Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAiL THE COCK OF THS WALK. Y'MI i-trut about by Arid and brook And think your ga.i and plumage allow you, And yet. fmr all vrnir trrftly look, ( t4d Cock, I know yoc. With brea^i ao ?leek ey? ma bright. A* if jpu w?ra the pink of honor, You're Pttiffed Hill of wrath and aptte A* Bwhop Bonner Yon fctTip'ing bird, your ann and heir, ' And trim aa y?u in limb \nd f. ather,; You ruff ?nd tumble everywhere In every weather. To-day, when he had lone no harm, Bu; atretcb tin throat and mock your bawling, Ywu ruffed >our neck aa big'* my arm ? And knocked bun -pnwling ? Down in a twink aa -tia til'a a rail? AatonUhed into beir? civil? Tfeeu up aad off with hUid and tail Both on a level. But ihongli your prow* you may biaat, And though in dreary duinpa ?o aad he? 1 ku< w not which u> pity nua', The ?un or daddy. You'll tava ywir day to strut the floor C?c* ?uf, with pluck kiid voice aapirunt, But tim? will raekon yollr score, You hen rooat tyrant! It in not that the market man May tempt me far your tricka to aell you; It m not oi tha dripping pail? But thin, I ft IT you : All tm?-s and cliinea a id 1 K>ks record The Scripture truth?we cant deny it? They ilnt unslicaih the iiL|>ri??oi'* word noiiil pei Mb by it. Bcwar#tli<; days when oi.. arid lama Y* u drowae die eye a>i'i itioop the pinion. Your r?<yal spirit l?vt! tair.e Willi tunc'". dMiititoii. Think yon thia bantaai. now so green, \Viil tiirii loreet |Ik .?! d?adly grudge* ? He'll give yonr Memory, I ween. route ravage Slowness ok Conception.?Our old ftiend T descended from a primitive colony that, leaving the *' Faderlandt,'" planted themselves at Waldoboro', had the usual German slowness of compre hension, as well as th^ proverbial cor rectness of the Ttutcv.c race, when he once got fairly hold of -n idea. T kept a small store, u:ul dealt in " all aorta." One day a very genteel man came in - processing the utmost haste, and wanted twenty dollar:- in small bills to b* ..k a doubla X whe^e he had made a trade hr.rd by. ?? Yy," said T , ** I doesn't know ye. Vat for I let you have twenty dol lars!) mine momsh ?" 44 Oh. don't bother," said the stranger: 44 here, give me the twenty, and I'll gi?e you a dollar for the use of it, and I'll lock you in till I get L .ck ; that will make it sale." T cogitated a moment. Thechance of making a dollar was good?he was somewhat confused, aad so he said, 44 Yaw, dad is goot," and then passed out the money. After some halt hour, T began 10 conclude that the wrong man was locked in?the security had been given on the wrt ng side. The stranger was gone with the cash. T never lent any more monev without con sidering with great deliberation the mat ter of security.?Be fast RtpuUic. {JIT"An individual was brought before the Police Court in Cincinnati, recntly, charged with assault and battery, lie frankly admittea that he had struck bis antagonist, but said in extenuation, that the man had called him a liar, "and" continued he, "may it please the Court, I was born in Livingston, in the State of New York; there when a man says your'e a liar, y<?u call him a liar back, and there's an end of it: but, your Honor, I lave lived for fifteen years on the Wabash, and ther-1 when a man calls you a liar, you knock bin down at once 1 only obeyed my lVvbash instructions." Fined one dollar and cosu . MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Name Lenvt For Dttyt. Black Warrior....New York...Havana Feb. 9 Union V.-xv York Havre Feb. 10 America 1> ufro Liverpool.Feb. 14 Atlantic s*v-' Y"r\. ..1 ?vevp???.l ..Feb. 21 Union Havre New York J?n 17 Aineri'-* >iverp??o ... no nn Jan. 20 AUauti - ..Liverpool?\ew \ iirk..:J?n. S7 City Manner.*.'. .i,ivci|MH?l... l| Uui.Fib 14 8t. Lotila Ilavra Hrw Yo?k...Fcb. 14 (to- Th* 1 'ufi/brniH .|'H?kh leave Now Yoik on ti e 5th an.) iMiri of each ma. 4. iUlVlU AT PS 1H : i PAL HOTELS. WiH?rU4' ?*; n a Sin. mi.u. J T Smith, Va A Haitiott, Mass M PO'H' n.. HJ F Bnrd-itt, do V ilonoh i' . SiY W VV Ma:ik, KJ I) A fkiw, do J K Snowdva, I'a J K PoCt? r, Ma.* M< Nil. a, NY Kfjmol. ?, lailt' UP < t.andler, do ? F W Kijr?r,i'il J B Palmer jl lady, da E A I.awreii'-e, NY F F Flint, .Army J M .Ma any. <;? I. P O-kl-e, NY Mi*'' K B Wntariy, do J l.'i'ter, MM F guiler, Pa Me I uiit G K Pairb?in!(?, Fla Mi.* H int Mix* Kerne. Pa K rt i!.i:im- n Aimy Mi.? E Kee??e, do T \V rtvteenav, do II F. Kecne, do li PnM. NY * JL ll.jod, II A .?# Riiiiler, nr. V.d T A Slnrple *, do II . Cr ium> IS. N V W M Addi-on. Md S ?; Co-key, lltj Rational p.williu J N'rUnw, Md K i tiinnfc, Vd T VV Bail* y A la.'y, NY K ?? Muobcil, do 1) Fi.Id,do 'I' I' < iiureili- at lad), do C Hroonrr, ft Ue i K C lliiv J Mr vl**a, N Y \V V Petlit S M Bedinjer, Kv J i r.dwa adcr 1 r'? r.dlorJ, Ala i VV l.u licr & lad., NY J i Walker, < u U I, Tr..*el, Pa L P Dodp*. WY *? F Pnin, do fcl"n l> ??.i-w;irt, Md J lv Lii-vi-s do B M MTnrftaM K ? I.Mwn, NY H D Zander* N Wuleoi, l"t J M atead, V ? j T V uviien. Pa fV b Caiwell. do U du H T Millar, tit li Sut.^nM, do >!??- K W Mili'tr, do ( W 1? du W ?: l.'ojjers. to M K ii Md H M Wii.mnr and lail), A lle . L . Va Pd Uov P> weH, Ky W i* Ouilard. Pa Oil T i. jon.t, du I t Chew a. aily. NY J Am t. in J D J?ne?, " J VV f v-nson, dn f A Pirtly. Sa* Mr* L t. .^erton, NY J humi, t'a Mm* 1 v.hin?, do K A Uert4>>cl d<> Mis? K> ? bmii. do J I' Palmtr/i t K K' ?? - do L H M'oiwi.iih and lady, Mr* A K tnm>in, do NY MamOk-?4L 4m Mr H niwonii a laoiilv, >?' do do ? i? K, M ? Mi4! Tboiuitfon. do A I. Nor- *, Mi .tfiax Barlx'i.r, do J Sail, d ! M L lviavai a lady, do Rrowaii Hatai?x. r A n. a tun ? J Wh'tinc, MJ J 8 LilUVnouae k laniilv. W A Addiaon. cal tja H L Olen?, NY T A Man; . Va ?i ? l'? W i h kittrer, \ V ? H Clay jo*?le, d?* ah ,|,j |6vdi.i. NY M H Plain-iier, do 8 Newton, do J It Kn?ha? C? II A Howrll a lad*. d ? Mr?i;ivrn*, Md B B Fifelow, M.i? K Bofiing, Va CaptU A R.iwhny.*. Md W Tyaari, Mil - Mai VV B Sliand, Va II H Mcl'ullou^b Pa W Mnhm,dr> K J K ml, i?o W Carmuu, N'Y J ?{ H*-rry, !ti Mi B G II irndon, do IV VVdaoir do Mm 11 Pt.uaon, do Unit ad Stat as llofal ? a. a. raciiit. W Ar oil, Md W Ba'*ok. Va J H Maxwell, do VV F l>->aald?on. K) J Ja<-Kiun, ('?! VV Jo?e.*, M l H Cinnunxky, Pa H VVi''aoii, d ? 1> tS VVoolrtredge, Va J M *'a?r, NY It Wood, i.o OH l/ana. Nil t? An-lrewa. Nl T l.<?rkl?ftd, Va Mm* II Wa le, Md i G Cnrkrell, do N B Gay. >r, Va t* L Oairhill. do II M arertlinff, N J <? VV I.Mtl<, do B T Caakey. do N U biaH:>. Md fi K AU.1I; MJ _THE MAILS. PROPOSALS lor carry 1*1; the mails nf flie Uni ted Slalw from H(? |*i day of Auiui. I)65,1ti Ih- 1;4 day of July. 1*5*. m the ftmf oft ALIKUK NIA and hi ih* Territory ot W AsHI NG'FON, will he recei v?l at the 1 'imlrarl < tftice of the Puat (Hfice Department in the city of Washington, until 3 p. m., of the 15th day c?t" May. 1855, to In; decided by the 18th day of May, 1855, on the routes and in the time* herein specified, viz: IN CALIFORNIA. 13538 From Anborn, by lllinoi*town. to Mountain Springs, 30 miles and back, twice a week Leave Auburn Tuesday* and llumdiyi at 6 a m , Arrive at Mountain Spring* by 6 p m same day* Leave Mountain Spring Wednesdays and Fri days at 6 a m Arrive at Auburn by 6 p m same days Bids for tri-weekly service wHI be considered ; also, bid* to extend to Green Valley " 13539 From t'rescent City to Jacksonville, Oregon, Territory, 125 mites and back, once in two week* Leave Crescent City every other Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Jacksonville next Thursday by 19 m Leave Jacksonville every other M<mdav at 7 a m Arrive at Crescent City next Thursday by 12 m 12540 From Diamond Spring, by Newtown and Wisconsin Bar, to Grizzly Flat, in Eldorado county. 24 miles and back, once a week Leave Diamond Springs Tuesdays at fc a m Arrive a. Grizzly Flat bv 2 p in same days Leave Giizzy Flat Wednesday* at 8 a ui Arrive at Diamond Springs by 2 p m same days 13541 From Drytown^ by Fiddlc:own and Cedarville to Indtau Diggings, 2c miles and back, oncc a week Leave Drytown Tuesdays at *> a iu Arrive at Indian Diggings by 6 p m .-atne days Leave Indian Diggings vVcdiiesdays at 6 a m Arrive at Drytown by 6 p in same days 12542 Froin Foster's liar, by Foster City" and Mo cow, t? Minnesota, in Siena county, and but k once a week Bidders to *tate distance a id *chcdule ot arri vals an'I departures 12543 Fr >m Jack-on. by Hntt* City. < 'inton, Vol cano, and Upper Kancberia, to Fidaleiown and back, once a week Bidders to stale distance and schedule of arri vals and departure* 12544 Frc ui Los .\ii,'elu-, by Tejoa Pas?, to Wood vilie, in Tulare county, 230 milts and bach, twice a inonte Leave Los Angelos on the 1st and 15th of each month, at H a rn Arrive at Woodvillc by 12 in the lOrii aad 25th of the same mouth Leave Woodville o:i the 1st and 15ili of each month at 8 a m Arrive at Los Angelas by 12 m on t'j10th and 25th of same mo. tli 12545 From Maiy.-ville, by Spanish F at, Chandler ville. St Louis, nod Pine Grow, to (jiibsot: Ville 75 and back, t>nee a week Leave Marv?ville Mondays at 6 a ni Arrive at Gihmnvilh.* lieu Wednesday1? by 12 in Leave Gibs tnvilie T!iU'sdays :t 6 a in urive at Mar>>vi?!?next Saturdays by 12 m 12f ij Fro- Mary-v by Park'- liar, Lmpuc Kjvu. Kuudi ami Heoly. and Grass Valley, to Nevada. 15 mil mi tim- h week fr> i. 1*1 ot April to J*; D-cciiibor, tri- : weeki) ?!.?; residue of the year. Leave Mv . vide do? v.exeeri' Muday ai?. an: \rrive at v vid-i b o p "??? ij . Ltave Nev ida c ;iy, excep? . ^.i. ay at 0 a ill Arrive at Viarysi i-ie by 1 p m days Bids to ? i.ixem t liimgh and U< ady at.- in vit'Ht : .t,so for tri weekly .service; also, to take in Linda, Oiv^li /- Bar, and Kennebeck Bar. beiweeu ihrysvillf and Kmpiie I! inch 12547 From Mary?vitle by Mount Ophir, Bidw ' Bar, ami, toCibsonvillciniJ b;? . once a week Bidd- rs to state ri -tancc and schedule ot a ri vals and departure? I'rojiosals to run only (>? tween B.dwt'l's Bar and Gibsoiiv.ile are invited 1254c From Mokelumne lliil, by Campo Seeo. Win te,'s Bar. and Lanch.i Plana, t > Fone Valley, 23 miles anJ back, once a week Leave Mokeiumne ilill Tuesday* at 8 a m Arrive it Line Valley by 2 ni s urn day* Leave lone Valley W< dnesday* at e a m ? Arrive at Mok?ltimue Hill sain ? day hy 2 p m 1254J From Alokelumue Hill,!.; McKiiinev'*, and Humbug, to Murphy's^ ??> iniks anil Iiuck, once a week Leave Mokeiumne Hill Tuesdays -.t li a in Arrive at Murphy V by 2 p m sarin' days Leave Murphy's Wednesdays at 6am Ajrive at Mokelumue hil! by 2 p ni sauie days 12550 From Nevada, by Bot?"soii*? Ferry, F.morvV Cmsfing-, and Forest City, to |i<mu> * He. 4') miles and ba> k, tliret tins- i v. -: \ Leavi Vevad-i M >ml-ys, W. iinsuilay and Fri days ai t> a ni * Arrive at Dowroieville by fc pni tsi<u< lays Leave Downievilie Tuwsday.% Thrrsd.iys, and Saturdays at 6 a iu Arrive at Nevaila bj hp in sain-.* daj^ 12551 Froni Oaklan l, by Sail I eandr ;, F in Lore.i zo, Alvarado, and S.ia Jos- Mis-ion, to San Josi-, 52 iinie* :i:i,| back- tw?e?- a wee* J.eave Oakland Mondays and Fr days at 'j a m Arrive at San Jo-e by 6 p in *nme days Leave San Jose Tuesdays and Saturdays at 0 a m Arrive at ' >a!cl?'i t by 4 p ;n s.un>- days Bid* f >r* trips a week are invited 12552 From Cailand to Martinez,2b mile* an J lack once a week Leave Oakland Monlnys a? 1? a iu Arrive hi Martin*--/, by 4 p in ? une days Leave Martinez l'nejulay - at '?> a m Arrive at'laklaud by 4 p m san.i day* Bids to end rout*' at Alamo will In: co. siden d 12553 From Fetaliima, by "nit.i Ko*'. to lieald's Store, on Russian i^? r, III miles ami back, once aw ek Leave Peialuma Tuesday* at G a in Arrive at lleabl'.* Store by ti p in ame dnyi Leave IL-ald's Store Wednesdays at 6 a in Arrive at I'^altima same day by ij p m 15554 From Peflluni], by lt ? J.-i.I fcmnii's Haneh Ik) miles and bad., tivici: a wei k Leave IVtiluiu.i MoikJ ivs and Wednesdays at ti a m Arrive at SiniJi s Kaaeh by 4 p m same d. ys Leave r niilli'? liancli Tu .-uay.- and 1 hursdaya at ti a m Arrive at Fetaluina by -1 p ni d;i\ Proposals t<. ixt i.d. vi i Fori Ho. to' Big Bi\er fcit invited ; iil.'o, to run only Lutwecn Bodi: ea and Su itli's Uaneh 12555 Fiom Plaeervdle, by Logfown, .Na-liviile and Saratoga, to Drytown, 30 mile*, and back, once a week Leave I'lacerville Tlie-day-- ai f. a in Arrive at Drytown by 1 p m same days Leave Drytown We.lne-.-days at ti a m Arrive at I'lacerville by 4 p m same days 12?5ti From Uuarisburg, l?y M< Dermou'.s, Mdlerton Campb-ll'i Ferry, on Kind's nv?r, and Vua l>a, to Woodville, lij miles an.l back, oute a week Leave Uu itl burg Mondays at ti a m Arrivi- at \\ o xlville Wednc-tlay* by C p m -aiuc day* Leave WooJviile TiiurrJay, ai ti a in Arriv.i at U'iait.-burg Satun.iv- by ti p m same days Bid- to end trip.- at \ i-aha, 10 m?i*'s le? art.* *n vited 13*5' *rotu Uouiid 1* *it, l?y I.o^v* t ( r<> -iiiU of D^-r Cre. k. I'ouit l>? liance, French I 'orral, Sweeilaod-, Cherokee, and Mooted Fiat, t<> MiuucM>t^ in Sierra county, 37 rnili> and back, once a Week Leave Knund Tent Tuesdays a ti a in Arrive at Vlunesota next dayj by 12 m Leave aiinneMita Tbur.*da^> at ti a mi \rnvc at Boiiu-i Tent a *: days by 12 m 125.">? From Sacramento city, by lone Valiey, Jark son, and .?lokeluiniie 11 ill, to Sonora, 1?0 miles u'id li'iek. three tifin-s a v. Leave Saciamentocity Mondays, Wednesdays. and traLy - at ti a m Arrixe at S .nora n<-.\i day s by 1 p |J( Leave Sonera Tuesday*, Taur.days and Satur days at ti a iu Arrive at S iciai'icnto city u.-.vt ?'ay - by 1 p m Proposals to carry .-i* time a we> '< ai div -i a son? will be c? nsiden d; also, for the separate po tion oi ?he route between Saera.ntnto ci* a..d Jack r?n, ai* I Jack-on and Srrior-*. 1255'J t -oiuSae miieuy.e .y, by B. ale's, Condemned ml I' ai. s Bars .>> iiaiCi *nake !';?(? 't'niiK aid hack, three \ mes i v t< i.oav*; S.Irian,. .don lay*. \\e?liK>dav& and Frida* - .t ti a m Arr:V?i at K. -make |t?j b-. 1 p m air ? aa > Le-we Haiti ake H i i i. .; .v . uur^lays, a . i S.itur* at f m m Arrive at Sac, uu nt eiiy l.j -I p i? -,UMt jav li")fi<? Fioiu Sa i y. by De rCn . Buck i'ye i ia and -Viu.i Sjirin^'*, to Dia muid ^p llig*. 45 ?*lltes "llid l.a. - . MX tifii,., ;; V.etk iroui tbe l*t *>? .ipiil to i -i ol Decerni>cI. rc*i due M tlu y? ar U; Weekly Lea\e Sucraaieuto city dtily, except Sui:d?<v. Htiiau Arrive a Diamond Springs i>\ 4 p in same days Leave Diamond Springs daily, except Sunday , at ti a in Arrive at Macraiucnlo cny l v 4 p u: same days 125<'?l From Sacraim uto city, by I i\ alley, San Andreas, FotiuanV K.'uich, Aul" IV (Jump and Carson's ("r? ?k, Jo Son.ra, miles aud hack, three times a week Leave Sacramento city Mon'ay-, We?tiie?day? aud Fridays at ti a m Arrive at Sonoia next day> by 4 p m Leave Sonoia I u? sd--.vs, Thuisila-.* and Satur day* at ti a in Arrive at Sacramento ci.v next davs by 4 p m 125a2 Fr nn San Diego, bySaiita l.*abei, toF >rt Vu uia, on t ie Hio Colorado. *?2 m.lts and back, tw ice a month Leave San Diego on liic 1st nil 15. li of eault month at ti a m Arrive at !? ort Yuma ' vthel0iband25that 12 in v*: fort V u.oa on tbe l-t aud I5ih of each inonih ai ti a in t?R^1IV! ??/>?ii ltie*f> by tile 10: h and 2 .Hi it 12 m IJ&6J t'or. >ar, Iran.-iM-o, ,y ||i,mbddt'? l.av an.i I /'w' ' *' 1"s<ent City, 30ri uiUe* and Unn> h imm li 111 liters to ?tate schedule ul' ai rivals and depar tures 1 ?Hi 12564 From Pan FmnciMO, to t?aa Rafael, 90 miles k .Bnrl back, once a feek_ L %ve Hjui FSictoo "MnnJifysat fTn in " A{i(ve at Sail Ral%l by ? p m Mine day* Leave San Kafad Tuesday* at S a in Arrive at San Franiciwo lit 2 p rn wame dayit 12060 From Han Francisco to |?. taluina, 60 miles nnd back, three times a week , ,Leave San Franeiseo Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 h m Arrive at Pcialuma. by 4 p in name day* Leave Peialnma Tuesdays, Tnursdays and Sat urday# at 10 a ni ^Arrive at San Francisco by 4 p In same days 12566 Front San Juan, by Watsonville, to Santa Cruz, 34 mile* and back, three times a week ?mm 1st of April to 1st December, once a week the residue of tile year Leave San Juan Mondays, Wednesday#, and FridayiaLlp ni Arrive at^-auta Cruz by 9 p ui same day* Leave Santa Crut Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 4 a m Arrive at San Juan by 19 m same days 12067 From Union town, b South Fork, to Big Bar, 69 mile* and back once a wepk Leave I'niontown Moudays at 8 a ni Arrive at Big Bar next days by 4 p n Leave Big Bar Wednesday* at 8 a ui Arrive at L'nioutown next days by 4 p m 1256a Froin Yankee Jims, by Eiizabc.thluwn, to Iowa Hill, 10 miles and back.ooce a week Leave Yankee Jims Wednesdays at 6 a in v Amve at Iowa Hill by 12 m fame days L ?ve [owa Hill Thur--#*y* at 6 a m Arrive at Yankee Jims by'12 m same days WA&HLVGTON TERRITORY. 12725 From Astoria, by Citenook, E iinou^tou. Tar lilt, Oyster Beach, Brilliant City, to intersec ii.<n witit route from Ulytnpia, to Gray's Har l?ur, 120 miles and back, once a week Leave Astori i Mondays at ? a m Aiiiv.rat Intersection of Olympiu and Gray;s Harbor-route Thursdays t?y I-J in I. ave Intersection of Olyinpia and Gray's liar bur rouie VundMys at 7 a m Ai ivo at Astoria 'I'liiimJan by 12 m l-27 ifi i f.tin ?*ath!aniette to S. Fords, 15 miles and back, once ii w< ok Leave i utht uuetre Til .- lays at fi a m Arrive at S. Ford-' rovi days b? 1 2 in l,e ?ve s. Fords Thursdays at fi a m Airive ai > nihlamclte next days by l i in 1:2717 l\om Olyiiipta to Cra>rs II.ub n, 1'J milts and ba- k. once in two wcelgi Leave Olympiu every other Monday at 6am Arrive at Cray's! Harbor next Wednesday by 5 p iu L? ave Gray's Ua:!>.r evt.ry o Iter Thursday at 6 a m U'ivo at ?Mympil next Saturday by 5 p m 127 is- iv j.n Olyiupia. by Fold's, to i 'hetmok City, '.*> miles and hack, one"; in r.vo we< kj Leav oi\i:ip:a every otiier Friday a) D a ni Arrive < ben >ok city next Tuesday by 5 p m I.eavo Ch?iiook City every oilier Thursday at 7 a in Arnv.' at Olympia next Saiui d ?y by 5 p m llids fur weekly trips are invited W?2.i From Oiwnpia. to .Sleialwater l>ay, 7."? miles a .id b::c.,, once a week Oiyoipia Fridays at 10 a m vrrtvi at Shwdwat? r Slav next Mondays by li a at L-i ? ? S ioal;?.;,. r Bay Tue-day alfi a i.i \r? ? a. Olviiipia ue*: Kridnv by !l a in 1 -i'j From Oi>:.ip:a t-' Seattle, (X) utiles aud hick, a ?? t ek i,?j i?*? (Nyniuia Fridays at 10 a i:i Afi.vt! at Seauie n -xt ;lays by 6 ,? ni Leave Sea'tl Wedio -days at G a rn Amve at Olympia nt xt days b> li p hi 1 27til Froiu Colombia Cny, t?v Case ?.?!?? City and r >it Wi.liaw.illa. to VVaileptu, 200 miles and li icfc, once a tnoii'li. 1.. tve Coiunib a City on the l<i day i.f ca. h month Arrive at Wailepla Ly 6 j- m <-t"th?* 9ili of same in >nl!i Lfc .v. Wi.i'.epla on the I Jih day ol <ach month Arrivt at Columbia by 6pm of the ' of the sauic Hi'- to run 'nly between "Cascade City and VY.tllawalla are uiv:t' d 1^7;iJ From Fort Town ? nd, by I'ort IUncoveiy, to \eiv l>uugeriiea?f l."> aiiies and ba.'k, once a week I. .v l*<?rt Town-end Tuesiays at 6 a ui i t \ew J?aneernt-> next days by 11 a in l, e New )>tingerne-s Wt diu-s iij> at 1 ;? m V' .ivi at Port Towiiseij-t t d.ivs by fi p m Bids for two irij?s a week wi.l t?.? consideied 127.TI i'i i;i S attle, by Fort .M .tiison, K? li s "NIiil^, i nu's Cove, and Wtiatcoom, to p.,rt I'own M.'iid 4.i miles and b-ick. oncu?a week I,-i.r e o aide Mondays at fi a in \.riv< at F?rt Townsend b> i? i> Nijie daj s L iavc Fort Townsend 'Fue <tay at (> a in Airiv? it S .it'll: same days by 3 p m Bnis f >{ t\\ ?lr>ps a week \v II b ? e-oisid?'red 127 II t roil. tUe to 1) ? Wariii^ii Mill.-, 12 miles :: i.l i^ K, on -, a Li av? oca til.: Mo.j jay? at . in Ar neat l?e Waini-li Mills by 12 m -am.- da>s I. i\ He Warm h *lills Mou. ay at 1 p ni Vi'ivt: ai Sea'tl: by p m same days l-73i From St. Helens, by CatniajHKitle, :?? l'eW.n, ?'0 mile* and back, onee a weeW Le St. li 'ieiij. Wjiin. sAays at ri a in \'rt\- a? l*i i !?> i p ni -;.mc d ?ys I. a\ ? I'i i * l ..iii.-d iy? :.t b a m Ai i iv.' at Si llelenB by 4 p m . a ne days 127.'C? IVojii rit- ilaeooui, by .Vlki.t ? Se nile, JO units a <1 back, once a wee 1. ;n. ^ii i.acoom Saturdays at 6 a m \-tiv" a; Si attle bv 7 p in -aim: days Leav-: SeatUe Fridays at fi a in A.- iv ? at Steilacooiu by 7 p m ?a ne .'sy-i ill - fur two trps a week are inv ted. 127;<7 From Walleput, by Craig's Coeur D'Abane Mi.-si n and S'.. Ma-y*? Valley, to Fort Ben ton, N'ebi., ?00 miles and back, i.acc a ui' .mil Leave Wadepta on the Ir-t of e ch month Airivea' Fort Benton in four w :eks Le ve l"i?ri Bei.toii on ?he 1st oi each montk Arnv ? at Waib pta in fnnr weuks Fr- m Wailepta, t?v* W.illaw.rtla, Walkir's, I". I*. Mission,an I Brown's, to Fort Colviile, ?i.M ai '.'s ami back, one.' a jji 'litli t. ave W.i !i pta on I t fit eaeli momli Airiv- a" Foil (.'o!vi'le ni ten irays 1. av? F >r: t'olvdle on <n eae!i mcii'h A. r.*i- at \N'ail--p!a in ten ?' i g I \S'1'RCCTI? j\S. Fof- ? '>f c proi> ?* ii ic/n-'c no c-iungi' from >uli'crtisc r>. >? n' : roulcmplated ly tLc biildir. I, , of , county of .. Suite of . pr p'.-e to convey the inaiis from Ail gui 1, IfcSa, to July 1, KU.on route No , from to , agreeably to tiie aiiver t.semeiit of the l'ostma-ter (?eueral, d tte.l January li), 1 and by the f'dlowina mode of eonvnjanee, v./.: f<r the annual sum of dollar.-. 'I in pr..j?.eal i.- made w..h full knowledge et' tho disi.mee nl the pane, the weight of the mail io le; carried, and all otl, r (larticuiars iu rcferenc*- to the riniii aud > ivn.e, ai.d also atlrr lull < xaimuati^n of the mstrii :i:oi?s aud reipiiremeufs all :udei! to the ad v .-in-1 tin ut. 1) at ei| (Signed.)? r-jftn o/ i (-tunmitre. T?ie iimler-jgned. rendni at . State oi . iitnb r aHe ili.ii. it in*; i iri'iiiiiiistiii) l'tr cai r.vius tie.- mail on route .\ ?. i, ? aecepit-u by lite I'ostina-ter tin* b.dd< i siiall, prmr to the l>t day of July, lt<55, or a-?o??.i th.-n afu r as may be, enl red into the r?*<piir<i| obli^.aUnit to per foroithe service ; ropowd, with ?ood and -uliicient tu-'ties. 'Fins we no wilii a full knowledge <?1 the obn^a ti iii> and liabilities assun eii by i^uaraniors under ih?- 27th secti ai of the ac ol Cn.ipre^s of July 2. IKf,. I?ated (biUiH-d bv tao ?u:;rai.tor-) . Form of u CiTlifiriJc. 'Fue under-lulled, po tmasu r of ? Slate of . certifies, under his oath of office, that he i- leipia iiteri with the noove ^uarantor^. and knows tli io to be men of propert , , and able to make good th' ir guarantee. Hated V Signed.) "i'lic -Ui..ciene> >if guarautora on prop, -als may be eeit;i.i i bj a jud?' o.'.i court of recur I. and by ma teti at ;lu? Inilou ing oliiei.. . mi im otln > <: F'i ' iltf'itiita?\ii,uni, lilinoistown, Crescei.t Oly IJwn 4 Byim, Diyiui i, Fiddklima, Fo? ter ? ..i. J,4c%+?!i, Cliuton. V'ol'ano, Mar'.svi" , i !i i .at. It .1:4a iud ii-a ' tira--. Vailev. \ v.e; Hi j,- . ijv Bar, Mokelurane Hill, lone Va-ly, VI *.>.'??? y V, War, 11} p., Dowuieviilr, Oaklam'. AI v 1... > ui J.i-e, M irii':e/ P?talina, Bodqp Pta r\eie, I irytowu, <.iu.otz.ii h u. Koniid I'eot, S fra III City. nw* i, ;vl-l I Sjirii.rf. AmreFs Camp. Su, ln.*eo. Satt Fraaii-?:o, Triml;id. San Kafai l. Sail .III ie. s lit a Ctiiz. Ilig Btr. and V ai.kee Jim's 1 .r V\ t-bi'igtou l' rriiory- Astoria. Che-iook, 1 ariili, ti-yiiipia, Caihlauieite, .<eatt e, Columbia '?ity.SieiliiCO. nl, Catlilupootle and Port To.viiS' ad. OjhUU' us to in orjur itrd j>, th? art'icts to tlit th.t. Dt'j'irttfant nicy d* m jir^jit T. I. fi Vrii miuute.-. mloH'cd to i*h< b i'iterui>*di a!? o-flcv, when 110. otliurwise specitkj. tor assorting tlit nriiU; but on r?:!roa.J and sieauib:">ut rnutis tlifc/v jj to i-e -;o morv delay than is sufficient for an axcliatiKe of t.Lc mail La i. Oti rtrttuv where the mode of conveyance admits i>f it. t''- jpej-.:t| a^.'iits of the I)e part men t, po>t oflbai blanks, iiiuii Ln^s, h>ek.< and keys, are io be convey?*l without extra chitrtre. No pay will Le miuie tor trip* njt pi-riorineiJ. and tor em-h ot such omissions 11 it sausfcictorily ex plained lhr? e timca the jay of the trip may 1* Jedueted. tor nrriv?ie so far lie hind lime a.-, to break ?unitesion wit h depending mails, and rot surticiently evi u-ed, uue fourth ol Ibecompensation for the trip is sulyeet to lorftilurfc Deduction vill also ls> or dered lor ^ .trade ot performance inferior to that ?|k-< iti1 I iu the contract. For rep<-afi u u.iliuijueneieg Ot the kitid herein speciiied, enlarged 1 end ties, pro porLiuiied to the nature thereof si'd ihc iiuportafne Of tli? mail, may be mude 4. For leaving l?ehiiid or t!u\ming off ti e mails or anv portion of them toi th^ailmi?.-iuii of pej-seiigers, or for being concerned in setting up or aumiing an express flotivoying eounwrcial iutelligenre ahead of tke mail, a quarter's pay may be deducted. 5. Fines will be imposed, unless the deiin^ueucy ~T ? ? - - T . . . ^ ? j h? prompt]j and satisfactorily explained by c?rtifl rates of po<tm?*t?r*, or the affidavit* of other cred t Ttnbl* persons, for failing to arrive in cototrert tiaie, fur n?(tWin j tn Ukt thf mail from, or dHim it into, a post office: suffering it (owing either to the unsuitahlcnessof the place or rnnnwr of rurrrmc It) fcr> be Injure!, destroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mail as fre quently as the contractor runs, or is ooncernpd in running, a coach, car, or steamboat on a route. '? The PoAtmasitv General m ay annul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract; for disobeying the post office laws, or the instruc tions of the Department; for refusing to discharge a carrier when required by the Department to dom; for assigning the contract without the assent of thrf Postmaster General; for running an ?zpr? as as afore said; or for transporting persons or packages con veying mailable out the mail. i. Th" Postmaster General may order an increase cf serv^e on a route by allowing therefor a pro rata iDCitM en the contract pay. lie may change the schedule of arrivals and departures, without iucrease of pay, provided he does not curtail the amount cf running time. Ite may also order an increase of speed, he allowing, within the restric tions of the law, a pro rata increase of pay frr the additional stock or carriers, if any. The contractor may, however, in the cam* of increase of speed, n* Unqnlsh the contract by givinvr prompt notice to the Department that he prefers doing so to carrying the order into effect. The Postmaster General may aim ourtail or discontinue the service, at pre rata de crease of pay, allowing oue month's extra coia uensati ?n on the amount disused with, whenever in his opinion the public interests do not require the same, or in case he desires to supercede it by a differ ent grade of transportation. 8, Payments will be made for the service by collec tions from, or drafts on postmasters, or otherwise, after the expiration of each quarter?.-ay in Febru arv. May, August, and November. d. The dista ;cej ar ? >riven a.-cording to the bet>i Infonaation; t ut no increased pay will be allowed shou.d thwy be greater thr.nadvertised, if the point* to ;?d ..applied bo correctly -tated. hidden must in l?rm themselves ou tUis >?oirit. 10. The I'osjnaster General i? prohibited bylaw from knowingly making a Contract for the transpor tat on of the mails *ith any person who shall have eutcred info, or proposed to enter into, tny combina tion to prevent the making of anv bid for a mail oontrart by any other person or ix?rsous. or who shall have made any agreement, or shall have given t jk'i tonn^d, or promised to give or perforin, any consideration whatever, or to do or not to do any thing whatever, in order to induce any other person or persons not to bid for a mail contract. Particular attention is called to the 28th section of the act of IMS, prohibiting combination* to prevent bidding. mi l' i l -id reoeiv.tHl ufw*r "-ini':, via: 3pm of the tttb May, lsoo, or without the guaranty required by law, or th it combines several routes in one sum oj compensation, cannot be considered in oonipetitioc with a tegular proposal reasonable in amount. 12. Bidder* should, in all cases, first prop.** foi service str.ctly warding to the advertisement, a no y ^hcy Uc3tre, tepuraUty for different service; and ii the r^julir bid bo the lowest offered for tht advertised service, the other bids may be considered; if the accretions proposed are recommended by th< postmasters bisd citizens interested, or if they shall appear^ manifestly right ?:id proper. lo. There should be but oue route bid for in a pi- ;.o->tl. It T ii? icute, tlw Mrsiea, the jear^y pty, tht iu l residence oi the bidder, and those of each me iter of a tirm, where a company offers, should he .ii.sfinet1/?: u*.;. a. so the m?de of conveyance, i! a m^her mode than horseback be intended. Th* woi ls *? wiih due cci. riiy, cirt.ifnty,and security,r inserted > indicate the inod>* of conveyance, will couststut e u " star bid." IV bi^d rs are rtqaestel to : r-as far a* practt cable, the p.iuied fira cf p.op:?a! lurni'hod by the d*f.-. tm,Tt <o w.iteou; it, fu l tha . nmofihek b;??, arid to retain e< j h* of -h. n. ,,(l n-itr?l bid* . an b-* cousil :red, and no bid? ou-i tu^uil ted can be wit?. !rwwu. Kach b d must bo xuarart<ed by t so responsible pe-s ns <5 >q. ral .rua an'eoi canu.t !>e admitted, lo. ;'it;bid should bs .-ea'ei; ?ap-*rs^ribcd ?' Mai" ( ?r?vocals, State of or Tvrri'v.iy of ,"(as the j mar b ,) abi;esifjl " ^-con? A isti nt Po?t j mo ter G n al,' Contract Office, and 8e^t. y tuaiL i n ^ y, or to, an agen*, ^nd po- taia^tci- will not enclose propolis, lor 1 tturi f ?cy Itinj) in their quarterly r-turn^ 17. The c-mtracts rre to he executed and returned to the Department by or before the 1st of A ugu?t, l?oo but the Service c?lu^t b- c uizuencedon the mail day next after tha date, whether ihe c ntracts be ex? cu'ed or not No prop sir.on Jor trau u-rs will In con iJertd u'tMl the ?* n;rac ? are executed in dn? form Hnl received r.t the d-vaitment; ar.d hen ro 'rat-.ster? will be a lowd unless grod and ?uJfcient rea?oT. j th< refhr are _'"veu, to be determined by the denartment. 3S ?fJ?B 1rt Congress, approved . .aicti 3, is,5. provMi-s tb*>t contract- for the tr?n? P^rUtion of the mail shall he let,'-in every case U tFlfc lowest bidder tendering iufti. :ent guarantips ror i-iitbrul perfor!.naii'ie, vit.'iouf other r? f-rente t< t C tncufc* of such transportation than inav la n<-ces >ary to provide for the due ceJeritv. eertaintv, ano security of irh tran?|>..rt?tion." "Under this law a n<>w description o! bids has been received. It does not specify a mode of conveyance, but encages tr tHi<? toe entire man e.ich trip with celerity, certain ty, and ecunfy. n tng the terms of the law. The.* bios ar ? styied, trom the m-,io?-r rn which they art J--.--:?nite'l on the books of t'i?- l->ej attrtient, ?' star i I'ult, and tliev will h" construe-J jw- providing for the entire, hnwvtr lurry. ?nTvotuitw r,uiu if . ir mndenj omrry-inccn'atfiry to intuit uj " crLritv c- rtainty, and trcurii lu all cases where the lowest jrade of service it . Mtve l to l>e sufficient, tile io*et:t bid will te accep t?J. if duly ^uarantimt, io preference to a ?' star" oi Fp<jcifi,- bid. W hen th? lowest hid is not a sta" bid, and specific? I eitner no modn or an in<jiir juat*>.w<?}?of conveyance. | it will not be accepted, but s.-t u.-ide for a specific bid j pr< p uic-r the ne<-?^.:>.ry service. hen the bid does not sjucify ? jnode of con yeyance, also, when it proposes tj carry "accordinr ti the advorti-ement," but without such s;?e?iDcatioL vice considered as a pr .; o.-?! for hor^back ser 19 A mo<lification of a bid, in any of its esseutla; t? rm*, is tantamount to a new hiu, and cannot be r -csived. <=0 ns to interfere with re/uUr competition. J altjr tflt? lu't Lour for rc<*? ivio,* -t*. f'ostuia.-lers ute to he careful not to certify tnH oUtUciency ol ,*;uarA::U>rs or tueties without .7they lire persons of sufficient resj>on si'ii ity : and ;?il b.-l lers, guarantors, and sureties are distinct!> notified that on a tadure to en'er into or perfonu the cntnut- for tn. service pro;stsed for in t o a. ' .-pte<l bids tii ii- le^a* liabilities will be en forced a^aiust theui. 2 . Present contractors &t.d persons known at t it D?j ai tment, munt, equally with others, procurt guarantors and certificates of their sufficiency sub stantially in ibe forms above prescribed. The c*r tiheates of suflhicucy must laj signed by a postmafr t"-r, at onu ol tbe j lace- bci< rtf n^uied. or a jud^e ol a court of record. JAMilS CAMPBELL, ? ? osim*st?-r General. ? 03T ' fin K Di?t'Ai4"Mfc:?x, Juouary 19, IS06. jrlll 'Ztt? I'll ?w \TtW Ml) 1^, , i" ruiti.idiiEii. -1 do not ask u .ill'' r th a very pretty a inp, hi - rtlie.l to VIi-? M^'d ni, P .iI~iii >iuIi, Va. '? I'h i:!v being I; ,'tutifiil variations 011 Thou ;?rt jmic ti 1.?: mv ^-i' '?V\e stu.< 1 lj; iie.iiti ti.e Minna's li.i?lit rays 3 ? "aiiti.ul b:;!hnl, r. |>< ? Linily <); dicated 10 .Vlis< \an ii!' Ma iry <>f W: ? i.ii^ton. ' .^o.iv.-ni- >' n briiliant Waltz, by IW. To. ifcb, ami ded.cutcu to .li.s fli.irlottr liavis, ol Washinu ton city. " i'airy Ht'if ;,ud iSuuh on i^ lnittisehi s, Snarklmc 9'1 "cfendorV Uuickstep, at th.' Music, Pi nii??, riii I 1 ancy lltore oi ;oH'V ' ? Kl'LlH, ;?oaJ'a- *v?mn Viwcea !hh rnd aotli #t--. Jin 10?tf I l'u ,,|eJ'11 ' ^Sdi:\._Livei ot Alicideen x> Kwsseil P.UiiieMiou. Graliam, Gladstone, 4C 1 vol, l.oridon, lSi>4 ' Thirty Years of i-'oreisiii Policy, a history of the .Se cretary hips of Abmlecu and Palmerston, 1 vol, Loudon 18">5 Iteedell's British Tariff for 1854 5 flop, rt to Parliament on the manufactures '.?? t."e Ncw ^ ",k Industrial Kxhibition, by v\ a' is ' ' Jpecial Kepyrt to .'o., 0.1 the machinery of do., bv Wliitwoith J Special If. port to do., ..;i the Haw Materials and Asriciiliure ol ?',n., by Wilsnn ii port to lit . 011 th. Geological Deparunent of do., by Lye! | llainield tf-aiistieal C?>mpaaion tor l^o4 ttn kar.l'sn; Population ami Capital, 1 vol, London don coniplctc S>et (scarce) ol the British Almanac ami Companion tram lUconiun uce ment in 1^28 FKAXt'K TAYI.OK. NEW STOIiS, NEW 8TURE. L->ui?Lir.a ojpotil* the Bulk of Woxhinoiou \l H 1 UOMAS DKLEANY resptcifully invites 4 A lhj! >n r- ru^'te t-. examine his ?t<)c* of OOOJ)3 h*. h he haj op-ued on Lousi*ns avenue l^t-een sl*rh and ^vecth -t.Wf .eppositf tn. Karii of Washington, ccnfistlng < f ?|| d^crin tiO-e of T?m, A . Ir.ip^rial. OunpovJ^r, -a.l Bl?0\ ,V V i of all rorts. nhieh he car ?e. at thelowst prices f?r e .sh or approved p?T>?r {' -'1*1 th ti^ceiL iries for ti.-o ery hurineu 1 vis: Br om? ;-uck <s,tVd-r l^bs, M?:ehes, fcn., ?c. 1 i -i?t? caiI for your tlvt$ tot 2^? ~ A R N Y~7 1 Ao. 84 Hrittge streett Ueor^et-iirn, > prepared to I'uriiHh Bali s, Oisners, So-reis V\ icnniNus, Sic., with everything in the Confec ti .nary line, ir my part of the District, at theshmt tPj u! 19' 'if '"1 "" ll'e m >"t ,eailonab,c terms. MATHSM4TICAL INSTRUMENTS MoS. O. ANDER<')\ fcM TMceirrd a larire and complete ?wortm#nt of M*?h .tuaie^l fnstra ments and DAwin^ Materia', of superior JSj' *nl ":1 ^Su~taB",ta"S,T?TOW. TRAVn.RRs" ? TRlXTOFy ? ' .ai .. ??? ? ? 'I Tatiiaws ti?N or *tfi!?rBr<??iA > win le,*v* AlrtaMtia U 4, 7?l, anil 9* tin, I *{ ?*?*:<* p m. i*HI leave VVwhnifinti M?, il, a it. I 14 a fu? ami 7 p iu. (teat* can be awcured nt the office, Fairfax it., an4 .Mansion House ; in Waabirgton, at Hail'a Segar 8lor<? an1 Kir* wood IIoqm. Tlila Line run* rrftilarly winter *nd nmmer for th<- accommodation ortbe Public Paaaenrva cailad for and taken to their reaidenccs if not too tar. PARE? F??f tba drat trip up and iaat trip down, SO centa ; all oili?r regular trip* 25 centa. Trunks extra. LATHAM k COOK. jan 8?tf CKOIWELL'M BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN ~^ ^ NEW YORK BALTIMORE * BOSTON, TTriLL dfapateb a Steamer daily from BxUmon ff ami NewYork, and twice a watk Ircju B<*ton to Baltimore and Baltimore to Boston. Thia line "fiords unequalled facilities to the bu? aet-a inea tit'the District of Columbia. The Agenia at either point will receive freight and five a through bill of lading to Washington at tbe loweat ratea ot freight and no cnmmioion- chanted. Appiicationa for freight promptly attended tn by tbe following agent* ; A. C. HALL, S6 Exchange PI <*e. Balumore. il. B CROMWELL, Corner Washington and Albany sta.. N. Y. JNO. W. SCHANK, jan 14?(!3<n Foot of India Wharf. B?mwn. FOR TUB WEST AND SOUTn. BALTIMUliblANU OHIO HAlt&UAD. hMPROVKD ARttAXOBMUNTS *\>R T*AVtL! IMfOHTANT CHANGES OF-SCHEDUDX! t The lat-? eomp'rtlrn of tfc* jjentral Ohio Railroad bttwni . lading and Columbus, cnitir p u it (i?*?, by *o abort and direct a Hue, tbe Mttieite ??*i Ohio Katir :ni with a'i p?TtKn-? of tbe West (aoi North and Southweat,) gi?aa tUi* raau* $roat!> incrraa?.-J aivantagrf. to thrcr^h travel, ra ;n tba'. Jlrvcticn On and afar M iNl'AT, i". 1864. th? train* wil- I* ri;u ua follows: POR THROUGH FA83FNGKRR T??u fact train" d*ii) wjH rnn in each direction First?TLe MAIL IRA IN, u-i?i f Camden ptiXior at 7 a m , inatead c>t S o'clock as fceret.'?lor*. (exowpt on Sunday,) an I arriving *.t Wheeling ct 2 40 a. m Second?1 be KXI'HSoo ATN, l-a*ing at 5 p tn, inftetd ol ?t 7 p. m.. an h-re ofor?, tad runiiirr through to Wbee'ing ;n ov-cnt 17 hrorn, mebltg tb?-T* ut 10 25 a. c. Thl* tr .ia w:.!l at p it Waih ington .1 auction, Sybn vilit-, Monetary, llnr^eiV F?rrv, Mar'instmrg, -Mr ioibri Kua. CuuzUjrland, Piedmont, Howlaaburg, NvwLtiig. i'e'te ui ?&, F*rni ing'an, Cameron and Mounditvide on!y, for woo* and water au<l tc4ra Both tk>*e tr*ioa maV prompt and regular cnnnoiticu wi h th> e*r* of th? Oentral Ohio Road for Cnmbridg-, Z?n *rill?, Naw ark, Columhua, Cin-innati, LouiaTi'.!*, ''ajtoa -aiid.ifky. Tol"d\ Letroit. Iniiana, oiut Cbic-Mjo, St !>^aia, ate. Pas-seagt-ra ieaviug I'alliiii9re I v tbe Mai!Tr?!n; wi I reic Cinciuaali ft? aicu*r next lay, wbil*- liy the bxrre.:e TraiL. th^y ?rr ? ? ther? *t 1'2 tbe neit nigbt; ;>^ing kept Ovt one tiig-it or the route by ?itL rtram l'acseng?rf fo: tbe North *e<t ria CleT# a_,i and a'i interiaeiiate voifta can m-ke a dir^t cioec tiorj with be trains upon lb ? C..v -'aud aii<l r*itti buru' iiadrori at ail timeti whs'? *bi* Ohio ia uh b!e for aceawrs betare?>a Wheeling ard V^llxTiiM by leaTing Balt^rnrr?- Li .h>? Train at 7 ?. n Returticg. :be Traiua laare Wiee'w.g u; lcl: v*?: The K\PRl?gS TR \IN at 4 30 p m., r-ec!.ii>g Fal timore at 9.50 a. m. The MAI L Til*IX ,t 11.45 p. ~I reachii?ir BaitiHior?- ?>t 7 p a. Through ticteU by brat from Wlir*!ioj; S r Ci&cinnati. Jiiadiam. Lou aviile, St. Ix ui? and otb?r River Citlea, ? i?l be so'd at a 1 ttTce* wh?<n tbe stage of * -i'T -ill aiml1. Thr^uirh t'ek^ta i'c.ttiiaore and Wa-<u:n^ton. a^d ail the imrortact c\tin ni '' vn lithe Wept, .re ao!d e.t '.he T.ttle if iL* Company. POtt WAY PASS K.N P'3. THE MAIL TRAIN, '?-?vir?{ Ciu. fifc'io *iii takn p??seniffM I't all u?a?l ^tDprictf | ;a<?? or the lioftd Hp'urniug. il s tr?in lct?-.'? WbceMng at 11.45 miJD'gbt, Gaiub rl&ad at 10 15 a. a.. m>; arrirei at Baltimore at 7 p. rr?. TilK FM DKRTCX i.OC"MVorATl- >N' TXAIN, A>r PredeBick ant! i- t 'Celi?t?> ?lav^. r-j.l a'art at 4 p. ni . daily, (esont tua. a * ) ar ir ng in Freder ick at 7.40 K<?''Jrci-i<r * il! ic^rc 1"redarick at 9 a. m., anivir* :;t IiattiLJo'? 1. JO. ioi i: TflK ItLLIC ).To 111 LLi * 0C< IM *Tl?DAT'ON wi1! be run d*i!y. ('X-*- pt SticdH"*.) ? fo!'owi?: L-areCam J-u ^i"u ut C? a. t^-15p ia L'iivi li.i c."<u*t ?t 7 l!'J * n till CJZ'J ;.. n WASHINGTON RAILROAD TRUNS IU ?; '*-?{!: LKAViC daily, < i : i (- anu fcJi 4 n an-1 3 and L p zr-. On Sunlay ?! lanivlt p n. L-ar<> Ua;tirt' re a* <' J atii i ; ? at'.J C i \ J t p m. Oa Sui.dsv at IV a r?i> ??.J r p ci. Th?wnr.ejti r-= w; : "c.Iii'ccr.- ? !:a:'"a.j fi>r th? West aT-> I.y ..r,. . .et u'. i c u i?u.l i? p a. For rhjl^ulci^hia uud .-'t U:'. t * and 5 pm. For Annapali* 11 * *3 " d i ; :a. For Nortoix at J p in. T. ?AH.' J.v:-, Agrut Partiru a? attenticn ic c^ib 1 U U.e I', aie re?i?'r ing a re?pon*;Uv Tcu.liT f? r i.i.} per - u of cc't.i who miy wi-h to pafg o* r h* *o<il dtc 18?itf ORANGE AHD ALKXAJfDHlA KA1LK0AD On and after Tuesdtiy, Nov. 7, 1854, 1*11 B Cars biave AUxa-dr!t d.v'y for Or.rJosa viiia and iu*-efa-d: ic iu 'oua at 7* o'clock, a. i!?.) "*i tl:u i?rrira: rf tht I- .;it troia r. giving ample tir?)?? for a^kf-.rt vu U>siJ C?-n nectin* at i!ana"-?-a* J v. *'. ? m vritS a tr*.!1c, Str*> borg. at Wairert- ?i J'i i n li'-: a t:?iii tor V t rantos, and at Gordon* ?;li? witli tL traii a ? n Virginia Centre.l ?i lilroalkrRi Lm'C'^C ' ' .<?? rlllfi, und Htaaut'in 'fh?i cara l^arc (J.'r i Si.'rilutilv !'??? V."j n il/it and intermediate ataiici..*, ?? ha.::.< 1'i p.. m., or the arrival <>l th* tiain-o iht Vi Ui-ntial raU r ja<l frtia ticbn1)* I, ChuiuiviMiiU*, at-l SUuatou T MIOUM'l il-.'-RKTB. ?Fro??i A'.<'i?D<!ritto Wsirr'iiUia t2 ?* ** Oor-.r r??eilie & oO " " Ob*x'.i?tt. r<lll6 4 25 ?' '? Mauuloi: 6 90 " " $tra b>:rg 3 SO 44 u l/)t!dibur?..... -6 75 " " Wiuchft. r 3 to " " l.ia;-^y 4 -5 ? ? r. Mark.t 5 i/O " 44 MiJli bu .r 2 L-j For L>mi.barg, cou'i ' wi*, tl.? b'am* a; Ch<irljJ<iiiille, on Mi n J J i , VV ^JtU J lig ' i iii- i Fn day;i F.-i Lutr.y sDii '?j- .'.fkl'nrt, c>>i<:U'.(ia>; <ili< tLc a a^na at Culp ;t?, :.u riu. iri?y4,TLu:&h.) ?*, and ^t iird?y For V/!usV:cale< Jal!y, n.. c- .ic-g *ith tu.- atig ?t Piedruoat ? F^t MMdlaburg iailr, ccnL- iii.^ ntL U;a ; tagjs at t:i* i'laine. Per ordei: \> M^CKKIT, 1 >i-t no? 7?dif FiJll IsiOuNT VERNON. 0;? TUESDAYS and L-KIDAi'S. _ *4iidykifct,':(rA round trip fro..i Alex andti-t 76 cents The IIIWA^ CObLVKU i-r.T? V'a: at 0 au.l AUir.i?-:rn f.t 0 \ "'cl ? ?: <^?eli?a !.-avi tbe lap.tot lor t.e u- .t at lAlk. Co * b f ir>* ?;) oeuU? Pe.-.,onj *ir^in? the Onct*??til >?r?e t'..ii? rod deu.-e v'.tb 4 Tho?. ?'_rtcr lt>?fr?ahiaeut5 en the IsJat. oct ftJ?otf HAM'b tiKL)\a\". Cap! THE XKW Villi 11 & LIVDRPUOL UNITED STATUS MAIL STEAMERS. rfMIR PHIPti COVL. iLL:I!>G X\l* LIN a AliE 1 lilt? ATLANTIC Cnpt Weft PACIFIC. i ?-e, B vL'i'IC C*pt. .* r?:;I.V flC. Cs^^. Gr*lt n TLe^r ah!p hi.e 5 <?-n fc ?iit br >*??: ? r^ct, exr?."-< ? ly f-:i Govemnirrit rirriv. r ? 07 e?.r?? liaa bet n takr.; ia rhi*ir c.a trui.iuoru iu lb ? Rnpiu^J to iuraif blti OK'tn *>-1 *p ei. >ji the r s:c..min4i tiou? Jo: -.asoengeis unmiuaSied f??r e'eganoe and comfort. Pri<--* of p?3.?ge fr. ai New Y;rk to 1 iyerp<H>!, iu firai cabin ?1? B^wnd Catdn 70 ?xcl jaive uio 0/ extra site room/ ?KH? From Liverpool t> New York and ?20. An experienced surgeon attached to c^cb b'p. No berth :*n bo aeound until paid fcr. 1? nr freight or pa^a<ige apply to MDWARD ?. COLLINS A CO., 66 Wall -trt^t Ne Y^rk. BROWN, sHULt\ A CO, Liverpool. K. G. K0BKPT3 A 03, 13 King".: \ro.s T?rd, I union. JOUN ^UNhuE A CO, 5M5 R?w Notre I>ame d* a Yh toire*, Faria GEO H. DRAPER, Havre. Tba ownera of the-a thips will aot be ac& uctable far gold, ai.ver, bullion, ?peci?, jewelry, pmiou> atonee or metal.**. unl**? bill* of lading ari -t^ned the'wfyr, anl ih? valu? thereof therein fxprna-d. nnv 16 ?d! v Paper moihtener? a n.-w inventiou moistening the leave* of a Copying Book. Pon age rttainps. Envelopes, and molten the hugcrt w leu couniins bank bills. Also, uoefu! tor variuu* other puipoeea. It will be tound an iuihapcnxib e article fiu \erv deak. Il ia perfectly sufiple and chcap, and muK come into gencal use. TAYLOR & MAURY, jan 10 Agents fiN Wa.,lungtou. : SJIIDERB WINES At PHILADELPHIA. JUKI V. tfim>K?t, Iws. ?r ID torsir oid eeiaLPrked WW Slrr* ?f JjrOH SJXWAM, Jrn t*? 76 Walaat atrwet^lhwT tkwre ^ tow Foertfc-atwet. *W? a? wtr he with WZSJUh* LIQUOR* mm lb* Ml mm?m IIIDER. Jr., Agent fbr Re Im pertattoe ci FOREIGN MAES, <.??ce Wo. 7# Wei ?a* rtml Philadelphia, where be ta te reeeire order* for tfce epeedal Importation it * Inee, A<t'roan rmrtovp honaee Im Bnrepe, to eneBtltfte< e< ? *ingle dona nd nvirti; ill ilwwIMtl fbr Us SoBjJOUIf VAL'OHAN f"MI>KIL th. patr-onega o: hU friend* ud former < * All Wine* order**! Ht Waehicgdon vOl he le lleerH br KxpiM?A? of flrwtikl. Je t?lj POCTOE toprhlf. THX POOKJT JESOULAPTUB: OR, IV1RT ONI HIS OWH PHTRKXAV. The Pi IML Iditloa, Witt One hulr*l k&irr*VtaM shewing Wp?wi and tftal f- naatxa# of the Bomb *$3*1 .=. *' IOUNO, M. D. IM M ht??l tai Mk4Kfd k) preeeet e ?o|)/ ?< the ' LAP 1 St tc 1.1* tbAd - It iM/ iit? htm tnc as m y fiaea I/*t no yooa/ mu <-i riau la to the saci't obM/ations of mrrricd lia* wlkhwal roiJlnj the POOXItT ;TM!ULAPI?3. Let ae one *u;'?m < frea a haekal*d Oeugfc. I?r ii the *U. reitlr*- slehta, nwrciu feeling*, and fee whole traie of aenmtioBa, aod <'.?-* by tfriir fhy ?L:vc. be another qobiNji, *HL ?! the Jl. CtJLAPIU8 Ilara the ta*rne4^ ce thee* tbcut to o* c;arried uj impediment, r*a<d thla truly aw? fa' bock, aa it ha* Wen the u<an> ef aavrtug tbow* ai: ? r.f o-'ortonaU creetuxw iroia the ??rr ?*?* ?f death. tdriBT perern eeaJiB* lV71NTlf-*lVl au 'atou In ? latter, will reeelre oae vf? cf thl? w?.rk by iwJU or tee oopU* will be *a?t ?ct Ota I*rW lar. * idreea, (poet paid) DR. WM. YOUWG, Mo. lit Pprooa atrect, Philadelphia ?7 'S-lj A s APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. IJT lut kli.1 llitl THI TaUTIt. i ?M Ai* BCMAMIM.? Wkeiefur Vjiowii U?? tr^i tu-ny will be conclueiv^. ISut lr#t * U?> do inh kii?>vv tlie CMpid.h douM be er. pucul, l?r. f?a? t??i B. MnUi othera of the ??v?t kuo*n aa<l lurtily rew^KjotabJc citizen* of F.a?t>>n, cn?lorae hn w.. :(i. rful cure by llAJtPION's VKGKTAULB TIXCTTRE. ttnTnl, Oct. 4, lBc?4. M< ??? Moitinurr 4 M^cj: n?I trel it Ki> ??UU ?? r*?i a??d th?- ?nit. In- t?? cRfiifjr in U??* HTrtfc o* riHiB(rtaa% Vr*. tal>i< Tincture. I w&il<iriiiur?Uiwl?a )ear* itlmriii" uiiiier ;i ili>rM ol' t.'lirouic lUi?*iJuinuMii. and tli*' put |?.irt of tli?t Utx I wh* iio liei|>)<-?4 tliat I hail t?? l e licip.:d fr??n my lied and drawed in iuy cIoHmh I I) Ciine reduced to h iiiok* wk^lcjoii. All the m'<t | icin^M I t?K?k done me ihi p?od, ami J ennti?u?rd ?? I grow worse I limrd ?d HMnplMiV Tincture and th< nrl<t I would it a trial. At liim Un*e I did lint cii?i'?*t mi Iivk one day alter anoOirr. I did not U( ? ii (Um- 1'iactun-) for the BhtumaUMu. bnt ia a v'iocI uiue I ?'a< well?/ that ilinui:. From thf eft. ctrof your 1 iuetar** and the l?c p ?d f???d I am tuv: editing in good l?e;ill|i t wi-h all tin* afflicted to try l!?s?ipt'?iiV V?-fetahii* Ti dure, a? I Imv. ?t -re, with the aum< t fltci tiul it it.^i en Vuui oiie aetit aervaart* Uaac Uuiiwi. V?"t are acquainted n:tli l-aac Oi-janun ; eooi Im rt'iiiic <:f H;uii(rtoii V V??i'tthi- Tmi'Mic^iiilU.' Br t the ?.bove ?tateiucul correct. lUwaoa & Ban I roai ''ur Luowh-d^* ot Captain B< rij iimn we are cwi'Stkni tiiai liu- ilrtvc stan nu iu ie true and un ci ? r;i.u!. J. A. JoaHM*, C'daU-K!) Roataaoa. t M and jjet |*uii>h1cte ttmUB, and a? c curea ?d Co *h, Bronchitis, Uhctimaii^m, Ncural.-ia, l>y? j?*|r ia, Neivoii# i<*<? and General v\ . akin-*-?. A* a icii .de nr fl tdBi" or fur df.licalc chddicu wt belte%?e il u ii quaHi d. f Ii by MWRTIMRR B. M^WBRAV, 140 Balu it'i< " street, Baltnno;'*; aud ifM Broadway. V. York Ci: t. .^tott & Co., J. 11. MooRk, l> B. ('Lime. Cl B t & Bowunu, W. Ei.liot,and H. M< i'naa ao.'. WasdiinetfHi; a!?o, by R- F. Ci?eiL. ticorfc t<?\. i. and C. C. liruT, AlexandrM, auJ by Drug gie :< cv<-ry win- >e. jan b?tr CART KJt'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Ti e Great Parlflcr or tht Utoodl Fot r P&rticlo of Mercury In It! At. Im.?lU:^? for B'^-cfuSa, Xit.^a KtII, khuuw Mr. h, Ob<tiaate Cc*anerut r'.ruptione, . ssle< n; PoituiN 41 tt:e lac-, BotU, .a J: ^t* X]Wi Vitk' Wc.iib ?r litter, S aid %->, Lrurg<t*;>?at a:.J 1 *in c t the lk u** and . - *!ic t!caVwr.t U!c?r*, Sypuiiitic Umordera, ' mi MB >j W l M|b atf an t ell tke diaaae*a t is:; g iri.m au ijuji;;ous u?o rf r uryt Im t *ui la ? ir-f In; urlt7 cf t^e P.'ond. I 'JIl Tclua' 1^ >1 ilititc, ahich has tocoBMoelx* br^t?d ; tli* ccraLer cf ^xtr* idlnaiy ourra. ?fl through it* urezrr, 1 a <nlcoei the pro^ri* etc ?. ?t tha erg nt r- qu .< *f ifceir frt-rda, to offer it '? public, wnicb ;hjjr do wifh the airr.r*t ?r_* fi! w :u ita ?irrn-e *:d cu utiin prop erii e The foIio*?ljj: cer'l^ st e ?e:.-U-d froK a lu? uusibu:, ate, Lu>rertr, e'.ioag." t->Unonv ti:. . the in ire ws?.l nfthe proprh Ui:f ; cud are all fit ?, n'hxaen w .1 kcovu in to?h leca'ilkk and cf ii iiifacat re p? t,t. Mty, mary ?-f th-ic :ee ding In ? i? tt/ ctRichatt d >n. KCVT?:N, Krq,, of the Kj hir.j;? h<?tfl. Rich I di> I uwii ere: ?> where ?Kygh* haiweu Re Med* M* - fca led CaMBn bUM >iiXTUhK.aJm<BiateMd in ' .'ci a hindr?d cafe ... ic nearly all the d;tea?er fin ?1 Lb it h rKcnucutiud, v ira the u net aatr.n ?? I.* g!y g>?vl r?>u!U He says it i? the- tnoet ex tr? u L?ry medicio? he caa *t r e?ca. Aic!i? ND i'EVKt'*?GRKAT CUHK.--I h-rety i'y thit fi^r '.!i;?i" yeam I h?J ^ue ttra Ferer ot t'? ui t ri -I'iii di . oi ip-;on. I had areeral Phr nii -ti?, t*ik !?rg^ (jttsa-itiu cf Quinin?,^y, *l i ! cel'wre al> t!?? T ci -.' a lrerCtsed, butall with out ;.c. us.tuen; r^ih-:. At ia^t I tried Carter'* jrlixtU.O, W.) U>tU?e of Which effectually ?Mi -.d iui*, ?r.a 1 a:a u*ppy to a<y I hare had i.eithcr -hi :? i.r fever* tm.','. I en li?r it tte b*?.t Tunio 1<: *rd8 voi 11, aaJ ihd im'y taed'-T?ie that ?Ter r^u ieuaiyca.'e. JOHN LOKUDbN. h Dirt if, n-ar likhmoiid. Va. C l Krij , now H the city RiohaoBd ij f-r uiacy yeara in the Pot.t Cttn, h?a audi &'i- i iit in the aiti'-iIaLiajr *.d *:y ?./ ^arter'e Sr. .Viiltlii* ti:*t h; Lad u-iu^L. Upwaivliiof It. b-tii-te, abi^h Uf Rati away to :h? atU eted. >lr Lvic^. . A>r r?c 1 never an-wc it t? full alien tah"uicc idiL^ io-iiiectkn". * .. 3 ;iraet..-;u^ !*h^ -l ian, and btMrtr o: - Oity in the city i f ktchu<>nd, fiaye he ? i*t:jaicd m a tiutuvi-r .! ii.bvaz:cea tu? eflfrcta of Ca r'd hpuaUh Mixture, ahicu weire ?<>*' truly id,.ii-ii'g. life 8:iys ia a (<f Ci.n uu(ilwa, de rJJ.: 1 a -bj Liver, th ? gc.>J were tote 4?i tul li.V &L H. l>i- INKK.t. c!"the firm r.f DrJsker A M .? Ricttaond, wa? -u^?: cur d of Lirerflm> p! r.i of tfcreri i eare ttab iing. i y the use ol twe i? t i.? oi'Carhtr'a S;>titi b Miature. OOKIi O? -OKOPt'LA.?The Liiiiore ot tin- 'i'.lOii >na Kevublican h d a ae vant cmpioyat is .eir |-r-jj tu-nd ot eiol-nt Scrr iu:a. ? ! -l.l. UI. .? . ? . . ^ f ?. . nb cvi< iu;b, 1 a HM b n. d aitil HLjau?^irfni, wbic'u eniirely diaat.iri elm truni work. Twc bottles cf Carter n ?p?n'-bL. Mixture ruaie a pe rfect cui j of Liin, slid Jic L*T? tt r in a pubiir notice, tay they ^cheerfully r. onei ia> c it tc. all a ho are afliic'.ed with any dueaife of tL* hlooJ " STILL ANOIMBR t URR OF dCROFULA.?I had a r*ry valuable hoy cu'-d of ocrotuie by Carter*a epeti h Mixture. I c.n^id r it truly a valuable aifiicino. JA'-'LS M TAYL 'S, (!ooducU>t ?e tlie R F ai:d P. K. it. Co., lucL^ioud. V? aALl ill ILL' ji Oi TWLNTY YKAltd ^TAKDI >Q CU KD Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, reaiiitff iu the eity of RicbiBunu, ?mi cured by three b dtlee --4 Career'* ." Miiiuri , of Bait hb*uin, ahich he h?-d lor x *a-1 r t* oity years an J which all tua pbya i.leBa o' tlu"vi?7 teuld not cure Mr. Th iaj -Mt iB a well k jOv & *?e.?l;*nt in the oily of Ri<^UD?>cd; anl hi* U m ii B. mark able. W: 1.1.U ilTEIWd, of h'i-;hmc'd Lai a Mirial oiredef tjr^bilia, In tha wora; forui, Ca t*r* rinha -h Mixture. 11a nays be cb erfuliy reor.ui m< nJ!> it, and ccaaklers il a v-ry 4d valuable me .1 cia?. BI>^1N BURTOX, ooiai-e-k? cf tRe reeenu-, auvi* ue baa eeen the good eflec: - of Carter** "peni h Mixta e iB a number of ^yphi'.Qc C2ae&, and aava it it- ? t erfi-ot eure f. r tb*t horribla diai a?e. WM. Q. IIARWOiD, el Kic/.tnoad. chim cf oiu 8^'T *i? ^ad Clcera, wh ch disabled him f.?ui w.lkiu^. Tock * fcvr bottle" of Carter'e fpi.ubh Viature. and wa ?tabl d to walk without a crutch, in a tbiit tic e p imacenOy cured. Principal LVpota at U tv ALD, CLOSX A Co* No. Maideu Laua, Naw Yc;K T. W DYOTT * BON.-, No. 182Scrth iUcond at^ Ph lad*-lphia HKNVbTT A BSKRi, No. 126 Mala itreet. Rich MO id, Va. Ani for Mde by ClIA^Ltig Si\JiT, Waabicgtca. D. C;llkN >Y PbRL, A ex^o 'iia.aod bj Oi-utfibta everywhere. Fri * $1 pr-r bottle, or six botiira f r eap 21?ly QRNRHYN ANDIRON MANTHL ?Mr.y be earB JL a beautiful aaatrtmunt cf tb?ae ehrap and du rable article^ at tbecorn?rof PeouayleaiMn ??e?u! andTaath street, over t* e Wa<bi:.j;tin Saeiagt v>k RALPH UABRHfB,

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