Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1855 Page 4
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?l A S V rMNG STAR. XT X4IE * a aw ?"??* ar *as. aaowmjto. wa? r.r?i a> iK-.tty women I know. A* 1 vrt *1 > >?r s~?t, mailt of Mn<Mn*- and no*, ep to sh;*4.", m* u to n >ucti\ in :Ue lot* rod.en *')? V hiit ?h?'? still r> irentb- r?M ?>u warm an] cold ihy?: % ? >f? Ka*. !??j ??r had ? her tuovcjient a grace. You turned from ib? (airt?i 10 |ue on her rice; \nd wt. n you had ooec ber forehead and mouth, Von an V d?*<uKby her aoui and her truth.; My Kate. ^nch a Un" inner itght <Yom her eyelids outbroke. You l?v~ r:cd at Unr silence and fancied she spoke; Whet sfct a d, so peculiar, yet soft was Uie tone, 'I hooch tbe louden spoke aim), you her alone: My Kaic. I doubt if she *aid to you inoch thai could set Vi n thought ot suggestion; al?e did ant attract, 111 tlH) MIIM' <?f tbeh.- i'I ait and wi*e, I infer; U r piking of others made you Uiink of her: My Kate. fshe never found fault wLtfc you; never implied Vour wroaf by ber rixht,?and yet men at her dde Grew nobler, girt* purer, as, through the whole Mwu. Thc^hildrcn were gladder that polled ethwr g?w?: None koelt at her fset aa adorer* in ifiraJI; They knelt more to God than hey used, tnat was all; II you pralaed ber a* charming, aom? asked what you meant. 3ct tHe charm of ber presence woo felt whea she West: Vy Kale. I"V weak end thf gentle, the nbold and rude. *<he took as she found tbem and did them all good; It always waa so with her??ee wM yo'i have!-' -'ne hue tbe grew* (treenor e'en kere with Mw. ^rove: My Kate. Hr dear n?e' whea thf o wert alive with the rest. 1 ce'd tn?e the sweetest, aud loved thee the best. And now thou art de**4, shall 1 not take toy par* . *e thy raule used to do thvwdf, my >? et heart ? My Kale Polemkitdss of an Oath ?The Feb ruary number of tbe Knickerbocker gets off ibr following for tbe benefit of courts, 'awyers. witnesses. Ac.: A correspondent in LHtawa county. Michigan, from whom we are always glad to bear, gives us the following ? Sc^i-e id the Mayor s Cou> u Grand Rap ?d< - MayorChurcb piesnfang. Wit .tv v ' ed up to he sworn by the clerk. Clerk *4 You do s*?Iermly swear '* ? Mayor, i with dignity ] *? Stop ! The srrtoes* will hold up his ngb? hand Clerk. " Tbe uian has n? right bar. i. your lienor." Mayor, <wuh some asperity > " Let urn Ik?M hid left hand theD." Clerk. " He has had the misfortune to lese ius left a!*o. as ycur Sonor will per rew.'* M^y^r. t savagely > " Tell him to hold ? n K * i ifeht ttfr then ; a aaan cannot be ?Nvorn in this court xn.V?o??f holding up Siienc*-, gtatlumea! Our >?? 3 y iir^st be pr-s^rvod ?" (Witness sworu C " lf.g.) Mzs AND BRTTTKS- ???Few. gt: 1c od^j, h nobkman, to a ? it ?? liviivi left Ui? r'."3a?, "iat us under- ^ : *r. 1 wihcr; Ar; we u> dnnL l .k ? | in- . ; Lk*. biutte? Ih^ ton.e , ?? ?: j.t 'u^igua-t, wXolaimed, "Like men. cf j Then replied he, "we are drunk. ?ur bruteaneve? *K?ee ti3.-"> rhey *>??' ' ? ' : ^ i tSTE>JdEPJS,; s'>?. J. aa* /V Osys. I I ack W V'v. Yoi?. Hivr^iu ret>. t* | Tit ' -n. We\<- Y )1k. . Hnvr? Foh. iki fr?s!"0.... i.ijaoool Feh. *"? :ir .. . ."few >orV . Je,>. V ! r >oa Hnvie Y<rii Jti.j j.-iiin''* ... . . L.vffji?y)l...Bo6ti>n a>i ljt? ' Llv rpod....New Y T '?i; >!Sfi Pfl^r J^'iV r-H... !>hJI<"1flptai:i.reb ll . ...^ Hirr*.. ^r...Narv TTrh. ..Fe!k 1! 0^ t -'jinrahi luow- v?o Yrsk o-? i: ? ?.V -Jflth nfei.!. nm-'^ ..HRiVALS Ai i'FfNClPAL HOTELS ?'"vr.**r r. k ?. e*owa i5;... ~rr. Va Mrl^Cooicev - I, jv*. -r' C C B*t1. Fla "> V , u a daogh H Btai a Iiuy, SY C F Vande.ibrd, 0C t? buiioi. > rt H G.-<'?tnayer Mr* 1 ?? ?;s fc Uaoghl#isv G S Taliaferro, VC Mi! J F Wheat'ey <*.o E A Da'rvn; Ve G W MacR *o: Pa I> Ho;ne, Va H L Morri?...n, Or' U 1' Woo^aworth, >?b?9 I) A Barton K, do 8 Burrtil, Va M T iiruc ?? .ba tk. N V S K Stone, do Mr S?.' ihti, do G W Gen:-y, Md H J Biid?''U2, La M s L Middox, do 4 C Lyer, M ? T toffman. L* J H C R*-?-vee. Md, J A t.'arsia, Md Mr? \T?vu:n, NY C ? Pttlps, do W H Sioith. no UK Lr.uisley, Ky A M twing. *"i Hatleoal HeUl??. o. wilum. R L Fasian. 111 W Lane, Mo G C lr?in, Mu US Selden, N'T ti M Bed, do Mrs E James, do ti Poute k lady J M Merrifieid kiady, do j R Junr-s, Pa B James k. lady, Mass U A Bills, Cl 8 H Wr'lace, Fa J H Warren. MY T W bite, Va 5 8peuW o|,do W F Carter, do MaJ J Bliatroiw H Parmili, do J Cartiu, NY Mis May, Vt Horn, Cl B A Nigir^ngale, RI A W Jotineon. Me J J H>'inerson, Cl Miss JoLnson, do CU Williams. Tex It Olmsted, Wis J 8 Wall It lady, Mex ?? L Denoar, NY L Edgerton, NY J B CHa>vain, Md E T rerk>ns, do I B:iey, Fa W Lucke. Leipzig R W farann, jr, do PR Rous*et. no i? Haioiii j* O T Trenck'er, Keichenbunr R W H oche%, Va C W West, Va T L !te too, do J Muilii, I'd i> Broeiitad. NY M A BritOit, do j P erce, NY 1* NY .? HmI.'L. Me A Oeiu. Nj y O L 'OI3-5, Fa L Teese. Ca? f! A Ri Tisay* G? C E Fox, Ct j r u> >y h Lis'. ufc, f'n ?J i*haiw.4 er, Del J G ir. O ? ? - fcntow, M?&s S (draper,*NV *\ Y. dayiiee 8l ludy. u D H?-t??l|oo, do t?? P. Wei.- USA T b Clorer.ce, Pa J H^rfi; B Hmi*h, Tenn Kukwaed HeaM-i- b. k ? MUtwaoo. G \V ^iinpwM, l-Htio K Hat too uraf V" I. if - - ti*? J K Dtiuc* i, oo ?^* *' ?* wi-'j M4 '*ai>t Mjnrong Nat/ Ufa *'? :i?' - l?r Hvdge^, Md .a .'1. <V p p M-fcbeU. Vs A K lu.-kci, Jo M Maddux, do H Boar?. M-J T R k lady, Mast G Pi 'it*, do T F Keller. dt> !f P "a?t*' 9t' P X K'itey. Cal J Lt it. li!' H L t-.'le. on d W Vi tc;;. CA T J Ji-rirw-c. IHj A M S?>arv France M Winters,?>? M.* L Huasoo, Ps B Mtx*li, NY ?\ tw tcrti K son M>1 N VVj?i*:nf*in Mass I nftad fits tat Hotol r a?f??at. j -Jo e?, Tena t1 L 6oak, Va i Lw 1' '? X Md Mich Tl^n tJ d itrowd, Mo L-?oj.O Hon t* L'tie. NJ '* IP t-i.W T-8 Cory. Fa 0? F,ar k'it.. NY ?? ? Kv FReilly,do I'oum, Aln >MirU, Va. vTOM. ?ro.-allkro4. r. .v ??a I *v ti?llar t. Ve ' Vf | e, ^ . > A' ?r 4" i. R Ts lafit.-o Jo Hf ?' ? *u,Ol P Tiustev, do . V ? ?r ?:oa, V, J T ?r?itft, DC . sb' N\ F J Pf.isn, Va J ?? ' ^ -to ' T M .L-ge<. N Y F ? if do II Fiittiili. il ? v ? Vs *v ii i'vii,. v? . ?* r>- w. N\ afis- T-^nio. Ar> .. 4 ? L. M GrHsor. Md w R If .n. *fass ?> S ' ta!;?? * r i ?rf'Vr. do ?,, ? r?, vj- p j, vy <f ~ I S'tJ'p, c ? ? 1' c. fle-n*, Va fc TP Car.? <?, W M" ?' ,K ' '*7?e*v ?> lo " c iiny, Va 1 vi 1,1 ? * ' i'r "Hrmmora, U?A * 4? h BoiUsf, Vi j: UNITED STATES MAIL. PROPOSALS for carrying tin mail* of the United ^tafs from the l?t dav of September. 1855. to the ??? J?v >.f luly. IH68, in the Territories of ORE GON ?nd NKW MEXICO, wi.I be received at the Coi.uaet Office oi the Post Office Department, in the ?';ty <;f Washington. until Dam afihc 15;h day of June, IK5S, (in In- decided l?y the next dav.) o'i the n ?t?? and in the hiii> ? herein specified, vfc OREGON TERRITORY. 12796 I'T'iM Albany, by Burlington and Thurst'n, to Willamette Fork??. 10 uules an<? jack, once a week Leave Aibanv ev-ry Thursday at ? a m Arrive at Wilauctle forks next days by 12 m !,."?ve Willamette Fork* every Friday at 9p m A r'tc at Albany next days by 8p m Proposals to commence at Syracuse will be considered. 19724 t rom Oregon City, b Harrison Wright's, Ri chard Miller's, and 8. Alien'a, to tfalem 50 miirs and back, once a week Leave Oregou City every Monday at6 a m Arrive at Salem next day by 19 m Leave Salem every Saturday at 6 a m .Arrive at Oregon C.tynext day by 19 m 19797 From Linton, by Tualetin Plains and Harri 9?n> Mill, t*> Forest Grov-, 40 antes and hack onee a week Leave Linton every Wednesday at 6 a m Arrive at Por.'st Grove mine daya by 3 p m Leave Focest Grove every Tuesday'at 6am Arrive at Lintun same daya by 3 p m Bids to commence at St. Helen, omitting Lin ton, will be considered. 197SH Fri>m Oregon City, by Lebanon, to Sublimity 40 miles and back, once a week. Leave Oregon City every Monday at 6 a in Amw at Sublimity wrne days bv ? |? m Leave Sublimity every Saturday at 6 a m . .Arrive at ? >regon CI y same dar* by 7 p m 157S9 From Portland, by Montsylvania, Taylor's Ferry. Rock Creek. Chehalam Gap, Rogers1 and Old French Mianoa, to Salem, 70 raPea and bark, once a week Leave Portland every Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Bal?m next days by 4 p m Leave Salem every Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Portland next days by 4 p m 19730 From Galena. by Cincinnati, Fords, and Dal las, to Til'amook. 70 miles and hack, onee a week Leave Salem ivery Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Tillamook next dayw-by 6pm Leave Tillamook every Saturday at 6 a m Ajrive at Salem next days bv 6 p m I Hid* to run only b*tween Dallas and Tillamook ?re invited. 1 731 From Salem to E. U Rmniai"s. In Lino eo., and back. ouce a week bidders to state ilista- oe and scbedale of arri val* and departure 19731 From SaUm. to Franklin Bute and back once a week Bidders to eiau- do-tanee and schedule 1 *From Sublimity, by r?antvain Forks, to Plea* RM Hill. 100 miles and hac*, once a week Leave Sublimity every Tuesday at b a in Arrive a: Pit asant lliil next Thursday by 4 p in Leave Pleasant Hill ?-very S?tturdav at 6 a is Vrrtvt ai ^ublimiiy neat Monday by 4pm l*?73l From Washington But'' to Grass Hill, in Linn c unijj 60 mile* and back, once a week Leave Was. ingisn Buie every Wednesday at 6 a iu \rrive al Gru.-? IliU by 19 iti same day Leave Grass Hill ev*r'y Saturday at 6 a hi Arrive at \\\.?hjngi ?n Bute by 19 m same day. NEW MEXICO ia>"J 1'roiu Albuquerque by Zum. to Woo d.ilie California. and b?;rfc .. <?- - a , ?-k llid?*?rs to htate nistance and sol 'iloie'uf ?rri vaU and d<;parti?:es 1V9CM Fioa iS h to 1/ Am.a in 1 k. once a week Bidders to st*te distance aj < schedule. INSTRUCTIONS. J-'crm ot a propo^U rhrre no change 'rom ^U ertite mrni i* contemplated hy tk? bidder. -? . county ot . State *' . propose 'o convey the wail* from Sen t*n.bur 1, 18>5. Jo Jui v 1,18.V?. route No. ,-oia :?? . .yi -aMy to the adver' o. ... ? . dated lanu try ??. ittSi. and bv iLe ii/tiowin -; -.j? .jf cinveyanoo, <o, trie annual **iv n' dollar* pn?{ ?b... -a.a." v.n - \ it . , of ' ?*U'..c?; ? ... .?t. the v ,/W. . .. lit.- ';,aJ to < t.irrit'l. am! iti j?.-ri ncc to T |? rout. 9t*a M.-IV.C", ae.?. -.!*o altt , : . <am;..a ?j tliti iiictri!''tour *: rc.| lubiiit ui* attached r ? jit advertiseiu>-1 > | I>-teu - r, (Sutned.) rJTin w i? (J . lrurJir. Ti? !if.;?iiti2.acd, rcriiii..g at , State of j ' undertake ti>at, if Use f^'e^ouif bid tor cir-1 I rv?)(i liie maii on route Nf. b- accepted by the I , ! ^uoarter General, tae bidJcr -hall, prior to the i , ?i?}< SeptemlH.r, <, a? -cin tnorraftcra I ro-iy be. ente.ied into the t< jturc.i obligation to per-1 lorm die serv.ct; propos-d, w th good an i sulBciont sureties. Tins do with a lull knowledge of the obluu 'abilities a-sumed by guarantors under the i/iii section of the act of Conprtn>s ol Julv 9 .831' ' ' Dated (Signed by two guarantors ) form, of n L'ert>licait. The undersigned, postmaster ot , gtate of certifies, under his oath of office, Uiat he is acquainted with the above euarantom, and kn?w* them :o be men of property, and able to make ?oo?l I tueir guaraiisec. ? l>aii-d Tlie sufficiency of gairant?^ on prf p.ial'5maI be e -tifie.l U|ra j'ldf of a court of- toM, and by losI mast.?t tht blowing offices,and no othc,': In Ore?un Temt- ry by the poMma*ters of Oregon ^uy, A-wria, Salem, Liuton, Sublimity, Portland, Albany, Will a me tie Forlw, riallaa, Cincinnati, Tn aliUn Plains and Corva! lis. 1 u In New Mexieo by the pOftmasters of Santa Fe Donna Anna, taos, and Albuquerque. Conditions to he incorporated in tU contract, to the extent the Department t*<iy deem yr?per. -i JfV*n ,Ili^ute,' allowed to each in errnedi ate office, when not otherwise -ptcified, f?r as-'Ort n? tne mails; but on railroad and Hte..niboai routes .here is to Im? no more delay than u> duf&cient for ar exchange of mail bags. *" 9. On routes where the mode of conveyance a.1 mtts of it, the special iigents of the departme nt aU, post office blanks, mad bugs, locks aod keys are to be conveyed without sxtnTcharge. ' ' _J7f P*? n,#de for not performed; and for each of sueh omissions not saUifartonly tI ' fe tJB1*8 lnVa> of ,he duet?d. For arrivals so far behind time as to break fv^x^? *^Ul deP?t,d,uf'u*ijh, and not sufficient y excused, one-fourth of u?c compensation for the ? tiered for a grade of performance inferior to that sssr^r-; trf'TJy FommMMtex General may annul the con ttact for repeated failures to run acreeablv tocontrmer for disobeying the Post Office laws or the lions of the department; for refusing to disch?S a camar when required by the department to do^> for assigning the contract without the asHcnt ot the Postmaster General; for running an express as afore j said; or for transporting f-rnon* or packairea rnn ve? l% niailable matter out of the ma I, 5. Tne Postmaster Oeneral may order an increase of service on a route by allowing Uierefbr a pro ^ C??Uact P*>'- "??rarciCt S schodulc^of amvala and departures, without in crease of pAy, provided be does not curtail the uno'int of running time. Ue may order an in onle Inw'T'W1, b?#4,,0Wl11*' wit^? Uie restrictions or tne law, a pro rat* increase of pay ior the addt ^vr,i rarr,e"; ail> ? The contra t?t may, the conuit m0Tr%"' ot relinquish y P'ompt notice to the depart merit that he prefera doing so to ?. arrvina th?? nVa?r tail or discontinue the service, at pro rata decrease P*y' one inimth's eitra compensation on Si ^v^Thf.!r?rPr!e<> "j^ ^wr.m his opin ion, the pubhe interests do uot require the same or s'jss&sr " -> ? .. P|yy"" wdl l*e made for the service bv col dnn" on> l?ostmasiers, or other wise. after ih.: expinuon of each quarter?say in I -? M*y? *"?! November. y . distances are given accordin? to the 1m?si k ^aKOI> 1 hut no m^rca?cd pay will i,e allowed I should ihey be greater than adv. ?. ? ! to be aapplied be cerr, et!y a . .. llniuer, mSTn form themselves on ibis poiu>. - Hiddeni sb-uld, ui ah eve-, H?- propose tor M-trlce sinctiy according t > :? ? -jdvaru. cment, and a V . y ,er* e<* diifrreut serv,tt. ^l^re<U/ar b'.d l,e Ue offered for the ?dve. t?d service, the other bids may be considered ar" r- ?mn.ended by the pojtmaster* and euixens interested, or if thry -hall appear nianile**ly right und proper. ^ Ther- should be bta one routs hid for in a pro 10. The roote, (be aennre the yearly nay. the nan:e and re-tdence of udder, r,nd those of ^?"h member of s tir.n,wben a cr ay ott 'ia,should be distinct.y suiiod; also, the .oooe <>.', vnveyance. of a Jigfee. in.-de tha borsei? ? k U. luteii^ed '/'he ZZ .'a ^ 'anr.y, ,Ui .eearity," mseited to indicate thi mode oi conveyance will c'?n:uiu?e s ?'itar V,' whlck .l .a'Lntiactora to take an tiK ma f offered, but l"ow, v. * to select t?ie mt.s- of conveyance. j j. Kidder s are requested U? use, as far as practl dtnAr\m*J?n,aUr{i ??"1J ?' rimii^hed by the ^ 'oSSi'lfSSSS^ b-v ,w" '?ix?su? lK> wi? i.i lh?ir quart?rly rsturne. f*o. any kind) 13. The c?uract> we to be Metmted and returned to the department by or before the 1st Hay of Sep tember, 185*, I'Ui the kurvice mum b? cammem-d en the nail d?y nex: * reri^v. ,iate, whether the co?tracts be eiH.igt,?J or n<n. \(> proposition for UIMfeti will b-> consider**.! \ir<tu tlie contracts are executed in duo form ami ict-eivod at the depart meal; and then no titr-:en miii he allowed uidesa good and sufficient reas.-h-- ttier- for are given, to be determined by the depar toetit. 14. A modification of n? -j, u, any 0j essential terms, is tantamount tin bid, and cannot be received, so as to int? rl<-ri? with regular competi tion, bfter tbe last hour net ft? receiving bids 15. Postmasters are to be cartful not to cer*if> the sufficiency of guarantors or sureties without know ing that they are persons rf sufficient responsibility; and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinct ly notified that, on a failure to enter into or perform the contracts for the service proposed for in the ar c?oted bids, their legal liabilities will be enforced ^fain-t them. 1?. Present contractors, and person- known at the department, must, equallv with others, procure guarantors and certificates of their sufficiency sub ?tantially in the forms above prescribed. Tbe cer tifteates of sufficiency must be signed by a posfna? ter at one of the places before named, or a judge of I a court of record. 1 For further particulars as to conditions of bid ding, see advertisement for carrying mails in Cali fornia and Washington Teiri'ory, dated January 19, !855. . JAMES CAMPBELL, Postmaster'General. Porr Orrtce riiumiKNT, February 2,1855. feb 5 - M4w ' ' PROPOSALS POM KAIL BAGS. Post Oreici Dfparthbrt. January IS, 1855. SEALED PROPOSALS will he received at this Department until ? o'clock a. m., of the 23d of I April next, for furnishing tor four years from the 1st day of July next, in such quantities and at such times as may be required and ordered for the mail service, mail bags of the following description, to wit: Canvas Mail Bugs. Size No. 1, (43 inches in length, and 62 inchcs in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the yard of 27 inches width ; the yarn of the fabric to be doubled and twisted and five-fold. Size No. 2, (41 inches in length, and 46 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 15 ounces to the >ard of 27 inches width, and the cloth to be woven in every respect like that of the first size of bags. Size No. 3, (32 inches in lengih and 36 inches in circumference,) to be made of cotton canvass, weighing 10 ounces to the yard of 22 inches width, and th cloth to be woven as above described. The canvass bag" of sizes Nos. 1 and 2 are to be made with a sufficient number of eyelet holes, and provided with strong cord to secure their mouths. All are to be well and dUtinetlv marked *' U. S. ?Vatl," and to be numbered according to the sizes above specified. Leather and Canvass Pouches. 8ize No. 1.48 in. in length, and GO in. circumference Size No. 2. 41 do de 44 do 8izc No. 3. 36 do do 4*2 do Size No. 4. 36 do do 36 do Size No. 5. 26 do do 96 The body of the leather pouches t- to be made of ] food and substantial ting leather, welt tanned, weigh ing for Nos. 1 and 2 not 1 - ti>a:t - ou;i?s, and for ttie ?.nailer sizes not j, ? ?uin 3 u/ rlie sq. fjot; th* bottom an J ?1 ip lo Le <?' good *<rirf??!: Jeather. well tanned, find rf:> situr ;o be well and >tro .gly secured with the best iron rive ?, well ?inned. Tbe canvass pouuhes are. to i#e mi le .it densely woven canva*s, a^ >o resi-t water, or at Vmsi equal to thai of which ih? pouches now in the sfervice .ire made. Leather and Canvass Horse ma1'I Bags, (in saddie bag.-* form.) Size No. 1. Body 4S inches long, and 4? incite in circuuit rcnce at tile widest pail? ; ends or !iot*oms of ? iue, 14 by 26 inches Size No. 2. Body 44 inches long, and 3b inches in circumference at the widest p?rt> i ends or bottoms ">f same, 12 by 24 inches Size No 3. Body 42 inche* long, and 32 inches ?n cucuiufrrence at Ui?. widui parts; ends or bottoms of same 10 by 20 inches The leather liorse mail bags arc to oe made of j geod and substantial I. ag leather, well ?un*ifo, nnd weighing not less tlmn 7 ounces to the <-?i'irue 4oot, and the seam* to be well and strongly sewed ; or. if ! rt vetted, to be so day* a.-: not to cbaie the horse'or rider. The canvass hOr?e m?i! t>ays ar^ V- !>c made of the same quality of fabr.c :?r -.he jiouclies above de "crilifd. Canvass and Drop-Utfur PotubAs, (with side pooketi.) jvze No. 4. 30 in. in !eT:^;.b 'iiid 3b in circumference 1 Size No. 5. 26 do -J 28 do Canyas* V?"''i'-p /? Z'ift. Size No. 1, (4t< iin.'-f-- ? < ?? lw inches in circumference,) to be uiud j .??<aon canvass, wrigliing at least 15 oonce* \ t >. I of *>2 inches width; the yarn of i <1 .ubled ami twisted and five fold, aud uk. '? .* ?. constructed %is to b;. locked, an ' " Utv- 3 i; eaCl. frn(j Size No. 2, i.41 inches lo'igan.i ! - .riches in cir cumference,) to be 01 the -vjir* ma- n il ;>n<] man ner of construction with iizK No. J. Proposals tor unprov^i.ionis m ? :oi>strucuoT) of I any ot the above de--ri'?d ;it; ? ? 45, or in the 01a teriais thereof, ar- invu.; - ani the re?auvc value and adaptation to t'i <, as w 11 hs price <?f j such Improvement wih '? c a-.idored in dcteriaiu- ' Ing the lowest and be^t I -. ii;:. No proposals will he con :t!ered if not accom panied witli sauip'Qs ol each ancle b?d for, showing the construction, quality of materials, and workman ship proposed, and al?o with evidence of the com petency and jbility of the bidderto f-xecute the work aec'jniinf to contract. The spt cimen? must be delivered at tl-s Depart ment on or before ?h<- >3.1 day of Aprii next, and will, in connexion wiUi lite pro|K>sals form the ba*is of the contracts. Specimens dtp^sred by bidders which may with safety and convenience be used in the mail servWe will be paid for at the rates pro posed by them. A decisien on the bids will be made on or before the first day of May neit, and the bidder or bidders chosen will be required to enter into contract on or before the 15th day of Jcne next, with bond and sufficient sureties lor a faithful performance of the obligations as entered into. All the articles eontrac ed for are to be delivered at the contractor's expenre, at Boston, Ma?sa.;hu setts; New York and iludaio, N. Y.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.: Washington, D. U.; Charleston. S.fT.; AuauM^Wa.; Montgomery, Ala.; .New Orleans, La ; Nashtfcb, Tenn.; Louis ville, Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohie; anl gff. Louis, Mo., in such quantities and at such ti<u%a as the Uepart ment may require ; and they are to be rigidly in specled before delivery, and nout are to be received which shall be inferior to the specinien<or stand ard bsgs. To enable bidders to estimate the number of the different kinds of mail bugs which will probably be r quired, they are luionued that there were fur nished for the use of the Department, during the year which ended 30ih June last. 2 135 leather pouches; 3,978 canvass pouches; 450 leather horve inail bags; 605 canvass horse mad bags ; and 17,110 cai vans mail bags. The proposals should bo endowed " Proposal* tor Mail Bagt," and be addressed to the " Pottmatter General?' JAMES CAMPBELL, jau 15?lawl2w Postmaster General. INo. 528.] NOTICE OF THE DISCONTINUANCE Of the United States land ojfice at JeffersonvUle, Fin cennes and IViiuimac, Indiana. UNDER the provisions of the second section of the act of Congress, approved June 12, 1840, which declares "that whenever the quantity of pub Ire lauds remaining unsold iu any land district shall be reduced to a number of acres less than one hun dred thousand, it shall be the duty of the Sec retary of the Treasury to discontinue the land office for such district; and if any land in any such dtstrict shall reiaain unsold at the time of the discontinuance of a land office, tlie same shall be subject to mde at some one of i?ie existing land of fices most convenient to the district in which tlie land offiee shall have been discontinued, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shall give notice;" and inasmuch as the 7th secticn ol the act approved 1 ?i'1 J641, authorizes the Sccrefry of! the Treasury to continue any tar.d Hi trjr t in which Is situated the seat of gofqruini 111 '?t an* one of the States, notwithstanding the quantity of land unsold 111 such district may not amount to more tli:jt one hundred thousand acre-, whin m hi? <<<>1111011 su<*h continuance may be r? quire?i by publie convenience or in order to clothe the land s^tem in such dtate at a convenient point under the provisions of the act on that subject approved June 12, 1840, and i/itub mvck at the duty above retpihcd ha* h-en devolved "P? ^'txeiary oj the Interior by "Vie act to ei 18tP Home Department." approved 3d March, Notice is accordingly hereby pven that, in view of repoitn trom tlie lan j officer? at Jn^reRsojivri.LE Mhcewzs and VViWAjtAC, tliat tho vacant !amt in caca of said districts is reduced below one haivlrtd thousand acres, the Secretary of the Inter"*!, wtfi the approbation of the Pretident, hat* directed tiiat the land office at JsFntasoKviLi *, Vijicknnis and ?i f'in ie *o'" Indiana, We discootinued, and th.- lands remaining uu^.ld at Uie time of Uie discontineance be made subject to ?*le at the land 1 office at I.^d.a.napous, the scat of ^overcnieiit of said State. 0 1 Lands remaining'ttueoid, and uappr nristed by law, and subject to i?rtvate enurv witiiin the lunits ol the districts now discontinued, (yjji cease to be subject to entry as l.ere;"f?rc at those offices, from tue date 01 me receipt of this notice by the reg sters and receivers thereat, and the land officers at Indi aIIapous will give public notice of tlie day ou which they will be prepared to receive appficattons for entries of any tqch lands at their office. JOHN v. ILSON. Commissi one: ot JeiMiral Land Office. JamcaKy 25. 1855. jan 29?2aw6w CH&KLKt) UASUINS, vrchlUet (F< mtmir, betv .ev Tenth >.: ! Xcvtnth $treet>,) WliBlKSrOK, S C. WILL coetiaje tc furnish t'lsrs, <!?-tnil working Drawings, and -pecifica.v.nsof buildings 0! every de6cripticxr<aAd also te su^.i^iend their erec uon. feb 1?dtf TRAVKLEi'LREUTORT. T ATHAH'R LIII OF OMI1BUIB8 M.J will le..v? Alexandria at 4. 7V - ? '?*** Washington at?, 11, and IS a 00*?? m.,3* and 7 pm. Beau can be secured at the Otter, Fairfax at., flD^.?eaw,B,, Mansion Honre ; in Washington, at Befar Store an ) Kirkwood House. Tins Line run* regularly winter and fummer lir the accommodation of the PuMic. Passenger* called tor and taken to tlwir residences if not too far. PARE?For the Oral trip up and last trip down, 50 cents; ail other regular trips '25 cents. Trunksextra. LATHAM h COOK. Jan 8?tf CBOHWKLL'8 BALTIMORE STEAMSHIP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORK BALTIMORE * BOHToN, "ITTILL dispatch a Steamer daily from Baltimore ?J ?n" NewYork, and twice a week from Boat? to Baltimore and Baltimore to Bern ion. This line affords unequalled facilities to the kufl new men of the District of Columbia. The Agents P?'n* will receive freight and give a ttrourh bill of lading to Washington at the lowest rates ot freight and no commissions charged. Applications for freight promptly attended to by the following ?fents: A. V. HALL, 98 Exchange Pl->ce, Baltimore. _ H. B. CROMWELL, Comer Washington and Albany sts., If. Y. ^ JNO. W. SCHANK, Jan 14?dSm Foot of India Wharf, Boston FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIBKOAD. **PR0V1D ARRANOEMBNTS FOR TRAVEL I IMPORTANT CHANG KS 0F-8CHKDVDK11 the late completion of the JPB?HE5S^wOentral Ohio Rail road betwe >n Wheeling and Columbus, uniting, as it does, by so short and direct a Una, the Baltimore and Ohic Railroad with all portions of the West (and North and Southwest.) gives this route greatly increased advantages to through travelers In that direction. On and after MONDAY. November 27, 1864. the trains will be run as fallows: FOR THROUGH PASSENGERS Two fbst trains dally will run In eaeh direction "rat?The MAIL TRAIN, leaving Oamden Station ?* 7 ?- "i Instead of 8 o'clock as heretofore, (exoept on Sunday.) and arriving at Wheeling at 2 40 a. m 8econd?Tne BXPRESSTRAIN, leaving at 5 p m , instead of at 7 p. m., as heretofore, and runnlrg through to Whee'ingjn about 17 hours, reachlt g there at 10 26 a. m. This train will step at Wash ington Junction, Sykesvllle, Monooary, Harper's Martinsburg, Sir John's Run, Oumberland, Piedmont, Rowlesburg, Newburg. Fetterman, Farm Ington, Cameron and Moundsvllle only, for wood and water and meals. Both these trains make prompt and regular eonncotion with ths oars of tfc? Central Ohio Boad for Oambrldg Zan*sville, New ark, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Payton, Sandusky, Toledo, Letroit, Indianapolis, Chic?*, Si leaving Baltimore by the Mall Tram; wltl reach Cincinnati fer dinner next <?y, while by the Express Train thsy arrive there at 12 the next night, being kept but one nigbt on the route by either train. Passengers for the Northwest via Clevsland and atl intermediate points can make a direct >cnoeo oon with rhe trains upon the Cleveland and Pitts burg Railrord at all times when the Ohio is narlg* bis for steamers between Wheeling and Wellrrills, by leaving Baltimore In the Ma lTrain at 7 a. m. th" Trains leave Wheeling as follow*: T.te EXPRESS TRAIN at 4 30 p m., reaching Pa! tunoie at 9.50 a. m. Ths MAIL TRAIN at 11.45 r. a reaching Baltimore at 7 p. m 4&~Th4fivigh tickets by beat from Wheeling for Cluci inaO, Madison. Lon'eville, St. Lculs and otL'r Rjver Cities, wil) be so'd at a 1 time; when thesta-re rf water mill admit. Through tickets between Baltimore and Waeuington, and all the important citir* ?ud town? In the Wes1, are soil at tha Ticket Offlow of rhe Company. ? FOR WAY PASSED niRS rHB MAIL TRAIN, leaving Camden Station will take passengers for all the tuual stopping p'acee cn the Road Returning, this train loave? Wheeling atll.45 midnight, Cumberland a* '0 15 a m., an) arrives at Baltimore at 7 p. m. THK FREDERICK ACCOMMODATION TRAIN, for Frederick and lr.t?rm?UaUr places, will s'art at 4 p. m, daily fexuept Sunday*) arMrlng in Freder ick at 7 40 R .-unilng will leave Frederick at 9 a. m., arriving at Baltimore at 12.30, noon TUB KLLTCOTTS MILLS ACCOMMODATE will be run daily, (sxc-pt Sundays,) ?? follows: t Leave rtund-n Station at C r a ani 8 p. m Leev-j Ellicott'f Mills at 7.30 a. m. an 1 8.30 p. u WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. IT-HAIIiS liUN AS FOLLOWS: RAVE daily, excant Sunday, at <3 an I S if a jr. J aj J 3 and u p m. On Sunday at 9 a m and 5 pm. Lea re Baltimore at 4^ and 9 a m; and ft and 1 P D. On Gunday at 4X i man.1 5 p ra. The connections with Baltimore A Ohio Railroad for the West are by trains leaving at 8 a ir and a P D. For PhlladrlpLia and New York at 8, uni 6^ aed 6 pm. For Annaroli? at Pa m au 4 5 p n. For Noriolk at 3 p m. ^ , T.n. PARSONS, Agent Partiou ar attention Is called to the Rule n?iui lag a respen*ible voucher for any pem>n of ookr who may a*iah to pane ovir the roud. dec IS?dtf OSAVOX AJfD ALKXA5DKIA BAILBOAJD. On and A^7^54, I^UK Cars l>*ve Alexandria daily for Gorlone vllle and intermedin.te -tatlong at 7^ o'clock, a. m^ on ths arrival of the l*oat from Wa*hingun, iriving ample time for breakfast on board. <Vn nacting at Manassas Juuctien with a train for Stras burg, at Warren ton Ju ction with a train for War ren ton. and at Oonlonrville with ths tralm on the Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, Chario'.tfcr villa, and Staunton. Ths cars leave Oordonsvllis daily for Ales^ndi^a aud intermediaU stations, at W before 12, a. is., .,D tLe arrival of the trains ot the Virginia Central rai! road from Richmond, Charlottesville, and SUan'on THROUGH TICK K: S From Alexandria to Warrraton $3 00 " Gordoosvilla 3 r-0 " * Chaaiottesvllle 4 2i Staunto. & oo m " Stra-barg ? 60 ? u k,Tnfrbur? ? d7# Winchester 8 60 Luray 4 26 ?irket 6 00 K ?????a??????'? 2 26 ?th the stag's at jwm*?tiu?,ob Jdonuayg, ? days Ft Luray and Nsw Market, oonnec'Jng with the s^pss at Culpeper, on Tusadays,Thursdaya, and Sat For Winchester daily, connecting with the stajrtv at Piedmont Middleburg daUy, connecting with the stages at ths Plains. Pw order: W B. BROCKBTT, Agent nov 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. r.VT*h On TUESDAYS and FKIDAYS. ^Bai^^Fare round trip $1; from Alex andria 76 oente ?The THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washington at 0 and Alexandria at 9U o'clock. Leaches leave the Oapitol for the boat at S* o'dk Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wiaHing ths Coaches will leave their red dance with Geo. A Thos. Parker. Eefreshmonts on the boat. Oct 28?dtf SAM'L GEDNIY, Capt THA,KW YORK 4k. LIYBRPOOL UNITBD states MAIL STEAMERS? IHB SHIPS OOMi'RISINQ T{US LINK ARB THE? _ _ Midileburg 2 26 For Lynchburg, connecting with the etagw r Charlottesville, on Mondays, Wednesday*, and Fri T ATLANTIC, Capt. West IFIC, Oapt. Nye, BALTIC, Capt. Cen*stock, ADUIATIC, Cept. draiton. These ?liip9 have been built by contract, express ly for Government servke; every Rare hae been taken in their construction, as in the Enaini' to Insere ftrength and sp^i, and their axxmmoda ticnf for paseengers are uneTiualle'J f r e'vrfaace and comfort. Priee of na-^e from New Yjrk t<v Livfra- l in i Srst cabin *i.y> 3eocnd Oau'n 70 Exclusive us.) oi'extra site state rooms...! .' 800 From Liverpool to New York CJO and ?20 An experienced surgeon attached to each 'hip. No berth oan be ceeurod until p^ld for For freight er passage apply u> EDWARD K. COLLINS A 00., anA__, WaL etroet, Nsr York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A GO, B. G. ROBERTS A 00., LiT*rpocl' k1ti?'8 Aras Yard, londcn. .j. n J05* MONROE A CO, B|J?Jlotr* Dmm? dee Tictoirea, Paris. GBO H. DRAPER, Havre, ?f^ *** ^ u<* U table for gc.d, silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious atom, or metals, unless bllW lading tw,f th,,reli> PAi MOISTENER.-A New Inv^u"^ (1< '4WIi'tw Mrfet/iv in<k?P?n?We article foi everv ' . perfectly ?tiBp,e and cheap, and nut1 couic into genera! use. ian IS TAYLOR h MAURY, ju ic Agents for Washington. I inTWiii lwtoihb. aiOKAKs ?. nun. m?im ?. nam ?? SMITH * CO., MuaMaNd Ml U? Swimla ALCOHOL,CAMPHAXR *TH? EJAf.OtL Ac. No. 84 fl. OALVM&T STRUT, op. parfts Water afreet, BALTCMORA, MA Mill-ly ItfDlAS DOQIOR. ft.?. spenckr Oflmhif Protomtoaal aarvtoes to tbe o*ttes?? of Ba Umore. r r i" Halt tifrtaannia ifc ? out without palm, or tko bm of a?y Mfc I au> wt *11 kindsofFta ud Ipswna,la?Mh Paint. Consumption, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, PUas, Palsy, or in; other ailment the bnmaa ibOj an subject to Ho can stop BlMdlti treat tko Lcmi or Moor, n? distance (tarn the patient, by knowing tbo patient*. ?mo E vv born blind, aad fcas itadM several years under w Indian Doctor vbc in aaeag the wfld Indian* thirteen years. DE. Sl'KNCiK has remorsd from Mr. Bnck1oy*a Boordiao House, to 9o. H4, HAHOTRR STRUT, au^ll?-t^^^^^^^^^^^^Raltiniore^'A OOUGHS, GOLDS, BOAKSENISST Bollof la Viva Hlaaua. TTLKM3 COMPOUND OUR ARABIC STRUT TH_K increasing demand tor this laoet pleasant eafc, and el*eecinu? remedy for all pnlnoaary distanw, kw onablod the proprietor to reduce Cb? prior so as to place It withlu the reaoh of all da? Its superiority over Boot similar prvparadoas ia at tasted by may eminent fhysioian* who bm oo*? oro witnesses of ita efficacy when the area) row* dies hare toiled; also by thoasaad of oar most n> spectacle ettisens who bare used it la their amiliei both upT?atlv? tad cure with never toiling far ossa ft the last twenty years, daring whioh perioc With rory little aid from advertising, ie., It ha gradually spread refutation over the whole Untoa T riANOS:-V!ANOS! WE be* leave ?.? call tbe atiiitiori or the pubtV to OUl -:t?'Cii of I'unof r.C" '.It Jmr .-A _ hand, consisting r?!'eztp*rb hmafc 6J4 and 6 octave rosewood . aee in ?triuneats from llie world-renowned. -? w manufactories of llallet, Dads & Co., Bestofl, ami Knabc, Garble & Co., Baltimore, cora^rr^ing in <J. the largest, oiost reliable and select asaortno nt evt? ?>ff' red in this city. Also, Stool*. Covers, Ac. < *ld Pianoetaken in rxehange. We will tu*ke reasonable di.-eonnu> for cash, or sell ou lime. JOHN F. ELLIS. No. 300 Fa. avenue, near Tenth stmt. jan 31 THE ART UNION OF LONDON PLAN FOR THE CCUREST VE.1H IMF. list in row open, and erery buhMiiber < s $.*>50 will be eufctled to? I. Au lmpresaioa of a Plate, by J. T. Wiilmor. A. R. A.,from tlie original picture by J. J. Cha Ion, R. A., "A Water Party." II. A Velume containing thirty Woo<l Engrnvinp illtisaaung subjects from Lord Byron'* Pocu. of "Childe Il.i'Oldc." And ^ III. The chance of obtaining one ef the pnxe* t<> be Plotted at tbe general meeting in April, which will include? The rgtit to select for himself a valuable work o? art i>orr, one of the public exhibitions. Hiatutt^s u bronze of Iter Majesty on Horseback, by T. Th-.r neycroft. Copies in bronre, from an original Moji! in relief by R. Jefferson, of ? The Entry of the Duke of V\ iHIiagton inw Madrid 8taiutte? in porcelain <>r parian. Proof Impreyvion* of a large Lithograph, byT. H. Magnire, after the original picture by VV P. Frith, R. A.. "The Three B< W8,"jrani Mo Here's " B nugeois Gentilhomme." ~ Honorary Secretaries for Washington, Messrs. TAYLOR A MAURY, Booksellers. jan >24 NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lvtutiona awnire, oppexut the Bank of Wzthinatn MR. THOMAS DKLKANY reepeoifully Invite-, the attention ot the public to examine hli -?tock of GOODS, whfrh he has opened on Lonai -a* avenue between Sixth and Seventh etr?etr,oppo?it> ?Jle Bank of Washington, constating of all deecrip ttong of Teaa, Ac., Imperial, Gunpowder, and Blae) Tea; Win s and Liquors, of all Forts, whieh he eai ttell at tbe lowest prices for eaah or approved paper. Beeides all th* necessaries for Oro^err Bnelae* ri?: Br oms, Bo^k^ts,Ced%r Tubs, Matohes, Ae^ *c Please call aad see for yourcelvee. nov 2S?3m SKCORDHAHD PIANOS FOR SALE OR RENT.?We have in store tour Pian'?e. two of Chicktahig and two of Andre Steius, which a'e offer low Thr casli, or good notes, or will rem on moderate town*. New Mu?r expected to-morrow morning. JOHN. F. ELLIS, laa I 300 Pa avwiur. EX PEC ED NEW YEAR PBESRHTt. OF ali tbo braoohen of bu?in?Ms onnducUd in tbis city, Ornoerie', perhaps, of all others afford tbe -mallest profits, an J should have th? preforenoe for cub, and no one fa that bus ness can continue if his customers are not prompt in settlement by fhort notes cr c ish. Deuirous of cluing up for the pa*t, I s ?n;e-.tlv r??iue^t all who ar? ia-lebtM to c?:i and settle wi bout delay. I will farther give notice that all fatura UIlc which may be contracted with me must be m*d? with refer* nee |o, an 1 with the disHnc' undervUud lag that tha? ara to be cloaod monthly, by cash or a jtes at 30 d*yg, which I have prepared for the par jKiee, except i neb of my clu customers who have #l ~M1 Pro?Pl- Z M. P. KINO, dec 7T?tf * ARNY, I So 84 BrMt>e itreet, (M>rect?irn, S prepared ?n (Vimiah Balls, DtXMKRe, Sotrrcs WfiODiKAs, kc., wttti everything i.i the Coalec tionnry luie, i:. ."..'.y put of uie llinrict. at the ?'lioil vet notice, and .<o u*e at^t te^^juiUle terms jan 19^-u "IhTHO'c3 WHvj l\ l(Sa5, 1 poctret volume ?f Hod's PArliamentary Companion for 1855 1 pc?,k?-t voluni British Amy List for ItiSj Pntj?h Navy List do The PUuetary Worlds, thei< Topography and Telescopic Appearances, by J. Breer, <* Observatory, l vol Blackwood's Almanac tor 1856 Imported by la?t su-amer by feb2 FRANCE TAYLOR. tlONGRESfUON *L HIRECTi tfiV / Tbe Ueogiautrai and Commercisl Gazette ?a monthly publication devoted to physical,com niercial, and poUtical Geogmphy, edited bv an association of praetical and Scientific gcii ilemen. Subrcnption f3 pet annum, single a amber 85 "rots. Hist uracil's Rlu.way Guide for Jan nary?price 25 cents, with map i?n13 _ F1ANCR tayloe. Rosa HE VRies vVaLTZ, Compoacd by rfans Krunuuacher. j Our Polka, dedicated to Mi* Emma J. Brown ^ UJe ^t',e c<yP0v r ?ut?*hed and for sale at the ! MujIc Depot of UILBI'S to HIT2 r??i) a In oaaas of raoant CaUt Cought, Homrtentu, i fives immediate relief, aad gen* rally cures in a d?* or two, without Interfering with diet or Tianlmn . or rendering the systeca mora awsoeptibleot Ooids, li chronic oaaes, AtOvma, Whoop-na Ctmfk. Ovw AwneWtta, AjTectioni of tV Ltmgt, mmCmtmmp Hon, It la always tery V neflctal. aad seldom tol,^ when coaunenoed In time to pertoct a rare. Price 2a aad 60 seats a bottle. Bold wholesale by Pattonoa * Nairn, Stntt A Or Riigely A Oo. Alexandria by Peel A Stevens. It Georgetown by Mr. Ctasel. TTLRSP S GUM ARABIC, CJIND7 DROPi a similar composition to the above, but ia a ml'de and mere portable form; they act like a charm or a troublesome Oough, and clear the throat an voice; they contain do injurious drag, are particr larly recommended for children, frequenters of pal lie assemblies, public speakTe singera, ?e Price 19^ and 16 cents par box. lor aa?e at most Drug and Oandy 8tor?w. oet IT?tf ^ SOMETHING NEW. OPP081TK THK MARKKT ON PKNNSYLYA NIA AVKN'UU 4 doors below Niath street Is a NEW CLOTHING 8T0RE for Men and Boys opened this day. DKCKKR, < ne of the cheepes Clothincr Merchants in the North, has determine to offer to the citizens of Washington and vicinity his excellent Olethinget the lowest Northern i rio^ tor cash only. There the POOH MAN will find just such a Clothiag Store ashes loar bm wan'^i In Washington. His motto is cheat o ^asb,?nd on rates oslt A good substantial woollen eoat he will seV. H. $2 T5; end heavy winter pantn, well lined for t> 26 and fine coats, overooats, and vesta, to proportion Good wool and ootton undershirts, hosiery, glovee Ac., cheaper than the cheapest. nov u?-tf 255 Looking Glasses, 255 OP all slxe<* and quality. F.en -b or German plat Pancy or plain Porfrait nod P-ctcre Prawea. Gilt or Fancy O<iored. Abo, Gilt Room M^uldiug, Marble top BrarIcel and TaMee Oornices made to order. Alse, all kinds of old work resided with dlsp*V>i> aad cu reasonable t rms by J. WAGNER, W50 Pa. avenue, opp. Kirkwood H um dec 5?9?tf T. H. PHILLIia' COACH FACTORY, #71 Eighth st, adjoining IUIn>y*s Llrery *tab'e' O^WING to thj mcreasrd tr?il? wbict & ?tenerou.' pubil - has hsctowed upon me,l have been cCm pel led to erect a new and lanier buiioing for tL; carrying on of my bosiaees. Her* 1 toaL b? ei' abled to .xecute all orders entrusted t* m? kI< {teeter facilities aad di^p*uj^, anu I would itetnc' .'uly soltdc a coutiottunce oiQie publi-.'e 1 i.a^t C^rri- g:-a an 1 Wejon*, ot tb? most moWn "'y e. baili of the best material*, and warranted to uiy satistoctiou, ^pair% o! ev<?ry iescrlption punctaall;- attends to. a ?^v,i-^-baad Clarence Carriage, near: ? a-w '"ec26-ti HjlUPgLHjM ABVtXTISfVfWTS. OTDBB8 WIKiK ' AT P HI L A D K, LI' H i A . J OHM f. SMIDBR, Dp**, ta w M ^ former eld artabllebed ITW auw, j Vc OA MfZZJEJt./r, *a T6 Walaut IUW, ttmr Aoo? low Fourth rtw?, *b?r? MMMi will s with WIJfMJI?miJJiiCOMf ??t?-? JACOB IVIDIR, Jr , Aunt fcr b? l? pormtkm of FX) MEIGS wlXFS, illc* . o. 79 ?u> ?it wtieot, PhllaMphk, where he * prepared t? neeIve enter* for tfcs special Irapoe?*rVTi cf W'nea, ffe? ttom variou* bomme tn Eurcpe, hi qaanttttaa of ? flngle do MB and upwards; ant a!ac ardiato for Kg BoilJOHN TAl'GU AH BNirr F, ih* mrnigi if bto Meads and ('-raw co? Vntr*. ??? All Wires crderjJ Tot W?*hlafftar willbe ft* liTtnd by fipwwA* j? t- If DOCTOR TOl'MCLr. TQX POCKET JWJULAPfTTE: 0R, BYERY ONI HJ9 OWff PKYHClA*. Tbe rw? A Ml tic* wBfc Om hundred lugt showing Disna* ? Ktl formations of ; a* Ea gjwt? in e*aij 1 ft t*-.. To *h< h is aaasft ft I Tr?etlfts OB tb* riMftM of ?! the btfb U urW or Aom roat?? ?bttaitirrti^ By WM. TOONO, H. D. Lot mo father ha 1 to pr-eeut ? cepp ?f the jnCULAPIVE tr his ( II may bw blu SKSflBBM* suffering from ft bBskatod Ooagh, Fata la tl ftsttass nlxhta, aervons fcdtop. ^ ^ TfcJ* t?to if Pyspep'.ie waafttkNW, and rfve* b? by their pby. 4tloa, be aaother moment, without consulting tbe *8CCLaPIU8 Have the married, or those Uotl to be mftrrted ?ay Impediment, read iki? trmly aae. ful book, as it has been the o^? e. mTlBg th-a* ends cf anfortanB** ereatBres from tbe very jews af ? iir ymag nat)u TWIHTT-FITI OftUTI izCc+rt In a letter, wflT nostra obo eop*of thB ?orb by diU| or Ira eoplee will be ?b> Irr Oas M> " Addrem, (font Mid) DR. W*. YOUWff, ^E.iB?prw? atw t. Philadelphia apu-ip AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LIT TBI aire III Aft TBI TTtUlll. Captain Beiuauim.? Wherever known bis ie*d uony will he conclusive. But lest tho*? who do not know th?- Captain should bescrptical, I*. Daw son fc Bro., with otbeni <?f the be?t known and mo-t tiighly ropectable citiirnf ?! Eastm, "Btl'TB bie Mv>ndcrtul cure by Hampton's vkgbtabl* Tivcrum*. t*?ron, <Xt. 4,1 MM. Mevrt Mortimer ^ MoiA'? ?* GeiitlemcB-l ff?-1 it my duty ;o vm> and thr ,,nt> Ho to comfy 10 th? cfT?ctc of HampiMi'i Vt^etftbte TiDCture. I w*- tor more than five yeftr* t?honn| .iDd<>r a disease of Chrome Blwumftliem and the jtr? at jmri of that tti:e I wm *0 h-lple*.. ihat ? had {o ^ h? ip?d from my h^4 and d?e*ed in my c'vttie* I hocaine 1 educed to a men- rte|f??B. AH the tned iciuer I to> k don? ?i??* no rmd, and I cmiittaund w ^row wor-f I tin. 1 ot Hatup?>>u * I itKMra and iboufln i would five 11 a tiia!. At ttiiv U:nc I 0.4 not e*p?v t to Itv?* nt*> Jay afifr aii<?iher. I did nut take it (the Tincture) f*>r the i ?t a .1 -ihon time ! *as well? f ? nt di-? a-f. th? effoctaof your 1 incture h id the ????? p G ?d I am now fettinf in rood health. I wish all the affile tod to try Haino'onV \efet<ble Tiucture, an I haw done, with iLe ?Ln??: cfleet thai it baa on Vour obedient ?ervant, Imd FevjABta. We are acquainted with I*imac tknjiftin; -?dd nun 6ome of Hampton V VCfetabk: Puk iwrt,und lie deve the *bove MatMMI correct. Daw?oh k, Bko Prom our knowlrdje of Caprain P???> anun we are v:ouftd>?nt tliat the shov<? <iv mfB( '-i iri?e and ua i>xafeiat< * J? A. Jr.n^aen, CftAftLft? Roaiaaoa. .C^M and pamphiela fraUs, and aeacureatf Coueh, Bronchitis, Bbeumati-m, N^wralpa, l>y? pepata, Nt ?ouene* aud Gen' ra? W eJiows. A?a female m* diAne or for dHicaie children we belief it unequal*d. S<;ld by VWRTIMER h MnWBfi \ ?\ l?i Palti more street, BHltiiiMNe and -KM Broa.lway. K. Yurk Chas. ?tott k Co., I. B. Mo*-*e li B. Cunt, Clarki B Bowii!**, \V. Elliot, atiJ li. M Tbab at, Waafnucton ; also, bv K. t< F Geimr* town, and c. C. Bin*!, A! 1 cadrta, anrt 6tr I*t?* ijist# everywhere. jar, d?B CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Tbe OieBt Pmrilar of tlio Blood t Rot a Fartiele of Xercury la It! In Ina.LUuu Rkbkst for gcicfta1*. b.i g'? Kril, Rbeucii.tu1 a, 6SAt*>uat? Cutace >ut ErapOtu, Pimplee or Pmia'f* c>c t^e f*o? Blot bet, B 'ibs CUronlc 8o"? Kyea. i leg Worm or Tetter, BcaH Uea<l Bc^argeuieut aud Paia of the Bo aee aud Join U, Stubbort UWri, Hfpbliitl.- U'wrdera, Lumbago. Bfiml Or mpU nU, ?n I all tbe dleaee-B ar*jdi.g from *n Injud! ?looi1' use of Mer^ aey, Im pm' C'x in I lie, or Impurity of tbe B od rUI5 valuaM' M dkine, mhleh ha- beocae oelei br&t*d for the cumber of extrii ri nary cure*. ft rtftl through itf ?ae'scy, bo* ind uced the proprl ?tx>r?, at th? urg nt request of hriT frt-nd*, to < fler t to the public, wLich tb-y do wtt?. tbe u:m'*t coo "ideno% 'n ite Tir'tHW acl wonderful ea ?Uee proj^ ?rti a The following o^rtidoaUa, .-e- c^d item ft arge number. arB b->weT?r, ai?oi?g^r t?a imocy 'h*n the mere wo-a rf U.e proi rietor*; end are ftll *roa gentlemen tr ;M kne^n in th<-ir looalitJee, and if tbe highest re^pe-OaWlUy, many of th-m raaiding <n the city of Richmo: d. Va. F. BOYDKN, *eq? of the Kxehange Hot*I. Eleb mo; d, known everywhere eayr be haaaeen 'he Kefr icine CaftTKft'0 Spanish MiZTUftft.adm'nis ered n over *> hundred caaea, In nearlr all the din mm tor which It Is re?*>tnmended, witL tbe xcoet a*tou iabingly good reauita. He eay* it ia the moct ?l< ?jaerd nary medicine be hea ?t?t aetn AGUE AND FBVBR^GIiKAr CUHK. ?I hereby Certify that for three year* I had *irue and Fever of tbe moct violent deecrlption. 1 bed e?veral Phv ddana, took Urge quan.itiea of Qainlne, Mercarv, *nd I bel eve all the Toniaa advertised, but all with out perm^nen' relief. At laet I tried OarteKa Hpaoiah Mixtu-eftwo bottlee of which effectually ured me. and I am happy to Bay 1 have had ?Mill or raven ainoe 1 oonaider It the best Tonic in this Borld, and the only medicine that aver reached my caae. JOHN LONQDBN. Rum Dttch, near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LUCK, Keq., bob ia the city of Richmond and for many year* ia the Font Ottoe, baa auoh ?nfidenoe in the aetoniahing affotey of Carter*! ^?aiah Mixture that he haebouih'. apwarda of tS bottlee, which he haa gives away to the ftM'eted. Hr. Lack eavs be haa never kaowa It to foil Bhea cakea ftooording to direoboaft. Dr. MINOB, ? practtatag PhyakUa, ftnd formerly af the Olty Hotel, la the city of Richiaoad, aaya he Ua? witaeaeed la ? anmber cf tnataaom the e^oto of 'lar er'B Bpaalah Mixture, wkioh ware mor. truly nrprMng. He aaya la a eeae of Oon lumptkm, Aa> ,>etii nt on the Liver, the good effect* Bare bob jarful indeed. BAMUBL M. DRINKER, of the firm of Drinker * dorris, Richmond, waa cured cured of Uver Oom* olaint of three \ ear* etnnding, by the uae of two br ttlee of Oartar*? gpanuh Mlxtuae. OREAT CURE Of SCROFULA.?1The Editora of he Riohmond Republican h d a ae-vaat employed ia their pn>ea room, cared of violent Scrofula, oom b'ned with Rhenmafll, which entirely dlaabltd him from work. Two bottlee of Carter'a ^pani?k Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Bdi tor* In a public notice, say they ' cheerfully recom mend It to all who are afflicted with aay diaaaae of the blool" BTILL ANOTIIEE CURB OF BOROFULA ?Ib*d a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Outer1* -vanLih Mixture 1 oanrider It truly a valuable ?nedictne JAMES M. TAYLOR, Oonauctor oft iba R. F. and P. R. R. Oo , Richmond. Va ?ALT iilKUM OF TWENTY YEARS 8IAKDW? CD a. ED Mr. JOHN TH0MPi?0N, rertdbu In tbe dty of Rlchmoad. waft cured by three bd'.Uee ">f Oarteri r paniak of Stit i.hrum, which b>* bad I* th tvanty year*, and which all th* pby*1?** of thoftfcwftoeld uot care Mr. Thompson li e well twewa i Mfcmt in the iity of Pi^kmondf aad hB ia mart remarkable. WM. A.M ATTn?WS, ol r.kitmord Lad a ?ervsBt cured of is, In tt*. worn form, bv Carter1* Spanish B^Rure H- be cb -rrfollv rerom tuen i^ it, ?nd ociuidari it a very invaluable meh ClMn EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the wvenoe, aaya he ha* seen the good effects ol Carter's BpamB Mlxtare In a number of Sf phiUtlc easer, and mye ? i* a perfect eure f. r that hombia dlaeaee. WM. ?. HARWO-JD, af Rlcimsnd. cared of oM fovea aad Uleere, which disabled him fram w Jklng ? Took ftfftw bottlee cf OarWe Spanish Mixture, aad was enabled to walk without a crdVb.ln aahort time cure 1. PrlnHptJ r-epou at M WALL\ CLOSE * Ca? -8 Madden 1 New Y^rk T. W DYOTT \ 80NS, Na. ISS N rtb iecOadM, Philadelphia BENNETT A BIERS. No 126 Mala itreet, Rkk ttOidf V%. KdA fbr **\t by 0HARLB8 8T07T. WwhSmg** D. C; HBN vY PEEL, Alaaaadr'a. and by everywhere. Pr ?* $l p? r fc< ttie, or 4x botteea fcr p; . ?>?-** I >RNr.MYN AND IRON MANTEL*?Mcy be reeft 1 ? beautiful aaaortmeat of theoa ch?a^ aal du rable article\ at thscorasrcf Peaftey'vouia av*aai and Tenth street, over the Washington RALIII tt-lERC':

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