Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1855 Page 1
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~TFrP EVENING 8TA R pUBUSCSn every aftkrhook, [MUiZTt tZWOAT,) it uu $*** ra~%*r F*tzruyl+mmm ST*rnU **A F'#v#mA 9*T?4t, Mr f? t Li.ACU Jfc n OF*, W?i i?- u. ?ab?enBfr, la Uh, citi*? af wv ?* A??iaa.!rta, Ba<tiOMwea;td p^i?. AND A Ql'ARTU CEIfTf, pay* m*#r ? ?be Af?-m?. To mall rtbucnlvr? tba grrfwcfljtUflfi price la THREE DOLLARS AMD f'PTY CRWT3* yc?i in afaonce, TWO DOL LARS for SIX ?OWTH8, tad 0*E DOLLAR far TSRBB MONTHS. fp?9iMU conn one er?. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12. 1855 IMPORTANT TO TI1E SICK. rrrai gwat expsriene* and welhfcnown ahW of I pp-f McCuhtoc* I* a suOeiant rnarxnty to tha ^nMje thst th* following list of Uadidnee, such a* Lre been constantly ased to hi* practice tor Qw Us- thirty years, will faPy sustain by their effect* tne val?ab> qualities attributed to them, and pr^T? to he the bft Medicine* erar offered to the /. Dr. McClintock's Pectoral Syrup. ^Qlnralaab'.e remedy for Bronchitis, Conaump doB. and oil chronic diseases of the throat and lamp. Zo all deep-aaatsd complaint* of the Pulmo naty organs It ho* proved the nvwt ?io, certain, and rapid remedy aver eroplovM In the axtenaiv* ptaorvr of Dr. MoClintoek. for any of theaa forms of dise**s Showing themselves as Cough, tickling of the Throat, Beaae of Tightness in the Throat, Spitting ot Blood, DUReuitv of Breathing, Hoare* im or Lees of Voice, and Hectic fever, its use will be attended with the happiest results, while it is pieMant to the palate and strengthening to the vhols system. It contains no laudanum or opium In any afcapa. Pries $1 per plat bstOu II. Dr. McClintock's CM mi Cough Mixture. An MM8H??iW for reoent Oaagfci'i, Tickling of the Throat, Tightness of Breathing, Or*up tr Cnll dr?n, As. It oontains nc prsparatlon ot cplara. Pctos Ik asnts per bottle. ill. Dr. MtCtintock'i Asthma and Hoot ing Cough Remedy. Am almost instantaneous roliaf for these dietr*** tng aoaiplain ta. This is th4 fruit cf an hnn* iiHii'ilnnna, ?<>* is astonishing In Its efi?cV. So j-*i saa need suffer a day frr sn Asthma or Hooping Oough who will use It. fri-e SO cents pei bjt'Je. IV. Dr. McClintock't Diarrhea Cordiai and Cholera Preventive. A prompt and certain curs for Diarrheas, L-jr?m tery, and Cholera Morbus in a.-? stag**. A anre pre ventive ol Asiatic Cholera, which no travsUr or family should be without. Si and M cents pff 5ottli. V. Dr. MiClintoik's Tin's AlUrative Syrup, for psriiytng the blovd. Ths ovwt sowci.ol pu rifier ever discovered. for all 6uivhkas diseases, , Br options, Bo.ia, Pimples, erysipelas, Ulcers, Sore Legs, and all Rheumatic aui Syphilitic oomplaints, to. It Is a most excellent spring medi cine, perfectly palatable, and safe for children or fo male*. Price (pint Bottles) &L VI. Dr. McClintock's Dyspeptic Elixir. Dyspspaia, or disordered dSgt-sdon, may be called the National Disease of Amnion. Its symptom.-; are henlarhc; giddiness; aervocsness; low spirits; dim ness of vision, with motes or specks before the eyes; Itohing of the nostrils; d aline.* jf hearing and hm tag in the ears; disagreeable taste in the month; constriction or weight about the chest; diKculty of breatiung; senae of suft>c-?ticn in lying down, or in ascending stairs; palpitations, or uneasy feelings about the heart; IrreguUr or deficient appetite pens* of sink ng at the st'-inaeh; aetiitv; heartburn; Bin or fullneM of the abdemau, and costivece*. me of these symptom always appear in Dyspep sia; and sometimes tLs same pntient has many of th>?m at the ntae dme, or at different timr?. for attacking these Protean symptoins in their seat and eoarce, ni deranged condition of the dl^'JtiT? fa no tions, the Dyeptptic Klixir a-mline* ail the valuable Ingredients whici* the Vegetable Kingdom affords. Taken In omnectica with tne V eg-table Purgative Pills, la cases where there is much coative?ees, or with the Anti- Bilious Pills, when the f inrti ^os ci the liver are irregularly dier-hM^'d it will be found a most effectual r-medy. Price (In pintbottieajfl. Vll. Dr. McCLmtock't Rhcumitit Mix ture. for Internal nse; t pnr-ly Tecetab'.e combination for the cure of Uhcax^atuo, float, and all Nfurtl' and Rheumauc Dis^a^ea. This reoKfly is o'lrred wltb the utmost confident It hin b^eo u<?oi most eit*as<Tely, and is s* neir a H-.eciSc for Rbe-oiiatic Diseases as the world ha?erer seen. Prim per bot tle 60 cents. VUI. Dr, MiClintock't !<ht(ma*it Lini ment, An lufhlllbls ontwarl appHcstion for t*'.:ef o1 all rboamstic or usuralgtc pains; spraJo.d^sHiu^, ptiff neck, (tiffnees of th ? ioiou, p^iu lc the she at' dars, back, or limb*. It affonis icrm'dlate r-Hei from a ho lie and pains in th* s'xniA and abdomen A" a counter irntant, it is tayalaabe tn all Jasei where an aztenuJ ?\l>uuiaat !s needsd. f ri<*s (pel bott'?) ?0 oaats. 11. Dr. McCLvito&s An^'.vru Mixture Or Pnin-Bi tractor, need Intarualiy and ezterually for the instant relief of all sains, Toothache, He-id. ache, Cbollc, Ague in fhe face, Ohilbial 'is Plural gia, 8ton* or Urarel, *?-, Ac. rio paiu need be en durod a moment by a ij perw-Q who will a?e this Invalasbl* Anodyne Pri* &0 oenu per Lctttis. J. Dr. MtCtintotk'i ftvtr and Agut Sptcift. This ha* been foue l au .??fallible speotfir fcr this soTurgs ot new eotatriso, and A>r intermittent flrrers. No traveller or resident in any a^e dif trtot should foil to prorkie Uiemaalvee with th'smie prsrentire- Pri-*$1 per bottio. JII. Dr. MtCUvJouVtgeiabU Furga t*V? Pills, for the relief of Constipation and its pal.iful re suits, such as Hnala^he, Di?*k;?-a, Sick HU-maoh, Pains, end all the symptom* ^numeraUd under the MDyspopUc Biisir." Price '46 cantp par doi. XIL Dr. McClintoch's Pills, p?r Lixer Oompiaints, and all forms of dlvMcar arising frvm d?r&oA'*<ment of the lirer, with symp toms such as Diss: a?as, Headache, hdu^uii in ;h; Bars, y allow furrsl tongas, p?ln m tbs ri-^rit sLoulder. ssnas of fnllui? or pain in the rigLi ?iJ?, lisordsrea or bowel*, jeftcient action of th* kidn-rs, a-asiorsd stools, Ac. These Pills, if tuta in the plant stage* of Bilious and Y?llow or oth?i ferers, w'dl generally want og th* attack. Prioe 16 oaats jar box. Th* abt re Madtalne* may a* procured of all Uw principal Draggisti snd Apothecaries in this Dis (rtot, and of jrL Hasacaw, Agent, Waahingtoa. BEAUTIFUL WUITE TEETH. gBALTIlY GUMf, AND A .SWEET BRKATH. AU wbo are de>sir?>us of obtaiata* Ui-*e bens Ktould use ZEKM AN'.s (;CLEB?ATEl> XOOTll-WASii. Tlus delicioa-i -vrocit c??uiblne?< so auiny meritunous qualities, tiiat it ha* now be cptnt a standard fasante with Uie citia^n? u* York, Piuiadeiphia and Baltimore. Dentist ;?r*? scribe it in their practice mo-t mmmAiII >, un l from every source toe uojt flail* ru.t; Ikihtittow u? awarded iu laflamed and bleeding gum- arc imiufc^iatel> '-' n efiued by iu use; its action upon utu ?s ? *?<', soothing aod effecuve. It ciean^H th-; t*i?; m thoroughly, that tiiey are ui-uie to rival i* 4il in whiteness, and diffaft b tlirough ihr uuuth such a dslighUul freshness, that the br<raCi m rendore.' ei quiiutely sweet- It disinfe'ts aii Uios<: iiapcritirs which tend to produ > decay, ar.d a* a eoase?iu? nee, when these arc rsmov- 1, uic tech uiu&t alaa>s re main sound. It is QMd and reeoaaa??n4cd t>y all t':e ? n.inent Dent!sts in New York, Priu*d?<:>"<*, Laiu<nore, .md other cities where a ha* D" .? u.Ui^ioced AU should give it a trial. Prepared only by PRAMriS '/r.U^AN, Oruggi?t and 'JTiemist, Ninth nnd Cuhu'ic ?treets, Phila delphia, and sold by all Drucgfe** evfrywliare, at "J6 oents per bottle. Vn H. GILLMAN, )aa 17?3m Agont ^>r Was0ina?on City. Ready made clotuisb at ke duc?d pn -es.? A^ the soason is advanced w< hav* detenui'ied b< .-*--11 off th* remaining p.->rtion o( oai winter stock at greatly reduced pricc*. therefore fen'.leai*n wishing in consult economy in purchas ? ng &ne Overcoats, Ta* mas drets. frock and b^isi ness Coatt, black and faoey (.'ashmere Pints, Vel vn, silk, saiin and Herino Vests, Undershirts uad Drawers, and all o Uer ready miiledlariweiits of tint quality will find our present variety to be as- w?cU as sorted a* in Ui? beriauing of me season wi li the ad var.taga ot mueti lower prices. WALL fc 8TEPHEN8. '?i'4% l*a. avenue, neit to Iron Mai!. J** M (Sentinel A New!*) "L>Ey^EPl'IMr* TIJriTIN'S VVOBK.?The Encouraged, fourth edition of The Doubting Comuiunicant araged, by K??. S.Tumhi, U. D , late Chaplain of the United sttaiaa d?>nat<>. further aupplies reeeiv^d at TAYLOR A MAURY'S )M ' kahlfltt, near 9(h st. TO INVENTORS Ptntsottaa Ifattoaal Oakm" Is on 7th straat, oppoaiU tha Bast for* to Im huslaMa of its asaosn, aamaiy: tB aaklas aasmtna'^n- aod soiiidting (aUnts, 4c Iarentocs are iavfed to call aa-l (9t a ootr of tha Ooostltuii L ail ?7 iasi, ??d vlsre any iatwai* *"*? ^ ^ tb* t ajoa. All .s.pir* oc ciuin - s s vt UrwUd lo tkb of fit*. |^ts attsntija sill be ^s?a tmiasiUial/. ????U ?ao b* mads tc orgar JTtBa'Jhortaat T. O. OLaYTOII, ? ? - ii n.u. UNDERTAKERS, Ac. CABINET MAKR& & UNDERTAKER. Tf?K unienriga??l would reapecifally inform hi? friend*, aoqaalntantMS. and the publk reneraliy hat he still oontlnue* to execute All orders in ble Use of business la the- beet maoner and at the abort ?t notice. RKPAlftiRd neatly and promptly executed. rURBRALS ittendM to it tbe shorter4, notice, aad la the beet1 ouor. Bodiet frtscrved in V14 -?r, e?wn ta t/V vwaissf weather. ..a-akful for pMt favors, he would rapacMMly 1 olkrtt, an 1 wiU endeavor to merit * continuance o* ?biuat. ANTHONY BUOHLY. Pa. ate-, A. side, between 9th and 19th 1 *: Mr. Martha's, Mo. 8M, D street, third <* Tth street. nu IT?ly UNDERTAKER. I WOULD raapactfWlly return my aitlsens of Washington and it* rielnity for their post patronage, and say that owing to the freqaent sails la the Ce4-?riaklng branch of my baslnsss, I, bare been tndaoed to disoontinae the atanuftetare at Furniture, and tarn my atteatloa My to the ONOWIAKING. I have (pared bo paint to hart '?try thing that Is requisite to my business, aad 1 am there tore fully prepared to mart aay order after ? f+w mown to notice, and I assure thoee who may me a oall that I will (pare ao pains ta carry oat mfe oMsra to their entire aatufacttoa. JAMBS P. HARYBY, " No. 410, Tth ?tn between O and H. N. P.?Calls atteaded to ? ?Uhoan?f ttiaifhl S1*-. 1?ly ! COMMISSIONER (. ? DEEDS FOR | "?*?? York, Texas. California, i'rw Jarsey, Louisiana, Missouri, 1 P-nnFjlvania, Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Qrorgia, Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Minnesota, Florida, other Statea. GEOBGE 0. THOMAS, ATTORNEY FOR CLAIMS, AND IOTAHY PUBLIC, Wmtkington Pla&u hmt Odd-Follow*' Hall, 8 IVAN TO iTRBBT, Wtsina<i<roH, ?A* !?-?? r. H. DAVEDGE, Attoraay tad Coa?>all?r-at-LaW) 459 COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS FOR THB STATBS Of Virginia New York Mtlne Kentucky, New Jerasr Illinois Louisiana, MldsiasJ v> Oonnerttau* Mftjeerhaaetta lfaryland P"T?ns;-lrania Florida Tennessee Alabama Iowa Georgia California Arkansas 6 Carolina Ao., Aa Conveyancing in all its branches promptly ani aocnrateiy executed. Ofi.-e, Loaiaiaaa avenue, op p. Fifth rtreet, oot 18?dly PROF StnONEXBF.HG, TBACHBR AND TRANSLATOR Of 3 odera Laagaagaa and Lltcratara, HO. if, PSHASTLTAHIA AVINUB. net 23?tf R. H. GILLET, Oommaallor at Caw, Office and rapidenoe la Franklin Row, corner of K and Thirteenth street ??et W- dly Mm. SOllONENBERQ, Taathar of Piano and llnglagf ?0. II ST rSHWSTLViWlA tTUDl oct 23?:f WM. M. MKKKICK, Attoraay at Lairt no. 38 uwwiajta a vises. Will praotic In the dapreme Court of tbe United dtatee and the Courts of the District of Columbia, dec 20 - aotf 1.1VBN1NG 0LA*a?8 IN LANQUAGKd ? PROP. 'j 8 C II 'i itO wili commence reviewing Maaee in Laamara on Monday, ?0:h October, at hie reddence, 267 PenaaylT?aia avenue net la?tf Private Medical Treaties OH TUB P11 Yt110 LOGICAL V.'KVV OF MARRlAGB, BT n B. LAXROIX, n. D? ALBANY, y Y %0 Pages and 130 *ioe Piain and Colored Ldtho graphs and Plates. li* Prlea only 95 Cants. -Q| C^Sent free of postage to all par's of the Uaion-?S CHKVPK^T BOOK KY1R PUPI.UJUKI', end containing n <ar! r d ubie the quantity ot reaiing matter in that of the Fin? CKNTS OR DOLLAR PCBLICAnONS. It treat* 00 the PHYSIOLO GY OP MARK LACK. ?nd the serrat ixfirsiltieeand disorder of youth aod maturity, re suiting ft*?m exoera> s, which destroy tbe physical and man wvSSk HHP tal powers, with ob^rTationa j ja marriage, ita duties and ilsqoalifloaticns, and their remedies; with lithograph*, illnstrating tbe anatomy and pbyaiology, and iLwaaea of tbe repro lo^tive organs of botn eeaes, their atrncture, a?v and funetime. A popular and xmprehtuwre trad ttse on cb- d Jtu'% and c*Mt*'ti*rf of aiugie anJ lrar ridd life?happy and fruitful aliianoee, mode < { se curing tbem-InfWicitous and inferU1*- ojes?tbelr obviatioc an i removal?important hints to tbo-e ooiitemplating matrimony, that will ov-r-oice ob jectioas tc it; nona, bewefer. should take this iuv portant s*ep witixoat first consulting its pagee? sommaataries on tbe diseases and medical treatment of fsmalea from infancy to old ace, each case graph ically illustrated by beautiful lithographic plates? nsrroas debiTty, its causae and care, by a precec al once so aimpla, safe and effaotual. that taflur* if Impossible?rules for daily management?an essay on Spermatorrhoea with practical o*nervations on a safer, and mme successful mode of trnatm?nt?pre cautionary hlata ol the evils resulting from emniri eal practise an essay on all diseases arising from ludnKretion, with plain and aimpie rales by which 1 %k. per?ons can care thsauelves without mercury? r?:ufli<,n for thoee aalf inflicted miseries disap poiiit<Hl hopes so unfortunately prevaleat la tbe yonns It Is a truthful adri??r to the married and .ae soatemplattng marriage. Ita perasal Is par tinulariy recommended to per:ous entertaining sa , sra*. d >ubts of their abyaioal couditien, aad who are 1 ; o: -*- iouj of h iving naaarded the health, happinesa j ?g< pnrilsgai to whiob every human being is en iIUmI to. I (.17* V. eents par eopr, or fire ooplss for one dol At. Mallei free of postage to any part of the Uni te* i Ht?tea. -> u. i.?Tboe- who prefer may consultDr LaCaou apen any of tii? itusasss upen which his hook treats either era 'nally or by malL Medlelas saat to any part ->f the Ucioa accorliug to lireotions, safM> , packed ail carefully secured from ail obserratlon. Address Dr. M. 8 LA CROIX, No tl Maiden Lane 1 or Post Offlie Box ?79, Albany. N. Y. Oflloe open daily from 9 a m ta ? p m, aud on Sanday from 9 until 6 pm. 4V OSoe Ramavsd from No. M Bearer at, to 31 Haldan Laa?, Albany, N. Y. Jtl DENTISTRY. pvR. MDNdON reapectfblly cat s public attention If to his new, patent, and QRRATLlf IMPROVED matnod of setting Artiftrial/ Teeth, with Continuous Oum?the very" fgRFICTION OFT t II ART. This style yf Teeth has the follow advantages over all others rts: ORBAT 6TRBNOT9, CLKANLINBlM, C''M fORT, and BBADTY, vising with Natare in Jm?* respects, aad some others excelling. Public insp?o lion is respectfully solicited. Please call and sas | C1UT10N?No other Deatist In the. District of Jolambia haa a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B.? Teeth ouastitutloaal'y healthy, plugged aad warranted for life. Oflta aad house at No. 398 B street, near tha oot aar ef Peaa^ytvania avenue and 14th street. aov 18?tr TRANS-ALLBOHANY BANK AND BBLDBN Withers A Oo.'s Notes purchased at tha highest ratea. Cncarrtnt Money. Land Warrants, aad Virgla'a Scrip bought and sold. Drafts on all the priaoipal cities sold to suit pur Persons atadbtaas-? soadlagma Traa* Alleghany notes or Land Warrants, may rely upoa raceivibg tha bast ratea, aad renlttaaoos made by draft on aay city la the Oalon HA\1I'-TON 0- PANT, Banker, dee 9 1m No 4M Peaaa aveeae. Good prl>m home.?ju?t re ceiwd 100 enpi.-e of the abovr* jx?pular <oag ol tlk Muntc Deput of BILBUd A HITZ, * Comer Penna. aveaac and Uth street, |aal3-tf OFFICIAL T*r*?v?T DiPARTvuir, Jan. 3,1865. Notice u hereby given u> the holder* of ihe fo| lowing described Block- of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st March next, porti a* of those stocks, amounting in the aggre gate to ?1,900,000, in the manner and on the *rms hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be given in the order ol time m which said stocks may be offered. The certificate, duly assigned to the United Slates by the parties who are to receive the amount thereof! must be transmftted to (his department; upon the receipt whereof; a price will be paid compounded of the (allowing particulars: 1. The par value or aaooot specified in each certificate. 8. A premium on the Mock of the loan authorised by the act of July, 1646, redeemable November 12, 1856 of per cent.; on the stoek of the loan au thorized by the act ofl0tt, redeemable 31st Decent ber, 18fci, of lo per caat.; on the stock of the loans authorized by the acts of 1847 and 1848, and redeem able, the former on the 81st Doceinber, 1867, and the latter on **h June, It**, of 16 per cent.; and on the stock of the loau authorized by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31?t December, 1864, (commonly called the Te*aa indemnity) m per cent 8. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1855, lo the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (tor the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in ."ddition. Payment for said stocks will be mad* in d arts of the Treasurer of the United Slates, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But no certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day of March next. . _ . JAMES GUTHRIE, jnn 4 dtMarl Secretary ot Treasury. ladies, try Dr. DtJPOKCO S OOLDXH M0HTHLY PILLS A SOVEREIGN REMEDY- for the cut. of nil Fero*ie ""-p*"""" zssfxts&xs yP? " *>l"8 Hre ,bc r??ult of OVER THIRTY kw ?? the most hippy effects. Ci?y areNnow published to ihe world, so that all Females suffering Irom tlie :^cu!r u,eir *?*? n,ay } y "r thf <" a trial. These pills have only 5s M,cni seVeral thousand boxes haVwr? >.trt u Wl.d' * ,ar*e proportion of which Ijf" , * !,,ail to ladies in different parts of ,'!. ?tr> : and letters are being received dally tontjuoin'' the warmest ex previous of gratitude for ^ri L7 ^ !iave derive dfioui .heir J \ , .ow'"8,a extract from a letter of a lady of high standing who has authorized her name to be communicated confidentially to other ladies wishing to make inquiries respecting the modm operandi of the pills: ,L'** .d*1ffifT- DOW ?g*' WM for flirte ye*r. ptlnftilly a??SVwhtc^- ???>'? ?u*ere5 .T? ? .2 ? l?r*e aom In physiclane' h..t with ontf temporary relltl. Her c-mploxio'o be came ttn??1 wttb ? Mllow *r?en??h hue. *i.i her whole ers ""-"I '|??t .he WM prononuc* to ?r^fd roV ?., pi?Mnre of lufortulug yon (hat IBy ? laiirhtor'e h itJi IZil' er melancholy. by that ehe.>r Irtls, which It tnu?l lti girl* of ho- **? ? ?nd II the ptll*h?d eoet ten HmA- n* aiich" It wt.nJdhi^nr ?"? revolting from N. B?The ingredients of ?h??se pill* ner;? ?t n,edleiual operation on the most delicate f. male eon titnums, >*i as nreoar. d and rombined liy Dr. Duponcn. Uieir specific action is such that married ladies ?Lr>u;d use them wnh HE?; ?ncMUo?- ?he,r use is n?n a7ali ii.dicau.-d during pregnancy. For the sonic rea,?n iw every physiciau knows, medicines which act m this way are the very best that can be used for re ?h natural' healthy tone and functions of the k *'J ruuch',nP?"-ed and deranged as to rt?ult in barrenne.-*. For furUier particulate -e di jecuons, &r. sent with cach box, and circu'jri to be had at ihe Druggists ^."cu.uri to J. DUPONCO, M. D , Proprietor. N. Y. J?I? ^w11*,'0?, by K,DW,ILI' & LArRENCB. Stoti &.Co.;W. il. Oilman, S. R. STLVK&TifF J ?ii^??RKr h1"1 Wardj ?* h<-8w*"^ island; j.'f: CALLAH, J H >TOm, SevenL'l St.; II II Ml PllKBaoM Capitol HjU.FWAL.HNavy Va'rd. InG^"t"?n K r^Jf'%/" oWIVv. aL" KiJwo"- I? Alexandria hv n!! . ' Fountain & Co., and by Druggists gem-rally. jan 16-lm* HEAR THE WITNESS1 BIOHTEOUS TSBUICT! RHEUMATISM, COUGH, PAIN in SIDE, *c. WOXi^KHFUL cure after ril j-ear's suffering of ?aryiaaj" ^ m09t hi*h>y reBPec'ab,e cluxenl of Prejudice and skepticism cant stand before the many cures made by Hampton's Vegetable Tin? Ka*Dall's Gaova, Montgomery Co., Md ,) ? ? December 8,1854. / Memrt. Mot tuner Mowbray: Gcntlemeu?In 1844 I bad what icy doctors called a violent and combined attack of Cbrouic Rheuma OmudGout, irom which I was confined to mv bed for three inontiu. I had the very be?t\bvsi -1^ Wh? tmid oUier vanoua remedies, none of which gave me any permanent relief. Not havinj? ea*e trom piun day or night, I became much emaci ^ho,e."Fat??n a mass of disease, literally ^fie?f' ^?,WK? * ?y h*ttd 10 lhe ??le '* my leet. j had to bobble about?most of the ante confined to lhe house; at times^Th^e" tha?I 10 ml bt;<1- 1 was also affllc-. d with a dreadful cough, great shortness of breath, sore throat, pal piuiion of ihe heart, and pain in my ?de so bad I could not lay on it. My appetite en tirely Ailed me. I gave up all hopea of being resuwed to health again. I continued thus to suffer on from 1844 to 1850, a penod of six years. At this time my d-(lighter saw at her grandmother's a pamphlet, with nnmerous certificates of cures made by Dr. Hamp ton's Vegetable Tincture. I knew some of those who certified to cures per formed on iliciBHcivei And friends. I whs resolved to give it a trial. I in/brined my doctor of it. He objected ; but ay sufferings were so great that I pro cured >ne bottle, and, before I had taken the whole ol it, I felt much relictyrwnk'h encouraged mo lo Crsevere. After taking ihe second bottle 1 was iter than for the past six years, ray appetite re turned?cough, pain in the side, shortness of breath nearly all gone. I continued using this won derful medicine until I had taken seven bottles, ac cording to ihe directions; and I am happy to say Hampton's Tincture, and that alone restored me lo perteel health, which has continued up to this time a period of three years. I am in lbe 65th year of my age. I weighed yesterday 238 lbs., and I never fclt better in my life. One of my neighbors was al so affected, like myself, with Rheumatism, he. He has also been restored by the Tincture. I heard of other cases; but I am satisfied this Tincture, if ined, will speak lor itself. My only object in de scribing lo you nry sufferings and the way I obtained relief^ is to in.luce the atflict- d to try this Tincture, which has, under the blc.*$nur8 of God done so much fnr vtul fori Yours, respecttuJIv, HENRY GAJTHBR. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dye 'pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more stiect, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Ch as. Stott h. Co., J. B. Mooaa, P. B. Clash, Ci askk fit Howling, W. Eluot, and H McPuza -on, Washington; also, by R. S. P. Ci saL. George town; an.I C. C. Uaaav, Alexandria, and by Drug Ijhts -v* rywhere. * jan 5?tr Ci Oi illRB MADE TO ORDBR CHEAPER Til iN EVER. - In (trier to run off the remain der of our Urge s*ock of CloUis, C'assimeres, and Vestinga we will at this sea^in take measure and make to order Gentle m.-u's GarmeuU of first quality twenty per cent, cheaper than our u.uslly low pri ces. WALL & STEPHENS. MS Pa. iv.jmii to mid HaC. |m 1! (SoMM h News) i BAX.L8. &o. THE STONE COTTERS' BALL. THE THIRD A If RU a# BALL or THE joiunui mil mm WILL TAKK PLACE AT THE Washington assembly books, On Louisiana m enu*, between 1 \ and 8ixik UrerU, I TVK8UAV EVSMIHe,P?b. 13, 1835 TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. THE Committee wish respectfully to state that due regard baa been paid to the comforts re quisite to make this, their Tbird Annual Ball, a/ at tractive M possible, and they feel assured tha* their present arrangements will give equal satisfaction to their friends as any of the preceding ones. rl he Committee wish (further to stale that although this Annual re-union is intended for the amusement oi the Stone Cutlets and gncb friends a? may honor them with tbeir presence, still the proceeds will be given for doom charitable object Committee of Management Edward Mead, STLarcombe, Thus Powers, Neil M K?*chnie, Jno Walker, Jas Mr William*, Patrick Mullen, Jeremiah Sullivan, Owen Uuigly, Jos Patki on, Titos Delahunty, Daniel Sull.van, Jno Didlot, Jno Donnelly, Ttios McGralh, P J McHenry, Ctias Swoard, Matthew Filer, Dennis H organ, Owen McArdle, Andrew Bain. Wm H Mullen, N MeDonougb, Edwd Doulon, Jos M Kelly, Jno McElroy. Kobt Poster, John Cunmon, James Anderson, Daniel Sullivan. Committee of Reception. Jno T Angel, Michael Cassidy, Wm lliilley, Cbas Edmunds, Alex Patterson, Rich'd Middletou, Robt BallanUre, Timothy Shields, Jno Brady, Cbas Scnvcns. Floor Manager*. 0-?o Hayings, Robt G Stockdalt, Jno Frayne, Chas Edmunds. Robert G Stockdale. Chairman. Jno V rayne, Treasurer, Jno J Shee. Secretary. No hats, caps or overcoats allowed in the ball room. frbS,10,kl3* GRAND BIRTHNIGUT BALL. 1MIE MOUNT VERNON GUARDS respectfully Inform th?- citizens of Alexandria and the vicin ity that the} will give a MILITARY, FIREMEN'3 AND CIVIC BALL on THURSDAY KVKN1NG. February 1855, at SAREPTA IIAI.L. The company pledge to use ever) exertion to give the utmost satisfaction to those who uiay honor the corps with thsir presence. Refrei-hments will be furnished for ladietfand gen tlemen. The military and firemen are requetied to appear | in uniform. Hacks will be in attendance to convey ladies to | and from the ball. Tickets $1; to b* had of the Committc and at the [ door on the night oi llie ball. Committee of Invitation and Reception. Capt J W Ashby, Henry Hloiihaem, Lt W H Smith, A P Skidmore, Lt C D Rudd, Jno L Smith, jr Lt C Javens, v. Jno Bretn, 8gt W W Allen, Jas II Simpson, Sift C W Neale, Geo Lylea. - feb 9?cofcdb [GRAND MILITARY AND OIVIO THE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY re spectftitly inform the citizens of Washing;on that they inte;.d to give a B II on WKD9IC80AT, Fab 14. 1833, At the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY FooMS. Con?|tftny pledge lltemxelves t? use t*v?ry ex ertion to gtv? the utmost k1 taction u> v ?; wio mny honor the Corp- with Uicir pre^ uc-j Refreshments will furnished by an experienced caterer. The military arc requested to appear tn full uri ifuno. No lints or raps allowed in the B*l! Rooui except 1 those norn by the miliary. Ti-ktU ONE I?OLLAR-to be had of the Cem mt'tee and at the doer ou the nigh! of tbc ball. Committee On Inrituliou and Reception. Capi E C ~arrin?toi?, Bargeon W 0 Bu t, Lieut Tucker, J Coleman, Lieut Clark, L Will auis, Lieut Kelley. J Ma'ceron, Sgt power, Sam Bu?t. j;ui 30 - eoQvv.Ntdb COLUMBIA HALL. GRAND CONCERT AND BALl. The ? mphion Quartette Band Respectfully announce to the cmz?n?of Washington that tbeir 6r?t LEVEL will taki place at COLUMBIA HAI.L, Capitol Hill, on 91t>(kl>AY KVKNtNU, February 12ih, on which oecai-iou tbey will orttr a niagnifiecnt pro !:ram me, to consist of Uuarlettes, Trios, Dim is, Bal ads, 4ic., after whi'h the fl >or will l?e cleared, ami all who wUh can participate in the merry dance. The Auipbioos pledge themselves that nothing will be left undone that will tend to make it every way worthy of the patronage of their friends and the public. Tickets - admitting a gentleman and two ladles? fl. Single ticket?< 50 cents, which can be bad at the door on the evening of the Levee. feb 10?2t PROPOSALS FOR FURBISHING PAPER POR THE PUBLIC FRUITING OFFICE SUrERINTKHDENT PUBLIC PpiNTIHO, Washington, January 25,18.'>5. IN pursuance of the provisions of the act entitled, '?An act to provide for executing the pu lie printing,*' Ac., approved August 26, 1853, sealed proposa w will be received at litis office, in the Cap itol, until Wednesday, the 28th day <>f March next, at 13 o'clock m., for lurniabing the following quan tities and descriptions of writing paper, to wit: 8,500 rtams, weighing 98 pounds per ream, aud mea suring 19 by 96 inches 3,100 reams, weighing 28 pound* per ream, and mea suring 18 by 25 inches 100 reams, weighing 24 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 22 inches 340 reams, weighing 22 pounds per ream, and mea suring 18 by 18 inche* 400 reaim^ weighing 12 pounds per ream, and mea suring 12 by 18 inchcs All these papers to be made of the best materials, Mid finished in the best manner and tree from adul lenttion. A contract will be entered into for sup plying th?* qaaulities stated, at such times as the jmbiie service may require, but the privilege is re seived of ordering a greater quantity of either kin.I, shoul.1 a greater qnantity be required, at such times apd ia such quantities as may be deemed necessary. Samples of each kind of paper must accompany each bil, and all proposals and samples mu?t be tran mitted to this office, free of postage or other expense Each proposal must be signed by the individual or A m making it, and must specif the price per pound, and the consequent price per ream (and but one price) of each description of paper. All the paper must be delivered i.t such place or places as may be designated in Washington city, in 2<kh1 or.?er, tree of all and every extra charge or ex pense, aud subject to the inspection, count, weight tuid measurement of the Superintendent, and be in all respects satisfactory. Blank forms for proposals will be furnished at this office to persons applying for them ; and none will be taken into consideration unless substantial I y agreeing therewith. Bonds with approved securities will be required; and the supplying of an inferior article, or a failuie to supply the quantity required at any time will be considered a violation of the contract. Each bidder is required to furnish with bis propo sals satisfactory evidence of his utility to execute it, and any proposal unaccompanied with such evi dence will be rejected. Proposals will be addressed to the "Superintend ent or the Public Printing, Capirol of the United States, Washington, and endorsed" "Proposals tor Supplying Paper.*' - A. G. SEAMAN, Superiuiend?at of the Public Printing jan 90?eotd I^HE FOREIGN OFFICE LWT, (British) oor reeled to August. 1854, this day received troa London. FRANCE TAYLOR. Jan 13 {SOCKET and Ouarto Diane* for 1855 for sale f Jaa 8?4f IRAXCK TAYLOR. "THE GERMAN PBIKCEM ' She ww the daughter ?fa chorister o the <_ athedral of Canterbury, and wu born in that city in 1642. She marritd 8bocm*ker, whom she soon quitted, and going to Dover, married a surgeon of that town. Having been 2215^ ^^"gh some legal tlaw when tned f ,r bigamy at the Maid tone she next appears in London as S of John Carleton. During the period between these two last marriages, however, the princess en ST2 8?me ^ventures.. She embarked on board a merchant ship, which carried her to Holland, from whence she traveled by land to the city or Cologne. Being mistress of money, she took a fine lodging there, and lived m greater sple:idor than she had ever be fore done. At Spa, sho met an old of ficer, who fell in love with her, and who ?5? *1?^ ntM> U*&> not miles distant. By the assistance of her iandladythe adventuress managed this ?flair with so much artifice, thathcr an cient beau presented her with several fin* and valuable jewels, besides a gold chain with a very cestly medal, which hat! j S1V?U hlm 'or some remarkable gocni service, against the King of Sweden. irith iman urged p&8H'on With all the vehemence of a young lover making her very large promise, till a-! last she gave her consent to espouse hiii. in three days. He left the preparation of all things necessary to her care, giv ing her large sums of money for that pur. pose. Madam now perceived that it was h)gh time to be gone, and in order to get otf with the greatest security, she ac quainted her landlady with the design the hostess, who had before share! pret' ty largely in the spoils of the old cap. tain, who was willing to hearken to anv proposal that would help her a little more to fleece the inamorata. The cun ning princess, however, was resolved to have all the booty to herself; and to ac complish this, she persuaded her land-' lady to go into the town a:id get a place for her in some carriage that did not go to Boulogne, in ordir that her lover should not know whither to follow her The old woman saw that this precaution was very necessary, and therefo.-e she went to provide fcr the safety of her guest. This was all the adventuress wauted: for as soon as she found herself leu alone, she broke open a chest, where she had discovered her landlady put her treasure, and there she observed not only what she had shared with her out of the old man's benevulence, but also ui ad ditional sum of money not inconsiderable She tovk all that was worth taking; and syon packed up her parcel, and Laving before privately made sure of a passage to Utrecht, she tied thither; from thence she went to Amsterdam, where she Sjld her gold chain, medal, and some of the jewels; then proceeded to Rotterdam and then to the Brill, where she took ship ping for England. I She landed at Billingsgate one morning very early, in March. 16G3, but found no house open till she came to the Exchange Tavern, where she first obtaiued the title of German princess in the following iria ner : In the tavern she got in com aw with some gentlemen, and they address ing her, the tears trickled down her cheeks; she sighed, sobbed, and the cause being demanded, told them that she little thought once of being reduced to such wretched necessity as she was now. Here she repeated the history of her extraction and education, telling them about her pretended father, the Lord Henry Von Wolway, who, she said, was a prince of the Empire, independent of any man but his sacred imperial majesty. 44 Certainly," con tinued she, 44 any gentleman may sup pose what a mortification it must be to a woman born of such noble parents, and bred up in all the pomp of a court, under the care of an indulgent father, to suffer as I now do; yet why do I say indul gent father ? alas! was it not his cruelty that banished me, his only daughter, from his dominions, only for marrying a nobleman of the court whom I loved to excess, without his knowledge ? Was it not my father that occasioned my dear lord to be cut off in the bloom of his age by falsely accusing him of a design ? against his person?a deed which his vir tuous soul abhored ?" Here she pre tended her sorrow would permit her to rehearse no more of her misfortunes, anc the whole company were touched with compassion at the melancholy relation, which they all looked upon as true! giving her, out of mere pity, all the money they had about them, and prom ising to meet her again with more, which they accomplished, and over afterwards called her the 44 unfortunate German princess," a name she laid claim to in all companies. The Exchange Tavern was kept by one Mr. King when the princess received her honorary title. As she was come from foreign parts, with great riches, mine host believed the truth of what she had affirmed. Nor was she backward in telling him that she had raised all her wealth by private contri bution from some princes of the Empire, who were acquainted with her circum stances, and to whom she had made her self known. She added, that not one of those who had given her anything, dared to acquaint her father that they knew where she was, because they were all hie neighbors, ana vastly inferior to him in the number and strength of their forces ; 44 for," said she,44 my father is so inexor able, that he would make war on any prince who he knew extended hit pity to me." This brings the narrative back to John Oarleton, her third husband, who was brotto-in-lsw to Mr. King. Carleu? paid hit addresses to the Princess Ton Wolway, in the most dutiful and subuiis *hre ^ manner that could be imagined, making use of his brother's interest to negotiate the affair between them, till, Twm>xj 4cZ. ????? is ur V" C***? ItiLill' ?ji 4Mi|. | ??? cc*?? <u cm a* r __ ? iM>??d-4italT afr* a* tans ? ? Pno?-rui? cmtv. PuiriiiTtu vbii *ct u iffrii ?iu D? 1|>l)| ? MMMh of twAbt* prr OMBt. | ? ? ? - - _ with a great deal of seeming relucts * at marrying one of common blood, her highness consented to take him. Now was Mr Caraton ihe husband of a pnn ? ^?w tM be surprised when Mr. King presented him with 'be following letter: " Si**' I **? an entire stranger to yoor person, jet common justice tWigt* ma gi?a jou notice that toe pretended pr.n cess, who ba? just passed herself upon your brother, Mr. John Carleton, isa JS?* J?!4? \mpa8tor' 111 JOQ, sir. that she has already married several men Iln ?ur ???nt7 Kent, and afterwards made off with all the money she could get into her hands, I ?ay no more than can be proved, were she brought to the face of justice. That you may oe certain [ I am not mistaken in the woman, piea>-e to observe that she has ver* high bieasu a very graceful app. .mnce, and opeaks several languages fluently. "Your unknown, X. &?? 1 P?a thl8> of course a separation en sued And after Mi>. Carleton had got nd of her husband, and of the prosecution for marrying him. she was entertained by the players, who were in hopes of gaining by a woman who had made such a considerable figure on the real stage of life. One of the theaters was very much resorted to on ker account, and she get a great deal of applause in her dramatical capacity, by the several characters she performed, whifcb were generally either jilt, coquette, or chamber maid, either of which were agreeable to her intnenimr gemu*; but what contributed most to her fame was a play, written purely on her account, called the German Princess, in which she performed the principal part, besides speaking the epilogue. Iler careor ended at length, after a I succession of adventures, ever increasing , in audacity, by being executed at Ty I born 1673, at the nge of 38, for returning from Jamaica, whither she had been transported for s robbery. U What are we to do for boys ? When we were a boy, there were lots of bays, but they have grown scarce, until there is hardly a boy left. As we walk through the streets we read in shep windows, "Boy wanted." When we pick up a newspaper, the first advertisement that strikes our eye is?"A boy wan-' ted." In a word, everyl?ody wants a bor. Now, in view of the grand scarcitv of boys, what are we to do for a substance to light our tires, to sweep our rooms and to run our errands? The other day a little fellow about fourteen years of age, begging his par don, we took him for a boy,) applied ' > us for a situation*. ? What can yo: do?" we inquired. A Hti.v of aim -st ?7etyti.:nt? v the reply. '?At-- you quid at errands ?" "ttelf, sir, I don't much like tc de ?? rands." "Can you sweep an i dust well?" "Wh^, sir, younp men don't sweep and dust any nowadays. The womtr folks mouopolise that branch of business It isoV He was going to say isn't genteel, bi he hesitated to sta'o ?he conviction. -How will y?? ? ake yt ursei' .sefm "Why, I 11 su p the the office and an swer questions when you're out." ?'And how much do you ask for tl service ?" 4 In the neigberhocd of three dollar." "In th* neighborhood?" "Yes, sir.* "What do mean by the neighbor hood?" "Simply, three dollars?a trifle more or less.' "Aud you can neither sweep ncr run of errandh?" "Oh, (a little vexed) I cou'd, bat?" "But what?" "It ain't exactly the thing," "Yet at your age, we Damme, ?r," picking op his hat and striding towards the door. "y,?u dont take me for a boy, do you?" Amused, but not astonished, we ask?i ourself the question?what are we to do for boys? If some euterprising Yankee woe Id un dertake to get up a lot of boys, he would make a hrge fortune in a short time, for never within our recollection have boys been in such demand. of0ld AGK.^Thc oeosus of 1850 shows us that the oldest person then living in the United States was 140. This person was an Indian woman re siding in North Carolina. In the same State was an Indian aged 125, a negro woman 111, two black females 110 each, one mulatto male 120, and several white males and females aged from 106 to 114. In the parish of Lafayette, La., was a female, black, aged 120. In several of the States there were ft>und persons white and black, aged from 110 to 115. There were in the United States in 185(>, 2,555 persons over 100 years. This shows that about one person in 9,000 will be likely to live to that age. There are now about 20 000 perrons in the United States who were living when the Declaration of Independence was signed m 1776. They must necessarily be near 80 years old now in order to have lived at that time. Ihe French censos of 1851 shows onlv 102 persons over 100 years old, though their total population was near 26,000,000. Old age is, tbere~ fore, attained among us much more fre quently than in France. Fridi or Biaro ?A prouder liaesge few men could be conscious of than the Somersetf and Seymours, who were of the same stock, and a prouder man was never seen in England thai* the Duke of Somerset of two centuries ago?who had the highways cleared before him, that he might uot be looked on by vulgar eye , and who rebuked lua second wife for tapping his shoulder with her Ian, Say ing: "Madam, my first wife was a Per cy. and ne*er took sooh i libsrty."

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