Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1855 Page 1
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tftf evening star every afternoon, <?XC5*T 87!fl?AT,) At tkt *t+r Jf siUinra, torntr P#M7txy/??*ui t crtJi .UtM, ft i ?r i ?. i.if ii .% 11 o r k , m ?*? ^ fi-r ? in ihe cit?r? of IVw||. ?MVP C'0?sr ?wi. V ian lrw R-iltim"r. ?nrl Phil*. 4H.OJ3. ?? ??'fX AND A HV\?>TIK CEKT?<, payi y# ?????? > a? lh?' A*>-ma. To mail Rahscritoi* ife ?*<?*? n THREE DOLLAR? A*D fifTV i'CSTTS a f<*r im advanct, TWO OOL or SIX WOMTII8, and ONE DOLLAR uk T '1 R E C MOJITIIA jjl^^iHRLi fofitt om rttn. VOL. V WASHINGTON rro n ft? T?k' rt> i.. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY S, 1855. NO. 655. 0A8INFT MAKER ?% UNDER#.* I<KR. TflKjB>r?ixa-l w..Bli -epe-ttelly Inform M, frl-ads, acaaHntanc^ And the pnM'n z-nerallr aut be -til! ^thwa fo e*~ate all ord*ra in hi. H,e jfbnMcear la bea: maarer xnd at theebort |f. ootloe 5if? ?!tVrro:npt!y *?nM. rtHikK* us to at the ?bor*e?f noti ard fa the t' ??mar. Bo-Htt rrenrrvtd in tf* ww?> rcr/ecf man t p>, ryi m the wonaeaf f+aikrr ?.e*nkfc> for past fayora, h- wo?Wl reep?wtfnlly seiteit, and *111 wiMTor to merit a continuance of lbsaam?. ANTHONY BUCHLY, Pa. a70_, a. 44e, Rth and 10th ats R~Mea-: Mr. Martia'a, No. ?96, D rtreet, third boo?- east ?? 7th rtreet. irir it_1j UNDERTA&FR. I WOULD wp~tfally r*nxrn my thanks to tt>? eititan* of Washington and It* Tldnltr f?r the*? rMt patronage, and say that owing to the freqaar.t all? in the Uad-rt.king branch of my \>?Hine?s. I Ven ininced to dirjontinue the manufacture of Furniture. and t irn my attention folly to tve OW.KTAJvlNO. f hare no pains to haV. thin* that '?qu;eite in my bnrlne<F, and I ?re rh.?etor- telly prepared to meet acj order aftrr a f-w noarata votfaa, and I aasur- thorn who ms, f'T? m ? <*? ??t I Mil spare us paint ta carry 14 Ifcefr ord-rs to th-lr entire (?at-sfcction. * JAMES P. HARY1T. - w n, 4?.7th at., between O.^dH. ?2l ' % ed te at ^ **?? ?' th* b1*M. COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR New York, Texan, California, V w Jers*r, LeuWiana, Miasouri, %?* u V? Alabama, Kentucky, MaiyUrvd, G-orgia, Michigan, Maine. Wwoon-dn, Ohio, and Minnesota, Plori i. other Slat*. GEO ROE 0 TH0MA8, ATTUHNt; Y FOtt CLAIMS, AND , *OT\ltY PUBLIC, Washington Ptar* near Odd- FMows' Halt 8H\ K N'T Li STRkET, WASHaeroR, D^O. ?ft? iv ?1v F. H. DAVIDGS, Attorney a.**d CoKH??i!or?e<.Laii, Am COMMISSIONER OF DitKVS ^ FOB THIS fTATXi OP Virginia New York Maioa Kentucky, N?w Jersey Illinois l^nimana, Miami ?>*{ Oonn-ctf'ni Maa?KhaMtta Yaryl.rl ?-n a(rytT"a?U Flonda I *r.nee^ Ale^ama ;?!?. ? V*1* Callfrnla Arkasm4 p Oar^lHa A? OonFeyansis^ in all its branchea prcmptly an: accarately esecui^l. ^ ' ,B 1 avcnae, rpp. flith street. oct In?dly PROF SCROyE.\?tERG, TSAOHKB AND TBANSLATOB OP Sorter*t l.aafnt|ti ?n<t Lttarat?r?, ^0,2o? PteSSTlVASJ* \TU?C*. Oct 2o?tf R. H. GILLET, Coanaellor at Law, oaoe and r^iience in Prankiia Row. o.' E ani Thirteenth etr^-t 1lT Mm. SCIIONENBERG, Teat lier of Plaao and Slnsliiir, i*o. ? .3 7 rairsrtVAKu Avawva. ^ 23?tf WM. M. MBRRICK, Attorney *? Law, J,,>- 3^*A AVI.1UI. A ill Praf? --in the *??ipreaae Cr.nrt of th- United * C,jarta ?r tk? Di?ri-t of ooiuaoia. ?5n?#ot T Ii1 VKMNvJ OLA9SKA IN LANGUAGES? PROP 'i SC HO v K N B - ftp will^?i reTiewfn.' eiaw in Lau*ua^< on M^r^y*30th Oct b-r, at hv. read-i r:T P -on^It-uIa area ' ' rst XU tf Private Modical Treaties Tiia PHi*?I0L03I0AL VIEW* OJ MARKlAOfc, M. B. LAXHOII, ?. D? n , ALBuxr, X r. i~0 Pages and 130 rite Tiain and Colcrei Litho graphs and Plate*. Prlca on'y 95 Cants. It* t&'&r.u-. free cf poetar*"tu <11 parts ef the Unioa~^% CHEAPEST POOK KVEK PURLIfrHED, ?nd ocntainiiig a-arly d uhi? the quantity ot r-aJiag matter in that of the I irr* CBNT3 OR DOLLAR PUBLIC MIONS Tt treat . n 'be I'H^dlOLO |"Y Ot MAKRIAQK, ?ni the se-ret 1 ? firmitieeurd rtwerder | of ;uuth as J Eaturitv, re-I ^ *u t;a^ which " IMWi i Siroj tue ph' ejeal end men tal powers, w?t!i oberrrafiona on marriage OuUes an'l di?iaalifla?'i<-ns, and Uieir remedf-e; w.ib U.hc^rapht, i^lo^tra'm* the jnatomy and phyeio!o<y. a-j<j JiH?aS? oi th- repr"-1 dnctire organ* of both s-xes, th?-ir stru-tnre vj^f A aad ?>?pr?h<nsiye' U??- 1 tiee on the <latW ?ni cwunifjc.! of Bll^ mnr tied lif??happy aa 1 traitfa. allianoee, mod* < t sP. cunag th-rn and mf-rtil* ones?their ODyiatioa and r-moval?imDortant biota to tho-e cont*n?p,atin'< aiitrim?y, that will ov^r-i?. rb jec.i. rjstoi:; none, hpw -r-r. eb'.nld take this Im portant ? ep wi bout first eonsultijif its r---oti wma?ntan-e on th^ Ui*v-^aad uedinai ?reatment ? frn? "ofAP^ tn old a/e, caoc ence s?r*Dh by b"*u',faJ 'ithogrsrhic rl,'M ueryotu uabi> ty, i.- ?n.i cure, hy a nr.H?? thit '"'"Mb r """ fwr J^'iy aiana.;?m-nt n Z^t,.T.mt0rrh"4 "iih '"-'?h! o eerrr.boQd on a l"rrM !,u v?fui aaode of tr?*tmeat? pre> 5T ot ?*lu,r'^ lw~1V,,,y f,a <u! -> -?ansiuK from wis n._iou, W!tb piam and ?.ms>ie r>?i,.8 by which ajl. i-T 7 <*? =-r- them-^Itr, ^itho ;t 11 *" f ,r th<^n t?lf inrti-tel ra<s?nv< ar-.j ,?i .,D Sit4 fT?r rtua^ Pr^a-cnt la Th ?iTi'er to the ma-ried an.J ticuU- v r- ? ' \3^,TU-''- lU ?* ucuia .y reomHiend'd t" p-r oas faurtaicin 'M i io11, Ur?L U;ir w^'Uwi. *n1 ab?rara ^T^of^'T^ tb? bialth. h-i.p.r-M Stl-d to'' **"' 10 Whl'~ r"C"i7 bu:Li,a *?? i?Vi w en nI! 'ote 5W copy, or fly* copies for one dol M Ptat " " ? pt "t*ge 13 *?y i*rt t f **>"! Uni* X. B.?Thojc wv prefer nay conml* Ih- LiCaom ?.f n an> of .he ji* c<-s upjn which *u bc.-k tr?-atf ?lh? .wre>o%fir or by mail. M-diclne to any fr*, t'** Uaion ?'"corlin* to dlr^inv.s, -1-ar-1 all ohejrvatian. orVirTJ'V? " Li No 41 aitUra L^ne or y? ? Bo* 579, Albany N. Y. ; ?T" Omee op-n d Ally from iaabfla, au ] ?B Ban. ?>, (zom j uutil 6 p m. K?movad from No. W Bearer at, it Laaa, Albany, N. Y. D DENTISTRY. H 'tCSJoS to pestteJly cat n poblie attcntioa to hie new. psteut, snd Oi.SA lLY mettiwi of netting Aruflei*! ^seta, with fJuntiauoos Oam?the *er? ?iok 0f c 4 * AitT- ^ tty't th* fo,'ow a4rartag?e jrer all others ^TK*N0TH, CLt'ANLlf,Ed8, 0 <M ?KlUfY, ieing with Nature in tbe-e *a* ?"'* athera ezcelilsg. Pablio Iivnc acori^T rwP?c<.Mily aoliwite-i. F:*sia ctli and **t Oo^Kf V* ~~Xo 4,'her la the Distrfct of j M B * t * ? ri,bt 1 saaka tnia atyla of T-aM. ** "?ru?i?^gtntional y healthy, plashed aer^^!>2.', * etreat, n?ar the oor ?or *?en?i* and litft atr> et. 1 wither- a^V'V* BANa AND 8BLDKN I raua. ' * purchaaed at the hignaat j E rip ?*>Ujkr ^arr*atJ? Virginia eh*j*r*. 1J" ?riw,P?l .'itiea j-oid to enit pu^ n?tJ^?,f*-ii'vlr^n^u',,''r"3' Tr?n? A!!-fhany the b??t ? ?a re.y npon receiving a*y aty in t '. " V/r1111***' ?*<1? b, draft on deev-ja :iA41'T^ ?- FV T, Ban?r-r, ? -*a 432 Penna nreaQe. fj-'r.'!' noo clL JI'8T RK ^ Muate i? pol ^P",,r lfc" P?P",:1' *'?f *1 r. a BILRIT3 k I1ITZ. tan 13_u '0fci 'ia- *veB"'' ?"4? ?>th Mr^at. OFFICIAL Tiiiivm Departmrnt, Jan. 3, 1845. Notion is h'-reby given to the holders of tbc fol lowing described stocks of the United State?, that tiii* department is spared fo purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, pnrti ms of those stocks, amounting in the aggre g ite to 31,900,000, iu th? manner and on the tc?*us hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In ca*o of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the order of time mi which said stock* may be offered The certificate, duly assigned to flic United State* by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the toll .wing particulars: 1. The par value or amount specified in each certificate. 2. A premium 011 the Mock of the loan authorized by the act of July, I (*46, redeemable November 12, lsCV6 of 2' ? per c?nt.;a>u Hie stoek of the loan au Uiorlitod by the act. I" 1849, redeemable 3M Decem ber, 1*52, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the loans ?ulhon2"d by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the former ou the 31 December, 1867, and the latter on 30th June, 18* of 16 per cent.; and on the stoek of the loan a Morized by the act of 1850, and redeemable on tl 31?t December, L86I, (commonly called the Teian indemnity) si* per cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the l?t of January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (lor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest 111 rddithm. Payment lo* "aid stock- will be mad? in draft* of the Treasurer of the United State*, on the a.*distant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. Rut no certificate will be entitled to the benefit ot this notice which shall not be actually reemved at the Treasury on or befia the said 1st day of March next. JAMES nUTHRlE, jan 4?dtMarl Secretary ol Treasury. a* DUPOIfCO'8 G3LD?U MONTHLY PILLS, A SOV EREIGN REMEDY for the cure of all Painful Obstructions and Female Irregularities arisin*. from whatever cause. Sold by ail Druggixts at $1 per bo*, and will be sent cool uentiaiiy by mail, ..n enclosing $1 to "Or. A.J KANWOLD WH.binKton, D. C General Agent, by whom >11 orders will be ntled at the proprietor's pr Ices. These Pills are the result ol OVER THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE in the treatment of tlie Diseases of Females. At the solicitation of many intelligent Ladies for whom they were prescribed by Dr. Duponco with the most hippy effects they are now published to the world, so that all Females suffering from the dii-eases peculiar to their sox, may have the oppor 'unity of giving them a trial. These pills have only been advertised to a limited extent lor a little more than a year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already l>een sold, a large proportion of which Irs been seui bv mail to ladies in different parts ot the country; and leiter* are bring receivd daily containing the warmest expressions of gratituds for the benefits which have been derived fro.a their <i?e. The following is an extract from a letter of a Udy of high standing who has authorized her name to be communicated confidentially to other ladies wishing to make inquiries respecting the modus operandi of the pills: "My daughter, now **ed 17, wa# for thre? year* pain rally aftheted with ubetraitlonc from-which, at time*, she suffered severely. We expended a largs sutn lu phyiriau*' fees, but with very leilting and temporary relief. H?-r complexion be came linked with a sallow greenish hue. and her whole sys tem so much diseased that she was prrmounced to be rapid- I ly golug Into consumption. At this I s.iw vonr adver tisement lo a New York paper. My t.ilth Very weak, but *s a-last reeort I sent for a bo*. It gave re niueb relief that a second and third wer.. used, and I uow have the great | pleasure of informing yoq that my daughter'* health I* com pletely restored; her aallow complexion i* repla.-ed by Mia ro*y glow Of health ; her gloomy melancholy, t>y that cheer ful buoyancy ef *pirlte. whieh ia usaai in girl* of her age; aud if the pills had eoel teii times aa much, It wotrid be no compariaoa witti the happiness resulting from their use." N. B.?The ingredients of these pi!ls are |x?rl'ect ly harmless in their medicinal operation on the most delicate female con titurioits, yet as prepared ai.d eombiiied by Dr. Dnponco, their sjrci'ic action is such that married ladies should use them with proper precaution. Indeed, their use is net at all luJicated during pregnancy. For the same reason, as every physician knows, medicines which act in this way are the very best that can be used for re storing tlie natural, healthy tone and functions of the system when so much impaired and deranged as to result in barrenness. For further particulars see di rections, 6lc.. sent wuli each box, and circulars to be had at the Druggists. J. DUPONCO, M. I), Proprietor, N. Y. Sold in Wa.-huig'on by KibwtLl. 6t Lairkni a, Siott &Co., W. il. Oilman, S. R. iSylvestir, B. Moore, First Ward; O. Hoswell, Island ; J F. Callaw, I M jStoms, Seventh St.; K II McI'ukkso* Capitol * I i*l; F Walsh, Navy Yard. In Georgetown by O. M. Lintliieum, J. L. Kitlwell. In Alexai:dria by ' ooiv & Co., Peel &. Stevens, Fountain 8i Co., and by Druggets generally. jan 16? liu* 1IKAR THE WIT NESS! RIGHTEOUS VEBDICI! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN FN SIHE, fcc. WONDERFUL cure after fix year's suftenng ot I one of the most highly respectable citizens of | Maryland. Prejudice and skepticism ean't stand before the many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tine turt\ Kind all's Grovr, Montgomery Co., Md , > December 2, 1851. J Memi. .Vorti'iter Mowhruy : Gentlemen?In 1*44 I ha I whatnr.y doctors called a violent and combined attack ol Chronic Rheuma tism and Gout, Iroin which I was confined to my bed for thr.e months. I had the very best phjst ci^ns, who tried other various remedies, none of which gave m* any permanent relief. Not having e .s.,- tr?iai p;un day or night, 1 became much unaci ate 1; my whole system a mass of disease, literally s|M-iking, from ihe crown ot my hesd to the sole ot my feel. I had to liobblu about?most ot tlie time confined l>> tl??- honse ; at times m? helpless that I had to lie a.??sisted to iuy bed. 1 was also .iffllc'ed with a dre.iUiul cough, great sli<irtne>s of hreath. sore ihnia?, palpitation o: the heart, and pain in my side ao had l com < not lay on it. My appcute en tirely lane | me. I gave up aii hop?soi" Ix ing restored to lie^iui again. ( ontiiiued Uiiui tosiiflVe ou from l?s44 to I^Vi, a id of six years. At this time my d lSgliier sin ai ner {randinouier'sa pamphlet, with numerous certific ates of cures made by lir. Hamp ton's VepftaMc Tincture. I knew sunt of those who esrufied to cur**s per formed ou liiemselves and friends. 1 was resolved to give it a trial. I informed my doctor of it. He objected ; but my sufferings were sogreatihat I pro cured one boule, tend, bciore I had taken tbe whole ol it, I fwlt much relief, which encouraged me to persevere. After taking the second bottle 1 was better than for tlie past six years, my appetite re turned?cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath Ilc., nearly ail goue. 1 continued usmg tins won derful medicine until I had takeu seven bottles, ac cording to the directions; and 1 am happy to say Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restored me to perfect health, which has continued up to this time ?a period of thr^e years. I am iu the 65th year of my age. I weighed yesterday 238 lbs. and 1 never lieit better in iny life. One o| iny neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, fee. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard of other cases; but I am satisfied this Tinctur-, il tried, will speak for itself. My only object in de scribing t"? you my sufferings and the way 1 obtained lelief, is to induce the ajlu t-d to fry this Tinciure, which has, under tlie blAsmgs of God done so much for nte. Yours, respectfully, HENRY GAITHER. Call and get pamphle* gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dvs !?ep>ia, Nerrousuess and General Weakness. As a ciuale mHicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. .. ? Sold by MORTIMER * MOWBRAY, 140 Ba li more street, Baltimore, and 'M Broadway, N. York ("has. Stovt k Co., J. B. Moors, U. B. Clarke, Clarke fc, W. Ei.liot. and H McPher so*, Washington ; also, bv K. S. F. Cl skl. George town; and C. C. HitRar, Alexandria, an l by Drug gis's everywhere. jan 5 tr Cf OTIII.Mi MADE TO tiKDER CHEAPEit / TH 4N EVElt.- In orJer to run ? 11 the remain d. r of our large stock of Cloths, i.'assimeres, and Ve-tmcs we will at this season uke measure and make to order Gentlemen's Garments ol lir?l qualU; twenty per cent, cheaper than our usually low pr> WALL x STEPHENS, Siiii Pa. av., next to Iron Bail jan 11 (Sentinel <t News) IMPORTANT TO TUB STUK. T?* experience and well known (kill of L Pp f McOuxtoci 1? a rufllcient guaranty to tfc# public that th*- following Met of Medicine*, ffn<h m have h^n constantly nred in his practice tor the Imi thirty year*, will fully sustain by their effeet* he Vwlaable qualities attributed to them, and prTe to be the beot Medicine* ever offered to the public. I. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. An in valuable remedy frr Bronchitis Consump tion, and afl "hronic diseases of the throat atd lungs. In all 4<?*p rested complaints of the i'ulmo naty OT*ans It lias proved the m.ost safe, certain, and rapid remedy ever employed iu the ext asivj practice of Dr, HaClintock For any of the*e fornix ef disease, ihoui'ig themselves as Cough, Tickling of the Throat, Pence of Tightness in the Throat, Spitting ot Kfood, Difficulty of Bree.tMng, Honrse nessor Lose of Voire, an.l Hectic fe?jr, iti use will ^e attended with the happiest results, while it in pleasant to the pa'ate and Btrenjjtfcining to the whc>le<iyitM2. It centairn no I tudeuuia 01 opium In any shtpe. Price $ I per pint ko^ie, II. Dr. McClintock's CM emd Cough Mirtnri. Ar. inf&!Hhl*cure for r?<-ent CVnurb*, Tickling of tbs Thro-t. Tightness of Fre*tb4'.<?, Group in Chil dren, It contains no prep-ratlon o! opium. Prirc 25 c*ut* per bot!.ie. HI. Dr. McClintock's Aztkma and Hoof ing Cough Rtmrdy. An almost injftantanebuB relief for these di-frw lag complaints. This Is the frait of an immense experience, and la artonlshing In its effects. No per son need suffer a day from Asthma or Hooping Oough who will use it. Price 60 cents per bottle. IV. Dr. McClintock's Diarrhma Cardial arid Chokra Preventive. A prtript and certain cure fbr Diarrhoea. Dysen tery, ail Cholera Morbus in ell stagsa. A sore pre ?entire ot Asiatic Gho'era, which no tr&vtler or ffciaiiy should be without. Price 26 and 60 cents per bottle. V. Dr. McClintflck's Tan it AlUrative for perlfying the blood. The most powerful pu rifier ever di*r.07*rcd. Per all Scrofulous dlae??es, Skin d% Wr?,?H?wa, Bella, Pimp'as, Kryripelas, Ulcere, tiara Leg?, and til Rheumatic and Syphilitic complaints, Ac. it is a excellent tpriug mtdi cine, perfectly palatable, ht.S -?afe for children or fe males. Prioe(pict Bottles) fl. ^ VI. Dr. McClintock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspepsia, or disordered digestion, truiy be called the National Diseaee of America. Its symptoms are head iche; giddiness; nervousness; low spirits; dim ness of vision, with motes or specks before the eyes; itching of the nostrils; dullness of hearing and ring ing iu the ei r.% 4i?agre"*ble taste in the mouth; conatnctK a or weight about the chest; difficulty of breathing; s-nsr of tallocation in lying down, or in ?sjeadirg ?Uirc; ,alpi*etions, or uneasy feelings about the heart; irregular or deficient appetite; senae of sinking at th? stomach; acidity; heartburn; pain or tmln<vr of the abdomen, and oostivenesf. wo? ot these symptoms alwsyB appear iu Dyspep sia; and sometime ? he wun< patient many of them %t the fsiac t'.aie, or at different times. For attacking Uierc Proteau symptoms in their s?at and source, rii: deranged conJitlon of the d?peatiTe funo tions, the Dyepeptio Klit'r combines all thev.'duable ingredients Trhi^h the Vegetable Kingdom affordl. TaK?u In connection Kith the Vcg-t ?ble Purgative Piile, io cases wbrre there is much costireooee, or with the Anti-15Mj?v.i8 Pills, where the functions of the ll*?r are irTcj-nlar'.y lli??^^^c:ed, it will be found a most effectual remedy. Frl-se (in pintbotuea.)$l. VII. Dr. M(Cl:ntock's Ukewnatit Mix ture. t^T li?t-mil u.w; a pc-*ly rettctable combination for tiic enr- of Hbeuiratit-m, Gout, and all Neural gic and Cbeaciatic J^r^a^ea. This remedy is offered with the ntwo-t confidence It has been ured most e^?nrlTe!y, end Is ?* n?#r a Specifle for Rhenmatic 0;se>vn"E as the world h^s eTer Been. Price per bot? tl- a0 crrts. VI!K Dr'. /fcClinfoek's Rhnmatu Lini m*rt, An 4-. f?U!b!a outwrrd ap^'i'ation ftr the rslief cf *11 iho-ir.xa'i-: i.i asur V.c i'?lnr, srra'ns,cweiilnRS, stiff n'clt,7t:ff?i^s 0 th> joints, pa:n? in the shoul lern, b-.->. or llrab . It afforJc Iratnedlste relief fr'im -h^li' er' i p -M" In the ao<! aMomeu. As a counter irriUnt, It Is Inrnlu*b:e ia all curi where an e^t-r??<l sMnnlsnt in res-ici. l'rlcs (per bottle) fr> csn'j. IX. Dr. iticCiimakys Anodyne Mixture, Or Vr.t<?%>":'?r,usedInt?ruVJiy?aJ ester islly, for the mitisit relief ?f all pai^f, tor.thach^ Ho.vJ achs, Cii^lic, Agits in the r?ce, OM'Malns, Ntural* jia, fito*ia or irarel. Ac., ANo rein nee*i l>e en dured a raoiuent by any person who wi'l ns-? thia Invaluable Anodyne. Price 60 cents per botttle. X. Dr. Alr.Clintock's Fever and A%w Spc'ijlc. This hat been Onud an infallible upsrlCc ft?r -thl" ?0"jurg? of nfw countries, ?r i fjr'.-rt ferers. No trareiler or res:J?at iu auy a-;ue iub trict shoul' ^><1 to provide th- taaelres with t> lssurt prtTentl79- Price jl per bottle. X/. Dr. McClintock's Vt^etublt Purga tive Pills, For the relief of OocstJp??U-"u and It* p*inful re sults, such fcf Headache, IHisines*, Dick Stomach, Pain*, and all th', symptom* enumerate 1 under the -Dyspeptic fciixir." Price canf per box. XII. Dr. McClintock's Pills, For Ll'*r Complaints, and all forms of'liseasee arising frcn derangtrri?"nt of the liver, with rymp toms ncli * Dixilnass, llendacuc, Hinging in the Han, yeio - i or red tongue, pnic in the right shoulder, ?tewe of fo w ess or pain in the right side, disordered atomach or lowels, deficient action of the kidneys, clay-oolored stools, Ac. These Pilis, If taken in the incipient ctsges of IllMous anj Yellow or other fevers, wUi generally ward off the attack. Price 26 cents jer box. The ab< ve Medicineg may be procarel of all the principal Druggists t<afi Apotbec^rie? in this Dis trict, and of J. L. ilufoiMW, Agent, Washington, sep J>?flm GKATIS ! IUST PULLISHED: A NEW DISCOVERY IN MBD1C1NE! A FEW words on the Rational Treatment, with out Medici .if, oi dperinatorrlH'a, nr Local Weaklier, Nervous Debili ty, Low r^irits, Lassitude, Weak n?M ot the t.iiiiIis and Hack, Indt-po-i iition and lucapat uy lor ^ludy and' Labor, Dullness ot Apprehension, Loss ot Memory, aversion to society, Love of Solitude. Timidity, Sell Distrii.-t, Dizziness, Head Ache, Involuntary Discharges, l'aiu iu the Side, Affection oftli - Ryes, I'linpleti on tnc Face, Sexual and other iiilirmities in man. FROM THE FRENCH OF DR. B. DE LANIW. Tlie important fact that tlie*e complaints may easily be removed without Medicine is, in th.s small tract, clearly demonstrated; and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by tliu author, lully explained, by means nl which ev ery one ia enabled to cure himself per.ectly, and at the least po.-Mble cost, avoiding thereby al I the ad vertised nostrums of the day. ^ent to any address, gratis, and po*t free in a scaled envelope, by remitting (po?t paid) two post age staniriH to Dr. II. DELANLY, No. 17 Lisp?nnrd street, New Vork. jan 17?3m RB\I)Y MADK CliOTHIKG AT RE duced prices.?As the season is advanced we have determined to sell otl'the remaining portion ot our winter &tock at greatly reduced prices, therefore gentlem-n wishing to consult economy in purchas ing tine Overcoats, Talmas, dress, frock and busi neas Coats, black and fancy Cashmere Pants, Vel vet, silk, satin and Merino Ves's, Undershirts and Drawers, and all o her ready made Garments of tine quality will lind our preswm variety to he as well as borted as in ihu begiumng of the season wi.h the ad vantage of much lower prices. WALL & STEPHENS. 3'4'A Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. jan 12 (sentinel U News) REV. SEPTIMUS TUSTIN'S WORK?The fourth edition of The Doubting Coiniuuiiicaut Kncouraged, by Rev. S. Tusun, D. D., late Chaplain of the United Slates Senate. Further supplies received at TAYLOR & MAURY'S jan 5 BookMore, near 9th at. TO INVENTORS ' nHfl oSfl'-e of'The Inventors' ProCeotion National 1. Ua'.ou'" vs on 7 th ctrest, o^ptMite tha Ba?t Pot ttoo Of t *e f*?vi?T?t OUce, and is now r*edy to attend to the b i--!ne*? of ite Tn?aul?ar?, i.a'nely ; In n'aklng ?xaii<n\ icn-%? J t i?r * ; i'?ai.?. Inven"r?*r %ie i;il-k..j t, ri' ?a; -?? s oony ot Oon'tii i':ou en. l.j lawY?tni *i *te ai:y inwrm tton wl.i b- <iven rejiivsug the lini?n All leiure on buso.r, ^ iaust ^ dire *1 to tbw ot ?o^ wh :ra attention will to gireo ia?oieliaieij. A Bilel ?hot: Is la ooiiuecticn with tlie o? dhm i a*d< l-> or-Jle? at tha s*K-rMS ?otto*. T Ki. CLAYTON. ?f W-ijf president 1. P 0* BAt-La, Sec. GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC ?JtJ <A. Xji T ? . rpilE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY 're 1 spectlntly lii lor in .lie citizens ot Washington that they into; d to ?jive a I! II on WKDNKSOiV, (i<cb. 14, 1855, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY F.??OMS. T>">?* Company pledge themselves t? use every ex ertion to giv* the utmost pail-taction to those who may hon*r the Corp.; with their presence. Refreshments will befuruisheti by an experienced caterer. The military are requested to appear in full u' i Lrm. No hats or caps allowed in the Hall Room except those worn hv the nnlivrv. Ticket* ONE DOLLAR to h? had of the Omr twitee and at Mie door on the night of the ball. Cornmittct on Inrituliou anrf Reception. Tapt E C Carrington, Surgeon W R Bu:t, Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, I, Will sm?, Lieut K?'ley, J Mau-eron, Sgt power, Sum l.utt. jan 3d- eo2w&db MEDICAL OFFICE. Establish eh m h&i, i?v Dr*. brothers & <; RAY, 17V South B st., for the cure of vene real dacases in all it* forms. It is deplorable to wit n<*s some of the cases that are pre sented & G., disease has been driven into the ?y?tem by quacks w. h Mercury, to br-ak out again in the form of spots and ulcers on the body or in the throat and aose. Wejperform eitra ordinary cases in from three to five days, and old, h iK tod, lingering cases in two to three weeks. 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For ?%'?, rho-tp, r. second-hand Clarence Carriage, n-arlv n-** ? m 26?tl PIANOS .'?PIANOS ! t1JY. beg leave 10 call the attention of the public \ V t? ?ur stock of Pianos i#)w on bind, consisting of superb fini-he ' 7,j? 6}j and ti?>ctave r^j-ewood case struments from the world renowned# " W \? * manufactories of II lift, Davis & Co., Boston, and Ktiabe, Garble X Co., Baltimore, comrn^nig in all tlie largest, most reliable and f?-l?-ct assortment ever olf?ed in tiiis cily. Also. Sio?*ls. Covers, \c. Old Pianos taken in exchange. VVe will make reasonable discounts for cash, or sell on time. Ji?II\' F. EbLIS, No. 306 Pa. avenue, near Tenth .*re? t. jnn 31 " THE ART UNION OF LONDON. PL AS FOR THE CURREXT VEJtR. 'TIME list is now open, and eiery KUiisrntter ol JL $5^0 will b?- entitled I. An impression of a Plate, by J. T^pWillmore, A. K. A.,from ilie original picture h^ J. J. Cha lon, K. A , ?' A Water Party " II. A VoluaH: containing tiiiity Wood Engravings ?illustrating subjects trom Lord Byron's Poem of "Clnlde Harolde." And III. The chance of obtainim.: one nf tl?e to be allotted at the aeuerai meeting in April, which will include? The right to select for himself a valuable work ot art from one of the public exhibitions. Siatuttes in bronze of her .Majesty on Horseback, by T. Tin r neycroft. Copies in bronze, from an or ein*! Model in relief by R. Jefferson, of ?' The Entry of the Huke of Wellington into Madrid Siatuttes in porcelain or partan. Prool' Impressions ot a large Lithograph, byT. II. Maguire, after the original picture by W. I*. Frith, K. A., '? The Three B< ws," t'roiu Mo li?:re's ?? II turgeois Geutllh<>||lm?'.,' Honorary Secretaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR St MAUltY, Booksellers. jail 2d I)RITISH ALMANAC AND COMPANION a* ) lK.'W, containing Li?ts of Parliameiil, of Royal 11 uisebolds,Ministry, Judiciary, Foreun Mm inters, 1>lc , in England, British Minister* abroad, Military and Colouial Governments and personel; Imports, Expoits, Taxes, Im ties, Revenue. Trade and Commerce for 1K>4, Chronicle of the Session of Parliament l?s>4, Abstracts of important Parliamentary l)c^y men la, and valuable articles on the Campaign, on ill'* United States Census, on the In-aitli ot D\v*'lliug?; occupations of the people, Flue tuatioasot the Fund*; Canals and Railroads. Public Improvements, Chronolozy. and uit'ch other useful and valuable matter, ciauplet*: m one vol. FRANCE TAYLOR, jan 16?tf "notice. TO ALL WHOtl IT MAT CONCERN. I HAVE tlivs dav received and opened a great vari ety of CLOCKS, WATCHES, and JEW ELRY. IJood Clocks from $1 50 to $15, all warranted one year. Also, gold and silver Watches in great va riety, silver Watches from to ; gold lever Watches from $25 to $ 1 50 and a great assortment of Jewelry, all of which will ^e sold cheaper ihau goods of same quality can be taught in this city. Those wishing to get go<?d Clocks would do well to buy from me, as I put all my Clocks in order be fore lling them. Call an t see for yourselves, attlia '^lock fc Watch Emporium of J.ROBINSON, 340 opposite Browns' Hotel, jan 10?lm (Intel) WHO'S WHO IN 1855, 1 nocket volume D >d's Parliamentary Companion for 1855, 1 pocket volume British List for 1855 hrilish Navy Li*t do The Planetary Worlds, their Topography and Telescopic Appearances, by J. Breer, Cambridge Observatory, I vol Blackwood's Almanac tor 1855 Imported by last steaiuffr by feb2 FRANCK TAYLOR. CCONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY. / The Geograpical and Commercial Gazette?a monthly publication devoted to physical,com mercial, and political Geography, edited by au association of practical and Scieulilic gen tlemen. Suhrcriplion S2 pel annum, single number 25'nits. DisttroclTs 1thilway Guide lor January?pr-ce 25 cents, witli ui.iu jan 13 FRANCK TAYLOR. RO-^A DE VRIES WALTZ, Comp^ed by Hant Krummacher. t>ur Polka, dedicated to Miss Emma J. Brown, bv the same coniposer, published ami for ?ale ?''t ihe Music Depot of H1LBUM At H1TZ. feb 5 <:v \iN(; sta a. CENTRAL AMKBICAU * XPEDITI9J. Co r ipoadeaco bo waji Sec etary Karcv aud Col Kinasy MR. KIXNET TO MR. MAHCT. Washington Crrr, j -January 28, 1855. J Dear Sir : In pursuance of your re quest, made to roe at the close of the ir terview to winch you did me the honor what I disclosed were tht objects and purposes of the Central Ame rican (-Wany. of which I am the agent and pnncipnl superintended. This company was organized a little! more than a year since, when officers 1 and managers were elected to dirr^t and ! control its aftairs. The articles of association declare its 1 object to be the occupanj and improve-1 ment of the lands within the limits of its ' grant; and my instructions are of the same purport, although necessarily more extended. These direct me to take im mediate steps for toe peaceable occupa tion and colonization of the lands of the company, by such industrious and enter prising men as may be willing to ruaove thither either singly or with their fami lies, and to offer them, as an inducement for going a certain quantity of land, to be laid off and conveyed to them on con Sideration of actual occupancy. They also instruct me to take out a certain number of mechanics and labor ers of various kinds, as I may find can be advantageously employed in mining, cutting mahogany and other valuable cabinet woods which may bear transpor tation to the United States or Europe. Aud my instructions are to do all peace- ; ably, without invading the rights of i either communities or States. ~ As to my own purpose, I can only say that it will be to carry out my instruc tions faithfully, to preserve peace, to cul tivate a spirit of industry and a love of ! order in the community which I hone to see grow up speedily in that now desert , and uninhabited portion of the world. A 1 number of industrious and enterprising ' citizens, accompanied by their families ' have already sailed, or are about to sail' ?. from Corpus Christi, and they will be | shortly followed by others from the i North. I have also been engaged for some time' past m organizing corps of laborers, who ' will be shortly sent out under the super intendence of suitable persons, who have instructions to preseive the strictest or der, and to prevent excess of every kind.1 It, is my purpose to occupy some suit-1 ( able place, and to establish municipal regulations for the immediate govern ment of the colonists, so that it mav be in my power to enforce order and keep I up the forms of civilized society from the beginning. As soon as my arrangements are complete, which I hope they will be shortly, it is my purpose to follow those i, who have gone already, ar.d to devote all:. my energies to build up a prosperous set-1 tleiuent which may furnish an example' of wh.*t industry can accomplish in that' beautiful country, h.thcrto an unoccu- , pied desert. And, in conclusion, I sol-1 emnly assure you thai I am as averse to : all illegal and marauding enterprises as you can possibly be: and that it lias nev er formed any part of the olyect of the company, at least so far as it has been , communicated to me, to violate any rule of common or public law; but, on the! contrary, the purpose has been and is to avoid everything likely to lead to conten tion or violence. I have the honor to be, with sentiments of the highest respect, your obd't serv't, m ? WW "? L. Kinney. To the Hon. Wm. L. Mabct, Secretary of State. MR. MARCY TO MR. KINNEY. Department op State. j Washington, February 4, 1855. f | Sir: If the enterprise of which you speak in your letter to me of the 28th ultimo is a mere peaceful emigration: if you, and those who propose to go with I you, prefer to leave the United States and seek a permanent home in a foreign country, to renounce your citizenship here and the rights and privileges be longing to it, and to submit yourselves to the laws of another jurisdiction, it is neither the duty nor the desire of this gov- , eminent to interfere with your proceed- , ings. By ?uoh a course you ccase to l?e I! citizens of the United States, and can j have, after such a change of allegiance, no claims to protection as such citizen* ' from this government. You seem, how- ! ever, to repel the inference that you in tend to sub-nit to the existing sovereign authority of any country. Your design in this respect is indicated by the follow- i ing passage in your letter: '?It is my purpose to occupy some suit- ] able place, and to establish municipal j regulations for the immediate govern- i ment of the coldnists, so that it may be i in ray power to enforce order and keep < up the forms ofcivilizcd society from the beginning." ( It is not to be assumed that the coun- i try|to which you are going is not within i the ten itor ial limits of some government. That it is a part of the sovereignty of a government is implied in the fact that you claim to have 44 a grant" for the . lands you propose to occupy. Although i you do not state the source or nature of your grant and the particular country to 1 which you propose to go, it is evident I from the title of your association, " The \ Central American Company," that your destination is Central America, and I j know no portion of it over which some j of the Central American States have not sovereign jurisdiction. ] It is very generally understood that i your colony proposes to take possession of a part of the Mosquito country, over i the whole of which Nicaragua or Costa i Kica claims jurisdiction. , 1 he ministers of those governments i nave both declared that jou have bo < ??????^ THE WEEKLY STAR. Xf UAII, IVVtllillf I* AlfiRCl. Xf~ ?**?#? * (ia wraj pct? cu hr prrw>ar<4 a ihi ctRUK) r, ?iy at< i Jie in*-. ?.? ui? inp^r. Pnoe?mil cim. TotTf a tin ret u k|"nli ?ril t>< il..w? a chiiipi'siod <?f iw^u prt c? nt. grant from their own nation, and they protest against jour proposed expedition a* tn invasion of their rights of proper ty, jurisdiction and sovereignty.- ft your gram is derived, as it is presatned to be, from a personage called the Mow)uito King, it is proper that you should be ap prised of the light in which this Govern ment would regard such a title. The political condition of what ic called the Mosquito Kingdom, has for several years past been a matter of discussion I?etween the I nited States aud Great Britain. This Government hss uniformly held that the M<>?quito Indians area >ava,re tribe, and that, though tliey hare rights as the oocu^anu of the rimntry where they arc, they have no sovereign or i?o hfical autr.oiity there, and no capacity to transfer to individuals at. absolute and permanent title to the lands in their pos session, and that the ri^'ht of eminent domain?which only ran l?e the source of such title is in certain of the American States. If the emigrants should be formed into companies, commanded by officers, and furnished with arms, such organization wou.4 assume the character of a military expedition, and, being hardly consistent with professions of peaceful objects, would devolve upon this Government the iuty of inquiring whether it be not in nolation of our neutrality act. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obe dient servant, W. L. Marc v. To 11. K Kinney, Esq., Washington. UHiTED STATES SENATOR WIL80H DI FINiHG His PCSir;0!t There has been much dispute in the political papers relative to the sentiments of the United Slates Senator just elected from Massachusetts by the Know Noth ing Legislature. Gen. Wilson was at an Abolition meeting iu Boston, on Friday night last, and he defined his position himself by indorsing the views of the lecturer, Mr. Burlingame. Mr. W. says : In public or in private life, in majori ties or in minorities, at home or abroad, I intend to live and die with unrelenting hostility to slavery on my lips. I have no compromises anywhere, at home of abroad; I shall yield nothing of my an ti-slavery sentiments to advance my own personal interests, to advance party in terests, Or to meet the demands of any State or section of country. I hope to be able to maintain on all occasions these principles, to comprehend in my a flec tions the whole country and the people of the whole country?and when I say the whole country I warn everybody to un derstand that 1 include in that term Mas sachusetts and the North The sentiments uttered by Mr Burlin game, and " indorsed " by Mr. WiUon, were as follows: 1st, repeal the Nebraska bill; 2d, re peal the fugitive slave law : 3d, abolish slavery in the District of Columbia : 4th, abolish the inter-State slave trade: next, he would declare that slavery should not spread to one inch of the territory of the I nion ; he *ould then put the Govern ment actually and perpetually on the side of freedom?by which lie meant that a bright-eyed boy ioMassachusettsshould have as good a chance for promotion in the navy as a boy of one of the first families of Virginia, lie would have our foreign consuls take sides with tne noblw Kossuth, and against the Papal butcher Bedini. He would have judges who believe in a higher law, an anti slavery constitution, an anti-slavery Bi ble, an anti slavery God! Having thus denationalized slavery, he would not menace it in the Slates where it exists, but would say to the States, it is your local institution?hug it to your bosom* uutil it destroys you. But he would say, you must let our freedom alone. (Ap plause. | If you touch the hem of the garment of freedom we will trample you to the earth. |Loud applaud, j This is the only portion of repose, aud it must come to this, ilo was encouraged by the icceiif elections in the North, and Ik de fended the " new movement," which, he said, was born of Puritan blood, ard was against despotism of all kinds. 'Ihis new party should be judged like others, by its fruits. It had elected a champion of freedom to the United States Senate for four years, to till the place of a man who w as false to freedom and not true to slavery. For himself he could say, that k> long as life dwelt in his boe>om, so long would he tight for liberty and igainst slavery. In conclusion he ex pressed the hope that soon the time night come when the sun should not rise on a master nor a slave. Tailors.?Many eminent men have served their time at tailoring. Thom*s Woolman, a native of New Jersey, who first suggested the idea of abolishing the slave trade. He published much on the subject, and went to Europe to consult distinguished men respecting the topic, where he died of the small pox in 1772. Sir John ilawkwcod?the first English (general?was also a tailor. Ilis historian says Of him ?"He turned his needle into a sword and his thimble into a shield.'1 He died in 1394. In Ileddingham there is a monument erected to his memory. Benjamen Bobbins, the compiler of Anson's voyages around the world?if not i tailor by trade was the son of a tailor. Sir John Ralph B!ackwell, Knighted by Fxlward III. for his braver}*, was a tailor t>y trade. He was the founder of Black ivell Hall. John Stowe, the antiquarian, who died In London about the year 1600, at the age of 80 years, was a tailor. John Speed, the distinguished histo rian, served his apprenticeship at the same trade Let our tailors be en;x>uraged. Many an eminent man, besides thoee wo have mentioned above, has arisen to usefulness and honor from th fi trade. N6 class of men among men us are more ind i&in 9us?and very few more intelligent.

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