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Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1855 Page 2
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kvening star. WASHINGTON CITY: 1UESDAY AFTERFOOlf February 13. O* The Urge and aonvenient dwelling on the corner of Peansylvania avenue and Eleventh street is for rent. Pomcs sion given immediately. For tcrmi ap ply at the Star office. Notice to SrsflCBiBBas.?Subscribers to the Star, who do not get their papers regular ly. will oonfer a favor on the proprietors by leaving information of the faot at the Star coasting-room. SPIRIT OF THE MORHING PRESS The Umon eschews editorial this morning. The Iuttlligenerr thus notioes the triumph yosterday ei the bill to confer the rank of Lieutenant General on Major General Win field Scott: '? Liei re!*AHT Gbncral?There are few readers of this journal, or of any journal, who will not sincerely rejoice to hear that the bill tor creating the rank of Lieutenant General for the Army (with the view of conferring it ?>n Major General Scott) has passed the House of Representatives, and will, we may presume, forthwith become a law. The lengthened c ireer of this illustrious soldier, the enduring renown which his achievements through almost half a century have won for his country, the per-onal circumstances under which his glori ous campaign in Mexico was closed, the great leader himself the solitary exception of some luxikof bis country s appreciation, are sag gesiive of many reflections; but we are so I leaded at the consummation of this high com pliment "to the most worthy" that we abstain, and are content to "let by-gones be by-gones." May life and health enable the illustrious veteran to eojoy through many years bis well earned honor?an honor never before con ferred in our service except on the Father of his Country.'' "Ihe Hyena of the Press " In the New York Tribune. of Saturday last, wa noticed an article, dated at Washington, ia which the patriot statesman. General Cass, ic maligned, lied about, in the most coarse and indecent manner. The article is evi dently from the pen of Horace Greeley. No one else could have written it. It is his to the dotting an i and the crossing a t. Lut even Greeley, whose political rancor is so intense a to cause him to follow those who do not think ad he does beyond ihe portals of the tomb, is ashamed to claim the paternity o| the m-nster article be has given to the world, nnd deceitfully dates it at Washington. But w !r .t harm can the foul aspersions of the little ? ireeley do the great Cass ' As well may the gnat seek ;o destroy the elephant by buuing around his sr.out, or the small insect put out 'he gliring light that attract' by striking the dime with i's tiny wings. Bennett has been calied "Lucifer of the pres3,'' acd his paj>er "the Satanic pre?,"?we think it was the Tr - ?r that furbished this title?but Greeley i- the Hscna of his profession, the brute who, tearing the living. follows the corpse, ripping open ihe grave, and tearing to pieces the fair name of .he unresisting dead. And this isthe person from whose heart flows the wormwood ar.d gall poured out in the columns of the Tribune upon ono of the purest and ablest of men. whose name wiil be reverenced by gen erations yet to come, long after the memory of bis calumniators shall have passed into ob livion. and the last sheet of the bad journal that maflgns him. though printed on brass, shall have rotted or rusted away. Lewis Cass needs no defence at our hands The history of his country records his naue> w Lout spot and tltmeless, upon its fairest page ; but we feel it a duty we owe all gocd iatn to hold up to the scorn and indignation of the country the man who would disgrace our profes.-ion by villifying, as Greeley has, one who is a credit to our common country, and v ho has won the love and respect of the good and hone-t of evory land, and of all creeds &nd all parties. It will be remembered that when the news of the death of the late Hon. Moecs Norris reached New York, Greeley s|oke of Lim in the most disgraceful and con terrptnous manner true to his character, say ing of the dead what his craven heart prompted him to withhold from the living. For such hyena-like conduct he was held up to the s orn of the country in just terms by his neigh bors of the press . but we know of none whose pen pierced deeper than that of Douglass, the black man, whose heart, it appears, is whiter than that of the pale-faced man of the Tri bune. Frederick Douglass, in writing to his paper, says: ? I was in Pittsfield. N. H , twelve years ngo?a stranger?? detested, shunned by saint and sinner, with no one to befriend me the hotel -el again, t m??no house to shelter n.e?h meless and breadless; and in this con ?liT; n the late Hon. Moses Norris found me walkiug among the tombs in th^ graveyard behind the town hoese of Pittsfleld. He spoke to me. and invited me to his bouse, and treated me like a man and a brother. Let no man say that the man is always sunk in the politi ci?n " ? This Frederick Douglass was a fugitive slave at the time be refers to : and not a man of the ranting abolition Greeley faction would give h:m cither f?od or shelter. Bat the man Greeley denounced while living, and who he 1 ursucs with fiend like malignity even beyond the grave, took the joor slave and treated him ? hk? a ui^n and a brother " Th? living Cass nothing good from the Hyena that ba? U-rn ;.pen the sepulchre of the dead Norris. rv ?ce side of yesterday's Philadelphia Pcm ?y!vanian is filled with what purports to t o ? linj riant Know Nothing revelations; a lull 1. cry of the recent transactions of the o ui.c.Is in Pennsylvania; the proposed amend ments to the Constitution; decisions of the State councils on mooted questions; proceed iugs of tho late State councils at Pittsburg, Ac.?copied from their own official rec ord " This publication gives the names of a number of prominent men io Pennsylvania and other States who are leading Know Noth ing? The Pennsylvanian also pours oil of vitriol on the back of Hon Simon Cameron. Ihe liarrisburg Telegraph has run up tf i.- Li,< u.ready at the head of its editorial columns: " ?'0R rREHI DENT 1!? HUN JAMES POLLOCK, of I'BRHSTLVAHIA." It is sail that the editor of the Telegraph wants a fat cftne frcm the Governor. nTThe Mayors of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia, have imitated Mayor Wood of New York, in opening "ooinplaint books." It is an example worthy of imitation every where Lla k arums axu Wbitb?The Boston., Transcript says, a certificate of intention of marri ge between a black man and a white woman., was issued on Monday. IIHDT0TOI RWI AITD GOSSIP. , that mint Inemy would writ? a '?It i* luoky for excitable people in bet tbe presa la everywhere at band, to <m a safety reive through which their U indignation" may be blown off, like tbe overplus ateam in the boiler, "smash things" generally, if kept pent long. We, of the newspapers, are the adreeaora of every body's wrongs, as well vindicators of every body's rights.? ?called on to aet the public straight aing all conceivable matters. In this s strange as It may appear, tbe attor tbe Colt Patent case. Mr. E. N. Dick ippeala to as to publish his broadside ; the Hon. Norman Eddy, with a abower e here and there, direoted at that im e gentleman who never interferea with iy'a little matters in the Htuse hall? 0. John Letcher. We oomply with Mr. ion'a requeat, by way of affording the valve accomodation referred to above, dly deem it necessary to aay to tbe of common sense that the views exprea the letter are these of Mr. Dickerson? 1. If we may be allowed the liberty of ng his letter, we will aay, that it af fair illustration of how every member ;ht of and talked of by many of those ?ilia they may defeat, though all do not ? ao hot on auch occasibns as to boil to the newapapera, after the fashion of tkereon. On the whole, he reminds ua old Frenoh boatswain, who, having II his money, and his patience to boot, trying to impress the Department here ? propriety of paying his olaim, turned hement indignation to take a last look Navy Department as he was about the dust of Washington <ff bis feet, king his fist at tbe object of his anger, ed " D n so Secretaire of se Nave ! > se Board of War! and go to ze devil >dy, by gar!" TO THIS EDITORS OK THE STAR. Do me the favor to publish the en itter to Mr. Eddy. The gentleman I do not know, and therefore have against him personally. In his er as judge, be has grossly wronged t and me, and in that character I a of him. In defeating (Jolt's bill, s voted under the statements made on r of the House by Mr. Letcher and Mr. ? minority of the coiumitte.) that we used to account to the committee for and that such refusal argued fraud ict had been true, the inference would ? been just, since its use was entirely affairs, but the faet is not so, and Mr knew it. Now that the bill is de desire to ex|x>se the means by whi.-h t>ne; so that whatever bad impression on the minds of members in regard to ; or myself by irs perpetration, may be I. Persecution lent its aid when fact* on failed. aura, Ac., d N D. No. 57 Chambers Strkkt, \ New York, Feb 10 1855 t Yurmaw Ldi?y?Sir As tbe enclosed dreaded to Mr Letcher, comments up inority report in Cjlt's case, signed ind Mr Ruffin. as well as by him, I 'Ught it proper to ofler you seme ex * not a(Ur*M ?t to both you Ruffin. Mr. Letcher's course in ihis itter has been marked by such a vin pirit. and by such a determined per in wrong, that there can be no doubt :ked intent, and therefore I addressed r. Ruffin. on the contrary, is so obvi unsophisticated and inexperienced in. that the House, I presuue, would ught it a waste of time to read or any argument with him; since a ?oountability must be always meas. ua intellectual capacity to-iistinzuifth right and wrong; no one. I presume, nk it right to weigh him in the litre lr. Letcher. You occupy, however, a xwition between these two, and while >ch on l*st Monday, shows that you otirely insensible to ihe good opinion Hows, (since in it you claim that you parties accused an opportunity to be .also proves that your intellect is of baracter aa to enable you, when a is very plainly and aimply stated, to id the broad shade of distinction be ;ht and wrong, (as you admit in a way perhaps, the irjjstice of con i man unheard ) Giving you, there benefit of the presumption that you able to follow Mr. Letcher's sinuous ugh his report, so as to see wherein ted the evidence or suppressed the I that you signed the documcit un >hef which the more adroit mind of ber impressed upon yours, that he t violate tbe righr of partiea and the ?opcae to state, if I 0an, in an e!e vay,so that ion will be able to un it, the points of which I complain ;er, you find difficulty in following Lses to the conclusion, I would re suggest that before you condemn me i ask some friend aaoustomed to ra sesaea, to aid you. rat place, please to resd your report, you have thought of it enough to u it, you will see that ita principal Col Colt and me is baaed upon the that both of us have "refused" to nd "studiously concealed" how we 000. la not that go' Read page keeping this in mind, (perhaps yfu Ided by writing it do? on a Kf oceed to examine the testimony to >r either was ever asked about"that f you find that we were, and refuse you may conclude that Mr. Letcher it of you told the truth ; but if ynU i mayaafely conclude that you did > truth. Do you not agree that this lj correct ? Now, air, you will see q????on was aaked either of ua. 8 aaked (page 30) bow much I had ^ ?f ?118100' and J answered less 1 V';v 1 told J?u that it had been em ployed to pay counsel, whom I named, and to ?lpWW ofJ^ing in Washington , and that tot one cent had been paid for any other purpose Is not taat so ? I refused to tell you how much of that amount 1 charged for my services, or how much 1 paid the other IST' emPl0^dvand that w? not ,0ur * k!: Th? nexl question 1 was asked about money, wa* on page :.2 and it waahow much of Col. Colt's money'1 had . fD,w#r?d not more than $16 000 If >Z ,0Lk?"" l Moth yi uT w * lu,ke<1 me ? 11 yf" have *?v doubt about your duty in that re.p*t fcome friend. But you did not Tou turned the examination to another matter?to wit the title in the patent Then I was iakil SrCo^.^f'n^^K0! Pttf?e ',3' hoW "arh of Col. Colt a funds I had spent in the eateutiou' ff * r,Peti1tio? "?? question on page . A.D8Wrred th4t 1 co?'d say more definitely than I had done already, vi* that it waa leaa than $6,000. Isnottbatso' Soil no one asked me how I spent the $16,000 or so much of it asi had not already accounted *0 bo<f rr tK- that the exten,i0? cost c?ofind it oo doabt aDf 8UCh * Now, air, by turning to any elementary work on moral philoaophy-Paley, for instance you will be instructed that it was gross injus tice to me to say as you do, that I had ?' prsi tively refused to give you information how I spent this $15,000; lor the simple reason that you never asked me any such question, itnd therefore I oould not have refused. ei* not Mked on? word about the ? 10,000, and consequently he did not refuse. in?i A*Iin'tb# ?x?kke^ar, who was exam nothing wV7fre'told you that he knew SS-yixiHt But upon his tl01?'7, bua,n#M to know. & ft ?n ib? argued that because I hid nnt and a bill of itema to a bikki^J communicated cealment from Congreaa Thi? ami u coariocing ;* b.t u rn'wm'n' fleet on* mom tat vou will Me that, in the first plaoe, it does not tend to prove that wi refused to answer jour questions beoause another man was anable to answer them ; and seoond 1 y, that it was your duty, if Mr Joslin disolosed anything that required an explanation he was unable to give, to recall u? and ask for it. If you find yourself iQ difficulty in at tempting to work out the abstract proposition of morals involved in the matter, you will perhaps find relief in supposing yourself condemned by some oourt for refusing to an swer a question you were never asked, and in reflecting whether you would consider it a very just judgment. examination, yon should conclude that Mr. Letcher had deoeived you into sign ing the statement, whioh you will find to bs false upon mere inspection, perhaps you may be induced to say so, m order to relieve those you have injured so unjustly from the effects of your decision, so far as you oan now do it ?h' .?*eT?r' Mr Letcher should advise you that it is better to adhere to an error than to admit yourself wong?that, after having lr jured a man deeply onoe, the better way is to continue the assault, in the hope of substi tuting baseless assertion for fearless honesty? I would advise you, before you decide, to have recourse to the elementary works en morality aforesaid, and to let them guide you. As to the other points in your report?such as the kid gloves, the supper in which I did not speak of Colt's bill, but checked those who did, and the doggerel verses?I refer you to the enclosed letter. If you can answer them, no doubt your friend will be grateful There is one other fact which you have en tirely mistaken. You said in 3our speech against the bill that you did not reoollect that you sat in secret. I will aid your memory. The injunction of secrecy was so stringent that when Col. Colt and I went together to read over our testimony as it was engrossed, we were compelled to separate, and the one to stay out of the room while the other read his over, for tear either should see something which would suggest to him additional proof. On this point. 1 call upon your clerk as a witness. You will also recollect that we were directed to with draw while other persons were examined?that we were ordered not to write down our an 1 swers or keep notes. You will also see by reading the testimony that you called upon Day and his friend, Mr. Clingman, and exam ined them on my testimony, giving them an opportunity to say whether or not it was true; but that you took care not to show me their testimony, or to permit me to be present when they were examined on mine. I beg you not to consider that I wish to de ?rive you of the pleasure which you and Mr. etcher seem to have taken in abusing Col. Colt personally, and in slandering him before the whole oountry, from a position in which you teel that you oannot be called in question a? other slanderers can To have done infi nite servico to the interests and reputation of his country, is enough to draw upon him your condemnation. Though it may be true that in soiue sections of the country a man worth $3,000 is considered rich, it need not excite in your bosom a feeling of envy and hatred to see a person with brains enough to support hundreds of his fellow men, and to command wealth for himself if he choose to be content with money alone. You but prove the aphor ^ hen a mau of tiae genius appears in the world, it may be always known by this : that all the blockheads are combined to slan der him " I have the honor to renew the awuranoe of my distinguished consideration for the posi tion which you occupy, and to subscribe my self 1 our obedient servant. Low. N. Dickxb80R. The Proposed Fxpress Across the Plains.? Tne action of the House yesterday upon the bill of Mr. McDougall, for the establishment of a regular communication between St. Louis and ban Francisco, overland, shows that the project of Senator Gwin, which is akin to that Mr. McD , will probably become a law ere the session terminates. That of the latter is for a daily mail, to be carried in twenty daye, twenty cents to be the charge for each half ounce letter. That of the former, is for a weekly express to be carried in fifteen days, each half ounce letter to be charged fifty cents. The reasoning of the writer in Sun day's Union against the project to the con trary notwithstanding, the trip can be made in fifteen days, as it will not require an aver age speed of eight miles per hour, whioh with horse express mails is quite moderate. There was a large majority, though not the two thirds required, veting to take up the propo sition of Mr. McDougall yesterday, doubtless with the intention of modifying it according to the proposal of that gentleman's senatorial oolleague. W e advocate it ?s the cheapest, as well as the m'st certain means of giving peace to tiiat portion of the frontier over which this express is proposed to be established-as the best possible means of insuring that in future the overland emigration to Utah, California, Washington and Oregon Territories, will be saved the losses and horrors of Indian hostili ties, such as in the last year have almost bro ken up the travel that way. The establish ment of a weekly express over the plains with stations every twenty or thirty miles, will at once be the means of filling our extensive western possessions with the very best settlers imaginable?thousands on thousands of back woodsmen trained to frontier life in the valley of the Mississippi. Election of United States 8enator in Cali fornia?The dispatch below from New Or leans gives the result of twenty t ?o ballotings for benator in the Legislature of California, it may be proper to state that the Legislature is composed of 113 members, of whom 69 were nominated and elected as Democrats, including the 12 Broderick men who have seoeded from the party. Two Democrats (Bufium and Rogers) were elected by the Know Nothings without a Democratic nomination; the balance of the Legislature (42) is composed of Whigs proper, Know Nothing Whigs and Indepen dents. Senator Gwin gets, on every ballot, a majority of the Democrats : dispatch. Twenty second ballot.-Gwin, (Demooraf,) 17; Kdwards, .Whig,) 36 ; McCorkle, (Demo crat ) 1.1; Broderick, (Bogus Demoorat,) 12; McDougal, (Democrat,) 5; Nathan, (supposed Latham,) 4; Burnet, (Democrat,) 1. Motion to postpone to every Saturday nega tived. All the ballots about the same. The Lieutenant-General BUI, which passed the House yesterday, give,, General Scott some *1?,000 back pay, and about $10,000 per an num hereafter. The bill itself exhibits evi dences of the evils of harty legislation. That U arborises the President to confer the title of Brevet Lieutenant General, 4c. Now, under our Constitution, the President cannot be invested by Congress with any sueh authority. There is no such rank now known to our military system. It should have first been created by law, and then the President should have been authorised to nominate and the benate to cofjirw. General Scott to the po sition. This is the only constitutional process by whieb the end can be obtained. While we admire Gen Scott's military services as high ly as any one oan, and we are as grateful for them as any one can be, we have always been opposed to this proposition, inasmuoh as it is but the adoption of the English system of con fer ring rank by law on individuals, and not as a necessary part of publio offioe. With the death of the individual, the rank dies, in this oue, having ag connection with the publio service hereafter. The precedent we regard u dangerous to the purity of oar system of Government, and, therefore, regret the passage of the hill, however muoh we admire the mil itary career of Gen. Soott, aa we certainly do. The Supply?The following U a lilt of the o(Beers of the United States store ship Supply, whioh arrived at New York yesterday, from Samdda. Japan: Lieutenant Commanding Arthur Sinclair, Lieut N B. Harrison, Aoting Lieutenant F S. Conorer, Passed Assistant Surgeon Joseph Wilson, jr., Acting Master John H. Upshur, Passed Midshipman Joseph Fry. PaMengen, Lieut. Alfred Taylor, Gun ner Samuel Q. City. The Supply has been absent since May 4, 1862, and during that period of nearly three years, not one death has ocourred on board, either from accident or disease; and, after a tedious and unpleasant passage of 169 dayr, her officers and orew oontinue to erjoy unin terrupted health. Lilt Of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending Feb ruary 13,1855?each bearing that date : James Allen, of Freafe's Store, Ohio.?For improvement in elover hullers. Wm. H Allen, of Lowell, Mass.?For im> provement in maohinec for chopping meat and other substances. Hiram Berdam, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in life boats. Thomas D. Aylsworth, of Frankfort, N. Y. For improvement in hop frames. Henry Clark, of Newport, Fla ?For im provement in cotton gins. Edwin B. Clement, of Barnet, Yt.?For im provement in cburna George Daniels, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in threshers and cleaners of grain. John Dick, of New Y.?For improvement in stays for articles of dress. Henry T. Dexter, of Zanesville, Ohio.?For improvement in wbarf boats George Esterly, of Heart Prairie, Wis ?For improvement in ploughs. James Easterly, of Albany, N. Y.?For im proved magazine smoke-oonsuming stove. Phineas Emmons, of New York, N Y.?For improvement in oracker machines Hampton W. Evans, of Philadelphia, Pa ? For improved spirit levels. Asahel Fairchild, of Ashland, Ohio.?For improvement in steam boiler chimnies. Wm. Fuxsard. of Newark, N. J.?For im provement in machinery for felting hat bodie I John W. Haggard and George Bull, of Bloomington, 111.?For improvement in rotary ploughs Alonso nitcbcock, of Chicago, III.?For im provement in weather strips for doors. George H. and Benjamin H. Horn, of Brool )yn, N. Y.?For improvement in sewing m: ? chines. Frederick Howes, of Rarmouth Port, Mam. For impiovement in ships standing rigging. Win. S. Maclaurin, of New York, iT Y.? For method of teaohing penmanship. Matthew H. Merriam, of Chelsea, Mass., and Joseph B. Crosby, of Stoneham, Mass ? For improvement in leather splitting machines. Robert J. Morrison, of Richmond, Ya., as si^nor to himself and Edwin A. Morrison, of Lawrenceville, Ya ?For improvement in grass harvesters Josiah H. Noyes, of Abington, Mass.?Fofr improvement in lamp extinguishers. Jefferson Parker, of Louisville, Ky.?For improvement in machines for slaughtering hogs b N A Wm. F. Stillman,of Leonardsville, N Y.?For improvement in garden rakes. Wm. D. Titus A Robert W. Fenwiok, of Brooklyn, N. Y ?For improvement in bridle bits Ira Reynolds, of Republic, Ohio ?For im provement in plows. John Tremper, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in steam valves. J. N. Williams, of Dubuque, Iowa ?For improvement in head supporters for railroad cars. The Current Operations of the Treaiury Department.?On yesterday, the 12th of Feb., there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? | For the redemption of stock $1,167 29 For paying other Treasury debts. 12 948 47 For the Customs 23,806 96 For covering into the Treasury from customs 681,200 52 Covered into the Treasury from Lands 104 090 18 For the War Department 212 017 27 For repaying in the War Depart ment 34,186 27 For the Interior Department 22,823 25 CONGRESSIONAL. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the Indian appropriation bill was dis. cussed and amended. When they adjourned without finally disposing of it. In the House, Mr. Bajly moved to suspend the rules to discharge the Committee of the Whole from the further consideration of the Senate bill conferring the rank of lieutenant general on Maj. Gea. Winfield .Scott; agreed to?yeas 132, nays 51. The said bill was then passed?jess 126, naja 65. Mr. Eastman moved to discharge the Com mittee of the Whole from the further consid eration of the bill to establish an additional land office in the State of Wisconsin ; agreed to, and the said bill was passed. On motion of Mr Washburn, of Me., the bill for the relief of the locators and settlers of swamp lands was taken up, snd the Sen ate's amendment thereto was non-concurred in Mr. MaDougall moved to suspend the rules, to enable him to report from the Post Offi e Committee a bill, in the nature of a substitute, authorising the Postmaser General to contract for an overltind express mail from St. Louis o San Francisco ; rules not suspended?yeas 104, nays 65. Mr. Ingersoll moved to suspend the rules for the consideration of the bill for the relief of Henry Sanfoid ; not agreed to. On motion of Mr. Stanton, of Tenn., the rules were suspended, and the Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union were dis charged from the further consideration of the bill to fulfill the stipulations of the ninth ar tide of the treaty of 1819 between the United States and Spain?yeas 118, navs 53. Pending the consideration of this bill the House adjourned. Praceediaga mf Te Dar. In the Senate, to-day, the credentials of Mr. Seward as Senator elect from New York, from tfce 4ih of March next, were presented by Mr. Wade ; and those of Mr. David L. Yulee, Sen. ator elect from Florida, for the same term, were presented by Mr. Morton. And then, after the introduction of bills by Messrs. Wade, Gwin, Jones, of Iowa, Thomp son, of New Jersey, Douglass, Sumner, Chase and others, and various reports from commit tees, a bill for the relief of Charles Pettitt, a messenger in the Treasury Department, was passed, having been introduced by Mr. Gwin Mr. Douglas reported back from the territo rial committee the bill for the construction of a subterranean telegraph from the Mississippi to San Franoisoo, which waa passed. Also a bill to complete publio buildings in Oregon and Minnesota, and a bill to complete military roads in those territories, which were passed ere we went to press. In the House, after disposing of preliminary business, Mr Bocook reported, from the Naval Affairs oommittee, a bill to establish a more efficient discipline in the navy; read twice. Moving to put it on its passage, M. B. ad dressed the House at some length in its favor. Mr. Millson was aldressing the House upon it when the Star went to press. Election or Casbibr ? Geo. W Camp, Esq, Teller of the branch of the Bank of Yirgiaia in Norfolk, has been elected by the President and Directors of the Exchange Bank of Virginia, Csahier of that Institution, vioe Wright South gate, deceased. To tto Feople of Tlrfimia. Auuidbu, Feb 7th, 18M. I have kow nearly completed the cutw of I tho ouurn put of tho Stat*. I have ad droMod seventeen meetings, from Aooomae feo ] Alexandria, km been ob hour* upon tho ?tamp in 38 days, and between tkii data and tho 19th inat , must moot 5 appointmanta mora, making 22 in 50 daya. for tho oaat I find 1 this labor too exocesive for ay kaalth and strength, and I moat, therefore, in making my appointments for tko Trana- Alloghany ana tho I V alloy, tako only tho more prominent plaoea and longer interval* of time. On the 22d, I ihall oross the Cheeapeahe, spend one week at home, where 1 hare not boon eioca tho lat of January; and on the lat of March ahall' depart for the north-west, there to oommenoe a ranawal of tho campaign. The following ] will ba my appointments for the west and the Valley : At Fairmont, Marlon Co., March 5th. At Wheeling, March 8th. Parkerabnrg, March 12th. Point Plaaaant, March 15th. Charleston, Kanawha, March 19th. Lewiabnrg, March 24th. Tasewel1, Mareh 28th. Abingdon, March 31st. Smyth, C H , April 2d. Christianbnrg, April 7th. Lexington, April 12th. tStannton, April 14th. Harrisonburg, * April I6(h. Woodstock, April 19tk. Winohaatcr, April 23d. Cbarloatown, Jaffaraon, April 2Ath. Martinabnrg, April 30th. Loeabarg, May 3d. Notice of other appointments will be giron j in doe time. Respectfully, Henry A. Will A Patriarch ?Major Isaac Maana, of Tay lor county, Ya, a native of Hampahire, haa | fourteen children, one hundred and acTon grand children, and forty four great grand | children. He is now in his eighty first year Small Pox.?The Lynohburg Virginian learns that several cases of small pox have I recently broken out at tho White Sulphur ' Springs of Virginia. A Good Dividend?The North Western Bank of Virginia is up with the Valley Bank; having declared a net dividend of fire per cent, for tho last half year. 1. ??. R.?COLUMBIA DISTRICT! TF.N'T, No. 24.? The rerular quartern session of this body will be held on WEDNESDAY EVEMKG, the 14th instant, at 7 o'clock, at Reclia-1 hue Hall, corm r of Seventh and D sfects. A lull attendance is reques.ed, a?, in addition to the Iran* action of important tMi.-inew, the election of offi en* ] will take place. JOHN R. EL VANS, D. C. R. GEO. C. HENN1NG. P. R. S. tel. 13? METROPORITAN MECHANICS' IN _ VlITLTE. The regular monthly meetine will lie held at the I Institute Rooms, at "o'clock, WEDNESDAY EVE NING, February 14'h. Mr. A. K. Harvey w II read a piper descriptive o('| the new Atmospheric Teleg.aph, invented by Mr. I. S. Richardson. Business ol importance will be transacted which deinnnds the punctual attendance of every member. By order: P. M. PEAUSON, Rec. Sec. feb 13?at JHIRP LECTURE FUR THE BENE tit of the Young Catholics' Friend Society ' of Georgetown will be delivered by Hon. Jostrii K. Ciianoi KR.of Pennsylvania, at Fonest Hall, Geot n j on THURSDAY EVENING, February 2id, at \ o'clock. Subject: " Washington's character as an nam pie." . Tickets ?5 cent??to be had at the book and drug | stores, and at the door of the hall. feb 13?TuThSTuWT v * PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, at I tention.?You are hereby notified to atter.d /Ayi the regular weekly dulls at the armory on ' Tt every TUESDAY, at 7 o'clock, umil fur ther notice. All new members, as well as all others, are ex acted to be punctual in their attendance. By order of the Captain : SERGEANT HAMILTON, Instructor, feb 10?3t* LOST?On Monday evming. the lQth instant, n 1 i ne of ilie exhibi1 ion rooms of the Mechanic-' Institute, on the road to the Smitnsonian. from E st. neat 9.h, a lady's Gold BROOCH, containing hatr. Anyone finding the same and retu mug it t? Mrs. Gieyory, at Mrs. Evans', corner E and 9th sts , will r^ the thanks of the owner, or if require be suitably rewa ded. Icb 13?3l* IOST? On Sunday evening last, a small white j Dl)G, w.tli his tail cropped. The finder will re ceive a liberal rewaid ifltft at Mrs. AUSTIN'S, on 12th, between C and D sts. feb 13?3.? LOST?The first and third volumes of "The ad ventures of Gil Bias of Santillanc." Translated front the Flench of Le Saee, by T. Sinollet, M. D. J Stereotjped by B. St J. Collins, New York. |>riut< d and published by H. Duvall, 1820, New York. A libaral reward will be paid iflelt at this otiicc. feb I3~3t* For hire-a young negro woman? She is a good house servant, waslie*, irouer, *c. Inquire at No. 306 Delaware avenue, Cspi tol Ilill. ? feb 13?It* N E W RES T A U A A wT, Pennsylvania avenue, North tide, bttirefn Third and Four and a halj Ut. (Formerly the Metropolis,) NOW THE ELDORADO RESTAURANT. /??\CLEMENT REYNOLDS, I SJ (late of Willards' llmel.) Ttn/iY Bees to ittform his friends ana the public generally.4 that, having leased the house formerly kii<?wn*s] the Sletropolis Restaurant, tw o d.mrs above United States Hotel, north side Pa. avenue, he lias re tilled,! le-lurnished, tmd re organized the same in a neat | and handsome style, ueder the name of the ?ELDORADO RESTAURANT!" where he invites them to call, as he can furnish them with first quality Liquors, such as Bit AN DIES, WHISKIES, CORDIALS, WIBKI, ALES, Ac. AMD CIGARS. < ?f every brand and to suit all ta?te*. His lone experience iii this business at Willards' I and el-ewhere, justifies hun in assuming to have such thorough knowledge of it as will enable him to present unsurpassed attraction to his visiters. HIS EATING SALOON will at all times contain every delicacy the market and season affords, selected with an eye to quality and which will be prepared by a masterly hand. He has organized his e-tablisl.ment so that gentle men will always enjoy quiet without ob rustou by any one. and is determined that it shall always ex hibit order, comfort, and ease, combined with elr gan-e and every attention from those in his employ, feb 13- tf IRON HALL. POSITIVELY LAST MIGHT or ROBERT HELLER S GREAT MAGICAL WONDERS, WEDNESDAY EVENING, Feb. 14. feb 13?It* NOTICE TO DEBTORS. ALL the accou nts of the late firm of of GEO. W. G *RRETT A CO., and of the firm ot THOM AS A DYER, in the lumber business in ibis city, have been p'aced in iny hands, with instructions to have the same setlb d or secured forthwith. All persons in any wise indebted to the firms above mentioned will please attend at snce, and save expense. WM. H. WARD, Attorney, Office over Todd A Co.'s Hat Store. feb 13-eottw ' Table cutlery, albata forks and SPOONS, Ac. Just received <? large assortment of superiw TA BLE CUTLERY of every variety. Also, every style of the finest quality ALBATA FORKS, SPOONS, TEA SETS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, Ac,, which will be found the best substitute for real silver ever discovered. M. W. GALT A BRO.. 334 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th Ms. feb 13?6t (News) . fl^HE HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOE NOTES I OF SELDEN, WITHERS A CO. EXCHANGE BANK, by JOS. C. G. KENNEDY, Over the Washington Savings Bank, Corner of Penna. avenue and Temh street. feb 13?at WOOD FOR SAL1. THE undersigned has for sale, at B< luville, 800 Cords seasoned Oak, Maple and Pine WOOD, twelve miles from Washington. NICHOLAS WHALEN, feb 13-2U 0 Betttville. Amusement* ANOTHER GOLDEN OALA ' The former grand Go! Jen Soiree of Uic great MACALLISTER, having been received by a crowded and brdliant audience with rapturous approbation. -twthrT greater and higher in value will be given at Odd K*u Iowa' Hall, TUBIDAT BVBIHO Peb. lXh, Gold Watch**, Jewala.Braceleia, Rings. Brooch**, Pencil*. lie., ROETY PIVh la nun bar and valued at $SBO* No increase in the price * MM. Ticket* only SO cents?to be had at Gait It Bra.1* Jew?Iry Store. Pa. avenue, where the prtwati may be MM; at Kirk wood House, and Odd Fellow*' Hall, day and evening. Tickets limited to the Axe of the hall. feb 19?9f THE CHOIR OF WESLEY CHAPEL, Am?M by aeveral of ih? nx at talented Chonntn of Baitunore and Washington, will give a Concert of Sacred Music At their Church, on the corner of FiAh and F iliw> On TU1SDAY EVEHIBG Fab 1 :fc. When the following Programme of b.-autiful and popular piece* will be presented in their beat ?tyle, under the direcuou of Prof. J. H. Dahibl. nir i. 1. Ball, Great Creator i Solo, Uuialette and Duet?God of the Father leaa Mi*s Reed, Mr*. Moraell, It Meears. Hodgson, Shurter and Daniel 3. Solo?locked i? the Cradle of the Daep B. Ball 4. Chora*, with Obligato Foln?Methinks I hear the full Celeatial Choir, Solo by.._ Miaa Beed 5. Polo?The White Squall J. Hodg*on 6. Quartette. Chant?Where can the Soul And Beat (by Alby) Mra. Tabler and Meaara. Alby Daniel andTabler 7. Duet?What are th? Wild Wave* Saying Mi** Keed and Mr. Daw?oa 8. Solo, with Flute Obligato?Sacred Peace (by Al by) Mra. Butter 9. Anthem?Thrice Happy Maa. raBT ti. 1. Chora*, with Obligaio Solo?The Marvellous W?wk, Solo by Miss Beed. 9. Duet?Have Mercy upon ua Mra. Ruuet k Mra. Tabler 3. Solo?The Dyinc Girt I. T ibler 4. Quartette?Tlie Christian Pilgrim i by GfggiMrv RuUer, Mra. Tabler, and Messrs. Tablet and Alby 5. Solo?ibe Star Sparglcd Banner Mi*s Reed I. Quartette?Slumber ??entle Pilgrim (ai ranged by Alby).........Mra. Tabler and Mewn. Tabler, Alby and Daniel 7. Solo?Eve'* Lamentation.........Mra. Butter 8. Solo* and Chora*-Let ua with a joylul mind. Solo* by Mr* Morsel! Card* of admission 45 cent*, to he had at the Bookstore* of F. Taylor, Taylor k Maury, Gray k Ballantyne, and ot the ladies of ih>- Choir. Concert to commence at 7^ o'clock. feb 8 ?Th M S3t* COM PLIM BUT AST TO FBOF. XUV U. ff*HE subscriber* to the COMPLIMENTARY | BALL to Prof H. W. Munder, on Wednesday neit, February I4tli, are requeued to procure their ticketa be .ore the night of the Kali. Ticket* to be had of any of the manager*, and at the Piano, Music, and Stationery tSore of John F. Ellis, where the subscription lint may be seen. Those who fail to kiibtfcube in time. will have to xend their name* to the com in 11 tee. on the night of the Ball, at the Sa loon. feb 19?3t JUST EKCK1VBO Frt?m New York, by Adam* k Co.'*Eipre*#Of fice, 30 keg* fresh MALAGA GRAPES, in good or der, at 75 cent* per pound. C. GAITIER, feb 1-2?3t 3.1 % Pennsylvania awaue. NOTIC1C.?STOLEN OX THE fcb JANI' arv. a promissory note drawn by B. S. Magar, in favor ot John S. Allen, for Any one i* for in trading in said note. a? the paxment of the same ha* been Flopped. leb 19?3t* sJT?X RKW A Rl).-Lo-t. ou or about the 16th January, IKia,at or near the Omaibu* stand in Georgetown, a Leonard Patent revolving barnmef PIS POL, ?;*e i-f the bullet 140 to the lb. An> per son who find* arid return* the same to the i'moa Line Omnibus office, Georgetown, will receive the above reward. feb 19?3r "valentines. LARGE and s|U> ndid assortment of VALEN TINES for tale at low price*, at Mra. ti. ANDERSON'S, feb 12? 4i* No. 217 6 Pa. aveuue. For sale?the subscriber offers ti* sale a sorrel harness and riding Horse 6 year* old. of fine style and movement- He may l>e se*a at the enable of ROBT. EARL, H street, near 91*t feb 19 at* [Intel] AS HI BIG TO* IRVIMG'S New Book for tale at SHILLINGTOV'S BOOKSTORE. Wolfert's Room, bv Washington Irving London lll(i.?traied News by the la*t *teamet Leslie'* Gazette of Fashion for February llunt'^ Merch.iut'* Magazine do Ranking'* 4bstract for January Westminster Review do Loi>don Lancet lor February Ecle tic Magazine do All the new book* published receivoi immediate ly afterwards and for sale at SHILLINGTOV'S Bookstore. Ode >n Building, corner 4 V *t. and Pa. ave. .feb !?* -3t SELDEN, WITHERS k CO. BANK NOTE* will Ih. taken at cash rate? for Paper, Blank ll'Nik>, Fancy G?mhIs, Envelopes, and all other luuM ol Stationery, by Will. F. BAVLY, No 37 B Pa. avenue, bet. 11th and l-Ji -"t". Ub'J-Bt YOCBG LADIES' CLASSICAL IBSTIim So. V huhIIml mirntir. 1MIE sccond term ot the present scholastic )W has ju-t commenced. A few more and day |HipiU can Ik> :?<*c< uinio lated. STEPHEN II. Ml RICK, A. M . ft*b 6?2w* PriiKipl GOLD, 8ILVER, STEEL k PLATED TACLES to -uit every age and^ eye, Hiding Specs, R. R. Glasses, Eye! Protectors, Eye Glasses of all descrip ' lions, Reading Glas.-cs, Gog-les ; kc., Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and W* Glasses put in frame* at the shortest nouce. Person* in want of glasses may be sure to |*l those which benefit the eye at II. SEMKEV*. No. 830 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and l?h ** jan 90 NOTICE. fTWIE un^rtugned respectfully annouuc** ? X public Wiat he i* ready now to sell hi* PATENT REPEATING PISTOLS, or to take conU?rt? to making ihe same. Those wisning to see ?r r?? have an interview between Ste hour* of 3 ?ad ? P m. A full explanation will be given by an <* ^ my legal agent, A. B. Stroughton. Please J. W. Brown, U. 8. Hotel, Washington, D C. .. j!w7brg?* [The Register of New Haven, Conn., will p*** copy.] feb I? LOST?On Thirteenth street, between Ps. ?*' nue and G street, a small Silwr WATTR, k* which a suiUble reward will be given when ered at the store of H. SEMKEN, Jeweler, brt"*"1 Ninth and Tenth streets, Penna. avenur. feb 10?3C ITALK aTlfl ICS ? AtLAMHoNH'S,7**; V can be found a large and beautiful a<sortsi?' of Sentimental and Comic Vale^fne* *nd Mr *?? choap. feb 1*?*^ NUT1CK -ALL PERSONS ARK HERJ-J* cautioned agaiust receiving or |>a>iag a c?n promissory note drawn by G. Vanderwsrkea. vor of Henry A. Weeder or order, and ky ?? dorsed to me, dated January 97tk, IW, as said note has got out of my p<^e*si(? my knowledge or consent. A liberal rew?" 1 given to any person who will return tbe as speedily as possible. L. B. TR? J" feb 10 ?3t* Eighteenth and H ?*reei*. MR. BUSUNELL'S SCHOOL, JVo. 441 Thirteenth ?rctt, THE next quarter will commence on ibe liui ? stant. Circulars may be had at tbe principal U>ok?iore?, and at the School ro< mi. feb II* ertfa' (VfsK&IAWHI, Va>, Bank LL5 bought and s aid by A. M. SNYDER k CO, Brokers, coruer 15th street and Pa avenue. 4V Tran--Alleghany, Va., Notes boui'liiaa>l *old by A. M. SNYDER fc CO. 0(7- Selden, Withers k Co's Eicbanr Note* bought and aold by A. M. SNYDER * CO. feb 8- eclm _____ BKTBOPOL1TAI FAIR H0TICX TO CIT1ZXSI ABD ITKABOKM TUB entiae stock of Dry Goods of the late firm ot Mag aider k Calvert will be closed out at very reduced prices. WTe name in part? Rich striped and plaid Silk* Brocade Silks, eoat fl, for 6-2cenu Changeable Silks, 87^, for 50c. W hite Crape Shawls at half price Colored do do Linen Sheeting, wort #1 for 75c. Pillow Linen, worth 75c for 50 Pillow caae Cotton, worth 15c, for 11 >6 19-4 cotton Sheeung, worth 50c. far 35 Fine French Ginghams, worth 95, for 18% White and colored Bnilianta, very cheap Also, a large lot of Dr?sties of the beat class, which will he sold very low. Call early and aecmre great bargains, at Mo. It, opjp. Centre Market, between 8th and r.B Ma, in 9?eoBw

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