsntarv to Mf.iDSk ?The sub scribers to tbe complimentary ball to Prof H. W. Munder, on Wednesday next. February 14ih, are requested to procure their tickcts before the nigbt of the ball Ticket* to b? bad of any of the managers, and at tbe piano, music, and stationery store of John F Ellis, where the sabsioriptioa list may be seen Those who fail to subscribe in tiuie, will have to send their Lame) to the committee, on the night of tbe ball, at the saloon 'JHaas abb cbowds of persons nigbtly at Iron Hall to witness tbe performances of fiel ler, tbe ?'Second Sight Seer;' therefore it is advisable that those who wool 1 witneas his mystical and wonderful feaia, ihouid go early to secure a good seat. ; coneet musical critic. On Saturday laat. after considerable penuasion, Mr Heller was in duced to seat himself et a piano in the store of Hilbua A lilts, where, for an hour, he eap tivated all who happened to be present We have never beard Mendelssohn's Songs with out ^JTords rendered so bsaatiiully, the Valses and Maiurkas of Chapin so correct, or the Airs Kusses of De Meyer so masterly. We coincide with Mr Storrs Willis, of the Musical World and Times, that Mr. H is one of the best Tenderers of classic music ever heard A P i'bli & hi ><j House is Washington ?It afford* us pleasure to inform the muiical pal - lie of this city that Messrs Hilbus A Hits, Star Building*, have commenced publishing music. Iheir enterprise in establishing a branch o(.business, by which the now latent musical talent of this city will be given a stimulus, is certainly commendable. Among their first issues, we have before us the Tuner's IV'Ika. ccmp^d by Prof. J. Esputa, which i* embellished with a beautiful aid correct like ? u?;s* of Mr. Jacob Iliibu*. the veteran tuner of the District. We have heard thU composition, and oan unhesitatingly pronounce it one of the best of its cl.153 ever published, reflecting creait upon the musical talent in our midsr. I The I*y Waltz composed by A. F. Little, and dedicated to Mi >a M J. Tab'.er, also just issued by Messrv Uilbus A Hits, is an easy and pleas ing oompositiuti nkaUa f?r beginners An Interesting Cask ?Two of our county constables. a few days since bad a ease .> gainst a grocer who had sold his 5 ore to two other persons. They went to the -tore and levied upon t o go< da One of the firm re sisted them, and they, to get po'sessi u, went to a magistrate and got out a United S'ft warrant for tho resistance After they Lad a rested the resisting party, they took possess ion of the goods Tbe firm are about to re plevin, and declare rh it they intend to sue for trespass and damagej. It is tkought they will be sustained by the law The rights of our citisens should and will be oiaintained. Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. ? Tbe arrangements have been completed for the opening of tbo eihibition to-morrow evening, at the Smithsonian. A procession will be termed in the main hall, and proceed to the lecture room, where the assemblage will be called to order by the Preiident. Prayer; will then be offered up. and an address by Jcsoph II Bradley, K q. The meeting will be ui?st interesting and profitable. Narrow Escape ?Yesterday, a public waiter, named Francis Madisen. called upon a lady to see about a party, and wbile eon versing with her. near a fire place, her clothing took fire, and she was in a moment enveloped in tlame. Madison seised her, and managed to extinguish the flame without serious dam age to the lady, and but slightly burning his own hands ?? Dismissed.?The young man. Benjamin Simmons who was arrested as an accessory to the robbery of Todd's stora h id an examina tion last evening before Captain Biroh, and proved his entire inncoene of tbe ch-trge. Of coarse he was iinmediat?ly discharged frcm custody. ? ? - Larsr Collection?A large collection was taken up in the Union Bethel Church (A M. E. connection.) on last Sunday week, Kev S. L Hammond older, amountinp to $3 )0 10, to ward paying the debt due on the church. FlPTBENTH Strbbt Colored Prsabttbrian CuuiiCB.?We learn that $500 was cleared by the -'Black .S*an" concerts given for the ben efit of tbe colored peoples' Fifteenth street Presbyterian Church. Watcii Rkt?r*s ?There wer? no ca?<>8 for trial in the guard house this morning. Threo or four transient boarders in tbe cells; all diemis*ed this morning. Singular Detection op a Murderer.?A difficulty occurred between an old man named De Minton and a young man i amed Frank, some time ag-?, near San Francisco; Cal , and a few days afterwards the old man's body was fodnd, perforated by three bullets Frank had borrowed a gun, but returned it soon af terwards. still loaded, which circumstance ke urged, when arres'cd, a- a pre of of his inno cence of the charge It was provod aftcwards, however, thv Frank had unloaded the gun, and placed in it a heavy charge of powder and a number of bullet*?had gun? in search of tbe old m.?u?found hiia alone in tbe guhh ? shot hi'ii. and afterwards replacod tbo original lead, except the wsd. which be bad thrown asidj, and which lei a'terwa'ds to his deto: IT The Prohibitory Liquor Law passed by tbe Legislature of Michigan has been ap proved by the Governor. It goes into opera tion in ninety d ?ys afier its approval nr?"?ne of tbe sus[ended banks in Cincin nati containod $500 of the savings of a news boy. aged 12 years. W Two hundred and forty threo journals l and periodicals are published in seventy dif ferent localities in Switzerland l>?W4TCU1C*.?of Cot?tr*?? ?nS oth?r? .In -L?/ want of a Br*t raU tHn?ke<.-p?r would do w?ll lo maka ? ial*t< "? at one# that ih?lr i|Utlllf may U IhoroBjhlf '*1 rJ btfun Ifivmi a* rttjr. H. W. UlLT A BBO'B ???ort ini-i.t wm uttir ? > nimul<l( u ? AKR1ID On the 4i>i inMtMt, hy the R?v. Stephen P. Hill, WM W IIEDLEY lo ALICE BEECHER, all of thia District. OIKD. In Georgetown, on the 7th in*tant, FRANKLIN, ?on of Gilbert aad Jnnc Vanderwerken, aged four month* and sixteen days Oc^-FunHral tomorrow, 8th infant, at 2 o'clock p. m. Tie friends and acquaintances are invited to attend without further notice. * *?<^lL!i?okT,!!A,!8tinl,-a^r * aM(l paintul illness, Mr. HLRNARl) FARSt^'S, in lli?. yenr of his afe, a nativp of St. Mary's rotintv, Maryland, and for the Inst 60 years a resident of this city. His '^irae through life was industry, h n?ft. charitable, kind to the widow and orphan, n good father and a worthy citizen, leaving two daughters I) larneni their irre| anible Iim. He livtfd to^ hn great-grand-ct ildren. lie died a* lie lived, the nohl??t work of God. . *#"His funeral win take place on Thursday morn ing, at? o'clock, from his late residence on Sixth street ea>t. and proceed to St. Peter'- Church, Cap itol Hill, where high solemn mies will be offered up. The friends and acquaintance , and the community at large are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. * On the 2d infant, JOHN \V. MAURY, in tlt? 4f?ili y ar of his ace. On the 3d instant, Mm. ELIZABETH DAVIS, relict of the late Charles H. Davis, in the 7?ih yenr year of her age. On the 3d instant, Mr*. M All Y E. COCHRAN, wife of Jno. W. Cochran, in the 93d year of her age. On the 4th insunt, Mr. THOMAS JARBoE. in hi" 46 h year. On the 4 h |it?tint, ANDREW J. DAVIDiON. in the 10th year of his age, son of John B. and Mary A. Davidson,and grandson of the late Richard Rock, ot Alexandria. On the 6th instant, after a few hours' illness, the only child of the Rev. Dickson Lewis, a representa tive ol the ( hoctaw Nation to this (? nwrnuient. On the 5th instant, MARY BUFORlKouly daugh ter of Lewi* and Mary C. Warrington, aged 3 vears a id 3 months. PIANOS FOR SALE AND HIRE. THE subscriber hi?* always on hand a laigeasso.t inent of German and American Fl ANOS, from very the best m uiufacturersf#?^^) which he offers for sale at lower prices * than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and ? n the most accommodating terms. All Pia.os pnrehas. d friui mo are warranted to give satisfac tion. Fianos hired on: by 'he month, q.tarter, or year, on reasonable terms. Old Pianos taken in exchange. B. REIMS, Professor of Music, G, bftw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, feb 6?3m* BOOTS, SIIOVS AND GAITERS. JAMES ANDERSON. Cutter and Fitter. 11 J. PDRIlKi T. 4G!4 l'a. avenue, n. side, ? between 12th and 13th streets, kec|?sconstant ly on hand a vry fine assortment of Ladies ^ and (i.nt's Boots, Shoes and Gaiters of IusShH own make, of the best material and wvrk fl* manslup. *9> For sale, Judgment against Lewis Cass Forhvtii, of Michigan, employee at the Capitol, for twenty dollars and thirty-seven cents. iVh 6 - tf SUPERIOR PLATED GOODS. T^HK subscriber would invite al attention to I his extensive assortment of superior qutlitv Plated Goods, consisting of? Tea Sets, Waiters, Butter Coolers ?"'nlad Stands, Castors, Cake Baskets Forks, Spoons. Ladles, Salt Stands Goblets, Tea Kettles and Coffee ITriu. All of which are warranted to be of the be.t qua I ity, and at greatly reduced prices. C. VV. BOTELER, IIou'c Furuikhing Store, No 318, lion Hall, and S45 D street. f?b 6-lw NEVVS FOR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER & PLANT have taken the old and well known confectionery establish ment, No. 400 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel lows' llall, where they vvii! In: most happy to receive their friend. and the public generally. We viil keep cousia tlv on hand a choice selec tion 01 tM kind? of CONFECTIONERY. Also, dealers in foreign and domestic FRUITS, of all kinds. We hope (?/ a strict attention to business to win th approlmti m of our friends, and merit a liberal share of patronage generally. N. B. Balls, Part ? s, and Families supplied on the re a.* nable and latisfactory terms, at the short est notice. RYDER &. PLANT, feb 6?tf DISSOLUTION?" I'HC partnership of Barron Si Urine is this < ay dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due tlie concern must be paid to H. Barron, he being hu thorised to close the business of the firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3, ISoA. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would re.-p -c'fully request all those indebted to the concern to come forward and settle their bills by tw 6th of March, as it is very imporlaut to htm to have the business closed by that time. All accounts left over at thai time will i?e put into the hands of an officer for collection. AM ac counts due by the concern will please be presented lor payment as soon as poss ble, as I an ready at any time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P- 3.?The nri.J. r-igir-d would respeetful'y f:iv to all the customers of the (ate firm, and the public generally, that there will always l?e kept a stork of Wo d and Coal at ?'ie old stand, Oreeo street, ;md solicits a share of public pa'.ruu-ige. Believing it to b be-t for both Luvr and seller, he has determined to make the term* cash, or on ?hort tune to punctual customers. THOS. ORME, Agent. feb 5 - * NOTICE. rPHE copartnership of Walter Harper .V Co , was X this d.'.v dissolved by mutual consent. All per sons indebted to said linn Will please make payment to Walter Harper, who is ilulv authorized to settle the business. WALTER HARPER. February 1, J855. B. F.GARDNER. AT \R1> -In msking the alsive auuouneeuo ot WALTER ll \RPKR Would takeoeca-ioato aenirn his sincere thanks to his friends and patr ns tor pas' tav<>rs. lie would nlso inform them that f r the next thiity days (or until he open* his first sup lily of spring goods) tie will dispose of bis present stock of b'-autitul Silks, Laee^ Embroideries, Even ing Ih esse*, Cloaks, Shawls, Merinoes, Cashmeres, and all other Goods on hind al greatly reduced pliecs. As it is all ini|M>rtant to hint to settle up the bitsi lie s of the late firm as soon as poss ble, he would take it as a special favor if all persons indebted would, within tin: next thirty or sixty days, square up by cash or notes at shor; dates. feb "? - 3t HAVIfiitt COLiIi OUR Vard to Messrs. John B. Ward k Brother, we Mtiu'd folicit tor them the |sit>onage of our f< im< r customer?. I IIOMAS Si DYER. HAVING PURCHASED (?- MESSRS. TIloM AS It DYER their entire stoek, we fIiu'I continue the bu-iness both at the comer oi'Sr tit and B. an<l I welttii and ' anal stre< is. We have on hand a large and well kcasotied -lock ol" Lumber, .-ti'-h as White I'iuc of all sizes, Yellow Pine. Joist, Floor ing, and filling, Laths, Pal n?s, and all kinds ot cab inet and coachiua<er'? Lumber. We respectfully solieit a share of pubii ' patron age Ironi the publie, being determined to stdl on reasonable terms t<? prompt customers. feb 6 -?*o3t JNO. B. WARD it BRO. l'OR LADIES ONLY ! DR. DUPONCO'S GOLDE-. MONTHLY PILLS ISFJ11.UHLE! IN Uieir operation ler the cure of nil painful ob st uct.oiis and l< male irregularities arising from whatever cause. These pills have been tried in Washington and found to work like it charm. Those having at;y doubts oil the subject will, on application to the general agent, be referred to person iu Washington ol undoubted veracity, who know that they all thev are recommenced to lie. For the name and addie s of the g*mral agi nt and a list of lie Drugg sts who have the pills for sale see the loi ? advertisement in another column, feb 6?e?<3. * FOriCS OF COPARTjf EHSHIP. WA8HHGf0N HALL EK^TAUEANT, Corner P*wuylrani*i m enus, aiul (UK */., south tide. ,,KI'KU M. Dl I BANT, ^^t^A?b<'gs leave to say to his friends and turmur custom ers that he has disposed of^^p? his entire interest in bis late establishment, under the St. Charles Hotel, and to inform thciu that he will hereafter be found at the above-named Res taurant, which will be conducted under the joint management of HENTER k DlrBANT. The firm beg to assure tlieir friends and the pub lic gem rally that no exertions will be spared by them to deserve a continuance of Hie favor and pa trooage rtiey have heretofore received, and that tli*ir establishment, lor order, cleanliness, and at tentrou to itie wants of meir visitors, shall be unsur passed in this or any oilier city. J heir l.arder wi'l always be supplied with the t""*' eboiec \ iauds, Luxuries, arid Delicacies that tile market can ariord ; and their Bar well stocked With beve.-ag ? of the most favorite kinds and best qualities, together with a choice lot of Cigars of su perior brands. , ,. ^ WILLIAM F. RENTER, Jan 31?eo6t PE I't^U M. DUUANT. CUMBERLAND COAL. TL'MP and fine COAL delivered to any part of the j District low for cash. Apply through the post office or at the lumber yard of the subscribers, D diid 2btii utiir Ui^ National Observatory, leb 6??o3t H. N. k J. W. EASbY. F For Bale and Rant. OR RENT" OR SALE ON REASONABLE 1 r. Kill ^ ? A two *n y frame House, with back building, contain lug six rooms, on 13^ nr?e|. between B and C streets south. A|>plv to C. A. DOUGHERTY, nci( door. A three story Frnme, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th sts. writ. A three-vtory Frame, with back building, on I st. north, between 4th and 5th ?t?. we-t. Appl. for the two last mentioned to JAME* W RARKT.R, on II street nonh, Imtween 12th and 13th at*, worn. Also a two story Frame, with bark building, on Mori't; >nierv street, O -orgerown. DICKSON k KING, feb 7 eotf George own. FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE? For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivate.! Farm in Fairfax county. Va. Enquire of J. ORME, corner of Hridge and Congre*? st*., No. 8T. feb6-tf For bale?tiib desirable property situated in square 825, and fronting on Fourth street ea*t, Vavy Ya?d, containing ii.ore ;or less Square feet?improvements - a tine and new built two story brick hmtie. Title indisputable. For terms apply postage paid, to L.OUI4R4KRR. Washington City. ' feh6-2t* MRS. HEWRTT, No. 473 Sixth -tr .1, between Hand E, had three or four fine room* which *he will rent Willi or without board, on r> a suitable terms. feb 5?3t* For rent?three two stoby brick Dwelling Houses with attir and basement. I?c ing Nop. 12. 14, ami lfi, on Ohio avenue, bet. I-lib streets west. Als >, one small frame Dwelling on D, between 14th and 1.1th fir-ets west. For terms, ho , apply to Mr JOSEPH ARBOI*, corner of K street noitli and 11th st. went. feb 5-1* STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Co ds Groceries, fce , to stored, will find ample ac coinmodatioiM in the large, airy, flag stone pav? <1 and Hrv Basements under the Star office, corner I'a avemm aiid Eleventh st. Apply at Urn Star office, jail 31?t: 1>ilt RENT?FOR OVE YEAR OR A TERM ^ ul y are, the well situated, commodious, well hnisiiod, and convenient dwelling Home, over Ihe Music Store ot llilbus St Hit/., at the corner of Pa. avenue and 11th street. h contain* "seventeen roomy without the hairinc* t, in which the kitchen is situated. Thin i? a rare chance for a private fnm ily wishing a large homo i ll Pa. avenue, or for a per Mtn desiring ilie he^t location in Washington for a large and well kept boarding liou?C. Possession jjivi n immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?tf FOR RENT?Posses ion sr'ven immediately, a three story brick House and "Store, No. 161 RrMye street, near til* Market llmi?e, ? out lining 10 room* ami kitchen, a jierfeetlv dry cellar, capable of holding 20 cords of wood. This is : first rate stand for business, particularly as- the Falls B>i?tg i? now in passable order. To a good tenant the rent will lie | reasonable. Apply to T. O. HONNOGIHJE. Also, a very convenient Dwelling, containing live rooms, kitehsn and cellar, lat-ly finished, situated on Lingan street, near ll'ck'a Cottige, one >?< the most healthy and pleasent siuati .lis in Georgetown. Apply as above. 'j'. <l. I?. jan 24?2w* IfOMES FOR ALL. - Beautifully am! healthily I JL '?? ated Kuiiding Lois. 24 fet t front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of$7.?, payable fj'A per in mill Title indisputable. Union Land ' Iffiee, 7ib st.. alsive Oild Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FoX, Secretary. Wants. WANTED?A WOMAN TO <Ot>K AND wash in a sin ill family, where there is no children. One well recommended w ill r ? eive lib eral w i^es. F.nquire at this i ffice. feb 6?3t* Boarding. B* lOAKOiWG ?A bavin? taken the liand I some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row,on f street, bctw * en 6th and 7ih, ran offi'r flne la ?e room- for , families, either liiriii??lied or unlitrni h**d. Also, has | room' for gentlemen much larger than are ?'?: < rally appropriated to single persons. Tablt- Ismrders aud permanent er transient |wr su*>s will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms. jan 29-^w* GREAT INDUCEMENTS. JS. BLACKKORD, 99 Hridge st., Georgetown, . being desiroe 4 of reducing his stock, offers to buyers Ins large a-'s irtinenf of ladies and gentlemen's Gold Watches, Jewelry of tlio newe-t styles and best quality. Silverware n>.d Plated Goods at very reduced prices to mil the times J. S. B would reaper-fully invite all in wa. t ot such articles to cail ami examine his large assort ment. f. I? 3?lw II. semken7 jeweler, No. 330 Ha. avenue, between 'Jlh iu<! 10/rti rfiHt, (fliers for sale a magnificent assortment of III A MONO JEWELRY, Goid Brace'ets, Breastpin', Earrings, Seal Rings Wcd-ting Rings. Fob and Vest Chains, Seals, Lock ets, Pencils, Thimble*, Trinkets, etc All ancles are warranted as represented and soid unusually low. j n PJ THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PLAN FOR Ttih. CURRENT YK~1R. ^IVIK list is now open, and eicry s-ubsciibe-r ot I ,^.r? 50 Will be ?i;t tied to ? I. An impression of a Plate, by J. T. VV illnior*, A. R. A.,from the ori^iml picture by J. J. Clia lon, k. A., "A Water Party." II. \ Vi'luaii: containing tliiily Wood Engravings itliistrating subjects from Lord Byron's Poem of "Chdde lla.ol le." And III. The chance of obtaining one ?f the to l?e allotted ai the general meeti!:g in April, u liit h w ill include? The r ght to select f>'i himself a v.i'uable work oi art from one of the public exhibition*. Siatuitcs in l>ron/.e i t her Majesty on Ilorse|i o-k, by T. Tie r neyeroft. t'op.e- in hr-i/ r,.-, from, an or gin il M>kIi:I in relief by R Jeflersmi, of '''I'lie Ki try of the Duke of Wellington into Madrid Statutte.- in porc>-l:iin or parian. I'r^ of impie>sions ot a large I itho rap'*, byT. II. Magnire, after the original picture by W P. Frith, R. A., 4* The Tlnee lt< ws," from Mo li?-re's " R .iirgeois Cent'lh inline." Honorary Secretaiits lor Washington, Me.-srs. TaVLOR St MAURY, l!ook~ellers. jan 21 HRITISII ALM AN AC AND C< iMPANIt i\ .t H.V?, com.lining l.i -ts of Parliament, of Royal II ?iisehnlds,Ministry. Judiciary, F<?r?'ijii Min inters, S.r. , in Falkland, ltrili>h Mmisieis abroad, Military and Colonial Gov. ri.meu'.* and personel; Imports, Etpoits, Taxe.~, Do lies. Revenue. 'Prade and I"oiiimei'cc for 1^54 I'hroiiicle of the Ses.-nm of Parliament lt\r?4. Abstracts of import int I'arliameiiliiry lk:cH nienis, and valu ilile artich son the Campaign, on tin* United States Ccii-ii*, oiftlie hea III ot Dwellings, t icciipations of the Flue tn in in of-the Funds; Canals and R.iil.eads I'nblie liiipiovemeiitH, t hronoloey, and uil'ch other u-eful ami valuable matter, coiuplet' m one vol. FRANCE TAVLOR. ju lti - tl NOTICE. 'I HE unik'rsigued rei-pecttuily sniMiuuee* lo the I public uiat lie is ready now to sell his PATENT repeating pis 'POLS, at to take contract^ for making Mie same.' Thus.: wislillig to see me, ean have an interview between Kie hours of 3 and 7 p. hi. A full expi >i;atiou will be given by me or by my legal ageiii. A B. Stmughtoii. Please address J.'W. Brown, U. S. Hotel, Washington, II C. J. W. BROWN, r rhe Register of New Ilaven, Conn., will phrase ropy.] feb 2?2w* 18^1'LUTION 0> C -PV^iNiWSHlP HE co-partnershh) heretofore existing between the undersign d, i- Ibis day dissolved by mutual consent ChaMes Haskins, who will continue the business, is authorised to scttl.? the accounts ami at t. ml to the iiutiinshed business of the late firm. J. H. ADAMS, Jr. feb 1 ? eo3t CHARLES HASKINS. r M A ULKH HAWKINS, Architect. (/'a. avenue, Lelween Tenth and Eleventh Arrets,) \ Washington, n. c. WILT, continue to fitrni-h Plans, .'etail working Drawings, and tqiecificntinns o; buildings of every description,and also to superintend their i-rec lion. feb 1 ? Ctf MY COURTSHIP &. ITS CONSEQUENCES, by Wikoff. Price $1 25, Slavery in a New Light and its Grand Results, by a Citizen of Georgetown. Piice 12UJ cts. A Night in Ruenos Ayres, a new drama hi five acts, by a Citizen oLCeirgetown. Price 19^ cts. The Scout, by VV. Gi more Simm ; $1 25 Ida May ; $1 25 Putnam s Magazine for February; 25 cents Ration's New Monthly for February ; 10 cts Godev's Ladies R<*?k for February; 25 cu For sale by E. K. I.UNDY, flu. 128 Rridge street, Georgetown, jan 25?tf : S< )M ETIIINgT N ?W ANEW store, consisting entirely of new and fre-h OiMids, has lately b4-?fii opened ou corner of Tenth aud E streets, where the proprietor will be glad to see his old and new friends. All in wnijt of COFFEES, SU0ARS, TEAS, and other articles in the Grocery line will please give me a call, as I am determined to sell a? cheap as, if not cheaper, than can be cold elsewhere. Now on han i n choice lot of Tobacco and Segars. A II MOUNT'/., M -sonic Ilall, corner ItHh and E streets, feb 5 - eo3t* 1 Auction Bales. Liverpool salt at auctiov?oo Mon day next. the IS'h ii stair, at II o'cbiek * m.. will he ?old on board It. rqne IWkh and Hcltonner Ann !??., lying at ??ur wharf, their cargoes, conam ing of? 3,500 tacks G. A. Salt 9,000 da fine (to Factory filled, Nearhed, and warranted 10 io the ton. TriW al the nlr. FOWLER k CO. feb s -d4t Alexandria, Va. Mott Bedell's Line. NEir TORr, JlI.F.X.1 XDRM. trjSHlStiTUN crrr, aud district of Columbia PACKETS. 1MITS LINK OF PACKETS 8AIL8 WEEKLY . from pier 14 East River, New York.and oAener if necessary, and arc composed of tt?- folio* fhp tirit class vtvscl*: *cw aolir. A. r. BoUtl, Bedell, master. New aclir. Mott BrJrU. A. V. Tredwell. "chr. Jinn D , Wn. Oliver. maitiT. Ht'h'. I olani, I,. A. Smith, master. Schr. Commands in-C-kief, Wogl in, miMcr. Schr. Grren-ruy, Wilson, maatcr. These veiwels are all fast sailers, and the nuttier* men of ex|>crieiice in the trade,: mi the only regu lar line in Washington Citv packet*. M<?TT KKi;EI.L, Wall iirect, N. Y. .S. S. HAS! ERS St HO VP, Alexandra, Va. THOM \S RILEY, feb 1?6ui Washuigtnn and B.C. 10LIL SILVER, STEEL * PLATEtVsPEO T TAi'LIW to suit every n?e au<l o e, R dinw ?*|*-cs, K R. Classes, FveJ Protectors, Eye Olj.-?es of al! de-cnp lions. I'eadtng Ola-ses, <2og?lcs ; kr., Par il?>!;i, 1'i-rifiicM, Concave, Convex. and Colored Classes |?sii in frame* at the shorten notice. p<rsoti? in want of glasses may be mire to ?c' til.) e which benefit the eye a' If. SF.MKKN'*, ? Nn. 330 Pa. avenue, iwtw. 9tli and MHIi sts. jan 90 ( SILVER WAKE. AVJJtY pretty assort rent of Silver Coffee Sets, Pitcher", CI'i'?lel?, Cup , Creams. and all kir.da of Spoon* and F"rks. and a variety of Fancy Silver ware, suitable f??r presents, viz: Soup and Oyster Ladles, Crumb Scraper;. Ii-h, pie and cake Knive*-. Cream ind Sua ?r^p?on-, etc., w offered at low pit c?s. and warianted sterling. II. SEUKKN, No. 3'JO Pa., but. 9th and 10th ??-? jau 19 rpilF. FOREICN OFFICE I.KST,(BriUsb)cor 1 rected to August IM.>4, this dav received Imni L.vd n. FRAXCK TAYLOR jan 15 BOYS' CLOTHING." WALL & STEPHENS, Wholesale ami Rawt Clothing an.I furni-hing Merchants, Pa .iv ? i nue, next door to Iron Hall, have ou band one <?f | the largest and most varii-il a sortmci.ts of RKAHY-M.\f?K BOYS' CL<<TIIIN<; in tin; country, whit h is made up iii ? very ktyle, a .1 calculated to suit all tastes.. Their l?'M?ds are mate of the best materials and by tjie l>est w-n kuicu, a il | wili be di'iKisttl of al rat' - bat cannot to piea^d Tii* public a-e re?p-cthiily invitej to tall and tx amine the stock. feb2? U ? IIE U<'Rl.N'S Rfpnl .iionH and ttiders It.: i!i I Aiiny c>iiipleie t i I .-51, '2 vols, Lou. on Ctxle Napoleon, llteraliy traialatcd 1 vol, Loud. < IBM Fairlioli's Dictionary ol Terms ??f Art, 1 vol, Lon dm, 1 "?r>4 The Mic o?c?.pe, lis History, construction, and ap plication, by J. Fug*, 1 vol, 500 engraving*, London, lt&4 Hughe* i utien Ol Judae Advocate* 1 vol The Stea n Ens?ine, for practical men, by llan'i a J <!e:it:r, 1 vol, London itsM The Ftemin L*.ri?ine, its history and aiecbaniam by Roiicrt Scott Burn. 1 vol, London, 1654 Richards' Population ii;id ? apital, 1 vol. I.<.tidt>c, 16 4 FRANCK TAYLt)B. jau 20 BEAUTIFUL WHITE TEETH. Healthy aim*, and a sweet breath. ! All who are d*t>nou?of obtaining these beiu fits, s ouid use ZGRMANN CKLKHKATK'J TCJOTH-V%' A**ll. Tlii.s delicit.iv article cuuiUi.>*> so many meritorious qualities, that tl iia* now b * come a *t uidard f^v ;rite with the citizens of Sew Y rk Pni ad. Ipbi.i and Ba>tt:tiorc. (Miti?u pr" scribe it in their praci:> e most siitcesslully,' aii<; from every .-ouive the ni'.st flutterii'i? laudation? a c ! *..w:;rl?vl it. tnfliiiiicd and bleeding guin.> arc immediately bca ??fitted l>y its use; its action upon them is nii'-T, 9?H?ih?np effective, it clearsea t'.ie trciii s.. j tli< r.jii?ldy. that they :\r-' made to rival pearl :h whiten* and diffuses . . ? it;li th moutb si. h a l:til lie-h..* : s, lilt: ItrcaNi is re: d?-red e\- | qui itely sweet. It di'infe ti ail Uiutc impuntl. which t?ri I to produce tie cay and as u ct>u*etpicnt ?, j tvh n tlfse arc removei, the t> .:tli must always ro maiit sound. It is u<?d and rrconiMK ndit?l by all the cuii.>?'m DeutuU in New York, riiiladel|tliia, Biiltiu ore, aed oilier cities whire it ba- ii introduced. A" should give it a trial. Prepared only b. Fi.A >? is /.KRM ANfDing^i t| and t"!r;niist, Ninth and Cathariuc sire*-!-, I'ln'u delphia, aid *r>|d by all iirtij.'ists cv^rtwb.r;, a' *25 Wat* per boMle. U'. II. GILL MAN, jan 17?3:.i A^cnt for VYa-bnwun Ci.y. KBWAUk-nVAYED I WAY <-N' THE atiernooii of tile Is', a yellow -ett<r Pt'PPY, 4 or 5 months old. He ts nittki il witlia-mail streak nf white bctwi-eu the eyrs, a mali str? ak on the back of the neck.aNo. under the ibront, and all 'onr te? t spo !???' with small yellow seotN Ironi the fust joints of ihe fo >t; onswt's i?the name of Milos. 1 Will givv the alfive reward to whoever will bnu^ bun to iiix residence o;i Kiglith stnt-l, north ot th^ Patent < ittice, No. <1-33, or at tin* Star office fell 5-3* VV!M. T. STEWART. A CAK1). r | ^ 111*1 iindcr-ipiie.I ba ; piir<b.iM d lh< lia-?oftlie 1 i>tab!i-hin<-ot known as the '* .\|>'tr<>poli ? It ? feetor\ situated "ii l'? i \ Iv .tm.i at > tine, b. ?w?-? ii an < :;d stre?-bi,adjoiriiiij! 'aekson lltd,wbi -h lie respecifully iiif'Tins Ills i?<i> niin and llie pub ic. In* will njwti in a few d.iysasa KF.S PACK \NT,ivliere visiter-; c.oi lie supplied with relrifliiiients at :ill Iioikm, ot a <tip imr quality a id in jwhI style. The Ihhisc is uuilei|!'.iii: a thorough ^enioalion I ej.?j> n< wly painted ami pajMTed.axd will bav?-spa cious :n <l w< II fuini. le-d <n nu and ?upp r rooms. I lie Bar (ander my nwii immediate direction) vt il! be luini'bed wiib Wine-, brandies Hcotrh and Kiixlish Mrs, L<>u on Pertei, Havana t'igar-', !kc.. &.C., of the v?-r\' i??-sl brand-. CLE. KNT REYXoLI'H, feb.'>?4t* late of WdlaidM* ll??tcl. PIANOS FOR SALE OR REN 1*7 Nh\f sri.l ? <1 bsml ^lAN* 8, of my owo miJ ti- r fa.-*oii.<. a** Rl*nys ti)^' te iotU at uv I iano Wuivro m. cn Kla? I ? nth st , )<rtwsen Pa. avc: u' r.nJ K fit. ? 11 : Lnc>e lak< n In t*ch-iD?j. Tu: iu^ tlr.n attended to. V. n. kK'CKKNHAOII P H - A te vr -.ry l:,v pr see t duai d l'iaijO? MiU | '5 f?r . dec I?"'in \IfllO\S Wll ? l\ l?*5, I no.-'.! t voliii.:* \\ |i il's Parliainexitaiy Coin;?;titioii lor 1H55 I pork< t volume British Army Li-t for I6.V1 rriti.-h Navy I.i4 do The Planetary Worlds, tlu-ir Topourapby and Telescopic Appearances, by J. Bteer, Cambridge Observatory, 1 vol I'dackw?.oil's Almanac tin 1855 linp'-rted bv la-t steamer by feb'? FitANCK TAYLOR. COS'<;i;KSSloNAL DIRECTORY. The (iVograpical a:ul Commercial <?axette?* in |.indication devoted to lueri lal, and politieal <i ro<i.i|d;y, edited by an a?ociat?on of practical and Seieniifle gen tlemeu. Siil/ii'riptr'ii s > p.-i aiiniim, 'ingle liillllber *25 >:enn. Distiirueli's Kbilway tJnnle for Janna/y?pr ct '25 cents, with map jan id FRAXCK TAYLOR. MUSIC P0H BALLS, parties, Ac. L. F. W. WEBER Ii KSPiCTPUl.LY l>Hilt V13 IH- PIUKKMb ?v for*cr patron* that be couiinu.-a tr? xliecJ BALLS, PAXTOt."1, ac, with his wo I nr-atm* iIaND of scisD,!flc Musitjans lie ?U1 lntrt all tua iff and fasLkouibi Music Ai: Piaol t fair, shad U"d?air?d. tk^r Orvlrrs left at Iliibua i Hits' Wus c iVpv . autier*a, or Miller's CVmlccai'inery Stoiea, 01 ?t m; r??idtO'-e, dvir ilea il?nJ< r?>u'g Navy Yard, ?i east ?itS p ">ia;it atten'ion no? -i-a NOTICE. ~ TO ALL WHOM IT M\Y C0NCEHH. Ill A VE tliu dav receive t a d oja-ned a creat van cty of CLOCKS, W ?TCHl?. and JE?V ELRv. Gooil CUieks Ironi 50 to #15. all warmutcd on* year. Also, gold and -ilvrr v* atclo's in gicat va riety, silv?-r Watelies Ironi to %.!'> ; pold le?Lt Watches from $-25 to g] 50 and a great n?soniuci>' of Jewelry, all of v>hicli will be sot?| cheaper ban goods of same quality can be bought in this city. Those wishing to get goad C ocks would do well to buy from me, us I put ail my Clocks in or ler b< fore selling them. Call and see foi yourselves, at ih? Toek fc Watch Emporium of J. ROBINS. iN, 340 ?ipt'osile Browns' Hotel, jan 10? lm (Uteij TELEGRAPH If. fapwdr for a> tally I?rai*[ SM The Weather K?w York, p.b. 7.-The inlet*ly P0ld waathar still oontinuw, bat the heavy ippoar *??? of th? clouds indicate a fall of snow ?b?nnoaM?tor last v>?rht flood at ten do P*" <?low Mm F,k ' -?? .t.n* at >>? ?b?T? tm T?. u f,? lnf heavily. Salm H J _w. bat. four on tb. groiBd. and tb. tb.r....B?? 8 degr*e below aero Philadelphia. Fab 7.-Th* Dataware ia choked kp with iee. and the terry boaU cross with mush difficulty. Perv>a* are, in mma piece*, walking on the i.*e Na* foaK. Fab. 7.?Dispatch** froin tb* Eutoro State* report that th* thermometer ia from 10 t* Mi decrees below a*ro, in plac*s beard froju Iilino.s Le^ialatjie. Chicago, Fah ft ?The Lepislnttire has fix*d oa Tbur*l?y next f,.r the elecoior. ot a U. S Fanat<n Tha H->?is? has agsiu pn*?ed th* *nti Nahrnka resolutions by a wt*wf .'(31*1*. Baltimore Market* IUi.rmoau, Fa?>. 7 ?The market general'* ??inactive No rale< if ?..jr Wheat is held at ycattrdays rat*s, bur to ?',ra ?S*ell ?*l*: at 8Sa87o lor whit* sy*yoc fir yellow, and H.1aH4c for mi ted Hew York V^rkets ^ Wrk teb 7.?0#iton is ar*hi9f(nl. Flour is Grin with an upward tand-noy?**!?, of S,5?o bblt. gcod Ohio at $*81* a $9 15. aalee of 2 260 bbls Southern at $8 a $9 3.* Corn?the market firm-no sales report*. Purk if upward an 1 firm IJe*f has under gone no change. Lard is dull, with a dowr - ward leLdeacy. Whisky ir fi ui at SSaSJJc. Acquittal of Boo*J) and *ycor ft t HIC AO'J, Feb 5 ?In the Supretc? Court o:' Wisconsin, the apneal of Booth and hvacrol' oonv.etej in the low r court ?f parjpatin in the escape ol a iu^nive slara, has re-ulte ? in th? ir acquittal, on the ground of tha indie meat being illegal. Election of a Kr.ow-^viking *?srvz-K un.. the Know Nothing or '?*?," candidate. w. elected special ma-fiitrate yesterday. by ? a>~ jority of three to one over all other avndidaic. Arreet of Priu Fi*h>re ^,w ^OKIC ?A prise a?hl waiRB pointed to lake |?!ac?* this morning n the vi cm.ty ot thi-city between J tines Malntv-e oi l hilad.lphia, and George Lees, of th.s city! k J^.'erw at he was rein- on board th* boat to proceed t0 the spot sei*et*d for the fight. Eiirht Philadelphia mwdka ot the notorious ? Killer gang' ware urrastel al fc?, aa parties to the proposed fight. RO*A HE VRIEK Wa'.T?., < ,n.,^7b) Ba^ K>?MmarlMw. ' JlZ 'o Miw Kuima J. Mr<>wn, vi ?oaii?o-er, pubhwhed ami i ?r <?!?? ?i the Mussrnei?t*f HH.B|T|? fc |||TZ IfO 5 e TO BUILDERS. KOI'OSAL.v will h? rerrive.1 h>-RoV> rt Mitfa^ ii" Arj 'iil. ct, . apt Ol until Thursday, '?JlrUVLtl"l'u\ 3 ??? '?> ?'. for th*' :* TI"N A FIRVTCLAti* HI'll.t'lKG oa II ?ir?*et it.Hth, Ihimc-u KountenUi ami KitucoiA ?U?-?ta wuii. Thr Hou*< is to be 38 fr?vit Ii' <6 :. ??? d?ep - U, t.e three ..lone. skw ib .i,e,? au attic t.r Karrrt; und to ha??- a -,o. buildla*. /V'V.ho1*'' ?"W'" *"'? -p eiftcationa wi!l be ?-ihibii?| by Mr MU's. Matmala o ?v.rv dc'-nipiioii io l?? oi Uie i?.?i r. and all work fiMnbed in the t,if?si nppror?d am nnnKku ilia in i; th ? \v!iol?' to li?* if . ??( rea*tv f ir delivery by the l*t of Aup ist n? \t, or u t,<i u pas ?iMq. Pajm. nm to be tna<J0 ;l? Ui ? wik i^om a>ul bond re*iMn-d, \v fh approved, for :!it ? utb lul eompiii,,.? witli tke le.nm ol Uw ?nnt?k i 11i? ri^lil is res-1 veil oi nifr MKttbid : .un Ih u.'ist approved, wlierh.^r tin lowest or n ?'. IHb? be ^alt^i lliry wtM i <a be *M',e4 uhiiI ??fi??r the hour ub >vt* iihiiic J. i?-i, 't - .tlSib BANK1K J HOUSE OF FAI&O * 2>0l Ks?, t Oyrstie Cl,tr.< SI, it CI 7V<Mvur; ? iVIi?1, Si<?. k- ami n.l|i r xciiritifs >.ur< nas< d ? n?i?i ??ld. Inirr?'i?i at tin* ihi*' oi vii p.-r pa f eiiir in *1 low.-,| tb-iMMt. ulien !? fc for :W ^r Ion er. jiti ai- Gin great rar<;ains! "" *r!???".Vt; to r<*:!?!<"?? my ^l.x?k nf l)oi(? and 1 > Mi?.v iii >k#1? r to uiakc n- >n\ (? r hpiini; -up nlie*. I hlj.iil commrnc- ihi day to off in> li.-avv n{ cr.-.iiiv rt-diK'i-il pne?'i>. All in ^ni i.| ? *uiM'iior quality ra| SlMu ai vny low pri't-x, ran In id ilieiii n Wall'- II??.t, k'Imm', Trunk Hlore, \'o 34 M irkri Hai r-?. m l*?:n 7th mitl Htli >irr? tM. |#. K. WAI.L, fill 1? ?vii?w IRO* MALI. BOOT, SHOE, AND TR U N K />' TA It I. IS H M f\IV T I' a I 1(1.1 K! \ KM, :i<id r<iviviti;, a lirp' tirulv ot b,^t qualm 'I'k' \ \ KI.INU ^ ritrvKH. rutpKT it \<:s. ^vliK*li will U* Mild Itiwv. I "-h.ill si II mi M.n k .rf WiiiO t < B< M ITS ami iSlh MIS on band, uho h rmb :tr?- . . j*ry ar'n-le at rfilut-fd pru i*; an,) my stock 14 ? toy I'li-tMui r> an I ilic j u tie ai* rc?|ii' ^l>d to ? ?a'I and exaiuiti-*. 1 o uirtsc Win. know iiu iii-i lvi - ii t > nte, I ??wild bay thai I d.->ir?* ;>r??iupi >*? tth-nurt. Fnf 1 tr future | ?tiai| render tu\ a vniisto nvaIVy Ibu t''Ui haviiiK b ?e.ioiit iMMvs-arv ransi oi'ili.: 1 bau; e 111 the credii ry-tt-m at toe Nortb H r. HOOVER, fell.I ii:.'lt 11 on llall, Ivimvylvaaia a\enue. WATCHRS! WATOIIES! IT Volt wi>b a wariaiiieil ?<?,t? tinM'k?-* |M>r, at a re.-> ..i,*ij,. orive, >oi? are inviti*! 1 1 eair-??J^J und rtamiiie my vlei-;> .| >u?> k f tiin- l.u^li.-li and I>iii*v:i tVa.efo-M f? r l..i'i? ? an<| II. HKUJCKV fto. 330 Pa. av., U iwim V.b and !Uib jan 18 -ewt.MjrH 3li/T?IAL >.!/ E 1KS17 R \ WCK ?'OJTPA?Y OF Till: lilSTI l? T (IP I'ol.fMBIA, rAnrtrreJ by Cuam i, PFIiKS to the ritizi'ii* ol' the Ilmirlct tlie aa(e*t aii.I eh* a;M>t tiM-aua of insurance acikii>t |o? t>y tire on all deseripiioiis oi profe-rty, m ?i?iy be seen by an viauiinaii?*ti ot Uie charter nnd ty law*. Appln alio** 10r mvurane,- can Ik- made 10 ;he un dersigned 01 at th ofiice ?.t Joim Van Ki-wi^k, 7t?i street and V\'n>!iinstou Canal, where c?pie? of th?i charter and by laws saav ?m- prx nr, J. L'LYSSKS WARM, Pre dent. Manager* Ttr niav HI..-I n, I'ly^n W ard, Dr. F. Howard, J. I'. VlcKeld-n. lolm Van Rinwicl:, P. \V. ftrowaiagand H.iJ. Kun ry. iati 31 ? eolm yi/ thk tiiuicniiiuaiKD m jQC llen-by informs th? riinent of V\ s?li ingto.. lb it be will attend in tlx litm(?ui of new and the reputing 01 < M L*ar?b*na. Also, tin uruniiiK of xhrutiv, rrap -rie*, etc. Charges mode rate. Ordei^ let! at Mr. Nairn'*, Ibupgi-'t, onraer Pa. av nue : nJ ttth Mrert, and the gnioery store ut Mr, F. lira, Capitol Hill, will !?? promptly ?tt? t .lei to. feb 6?eo'tt* Q. M HAI>. LAW PAttTNEttStilp! SUrRKMEiX>URTOFTHK(INITEn HTATEfl UOOFKT J. \VALKt'K and I.OUlH An1.\ !!u?1["nie^! c jMirtuernhip under tbe name of "Wa ker and Jamri.'Mor the nrgmueiit of nwv in the 8u|>reiiie I 'ourt of the United Plates, st Wash ington city, wbe t boUi will attend throughout tha future sessions ot that court. They may be addr.-^ed at WnsbisMw. N. Yivk, 01 New Orleaaa. i?_-?3m* 1 ? REMOVAL. 0 l Mlh undersimrd, manufacturers nf Warren's Fire and Water Pro<?r C iwynwllw Roofing bav? removed their nffirr from Teiuh rtreet to W*. 510 Seveaih iireet, ?>e>w (Ml Pe'low?' llall. c. 11. warren a co. (>ffi -e bourn f.oia 11 to 12 o'clock a. ui. feb 3 - eo3t* \TOTICE?Whereas 'ohn K-iff .vnd Caroline i> Korff, Itii wife, live ap irt, under a *eed of sep ar.itioi, the pnboc are hereby -earned not 10 trust the -?iJ Cutoline on aceoui t of the > uH^'rihef^ and i< not responsible for any debt? contracted by bee a?d will ia.t rty - he same. K>HN ILORrF, feb 3 'lawj* ?

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