Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1855 Page 3
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evening Star. lOCAl INTELLIGENCE. A<mv?RSABY Mkktim ?Th? third anni Ttr *ry tnee'ing of the Washington City Young XtD ? Christian Association csme off at the -auhsonian 00 Tuesdsy evening last, the 6th lad In order to give the reports of the oft carswe have been obliged to defer the pro ceedings to this late hoar. The services were opened with prayer by Jchn Berg, of Baltimore; after which toe retiring preeldent, Z Richards, K?q de livered hi* ?aiedietory address. This wae fel lowed by the reports of the librarian, treasu rer. and corresponding secretary, and the introduction of the president elect, 0. 0. "Wight, Bsq yrom tbese reports we leant that the asso ciation has. among other things, establish*! a Sunday school in a destitute part of the city, which is attended by nearly ona hundred pu pils; also, a weekly Bible class for young men ?t their rooms, which is well attended. During the last year. 148 names have been added to the list f-f members, making in ail about 4C0. During the past year, 433 books have been Added to the library, making in all 1,473; there are also 863 unbound magasines. Ac., and 224 pamphlets, making a total of 2.550 books, Ac , now in the library. In the past year 2,935 names bare been registered in the risi'ors' books, showing an increase of 1,524 ever the preceding year. The reeaipts of the year amount to $80j< 52. made up of dues, do nation*. Ac The expenses for the same time were $858 72?thus leaving the association in debted to the treasurer for a small sum, which will soon be paid. A eonferation has been f >rmed by the asso ciations of the United States and tha Prov inces There are now 343 associations in oper ation throughout Christendom. After a few appropriate remarks by the Fres dent elect, the orator of the ''ocasicn, Kev Jas A Duncan of th:s Citv. was intro duced and delivered an addrr?"worthy him self and the oocasio*. an ttract of which we give. Mr Duncan *?tm>^eDOe<j remarking that the idea most -t,reCede the act. The idea which preoed'jd tbe formation of tbe Young Men a ^u^stian Association evidently was that ot 'usefulness. The founders caught the spin'. of Christianity, and the Bible planted :o their hearts and minds tbe impulse that preceded this organisation. This is a guaran tee of success But the ide~ of the As'ocia tion should be the idea of each member I therefore propose to you as a motto, both for the Association and its membar individually? ' Make yourself lutful and you will sue r**d To be useful is to rightly answer the de mands made on us by the laws cf Qod and our own social happiness, Isefulncss do?o not neperd on place or rank, but is the duty of all, and real life opens a field already white unto the harvest Look over the field of life; have the wante of all men been met ? Are all tears wiped awaj 7 Do hearts no longer blcai ? Does vioe no longnr lead her victim? forth to the sacrifice ' Is there naught elsa to do but rest? No; human happiness is still in jsop ardy, and socie'y still needs men of honest, generous sentiments and useful labors. Though, in this land, we are exempt from many evils common in other countries, there is still room for the most active beneficence <'ur very privileges and immunities impose treat responsibilities upon us. In the enihu tiasin a?d daring of American li:?, there is a great artna for usefulness. Men of praotical wirdooi are the only ones capable of giving ".be conservatism necessary to our pros^eritj; they guide the ship of Stare in the true chan nel, when without th?m tbe hunicane of party strife would hurry her ou to the breakers and leave ber a shipwreck This it the age for the practical man; use fnl. honest Ubor. in any department, is at a premium, distinction md power are the gifts labor bestows on its devotees. Every one should aim to be useful in every day life; it can be done without the loss of any of the moments devoted to butiness. Every man cannot be a Howard; but every man whether in the workshop, coin tin g-rx>m. or office, can be advancing the public good without inter fering at all with his daily avocations. The man in steady, honest employ, is not an inert material, but an active, positive force. Tha vary existence of honesty, integrity, and in dustry does good. One of the chief hinderances to usefulness in this age is the haste used in despatching every kind of business, whether for ourselves or others. This is an age of huny, no matter if the he use is half built, you are in a hurry; no matter if the cars do run off, you are in a hurry, and so is the news that everybody is in a hurry to read. The printer reads the bur riedly writteu letter in a hurry, and so prints it wrong in a hurry, and harnes '.be newsboy with it to the office, where it is in the great hurry sent in the wrong direstion. Our young men hurry through their oducation, (?) hurry into business, ana in iheir hurry to make a fortune, lose sight of truth, forget duty and become worthless. A thoughtful man, though delighted with the progress of the age, cannot fail to notice that this bust* Is injurious to many valuable interests of eoeiety He spoke of the growing disposition to com bine tCbrt in almost every department, and thought the tendency should be guarded and guided, lie did not think with some, ttjpt it savors of a want of individual independence ; but that it might be made tbe most resistless source in the triumph of truth. In this field friendships are formed, and moral and intel lectual strength eoncentraftd Here can piety, energy, and resolution of character be felt in all its vigor To be useful, we must be sternly true An unreliable man is a burden few like to have attacLed to their engagements We must %lso be diligent, we must n'>t waste time, talect, money or opportunity ; all have the meant to augment their own usefulness; instruction is not cot fined to college walls, but oan be gath- 1 ered from all sources; it is not needful to use fulnc?s that you be a genius, nor ia it a proof of dullness that you are not; though not gifted with splendid talents, you may still cast your mite into tha treasury of human hap pineee. Genius may fascinate, but fascination is not usefulness Ureat talent must be ap plied to a good purpose, or it will advance wrong; it eannot be inaotive. Talent occu pies its right position and its highest elevation when identified with the best interests of man. But the possession of great talent involves a fearful responsibility. The parable of the talents is often reversed ; he who has ten tal ents more often misapplies or covers them than he who has but ot>e When 1 say, " be useful and you will suc ceed.' 1 do ?ot say that only the useful will reach the flattering places ef transient honor, but 1 do say, thai none but the useful will resch an enviable fame tie is not sucoessful who merely heaps up treaaure If the sordid pssnon for wealth be the germ, the tree will be evil, and tbe fruit of u long life's toil will be as bitter as the apples of the Dead Sea. Success has as many meanings as meu have objects oT pursuit Some have one meaning, and others have a d ffarent one But the meaning we preler is not so muoh tha attain ment ot that which is desired as that whieh ought to be. It is to secure our own bappinans ? nd that ef our fellows as far as wa can. This does Let prevent prosperity o^ivancement; for the useful must finally att9 tha honor of the grod. Mm need not fear that they will not be ap preciated if tfce mine contains gold, some one will find it out; too many glasses are sweeping ? he horison for a star of any magnitude or value to escape notice Men of taleat have ?l;ed having gained but little honor; hut if we examine Uteir idiosyncracies, we will find that they bad but little sympathy with tbe real in. 'erests ol men ' Be tsefhl. and you will suc ceed To show the truth of this statement, he com Eed the life of Johu Shore, afterwards Lord nmouth, with that of the brilliant Richard B. Sheridan, and applied the comparison to the illustration of his subject with much ability lie concluded by addressing the AsMoiation in commendation of the c<>or. a thus far, and urged ihtmto still further endeavor. Tan Faib or rat MecBxaira' InatiTtrrB was erowded on Saturday evening last, the Jompany for the most part being voung and r*7 folks Tha arrangement of the goods is to excellent taste, the only malappropos fea *ure striking the eye in the hall being a large SS s?j?!JSg.^5? ^rtw.?sh.islfi^t ?? "flss tt,.ni uwmn,Vtk? wt f?"Dl1 i05*3"ki?t?pp.rtiJ"A.^Wu<' * ME? SJirJTEL10 any Uli?* '? ported?will r.Ll t'1.' wbertrer it m.j o? ?? ib(,,!d not *? ??4? ">? iimii lending off hundreds hungry Nothing i? M"* "" ?fnV. No ^ - 01*"*,than a wtUfted stomach. ??o one can be amiable and pleated whan ungry. Ihi- ia a philosophical f?ot which iSem7nrf *^e,K A h" fair wil1 do w#n *<> b?*r in rntnd, if they desire their visitors to retire from the hell pleased with their risit. a DlS Ro^WIWO is Osard from ereflR'mnT k?"4"00*1 H?t#l hta oorgid in lis"fne "ba^th.' not,onlJ P" excellence iu in line, bat the centre of excitement in din hI' ,h*l.h<l ?#?M ?>? taSffti'fcfS; meJtfof fa!L i' d*ma^8 from the Govern th? url r j?Prtioument for attempting ?L h i a ^'stiiiguiflhed statesman Hi, rmcr hae.&ess was felling lozenges in Belt: moreen which line he achieved quite a noto Lth tl7 glv,D??hort w*i?^? *?d mixing (and 5Sl!i?2E lhllfnad? ?P theircomposition He left Baltimore for Baltimore's good, and took op Lis abode in Washington?but where k Jno^, although it is said that he boarded for 30 days v the exienee of the eit U?u??arkai. 7 impudent, speaking to all he don t know, .?-id borrowing "quar ters from the unsusp >ing ones. Last night, this distil guisbed little " philos opher held his levee at the National The In1 H.1"!!!1"111 Wa^ qa't? recherche, and was worthy the versatility of" Troth's" champion. Seme birst?Enter Bowlegs A Voice-(sotto voae)?'-Take that chicken out of your hat." Bowlegs?You are fibber for a gambler Same voice?"Why the animal speaks " Here follows a number of graceful gyrations by the bowlegged Phil-sopher, when, Sudden ly, ho throws himself into a vacancy between two members of Congress, and. iQ a low tone says to one: -Won't you subscribe for my P*P?,r n ?d t0 other, 'Lend me a qua I er Both gentlemen rise indignantly! and leave the presence of the "red patriot." Scene Second? Individual with a moustache approaches the "Truth," and blows cigar smoke in his face, whereupon he suddenl y blazes forth the following liquid fire and brim st?Le-(nght-hand extended, legs bent a "lee t e, and toes at an angle of forty degrees ?) Cowardly, malicious rascals?double dved damnib.e scoundrels?rot one of you dare njeet me outside of the District, at ten paces. I II! send vou to h?11.[Great sensation, and a chorus of Yankee doodle J Seme Third The audience gather etill closer-matters are critical The philosopher re-rcatsi to the wall, when suddenly a map of the world falls on the "rru?h"-his leg* bend ' i Si"?! t 'm S" wei*hl" h' rolls un-1 1 j table- He was drawn forth by a ter lior dog, who was u.ged on by his tormentors crying ?? rats! rats!" and thus shouted-"How long. O citizens, am I to be tormented ' I'm I : not orazy! |A voice.-No I'm d d if vou are J You are a disgrace to the m ther that , bore you. ? The Afncans are better behaved } Man you At this moment-two of tho black ; > er^ants at the National caught him bvthe' : neck and legs and carried him though the j vestibule, out of the door, and pur him on the , pavemeut He wa. followed by the ?? Beau " j (who. clapping his hands, shouted, -Good good. That's tight?be don't pay his initia tionfce Tho Philosopher arose from his mother dirt, and shouted, " Truth crushed to earth wi.l again," and took hi* way down ? 5-.;kr^r,p*oifd bj * ?f Ths Poor?Biwarb op iMrosrriow ?There is mere roal s .ffaring in our eommuniiy at this tiiue than has b*en known for many years ( Already eff>rt? have been resorted to by the , benevolent to alleviate the misery of the p?r, j k! JnrD>" g?n?rous he"rt ha" been opened by giving of (heir abundance and ordering the , attribution of the necessaries of life to those , who are in want. But in so doing-we desire ! Jo cannon the almoners of these charities how ! wi y the gilts entrusted to them We ! kn^w it i" a dlflScult task, and ?hat unlws tl e greyest caution is exercsed, they will be L po'ed upyn by the pitiful tales of arrant im POsto", Already a cut of <his class has come to our knowledge, and we give it publiciry, by way of warning to others bow they dispense iin? VL8 w,thout making the strictest in^uirv abou? the person so soliciting A yoUng and very interes'Jr.g little girl, between the age of eight and nine, called upon one of our citi LtUrf h* for h" beae^ol?nce, and asked his aid in the way of some wood, stating that her mother was in great distress At ter ?king her several questions, to all of which she gave ready replies, the gentlem?n was ?o welljMaae 1 with the apparent tru:hof her 'tat^^ents that he took her address and at once ordered the wooi to her mother's resi dence Prior U her leaving he requested a gentleman who was presentduring this inter view, to take her to a grocery store, where some generous person had lefi orders to dis pense a certain amount of tea, coffee, sugar, Ac to all who were indigent and needed them On his way thither with the young girl, his WeJ? wor1*ed uP?n by observing the pitiful covering to her feet, and ho at once took her into a shoe-store, and purohased a pair of shoes for her. On reaching the grooerv the gentleman who brought her there, and the recommenda tion of the donor of the wood, both of whom TrVui t0/h# 1ore k?*P?r. the several W,#r? onc* fnrnished her, with a few additional ones, as a present for himself. Now for the sequel The first person applied to for aid, desirous of ascertaining the aotual oon ditrna of thu oase. requested a friend to go and make some additional investigation Accord ingly, he started upon his errand, and pre vious to calting upen the address given him, he called up*n some of the neighbors to make seme inquiries respecting her, when he was told that -h-iy Uaf plenty of means; that the woman, represented to be the mother of this girl washer sister; that she had $600 loaned out to a person in this city, f?r which she de rived regular interest, and that she bad funds J th* bank. After this, the gentleman's deputy made a oall at the house, which wa? answered by a young lady, dreesed in elegant style, wttn a gold watch and chain encircling ner neck, and which, on inquiring her name, be found to be a sister of the mendicant The house waa neatly furnished, and on looking into the yard, he observed a good supply of wood Thus, it will be seen, how neoessaryit is to exercise the utmost vigilance; for the gen tlemen here spoken of are men of great pru denee, and yet they were deoeived. A* Ahklb-Lrt ?A new article has just made its appearance in this city. We cannot say for certain hat this is a proper terns, for being unsophisticated in every thing apper taining to ladies' dres?es. we shall be excused if we have net given a new article of dress we saw on Saturday last its proper name. Jt will be remembered that on Saturday last our streets were muddy and sloppy, arrising from a thaw the previous night This aadeuvery disagreeable walking for the ladies, who fre quently were compelled to raise their fine dresses to avoid soiling them Having occa sion to make one of the croasinga on the Ave nue, %.* encountered a very orettv lady coming the opposite direction, and with our accus tomed gallantly, we made room for her to pass In so doing, by making a bow, our eyes were ^traeted to the beautiful embroidered pantajAas, edged with lace, that she wore, and wJVK were fastened with a gold r/wN elegantly chased, similar to those wore on the arm. Hitherto the American ladies jave been indebted to the French for their mode* -, ard it therefore affords us much pleasure to con vey to our many lady readers in Paria ao use ful and ornamsntal a fashion as the Ankle-Let, aa a production from Washington oity. Th? Cowcbrt To Mokkow Nicht?We bait tha attention of our reader* to the concert to morrow night, by the choir atUehed to Weelej Chapel. We hive had the pleanrf of heing preeent at their rehearsalt, md ean safely predict a well pleated audience. Mr* Ratter, of Baltimore, will sing an exquisite gem. bjr Mr. J. W. Alhy, who will accompany her in an oblifato ftute solo. Mr. J. Tabier will also sing the much admired aong, " The Dying Girl," in the rendition of which he ia nnap proaohable A vonnr lady of tbi? city will aing the eharmlng ballad, " Mv Home, my happy home," whieh ii not set down in the programme. Miss Reed, who has bsen so sue oeflefnl at a vocalist, will alao aing aeTeral fine pieoea of mnsio. The annonncement of the above names, with thoce of Measra Ball and Hodgeen, and the whole under the dire - tien of Mr. Joeeph H Daniel, will be auffi. oient to fill the church to overflowing. [COlllltTHICATaD. Thr Concert ahd Ball ?1 hear with pleasure, that a complimentary conoert and Hall is to be given to the Amphion Quartette Band of our oity, by the members of the popu lar Columbia Fire Company, who have given the Band the free use of thair beautiful hall for theoocadon The Amphiona. at vocaliita, have no auperiora; and the faet of their being our owm aingera should, in addition to the double attraction of a concert and ball, insure them a liberal attendence. They have never, as a band, when called upon, been backward to oeme forward and aasiat, gratuitously, any eharitable obieot; and their fine voicea have upon more than one Occaaion, added to the pleasure of our citiiena, for which they naked nothing but the kind applauae of their audieaee. Come, gentlemen, look up your partnera, and give the Amphiona a substantial proof of your regard, and a bumper and part ing thia evening. B. Shillirutor's Stock op Valsrtire*, lace and emboesed envelopea, for next Valentine's day, (Wednesday, 14th inatant) are certainly the moat superb we have ever aeenvand we would ad viae those of our reader* who wish to purohaae Valentines to give friend Shilling ton an early call. Remember?Odeon Build ing, corner of 4} street and Pennsylvania avenue Arothcr Goldrr Night.?The former gol den soiree of the great master Macallister having been orowded to excess, and many un able, to proeure tickets, another, on even a larger scale, will be gi van at Odd Fellows' Hall on Tuesday evening, 13th inatant. Forty-five elegant gifts worth $350, are to be preaented Then will be another ruah, ao all we ean aay is purohaae your tiokets in time or you will again ba shut out Watch Riturrs.?W. C. Rigway, disorderly in market; fine and costs Owen Brannan, drunk in the street; workhouse 30 days. Four lodgers were in last night and dismissed this morning. WaTCHKS.?Members of Cougrec* and otherOn want of a first rate tim?ke*p*r Would do well to make a **I?rtlon at once that their quality may be thoroughly teat, ed before leaving the city. M. W. OALT k BKO'S assort ment waa never ao complete a* at preeent, embracing every deaeripllor , all warranted, and at prlree certainly a* low aa ?irallar article* can be purchased for In any city in thia country. M. W. OALT A BRO., Jau 2Q?dtf Pa. avenue batweeu SKh and 10th ata eW liomi Pium ?.?Mr. WHITKHCR9T ha*, bee a awarded another premium for his superior Daguerreotypes, exhibited at the World's Fair, New York It will be remem bered :iaMr W. recalvad from the World's Fair, London, two medals far his nnrlvallad dagcerreotypea of President rill more and Cabinet, and Pantlscopee of Niagara Palls, be sldea pramiaa* at all the fairs at which he has exhibited for Buiny years past. This speaks volumes In favor of his gall* riaa. Call and four Ukaueesea taken at WblUhnrst'a flail*; ry, naar Po3**and a-hatf street, PannsylTanta arenas. sep lt-tf n?RKADY MADE CLOTHING FOB UENTt.KMEN AND ' Youth"' wear manufactured with taste and elegance by NOAH WA LKhrf k CO., nnder Browns' Hotel. T1i?ir stoek embrace the Palitotqr Surtont Overcoat, Oversacks, shape<l and aeclagee; Talmas, black and blue Cloth Dress Coats, Frock Coats of all fashionable colors, Casslm-r, Hostile** Suites, rjch Velvet Vests, Silks, Ac., black doeskin Casslioer, figured Caeslmer, and pialn Casstmer Pantaloons. Fur the y.>ath?Jackets, Pants, Vests, Overcoats, kc. As they are their own manufacturers tliey sre enabled and will sell at the very lowest prices. Shirts of snperler fit. Collars, Closes, Ties, kc., of late styles always on baud. See V>? (FJoa Shi i.lihoto* r?oelves all the new Book* and Raws paper* ae fast as published. He is agent for flarpsr's and aU the oiler Magazines, and onr reader* will alway* find a large and good <iae:irtment of Blank Books and Stationery bis Bookstore, Odeon Baildlug, cor Pa. avenue and Sfc st oiicn. On the lOtli instant, Mm. NANI.'Y HINES, aged about seventy ft-vt a year', relict of the lats Henry Hi ties. Dn ill* 10th inst., CHARLES WENDALL, infant ?on of Eliza ami the late Charles Kirbv. Al hsr residence in Baltimore, on the 9th instant, after a protrated illness, Mrs. >1 ARTHA M- DAVIS, consort of Charlod VV. Davis, and daughter > f the late Jesse Ewell, E?q., of Prince William county, Virginia. FROM PARIS?Oeuvres completes de Vol taire, 75 vol', octavo, in tine binding. .*55 De Thofi; Hi noire Universe!!**, 11 volume*, quarto, h >und, $9 Regnard; oeuvres compleiea. 4 vol*, octavo, l>oun?l, ?3 50 Oeuvres d D'Alembert, 5 vol*, octavo, bound Conriiliae; oeuvres completes, 16 voN, octavo, fine calf, .'?30 Bibliothequt Historiqitu, 13 vols, octavo, h.*lf bound $5 50 Duual ; oeuvres completes, 9 vols, octavo, half hound, $4 50 Meinoires du Dtf de R<ivigo, 8 vals, ocavo, hall bound, $t> 50 Ogintki; Neinoires Snr la Pologne, 4 vols, octavo, half calf, ?3 Bon-suet; Hiatoire des Variations des Eglises Prot esiant, 4 vol*, octavo, half morocco ?4 Lavater; Phjrrlonomic, 10 vols, full cal:', numerous illustrations, !$23 Auuales du Para-meui Francais, 8 folio, vols, halt calf, $14 ReimpresMon de I'Ancien Monitenr. 1789 to 1799, 32 vols, tolio, in tine binding, %95 And in my others at the fiunc range of prices, im pound stirs i-t from Paris, by tel. 10 fRANCK TAYLOR. SPLENDID RAFFLE. "f?T|f.L le R?filed for as *oon as the requisite f f number of Chances liavu beeu taken, the fol lowing splend d and costly articRis, viz: 1st Prize. One splendid gold l'a,>er Weight, containing an Automaton Hinging Bird and 8day Chronometer, ino-t beautifully decoraied and adornett with enamelled Paintings $1,600 2d Prize. One Lady's Cold Watch, richly set with Dinm<>n4s and Painting en Enamel... itO 3d Prize. One Lady's (iold Watch, richly set with Diamonds, and Painting on Enamel.. 1UU 4th Prize. One Gents Full Je cled Patent Lever (with Compensator) goM Hunting Watch J 00 5lh Prize. Lady's Gold Hunting Watch, apien dtdly chased #0 Total value $2,000 There will be Two Hundred Chances, at Ten Dollars each The raffl.: will take place at Hilhus At Hitz' Mu sic Depot, ?tar Buildings, corner Pa. awnue and 11th street, where Ticket- can be procured and the articles are on exhibition. 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I CMP and (iua COAL delivered to any#art of th? j Dif tnct low for cash. Apply through the post office or at th-9 lumber yard or the snbscribers, D and *>;h sueeu, near the National Observatory, feb 6?eo3t H. N. ft J W. EASBY. MY COURTSHIP fc ITS CONSEQUENCES, by WikolT. Price. ?1.25, Slavery tn a New Light and its Grand Results, by a Citizen of Georgetown. Price els. A Nictu m Bu<'n?fcs A\t>*, a new drtuin in hve at ts, by a CKi*? n of'leorgetowii. Pnce 12U clt. The Scout, oy VV. Urtuore*, .11.25 Ida May; $1 25 Pntnam s Hs^zini' for February; 25 cents liallou'n New .rlontuly lor Fi brnary; 19 cts Godey 's Ladies Book (*>r February; 25 ct*. Porsa'eby E. K. LOAIDY, ?o. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, jan 25?K 1 For Bale And Bant Land for sale ?i win ?eii m public Mir, ?i Mr Thomas Bnitic.' Store, in Spalding'a- dis trict, on the 10th day of Maecfc next ensuing, oqe hundred acres of land, more or Jes.?, 30 acres cleared aJid A portion in grain,'the bah nee well timbered. This lot adjoing the lands ot Thomas Crimes, Dr. r. H. Hei*kell, and Dr. Gunton, highly estimable neigh bors. There in a portion of meadow la'id very desi raMe, finely watered?the di.tanc ? from Alexandria is about three mile -, and from Washington six or J 'ere art *itu?tion? for gardening. The Ale to commence at 12 ?'ctoek. Mr. O.-inies wi'l shott- the lot. Hr the, subscriber. WILLIAM Tdsn*. Prince George Countv, Maryland. feb 1*2? 1 .Wt *ar)G [The Weekly Sii?, Rail, will copv once a week until 10tV March, and forward one cony each weak to M< lint Wslby Po-t office, Prince George CO'intv, Md.,atid fo-ward the account to 'he subscribe^] l^ORRENT-A BRICK HOUSE, CONTAINING I eight rooms, on Sixth, between G and H stre?is. The house i? m good i rder. having been recently re piired. Por particular* enquire n? the premises. feb 12-3t? T A COMMODIOUS DWELLING FOR RENT? The large nuil commodious dwelling at the corner of lltli street an ',Pn. avenue, containing l< large room*, with a fine kitchen in the hwnneni, i having afiae cellar and back \ard. the wbo'e l?eing | in fine Vepatr, in now lor rent. 11? excellent loca tion apd fine accommodation* uiake it one of the most desirable places for a large bearding house or dw 'lling in Washington. Tor terms app'y at the. Star office. feb 8 if FOR RENT OR EXCHANGE?For Georgetown or City Property, a small and well cultivated i Farm in Fairfax county. Va. Enquire of J. ORME,! corner of Hridgi: and Congress sts., No. 87. feb 6-tf For rent or sale on reasonable TERMS? A two sto y frame House, with back building, containing nit room*, on 13^ Mrvet, between 11 and C street* south. Apply to C. A. DOUGHERTY, next door. A three-atory Frame, with basement, on N. York avenue, between 4th and 5ih sts. west. A three-.tory Frame, with luck building, on 1 ft. north, betwen 4th and 5th sts. west. Applv for the two last mentioned to JAME^ W BARKER, on H street north, between 10th and 13th sts. west. Also a two story Frame, with back building, on Montgomery street, Georgetown. DICKSON Sl KING, feb 7?eolf George own. STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goids | Groceries, k.c , to he stored, will find ample ac commodations in the large, airy, flan stone paved and Dry Ras'-inents under the Star office corner I'a avenue and Eleventh nt. Apply at the Stnr office. jan 31?tf F OR RENT?FOR ONE YEAR OR A TERM _ ofy ars, the well situated, commodious, well finished, and convenient dwelling House, over the j Music Store of llilbus k Hitz. at the corner of Pa. avenue and 11th street. ft contains seventeen room? Without the basement, in which the kitchen is situated. This is a rare chance for a private Oun ily wishing a large hou>e on Pa. avenue, or for a |ht son desiring the best location in Washington for a large and well kept boarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $7>, payable .f 3 p- r j month Title indisputable. Union Land office, 7ih st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. Wants. AN ERRIND BOY^-THE SUBSCRIBER witfi esio hire a small colored errand Bov. at 48 8 Seventh street. P. J. STEER. feb 12?3t \KJANTED?A SEAMSTRESS WISHES A Yf Situation in a private genteel family, who can produce sufficient reference. For the ?auie please address t > the Star office. This person is also | a "customed to superintend the aff.iirs oi such a f.?m i'y. feb 12 WANTED?$51,500 on good tangible security. Addreas, with name, terms, kc . at ding1 wh re the pariy can Ik* seen at once, to 4,.Varion,'*, Washinfton citv P. O. feb 1??2t* YJLT ANTED?A GOOD CHAMBERS All). Ap IT ply at No. 1 39 F street W';st. feb 10?4t WANTED?A GOOD BREAD BAKER. AP ply to C. W. HAVENNER. feb 9 Boarding. BOAU DING ?A lady having taken the hand gome Dwelling, No. 3 Union Row, on P street, between Gth and 7>h, can offer fine la-ge rooms for families, either furnished or uniumi.-hed. Alto, has roonn for gentlemen much larger than are generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarders and |>eriiianerit cr transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms. jan 29?2w* VALENTINES! VALENTINES !! Hutchison fc MUNKO have just received a beautiful assortment of choice VALENTINES, which they will close out at verjyvasonabl" prices. Also, con?tantly o- hand, an asso.tment of Letter Pap?'r, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, Sic., a? their new strre, yext door to M ssrs. Harper Si Co.'s, No. 310 Pa. avenue, between Nin'h and T' nth sts. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO. feb?-6t [Intel] "superior plated goods. rHP. subscriber '.veuld invite especal atteution to I his eiteniive assortment of superior quality Plated Good*, consisting of? Tea Set--, Waiters, Butter Coolers Saiad Stands, Castors, Cake Basket Forks, Spoons, Ladles, Salt Stands Goblets, Tea Kettles and Coffee Urns. Wll of which are warranted to be of the qual ity. and at greatly reduced prices. C. W. BOTELER, House Furnishing Htore, No 318, Iron Hall, and 145 D street, feb 6?1 w M NEWS FOR TliE MILLION. ESSItS. RYDER &. PLANT have taken the1 old and well known confectionery establish ment, No. Seventh street, opposite Odd Fel low*' llall.wfiert they will be most happy to receive their f.iend. and the public generally. We will keep eons a ily on hum! a choice selec tion of a'I kind- ?f CONFECTIONERY Also, dealers in foreign an*: domestic FRUITS, of | all kinds. We hope by a strict attention to business to win tli approbation of cur friends, and merit a liberal share of patronage generally. < N. B. Balls, Parties, and Families supplied on the most reasonable and satisfactory terms, at the short est notice. RYDER a PLANT, feb 6?tf , DISSOLUTION. THE partnership of Barron & orme is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due the concern must be paid to II. Barron, he being au thonsed to close the business of the firm. HENRY BARRON, February 3, 1855. THOS. ORME. The undersigned would respectfully request all those indebted to the coucein to come forward and settle their bills by the 6lh of March, as it is Very , important to him to have the business elosed by diat time. All accounts left over at that time, will be put into the hands of an officer for collection. All ac counts due by the concern will please be presented for payment as soon as possible, as 1 am ready at any time to meet the same. HENRY BARRON. P. S.?The undersigned would resp??ctfully say to all the customers of the late firm, and the public i generally, that there will always be kept a stock ol | Wood and Coal at the old stand, Green street, and solicits a shar.rof public patronage. Believing it to b be*t for both hu>er and seller, he has determined to make the terms cash, or on short time to punctual customers. THOS. ORME, Agent. feb 5 BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS. JAMES ANDERSON, Cutter and Fitter. TJ< FORKItlT, 969 Pa. avenue, n. side., ? between 12th and 13Ui streeu, keep^coustant ly on hand a very fine attornment ot Ladiest and G-nt's Boots, Shoes and Gaiters of hisSH I owu make, of the best material and work- f 1^1 manship. ttlfiA* ifcDUCBnKNTt. CANFIELD, BROTHER It CO . 999 Baltimore $kreH. Jteitimore, Mil., Oiler to buyers, previous to taking their annual ac i>nnn( of wtrt??k ? 1???^ * Hfcte --WW xwvsj vw\a) Votes, Musical Boxet?Drt*Un China, etc , AT PRI CES TO SUIT THE TIMES, WITHOUT RE QARD TO COST. jan 31?lr "PIANOS POR SALE AND RENT. fT\|IE subscriber has always >m hand a assort X inent of German and American AN OS, troni the very best manufacturers which he offers for sale at lower prices I than can be purchased in the District of Columbia, and t n the most accommodating terms- All Piaaoe j purchased from me ate warranted to give tion. Old Ftanos taken in exchange. B. REI8S, Professor of Music, _G, betw. Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. Auction Itkc i oho* a (Ml 440. one of the land rw VTafhinct'in county, I shall ae?l llw north Lot No 19. in Square MB. fronting 43 N< 4 on l*2th street w?t bfiwern north C and P i By J. O. ??QUIRK, Adellraair. Trustee* bale of bouse an& lot#? On TMuIRdAT afternoon, March I*, 1855, at 4 o'clock: fin the ^ rthi*e*, hy Virttte ?.f a deed of tru*t to the *Ub*"iibet, H Ar tig ddte the 14th Way. 1838, end duly recorded in Liber J. A. if., Wo. 40, fotio* 438, 439, and 440, one of the land record* fdr half ot 4 inchf ? -?.? ???. ??ww w? twiMf xs ???? a J rtrf ft*"j running back 100 fed to a wide alley, with improve ment*. confuting of a Mibatantial brick dwelling house. > * Terma? One lhtrd>a?li; the re^dne in fit ai?d twelve month*, tHtb interest, secured by a rteei ?f tni* on the premises. NICHOLAS C \LI.AN, TrrVtee. J AS. C. McGUlRF, fate 11?eokuU * Auctioneer. K. I. WRIOHT, AneUMMr fl?0?>6* OWN CONTINUATION AND CLOSING OIT SALE ?d I) > Goods without rrnme.?On WEDNES DAY morning next, the 14th instant, at 10 o'cl^ we sbnll resume the sale nt Dry Good*. at the store of M. L. Williams No 190 Bridge street, George t? wn as a very large port mi of this ehoice stock is >??? unsold, and must tie dosed oat without reserve. We name a large MKonmeni ?<f Super Dr?'c? t;>. hi* in Satin. Silks. French M-rino Gingham*, Del inio. I.awiin, and Celicoes White lirxida, a large :<s*nrtuieM of llonirn au<l Glove* ? Embroideries, Rich Satin and txiier Vesting* Silk and Linen fldkfs ? Pantaloon Stuff, Shawl* Flannel*, Tic.;inr*, Un*le gameut* Ciuhrclliu. P.-irasolets, t'arpeting* Mattius , Oilcloths, and a variety of good* suit?-d &>r spring wear Trimmings ami Fancy GomH. The sa e will lie continued nrttil the wlH'tastoek ia clfvrd nut Trim* as in former pale. M. L WILLIAMS ? HOWARD S. WRIGHT, feb 12?3t Auctioneer My J. r.HefiOIRV, Anctioatcr. tTRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE and Lo*.?Hy virtue of a deed of'nift from Win F. Alls in and wife, h-arine date on tlie 6th day ?>f January, 18.V4, and r corded in Liber J. A. S., Vo 70. folios 3 Jfi, 337, 338, ,'W. and 340, the subscriber will se I, at ruhlic *al?>, on MONDAY, the 5th daj of March, I8.V?, at 4 -? o'clock, p m., on the lire mi ?es, bn Fir-t street east, letween N and O streets Mintli, p.T t of Lot 5, in square a- uth of quare 741, fronting f>9 feet 11 inches on said Fir t street, b> 75 feet deep, on a GO feet alley, together with the liuil?' ?ii(< nnd impriiveme u, winch c??nsist of a well and snh?tai.tially builetwo-story frame dwelling-house. The terms of sale will he: One half cash, and tha ha! a nee in equal payments at an and twelve month* for note* hearint interest from day of nle. secun d *y deed ill trust upon the property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in ?i* day* after the sale the property will be re^olat the ri*k and expen e of the purchaser, upon one week s notice. All conveyancing at expense of purchaser. CHAS. S. WALLAC1I. Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, fel? 10?eofcds Auctioneer. SILVERWARE. AVERY pretty assort oent of Silver Coffee Sets, Pitchers, Goblets, Cup , Creams, and all kind* of 8p<iOns and Forks, and a variety of Fancy 8ilver ware, suitable for pre-ents. viz: Soup and OystiT Ladles, Crmnh Scrapers, ii?h, pie ai:d cake Kuive-. Cream ami Sugar Spoon*, etc., is offered at l- w pit ten. and warranted sterling. II. 8EVIKEN, No. 330 i'a. aven.He, bet. 9th an:! 10th s.s. jan 19 TIIE LATE MR. ME ALE'S PICTURES. 'I'U BE RAFFLED FOR IV 300 CHAWJCS X AT 9*5 EACH. PRIZE NO. 1 "St. Thomas of ViJI nnevn, riving Aim* to tlie Poor." a copy of Murillo, hy one of hie pupils and touched by that great artist?paid to be eqnal to the oiigii;aI, cont $-1,090. mur '2. " The adoration of the isr Men of the liast,* a genu ne Murillo; com ?3,00 '. PRt/.r 3. " Head of our Saviour," by Correggio; cost $1,000 PRiri 4. 44 He:'d of the Blessed V'irg ii,"by Carn gsto; cost $1,000. Mr. S. A. MATLACK is authorized to receive suiiscription* in this city, of' whom tickets may jc obtained, or of M 6<rs TAYLOR Si MAURY. All money*?;c?ved on accnint of the Raffle will be deposited in Bink until th* drawing takes place, which will be duly announced. fVom the National Tr.trlligencer. Articles similar to the annexed we have observed in several dtstmt papers, contained in their Wash ington correspondence. We ate clad to see that a memtier of the family is wdltng to dispose o( a pari of the rare cidlcction of the I te Kielurd W. *l?ade, who, durins his long residen ;e in Spain, hal oppor tunities, which his opulence enabled him tolndulge, for selecting many ot the fin-st paintings in Spain? that treasure-house of pictorial riches. The dis turbed state of the cuutry at the time, moreover, made it favorable tor ohtainiue many gem* of art which would otherwise never have been purcliHra ble. From the Bo-Ion Chronule. Citrr o'imcvrkk of Art.?Several eke/ d'u+rrtt of Murillo, Cor<eg?io, and other mnst rs, which were brougiit from Spain durin;; rev. lutionary (ilue - b> the la'e R. W .Meade, have elicited the aduiirrt*J?ui of connoisseurs dn ring the past we. kin tb? Rotundo ot'the Capitol. They are to h--di"|ios?-(! of for t't benefit of i daughter of .Mr Mi a,le, residing in Xew York, after r.n op.ortunity has l?ern given to Ho pubfic for all exniiiinatioo. fell 6 tt N. J~. TYSON * SIBrBRS' SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIFS, On F, idatta ^?Vh uml 13fA ftreett, H'u*k<itf 'on. ' IAHE second term of thin institution commences I on Wednesday, the 7th of tlie piesent month, and will expire on Hie l.-t day of July nex;. Clreul.irs may Ik? had at t"ie principal laiokstores in the city or at tne seminary. fell 6 Gt KOriCJS OF C5PABT>ERSUIP. WA8HIHG T0H H ALL B??TAUBA"?r, Corner Ft antyh-amu accnur ami 6th tt . touth ^ / \ PETER M. OUB V.ST, ^ ^ leave to say to hit> friends and loruiMr cuMom ers that he has ilisposeil of, his ent're interest in bis late estaMuhicetii, umh-r th? St. Charles IbHel, and to iutorin tbem that he will hereafter be tound a' the abovti named It'? tauram, which will be conducted und 'r tlie j-Nwi management of RENTER 4. OUBANT. The ftrm b"g to assure their tneiid*?aiid tlie jaite lie generally that no exertions will be spared by lliem lo deserve a continuance of the fnvor and Jia uonage they have heretofore received, and that th?ir estaLlishinent, tor ooler. cleanliness, anil at tetition to the wants ot t' eir visitors, shall be uusar pasaad in this or any other city. Tluir Larder will alway* be supplied with the most choice Viands, Luxuries, and Delicacies Hint the market can oflo.-d ; and their Bar well rtock^d with lieveyages <>? the nin?i favorite kinds and lie^t qualities, together wnb a choice lot of Cigar* ot *u porior brands. WILLIAM F. BENTER, jan 31?eofit PETER M. DUBANT LAW PARTNERSHIP. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. ROBERT J. WALKKR and LOUIS JANIN have formed a c partnership under Pie name ot "Walker and Janin,"for tlie argument of cases in the Supreme ( ourt of the Tnited State*, at Wa-ti ington city, wheie both will attend Uir iughoiit the future sessions ot that court. Theyinay be addressed at WTashington, N. York, or New Orleans. jan H>?-eo3m* GREAT BARGAINS WISHING to reduce my stock af Boot" and Shoes in order to make room for *prirg sup plies, I shall commence this day to nHI off my h<avy Goods at greatly reduced price*. All in want of a superior quality of Shoes at very low prices, can find them at D. R. Wall's Boot, Shoe, and Trunk Store, No. 3# Market Sp? e?. be tween 7ih and 8th street*. D. R. WALL. feb 1?eo2w WATCHfeS! WATCDES! IF YOU wi.-li a warranted timekeeper, at a reasonable price, jou are invited to call and examine my selected stock of fine English and Geueva Watches for ladies and genu. H. SEMKF.N, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sis. jan 18??otMar4 MUT0AL EI <K IKSUEAHCS COMPAJTY. OF THE DISTKICT OF COLUMBIA, Chartered Ay Congreu, OTFERS to tlie citizens of the District the safest and cheapest uicana of insuc^nce against lose by fir* on all descriptions of propertv, as may be seen by au examination of the charter and by lawa. Applications for insurance can be made to ibs un dersigned or at tho offloc of Jolui Van Riawick, 7Ui ?treet and Washington Canal, where c?pie* of the charter and kv-laws may be pr*- urod. _ ULYSSES WARD, President. Manager* ?Thomas RUgden, Ulysses Ward, Or o' \*J?TBard' i' C' Van Riswick, P. W. Browning and *.G. Emery. jan 31? toltti VA' ENT1NES. WE have Una utormng received the Urgost and most varied assortmeat of Valentines evtr before offered in Una city, eoaatalmg of every style, finish and price to anil i-ll kinda ? f people of all arcs ?exes and conditions, all of which we will ran off at ueh pricea aa anit the tinea. JOHN F. ELLIS, 106 Pa avenue, near comer Tenth streets, feb ft?tf telegraphic. tegwgy >r a? Bally gtttft? lui PilUDILntH, Feb li?A _ Lewes. I)el, of Saiurdy, reports tkt British bark Bly th wood. kiaet for 8t Domia go vu ashore at Wort Tlafe, Mow H??k i Haat Only her aliiwiit wuMuih|, u4 | rt? vu inoloiiod in beery low. The schooner ashore at tbo pttoh of Capo Uoolopoa Is reported to bo tbo Sol eh (or bo j lax) from StrMtab for Boatoa. All Titnfo al ? atioa with bar la ta:practieable. Tba &mm tug Amerida fallai ia bar attempt to board bar. Tba heary lea of Friday aaaaad Boat of tba T?'?eli in tba roadstead to (lft| thair anchors. Jtcaignatioa aad Electioa af a fcallroad Piandoot Baltimobi, Fab. 11?Tba Diraetora of tba Suobory and Erie Railroad bald a tbia morai ng, wlua tba resignation of Ji Cooper, tbo lata Procidoat, waa aoooplotf. Governor Higlor will probably bo bis saeoeeaor. Tba election H bow pm^rtairg _ A rrival from Japaa. Haw Yo?c, Pah. 11?Tbo More ship 8wp ply, A Sinclair, Commander, arrived to-day from Samodi, Japan. Tba o&oora aad mow are reported all well. Baltimore Markets Baltimobb, Fob 12 ?Tbe ooodition of tba barbor baa eauaed a total surpeasioa of all basinees ia grata In c ons^qaenoe, we bare bo receipt* or aalaa to report Tbo quotations are nrnrnelly the aame as ob Satarday. How ard street flour ia held at $8 ?0. Vow York Markets Naw Yobk. Feb 12 ?Oottoa is with a limited baiiaen. Floar?tbo ii unsettled?Sales of 6 500 bbls ; good Obia at $8 ?7i*$V.18]. Southern is aaobaagod with a moderate doaaad Wheat ia apward aad j firm; Southern white $2 20 Corn?sales of 17,000 buah. Wostoro mixed at$l. Pork is dall and downward : old aaeda $1.1. Beef ia unchanged with a moderate de mand. Lard ia deonwerd aad dell Whiaky ia quiet. Tztensive Bobbery "" Toledo, Ohio, Feb 9 ? Williams alias Har rises was arrested to-day, charged with hav ing robbed tbe Mlchlfaa Railroad baggage car of a trank containing $4 000 worth ofbaak drafts, belonging to S M. Clark, of Bow Ycrk. Another Cuba Expedition. ?New Or lean Feb 9 ?A portion of aootb ? or Cuba expedition i? said k? have left lb ? and othT Southern ports, aad that awe will aooa follow. The total eBliatment is said to amount to three thoueand fire hood rod aoa. Murder of a Toll Gate Keeper Oi?BS8Bf*a. Feb. 10? Mr. Whiieon, keep er cf the toll gate near Antwerp, was mu(dar ed on Thursday night, in bis owa boaae Tlw assassin essaped Polities io Connecticut. New Haven Feb 10 ?Tho Know Nothing Convention for the nomination of State officers ia to be held at Hartford on the 22d. Hon Samuel Inghtm. tbe iem <ratio eaa didate far Uoverncr last year, doclinec a re nomination. Passage of th* Prohibit Liqaor Law. Cnicaeo Feb 10 ?The prohibitory llqaor law bill was returned bv the Senate ?e tbo lloua? of Assembly with amendments Tbo i axeodmears were coocurrod in. aod the bill fina ly p?s?ed by a eote of ayes, 51, neys, 17. Resolutions wereraraed ?nstrnotiag6eoetors in Congieai from thia State to oppoee any alave State.- being formed in the Territoriee of Kan.^at aod Nebraska. Doath of a Printer?~ ditor Aaaanltod Bostob. Feb 10 ? Mr Henry Rogers, tbe olde.t printer in tbis Srate. and father of ?te proprietors of the Bos'oo Joarnal, of this oily, died last night S K ilea*, publisher of the Delly Times, was a>-saulteu and badly boatca In Howara street Isat night, by David Venderbeek, door keeper at circus here A warraat baa been issued for his arrest GRATIS! JUfiT PUBLI8HEJ': A NKW DISCO VEST IN MEDICINE! A PEW words on ?h- Ratfnal Trfaimtat, with out .M'-?Jiri <*, f>f S|M:rin?tr(rrh*-a, or Local W?aliM?w, N*nroe? I Mali ly, Spirit", La*r.ttude, Weak ness of (be I.imtts *11(1 Back. Ttidi?po-f Men ?in<i lneap;?r!ty r<.r Study and' l.rtb-Y, UhIIom "? Av?|?r?-lifn?i?vi, I.osg of Memory , aversion t?? ^oeictjr, Lnv of 8oIkimI<-. Timidity, S?'ll Di-tru.?i. limni'H, llrad Ache, Involuntary fWhanp-j, fan, m ttt?* 8?d?, AflVrrinn of ih Eye*, Piuiples mi ih?; I'ikt. S-?uil aad other indnniueo in iiiib, FR<?M THC FRfc.Nl II <>F DR. R. DE LANEY. Tpe nopo.tMilart (lut three alarming complaint* ei.iy ? asd> bt- n-ingv<-d wuUuut MadK iet- u, tii ill a ?tn ill trtct, d< ariy <tetno'i4rat**d; and U?e enurrljr nt;w and Iri^hly nurrr^;u| tr. aUoenl, aa adopUMl hy tli?* xuitKlf, luily f X|^l>iifi?'<i, liy inrkbd ot Which ev cry oih- u- ?'uaui*'d t>> cure IiihimHI'per'**ciiy. and at th?- lt-*si po^iblf co?t, aTiii.iing thereby ali tbe ad vi*ni?d nostrum* ol ihe day. S?-at to aay iul.lms *rat?a, aad po?i frt* in a ^elt^l ?*nveiope. bv rcmittnif vp..? Mid) two po*t *?e Ktaiii|iH u> I If. II. DEL WfcY, N\>. 17 LiMw>i*rd "?rwt, N??w York. jtn ?' \r Mott Bedell's Line. ^ NEIV YORK. ALEXANDRIA. WASHINGTON CITY, ASD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PJl CK KT\%? 1V1I* LINE or PACKETS HAILt? W>:KK1.Y troni pier H Ea?t Rjrer, Krw York, and oAener if nee4*>ary. and art- cotnpnmd of tbe (utlowtna 6m cleaa vmmI? : ** w * hr. A. V. tM4l, B?-de{), maater New acbr. Mott A. V. Trrdwert. f*ohr. Ann I) , Win. Oliver, maater. 8ch'. l~L. A. Hmitb, maater. nclir. CsaHMadar in-l*uf Woct?, nkeaier. Hchr. <ir<*Wllann, inuhi Tlie? vewcla ere all faat aedere, and the otaalHra men ot experience m ibe trade, aen Ute only roau iar line of Waahmcton City packe*. M<?TT BE .EJ.L, 8. S. M A 8TER? k^?V?L ' T* TtlOMKB RILEY^e**,^l, T*' ft-b 1?6m r aalmifton and D. C. NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT 00V0III. T HAVE Una day recr.wd ai*d op^nnd a great eaSft 1 of CL^CKH. V4TCIIES. and Jf iVKLKf. Good Clock, froui fl 50 to f 15, all warraatad one year. Also, cold i iid idlver Maitkxa ta great va riety, direr Watrbaa from go to |3S ; fold lever Waichr* fr<nu to gl SO aod a great a?*orwo?at of Jewelry, all ot wbicli will lie aold ebeaper ihan giKtria of rnnie quality ran be bought in tbla ctty. Thosr wixtung to c* food Oocka would da we> to buy fb>m me, oa 1 put all my Clocks la order be Owe filing th<vii. Call nn ' ><?? for )-ourr<elvee. at the nioak a Watch Emporium of j. ROBINSON, in . 34.* Browne' IfoleL jan 10?tm (Intel) B. SKMKEN, JKWXLBR, Ao. 330 Pa. arcM<, Idiwa 0Ik ttnd 10tk ttrMtt-, Offers for aale a magnificent a?nni>at of DIAMOND JEWELRY, Sold Brackets, Brra^pina, Sea. Ring* Wedding Riua, Fob and Veal Chatoe, Seala. Lack. Ma, Pencilr, Tbiablea, Trlnketa, etc All ar?icle? are warranted ae represented aad eoM anusuaDy low. J*a 19 NBW POLKA. JUST pahlnbed aad lor aale atHILVrv h HPTZ* Music Depot, the TUNER'S PObCA, Composed and dedicated u> Jacob Httbos, Bsa^ l>y J. Eepota, ?.mb4>iltahed with a beawtifal aad cor re<? llkciiaa- of the veteran tuner. Price 15 cent* Tiie l/a le ^applied oa very liberal terms. feb 6-tf gOdlNtfON'* PRAClioiL?*Tae Pracuca fa Court# of Justice la England aod tbe l/aft*' es, by Conway Robinson, of Richmond." rot 1?price ft, jest pobttsbed. fek9 FRAJfOK T'

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