Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1855 Page 2
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KVKNING star. WAMJINGTON OffY: SATURDAY AFTl&BQQIT^rebraary 10 A GH51 AT WABHlIOTOH PAPER Oiit weekly edition for the coantry is fast getting into public favor, u the acceseiona t( our subscription list abundantly provo. Mor< than ordinary interest attache* to the irsu< of to day, aince thai the eloeing of the eewioi of Congress developea decisive political actioi of w>d of the Executive Per eons who subscribe for the weekly now, will get, hi one form ot the other, the "summing nr. eeit were, of leading eventa of the pa* political year, ae well aa the detail of wha will hereafter oceur Oar opportnnitiea t< make the Star a reglater of leading eventa an m ample at our labors to that end are an ceasing SPIRIT OF THI MO 1*5 IN6 PBE8S The Intelligence says of the declension o; Mr Breckinridge: "It will, we think, occasion very general regret to learn, as the public will do b/th announcement ef the Hon Mr. Breckinrid* !k Hou**, of K?PreMnt?Mvea yesterday hat that gentleman haa declined the office ol Minister to Spain.'' J he Unxon disc a sees hoetility to emigration maintaining that it extenda to the right* ol the States of American Ufeion, of the citi lens, and alto te the Constitution itself am "' in faet? ? ?*?*? revamping of the doctrinei of the old Federal party. The same paper with Pickwickian gravity, assumes that th? defeat of the Texan debt bill is proof poaitiv* that such a thing as a "log-rolling combine tion" doea not, at timea, occnr in the Houa< hell. ' Th* OortRSIfXJlTAL I5STBCCT0U."?Mr. J B. Shurtletf has placed upon our table a lit tle book, designed for children and schools, with the above title. It is really an excel lent book, giving a brief and comprehensive view of the Cnited States and State Govern ments. Although this book is designed for children, there are hundreds of thousands ol ciiisena of this Union who are ignorant of the ncain points of which it treats and could read it, if not with pleasure, at least with profit It deserves a wide circulation, as it gives, in a brief rpace, an ideaof principles and law! by which our common coantry is governed. W42iUHQI02t BBWd AND OOSfllf. Mr. Ed'ertoa oa th? Star?The diaiin guuhed gentlaman from Ohio. (Mr Edgerton,) who look o.'oaaion. yesterday, to rap us over the knuckles for calling the attention of the coanuy, before the opening of the last se?sion of Congress, the efforts whiah we then tbon<ht would be male to influence the lt?gis la^um of the body, in various cases, is our creditor. We -owe him one," inasmuch as it i r?*y elear that the country does not enter tain an opinion of oar labors, similar to hi?, ** expressed in the ccurse cf his speech to which we refer We are by ro means dis posed to quarrel with him for the hard things he said againat us on that occasion. The ro ply of Mr. Eddy to that portion of his re marks, which was involved in his (Mr E's) defense of himself and hia colleaguea on the Letcher committee, embraced more than oui modesty will permit is to say for ourselves. Ihe country is rapidly coming to understand the faet that the Star is a .very useful "insti tution,^ indeed, saying just what its conduc tors think it should say, on public affairs, without the slightest thought of persona oi par-iea. We strive to tell the public th, truth, ar.d although, as all ne^sjajcr men d< in ?heaedHy?. at times we n.ay tccasfonsllj color mailers too highly under th? influence of what F. P. Biair used to style 4 the excitement of composition,"' we do pre sent the public with such an avalanche of truthful news from Washington, as that those to whom the tru:h, the whole truth, and noth ing bat the trnth is distasteful, dread us as a somewhat famous old genUeman of another regiun is said to dread "holy water " In the article from the Star, which Mr Edgaitcn did us the favor to re~d to the liouse yesterday, not a word is aaid aguinat the in l*Sri;y of Cong-eta. it simply embraced a earning to the members, and had the effect, as Mr. Edgerton explained, of fixing public attention with great earnestness on the pro ceedings of Congress It Wt^penaed more than a year ago, and th? circumstances which led us to write it have, for the moat part, paased out of our memory, for we exist in a constant whirl and whis of shifting ciroom stances, making up the Star of the day al must entirely on the occurrences and ideaa afloat in political, Executive, and Congrea aional circles of the Federal metropolis, in the twenty-four boors immediately preceding each iat>ue of our journal. Yeaterday, we published a letter from New Mexico beiring tctimony?evidently heartfelt testimony-of many prominent citiaens of that far ott aection of the confederacy, to the value of our labors as journalists; and, to-day, have the so great pleasure of acknowledging the compliment in volved in what was taTi of as in the Iloaso hall by Mr E. We know that he did not in tend it as a compliment. Yet it, neverthelefs was one?an abiding one in its probable influ ence on the publie mind. We Shall strive to continue to deserve "first rate co.ice3 at the heads of oar friends of All partira ? . - he i urpriae?No one in W ashington, out aido of the Cabinet and the State Department, had the leaet iie?* that the result of the delib erations of Mr. Breckinridge, of Ky , whether or not to accept the Spanish mission, would be his declension of that ao very flattering appointment It was supposed that in asking time to deliberate, he waa playing eff the usual seeming ooynees of the man in publie life. We never knew an appointment to give greater a*tiafaction than hia, to all men of all parties in Congresa The unanimity with w..:"h it w-s bailed^waa, perhaps, unpreoe d* .ted in the history of American pablic affairs, notwithstanding the fact that he is one of the most devoted friends of the Administra tion now ia this city. The mission itself being regarded as one of the very best priass within the President s gift, all supposed that he would accept it Jlia announcement of a different purpose, therefore, camo uj>on the iiouae yes terday almost like an electric shock. Ihe subsequent announcement of the nomi nation and instant affirmation of the Hon. Senator Dodge, of Iowa, to the position made vacant by the declension of Mr. Breckinridge, was as unexpected as the act of Mr. b. We reed hardly aay that hia appointmont waa aa unexpected to himself as that of Mr. Breck laridgc, it being urderstood that the reccipt pi the latter waa instantly followed (by tht I Pretident) by the nomination of the former, Mr. Dodge, being one of the moat popular men in Congress, there was great rejoicing yesterday among the members when the news of his appointment and confirmation first got out. Lie will worthily discharge the duties which ho is to be entrusted, being a man t of great sagacity, energy, urbanity aad expe j rience No better selection for the position i J ?onld possibly have been made. He has la bored faithfully and always " square" in the Democratic party harness, and truly deserves at the hands of President Pierce and the Sen ate, the high compliment involved in his so 11 prompt nomination unsolicited, and his instant ? confirmation by the gentlemen with whom he 1haa so long occupied a seat In the Senate of 11 the United State*. fioorbacks?One of tho last budgets of Ben nett's carrion bird, is as follows . "Mr. ilann has signified his intention to give up hiseffioe of Deputy Secre ary of State in conseauenoe of a misunstanding created between himself and Governor Maroy on the f !? kJC2 ?f V fonner ?????'? letters, as pub li d- ,D Herald a week or two since Mr. Pierce personally called npon Mr Mann, 11 is 5 Uil? * reconsideration of hit letter; this J ?5,h f,Dn 18 and"lit00<1 *s having declined, ? r Wli* m .await the of Mr. Soule * I for further action. This is another s'ep takon U*a[d%the unfolding of the Ostend mysteries. ? which General Pierce is using his best efforts Republic gaxe. It is beleived that if Mann s silence upon this rtfcject could ?M 0a? UP-th? mission to France would be willingly tendered him, even with the certain, ty thit the Senate would not confirm it. Ikon , - the publicity of ilr. Manr/s letters, he reason ably supposed he should have the President's support in opposition to Mr. Marcy. This the s President could not comply with, and now a , I threatened exposure of our foreign and home policy has been promised, and may shortly be expected. In a few days tho President will ?nve to face charges of dupl'city and treachery from Soule, Buchanan, Sickles, Sanders and Mann, and perhaps something may appear from Marcy. This is a fair specimen of the harmony surrounding the President " We have to say that it is falso that there is tho slightest disagreement or misunderstand ing between the Secretary of State and his Assistant The latter entered office without any solicitation direct or indirect on hia par*, in order to aid I he head of the Department, his personal friend, in the discharge cf his arduous and responsible duties; and np to this time, it is wsll known to all tha perioral triends of both, their intercorria rnd reeard for each other has been markel by unvarying cordiality and parsooa! friendship. Iho story about the President's visit to Mr. Marn, the mission to Fraaoe, Ac., 4c , is the merest conglomeration of balderdash falsehood con. cocted to eko out a telling paragraph ima ginable. Bennett has not published a line of truth in tko way of Washington news ccn nected with LLe u>Uo; .>s ?ii>co March 4, 1853, cxcept in iicertiag quotations from tho ?Srar, showing that his mendacious slanders upon t!.e I resident and other prominent gen tlemen in the puolio service, have their ori^-in in the indignant and deserved contempt with which hia impudent application for the mis lion in question was received by the Govern ment of the United States. The Claims Court Proj ct.?The Hon. J. Glancy Jone3, we hear, will endeavor to in duce the Jiouse to dispose of the ccnato's bill to establish the proposed Court for the inve3 tigation of claims on the United State (for the settlement of which the laws make no provi sion) preparatory to action on them by Con gress We fear his effort will he in rain, however necessary it really is, that the sub ject should be speedily and finally disposed of The action of the flouse on tho day be fore yesterday, in permitting him to report tho 11 kill back from the judiciary committee, over the standing rule, evinced the disposition of the body to maic the project or something to t jo same end, law sooner or later. It is clear t> us, aad we are very rarely deceived in such matters, that among the earliest public rneas uree iiiposed of by the next Congress will be an entire change in their system of dealing with private business. 'lhe new plan will [ doubtless be more or less based on the provi sions of the bill reported back by Mr. J Glancy Jones he Declinee ?All are asking why Mr. Breckinridge declined the Spaniah mission, which is admitted on all hands to be so de sirafcle In the eyes of publio men. A wile and five little ones, wero, it strikes us, at the bottom of his declension No gentleman ca? represent the United States efficiently at Mad j r;d and save a dollar of his pay. Nor can a I gentleman in the position (political) at Lome which Mr. B. occupies, vaoate it for years without having years of hard labor to un dergo on his return, to regain it. Mr Breck inridge bids fair to have a m->re brilliant po litical future than any other gentleman of his age in the country of any party. That fact is well understood here, and together with the reasons which we indicate above, are takon by well-informed and sensible persons around us to be the reasons influencing his determi nation in this matter. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?-On yesterday, the 8th of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants ontered on the books of the Department? For the payment of stock $45,005 23 tor the payment of Treasury debts 771 00 ror the Customs ?<?><; ia p0r 5 ir i>ePartraeDt 27:21 y 67 ?Vy- D0P?rtnier?t 23 584 50 r or the lntei lor Department...... 2,157 75 (UKiiKKMHfO.'XAL. In the Senate, y%sterday, alter wo went to pro*s the bill for the relief ot the captors of j the armed t>rig General Armstrong was laid on the table, on motion by Mr. Clay?yeas 22, nays 19 Oiher private bills w?.re considered uD. ! the Senate weut iwo Executive ?e*.iicn, and on again opening their d tLoy | journed The House resolved themselves into ft Com mittee ot the Whole on the Private Calendar, (Mr Greenwood in the chair,) wherein the 1 bill to exceed the lepeating firearms patent of Samcoi Colt was again taken up, ana was de bated by Mr. Edi^erton for it, and Messrs. Uingman aad Eddy against it In tho ccursc of his remarks, Mr. Edgerton attributed the exoitement existing iu the coun try against alleged combinations, to influ ence the action of Congrss-?, to an article originally published in the'Star, and argued that that article em',raccd unfounded asper sions on the character of members, though writtoa by one of that journal's editors, who occupied a reporter's seat in the House hall. Mr. E. further argued that Col. Colt did not own the factory for the manufacture of his weapons in Connecticut, and that the total SuflAA ?{ hi? proportj was not more than *>350,000, instead or millions as represented. He said further, that gentlemon on the flior had repeated the insinuations against the in tegnty of the House which he had quoted from the fatar, though no one dared to name Mr " ? '?* ,}aiUy 80 ^argeable. Mr. k. lurther cruicked the course of the in vestigating committee, of whioh Mr Lctcher is chairman, with greit soverity, arzuinir to show that iU proceeding were despotic and those of a "star chamber," and grossly im proper Mr Clingmar, tn reply, defend*! theouree of those member! who had argned that there had been efforts to make improper oombina tior.s to effect the enactment of particular bills, contending that the evidence taken by the Letcher 6omm<ttee substantiated the alle gation. He denied that he had made any covert charges whatever against the House, or any member of it, baring said openly and without disguise all that he had said on the subjeot of improper efforts to secure the pas sage of bills. Mr. C also spoke at length against the en actment of the bill under consideration Mr. Eddy replied to that portion oi the re marks of Edgerton referring to the labort of the Letcher committee, of which he (Mr E ) was a member, contending that its business was conducted as that of other committees ol the House is, *nd that it had unfolded testi mony which proved teo clearly that impropei effort* had been essayed to shape the leiri&la. tion of the House The committee, on motion of Mr. Edgerton. struck out the enacting clause of the bill, and then rising, it was reported back to the House as thus amended The question arising on agreeing to th? amendment, it was concurred in?yeas 111 nays 68. After the transaction of other business, thei adjjurned Proceeding* of To-liny. In the Senate, to day, Mr. Henry Wilton, tbe newly elected Seuator from Mcissachusetts appeared in the chamber, and was dulj swore in. Several petitions, and resolutioLS calling foi inlormatHn. Ac., were presented and disposed of, among them being a resolution of inquiry concern ng alleged impioper interference, al Fort Leavenworth, of army officers in ludiar ?ind public laud affairs of tbe Government j which laj3 over one day under the rule. And then, after passing a few private bills, Mr Dodge, of Wieocusiu, presentad r?jso lutiuns of the Wiscor.siu Legislature against oxtending the time of the naturalization ?{ foreigners. Afcer tbe transaction of other business o! no public importance On motion of Mr. Stuart. his river and har bor bill wad taken up, and the question of iti formal consideration at that time was debated by Mr. Stuurt, Mr. Wade, Mr. Bell, and others aud wa3 not disposed of when we went to prefi, In tlis House, after disposing of several executive communications? ' On motion of Mr Barkslale Senate bill tc change the name of tbe schoonf^Plantageuo o that of A. G. Brown, was passed. Mr Fuller askoi leave to m >ve to take u( for its pas age a bill, reports! by himself froru tho Committee on Commerce for tht purchase or oous%. ustion of four new revenue cutters. Thereupon, points of order were started, ai 'o the right of Mr. Fuller under tho rules, t< make his proposed motion that the bill should have s third reading at this time It being finally decided that Mr. Fullor'i j motion was in order Mr. Jones. of Tennessee, moved to lay it oi the tabie pending a motion for the previoui question on its engrossmert. The yen? and nays on Mr. J.'s taot'on wort being t^livn as we went to pre^s. fKHMIitji j.. .... The verdant youth who writes love let ters from this point for the New York Herald cal!s the Star "tho small sheet." Ob, suds ! ? ??? Hon. Hun y Wilson, the now Senatoi from Massachusetts, arrived in this city to-day and took lodgings at Willards' Hotel. ? ?..The Hon. Walter T Colquitt's disease ha? taken a favorable turn, arid his physicians have strong h'?pcs of his reoovcry. .... lhe Boston Post says: We .'.ear with surprise that Bishop Reje, of L'o'roit, who wai called ti Homo by the boa i of the Catholic Church, i? kept a clo^o prisoner, and has been fo a long time without hc-pe of restoration tc liberty." .... The editor of tVo Baiutiorc Patriot, a pro-slavery mm, writing editorial correspon dence from this city for h 6 papor, uiuki>3 excuse f?r Oen. Wildou, the abolitionist, who has just been electel to the U S Sena'e. from Massa chusetts, by saying, when ho o oes here "he will soon have an opportunity to speak for him self." llo has s<>okeu for himEolf. On Feb. 1st, while Senator olect, aftor listening to Bur's abolition lecture, when the South was denounced with a loud voice and in strong terms. Mr Wilson faid: " lu pubiic or iu private life, in tho maiori ty or in the minority, at home cr abroad, 1 in tend to live and to die with bitter, u-relentiog hostility to slavery upon my. lips. I make no compromise* anywhere, at home or abroad. I thail yield nothing of my anti slavery senti meat, at home or abroad, to advance my per sonal interest, or any party interest, or to meet the demands of ary State or section ol the country." The telegraph informs us that yesterday a crowd of abolitionists met Mr. W. at Worces ter. to bid bim God speed to Washington, when he sp ?ke a?-in, reiterating his abolition senti ment? .. Tbe following is an extract from a cir cular sent to all tho Know Nothing councils in the State of Pennsylvania : Resolved, That in ex-Governor Johnston, James Cooper, and Simon Cameron, we have no confidcnce whatever, believing that they have united themselves to us through personal motives alone, and not until they discovered that their own parties had been swallowed up by the swelling tide of Amerisanism. Resolvd, That in 0 H. Tiffany, we have a mau who identified himself with us when in our infancy, and whose unswerving devotion to our principles has brought upon bim the re proaohes and anathemas of our adversaries, whilst his fine literary attainment and integrity of character, promising usefulness to the Order, entitle him not only to our respect and confi dence, but point him out a3 the person emi nently qualified to represent us ia the Senate of the I'nited States, and satisfies us that his elejtion would be hailed by the Order as one of the greatest triumphs they have yet achieved, and would give strength aud permanence to the party in the Keystone State. ....Mr. George Gordon, Jr , announces himself a candidate for Congress In the 13th district of Virginia, and ajsigns, in an address in the Wytheville Republican, the following reasons for desiring a seat in Congress: "I think it nothing but common honesty to con fess that I am mainly moved to become a can didate because of the easy life and the high wage* connected with a seat in Congress. Now I do not meaB to assert < he life is easy and the' wages high, as regards those who ocoupy a distinguished place in the great business of the Congress of this great nation; I allude to those who s'and foot or cors'iture the tail of representation, and of which there run^ al ways be more or less; and of which, 1 think there may now und then bo *n tieuiion with out any serious public detriment?therefore I have presumed to become a candidate." .... Ike Philadelphia Pennsylvania says : "Simon Cameron produces a certificate to prove that he joined a Know Nothing council at .Middletown in September last Those Mid dletown ilotes sometimes work wonders .... Ihey know where to lock for good offi cers in the Wisconsin Legislature. Colonel >0110161?, who is elected Spoiker, And Mr At* wood, choien Clerk of the House, are both printers, who have long been honorably iden tified wi'h the preia of Wisconsin. EAMIMORE COHRE*POHDESCK Spmtsh Mission?Failure*?Member of the hmpire Club Shot?Sleighing? Competi tion? Fthx and Blue Dick-Weather? Ice in the Hat hor?Naviinition Closed? Mum eipilAJf airs?The Man to it h the Shawl?Atlantic s News?Business?Mo ney Matters. # Baltimore, February \t, 1856. i observe that Hon Alp. Breckinridge de clines the mission to Spain proffered bim by the President. He has had the satisfaction to know, however, that bis nomination was well approved by the Senate 1 hear of another failure to-day in commer oial circles, bat refrain from mentioning IIM. Then ia eome rumor of an important defal cation ; bat an it comes to one in significant whimperings, I shall allow the matter to reet. 1 learn that a telegraphic dispatch was re* ceivei here to-day, from Charleston, by hie friends in this city, that a young man named Thompson, a member of the Baltimore Empire Club, was shot in that eity * few days ago, where he had been engaged in a personal rencontre Whether dead or not, the dispatoh fails to itate Oar city to day has been all life and gaiety. Baltimore street was a perfect eoene of plea, sure?sleighs were oat in great abnndanoe and merry bells giogled ia charming melody. There seemed to be a conteet who could drive fastest The swiftest team acd observed of all observers, was that of Billy McDonald He had the celebrated trottert, "Phelix" and "BlutDiok ." harnessed together, attached to a saperb sleigh, and magnificently caparisoned. They went like lightning op and down oar principal throaghfaree, distancing all compe titors The owner, Mr. McD , drove himself, and did the thing up in a style unequalled. ?So far as water communication ia concerned, we are almoet ice bound. The harbor is froaen tight, and ships lay auietly moored at the wharves. The bay is blocked up some fifty milev4own The Norfolk and other steameri have suspended their trips, and I learn several vessels are now distress! in various parts of the Chesapeake. There are apprehensions of serious consequences, if the treesing contin ues No further developemonts have transpired in referenoe to affairs in the municipal Know Nothing wigwam. It seems to be conceded that the Rev. J. N. McJilton will get the City Colleotorship. If so, I say " Ahuh" ?' 80 mote it be " John W. Richardson is certain of consideration if he wishes it. Mayor Hinks is trying to emulate the ex* ample of Mayor Wood, of New York. In doing this, he eannot coma very wide of the mark. There continues trouble, however, amongst the Old Hunker American " wire workers " Those who were foremost in tbe ranks. wh?a death and danger flew thiok and faat?when tbe battle was fought?are over slaughed by green-horned sinners coming in at tho eleventh hour. How truthful is the saying that " all things earthly are uncer tain " They spring up like hollvhocks, and are cut down like asparagus We know not what a day nor an hour may bring forth. A singular m~n. wrapped in mystery, who wears a shawl, ha.s reoently appeared in our oity and created quite a sensation. He is preparing to visit Washington soon, and will take lo-igings at the National Hotel. IIis manly form and peculiar personal beauty have enamored not a few of our young Look Out for him. The steamer Atlantic's news has given more Smness in breadstuff's. 'lhe tendency of the m;;>ket is daily to greater ease and in creased confidence The impression in well informed monetary circles, is that we have passed the crisis?have seen the bottom. That the combined influence of insolvencies, lower values and general contraction of business, and engagements has placed, or is rajridly placing, money in exc ts of demand; and that as a consequence, much higer rates for sound dividend paying stocks and bonds are about to be realized. The foreign imports of New York for Janu ary have declined nearly one half. This will tell its own story on our financial position. The suspension of our railroad system will put a stop to the further imports of railroad iron?the largest item on the list of imports. Uood paper is selling on tho street at 9al6 per cent, and collateral 0a7 per cent. Tae h inks are discounting freely. Greater ease is indicated in all departments of monetary affairs. Exchange on London Ba'Ji premium; Bre men, 7(Ja7Vj; Amersterdam, 41a41i Rodrrick. ^WASHINGTON KNCAMPtfENT Pk *. knights Templars will assemble THIS EVENI NO, ut toe Masonic Hall, corner 9tb and D stree's, at 7 o'clock. By order of the G. C. fi b 10?It PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at tention.?You are hereby notified to attend Uit; regular weekly drills at the aruiory on every TUESDAY, at 7 o'clock, unul fur ther notice. All new memlters, a# well as all others. are ex pected to be punctual in their attendance. By order of the Capiain : SERGEANT HAMILTON, Instructor, feb 10-3t* IOST?On Thirteenth street, between Pa. ave j nue and G ?lrept, a -inn'! Silver WATCH, for which n suitable reward will lie gift-n when deliv orel ut the store of !f. S EM KEN, Jeweler, between Nintk arid Tenth str.-ets, Penna. avenue. feb 10 3t* VAI.EITIft mlH At LAM MONO'S, 7th ?L, can be found a larp ai <l beauTiful assortment of Sentimental and Comic Valentines and for sale cheap. fe.b 10?St MR. BUSIIN ELL'S SCHOOL, No. 441 Thirteenth ttrcrt, between F and G Hi ItHE next quarter will commence on the 12th in stant. Circulars may be had at the principal Itookstores, and at the Sch?K>t ro m-. Tea lO eo2w* NOTICK ?ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY cauiioued against receiving or paying a certain promissory note drawn by G. Vaiiderwerkmi, iu fa vor of Jl<;ur> A. Weeder or order, and by huu en dorsed to rae, dated January 27th, 1853, for $509. ;is said note ha* got 0:11 of my possession without my knowledge or consent. A literal reward will be given to any person who will return the fame to me as spe.'dily an possible. L. B. TRUE, feb 10 -3t* Eighteenth and II streets. COLUMBIA HALL. GHAND CONCERT AND JJALL.! The Ampbion Quartette Band Respectfully announce to me citiunsot Washington that their first LEVEE will take place ut C<> 1.1 Ml! IA HALL, Capitol Hill, on AIU?1>AY UVUNINO, February 19th, on which oecasion they will oiler a magnificent pro gramme, to consist of Quartettes, Trio*, Duet*, Bal lads. Ilc.. after which the floor will be cleared, and all who wish can participate in the merry dance. The Ampbions pledge themselves that nothing will be left uiul'me that will tend to make it eveiy way worthy ol the patronage of their friends and the public. Tickets -admitting a gentleman and two ladles? $1. Single tickets 50 cents, which can be had at the door 011 the evening of tbe Levee, f. b 10?2t EXTRA!EXTRA!EXTRA! STORM1NU (not of) SEDASTOPOL! But of every FORTj CITY, AND CASTLK Li the dominions of O U P I D! By the combined forces of the Allies of SAINT VALENTINE!! Under the command of that experienced veteran, COL. JOK SIli'LIS1IT0N, Backed by a force amounting to more than 100,000 Darts, levelled at the heretofore impregnable lines * BACHELORDOM! The illusive* used by the Colonel'* forces in this assault, were forged by BEAUTY and AF FECTION, and riveted by the glan ces of eyes to whom all sin gle lads and lassies i?re BOUND TO SU UK EN DELI! The er.gageinent will commence during the ever memorable epoch of NT. VALRIVTINF, and continue until not a single sighing maid or bach elor is left to tell the tale I 100,000 VALENTINES With o wi bout Envelopes, ready for delivery to the forces engaged, (or who contemplate taking part in the assault) at the ? OUEOIf," Comer 4'-^ street and Pa. avenue, BY JOE SUILL1NGT0N, COMMANDER IN CHIEF. feb 10?3t NOTICE. fl'HB public are forewarned agains*. trusting my f husband, R. F. Thomas, for any thing, as I will not pay any ?|ebm?f hi* eontraeting. They are also cautioned against selling him on any representation of his that I will reltle his bills. They are further cautioned against having any buMeot>* dealings with him, a* he is imt of sane mind. SARAH A. THOMAS, Siemuboat Hotel, comer Pa. aveifte and 7th. feb 6-3t* MKT or LRTTKRR XflMmiofi i? tkr Pott Oflrr, Waikintton, l> February 10, 1855 [ Ordered to fcc odeortited in tke1' Evamno Star," ogroooMe to Uc foUowing ted inn of tke Poet Ofwe La*?11 hint tke ne>t*paper having tke large* circu lation of any daily paper jnthlitked t? Watkington: 8bc. 5. And lie it furtier enacted, That Uir IL<( of letter* ivaainini; iwrtllnl fur in any post office in any city, low?, or village, where newspapers shall be printed, ibtul, hmUMr, be published o?ee only in the newspaper which, brine issued weekly, or oftener, ?AaJl kare the target! circulation within tbe range of the delivery of mkI office, to be derided by tbe postmaster at such office.] ?^Pstsoaa applying torlstUrs la the following list, will My tbsy oro ttiiinnii. LiDtV U8T. AtrVlge. MN i?>? Jon?, Mr* KR*n C Arsutrong, Mtas Josspbena, Mtduit AUworth. VIRT *???. Rllsabeth Imh, MIm A Bebecf* H?I1, Mr* Hull, Mri Prsscls H Rrowi. Mrs Kiktri Haall. Mies El'saC Brows, Mrs J4in B Brown, Mrs Virginia Brooks. Mrs Busday, Mrs Lacy Keasley, Maria Barter, Mrs Bill* Brlcker, Mtaa Mary A Broadband, Mtas Pansy Burger. Miss Barbara A Bacon, Mr* Eben Hrldwell, MIm Anna F < Bayler, Mrs C G Oartton, Mrs B 0'< Oil* M Cllna, MIm Mary Oook, Mlas M Cttrly, Wlnefred Oartsr, Helen Oeford, Lacy Chad* ell, Mrs Lonlaa fCallon, Mtss Barak Dade, Mrs Barak Dlz. Miss Dant, Mrs Susan Dun-AO, Mlsl Jane Dexter. Mr* M A Dtvane. Mr* Bridget Dsvta, Mlaa Jana Dtdmaa, Mrs I J Oennlson, Mr* Hods B Blliott, Mtaa Mary A Epeom, ?1*7 ?igerton, Mtas Agnsta Iktrllni, Teresa Iwlrg. Mrs Elizabeth t Pttshagh, Mr* Ellen Pletcher, MIm Anna Pl*her, Miss Emily Poeu-r, Mrs Mary Pteake, MIm IJul* Fowl sr. Mr* Maria L Fletcher, Urn Kuilty Grub, Mra Michel Graves, Mrs Bllsa Oantt, Ml*s Emma 'Jrun, Mrs Hannah I Goodwin, Mrs W C Hunt, Ml** Hughe*. Mrs Hall. Mr* Sarah A Hyatt. Mr* Jane Baiit in MIm Mary B Had an, Mra Virginia Bunler, Mr* Chas W Bamllton, Mr* Fraacts B Harris, MIm Ann? Hamilton. Ura Eliza 9 Hanson. Mr* Mary A Eeellberg, Miss C Ksnasdy, Mary lakrf, Mr* Margaret baa. Mlas Francis A IJttle. Miss Sarah M LasHs, MI*S Bin ma Lea is, Mrs Lnclnda La Leader Mis* Oassts Law la, Mrs Elisabeth M< 0array. Mrs McOnslln. Mrs As* Magruder, Mrs Harrlst Megaath. Ml** Gtnnle Moors, Mr* Orsfia 1 Ml'lsr, Ml** Mary T M unity, Mrs Chas B Mitchell, Mlaa Olarlsa Manger, Mr* J A Maulln, Ansa Maria Moras, Mtaa Bmtly Hoys, Mrs Hannah Newman, Miss Caroline O Ilea, Mary O'Qnsnail, Johanna O'Hahan. Ml? Suaan Plaia. MIm MarP Plnlupe, Mrs Postal, Mra ?? H Packard, Ura Halaaa C Queen, Mlaa Msry Jane Quald, Catherine Rhea, Mia* Virginia Row, 81 na Buss. Aan B R'Sa. Mis* Elizabeth Myan. Mrs Wm Kluntaeo, Mt< Elian Bhlelda, Mf* Plliahsth 8onrtik>ri. Mm Martha A Sraont, M ra Jntta A Hmlth. Mrs Mary BhieMs, Anus Bewail. Caroltne ? HCevane. Allen C Tavlnner, Mra A R Thompeon. Mlaa M A B Torrey, Sarah Thompson, Miss M A B Taylor, Mr* Geo W Von der H^ydt, Mrs Elwd Wood, Mr* Jane Wttlegman, Mlaa KltzaWth II Williamson. Mi* John Wheeler, Mra Rosso uah Waltara, Mlaa Mary Warren, Mrs Mary K Wllktua, Mia* Kli.-a li Walker, Mr* U?K> W Walker, Ml** Hattle ? Young, Mia* Mary Yonng, Mr* Rct?eoc? Young, Mtsa Victoria Yerby, MIm Frauds O INITIALS?MIm H V. M.; Miss T. O. M.; MIm E. F. O..S. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Alexander, C f Audaraon, MaJ B Arnold, Dr 8 R Ath*y, John Allen, J W Allen. James Aiuia*. Rev Jss H Agsaln, J P Adama, Henry Ashbnrn, G Asron, B Bannlug, W L Blair. W H Brick, Wm Bull. Wm Brown, Wm Barnea, Wm Breoka, Wui Barker. W H Barnard, 1' 1 Byrne. Tho* Buchanan, T B Brmllwad, Ool T F BalUcll, T D Baldwin. B 8 Brown, Richard B*rd?u, J J Boardman, J Barker, Jacob Bryn, Jtio J Bland, J M Barnes, l*aac O Boyd, Ur J Buckner, HH I B?era, H W Kaknr, Geo E liaenn, Kben Uolileber, l)a*ld Bigg*. Ana Bruwua, A P Cooper, W ?J Cnml-ack, W Cohan, W R C >ttuian. I?r Thoa r.illax, Schuyler Cooper, 8 Chancellor, 9 A Cook, 8 P CarUaman, N G Cary, Michael I Cornell. J no C 2 ruracWll. J w | Closs, J T ! Crswford, J M | Conner, John | Ciisn?y, J W Campbell, Juo | Cot k, J P Cody, Jos A 5 Colt, JaiuaS B Clark, BJI Capt, Heniy Cobb, Howell Clsrksou, But Hy sctnth Campbell, (Inata* ? Csprers, Gnlslppl Capwsy, Be*- Geo Carter, Colsmbus Cowau, A Claary, Alex Car. Alexsbder C?bb. Amass I)os. Alfret Uigdeu, Mieliael | Dysr.Wm Dararell, Wm 8 Davy, Capt Wm Ilowland, Wui Dartsy, TUos llunna, Tlios Uari*. Bylrester Dawson, L L Dssue, J as | Down*. J T Dt-vallc. Juhn E Dant, George lii-aii, Judge U Dlggr*. Geo A Duval I, Ell A Dlxou. B David. K W DuUgla*. Ch*S Donohus, Cha* Davis, (Tom C U feb IS Rrsru, Wm M F^twards, W W Bdelln, Win Bliot, Stspheu Evam, H C Elmoniion, D W, jr Swing. Clia* B S Fltzgarald, Mr Fellows, Jos Frey, Jos F*ddon, K) war J Falvey, Daniel Grean, Thos Grey, Thos Gskiway, Baal Gallagher. Patrick Goodue. O Soepel. L Gsrlau 1, J K Gvuley, G Frak Ooff, G Pan) Gayarua, Chaa Gordon. Chaa Galllner, Alfred Ga11*apie. A U Gordon, W H Hunt, W B Halnaa, Tlina Haaalar, J S B Higgiua, Mai tin J H <n?on, J T Meywood, J g Hayden.J D Hemlaovar, J F Hull, J C Hsghecn, J A Gayse. Francis Hudaon. F Huntiugtou, RMS Hopklua, K Hallo way, D P Herri man D B Hall, (' C Hill, Cuas Marrot, B Morgan Hu'rhlna. Fra* c!s Holroyd, J ante* Julmaon W t Janio<, W L Jswett, Pro/ J C Jenifer, Col J Jolmaon, Ge > W Jtidklna. Juo W Jeuninp^, K T Johuaon, e H Jolinetou, CIias Kins. Th<^? B 2 Kormater, K B King, Lea-is Klnzw. Joim Kama, J, l,u Kelley, jno Eeuuedr, Mr Kon'g, Henri Kimball, D P Llllebrl.k- -, W R Linn, W A I<atou, H K L eh belt tar, Frank Little, Alonio I^>iiglirey, A 8 Linn, Auiruttus Martin, Wm Marshall, Wui Millar, Thus Mar?hsll, S 8 Moore, G F Mackey, Jos t Mill*. J L Maher, Jaiues Morrison, GeirgsF, Mld'nd S Mi.ran, Oi'nel'ua Msckty, Andrew Mi-l^-uly. H C MrCsbs, J an,,-a M'-Closkey, J f? M.-Gawley, Pa:r1ck Ni wtos, W H Newton, W G Nails, J B Nightingale, Geo 9 Nebetolck, Cha* Ovlatt. W tf <>(fle, Jam" Oebonrse, James Gtto, Guatovns Osboru, Francis A Pollock. WW Psrkln*. B II Pegg. Rau'lal Parklneon. J B Pearcs. Jos Proctor, Ht ury Peltou, G R Psrkln a, Dr D W Psnl, Cbss Peters, Ur C F Pslrcs, a dolphn* Plantmsr, ArtioM Poland, W 0 Randall. B Kirg, Cliaa F RcMWxrir T K J Ryau, J W liHxl, Jordoa 1 R.?bert?nn, John Rochford, Joan Richard*, H D Ko*?, F A Hipea, W B Strong. Thos J Smith. Thos Sandford, T S- rarny, Orlando Rnttti. M A Shaw. 1-auinel, it Bt'gresves, Capt L Bmlth, John G, D J H Kiiarl J L Stephen*. Geo W Hti iugfeliow, Genl Spaldlug, Dr G R Btler, Frsncla Hhortal, MwtH SDowdeu. E<lwsrU Sena. Sr I?ou Joee 8le? art, Cliss, Jr Bellert, C Stuart, B C Thomson, W O Tlllou, Warren Turner, 8 R Tlinrl?ei t, O Thompson, Ool N A Taatet, N Tyler, JoUii 1 Talbs'.John Thorlngton. Jsniss T*ylor, Jaa Thome*. F W Tack. Amos t'underwood. J B I'mbugh, M H Vi. fcery, Isslah Vogel, T Warden, Wm Wright, Warren Wankowing. Capt W W? od. W W W Weeks, W H Wsde. MaJ W Wllliam*on, Thos Ward, Thos O William*. Thos H Winter*. Richard Wtlkereon. K W Walker, Redford W&keman, N T Ward, Myron Winn. J M Williams, John West, Jno, * Co Williamson, Jsmcs Wood all, Jno Weaver, John Walker. H P William.s, George Whiting, G W C WahStar. E Wilson, David William*. Cha* A Washburn, C O 1 Wllltsm*. Archbabl Welch. Cha* Youuf, Wm M JAM KB 0. BERFPT. P. M. SELDEN, WITHERS Sl CO. RANK NOTEH will l>e uken a* cash rates lor t'niier, Blank ltooks, Vitncy Goods, Envrlopt-s, and all other kind* I of HUUoiiety, by WM. F. K A V LY, No 37 8 fsb 9?8t l'a. avenue, bet. UUi ami l'2lii su. METROPOLITAN FAIR. HOI ICE TO CITIZEBS AKD 8TBAMO&118. I^flK entire clock of llry l>nod< of tin* late ftrui of MaxriHier It Calvert wt:l i?e closed out at v?t> rwluceil prioes, Wo naiue m part Rich siri|>< d and plmd Silks Bracado Milks, cost $1, for cents Changeable Hilks, for 50c. White Crape Shawl* at half price Colored do do l.ineu Sheeting, wort $1 for 75c. Pillow Linen, worth 7oc lor 50 Pil ow can*: Cotton, worth 15c, for 11^ 12-4 cotton Shcelinf, worth 50c, f?r 35 Fine Fr< uch Ginpli inn, worth 25, frr 18^ While and color* d Brilliint*, very cheap Also, a large lot of iMxuetiiicis of the bent class, which will he sold very low. Call ear'y ami secure great bargains, at No. 10, I opp. Centre Market, between ttth and 9th >-ta. feb 9?eo2w ABBAlJriFUL COLLECTION OF SHE 1. WOUK.?At Hutchensoii k. Muuro's, No. KtU Pa. aveuus, will be found tlie most maguificeni Shell Work ever offered to a Washington public, consisting of Work Boxes, Pin Cushions, Wat h Stands Mirrors, Can! Receivers, fee. Which they will sell very rea<?on&b!e, and invite all to call and inspect, even i' they do not buy. feb 9?3i HUTCHINSON k MUNRO. rynKANAWHA, Va., l<tnk Kot?? bought and s Id by A. M. SNYUKK & CO., Brokers, corner 15th street ami Pa avenue. 49* Tntn'-Allethuny, Vs.. Notes bought and sold by A. M. SNYDER fc CO. Sclden, Withers it Co's Pichango Bank Notes b'duht and sold by A. M. SNYDER At CO. feb 8? lin YOURO LADIES' CLASSICAL IHSrilUIE, No. 9 Intliana arenue. 'FHE second term of t)?e present scholastic year X has ju?t commenced. A few more boar, ing and day pupils can be accr mmodhted. STEPHEN II. MIRICK, A. M., fi b 6?2w* Principal. Gold, silvkr, stkel & plateh spec TACI.ES to suit every ajjo ^iid< e)e, Riding Spccs, R. R. Ulasaes, Eye Protectors, Eye Glasses of alt <lrsenp-'^^_^_ lions, Reading Qtas?us, Qoggles ; &c., Parabola, Penr>cal, Conc tve, Coayeg, and Colored Glasses put in frames at the shortest notice. Persons in waul of glasses m.iy be sure to get those which benefit ibe eye ai H. SEMKEN'S, No. 330 Pa- avenue, b?iw. 0th and 10th sis. jan 20 NOTICE. F|*UK undersigned respectfully annouuan* to tbe 1 public mat be is ready now to sell bis PATENT REPEATING PISTOLS, or to take contracts for making 'he same. Tiki* wisning to see mr, ran have an interview between Hie hours of J and 7 p. m. A full ex|il nation will b~ given |?y nit; or by my leg'il agent, A 0. Sirooghio.i. Please address J. W. Brown, II. S. Hotel, VV:t?hinrion, I) C. J W. l;ROW N. [ The Register of New limve^ Conn , will pl?i_ copy.] kb 2?2w* Amusement ft OOLD, GOLD, GOLD 01VI* A WAT ! MACALLISTER, Having i night to npitf will, in Man tor the my liberal maoaer in which he l?aa bee* recived hen*, prr?t nt the jyJienw, on lATl'HDAY kVK.IIRO Feb lOUi, ???, GOLDEN GIFTS-VALUE $300. Jn addition to one of bis rerr ' eat entertainments, assarted by Ma pa mi MtCAiutm FOftTT splendid Preaeeu of I he aU.e? valor will be firm to tbe visitor*, including FOUR ELEGANT WATCHES. They will be prevent ad to iIm- audience after the performance by Mr. MAL?*\E RAYMOND ami Mr J. M. WUTllN, Kpt rrUuJ t<i the Great Mac* rum. Tickets only yn rents?to be hvl nt Gait ft Rra.'s J'-Wrln' Pt imne. where the present* may be **n; nt Ktrkwoo.1 |ioa?e, ami Odd Fetlowa' Hall, day and evening. Ticket* limited to the Use of the hall. See Handbills fur particular*. f?.b 9?Si [Wo. &*> ] By * ?w ? ? wftl ? ? li ^ "I i ? ? W w I ??I ?" ? IM pursuance of law, I. Fit A > KIJJI PI CKCK. Trw I liiat of Ibt Daltad htjte. ?r America, do bm**t.jr 4Mten and naake known th?: a vaLIL sale will be bed at the Ivni ofllos at ArotaVA,ln the State of MfMiamm. commeaHng c.a M< eday. 'he fwrafy-Ar* dajr of M ajt firrf, f r the illipMal <4 ail th*t p?tion ? ' ,h- tactions aa 1 parts oI Bastions uf lanl bearing add laawi within aix m.les oa eaah Bide at th. Um of h? Mo* JLI ASP uaio Btyaa BAJiAOAii, la the 8 ta Us cf Alibaba aal Mmiiiftpn sutja.t to lie d-olla Bla mum prW of two dollars and flfly wte far acre, *s pr v ded by the at ot tOlb 9*pt*u:b*r, i.'4l,ia^i<?pl'<l(^d) graJaatlva u to pries by the art ^f4ta Aa.'Ui . Ifc&A, which wer* a r?rtlMi f< in-1 Had f raj# la pod* Button No 492, hear to*, data 23d May, 1S&3, but subsequently wltt drawn until far h?r not oa tor tU pr <po*ad raJroad from Br a.don >o Moot<c war , by pjblic uoJee No. 4'U. b artn* dole ISKli August. ISM; aad the Mae cot beiu*< sul# ct to private entry at Ike data oi said withdrawal, wer* old** ;u?tly a. t ra.torad to ntr k i by g. neral ao.ic No 122, dettd ftth S.-pteiatv-r, 1 54, situate 1 in the undermenuonei toeaahliM, to wit: .VortA of ih? b&m Urn* and oaat of t\i CSectmm \ dim Toea?hlp/#ier, of rawgs thirtoea Township* t\i<*,fr<ur f tx, and Urn, of i t*m To?n hips hre , four. five, six aad Km, of fa--ga Cfi?n Toaohipa thretJour^Xm, tlx, auJ seraa/tf raa^a Bixteea T<fanshipc Am, Mr, and awvi, of raiure seven la.n Township ttv*n, af range eijt teen. Notice I* alao ! JMp -kit all Ih? 'aa U a!t aatoi outride of t|^p|>Wwi?<rMt oa each atd? << tae *ho?? road wlSHNra nitl sot aiae* r?i:.(W to pr*rs.e ectrr aaa'ooea aUtoj. wbloh niil b? j t to ?-atrv ?t oti d-'lar - ni tveaty-Sva oa .ta par acra, or (M ?r aetaat s*ttl*>*eat ud pre em?. t?> u) at <he prie*- pre# ribe-J hy the graduation a<*r of ith Au<aat, 1H54 tn t-' e fbilo?<n;Damad d striate aa? towo^hirs io tha States of VI.h san pt aaa Alv t'Hvaa, will be subieot to entry aal loontM-u oa aau after Monday the nintUmlh d iy of A/.;r A neat, to wit: Ta ttta dirtriat of lacda aa^jaet to sale at Atgiwta, MlsS!8c!l*H : North of the bast Hue mnd east rf th? C hoot aw nun* dian. Ti wQ'kips t\rte,fourufl9r, fltx and seres, ofrange twe'v Town-blps tlirea, four, Are, lis, and men, ot isti^e thlrieeu Townah'pj three, f.jur Jive, nx, aod arrac, of raag* fourteen T<?*AahIp of ran?e Towuf hiofi tire*, four, aa J Ana, of range sixteen Tvwn?h:p? three, four, ftnt, iu, and *vm, of ratine bcvn.een T )wj ibips three, four, /?et six, tod lerea, af range eighrean. Tn the d'^trict cf landi rabj?ot ta tale at Dmopo* Ltd. Alabama : A'n-t* mj th* bate ltn:a<%d of tht principal me riihaw. Town-hips thirteen, fburtoen, fltsen, sixteen and aaventten, r f riu,* twa Townsh pi tfcirtoen, four een, fit teen, nmU*n and Ufrn'een, rf *xrge ihr?e 'i'ownjhlpa trt'rteen, fcur.een, fifteen, $l*Urn an > se ?^ute?o, ot *a^e f?ar T'.wnship* thirteen and fouitoen, ot ran^e fee. Ibo fr.wu*h>pa d?eiirnat?d in r r.*c ie ten ar-? ?hrl.r w:U?ia the linita cf tix and Uft??n m-.;.* r> ?-ee t vei* on each ride of aaidr?ad, and therein Ifui.cs are partly wlthia said .'imits, aa d*e4gaaieM oa the diagrama which will l>e furi.uh?d to tie re district f flic. :s by the 0<snimi*f>ion> r of thr tJene'aJ 1 ?*d fli-v. Th? land:1 vill b<> sola. m'j*ct to the ri^htrf nxiy grento* h;- th ? ta of 'JO-u *epUinvr, ' K>i, to t r> staW a t-'ie-' i.i (ot aaia rai'.road net ? X'-eUing owe hundred ftet oti wh riJ? thereof, ai?d t^eref^^* th*? .r^ft ?>f !kh: ?hiA hrlulr the reed will be " Id :?? o>ntalning th" qiuntitiai nspMciiwi/ shown by the rfli ? al plats. TL- s-ctio?s will b? ffered at t? e tuVIe aale h. tne < rlcr iu th?>* aid acveriiaed; the e? e - Hi tept r for a ?ii3Vieiit time to a<link Oi ?Jfiriuc all tl ? lands, but not *x<-e*JinK tvo k?, ? rd arp i.jat ofs to waste private entries r.f tha laoda ? ITered at pu iiic sal>* under *hia pr^cianAatiOM will not bo ri*<ri>ed until after tho cKm of the twe wee ? s. Olrea an ier my ban J, at the elty of WaV;.inx'-i, tluSMxeu b day of Februarr. Aaao D?m.ui onM ihcu-And ei^h; huaired and flfiv-t v?. ? FKANKlIN PIftftOy. Vy tut Preudeat: Joan Wil-om. Coin iii'.aaiooer G? Land Ofta. NOTICK TO PUK L.VlPaiON CLAIMANTS. Under the set of Congress approved SJef Marah. .iii, et titl??d "An art on end pre emptiCa right to certain settler* ihe-viu oi^ntloned." the prt^eap tioi lav t were rxiecdtd < T?r the a he re lueBttonad ait- rnate odd nuo)b.-r<.d etc icuwithia a x aifles ? n each aide or tba route ot ttae rc<ad. where the aottle iu, i:t *t?d ItLpro^i meut arrr mad' prlcr t,? the da e Of all ta?a?', if p:oeru up ?td pai'J t<.r at the rat 0 two Collar* and titty cect? p*-r acre, ba'-ore tie liy fixed for the public aa.l?; and by the act ap prorel YTth Marih, 1^4, entitled "Aa a> t tor u.e t* isf of settle rf on lands reaerred for railroad par po ts," p-reoox vho se'ale-J aru ioipmveii th? kb. v? naised itrtiou- p?<or to the Uufe of writniriwui *Ul b* eatltlad to pra raption? at theonltnary prir? ?.f tb* public Uads,or at the rate ot rsr dniur ar.d twerty-tivs oanta p?r acre, If r?r< v*a ap and p.ii for bet <re the day t x*d for the public sale Th?reioie, evary perron eutitled to the nr* tot pr.. ero,'.tt"n in any ot" :h? slti-matc odd number t.aa? above meotiCBe wlJtlaalx mlleaoi the i*ata of the ro ?d. uader the set of tld M>r<-h, IA6S, sh t? reCe?n<d to, oa s<'t!!em?nts ma le prlt*r to tbe 4th of February, lbM,(t!ic ?'ate of alJo'.Boiit) tr under tba act of 27 th March. Ib54. on settlements mad- pr.?.r to tne data of tUe original wi Jalrawsl of the iaads from mArkat, likeai e er?ry peoou antlUad to pre empt.o% under the set of 27th Mareh. le&4, in any ot lbs laods ouUuir qf the iu at tU l!m u directed t j bt rencrei to entry on tl e IT th dey of March oext, is require! tr> eaiabital the acme to tbu satirUctb n of he reflate; and reee.eer of the proptw lard o?ce. aud mak*- pa>meut therefor at the pr.os Iliad be law at fvti at f-T(i?inabU after seakog this u'tlr*, a-'d Wf'-re the a?y ap|<<4ntad fcr the pubic sale or ro?tot*tion t0 ntaiket cf the lands embracing ? t;a:t t LauLcd: ctherwi e such rlaics ?ili be fo<?itJd JWHN ^ILftiVw Comudaaiouer of uenerrl J' nd ( fflcr 1 b 10 lea I3w -natnicr. CLOSING OUT WINTJSH STOCK AT GEEATLY BLTUCAD P1ICU. pLAGETT, NEWTON, M AY k CO., have m \j mauling <>u hand a vary larg-- stock ol all claae<-? ?Si WINTER DUY COOlii, and a. the eaoaTJ! fer advanced we have drti-rauncd to otTer all such g->odi at ure.illy reduced prices, au<t m f?pt many fcrticles will be sold at co*t rrnher than carrv ttiein th? iii over to the ntxt season. We have a good assortment of Mennoes, plain aad ligureii Mousiaws, an imBM u* ^tock ol platu. lieM and plain Silks, hi u k French Mou>Ui:.a, s> por,?r Bombaz nct, Alpaca, bri;'ht plaid Raw Silk* and p'aid Valencia, wool Plaids, a good a?sorti.?-nt ot 1 at] tea and gents. ('aahu>? re atij Merino Shirts and Hrawers, silk. wkoI and cotton iloei? tutd A flosr, 4 4 black and colored Silk Velvet*, very cheap; large lot of French and Scotch kuibruidery, all clasps of fine V\ Uitc Goodn, beat liranda ot lnah Linen, tn^livh and American Shirting Cott< ns, a large stock of all kino* of houae tnrninhing roods; Mens and Bovs' wear in great ahu.Mance ; Wal*h and English danneU, fce., h.c., c?nipr??-na by far thr largr^t ?t ck ot Dry Uooda to be lomid iu Wmrh nigton, all ?if which will be sold a* above stated CLAGEIT, NEWTON, NAV h. cd feb 8?3t ' ' IOS1-A siuall white trrritr gLUT, with long _j white hair?lias black marks on hcrcs^ t eara, and brown or red in.trka on her b;ick. Whoever will bring her to T. K t'raniptoM, E*q. Uritiali Legatioa, Heighu. ol Georgetown, will be liberally rewarded. feb 8 3t OsL DRAUGHT ALE. 't HE umlertigiH d respectfully announce lit at the"y 1 hitve obtained the sole Agency of the lHat* M-| I'tw tbe sale of Kurtx k Nes s York Draught Ale, and hare math' arrangements so as t.' have U cow aiantly on hand, to that all who favor them with their custom will be punctually served. As usual, a >upply of Porter, Ale, Cider and Min eral Water constantly on baud. t >rders by mail, or given to our driven will M?eet ?a ills *trlet attention. Term* cash. ARNY ft 8H1NN. A fir4 rate Wagon, hut little tnted, tor sale Apply a- above, to AKNY ft SIIINN, (Juiun Bottling Depot, feb tt?eulBi

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