Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1855 Page 3
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evening star. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Public Schools ?The bonthly meeting of the Beard of Truesteee wii held on Wednee d?_T evening Present, Dr. Charlea W. Davis, Chairman; Messrs. Bennett. Dlokinaon, Poik, gieoa. Lord Magruder, Benson, and At Lee , Tke minutes of the Inst meeting ware read and approved. Reports ware reoeived from all the teachers, with the exeeption of the two main teaohers of the Male Primary Schools in the 2d and 4>h districts snd the teachers of Primarj Schools 5o 1, second district, and No. 1 and No. J, fourth district. A letter was received from William Dixon, Ksq resigning the offioe of trustee in the 3d district - On motion of Mr. Hanson, John E. Bates, Esq ? was unanimously appoMfcd to til the esc incy A letter was received from John Hill, Isq , principal of third distriot school in relation to the delapidatcd oondition of hia school honse, the inconvenience and injury oansed by the orowdod state of the school ro<n&, it* backless ?eats, and deficiency of school apparatus; it was referred to the sub-board of the district A letter was received from J. E. Thompson, fiiincipal of fourth distriot school, reoo mm sud or the nsa of "Bullion's English Grammar " oa motion of Mr. Bennett, it was referred to the committee on books A copy of'ShartleflTs Governmental Instruo tor" was receive 1 from the author; which, on motion of Mr. At L?e, was referred to the com mittee on book*, with instructions to report at the next meeting Oa motion of Mr Bacon, the snb-board of the second district were authorised, temporari ly, to fill tha office of assistant in the malo de partment of second distriot school, vacated by toe absence of Mr. Grant. A cotMnunicaion was received from Auguf tus Eason asking for* "pcrnnnent si*n*tion in the ?eeond dlstrfe!;" tffco, ono f om Mrs. H. M. Kennedy, enclosing a "testimonial" from Messrs. W H. Campbell and L Coyle. de. sirii g employment as a toacher?al! of whi ;h wsr? referred to the oom notice of examina tion of toachera. Mr. Bennett presented Mr. Harrov's bill for fnel; which was referred to the sub-board of the see^nd distriot Mr. McGIue's bill for ?snt waj referred to tha sub board of the first diririot. In eomplianee with w.e of a proviom mooting of the board, th? -ete-y submitted a report cn the condition cf the jebo^l houses now owned or rented by tho corporation; which w?? adopted by the btsrd; and, on motion if Mr. At Lee, ordered to be Bent to the Mayer, with a rcqaest that it be ooramu nieated to tha Board of Aldermen and Com mon Council. Mr Hacson moved l^^smuch as the trus tees are responsible for the proper use of tho city property entrusted to their care, that the school houses, owned or occupied by the cor poration. be used for no other than public school purposes; which resolution was unani mously adopted. Mr. Bennett called the attention of tho board to the oondition of the school room at the oerner of Eleventh and 11 streets, it being in he damp basement of a church, below the sarface cf the ground, badly lighted and ven til*t?d. much too small for the accommodation of 144) pupil* and two teachers, with no play ground exoept a small space about twelve feet *^de. bounded on one side by the church, and on ?.s? oihtr by an open and filthy sewer, which. the opinion of physioian*, has been a fruitful c.*?** sickness among pupils and teachers it baring been found impossible to obtain a suitable school room to the first district, it was resolved, on motion of Mr. Bennett, that tho sub-board be authorised to occupy a room tempo rar.Iy in the second distort* Mr II .-ecson moved that a connou'ee be ap. pointed to act in concert with the secretary of the board, and with the joint oommittee of the City Council* before the distriot Commit tees of the two houses of Congress, and recom mended the adoption of such measures as will oarry out the recommendation of the Secre tary of the Interior, that the proceeds of the public lots within the oity of Washington be -applied exclusively by the corporate authori ties to the promotion of public education within the eiiy. The Chair appointed Messrs. llan?on, at Lee Polk, Dickinson and Magruder. The secretary was directed, on motion of Mr. Bacon, to cause to ba printed, if it should be found necessary, a supply of blank forms of admission for the use of the trustees On motion of Mr. AtLee. the secretary was Instructed to notify 'he teaohers officially that no text books but snch as are authorised by the bos?d shall bo used in the public schools. Mr. Polk moved that a committee of one from eaoii district be appoiuteJ, to report at the next meeting, what further appropriation Is necessary to enable the trustees to supply the publio iohools with necessary furniture and appa'atu*. Meters Polk. Lord. Hanson, and Pearson, were appointed the committee. On motion of Mr. Bennett, the committee on examiru'ioa of teachers were requested to appoint a day previous to the next meeting for the examination of applicants for situations in the public schools. Ou motion of Mr. At Lee, the secretary was requested to prepare a history of the public school syatern in this city since its establish ing;, t in 1S05 1 ho secretary wss requested, on motion of Mr At l^ee, to codify the various provisions end laws of the corporation respecting public schools Ou motion of Mr. B.iOon, the secretary was requested to procure iiuia tho Mayor a oopy of the luws of the corporation for each of^e numbers of the Beard. On motion of Mr. At Lee, he was also di re?j:ed to make arrangements with tho Super intendent of the Pair of the Metropolitan Me cbaries' institute, for the admission to the { exhibition, at a redueed price, ol the pupils >f! the publio schools. Mr At Lee moved that the Board now pro ceed to its permanent organisation, Mr. Poik being in the chair. Mr Davis moved that the gentlemen then acting as tha officers of the Board, vis: Mea.*r* jl'olk, Bacon, and Abbot, ba respectively ajv pOt'nted chairman, treasurer, and secretary of the .Board. Mr Po:k hav'cg declined the caainatlan. Dr. Chns. W. Davis was unanimously elected ? chairman, and P F Bacon Ksq . treasurer. Mr Dickinson iheu nominate! Kohert W .Bates, Esq , to fill the office of te-oretary Ihe baliots being couc '?>!, it a-peared that Mr George J. Abbot had 7 vots*, Mr Bates I, and blank 1. The former gentleman waj de ciared elected secretary of the Board. Thereupon the Board aJjoianod The Balls Nbxt Wkbk ~Ca iuesd vy ston ing next, ibe 13.h instant, the Journeymen Stone Cutters give their first-ball for tho sea son. Every arrangement is being made by the managers to make this ball pass off pleas antly- The committee of arrangements ar?* ol?ver fellows. who are aware of tha respoosi bilities imposed upon tbam, and we are sure will Leave nothing unione that will have a tsodeney to enbaLoe the pleasures of the even ing. As tho jonrncymen stone cutters are quite a numerous snd intelligent body, we are sure that they will have a fiue ball, and be risited by a number of citisens who do not be long ro their association 'lbs Light Infantry, who we have already noticed, give their ball on Wednesday, the ?J4th iustant. Mcedxb cf Mu. Os so Lint.?Wa stated yes terday that Mr. Vtm. Oaborue, who lived near Ihe old race course, had been murderud It appoais that Mr 0,fcadb*cn to the mill on Ihursday, and after getting what be wanted tarted for home. On the road he was mur dered. his head having been horribly mashed, .and a piece of one ear cut off The horse kept the road home and stopped at the farm gate With Mr. 0 in the oart. His daughter went to tho gate, and finding the eart there looked In ft and saw the body of her father bleeding and mutilated We are told that foe jury re turned a vsrdict of murder by some person or peraoue unknown. ?? Case ro* Copht.?Yeeterday Mr. II M. ( Johnson was held to bail for Court in the sum of $600 on a charge of forgery. It was stated that he had altered a note of hand by tearing ? piece from it on which was aa endorsement. Taa ArnnuToa Bi*n ?Tka magnlfioent ptptr weight, containing the beautiful a a torn ?ton bird will, thla evening, b? exhibited at the Inatltute hall. AU desiring to see this woodedal pieoe of mechanlhn, and securing chances in the raffle, will have an opportunity bj calling at QQbu A Hits's musio depot daring the day or at the Institute this even ing, a* the list* are rapidly filling op with namee, and an opportanitj to secure this val uable prise night be lest bj further delay. Orricnns Elbctsd?The Amerlcua Club held their annual meeting on Wadaeaday evening, when the following ofioera were elected : Samuel P. Robertson, President; K. O. Evans, Viee President: Samuel 8. Culver well, Secretary; Chas Matlock, Treasurer. The following gentlemen were eleeted offi cers of the Empire Clnb on Wednesday eve ning last: William Caho, President; llenjy Teaoham, Vioe President; Beqjamin Hopkins, Recording Seeretary; K. Cox. Finaaoial Sec retary; John Ingram, Treasurer. Gas Shads ?Messrs. Dyott A Kent, of Phi* adelphia, have sent us a handsome and safe gas sbade, which, while it is a handsome orna. ruent, effects a great saving of gas Persons deeiring to purchaseo?n do so at the Institute, or Charles Whittlesey s, 594 7th street. Knap Qcwt ? A fight oosnrred yesterday in a restaurant near the National Hotel, which resulted in the arrest of David MoCurdy and Kb'r. Houston. They were taken before Jus tice Goddard whe held them both to bail for peace Mechanics' Institute?While making cur round last evening through the fair, we were attracted by the melodious voioe of a young girl singing, accompanying herself on the piano. She was apparently not more than ten years of age, and her perlormanoes gave {leasure to all who heard her. Robbbrs About.?We have recorded seve ral robberies during the pa^weok, and we still hear of othera 1 he store of J. P. Have ner ?*si entered a few evenings since, and the mj&ey drawer, containing seven or eight dol lars, ?nd a box of cigars stolen. No clue has been obtained to the robbors MilitAiir Fcxbbal ?The Washington Light Intantry, Capt Carangton, yesterday bore the 1-ut remains of one of its members, John Hutchinson, -to its final resting place. Pros peri's excellent band was in attendance, and performed mcurnfu! musio for tha occasion.^ Caant? Market?Considering the condi tion of the roads, our principal market was well supplied this morning Every thing ap peared in good condition but the prices are still about the same as we have published in the St.*r Watch Rxtcrjs ?Tho bed chambers at Birch's Hotel were empty last night. A good evidence of the peaceful disposition of cur citissns. O^AtXTOWH COERESyONPBSCS City Council*?Mnrdtr of M' Osborne? Slopjhigt of the Gtu?Mar Lett Gboboktowx, Feb. 10, 1855. Both branches of our City Councils were in session last night, and passed the following bills and resolutions: Mr. Orme presented a memorial from a lit erary association of young men, asking the free use of the Conncil obamber and gas; re ferred to the President with instructions to re spond favorably. Mr. Croploy presented a memorial from cit isens of Water street, asking for a pump on said street; referred to committee on pumps. Mr. Orme, from committee on olaims, re ported a bill making an appropriation In fa vor of Columbus Thomas; passed both borrds. Mr. Cropley. from the special committee on the petition of ilugh Hughes, reported favor ably upon the character of the work done upon the causeway, and offered a hill, which passed the lower board, directing the cnmmi&ioners to pay Mr H the amount of his claim, ro ec! ving $500 to carry out some minor portions of the contract Mr. Ormo offered a resolution in favor of Jobn Cameron, which passed?both boardd The Board of Aldermen passed a bill in favor of E. Hughes for printing. In the Common Council, it was ieferred to the com mittee on claims. Mr. English, from the committee of ways and meani, to whom was retered tha report of the clerk upon the finances of the corporation, asked te be discharged from the further con sidcraticn of the sutject, and that it be re ferred to the Mayor. The committee was dis charged and the subject referred accordingly. Mr. English offered the following rewlutiou, 'which passed: Resolved, That the Mayor be, and is hereby requested to tranamit to this board, (the Common Council.) at its next meeting, a statement of the coidition of the finances of the corporation, as promised in his message of the 5th of January last A aeriea of resolutions [ a&jed both Boards instructing the committee before Congress to remonstrate, in the name of the citiaena of Georgetown, against any further appropria tions for the Long Bridge, and requesting its removal, and calling on the National Legis latures extend to our city the sfttne foitering care which is exteuded by State Legislatures to like communities usder their jurisdiction. The following i? the clerk s estimate of re ceipts and expenditures of our corporation : Expenditures, 88; receipt, $31,691 12; deficit, $4,543 70 It is certain, however, that this will be overbalanced by the increase in the valuation of property by the assessment now going on We le&rn that suspicion attaches yery atrongiy to three individuals, who were guu ning in that direction on the day that^he deed was perpetrated, of being the parties who mur dered Mr. William Oaborn, near the old race oourse, en Thursday afternoon We are fur ther informed that the jury of Inquest, yester day, were unable to agree upon a verdict. That he waa murdered, however! there M not the shadow of a doubt. Uur city fathora aud many of our eitlaena had to fall back, last night, uj>oa the lesser li^ht of the ean?ile, the seventy of the cold having froae the water in tha gas metres and prevsnted the now of the gas Tb* ti-jur and grain markets remain firm at cur quotations of Thursday. , Spbctatob &LJIXAJD&IA C0R&X8P0VDCHCK. Dvsinttt?I'rMehing?lectures ?Uramatu Alerting?Tk* Maryland Ferry?Av^uft Alexandria, Feb. 10, 1855. i Lore i? ii tie of publio interest stirring to day. Out door business, which the cold weather of the past week had almost aaapecd ed, Logins to resume its wonted activity. Our market ia but slightly affacted by the change. Last night, tho Baptist church gathered a large congregation, who listened with marked attentiou to au excellent di*eourse, preached on the occasion by the Rev. Mr. Giimsley. We ieain th*t arrangements for a course of instructions "on the doctrines and praotioee of the Catholic Church" have hern matured, and that the opening disoourae will be deliv ered on Sunday evening. Rev. Mr Bryne, of Washington, delivers the first lecturo, aad we understand he will be followed, in due time, by many of tho most eminent Catholie divines in this vioiruty. The "Sbaksperian Club" of Alexandria, de sirous of improving the latent histrionic talent whioh they think exists in Alexandria, have appointed a publio reception a: their hall, above the offioc of the Magnetic Telegraph tbia evening All who deara to unite Kith the asaociition a. e invied to ue present A writer in the Gazette of yesterday calls, publio attention to the importance of the trade appioaching Alexandia by tha Maryland ferry, and suggents that as things are at present, the ferry is useless to the stockhold ers, and little more beneficial to the city With him, we cordially hope that the stock holders and othera intereated, may take hold of the mutter, and try if aomething cannot be done to regain tha valuable trade of upper Prince George's. To-night, Mr Ke.inan and troupe rpen the dram:* of " Lucie Tom's Cabin a* it is," postponed from Wednesday eveuihg; and on Monday evening, General Sam Houston lec. tares before the Young Mens' Christian Asso ciation, at the Lyoeuui Hall. Aiu. JMPfKriS"!w< .?????? ?. -- ??? - ? ??? uiiwrv ,m tut of a Irst rata ttm?ke?per would do wsll to ma** ? selection it oaoe tkat their quality aaay b? thoroughly Int. ad before leeYtu* the city M. W. QALT * BKO'N assort ment wh mt? N ciMfim aa at pmaat, eafcraciug e?ery dearrlptfon, all warrantad, and at prices certain'j aa low aa aimllar artlclaa can be purchaeed for In an; rlty In this Ooautry. X. W. QALT k RIO., jaa M?d tf Pa. arenae betweeo Kh and 1Mb au rr-y ATrt'8 OBBEKT PRCTOBAL.?For the rapid cure ' of Ouxba, Ordda, Hoarsetiees, Bronchitis, Whooping Oovgh, Asthma and OoaanmpMnn, la universally known aa the beat remedy a?ar yet discovered hr every variety of Pulmonary dleeasa. flu wide la the Bald of It* uaefulneas, and ao numerous tUe eaaea of tta corea, that almoat every aectlon af the country abounds la persoas publicly known, who hare beam reetored from alarming and ereo deeper*te dlisaisa of the lunge by lta aae. 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This tnori.itif, the 10th instant, of pneumonia, GRACB MALBON'E, daughter of Daniel and Mar> C. Mc( 'arty, aged 10 inauths. * ?The funeral of Mr. WILLIAM OSLORNE will take place to mo ro* (Hiimlay) moriiii?m, al 10 o'clock, from R<?ok Creek Church. The friends of | the fauitly are invited to attend. 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Those having a: y doubts on the subject vtijl, on application to the general agent, he referred to pertons in Washington ol undoubted veracity, who know that tliey all they are recommended to be. Fnr the name and address of ihe general agent, and a list of he Drjgg ?ts who have the pills fbr sale see the long advertisement in another column, feb 6?"? 3'* S(LV?U PLATED WARE. COMPLETE Coffee Sets, Camors, Caka and Frun -j Bavkem, Waiters on white metal, Table, De? serl, and Tea Spoons and Forks, double and tiiplc plated on AlbaU, tlio best substitute tor silver, war rauud and 'nl<| by H. SE.MKEN No. 340 Pa. Arcnue, between Wth and lOtii sts?. jait 19 PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT. J^r.W and neeo..d band PIAN?>8, of Bty ?m^nJ ib itt ?I J'uniag also attondml to. V. a RBfCIilNlUCU P 8 A few vary low pr oed aaocnJ Uaud Pianos urn fa* for tale. 4#o 1?8m C savera. other (antoriea, tf always l.e hvl at tav Haoo m, ou Kiev ?nth St., h?twe*n Pa. avcr ue and ? Id llanos taksa ia'axchaBrf*. | -w? r* io&sam mfitttf tor Bate and Kant. P'AN!? RENT?AW EXCELLENT H . ?T rented on very moderate terms if immediate application he mnde to O F. Behafer. *.n? ***nue, or Hdbus k Hit*, comfr Pa at* ?1 *?*? r?b A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT? r'"i i.V an'' co">ni<NlMKi.< dwelling at the pofnef of |^t and ,.a. avrf,u<. containin| 17 hJ5f? ^ u M e k?fben in the bwement, having a fine cellar and back yard, the whole being " _?ne/fP*,r' now tor ??*t. If excellent looa tioaaadfi? atom,todation. make it one of the moacdesiralile placet It* a large bearding bonne or dwelling in Washington. For terms apply at the Btar office. frb 8 tf FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE:?For Geor|i*iown ?r l_"> Property, a small and well cultivated farm in Fatrftx county, Va. Enquire of J. ORME, Tb^"4* an<' (-'<>f,*Tr*8 *??> No. 87. T^^rKltMS-I OR SALE ?N fcKASWNAHLE fran"* Ho?""N with back building, n ? on 13>4 "Ireet, between B and t street* south. Apply to a , u A- ??UOHERTV, next door. r y with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5th at*. west. J.h i^!"!! a w,th ti*ck building, on I at. north, between 4th and 5th st*. west. DAD^fru U",.,IWO':urt ?"?'"Honed to JAME-4 W H4KJM-.K, on II street north. Itetween 12th and 13th west. jAlno a two story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. *? k * DICKSON k KING, feb 7-eotf George own. STORAGE.? Fboee having Furniture, Dry Go.ids wroceries, as., to be stored, will find ample ac commodations in Uie large, airy, flag stone |iaved and I>ry Basement* under the ^ur office, corner Pa avenue and Eleventh at. Apply at the titur office, jan ji?ti I^OIt RENT?FOR o\E YEAR OR A TERM ? i? . !,rV t?,e We" 9'tuated, commodious, wt U mushed, and convenient dwelling Homo, over the Music Store of llilhu- fc IIM7. at the corner of Pa avenue ani) 11th street. It contaii.s seventeen rooms without the basement, in which the kitchen is situated. This is n rare c hance tor a private fam ily wishing a large hou?e on Pa. avenue, or lor a per ?on de-iring the best Incnti. n in Washington for a large and well kept hoarding house. Po.s< ssion fiver. immediately. Apply at this office, jan 13?tf II OWES FORALL.-BeautiAilIy and healthily I X lo ated Riuidnig Lots, 24 fert front by 1.10 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price ol $75, payable $:< p., month Title indisputable. Union Laud office, 7th St., i- o * ' abov<! Pellowa' Hall. Jait JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wan^s. \\7 ANTED-A GOO!) CHAMBERMAID. An f ? Ply it No. 130 F street west. 1 feb 10?4t \\TAV ED IMMEDIATELY?a steady White x T Man, for an oumibus driver Apii v in ? < r son at this ? ffice Saturday or Monday at pr cisc'i v .1 o clock, or address ''Omnibus." ihrou?li tlief ity Hfhce. kb t?-a. V\TANTED?A GOOD BREAD RAKER \p yply 10 W. 1IAVENNEU. Boarding. ~A. tas'y having taken the hand-1 some Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row,ou F ^rcet between Uh and 7ih. can offer fine rooms fo^ frunihes, either furm-thed or unfurnished. Also, has room-i for gentleman much larger than are ge.)erallv appropriated to single persons. 1 Table ixinrders and permanent or transient per sons will l?e aecommotiatcd on the most reaMmable jan 29?2w* valentines ! VALENTINES '' Hutchison * munro have ius{ rece.Veda. beautiful a^irtment of choice VALENTINES which they will close out at very reasonable prices! Also, constantly or, hand, an asso. tment of Letter P ip1 r, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, fcc.. at their new ,Dext dowr to Harper & Co.V No. 110 Pa. avenue, between Xin'h and T* nili sis. . , _ _ HUTCHIMSON &. MUNP.O. feb 8?fit [Intel] SUPERIOR PLATED GOODS. THP. subscriber would invite es^ccal attention to his extensive assortment of superior outliiv Plated (loods, consisting of? Tea Set-, Waiters, Butter Coolers f alad Stands, Castors, Cake Rasku Forks, Spoon<. Ladles, Salt Sian^ Goblets. Tea foule* and Coffee l%ns. All of which are warranted to be of the buvt oual ity,and at greatly reduced prices. W. BOTKLER, Hon-e Fnmikhiiig Spire, ? r. 318, It oil Hail, and J45 D street. feb 6?1 w NEWS FOR THE MILLION. MESSRS. RYDER & PLANT Lave taken the ojd and well known confectionery establish ment, No. 49 V .Seventh street, opposite Odd Ft I lows' Hall, where they will bo most happy to receive tbeii t iend> and tiie public gener:iliv. We will keep cons.a tlv < n baud'a choice selec tion of a I kind'Of CONFECTION EKY Also, dealers in foreign and do?:e?Uc FUUiTd, ot all kinds. We I,ope by a strict attention lo business to win ih approbation of our intends, and merit a liberal share ol patronage generally. N. II. llalls. Parties, and 1'aiuiliee supplied on the most reasonable an i sau-tfactoty terms, at the siiort eat notice. RVDER k rLANF. feb 6?If dissolution! I HE partnership of Barron &. Orrne is th.s tiny dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due tiie concern must be |Niid to 11. Rmrron, he being au ihoriaed to close tiie bi^tncss ot the firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3, '.S55. TIIOS. ORME. The. undersigned would rcgpt:cifully request all those indebted to the concern to come forward and settle their bills by the Cih of March, as it is veiv important to him to have the business closed by (hat time. All accounts left over at that time will he put into the hand* of an officer for co|lc*t%>n. All hc counts due by the concern will please be presented for payment as soon as poss |>le, as I am r< ady at any tune to meet the same. HENRY BARKON. P. S.?The undersiuned would respectfully say to all the customers of the !ate firm, and the public generally, that there will always be kept a stock ol | Wo ;d and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicits a share ol" public patronage. Relieving it to b be-t lor l?oth buver and seller, he has determined to make the terms ca>h, or on short time to punctual customers. Tlfos. ORME, Agent, feb 5 ? BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS. JAMES ANDERSON, Cutter and Fitter. TJ. FORHKiT, Pa. avenue, n. side, ? betwsen 12th and 13th streets, keeps constant iy on hand a very lin* assostmcnt of Laities and G.nt's Boots, Hhnes and Gaiters of hisBiCf 1 own make, of the beat material and work fLI utaiiship. * p|^ lnnUCICMKftTK. V_J CANPIELn. BROTHER * CO . H.ilti,*ore +reet, Baltimore, JIM., Offer to buyers, previous tt> taking their annual ac count of stock, a large stock of reeent'y tmnori^l i y^ds such as WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVKK WARK, Jllbat* (1:1.1 PI,del ttoidt, Clocks, B otim Vntet, Musical Botch, OrwJcn China, dx , AT PR|' pianos for sale and rent. The subscriber has always on hind a assoit uient o| German slid American ANOS, Ironi the veiy best manufacturers which I e offers for sale at lower prices v ? ? ? ' than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, i and n the nuM accommodating terms. All Piaaos purchased from me are warranted lo give satnlac Ihm). Old Pianos l iken in exchange. B. REISS, Professor of Music, r . , w' Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. ieb t>??lm* beautiful white teetii. HEaA|M?'iY GllMH>AN" A SWEET BREATH. All who are desirous of t>btainint- tht*e ben* TOOTH-WASH ?.'i S SERRATED TOOT II WASH. I ins deliciouH article combines so many meruonoua ?|ua!iiiea, ihat it has now be Sf1 fa^nte Willi the citizens of New Y* rk, Philadelphia and Ba timore. Dentists pre i ?cnbe it in their practice most successfully, and from ?V?ry souice tiie mot,t flattering laitdalious are awardeil it. ? Inflamed and bleeding gums are immediately ben j ( fitted by Its Use; it* action upon them is mrtd, soothing effective. It cluaoses tiie iceth I Uit rtiughly, ihatihey are made to rival m-arl it. whueiie's, and diffuses through the mouth such a dclig.iilul Ireslmess Uiat the brcaUi is rendered ex quisiie y sweet. It disinfe ts all Uiose impurities which tend to produce decay and as a,1 when these are reipovc J, the teeth must always re mam sound. 1 n is used and recommended by all the eniinen Dentists hi New Yot|t, Philadelphia, Raltin ore, and i^r * w,,er<> 'l l?as lie n introduced. Alt should give it a trial. Prepared only by FRANCIS ZKRMAN, Druggi I and ? .h mist, Ninth and Catharine streets, Pluia-L delphia, and Mild by all UriMgists ?y rywbsre, at 25 ? cents tier botUe, ft. H. GILLM AN, jaa 17 am A|tnt Hit WMbinftou Cuy. Auction PeIss ?r J. o. ? TRUSTEE'S SAI.K O? VALUABLE HOUMF I and Lo..?-By virtue ofa deed of ni?t from Win F. Au?a? and wilip, L< .nine dale ou tlw 6iii ii?v / IS11V ' 33S' 3?. and 340, the sub-enl* ?""?r>lfDAt, U?c Sth <lar or .mrui. in*,, at 4 * o'ebtek, p. m.. ou the ur<m. b,tWC,n N ?<Kl OiSre.-t. soutn, pan of Iah 5, in mniirr uik (ti tll.llr fronting f>9 f?ft II inches on said First itnrt ?i\ k deep, on a 60 fc*t alley, together with the'ha,th ings and improvements, which consist of a Met! *>. i wb-Unttallv built two .'tnrr irnJ^d^lL^ZT The terms of .ale will be: t *? half cash. and th? balance in equal payment* at six and twelve month, note, bearing interest from d.v of ?de, nicmd ?y deed in trust upon the property. If the terms of-ale are not comphcd Wl b m ,lv days aAer the sale the property w ill be m*d , ,nc iotii C 81 U'e *** ooe ;,,kt All convsyancing at ex pew* of purchaser CHAS. 8. VVALLm II, Trustee ft in ?.* JAS- c. McGUIKE, 10? ofcdn Auctio?eaf I IVRRruOL gALT AT AUrTjON.-On Mr?N PAYth* ,S " * l? o'clock ? will be sold on btard Barque ReWtfand Rchnoner Ann IK, lying nt our wharf, thefr cargoes, cocimsi lllg ??f? ?590 sack* O. A. Salt 1,000 iU fine do iJtH>?iwJ?"<'i. Wwt-hed, and warranted 10 to Uic <? V 7 TJ u,<* iwvn fc co. ? f, b7-d4t Alerandrla, Va QU-ln coHitqutoe* of the close of nav'aaiion lu Ui.. unexpec ed cold w*nih. r, tfw above * tie i" POS rpONKD for a fi-w d:.v.. NWc w II be gi vu of th? day of sale. fel> 10-11 FOWLE h CO. or J. O. MeOUlKlc, AaciUki^ 'ini'HTEEV SALE OF V A LI! ABLE* m proved 1 It. .il hstatc on I't'DiiM'irafiM avenue.?By \% T ?I' utl '1 "! ,rllvt- dntr III- 4tli rt:i? of r I '..l,.' '*u,d rw**dcd ill l.lbcr J. A. Nu. |.V w 7*!.' ^c"?t,,c ""'?ecnbef will wll at iiubiic ?hi ItftlNDAV, the 10 b djiy?| P.-brnniy, I*i5. i j o clock p. in , or. Hi- pren.iMM, |?rt of l,<M No. 3t.?, Kefcc;f v itioci .No. Ii, froiifing )6 feet 8 iuch ? on I?tiM8)lvain:i avenue, un.l ruiiiiine l?ack 10ft ft-1 fi ST,8 ?'? l!'Cl *?Ty> ?iUl HHP' *eme?is. which coiiout ol h well and ?u''siai, Uil t two atory brick hoiiM, Covering (be whole d. pili <4 The jr. peity wdin.My *iu?te.l on PviiMylm.i. avoiiur.b tween Second and 'I'hirdvtreeia we?t and a (Jo....... the .Id Kn ?r. hlld inn ^Z ul^ ?I' m. I ?c^t.on, j|,d ?,jfer> iu p iM)M d?Mroiia of m Teating an excH'etit opjiortiiiiity. Tl.e term* of aa!e wiii tn-; i t,.e ibird of tl.e r cli.iKe ni .iiey tu ca#b,and the ha!?iieci? mx.t?eiva an.! twer ty f..Ur niontlis, for notes bevr c - int. i m from day of ?ale, wxiired by deed U u?,?t "C'5 Srw-, " th- ?"??'- Ci-aui. not ??. J ? "'.n. dW- -Ae tile Hale, Hie pr.^ur will he rt;*<.ld, ujimi .?ie week a notice, at the ri-k and expense of tlie piirchsix*. Aj| eoaveyaneme at th cx,K;n?e of the imrchaM*. T.tle o,d?J2ul^ ciiAs. s. wall Acn, Tru>(i?. - i.? m -? t . JAa* C- *eWltE, J wkda AiicUo^>-.t. \jk/ T?l#c I'NDKRRIOSEO xl JjK llen by ififoriua th? cUizcn.x of 2C * ington ih-a he wn j?tf*t.d to the laviu ? rUi n?*5 a" J repairing of old card, nv / U, t!, pnnin.ff of shrubs, grapncs, etc. niar^cs node Orders lert at Mr. Nairn's, Diu-Kiit. corner l a. V i'i1U0 ' Ji 9iu s,r,'rt? ai'J tlj;' troci-iy 'store ol .Mr. ? tapitiil Hill, will fee protunily atte- ,?e ! in feb 6?cost* 0. BCIIAII. LAW PARTNERSHIP. V T.< ? '/\f IM ai c urur>5E OURTOFTHEUNITE0 BTAT ^. O I' J. wal.KRK aud LOUIS JANIX u w1il^",<,,| n. C -1-?? tn**r?l"|. under Mie name of Wa ker and Jamn, 'tor the argument of cu.-e.* ?? Uic Supreme l nun ol the I'nited Siatew. at Wa b ingt< n city, whe c both will attend throughout the future Mwions ol that curt. j Tliov may b- .uM.-.-vm d at Washington. X. Y.>rk, or New Orleans j. n ' GRKAT BARGAINS. ~ to reJuce ",v *b?ck of Bo ?t- and S" ? r tw f"o?n for swing 9!?, tea. I bimil couuiieaco tin, day to sell off im b. ari oods at greuiiy reduced prfr' s. All itii want ? t a superior quality of SlHm at v.^n law j.rfces c.u, find tlieu. hi l?. R. Walln. Hoot, Shoe, and l iunk, No. Mara. t So. c ?. Ih ttveen ?ib and Klh rtreeta. U. |{. WALL feb 1?co!*w KUTUAL EI <E INbUR-ilfCE C0HFA1Y OF TI1E DJSTEItT OF columbia, ( hmIji tut ty CougreM, OFFERS to the citizens ol Hie District fbe saf.->t and cheapest mean* ot inauntnce against km by nre on all d?:t><;ripti<4ts ??? |?opert\. as May l? seen by an cxanunatiou of the charter *ud ky U'vr Apj-liiati. ns lor insurance can uiadrtnib- m. dersiened or at th of Joju. Van Buwick, 7ib ?Uect n'ld V\ usli.i.^ion t .'anid, where ci;ue? of ilo c.i.'irft r uiii! Lv* laws may !?? pr? ur<-d. ULYSSES WAUU, I'reKidknt Maim gar* ihoina. Blagdcn, Ul>^ V\ .ird, l?r F. How,.rd, J. t;. McKelden, Jo:,u Van Ruwkk, I. v\ . 1.1owning and M. G. Emery. ? jan 31???oim MOriCE QY COPAKTHERSIIIP. Washing ion hall bestaueart Vorttcr I' miuylrania ai 'iw? ..?</ 6/A sr., ?o<rfA *iJe PETEk M. Ill 'BANT, ^ * y\ | yt"f? leave t<i say lo tua friends and former cu-u>m eru that he lia.-. di.-|<ooe<t his enl're inieiest in bis lat< ?>ta?.lisha?. i,t, f lilt* Si. CiijirleH llotfjl, Rtid id inform thru* that 1m will lioreafter t?e found a the abov?-n;un> d lle? tnurant, which will be conducted under the j>ii t management of RENTER &. DUBANT. The firm beg ui assure their friends and the pub lie genet ally that no exertion* will be tpareti b> tliein to deserve a conliiiuauce of the favor and pa" tromige tliey have heretofore received, end that th'ir eMal.lislimeht, lor order. ch?nliu?!??, anJ at tention to the wants of their visitors, *|,a|| he us- r pa?sed in this or any ruber < ity. Their Larder will always he supplied with the most choice V innd-. Luxuries, and Dciicacic* that the market can afford ; and flislr Bar Well Mocked with tievcraucs ot tlie most lar.xite kinds :utd best qualified, tugetiter Willi u choice lot of Cisar- <s kw perior bratids. * WILLIAM F. BENTRR, jaw J1 -w^t PETER M UHBANT TIIE LATE MR. MBALE'S PICTURKS. T(? RE RAFFLED Pt?R |\ i|U0 t i?\N' HH L AT BACH MO. I "St. Thomas of V ill nueva, givisg Alms to tin Poor, a copy H MuriUo, by one ol" his pupiL* and louehi'd by that great artist?wild to be co>ial to ilir, cost $4.0Ut>. PBize i 41 The adoration of the VV ise Men of the Gut," a genu nc Muriilo; cost >l.0On. eRISk 3. Heal of our Savioui," by t 'orreggto; cos4 $1 ,(?10. HKlZk 4. . of '!*? Bb-s? u Virgin," by t arr. g4i..; om Mr. S. A. MATLAt'K i? authorized to reoive sultscriptioiiM hi this city, ot whom ticket* may obtained, or of M.ssrs. 'I'AVI.i Mt tk. MAIJRV. All money received on acc- uut of the Raffle will b?- deposited in Rank until the drawing takes pUce, which w ill b? duly announced. From tie A'atiotutl Intelli*mcer. Articles similar to the aunex-d w?- have oh?erv?d ?n several diotnit papers, contained in meir Wa-h ington corr.s,> V* e arc glad t . see that ^ member ol the lamily is wiRoig to dispose ol a :.ari 'fthe Richard W. ?lead. Who during Iu. long residence in Spam, lui l opn .r tuniiies, which bis opulenc-- enabled him lomduliiti for selecuuc '??a"iy ??? the finest paintings n, Simm J that tre.wtire-homic of p.atonal riches. The dis turned state ot the country ai tlw tm?e, nnnvover made it favoralde lor ohtainitig many gems of art hie W<M "iherwise never have been purehi.^v h'rotn tke Boston Chronicle. I J\u /m D,::P VRKK ?r A?t?Several rhtj d^marrt ot :>liirillo, t <>rreggio, and utbei mam n>tHUich w. re tiroiiZ.n Jioni Spain duririi; rev iutionary um. ? ?? the late R. VV M**Hde, have i lieited tlie adinir.r ion i ot connoi.-sc.irs durn.|! ih? p*?i week in th* ol the t apito(. They ar.- to be .:i-p!*ed ?f |,,r bi nefit ol a dau liter of Mr Meade, rending in Vew York, alter mi opiortumty has ke?n given to the public for an examination. l?.|, ^ l( M. A. TY80IT ft 8T8TBKS' SEMINARY FOR YOUN'i LADIFS On F, between 13th and l.l/A streets, fFnt^n? on i 'J'HE econdterm of thi. institution commence. 1 on Wednesday, the 7th of the ,ire,e?, ?,outb and will expire on tlie 1st day ol July nex . I Irrul irs may be had at the principal hookst. re* in tlie city or at the seminary. f?*h G <5t WATCHES! WATCHES! IF Vt>U wish a wanantcd timekeeper, at a r-asooable price, you are invited to call a and examine n;y scb cU-d sio- k' of tine English and Geneva Watches for l-idn> am' il. SEN REM, No. 33U Pa. av , b. twe? i. u |, ^nd lOih Jan'18? e?uMar4 ,VA ENllNEs" 7 WE have ihi.morniig received ihc I tr*l>i and woM va i.d asso.tu.ent of Valenune- . v.i I h?ore offered in tlu, city,con?Ui- g ?f . v.-.v -i>l finish and prie- to suit h kinds f peo,.|.. tr a|| ^ ?exe. an J conditio,,., ?|| ?f which ?T*;|| IU., off" Mich prices as suit ti?; ,U" "n 1 1 4a> JOHN F. ELLIS, 4H, 6-tr av<""ue' ntar cotner Tenth rtieeta. P iOt!RET aj.d Qu rto Diar,. * ti.r lisM !.".r ?ah by I - J*n H u IRaNCK TAVL??R TELEGRAPHIC. - - - ? - *tt?r?ly for ft< telly Knaltf Itat Beaunnuen of ft S?uUr m Pennsylvania Ummtis. Fob. it ?in r>%w*m yoaver .? S.H 1?W? JWIT" day, on the iih ballot, Cam^n nom??1 46 rotea, watt*ring 44 ; Mag one Mn rote than ?ut?r? prevent This caused moeh esotteaent Oa tbe ftth ballot Cameron rooeirod 4S Cartia 4A, scattering 1 -the fraudulent ballot defeat ing i he nomination of Cart la Tbia mm* 1 another row. Oa tbo 7th ballot Cameron to MiTMl 44, Ourtiu II, Fallot 2?aeaay ?oaibore baring loft the hall. Those remaining (at no* o'clock UiU morning) thaa piaaeil a r?*olaUoa of tba ueanimnos nomination of Cametou Tb? elooti- n will take plaoe oa Tueediy next, a-ud a general too U expected at thai Wanther at the ionth CoLraaiA. Feb 9.?Ibe Mobile papers of lueaday here boon roeoirod Tbe weather j staged to be unusually sorer e. At Colombo* and Abatdeen. Mieeieatppi, ihey bare expari cr.ce>l unprecedented mow atorrna The iiew Orleans paper* of TuetJay here not been re eeived. Passage Of tbs Maine Liquor Lew Ixdiahapous, Feb 9?The Maine liquor law ha* finally been paeeed by tbe lower h?u<-e of the l^tgiflatuie. and is bow the law uf thia Sute. lu paaiage bat catucJ great In the 0'>umii:nity Charleston Xaore Cmarl?sto.i, Feb 9 ?Throe two utile heat# took place io-day between K)ugh anil Ke-tdv aiid iho Maid of Orleana The frr?< waa a on >l.y Uou^h aid Heady, and tbe ae'ond and tuird by the Maid of Orlewus Time nut gireu Liquor teller* To dieted Cisqijkati, Feb. 10.?Tbe Greed Jury here have found tma bill* againet 25 liquor sellers They hare ai*o isdio'.ed tbe managers of prtne eoacaria. Late Mexican Cental at Jew York Nxw York, Feb. 10 ?The Supreme Court hive refuioU to di?ebar(fe the late Mexiean Oon. nl, Sen^r Arangois bat hare reduoed the bail to $>},<**). New Crleana Mar beta New Ublkaxs, Feb. 8?Cotton ia upward and firm Sales to-day of 11 OJo bale*, yee tord^y 13 ouu v\flve has adrancod ic ; pnme 9ta9|. Baltimore Mirketa B alt mo**, Feb If. -The roa-keU are un cliang d and actually nothing ia being dune io breaistu?e Tbe piicea are nominally the 14U?* as yc terJay; Upward street ti -ur City Miila $8 374 Wheat?Good to prime white at f I ,V5?|2 06 Corn?White at 85aS8, yellow at SVa90 Gate?Maryland and Vir ginia are held at &0ai>2 Pennsylvania Clover ???jd?Prime now firm at $7?$7 2i Hew Yoik Markets Nxw V ok a, Feb. 10 ?Gotten ia doll and downward Flour ia downward aad dull? salea of 2,000 bo.a. good Obio at $S Hii a %'J 26; Southern i* quiet Wheat ia upward an i C m Corn 11 quoted at nouiinal prieci Pork ia upwarl and firm; old luevs ia quoted aril3 Beef la unchanged witn a moderate demand Senator Wilson lio*ro* Feb. Mb ?Senator Wiler-n atartad tor Washington yesterday, and ajdre*a?i ati anti alarury delegation asa?mbloito greet hit* at Woroeater. Gecorai Shitlda a Candidate for Con frees _ Western 1 ravel Chicago. Feb 9? Gen. Shielda ia an nounced as candidate fur Congress in the stb diatrict, which hea been made raeant by the election of Mr Trumbull ?o the Senate The wonth<-r ia mo<leratibg here, acd tbe Chioego aod Mieaiaai( pi reilruad will probably be opsn^i Ui-iiy?4!a?, the llliu <ia Ceii<r?l One hundred tona of mail mattera baa <.?eu mul&ted bore, Illinois U. 8. Senator HmsenaLD, Feb 8.?1'be Hon Lyman Trumbull was elected Senator to auceoed <i?u. Shield* on the 10th ballot, which reauited as follow.-:?Whole number of rotes 90; ne^easary to a choioe 60; Lyman Trumbull had 51; Joel A. Matteson 47, A Wiliiama 1 Mr Trumbull ia an anti-Nebraaka democrat; He reeidee at Bellrille. and ia tbe lepreeentatire elect from the Eighth Gongresfional district t*, tbe inkt House of Kef>reae(jta'ivea Of oourae be wul resign his seat in the House Mott Bedell's Line. xr.n- vonk.alfxas'drki,u jishisutox CITY, .iXD DISTRICT OF Vol I Si HI A P.I* 'KKTS. Mpillfci LINK t>P PA''KKT^ SAILS WT.P.KLT 1. tr?nu |Mt*r 14 Rivtt, Kfw T?irk,?iid uftittrr il IM't't MMMI V. nil.I Hfl' roiitpoM- ? of tltf loll<minc Itr-I - claM v?*r>t?U: ?t-w e' lir. .< I'. UeMI, HciMI, nin*t? r N>w ?<*hr. HUt H. J*U, *. V. 'rVwtwHi S? ltr. 4*n h , VVm mivtt, iwHsftr. S? li . YuivU, I.. A. Himtb, maai'T. Srtii. ' "oninuiti.lrt in- Vktef, Wufl ID, Sclir. frrf itfny, tV?la?m, snuKf. tmm-Ih art* Hit I Ml i-ailorii. Mid ttir wMcM IIM'U ol' i'l(r(irMiM' lit it**' lr'i?i?', *<M I III* (Nil)' nvl> litr line i?t VVi?>ii>i|P"? Ciir |?a<-keu. Morr Ht ti.L, Wall Mrwi, N. V. ' A. H. M AS] KUS a S4i.\.^ Alt-taiMlria, V.?. TNOM \S BII.KY, f? t> 1??;n w a?ltiiiston and I). C. NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CORCEKM. I H A V K u?i> itny riwvW a d'*(? rn-<1 a grt>( rari 1 ? ty ofI'l.Oi'Kll. eaATt'HI'S, aixl iK>VR|.KV. 6nnl ('ItK'k* from ?1 SO t > %I5. :tM uair:iut?xt oik y<*4ir. Aim, edit mid Mlr^r W at- tio m |rc?t v? n<-ty, Hilv.-r Wan-Uei* trow *?? to f.ti ; ^<>1,1 le%*?-r WatrlMW frofii ^5(6 to l|l M and a pr?^l siunfliiMWl ot Jt-w?*lry, all of t^lucli W ill W *<im ??hf-ap>-r ilian gofkte <i|' Mine totality can Vw m mi- rttf. Tliofu- wialiiM|> lu a*h e-wl 0<H*k? w<>?Sd it? welt In buy fn>in me, an I pm alt my <*tock? im ?>r ^r !>r Sirr * llut| tUo?n. Call nn i Kw your<-?d vex. anti* 'Tuck k Walch Klll|iOriUMI of J. IC'MNr-' V H49 I'lifoixm' BrowiiK1 11 ??i?-i. Jan 10?ln? (InlH) (1. SKMKKN, JEWELER, So. 33U Fa. artmur. he'ic*m WA umA IU* ? Hit* for mIc a Mi.iciuti'-?*iii a*"rt"? "t ?* III AMI INI* if.Wni.RV, Gold nriri' in, Ha?'l|iins, Kjrrinp., Sill llinp WeiMiae Uimc. Ni and V?mm itiaina, Hral?. CU, IVut ili). TImbiW^, Trinket.-, etc All nrr-lr- are warranlrd a* r?*|ir?*r?te?| and a?lit uiiumiuN) low. J a 10 NEW POLKA. US r jajWiehr-d and f?K aalc at IIII.HI'S *. IIITK* Music liepul, tlie TUNKlt'S Pt>LKA, CointKHw-ii and dedica'cd to lacoi* lliltu*. K-q., by J. K<|wu, eni?K:ilish' I with a Im uuuiu! and < ur run uknio of tbe ?He an tuuer. I*riei 25 cent?. T?.f trade Hnnidied on very liberal term*. f?*b 6 tf J BAKKIF0 HOUSK OF FAIS0 ft R0US1K. Oypntiit lTm?trA SlaUa TWmry. IIONIIS. Storks and >J(hor iw< ?iriU> ? purr-Laied > and Mild. lut *r*?i ..t ib.> rate of U| i?^r #^>nt f?^r anmiin al k>w?<l "m wtv?-n l??ft tnr 30 daya or !>> " Jan it -6? < HtHh^? IIA?KIM?, ?rehltoct. (Pa. arnmr, n Trnth and Fln+ntk ifrrtft,) wtfaiNaroN, d. c. WII.L eontiBiie io innn-li Plana, <Viail wr.rking Drawing", and ?p?H i(r?H>it> cm ItutldincB ?i| evry .l< -?'ripii<Mil.iud hI-o tokuj^rinteod their civc Uuu. " feh I?Otf

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